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Resin miniatures of forgeworld players eating cake?

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First for Tau

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>OP fucked up the edition name edition
That was a weird thread though.

Anyway I was thinking of saying fuck it and making a Chaos Lord mounted on a dragon as an army centerpiece y/n? If I tried to play with it at all then what rules would it use?
Does GW even make any good dragon or counts-as-dragon minis? Pls no Smaug/Khornate Dragon

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>is third post in thread
Typical communist fashion

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How did you do the gold.

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Have we got anywhere with all the nid leaks put together so far?

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Cheers mate, excited for the bugs.

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with paint

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This is the most complete list that I can find.
People are saying it's accurate because the leaker called all of the hive fleets, which would've been nearly impossible, as Kronos is new.

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Is it okay to use normal acrylic paints from arts and crafts stores on figures? I used some paints for a Halloween costumes and the metallic silver looks fine, but is probably half the price of citadel stuff. Would normal acrylics not work on smaller miniatures, or is a question of aesthetic quality?

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yes and no.

some are alright but most are terrible.

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I'm an idiot. Here's the link.

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Add a circle outside saying complains about /pol/

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New models come after codices.

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A great deal of them don't, and even if they did, we'd be seeing them in the codex by now, yet in the Eldar codex the only """"""new"""""" model is the Death Masque Eldrad. They are getting nothing.

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Remember, /tg/ - this is the only sure-fire way to get rid of cancerous faggots.

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I wouldn't expect new models soon. The focus is clearly on churning out the new codices asap, and a fast-moving schedule would just make any new model releases old news too quickly. Once all of the codices are out, though, I'd expect them to try to keep the momentum with some pretty exciting stuff, though.

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Good. GW made them the least fun faction to play as and against.

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you can just change your mac address, delete your 4chan cookies, and unplug your modem for 2 minutes.

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I play like twice a year

I paint, collect and read fluff

Where the fuck are my cool phoenix lords

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But that's the Tau.

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Keep forcing them to do that with 3 clicks of your own.

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How is progress going with your army /40kg/? Today I looked at a box of rubric marines I needed to build, made progress on yesterday when I just ignored the box.

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I find the kronos trait a bit weird as nids have always been about manoeuvring and have poor BS, I guess it is to try and make the best out of dakkafexes and the likes. Also swarmlord not being limited to Leviathan is not really fluffy but I guess it works.
Some of the strategies are quite good.

The nerf on red terror is sad and the balancing on OOE will be interesting to see how it plays out.

So much still to read and I have to work fuck

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This. Anyone saying you otherwise is a shitposter.

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EC noob from last thread.

What's the best way to kit out 4-5 squads of noise marines for my army?

Obviously not all the same, I have the basic 4 sonic gun, 1 blastmaster squads across the army atm.

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>i don't like X, let's inconvenience him for 5 minutes at most
You must be a sad sad man, all because someone posted a meme you don't like.

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Convert your own.

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just accept your powerless and talk more about 40k.

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And yet, there you are, hurt in your little feefees.

Anyone HYPE for tyranid codex ? Because I sure am happy to be a WAACfag at last !

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I think the Swarmlord is a universal Tyranid thing. It's a stress-induced reaction by the Hivemind, and it has been seen fighting under multiple hive fleets (Behemoth being the primary one). It definitely doesn't have to be limited to Leviathan.

I got burnt out painting a bunch of gaunts a while ago, but these nid leaks are starting to inspire me, again. If Zoanthropes are actually worth taking now (Thanks to new Neurothropes), I'd definitely be excited to finish some things up.

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>calling others upset when you're going around reporting people for meanie mean pictures
>is a nidfag
Everything clicks together now.

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>projecting this hard

come on, thats just sad.

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hey man, im a nidfag. don't lump us all together.

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Fair enough, #NotAllNidfags

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I kinda love that the PL sculpts are 24 years old.

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>I find the kronos trait a bit weird as nids have always been about manoeuvring and have poor BS, I guess it is to try and make the best out of dakkafexes and the likes.
Tyranids have never been about poor BS, they've leaned towards quantity dakka over quality. But since at least 3e have had a definite shooting capability thats more short range than inaccurate.

>Also swarmlord not being limited to Leviathan is not really fluffy but I guess it works
Considering the swarmlords first major fight was the battle for maccragge with hive fleet behemoth its fluffy.

>> No.56141843

Yes ! Exactly anons ! Screamer killers are finally back ! Isn't it great ?

>> No.56141845

Tau never came at me with 2+ rerollable invulnerable save psyker jetbikes, or an army that gets free activations because something died. Not even remotely fun to play with or against.

Right here, next to Lord Solar Macharius

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Girls girls you are all pretty, the thread is to young for this millennial trigger festival.

Remember this is the enemy.

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I'm sure sisters are listening to what you say...

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>when the heavy weapon fits the beakie just right

Had to cut the wrist off the last plasma cannon dude I built, but this, I like this.

>> No.56141851

But I don't have a powerless, are you offering one?

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Indeed, the Braidwood Community Bank is the scorn of /tg/

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That is what every army but marines, Tau, Necrons, AdMech and GSC?

>> No.56141859

Why does 40k have such a heavy bleedover with /pol/ autism anyway? It's a setting that makes fun of fascism.

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i got 3 screamer killer from when i first started.

>> No.56141865

Shit I got my facts completely wrong and I remembered maccragge being attacked by leviathan. Turns out that swarmlord's been spotted with it too anyway. So yes it is fluffy after all.

Also thanks for the correction considering I am a long term sucker for the setting but utter noob on the crunch so I am still figuring out most of the stuff

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The same breed of autist that take 40k lore seriously also can't tell satire from glorification.

>> No.56141872

Dark Eldar are all good, orks too. Buggies are old as shit, but who cares. Just build your own.

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anyone got some good cultist tactics? contuing from previous thread, I got about twenty of the guys from that cultist squad pack. I dunno what to do with them since I normally have my whole army be the big killy guys so I'm at a loss for what to do with them in my force

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>muh satire

truely the worst faggots. Its all in the eye of the beholder.

>> No.56141885

>Hatred of xenos
>They still launch crusades
>Tit plate space battle nuns

>> No.56141886

Updated list from last time
500 point starting Alpha Legion Army led by this guy

Chaos Lord
Blade of the Hydra, Power Maul
78 pts

Khorne Berserkers x5
x5 Chainaxe, x5 Chainsword
85 pts

Cultists x20
x2 Heavy Stubber
108 pts

Cultists x20
x2 Heavy Stubber
108 pts

Heavy Support
Havocs x5
x4 Plasmagun, Power Sword
121 pts

Total: 500 pts

>> No.56141895

>uh it's satire because i say so. also if you like X you can't enjoy a satire of it at the same time because reasons lol

>> No.56141898

Here's hoping that they will sell some of their old overpriced models on GW's site, like they did for other releases. Metal hormagaunts and carnifexes are a must !

>> No.56141899

Totally forgot about DE, their current models are smaller than the rest of 40k for reason.

>> No.56141912

Yes, I like genestealer cultists as well ! They are fun.

>> No.56141921

if Neurothrope turn out to be 45pts, i'd buy like 5 of the OOP zoanathrope

>> No.56141930

Are Tyranids confirmed for best selection of stratagems ever?

>> No.56141931

You have to go back to the warp

>> No.56141949


> those sick-ass pimpmobiles
man, genestealer cults were fucking baller

they knew how to keep things phunky-fresh

>> No.56141950

I forgot those even existed.

>> No.56141951

they certainly have the most stratagems

>> No.56141958

Fucking shit

>> No.56141960

New White Dwarf looks good.

Lots of Necromunda stuff. Looks like base game plus supplements is £100. Some cool Necromunda terrain and bases, 25mm and 32mm. Both £4 for 10.

The citadel butt plug and water pot are £5.

More info on old houses of Necromunda and they say they're going to release some 'Old Beastman Bountyhunter' model for Necromunda but nothing in terms of model.

Tyranids stuff looks hype and lined up with leaks. Kronos looks most badass, it's strong vs psychic stuff and is making its way UP the great rift.

>> No.56141962

Zoans are the same price but neurothrope rumour says maybe 45 pts, to be honest they have nerfed it along with spirit leech so it doesn't sound such a wild guess.
Zoans along with the psyker abilities look solid though.

>> No.56141965

Posts pics or GTFO gaylord

>> No.56141966

How much is necro base game?

>> No.56141968

>models are ugly
>derpy as fuck
>mostly due to technology limitations.
>still miles better than some of the autoCAD crap we see today.
>an actual artist make a difference it seems.

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>> No.56141973

at least I'm having a hard time picking which I'll use. Leaning towards Jormungandr for when I run a balanced swarm and leviathan when I nidzilla.

>> No.56141974

>'Old Beastman Bountyhunter'
Great ! Abhumans need some love, too.

>> No.56141977

Zoans are garbage tier, due to having group smite.

if the nuero has full smite and access to powers ala spiritseers, they will be an auto include for detachment spam.

>> No.56141980

Does IF and IW hard counter Jormungandr?

>> No.56141981


Supplement which adds additional rules, campaign stuff etc is £15.

>> No.56141984

Any guesses on Thornbacks effect?
S:user AP-1 A*3 Melee?

>> No.56141985

Does anyone know the color schemes for the "new" hivefleets?

Gorgon, jormungandr, hydra, kronos

Are they featured in any official artwork yet, maybe in one of the other codexes?

>> No.56141991

I missed the news on that front. Is there a stratagem allowing you to Deepstrike genestealers without having to use Trygons ?

>> No.56141993

it does. but hard counters exist for basically everything.

>> No.56141994

chance of mortal wounds to enemy units that remain in combat, basically a mini-explodes

>> No.56142000

How did the Blood Angels handle defending Baal?

>> No.56142001

i wouldn't consider it a hard counter, more like a mild annoyance.

>> No.56142003

45 points for untargetable synapse is pretty great

>> No.56142012

Once I finish assembling my Gangs of Commoragh I'll have 1000pts built.
It'll only fill out an outrider division, but it'll be playable.

I've got a decent chunk of it painted, at least.

>> No.56142018

Excuse quality, I'm on bus.

Anyone know wtf they talking about here?

>> No.56142022

Am I blind or is the eldar dex not in the mega yet?

>> No.56142024

>The Tyger tank was first seen in the so-called “Two World War”. This conflict seems to have been notable for only featuring two planets – Terra and Venus
So lads? Which side was fighting for Venus?

>> No.56142028

1cp the enemy below (jormungandr): use strat when jor inf set up, put it undergorund. whenever you set up raveners mawloc trygon or trygon prime. any no of its unit can be set up within the tunnels, 3 inch from burrowing unit ,9 inch away enemy.
1cp brute force (behemoth): use when benemoth unit complete charge . roll d6 for each behemoth charging model within 1inch of enemy. each roll of 6, 1 MW on enemy unit. 2+ for a behemoth monster charging
(30 man gant charge in, roll d6 for all, on a 6 chuck a mw)
1cp war on all fronts (leviathan): fight phase. select enemy within 1inch of 1 flying and 1 nonflying leviathan unit. can reroll hits & wound rolls of 1 for levi attacks against the enemy unit
1cp Against Shadow (Kronos): enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell within 24 inch of kronos unit. that psyker can only use 1 dice for his psyk test.
1cp Hypertoxicity (Gorgon): fight phase. choose gorgon wiht toxin sac, the biomorph do 1 additional dmg on wounds roll of 5+ instead of 6
2cp Endless Swarm (Hydra): Select a destroyed unit of gants, horms, garg or any hydra inf unit that has been completely destroyted. Add an identical unit to your army and set it up as reinforcement wholly 6inch of any board edge , more than 9 inch from enemy
1cp Opportunistic Advance (Kraken): Use in move phase for advancing Kraken unit (noFly units), can double number you roll for advance and add to the move characteristic
3cp Call the Brood: end of move. add a new unit of up to 5 genestealers, wholly within 6 of a brood or infestation node but more than 9 from enemy
3Cp adrenaline surge: end of fight phase. select a nid unit from army, can immediately fight again

>> No.56142029

Is that the new white dwarf?, Do they post a painting guide along with the new Void trident scheme?

>> No.56142031


Painted by arawn from titan minis, fuck he's good

>> No.56142032

Psychic scream sounds a-ok

Shit I though psychic barrage only needed 3 zoans but it needs 9, am I reading this right?

>psk barrage: need 3x3 zoans to shoot a point, all unit within 3 inch of that point rolls. 4+ unit suffer 3d3 mortal

I guess with neuro being HQ you can fill detachments for those sweet CP

>> No.56142034

the mega hasn't been updated yet, but theres a link at the bottom of the general.

>> No.56142037

It's not official, but Phil Kelly's personal tyranid army is Jormungandr, painted in black & yellow.

>> No.56142039


Works fine for a 500 point army

>> No.56142042

2cp Digestive Denial: After deployment but before turn start. choose a piece of terrain othre than fortifciation. Units fullywithin or on this piece of terrain do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover
2cp single minded annihilation: end of shoot phase, choose inf unit, shoot again
1cp grisly feast: morale phase. select ripper or haru. enenemy within 6 inch must add 1 to morale test
2cp pathogenic slime: shooting phase. select nid mon. increase dmg of its attack by for this phase.
3cp sporefield: after both armies deploy, add up 2 unit of spore mines as reinf, more than 12 inch from enemy
1cp invisible hunter: move phase. lictor within 1 inhc of enemy. that model can fall back shoot and charge.
1cp power of the hive mind: end of psyk phase, choose a nid spyker that casted earlier, can cast 1 additional power
1cp pheromone trail: choose when nid inf set up as reinf/reserve. if got lictor on battlefield, you can set up wholly within 6 inch of lictor and more than 9 from enemy
2cp death frenzy: use when nid char die, it can shoot again as if it were shooting phase, or fight again as if fight phase before its removal

>> No.56142051

So there is and I'm blind. Thanks

>> No.56142052

1cp overrun: use when nid unit destroys an unit in fight, and not within 3 inch of enemy. that you unit can forgo consolidation, but move and advance as if movement phase but cannot move within 1inch of enemy model
1cp voracious appetite: fight phase, nid mon or character is chosen to fight.can reroll all failed wounds for that model til end of phase
psk barrage: need 3x3 zoans to shoot a point, all unit within 3 inch of that point rolls. 4+ unit suffer 3d3 mortal
1cp caustic blood: start of fight phase.select nid unit, roll d6 when a model dies, on 6 enemy suffer mw
2cp rapid regen: end of mov, heal d3
1cp scorch bugs: shoot phase: seelect nid, +1 to wound for all feshborer or fleshborer hive attacks
1cp feeder tendrils: when gene lictor toxi venom kills a chara in fight phase, gain d3 cp
1cp implant attack: use aft nid unit fight in fight phase. roll d6 for each wounded enemy model and not slain. 2+ suffer , model suffers a mw
1/3cp bounty of hive fleet: extra artifact/s
1cp metabolic movement: use in move , after a nid unit as movemed. you can move that unit again includ advance. however roll a d6 for every model, on a 1 , unit gets a MW. cannot shoot or charge that turn.

>> No.56142061

I painted this nightmare. 10 fucking hours for one character. never again.

>> No.56142062


How would you hard counter guilliman and razorback with twin WAACannons?

>> No.56142063

Necromunda special characters. The Redeemer, etc.

>> No.56142065

Flip the table.

>> No.56142067

does Disgusting Resilience let Nurgle-gurglers ignore Mortal Wounds on a 5???

TFW I'm an Ork player having trouble shooting down Blight Drones or Super-sonic Flyers . . .

>> No.56142069

You didn't even paint him in the right colors.

>> No.56142073

well done anon, hopefully you get plenty of (you)s for your post, I personally think it looks really good

>> No.56142077


>> No.56142080

Screamer Killer datasheet

>> No.56142082

Guess 20 range 34"+2D6" meltaguns with BS3+! in a mobile bunker for under 1000 points could do the work

>> No.56142087

I think we can consider a rules writers personal army of the same name as close enough to official.

>> No.56142092

Why is everything so overcosted in the Necron Codex?

I'm looking at starting a new army and I'm a big fan of the Egyptian aesthetic/really like the models but every time I make a list it just seems so incredibly lackluster. Aside from taking blobs of warriors and spending the game just trying not to die is there any way to play them well?

>> No.56142093


>> No.56142098

Yes. If they ever take a wound, they ignore it on a 5+. Note that includes multiple damage attack. For example, if you wound with a predator autocannon, then they need to roll DR 3 times and take the failed wounds

>> No.56142100

Prices for 10 Gangers.

>> No.56142104

Earthshaker cannons outrange and make short work of anything on a rhino chassis
As for girlyman he doesn't have any hard counters because he's a god damn primarch and one of the best models in the game

>> No.56142105

And HOLY SHIT, that's a lot of choices !

>> No.56142106


fuck, i wanted cheap cultists.

>> No.56142117

> TFW all you want is Arbites

>> No.56142122

Terrain shit.

>> No.56142126

The Genestealer Cult Sons of Jormungandr are also yellow and black.

>> No.56142128

Not bad
I'm sure someone will sperg out over him not being mars colors but I personally like seeing something different even with named characters

>> No.56142137

>right colours
Who cares you faggot

>> No.56142138

It takes 4 to kill a rhino. That isn't "short work of".

>> No.56142142

So, you only get the living battering ram on a 4+ right?

>> No.56142143

All signs point to them coming anon, which is exciting

>> No.56142144

You can have Enforcers. Necromunda never had Arbites.

>> No.56142147

Most of the "mutations" of previous books have been rolled into stratagems so you can mutate mid-battle as long as you have the CPs to burn. It's a great idea.

>> No.56142150

Pick one

>> No.56142153


>> No.56142154

the MW wound part, you get +1 to hit regardless.

>> No.56142155

I think that's for the mortal wound part only.

>> No.56142156

If I remember correctly Gorgon hasn't been given official colours yet, also they are mentioned to be the most hyperadaptable and at some point great at camouflage so go wild or pic forest colours (they developed camouflage in a forest world).
Kronos is a new hive fleet for all I know.

Fuck all the strategies and all this new stuff, fucking YES

>> No.56142168

i miss the dark vengeance boxset ;_;

>> No.56142172

That's pretty good, honestly. You get a lot of bits.

>> No.56142175

I do sweeterino :^)

>> No.56142182

Not as expensive as I thought.

>> No.56142184

the mortal wound yeah, same as the index rules.
always have the +1 to hit.

>> No.56142186

Me too.

>> No.56142187

>I'm still stuck in 7th edition where I have to one shot everything
>reeee my averages
Damn no wonder you have problems playing against basic shit

>> No.56142188

Do you get enough gun arms to make an infantry squad of some counts-as Catachan regiment?

>> No.56142201

to be fair, 8th edition is about wipping out as much as your opponents army as possible on turn 1.

>> No.56142203

>spore cysts ability is not cumulative with shrouding spores
>but it says nothing about pic related's capacity, which also works on monstrous creatures...

>> No.56142205


Women obviously.

>> No.56142211

Well that "basic shit" won the grand tournament nigger. And your "solution" was fucking terrible and far from guards best anti-Rhino weapon.

>> No.56142216

>not even painting your dudes as you fucking want
You both are greasy little cancerous faggots.

>> No.56142217

well I was predicting £40 so it's not completely horrible, that'll be £19 ish through a re-seller which isn't too bad. consider that scions are £21 for five minis

>> No.56142220

o rly?

>> No.56142227

>your dudes'ing a named character
You gay son?

>> No.56142228

Great looking !

>> No.56142230

malanthropes ability is also called shrouding spores.

>> No.56142235

what abilities do misanthropes have?

>> No.56142237

Are non-charred skin salamanders possible? I want to change my ultramarine successor chapter to a salamander one, but some of the heads are too well painted to sacrifice them.

>> No.56142241

Behemoth: Assault hordes
Kraken: Speed freaks
Leviathan: Generalists with easy rerolls
Jormungandr: Stealthy deepstrikers
Gorgon: Anti-elite close combat specialists
Hydra: Regenerating summoners
Kronos: Gunline anti-psykers

>> No.56142246

Re-rolling charges benefits assault monsters just as much as assault hordes.

>> No.56142248

suicides on a 2+ tested every morning they wake up.

>> No.56142250

Learn to break the mold, you damn autistic brat.

>> No.56142252

its pretty well established that all salamanders have black skin.

you could just do a successor chapter and say that they haven't got the skin cos they don't recruit from Nocturn.

>> No.56142253

New leaks say 70 points. Still extremely good.

>> No.56142254

dude coal skin and fire are the only thing that make salamander notable

>> No.56142256

>dude just be rebellious for no reason lol, even if it's retarded
Yep, you gay.

>> No.56142259

Just because you put quotes around something doesn't mean it's not true, you are not playing in the grand tournament championship, you are playing against little shits trying to copy off that list when you do play, so yes playing against whatever tourney bullshit is in vogue is basic shit
I guess if you wanna LARP as some top tier tourney player always using the absolute most optimized thing in the game at the time you can go ahead and buy your 27 primaris psykers and smite all the rhinos to death or whatever the current meme build is

>> No.56142263

>I want to change my ultramarine successor chapter to a salamander one

>> No.56142264

Don't they have nigger skin because of a geneseed defect rather than because of nocturn's populace?

>> No.56142265

Sounds fair. Thanks for helping me out

>> No.56142267

How about their armour and cool looks? Stop trying to virtue signal and go on about how non white skin is the thing that makes them notable.

>> No.56142270

Let's see your dudes anon

>> No.56142271


>> No.56142272

If (you) want (you)s, (you)'re going to have to work harder.

>> No.56142280

1 leaker says 70 the other says 45. we'll have to wait and see.

If he can do 2 powers for 70, he'll be okay.

>> No.56142282

Damn, you are right.
They are big bad Venomthropes. You can kitbash yours with greenstuff + hive tyrant kit + bits instead of paying forge world for it.

>> No.56142284

Their geneseed has been mutated my nocturn, so while they used to not have it now they'll have black skin no matter where they recruit from

>> No.56142286


aka the "fuck you magnus" spoiler hivefleet

>> No.56142290


Can you please photo the page with the primaris superheavy tank? The earlier page refered to a book in the text, but the book title was cut off.

>> No.56142293


>> No.56142297

i am virtue signaling ?

if you want to do salamender with white skin go on i won't stop you
but then it would be pretty weird to make salamenders with white skin considering their gene seed mutated

>> No.56142300

Can't wait for 3+/5++ genestealers. :D

>> No.56142301

While they have black skin they aren't actually black, you can easily tell from their skull structure.

>> No.56142302

You can spout moronic insults all you like. "Just spam earthshakers they make short work of rhinos" is fucking terrible advice, and fundamentally untrue.

>> No.56142303

I've never seen that anime, only heard of it. And yet, this 2D dragon-maid is making me feel very weird. I should give it a look, someday.

>> No.56142306

Yeah, but the one that sayd 45 also said that he wasn't sure as he didn't remember well.

Also 45 would be pure rape on legs, or in this case, on a floating tail.

>> No.56142310

both have been mentioned in canon.
you could maybe say its both, faulty geneseed interacting with distinctive planetary populations genes.

though its not.unheard of for successor chapters to not have all the geneseed quirks of their parent legion, some are probably even formed from "defective" recruits being segregated off.

>> No.56142312

It would certainly be harder to justify salamanders having light skin than cawl deciding to wear a different color robe for a day

>> No.56142320

Are you ok anon?

>> No.56142322

45 pts puts it in line with eldar and ig psykers.\

Unless it can use 2 powers a turn, 70pts will put them in the meh category

>> No.56142323

You lose advancing and charging for the 4+, and the cover don't work if you charge or advance.
It's good but not as good as you think.

>> No.56142327

>if I call it an insult I don't have to treat it as a real argument
Nice strategy dude, did you get that of blood of kittens?

>> No.56142331


>> No.56142332

fleet doesn't matter too much if i come from tunnels.

>> No.56142334

Nothing wrong with a cheapish character HQ to fill those detachments

>> No.56142336

$70 dollorydoos farrkk kunt

>> No.56142337

Necromunda is 75£, 125$. 17.50£ and 30$ for the supplement book.

That's pretty good.

>> No.56142338

Torhu is a genuinely sweet and loving lesbian dragon

>> No.56142340

Eldar and IG psyker don't have a bubble of immune morale.

It would be like an old commissar with 12" range instead of 3" stapled to a primaris psyker.

>> No.56142343

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaawl !

>> No.56142344

Oh sorry, I hadn't realised you thought "you're only going to be playing against little shits and you only play meme builds" was an actual argument. I probably should have guessed that from your hatred of maths, my bad.

>> No.56142347

Fuck off you over paid convict. You get 20$ an hour minimum fucking wage.

>> No.56142351

While true for the 4+ armour, it also make the cover adaptation completely useless, as you charge the turn you come out so you'll never use it .

>> No.56142352

I'm sorry, australia.

>> No.56142360

When miniature paints are designed they take the fact that they should not clog up details into account.
The acrylic paint from your arts and crafts store might do that

>> No.56142362

According to some anons 40k humans aren't even the same species as 3k humans

>> No.56142365

>prison colony
>think they have a right to complain

>> No.56142366


>A new book for lotr

Fuck. Thanks though.

>> No.56142367

banking on a 9inch charge. Nah, my 80 genestealers and i will wait till next turn with our 3+/5++.

>> No.56142376

Returning Genestealer Biomorphs

>> No.56142379

>the cover adaptation completely useless, as you charge

where are you getting this info that you don't have cover bonus if you charge?

>> No.56142380

That's one autist who takes a passage that is clearly presented as a myth/legend from the 3e rulebook and has never been repeated since.

>> No.56142383

The down side to being (overpaid) is every thing is over priced

>> No.56142384


Have Mawlocs ever been represented well in their rules?

>> No.56142396

No, when they were first created they used to die when they came in, RAW.

>> No.56142400

>calls me a nigger in his previous post
>I use the words "little shits" to describe bandwagon players in the next post
>he doesn't even aknowledge what I say
>"c-clearly you're just a knuckle dragger looking to throw insults"
I've given (you) several posts to respond to the actual content of my posts and you haven't, so I don't see a reason to keep responding to you, not like you're an actually fun or engaging person to interact with anyways.

>> No.56142402

What are the best shooty legions/options for chaos?

>> No.56142403

Mawlocs no change

>> No.56142407

Alpha Legion with marks of Slaanesh.

>> No.56142410

Nid tactics guide.

>> No.56142411

Alpha Legion with sneaky Khorne Beserkers for guaranteed first turn charges

>> No.56142412

> literally one of the most cancerous 40k armies
> right behind them, the 2nd most cancerous 30k army waiting to be painted
Christ this guy is literally That Guy.

>> No.56142413

get a life!
Bin that hobby knife!

Dont forget to pay your tv license.

>> No.56142414


Honestly the best way to represent Mawlocs would be to let them deep strike into melee and give them a nasty bite attack to represent them popping up and eating people.

The reburrow/pieplate or mortal wound gimmick is awkward and lame.

>> No.56142418

Australia needs to jump on the euro so that there's fixed inflation then keep thier wages high so everything is cheaper
The perfect plan

>> No.56142422

Is this SC! box good when paired along with the past one? I just recently started and it's the only stuff I have

>> No.56142423

I don't like it.
Wouldn't have minded a bigger land raider with a turret cannon. I guess that'd just be a plastic Fellblade with 40k rules. Would anyone have objected if we got that or something similar?

>> No.56142428

they were pretty boss in 5e when it was new.

>> No.56142431

The guy that leaked it made another post with the complete adaptation.

Basically all not FLY unit always count in cover, unless they charge or advance, in which case they lose it until their next movement phase.

A lot different from "everyone got +1 armor"

>> No.56142434

> [insert army here] comments that [insert model here] has an old sculpt
> right on que, SISTER OF BATTLE Whine Squad appears to bitch
Holy shit no one fucking cares. At this point I am sure GW is actively trolling you all for how much you botch and moan

>> No.56142439

Yup alpha legion, whether you're deepstriking close or maintaining a gunline making the math not favor your opponent as much always helps
Plus 180 pts and a command point to make 10 rapists appear out of the sewers is popular for a reason and usually keeps things busy for a turn or two while you fire away

>> No.56142441

If you aren't running Magnus or Ahriman, what are 1KS actually good at?

>> No.56142443

Howbout no
Fuck the EU. Its not even on the same hemisphere.

>> No.56142445

The new one is amazing, especially now we know the codex rules

it's perfectly designed for 8e nid cheese

>> No.56142449

Us Necrofags would really appreciate it subscribers could post all the Necromunda stuff like the interview and battle report

>> No.56142451

Eh, its not too different.

genestealers 3+/5++ is still pretty rad.

>> No.56142455

Even China is better than the EU

>> No.56142456

Does anyone want some Blanche playing cards?

>> No.56142460

Riptide spam is now shit
Also what the fuck is worse than robos in 30k? Golden boys?

>> No.56142469

>no Emperor's Tarot set


Yes, I'm getting at least the DI set.

>> No.56142471

>number isn't instantly recognizable from across the table
God dammit who let the guy who made the tzneentch dice make the playing cards?

>> No.56142474


>> No.56142475

>I can finally play go-fish while staring at horrifically-mutilated servitors
Finally, been waiting forever for GW to release something good.

>> No.56142478

blanket everyone gets +1 would have been to much.
Losing it on the charge isn't a big deal, you don't get cover in melee anyway.

>> No.56142481

Custards and robutts leave everything for dead, only thing that can maybe compete is magnus and his special termies

>> No.56142482

> those t rex arms
Hive tyrant confirmed manlet, btfo by Chadlord of genestealers

>> No.56142485

China actually makes you give the money you borrow back :^)

>> No.56142491

If Astartes are chosen in adolescence but don't believe in the Emperor being divine, how does that work? Do they take kids aside when they join and say "Hey, that thing you've been told to believe for ten years under penalty of death is bullshit and he's just a really badass psyker"? Do worlds under Astartes control not enforce Emperor worship to the same extent as other planets, which seems problematic? It seems like a pretty fundamental shift in belief system for an initiate.

>> No.56142497


Riptides are such cool models, it's a shame they were overnerfed rather than balanced out.

>> No.56142498

What the actual fuck?? Autarch cant banshee mask/mandiblaster?? Lance OR plasma gun? What were they fucking smoking??

One fucking thing this game had left for me is ability to make voltron character loaded with 35 upgrades then lose horribly cos toys over boys dont work, and they TOOK IT FROM ME.

Shit edition is shit.

>> No.56142502

It's more the fact that if you try to charge you lose it for the next turn even if the charge failed, and that no running slow you down.

On the other hand it's perfect for tunnels, and as Jormundgar it's the tunnel fleet and also have the tunnel stratagem it's pretty good.

>> No.56142503

surprising the game designed around marines is broken by not marines and better than marine marines
Luckily most events nerf Magnus to make him not the /D/eep striking kill half your army rapist he is in the normal rules

>> No.56142505

You can still do that with the WJG autarch from the index.

>> No.56142508

I mean 21 years old models is a good reason to bitch and moan. Specially when third parties are making a profit with the lack of support GW gives them.

>> No.56142510


>> No.56142511

That is a 7th edition pic and it was equal cancer with Eldar.
And yes Cuckstodes are most cancer tied with D Bomb Magnus.

>> No.56142514

Can you please not use my wife to bully people?

>> No.56142515

>not having a country in debt to you for all eternity

See, this is why China is never going to be prosperous.

>> No.56142519

Not so interested in cheesing up but I feel the value is alright, specially after getting them for the cheap from triple helix.

>> No.56142521

The Imperium is a big place. So long as they venerate the Emperor and pay their taxes there is a lot of wiggle room.

>Worlds where Marines recruit are probably a lot closer aligned to the Marine's view than a Shrineworld.

Or the Marines worship the Emperor as a God. There are a few chapters that do so.

>> No.56142523

No, its fucking ugly tiny headed piece of shit on chicken legs, with tiny dumb guns on its misshapen shoulders.

HAZARD is 1000 times better model.

>> No.56142525

Don't worry the bitching will stop and then start again when sisters get a plastic line in January and become the new tau of 8th

>> No.56142527

>banking on a 9inch charge.

>what is a swarmlord in a tyrannocyte

also waiting for a turn with 3+ armor is a death sentence vs most lists right now

you either cave to mortal wounds, cave to dakka or cave to dakka with ap

>> No.56142528

Index still legit? Can i mix and match?

>> No.56142529

its probably less an intentional changing of beliefs and more just that they don't get hit with the emperor worship domha at all once training has begun.

>> No.56142530


Hazard suits are undersized for a XV9 class suit. Should be replaced with bigger models or reclassified XV89.

>> No.56142531

SoB already are broken and OP as fuck thou

>> No.56142532


>Or the Marines worship the Emperor as a God.

I've been wanting to make /myguys/ do this because I play SoB and allying them makes more sense if the Marines are devout too. Is it common enough that they won't be considered snowflakes?

>> No.56142534

Yes. The Index is for legacy models
Codex is for what they actually make.

>> No.56142535

it is for now yes, you just use the old index rules and the most up to date points

this might change in the future because people are using this to take un-FAQd commisars

>> No.56142536

if my opponent can wipe 80 MEQ bodies with 5++ in a round of shooting, i'd be amaze. Not to mention the three trygons sitting in their face.

>> No.56142540

>can I borrow this money?
>yeah but we better see it back
>hey I can't pay, mind if I default?
>ohhh you're in big trouble mister, well let it slide this time but be more careful
Also Eastern Europe makes the best FW counterfeit which is also nice

>> No.56142541


Yeah, but they're too inconvenient to collect right now.

Even a single plastic 10 troop battle sisters kit would be enough material to work with to turn them into the new tau,

>> No.56142545


>> No.56142548

>codex for what they actually make
>eldar codex has an autarch with a star glaive, a new weapon with no model

so almost any IG/SM/Ork list

>> No.56142550

Depends on the chapter, Black templars DO consider Emps to be a god so it doesn't really affect them. Dark Angels and the Unforgiven probably reveal it as part mysteries they need to uncover to progress through the ranks. Fenrisians don't really indulge in the imperial faith anyway. ever which way it goes I'm sure the Chaplains set them strait.

>> No.56142553

Or just remove the ghostkeel, hazard was here first.

The idea of huge stealth robot is dumb anyway.

>> No.56142557

>tfw read that as trigons sitting on thier face
I could rip through 100 marines long before they became spooky while stalling big boys for a couple turns with my try hard guard list
Dakka is the name of the game currently

>> No.56142560

It's not that it isn't a good point. It's just so tiresome that literally EVERY. TIME. Someone else mentions an older sculpt, Sisters players feel that obligation to bitch.

>> No.56142565

Nah no one will be the new Tau, we need a generation of newfags to erase the genetic memory of the Tau hate

>> No.56142566

Red Hunters, Fire Angels, and Black Templar are three chapters off the top of my head that worship the Emperor.

It's not too snowflakey
>look into Red Angels. They have strong ties with the Ecclesiarchy

>> No.56142567

>so almost any IG/SM/Ork list

well if they pack the equivalent of 720 bolter shots, i've yet to see it.

>> No.56142569

>infestation node
What... what's that thing ?

>> No.56142570

I quite like the idea of the arrogance of the tau when they can use technology to hide a fucking massive mecha in front of the enemy

also i have 3 of them because i liked painting them and they look the best of all the battlesuits in the tau range

>> No.56142572


Yeah, I actually agree with this even as someone who mains Sisters. Any time someone has a gripe about their army not being updated, someone has to pop up with YEAH BUT SISTERS

Yes, it's shit that they get neglected so much but GW know how people feel. They'll either update them or they won't.

>> No.56142575

Most of Africa owes china money, I mean eventually that continent will become prosperous and start paying back right?

>> No.56142579

the alien buttholes that come with genestealers.

>> No.56142582

But if i take Index Autarch with Banshee Mask but rules for the mask from Codex (prevents overwatch), what is the chance i get punched in the face?

>> No.56142587

Well they are the "No support the Army"

>> No.56142590

Ghoskeel looks pretty dope, i give it that.

>> No.56142593

>well if they pack the equivalent of 720 bolter shots, i've yet to see it.

I don't think you understand that the name of the game isn't to table someone in one turn, but make thier retaliation as miniscule as possible

what do you think is better:
1: having 4+ armor, but one unit of genestealers is guarenteed to make a multi unit charge and will absolutely shred whatever they charge, while tarpitting anything they dont kill. Then the enemies retaliation will be heavily neutered

2: you appear and the enemy gets a turn of shooting before you do the same thing as above

>> No.56142596

IIRC its options in Index using rules and prices in Codex

>> No.56142597

The toothy little tyranid nipple in the genestealer box

They've been called infestation nodes since 4e. In the new book they have rules as a homing beacon for genestealers that disappears if enemies get close.

>> No.56142602


Yeah, and it doesn't help that they're so overpriced. A squad of ten Sisters costs twice as much as ten old metal Guardsmen, which is a pisstake. I want plastics for financial reasons more than update reasons.

>> No.56142609

only people who will be mad at you are faggot crybabies

right now i'm using the index GK librarian to get a stormshield so i can have 2++ in close combat, pair him with a culexus and he basically has +4 to deny the witch

>> No.56142612

>want plastics for financial reasons more than update reasons.
So how do you feel about top knots?

>> No.56142615


I hate Tau so fucking much but damn if that painting isn't top tier.

>> No.56142620

option 1 comes with a 438 point tax. option 2 allows for more dudes.

I'll take more dudes. wiping a unit and then getting shot to pieces isn't worth 438 points

the name of the game in 8th is target saturation, not dakka..

>> No.56142622

If sister metals are double guard metals why would you assume that the plastics end up less than double the cost of ten plastic guardsmen? (Currently like 90% the cost of old metal guardsmen).

>> No.56142624


If a crisis is an 8 and a riptide is a 10, Ghostkeels are the correctly scaled size 9 mech.

>> No.56142628

Okay but fuck me there is a lot.

The interview.

>> No.56142632


A box of ten basic Primaris boys is £32 and available cheaper elsewhere. There's no way ten SoBs will be anything close to the £50 they are now.

>> No.56142635

Ghostkeels are good.

If you're scrapping any Tau suit. Axe the Riptide.

>> No.56142640

these things

>> No.56142644


Forgot the fucking link.

>> No.56142646


>If you're scrapping any Tau suit. Axe the Riptide.

The fucking Stormsurge, dude.

>> No.56142647

>option 1 comes with a 438 point tax

or you could just run a detachment of GSC with a patriarch and a primus

>the name of the game in 8th is target saturation, not dakka..

said literally no one in the competitive scene

>> No.56142649

Anon the chance that you have all 80 dudes turn one
>all up front ready to charge
>all able to charge different stuff
>all able to charge important non bubble wrap units
>all able to get all their attacks in
>all set up in good position to do that again
Is pretty low and probably means I've fucked up with my deployment
Don't get my wrong I don't exactly want to mulch through that many dudes, but in an actual game from the hoard lists I've played it's not gonna work like you think, people are gonna kill the units that will threaten them the next turn and hold off the others in the middle, five to seven turns is a long time to hold out if you need three just to start getting into the actual meat of someone's army
Honestly people shit in melee getting buffed with turn one charges and shit but really they need all the help they can get when 100 pts of cultists make my 2 contemptors immune to melee for a turn and stuff like that

>> No.56142651

hmmmm if theyre geting rules now I should probably stop using them as objective markers.

>> No.56142653

I'd really love some old Tyranid rereleases, from back in the day when they all had genestealer heads.

>> No.56142659



>> No.56142661

Riptide should have never existed.

>> No.56142662

I think it's just easy to rally around sisters as the poster girls of being not updated, they are like the new squats

>> No.56142664

>There's no way ten SoBs will be anything close to the £50 they are now.
10 PA Grey Knights are 60.
Considering SOBs PA Sister kit would build 90% of your models (just like GKs).

I'd be betting 50-60 USD

>> No.56142672

Raise your hand if the majority of your games are in the format of the big ITC and similar tourneys

>> No.56142675

All 80 genestealers deepstrike in a single turn, this isn't counting the 120 dudes that are running forward behind them.

>> No.56142680

>10 PA Grey Knights are 60.

what? no they arnt they are 37.50

>> No.56142682

I like him a lot. Are you gonna add stuff to the base? As it is right now, it looks a bit too similar to the cloak.

>> No.56142685


Damn right, shittide and shitsurge.

>> No.56142688

>fucking Stormsurge
Good god. I forgot that existed.

>> No.56142690

>where honor is overrated
There's the old GW edge I know and love

>> No.56142694

ye boi, hoping the LCO in england will be using so cal missions

>> No.56142695

>Is pretty low
its pretty much gauranteed since he can deepstrike them into the ideal position with the trygons.

>> No.56142696

Tau needed a TEQ though

>> No.56142699

>said literally no one in the competitive scene

what was conscript spam.

>> No.56142701

Scions are £42 for 10.

>> No.56142709

We can agree GW prices make no bloody sense

Then again this is company that would rather sell metal models for scrap than let Nottingham bros buy those models at a cost

>> No.56142712

How much do you guys tip your FLGS managers?

I tend to do a flat $5 but I know some do it based on percentage.

>> No.56142716

>comparing a 15ppm single wound model to a 3ppm single wound model that can also shit out ork levels of dakka

holy shit are you taking the piss you don't understand how consctripts are strong, the point is they have to be dealt with early before the enemy can even think of dealing with killing off your damage dealers

>> No.56142720

Broadsides have 2+ and look great.

HAZARDs should of being repurposed for TEQ, they are close combat anyway (tau close combat = short range shooting)

>> No.56142724

Demiurg Auxiliary

>> No.56142731

I don't know anyone who doesn't run some kind of fluff unit to bubblewrap against deep strikers, everyone jerks off so hard to turn one alpha strike lists but then they get fouled by 10 cultists protecting an entire backline and 20 more turning that 9" in your face deep strike into an 18" one and stuff similar to that

>> No.56142732

Don't refresh the page bros. Bone-Necrons are lurking about..

>> No.56142735

I live in Australia, the average wage of a store clerk is $25 an hour

They don't need tips

>> No.56142738


>Riptide should have never existed.

Don't let your perceptions be coloured by it's op rules, the Riptide makes perfect sense within the Tau way of war as an escalation to meet the threats the rest of the galaxy keep throwing at them.

>> No.56142742

>good tyranid codex
is this the greatest white dwarf of all time?

>> No.56142744

What neckbearded cuckoldry is this?

>> No.56142752


>Tipping literally anyone who isn't a waitress or a valet

>> No.56142758

>not clapping after reading a piece of fluff you like

>> No.56142766


House lore.

>> No.56142769

place models 18" apart, infiltrate whatever unit you can 18" from your deployment line

oh look now the enemy have to deepstrike inside their own deployment zone, I played imperium soup vs my freinds tzeench daemons and malefic lords last night and i had to wait until turn 3 to deepstrike into a favourable position

was a really good game though, he won turn 5 12-10 in cloak and shadows, going to rematch him sometime this week before he goes to blood and glory


>> No.56142771

I live in the US. Dunno about other countries.

It's common in America dude.

>> No.56142777

I'm a burger and it might be a cultural difference but I don't tip anything, it feels weird to toss my manager $5 when he's working to pay rent
I usually show my appreciation by buying my models from there and waiting to make my big bulk purchases when it's a season that doesn't see much business
Plus no one else does it so it would be awkward as fuck if I was the only one

>> No.56142781

>he point is they have to be dealt with early before the enemy can even think of dealing with killing off your damage dealers

Are you fucking retarded?

The thing that made conscripts broken is that you had to take the off objectives and not having enough dakka to do that and successfully deal with the rest of the army.

no one is gonna wipe 80 genestealers in a turn, but they have to, because they are literally better khorne beserkers with an invul save. If they finally get around to removing 80 of the fuckers they have 120 more bodies to try to get rid of, afterwards.

>> No.56142788

God now I have a really strong urge to start the Nid army my 10 year old self wanted to own back in 3rd. Ignore most of the new Nids introduced since that codex tho.

>> No.56142789

>place models 18" apart
That's a mighty coherency you got.

>> No.56142790


Thanks, anon!! One of the best White Dwarfs yet

>> No.56142796

Nigger, im a burger too. Ive literally never felt the need to tip anyone other than servers and shit like that. Im buying from the FLGS, not online, thats the only tip he gets

>> No.56142805


>> No.56142810

Yeah I agree, deep stroking is basically a scout move against some armies

Also looks like a fun game anon
>tfw someone at my LGS is selling 15 primaris psykers for $30 but I refuse to buy them because I trust GW to nerf smite in December for some reason

>> No.56142818

I dont even care about its rules, i hate how ugly and non-mecha like it looks. R'Varna and Y'Varna look far better cos they have stocky stature and powerful legs, Riptide looks like Wraithlord who skipped every leg day there were.

>> No.56142819

>It's common in America dude
Lol, no it's not.
My "tip" for LGS is I'll buy something there as opposed to ordering it (for cheaper) online.

>> No.56142823

units not models, my bad but its pretty obvious what i meant

yes, they did that AND they were also cheap as shit so you still had a high damage army behind it AND while they are dealing with your conscripts they arnt affecting your damage dealers whatsoever

whereas with genestealers i'm doing both at the same time, if you can get them in turn 1 and shred things up you will be in a far better position than possiblyu waiting until turn 2 and taking a load of losses

>> No.56142825

>tipping culture is cancer
Anon that is one of the most confusing parts of the USA.
Employers not paying full wages to employees, hoping the consumers would pay extra because reasons

>> No.56142827

Cawdor are back!

I'm so hard right now

>> No.56142837

it takes 10 bolters to kill a genestealer, i think they'll survive.

plus have fun dealing with getting 30 gaunts off objectives.

>> No.56142840

theres some rumors going around that smite will be limited to 3 casts a turn, which kinda would ruin
fluffy GK lists a little bit

for the rematch im probably dropping the strike team for another taurox, culexus and more mortar teams. Alternatively i'm going GSC+scions/bullgryn characters/taurox spam

>> No.56142849

You need to buy into the American dream

>> No.56142851

>Go to Germany
>meal and a beer is €10 at schnitzel place
>feel like that's overpriced
>but realize no tip
It's fucking great, you actually know what you're paying from the start without factoring in other stuff

>> No.56142852


...shit I need to fucking do that Lictor shit to a Stealthsuit. Looks badass.

>> No.56142854

>theres some rumors going around that smite will be limited to 3 casts a turn
There goes my Magnus-less Thousand Sons, my Grey Knights, and my Tzeentch Daemons...

>> No.56142863

yes your 3+ armor is going to save you against plasma and smite spam isnt it

you are math hammering far too hard if you think the only thing people have is bolters, you also think that the enemy needs to wipe you out in one turn

the point is that if you get them consistently in turn 1, you will cut such a huge amount of damage from the enemy turn 1 that you dont need the 3+ armor

>> No.56142865

>15 primaris psykers for $30
$2 per primaris is really fucking good regardless of how you think their rules are.

>> No.56142870

3 casts would be fine, an average of 6 wounds that are usually impossible to save is still pretty good
1 cast a turn would turn it into this emergency thing to use when all your other spells aren't relevant at the time which I don't think is how it should be

>> No.56142879

>3+ armor is going to save you against plasma and smite spam isnt it

if they waste high quality shots on genestealers with 5++ my trygons that made their tunnels will be happy/

>you will cut such a huge amount of damage from the enemy turn 1 that you dont need the 3+ armor

untrue, one unit would kill a bubble wrapper then get shot to pieces.

>> No.56142880

Soo, is taking Autarch with Lance, Plasma Gun and Banshee mask while using everythign else from codex is legal?

>> No.56142882


Shit I fucking hate the models but I'd buy them at that cheap and barter them to some Guardfag later on for something better. Can't go wrong with a bargain like that.

>> No.56142888

Don't bother with him anon, he's probably the same anon who said earth shakers mathematically sucked earlier in the thread

>> No.56142891

Are renegade Ogryns any good?
I want to use my evil idiots

>> No.56142894

I think it's fine for a tournament setting, would certainly cut down on malefic lord spam

plasma isnt high quality when the enemy can spam the ever living shit out of elysians or volley guns, like IG generally do

>untrue, one unit would kill a bubble wrapper then get shot to pieces.

as opposed to getting shot turn 1 and taking losses, then charging the bubble wrapper and killing it, then getting shot turn 2

>> No.56142900

Is mathhammer back to update the doc w/ craftworlds?

>> No.56142902

Also they are retardedly expensive models

>> No.56142904

smite spam and plasma aren't answers to a horde.

>> No.56142905

Oh and the taxes
>after tax $12
I know they have local taxes for each city block like idiots, but for fuck sake store should have the taxes on the price already. Is not like taxes change every day

>> No.56142913

The thing about tourneyfags is that they only take the absolute best option, so if smite goes from batshit op to just really good then they'll stop spamming it and move on, taking the salt with them

>> No.56142915

i never said it was, he just seems to think +1 armor for the expense of losing a huge consistency of charging turn 1 is worth it

>> No.56142922

Anon, are you here? Or can anyone help me identify the main colour?

>> No.56142925

plasma is plasma and i'd prefer to have you waste it on genestealers. same with smite

On turn two you can manuver and get around alot of bubble wrap, bubble wrap is really to protect you from turn 1 charges and deepstriking plasma. Alot of people will opt to move out of their bubble wrap.

>> No.56142930

My far left friend blames that shit on "it's just capitalism dude", just hiding the price so that you think you're paying less
I don't know about all that but it was euforic for something to be like 50p or €1 in my European travels and that's actually what I paid

>> No.56142933

I know that but as you keep dialing the outlier units back, the matches slowly go away from being entirely mono-core lists vs mono-core lists

8th edition sort of removed a huge chunk of netlisting and replaced it with list cores being spammed instead

>> No.56142940

zandari dust or Tallarn Sand

>> No.56142947

>On turn two you can manuver and get around alot of bubble wrap

considering your list is almost entirely gsc with no shooting, how are you maeuvering around them

if anything they are just going to move towards you to stop you moving forward in your turn 2

>> No.56142954

To be fair only "lefties" would hide the taxes.
A true "capitalist" would make a price increase due to tax as big and noticeable pointing out exactly how much money the government is "stealing" from you.

Anyway back to 40k and let's leave the retarded USA taxes and tip out of this.

Side note bitching. Why the fuck are GSC so overpriced PL and point wise?

>> No.56142958

Great, thanks a lot. I'll buy both for highlights.

>> No.56142969

I think spam is just the name of the game in competitive 40k
>warp spiders and jetbikes are op? Why not take 5 units of each?
>malific lords and brims are op? Why not take as many as you can?
If you took a list that was literally big bird, mortars, scout sentinels to fill the brigade tax, then the remainder of the list filled with nothing but lords and brims you'd have a really good army

>> No.56142975

bubble wrapping isn't completely encirculing a unit and often models will have to leave the confines of the wrap to get to targets.

you manouve around these targets and look for the best way to consolidate into more units after the assault phase.

that plus some shots from the trygons and the rest of the army should unwrap most units.

>> No.56142977

GSC will probably see CSM levels of points drops when they finally get a codex

>> No.56142985

How many games of 8th have you played anon?

>> No.56142988

about 4 to 6 games a week since june

>> No.56142995

Haha! Time for Fem-Guard.

>> No.56142999

you dont even need a brigade with them because they dont get any expensive stratagems, so a batallion and supreme command suffices

and yeah spam is just going to happen regardless in minmaxing situations, but again if you dial back the power of units that are way ahead of everything else (or buffing shit units) then hopefully it gets to a point where the lists are more varied, still spammed but varied

>bubble wrapping isn't completely encirculing a unit and often models will have to leave the confines of the wrap to get to targets.

I am convinced you have never ever played a match of 8th now

1: no one has to leave the confines of the bubble wrap to shoot because you are moving towards them

2: even if they did they bubblewrap would move with them

3: the bubble wrap doesnt need to encircle anything, they are 18" away from your good shit and it spans from one edge or the board to the other

>> No.56143004

Then buy the DV dudes. That's what they are for.

>> No.56143007

Golliath would make a good Catachan doctrine regiment, what doctrine would the slut regiment use?

>> No.56143008

What's the story behind this one?

>> No.56143015

I doubt it. You'll probably have to source some Lasrifles for conversions. Shouldn't be too hard to do though.

>> No.56143018

What is expected to happen to Carnifexes?
I want to start an all-Carnifex army, but I want to wait for the codex first.

>> No.56143021

Do all Red Scorpion Veterans wear MKIV armour?

My army is built but I'm thinking of switching colour schemes from Imperial Fists to the former.

>> No.56143023

RAW, does taking flyers/auxilia/commissars/etc break Scions getting their doctrine?

>> No.56143028


>> No.56143032

Ah yes. The anuses of evil

>> No.56143033

Read the codex rules and find out.

>> No.56143034

Yea, in Europe the price you see includes the taxes built into it, giving you nice round numbers for purchases.

America is steeped in the "JC Penny effect" wherein stores like JCP pull all sorts of stupid tricks to make you buy stuff you wouldn't normally buy.

For example: most sales are actually market price, with the alleged "true" price being back-calculated from The arbitrarily-chosen sale percentage. But people think they're getting a deal and so buy the item when they see the little red sign. Businesses that don't use this tactic tend to see a decrease in sales simply because the customer doesn't believe he's getting a deal.

Digital products can be more extreme because the seller doesn't actually 'lose' stock when holding actual sales. The best place to see this kind of thing in action is those people who buy games on Steam Summer Sales and never play them. If a game you wouldn't normally buy is on a 90% sale, and you buy it and three other games at this low, low price, how good is your deal? Well, if you play them it's 90%, but if you don't it's -100% simply because you have given someone money for something you never used.

>> No.56143039

Sisters dont get plastic line you idiot.

>> No.56143047

Does mean you lose it for overwatch though.

>> No.56143051

How are you missing such basic stuff?
Do you only play against morons?
Multiple people are telling you that your logic is poor, shouldn't you at least consider why they are saying that?

>> No.56143052

Only for missing stuff. You can't just pick your favorite profile.

>> No.56143056

Nah. They're just good.

>> No.56143058

They are confirmed for January dude
The meme is finally real

>> No.56143061

Are you retarded?

>1: no one has to leave the confines of the bubble wrap to shoot because you are moving towards them

only the hordes are moving forward, key support pieces and ranged shooting is sitting in my deployment zone

>2: even if they did they bubblewrap would move with them

The bubble wrap can't move and completely surrond a unit

3: the bubble wrap doesnt need to encircle anything, they are 18" away from your good shit and it spans from one edge or the board to the other

If they line up all their bubble wrap on the 12inch line, they are gonna get shot up turn 1 from things in my deployment zone.

/tg/ is notoriously bad at 4chan. 2 randos on it wont sway me from my TT experience.

>> No.56143066

Read your codex m8
This is why faggots who don't buy thier codex and just look at battlescribe for rules are the weakest race

>> No.56143069

>two contradictory rules
>"read them and find out :^)"

>> No.56143071

Battle report.


>> No.56143073

>They are confirmed for January dude
>The meme is finally real
Like they've been confirmed for YEARS?

>> No.56143074

>source: your ass

>> No.56143079

Well it's at least three because the anon that told you that is different from the other anon he's referring to, and I also think you're retarded and I play a couple games a weeks pretty regularly, I'm guessing it's more but most people don't wanna jump into shitposting

>> No.56143083

> "confirmed"
Whatever helps you sleep at night anon. Squeeze your waifu body pillow tighter

>> No.56143090

>only the hordes are moving forward, key support pieces and ranged shooting is sitting in my deployment zone

first of all you said you had 200 genestealers, which would be almost your entire fucking army unless you are playing apoc, second of all im talking about thier army, not yours, they dont need to move infront of thier bubble wrap to shoot

>The bubble wrap can't move and completely surrond a unit

why would they need to surround a unit

>If they line up all their bubble wrap on the 12inch line, they are gonna get shot up turn 1 from things in my deployment zone.

see first point

>> No.56143091

Garbage kindergarden edition confirmed. I am right to play only 7 (or rather not play, cos rarely someone else here is as great intelligence and noble intent as I am)

>> No.56143095


>> No.56143106


>> No.56143112

>you don't even need a brigade
Most tourney fags answer that with "why not?"
Why not add in some cheap lascannons in the form of renegade command squads and sentinels to double your CP and open up more troops and HQ slots for more cheese?

>> No.56143114

>Not RAI
There's your problem.

>> No.56143119


The legend never dies! Thank you, Anon!

>> No.56143123

i said 80 genestealers and 120 more dudes, which would be gaunts.

if they don't surrond a unit ill just move around them and attack their un bubble wrapped flanks. I'm giving them best case scenario for bubble wrapping to counter 80 genestealers deepstriking within 9 or something.

>> No.56143131

they arn't really contradictory as scions are still <regiment> units, so the 1st rule that also has the auxhillia exception in applies to them

>> No.56143133


>> No.56143141

Go ahead and grab a screenshot so I can back you all the fuck up when I'm proven right in a few months, don't worry I'll remember when you conveniently forget come January :^)

>> No.56143148

>if they don't surrond a unit ill just move around them

are you fucking stupid

how can you move around a bubble wrap that extends from one side of the table edge to the other

you literally cannot move around them, if they take losses and they are consctripts there are tonnes to fill the gaps before your next turn

they dont need to wrap around any unit, thats not what bubble wrapping is, its to stop people getting to your backline, you seem to think its physically forming a circle around certain units so they cant be tar pitted, thats not how it is done mate

>> No.56143152

>SoB finally get plastics
>assravaged incel tears flood /40kg/
Im hard already

>> No.56143158

>implying incels aren't the ones playing sisters

>> No.56143159

Who the fuck do you think would be buying the new models?

>> No.56143162

People have said this on /tg/ for years. January will come around, no sisters will get released, and no one will be suprised.

>> No.56143163

Anyone want the nid stuff from WD?

Lictors aren't affected by Instinctive Behaviour, is one thing.

>> No.56143167

>how can you move around a bubble wrap that extends from one side of the table edge to the other

this is the easiest form of bubble wraping to break, the encircling variant is hard to deal with.

I'm giving my opponent the benefit of the doubt that they aren't retarded. But hey if i play against you, i guess its an easy win.

>> No.56143169


Set your clocks, everyone.

>> No.56143173

Any hints at the next codex after nids in this month's WD?

>> No.56143178

>Lictors aren't affected by Instinctive Behaviour, is one thing.
Neat. Really leaning toward a lictor heavy tyranid army to pair with my jeanstealer cult

>> No.56143180

>this is the easiest form of bubble wraping to break, the encircling variant is hard to deal with.

which you wont be because you arnt making your charges turn 1, plus you seem to be assuming that there is only a single thin line, which if you play any matches at all vs daemons or imperium you will know is completely false

>> No.56143191

>2spooky orange layout on the eve of skeleton day
You've gained this random persons respect anon

>> No.56143194

they also make a tunnel that you can move through like a trygon for 1cp per unit, if you believe the rumors

>> No.56143200

Devourer with Brainleech worms has doubled in shots.

Doesn't seem like. Next month's hint is Free Cards! So I have no idea. More Necromunda too.

>> No.56143203

refresh your page

>> No.56143204

If they are shoving their chaff into the proverbial meat grinder, it beats having to chase them down and take them off objectives.

>> No.56143212

which they wouldnt be doing anyway until turn 3 or 4 anyway, like how pretty much all games are being played out

come off it anon you know you are wrong just accept it

>> No.56143214

Honestly is imperial soup even hurt by the guard nerf?
Literally take a battalion of yarrik with that warlord trait and a Valhallen with his fancy gun and you're good to spam 120 conscripts no problem, then just add earshakers which are now better than ever

>> No.56143220

cheers ears

>> No.56143232

That doesnt seem to fit with my headcanon, but it would definitely help on the table.

>> No.56143233

escher is meant to favour agility and mobility so probably tallarn.

>> No.56143234

>Honestly is imperial soup even hurt by the guard nerf?

it forces them to take valhallen concripts and give the MK45 relic to a company commmander, thats it

or you take the index commisar thanks to dumb GW allowances and just use the unnerfed rules

>> No.56143240

Holy shit I'm spooked

>> No.56143242

Tallarn(Agile Raiders) or Vostroyan(Excellent gear) is probably most natural. But honestly anything but Mordians would work. They're tall and buff enough to even work as Amazons with Catachan rules if you wanted.

>> No.56143244

turn 1 they'd have to, the 80 guys showing up 9 inches from the line accelerates the clock.

i don't know why im trying to help you, i should just let you be terrible like the rest of /tg/

its due to their pheromone trails, its pretty fluffy for lictors.

>> No.56143250

oooooooh sheeeeeet 2spoopy5me

>> No.56143252


>> No.56143254

>its due to their pheromone trails
Oh that makes more sense, I was picturing them digging around like bugs bunny for a second.

>> No.56143258

That last one won't fly at most tournies but yeah thats basically it, I mean hell you can even take your relic of lost cadia for a command point even with the .45 if you spend one of your thousand command points

>> No.56143269

>the guy willingly giving up auto charging turn 1 and who doesnt understand what bubble wrapping is, is calling other people terrible

o i am laffin

don't worry anon you can continue playing your FLGS matches while ITC players do the real shit

>> No.56143272 [SPOILER] 

Nothin spoopy here, move along citizen...

>> No.56143274

>Everyone around me is stupid, I'm the only one who has a clue
You wouldn't happen to be fundamentalist right wing would you? You have that smell about you

>> No.56143281

The madman actually did it

>> No.56143282

>Plus 180 pts and a command point to make 10 rapists appear out of the sewers
What is this exactly?

>> No.56143283

Is one turn of rerolling 1s to wound and getting to move and reroll 1s to hit that important?

>> No.56143284

Your post messes with my ctrl+f

>> No.56143285


>> No.56143290

>one turn

its not single use, also the chance of going vs chaos is high atm so its rerolling everything

>> No.56143293


Is that the redeemer's Pulpitek?

>> No.56143295

Infiltrating alpha legion Khorne berserkers
It's fluffy guys I swear

>> No.56143298


i don't even know why i try to help you idiots. Have fun at the bottom table.

>> No.56143301

>is having a free pocket girlyman that good?

>> No.56143304


I have only played 4 games total, 3 of which were EC.

Does AL mesh with EC well? I won't drop EC but am always open to allies

>> No.56143310

>i don't even know why i try to help you idiots

because you secretly realise how fucking stupid you are

if you take only a single piece of advice from this shitshow, it's this: watch a tourney stream and you will notice how literally no one is playing bubble wrap how you think it's played

>> No.56143314

try not to hurt yourself with that edge, anon.

>> No.56143330

>watch a tourney stream

ah your a batrep baby, it makes sense now. keep watching instead of playing.

>> No.56143335

Thanks anon, I'm jut gonna stick with getting top 3 at my LGS and nearby LGS's tourneys and winning 80% of the games I play, I know we can't all be at the top tables at NOVA like you but I enjoy my modest hobbying
Now get going, you know you don't have a leg to stand on, don't even act like you're just quitting because we're all lost causes, you just can't handle being proven wrong by everyone
Bye bye

>> No.56143345

>claims that bubblewraps arnt done how people are saying

>told to go and watch top tables literally doing the opposite of what he thinks

>"hurrr.... y... your a batrep baby


>> No.56143346


Put me in that screencap daddy. I am ready to love again.

>> No.56143348

Quit acting like there's some consensus and we're your crew.

>> No.56143351

> 2 idiots.

i'll be fine

>> No.56143356

If I can trigger one baby with a comment like that I'm happy
stay off center fags

>> No.56143362

from this convo you clearly aren't

>> No.56143377

baiting 2 idiots into (you)s for hours, while i paint minis.

i already know, you guys are too retarded to learn things.

>> No.56143378

Anon everyone can tell you're butt hurt, no need to hide it, just quietly stop posting and everyone will forget about you in a thread, it's what everyone else does

>> No.56143379

REEEEEEEEE why can't they stop changing Tyranid unit sizes?! now my zoans are understrength too along with my hive guards and venomthropes

>> No.56143389

>I was only pretending to be retarded
Ah here it comes, just stop anon, this is embarrassing

>> No.56143391

>projecting this hard

if you have to state that someone is butt hurt, its most likely yourself who is butt hurt.

>> No.56143398

post pics

>> No.56143399

Just commenting to let you know I also think you're retarded

>> No.56143401

not being retarded, just fucking with two retards.

its great stuff, teasing bad players on /tg/

>> No.56143405

Anyone know if the Neurothrope head fits on a hive tyrant? I strongly prefer the old 3rd edition alien queen/giant warrior look to the current head.

>> No.56143407

Let's see what you're painting anon

>> No.56143412

that still makes two anon. :^)

>> No.56143425

Which relic should I put on this exalted champion (if any)?

>Exalted boi
>6 Noise marines, 5 chainswords, champion w/ sonic blaster, doom siren, power sword

>> No.56143428

So are you telling me that you aren't actually retarded but it was just a ruse? I've never heard of such an excuse!

>> No.56143429

I'm imagining AL Khorne Bezerkers either work like eversor assassins or like Jet Li's character in unleashed

>> No.56143435

Little known fact that this whole thread is just three people
You and two guys changing thier ips a lot

>> No.56143447

are you new? new ips are logged when they create posts.

>> No.56143449

Anything will fit if you try hard enough and use enough green stuff

>> No.56143459

Ancient butplug.

>> No.56143462

Been here several years so I'm not grand wizard tier yet or whatever but I don't really get into the technical side of shitposting

>> No.56143466

nice meme

Serious though I'm debating whether the CP is worth it for a relic on him

>> No.56143470

>Anything will fit if you try hard enough
You sound like you produce shows for Disney

>> No.56143474

>i wasn't baited into an austic rage
>you were jus pretending to be retarded!

if you need to tell yourself this, i actually feel bad

if you get a script like 4chanx you will get alot of neat options. I'd recommend you try some of them out.

>> No.56143478

I also would like to see what you are painting double dubs anon
gonna go ahead and guess it's not nids

>> No.56143484

Considering the retarded anon won't post his fictional painted mini's, what's everyone else working on currently?

>> No.56143492

I have 20 noise marines I am working on. Waiting on the wind to chill a bit so I can prime them

>> No.56143493

its not, it's poxwalkers.

but the lighting is terrible, so i'll post a picture after the senpaitachi wake up.

>> No.56143503

You're just proving his point the more you keep talking about him.

Just give it up.

>> No.56143504

I wouldnt post anything if some queer demanded it of me, either.

Currently working on a shit ton of neophyte hybrids. Gonna set up the spray booth tonight when I get home and start priming.

>> No.56143505

>trying to prime my GK
>too windy
>waited 3 hours for it to stop
>instantly starts raining

why england

>> No.56143509

My alpha legions is slowly pulling away from mediocrity

>> No.56143515

Im actually in west texas.

We literally power things off of how much wind we have.

I never get to prime :'(

>> No.56143519

>I'll totally post a picture after everyone asking forgets
Sounds good anon!

>> No.56143520

Get an airbrush. i live in really humid weather so can priming only works for 3 months out of the year.

>> No.56143531

Get a mini spray booth and the vallejo primer. Prime indoors 24/7 and when you do catch a whiff, it smells vaguely like candy.

>> No.56143536


>more squats in the background than the actual game

Nice anon

>> No.56143537

How's the squat army in the back coming along?

>> No.56143540

>Get an airbrush
I probably should but am scared

>Get a mini spray booth
I have no idea what this is

>> No.56143542

>posting a picture of your models because a person online can't calm his autism.

yea, im fine with this.

>> No.56143548


I don't have the room for an airbrush unfortunately

>> No.56143551

get a ecplispe HP-c and never look back

>mini spray booth
its a little box that sucks up excess paint and fumes.

>> No.56143557

Rakarth Flesh.

>> No.56143559

If just proves you don't even play 40k and your terrible opinion is worth nothing
So I'm also fine with it :^)

>> No.56143569

Armies on Parade, debating on whether I want to paint the crashed Aquila a different colour... I also have some Eldar as an emergency stand in if the store rages about 30k models.

>> No.56143570

an airbush setup is about the size as an xbox360, you have enough room

Well this pretty much confirms you have autism.

>> No.56143577

I might put that on the list for xmas, but I've finally got to a point with a brush that I am not luke-warm garbage.

Someone give me an idea to GS/kitbash something together for an intoxicating elixir. I have an EC termylord that will have it, and I want to make it visible.

Can be meme tier or serious, I'd say dubs decides but I think this thread is only 3 people and I'm not sure if I exist anymore

>> No.56143583

I'm fine having autism if it means I'm right, which it sounds like I am
It all makes sense now, constantly saying everyone on /tg/ sucks at 40k when you don't even play the game :^)

>> No.56143584

>Anyone want the nid stuff from WD?
Yes please. Thank you based anon

>> No.56143595

>an airbush setup is about the size as an xbox360, you have enough room

not if i also want a spray booth, i might just buy and build a shed for it desu

>> No.56143604

This is the good thing about living in texas, real estate is so cheap that I have a whole fucking bedroom for 40k work.

>> No.56143608

My booth is tiny, sits on a table top with about an 18x18" footprint, and folds up to an even smaller package for storage.

>> No.56143612

>I'm fine having autism

the average /40kg/ poster, ladies and gents

spray booths aren't always necessary. where are you gonna set it up?

>> No.56143616

Can you post how to make one? or is there a guide in the OP?

>> No.56143619


>> No.56143631

That's pretty good lol

It needs to go on pic related, so I'm not sure where it'd go

>> No.56143635

There used to be a guide in the /wip/ thread, not sure if it's still there.

I bought mine because I have more money than motivation.


>> No.56143641

> where are you gonna set it up?

the only place i can set it up is in my room, which i'd want to do a good sized booth because fucking everything in there is cream coloured and i rent the house

>> No.56143646

Come on anon you're not fooling anyone, all you have to do is show one model you're working on, but you can't can you? All you can do is throw insults because you can't back up a single thing you say
Don't worry I'm here for a while since it's a slow day at work, I'll make sure you don't forget :^)

>> No.56143648


So what exactly do you do with this?

Prime indoors alone would be enough for me, but how do you do it

>> No.56143657

this sitting on top of his armour with a bunch of bottles attached.

>> No.56143661

new thread, migrate.

>> No.56143685

Pretty please.

>> No.56143686

>Repressors are broken as fuck

>> No.56143691


butthurt so bad, it burns for an entire work day.


>> No.56143700

well, I use it with my airbrush, and cover the exhaust with an old tshirt. But if you're using rattle cans you definitely need to put the exhaust out of a window.

>> No.56143709

Hmmm, I have always wanted to dip into the funny/sexy side of slaanesh stuff.

I'm reminded of a rhino i once saw with a daemonette stripper in the back

How big is the model you posted?

>> No.56143712

I'm praying too. I'll never loose faith !

>> No.56143717

yea, i'd make a spray booth, then.

you can DIY one on youtube.

>> No.56143742

It's probably one of the best shows this year, subjectively speaking. I highly recommend it.

>> No.56143765

its on a 25mm, so its a little big but should fit.
there was a baby daemonette familiar years ago that would also work.

>> No.56143864

Is 10 hours a long time for painting? I usually get a marine done across 2 or 3 evenings.

>> No.56143881

I can usually push out a marine unit of 10 in 2 to 3 hours, not counting dry times.

>> No.56143888

10 hours per marine?

it depends how much detail you put into it, i can do a ~20 layer scion in about an hour

>> No.56143893

thumbs up you guys are right on this one.

converting this bad boy is easy if you happen to have plenty of matching talons lying around.

just ordered few boxes of carnifexen and reserved nid codex and datacards.

damn this is great and the leaks look good all around, feels great to be alive and slave to this wonderful hobby for once.

>> No.56144058

looks fuckin nice though bruv, good work

depends how you're doing it, if you're batch painting and just going spray, base, shade, highlight; your actual time investment per mini is pretty low maybe in the order of 20mins to half an hour once you average it out. But if every mini is their own individual fully detailed diorama that you're lovingly crafting one at a time.... then yeah it's gonna take fucking forever but if that's what you're into then go for it

>> No.56144111

Does anyone have a download link for the horus heresy audiobooks, book 35 and forward? They're not in any of the mages in the op

>> No.56144437

>Calling the painter of the models a Waacfag.

Son, he's painting the models. Not playing with them.

That said, fuck Tau knightspam.

>> No.56145190

Painting a bunch of Mantis Warriors Terminators.

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