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traps are not gay

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First for Sisters.

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>Canadians are different to Americans

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Want to make a Death Guard/Daemons list.

What should I put in it?

I'm thinking Mortarion, 3 Spitters Bloat Drones, a Daemon Prince of Nurgle and then some daemons.

Epidimus certainly. Some heralds to buff Mortarion and the Bloat Drones. Maybe a great unclean one? Some plaguebearers maybe? Nurglings? Plague Drones?

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Reminder there is no proof that 40k 8th edition = ITC house rules

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Sisters are for kisses.

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What is the difference?
Muricans are fatter?

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Anyone have a fun weekend game?

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Wait does that mean each different type of Daemons will be getting a codex

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Sisters are best.

Chaos get out!

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Happy weekend, 40kg. Reposting my battle report from Wednesday night, enjoy/hate at you leisure.


Given the unfortunate over-nerfing of commissars the other day, I retooled my go-to list to fill the gaping hole left by the loss of the center of morale for my infantry. I retired the commissar lord, who was now basically just an overpriced Ld 9 aura that shoots his own guys, and replaced him with a generic Specialist Inquisitor with stock gear and the Mental Fortitude psychic power. I also dropped all my HKs to afford a Primaris Psyker for Psychic Barrier. Final composition was:

>2 company commander, 1 primaris psyker, 1 inquisitor
>3 conscripts units at 25 each
>3 infantry squads with plasma guns, mounted in chimeras
>3 veteran squads with 3 plasma guns, mounted in chimeras
>3 armored sentinels with missile launchers
>2 leman russ executioners, no sponsons
>1 heavy bolter squad

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>Post yfw nid codex has useless chapter tactics and all the upgrades are horrendously overpriced

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Except that there are no ITC house rules because the ITC guys work for GW now, they literally just work with the actual designers to write the rules.

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Mortarion is a newb trap.

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Slaanesh codex when?

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Any scans of the new ynnari rules yet?

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Space Wolves adjusted their list from last game 2 weeks ago and went transport heavy. That I recall, he fielded:

>bloodclaws in rhino
>4x grey hunters in razorbacks
>a runepriest and the sw techmarine
>Primaris transport
>lascannon predator

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I won't need to because that isn't the case.

Let's have this talk again in a week after you shit your pants.

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>nid codex
>chapter tactics

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Fuck this, post YFW nids are horribly overpowered and you finally get to be called WAAC for playing them.

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It takes me a while to get my army organized out of its cases, so I let him set up the table any way he liked while I started sorting minis into units. He went surprisingly terrain light, and I asked him if that’s what he wanted since my army likes fighting in open spaces. He said yes. The rolled mission was Relic.

I won the rolloff for choice of deployment and went with the diagonals one, since I had yet to play it. He finished deployment first and got the +1 to go first, which is how the store now recommends the first turn be determined. Personally I preferred the old way with smaller armies going first, but apparently GW hadn’t made transports bad enough yet and removed one of the best reasons for taking them. Oh well.

I set up a chimera gunline in 2 groups, with the russes on the right side where they were most likely to get LOS down the center. Conscripts and sentinels went in front to screen the rest of my army from fast charges, with the officers behind them in the center to get the most utility out of their buffs.

He rolled a 6 for first turn, which I could not tie. SW would go first.

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I want to start a Krieg army.
I'll buy the platoon box from FW, and the command squad with the superior officer. That will be the core of my army. 1 Marshal, 1 Officer, 2 Command Squads, 4 Infantry Squads and 2 Heavy Weapons Squad.

But then what ? Why do I get next to bring honor to the Emperor on the tabletop battlefields ?

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cyborg horses

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what's a good audiobook/youtube channel to get started with 40k lore. i'd prefer to be able to listen to the lore section of the core rulebook while i paint, but i imagine that's not an option.

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Actually I did, I tried out a land raider excelsior with salamander's mantle against craftworlds with the new points values.
2 notes, T9 land raider is very good, but it almost got 1 shotted by eldar meltas
also, eldar is much cheaper and is very good now. even with us both taking lists to try things out, eldar is very cheap and has great synergy.
>granted the eldar player is MUCH better at the game than I and he ended up winning with board control

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+++TURN 1+++

All the rhinos rolled forward, two directly towards the relic and three along the left side. The whirlwind just hunkered down to start bombarding from the backfield, and the predator also moved up to get better shots on the russes. His elite transport had some kind of marker light majigger on it which added +1 to the predator’s rolls to hit, which he used to excellent effect to almost one-round a russ. Some followup shooting from a razorback finished the battle tank off no problem, leaving a scorched, laser- and bullet-ridden hulk burning beside its squadron mate. The razorbacks all unlaod their stormbolters and assault cannons into the nearest conscript unit, shredding the Ash Waste militia into pulpy meat. Whirlwind shells rain down from above, blowing mean (and escher gangers) apart. Despite the torrent, the stern gaze of the Inquisitor and the Take Cover stratagem keep the conscripts from breaking to severely.

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>not getting squatted by Ynnari

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The Company Commander order the forward conscript platoon into the ruins center, which after advancing places them within 3” of the relic. Meanwhile, the mechanized captain orders all his veterans to unload from their chimeras, forming regimented firing lines with their plasma rifles and lascarbines. The infantry captain orders the advanced conscripts to MOVE MOVE MOVE, which they successfully pass, seizing the relic and then hastily running back with it in hand to the safety of the forming Imperial gunline. The fear in them is palpable as Astartes targeting lasers drift over their retreating backs.

Fortunately for them, the Imperial return volley is robust. The Vindicator is focused down by a hail of krak missiles from the tankhunter sentinels and chimeras behind them, and the plasma veterans spread some damage around on the razorbacks. All the marines inside remain safe, however, and ominous howling echoes across No Man’s Land as the space vikings prepare for their glorious charge.

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GUO is bad unfortunately, not durable enough for it's cost, and too slow to make a big impact.

Nurglings make great early game speedbumps but they'll get wiped in short order and probably give up first blood, also decent objective sitters because of how cheap they are.

Plaguebearers are fine but I'm a bigger fan of poxwalkers, a bit cheaper and immune to morale so they're better for objective sitting which is what Plaguebearers usually do anyway.

Plague Drones are good though possibly redundant if you're already taking Bloats.

You should also get some Plagueburst Crawlers, those things are ace especially in an Epidemius list. Easily the most cost efficient Death Guard unit.

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+++TURN 2+++

The bloodclaws jump out of their vehicle, eager to cut down some opponents in combat, while the rest of the transports play conservative and move up closer to the Imperial lines without disembarking just yet. Crew-served bolt weapons rip into the conscript units once again, though the priority retreating unit with the relic is boosted by both Take Cover and Psychic Barrier, preserving a great many from certain doom. More artillery shells land in their number, tearing men asunder, but the survivors keep their prize held tightly close and run through a gap in the mechanized line the chimera crew have left open for them. The bloodclaws unload their pistols before ramming into the conscript unit ordered up to delay their advance, and hack down a dozen of them, terrifying another 5 into abandoning the battle.

The order is given to fall back, and all three Militia units form firing lines in front of the regular Steel Legion infantry. Take Aim! And FRF orders are given, and a truly ravaging fusillade stops the SW advance dead in its tracks. The Bloodclaws are killed to a man from salvo after salvo of heavy bolter rounds, and massed overcharged plasma fire explodes a Grey Hunter transport, forcing the marines to disembark and meet the same fate, falling dead before they can even take 4 steps from the access ramps. The dust clears, the scent of charred flesh and burning promethium in the air where it mingles with the cries of the mortally wounded. Power-armored skeletons lie strewn all over the field, their seared remains still smoldering. Only the Runepriest remains alive amongst all his dead brethren.

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your format is horrible, ingest bleach

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Has anybody heard if they plan to make a 40k skirmish ruleset like they did with AoS?

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>Ynnead roflstomps Slaanesh
>Eldar pantheon sans Khaine and Isha back to normal
>Malice steps in to fill the void left by Slaanesh getting shift-delet'd from the warp
Would this be a good thing?

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+++TURN 3+++

The SW aren’t ready to let that slide without payback, and thrust their survivors into the breach. Rhinos gun their engines straight over the bodies of their fallen comrades, closing the distance as fast as possible to tear some holes in that mechanized firing line. A transport pulls up and spins sideways, offering its side armor as cover for the wounded runepriest. He channels his psychic talents and...hears the voices of daemons in his head, feeling the perils of the warp (box cars). He suffers 2 wounds as nightmares plague his waking vision and rend his sanity. More conscripts are felled by the crew-served bolt weapons, the inspiring (and terrifying) presence of the officers keeps them in line. On the right flank, the Predator drills another pair of holes in the surviving russ, dropping it dangerously close to dead.

The Steel Legion retaliates with unbridled fury, finishing the job with merciless overwhelming firepower. Three rhinos are destroyed by overcharging plasma burst, and all three explode, sending flaming debris into the disembarking survivors of the wrecks. Half a dozen Astartes never even make it from their vehicles as their ammo racks cook off inside of them, fuels tanks erupting is gouts of flame. The barking of lascarbines rips across the field, saturating the center ruins and turning it into a slaughterhouse. Not one marine leaves that chapel alive.

At this point we call it since the rest of the game is basically a formality. The conscripts have successfully run out of whirlwind range with the relic, and my infantry all mount up in their chimeras to give chase to the few surviving wolves.

I'm going to post, and I'm going to enjoy it, and you can't stop me. How does that feel, my friend?

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>implying squatted
>implying Jeremy Vetock didn't already spoil that the studio is working on Slaanesh models
>implying it isn't confirmed Fulgrim is getting a model
>implying they would release a Daemon Primarch without his Legion when they already updated Thousand Sons and Death Guard with Magnus and Mortarion

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Slaanesh a best.

Fuck off Eldarfags.

>> No.56112990

>>implying it isn't confirmed Fulgrim is getting a model
Citation needed

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Chaos Gods tier list.


>> No.56113004

>Look forward to to weekend games all week
>Don't actually go in and spend the day in bed instead
No. I'm not even sure why not.

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No plans regarding bleach, but I would take constructive criticism of the format. What's wrong with it?

>> No.56113011

Gathering Storm streams nigger, they said yes we're doing models for all of the Daemon Primarchs being mentioned in the narrative, hey hint hint who's that big snake guy being hinted at hint?!?

>> No.56113012

Not even an Eldarfag, though. I just want Fulgrim getting his shit slapped and the Ynnari are the best way for this to happen.

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So how long has your uncle worked at GW?

>> No.56113026

What is the ideal base size for the soldiers? 1 inch? 32mm?

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>hating Fulgrim


>> No.56113030

Any order is acceptable as long as khorne is shit tier.

>> No.56113034

Never, I just watch the videos where they tell us this stuff to our faces publically that are on the internet available as proof, you goddamn retard lol

>> No.56113037

Didn't know they had. What was different about the AOS skirmish rules (just to get an idea of what might be possible for 40k skirmish) out of interest? My feeling is with the patrol detachment being a thing "40k in 40 minutes" is possible anyway, but I'm not sure if that's what was meant by skirmish.

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>> No.56113039

Are there any good mono-Khorne builds?

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Fulgrim is best boy, you dirty queer.

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Neat, what she did the cellophane tho.

>> No.56113059

Ok, do you prefer this one or....

>> No.56113063

Wait, there is something wrong with those leman russes.

>> No.56113064

I like the basing. What's the effect?

>> No.56113065


They deserved better.

>> No.56113066

only use 1 turn picture instead of 2.

So what the board looks like at the begining of each turn at most. Having to switch back and forth from the post to the picture is disjoined

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>this is what sisters players and their broken homes look like

>> No.56113075

...this one?

>> No.56113077

I have been working on and posting this list for a bit now. i think i need to replace the bloodthirster with the insensate rage for some AT. But the problem you are going to have is getting across the board to charge your enemies it seems. With no real way to soften them up since Skull cannons are actual shit.

>> No.56113086

I thought you said it was streams? Can you post the link with a Time stamp to this?

>> No.56113088

Tournament results say otherwise.

>> No.56113091

>leman russes.

>> No.56113096


Nifty. It doesn't have to be Daemons-only either. I hear the WEs are getting new non-bunny ears 'zerkers.

>> No.56113097

Eh, might as well

>> No.56113099

They are streams, but the recordings are in the archive if you pay for the twitch subscription.

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You mean like how Thousand Sons* are top tier now?

*meaning only Magnus in chaos soup lists.

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>> No.56113111

Hmmm. You mean a picture for top of each battle round ,or top of each player turn? Instead of top of the big three phases?

Bases are painted with Zamri Dust, washed with agrax, drybrushed with Karak Stone and then drybrushed again with Flayed One Flesh.

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Because the EC player at my shop is so autistic that I wish for his army to get squatted, that's why.

>Fulgrim apologists calling someone else a queer

>> No.56113118

I have some criticism, not for your format but for your choice of army.

>> No.56113119

Why the fuck do his lemons have 4 tracks?

>> No.56113123

Personally thinking about dropping the Skull cannons as they seem to do nothing at all.

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>> No.56113128

if your army was all metal mini's going for $10-20 apiece, your home would be broken too!

>> No.56113137

Does being exactly 9" count as being "within half range" of a weapon with an 18" range?

More specifically, can I Manta Strike a Commander in and have it use its Fusion Blasters at full power?

>> No.56113139

Probably to denote Tank Commander.

>> No.56113140

>Actual God tier
>Decent tier
>Awful Tier
>Deserves to be killed by Ynead tier

>> No.56113149

Daemons are garbage-tier as an army, one or two units might be ok in a primarily CSM list.

As for CSM Khorne isn't bad, Berserkers are one of the better units in the codex and World Eaters have decent stuff, but mono-Khorne will make you lose out on the great CSM psychic powers and the best stratagem in the codex (Endless Cacophony).

I don't think there is a legitimate TAC list in the Khorne toolbox right now, they lose out on too much that the CSM codex offers.

>> No.56113151

Yes to the first, no to the second. You have to be MORE THAN 9" away when manta-striking.

>> No.56113154

Oh, we dont play the game here, just shitpost.
P.S.: Imperium = Americhads

>> No.56113156


Because I like them that way.

>> No.56113161

>The Chitose Protects*

>> No.56113166

>Not appearing in this IP-tier

>> No.56113167

They pretty much broke down each army, and took out more powerful things. You used the same rules from their normal army book but you treat each model as an independant unit. Armies are like 5-20 guys.

>> No.56113169

No because you have to be more than 9 when deepstriking. Pretty sure you can advance after deepstriking though and that would put you within 9.

>> No.56113173

Better traction and stability.

>> No.56113175


>> No.56113179

Right, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification with 9", though.

Nearly certain you can't advance after deepstriking.

>> No.56113180

Is..is there more to that?

>> No.56113183

player turn and maybe split the two up.

So post one photo for the beginning of player As turn and write what happened.

then post one photo for the beginning of player Bs turn and write what happened.

>> No.56113191

>Nearly certain you can't advance after deepstriking.
You are correct, Advancing is done as part of your move in this edition, not separately, and you count as having already moved when you Deep Strike.

>> No.56113193

I asked this in the last thread but I'll ask again here

What loadout would /tg/ recommend for ordian veteran squads?

>> No.56113196

...and keep it short so it's not fuckhuge wall of text

>> No.56113198

Leman russi

>> No.56113199

I guess that means you can't advance after outflanking because it says you must be within 7 of he board edge?

>> No.56113206


That would mean fewer pictures, so it would be difficult to reconstruct everything that happened over 5 phases from two pictures...but it would be fewer pictures and a lot less editing. I'll think about it.

>> No.56113208

Im glad I am not the only one to think that

>> No.56113209

Stop that right now.

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>> No.56113215

I have the same feels about nids I hate them because of retarded nidfag.

>> No.56113216

You can't Advance after ANYTHING, Advancing doesn't come "after" anymore. It isn't like Run moves in 7th. Just read the rules it's like fucking 8 whole pages.

>> No.56113217

Are the Word Bearers any good this codex?

>> No.56113218


Dude if you don't like to read just scroll and don't read it.

>> No.56113220

Chitose is life, anon.

>> No.56113228

Can I use this eldar warlord trait that lets me snipe characters on a wraithseer?

>Cute character, see how he likes this d cannon

>> No.56113232

also reconsider that bleach.


>> No.56113240

By RAW yes, but expect it to get FAQ'd within two weeks just like the Guard dex, so you shouldn't bother.

>> No.56113244

He's only competitively good in the context of chaos soup so he can play Primarch Smash Brothers with Magnus.

On his own he is, at best, a Magnus who costs more base AND has to pay north of a hundred points to offload his Warptime casting to an off-Legion sorcerer who doesn't cast with a bonus like Magnus does.

>> No.56113246

I mean its not too different than an autarch with a reaper launcher.

>> No.56113260

I think they got rid of most of the autarch upgrades. I remember complaints from a guy who modeled his with a reaper launcher.

>> No.56113261

>Lemans Russ
>Alemani Arussi
>Leman Ruxxes

>> No.56113263

Autarch's cannot take Reaper Launchers anymore in the Codex and the playtesters confirmed on stream last night that GW is making Index weapon swaps illegal soon to stop exactly that sort of WAACfagging.

>> No.56113268

Lascannon avocs fill a gap in the DG army so its not too bad to take them in a detachment and chaos familiar warp time on to him.

>> No.56113274

Anything that doesn't have a model is gonna get squatted.

>> No.56113279


You can take the index autarch with WJG and take a reaper launcher with him.

>> No.56113293

Until the FAQ where they disallow Codex benefits like Warlord traits on Index-only datasheets, yes. It's coming.

>> No.56113298

I love nuGW profit methods.
>make new codex
>something is stupidly OP
>WAACfags starts to buy OP thing
>wait some time
>nerf it hard so WAACfags need to buy new army
Anyone want to buy 300 conscripts or 6 riptides?

>> No.56113302

>implying I don't measure 40k in my own island numerical system utilizing pig knuckles and human femurs

Get a load of this whiteskin, Um'tuk-tuk

>> No.56113306

God I hate this shit. RIP customisation.>>56113279

>> No.56113313

It's genius. It makes the game better for the bro players and fucks over the WAACfags and milks them for profit so we can keep benefitting from GW having more money to throw around at new specialist games and cool shit.

>> No.56113315


Well I've been playing this army for 18 years so good luck changing my mind on that one.

>> No.56113318

I see no indication of that happening. But i already have the model so i don't lose anything by playing it, anyways.

>> No.56113320

Which is weird, because simultaneously they are putting in units without models in new books. (GK chaplain, Exalted Champion, etc)

>> No.56113321

For Chaos Space Marines, how do you best take advantage of the Renegades Legion trait? (You can advance and charge).

Feels like it's probably Berserkers but they feel like they belong in World Eaters more.

>> No.56113323

I know this gets asked a lot, but I just read that GW plans on having 10 codexes out by Christmas of this year, which is a lot. I know two of them are Eldar and Tyranid, but is there any news on what the remaining four codexes are going to be?

>> No.56113324

I'll take 120 of those Conscripts for 2 Guillimans and a Celestine.

>> No.56113334

I'll believe it when I see it, I haven't seen any solid evidence just hearsay which is close enough to heresy to be put down with a bolt pistol.

>> No.56113335

GK Chaplain is the limited edition plastic terminator chaplain.

>> No.56113337

FLG Playtesters confirmed it in-stream last night. The video is on youtube. Someone in chat asked about index autarch weapons and they were like "yeah no you can't take that stuff, GW is going to release a more official statement on that." etc.

>> No.56113342

Not really, which is sad.

>> No.56113343

>Remaining four

>> No.56113350


>>Remaining four codexes

Where did you learn how to count?

>> No.56113359

Sorry, I meant remaining two. It was a typo, I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I'm assuming one is obviously Ork.

>> No.56113360

Those aren't units without models, they're units that can be made from other model kits.

It's like, they're expanding pre-existing kits into dual-kits or triple-kits. All that's missing is the name of the new unit on the box. But all the bits are available.

Basically like when Codex: Genestealer Cults came out, and now you can buy the Genestealer box as Genestealers or Purestrain Genestealers. It's the same thought process.

>> No.56113361

Oh and the toasterboys.

But they don't have transport options, so they hardly count.

>> No.56113365

Untis that either dont shoot or have assault weapons.

Marines with flamers/meltas
Bikers with flamers/meltas
Raptors with flamers/meltas
Helbrutes with fist and power scourge
Noise marines
Terminators with combi-meltas/flamers
Daemon princes and all other HQ choices with assault weapons

>> No.56113366

im not gonna dig through videos to check. But they may be talking about something different than what i am. Alot of people are currently talking about take a codex autarch and just giving him the weapon load out.

But like i said, i have a combi-autarch magnetized so until its faq'd ill just play it as an index autarch with WJG.

>> No.56113367

You forgot admech
It's okay, gw did too

>> No.56113375

Orks are confirmed not until next year by the Chapter Approved preview.

>> No.56113379

Its really turning me off the game in general. Its already difficult to get parts now they are just flat out banning it in the rules.

>> No.56113382

With the way units split fire now, is it reasonable to have loadout for a squad of 3 war walkers with a shuriken cannon and a missile launcher or bright lance?

>> No.56113387

Alright. Are there any more confirmations regarding what the other books are or aren't?

>> No.56113388

That's fine I'm just giving you the heads up, if that's suddenly illegal in two weeks don't be too surprised.

>> No.56113403

I just hate how many conversions I'm gonna have to put on the shelf, and probably never get to use again.

>> No.56113406

It's MORE reasonable, but you still have differing ranges which can be bad.

>> No.56113408

Still better to specialise your units.

>> No.56113415

That's the tax you pay for playing filthy xenos. I can toss my cat in the bits box and remove him covered in every single marine wargear

>> No.56113417

fair enough, i just hope there's no big changes like they did to commissars.

>> No.56113421

She Thicc as FUCK

>> No.56113424


>> No.56113429

Dark Eldar and Necrons are also not until next year. That's all we know for sure.

Rumour-wise there's a persistent one that Thousand Sons are "soon", and that T'au were supposed to get some sort of update "not a part of the main Empire" at the end of this year. Neither of those are confirmed but they're from good sources - however, sometimes things change, so even if those sources were correct months ago GW executives may have decided to adjust the schedule.

Primarch-wise we know Lion is next which means the Dark Angels Codex can't be far off, but that's probably not until next year as well.

>> No.56113432


>> No.56113455

How would sex with a Sister of Battle feel like ?

>> No.56113460

Skull Cannons are kinda lame in 8th. Also I run Bloodletters in units of 30 with Herald support. Makes them real killy and the opponent has to remove 10+ models to remove their bonus.

>> No.56113469

Like sex. With a muscular woman.

>> No.56113475


>> No.56113486

Buying six EML or bright lances for three light vehicles just seems like a dangerous investment of points. Like putting too many of my AT eggs in one basket.

I'd stick to just shuriken cannons, but I keep gravitating towards that choice as the optimal pick for every other unit. (Wraith lords, vypers, etc)

It's pretty easy to choose effective anti infantry kit for eldar, a bit hard to decide where to put anti tank weapons, IMO. Unless you're playing with aspect squads, obviously, but I'm trying to avoid those for ulthwe theme and less resin based disasters.

>> No.56113494

I don't expect Eldar to get nerfed that hard. People have been bitching about Commissars since Day 1 of the whole edition and they needed it. If anything gets hit in the Craftworld Codex FAQ it will be unintended combos or typos, like not allowing you to embark on transports after using Fire and Fade.

>> No.56113501

Acquire wraithguard for anti tank.

>> No.56113504

Yea was thinking about dropping them. I wanted to use one of every type of unit But with an Average of 1.62 wounds against their preffered target with the gun they just wont make their points back ever. If i drop them then i Definitly can boost my Bloodletters up to 30 per unit. how many instruments/icons d oyou reccomend per unit?

>> No.56113508

Can you disembark after your transport falls back from melee?

>> No.56113513

Every generic HQ in the codex only has a shuriken pistol or a spear. The trait is dogshit if thats the case so they're wrong whoever they are.

>> No.56113516

Tankers like their girls thicc. Thicc and fast, and will kick your ass!

>> No.56113518


You disembark before it moves, so no

>> No.56113527

They're 100% not wrong I assure you.

They've yet to be wrong about a thing GW was planning to fix or change.

>> No.56113528

What the everloving fuck is that?

>> No.56113534

I think people were complaining about conscript spam rightfully so in my opinion and GW basically walks in a blams commissars instead of conscripts.

They could of just given conscripts a rule called wavering defenders, which made them take a reroll instead of an auto pass.

i don't even play guard and think the change was overly harsh

then i remember i hate guard, so fuck those guys :^)

>> No.56113539

No. Unless it's a Valkyrie.

>> No.56113557

second question, can you disembark if your transport is still in melee?

>> No.56113560

I dunno, it's not great, but a Farseer with a singing spear on a jetbike will likely kill squishies, especially with mind war or executioner (or both).

>> No.56113566

>I think people were complaining about conscript spam rightfully so in my opinion and GW basically walks in a blams commissars instead of conscripts.
It was the combination of the two that really made conscripts broken.

When susceptible to Morale you basically kill two conscripts for every one slain, making them effectively 6ppm instead of 3ppm which is no longer so ruthlessly efficient almost nothing in the game can make its point back.

>> No.56113568

When I stated eldar I bought some cheap finecast Fire Dragons. After that mistake... metal only from ebay

>> No.56113584


>> No.56113587

>It was the combination of the two that really made conscripts broken.

yea, thats what im saying. I just didn't find commissar interactions with other units broken.

Which is why i would have just changed conscripts.

>> No.56113592

Only if you can fit the passengers on the board within 3" of the transport without being placed within 1" of enemy models.

>> No.56113613

are they still free to shoot and act normally?

>> No.56113619

Then people would have just always taken infantry squads instead of conscripts. Now both are viable, the only thing that lost viability were Commissars and even then they can still be good with the right Warlord trait or Relic.

>> No.56113630

Yes, read the rules.

>> No.56113632

That just shows how little of a fuck about it they give when its one of the main draws of the game in general, hardly anyone even has options outside of SM in the first place. FW even does a better job at offering 40k shit just by osmosis.

>> No.56113644

So what do you think Jews Workshop will release now?

>> No.56113650

Like fucking a trap, but with a vagina.

Basically: -1 benis

>> No.56113652

>hardly anyone even has options outside of SM in the first place
>laughing Carnifexes.gif

>> No.56113653

I thought infantry units were locked at 10?

At around 10 models, i don't think commissars would have the same impact they had on 30 man units of conscripts.

>> No.56113657

/pol/ please leave

>> No.56113664

They are to start with, but they can consolidate with the Stratagem.

>> No.56113666

I did, just double checking with the gestalt mind.

>> No.56113673

>tfw you like your Death Guard
>tfw you want Nurgle Daemons
>tfw you want new Emperors Children
>tfw you want new generic undivided Chaos Space Marines

I want more stuff now!

>> No.56113681

Lance War Walkers are good. Since they get 5++ they easily out shoot equal points of other vehicles.

>> No.56113687

>>tfw you want Nurgle Daemons
GW confirmed these are getting updated for AoS, right?

>> No.56113691

>run out of ideas for strategems
>i know, why don't we let them combine units!
>I don't see how this will ever become an issue!

lol, fucking GW.

>> No.56113697

Its heavily hinted at.

>> No.56113700

>>tfw you want new generic undivided Chaos Space Marines
This is going to be awhile, and when it happens, it will be Primaris Chaos. So be careful what you wish for.

>> No.56113711

Considering that it's a thing they've always been able to do for free, and now have to spend CP on, I'm not sure what you're bitching about.

>> No.56113717

What, you don't remember the days of Combined Squads?

>> No.56113723

Yeah, definitely thinking about those. They're pretty and look nice in black with red soul stones. Leaning towards cannons over scythes.

Yuck. I did ask myself "how bad could they be in fine cast? They're fairly stout shaped". Apparently not.

>> No.56113730

How bad is my list, /tg/?

Grey Knights: 2000/2000 points; 5 CP total

++ Vanguard Detatchement: ++

+ HQ: +

+ Elite: +
>4 Paladins with Halberds and a Hammer

>4 Paladins with Halberds and a Hammer

>Ven-Dread with Multimelta and Fist

>Ven-Dread with Lascannon and Missle Launcher

++ Spearhead Detatchement: ++

+ HQ: +
>Grandmaster with Soul Glaive

+ Heavy Support: +
>Purgation Squad with Psilencers

>Purgation Squad with Psilencers

>Land Raider Godhammer

+ Troops: +
>10 man Strike Squad with 2 Hammers and Halberds

>> No.56113731

If you have a gun with multiple shots firing at a phoenix gem equipped character, do you keep resolving shots if an earlier shot kills the character?

>> No.56113738

"Fuck me in the ass cause I love the Emperor, the good lord would want it this waaaaay"?


>> No.56113748

What was its name again?

>> No.56113749

Not that its overpowered or anything, its just something that can get out of hand very quickly when they continue to add more and more intricate rules. So GW has to always be aware of that interaction from here on out.

Basically it hampers rule design.

>> No.56113750

Sad. Low energy.

>> No.56113755

I hate space wolves for same reason.

I think past GW knew their audience very well because I liked TS and hated SW before knowing about the lore

>> No.56113758

Post things you want to see

an inquisition Codex:
>have scions in it as stormtroopers
>make henchmen a super customizable unit with 3+ BS/WS, 2A
>can use any imperial vehicle and slap it with [ORDO]
>crusaders, death cultists, jokaero all get buffs to be more useful (not that DC are bad, just eh)
>fluffy alliance rules for daemonhunters, witchhunters, etc. with armies like sisters, GK and deathwatch
>cool buffs and stratagems that make you play however you want
I know we won't but I like the idea, who else desires this for their codexes?

>> No.56113761

Brunette's breasts are surprisingly good.

>> No.56113769

Interesting. Yeah, a 5++ is very solid. That might be fun.

From what I hear, most eldar heavy weapons are fairly easily swappable, even without magnets?

I'm having fun looking at eldar units as I build this army. I've played humies of various flavors exclusively for a decade.

>> No.56113770





>> No.56113774

ikr, i was surprised when she whipped them out in the little hours.

>> No.56113797


>> No.56113804

Had to top Riki's full nude scenes in Hell Baby and the Last House on the Left somehow.

>> No.56113813

I am sorry, anon that hates all my stuff!
My phone camera sucks

>> No.56113816

The biggest thing blocking me from going back to inquisition since the GK codex broke them in 5th ed is that they basically ditch and rewrite their rules every half year. They're so unreliable and flux.

>> No.56113821

Oh god anon this is the worst one by far

>> No.56113830

Digitize it, preferably in vector. I'd buy sticker prints.

>> No.56113835

Lol, nope>>56113097

But lets be real, traditional art looks bad when you dont know how to take pictures.

>> No.56113837

What is she chasing after?

>> No.56113849

She is walking over dead orks, but I have to redraw and ink them

>> No.56113852

Anon it is arguably better than that one. I have to disagree good art looks like good art no matter how you put it unless you horribly disfigure it.

>> No.56113862

For roughly the same point cost, should I take :

1 Malcador Annihilator with Twin Lascannons, Demolisher Cannon, 2 Autocannons and a Heavy Stubber


One Leman Russ with Demolisher Cannon, 3 HBs and a Heavy Stubber
Plus one Hellhound with Inferno Cannon and Heavy Flamer.

>> No.56113864

What anon is which?

>> No.56113865

Traps aren't gay, but you're gay if you like traps

>> No.56113866

how much, would a 1850pts army cost, if I went with a low model army?

>> No.56113878

Depends on the setting.

>> No.56113882

Could be 70usd if you use china.
Low model army are turboshit tho.

>> No.56113885

Its called 40k for a reason

>> No.56113892

You mean Belakor, GW have been building this for a while, he'll replace Malal (Malice) as the new chaos god of fuck the other chaos gods

>> No.56113893

Good Inquisition codex woud be awesome but probably(and sadly) they will get 5 pages in Imperial agents and that's all.

>> No.56113897


>> No.56113901

i'd say they are comparable to quad las predators. Slightly weaker to autocannon type weapons but slightly stronger to lascannon type weapons. Have a little under half their output wiuth twin lances at a little under half the cost of a quadlaspred.

I'd still take fire prisms over them, though

>> No.56113906


>> No.56113916

Whatever, Carnac.

>> No.56113922

>Posting unfinished models
Where're the bases, anon?

>> No.56113923

what is a setting.
every box coming from china is opened here, so they would confiscate it or hit me with import tax and vat. So store stuff.

40k??? pounds or dolors

>> No.56113938

Thousand sons
>Cults as chapter tactics.
>beatstick unit.
>fast unit, likely disk riders
>non fleshy psychic hellbrute.
>psychic powers that doesn't require dice rolling and consulting a chart. It's never been good, it's never gonna be good, so fuck off with it already.

>> No.56113945

In the us, they just label it toys. Does your post office actually search for the price of wargaming models and such?

>> No.56113950

How the fuck does bongland customs have the resources to open every single package from china?

>> No.56113951

Are there any mass shootings in the imperial schools?

Chaos kids are everywhere I guess,puberty makes you want to kill,makes you desperate,makes you manipulate the exams and...well,makes you want to fuck every pucci

>> No.56113955

>He thinks that Ynnead isn't a facet of Slaanesh.

>> No.56113957

your style changed a bunch in the while when i was away
what else you got

>> No.56113968

Considering white kids are gone i doubt it

>> No.56113972


>> No.56113974

But that's Fukken Epimethius the old grey knight abbadon kidnapped on Pythos.

>> No.56113975

40k IS a mass shooting

>> No.56113987

Pretty bad, though you have some promising things in it.
>making a batallion isn't a terrible idea for an additional CP
>PAGKs are really strong, so consider DS'ing some squads of them
>Paladins are awesome but a tad lackluster without a force multiplier (banner and buff) and apothecary
>Dreadnoughts are only ok, ML is never the way to go though
>maybe go lascannon/fist, twin twin autocannon, or FW doomglaive one, those are really the only viable load-outs
>land raiders suck. Sad but true, surprisingly easy to kill and way too expensive
>get a Stormraven for all your WAAC troop tote'n gunboat'n needs
>never put hammers on PAGK. halberds or falchions only.
>put that GM in a dreadknight
I know this is Waac-ish advice, but it's how it'll be a better list, use as you desire

>> No.56113989

if they come outside of EU and from places like Russia or China, and they are private they open them every time.
stuff that comes in huge conteiners is checked in Russia or China. Private boxs all come to 3 places in my country where they are all opened at random. which means they open every 5th. if it is heavy or big it will get open. if it is small they will open it.

>> No.56113993

Why would the Imperium partake in this American tradition ?

>> No.56114001

Jesus Christ

>> No.56114010

They open random stuff here too, but even with the fine recasts are still cheaper than GW. And they still allow you to have it.

>> No.56114012

yes, although they're usually directed by a drill Abbott

>> No.56114033

Was that story continued somewhere?

>> No.56114043

Uhh, I think you said you chose the diagonal one because you haven't played it? You don't choose the map. Whoever chooses makes the roll for the deployment style. Still random

>> No.56114046


>Are there any mass shootings in the imperial schools?

I'm saying no. The Imperium is pretty up front and unapologetic about being a crushing authoritarian regime. There's no existential panic from disillusionment that it is otherwise.

>> No.56114065


good joke comrade i almost believed you were a nazi

>> No.56114074

Of course not. You know how they never resolve plot threads until several years after they've been introduced.

>> No.56114079 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


only thing worse than a nazi is a commie.

>> No.56114096

That little blurb about Abaddon gifting him to Fulgrim for an alliance is the last we hear of it I believe. Since the whole point of Of this was to to claim Epimethius as a present to gain Fulgrim as an ally for the black crusade, I was kinda surprised it didn't show up in fall of cadia.

>> No.56114099

if they open, and it doesn't fit on their lists or fits one of their lists, but I haven't paid import tax, which for toys here is 200%, they would confiscate it and make me pay a fine. Plus I would have to explain what resin is, if they ask, this doesn't have to happen, as they are lazy, they made deem it unhealthy and confiscate it. they can also be assholes and ask me what the stuff is, if they don't find it on their lists. And then sky is the limit. they can decide those are luxury model products that have an import tax up to 1400% of worth, and if they don't have the worth of something on the list they can call it what ever they think it may be. I can of course take the country to court to get my tax return back, only this costs a lot, takes a lot of time and those would be fake models, so I would lose anyway.

>> No.56114107

Head to head Preds don't stack up well against them. It needs two turns to down one 90 point WW. You also get to splash psychic powers over the whole unit of 3, and they get attributes.

>> No.56114119

>Where're the bases, anon?
Under their feet silly.

>> No.56114131

>>splash psychic buffs on the whole unit.
Good reason to bring a squad.

I thought most of the eldar powers were only able to buff infantry and bikes though.

>> No.56114133

I'll be going digital soon

Better camera

>> No.56114140

Fulgrim was to busy Auto-erotic asphyxiating himself to help with the fight

>> No.56114147

what about Islamists?

>> No.56114156

Please report to your local commissariat for summary execution due to unauthorized modificaton of Munitorum equipment.

>> No.56114164

a close third.

>> No.56114165

So I can't fire at a Character if it isn't the nearest model. However, I can fire at a Character if he is 6 inches away, but a Land Raider is 5 inches away, right?
Surely, a Land Raider or other comparable vehicle can't just draw fire away from other units by dint of merely being in play.
TLDR - Vehicles protect heroes? Rhino spam soon>

>> No.56114171

Guide and Fortune should work unless they changed it.

>> No.56114177

So as a Guard player I can use an inquisitor with 3 squads of Acolytes as a pocket Leadership battery with relative ease.
Stuffing the Acolytes into a Valkyrie (since they can all of them carry meltas and plasmas and flamers) makes for a super tasty air mail package too.

Is this cheese?

>> No.56114181


>> No.56114189

>I know this is Waac-ish advice, but it's how it'll be a better list, use as you desire
Thats cool, I want to optimize my list, but of course there are some units I just have to take no matter how bad they are, for example my Landraider, I used that in 7th as well no matter what.

>making a batallion isn't a terrible idea for an additional CP
I'll try to make this one work, CP would be really nice
>PAGKs are really strong, so consider DS'ing some squads of them
So I've heard, the 10 man squad is for buffing with the psiammo stratagem
>Paladins are awesome but a tad lackluster without a force multiplier (banner and buff) and apothecary
Really? I've always been pretty dissapointed when I use those support characters, apothecaries tend to fall behind and the banner always seems so expensive that it would be better to just take more paladins instead
>Dreadnoughts are only ok, ML is never the way to go though
>maybe go lascannon/fist, twin twin autocannon, or FW doomglaive one, those are really the only viable load-outs
Yeah, I'm kinda experimenting with Dread loadouts, the fist+melta is meant for gating forwards, while I was planning on using astral aim on the lasmissle dude. Having a fist would probably be a better idea, though.
>land raiders suck. Sad but true, surprisingly easy to kill and way too expensive
I'm always sad to hear that Land Raiders are bad. Unfortunately I love them too much to ever not use mine. It has a very special place in my heart.
>get a Stormraven for all your WAAC troop tote'n gunboat'n needs
Dont have one, unfortunately, and I'm currently kinda sick of stormravens (since a friend of mine plays 3 of them)
>never put hammers on PAGK. halberds or falchions only.
Not even on the sergeants?
>put that GM in a dreadknight
I know that they're good, but seriously fuck babycarriers.

Thanks for the indepth answer man, I really appreciate it!
May the Emperor smile upon your dice rolls.

>> No.56114193

Oh, those are the farseers though, right? I suppose warlocks are only for infantry.

>> No.56114210

what about social democracy?

>> No.56114212

Vehicles are also models anon. Don't be racist.

>> No.56114213

Well sing me in, I love em muscular Amazon girls

>> No.56114215

yes...closest actual model. period...no other stipulations.

if a squad of dudes is locked in combat and they are closer than the character...you still cant shoot the character.

it isnt the closest legal target...it is just the closest target period.

>> No.56114218

Jesus Christ. If the character's not the closest thing you don't shoot at it

>> No.56114225

its #2, we already covered that.


>> No.56114239

Closest visible model.

This means two things: one, that NOTHING must be closer, vehicles, infantry, or monsters. Two, that indirect weapons can NEVER target characters. You have to be able to see the target.

>> No.56114253

That's some fucking janky bullshit right there.

>> No.56114263

>oh hey an infantryman with wierdly painted-

>> No.56114289


>> No.56114291

>Is that a dude on his own? Is he wearing a laurel? It's hard to see with all the dust, smoke and-

>> No.56114292

fair point, so I guess it's Junta only then

>> No.56114295

Fatter, lower IQ, lower life expectancy, more violent.

But better armed so we like to stay on their good side.

>> No.56114299

>Sir I know that fuckhuge demon monster is about to rape us but that empty transport is a much more pressing concern

>> No.56114304


Fucking retarded.

>> No.56114305

How would it be hard to see? They are only 5 inches or so away :^)

>> No.56114310

What are essential units for Death Guard?

>> No.56114312

>There's a huge tank right next to us!

Meanwhile Guilliman is towering over the rhino right behind it

>> No.56114326

I am not more violent you son of a bitch ill kill you.

>> No.56114334

It's okay I love you Yankee boy.
Just put the gun down.

>> No.56114337

considering the Military junta that took over Chile did so via a military coup against a social democratic government and that the image references the execution method used against democrats. I'm pretty sure the only acceptable choice is going to be military dictatorship and or oligarchy.

also take it to /pol/

>> No.56114341

>Fit muscular cute sisters repentia

>> No.56114358

Depends on what kind of DG you want to bring.

demon prince with wings is good no matter what list type you bring.
Typhus + 20 pox walkers if you want to play zombies
plagueburst crawlers are basically DG only good ranged anti-tank

are all good choices

>> No.56114361

Don't put your dick in crazy?

>> No.56114379

Y'all realize that even with his armor Bobby G doesn't break 10 feet right?

Rhinos, meanwhile, are designed to CARRY space marines. So of course they're taller.

>> No.56114382

Can some good and kind anon share Craftworlds Codex?
Pretty Please

>> No.56114394


The fuckhuge daemon monster can be shot at because even though it's a character it has too many wounds to hide amongst its troops.

I like how you inadvertently just shit on your own argument.

>> No.56114396

Poxwalkers and/or Cultists, Plague Tonks, Daemon Prince, Foul Memeflamer, Blightlords, allied CSM sorc for Warptime to make your slow cunt move faster, Chaos Lord for the rerolls aura in larger games where the Prince can't cover all the important stuff.

>> No.56114401

No such option available.

>> No.56114403

Nah. I'll get you folks the nid Codex as soon as its out though.

>> No.56114406

Crazy in the head, crazy in bed.

>> No.56114408


Now kiss.

>> No.56114412

>Bobby G doesn't break 10 feet
Come on then. Hit me with your info.
Marines are 7-8 foot tall and Bobby towers over them. Explain or accept a gaping from orc cock.

>> No.56114439

i never got the use of the memeflamer, just doesn't seem to make his points back. But i play shooty midrange DG.

But if you bring an allied detachment of CSM you can use 1 cp to give your DP warptime.

>> No.56114451

>Explain or accept a gaping from orc cock.
You idiot, now we'll never get an answer from the faggot!

>> No.56114463

Please r8, h8 or ber8 this list.

Death Korps of Krieg 1000 points list :

** HQs **

Marshal with Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Memento Mori (56 pts)

Officer with Laspistol and Power Sword (27 pts)

Death Rider Squadron Commander with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword (47 pts)

** Elites **

Command Squad with Regimental Standard and Meltagun (45 pts)

Command Squad with Platoon Standard and Meltagun (45 pts)

** Troops **

2x Infantry Squad with Plasma rifle, Watchmaster with Lasgun (2x 57 pts)

2x Infantry Squad with Flamer, Watchmaster with Power Sword (2x 61 pts)

** Fast Attack **

6 Death Riders, Ridemaster with Plasma Pistol (101 pts)

Hellhound with Inferno Cannon and Heavy Flamer (110 pts)

** Heavy Support **

Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Lascannons (75 pts)

Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Autocannons (60 pts)

Mars Alpha Leman Russ with Battle Cannon, Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters and a Heavy Stubber (194 pts)

Total : 996 pts

The army would be organized as a Battalion + a Spearhead detachment for 7 CP. The cavalry officer would get the sword of conquest for added choppiness.

>> No.56114473

Wasn't Magnus like 11-12ft?

>> No.56114476

Servitors. I'm tired of using my plasma cannon servitors as plasma gun acolytes.

>> No.56114486

>But if you bring an allied detachment of CSM you can use 1 cp to give your DP warptime.
At that point why not just take the fucking Sorc? It's not like Contagion doesn't have good powers, if you're not putting up Miasma every turn you're doing DG wrong.

>> No.56114492

Alright anons, what will be next unit for Chaos LoW list once bird gets nerfed/banned?

>Dual Avenger Knight
>Renegade Baneblade
>Brass Scorpion
>Lord of Skulls
>some other FW model

>> No.56114497

You sacrifice way too mich for useless CP

>> No.56114503

I mean, it depends on how crazy decorated he is. Certainly the space marine with a huge flag or bright gold halo on his head you might be temped to shoot him first. But for the average Company Commander, pic related is very relevant.

>> No.56114507

servitors only need one change. servo-arm price change. they shouldn't in any way be more expensive than marines

>> No.56114523


I know we know the average height of an Astartes. Pic related is based on the relative depiction of the two in art.

Bobby G maybe would get another foot with that wonky armor of his, but it's just as likely that size is accounted for.

>> No.56114543

According to the fluff Primarchs are suppose to be as tall or a little taller than marines in terminator armour.

Of course nobody told the design team that...

>> No.56114548

Anon what are you? A faggot?

>> No.56114556

Which units do you think should be removed ?

>> No.56114559

>Duel Avenger Knight
God, when this thing gets the ROF buff I am NOT looking forward to it. Forget losing 2 squads per turn, imagine just how ungodly long its going to take to roll 80 dice per walker?

>> No.56114561

Yeah, I feel like this discrepancy really only exists for space marines, and mostly with Guilliman.

>> No.56114564

Eh, I dont think I will finish this

>> No.56114566

i don't think so

>> No.56114570

But terminator is as tall as normal marine. He's just bulkier

>> No.56114573

I usually run the heavy support detachment and bring a cheapy chaos lord for rerolls and 12+3 lascannon havocs. Also i take plagucasters who can throw up miasma.

>> No.56114578

i want to use this guy as an acolyte with bolt pistol and power sword. how would you 40kify him. do any kits come with little inquistorial bits, maybe a servo skull floating skull somehow?

>> No.56114585

No futa-cock cant even get hard

>> No.56114600

He's a feudal worlder nothing more neede

>> No.56114614

Why aren't you mad that you can't shoot at specific models in a squad without special rules? That sergeant with his bling and back banner is just as visible, but because he's "part of the unit" he's a no-no as a target and I have to shoot at the unit as a whole. That's bullshit man, I can clearly see him and that he's a high value target. Smoke that motherfucker with everything you got.

>> No.56114617

Why would nids have chapter tactics,?
They eat that many marines?

>> No.56114620

It's not cheese because you can use 3 Command Squads for cheaper and more accurate weapons inside the Valkyrie. BS4+ melta gun on an Acolyte is 25 points total, where as a Guard Vet is 18 with it at BS3+ and can get Orders if you only put 2 squads of 4 in there.

Using Acolytes period is the opposite of cheese unless you bring them in a stupidly good transport like taking 1 Acolyte and giving him a Stormlord.

>> No.56114627

>Not just taking Plaguebursts
I too was once tempted by the siren call of shitty Devastators with inferior support units. You'll figure it out someday.

>> No.56114636

Servo skull and a purity seal.

>> No.56114639

Plasma and Melta are wasted on them. Flamers only and leave the other two guns to Scions.

>> No.56114654

R8 my competitive list. I intend on using this to stomp the local waacfags and then possibly take it to tournaments if it performs well. The basic idea is to use Cawl to give the beep boops re-rolls and provide the entire army with a constant cover save via rolling Canticles with the Mars Forge World. The Dominus sits with the laser Dunecrawlers to give re-rolls of 1's and the rangers will bubblewrap one of the characters.

AdMech2k comp list

Spearhead Detachment 962pts

Belesarius Cawl 250pts

Cybernetica Datasmith 22/52pts
- Power Fist 20pts
- Gamma Pistol 10pts

Kastellan Robots 220pts
- 2 robots 65ppm
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts

Kastellan Robots 220pts
- 2 robots 65ppm
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts

Kastellan Robots 220pts
- 2 robots 65ppm
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts
- 3 Heavy Phospher Blasters 45pts

Spearhead Detachment 1035pts

Tech-priest Dominus 125/135pts
- Omnissian axe 0pts
- Volkite Blaster 8pts
- Macrostubber 2pts

Skitarii Rangers 80pts
- 5 Vanguard 8ppm
- Galvanic Rifles 0pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/140pts
- Neutron Laser 45pts
- Cognis Heavy Stubber 5pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/140pts
- Neutron Laser 45pts
- Cognis Heavy Stubber 5pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/140pts
- Neutron Laser 45pts
- Cognis Heavy Stubber 5pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/140pts
- Neutron Laser 45pts
- Cognis Heavy Stubber 5pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/130pts
- Icarus Array 40pts

Onager Dunecrawler 90/130pts
- Icarus Array 40pts

>> No.56114663

After buying three plaguebursts i found their output lacking.

Shooting twice and wounding T8/3+ on 2s is pretty g8

>> No.56114680

Flamers aren't worth it either being 7 points. Go for Storm Bolters instead for 2 points. Personally what I would do is load up a Taurox Prime with 10 Acolytes all with Storm Bolters and give the Taurox Prime the Gatling gun, Hotshot Volley Guns and a Storm Bolter. Hop out, 40 S4 shots from the Acolytes and the Taurox shooting 32 S4 shots.

>> No.56114692

Kitbash a cybernetic lense over the eyepatch

>> No.56114700

Building a Deathwatch motorpool is a weird feeling. (Yes I have two Corvus too).

Inb4 “LR turrets in the back don’t work”
>Not going out the Assault Ramp

>> No.56114717

oh i like that. cybernetic eye, servo skull behind him and a purity seal on the sword. thanks man i think that eye will be what i really need to make him look like a feudal world guy who has been with my inquisitor for a while

>> No.56114728

Warlocks and Spiritseers get RoB and they only buff Infantry and Bikers. Debuffs can target anything.


>> No.56114748

It’s only worth it to take 4 flamers in a separate unit or nothing but storm Bolters in a 5-6 man unit.

Both have worked amazingly for me. Chipping wounds off of big units with flamers before a charge or chunking out swarms is awesome. The Storm Bolters are awesome for spamming shots.

>> No.56114755

At least it's not anywhere near as bad as the Tau transport vehicles with the hatches in front of the turbine intakes...

>> No.56114794

>Kitbash a cybernetic lense over the eyepatch
Eyepatchs are superior though

>> No.56114807

I also own three and have had the exact opposite experience, because they never fucking die.

If Havoks are still firing effectively after turn 2 your opponent has either fucked up monumentally or he never had a reason to care about them to begin with. If a Plagueburst stops firing before turn 4 your opponent either got super lucky or his entire list is just points divided by lascannons.

>> No.56114821

So what you're saying is, combine both. One squad of 4-5 Storm Bolters and one squad of 4-5 Flamers. I like it. Sadly all I have right now is 3 Flamers and 3 Storm Bolters so I will just have to make a single squad of 6 with 3 of each with my Inquisitor in there as well. Going up against Eldar tomorrow, so I'm excited. They are Xenos Ordos, which I haven't changed for any game to keep it consistent. I'm also happy to be shooting all that S4 at T7. 5+ wounding here we come.

>> No.56114842

This. I've never let a Devastator or Havoc squad live for more than a turn with my Tyranids. If I get first turn they're neutered before they can take one shot.

>> No.56114848

>Not having depth perception is superior though.

Ingest Bleach.

>> No.56114850

Brutes and preds are fine just less tanky

>> No.56114851

The thing is, most opponents have no real way with dealing with infantry at long range, so they either take a couple turns to get into range and dealing with them or resorting to sniping them out of cover with lascannons.

seeing as i run effectively an infantry list its win win for me, since i only really have to worry about anti-infantry vehicles.

>> No.56114858

Are you ok anon? Are you having a stroke?

>> No.56114874

Falchon, Magnus and Mortarion are less than 1700 pts together, which is enough for bunch of brims and Changeling.

Falchon is T9 W26 2+ model that has eight lascannons, two twin heavy bolters and Heavy 2d6 S16 -5 D2d6 weapon. Sounds tasty.

>> No.56114876

Also Plaguebursts are cheaper than a min-sized squad of lashavoks.

Now if you had said "one squad of havoks to use Endless Cacophony on" you might have a point, but in that case it's worth the extra points for plasma terminators because they aren't at risk of being blown the fuck out by an alpha strike.

>> No.56114881

You can do that. That's what snipers do. Hell, that's basically what snipers did IRL in WWII, and why many squad leaders refused the SMG when they were promoted. Though admittedly recon and fire support coordination became more the norm once radios were miniaturized.

Just buy some scouts/ratlings/rangers, man. They'll help you deny deep strikes and let you wack the leaders.

>> No.56114885

He's saying without a girl penis present, he can't get aroused. Do you even read?

>> No.56114891

What would you do vs something retatded that dont care about cp like this :

1 bataillon 1 spearhead
3 field officer

30 naked dkok
1 command squad with standard
18 mortar teams
6 earthshakers

For UNDER 1k ?

>> No.56114910

>Instead of rule of cool
>In 40kek
No anon, you ingest the bleach

>> No.56114914

Remember, these are the INNOVATIVE species. Innovation means risks and mistakes. Sometimes that means you're state of the art tank catches fire or breaks down a lot. Sometimes it means troops disembarking in front of turbine engines.

>> No.56114923

DG have access to cheap chaff, so alpha strikes are pretty minimizable. Plus i also bring combi-plas blightlords as well.

>> No.56114932

>>basically no reason to not put two heavy weapons on a wraith Lord
>>but it doesn't LOOK as good

>> No.56114955

Anti-tank guns against devs/havoks are perfectly acceptable, if you're running min-sized squads with maxed weapons like most people do you've got one ablative wound (which is the higher-Ld sarge, which matters more for Chaos because no ATSKNF) before the 38pt/model lascannon dudes start popping.

If your opponents aren't set up to deal with heavy weapon infantry, while also getting rekt by them, they're just constructing their lists poorly.

>> No.56114957

3x Plagueburst Crawlers with a Lord sandwhiched inbetween them so he cant be the closest model...or assaulted (form a triangle with the tanks with him in the middle. Make him the warlord with the plague weapons reroll all wounds trait. .....profit greatly.

this has worked multiple games for me. Dark Eldar are admittedly on the flimsy side as far as vehicles go...but it is awesome to wreck them on turn 1 without line of sight. It makes you feel nice and warm and fuzzy.

but even against MEQ armies, this has performed quite well.

>> No.56114967

Put one on the shoulder mount and another on an arm, double up the flamers/catapults on the other arm.

>> No.56114969

What went wrong?

>> No.56114992

>You can do that.

Yeah, hence "special rules". I'm not bitching about not being able to shoot at a dude standing next to a model, I'm amazed that people have a problem with it now, when few months ago you could put a character next to a unit and they could even be the closest model, and you couldn't target them independently from the rest of the unit.

It's always funny to listen to people cry about all the stupid 8e rules when you never saw people complain as much about all the stupid rules that had been in effect for the past two decades.

>> No.56114993

>Anti-tank guns against devs/havoks are perfectly acceptable

AL havocs take 18 BS3+ lascannons to remove from cover a plagueburst crawler takes 19.

>> No.56114997

motorpools are for weaklings

>> No.56115001

Neat idea.

>> No.56115004


>> No.56115006


Use the pistol grip for one of them and the other on the opposite shoulder?

>> No.56115013

They made it too hard ot fire, you basically wont get to shoot it until turn 4 and the game's already over by then.

>> No.56115020

Funnily enough, this is why i don't see why people consider the IF chapter tactic so low on the power list of chapter tactics.

>> No.56115021

If I wanted to shitpost on a devilfish, would I paint some blood on the back of the engines perhaps?

>> No.56115042

>AL havocs take 18 BS3+ lascannons to remove from cover a plagueburst crawler takes 19.
While costing more, degrading more heavily due to losing guns starting on the second casualty, and needing to actually hug cover while still maintaining LOS, while the tank doesn't give a single fuck about being in cover and minimal fucks about LOS.

>> No.56115049

It certainly isn't lower on the powerlist in the LGS since the FAQ that you now get cover for being 50% obscured by ruins or forests, even if you are not standing on a terrain piece. We like to use a lot of terrain here.

>> No.56115073


>> No.56115077

Oh, sorry. Took it out of context. But yea, I don't have a problem with most of 8E. I kind of wish you could hull-down tanks a bit more easily (I liked being able to use Tau player's high profile battlesuites against them) but from a gameplay standpoint it really is a necessity to make infantry relevant again.

>> No.56115078

Yeah, this looks really slick.

>> No.56115089

>you now get cover for being 50% obscured by ruins or forests, even if you are not standing on a terrain piece.

>> No.56115091

Doesnt including the inquistor lose you the regiment bonuses?

>> No.56115093

but comissar was FAQ'd to only grant a reroll to the morale test now, not an automatic pass

>> No.56115096

Bit out of date, that one.

>> No.56115098

Craftworld Eldar codex when?

I understand the lack of pdf...but no epub is ridiculous!

>> No.56115110

>While costing more
Wounds per point cost they come out relatively the same before strategems.

>needing to actually hug cover while still maintaining LOS

I usually find them a nice peace of cover in a building or forest with fire lanes.

>other stuff

perfectly valid points, i;m not saying havocs are better than plagueburst alone, but they are comparable enough to slot out for a CSM detachment to gain access to their stratagems and psyker powers.

I'd consider them a side grade.

>> No.56115118

Wouldn't work. If a fire warrior got sucked into the engines, his armor would destroy the delicate internals. I recommend putting heavy-duty cage bars in front of the intakes, out far enough from the engine that an arm couldn't reach in and jam the intakes.

>> No.56115134

Ill only give you this faglord.

>> No.56115135

Commisars don't work anymore.

>> No.56115137

Correct, Inquisition isn't one of the allowed keywords.

>> No.56115145

4 Bullgryn in a Chimera and 10 Crusaders in a Chimera or 6 Bullgryn with Celestine and 10 Crusaders on foot? Crusaders and Celestine have good movement, but Bullgryn are pretty slow. However, with Celestine, Take Cover and Barrier, both squads would be extra tough on foot.

>> No.56115148

avec and sans are good words to know

>> No.56115159

You're reading that wrong. The FAQ clarifies that vehicles/monsters need to be within the cover AND 50% obscured.

>> No.56115171

>Autarch avec Ailes de Swooping Hawk
What the hell is that?

>> No.56115172

kill yourself for fielding any of these units together

>> No.56115184

Merci pour the valeurs, dudebro.

>> No.56115188

thanks! it was more than i had before!

>> No.56115196


>> No.56115207

>Word Bearers
>Being Good
>Fucking Ever

>> No.56115213

BIG key word there, not every deployment zone is going to have convenient cover for lascannons squads to camp out in, and if it doesn't the havoks get fucked.

>> No.56115216 [SPOILER] 

>if you automatically fail a morale roll, the Commissar literally only slays an extra model
Might as well only let the commie work on a 4+ like the officers, because unless you lose less than 4 'scripts you'd be better off without him. It's not even optional.

>> No.56115220

Will Exodites ever get a release?

>> No.56115223

Leman russes have to many wounds

>> No.56115232


>> No.56115237

Yeah, you need to put him in an allied detachment. like a Vanguard with a few acolytes.

>> No.56115243

who cares about their wounds total when they can be practically disabled by reducing them to bs5+

>> No.56115245

Not really. You only have to do like 6 before they hit on 5s. Even with double fire, hitting on 5s is almost useless.

>> No.56115251

The only thing you should end... Is yourself.

>> No.56115256

avec = with
sans = without
>google translate is hard

>> No.56115271

'En points'? What the hell is that?

>> No.56115273

Am I right that only CSM retain legion traits if Fallen are included in the detachment?

Can't spot a similar rule for GK or Space Marines.

>> No.56115274

If they're out of cover they only need 14.5 lascannons to be gibbed instead of 18.

it really isn't a big deal.

>> No.56115276

i've known these words for years. did my post somehow say they're new to me?

>> No.56115279

What's the conversion rate for Spanish points?

>> No.56115287

Chaff only protects you from charges

>> No.56115291

Fallen counts as a <Legion> keyword that you can't choose, so you can't have them with Legion Traits (or Chapter Tactics). Similarly I'm sure Grey Knights is a <Chapter> keyword.

>> No.56115303

and deep strikes.

it takes alot to actually dig out havocs without massed fire.

>> No.56115304

You'll lose to any mildly competitive player. You have no obsec and no defense from being locked up in cc.

>> No.56115305

When not playing in tournament.


>> No.56115306

I try to strike a balance between fluff and crunch. Plus, the list you're describing would be insanely expensive. Sure, it's super strong, but I'm not a WAACfag. I'm just trying build something that doesn't get roflstomped in every game it plays.

So, while I'm ready to take any sort or advice or criticism, and while the list you're describing sounds extremely strong, it's not something I would like to play.

>> No.56115317

A demolisher in range, which you want to be with malcaodr in anyway thanks to its own demolisher cannon, is the equivalent of a two lascannons, and the lemon fires twice. So essentially, you're dropping 2 autocannons for 3 heavy bolters, an inferno cannon, and a heavy flamer.

>> No.56115333


What I'm referring to is Shadowy Allies. As far as I can tell the inclusion of Fallen will make a GK/SM detachment IMPERIUM instead, while CSM can still be a LEGION detachment.

>Shadowy Allies
>The inclusion of Fabius Bile or FALLENunits in a Detachment does not prevent other units in that Detachment from gaining a Legion Trait. However, Fabius Bile and the FALLENunits can never themselves benefit from a Legion Trait

>> No.56115340

>lower IQ

That why Canada has a total of zero globally relevant achievements? You're stupid enough to insult someone in the same breath as you joke about staying on their good side, and I know for a fact you weren't implying they'd be too stupid to realize you called them stupid.

>> No.56115349

Shit, you're right. I hadn't seen that rule before.

>> No.56115350

>americans fighting
i'm gonna have to stand up and applaud you

>> No.56115351

>A demolisher firing twice is actually good

Why did Vindicators have to become so shit this edition

>> No.56115354

hey man, be nice to them. They make maple syrup.

>> No.56115366

>laughing orks

>> No.56115369

What is best metal box?

>> No.56115371

>amerifags are fighting

>> No.56115378

That's true, but the list of things that can reasonably threated Havoks doesn't begin or end with Lascannons. The Las calculation is basically worst case scenario for the Plagueburst and in that case it isn't even at a disadvantage. As the weapons get weaker the calculation swings in the tank's favor, and you can bet your ass Havoks will be eating HB/Asscan/Autocannon shots.

>> No.56115383

This one

>> No.56115410

Yea but they have like 3 more backing that one up and it takes like all the melta to strip that many wounds

>> No.56115419

>filthy squatters still haven't realized 4chan is an American site

Guess it's Japanese now though. Or like...some kind of American WWII POW sex slave.

>> No.56115420

This sounds like somebody tried to mix heavy metal with a country song

>> No.56115426

We were waiting 5 days for Fall of Cadia.
I also remember waitins about 3 days for something else(some FW index?).
Not having codex day one is nothing new.
Just wait or buy and share

>> No.56115429

For when you want to go somewhere, and don't want to waste a dime on inferior BS due to movement.

>> No.56115430

I mean that is basically what it is.

>> No.56115433

Fucking lost it

>> No.56115434

Assuming their need for cover allows you to deploy them in a nice comfy central location with good sight lines, which won't always be the case.

>> No.56115446

Havoks are a joke, almost every time I can remove them turn 1 with minimal effort. Those fucking crawlers on the other hand, what a cunt to get rid of.

>> No.56115452

>all the melta

also just assault them

>> No.56115454

I agree but while they are targeting havocs in the trees, they aren't focusing on my termies or mowing down the pox walkers as they move forward.

in fact i would rather they target the havocs.

they also have the -1 to hit, so they are still very survivable outside cover.

>> No.56115458


new thread

>> No.56115468

Either you're playing against an idiot or you don't have enough terrain.

>> No.56115471

If crawlers are giving you trouble, you aren't taking enough anti-tank. I usually pop one a turn.

>> No.56115499

>Removing 5 muhreens


>> No.56115515

2+ save and -1 to hit go a long way.

>> No.56115518

It's not about removing them, it's about you choosing to remove them over other threats.

>> No.56115519


>> No.56115536

>I agree but while they are targeting havocs in the trees, they aren't focusing on my termies
Also true of Plaguebursts, considering things good at killing them are also good at killing termies
>or mowing down the pox walkers
Poxwalkers can be taken down with basic bitch bolters and they're speed 4. Your opponent would need to have a ridiculous lack of horde-clearing capacity to be forced to fire anything long-range at them before he's done clearing the heavy weapon infantry

>they also have the -1 to hit, so they are still very survivable outside cover.
Already taken into account, this entire discussion has been about AL havoks.

>> No.56115627

Plaguebursts will eat up long range anti-tank, havocs will eat up that and mid range quality anti-infantry shots.

it takes about 4.5 bolter shots to kill a pox walker (before psyker buffs and strategems) which is running up the field 8.5 inches a turn on average. You don't have alot of time to deal with them and if you wait for sub 12 with bolters you are only getting a round of shooting before melee ensues.

>> No.56115723

GW asked some tourney fags to playtest
They proceed to only use models they own, save primaus

It literally just needs +2 to the dice roll to fire the fucker and cause 3d6 automatic mortal wounds. But game design must be too hard.

>> No.56115761

>havocs will eat up that and mid range quality anti-infantry shots.
Until they're dead, which will happen sooner than a Plagueburst if we're ONLY talking about anti-tank and assuming they were able to get cover, while costing more points than the Plagueburst.

>and mid range quality anti-infantry shots.
Those also going into the havoks just mean they'll be dying considerably faster. The only way this is good is if we're assuming the opponent is going to be a gibbering retard who doesn't know how threat priority works.

>> No.56115826

havocs literally only have to kill anti-infantry tanks to make them useful. If they die after that, it doesn't really matter. Plus they are as cost effective as plaguebursts for the points spent.

>who doesn't know how threat priority works.

Its not that they wont know, but that no matter which option they choose, its going to end bad for them. a sophie's choice if you will.

>> No.56115931

>no matter which option they choose, its going to end bad for them
DG infantry isn't going to be imminently threatening within the first two turns which is when the Havoks will primarily be eating shit and dying. The exception is Terminators, but the fact that they have to plop themselves right in front of the enemy means they'll be exposed to stuff that doesn't even enter the Havok threat equation like rapid-fire plasma, melta, or CC.

>> No.56115954

Hey so after going through my AoS skirmish rules I sat down and ported it to 8th Edition Warhammer40k. Feel free to give it a look and give any constructive feedback. I based the wound and save limit off of what I was finding was normal for the AoS Skirmish.

Incase you're still curious here's something to check out.

>> No.56116121

I think it might have more to do with my specific play style than general army practices.

I run mid range plague marine as fire bases, same with my termies, while pox walkers run straight into my enemies grill.

So with multiple target for quality anti-infantry, i just over saturate target priority.

So havocs take out anti-infantry tanks at range
My demon prince takes out anti-infantry tanks in close combat then switches to elite units and special weapon teams
My plague marines remove enemy special weapon teams or other elite troops.
My termies will attempt to alpha strike with overcharged plasma and VoTLW an anti-infantry tank then try to clean up troops.
pox walkers will try to clean up troops when they reach their targets on turn 3.

>> No.56116131


Cultists are a great troops choice, Possessed got a big points drop and are 2 wounds each, and one model gets a Cursed Crozius which hits HARD(especially against the superstitious idolaters of the fedora-emperor).

However, your actual legion tactic is boring(but fluffy enough), you just get ATSKNF on top of your regular abilities, nothing amazing like what Alpha Legion or Red Corsairs get. Your stratagem is situational because it only does anything if you have reinforcement points, but it can make life easier if you want to do the summoning toolbox.

So basically they're better than they were before but they're still just a generic Chaos Marine army without much of the flair.

>> No.56116179


The fluffy solution is Renegade Chapter for Daemonkin warbands like Brazen Beasts, World Eaters or Black Legion for actual legion berzerkers. Those are the three main groups that use them.

>> No.56117328

Has the craft world book been leaked jet?

>> No.56117919

>Had a game where every critical dark lance or blaster to hit/wound was a 1 or 2, even with command point reroll
Kill me

>> No.56118362


Converters don't go to all that bother because it's an onerous task - at least not round here. They convert because they love converting. Personally, I'm not seeing the humour or brilliance of the acorn nut conversion you keep posting, and you haven't explained why you refuse to simply dismantle illegal models and convert them some more.

Pray tell.

>> No.56118937

Play any fun games today anons? Had a super close one today what about you?
Batrep tonight or tomorrow?

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