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>> No.56105405

>really want Dark Apostle for my army
>look him up
Shit, what do

>> No.56105410

Are asscan termies any good? I've got a couple to paint up, and I don't want to if I can paint some other dudes that'll see action

>> No.56105411

You guys planning any games for Saturday?

Got my Megabosses ready to lead my waaagh in a big 2v2

>> No.56105445

All the old Carnifex Biomorphs are confirmed back

What rules do you want to see on them?

>> No.56105448

I plan on swinging by my LGS. I haven't fielded my marines since early 7th ed, and I've been itching to pull off a hammer and anvil again.

>> No.56105464

Going into my club, might go for a tiebreaker against the Raven Guard guy. I'm 1-1 against him with my Black Templars. He's getting off turn 1 charges against me with the stratagem, so I'm bringing conscripts to bubblewrap my important stuff in.

>> No.56105469

order from chinaman, at least it will be made better

>> No.56105477

Are Eldar WASP Walker's worth while for their cost over Warwalkers? Deepstrike is pretty nice, though with the range generally you have IDK. But moving to fast attack frees up heavy support for something else, maybe some fire prisms.

>> No.56105479

Be a man and learn to love the greenstuff

>> No.56105480

>Eldar codex makes things cheaper and guts options.
>Nids getting at a minimum 9 new weapon options on a single unit alone.
If nids get crazy price reductions like eldar i'm already seeing them be the new tier 0 faction.

>> No.56105487

does anyone have a map of what got rekt by the rift? I want to know if my sept made it out or if I need to add some more battle scars to them

>> No.56105488

You could try kitbashing. The Dark angels veterans with the robes work really well for a body.

>> No.56105502

Not a bad idea, I will consider this

>> No.56105504

Most units won't get as many options as the Carnifex. Carnifexes just still have all these things in the kit.

Tyranids ARE, if hints and indications from playtesters are to be believed, getting a ton of price reductions though. The Haruspex in particular was mentioned by name as getting a big one.

>> No.56105516

>enhanced senses
Reroll charges
More attacks
D6 shots auto hit
Regain d3 wound each morale phase on a 5+
>acid maw
Increased damage
>spine bank's
D6 shots when taking a wound in combat. Only once per phase

>> No.56105517

>eldar codex guts options

Options that weren't on the sprue. No plastic no rules.

Thanks to Cruddace the Carnifex had options on the sprue that went without rules for a decade, despite having rules when the kit were first released.

>> No.56105520

so, preheresy TS into chaos soup anon from last thread here.

What are good things to do chaos soup with?
was thinking of doing alpha legion with lots of slannesh shooters for double tapping. is that decent or is alpha legion into berserkers the only thing worth doing with them?

>> No.56105533

It's going to be on a 6, regen 1. There's no fucking way they are gonna allow for d3 regen

>> No.56105536

What is their endgame?

>> No.56105540

At this point Ive scoured almost all the info from the Eldar dex and just need the info on how Autarch loadouts work, to see what is and isnt legal

>> No.56105544

d3 wounds is typical for big unit healing

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>> No.56105567

Look at the models available on GWs website for Autarchs.

They come with exactly those items period, no options, no weapon swaps.

>> No.56105570

Take all the blood and put it in a big pool. Take all the skulls and build a big throne. Repeat.

>> No.56105573

Will they ever reveal what their purpose is?

>> No.56105580 [DELETED] 


>> No.56105583

Already revealed. They steward against Chaos.

>> No.56105588

Why did commanders with assloads of options go away? I remember the second thing I bought was that Space Marine Commander pack with the huge array of options and the backpack with the eagle exhaust vents. Now we're getting single loadout clamshells...

>> No.56105591

>cant give my skyrunner a Fusion Gun or Reaper Launcher

but why tho

does she even get to keep her Banshee Mask

>> No.56105595

enhanced senses was +1 BS, until the dark times of 5th edition. Pretty sure it'll be a shooting buff, not melee

>> No.56105598

I mean you can, they are Index options, but they won't be in the codex.

>> No.56105599

None of these make sense, where the fuck have you been.

>>enhanced senses
>Reroll charges
It's a shooting bonus retard.

>More attacks
It'll buff Living Battering Ram

>D6 shots auto hit
We already have the statline for bio-plasma, and it doesn't auto-hit. What the fuck are you doing nigger.

>Regain d3 wound each morale phase on a 5+
Why would it be on the Morale phase??

>>acid maw
>Increased damage
This is the only one that even possibly makes sense, and unless they changed toxin sacs it still doesn't because it would be redundant.

>>spine bank's
>D6 shots when taking a wound in combat. Only once per phase
Jesus christ stop, it's a fucking gun, you are so bad at this.

>> No.56105609

So why aren't they doing a better job at it, also why don't all chapters have them then?

>> No.56105618

Index options are getting banned at all tournaments, source: Reece. He's also saying GW is going to put out something more official in the future saying index weapon swaps are no longer allowed, ONLY datasheets for units that aren't in Codexes like Rough Riders.

>> No.56105619

I was really hoping they would make a primaris captain in the same kind of kit

>> No.56105621

you're so stupid, it hurts.

Bio plasma was a plasma cannon. Spine banks were frag grenades. Stop.

>> No.56105622

I'm just spitballin. Apparently no fun can be had guessing shit

>> No.56105624

>So why aren't they doing a better job at it
They suck
>also why don't all chapters have them then?
See answer #1

>> No.56105625

No, they randomly replaced Banshee mask with their garbage mandiblasters.

Also fucking useless, swooping hawk autarch can't even use his weapons when he deepstrikes because fusion pistols have 6" range.

>> No.56105629

Are Khornates the only truly redpilled ones?

>> No.56105641

That... actually kind of sucks. I don't like Eldar much, but the 100% customisable Autarchs were always the expection.

>> No.56105651

>those nid buffs

>> No.56105653

Isnt flawless customizability/using the items of all shrines kinda

the POINT of an Autarch?

>> No.56105656

>Head options
I approve but WYSIWYGfags are gonna be more insufferable in this edition

>> No.56105663

>No eviscerator priests

>> No.56105669

As a Tyranid player I insist you be insufferable about WYSIWYG. All real nidfags already have their Carni's fully magnetized, the only people who will suffer for this are bandwagonning newfaggots.

>> No.56105670

So /tg/, redpill me on Primaris Aggressors. I play DA and have been pretty much indifferent about primaris so far, as I'm quite attached to my marinlets and have no desire to see them replaced.
But I'd like an infantry-based heavy fire squad that isn't as hopelessly frail as devastators and I don't mind the aggressor models (unlike the hideous jetpack boys or melee edgelords), so I'm considering picking some up.
How are aggressors best used? Any tips on what loadouts to give them and if they're worth the trouble?

>> No.56105672


If OOE heals 1 automatically, no way will a normal carnifex heal d3. Heal 1 on a 5 or 6 most likely

>> No.56105674

Good thing I don't give a fuck about tournies.

>> No.56105676

anyone here tried modeling minor xenos factions/units or makin their own?

>> No.56105683

why are there so many out of print metal wraithlords? and why do i want one?

>> No.56105688

How do you magnetize carapieces?

>> No.56105690

Read the second half, GW is going to drop the hammer because they're tired of releasing Codexes and having WAACfags immediately try to mix them with index shit for broken loophole combos.

>> No.56105694

Feel free to speculate, but at least learn what the role of the upgrade is before making shit up.

>> No.56105699

You assume that rule is staying the same and that they aren't buffing OOE.

Almost all special named characters have been buffed between indexes and codexes.

>> No.56105702

>It's going to be on a 6, regen 1
Cruddace please leave. There's not a human alive that would want you

>> No.56105712

Look up tutorials, it's easy with greenstuff.

>> No.56105713

-1CP Axu Detatchment Ministurm Priest, doesn't have a codex yet so you still have to use the index. I don't use CP that much (honestly forget about it most of the time) so works for me.

>> No.56105719


Only the first carapace is a seperate piece. Theres a nice flat area between the first carapace and the rest of it. You magnetise there.

>> No.56105725

>Tfw still have a shitload of Starship Troopers minis
>My flgs lets me use them as hormagaunts.

>> No.56105726

The Regenerate head is just OOE's head now, it's not going to be a biomorph.

Probably will be a Stratagem though. Pay 1-2 CP, immediately regain D3 wounds on a Monster.

>> No.56105736

Yes that's the whole fluff of them. Even in the new book since i have a copy 2ft away.

Autarchs attend every shrine in the CW and get one item of their choice from every single one. Seems that Warp spiders, dire avengers, and fire dragons are getting going extinct since they apparently don't have any shrines left for autarchs to take gear from.

>> No.56105738

>got into 40k at 8th edition drop
Don't lump me in with soon to be waacfags. I built a OOE and a fex with talons and two deathspitters. I'm magnetizing the other two fexes i got a month back and sat on to see what the new codex would bring

>> No.56105740

The watch. They are the watchers who watch the watchmen. They don't actually do anything though, they just watch. Sometimes on Halloween they wear brown robs and yellow glow-in-the-dark contact lenses but that's the extent of their characterization.

>> No.56105749

do you guys find it hot if orks can be sexy supermodel females haha

just asking haha

>> No.56105750

I hope we keep cheap deepstriking ripper troops to get all those CPs

Nids can fill detachments almost as well as guard

>> No.56105767

Reece confirms that GW said they would start work on the official listbuilder app for 40k as soon as the citadel paint app was done, so that means its already underway. Betting it'll be out right around/right after Chapter Approved.

>> No.56105772

aggressors are more like tactical termies without deepstrike than devastators

their slow speed and shirt range means they are usually a defensive unit (exception being infiltrating with the RG stratagem). if you have a anti-tank azrael firebase, aggressors could be both a countercharge unit and an anti-horde option that your heavy guns cant deal with. they also really love azraels invul aura.

if you arent building around the one super powerful DA special character, i doubt they're going to do much for you. they arent very popular among the codex chapters for a reason

>> No.56105779

I feel like 30pt elites, hs, and fa were a mistake on GW's part. Like you just can't compete in CP with someone who spends less than 150 points to fill any 3 slots.

>> No.56105781

tau were unaffected by the rift

>> No.56105795

I mean, limiting armies to 2 detachments helps, but not by a lot.

>> No.56105800

It wouldn't be that bad if you had options to get some extra CP elsewhere, like marines do with bobby.

>> No.56105812

Thats a can of worms I'm not sure I want opened. Maybe keep it exclusive to each superfaction's biggest character. Like, Bobby G for the Imperium, whoever the death chick is for Aeldari, the Swarmlord for nids, Abbadon for Chaos, etc.

>> No.56105818

Models you immediately regretted. Be it for being worthless on the field, to assembly/painting not coming out as nice as you envisioned.

Pic related, fucking 15 more to go too.

>> No.56105820

Yeah. 2 Brigades, I start with 21 CP, what's up.

>> No.56105826

You did this to yourself by doing weird kitbashes instead of using their glorious vanilla sculpts

>> No.56105829

The issue is that some of those lock in the subfaction.

>> No.56105844

True, but you can always run them in a Soup list

I don't know Abby's rules, but Bobby G has both a rule that boosts <ULTRAMARINES> and one that boosts <IMPERIUM>

>> No.56105845

What part of "Not a by a lot" is hard to understand?

>> No.56105853

IG already do it with warlord traits and relics, they should just hand out more of those.

>> No.56105857

>human bigger than a space marine

u fukin wot?

>> No.56105865

>and one that boosts <IMPERIUM>
I have bad news anon.

>> No.56105867

>caring about marinelets
Compare them to Primaris, not the shit getting squatted.

>> No.56105878

I can get behind that approach


>> No.56105912

So my local group throws matches everyone once in a while where everyone has a lord of war and the goal is to kill the opponents lord of war while keeping your own alive

I've been having to borrow a friends knight for these but I think its about time I get my own for my marines

Was thinking of going with one of the larger tanks, the spartan or the typhon, does anyone have any experience with either of these and which one seems to be the more fun to play statewise?

>> No.56105914

>not admech gods of fitness


>> No.56105927

Maybe Sunday against Eldar. Our games take forever so I made a list to hopefully speed things up. I love running infantry squads and conscripts but I think if I stick to Bullgryn in chimeras, Scions deepstriking and some tanks it should go faster.

>> No.56105952

Might actually play my first full game which is weird.

Ive been painting for months and finally confident enough to field 2k

>> No.56105970

I'm not sure if I should buy a Shadowsword or some more Leman Russ tanks. I like both, and I very rarely have the chance to play other people since I live on a mountain. Is the Shadowsword fun to build?

>> No.56105992

My God. It's Ben Kingsley. This explains EVERYTHING. . .

>> No.56106001

It's an experience. Go for the shadowsword. Even if you don't get to play much it looks awesome on the shelf.

>> No.56106026

Not picking a high wound infantry model and putting them in as heavy cover as you can find, surrounded by a tarpit.

>> No.56106029

My FLGS is having a big D&D thing all day so the store is all claimed all day. I'd considering trying out the other local group but they start later into the afternoon and I have to work 3rds so that makes it a bit difficult to get a full game in.

>> No.56106048

Lord of War not HQ

As far as I'm aware aside from Rawbutt Gilligan there aren't any infantry LoW's for muhreens are there?

Besides I dont play Ultramarines, and don't give me that he can be used in any imperium army bullshit

>> No.56106049

You will spend a *long* time building a Shadowsword. Seriously, it has a bajillion pieces. Definitely worth it, though.

>> No.56106057

Shadowsword is really good. It's fucking obnoxious to fight against because it basically one shots anything it touches.

>> No.56106068

So like Assassination in Dawn of War?


>> No.56106085

What do with first forge world model, some of the lighting claws are fucked and need to be realigned.

>> No.56106108

How bad is it?

Put the bad pieces in hot water and see if you can bend them/straighten them/gay them

>> No.56106149

Imperium is getting removed from his keywords

>> No.56106155

Got any verifiable source at all on that?

>> No.56106169

>straighten them/gay them
I'm getting mixed signals here

>> No.56106183

I too would like information on this. I'd much rather they be neutering Imperium soup this way than plucking off Celestine's wings.

>> No.56106192

Yes. But I think it will be funnier to let you think I am full of shit, and then when Chapter approved comes out in December you can be like "wtf I thought that guy was full of shit. This fucking sucks"

>> No.56106202

So your dad who works at nintendo told you?

>> No.56106209

I woildnt be surprised if they both dropped mid december, the list app being $5 but chapter approved giving you free access to encourage people to get CA even if they have an army not particularly effected by it.

>> No.56106219

Mind if I screengrab this then post it as the 40k general pic the day it leaks/or there are pictures?

>> No.56106227

Sure, it's not like anyone can tie this to an identity and slander my name or anything. It's 4chan.

>> No.56106231

There's going to be more missions and such in CA so there's plenty of reason for people to get it even their army isn't being changed much.

>> No.56106243


>> No.56106251

You will know. That's all that matters

>> No.56106258

At least use adblock you absolute buffoon

Listen, I can't remember what I talked about a week ago with important people.

>> No.56106276

Any rumor yet on how hard Tau are getting dicked this time?

>> No.56106291

I'm bored.
Tell me more rumors and I'll try to believe them.

>> No.56106305

Codex rumors?

>> No.56106317

Harlequins are gonna be important

>> No.56106340

Index armies are expected to get points changes to units, and some beneficial rules, while established codex may recieve some points decreases (rumor is primaris marines dropping in cost a bit) or needed nerfs.

Confirmed is casting smite will be limited to 3 times per psychic phase, thus kicking grey knights in the junk even more.

>> No.56106351

Rate my Yme-Loc list, /tg/

>Battalion Detachment
Farseer with Singing Spear 120
Warlock with Witchblade 37
Bonesinger 70
3*Guardians+Shuriken cannon+WS with twin cannon and another cannon = 720 total

>Spearhead Detachment
Warlock with Witchblade 37
2*Fire Prism with twin shuriken catapults and crystal targetting = 346 total
Night Spinner with twin shuriken catapults and crystal targetting 170

TOTAL: 1500

Planning to cart the farseer, bonesinger and warlock around in the Wave Serpents while leaving a warlock to sit on an objective or something. Maybe it can hop into a Wave Serpent if one of the Guardians dies or something.

This is primarily a fluff list, but if I was to use this in a more competitive game, how viable would it be?

>> No.56106353

>World Eaters
>Emperor's Children
>Death Guard
>Thousand Sons

Why focus on these chapters?

>> No.56106354

>Confirmed is casting smite will be limited to 3 times per psychic phase
Confirmed where?

>> No.56106356

Orks are said to get an armywide trait "wild firin" that means their shooting cannot be modified negatively except by flyers. This does not work for grots.

>> No.56106372

Because they most reflect the 4 facets of chaos, unlike any other the other legions.

>> No.56106382

Nids are supposed to be all about adaption though, whilst Craftworlder combat revolves around units each with rigid combat roles.

>> No.56106386

Motherfucker the same place the others are. Chapter approved. I dont care if you believe me or not, but at least be prepared for the posability that someone who knows might actually be telling the truth on the internet. I know its hard since everything is bullshit, but at least keep these in mind and confirm them for yourself when the leaked pics start circulating. Id expect around mid november, since they just now went to the printers, and those motherfuckers cannot keep secrets.

>> No.56106392

I'll beleive this when I have the book in mt cold, wet, sticky hands.

>> No.56106397


>> No.56106406

Pulse Rifle or Pulse Carbine for Fire Warriors, and why?

>> No.56106412

Why? For what purpose? The psychic phase will suck even more.

>> No.56106418

I'm asking where this was confirmed or who confirmed it you mong, not what it will be included in. If you're going to make claims there's no reason to start getting defensive when people ask you what your sources are.

>> No.56106440

Good. Fuck Psykers. It's not like I play Dark Eldar or anything crazy like that I just think all psykers should be shot in the head and tortured until they die to extend my lifespan.

>> No.56106442

The Carbine only has two niches in which its superior to the rifle: When the unit advances, and between the range of 15" and 18".
Since rifle-wielding Tau will have little reason to ever move very far and that tiny window of firepower superiority is minute, the rifle is the best all-rounder.

>> No.56106448

short range is for breachers
18" gets you minced by anyone at that range
take a fireblade plus pulse accelerator drones and dump 3 shots at 18" with pulse rifles

>> No.56106476


>> No.56106489

Wait wtf? Is this a scan? Have WD subscribers got there copy then?

>> No.56106496

>Nids actually getting lots of new rules and options back

Not gonna lie, I went from 0% hope to like 0.5% hope

>> No.56106510

I read rules as nudes.

Like getting lots of new nudes. Haha.

>> No.56106513

I don't need to defend myself. I am just saying whats changing. Choose not to believe or do. Personally none of these changes bother me.

>> No.56106523

Why did GW decide to fuck over assault armies more in this edition? Didn't they see how bad it was in 7th?

>> No.56106529 [SPOILER] 

Hope is scary anon
Be careful now

>> No.56106533

How are assault armies fucked over more in this edition?

>> No.56106554

They aren't, they're better then they have ever been, this fag is just mad that his shitty nid dex can't win a game.

>> No.56106566

Well, better than they have been since 4th at least. 4th was pretty good, consolidating into another unit regularly was boss.

>> No.56106569


Carnifex regeneration biomorph heals d3 wounds

>> No.56106585

Who's sending nudes to nids? Slaanesh?

>> No.56106610

I can buy that.
Smite spam is cheese

>> No.56106636

I would've preferred a -1 penalty to each cast beyond the first. So, first time, it's warp charge 6, then 7, 8, 9, and so on.

But I can live with "only 3 per round" as I'm only rolling 3-4 psykers atm.

>> No.56106637

Eldar Codex out?

>> No.56106658

Oh, they got some heavy making up to do when Thousand Sons hit, because this is quite the bullshit.

>> No.56106699

It wasent put in to fuck you.

It was put in to fuck the guy with like 15 squads of brimstone horrors all with one blue horror to cast for them.

>> No.56106739

Get yourself a cerberus. Chaos cerberus one-shots basically anything short of a true titan.

>> No.56106754

tau deserve to be perpetually fucked.

>> No.56106755

That's from the 4e nid codex, the carnifex kit is the same.

Pic related is the page from WD confirming the old biomorphs are back.

>> No.56106771

Maybe this means the harpoon arm on the nob sprue will finally get rules

>> No.56106772

There's one in the dark vengeance set that is plastic

>> No.56106792

I just want it to be called a "grabba-stabba" with rules like the old DE stunclaw that let you pull characters with you when you fell back from combat. Stick in some poor commisar, rip him away from the conscript blob, and bash his fucking head in.

>> No.56106801

A power fist with the intoxicating elixir hits at S9, not S10 right?

>> No.56106802

Monstrous scything talons have changed from damage 3 to damage 4. Look closely.

>> No.56106825

Should I work in lots of Plague Marines today or start on my Plague tank?

>> No.56106840


Get COMPLETELY INSIDE your plague marines' armor and enjoy the smells as you work on your tank.

>> No.56106842

Plague Tanks because they can spread papa nurgle's gifts faster and at longer ranges

>> No.56106852

Maybe if you started the post with 'just spitballing...' instead of presenting them as facts.

>> No.56106867

Do White Dwarf subscribers get their copy today or is it Monday? Fucking dying to see the Necromunda scans.

>> No.56106894

awww yeah armybuilder has finally got 40k 8th edition
bye bye battlescribe

>> No.56106926

I sure hope you didn't actually spend $40 on a list building program.

>> No.56106940

They DID get rules, they're called power-stabbas

>> No.56106941

We had the few leaks revealing the nid codex date and then nothing.
I'm excited for November's WD

>> No.56106947

Anyone know the point price of the Wraithguard gun yet?

I've seen some shitty scan but can't make out the price of the weapon.

>> No.56107060

Tusks: If you successfully charge a <Monster> or <Vehicle>, deal D3 mortal wounds to that model before beginning the fight phase.

>> No.56107084

Nice advertising, faggot

>> No.56107134

This and tyranid rumors just makes me moist.

Damn, that's cool. Aren't they almost warrior sized, tho ?

>> No.56107135


>> No.56107138

to my knowledge i have never made warhammer list without program of sorts and i have been playing somewhere around 15 years.

same goes for every game for all my friends too.
maybe when we started learning the rules there was an attempt to write lists that was upgraded as soon as we found armybuilders.

>> No.56107145

They look like radical Madmax dudes. Nothing to be ashamed of, you are doing great !

>> No.56107150

Never said not to use a list building program, but if you actually spent $40 on a list builder you're crazy.

>> No.56107159

That's heresy... but I dig it.

>> No.56107191

then imagine that about 4 years ago you still needed to pay for it again and renew your subscription.

now its just buy once and do whatever you want

>> No.56107210

new as wip painting new death guard player, I wanna buy two rhinos and those kits from wargamexclusive,. Is transporting squads of 7 Marines and elites worth it over footslogging. Pic related is my one of the DI boys, next is a manreaper boy from the new box.

>> No.56107223

Or you use a free program or an excel sheet. $40 is way too much for a list builder.

>> No.56107243

>spend thousands on plastic miniatures
>spending $40 on a list builder is bad

>> No.56107245

Are they on new bases now ?! The trygon sized ones ? Sorry if slowpoke.

>> No.56107252

>but I would never download a car, anon !

>> No.56107255

>scrounge around for used deals for cheaper miniatures
>don't spend $40 on a program that does what others do for free
You can be smart with your spending.

>> No.56107266

/wip/ is dead. Normally wouldn't cross post, but I'm not going to get any feedback any time soon:

About 85% done; face still needs a bit more something, and I'm not happy with Silence - I shaded and layered and edged but it doesn't appear to have shown up at all

Advice for improving?

>> No.56107310


Eldar primarch when?

>> No.56107323

New Avatar of Khaine sculpt when?

>> No.56107355

Then they will have to give stuff different keywords, since units such as sisters of silence, adaptus custodes, the assassins etc would be impossible to include in armies.

>> No.56107367

Could do with highlighting the red cloth.

I do mine similar, Khorne Red, Nuln Oil and Evil Suns Scarlet.

>> No.56107375

A part of this would make me mad, on the other hand not dealing with my mate spamming mortis dreadnoughts with twin autocannons and lascanons, sitting in the corner with a chapter master and lieutenant and never moving will make me a happy man.

>> No.56107391

Oddly enough, I spent ages drybrushing a lighter red over the top to break up the Khorne Red and shade, and the photo doesn't really do it justice

I do agree it needs to pop more since there's so much of it though

>> No.56107401

GW left a loophole:


"There are a few options that are missing in the codex that appear in the index: why is that? Does that mean I can’t use these models in my army anymore?
While the indexes are designed to cover a long history of miniatures, the codexes are designed to give you rules for the current Warhammer 40,000 range. There are a few options in the indexes for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example.
Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons (currently, also in the index).
They still gain all the army wide-bonuses for things like Chapter Tactics and can use Space Marines Stratagems and the like, so such venerable heroes still fit right in with the rest of your army."

Index Datasheet, codex points. Enjoy

>> No.56107410

Sad that lore wise, this is more realistic than sexy tau girls.

>> No.56107423

Building a Deathwatch motorpool is a weird feeling. (Yes I have two Corvus too)

>> No.56107429

That's nice, I'll keep using models I bought years ago and have no reason to stop using when they have a perfectly viable sheet and points.

It does make for nice ammunition for counters to the "stop whining tournaments don't affect general play" retards

>> No.56107441

>twin asscan

>> No.56107446

Not yet? The Carnifex Brood box still ships with 60mm round bases. But then, Warriors ship with 40mm or 50mm depending on whether you get the standalone box or the (soon to be replaced with genestealers) Start Collecting. Basically GW cares a whole lot less about base sizes than any of its players since... possibly since forever, but at the very least since Wrathmongers and Blightkings.

If they do get an upgrade I doubt it'll be Trygon sized, but one of the slightly smaller oval bases first seen in Deathstorm, 70x105mm.

>> No.56107448

its 100x70mm I think.
its smaller than the trygons oval for sure.

not really new, the carnifex that was in the Deathstorm box had one.

>> No.56107449

>Farseer and Warlock sitting in a WS all game
Seems like a waste

>Millions of tanks, not all that much firepower
Bit of a rock-paper-scissors list. If they can deal with the tanks (especially if they kill the fire prisms quickly) you're fucked, otherwise you can probably absorb their attacks and then last turn drop the guardians and obsec to victory

>> No.56107453

Will stripping a resin model with alcohol damage it? Don't have the time to wait for simple green.

>> No.56107459

Nah I just like BRRRT

>> No.56107461

Enjoy your bugs, I'm not even done with a basic list for marines and have found ~20 of them

>> No.56107475

dunno. do you still have some of the flash or sprue bits you could test on?

>> No.56107502

4/10 novice bonesinging

Use dire avengers in 5-man units and get.effective troops that cost less, use the cost savings and drop a serpent to add better weapons to serpent #2.

Drop the CTM from the night spinner, it's never closest to what you want to shoot

Nigga, where are your spirit stones!!!!

Use Iyanden craftworlds trait, work in a single hemlock at higher points.

>> No.56107504

You could pick up the Word Bearers Dark Apostle from Betrayal at Calth.

>> No.56107520

Second thought, drop two serpents, night spinner, get a falcon, get a hemlock

>> No.56107531

Unfortunately no.

>> No.56107542

Thank you for the precisions.

>> No.56107553

You a boob guy, Anon?

>> No.56107568

how does this alaitoc list sound?

1x asurmen
1x autarch on bike w/ laser lance or relic w/e
just reroll 1s plz
1x spiritseer

10x scorpions, exarch with claw

10x dire avengers
10x dire avengers
5x rangers

3x vypers w/ double shurican
1x crimson hunter

5x reapers, exarch w/ tempest launcher
5x reapers, exarch w/ tempest launcher
5x reapers, exarch w/ reaper launcher
1x fire prism
1x wraithlord w/ brightlance and flamers

should be 7 cp and just under 2k. I'm planning on making an aoe2 style death square with all the reapers and avengers getting an invul save and rerolling 1s.

>> No.56107583

Any help on my list? Raven Guard 1994/2k

Battalion Detach
>Captain, Combi-plasma Jump Pack, ThunderHam, Armor Indomitus
>Lieutenant, Jump Pack, Plasma pistol, Power axe
>x5 Sniper Scouts with cloaks
>x5 Sniper Scouts with cloaks
>x5 Sniper Scouts with cloaks
>x6 Aggressors, Boltstorms
>x6 Aggressors, Boltstorms
>x5 Reivers, Grav Chutes, Grapnel, Carbines
>x5 Hellblasters, Assault incinerators

Vanguard Detach
>Techmarine biker, chainsword, conversion beamer, storm bolter, twin bolter
>Dreadnought, twin autocannons, twin lascannons
>Dreadnought, twin autocannons, twin lascannons
>Dreadnought, twin autocannons, twin lascannons
>Dreadnought, missile launcher, heavy flamer
>Fast Attack
Tarantula Sentry Gun, Twin Heavy Bolter

>> No.56107584

quick question where are the points cost and rules for knights in 8th ed?

>> No.56107593

Varies with the knight type

>> No.56107594

Index Imperium 2 or Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

>> No.56107597

>>taking a fire prism without a second one to link with.

Why do you hate yourself anon?

>>Crimson hunter instead of hemlock

You really do hate yourself

>>not 2x 5 scorpions for double claws

It's time to stop

>> No.56107609

Make your own, first step decide whether you want him to have robes or not.

I kitbashed mine out of a Ashen Circle body with a massive hammer and it looks the business.

>> No.56107620

knight warder, i want the points cost not the "power cost"

>> No.56107637

warden i mean derp.

>> No.56107642

thoughts on this lord I put in here? He goes in the rhino to start, but isn't part of the melee group, he jumps out to give auras to the shooty noise bois.

I could replace him with like 3 melee noise marines.

>> No.56107648

Again, it's in Imperial Index 2 or the AdMech codex. The points are in the back of both books.

>> No.56107665


>> No.56107671

bio plasma was something else in 4th edition but i can't remember. something like 1 shitty attack on a big iniative

>> No.56107673


well protip for the future, always keep some sprue for testing reactions to chemicals you're unaure unsure of.

>> No.56107681

12 3 3 8 8 24 4 9 3+
320 points naked plus 95 point Gatling, 17 point heavy flamer, 30 points sword and 4 point stubber

Rules are the same as always, it can just walk out of melee.

>> No.56107688

>nurglefags so lazy they can't take the other things Duncan has shown them and apply it to something else

>> No.56107694

thanks, i was only looking at the power point profiles,

>> No.56107697

I've used it on plastic before and it's fine, just not resin.

>> No.56107705

yeah it was just 1 extra double I attack.
5e onwards bioplasma was the shkrt range plasma cannon.

>> No.56107715

hate to be a bother but i was wondering if you can just add a knight to an imperial army without any added strings or is there some hoops i have to jump through?

>> No.56107717

didn't carnifexes get 11-13 attacks at most on a certain loadout

bio-plasma, charging, tusks, crushing claws, scything talons, scythe tail, idk what else

>> No.56107720

juat take a superheavy auxiliary detatchment. no hoops

>> No.56107726

Anyone got the new eldar point values yet?

>> No.56107729

it was a lot. but I'm pretty only like 8 or 9 (which was huge in 4e)

>> No.56107739

Nigger I just want to watch Duncan paint another big mini for 30+ minutes while getting a nice good tip on his brush.

>> No.56107745

let me guess: 3 base, +1 talons, +2 charge, +3 tail, +1 bio-plasma, claws +3 too?

>> No.56107762

Just say that you want to watch him paint some more then instead of "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Nothing gay about it or anything.

>> No.56107775

i should have prefaced all of this with the fact i havent played since 4th ed, what entails a super heavy aux detachment?

>> No.56107776

Why the fuck would I reeeee when I've been waiting for a "Duncan paints a BIG mini" for fucking AGES

>> No.56107812

isnt army builder shit ?

That is at least what my friends tell me, i dont know whether it is true

>> No.56107829

It's a detachment that lets you take a super heavy. That's all there is to it.

>> No.56107839

for further reading i take it i would find it in the 40k main rule book?

>> No.56107869

Yea, all of the detachments are in the core book. But really there isn't anything else to it. If you want a Knight or something you just take a super heavy aux detachment and fill the slot it includes with your super heavy of choice.

>> No.56107871

I have never played warhammer but I've been collecting and painting models.
In anticipation of a new nid codex I have sifted through the assorted crap I've been collecting over the decades and found I own almost an army of the little critters.
I have:
2 zoan
6 gaunts (unassembled)
16 termagaunt
9 Hormagaunt
10 genestealers
1 fex
4 warriors
1 broodlord
1 tyrant

I'm thinking of actually playing with the new codex since the rules are simple enough for a retard like me to grasp, but my question here is;
Do I wait to buy more or do I get something now to supplement my dudes in anticipation of the codex release?

>> No.56107883

so im new to the game, never played but i have gotten a few models and painted them an i enjoyed it but now im looking for an army to play and ive been thinking about playing orks. now from what i understand from my friends who play is they are garbage and i shouldnt but can i get some second opinions? should i play orks? are they garbage? if they are will they get buffed and if they are good is a nerf incoming? all help appreciated.

>> No.56107885

>why the fuck would I reeeeee
Did you mean wouldn't? Just for clarification purposes. Anyways, it's called patience anon, it's a good thing to have. It's not like he can just teleport behind a mini and instantly have it painted.

>> No.56107897

Nigger have you not watched Duncan's vids? Every time he starts a step he casts Warp Time and that step is instantly complete. It shouldn't take him this long to finish Morty.

>> No.56107898

>start collecting dark eldar
>start lurking 40kg

what next

>> No.56107904

So you're going to want to download the new rulebook out of the megaupload link in the first post and have a read of it, because the rules have changed a wee bitty bit since 4th... back then, as I recall, the only thing that could cause you to use anything other than the Bog Standard Force Organisation Chart was playing a narrative mission, or Apocalypse.

What we have now is twelve universal Detachments, each with its own Force Organisation Chart, which you can mix and match to squeeze your army into a legal organisation. One of the twelve is the Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment, whose Force Organisation Chart is literally just "1 Lord of War," no frills, no bonuses.

(Lords of War being things like super-heavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures, and Primarchs.)

>> No.56107911

They haven't gotten their 8th ed codex yet and nobody has any idea as to what it will include so no one can really tell you atm if they're getting buffed or not. Currently though they aren't terrible with certain builds.

>> No.56107915

It's because people like you are rushing him, he must've been pressured and gotten perils.

>> No.56107926

Pick another army and have fun.

>> No.56107930

Do you like Ork lore.
Do you think you'll like building/painting possibly hundreds of Orks.
Are there any factions you think you'll like either/both of these aspects more than when applied to Orks.

If the answers to the above questions are 'yes, yes, no', then play Orks. They're not great at the moment but we have no idea what state they'll be in a years' time.

>> No.56107931

What's the best way to do space elves that do almost all their killing in cc ?

>> No.56107932

He should have fucking saved a command reroll then.

>> No.56107936

Do multiple quick soaks with brushing in between them. Long term exposure might damage it, but ethanol shouldn't outright ruin it on contact

>> No.56107937

do you think seeing how the nid dex turns out might give me insight as to how they will treat my boys in green?

>> No.56107951

Personally, no. But who knows at this point. Some of the codexes feel like they've had a lot of care put into them and others are kinda eh.

>> No.56107954

found my old codex.
its base D6 (cruahing claws), +1 Talons, + 2 charging with Tusks, +1 Bioplasma, +D3 Tail Scythe. So a potential of 13, average 9.5.
Though tail is half S I1 and bioplasma didn't get the MC AP2 2D6 pen.

>> No.56107993

What relic (if any) should I give the champion in my list here? He goes with the melee noise marines in the rhino

>> No.56107997


>> No.56107998

for 146 points if anyone wonders.

>> No.56107999

Anyone know where I can get a trygon tail, none on google search or ebay

>> No.56108027

I'd stick with qhat youv got as a small army to learn the game. Once youve got an idea of how to play you'll have a good idea what playstyle you want to go with and which units to ad to get there.

>> No.56108057

Are we ever gonna get Doom Rider back?

>> No.56108070

Not likely.
GW doesn't appreciate the "80s cool" factor anymore.

>> No.56108072


I'll loot and rape your corpse. I'm deep in the RP now, there can be no redemption.

>> No.56108078

Eldrad -30
Farseer -6
Farseer Skyr -24
W conclave 0
W Sky conclave -10
Warlock 5
Warlock Sky -5
Prince Yriel -4
Autarch 0
Autarch wing 0
Autarch skyr 1
Autarch jump REMOVED
Avatar 0
Asurmen 0
Baharroth -10
Fuegan -10
Jain Zar -6
Karandras -18
Mauguan Ra -19
Illic -8
Crimson Hunter -23
Crimson Ex -48
Dark Reapers 0
Dire Avengers -2
Falcon -49
Fire dragons 0
Fire prisms -3
Guardian def 0
Guardian platform 0
Hemlock -11
Banshees -3
Night Spinner -20
Rangers -8
Shining Spears -6
Spirit seers -21
Storm Guardians 0
Scorpions -4
Hawks -4
Support weapon -47
Vypers -14
W Walkers -11
Spiders -4
Wave Serpent 0
Windriders -2
Wraithblades 0
Wraithguards 0
Wraithknight 0
Wraithlord 0

>> No.56108083


Wargear DELTA
Shupistol 0
Singing Spear -9
Twin catapult -5
Wichblade -7
Starglave 6
Fusion pistol 0
Power sword 0
Fusion gun 0
Laser lance -1
Wichstaff 0
Shuriken catap 0
Brightlance 0
Scatterlaser -5
Starcannon -15
Shuriken cannon -2
Pulse laser 0
Aeldari blade 0
Flamer 0
Chainsword -1
Plasma grenades 0
Avenger catapult -3
Power glaive 0
Diresword 0
shimmershield 0
Ranger long r. 0
Executioner -9
Mirror swords -1
Scorpion c.s. -1
Scorpion claw -8
Biting blade -4
Mandiblaster 0
Ghost sword 0
Ghost axe -5
Forceshield -2
Wraithcannon 0
D-scythe 0
Wg. fists 0
Lasblaster 0
Hawk talon 0
Death spinner 0
Power blades 0
Starlance -2
Paragon sabre -4
ghostglaive 0
D-cannon -5
Shadown w 4
Vibrocannon 10
Reaper launcher -9
Tempest l. -11
Doom weaver 0
Prism cannon 0
Twin shucan -7
Twin scatter -13
Twin starcan -32
Twin AML 0
Twin br. Lance 0
Heavy D-scythe 0
Heavy w-cannon 0
Suncannon 0
Titanic glaive -35
Scattershield 0
Titanic feet 0
melta bomb 0
Dragon B. flamer 0
Firepike -2
banshee mask 0
wraithbone fists 0
titanic w.b. fists 0
Spirit stones 0
Targeting matrix 0
Star eng 0
Vector eng 0

>> No.56108093

Repulsors are OP bullshit

>> No.56108099

why tho

>> No.56108104

>horribly overpriced vehicle that often dies turn one.
Yep, super OP.

>> No.56108106

all those 0s

How mad are Eldarfags going to be?

>> No.56108109

As an eldarfag, I'm pretty happy

>> No.56108113

I thought you guys were mad with the index because everything was horribly overcosted

>> No.56108120

Too many guns and shit

>> No.56108123

we're not a hive mind
that's tyranid players

>> No.56108128

They were overcosted for what they did.
Now most units got buffs to bring them in line with the price.

>> No.56108130

Only the windrider cheeselords, and they can get fucked with an acacia tree.

>> No.56108131

How many points does a repulsor cost again?

>> No.56108133

FW one looks great. And you can have one with sword or spear.

>> No.56108137

210 then weapon cost iirc so probably about Land Raider price

>> No.56108150

I'll take your advice
and only buy one Lictor, because cool

>> No.56108156

>The Aeldari, whose maturation patterns span nearly a century, cannot compete in numbers with a race whose generations multiply with the frantic pace of vermin.

Eldar take a century to reach maturity? 100 years of jailbait? Justify this.

>> No.56108162

You can have 10k years old MILF.

>> No.56108170

Healing D3 wounds isn't without precedent

>> No.56108172

Someone upload Craftworlds codex already

>> No.56108173

are we ever gonna get a 40k game with Christopher Rager screaming "Cocaine!" at the top of his lungs?

>> No.56108175

>weapons in front of exits
>will inevitably fire hurricaine bolters into disembarking troops

>> No.56108178

100 years of mental maturation, basicly they are hormonal teenagers for 80years.

>> No.56108181

should have put the storm bolter on top of the assault cannon turret.

>> No.56108185

No, weapons are behind the exits.

>> No.56108186

No wonder Slaanesh has such a fixation with tits and dicks.

>> No.56108191

When will the eldar Codex be added to the mega?

>> No.56108195


Wonder how much of that is custom parts and how much is from other kits.

I really want to get his original model one day

>> No.56108196

lol got that mixed up

>> No.56108199

Week from now.
We will sooner get link from some good anons or Vladimir.

>> No.56108201

>that daemonette with real tits
NOW Slaanesh is proud !

>> No.56108204

But yes, it's stupid , and one thing I'd never do if i played marines.

>> No.56108215

So Eldar are like this? Unf.

>> No.56108224

>Over the long millennia since the Fall, the clans of Saim-Hann have temporarily allied themselves to many other Aeldari factions. The Seer Councils of the major craftworlds have all attempted to sway their Saim-Hann cousins to join their own particular cause at some point or another, as they place a great value on the martial skill of the Wild Riders. Such entreaties have resulted in many significant triumphs for the Asuryani as a whole, but the obstinate and principled personality of the Saim-Hann people means these alliances often end in frustration. For example, the Wild Rider clans often join the warhosts of Biel-Tan in cleansing aliens from maiden worlds, but, because they find the extreme xenophobia of the Swordwind and its willingness to slaughter non-combatants distasteful, the coalition rarely lasts beyond the defence of the planet in question. The Saim-Hann Asuryani will also lend their strength to Ulthwé, where the cause is obvious, but they quickly grow wary of manipulations and baulk at attacking unprovoked foes, regardless of what future outcomes the seers of the Damned claim hinge upon doing so.

Saim-Hann are Chaotic Good?

>> No.56108227

Nah, they spend 100 years as angsty emo teens

>> No.56108236

Saim-Hann are Chaotic Good at best, more like Chaotic Neutral

>> No.56108238

Or edgy know-it-all teen ancap space pirates.

>> No.56108239

It's a huge fetish of mine to stick my dick in crazy and then fucking vanish off the face of the Earth. Crazy bitches are incredible in the sack; they have so much shit to vent and they vent it right onto my rock hard dick.

>> No.56108248

Saim-Hann are Aquaman

>> No.56108249

What are your thoughts on these changes for the drukhari codex? Too far? Not far enough?

Archon: Aura changed to reroll shots of 1 for 6" KABAL units
Succubus: +2A
Haemonculus: +1T, 5 point buff
Drazhar: 15 points cheaper. In addition, overwatch rolls may not be taken when this unit charges, and he gains Rampage
Urien Rakarth: 12 points cheaper
Lelith hesperax: 15 points cheaper, +1 T, no drugs

<KABAL> Units:
Kabalite warriors: take a heavy weapon on 9 models
Raider: give them splinter racks again

<WYCH CULT> Units:
Wyches: +1 A on a charge
Hekatrix Bloodbrides: +1 A on a charge, 3 Melee weapons available on a base unit, 5 on a unit of 10
Hellions: Deep strike, at the cost of -1 to hit on arrival
Reaver Jetbikes: -5 PPM

<COVEN> Units:

Talos Pain Engine: Gains FLY, -1 Leadership
Chronos Parasite Engine: Gains FLY, Adds 1 to all saving throws for units within 6" of this unit

(idea for a stratagem: Dark Artisan: -1 CP: Select 1 TALOS PAIN ENGINE model, 1 CHRONOS PARASITE ENGINE, and 1 HAEMONCULUS within 3 inches of each other. They are treated as a solitary unit. In addition, the Haemonculus loses his CHARACTER keyword while in this unit.)

Incubi: Overwatch rolls may not be taken when this unit charges.


splinter cannon: 3 points cheaper
heat lance: range increased to 20", point cost reduced by 3
Disintegrator cannon: point cost reduced by 5
Shredder: D6 hits. Automatically hits if the targeted unit has more than 8 models
liquifier gun: strength 4 base

Chain Flails: on a wound roll of 6, the AP value is changed to -2
Huskblade: on a wound roll of 6, inflict a mortal wound in addition to its normal wound.
Ichor Injector: change 6+ roll to D6 mortal wounds instead of D3
Macro-scalpel: Remove extra attacks with only 1 macro scalpel, instead change AP modifier to -3 base.

>> No.56108250

>It can be said in general that the Aeldari of Saim-Hann are not as concerned about the galaxy’s lesser races as other craftworlders are. There are exceptions, however. The Wild Riders do not hunt for pleasure, but all clans will attack any Ork colonies they locate, launching hit-and-run missions to thin the greenskins numbers and eliminate their largest and most formidable leaders. An ever deeper contempt is reserved for the Necrons; even the least clue as to the whereabouts of those ancient foes is enough to mobilise the Wild Riders for a hunt. Unlike the Orks, whose numbers are merely culled, Necrons are destroyed utterly and their tomb worlds extinguished. To the Imperium, who do not understand the disparate Wild Rider clans, the people of Saim-Hann remain an enigma, as likely to ally with them as they are to ignore or even assail them.

Aledari are racist against green and old people. Truly, they are the worst.

>> No.56108251

Or longer, depending on craftworld. Alaitoc eldar can spend up to two millennia in the emo teenage phase, while Saim-Hann eldar never really grow out of the angry teenager phase.

>> No.56108259

If you're only going to rune one Grav tank, make it a Falcon. Transport capacity, Webway Strike/Fire and Fade synergy, and weapons make it a great support gunboat.

Probably better off running a Brigade or breaking your force into more detachments.

Try and grab a Farseer for RoF. Doom is still one of the best "I need this to die, now" abilities.

Find a way to get a second Bright Lance on that WL.

>> No.56108265

Nice nazi armor there, faggot.

>> No.56108293

>Reaper launcher -9

Time to rev up those moody lads.

>> No.56108355

Eldar leak when?

>> No.56108358

I'm sure the basic grey knight squads and thousand sons aspiring sorcerors will get an exception.

>> No.56108370

doing a 2v1 with my tyranids vs some chaos and orks

>> No.56108381

>3 smites per turn

what the fuck will the point even be in running TSons then?

>> No.56108386

Taking bets now for how new Eldar will handle Morty and his dirty kids.
Told my cousin to bring him in a 1500pt game.

>> No.56108388

How do I make a good Ynnari list ? Im planning to do 2000pts(first list btw). What do /tg/ ?

>> No.56108404


>> No.56108407

Did you not see the Heat 1 of the warhammer tournament??
Razorback (AC) spam with girly man won! Gw just want to clear surplus kits now, expect this in every tournament until 9th.

>> No.56108409

What weapon does this guy have? A melta?

>> No.56108410

>The Red Tide

>he sixth wave of the Blood Crusade stabs into the galactic west, its forces materialising upon planets to wreak havoc. On the Imperial planet of Upsilon, one of the outermost bastions of Terra’s defences, the armies of Khorne are fought to a standstill. It is not Mankind’s defensive fortresses or walls that ultimately impede the slaughter, however, but the Wild Riders of Saim-Hann. No less than five entire clans descend into the maelstrom. The streams of jetbikes weave in between the wreckage of broken bunkers and smashed gun towers to pour devastating fire upon the massed Bloodletters before darting away. Baying with rage, the murderous Daemon hosts charge over and over but fail to reach their fleet foes. As the Daemons leave in frustration to find easier prey, the Asuryani too disperse, without a word to the stunned human survivors.

Orks and Tyranids combine their forces to stall the Blood Crusade, while the Eldar on their own stalled the Blood Crusade.

Does this confirm that the Eldar are the best xenos?

>> No.56108412


>> No.56108415

Combimelta by the looks of it

>> No.56108419

powerfist, combi melta

>> No.56108421

Dark Reapers
Dark Reapers
Dark Reapers
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Wave Serpent
Wave Serpent
Dark Reapers
Dark Reapers

>> No.56108424


>> No.56108437


>> No.56108443

They may get an exception rule or something, like some armies get, think of orks and their 'ere we go rule.

I just dont want to deal with smite spam tzeentch daemon armies and their armywide 4+ invulne horde horrer lists.

>> No.56108461

Min squads and stick together as much as possible, get as many soulbursts of your enemy and use the ones of your own army to max effect

Then experience never playing that army again like what happened to the Ynnari player in our lgs who did that with an average of turn 2 tabeling

>> No.56108463

They could always handle him with shuriken and doom. Now the shurikens reroll 1s if biel-tan

>> No.56108471

Anyone here got the EPUP of that new Fulgrim book?

>> No.56108483

Only the limited edition is out.
Epub and standard book will be out at january.

>> No.56108497

>alright guys, grey knights suck. how do we fix this?
t. GW

>> No.56108511

You're looking at 80+ Shuriken shots to even have a chance. That's assuming no powers have gone off for him as well.

>> No.56108515

Do any of you guys have any idea which chapter this is supposed to be? The only guess I have is best boy Salamanders, but the green's too bright for that and the only thing on fire is that drop pod.
Source is https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=58377737 if there's something in there recognizable.

>> No.56108525

didn't click the link but there's a dark angel deathwing terminator in the (ultramarine) rhino

>> No.56108529

Much less with Doom

>> No.56108549

Build your own!

>> No.56108556

When did traitors get assault cannons and storm bolters?

>> No.56108571

Possibly more of a Fantasy question but
Anyone know a souce for Bolt Throwers? The High Elf ones were discontinued

>> No.56108580

Gonna be starting primaris marines, what do I need to get first? What chapter tactics should I do and all that shit?

>> No.56108583


>> No.56108587

>a deathwing terminator from Dark Vengeance in a UM rhino
2 nukes were not enough

>> No.56108591

hellblasters and raven guard

>> No.56108595

I don't see why though. It can't be that hard to make an assault cannon or storm bolter.

>> No.56108612

Hellblasters are the plasmas dudes right, and what does the raven guard ruling do?

>> No.56108614

18 wounds. DR save means 33.3% are ignored.
Armor ignores 66%.
Only wound about 50% due to rerolls.
Hit 75%.
Working backwards means...
216 Shuriken Catapult shots to be safe.
You need 2 ten man DA squads, 2 twenty man Guardians squads, and a Farseer to try and one shot him.

>> No.56108623

> Khorne red to EVIL suns
Holy lack of transitions Batman. That probably looks horrible

>> No.56108646

ac/sb are harder to maintain and supply ammo and didn't exist during heresy

>> No.56108655

I thuroughlydisagree. Some of the options tyranids have look like shit. The "Enhanced Senses" head looks likea tumorous pulp of chaos mutations, and it doesn't even resemble any other tyranid.
Aesthetics > Complete accuracy.

>> No.56108659

>orks I2 melee race and nids without flyrant vs KDK
>scatterbikes spam vs KDK
TT is lore friendly again

>> No.56108662

you can inflitrate shit and -1 to hit outside of 12", makes their 15" rapid fire a bit better

plasma is correct

>> No.56108666

The 1kSons in the modern 40k have assault cannons.

>> No.56108673

Because they betrayed Imperium when stormbolters and asscannons werent common weapons(2 legions were using prootype ass cannons)

>> No.56108684

>Genestealer cult Electro-priests
Consider your idea stolen.

>> No.56108689

It's rotor cannon(legions had them s3)+ warpfuckery.
Not assaultcannon
Nice numbers btw

>> No.56108690

Yeah but can't they just get the Dark AdMech to make their own from scratch?

>> No.56108692

They have a fancy rotor cannon
Assault cannons are different for reasons that are not all that clear because it's just a multibarrel autocannon

>> No.56108694

i don't think so tim

>> No.56108699

in case anyone is interested

https //www.ebay com/itm/282710907904

>> No.56108707

Fug I'm an idiot this morning.

>> No.56108708

>dark Mechanicum interested in doing anything beside putting daemons into everything.

>> No.56108711

>https //www.ebay com/itm/282710907904
'das alotta tanks

>> No.56108717

I don't understand how tyranids work.
If a model has 5 attacks, monstrous scything talons and monstrous crushing claws, how do I attack?
Do I get to split the 5 attacks between the two weapons or what?

>> No.56108729

unfortunately I just havent liked the focus on the mechs since their newer codexs, I liked the mechanized infantry style from their 4th edition codex.

I just want someone to take care of them

>> No.56108745

>Dark AdMech
Maybe, but GW has decided that they aren't interested in tech heresy when they can just bottle Daemons like a fucking djini

>Dark Magos, what fabulous war machine have you crafted?

>> No.56108757

Oh yeah that's right. How could I forget.
Well my sides now hurt a little.

>> No.56108765

Seriously, no eldar leak yet? Is this what 4chan has become?

>> No.56108774

We have the point changes.
Not our fault you're a lazy illiterate fuck

>> No.56108783

If we don't get it till tommorow you can complain.
Now shut the fuck up.

>> No.56108786


I find it a little frustrating that the Dark Mechanicum are sold so short. I'd love to see stories about tech priests who fell to chaos because they wanted to pursue heretical lore, like building thinking engines, or they want to harness warp energy as a power source, or they wanted to do genetic manipulation that was forbidden by the Imperium, but they truly believe it will be for the best. Where are the insane tech priests stipped of all the limiting factors of their faith and heirachy, free to do whatever untold horrors their skills allow them to do in a realm where the normal laws of the universe no longer apply?

Instead we get "Stick a daemon in that thing, that'll do".

>> No.56108788

Necron codex? ;-;
Inb4 never

>> No.56108805

>Some Chapter Masters are wary of using the Razorback, partly because it is a relatively "recent" machine at only 4,000 years old.[4] They also believe it fails both as a troop transport and a battle tank, lacking the transport capacity or firepower and armour of dedicated machines. Others see it as filling a gap between the two, able to provide heavy fire support for squads assaulting the enemy, and freely mix Rhinos and Razorbacks together. Further uses include providing escort for armoured attacks and heavy reconnaissance in coordination with bike-mounted troops.[1]
>wary of using the Razorback, partly because it is a relatively "recent" machine at only 4,000 years old.
But why?

>> No.56108848

Hey /tg/ is there some sort of program for mixing paints? I have wanted to come up with a colour scheme for my Mechanicus but I'm not even sure where to start

>> No.56108859

Yeah it really is. I immediately regretted buying it after I did.

>> No.56108864

Feb 29th

>> No.56108871


>> No.56108878

It's very likely GW will announce the last 2 codex of the year at Blood and Glory, the 3rd November.

If you are lucky, maybe soon.

>> No.56108882

Well fuck

>> No.56108883

I bet you wait just outside Mars orbit for the newest "Mark X" armor too
You're such a sheep, it's just a minor update but you're all
>Oh look! It's so new and cool I NEED it!

>> No.56108887

>Has two vehicles with different loadouts, one slightly better

I don't think you know what WAAC means.

>Deathwatch ever being WAAC

You must be very bad at this game.

>> No.56108893

Got a good laugh out of me.

>> No.56108898

The rotation around the sun is 365.26 days long. The year is 365 days long. 365.25 days on average with a leap year factored in. Which means that technically, every 100 years, we should have an extra, extra day. Like a February 30th.

So, when the calendar is reformed to recognize this fact, and on the next February 30th, that is when the necron codex is scheduled to release. I can give you a preview now.

4CP: Reroll all reanimation proticol rolls for one unit this turn.

>> No.56108918

I think home depot or lowes has a paint color guarantee, where they guarantee you that they can find the paint you're after.

You could use photoshop to make your color scheme and then take the colors to one of those stores and order gallons of paint for it.

>> No.56108922

Ha ha ha, necrons are only okay now.

>> No.56108940

>Using house paint on models

My keks are infinite

>> No.56108947

>implying reanimation protocols is even useful
>implying it could be 4 cp to auto pass reanimation and necrons wouldn't still have the same problems

>> No.56108956

Going to be going to my local gw today.

Haven't been out of my house in about a month. What should I expect when I get there? Should I even bother shaving?

>> No.56108969

>Should I even bother shaving?
As long as you bathe it doesn't really matter.

>> No.56108974

It'll depend on the store; my "local" store is small and run by one friendly guy but there ARE horror stories. Always shave; don't be an animal. Why haven't you left your house in a month? You alright, Anon?

>> No.56108985

Just act normal. Keep saying no to the GW employee even if he is crying and losing his job next day.

>> No.56108990

unemployed? depressed? ordering delivery every day with either the family or government's money?

>> No.56109003

I got your meme, I am just laughing b/c necrons were so overpowered in 6th and 7th that you complaining now about waiting months for a codex is kinda funny.

Don't worry, I'm sure it will be OP when they get around to it.

>> No.56109006

Read the core rules, its ,like 12 pages and tells you everything you need to know in this case.

To summarise, you pick a weapon or weapons to make as many attacks as you want with each with up to a total of the attacks the mini gets, and any limits that may be specified in the weapons rules. You dont have to use all the weapons a mini has.

>> No.56109021

Might as well never leave, where's your sense of commitment?

>> No.56109022

>tfw the ahriman omnibus had an awesome tech-heretic character who died ingloriously

Carmenta was great.

>> No.56109040

I've just taken a leave from work for the whole month since it's near the end of the year and I have to use it up.
It happened around the same time I bought some more models as well as a new computer. So my days have been mostly just that.

Not sure what it feels to be depressed but I would assume no?
I have stocks of food at my place and would usually bake my own bread each day.
>government money?

Well I do work for the government so technically yes

>> No.56109044

Just because Mk. III is the pinnacle of the Emperor's mastery of technology does not mean Mk. VI and Mk. VIII have no place, battlebrother.
I agree though, those Mk. X armors look awful and heretical though, and those Primaris guys don't seem much better.

>> No.56109063

I get mine Tuesday

>> No.56109078

Where did you read this?

>> No.56109083

Echoing everyone else, make one yourself

>> No.56109095

>Mk. III is the pinnacle of the Emperor's mastery of technology
Mk III is heavy armour for void boarding actions etc
most advanced were Mk IV and Mk VI.

>> No.56109138

Oh good, you had me worried. Speaking from experience, being depressed is the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry; nothing you found enjoyable is fun anymore and even your favourite meals become a chore to eat.

>> No.56109150

Since Iron Warriors kinda hate chaos
Is it worth just running them with the loyalist codex, since it means you actually get some artillery tanks as well as cataphractii terminators

>> No.56109171

I would say the milestones are MkII, IV and VII. II was the best at the time and had user comfort as its main benefit. It's still held as a great suit, but it's resource and maintenance heavy due to its construction. MkIV was built on what was learned from the MkII as an easier to make and maintain suit with all the latest bells and whistles in it. MkVII is what the MkVI was suppose to be, before it was pressed into service, which is why the two are very interchangeable and why MkVI still continues in service. MkVI/VII took what lessons were learned from the MkIV, mainly that fancy parts aren't always available, so the suits are able to use simpler technologies to repair them.

>> No.56109174

How much trouble do you suppose techmarines have moving around with all their wires and servo-arms?

>> No.56109200

With all their mind-machine interface technology, it's probably as hard as having a few extra pairs of hands on your back.

>> No.56109204

glad you're alright anon. I went through a period where I didn't leave the house for months except to get groceries at midnight.

It wasn't a good time of my life, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

>> No.56109223

Having all of that is bound to make going through doors hard.

>> No.56109230

Ghost warrior epub when?

>> No.56109250

how does ammo runts work with kombi skorchas? can i re-roll how many hits the skorcha gets?

>> No.56109268

Storm bolter and combi-bolter used to be the same (and are once again). In old fluff "storm bolter" was just a nickname for a "combination bolter". And assault and autocannon were sometimes mixed. In Space Crusade the autocannon marine is holding a Gatling gun.

There's also old art of traitor marines with thunder hammers and storm shields.

>> No.56109298

Did you try reading the rule and applying the definitions of words contained in that rule to the question you're asking?

>can reroll hit rolls
>flamer weapons don't make hit rolls

Gee, I wonder how this rule could apply? It doesn't seem like it could.

Why is the 40k community so fucking dumb?

>> No.56109304

Having the ability to move them like your own limbs (and quite possibly sense their position as well) should make it fairly easy to get them out of the way.

>> No.56109308

You know, I just realized the dark mech are basically an entire faction of doctor weirds

>> No.56109317

thats why i asked ya dummy.

it would make sense for it to have some kind of effect on flamers too you know.

>> No.56109327

I'll go with that.

>> No.56109330

>it would make sense that a runt carrying bullets would be able to help an ork carrying a flamer

>> No.56109336

> doesn't have a codex yet

its in the IG codex

>> No.56109359

That's at least how I see it. We know Marine armour is like a second skin to them thanks to the Black Carapace, Admech bodies full of bionics are literally their bodies they control with all their creepy crawly things all over them, and they use stuff like mechadendrites to get to those hard to reach places, so they must have some fine control and sense over them. I always assumed all the cables hanging off of techmarines/priest models were mechadendrites.

>> No.56109367

what about giving him an extra tank of fuel

dont be a tard

>> No.56109390

>index weapon swaps are no longer allowed

Well, I really hope they put out a model for a storm shield terminator librarian, because at the moment the Index is the only thing keeping my model legal.

Glad I never got around making those twin HB land speeders, that would have been a disaster.

>> No.56109408

tourneyfags shaking

>> No.56109416

>'would make sense'
>Ork weapons

>> No.56109436


>> No.56109451

I feel your pain, but the ideal solution is that GW prints out rules for those models in chapter approved and integrates them into the codex, while banning all indexes with codex updates. Right now, RAW, you can just ignore any nerf in the codex by using the index version, because of how vaguely the rule is worded.

Also, having past versions of the units still be legal ruins GW's ability to balance the game. What if the overpowered aspect of a unit is an index weapon option? Right now, GW has no way to nerf that short of increasing its point cost, which nerfs it for every unit.

>> No.56109471

The ebook is fucking out, where's the Craftworlds codex leak?!

>> No.56109474

How many Heldrakes is too many?

>> No.56109484

27 usually

>> No.56109487

I have the ebook. I wont upload it because you look like some poor shitter from third world begging for food.

>> No.56109488

Where N is just the right amount

>> No.56109499

psst, when you open the doors, you stop firing.

Not rocket science ;) Civvies have trouble grasping such shit I guess.

>> No.56109509

Would running one of the old Thunder Warrior models as an Imperial Space Marine counts as be fine with people? I want to vary my Talons of the Emperor list a little and having a Thunder Warrior in it to some degree seems fun.

>> No.56109514

/tg/ used to get shit done. Getting shit done was it's own reward. Have a (you) and enjoy being a failure of a fa/tg/uy.

>> No.56109517

And how are they supposed to get out of they need to be firing at the same time?

>> No.56109521

N=half your age,+7

>> No.56109526

>Since Iron Warriors kinda hate chaos

They don't.

>Is it worth just running them with the loyalist codex

No, they're Chaos Marines and make heavy use of daemon engines, way more than any whirlwind.

>> No.56109537


No matter how sucky they are now, I will always take Hellblades instead of that abomination for edgy kids

>> No.56109538

/tg/ used to do a minimum of legwork before laying on the ground and opening their mouth, hoping for food to fall in.

>> No.56109541

Wow, autism much?

>> No.56109542

Weeeell... upload it for me maybe? My shop will receive it on monday-tuesday and I need it just now or i will die out of listing starvation.

>> No.56109547

man if you've got one I'd high five you when you put it on the table.

>> No.56109551

I know in Chapter Master the Chaos Space Marines would usually have six Helldrakes. Don't take that many.

>> No.56109556

Iron warriors love chaos.

You don't build a rape impregnation factory if you dislike your daemonic bosses.

>> No.56109565

For fucks sake.
I'm waiting for codex too and even I'm irritated by constant "codex leak when".
Just wait couple hours retards.

>> No.56109567

>>Should I do this thing?

>> No.56109570

>correcting someone is autism
>trying to run them as loyalists just so you can get artillery and stuff

>> No.56109573

I plan on buying both the different model types after I get my next two custodes squads. Shame you are limited to one Imperial Space Marine.

I would not even care about no chapter tactics, I just want a rad as fuck golden army on the table.

>> No.56109594

What will they nerf in the eldar codex in 2 weeks?

>> No.56109607

Since Word Bearers hate chaos and are really faithful, should I just run them as Sisters of Battle so I can get acts of faith?

>> No.56109608

my buddy collects rogue trader figs and uses the original space marine as his Imperial Space Marine for his crimson fists.

>> No.56109616

What will annoy salty guardfags the most?

>> No.56109618

Go back to reddid

>> No.56109624

probably modifier stacking. that seems like it will be the most complained about, and GW is like a willow in the wind.

>> No.56109625

You should run them as Sisters who can summon Legion of the Damned after disembarking.

>> No.56109626


>Word Bearers hate chaos

WTF am I reading?

>> No.56109634

Nice, most people dont like the models but I love them. The old Custodes rogue trader era model is also on my wishlist.

Hell a lot of the metal models in general I love, like I dont play chaos but I want to get the old Doomrider model just to paint and display it.

>> No.56109635

How mad would you be if I used Tomb King snake monsters as renegade Sentinels for my dudes

>> No.56109637


>> No.56109655

Just fluff Celestine as an undivided Daemon Prince and convert your Girlyman to look like lorgar and you're good to go!
Also, since it would be fluffy to have masses of faithful cultists, I'd reccommend adding at least a good 60 to 120 conscripts-counts as to the list as well. I'd also reccommend using some Inquisitors as counts as Apostles to "Inspire" bravery in your troops!

>> No.56109658


>Using priceless out of print plastic

Those conversions better be impeccable my man.

>> No.56109665

Do it, and i'll run my SoB as Word Bearers.

>> No.56109670

That sounds like a really fluffy list.

Word Bearers like summoning too. What if I ran a few deep striking storm troopers as counts as summoned daemons?

>> No.56109684

Guard are better Daemons than Daemons

>> No.56109686

Legion of the Damned?
But only summoned after disembarking.

>> No.56109687


>> No.56109721


>> No.56109728


>> No.56109747

Waacfags with axe and maul Catachans btfo

>> No.56109767

I'll probably be grabbing several start collecting Eldar kits to do an Iyanden ghost army, but have no real use for the war walkers. Anything interesting I could do with them?

>> No.56109785

Since Death Guard hate chaos and are really organized and into innovation, should I just run them as Ultramarines so I can get primaris?

>> No.56109800

Not really. Power swords and power fists are better for Catachans.

>> No.56109806

Any model you don't use you can use it for basing.

>> No.56109809

shove them up your urethra while screaming 'I'm not WAAC'

>> No.56109811

You totally could if you wanted. But death guard are better than primaris.

>> No.56109817

it's no wonder that the loudest shitposters here post the same pics on /v/ threads about warhammer

>> No.56109823

So, what would my 1k worth of points model wise be? Not really my strong suit, army lists.

>> No.56109829

>tfw trying to paint my Battle Sisters but I have a cold and the sneezing and eye watering is too much
>tfw losing an entire weekend of painting

>> No.56109843

But primaris have electrolytes. It's what marines need!

>> No.56109859

>Index options no longer allowed
>In other words Fuck Your Conversions

Why does NuGW hate fun and creativity?

>> No.56109870

As a primarily cult player, here are my thoughts:
Shouldn't be punished to melee only rerolls. No other army is restricted this way. I mean fuck, Necrons get +1 hit that extends to melee with MWBD. Deldar are extremely competitive amongst themselves, and being around their leader should reflect that. Rerolling 1s to hit and wound in both melee and shooting wouldn't break the game for a T3 6+ melee unit. Hellions and Reavers have better shooting, but they're often out of range because of their speed.

They should also get Dodge and No Escape. They're fast enough to fall back, shoot, and assault in the same turn, but they can't stop a few tau from moonwalking out of combat or dodge some IG squad leader with a power sword? I also feel 17pts is a bit high. Maybe 15 pts would do them a world of good because they do hurt when they get there. Deepstriking is a yes, though why the -1 to hit? It's ok for CSM to Deepstrike a billion combi-plasma, but a bunch of T3 5+ dudes with 2 poison shots is imba enough to warrant a -1 hit? Come on now.
Side note, I think a Strat to let their D2 damage spill over would be fucking hot. Call it Hellish Slaughter. (or give it to them on the charge, but that might be greedy. Still T3 5+ though)


>> No.56109881

>wych weapons
Currently, the Hydra Gauntlets are the only weapon worth taking. Again. Rerolling wounds is significant forna base S3 melee unit. On top of that, the Shardnet doesn't even have rules because they just copied the Impaler from the succcubus profile, which means the shardnet+impaler combo doesn't grant an extra attack like the others, and the D2 doesn't make up for it in the slightest (if wounds carried over it might). Likewise, rerolling 1s to hit and wound are pointless when the Succubus already does that for the unit and hydra gauntlets reroll all wounds, so the razorflails are shit. The SnI should either spill over its damage or give a bonus/penalty to no escape and/or hit, and the razor flail should have better AP.

They should be like your kabalites and get weapons 3 in 9, or really just 1 for every 3 in the unit, like Reavers. I think dodge should apply against any unit within like 6" of them, not just melee. They're close enough to reflexively get out of the way. It also gets around why they can dodge a Keeper of Secrets attacking them, but not a guardsmen with a Las Pistol.

Definitely need to be cheaper, though W2 has helped them a lot. As silly as this is, I think they need a speed boost. They should be faster than wind riders, while giving up their Dodge and No Escape for pure speed. Giving them a minimum charge distance would be interesting, too.

>> No.56109895

Spend your time instead in prayer for our rumored January codex drop, reflection on the best way to serve the Immortal God-Emperor of All Mankind with different army configurations, and diligent study of ebay to improve thy covenant's battle-craft.

>> No.56109915

because Chapterhouse 'won' that lawsuit. It was the death-knell of conversions.

>> No.56109929

Because they love companies not being able to steal their IP through loopholes more

>> No.56109931

Not enough variety for the 3 armies
>Kabal should be all about weapons and vehicles, at the cost of durability
>Cult should be all speed and horde at the cost of ranged damage
>Coven should be tough and have a lot of morale fuckery, at the cost of speed

Wych weps need changing: Bridges should be able to take 4 weps per 5 like Trueborn, Reavers need to be cheaper, drugs need to be a buyable upgrade per unit for non Wych armies or a Kabal that isn't led by THE DUKE
There's a lot that could be done

>> No.56109934

New thread
New thread


>> No.56109994


It's not 7th anymore, so I thought now might be a good time to do the Iyanden force I had my eye on for a bit in 6th.

>> No.56110046

>50/50 won rate
>better make my list imperial soup and spam Conscripts
Fuck off, faglord.

>> No.56110293

>y tho

Because chaos gear HAS to be weak, ugly versions of Glorious Imperial Things. GW devs are far more interested in seeming clever to co-workers than in impressing customers with their knowledge of grimdark and underatanding of game balance.

This is known.

>> No.56110317

I thought GW removed options from the Space Marines codex that did not have any official model.

So what is the official model for a Chapter Champion that wields two swords?
Why would they remove any options for Company Champions even though the kit which includes a Company Champion has quite a lot of options?

>> No.56110333

Let my just activate my telepathic link to GW HQ.

>> No.56110414



Second question was rhetorical. I am frustrated by the lack of options for some of the models.

>> No.56110439

>So what is the official model for a Chapter Champion that wields two swords?
The only model for a Chapter Champion that's ever been released: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Space-Marine-Marneus-Calgar-and-Honour-Guard
Yes, it's an Ultramarine. No, there's no generic equivalent. Yes, you can just kitbash a plastic one together out of whatever left and right-handed power swords you can find.

>> No.56110453



GW dilettantes stole all their everything from actually talented people and now claim it as "their" IP. It isn't fair that any actually talented people later made money by producing grimdark things GW did not, so someone must now pay - and that someone is customers because fuck those assholes for supporting us AND ChapterHouse.

t. The House Kirby Built

>> No.56110480

Company Champions have never had options though. They've always been "Pay x points (usually 15) and turn a veteran into a company champion. Company champions get a power sword and a combat shield. They also get rule x". There is a head, chest-plate, power sword and a shield in the kit that is fairly clearly meant to be a company champion. They were not customisable after becoming a champ because they were no longer a "veteran" which were what could get further customisation options.

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