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Post your face when your DM makes the rocks fall

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my party in the background

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I'm the dorf in the back.

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>Post your face when your DM makes the bass drop

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did we encounter yet another astroid belt in decaying orbit?

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I've never had a group so bad that the DM made rocks fall, nor a DM so autistic that he'd drop rocks on us.

Unless you count that time the campaign had to be cut short because of people moving away and stuff, but even that was to facilitate a Highlander-style last-PC-standing battle royale in the afterlife. So I guess pic related.

Not really, though. Our party was a dysfunctional, bickering mess, and every hit I landed in that fight was goddamn carthartic.

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>I've never had a group so bad that the DM made rocks fall,

What, you never have traps either? Or bridges break? Man your games must suck.

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Never to the point of instant, party-wide death, no. There was one time a trap instantly knocked the bard into death saving throws, but that was because he thought that touching the bronze dragon skeleton with other humanoid skeletons around it was a good idea. Zap.

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>slippery slope
Now the only fallacy you're lacking for the dread trifecta is moving the goalpost. Keep it up!

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Who said anything about insta death? It's more about making sure the party is engaged in shit and not just wandering about. My DM atleast makes sure to describe the setting properly, subtle though it may be. Doing it to harm the party to a great degree is kinda stupid.

Aren't you the same autist that posted in the LFG thread about online randoms being shit?

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Anon, instant party death is what "rocks fall" means. The full phrase is "rocks fall, everyone dies", taken from myriad stories of angry DMs crushing the party with a cave-in or a building collapse or such. Usually it was a punishment for not following the railroad, or because the party was so annoying that the DM lost his patience. Or both.

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>What, you never have traps either? Or bridges break? Man your games must suck.
Rocks falling is a specific act of "right, out of nowhere your party dies" of the GM, usually due to their annoyance at what the party is doing. It's similar to instakill traps, except it's not a trap, it's "ok, I decided your character dies arbitrarily".

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It happened last week, this campaign has been going for over a year. He said it was because we weren't taking the game seriously. Those sessions were the highlight of my week and now for the first time in over a year I'm going to have nothing to do tomorrow. I don't even know where I would find another group. Everything is sad now.

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Does "rocks fall, everyone dies" ever actually happen though

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Story time plz

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60% of GM's would love to do it
Only around 2% actually have the balls to do it

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Happened to me on my very first DnD group ever. We had been running it for a little bit and I was a halfling rogue who was sort of the moral center of the party and kept on tending to our retarded, bloodthirsty orc barbarian. Or maybe he was half-orc. Anyway, the DM said he was writing stories about our characters, summarizing our adventures and adding some embellishments and such. He was a Creative Writing major and really didn't have any talent, but who cares. So, we were doing some bullshit that reminded me suspiciously of a side quest in Baldur's Gate, and when the orc tried to do something retarded, for whatever reason I think I let it pass. The DM got on my case about that being something my character wouldn't do and although I didn't feel strongly about it,but I argued because it was incredibly annoying. Once he started to read some of stories and the dialogue of my character, which was not verbatim from me but rather half-remembered by the DM, I got assblasted and started arguing much more intensely. Eventually it culminated in a mage NPC who showed up and was particularly sensitive to even the lightest banter. When our ranger made the very slightest joke about the barmaid at the inn, the mage instantly smote us down with superior mage because it turned out that was his daughter.

I was mad and this was my face. And then I didn't touch DnD for five years and stuck with GURPS.

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Alright, but I'll warn I'm no great entertainer.
>friend from college introduces me to my first DnD group
>hyped as shit but nervous, turns out they're chill, hit it off well
>adventure starts with us already part of an adventurer's guild, being sent on our first mission (we were playing the old Keep on the Borderlands module)
>sword-and-board human fighter with a penchant for used-car-salesman speeches
>witch that do that voodoo, also world's only narcoleptic elf
>nature lover half-elf "it's not cannibalism when I'm a dragon" shapeshifter
>second elf, sherlock with a gun, real quiet
>our characters are sassy as shit, GM plays it that the guild stuck us on this job halfway across the world because we were driving them up the wall
>fight together, bicker together, drink together, snark together
>it's magical, what have I been doing with my life before tabletop
>go through really obtuse means of success, establish peace between the local beastman tribe and the town instead of killing them, use dream-diving to contact the kidnapped princess and learn her location, stuff like that
>discover a cult conspiracy behind the town's nightmares, eventually figure out it's all for reviving a minor god that looks like a giant mosquito
>finally meet one of the cultists, collectively poke fun at the fact that his god is a mosquito while we fight off his undead horde, no wonder his magic is so weak, etc
>GM says he casts a fireball at the roof of the cavern we're in, collapsing it around us so we all die, no dice
>"if you're not going to take this seriously, I don't see a reason to continue. The game's over"
>some disagreements from the group, but the GM is steadfast
>go home
>week passes, post this

What do I do now? That group was the light of my life for the past year, and I can't help but feel like I pushed the GM too far.

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>Killing party with a handwave
>Not being a total dick and making them think they can fight your complete bullshit fight to piss at them even more.

Nothing sets players in line than a enemy trice their power killing half the team.

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GM couldn't handle the bant. That's a real shame that is. If this was the first time he brought up taking his campaign seriously then that was a poor way to do it.

Remember folks. Proper communication is key to a succesful tabletop game.

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He went along with a lot of it, and usually laughed along with the rest of us. He got really sour when we started making fun of the mosquito god, though. I should've backed off when I noticed he wasn't finding those jokes funny.

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Have you tried telling him how much that campaign meant to you?

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That's some shit, but you could always try a new campaign with most of the same people. It'll be different, but you'll still be with bros.

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I suggest eating something extra spicy to get your spit flowing and yelling at his face with the volume of a jet plane breaking the sound barrier.

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alright, so we had one campaign with a fairly standard party, besides the fact that i was playing as a skeleton fencer (who happened to be a very effective dextank) with a backstory of getting killed and then simply waking up with amnesia in the forest, but as a skeleton that was not "my own" skeleton.
so the campaign trudged along, but after a while we got transported back in time, to stop the original war (which we were trying to deal with the consequences of, which was going to be the apocalypse soonish) from ever becoming a thing
where i got my flesh back, but it was the original bodies flesh, and apparently i was the right hand man of the king that started the war, so we try to sneak in to the palace of the king to do whatever we could to stop it....... and the king transforms into a demon demigod being of the apocalypse, half the party dies and when we finally slay it we get transported to what is essentially a battlefield of gods and demons and angels and monologued by the DM how the war could not possibly be stopped and ,thusly, the apocalypse could not either, and that the world basically got fuq'd

the point from getting timetraveled (which was a total break from the story) and the "world getting fuq'd" was about 2 sessions, maybe less. for what had been a several month long campaign.

another one, with the same DM, was that he had made a massive "subterran dungeon ""world""" if you've read dungeon meshi, think about that dungeon, but with more clear cut levels.
the problem was that they were completely fucking barren besides #1, a road leading to a #2, some sort of building with a boss that was guarding #3, a "hatch" that led to the next level.

after saying "we walk forward" or answering yes to when the DM asks "do you open the door? do you open the hatch? do you climb down? nobody cared the least, so when we encountered a tribe of kobolds, we simply had them lead the party, with nobody protesting into an arena where they got slaughtered.

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another time, we decided on playing a pirate campaign, everyone was hype, i spent hours drawing my characters art, a good well written backstory, and i helped the DM make a massive map(im not saying it's good, but i did spend a lot of time on it), draw some flags, help set up the factions at play, etc, etc.

it was very clear that everyone in the party wanted it to be fairly lighthearted and "free", a crossing between one piece and black flag.

we tried to, after very quickly aquiring a ship for ourselves, vote for a captain, quartermaster, etc, etc. check for supplies to see how long of a journey we could make. the DM pretty much skipped past that part to set us on an island, with a dungeon crawl with it being the start of an "epic" quest, with the next part very clearly laid out, and the promise of a reward that was of the size that was impossible for our ingame characters not to go for. so we went on with the quest, got captured and imprisoned, got chained up and put inside a "zone of truth" (so my character could not use his very high deception) and got to choose between death and being made into pawns and do someones bidding against our will. and it being made clear that he was powerful enough that if we tried to go against him, we would die. the campaign lasted for around 3 sessions after that.

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Does an iceball the size of a small moon crashing in to the planet count as "rocks fall"?

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It wasn't actually a DM ragequit, but the first total party kill I ever experienced was when one of the players, playing as the princess of the night, accidentally dropped the moon and killed absolutely everyone and everything.

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Curious how someone can manage that on accident. Was it a poorly worded wish or something?

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I know the rocks well

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>Scroll a quick dimension door to teleport thew whole party back to our guild hall.

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Oh boy, time to blast that meteor out of the sky with my even superior magic.

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In this universe, the two princesses control the sun and the moon. She was trying to crush an enemy army with it, but with a critical failure ended up causing the next mass extinction instead.

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This is why I'm the DM of two campaigns that I only joined as a player.

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I am the GM

the rock wont kill the party, just trap them. they'll just starve to death

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>I wont forget moot


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>letting players play ad canon characters, especially the 2 princesses
why tho

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Why is she killing herself? Why dods she look so happy?

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They can't kill you if you kill yourself first. Logic, bitch.

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Long story short, she's been driven completely insane by very strange circumstances.

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Talk to him you idiot. It's so easy to feel unappreciated as a DM, and you retards fucked him. Tell him you love the weekly game and I'm sure you can start again. Maybe someone else can DM and give the guy a break. I'm sure you've read all those horrible player stories, and if I, as a DM, had a group where they tried to fuck me over and make light of the campaign, I'd get annoyed too. Maybe you fuckers like to goof around, but what if he wants a real adventure and not Scooby Do in the Forgotten Realms?

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maybe he should've told them that at some point in the year instead of acting like a child when the players act like players do.

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It's not easy to tell players to stop being six years old when they appear to have some kind of Tee Hee Hee retard fun. DM was probably alone against all the players. He probably preferred to have a dumb game over zero game.

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maybe if you lack any and all social functions, sure.

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>tfw cocky anon suddenly realizes he didn't know what he was talking about and has to slink away in shame
God's work, /tg/

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>weak bait poster got exactly what he wanted whne idiots replied

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He'd have carried on 'pretending' to be retarded for longer if that was the case. Bait posters are always chasing more (you)s.

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I've rocked my players once now, but they had it coming.

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