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Have you ever sabotaged an entire country?

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Replace North Korea's weaponry with firecrackers and silly string.

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Replaced America's burgers with veggieburgers

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Hey Val can All-fiction be used to turn human in to nekomimi by turning that she wasn't nekomimi in to fiction ?

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Hmmm. I guess it could, yeah.

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Which perk should I go for, Evil Research or The Jumper Who Lived?

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Wait, Kumagawa actually did something like that? Turning nothing into something?

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If that was possible why didn't Kumagawa turn the fact that all the female characters weren't wearing naked aprons into fiction?

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Query - we already know what happens with Lihiko if you take Legendary Hero and Concept Ball. A curbstomp.

But what if I just take the LH? Do both work, or do both not work?

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Not sure, lemme check. Reading his ability straight, it seems possible, but you might be right in that it may be better to limit it unless shown otherwise.

Mm, on checking, it seems like he hasn't done something like that. I'll retract my previous statement on it being able to turn nothings into somethings there.

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I'd imagine you'd just smack up against each other uselessly.

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That seems extremely powerful.

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Reposting Cuphead Jump, now with a darker background and the correct descriptions in the Perk and Item headers to inform people about freebies. Not sure how much longer I'll be up, but if people have questions I'll try to get to them later in the day.

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I often mindcontrol the leaders of warring countries to force a peace. I also tend to sabotage all the nuclear-grade weapons worldwide just to prevent an accident.

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I don't think he has ever created anything with his ability or changed it.

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Yes... Universal scale conceptual erasure tends to be pretty powerful.

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Only capable of destruction?

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That seems more like the domain of Non-Fiction, anyway, if it's possible at all.

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Pretty much, his thing is ruining other shit to bring it down to his level since he's the ultimate loser.

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If Kumagawa could create with All Fiction, it wouldn't be a Minus.

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If it is sufficiently broad you can destroy the absence of something to create it.

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He heal by negating damage. I think that's all the good that he do.

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Yeah. Been quite a long day, so I pretty much just had a line of thought like "It makes anything nothing so I guess making the absense of something be nothing might work" and didn't really think about how it fit into things.

Thanks anons for keeping an eye out for that.

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How much did you get done on Dies Irae today? Can we see the progress?

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She answered in the last thread. Be patient, litrle anon

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Only got one origin done today. Not including the 800 perk though, not sure whether I'm keeping them as 800s or moving them to the general section or down to the 600 section, so it's still being worked on.

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Listen, Anon. Please stop. This is getting tiring. Every single thread, you bother Val with the same question. At this point, the more you ask? The slower it's likely to get.

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If we surround the Secret Settlement with the Fairy Hedge would Dumble or Gary Stu be able to get through it?

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Thank you for all your hard work, NuBee!

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Not him, but thanks for your hard work. Also, this makes me curious how you're planning on handling discounts/freebies. Will it just be a set amount?

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Mmm, not sure yet. I'll probably go with you getting half of each price tier in your tree as being discounted/free, since otherwise getting 8 freebie perks is...well, a bit much.

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Because he doesn't think he can have nice things.

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No problem anon, it was fun.

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Will Reinhard's Briah be a purchase?

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When did my name come off? Weird.

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Technically, he can erase absence of material (keyholes) with AF.

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build for hellboy cinematic

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Might need to ask over on SB. I don't know if the author stuck around after the discussion tapered off last thread.

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I can ask for you if you don't want to make an account.

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I would appricate that, thank you.

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Nope. That's how the hedges were used in canon.

I wasn't, but I am now!

Your summons brings me here!

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Thanks for the answer!

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You ever have that thing that you start out liking but then circumstances cause you to FUCKING DESPISE IT? I think I've had that with Dishonored 2's UI.

Seriously, fuck this dynamic shitfest of a graphical style with a passion. I'm sure it's a fucking treat to work with if you have the original assets that go into animating this in game, but as far as trying to replicate 'random scratching over weird brush strokes' you'd have better luck trying to make a visualizer in InDesign. I couldn't even bother with the flavor text on this thing after however many fucking hours I sank into one failed concept after another.

I think there's a Hollywood term for this sort of thing. Cost overrun?

>Programs used:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
>60 hours over 15 days on failed concepts
>4 hours over three days slapping together this spiral-shaped vomit of a finished product

Fucking christ, and it's Biomega next.

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You are the coolest. Thanks for your hard work.

>> No.56074974

...The existence of Gutter Friend did ease my suffering slightly.

I should really put together companion and equipment pages for my stuff at some point, shouldn't I.

>> No.56074975

As long as you keep posting these great pics, I'll keep working.

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Supposedly there is a method for turning women into Dryads in setting, how hard would it be to aquire and use that method?

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>I think there's a Hollywood term for this sort of thing. Cost overrun?
I think it is normally called sunk cost fallacy.

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That seems about right, although normally productions like that tend to use some of the stuff they spent loads of money on, instead of scrapping it all at the last second to put in a quickly thrown together counterpart.

It's definitely not as bad as it could be.

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Made Benjamin Franklin the first US president and gave him immortality

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Holy crap that's amazing. And yeah, D2's graphical style is...a little overengineered. Even my first drafts of D2 people mentioned the fonts were too hard to read.
Glad you seem to like the jump, can't wait to see Biomega

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It's a potion, so...not very. Just check the shores of the black lake every morning for a week or so after year 3 starts, I don't recall the exact date...thing is, that cordial comes with a couple of built in 'totally not mindfuck' potions keyed to Harry.

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So looking at this medaka box thing and this guy who apparently cannot be harmed without some form of word magic which would be better to tackle him with, thu'um or eragon magic? All I really know of either is that thu'um is you screaming at people and Eragon is based on stamina instead of mana. Help please?

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Really? I thought that was due to him adding his hair to the potion. Read that on TvTropes.

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Best perk or item to track down someone across the galaxy/universe?

>> No.56075130

Get a piece of them like their hair, or something valuable and personal to them and use voodoo tracking magic.

>> No.56075140

Probably Eragon magic. Thu'um is difficult to string more than three words together (I think the max we've seen in lore is five), so you can't get as much precision with it.

>> No.56075169

Making the build for the jump itself was great. I started with a non-Mark build but decided to redo parts of my Dishonored 1 build and take the mark after Part 2 came out. Really flavorful stuff, most of the stuff I wanted to take was less for mechanical benefit and mostly because I loved the flavor on them. Stuff like Hues of the Void, or Howling, which got cut from an early build.

Gutter Friend is still the greatest perk of all time though, and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

>> No.56075208

If you dont have a lot of mana or super human amounts of stamina go thuum, it has raw power with no mp cost and even works in things like time and space, if you have loads of stamina or mana use eragon because its also talking magic but can be very precise.

I wonder if you can use ki to power eragon magic.

>> No.56075215

What about HP magic?

>> No.56075229

I know I'm late to the party, but I'm so glad that you're continuing to work on this. My biggest concern is that I can't decide between making my plane hopping restaurant a BBQ place or a pizza joint.

Best BBQ in the multiverse would be an awesome thing, but spreading the good news of pizza sounds equally important.

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I didn't think it was very powerful other than maybe one or two spells.

>> No.56075253

Val's ruled that Lihiko's immunity extends to things that can be done with magical language but don't need to be. It's things that are exclusively language-based that can harm him. Since HP magic can be done silently, with the magic words just making it a lot easier, it gets blocked.

>> No.56075262

Confringo, Expulso, Stupefy.

Just spam them.

>> No.56075271

Then Eragon magic gets blocked as well.

>> No.56075276

HP magic wouldn't work on him. I asked Val if HP magic would be considered word magic, and she said no. The justification was that there are wordless and silent spells, so the spoken component counts as a crutch for HP magic.

Double check with her, obviously, but that's what I remember from that conversation.

>> No.56075307

I'm really doing this since I went into it thinking it had to replace my build, thusly it was done under false pretenses.
Medaka Box-abnormal addition By Valeria
[I Won, I Won, I Won] +100 nudist remember?
Kurokami Pride- +100 cool I have a family
Absolute Minus- +200 too bad I'm not really accepted by them
Blackest Wedding Ever- +200 I can handle all but four of the people here I'm not worried
Cute, Magnificent and Most of All, FRESH-Medaka Kurokami+0 ok so I use several millennia of fighting skill and perfectly normal biological abilities to harm her also note that my abilities can't normally be copied, especially now that I have the concept ball. Worst-case scenario I use breathing on the black mirror.
the Many Kings of Cheat- +300 I expected as much from these people
Growing Pains- +300 this is where it gets scary
abnormal it has the stipend I want
the legendary hero -1200 I gotta take this!
Concept ball -400 mandatory for any jumper
superhuman desire -100 cultivation boost
THE END -1500 200 taken from stipend effectively -1300 I've been eating something like this badly, wish the God of high school update had come out in its current state originally so I would've picked up mind-reading, because seriously I need this.
okay it looks like this time we are mixed up in the plot! I've got a really bad rivalry with my sister and we come into conflict often, but given her nature and now mine we are both aiming to tear down and rebuild rather than destroy outright, although my other sisters are far more horrible,fortunately at this point I'm able to aid her greatly in the fight against the flask plan!

>> No.56075310

Best option is probably either Shouts or some variant of song magic.

>> No.56075329

>song magic
Always a great option

>> No.56075337

...graphicsanon, would you consider uploading your pic-chain to that one folder in the drive? It's a bit hypocritical of me to ask that when I myself haven't done so because my own writing bothers me. But they are really pretty pictures, it'd be nice to have an example to inspire anyone else who's similarly talented later down the road and it'd be funny if the folder is eventually split into imaged/unimaged chians

>> No.56075352

That's wrong tho, Eragon magic is specifically entertwined with the words because of something the (generic fantasy race percursors) did that also killed their ability to breed or something.

>> No.56075367

They actually are on the drive, under 'BuildAnon's Image Chain' in uploads, since that seems to be my name, along with a little cover letter thing I threw together to explain some other stuff about my chain. The reason that it's not in writefagging is because Brutus apparently locked that folder after the last time someone deleted everything in it or something, so I have to wait for him to move the folder into there from uploads.

>> No.56075382

No the Word system was installed over the native magic by the precursors. The native magic can still be used it is just likely to kill you because of the intense focus involved in specifying the results without accidentally using up all your life energy. The focus necessary is one of the perks in the Eragon jump.

>> No.56075404

Do we have any smol waifus? Dragon's Crown, Peter Pan, and Hyperdimension Neptuna were mentioned but thats all.

>> No.56075410

Legend of Zelda also has fairies.

>> No.56075447

Generic Parenting

>> No.56075451

Don't forget the Correspondence from Fallen London. That stuff has a surprising amount of conceptual BS.>>56075337

>> No.56075468

Nowhere to Hide from Star Wars OT is neat.

>> No.56075471

Oh. Fair, I'd forgotten exactly what the grey goobers did.

>> No.56075485

League of legendshas some good ones

>> No.56075494

>waifuing your own fingerpuppets

Have some decency, anon

>the Correspondence

Yeah, building your own immortality granting palace/proto-Dawn Machine in the dream dimension and staffing it with reanimated mummies that are working to gradually terraform it enough to be colonised has never been so easy.

>> No.56075517

He did erase Maguro's absence of organs, didn't he?

>> No.56075608

Is there a list of all those perks that link your different attributes or skills together?

>> No.56075648


>> No.56075684

Spinnerette Jump When ?

>> No.56075688

Please post it then.

>> No.56075703

Sorry, it's on another PC of mine. In 12 hours or so.

>> No.56075716

Alright, no worries.

>> No.56075735

Just use Boosted Window in the Wall, which has a comparable cost even if you buy it out of origin, then put a gun to the author's head and order them to make a character a nekomimi.

>> No.56075765

Does anyone have the Coiling Dragon part 1 jump?

>> No.56075773

I keep forgetting that I have a mostly complete El Goonish Shive WIP laying around my files somewhere that I wrote in a few hours while drugged up on NyQuil.

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>> No.56075823

What are some things you have made jumper?

>> No.56075825

Holy crap, that's still going?

That succubus webcomc the guy did before it was cringe, but it was what got me into webcomics and I miss it. Cringekino, if you will.

>> No.56075832

A box that produces unlimited potatoes.

>> No.56075849

What sort of things can the Cauldron of Plenty copy? Just food?

>> No.56075854

> that spoiler

>> No.56075869

Colds hit me particularly bad. NyQuil doubly so. The two combined have led to some very bad decisions, such as getting involved with 4chan, /jc/ and credit cards.

I don't even remember when exactly I read it at first.

>> No.56075877

>succubus webcomc
Is that the one called hellbound with the super relic heaven and hell wanted?

>> No.56075907

/JC/ who’s the best Resident Evil waifu?

>> No.56075922

I...don't remember that part but probably not since it was mostly just about this succubus who really, really wants to get the D. It was called Krakow.

>> No.56075930

So even with Non-Fiction it wouldn't be possible? That's honestly pretty sad. Creating something by erasing its non-existence would be extremely cool.

>> No.56075935

Different one then.

>> No.56075938

>bunch of bugeyed animus
>vs literally Wesker's female clone

How is this even a question?

>> No.56075942

EGS is just borderline enough that I don't think it would get on the drive, but I'd still love to see that wip.

>> No.56075949

Go to fate.

>> No.56075950

>Liquor that makes you act like you think you act when you're drunk

>A anti-Pocket watch that tells time how to move rather than letting you know how time is moving.

>Planetwide immortality fields

>automatic galaxy generators.

>a gun that fires laser Drones

> Shiny flexible hyper carbon Fabric

> Urethral and lower digestive system implants that Teleport anything that leaves those holes into an Existential void

> the all-purpose robots known as Helioids.

>Cyberware subpersonas that let you perfectly imitate any artistic style

No it was about a guy who gets a cute succubus girlfriend and his best friend,Shenanigans ensue.

>> No.56075973

So many mistakes.

>> No.56075991

A vague drawback or even a perk idea: you've been touched by wonderland. As a drawback you have the same disconnect with the rest of the world as Luna does. As a perk you could stick a pipe cleaner in your ear, wiggle it around and scrub out bad memories etc. Maybe even make your own set of playing cards. Among other stuff.

>> No.56075993

>Putting Shkadov Thrusters on suns Rigged to implode when they reach their destination

>The only Orion engine powered motorcycle I've seen so far

what >>56075973 said

>> No.56075994

I looked it up, the artwork is worse than sailor moon crystal.

>> No.56076009

Rebecca a cute! CUTE!

>> No.56076013

Claire redhead biker babe Redfield gets my vote with Jill (pre-RE 5) tough as shit Valantine getting a close second.

>> No.56076022

>create something by erasing/destroying its non-existence

Prince of Void.

>> No.56076033

Jill Valentine #1, Ada Wong #2.
yes I'm aware every answer is trash.

>> No.56076037

First Magic bruh

>> No.56076051

Isn't that Thief of Void?

>> No.56076054

What was that perk that could infinitely speed up one's perception of time?

>> No.56076069

No, Thief and Rogue STEAL the nonexistence. A Prince could possibly do the same by DESTROYING the nonexistence, and a Bard by inviting the destruction of the nonexistence.

>> No.56076100

APM Intensifies, from Sword Art Online.

>> No.56076110

How chuuni are you JC? What is the most hyperweeb try hard thing you have done? Have you tried to show off how you are a chrimson mazoku master of the 9 hells and leader of demon armies? What have you done Jumper?

>> No.56076127

Is literally wielding a pizza cutter in battle and being a hero of the void chuuni?

>> No.56076135

It could be, did you pose and make any speeches?

>> No.56076141

...Does it work like that, though?

>> No.56076156

...So, Bloodborne?

>> No.56076160

I had to make a speech once during Titanic, but no posing or anything.

>> No.56076168

In dresden I plan on being mega chuuni. I plan on trolling the angels using my true form as an angel from hellboy, but my outward appearance of a normal person, and doing everything they normally are not allowed to do.

"I do not follow the laws of god, for I am the angel of Men."

I just need to figure out a way to make my soul regen and make my shiny shiny true form more impressive first.

>> No.56076174

Is that a thing that happens in Bloodborne?

>> No.56076183

If you bought the crown from hellboy you dont need to do any more than be powerful. It conveys all your power thereby wearing it should do just fine. Though Im not sure if you can hide it like hellboy does insside his true form.

>> No.56076187

There are pizza cutters and there is void. So, yeah.

>> No.56076196

Here. I don't really plan on posting it elsewhere or putting it onto the drive.

>> No.56076225

you tell me.

>> No.56076227

Time stop.

>> No.56076228

Thxs mane.

>> No.56076245

>go to JLU and pick up adaptability and regeneration
>go to one punch man as a monster and let myself get punched by saitama
>be completely immune to blunt trauma

>> No.56076259

Don't you have to survive the punch?

>> No.56076266

hence the regeneration

>> No.56076271

Hopefully you can regenerate from a single cell or whatever. If you can, great! That's a neat mini-combo.

>> No.56076278

Oh god kill it with fire.

>> No.56076292

Yes. Read the perk, it says that your reflexes are enough to let you take calm, deliberate action at any speed.

>> No.56076297

A bow made of Oak grown and impregnated by as much natural chakra as possible, fused with the oldest shard of fulgurite one could reasonably create (give or take 20,000 years), strung with woven hair freely bargained from the Daughter of Lightning. A woven leather grip with fabric holding ancient stories interwoven with the leather.

Whenever the string is pulled back, it creates a single arrow with a hurricane's worth of lightning in its form.

One of the Divine Weapons my companions and I created during our time in Highschool DxD.

> Oak
Saeko and I teaming up, she was a Senju in Naruto, while I went Uzumaki. She grew the Oak in an array I created to funnel sage chakra to assist the tree with its growth.

> Fulgurite
With Rin's help, I created the oldest fulgurite I could, then she got to work on activating its affinities and carved out all the pieces we'd need for the Bow. There were a few other gemstones Rin requested me to create, only so that the Fulgurite's nature could be balanced well.

> String
Io spent a really long time on this, looking for a Wild Spirit that could grant us the string we needed. Why a wild spirit? Their primal nature would guarantee that the bow and its lightning would not have any kind of alignment, and the spirits of Native America or Africa were our best bets. We hit pay dirt in the Rockies when we met with the Daughter of Lighting, who turned out to be the Thunderbird's own daughter. So after the deal was done, we got the hair we needed for the bowstring.

> Leather Grip
Woven by Mami using the lessons we learnt in the Winding Circle, while I applied the same to the stories I wrote that would be woven into the whole thing. Alone, it does nothing but tell the story of the gods of thunder, however, when combined with the rest of the weapon and the materials it was made from, it grants the wielder immunity from all lightning on top of some of the powers wielded by the gods of lightning and thunder.

Jolly Cooperation ftw!

>> No.56076333

It's... perfect.

>> No.56076337

>I created the oldest fulgurite I could
If you're creating the fulgurite, isn't it not that old? People have found fossil fulgurites in deep strata dating back to the dawn of life on Earth (one reason why lightning strikes are believed to have been key for the production of certain molecules needed for life). Why not use that? Unless you have time travel, I guess. Did you make a fulgurite and throw it back in time billions of years?

>> No.56076339

I unironically wield two katanas that actually do cut through anything, and have become some sort of combination of ninja and samurai. What do I win?

>> No.56076342

All of Symphogear.

All of it.

To try to cover up the fact that the Demons Io and I summoned were a very decidedly NOT AS PLANNED moment. For some reason.

Channeling as much of Gilgamesh as I possibly could, but after each of the performances, I kinda just curl up somewhere wishing I was as dead as I felt inside for a bit.

>> No.56076372

>What do I win?
My admiration and pity.

>> No.56076377

Mining for those deposits sounds so much easier. Thanks anon!

Magic = 0
Man = 1

>> No.56076392

You could buy that tower in desolate era, I forget how fast time is in there but you could toss something in and let it age pretty quickly.

>> No.56076409

Is there a gym/training room property that scales with your swoleness?

>> No.56076414

Desolate Era?

>> No.56076420

That's only a one to one thousand ratio, not enough to get really old fulgurite in any reasonable time frame.

>> No.56076439

Jump based on a xianxia series. One of the items is a pocket universe where time flows faster than normal for speedy training.

>> No.56076455

I thjnk there is one in the dragonball jumps, sorry I dont know the name.

There is also one for training your soul in tales of demons and gods, a stairway that doubles the pressure on you every step I think.

A xianxia, it has some really cool stuff.

>> No.56076463

I thought it was more honestly but that is still good. Drop into the warehouse with some time boosters like narnia clock and scp 2400 and you can really be in there training for a long time.

>> No.56076521

Needs a drop-in origin based around magic resistance and kinkshaming people.

>> No.56076522

>One of the items is a pocket universe

Its a pocket universe? I thought it was a warehouse attachment deal. This changes everything! I need to figure out how to merge this with my afterlife now.

>> No.56076529

Killer Instinct has a gym with weights that can be set as high as you want, even past a black hole, and Dragon Ball AF has a gravity room that you can set at any level, and gives a training boost for every 10 g.

>> No.56076550

That reminds me.

I Need Training perks! Help me threaddites your my only hope!

>> No.56076562

Doumo arigatou

>> No.56076581

how much strength do you get in ed edd'n eddy from the lots of hurt hold the onions perk . i know it says you can throw a house like a volleyball i want to know the max

>> No.56076662

You're implying that I was capable of the level of complex thought required to remember what a drop-in even was when I made this.

>> No.56076663

Being able to make pocket universes isn't at all rare for Desolate Era cultivators once they hit a certain level. They're usually tied to magic items supporting them, and as such tend to have a degree of sapience to them as magic items often do in Desolate Era, but they don't have to be sapient. But yeah, plenty of cultivators have their own little pocket realms a few million miles wide just to train in. There are also Heartforce cultivators, who have pocket universes inside their souls, but that's for something different. Heartworlds are so that you can evoke bits of them to strengthen your techniques. Think Reality Marbles, you're changing the local laws of physics around you to ones that are better for you. There's no Unlimited Blade Works, though, being able to use a Heartworld to make actual material things and summon them forth is a theoretical goal that no one's known to have accomplished yet. Then again, the books are only translated up to volume 31 out of 41 total, so Ji Ning probably has accomplished it and I just haven't gotten to that chapter yet.

>> No.56076685

You spent 60 hours on this? That's more work than I've put into some of my classes this entire semester.

>> No.56076686

So this is a thing now? We can make duplicates of jumps we don't like? Now anyone can make as many versions of as many jumps as they want. If someone doesn't think a jump is powerful enough they can just make their own version with everything they want, and then everyone gets to jump the exact same setting in essentially the same way to get everything they want without effort.

>> No.56076700

People could always do that, anon.

>> No.56076705

Not quite. It looks like this was an actual agreement made between the two, like what happened with Metalocalypse. It's not without precedent, in other words.

As long as everyone involved has permission, permission is the important thing here.

>> No.56076711

Eragon magic won't work because the language used for spells isn't itself magical. In ancient history a race of people bound their language to magic to use as a focusing device because they kept accidentally fucking shit up when they didn't have a better way to control it.

>> No.56076724

>how much strength do you get in ed edd'n eddy from the lots of hurt hold the onions perk . i know it says you can throw a house like a volleyball i want to know the max



so Around 145 tons of casual strength

>> No.56076742

Goddamn, what the fuck was Ed on?

>> No.56076757

thank you

>> No.56076759

Oh boy, oh boy! Gee mister, what a jump!

Dose of Rubber Hose (Free)
The Most Remarkable Magical Abilities! (bullets) (Free)
The Most Remarkable Magical Abilities! (Beams) (200)
The Most Remarkable Magical Abilities! (Splashes) (200)
Spooky Scary Slasher (100)
Swingin’ With Style (Dapper Entity With Many Eyes) (Free)
Monstrous Beast! x2 (extra large) (200)
Run n’ Gun (200)
You Like The New Look? (Humanoid with many arms and eyes/blob of tar with eyes/cloud of eyes/hypersphere) (300)

A Swell Pair of Gloves x2 (100)
Artistic Liquor License (Free)
Terrifying Vessel (A wicker man made of thorns and briars) (100)
Inky Island Paradise (200)

Forking Critic (+300)
Episodic Traumas: (+300)

Way back in Medaka Box (that was ages ago in my chain, but it seems like only yesterday? Huh. Funny how that happens.) I picked up this little power called Auto Pilot. Time to troll some cupheads.

>> No.56076761

No they couldn't. Duplicates were always something people were against until now.

This isn't like what happened with Metalocalypse. You know what happened with Metalocalypse? They both released their jump at the same time. This is completely different. The Medaka Box jump was released years ago, this is just Val and tovam deciding they somehow have the authority to make duplicate jumps and keep them both on the drive.

>> No.56076769

Also, you know this means they can bully someone into giving them 'permission' or that someone with a scheme can just grant permission for duplicates to all their jumps to spite our supposed rules.

>> No.56076776


Hang on I'm not done yet,I still need to Divide average human strength by 10 ounces for the multiplication factor for the hundred and 45 tons

>> No.56076777

How do I become like him ?

>> No.56076799

And the scheme couldn't possibly be, say, meeting someone in a private place, verifying their identity using private details that you won't share while also taking them completely at their word, could it. Not at all.

>> No.56076803

what there is more 145 was enough what is ed doing

>> No.56076822

I'm not doubting that tovam did this. What I'm criticizing is the precedent and tovam and Val's idea that they somehow have the authority to override the no duplicates rule.

>> No.56076869

>No they couldn't. Duplicates were always something people were against until now.
Oh, I see. You're confusing what people did with what people were allowed to do. Yeah, no one made duplicates because they were trying to be polite. But there was never any rule against it. And since Val and tovam worked this out between each other, the politeness clause doesn't apply.

>> No.56076873

Okay I have probably got to head back to bed soon because I'm feeling like crap but https://www.livestrong.com/article/466288-the-average-increase-of-bench-pressing-per-month/

shows you the weight An average person can generally move in different ways so divide that by 10 ounces https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=230+pounds+divide+by+10+ounces

and use that number To multiply the 145 tons
Yes since it's Specifically stating you could move a house around like a volleyball that means it's casual strength rather than peak strength, Cartoon physics is a hell of a Drug

>> No.56076878

Oh, I'm with you on that. What I'm criticizing is how Val went about getting permission from the fake 'tovam'. It's the type of thing that you could easily spoof if the author is long gone from here.

>> No.56076904

>>56074963 >>56074974
These are unironically trash. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Jumpchain is suppose to be relatively the same in formatting from jump to jump for ease of viewing. They're not suppose to be just any CYOA. They're suppose to carry the theme of being jumpchain between them. If I didn't know better since it's in this thread, I'd have no idea. Cut that shit out.

>> No.56076906

To anyone who's ever had a massive backload of jumps to do: Do you typically make builds for updated old jumps you've already jumped first, or new jumps?

>> No.56076944

>But there was never any rule against it.
You and I both know you're spouting nonsense.

>> No.56076946

That isn't a jump, you salty twat.

>> No.56076947

You are unironically trash. Stop trying to reinvent your shitposts. Shitposting is supposed to be reIatively amusing from thread to thread for amusing bants. It's not supposed to be a systemetic, petty campaign against the abstract concept of a community. They're supposed to play off the theme of being jumpchain between them. f I didn't know better since you've been in these threads, I'd have no idea. Cut that shit out.

>> No.56076953

You unironically realise these are their builds, and not jumps?

By reverse chronological order - whatever jump is sitting at the top of my downloads folder when I feel like working on my build.

>> No.56076960

You know that'a a build, right?

>> No.56077048


>> No.56077162

What kind of God did you become and how did you rule your dominion?

>> No.56077163

Friendly reminder to actually verify a person's identity before you make potentially, catastrophically dumb decisions.

>> No.56077197


>> No.56077200

Especially when those decisions are probably gonna screw up the community permanently.

>> No.56077205

Go look at the end of last thread.

>> No.56077238

Valeria got her permission to replace Medaka Box from a fake tovam.

>> No.56077244

>thinking that this community has enough value for changes to "screw things up"

>> No.56077250

Freindly reminder that the shitposter got his imaginary waifu NTRed (again) by his imaginary chad.

>> No.56077252

At this point quotation marks are like a signal that you're shitposting.

>> No.56077260

Who and where?

>> No.56077273

Friendly reminder that there are no such things as "friendly reminders" in The JumpChain Community.

It's all just assholes being passive-aggressive.

>> No.56077283

I've turned several countries into icy paradises...for my minions and I, that is. For everyone else, I suppose they'd be frozen wastelands.

Giant snow monsters, giant ice palaces, and that one time I made an entire ice planet ala Hoth, though sadly that didn't last long.


I don't know about hyperweeb, but I do tend to be extremely hammy and overthetop, especially when it comes to villainy. Always talking about DARKNESS and how I'm going to freeze everything and turn it into a winter wonderland for me and mine.

>> No.56077297

Friendly reminder to have a fantastic day today, /jc/! I'm in a good mood for once and I felt obligated to share it. I'm a contrarian at heart.

Also, job situation MIGHT be actually fucking resolved soon? If it is and I feel confident in how things turn out in the following months, I might have Christmas gifts for yall. Might have to drop NaNo again this year because full time, but hey, what can you do.

>> No.56077308


>> No.56077317

No, you idiot. The quotation mark shitposting is when you put quotations around something to draw doubt at the validity of the thing. Like saying "Oh, yeah, that 'woman' is attractive", to imply that you don't think it's really a woman. I'm doing the sort of quotation where it's just a reference to something being said. God damn it, is this where the shitposters have brought us? That we can't even use basic linguistic concepts anymore without it being seen as an attempt to start an argument? I'd say "God damn it", but I'm pretty sure he already has.

>> No.56077323

im happy for you heavens
you deserve good things

>> No.56077338

Friendly reminder that all you need is to coordinate with someone adopting a different name and you could get permission to change or replace whatever you want.

>> No.56077368

How dare you be happy.

>> No.56077390

Friendly reminder that you're illiterate.

>> No.56077408

Good for you Heavens, glad to hear things are going your way! Christmas gifts, eh? Well that sounds interesting!

That shadowy-like monster seems like a trust worthy fellow.

>> No.56077416

Really, the end of last thread's basically just hammered the need for creators here to be tripfagging.

>> No.56077422

>That shadowy-like monster seems like a trust worthy fellow.
Ikr? Much more trustworthy then that diabolical Black Frost.

>> No.56077448

>Much more trustworthy then that diabolical Black Frost
Whaaat, nooo, you can totally trust your old pal Black Frost! I mean, look at this face. Does this face look 'diabolical' to you?

>> No.56077501

I mean, that does look like it might be your "rape face". I can't really tell, they all look the same to me.

>> No.56077568

I have way more expressions then just that, anon!

>> No.56077757

>they all look the same to me.
Das racis

>> No.56077766

Nah its ok because disu is black.

>> No.56077824

Im looking for some old school abomination angels, anyone know what these things are called? Or what the art style is so i can google it?

>> No.56077846

uh, thought for sure I was the only black person on /jc/

>> No.56077874

If you mean the more eldritch looking angels, you should be looking for Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions...basically any angelic order besides Angel, Archangel, and Power, which all have the traditional appearance of winged humans. You can also just look up eldritch angel.

Pretty sure it's supposed to be a joke based off of how I use Black Frost images, and how my chain has a Black Frost Jumper.

>> No.56077879

oh good, my status is safe

>> No.56077887

Hey YJ_Anon, does the Retractable Fist and Troll Armor (and other stuff in the items) scale up and down with your Strange Body in Hellboy? Just realised my tiny fairy companion gets that free, and I'm not sure how useful it'd be.

Also, if I want dragonfly-like flight (sorta speedy, and ridiculously manoeuvrable) would I need to buy both Animalistic at 100 and Wings, or would just picking dragonfly wings with Animalistic do? It seems a bit double-up to pay for both, but the Wings purchaseable might allow then to fly more like a fairy than the real insect?

Can I go for a fire elemental-like body with Altered Physiology (and Elemental Blood/Elemental Kinesis), or does it have to be more like a plant/golem/undead?

Kinda feels odd the weird food option in the customization to go with the Strange Cuisine is just bundled in with the option to be a plant, golem, or undead? Makes it hard for a Mythical Creature/Magical Race to just have weird eating habits like drinking blood, eating teeth, or devouring live cats...

Anyway, can I mix Natural Weapons, Prehensile Tail, and Red Right Hand together to have a 15ft-long, super-strong stone tail tipped with an equally indestructible blade that can tear through steel? I'm debating whether to go scorpion with it too, but scorpion stinger isn't quite the look I want to go with.

And are dinosaurs viable for Animalistic?

I'm think I'm kinda going crazy on designing weird companions. So far I've got a tiny telepathic fairy, a were-cerberus, a demon with a Red Tail of DOOM, and some kind of mutant who turned into an elemental (probably fire, since it's classic, but I don't want to rip off Liz. Not sure what else to go with? Maybe electricity?).

Now I still want a giantess (probably with t-rex features?), and then maybe go for something even weirder for the rest?

>> No.56077910

Thanks snowy.

>> No.56077925

No problem, have an ice time with those images.

>> No.56077926

Is your Jumper always black?

Question to all actually: do you always stay the same race in your chain?

>> No.56077950


Obviously not? How else am I supposed to gain my Beholder Flying Eyeball of Doom alt-form?

>> No.56077968

Also, while Im at it and here, Ricrod, in your Log Horizon jump. Do you get discounts for your origin in the perks section? It doesnt say you do, like it does with the items. I just want to clarify before I spend a boatload of CP.

>> No.56077984

>Is your Jumper always black?
yeah actually. I hadn't realized it but yeah if I'm human I'm black and if I shapeshift I usually stay black.

>> No.56078020

Well, I obviously changed species, I'm Black Frost, after all but if we're talking human form? Thinking on it, I guess I haven't. Still the same race as I was before the chain started in that form. Vastly different appearance, though.

>> No.56078023

Seriously that was exactly what I needed, even found a nkce little explainy anime pic to help me later.

>> No.56078068

I hope you get hugged by warm people

>> No.56078071

I... usually stay the same race, unless I have a background somewhere it wouldn't make too much sense? Like, say, almost every anime jump set in japan ever.

I mean, the precise color of my skin changed anyway, especially once I got my pic related look. But otherwise swapping race doesn't seem very interesting to me.

>> No.56078090

Well, glad I could help then. Good luck finding what you need, anon.

>> No.56078110


>> No.56078134

Same. I usually go with 'what's the most common in the setting' unless there are fantasy races in which I just pick whatever looks the neatest.

>> No.56078165

Well I use shape shifting a lot to get around, but I consider a "souped" up version of my original appearance to be my true appearance. So I kinda change race? At least whenever I need to do something and not get caught.

And of course with jumps where my we kinda become a race by default. Like taking a background in japan.

>> No.56078180

I tend to vary it up every so often, just to see what it's like. Not in terms of social dynamics or whatever, I've got so many charisma and luck perks that I'm always going to be the exception to any racial discrimination that might be going on in a setting. It's more like playing around in a character creator for a video game, it's fun to experiment and try out new looks. Though I do trend towards darker skin. I think it's overcompensation, I've gotten badly burnt by my lack of melanin (I am so horribly pale) so many times, even with inordinate amounts of sunscreen on. I just want to try being tan for once in my life.

>> No.56078246

No, I don't mind being different races for the most part. The only thing I refuse to ever let my jumper be is black, because I think they look really ugly, and I obviously don't want my jumper to end up being ugly.

>> No.56078253

I tend to bounce between mostly white and asian, with some outliers if those two don't exist. Depends on what the predominant race is in whatever setting I'm placed into.

>> No.56078261

My race is generally what I want at the moment.

Usually either demon or caucasian. Sometimes both.

Demon is interchangeable with angel at this point though, its fun to mess with people.

>> No.56078267

So you're literally a white devil?

>> No.56078281

Man why do these guys always have so many eyes?

>> No.56078306

You could say that, yes.
I spent the majority of my cp in ghostrider on things to make my angel side show through in background stuff and mirrors.

Something about symbolism? Not sure.

>> No.56078310


>> No.56078335

Well, Seraphim ARE supposed to be covering their faces. How else could they see without those extra eyes?

>> No.56078426

Does anyone have the Lucifer Reincarnation build for The God of High School? I would like to save it and maybe try to use it for later.

>> No.56078511

I don't think anyone posted a specific build, actually. I could post my ideas for one, though, if you'd like?

>> No.56078517

Dude, this is the internet. For all you know, Disu could be Obama.

>> No.56078521

Speaking of Reincarnation, what would be some good abilities and items for the christian God? Considering that Buddha was the in-setting Supreme God, I think it fits very well.

>> No.56078544

Weird, I remember someone posting a pic of Lucifer and a build with it.

Please, if you do not mind.

>> No.56078549

Kinda became a nebulous amalgam of all races and their features. It's a good base for shapeshifting into other human forms.

To answer your question though, kinda? If the combination of all races and their features counts as one.

>> No.56078573

I have been thinking on this myself, so far the big things would be something like inspiration, creation, knowledge and alteration.

Like within his sight he knows, can change, and can create everything. Powerful as hell of course. I dont know the gohs powerlevel though amd obviously could not tell you how powerful or weak that would be in setting.

>> No.56078593

Not in settings where it doesn't make sense.

>> No.56078601

I just stick with the race of whatever my character art is.

>> No.56078650

I need some jumps to import Tohsaka Rin and Tomoe Mami each into.

Any ideas /jc/? Bonus points for compatibility with the characters themselves.

>> No.56078656

I try to stick to my race but sometimes I'll just go with I'm half my race half another. It's easier to tell your Japanese friends your dad was an American soldier and move on.

>> No.56078691

Okay, give me a bit. I was typing this up in the post box, but realized it was going to be too big so transferred it over to a pastebin.

>> No.56078721


Hero BBS is compatibly with everything

>> No.56078723

Why do you even want to be mere reincarnation?

>> No.56078736

Alright I do not mind waiting, thanks for doing this.

>> No.56078812

Are there any perks that would allow me to have stylized eyes like these?

Also, while I'm at it, can someone tell me where the hell this character is from? I see fanart of them every now and then, but I can't read Japanese, and my auto translate refuses to cooperate on these kinds of things.

>> No.56078828

Usually white and English as it's a self insert.

Sometimes it just wouldn't make sense though and I wouldn't want to be a honky in Black Dynamite.

>> No.56078862

Seems like something that should be in nichijou

>> No.56078885

(Lord of the Rings) #44
-Background: Elf (800CP) -Like I would be anything else.
-Archery (750CP) -I'm going to learn to shoot.
-Elven Forestry (Free) -Magical plants and maneuver the forest.
-Elven Grace (Free) -Better dexerity, awesome voice, and I move just amazingly.
-Dwarven Craft (350CP) -A master smith that does fucking amazingly.
-Elven Enchantment (100CP) (Discount) -And now, it's time to make elven weapons.
-Lembas Bread (Free) -Yaaaay, food!
-Master Armor (0CP) -And now I can fight.
Dice Rolls: Gondor, 260 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

FuckyouI'maneeeeeeeeeeelf. Elf elf elf elf elf. Graceful and beautiful because fuck you elf.

You know, I really have no idea what mixing Dwarven Crafting and Elven Enchantment would do. Does anyone else know? Because I sure as fuck don't. What I do know is that Gandalf probably isn't going to like me because of how I solve some issues with fire. Lots of fire. As in "You see that squad over there? Look again, you saw jack shit but ash on the wind." I mean, it's orcs. What can I say? Orcs aren't exactly the best or nicest of entities. They're actually kind of mean? And want to kill everyone? So yeah. Fuck them. With fire.

Chances are I'll travel to Helm's Deep to help the inevitable battle there before going back to Gondor and being a general piece of shit.

>> No.56078899

I generally homerule that anything not explicitly affected by a perk is determined effectively at random when I enter a jump, usually relating to my origin and starting location, excluding drop-ins. Cause who the fuck wants to enter Black Dynamite as the white guy.

So, in general, my name and race is never within my control, without buying the color perk from body mod, or whatever perks we have that effect names.

>> No.56078903

It gives a bunch of free shit, and boosts the capstones?

I don't really want to be a reincarnation myself (not sure who the fuck I'd choose), but I might take it anyway once I get around to jumping it. Just to make the Barbadium body stronker, which was the only thing I remember being interested in last time I looked through it.

>> No.56078909

Dog days has a perk that kind of suits that called 'Colourful Biology'. lets you have 'exotic' features such as 'strange eyes and colour hair'.

Also, as an aside, Valkyrie Crusade is going well although I am having a small bit of trouble with the drawbacks section.

>> No.56078942

>I wouldn't want to be a honky in Black Dynamite.
You could be the Eminem.

>> No.56078991

Well, for starters because I'd fanwanked my background's history as a reincarnation in my first build anyway and the new addition really runs with the idea, so why not?

>> No.56079000

Okay, here we go. https://pastebin.com/QfBf01JL

It's just powers, I'm not that great at coming up with ideas for items. A lot of mythological figures don't actually have that many items associated with them. I was trying to think of a reincarnation for the Simurgh for my own chain, but other than a sapling of the divine tree Gaokerena I couldn't think of any items for her to have.

>> No.56079002

This, elevate music while posers make elevator music

>> No.56079008

>Orcs aren't exactly the best or nicest of entities. They're actually kind of mean? And want to kill everyone? So yeah. Fuck them. With fire.

I never knew you were so racist red.

>> No.56079019

>do you always stay the same race in your chain?

I like to be ethnically appropriate, when I am potato farming I am a mick and when I pimp women on the streets I am black

>> No.56079029

Jump 17: Post-Genesis Archie Sonic
Origin: Leader-Engineer
The Choice: My Own Adventure Begins! [Human]
Allegiance: Neutral
I Wanna Breathe!
Fire All Weapons!
Hi Spec Robo Go! [900]
Under Construction [700]
Built To Rule! [400]
Raisin' Me Up [100]
What You Need [0]

Gear: [+200 for Gear only]
Crystal Rings
The Flying Fortress - The Victorious II [0g]
The Files [0]

Triple Troublemakers [100]
Rival Battle - Omelette, Coldsteel [300]

[The Files + Recreation + Science and Sorcery]

Hmm. Interesting. Well, after centuries of realpolitik and carving a bloody path through an entire galaxy, along with doing the tango with a few hostile intelligences, I'm not quite in the ‘manifest destiny’ mood in this world of midget furries. I'll be keeping to myself and focusing on Arcadia's development, along with properly adapting my citizens to the fact they'll be alternating between a country or a full planet at different intervals.

...I'm not sure how that works, but they don't seem to mind very much. I'll have the census take note of this for me.

That feeling of a hidden presence is gone. I don't know whether to be relieved or worried.

>> No.56079044

On the one hand, orcs are LITERALLY ((created)) by the inventor of all evil from smashing elves until they're too shitty to be called elves anymore.

On the other hand, Tolkien disliked the idea of an inherently irredeemable race so much in his later letters he basically fanwanked (but as the author so...authorwanked...?) that after the war the orcs eventually settled down to reintegrate with society.

>> No.56079053

The ability to recreate any seed for any plant.

Giant bird so conjure hurricane winds.

Feather cloak that flies and turns away blows from others.

>> No.56079065

Well, that first one I figured would be part of the Gaokerena sapling's powers. That's kind of Gaokerena's thing. But I like those other two.

>> No.56079084

And because I'm a dip and forgot to say it: Thank you for your ideas, anon. I'm sorry I'm stupid and impolite.

>> No.56079093 [SPOILER] 

I found another fanart of the character for reference.

>> No.56079101

>Valkyrie Crusade is going well although I am having a small bit of trouble with the drawbacks section.

With their be loyal angel (or Vakyrie I suppose) waifus? Perk that inspires romantic feelings/loyalty (or Loyalty that blossoms into romantic feelings) in your soldiers

Also this is a freemium game right? Gacha drawbacks? You've got no money? For some reason nobody wants to waifu you?

I'm not familiar with the game so I don't really know it is about.

>> No.56079113

>Make multiple builds with different themes.
>Have one OP build to sate my autism so I can relax on the others.
>Always depressed when I potato mode myself because all these interesting characters are getting shrekked by just some guy.

How the hell do you even give a personality to something so retardedly strong?

>> No.56079157

Thanks for these, I like most of them but I can't see myself using Giver of Gifts because of how it works and I am iffy on Lord of Hell demon creation on account of them being monstrous.

These are great though, so thank you for showing me them. Trying to get a Lucifer who rebelled for humanities sake.

>> No.56079167

I kinda take the Medaka Box approach where overwhelming power almost unanimously leads to hyperspecific or alien complexes that leave them as a psychological wreck when even mentioned. For instance I have one jumper who has so much magic resistance that they're utterly terrified by any and all technology, even if they're pretty durable even without the resistance.

Though, that's kinda a moot point the second you purchase a bravery or mental health perk.

>> No.56079180

It's a free game, but with the option to spend money. originally there the money aspect didn't give an overwhelming advantage but unfortunately it changed companies and has slowly turned more p2w.
given the setting is basically 'Waifus: the jump' there will definitely be plenty of waifus, as well as a perk that increases romance/likability between you.
got those already but thanks for the help.

>> No.56079185

Make them the living embodiment of the Tyranids or Orks. Eating everything or always looking for( and failing to find) a proper fight.

>> No.56079198

Honestly I rolled desolate era like jump 3, my autism to powergame is basically gone after that so I relax. The power doesnt bother me because Im a lazy fuck who does not try to steamroll things and prefer to play the deal maker, power is only there to back up my deals.

>> No.56079205

Saitama? Darkseid? Have an existential moment or two like Dr. Manhattan? Find a hobby like Beerus? Pull a Dr. Who and have long periods of playing around made all the more chilling when the mask slips?

Or you could simply focus on how other character relate to him. I mean mine's basically an overopinionated force of reality that picks up waifus in it's wake at this point, and I've find it's a good last ditch measure if I can't think of anything else to write about a jump.

>> No.56079218

You might be better off with Prometheus, then. I mean, "fuck humanity, I'm cooler" is kind of Lucifer's big concept. If you want a prideful rebel god associated with fire that actually likes humanity, Prometheus is much better at that.

>> No.56079223

Jump 18: Classic Sonic
Origin: Conqueror
Location: West Side Island
Fly High, Gentlemen!
Well-Oiled [900]
Build My Empire [700]
The Master Plan [400]
Clean Break [300]
Smooth Criminal
The Blessing of the Little Planet [0]

Jump Mobile

...wasn't I just here? The colors feel a bit more...pixel-y. Oh, well. Just more time to work on science. Things feel a bit more light-hearted, so I have less to stress over when it comes to Arcadia's defenses. I wonder if Eggman is a bit more sociable this time around? The last one didn't like competition very much. Live and let live, he should have.

Anyways in terms of projects I've managed to construct several factories within Arcadia that have intelligences with self-improving designs, with a few hard-coded limits on things like sentience and sapience, of course. Arcadia's Navy can be restored each jump almost overnight and be battle-ready in two. While I don't plan on going crusading each time I'm in a new world, the threat of several superweapons and planet-destroying ships are more powerful tools than actually using them.

I just wish my citizens would stop wasting valuable resources building statues of me. It was charming at first, but a monument detailing my likeness every block in the city is overkill. Mayhaps I've been too...enthusiastic in inspiring fervor in them. Fanatical Technocrats would be a problem.

Well, in anyone else's hands, anyways.

>> No.56079279

whoops, forgot the image

>> No.56079285

I kind of avoided the "being retardedly strong" aspect of being a Jumper by taking the Powerscaling drawback from the Universal Drawback Supplement. Keeps things interesting by making it so I can't just steamroll through and break the setting over my knee.

>> No.56079430

I'm racist to LOTR orcs. Regular orcs are cool. They're fine.

(Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor) #45
-Background: Ranger (900CP) -The time has come.
-Guerilla (Free) -Sword and Bow skill, and sneaky!
-Strike from Above (800CP) (Discount) -DEATH FROM ABOVE.
-Wraith (300CP) (Discount) -Got a voice in my head it seems. ...her name is Finduilas?
-Ranger's Cloak (Free) -A bit of rags to pass the time.
-Ranger's Reading Primer (200CP) (Discount) -Time to live off the land.
-Elven Rune (50CP) (Discount) -I think I'll import that Luna Sword.
-Musty Tome (0CP) -Oh look, poems!
Dice Rolls: 31 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...wait wasn't I JUST here? I thought I was done with this pla-WHY IS THERE A VOICE IN MY HEAD GETITOUTGETITOUTGETITOUTGETITOUT-

Yeah shit's fucked. Apparently things are a bit worse here, the Orcs are going a bit nuts, and an elf can be bonded to someone else? Chances are I'm shifting to elf form again because it would make the personality in my head feel a bit safer. But I can... jump around, swing my sword a bunch more, I'm a parkouring elf even more than before I guess? So I'm a... super elf. With a second voice. That's gotta be really awkward to consider when you get down to the nitty gritty of how such a thing would have happened. Though I also get the feeling there's going to be a lot of "KILL THEM" in my ear the moment I so much as even see orcs now. Which is... troubling? Makes me wonder how she would react to other similar creatures later on.

Either way, guess I'm trying to help Middle Earth again. By exploring Wraith powers and killin' LOTR orcs.

>> No.56079520

Does anyone know how long Val said it would take to train in order to create a soul with First Magic?

>> No.56079542

about 3 minutes, 50 seconds

>> No.56079561

Millenia to create a shoebox. Souls are way more.

>> No.56079586

I suspect some form of trickery to be occurring at this very instance.

>> No.56079602

Hey, there any blacklight jumpers around? Trying to get an idea of what perks I should go grab before I set off. My next eight jumps are, pray, prototype, Tokyo ghoul, resident evil, terraformars, double cross, Deadman wonderland, and witch blade.

>> No.56079620

Jump 19: Space Station 13
Location: Meta Station [900]
Race: Human
Origin: Mechanic [850]
What Was That Sound?
Wrench Monkey
Greasemonkey [550]
Enginseer [250]
Do Not Fist Android Girls [150]
Stocks 102 [50]

Solid Genetic Structure

Mutations: Psy Resistant [0]

Jumpsuit and ID


Eggs? [400]

Hello and welcome aboard to Space Station 13! As of my arrival, there are going to be some changes around here. Now you may be asking ‘Anon what are you doing get down from there you're a Mechanic stop that', but I assure you, after a very generous amount of donations to Nanotrasen, I am perfectly certified to be using this loundspeaker and wearing this spare ID courtesy of the Captain. Say hello, Captain.
>Distant gargling noises.
That's super! Anyways, first of my many reforms. The maintenance tunnels will now have killbots that will immediately murder any unregistered lifeforms, whether they be human or xeno. So be sure to wear your ID at all times! Also, a certain glitch in their programming means that they will attack anyone with an Assistant ID or a grey jumpsuit. So if you fall into that category, please do not loiter in the maintenance tunnels. These robots also have very intricate scanners that detect changelings and xenomorphs, so if you see one of them tossing your coworker into a human-sized incinerator, don't worry! They were probably a traitor or a filthy xeno maid in disguise, and the world is a better place without them. Or I just didn't like them. Either way, better place!

>> No.56079623

From what I remember you start at a basic level enough to make ordinary swords and eventually move into more complex things over centuries so a millenia sounds about right.

>> No.56079632

Finally, I've released a virus into the air ducts through atmospherics and the Station's water supply. It is highly contagious and operates on this protocol: Anyone who has a low threshold of violent thoughts, is reasonably adept at common sense, or just all around a great employee is safe. However, anyone who falls under these categories or is wearing a grey jumpsuit or have any sort of non-work related thoughts to taking company property or wearing insulated gloves will have their skin melt off and their bones will catch on fire, completely annhiliating them and making the last moments of their pitiful existence as painful as possible.

Lastly, any and all assistants or employees with complaints or objections to this can report to the Complaint Mailbox next to my office. Just place your hand on the paper stack on top of it to immediately be able to file your complaint. If you see bloodstains or hear loud screaming in its direction, don't worry! That's what the amnesia gas is for.

...oh whoops. I forgot, I need to deploy that AFTER the speech.


Hello and welcome aboard Space Station 13! I am your Captain who has totally been Captain the entire time and I'm going to go wrestle some xenomorphs. Carry on your day and enjoy a day without filthy gretiders I MEAN filthy traitors I MEAN have a nice day.

>> No.56079635

It got way too dark for my tastes. At least compared to where it started from.

Also all of the important story shit that was "pay only".

Ask me no questions, and you won't know of the abominations in my lab.

Chuunis exist for the sole purpose of being bullied. Every one of them should be bullied.

Justice is happy the Moon Kitten is happy.

>> No.56079636


>> No.56079640


>> No.56079647 [DELETED] 

I love you, Red! Thank you for the typing.

>> No.56079656

Wrong post, anon.

>> No.56079663


>> No.56079672

Anon, I...

>> No.56079674

Shut up, Red.

>> No.56079676

So it was, you're pretty great too HeavensAnon

>> No.56079677

Everyone has a bit of Red within them.

>> No.56079678


>even now, innocent anons everywhere are being mentally conditioned to associate all redheads with Red

>> No.56079682

Correction it mentions small armies at a few centuries so.... do with that estimate what you.

>> No.56079696

What was in the deleted post?

>> No.56079717

the schematics on how to make a spaceship that can travel faster than light

>> No.56079730

The true meaning of Christmas.

>> No.56079748

Wait a minute SHODAN? As in that SHODAN!? How the hell did you get her to companion?

>> No.56079760


A picture of Red wearing a bikini that she signed and sent directly to heavens anon

>> No.56079775

Question for Val. If you have the fifth magic and have the way to shoulder the energy cost say by having 1000x the magical energy of Rin Tohsoka. Do you need to worry about time shunting?

>> No.56079777

More of a tsundere knock-off that's available in Space Station 13. I have several 'dumb' AI that operate Arcadia's technocracy and logistics, but I needed something sentient, loyal, and with a wider range of control. She fit perfectly. Now if only she'd stop saying that 'I'm not doing this because I like your or anything, meatbag' line each time I ask for a status report. Or continually sending several terabytes of AI porn to my personal data terminal.

>> No.56079780

So how useful is the Correspondence stuff from Fallen London? I mean it looks good but I know nothing about the series/games/whatever Fallen London actually is.

>> No.56079788

A picture of red in her bikini from that time she took her demon ex to the beach.

>> No.56079816

Is i- is it good porn?

>> No.56079822

If YJ Anon is around, would I AM THE LAW let me get away with Tech Heresy in 40k, as long as I use it to benefit the Imperium?

>> No.56079864

Isn't AI porn always good porn?

>> No.56079880


>> No.56079891

It's...custom-made. And her processing speed enables thorough multitasking. Make of that what you will.

>> No.56079971

That'd be awesome. Spinnirette is a cute.
Obligatory perk for having amazing abs, though.
Alomar and Wong are tied in my book.
I'm more concerned with the tragic number of daughterus in RE that meet terrible ends.
Non-Drop-Ins tend to be whatever race is appropriate for the location I roll.
Hoping to collect them all, eventually. I'm guessing becoming a Native American of any stripe is gonna be nearly fucking impossible. And no, I will not go to Twilight for that. Fuck that.

>> No.56079985

Are you talking about the Dredd jump?
Because Myrmidont made that.

>> No.56079989

Dredd was myrmidont, anon.

>> No.56080056

It wasn't intentional, really. I wasn't exactly expecting the Army to bring cannons out to protect terrorists.

But 1910 times are weird.

>> No.56080100

Wow, those are some pretty disappointing "perks". It's like you're not even trying here.

>> No.56080120

Hush timmy.

>> No.56080127


Tovam here, the real one. Let me start by saying this: The tovam that gave Val permission to remake the Medaka Box jump last week was a fake.

Before we continue, let me try to prove that I'm really the tovam that made Medaka Box two years ago.
Check that post, where I posted my first or second WIP. Well, that file still exists, and I can still edit it! So I did edit it, second line, with today's date and my current tripcode. Does this count as sufficient proof?

Now, I didn't notice when the fake tovam gave approval to Val, but I noticed pretty quickly once she posted her first draft, and reached out to her. (After all, despite not namefagging, I've kept lurking here for all those years.)
We discussed a few different options, including working together on this new jump, but in the end we decided to just have both jumps on the drive together. My Medaka Box jump is too precious to me, so I couldn't just give it up, but I like Val's version too (powerlevel aside).

We know this is unusual, but as was pointed out last thread there is only the rule of courtesy to handle such situations; don't take or change a jump without the original creator's agreement. Well, Val and I agreed. So my Medaka Box, or Val's Medaka Box Abnormal, feel free to pick which one to jump.

Last, there's no need for witch hunts. There was a mistake, it happens. We tried to fix it as best as we could. The End.

>> No.56080138

It’s the language of the stars. That’s where it comes from, that’s what it is. It’s also found on the spires of the Bazaar, spoken by the Masters (in neutered form), fragments of it can be seen in some suspicious graffiti. It very probably might have the power to warp reality itself, if you’re good enough at it to not set yourself on fire a whole bunch. Mostly, though, you just set yourself on fire a whole bunch. Do note that this is the language of the stars and prismatic flame has a tendency to flicker into being when it's spoken, sometimes inside the person speaking it, and that using it properly is very difficult.

In Echo Bizarre, the greater IP of Fallen London, the Correspondence is how the world works. Physics themselves are a there because the Stars (Judgements) created the Chain of Being so that beings could live and die by their light and make them stronger by doing so, but they had needed to have a place to live so the Stars made the world where they could exist.

>So how useful is the Correspondence stuff from Fallen London?
Depending on your ability with the language it's incredible. Think of it as raw reality warping words and you've got an idea of what it's like. It can be contested, by the force of a soul and will in one case and by sheer fucking spite in another, it can be fought but reality bends in the wake of the Correspondence. Written it has an effect upon that which it is written upon, usually by catching shit on fire but there are other effects that have been listed, but in the spoken Correspondence power can be found. There are people who shout like the Dragonborn of Skyrim and blow up massive ships and others who whisper it and effect the dreams of hundreds.

With no Judgement to countermand this in other Jumps it's a potent power.

TL:DR: It's reality warping, the common tongue of Stars.

>> No.56080174

No problem. Here, have a multinoodle.

>> No.56080200


>> No.56080217

Is that Medaka or her sister?

>> No.56080224

>Converting to other races

>> No.56080249

So cute, thanks. Nothing like some fine snek to feel home again.
It's Kurokami Kujira, Medaka's older half-sister.

>> No.56080271

>not demanding they lower their shields and surrender their ships
>not adding their biological and technological distinctiveness to your own
>not adapting their culture to service you

>> No.56080279

>It's Kurokami Kujira, Medaka's older half-sister.
Alright thanks, good to see you around.

>> No.56080282

Ben "Empty my Nine on the Welfare Line" Garrison has the right idea.

>> No.56080316

>Uniting with a lower race
They dont call me "One man klan" for nothing

>> No.56080325

I recall a companion buy where the two of you basically instantly bonded instantly and completed each other. It said they would be willing to train to some crazy level to try and save you even. I think it was somewhere kind of high-powered. Any one recall at all?

>> No.56080333

Can you use FMA alchemy in space without philosophers stone? If not, is there an easy-ish and moral way to farm sufficient quantities of stone for boarding actions?

>> No.56080352

Yesterday Justice posted his Grand Order build, with the intention to get started on the his chosen Scenario, and all of the Events, to day.

Fuck it. Let's do this shit. Reposting Build first and foremost.

>> No.56080364

What scenario did you take?

>> No.56080367

>Forgot to post the build.

Fate/Grand Order- So it begins, the great Waifuing of our time
Mr. Protagonist
Free Command Seals
Free Jumpako
Free Heroic Man Wanted
Discount Gacha Bitch
Discount Summoner's Guard
Discount Nasty or Nice
Discount Got That Fuyuki Fire
Discount Master of the House
Age of Jumper
Free Killer's Cloak
Discount My Room

Continuation+0- This is, in my timeline, the final Nasuverse jump. All others, even the ones I don't have builds for yet, take place before this.
Match Downs+300- Whythefucknot?
Attack of the Mini-Jumpers+200- This is hilarious
Love Hunter+200- Yandere is Best Dere
Great Seal Unlocked+300- I think I can handle this better than the other 300 one

Minamoto no Yorimitsu
NP-A+(Anti-Personnel:Tenshin Kasyou Zanmai)
Mad Enhancement:EX
Enternal Arms Mastership:A+
Magic Resistance:D
Mana Burst:A
Mystery Killer:A

What Spiritual Form?+50
Mana Muncher+100
Independant Action:A

We're off to a GREAT fucking start aren't we?

>> No.56080375

Dao Companion (300 CP) - Desolate Era

>> No.56080391

>we decided to just have both jumps on the drive together
The problem is that all you're doing is encouraging the idea of having duplicates of every single jump on the drive. There's now no longer any reason to abide by someone's jump, when you can just make one that's stronger/easier. Why not make multiple? Why not use it to shitpost at and insult an author you hate? All you're doing is eroding the rules and the community, I mean hell, if we allow duplicates like this, why not have porn jumps? Replacements? This is an awful thing you two are doing here.

>> No.56080402

>Minamoto no Yorimitsu
Didnt know you liked mommy waifus

>> No.56080407

That's the one, thanks a lot.

>> No.56080429

Read the sentence you quoted please

>> No.56080431

Metalocalypse has already done this a long time ago.

>> No.56080456

So, I've been looking at Infamous and it's powers to see which one I like best, and goddamn do these things have some potential.
If I'm understanding it right, they get more powerful the longer you have them. So that means you can absorb, create, and manipulate more, plus more ways to use them in general. So with Smoke (which is apparently a misnomer because it's not just smoke but ash, embers, fire, and even coal), could I end up able to manipulate each element of it individually? Like with the glass and wire powers that they'd try to make, could I make physical constructs out of ash and embers like that? Make clouds of coal that I explode with fire? Giant firestorms? Or are Infamous' powers more limited?

>> No.56080458

>My Medaka Box jump is too precious to me
I'm not meaning to shitpost here, but, really? It seems really low quality to me. Certainly feels like one of the earlier jumps, and not in a good way.

>> No.56080478

No, it didn't. An exception was made because the two were released at exactly the same time. Medaka Box was released years ago, and Val made a new one now. They're not a simultaneous happenstance, it was Val accidentally making a replacement jump and now those two trying to make it okay to have duplicate jumps.

I'm reading it. They decided they wanted to have duplicates. Guess what, though? That's against the rules. Them deciding they want to break them doesn't change what this means.

>> No.56080482

That specific argument doesn't work since the duplicate is only 'allowed' since both (confirmed) jump makers agreed to keep them both. Most of the people against it are all going "now people can just make duplicates of jumps they don't like etc etc" but this case only happened because BOTH authors agreed on it.

>> No.56080493

>Scenario 1
>The Jumper Wars.
Let us cover the various incarnations of Justice, with short summaries shall we?

>Justice Alter
The Edgy Bastard of the group, kind of a dick. Though much like certain other Alters, is still a surprisingly good person at heart, just buried under rage and dickitude. Naturally there was a fight, with much face punching. Before Alter gave in.

>Justice Lily
This is an oddity, as Justice has become MORE optimistic as time as gone on, as opposed to being more cynical. So Lily is from some weird alternate timeline where Justice had been happy go-lucky ages ago. They fought like cats and dogs with Alter.

>Old Justice
Pretty good friends with Justice right from the get go, gave him advice on "future waifus" while intentionally staying mysterious.

>Young Justice
Another Jumper, for some odd reason, who got mixed in with this story. He eventually wandered off on his own.

>Sakura Justice.
SWORD IS NOT A KATANA! Sword is a Bastard-sword! Fucking weeb trash.

>Summer Jumper
Well a vacation is always nice. Though Justice-Prime prefers to just build sand castles over surfing.

>Bride Jumper

>> No.56080504

>That's against the rules
Yeah no. If both authors agree to it, there's no reason no to allow duplicate jumps. Blindly following da rulez is fucking retarded.

>> No.56080511

Too bad, bitch boy. Everyone likes the new one and the old jump maker says it's cool. It's never coming off.

>> No.56080520

No not that part the "We decided" The original creator said yes and that does not mean every jumpmaker will say yes

>> No.56080535

How many jumpers took Jumper Wars instead of the Beast/Grand Servant event?

>> No.56080541

not them, or even on their side, but the argument isn't that the new one should be removed, nor the old one. its that there shouldn't be two of them at once.

>> No.56080545

It looks like Yuyushiki

>> No.56080567

If you are human and take the Grand Servant scenario do you still need a master?

>> No.56080568

So far, I've only heard of Justice taking it? Though Val herself said she'd basically have to go for Jumper Wars on account of narcissism.

>> No.56080569

So one of them has to be removed, so you'd have to argue one goes, and naturally you'd pick the new one. It's too bad that's not an option.

>> No.56080577

Agreement is easy to get here. How many times has a jump maker capitulated to something because of shitposting? Look at what happened to Rukipedia and the Zelda jump. Besides, look what happened this time. Someone pretended to be tovam and got their replacement jump. What's to stop them doing it again?

It was probably the shitposter, as we know they lurk the IRC to find drama.

See >>56080541

Besides, I take umbrage at the idea that two jumpmakers can just decide that the rules don't count for them and that's supposedly okay.

And you'd love to make stealth replacements for every jump from someone you hate, I'm sure. I bet as this conversation goes on you'll start whining about WoW or something.

>> No.56080585

>the rules

The rules have literally always been bent around consensus with sufficient demand, tho. Like when the judiciary (((reinterprets))) old case law, the idea has always been to put the spirit before the letter. I couldn't care less for the rest of your post but it's disingenuous to suggest there's some sort of ironclad mandate-let alone when you acknowledge another example of an unprecedented thing happening people worked around together with their consent-let alone any kind of penalty if it's not hurting anyone.

>> No.56080592

No, Grands don't have masters. Gramps actually had to give up Grand status to join the protag.

>> No.56080598

That's not your decision to make. The people who get to make that decision, which don't include you, are cool with it. Too bad.

>> No.56080602

>Agreement is easy to get here. How many times has a jump maker capitulated to something because of shitposting? Look at what happened to Rukipedia and the Zelda jump. Besides, look what happened this time. Someone pretended to be tovam and got their replacement jump. What's to stop them doing it again?
Thats a completely different topic that we are talking about, we are talking about duplicate jumps

>> No.56080613

Was there ever an explaination for why apparently as the Medaka family line grows older, they look more and more like lolis?

>> No.56080615

>And you'd love to make stealth replacements for every jump from someone you hate, I'm sure. I bet as this conversation goes on you'll start whining about WoW or something.
>implying I care about people here enough to hate them

No clue how my post made you jump to the conclusion that I want to replace anything. Seems like you're shitposting desu.

>> No.56080620

>Mystery Hero J
Come with me friend-o! Let us build megastructures. "What about the plot?" FUCK THE PLOT! WE NEED MORE DYSON SPHERES!

>Servant Justice
HAHAHA! You're trapped in the Saber Class! NO! STOP SWINGING SWORD AT ME!

>Red Justice
Have some god damn self respect. We are not a man-whore. We marry any woman we have sex with, or rather only have sex with women we have married. We are not some wanton slut.

>Justice of Red
I...have no idea how to handle this situation.

>Animal Justice
Let's feed it Lancer

>Santa Justice
Wait, aren't we already Santa due to that jump?


>Brave Justice
This mostly ended up in a fistfight/argument over the fact that helping more is more important than the glory that comes from it.

>Halloween Justice
Why is he dressed as a ninja? "Because you spent like six years of Halloweens as a ninja as a child" God damn it.

>Prototype Justice
>Literally just the Justice from crossover CYOA made last Christmas

>Justice Cat.

>> No.56080625

The rules have generally been pretty set in stone. You have one singular, extraordinary example otherwise. That's why precedent is dangerous. Even something tangentially related will be used to support further and further violation as things only get worse.

And this is a community. Quit your authority wank, I'll criticize a decision whether or not I'm in charge of the drive. Learn where you are. Hell, the only person who DOES have authority in this case isn't tovam and Val, it's Brutus, who has said nothing.

It's not. It's an example of how a shitposter gets jumpmakers to capitulate to demands. Those demands could include a duplicate.

>> No.56080636

What do you think a duplicate is?

>> No.56080650

Apparently can never have enough justice. (Or maybe Justice has had enough Justice *shrug*)

>> No.56080652

Say Brutus does let there be two jumps. Are you gonna whine and whine about it too?

>> No.56080672

I like how you keeping appealing to authority when this place is basically an anarchy with a very flimsy honor system. It's actually really funny.

>> No.56080673

I'm going to argue with him about the decision and attempt to convince him otherwise. Am I going to complain at him every time I see him or every time Medaka Box comes up? No.

>> No.56080678

>We aren't allowed to have duplicate jumps because they're against the rules, and having any exceptions to this rule is an encouragement to break them in the future
>why are they against the rules in the first place? That doesn't matter, the rules are the rules and the rules say don't do it, so capitulate to my bitching

>> No.56080684

Oh, so you are going to whine. Nevermind then, shitposter.

>> No.56080688

>Agreement is easy to get here. How many times has a jump maker capitulated to something because of shitposting? Look at what happened to Rukipedia and the Zelda jump. Besides, look what happened this time. Someone pretended to be tovam and got their replacement jump. What's to stop them doing it again?
While I do agree having two of the same jump is iffy, I think you really overestimate how many jumpmakers (that are still here) would agree to a replacement to their jumps. the fake act will also now be extremely hard to pull, since now people are going to be extra paranoid.

>> No.56080699

I think you are taking this too seriously Paranoid-san

>> No.56080701

You are literally complaining about a violation of the rules to the people to came up with them in the first place. Fuck yourself.

>> No.56080708

Yet people keep on replying, like always. Shitposters have no more power than the thread gives them, but everyone here seems awefully keen on showering them with (You)s.

>> No.56080723

Drive uploads are explicitly the one place where there is an authority.
>why are they against the rules in the first place?
I explained it in my initial post. Go back and read it.
Making an argument to convince someone isn't shitposting. Indeed, I think it's telling that you're attacking me and never attacked the people who did this, supports my theory that you were the fake tovam.

I really don't think so. Most of the long term jumpmakers have been bullied into decisions before. This isn't any different from that.

>Extra paranoid
They don't seem to have a problem with duplicates, why would they bother being paranoid?

I wasn't aware that you were QS, and I highly doubt you were here at the start like I was.

>> No.56080736

>God Jumper
Actually a comforting discussion as to Justice's goals, and the ramifications of his actions. Despite his desire to do Good, he always holds the fear he's gonna fuck up or do something tyrannical. God Jumper helped that for a time.

>Monster Jumper
Oh wait, there's our lovely 'knight templar' Justice. The one who butchers or mind controls anyone who doesn't follow his standard of 'justice'. The absolute monster who is worse than the people he fights, because he is so god damn sure he's in the right.
This could only end one way.

>Grand Justice
You know, despite being what Justice is rather than what he aspires to be, he's less of an Idol for Justice than God Justice was. Because all of the negative stuff, the things he has learned to accept about himself, is gone. Grand Jumper feels more like a replica of the real thing, or a living story created by those Justice has helped than he does a real person. The battle was tough, but Justice eventually prevailed.

>Beast Justice.
Shortly after Justice had defeated Grand Justice he heard screaming. Not of fear or terror, but a scream/roar of rage. At which point something grabbed him by the face and produced to smash him into the ground head first.
Fair enough, considering how often Justice has opened up fights with that move.

>Most Justice befriended, some fought. None taken as companions.

>Events and story stuff happened in-between Justice confrontations, with Grand/Beast Justice happening only a few days before the end of the jump.

>> No.56080741

So, let me get this straight. Val has:

1) Legitimately tried to drive off at least three separate jumpmakers.
2) Tried to replace a jump without even receiving proper permission, keeping it on the drive despite the attempt having been revealed as invalid.
3) Attacked several jumpmakers, including you and OAA unprovoked.
4) In general pumped out low-effort powergrabs that render most other jumps on the drive irrelevant.
5) Worn a fairly toxic attitude in public regardless of anything else she's done.

And yet you still refuse to speak up, despite clearly contributing to the death of this community. Are you really so scared of her?

>> No.56080743

>Making an argument to convince someone isn't shitposting. Indeed, I think it's telling that you're attacking me and never attacked the people who did this, supports my theory that you were the fake tovam.
Why would he attack Val and tovam when he agrees with their actions? You're the only one here who has a problem with them.

>> No.56080762

Because the shitposter was probably the fake tovam, he's not attacking them for their decision because he likes that there are duplicates as it promotes further anarchy and shitposting to kill the thread.

>> No.56080771

>Anon right now

>> No.56080793

So we can have as many copies of a jump as we want as long as the authors agree, and we are allowed to jump all of them? There are supposed to be rules.

People shouldn't have to fanwank something because authors agree to break the rules.

I can see it now. "If you don't like the jump, you have my full permission to make your own and they can both go on the drive." Instead of hashing out problems in a jump we just get forks.

>> No.56080798

again, not them, nor on their side, but can you not see how that might look bad? apply that situation to any kind of thing IRL.
>They don't seem to have a problem with duplicates, why would they bother being paranoid?
because unlike shitposters, alot of jumpmakers genuinely care about the rules and will want to have stuck to them

>> No.56080813

I notice from >>56080741
that he's started to though, probably to throw off the scent.

Caring about the rules doesn't mean you care enough to put up with harassment you naively think will stop if you capitulate.

>> No.56080817

Everyday in 4chan is a reality tvshow where every now and again a celebrity is accused of causing the apocalypse

>> No.56080818


Just Wings.


It makes sense that Altered Physiologies wouldn't have standard eating requirements; if you just want the weird eating habits you can do that, too. I might make a less expensive version for that.

Mmm... might be a bit much for the whole tail. Maybe just the tip+some parts of the tail?


>> No.56080828

I want my spin-off show, dammit

>> No.56080834

Even if I did post an opinion, it's adorable how you think it would change anything.

>> No.56080844

I've been every sort of human ethinicity (and gender), though I tend to gravitate toward a specific appearance (light brown skin, wavy black hair, black eyes, androgynous features) for the sake of consistency.

>> No.56080849

>Caring about the rules doesn't mean you care enough to put up with harassment you naively think will stop if you capitulate.
desu, you obviously have a low opinion of jumpmakers if you think they will so easily fold, especially when they KNOW they will receive just a much, if not more, harassment for agreeing to it.

>> No.56080851

So you're a mexican trap?

>> No.56080867

Sorry...dunno why I thought it was YJ. Anyway, the question remains.

Would I AM THE LAW let me get away with Tech Heresy in 40k, as long as I use it to benefit the Imperium?

>> No.56080873

I don't have a low opinion of them as people, but yeah after being here long enough and seeing a lot of capitulations, like the thing with Ruki before, I really do think jumpmakers are incredibly naive people. They don't generally seem to be the kind of hardened long-time 4chan users that let shitposting slide off their backs like water off a duck.

>> No.56080874

desu, I'm still dubious that the 'real' tovam isn't a second fake. The thing is, I was doubtful in the first place because I wasn't privy to the conversation between him and Val that convinced her of the veracity of his claims.

I'm willing to believe that it the proof stood up to scrutiny in the first place, but that only muddles things when you get into 'what if the fake has stronger proof then the real one?', which could easily happen if the current state of things is an indicator.

>> No.56080889

>It can be contested

I'd like to point out there is a third way called the Red Science, which is a bunch of eldritch and impossible mathematics that burn cold to look at and come from the lawless wastes of space. They can both outright break the law, and bend it into something more suitable; the most known example is the Flukes (alien urchins) using it to transform themselves into something more human. But it's apparently really difficult, because so far the best thing they can make reliably is a bunch of Rubbery Men that look like derpy human-sized Cthulhus in suits which are easily bullied by Victorian Londoners.

The exact process isn't fully understood, other than that the production of a meteorise with ominous red symbols of it is apparently a big part of using the Red Science and per a Fate-locked story, that steam powered AIs can make those by themselves. Also in Sunless Skies' early access there is a mountain-sized one floating near a rundown circus but so far it doesn't seem to do anything interesting.

>> No.56080894

>go to jump desolate era
>don't understand a fucking word of this shit
>okay how many books are there

Is all Xianxia stuff like this? Because goddamn, this shit is too powerful NOT to jump but I'm not reading 23 books.

>> No.56080915

Martin Guerre: /jc/ edition

>> No.56080916

They get paid by the word, so yes.

>> No.56080919

I like new MB jump
Val did nothing wrong

>> No.56080928

I'm not even criticizing its quality or anything, but the existence of duplicates. That's my prime concern, not which ends up on the drive.

>> No.56080934

I mean, they posted some pretty damning evidence (proof of changing one of the original jumps WIPs)
any kind of harassment they get from a 'jumpmaker' will likely be equal or less than any they would get from anons and have you seen many replacements made?

>> No.56080937

How good/bad/OHGODWHY of an idea would it be to try and use the omnitrix on type mercury?

>> No.56080939

And yet somehow, these days I find actual politicians (and celebs) being accused of causing the apocalypse to be even more entertaining.

>> No.56080958

I've been "born" in a lot of places at this point.

That would imply I have anything down there. I only care about looking superficially human.

>> No.56080960

Even so, you've seen how often jumpmakers get jerked around by the shitposter convincing them to make change after change, only to continue harassing them over the change. It happens to every other jump at this point.

I haven't seen any replacements because replacements aren't allowed. Yet, at this point. But this decision would mean that duplicates are.

>> No.56080986

I was thinking Gamergate actually.

Ghostfreak, an alien less dangerous (or at least less hyped) than Type Mercury managed to break out of the Omnitrix and take over Earth a couple times. In one of them, he fully escaped. He does not have the power to transform the world around him into one with entirely different laws of physics, hurl projections of other planets around or own Ether Liners that can return the ambient world to it's original state.

Make of that what you will.

>> No.56081013

>I was thinking Gamergate actually.
You mean the thing where corrupt game journalists were exposed then they all threw a fit and labeled their opposition as evil nazis so they could unite twitter and other shitholes against them?

>> No.56081026

desu, this is all conjecture, since we haven't actually seen what will happen. For all we know, this will be a unique case similar to Metalwhatever. And my final point in this argument: I imagine most jumpmakers would prefer replacements to duplicates, likely fusing the two together. and while some could still consider this bad, its still not a duplicate situation. After this, I'm done with this argument, since I'm a relatively neutral party to this, so don't care enough to care on.

>> No.56081038

Cool. Tiny armored fairy with a tiny metal fist.

>Just Wings.
Huh. I figured I'd need Animalistic in there to get it to be dragonfly-y, with the bodypart option. Can the normal Wings purchase look like that, and do all the hovering, zigzagging, flying backwards, and flying straight up then? How fast would a 3 to 4 inch tall fairy fly with that?

Nice. Now to figure out whether I want fire, lightning, or something else...

>It makes sense that Altered Physiologies wouldn't have standard eating requirements; if you just want the weird eating habits you can do that, too. I might make a less expensive version for that.
Yeah, it does make sense to give Altered Physiologies that. But I'd also like the weird eating habits on its own, since just giving a magical race companion that weirdness seems fun?

>Mmm... might be a bit much for the whole tail. Maybe just the tip+some parts of the tail?
That's a little disappointing, but I suppose just the tip is okay too.

Cool. Oh, and claws/fangs and such are fine to take with Animalistic, as long as they're not the slice through steel quality of Natural Weapons, right?

>> No.56081041

It's the 70s and a blaxploitation parody setting. There are no good white people.

>> No.56081043

You don't put living creatures in the Omnitrix, so it doesn't need to keep something from 'getting out'. Ghostfreak got out because of an unknown property of his species where every single cell and strand of DNA in their bodies is self aware, and can grow into a new individual entirely. This allowed his DNA to form a separate, sapient individual inside the Omnitrix. So unless Type Mercury's DNA can do the same thing, it's not breaking out of the omnitrix. It's not a matter of power, it's a matter of how Ghostfreak's biology worked.

>> No.56081054

The thing is, most of us don't give a shit. We have Val's jump, the old one by tovam is staying on the drive, and the only reason you have for throwing one of them in the trash is 'bu dat's against da rulls', when the rules are what they are in the first place to protect the interests of jumpmakers.

You can't convince people to your point of view by browbeating them with cyclical appeals to an authority that doesn't support your argument. The jumpmakers themselves have agreed to this, so in the end, you're arguing that they shouldn't do it because of some autistic belief that 'there can only be one' or some shit.

>> No.56081063

I would take the Battle of Screen Time, but I don't know enough about Nobu to try and waifu.

>EVENT-Mount Devil
Justice decided to forfeit a reward by taking a Third Option. He proceeded to let Tam-Tam and her husbando(Worm) marry, but convince them to return to the village, because kidnapping is wrong. He defused the situation with the hunters, and the Oni going crazy, but generally went for what he considered to be the "Good End".
It was weird seeing a Kiyohime and a Minamoto he hadn't already waifued.

>EVENT-Festival of Fitness
Justice had only one goal for the Festival. Total Victory. It was the only way to obtain not on the Waifu he desired, but also Bros.
In the end Justice left the Festival with Medusa, along with Broskander and Asterios.
Now he just needs a Stheno and the Shipping can begin.

I think we all know where this is going.
Everyone went home to their family, except for EMIYA and Angra Manyu. Because Justice felt they needed friends, and he didn't wanna take people away from their happy family.

>EVENT-Joan of War
Royalist, and save France from this nonsense
>Jeanne and Jeanne Alter:GET

>No Mountain for Old Men.
The Route is simple but difficult. Help every last Hassan achieve their mission.
>Bros Gained:King Hassan, Cursed Arm Sensei
>Waifus Gained:Serenity

>EVENT-Mad Emiya, Gae Road
Take the War Rig. Retake the fortress.
>Bros Gained:Cu, Cu, Cu, Cu, Cu
>Waifus Gained:Scathach

You know, this ended up with less Waifus than I expected. Oh well.

>> No.56081088

>the only reason you have for throwing one of them in the trash is 'bu dat's against da rulls',
Please read my original post, I explained why it's a problem.

>> No.56081090

You can buck the trend, you're not bound by narrative.

>> No.56081093


>> No.56081127

Yep. Probably about a little less fast than a normal dragonfly, considering they probably weigh a bit more.

Yeah, claws and fangs and such are fine to take with Animalistic.

>> No.56081128

>muh slippery slope
This isn't a fucking courtroom. There's no precedent being set here. It's a weird outlier, nothing more.

>> No.56081131

There is no consistent growth rate between Conduits. Some take decades of training and barely get anywhere, some take seven years and become capable of casually wrecking entire buildings, some can absorb Ray Field energy (using Blast Cores and Blast Shard for powerups isn't a universal power among Conduits, despite what some people assume, there's an audio log in Second Son mentioning that Delsin and presumably Cole were unique in that regard) and get super strong in just a couple days.

>> No.56081143

>There's no precedent being set here.
I think the fact that people keep using the Metalocalypse situation to argue for this one proves that people DO consider there to be precedents.

>> No.56081157

That's the one.

Be the honky you want to see, anon. Also I'm pretty sure at least some of the thots BD ploughs are nice girls.

>an unknown property of his species

That's the part I'm concerned about. Call me paranoid, but when you have a lifeform considered to be the most powerful thing a planet can generate as well as the executor of it's will, which can squish Dead Apostle Ancestors in seconds and which All The World's Evils admit he can't kill as fast as when he's powered up. It seems unwise to make assumptions.

Like the idea that Type Mercury has anything resembling DNA instead of some other bullshit matter that makes no sense to Earth physics. Plus, since we know it DOES turn the world around it into that of Mercury's the Omnitrix's mechanisms are in serious danger of malfunctioning that close to it. Or being turned into crystals, as it were. A different kind of Nasuverse alien can exist simultaneously in the digital and physical worlds.

It might even have the Marble Phantasm power. Arc does, she's the closest thing the Earth has to an Ultimate One and in Extra she was able to break out of the Moon Cell using it despite how impossible that should be on multiple levels.

>> No.56081170

I took it too
>Jumper Alter
Basically a version of jumper that decided to continue his logic of you must save the most amount of people and sacrifce the others to the extreme
>Jumper Lily
Jumper when he decided he would bring peace through reforming and compassion
>Old Jumper
Old Fart who liked scheming and having mooks do all the job for him
>Young Jumper
Shy and didnt want to involve himself to anything that seemed dangerous
>Sakura Jumper
Full Chuuni, Full BELIEVE IT and did dumb poses
>Summer Jumper
Liked to sleep under an umbrella
>Bride Jumper
Full of love to say the least, and had many sorts of engagement rings
>Mystery Hero Z
Was a mess and his weapons had a tendency to electrocute him
>Servant Jumper
I think he was an Assasin and I apparently met him, but I didnt see him.
>Red Jumper
An exhibitionist and wealthy jumper, Chacha did like his no fucks actitude
>Jumper of Red
He really hated me for not raising him and I decided to make amends by taking him with me.
>Jumper Animal(cat)
He got along with Chacha, but he ran away every time I got close to him
>Santa Jumper
Apart from that obnoxious laugh and red clothes he was just like jumper
He would have been more creepy if he didnt fall down a lot
>Brave Jumper
Take Sakura Jumper and add more dumb poses
>Halloween Jumper
Did a very good impression on Jason
>Jumper Cat
I felt a deja vu on this one
And I am still thinking the remaining four

>> No.56081176

>Please read my original post, I explained why it's a problem.
Please read every subsequent response to your post, we all explained to you why you were wrong, are still wrong, and will continue to be wrong. I'm not arguing with you, I'm explaining to you the facts; you are an idiot and wrong, as has been explained to you multiple times already, but you're too fucking dense to understand.

You don't have an argument, so shut up and stop bitching.

>> No.56081191

So it's literally "just fanwank it, but don't go too overboard"?

>> No.56081196

>Like the idea that Type Mercury has anything resembling DNA instead of some other bullshit matter that makes no sense to Earth physics.
Thing is, in Ben 10, even sapient rocks and other inorganic nonsense has 'DNA' of some kind. If any setting lets you take genetic info from Type Mercury, it's Ben 10.

>> No.56081197

Not him but isn't that just people acknowledging that sometimes weird outliers happen? You seem to be the only one making both situations out to be anything as formal as a "precedent", from what I see of the conversation most people are just saying that shit happens sometimes, and it's all good as long as the jumpmakers involved are cool with it.

>> No.56081203

Makes em more powerful ninja. Duh.

>> No.56081211

>ignoring the most important part of the post
Slippery Slope is dumb and you should feel dumb.

>> No.56081217

You should probably also consider that its not 'just' the jumpmakers who are fine with it. You seem to be one of the only people arguing against it, so if we go by rules (ones enforced by the thread), both the majority of the thread and seemingly the jumpmakers are relatively fine with this specific example.

>> No.56081218

Oh, anon, no. There are FORTY-ONE books of this. And yes, all xianxia is like that, it's all incredibly long-winded. Desolate Era is particularly boring, but it's just an exemplar instead of an outlier.

>> No.56081230

No idea. I just took it because it seemed fun. As you saw, I didn't even take a reward from it. I just wanted to have fun.

Yandere is Best Dere.

Justice has had more than enough of himself for now yes.

Be happy with your Tam-Tam.

>> No.56081234

More or less. Have fun, and wank responsibly.

>> No.56081240

I obviously replied to every response, but most of them are telling me "we don't care" or arguing that it won't be repeated, but I haven't seen you present a counteragument to what I said in response to that.

>I'm not arguing with you
Then you're not presenting a good-faith position here. Offering up insults has no value.

No, they explicitly couched it in the idea of jumpmaker-approved duplicates.

>> No.56081259


Someone clearly faked permission to update the jump. You think it won't happen again when it clearly got them what they wanted? They have a new jump, and then the original jump maker came back and now there's a stir. There's simply no way this isn't going to be a plague now.

The way we deal with this incident will set the course on how we deal with the next five or ten.

>> No.56081262

Right, but the only two aliens I know of that explicitly run on actual unique physics are the Anodites (which don't actually change the world around them permanently as a passive effect of moving) and the Celestialsapiens. Which the Omnitrix only got a sample of from the Forge of Creation, not nicking it off an existing Celestialsapien.

>> No.56081264

>Then you're not presenting a good-faith position here
I don't have to. You don't have an argument, and other people have already explained how you're fucking stupid, so shut the fuck up already.

>> No.56081267

Val genuinely believed 'I' gave her permission and started making her own version, and I returned and talked to her about it the day she posted her WIP.
Had I returned before she made such a complete WIP, she'd have had to give up. Had I returned a few months after her complete version replaced mine on the drive, I'd have had to give up.
This is indeed a weird outlier, and no matter what we decided, some people were going to be unhappy about it.

>> No.56081272

Huh. Okay then, I figured it was more birdlike and standard insect flight at base. Guess I've got another 100cp left over there. Not sure what to do with that...

I feel like an Elvish Weapon would be funny, but also kinda useless at that size... Though there is that spearpoint thing, which might still be dangerous despite the tiny size? Would it be?

>> No.56081278

I honestly don't rely on anons to have any kind of integrity, honestly. Not only is it hard to determine who is samefagging or shitposting, but in general anons really do seem to fall into the mindset that more of everything is fine because they just want more. I don't even think most of the mare going to jump only one, they'll keep the build for the old one and the new one now. I haven't seen any anons argue in favor of ANY of our rules in over a year at this point.

Reality does not change with your declarations of arrogance.

>> No.56081304

It's really not an outlier, because what I'm talking about is the situation that's happening right now, this decision making. You two decided, that you would have a duplicate version of the jump. Again, what makes any other decision to have a duplicate less valid? What's to stop people from doing it in the future? I know some jumpmakers like Megacorp would absolutely jump at this if they were still active.

>> No.56081311

>Yandere is Best Dere.

>> No.56081324

Anyone have a copy of the Gantz jump written by Dirge?

>> No.56081325

>The way we deal with this incident will set the course on how we deal with the next five or ten.

Jesus christ, the implications being implied here. I didn't want to get involved, but you gotta remember this isn't your fucking courtroom.

>> No.56081337

Let's also all remember that Val hates it when someone wants to make fanfiction of her jumps, but expects everyone to be okay with her making fanfiction or duplicates of other people's jumps.

>> No.56081338

>I honestly don't rely on anons to have any kind of integrity, honestly.
so at this point what you've said is that you don't trust the anons nor do you trust the jumpmakers... why are you part of this community then?
>I haven't seen any anons argue in favor of ANY of our rules in over a year at this point
then you obviously don't watch the thread very often. there are ALWAYS a few anons arguing 'but the rules' whenever something that breaks them happens.

>> No.56081345

I would imagine lots of people get sick of this board and go away for a while, but still watch the uploads for anything interesting. I've certainly done that before. I would come back and speak up if someone overwrote something I authored.

Also, you are arguing in favor of people who fake permission to overwrite old jumps? I'm pretty sure people are against that.

>> No.56081349

What are you talking about, everything has to be superserious and we should have a clause for every exception

>> No.56081359

Also, bit of an update on Freddy vs Jason vs Ash and The Mummy- I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out early in November and they're going to have to put me under to do it. I've never had anything like that done before and the anxiety's making it hard to focus. I'm still going to get Freddy vs Jason vs Ash done on Halloween, but I won't be able to get The Mummy done in time for it, too.

I could try and get it done early in November, if you guys want, though. Not sure if this will effect Fables; I might have to push it back to early December and release Generic Kaiju for Christmas or something.

Probably. It's still a metal shard going into their heart, and it's magical, too.

>> No.56081360

>why are you part of this community then?
For the jumps? I think the rules are important to preserving the community so that more content is produced.

>There are always a few anons arguing 'but the rules'
No, it's almost always just me.

>> No.56081361

>The way we deal with this incident will set the course on how we deal with the next five or ten.
You know this is an imagination game right?

>> No.56081364

She didn't seem all that bothered about the Fate fanfic Jump where Shirou becomes a Dead Apostle

>> No.56081365

More importantly, why do you bother when you admitted in the post right above you that you're fighting a futile battle? At this point you're going to going to end up in an inevitable contradiction as a vocal minority trying to overrule a majority.

>> No.56081366

Yeah, because no one but shitposters can learn or adapt.
Because jumpmakers aren't going to be ten times more cautious about replacements, now that there's a digital skinwalker in our midst.
I sincerely wish I knew your actual identity.

>> No.56081375

If people keep breaking the rules. Why not update the rules?

>> No.56081380

I remeber every time

>> No.56081382

>I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out
>You get yours taken in three months
I will understand your pain YJ

>> No.56081383

A structured imagination game. You know, with those pesky rules. That people enforce vitriolically. "Do what you want but don't post that shit here anon."

>> No.56081385

Because no one will accept anyone but Val to edit the rules because of how much she likes telling others what to do.

>> No.56081391

Death is inevitable, but every day all of us struggle and fight to live as long as possible, and as well as possible. It's human nature to fight the inevitable, and the longer this thread lasts, the more content is produced. The more enjoyment there is.

>> No.56081392


Take your logical fallacy and go home.

>> No.56081408

Aha! I hit you with a fallacy fallacy in response!

>> No.56081412

>I think the rules are important to preserving the community so that more content is produced

I disagree with the idea that rules must be followed to the letter to achieve that goal, because life isn't 1984. You're vocally opposing a decision on the basis of hypotheticals. That in turn, diminishes my enjoyment of it.

Also holy crap do you actually read what you type because that post just makes you sound fucking sad.

Please, just get some fresh air. Have a walk in a park, listen to some music you like.

>> No.56081414

>Jumpchain constitution
To be fair, it wasnt a crossover fanfic, that might have triggered her, since cross over jumps are trash
What is your solution then also Muh slippery slope

>> No.56081415

The thing is, the rules actually have a function. As I've explained, removing them isn't going to make things better. It's not a matter of rules for rules' sake.

>> No.56081425

What are some good eldritch perks?

>> No.56081427

If we accept two medaka jumps we are going to end up accepting bestiality and pedophilia!

>> No.56081438

>What is your solution then also Muh slippery slope
I think I just said. Don't post that shit here. Duplicates on the drive are against the rules and if they want it, they should go post on SB.

>> No.56081443

People were using Metalocalypse earlier to justify this situation, so the argument that they'll just keep pushing is already supported.

The letter here is not to have duplicates. You really can't just keep ignoring how this serves as justification and argument for further duplicates in the future.

>You sound sad
Are you surprised on this website?

>> No.56081453

>Trying to sabotage the argument by shitposting

>> No.56081460

>What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

>> No.56081463

Christ in Heaven, you're right.
There's no stopping it!
Soon we'll have people authoring actual stories in order to make jumps of their own content! Those powerwankers will be the end of us, with their insane space operas and multiverse busting anime ripoffs!
We're doomed, I tell you!

>> No.56081465

Exactly. So, at worst, things just stay the same. But it's not like you have to make an involved post for what have largely been yes-or-no questions, anyway.

>> No.56081466

>It's not a matter of rules for rules' sake

The manner in which you're arguing for them to be ((enforced)) is indistinguishable from "rules for rules' sake" when if anything the fact that a (((precedent))) HAS occured in the past with no intentionally similar but widely accepted events suggests to me you're exaggerating the whole thing.

Twisted Faith and Archdragon Mirage from Dark Souls 3.

>> No.56081470

I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I’d like to see you do Fables and Generic Kaiju before Mummy, if that’s an option.

>> No.56081476

Am back!

Akame ga Kill

Power >>>Beauty

Beauty >>> Power

Tales of Demons and Gods

Body >>> Beauty

Soul >>> Beauty

Soul >>> Body


Mind >>> Body

Body >>> Mind

Soul Eater

Soul >>>Body

Body >>> Soul

Kickkboxer Vengeance

Strength >>> Charisma

Medaka Box

Amount-based Acceleration


A bunch of physical attributes.


Body >>> Magic

Magic >>> Body

>> No.56081480

a rule that only you and one or two others care about in a community where the rules are made by the community

>> No.56081482

You're using an exaggerated example completely unrelated to the current rule that's being argued.

>he manner in which you're arguing for them to be ((enforced)) is indistinguishable from "rules for rules' sake"
Please read my first post.

>> No.56081490

Can you imagine the shitstorm and bitching that would happen if someone tried to make Code Geass right now as a jump?

Just saying, there wouldn't be nearly as much acceptance if it was one of Valeria's jumps that was in danger.

>> No.56081491

I just remembered, I forgot to ask Sonic Totem the most important question. Is Worm the best waifu?

>> No.56081493

>You really can't just keep ignoring how this serves

I really can when your entire basis for this is built on an unfounded assumption that's dependant on people absolutely never changing their mindsets and opinions about anything ever, when the only consistant thing I've noticed about this community is inconsistancy and a violent reaction to micromanagement.

>Are you surprised on this website?

Well, you've got me there.

>> No.56081511

Here you go friendo!
Please don't use it for shitposting purposes.

>> No.56081523

>this is built on an unfounded assumption that's dependant on people absolutely never changing their mindsets and opinions about anything ever,
I really don't know what you think this has to do with my point. If anything this looks like you're arguing that duplicates are good and that rules should change with people's changing mindsets. That's completely ignoring what my point about duplicates and how they'll eventually lead to the dickwaving and posturing psuedo-replacement and spite I described to you.

>> No.56081526


>> No.56081539

>Young Justice
>apparently another Jumper
I understood that reference.

>> No.56081541

So if things aren't going to change anyway, what's the point of saying whether I support it or not? All it's going to do is invite more arguing and attempts to cause politics.

>> No.56081554

Take your time if you need to. There's no need to rush things if you're having trouble focussing.

>Probably. It's still a metal shard going into their heart, and it's magical, too.
That's true... Going with that then. She's going to be the most adorable tiny knight.

As an aside, I'm kinda peeved that companions are 100cp short of getting both Ectoplasmic Being and the full Behemoth size. Buuut, I suppose just being able to posses respectably-sized houses and a containment suit that doubles as a pseudo-mech is still good with the 300cp version.

>> No.56081563

You mean, for bodies or powers?
Evangelion, Sekai Oni, K6BD and obviously Lovecraft have both.

>> No.56081567

Who is that and can i waifu her?

>> No.56081574

Jumpchain was mistake.
It's all garbage.

Now roll to seduce.

>> No.56081578

I take full comfort and knowing the
>Nuh dupes crisis
Will pass in about 2 threads we will have peace for 2 more than anons will be arbitrarily cross at something again.

>> No.56081580

We are a democracy

>> No.56081599

>Hundred Faced-Hassan
>Not waifued

>> No.56081617

I thought this was still in the WIP phase, this looks pretty finished, from a cursory glance at least.

>> No.56081628

I think she's just an OC?

Sauce here: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=60006818

>> No.56081641

There is no option for
>No but in this case it is an unfortunate comprimise that we will need to bare
Or more the case for me
>I don't care.

Also we are more an Oligarchy with various Jumpmakers as the leading class.

>> No.56081650

No, and I disagree.

I did. You have an unseemly and patronising tendency to keep posting this like it proves something. Your fears are entirely founded on massive assumptions about how any given population of people of thread will respond to any given replacement. I could just as easily ask, why wouldn't people use this as an encouragement to look ahead in the future to avoid this sort of situation? Why wouldn't people learn from this example to get in contact with the original maker before working on something, or checking the identities of those purpoting to be them? Why would this increase the likelihood of shitposting against authors when shitposting against authors is already held in low esteem by the majority of the thread. Most importantly at all, can you prove at all unambiguously that "eroding the rules" causes the community to be eroded? Because otherwise, you're just sitting here being upset at people not being upset at a peaceful resolution between two writers. Not to mention it's presumptuous to equate a civil conversation with an increase in shitposting. By that logic we shouldn't talk to each other at all to minimise shitposting altogether.

>> No.56081652

Yeah, that's understandable. They've been out in the air a lot longer than the Mummy. It's just that I've been dropping a lot of "maybe I'll get The Mummy done in time for Halloween"s, so people might have been expecting it sooner than those? And it's not like it would take a long time to make; I got Hellboy and Nightmare on Elm Street done in just a few days, so even with a sluggish pace I could probably get it done before my appointment.

I don't know. I've just been feeling kind of crummy these past few days.


Thanks, man.

>> No.56081655

Nope just yes or no

>> No.56081658

curses... Are there any jumps that let you import an OC character to companion?

>> No.56081661

Rolled 1 (1d100)

Are we seducing Worm?

>> No.56081672

I hope you do low rolls

>> No.56081674


>> No.56081683

Seems a bit lacking in tact and comprehensibility. It is like saying are you rich or poor and not paying attention to the middle class. In this particular case opinions are not simply binary.

>> No.56081684

Rolled 10 (1d100)

Let me try again.

>> No.56081692


>> No.56081700


>> No.56081705

Do you want two jumps yes or no I am not asking your reasons or just this once. Do you want two medaka jumps or not

>> No.56081708

The last time we rolled to seduce, it was to try and waifu Jumpchan/the Benefactor.

>> No.56081716

Speaking from personal experience, it really isn't bad. Was out of it for a few days, and needing to flush that shit out was obnoxious, but it wasn't even painful. Just don't suck or you'll create a dry socket.

>> No.56081718


>> No.56081720

Isn't strawpoll super easy to spoof for the purpose of ballot stuffing?
Oh, but I'm sure it won't be a problem here.
It's not like people here would use subterfuge to get what they wanted.
It's not like people have been falseflagging in the thread for years.
It's not like people have been spreading lies and falsehoods in order to generate artificial strife in the threads for years.
It's not like someone pretended to be a jumpmaker in order to get a replacement jump made.

>> No.56081724

Apparently they really didn't like the seducing attempt.

>> No.56081736

>Your fears are entirely founded on massive assumptions about how any given population of people of thread will respond to any given replacement.
People are already using the Metalocalypse thing, the other supposed outlier, to argue for this. People are already doing some of what I said they would. Of course I'm going to take that as supporting my position.

>I could just as easily ask, why wouldn't people use this as an encouragement to look ahead in the future to avoid this sort of situation?
Because has ANYONE, a single person, ever treated this as a negative situation? Something to be avoided? Nobody in either thread has given any indication they view this situation like you're saying they are.

>Why would this increase the likelihood of shitposting against authors
It gives the shitposter more and more effective ways to attack jumpmakers.

>can you prove at all unambiguously that "eroding the rules" causes the community to be eroded?
Look at the general.

>> No.56081737

Yeah, for the most part I just want the pointless bitching to stop.

I wouldn't mind their being two Jumps, but I am basing this off the idea of something similar to having multiple trpg rules. I think the world would be a lesser place if we only had WoD or DnD or shadowrun etc.

The only problem I can see with my very limited knowledge if all this is that people may throw fits because they are afraid someone would do the Jump they want to do better. And I guess that is a valid fear, but it sounds like something a cartoon CEO villain would be afraid of.

>> No.56081740

Rolled 80 (1d100)

Rolling to seduce the concept of hatred in order to show it love.

>> No.56081746

Nice dead meme, Brosephagus

I'd say we're the closest thing there can be to a functional anarcho-syndaclist commune actually.

There's direct democracy, a cooperative economy system and it's all solely focused on human needs.

"Workers" are self-managed except when working on more complex projects at times.

There's a lot of direct action, and a bare minimum of 3rd party action to manage public property via the drive.

Oh, and of course the wage system is abolished. Yay us!

>> No.56081754

>needing game for superfluous female meat holes when you have psychic powers

>> No.56081759

Rolled 344 (1d1000)

I roll to seduce Jump-chan.

...wait didn't I do this already.


>> No.56081767

woops mixed up my 'there and theirs'

Oh well.


>> No.56081775

>Nobody in either thread has given any indication they view this situation like you're saying they are.
and only you have given any indication that you think this will all end in fire

>> No.56081781

>Jumpchan gets the tools out
Suffering awaits.

>> No.56081788

>and only you have given any indication that you think this will all end in fire
For the reasons I described in my initial post and across the conversation.

>> No.56081804

Welp. See you in hell, /jc/.

>> No.56081808

There are no retries. You're a baka anon. A total baka. But it's okay.

You're still my friend.

Worms are not for waifuing

>> No.56081819

Because things can only change for the better, given the current state of the thread. And at least it'll invite more variety as well, it's like you'll change the frequency and level of vitriol.

>> No.56081826

Yeah; I know, logically, that the chances of anything bad happening are low, but I can't help but immediately leap to the worst case scenarios.

It didn't help that they had me sign a ton of paper work that basically amounted to "if anything bad happens, it's not on us" after telling me about what they were going to do the day of the operation.

>> No.56081836

Rolled 45 (1d100)

Well we're in a shit spiral of a thread anyhow.

>> No.56081847

>People are already doing some of what I said they would

Do explain how this translates to people being guaranteed to do everything you said they would, especially when the example you're cherrypicking came after you started criticising the jumpmaker specifically. Do also make an effort to not insult my intelligence with any correlation=causation bullshit, or use your value system as a predictive model for human fucking nature.

>negateive situation

Something doesn't have to be treated as a negative situation to know to not be emulated. You're also putting words into my mouth, when the point I was emphasising was none of the posts you dismiss treat this as something to EMULATE which was the point I was making.

>gives the shitposter

It's unrealistic and impractical to expect you can regulate every single aspect of thread behavior that does that, and if you tried there are far more immediate avenues you could be focusing on. Like the fact that most people have forgotten the ignore and report approach.

>the general

You can call it many things, but "eroded" is hardly a good word to use when CYOAs are still regularly made and enjoyed. What about that ancient Urban Unease one someone dug up one day that everyone likes?

>> No.56081850

You are basing most of your argument on the idea that all jumpmakers are weak willed and will easily give in (a frankly slightly insulting view on them). There is also a vast difference between being pressured into changing one or two perks and letting someone make a replacement/duplicate.

>> No.56081854

*it's not like


>> No.56081856

Rolled 28 (1d100)

I don't even have a benefactor in my chain.

>> No.56081859

Thank you, anon!

>> No.56081862

Rolled 58 (1d100)

Rolling to seduce, I dunno, a dragon? Dragons are neat. Val would probably think it was funny.

>> No.56081863

Wrong post? >>56081736 is the one doing that

>> No.56081872

Dirge was a bit of perfectionist when it came to making jumps, he'd have everything typed out and still call it a WIP in case there was something people were unhappy about later on

>> No.56081873

linked the wrong post >>56081850
whoops yeah (i linked myself by accident)

>> No.56081879

Soul Eater is full of them, especially in the Drop In line. My favorite, and one that doesn't get much attention, is Mad Moves. It lets you perform any action you could do normally with any movement that's approximately what it should be. It's subtle, but I think there would be something very unnerving about a creature that can move along at a running pace while comfortably strolling along, or that can crush heads with a gentle caress of the cheek.

>> No.56081880

Rolled 40 (1d100)

Rollan' for harem shenanigans

>> No.56081886

Rolled 73 (1d100)

I'm going to roll to have a nice date

>> No.56081890

Would you say Val (the jumper) is a dragon, on a scale of worm to blue eyes white celestial megaultragigaarchdragon?

>> No.56081920

So is there any perk that would get rid of the need to transform and instead make it a permanent part of you? Asking mainly about the Reincarnations need to transform to access the power and abilities of it.

>> No.56081932

Rolled 34 (1d100)

Sure, why not.

>> No.56081958

I think there's a capstone in Petals of Reincarnation that does that.

>> No.56081960

Rolled 29 (1d100)

I will roll to go on a jumpchain instead.

In before only one to not go on a chain.

>> No.56081973

I really like Mad Moves too! Those are great examples, it based on some of Asura's first actions after waking up, like when he rubber banded his skin to lightly flick Black Star on the nose and probably give him a concussion.

If that's the scale, I'd give it like a 3, maybe a 4? I have her in my new chain and she did the Blasphemous Birth/Drake Scenario combo I talked about with an anon, so she's super dragony in the relative shape of a very large lady. Nowhere close to giga dragon, but farther along than "person named dragon."

>> No.56081977

Rolled 78 (1d100)

Eh, why not? Couldn't hurt at this point.

>> No.56081986

>not realizing we have an entire worm farm

>> No.56081998

Did the Generic PMC ever get posted?

>> No.56082007

There is also this.


>> No.56082008

Rolled 79 (1d100)


>> No.56082009

>Had I returned a few months after her complete version replaced mine on the drive, I'd have had to give up.
I'll confess to being a retard but I don't see how this doesn't slam open the door to imposters giving permission to have 'their' jumps replaced and that even when that's found out to be fraudulent the original jumpmaker is still on the hook.

>> No.56082014

Wait a second, I just thought of something. Who did I just seduce?

>> No.56082034

That only works for the powers offered there if you are talking about Natural Genius.

>> No.56082041

Rolled 81 (1d100)

>Because things can only change for the better
>And at least it'll invite more variety as well, it's like you'll change the frequency and level of vitriol.
Yeah, I think you mean really for the worse. Any time I even so much as hint at how I feel about another jump, it causes problems and issues regardless of whether I support it or not. Let's not play that game, anon.

Fuck it, might as well.

>> No.56082052

>Blasphemous Birth/Drake

That's very surprising considering how vain I remember her Jumper being, would have thought she'd be a dead ringer for the God perks.

>> No.56082054 [SPOILER] 

Why, your destined one ofc. Pic related.

>> No.56082070

>mfw as per last thread I am the once and future Benefactor

>> No.56082074

Nah, talking about Simply Perfect. Lets you eventually make other transformations permanent.

>> No.56082078

Also he is assuming the shitposter is one person, genius, capable of manipulating people left and right and prepared to replace all jumps on the drive

>> No.56082079

I know exactly what's going to be behind that spoiler, anon. I'm not falling for that.

>> No.56082086

Rolled 12 (1d100)

I wonder.

>> No.56082094

What would alucard think of the Doomslayer?

>> No.56082103

>you mean really for the worse
No, I really don't. When was the last time you read one of these threads? As in, really read it?

>> No.56082113

Rolled 11 (1d100)

Let's have fun. Rolling to seduce
big red titty emon

>> No.56082114

Pretty good things.

>> No.56082126

Does that mean that you are the thread waifu now?

>> No.56082132

Why don't you explain to me what is behind it Dissy?

>> No.56082144


>> No.56082147

That's kind of redundant, though. The transformation from Reincarnation can already be made permanent, anon is asking for a different kind of effect.

>> No.56082160

Not until someone rolls above a 95, more if they want heart shaped pupils.

>> No.56082196

Rolled 85 (1d100)

This can only end poorly.

>> No.56082199

We can be knocked out of the transformation though I believe Val said. Could be wrong.

>> No.56082210

Rolled 63 (1d100)

*sigh* Okay then.

>> No.56082236

Claiming Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies to make a jump if nobody else has. If nobody else has, the first work in progress should be up in a couple days.

>> No.56082239

Rolled 66 (1d100)

Love us!

>> No.56082240

Jumpers, how many times have you taken jumps from a series (Fallout, Fate, etc.) out of order?
Why did you do it?
How did your experiences influence your actions in the "past"?

>> No.56082243

Rolled 50 (1d100)


>> No.56082248

Rolled 36 (1d100)

I'll think I'll give this a try (please let this work)

>> No.56082259

And when's the last time you've ever seen me saying anything and having it end well? No. I'm not doing it.

Your attempts are weak.

>> No.56082271

What’s that little piece of cloth being held up do?
What is it purpose even? There’s no way it’s bullet resistant

>> No.56082280

Rolled 53 (1d100)

You will fall eventually, titty lady!

>> No.56082281

Rolled 61 (1d100)

Hey grill, nice cans!

>> No.56082282

Rolled 75 (1d100)

What could go wrong?

>> No.56082285

She did get the God Perks. The other stuff was bought with the first three perks. She's a giant, pretty dragon lady. Like a bigger, more dragony Priscilla with powers of the sun. She enjoys both being pretty and being big and epic, so being a gigantic, bodacious woman with the cool parts of dragon and eternal dragon power is like the best of both worlds.

>> No.56082289

Rolled 48 (1d100)

I'll try anything for the Benefactor

>> No.56082294

Finally a main series Drangon Quest Jump. I will be eagerly waiting to see the WIP.

>> No.56082300


>Someone is waiting on something I'm making

It didn't get finished yet anon, I just have to do companions, fantasy items,drawbacks,Scenarios and this last perk tree and redo the other capstone perks and then a few other things. But I've had writers block and caught the sick again and even so it might not live up to what you are expecting so please don't get our hopes up

>> No.56082323

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Give us a slipple of your nipple

>> No.56082325

Rolled 44 (1d100)

I'll give it a shot.

>> No.56082326


>> No.56082331

And things won't end well if you don't say anything, either.

>> No.56082344

Rolled 77 (1d100)

I too shall attempt it. GO DICE ROLL!

>> No.56082348

Well, I suppose Kirby isn't very seductive, so that's not really a surprise.

>> No.56082355

Rolled 43 (1d100)

<<< When will you give it up, Osean Demon? >>>

>> No.56082357


>> No.56082358

Rolled 50 (1d100)

Ben Dover

>> No.56082359

Rolled 67 (1d100)

An attempt is made.

>> No.56082361

Hey, I am waiting on it too. Can't wait but I shall try.

>> No.56082367

Noice, and huh, almost identical to the build I'm working on. Great minds, etc I guess?


Well, except for being a lady

>> No.56082375

Lets do this!

>> No.56082377

Rolled 51 (1d100)

*Loud screeching intensifies*

This is my last attempt at finding love

>> No.56082382

Rolled 11 (1d100)

I ROLL TO give you a high five because I am a boring asexual.

>> No.56082387

Rolled 1 (1d100)



>> No.56082391

Rolled 4 (1d100)


>> No.56082392

Working on it this weekend.

So there's no point to sticking my nose into places it doesn't belong. No authority, no need.

>> No.56082395

Desu Chakky should've spent less time doing swan dives and yoga flexing. He could've probably one if he wasn't so intent on proving he was a licensed aerobics trainer as well as the one true God.

You guys on the other hand, need to stop missing your button prompts.

>> No.56082397

Rolled 34 (1d100)

why did that not work?!

>> No.56082398



>> No.56082402

It's a real cool build, for sure. I'm glad other people are having fun with cross-origin builds in the Jump too.

>> No.56082403



>> No.56082404

Rolled 45 (1d100)

Anon Heart?
Supernatural charisma, I need you

>> No.56082406

Well, you certainly succeeded at rolling even lower.

>> No.56082409


>> No.56082419



>> No.56082428

Rolled 3 (1d100)

I'm going to win this one.

>> No.56082431

>Do explain how this translates to people being guaranteed to do everything you said they would,
Because they all lead from each other. If there are duplicates, people will shitpost for them. If people can make duplicates, they'll try to make them so they can get what they want. You see what people have been doing with fanfiction.

>Something doesn't have to be treated as a negative situation to know to not be emulated. You're also putting words into my mouth, when the point I was emphasising was none of the posts you dismiss treat this as something to EMULATE which was the point I was making.
They aren't saying not to emulate either. Why do you assume they don't want to emulate it?

>Like the fact that most people have forgotten the ignore and report approach.
This doesn't work on our shitposter.

>You can call it many things, but "eroded" is hardly a good word to use when CYOAs are still regularly made and enjoyed
Considering its shitposting is worse than ours, all the lewd, and the jockeying and threats about fucking with people's CYOA that has lead to drama, it's worse off than we are. So it's eroded.

>> No.56082432


Fug my shid ub


You're only going to regret it anon

>> No.56082437

Alright, YJ_Anon, you've left me with no other choice!


>> No.56082452

What is happening with all these insanely low rolls?

Apologies, but no. I am just a random anon who occasionally attempts and fails at making Jumps.

>> No.56082454

Gaia doesn't allow you to have other waifus, apparently.

>> No.56082457

Rolled 30 (1d100)

Watch me.

>> No.56082458

Rolled 53 (1d100)

They failed, so let's see if I slay the dragon.

>> No.56082459

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Aaaand this is why I never make dramatic posts. I always fuck them up.

>> No.56082462

Let me replace the MC please, they're a generic self insert so it's perfect.

>> No.56082472

She's apparently very possessive.

See, she's not letting me make any progress.

>> No.56082481

Out of curiosity.


>> No.56082486

Can we please not do this? it always turns it into a dumpster fire

>> No.56082487


>> No.56082490


>> No.56082496

Rolled 10 (1d100)

Roll to seduce

>> No.56082497

Rolled 66 (1d100)

I've been getting decent rolls, what do you guys think I should seduce? inb4 20 or below roll.

>> No.56082498

Rolled 58 (1d100)

we shall see how low they truely are! behold!

>> No.56082500

Rolled 44 (1d100)

Clearly, since waifus don't work, giant monsters must be the solution!

You have to put it in options.

>> No.56082502

Fucked that up. Terribly.

>> No.56082505

I did not slay the dragon.

I will live with this shame.

>> No.56082511

Worst taste anon, worst taste.

>> No.56082513

>Kumagawa posting
Aight lets try this.

Lets go.

>> No.56082524

Rolled 94 (1d100)


>> No.56082525

Rolled 85 (1d100)


>> No.56082527

So do about 80% of your posts but it's never stopped you.

>> No.56082528

You know, other than this convoluted mess of a Protoman/Anti-Spiral/Darling/Garlock/Battler chain, I'd been throwing an idea for another jump-native altchain for a while.

It'd be about a Changeling called Katya, or something like that. She'd be one of the darkness elemental kiths, and while living the teenage hobo life she'd wake up one day and realise she suddenly have all kinds of advantages she didn't remember bargaining for. Then go into panic mode on thinking she made a really bad deal and had her memory erased. Shenanigans would ensure, her best friend the not-Black Widow would have to pull her ass out of the fire on many an occasion, she'd either defeat, be recapture by or narrowly survive her Keeper using candelabras depending on a roll. If she survived to the end of the decade, she'd hear this slow clap, turning around to meet her Benefactor Nyarlathotep.

ANYWAY, the point is-if I'd gone with that, IC I could justify taking the undead, Nito and demon scenarios instead. Because reasons.

It's just that, I'm already so strapped for time with this one chain it's one of those things I'll never get to actually write about. Which is a shame, because entropic undead darkness humans are cool in their own righ.

>> No.56082529

Do you Really want to seduce me? because I'm On record as being a role low, you might actually have A Middling success With that one ~

>> No.56082533

Rolled 16 (1d100)

I totally planned that

>> No.56082541

Rolled 32 (1d100)

Thanks anon let me try again

>> No.56082549

So. I heard you like it when others live large.

>> No.56082551

>tfw an escapism imagination/literary game on a Korean shadow puppet forum turns into a bunch of dice rolls for stacked namefag ass

>> No.56082552

Damn Red, stealing NuBee from Val? You really are a demon.

>> No.56082555

I guess SOMEONE doesn't want to go on a chain, then.


>> No.56082559

A semen demon, yes

>> No.56082560

Hiya guys,
I'd like to ask if anyone has made a claim to a Irredeemable/Uncorruptable jump? If not I'd like to claim it.
An anon mentioned it last thread and out of curiousity I've binged them both and think I could knock up a decent jump fairly quickly.

>> No.56082569

Rolled 37 (1d100)

you got a damn fine point there

>> No.56082571

Native jumpers are really fucking stupid, frankly.

>> No.56082572

Rolled 61 (1d100)

...It's all those appearance perks, isn't it? You've drained all the charisma out of this thread to enhance yourself.

Well. No more. I shall attempt one last time! The awoo will guide me.

>> No.56082579

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Seduction attack: Eternal Virgin Form

>> No.56082585

Rolled 22 (1d100)

Let's try a different giant monster, shall we?

>> No.56082603

Not that I'm aware of, no.

Too fat.

>> No.56082605

>chest is also a butt

10/10 redesign, would show to alternate evolution buffs

Nobody's doing it, by all means as long as you've time from fluffing out Brother's Price go for it.

Why? Like I said never built for one but if you're doing houserules I don't see anything terrible about the concept.

>> No.56082606

Rolled 81 (1d100)

I'm gonna roll LOW just for you specifically. Thats right, your actually gonna get waifued.

>> No.56082607

Right then, looks like the Giant Monster hypothesis was incorrect.

>> No.56082615


>> No.56082617

I- you- so I like giant women, what's your point!? Dark Souls 2 will get done when it gets done, damnit!

That actually is a trip. Too bad you're lacking in time because it sounds like you've put a lot of thought into the concept.

>> No.56082621

Rolled 39 (1d100)

Chain please.

>> No.56082625

Rolled 7 (1d100)


>> No.56082637

Rolled 93 (1d100)

Time to Chain

>> No.56082640

What are some of the most Operators Operating Operationally jumps?
So far I have Rainbow Six (both of them), Counter-Strike, and Splinter Cell.

>> No.56082644


>> No.56082649

any jumps that help regenerate dead bodies but not resurrect them?

>> No.56082652

Your rolls aren't strong enough, travelers! You're going to need stronger rolls if you want to seduce me!

>> No.56082657

Fuck yes! I've got Banchó as a booty call and I'm going to become a Jumper.

>> No.56082659

So this guy manages to draw the bisexual amazon away from her IRL girlfriend, the attention of other random anons despite the fact that I barely see him coming around and now has the attention of the thread asexual. WHO IS NUBEE!?!?!

>> No.56082668

>Seduction attack: Eternal Virgin Form
I... wha?

Thanks anons.
I'm going to make this a test of my skills and see how quickly I can make it while still keeping it a good quality jump.

>> No.56082670


>> No.56082671

What did I just come back to

>> No.56082674

Ah nuuuuuuuu

>> No.56082676

Rolled 59 (1d100)


>> No.56082678

>it's a tiny waifu feels left out because /jc/ is all about dem giantesses episode

Metal Gear Solid, 40K Imperium, Person of Interest, HALO one background that's maximum operator, and MCU has the operative background although they're about as un-operator as you can get while still being an operator by occupation/spoiler]

>> No.56082679

The awoo has FAILED YOU.

The irony.

It's not my fault that demons are inherently more tempting. There's a reason it's demons are the ones that take souls.

That's precisely my point. Also yes. Do it.

I'm running with a joke. I didn't expect to roll that high. Besides, technically I stole them.

>> No.56082680

You shut up too! I'm normal as hell.

Nothing, people rolling mostly and just dicking around for the day.

>> No.56082689

Rolled 27 (1d100)

If you know anything about me you know in the most stubborn Son of a fuck in the world!

>> No.56082698


Stop, you're making me copy them too

>> No.56082701

Rolled 96 (1d100)

I shall have chain!

>> No.56082703

Rolled 14 (1d100)


>> No.56082706

Rolled 2, 91, 58, 90, 91, 82, 31, 67, 3, 43, 59, 92, 74, 12, 17, 79, 39, 69, 30, 85, 53, 35, 89, 98, 75 = 1464 (25d100)

again! ultimate technique centipede rolling!

>> No.56082708

>Bob just wanted a normal Jumpchain thread for a change.
>Bob got conspiracy theories, roll to seduce, and a Jumpmaker orgy.
>Bob just wanted a normal Jumpchain thread.

>> No.56082723

So this is the power of Page 10... not bad.

>> No.56082725

>The awoo has FAILED YOU.
She's still a good awoo though. Probably just tired?

You are safe. For now.

>> No.56082726

Is this enough to become one of your jumpers YJ_Anon?

>> No.56082731

damn anon you did it

>> No.56082733

then Bob Since having sex with his son-in-law

>> No.56082735

Congratulations anon, you sure mindbroke that length of ordinary chain. Enjoy your new chain waifu, and be sure to wrap her up properly when it rains so she doesn't rust.

>worst of all, Bob woke up one day transformed into Patt while Woolie was screaming about Mahvel in the other room

>> No.56082737

Good man!

>> No.56082738

S-so, anon, what are you doing later?

>> No.56082743

Rolled 184 (1d1000)

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'...

>> No.56082747

Hey now I got 98!

>> No.56082754

Bancho, go back into your box or Bob will get you in the ass too.

>> No.56082756

Hopefully a chain. . . with you.

>> No.56082763

>go back into your box

where do Think I am posting from?

>> No.56082766

I don't think mass rolling counts bancho.

>> No.56082778

dammit the victors been chosen anyway,maybe next time

>> No.56082779

I don't like this image because I can't tell if Incase is implying he's getting cucked by Steve.

>> No.56082780 [SPOILER] 

You also got a 2 and a 3 before then. Plus, I'm monogamous.

I think that can be arranged~

>> No.56082782

Did bancho just roll to seduce every anon in the thread?

>> No.56082785

No seriously fuck off and listen to your psychologist.

Get the fuck out of the fun, you're ruining it. You're runing it for everyone, like you've been your entire life.

>> No.56082787

Rolled 35 (1d100)

[Insert witty comment here]

>> No.56082791

Bob's gonna cut a hole in that box and fuck you right in the pompadour.

>> No.56082795

No see, every roll is like asking someone out on a date. If you just sprint into the street and start screeching you love everyone you meet people are going to think you're a creepy autist. Like Bancho is.

>> No.56082801

no I rolled to seduce YJ_Anon 25 times rapidly

>> No.56082811

Bob is basically being forced to fuck his mother-in-law. While married to the daughter. There's 0 kinds of cucking going on.

>> No.56082819

the jokes on him Since I don't have that haircut in real life

>> No.56082827

Have you seen the dialogue? The mother in-law mentions someone named Steve and his wife brushes it off. Knowing Incase, it's really impossible to tell if she's cucking him with Steve, or if Steve really is just some ex that wouldn't fuck her mom so she dumped him.

>> No.56082833

He'll forcibly change your hairstyle, and THEN he'll fuck you in the pompadour.

>> No.56082841

then he's got a really tiny Dick because I can barely Manage a bouffant with my hair

>> No.56082849

It's entirely the latter. Steve is the mom's ex-boyfriend who wasn't as nice about having a free, all-you-can-eat buffet of cat around. Bob just wants his damned Sunday off.

You can't even have fun right Bancho! Go away!

>> No.56082870

>I think that can be arranged~
Should be lots of fun.

>> No.56082894

>that pic
>not "Guess I'll die AND BECOME AS GODS"
I'm disappointed anon. Also aware that you're likely not the one who made this, but still.

>> No.56082909

Are there any perks that let you fuse your Companions?

>> No.56082910

114 posters? Is this how we up traffic?

>> No.56082926

>free, all-you-can-eat buffet of cat around
Don't forget the one dog.

>> No.56082927

Rolled 49 (1d100)

Just feeling like rolling, I guess.

>> No.56082943

It's a mix of that and activity, I've seen Warhammer generalts with approx. 170 posters before.



>> No.56082967

Anyone care to help me come up with events to happen in a zombie jump?
It's my Jumper's first jump, and I want to know what sorts of things my jumper will have to deal with, especially after the food runs out and he has to leave the abandoned house he's hiding in.

>> No.56082971

Rolled 60 (1d100)

Take me away Jumchan!

>> No.56082977

Rolled 2 (1d100)

I wonder if I could roll from a phone...

>> No.56082979

>Fusing Vriska and Frisk

What the fuck are you planning.

>> No.56082989

No such thing.

>> No.56082996

Well that answers that question.

>> No.56082997

>survivor bandits
>zombie swarm
>deer hunt
>rainwater collection

Did you take the skeleton drawback?

>> No.56082998

Crossovers are fun.

>> No.56083005

Chaos Tower and Five-Star Fitness Center from Digimon World 2 and 3, respectively.

>> No.56083006

...That is too perfect a fusion. Nice.

Let's see... Dragon Ball Z (I think it's Z at least?) has something for that, Steven Universe has it as a basic thing for Gems, and Fate/GO has The 72 Jumpers for it too.

>> No.56083016

I did not. If there's a skeleton war, I want to be able to fight in it.

>> No.56083023

Either way, they'd have tons of DETERMIN8ION.

>> No.56083049

We'll go slow at first, but gradually get rougher.

>You find a family of survivors- including children- who are low on food.
>You find a stray dog that seems friendly.
>Horde of zombies! Where do you go?
>You hear a survivor screaming for help. Is it a trap?
>You find a crying child, wandering alone in a dangerous area.
>Bandits have set up in a supermarket, but they seem to want to recruit you for some reason.
>A small group of soldiers have arrived in the area.

>> No.56083051

Rolled 30 (1d100)


>> No.56083056

As someone who is only vaguely aware of Homestuck, why is this a perfect fusion?

>> No.56083063

ALLLLLLLL the determin8tion.

>> No.56083078

Because Vriska is a futa with a giant spike penis, as all trolls are.

>> No.56083093

Frisk and Vriska. Names are pretty close?

>> No.56083096

Rolled 28 (1d100)

Give me some love.

>> No.56083097

I don't even remember it being said what trolls have in their pants, though.

>> No.56083102

It is. They're hermaphrodites, boy.

>> No.56083107

Rolled 49 (1d100)


>> No.56083120

A "bone bulge". No clarification given on what that might be. Given that their reproduction is handled by an entirely separate species that they're symbiotic to, I'd assume it's probably not really analogous to either human sex. Probably closest to a cloaca, would be my guess.

>> No.56083122

Yes, yes, and all draenei are futa with horse-cocks. Keep enjoying your fantasies.

>> No.56083133

Thank you for the suggestions!

Don't forget the "nook".

>> No.56083141

So, that's it? Just close names?

>> No.56083148

And shame globes. Which are different from rumble-spheres, probably.

>> No.56083157

Remember that their reproduction is artificial and not how their species is meant to function naturally. Also remember who Hussie is and what a 'bone bulge' would be to a human.

>> No.56083164

I seriously doubt that's going to be enough energy, given the way the costs are described as being so catastrophic.



>> No.56083166

Guess so? The names are close, but their personalities... probably closer to opposites? If we're talking pacifist Frisk anyway.

>> No.56083179

So have you told Brutus that duplicate jumps are going to be a thing now?

>> No.56083180

...receive radio transmissions from other survivors that indicate an SOS.
...come across a hospital where one lone doctor struggles to keep living and experiment on the zombies to create a cure.
...find a military school where all the students have been turned into slaves for the school's principle.
...are caught in a forest, first during an intense thunderstorm and then when lightning ignites a forest fire.
...come across a small group that worships the zombies and seeks to become like them but keep their intelligence.
...find a very well stocked bunker, but it has no water, at all, leaving you with the dilemma as to whether to cart water to and from it, or whether you take the few supplies you can carry and move on.
...use a narrow fallen tree to cross a raging river, only to see one other lone survivor is trying to cross from the opposite direction.
...find a zombie that you swear is from someone you knew in real life.
...come across a survivalist compound where zombies are killed for sport in cage matches.
...drink contaminated water and get sick for a few days.

>> No.56083186

Rolled 13 (1d100)

My time is now

>> No.56083199

Don't encourage them hon, I'm like an anti-casanova.

>> No.56083209

I'm pretty sure they've always been symbiotic with the Mother Grubs, actually, and never reproduced sexually. As for "bone bulge", I always thought of them just having a weird pelvis so that whatever they had on there bulged out on a knob of bone.

>> No.56083210

Thank you, myr!

>> No.56083214

Rolled 23 (1d100)

For once I would like to roll above 30.

>> No.56083231

Rolled 4 (1d100)

This is just sad.

>> No.56083236

Then it wouldn't be sexual anatomy, but skeletal.

>> No.56083275

Anon, for trolls they might be one and the same.

>> No.56083329

Sexual skeletons are a myth.

>> No.56083382

>fuse two people who are opposites except for in one respect - sheer determination
>supercharge said determination to insane effect by neutralizing all other traits of each
>create morally neutral avatar of determination

But we all know what happened the last time someone tried that.

>> No.56083397


>All of these poor rolls.

Let me show you what a REAL poor roll looks like!

>> No.56083424

Rolled 36 (1d100)

Or not,

>> No.56083448

Yo, I just found out this morning about the whole fake Tovam thing, I wasn't involved, but sorry regardless, is this probably gonna cut off any and all potential updates for Medaka Box Abnormal? Whether out of respect, or just to distance yourself from this shitty situation?

>> No.56083471

Rolled 1 (1d100)

You think that's poor? Check this

>> No.56083473

Not at all. The reason I was so hesitant before and holding off on doing things like making more powers was that I wanted to know what the outcome of the situation would be first before putting in more work.

Now that it's solved I can probably get out a few extra powers for Not Equals as discussed earlier

>> No.56083478


>> No.56083505

Pretty good.

>> No.56083518

Suuuuuuure you weren't. Tooooootally believable that you weren't the fake tovam.

>> No.56083590

What other duplicates do you plan to put on the drive?

>> No.56083603

You mean a harem protagonist?

>> No.56083605

Did Ace Combat ever get updated?

>> No.56083614

Right now? Well, definitely planning a mecha jumper clone to GO after Mecha Liz was shown off, but also a dozen or more other different clone versions. Some are a biiiiit of a stretch but it's a fun indulgence so I don't mind much.

>> No.56083683

Val, you opened the floodgates. You have to have some more plans along these lines or you wouldn't have done it. Or are you leaving all of it to other people without taking responsibility?

>> No.56083697

>following the reply chain
>>Losing non-virgin powers
>Very sure. Medaka Box has too many OP powers that could easily change the flow of a chain. Turn any concept into nothing, learn any power instantly, create any power from scratch, create 640,000 full-power clones, make the impossible...
It amuses me how only one of those isn't offered in the 'Abnormal' version. On a side note, it suggests that Annette might have been the fake tovam.

>> No.56083700

>more clones
Good, any examples apart from Mecha?

>> No.56083702

Oh geeze, Mecha Liz is...an actual mechanical Liz? What the fuck Nasu, did Leonardo have a brainwave or is Atlas not as dead as everyone thought?

>> No.56083714

>On a side note

It's rather obvious you're samefagging when you do that thing where you pull a reason out of your ass to accuse someone of being yourself.

>> No.56083738

Is it true that you're planning to make a guilty gear jump somewhere down the line?

How much of the games will I actually need to watch to keep up? I love the aesthetics, but holy fuck do I not understand what's going on in that crazy place.

>> No.56083771

Rolled 33 (1d100)

Hey guys how are y-




>> No.56083778

Yeah, I'm real glad I made that one scenario. It's opened the floodgates on being totally allowed to indulge my clone love.

My current faves out of all potential new ones are probably the Fake Jumper (Sasaki Kojiro style summon of you that got many of the legends wrong or exaggerated or mixed up with those of your allies), Magical Girl Jumper, Dangerous Beast Jumper, the Jumper Nine, Counter Jumper and more.

A couple of them are just things like you in a Maid outfit or as a Police Officer though

Yeah, about halfway through the stage 1 WIP.

Mmmmmmm, I don't think you'd need to actually watch any of them, so long as you read a tonne of the wiki and various other sites. I do reccomend playing.watching at least one for a bit to get a feel though.

>> No.56083787

Looking back on it I can use Lord of Hell if I addon that with time and training I could perhaps do the same to other species, perhaps even make my own such.

Giver of Gifts I cannot help but want to replace with some sort of super charisma considering he led a rebellion and his way with words since he has the title Lord of Lies.

>> No.56083793

>It's opened the floodgates on being totally allowed to indulge my clone love.
So you really did plan this so you could get more duplicates on the drive and remove that pesky rule, right? In that case why do you hate fanfiction jumps so much? They're not that different from duplicates.

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