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old one got archived edition
can someone posts the links? i dont have them handy.

>thread q
Whats your favorite color of mana?

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White Border Edition

>Active Legacy Forums

>Current Legacy Metagame

>Find/Browse basic lands by their art, by sets, by artists, and more

> Budget lists for newer players

>Top 5 Breakdown (May 26, 2016)

>Utilizing Cabal Therapy (Old but still good)

Deck Database

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thank you
also thumbs up on the white bordering man.

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T. Hanks. Also I suppose it goes without saying that no colors is the best color.

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The best colour is clearly black, excuse you.

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Black is best monocolor. Orzhov is best dualcolor. Mardu is best tricolor. Saskia is best quadcolor.

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Is anyone in the Bay Area going to the CFB Legacy 4K Sunday?

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I have the following cards laying around in a box I found from what seems to be a storm deck
4 lotus petal
4 Phyrexian walkers
4 ornitopthers
4 Dark ritual
4 culling the weak
3 songs of the damned
4 cabal ritual
4 Sign in blood
4 Infernal contract
4 spoils of the vault
4 desperate research
4 unmask
4 snuff out
4 tendrills of agony
4 Chromatic sphere
1 Death wish
2 empty the warrens
I don't need a super competitive deck, but is there any possibility to make a good deck out of those cards? I tried to play it as a storm deck but it's too clunky and fragile. It either wins in the 1st round for lucky draws, or doesn't win at all.

>> No.56067589

You've got the beginning of a storm deck for sure there. I would look up Sac Land Tendrils, as far as I know it's still the cheapest Legacy storm deck. Selling/trading the Unmasks should get you enough to cover everything else you need for the basic version, and ot's got a good upgrade path to TES/ANT if you want to stick with storm for the long haul.

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Is BR Reanimator toasted because of how prevalent DRS is right now?

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No, they should be able to go off before DRS can activate. DRS was still everwhere when BR was at it's peak. I think having Surgical and Faerie Macabre being the grave hate du jour over stuff like Crypt had a much bigger impact. Either that or people are just bored of it.

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it's on the right track to a pauper ANT/storm deck >>56067589

fewer drills,
fewer pain tutors,
fewer snuff outs

more rain of filths / other ways of either getting efficiency from your graveyard
once you add blue for draw/cantrip you just start going down the ANT route (not a bad thing) but if you want to keep it mono black it might help to have ways to gain back a little of the life you're paying for all that drawing and tutoring

maybe 4x innocent blood to deal with resolved creatures if your board if you're just sacrificing creatures to culling anyway

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Don't you need some sort of protection under the form of cabal therapy/unmask? Just for dealing with FoWs
Also There are many sac land lists, which one is the best?

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BR replaced UB BECAUSE deathrite is everywhere.

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what the fuck is wrong with those elves? Are they from the hellraiser dimension?

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I just paid 25 cents for this at vintage stock , can someone tell me why the reserve list cards are spiking?

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This is mathematically correct

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Cabal Therapy yes, but Thoughtseize, Inquisition, and even Duress is better for storm than Unmask. 3 mana is too much to hardcast, and Storm wins off of a critical mass of cards, exiling a black spell for the "free" alternate cost is the opposite of what storm wants.

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Dominaria elves are no joke

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All reserve list cards are getting bought out, because speculators finally realized that as long as WotC doesn't break the reserve list, they can basically dictate prices.

Admittedly, some reserve list cards were underpriced, but most of them shouldn't be jumping 400%.

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What should I, average joe, do with my small collection of reserve list cards? Do I keep them or sell them?

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The Hellraiser dimension is Hell, Anonymous...

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I can't believe a card as widely played as City of Traitors is only ~$120, when (hilarious) unplayable garbage like Chains of Mephistopholes is like $500

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Come again

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>unplayable garbage like Chains of Mephistopholes is like $500
Chains is very, very good against the blue catrip shell. A good part of that price is due to rarity (Legends rare). If chains was a $50 card you'd be seeing it a lot more in Stompy, Maverick, or Nicfit builds to hate on the catrip based 3/4 color good stuff decks.

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But it's just not. Show me a decklist from a >100 person tournament with Chains in the 75. And show me a list from ANY tournament with Chains mainboarded. Tabernacle is double the price and is everywhere, so the lrice argument is pretty weak.

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I realize this is from 2016 but GET REKT

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Tabernacle is not everywhere. And decks that use it run only a single copy precisely because of its price.

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>Chains of Mephistopholes
How good is pox right now?

>> No.56069600 [DELETED] 

>Turns any draw after the first into discard, draw
>Somehow not good against cantrips
Nigga what? Have you even played against the card? It's Metalocalypse levels of BRUTAL against blue decks if it resolves.

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>Turns any draw after the first into discard, draw
>Somehow not good against cantrips
Nigga what? Have you even played against the card? It's Metalocalypse levels of BRUTAL against blue decks if it resolves.

>> No.56069792

Pox is great against Delver decks so I wouldn't fault anyone for trying it but it's got some issues with consistency and drawing the wrong bits of your deck, and has some real bad matchups

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Price simply isnt an object in competitive Magic. If two Tabernacles were required to be optimal then you'd see two Tabernacles. Likewise if Chains was as insane as you make it out to be itd see more play because to aspiring or actual pros money is no object when it comes to being optimal.

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>ban DRS! It enables degenerate 4 color manabases with good cards
>meanwhile 4 color Loam exists, puts up results every now and then and runs 0 Deathrite Shamans

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Congrats. 1 single copy. And it was over a year ago, before the top ban.

Do an MTGTop8 search. Tabernacle is EVERYWHERE. And the price thing is also irrelevant when looking at MTGO data also. Still no Chains there.

OK. I jammed it for a few years but stopped after the top ban. The deck felt way worse without it.

Then where is it? If it's so brutal why does no one play it?

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>Show me a decklist from a >100 person tournament with Chains in the 75.
>Congrats. 1 single copy.

Put those goalposts down anon, you're gonna pull something.

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Lol no. As far as the "Pros" go in Legacy they generally play the blue cantrip shell because they provide consistency and are generally more forgiving for people that don't primarily play Legacy. Cost is 100% an issue in Legacy for powerful, but narrow cards; Just look at the SDT Miracles era, it was 100% correct to have a Moat in your Miracles sideboard, but few decks did due to cost issues. Speaking of the SDT Miracles era, W/R painter was a house, but very few played it due to it needing expensive and narrow cards. Did that somehow make it a bad deck because people didn't want to invest in Imperial Recruiters (A narrow, expensive card)? The argument that price doesn't matter is not a good one, there are plenty of decks (and by extension cards) that see less play than they would otherwise due to price issues.

>Do an MTGTop8 search. Tabernacle is EVERYWHERE. And the price thing is also irrelevant when looking at MTGO data also. Still no Chains there.
Yep, a decent chunk of those results are for MTGO, where you don't have to drop $1k+ for a Tabernacle. You're grossly overestimating the number of Tabernacles seeing play in paper.

>Congrats. 1 single copy. And it was over a year ago, before the top ban.
Look again, that list contains 3 copies of Chainz between MB & SB. I would also note that some number of Chains is considered optimal in Jund builds.

>Then where is it? If it's so brutal why does no one play it?
The current easiest/cheapest way to hate on the cantrip shell is chalice. What would you rather spend money on, ~$300 for a playset of chalices or $1500-2000 for Chainz? The fact of the matter is in this scenario, price matters a lot; The cost of getting 3-4x Chains is the price of entire legacy decks as prices currently sit. That's a pretty hard pill to swallow, even if the card does something very powerful.

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Classic goalpost moving senpai. Here's a list that 5-0'd an MTGO league after the top ban and plays fucking 4 MAINDECK Chainz holy shit look how P I C A N T E:

>> No.56070882

at least use a fucking two syllable word

'graveyard uber alles' is more apropos

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He proved my point. He had to go back to over a year ago, before a huge format shakeup happened, just to find the card in a real tournament.

Your poat is a mess. You are simultaniously arguing that cost is keeping the card from being played and that if it was cheaper it would be seen more, while saying the data on how much it gets played on MTGO should be ignored because it's not as expensive? And then you say of course it's not being played there are better cards? Goddamn man.

And no one was talking about "pros", we were talking actual pros, who don't own their cards, they are loaned out from sponsors and they have an unlimited cardpool. Yet still no Chains being played. Yes, obviously less paper copies will be played due to price, but that point was nowhere in my original comment. I said Chains isn't playable. And the only counter arguments so far are morons going on about how card choices no proffesional players utilized are "100% correct", and a single decklist from 2016.

>Chains is optimal in Jund
Show me placing list

>> No.56071270

>Show me placing list
I've gotta assume you either have the attention span of a gnat or are trolling at this point, see: >>56070620, >>56069279. I'll add a few more:


Also please explain the lack of Moat in SDT Miracles, I'm curious why so very few people were playing the optimal configuration is cost doesn't matter, you somehow managed to miss that one. While we're at it what about Painter? It was VERY good during the Miracles era, yet saw very little play.

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>Logical fallacies and damage control, the posts.

Go back to memedern, you're so ignorant about this format that it hurts to read your posts.

>> No.56071894

>whines about other peoples' logical fallacies
>commits logical fallacy of Argument from Fallacy

Not saying if he's right or not, I haven't even read the discussion, but faggots who cry "LOGICAL FALLACY LOGICAL FALLACY" over and over like little bitches are annoying as fuck.

>> No.56071895

Is BUG Nicfit guy around? I've been playing around with a list and it's pretty fun.
>Have Meren in play
>Cast Strix, draw a card
>Sac Strix to Pod for Leovold
>Get back Strix with Meren so I can pitch it to Force

>> No.56072097

>I haven't even read the discussion
It's generally not wise to make statements from ignorance, you run the risk of looking less than intelligent. You should read the post string before commenting, the guy is engaging in classic goalpost moving. >>56071798 is trolling but is 100% correct in that assessment.

>commits logical fallacy of Argument from Fallacy
Really? Calling out defects in reasoning is somehow a logical fallacy? You heard it here folks, you're just as bad as the person making a bad argument if you point out the defects in their reasoning. That fallacy is based on invalidation of argument based on using a fallacy to dismiss your opponent's whole argument, I don't see anyone doing that besides the guy whose trolling, and even he references "damage control" being done, not just the fallacies used to cover >>56069892 ass. Calling out a blatant fallacy is not an issue, although I do agree that people that scream "Fallacy!" constantly are annoying.

>> No.56072125

>It's generally not wise to make statements from ignorance

Good thing I didn't make any statements regarding your little spat then, huh, dumbass?

>> No.56072159

So why register an opinion is you openly admit you have nothing to add? It's seems very unwise to call someone out for a logical fallacy when you know nothing about the context of the discussion.

>> No.56072622

These commander cards ruined legacy.

>> No.56072667

>REEEEEEEEEE! Stop using words I don't like, the post.

Grow up or go back to you safe space.

>> No.56072697

strix was from planechase, leovold was from conspiracy, and meren only sees fringe play in nic fit. Strix is great, very fair and high value play, leo is annoying but not unbeatable

>> No.56073179

Are mongoose, rootwallas and co playable? Somekind of madness fun

>> No.56073203

NEETs are divesting from crypto into dumber, more familiar bets

>> No.56073235


This ain't your safe space, nigger.

>> No.56073376


Neither is it yours :^)

>> No.56073499

you two fags wanna go fuck eachother already?

>> No.56073529

mongoose is playable imo

>> No.56073539

Sure! Why don't you come join us! only fags play D&T, so I know you like boys already ;^)

>> No.56073778

anything is playable if you jam blue spells to filter your hand and protect your plays.

>> No.56073798

D&D nerd here, we can see your autism from the front page, can you tone it down please.

>> No.56073916

Jesus H Christ, I left to get some work done and it went 100% autist in here.

>> No.56073918

oh yeah sure 40k-wat-do threads are fine but god forbid we talk about magic cards

>> No.56074205

The deck isn't toasted, it's just not exciting as a long term project for most people and the meta still hasn't shifted from 3-4x Surgical/Faerie Macabre/Leyline to 1-2 Rip/Cage or barely any yard hate at all.

>> No.56074237

The thing is, Loam can actually be wasted out of the game if they don't find Loam and the deck needs to run a bunch of cards that aren't individually good.

>> No.56074967

What's the better storm deck, ANT or TES?

>> No.56076106


TES is faster and more aggressive, slightly less vulnerable to hate, slightly less stable. ANT grinds slightly better and has more certain kills, in that you don't face random topdecks lik EE or toxic deluge.

Personally I think TES has a very slight edge, but I'm by no means good, and I feel like it doesn't matter unless you're experienced at both. TES also feels higher variance, but I think it's ultimately more fun.

>> No.56076916

I think if I was going to play a storm deck besides DDFT it would probably be TES. The flexibility of Burning Wish is too hard to pass up. I've actually been brewing a DDFT list with some more TES-like qualities to try to help vs the Delver decks

>> No.56077130

>muh women in magic

can these people fuck off already. I mean we are living in a world where equal treatment isnt good enough.

>> No.56077189



>> No.56077401

>muh boys club
I guess you like playing with boys, huh?

>> No.56077402


>> No.56077592

I dont care what gender my opponent is. Just as long as they play lands in the back

>> No.56077782


Dont call them 8 man queues! Don't associate new woman on the scene with who they are dating, because sorting and labeling in humans in completely unnatural!

>> No.56077914

Have you heard about Spanish Inquisition? This looks like a slightly bad SI deck.

>> No.56078010

this fag thinks the word “female” is wrong. Wtf. And did he ever consider that maybe women don’t make the pro tour because they just aren’t as good at magic as men? We don’t try to shove women in mlb because we know they fucking suck and it wouldn’t be fair to either side, so we make a different league where women can compete against other women. Why can’t that same logic be applied to magic?

>> No.56078543


>> No.56079657

I play lands to right side and rest to the left side of my board

>> No.56080950

Invalid opinion since "D&D" suggests 3E and later false editions while True AD&D™ adherents are those who have a legit gripe with Magic cards. Magic cards weakened TSR and allowed the evil WotC to destroy True AD&D™

>> No.56080953

First off the majority of the Jim Davis article was accurate, the main point being PC culture has gotten to the point that it itself is prejudice.

Second, 8-man is correct, there's 2 reasons for this: man is the generic in English and a pod consisting of any possible combination is an x-man pod. The second being that in this situation man is also an abbreviation of human, just as the word man is also generally used as a shortened human.

>> No.56080998

Anyone got any good budget brews?

>> No.56081136

Shit thread

>> No.56081328

don't fucking oppress me with your "MANa"

> I activate LED to add three blue womyna to my womyna pool

>> No.56081363

> man is the generic in English

*schnfif* and here we find ideology *schnfif* in its purest form

and so on and so on

>> No.56081442


>> No.56081698

We did it guys, finally made the legacy thread worse then the modern one.

>> No.56081745

but our format is still superior so there is that

>> No.56081747

We wouldn't have ended up like this if it weren't for the fucking namefags.

>> No.56081955

> all the shitposts are anonymous
> including this one

>> No.56082083

Guys Im having a burnout. No lgs and i have been just brewing and playing solitaire with my decks for 10 months. Im now thinking of brewing a fcking pokemon deck. What do i do

>> No.56082336

No lgs at all or none that hosts legacy?

>> No.56082512

Closest legacy event 900 kilometers away like 2 times a year.

>> No.56082628


if you want to actually play, you should probably do the legwork that LGS's do which is assemble a group of interested players organically and pick a time and place to meet and play. Otherwise, get an MTGO account or a new hobby

>> No.56083351

First we were eternal general, vintage and legacy together. Then namefags appeared to shitpost, so the other noobs wouldn't question their shit because "I'm a meister of muh deck" "I'm the special snuflaik that plays this deck" and their need for attention just grow. Then Chinamen fakes guy and folded guy appeared to shit in the general. The result? A general who still talks about SDT ban and is full of stupid discussion like popeye stompy and spider stompy, with the classic "how do I budget x deck" and the answer "just buy fucking Chinamen reeeeeeeeeee" taking half of the thread and the other half is namefags circlejerking to each other.

>> No.56084227

SDT ban should never stop being discussed. Poorfags just like the Chinaman fake guy and all his kind got vocal and were able to hamstring Legacy, completely fucking it over. The only way to combat the scourge of poorfags upon Legacy is to out-whinge them. But when us Real Men whinge we need to big dick these fuckers. Big dick everyone until Top is back. Little bitch move banning that shit. Little bitch move born of little bitches whinging about how they have no fucking money and want their pleb deck to be more competitive. Miracles is fair, get fucking good.

>> No.56085298

if you don't like a general, don't post in it

>> No.56086101

Actually relevant question. What happened to 4 color Loam? It was seeing a lot of play online before Top ban but now not so much.
Also I have a new job that pays well so I was thinking of buying into a new Legacy deck
My main choices are Big Red, R/B Reanimator, or 4 color Loam. R/W Painter was considered but its so bad now without Top so RIP.
Big Red is the most played deck out of them and seems the best. Just play a lockpiece and beat in with Walkers, Rabblemaster or Magus. It just seems kinda boring to play though?
R/B Reanimator seems fun but probably a nightmare to play when turn 1 Deathrite Shaman is the boogeyman in Legacy atm.
4 color Loam seems the most fun and honestly im most interested in it despite the higher price but it also seems like the lowest placing deck and I kinda want something viable for larger tournaments that i can perhaps Top 8 with.

>> No.56086281

>R/B Reanimator seems fun but probably a nightmare to play when turn 1 Deathrite Shaman is the boogeyman in Legacy atm.
RB is played BECAUSE of deathrite shaman. The entire aim of the deck is to go off before DRS can get going and that's why it is seeing play over UB. Unfortunately for RB the sideboards are still pretty adapted with lots of stuff like Macabre, Extraction and leylines floating around.

>> No.56086487

>Big Red is the most played deck out of them and seems the best. Just play a lockpiece and beat in with Walkers, Rabblemaster or Magus.
You're thinking of Dragon Stompy. Big Red is a Sneak Attack deck.

>> No.56086742

Which one of the three should I play though?

>> No.56087278

Wizards killed Legacy when they banned Top. Went from healthy format where all decks were viable to some big fucking disgusting mess where 4x Deathrite Shaman or else you might as well neck yourself

>> No.56087420

Wow thanks for the insight I guess. Dont know what it has to do with choosing a deck though?

>> No.56087519

Rate, hate, and (pls help) my shitbrew:
// Legendary Eureka

// 60 Maindeck
// 12 Artifact
4 Trinisphere
4 Lotus Petal
4 Defense Grid

// 15 Creature
1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope
1 Archetype of Endurance
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
1 Progenitus
4 Elvish Spirit Guide
1 Worldspine Wurm
1 Iona, Shield of Emeria
1 Blightsteel Colossus
1 Urabrask the Hidden
1 Griselbrand
1 Frost Titan
1 Sandstone Oracle

// 3 Enchantment
1 Omniscience
2 Sneak Attack

// 22 Land
4 Ancient Tomb
4 City of Traitors
3 Scalding Tarn
4 Tropical Island
3 Misty Rainforest
2 Taiga
1 Boseiju, Who Shelters All
1 Volcanic Island

// 8 Sorcery
4 Eureka
4 Show and Tell

// 15 Sideboard
// 10 Creature
SB: 1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
SB: 1 Realm Razer
SB: 1 Scavenging Ooze
SB: 4 Faerie Macabre
SB: 3 Phyrexian Revoker

// 2 Instant
SB: 2 Daze

// 1 Planeswalker
SB: 1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

// 2 Sorcery
SB: 2 Stronghold Gambit

>> No.56087853

>asks for advice on choosing a deck
>WotC KILLED Legacy with Top ban! Dont buy in 4 DRS will make you want to kill yourself!

>> No.56087935

4c loam is the only deck you mentioned where any of your decisions matter. With the other 2 you are basically gambling on your opener/that your opponent doesn't have enough early interaction. 4c loam actually has more complex lines you can take and is probably the most fun chalice deck to play. It's definitely competitive even though it isn't seeing a ton of play right now, but loam+wasteland is very powerful and there is tons of card advantage in the deck

>> No.56088041

Anybody know where to find some sick card sleeves? The only cool ones I found on amazon fit yugioh cards and nothing else

>> No.56088272

Searching for mtg deck sleeves gives you 5000 results, don't be retarded. Also every single online store that sells cards also sells sleeves.


>> No.56088452

would i be memeing if i made a simic merfolk deck? it's just for a tournament at the local store.

>> No.56088568

What would you cut from the stock list? And would the cuta be for budget or power reasons? The stock Merfolk list is pretty tight, not a lot of room for customization.

If you have budget constraints, then go for it. For 1 tournament you will gain some of the percentage points lost by playing sub optimal cards back with the suprise factor.

And Magic is a meme, if you're playing you're memeing.

>> No.56088687

You sound like you want to kill yourself since I bought 4x DRS and 8x Verdant Catacombs when they came out. LOL. Couple Bayou too just to puff on.

>> No.56088699

What drugs are you on?

>> No.56088713

Yeah I had some place I was ordering huge boxes of those super heady sleeves from. Forget what it's called. Pretty sure that's the box over there, maybe the packing slip is in it. What are those good ones called? KMC? With the inner sleeves and everything, Hyper Matte whatever.

>> No.56088726

Puffin on some Bayous

>> No.56088733

it's more to try something new than budget reasons. if the stock list is solid, i could just go with that.

>> No.56088787

It wasn't when Top was (((legal)))

>> No.56088853

Jesus Christ you salty Miracles players. Its been a year almost get over it. Dont become as pathetic as Twiniggers.

>> No.56088934

Shit hurt Nic Fit players and Painter players too. Shit's a stupid ban. Solution to Legacy isn't to ban more shit like retarded Modern, it's to take shit off the ban list. Like that stupid goblin that makes Goblins good but has been banned forever. Fuck all these bans. Why is there no Cube general?

>> No.56089090

As a 4 color loam player I'd suggest building into that instead of the other options you listed.
I built maverick, turned it into punishing maverick and slowly picked up the pricier pieces over time. That'll give you some experience with the Knight of the Reliquary decisions which can be some of the harder ones to make.

>> No.56089124

Punishing anything is Modern trash

>> No.56089369

>Punishing anything is Modern trash
Wut. Punishing Fire isn't even Modern legal.

>> No.56089522

>punishing fire
are you clinically retarded?

>> No.56089825

kmc perfect fits are the inner sleaves

kmc kick ass imo

>> No.56090245

>The average number of women at each Pro Tour over the past season has hovered around, well, one. It’s hard to highlight a diverse cast in the feature match area when there is no gender diversity to be found.
So the only diversity that counts is gender diversity. Every pro tour or even GP is a melting pot of different nationalities, but that counts for jack shit.

>> No.56090491

cardboard wizards isn't an attractive hobby for twentysomething girls? oh say it ain't so!

fuckin' gender diversity has nothing to do with anything. it only exists to justify the industry surrounding identity politics, post-secondary education, and blah-blah-blah yakety-schmackety. absolutely retarded. you'd be better off shoveling that tuition money into a furnace because it'd at least keep you warm for a while. i mean i could go on for an age about this harrison bergeron shit they're on right now but i digress too much.

you can't make girls like cardboard wizards and it really doesn't matter if they do or not.

>> No.56091227

Is pauper/vintage allowed here?

>tfw dredge is only "viable" in vintage and some spicy memerange crap on pauper and died on legacy

>> No.56091685

>died on legacy
just wait til the DRS ban. cards more warping than brainstorm.

you can play your choice of
>plays deathrite shaman
>fights deathrite shaman
and everything else falls to the wayside.

>> No.56091812

Why is there always one retard like this?

>> No.56092342

Are all of the 4-ofs in Elves truly so uncuttable that you'd rather run 61 cards main if you want a maindeck rekt sage?

>> No.56092616

No. Theres people running 1 of Wren Run Packmaster.

>> No.56092937

Will you faggots ever stop crying about "ban this and ban that"
When DRS gets banned there'll be another best deck and then you faggots will cry about that one forever too

>> No.56093109

This. Open the flood gates.
Let our guys free.

>> No.56093175

>Not knowing that it was George Lincoln Rockwell who said it

At least edit it properly nigger.

>> No.56093214

I mean theres obviously broken stuff on the banlist like Yawgmoths Will, Abcestral Recall, Treasure Cruise, Wheel of Fortune and such but DRS isnt as powerful as those by far. Hes just an efficient creature. Just unban Frantic Search and Mind Twist.

>> No.56093283

Efficient creatures are literally cancer though.

>> No.56093422

Everyone who bitches about DRS just needs to play a better deck. Everytime my opponent wastes a turn 1 dropping one instead of Thoughtseizing me or Pondering for a Force I'm just tickled pink. Stop playing cancerous midrange and control decks and DRS won't be a problem for you.

>> No.56093438

"Waaaah I literally cant play removal"

>> No.56093770

why is Frantic Search even banned?

>> No.56094001

Broken in High Tide (it sucks now, but used to be THE combo deck of the format) and reanimator

>> No.56094255

I have 8 foil frantics. I hope for a unban soon. Also my few foil jars are waiting too

>> No.56095513

This thread turned to straight cancer

>> No.56095571

>When DRS gets banned there'll be another best deck and then you faggots will cry about that one forever too
I actually just switched to WR and play a full boat of Harsh Mentor maindeck. Haven't lost a match to Delver or Pile since.
fights deathrite shaman

>> No.56095815

I love that card.

>> No.56096044

They make a couple more red hate bears and The Red Hate will be a legit deck.

Harsh Mentor

>> No.56096866

Black is a shade

>> No.56097333

The only real issue of DRS' power is that it fits nearly all decks. There isn't a single thing about it that's
>Whoa, this thing sucks!
The worst, WORST corner case (RiP), it's a G/B 1/2 which is still above the curve.
So, the more that you break combo-synergies (SDT) the better "ram efficient cards together" becomes. And DRS is about the single most efficient card in the game.
And as >>56093422 said, the only time you'd rather drop something else T1 is vs combo (even dredge, DRS annoys dredge, doesn't break it).

>> No.56097626

Does your group have any house rules? im curious.

>> No.56097663

Heres an idea

>W/R Fuck you (W/R hatebears)

Rn shit like Thalia, HM, eidolon. and just annoy him to hell and back

>> No.56098467

If you don't remove DRS before it loses summoning sickness, you've already lost value. You almost never get an efficient investment trade by removing it.

>> No.56100622


This is probably the best post in the thread.

>> No.56100652

Here's a maybe interesting discussion? What new card or new design space could be created/explored to fix legacy?

>> No.56101257

More storm

>> No.56101653

>Healthy format
T. delusional miraclefag

>> No.56101871

what is there in legacy that calls for a fix?

>> No.56101925


>> No.56102013

I guess that depends what you think is broken. If you are on the anti DRS train, maybe a Gutshot variant that does 1 damage to target creature for each color it is. Or maybe a 1cmc creature with "Everytime an opponent targets a card in your graveyard with a spell or ability draw a card".

Of course, both of those could just be coopted by DRS decks themselves. How about a 3 mana Ruination? Something to force more decks to run more basics, cutting down on the number of 4c decks that live and die by DRS.

I don't really care about the super greedy manabases and DRS myself, I prefer that to when Miracles was running the show, and before that when RUG Delver felt like it was everywhere. Maybe it was just my local meta, but I took a year off Legacy after two 6 round monthly 1K's where I played against RUG Delver 5 out of the 6 rounds.

What I think Legacy needs is for decks like Burn of Pox to get a big shot in the arm to help keep people honest. People shouldn't feel safe enough to play 12 cantrips and 4 colors and just durdle for 7 turns. Legacy needs to become faster and more violent.

>> No.56102092

>legacy needs to become faster and more violent
just like my local punk scene

>> No.56102214

What's HM?

>> No.56102243

Reppin that SanAnto TX HxC scene
Where you at fellow anon?

>> No.56102278

Southern NH. It's all indie shit and trashy metalcore.

>> No.56102291

>faster and more violent

>> No.56102299

Harsh mentor

>> No.56102459

Metalcore is pretty fun tho anon
Oh, I'm a retard

>> No.56102575

The butthole banlist

>> No.56102669

Nah all the bands sound the same around here. Metalcore can be fun if it has something fun to offer.
Honestly harsh mentor is just the kind of card that had the potential to become a major player in legacy. This is close to the kind of card I think could go a long way towards "fixing legacy although I wish it wasn't strapped to a set of legs.

>> No.56102782

HM needed to be 1 mana. There are a hundred borderline playable 2cmc cards, and HM will end up on almost-playable-purgatory with all them.

>> No.56102795

Damn, sorry anon. The cool thing about having a big punk scene is getting to see young guys throw it down. Gotta keep the dream alive
Anyways, to keep it legacy related
I play burn and storm in modern. I understand that burn isn't too great in legacy, but storm has ANT, which is dope. How is it in the current meta tho?

>> No.56102973

I think TES is the better storm deck right now. Gets under hate better and has a better plan vs Delver and pile (side into 3x ETW main)

>> No.56103834

If tes was better it would put up more results. But ant is by far the best performing storm deck in large tourneys

>> No.56103843

I'm on the 3x ETW build and I still have a hard time against Czech Pile; It just feels really hard for Storm in general, they have two angles of attack against us and Leovold sucks if he resolves. Empty is also a gamble, the Pile players in my area typically are running 1x MD Deluge, which makes ETW mediocre, especially after sideboard when they bring in another 1-2 ways to wipe tokens. I'm actually considering running 3-4x Dark Confidant in my SB to try and fight Pile and Delver, they cut almost all their removal G2 against Storm, so they'll have a hard time killing Bobs.

>> No.56103911

Is there a budget-ish option for ANT? Had the cute idea of trying to use pain lands.
Why is tendrils banned in modern BTW?

>> No.56104021

Tendrils isn't banned. It's simply not legal.

>> No.56104082

this is one of the minor but growing problem of modern. it was supposed to be the "if it has the new card style, its modern legal (excluding bans of course) so when shit like tendril gets printed in a masters set with the new card art, people think its legal or in this case since no on plays tendrils in modern, that it must be banned.

Same thing with shardless agent. Modern card style, not banned but not legal in modern

>> No.56104839

Learn something new every day

>> No.56105685

>Shardless legal in modern
Don't make me so moist.

I keep saying this, but I seriously think burn is underrated deck and has a very realistic chance to win big tournaments. It has bad matchups, but even those the opponent has to win faster than burn player can say fuck you.

>> No.56106269

Agreed. I’m getting started with a 12 post list because it’s nice to play big silly colourless cards.
I just wish it had as much crossover with eldrazi as I first thought.

>> No.56106457

It's like you guys are telling me you don't know the famous legacy deck 50 shades of black.

>> No.56107469

I mean it's partially just my opinion, but TES was the highest placing storm deck at EW and has seen its numbers increasing of late. TES has also placed high in MTGO Legacy Challenges, where ANT, the much more widely played deck, has struggled somewhat.
1 mainboard answer isn't much to worry about. Just shoot your goblin load every timr. You'll win way more than you'll lose. I've actually had an OK time vs Pile as Doomsday. Sometimes you can just shoot your goblin load, but the deck also has some added resilience to heavy discard via pass the turn piles. Not that its a highly favorable matchup, and not that I'm advocating everyone play doomsday. Just that it's done slightly better for me in the matchup than other storm decks ive tried.

>> No.56107582

>Just shoot your goblin load every time
I completely agree, If you've got a hand that makes gobos you go for it and make them have it; Waiting to try and set up the Drills is just going to give them time to assemble redundant permission or Thoughtseize/Hymn you into the ground.

>Not that its a highly favorable matchup, and not that I'm advocating everyone play doomsday. Just that it's done slightly better for me in the matchup than other storm decks ive tried.
I'm more lamenting that Czech pile seems almost built to beat TES, especially after sideboarding and the fact that I'm seeing steadily more of it. Any comments on the Bob plan? I know ANT players will run it occasionally to punish people that take out all their removal and it seems like a natural fit with TES's lower curve to combat the boatload of discard they run.

>> No.56109110

can namecunts be any less creative? their handle is always the name of their fucking deck

>> No.56109229

I honestly don't know about the bob plan. What Do you board out for it? Ad Naus and moxen? I think Bobs are better when they can reduce your storm requirements by getting in for chip shots and they won't be against a bunch of shamans and striges. Maybe it's fine but I think trying to sneak a quick win in is a better plan than trying to go long, at least with TES.

>> No.56109493

Legacy open today
twitch dot tv/scgtour

>> No.56110405


Red countermagic.

>> No.56110677

bring back mana burn

>> No.56110804

My local group is trying to get me into legacy. Not sure what deck to play though. Do you guys have an up to date flow chart for decks?

>> No.56110814


>> No.56110926

I don't think there's an up to date chart. Have this instead:

>> No.56110943

meant for

>> No.56111014

Thanks anon

>> No.56112233

NIce, B/R reanimator is playing right now.

>> No.56112542

>if i play blood moon it's a FREE WIN!

>> No.56112550

This is the newest I've seen.

>> No.56113013

They brought moon in against a deck with vial and like 8 basics?

>> No.56113181

shit like that is why you can't rely on xmage for decent practice. it's just for fun.

this is after i played 'float white off cavern, plains for white, port generic mana. activate aether vial on 3, slam magus of the moon. cast sanctum prelate on 1 with my floating mana' in game 1.

he KNEW i played blood moon effects maindeck and still did that.

>> No.56113236

Please tell me you already had the basic out when they played moon. That would tickle my pickle. I've played a bit on xmage but never seen play quite that bad.

>> No.56113454

>Be Burn Player.
>Opponent Blood Moons game 1.
>Game 2 they double Simian Spirit Guide, blood moon turn 1.
I literally habe no idea why they were doing that when they know I run all basics. The same guy also slammed an ancient tomb into his own blood moon, some bullshit.

>> No.56114757

>Belcher vs Shardless
>Belcher goes of through not one but TWO Forces

>> No.56114928

>resolved a turn 1 belcher with pyroblast backup
>needs to draw 1 mana source to fire it
>and MISSES for three turns straight

>> No.56116355

Cant a non "standard" legacy deck be viable if it packs removal fow and good sideboard? Im bored with the meta decks and want to play something fresh and interesting.

>> No.56116879


>> No.56117688

HAHAHAHAHA faggots, you thought you could stop our dominance with your pathetic Top ban. You'll never stop us since you're weak like your shit decks. Blue White big dick Real Man decks face it kill yourselves

>> No.56118534

I told you!

I told you people, but ooohh nooo, top killed miracles, U/W control is shit no need to prep for that shit it's unplayable. The deck hasn't been top8 or what not for one major tournament, it's dead.

Even linked to tournaments where UW control won after top ban, but ad hominem control is dead keeps spreading. Next major tournament is going to be won by burn, you heard it from here.

>> No.56118843

It's proof that banning Top was a weak move motivated by weak thinking and weak people. Skill wins UW control just like always. This is why plebs fear the true masters of Magic. Banning Top such a bitch move. Wonder how many whiners are stuffing themselves down the incinerator now.

>> No.56118891

now miracles actually requires a modicum of brain power instead of just assembling your broken lock and twiddling your thumbs until the opponent concedes

>> No.56118907

miracles barely clings onto tier 2 status

>> No.56119227

To all the people complaining about DRS - don't worry - I'm sure it'll be banned in 3-4 years!

Also - regarding the Top ban - yes, Miracles is worse. Counterbalance revealing Wear // Tear no longer hits 95% of the format, and you can't float Terminus any longer, but it's still a good UW control deck. I wouldn't write it off just yet

>> No.56121290

What is the best way to buy into MTGO? I want to play Legacy and Vintage on there and don't want to buy a full deck inefficiently.

>> No.56121644

Green is best color, though Black and Blue are naturally close behind.

>> No.56121710

>you thought you could stop our dominance with your pathetic Top ban
Uh, but the Top ban did stop your dominance? Miracles is no longer a tier 1 deck.

>> No.56122527

Holy shit this butthurt is incredible. Stay mad, your whinging ways changed nothing.

>> No.56122557

And yet you just watched it go undefeated, obtaining 1st place after a full day of Swiss. Already you contemplate wrist-slitting by means of cardboard edges of your precious Deathrite Shamans

>> No.56122898


>> No.56123965

first of all make sure you won't switch the deck in a few months
try out shit on xmage and do your research

>> No.56124467

>implying Levold isn't just the replacement

>> No.56124620

Yeah, because Chainz isn't easier to cast, 2CMC vs 3, and dodges most removal...oh wait, that's right, your a dumbass.

>> No.56124641

>Not dodging removals
Yep, a low IQ modernette has arrived!

>> No.56124842

Anon...drawing a card for targeting Leo as opposed to not being able to swords/bolt/push/etc. it is very different. Chains being an enchantment is a lot harder to deal with for most decks as opposed to Leo who is a creature.

>> No.56124981

>Decay leo
>Enemy draws an equally high value card, or a land.
>Decay chains of mephistoteles
>Opponent cries how this is unfair and he paid 500 dollars, he SHOULD win!

>> No.56126511

Is legacy Eggs a thing?

>> No.56126799

Cheerios legacy can get wins

>> No.56128097

When you've found a deck you know you want to buy, you have two options: either buy the cards individually from bots on MTGO, or buy the whole deck from a third party site. Buying from individual bots is cheaper, but takes more time. With a third party website, like cardhoarder, you just put in a deck list, pay the price and a bot will message you on MTGO and trade you the whole deck at once.
I haven't been watching card prices too closely lately but keep in mind a bunch of are selling out of MTGO as magic arena comes out. Cards might get even cheaper soon, but MTGO might also die so there's that.

>> No.56128138


Technically yes. It's not a popular combo deck (there are other, more expensive ones that have a better consistency), but you have pilots playing it. Here's one of the lists Spooky made (who I find usually has good Legacy lists):

4 Chromatic Sphere
4 Chromatic Star
4 Conjurer's Bauble
4 Faith's Reward
4 Ideas Unbound
4 Lotus Bloom
4 Lotus Petal
2 Noxious Revival
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
4 Reshape
4 Second Sunrise
2 Silence
3 Skycloud Egg
2 Ancient Den
4 Archaeological Dig
2 Cephalid Coliseum
4 Crystal Vein
4 Seat of the Synod

Kills an opponent with an infinite loop of Second Sunrise, Conjurer's Bauble, and Pyrite Spellbomb.

>> No.56128939

Guys i want to play birds. I dont care if it cant be top tier deck but i just want a playable deck that could win sometimes if i just play well. Can someone help me get started? I guess squadron hawk is a nobrainer pick.

>> No.56128980

as you probably know Arena will contain only new sets and you won't be able to trade
can't see how it could affect the prices of eternal formats on MTGO, or wholly replace MTGO

>> No.56129232


Here you go, senpai http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/legacy-type-1-5/budget-legacy/186113-primer-updates-to-the-primer-as-of-may-24th-2013

>> No.56130575

How bout that round 15 dq at the open?

>> No.56130661

look up Aluren

>> No.56130681

You could probably play esper stoneblade with squadron hawk and baleful strix

>> No.56130684

what happened?

>> No.56130880

LOL the whiners are at it again, had to whine and get Big Miller DQed for "prize split discussion" just to avoid that UW Control getting into the Top 8. You'll do anything to prevent the truth from coming out, won't you? Sad!

>> No.56131373

I'd hate to be anywhere near the top tables at a large event. So many passive aggressive mooks champing at the bit to get someone a game loss or DQ over absolutely nothing.

>> No.56131750

Collusion is an ironic word choice since clearly the DQ decision was motivated by SCG's business interests and the need to maintain the narrative that UW Control is not top tier.

>> No.56131975

>I bet the JEWS did this

>> No.56132474

Is this a Trump tweet?

>> No.56133571

Bit of a novice here. Excluding Kiki-Jiki, Game Breaker, does non-beatdown B/R Goblins work?

>> No.56135047

Need that FCG style shit

>> No.56135437

Talked about splitting prizes while it was still in swiss.

>> No.56135963

The rules around prize split discussions and offering to draw has always bothered me. I came real close to dq-ing myself the first time I ever top8d something. Fortunately a more experienced player shut me up. But it's too easy to accidentally fuck yourself.

>> No.56136037

our local judges always always always have a public address sesh about these rules at the beginning of every event and again at the beginning of the first top8 round.

>> No.56136259

Whole point of this DQ wasn't rules enforcement, it was to prevent the DCI from listening to more whining and having to ban Tundra

>> No.56136375


>> No.56136870

This is the shit I like

>> No.56137002

i don't want to live in a world where this image exists, whether it's a piss-take or not.

>> No.56137835

When do these sweet SCG tournament decklists hit the internet? When do we get to see the UW Control deck that cannot be known lest it destroy Consumer Confidence in Legacy?

>> No.56138003

The top 32 is here
But the list the Jews don't want you to see won't be on the because the guy got dq'd. All part of the conspiracy

>> No.56138542

>the guy got dq'd.
I missed some of the Open, why did he get DQ'd?

>> No.56138613

Failing to lose a single match while playing Miracles. Serious crime.

>> No.56138631

Smelt so bad they had to ask him to leave. Unfortunate side effect of being a UW player

>> No.56138693

>But the list the Jews don't want you to see won't be on the because the guy got dq'd. All part of the conspiracy
i guarantee that list will be on leddit by the end of tomorrow.

>> No.56138819

wow, no pile in the entire top 32 is pretty surprising, maybe people were meta-gaming against the "best deck"

>> No.56139502

>colors in white borders on all his cards.

How autistic are you anon?

>> No.56141133

Welcome to the thread, friendo.

>> No.56141189

Against what is Runed halo being used for? Storm?

>> No.56142444

Kills True-name ezpz.

>> No.56142874

Wouldn't it still be an invulnerable blocker?

>> No.56142916

I just wanna mention how much I despise the commander product cards, as well as Will of the Council.

>> No.56143739

From the ground, they may gain an excellent view of my flyer.

>> No.56146707

I think the deck is not that hard to beat. There was a fair amount of "punishing Abzan" which has decent matchup against pile.

>> No.56147099

here's a grainy potato picture of my deck

>> No.56147241

I don't think it would be the most played deck online if it was easy to beat. That being said, I do think 4c loam has a good matchup against it and I feel it is underplayed, especially online. It could also just that the pile lists are reaching the end of the "cycle" of fotm decks, where the deck seems busted and overpowered, but once players adjust their decks and playstyles to answer it, the deck becomes much more manageable and sort of "settles" into its place in the meta.

>> No.56147286

how have the harsh mentors been doing? Because my impression is that they are good in matchups where you are already favored and terrible in matchups where you need help.

>> No.56147645

>dnt guy main decks a bull for his waifu

>> No.56147753

they're great against Lands and DRS piles.

>> No.56147895

but they seem bad against delver, storm, stompy decks, elves, miracles, stoneblade, etc. I guess its more of a meta call, but revoker just seems better. Also less than 4 mother of runes feels wrong

>> No.56147923

See >>56147645

>> No.56149773

>but they seem bad against delver, storm, stompy decks, elves, miracles, stoneblade, etc
delver is generally a DRS deck right now
storm dies to other stuff in the deck
stompy can be dealt with in other ways
miracles is still fairly good for us
elves has a few things that trigger it (namely wirewood symbiote)
Xblade has a lot of non-mana activated abilities as well

incidental damage creates leverage in most cases

>> No.56150152

>the rest of the deck is good, so its ok to put this shit card in

thats not how it works. one of the biggest ways for dnt to fight storm was revoker on led, and you just replaced it with a 2 mana 2/2. Delver puts on a quick clock, generally you can't outrace them without batterskull, and they are still happy to trade 2 damage for a deathrite activation (where revoker would completely shut off deathrite). Again, with elves, they don't give a shit if they have to take 2 to bounce their visionary, they still get to "go off," while a revoker wouldn't give them the option. Stoneblade really doesn't have any activated abilities outside of the fetches and stoneforge package. Wow, they had to take 2 to drop their batterskull, you sure showed them. I'll concede that its good against lands and pile, but it just seems so shitty against everything else. I don't really see dnt as an aggro deck, but as a control deck that happens to win with small creatures, and in that style of deck revoker just seems superior. Also harsh mentor doesn't touch jace which is a pretty big deal.

>> No.56150619

Since pic related was revealed, I'm been thinking about some jank combos to cheat him early, like Phyrexian Dreadnought + winding canyon + him plus some ramp like moxes and SSG.

>> No.56150633

>Swords to Plowshares
Wow that was hard to stop.

>> No.56150696

I'll see your 12/12 trampler and raise you annihilator 6

>> No.56150915

This is literally how i feel right now

>> No.56150996

Follow your dreams you crazy bastard. Also don't leave home with out this.

>> No.56151238

Thanks senpai

>> No.56151946

>thread q
Black, specifically black cards with artwork centered around gold, like King Macdaddy over here (it's funny because he accidentally his daughter)

>> No.56153055

My stifles and noughts are already sleeved.

>> No.56154767

>> No.56155600

is this the literal easiest deck to play in the world?


>> No.56155766

I am a burn player. We count to 20.

>> No.56155807


Dinofags are even more insufferable than Dragonfags. At least Dragonfags have some good cards.

Please contain your autism to whatever Standard thread exists. Looking forward to when these sets blow out so we no longer have to deal with you memers.

>> No.56155840

rudy called out mtgitems.com and then they posted all rudys personal information

god damn

>> No.56155924

>a website ive never heard of doxxed a youtuber


>> No.56155944

i expect some beef

>> No.56155955


>> No.56156075


Who is mtgitems.com? I mean, I'm all for the destruction of Rudy and the rest of his cancerous MTGFinance lot, but it'd be nice to know who is doing the ruining.

>> No.56156119

what do you have against rudy? they are just website that rudy seems to believe they are using ebay to sell products at a very very low price, someone buys them, then they use stolen credit cards info to buy the product from tcgplayer and then with the shipping address from the ebay buyer. The credit card info is in the same region so the bank wont lock the card.

So they get the money from the ebay sale and pay nothing (the cc holder is paying for it) for the product that gets sent. If the cc user disputes the claim, tcgplayer gets caught holding the bag

>> No.56156165

interesting. Why have I never heard of this scam then? There's no reason it should be limited to mtg products, and it's not like ebay, credit cards, or online shopping are new.

>> No.56156262


Rudy's a scam artist always looking to make a quick buck. Hell the dude runs a Patreon to give people """"exclusive"""" deals on boxes of Magic cards that he's mapped. But hey, floppy tacos, am I right?

>> No.56156539

because you're not a criminal

credit and fraud scams are getting more pervasive and complex by the day

>> No.56156563


sometimes you even have to ponder

>> No.56157242

You have. It's basically a drop shipping scam. There's really only like 4 scams ever created they just take different forms.

>> No.56159902

>surgical extraction your tutor

>> No.56161122

That's why you Thoughtseize or Durress

>> No.56162100

>Paid subscription for cheaper boxes
If they come sealed and you are getting a cheaper price on bulk boxes whats the problem? If they come already opened and you ignore something he says every box related video, why feel bad for the idiots buying them?

Side note, whats a good way to grind out play points on mtgo? I suck at ixalan drafting and Id like to build a reserve for when the vintage cube comes out

>> No.56163322

To those legacy players with a team, have you ever beefed with another team? Ever had to drive a person/crew out of your store because they talked shit or acted like assholes?

>> No.56163505

easy to goldfish, yeah. The challenge comes when you are sitting across from a real player trying to stop you from going off

>> No.56164025

Am I wrong in assuming legacy is probably magic's worst format to goldfish?

>> No.56164140

Like most formats, certain decks are better for goldfish. Storm definitely benefits. Something like Delver wouldn't though. Still, it's best to play real games.

>> No.56164424

you don't count to 20, you count to 6-7.

>> No.56165619

That's why they play burn

>> No.56165713

All burn needs is one slightly more efficient spell, and it's back to the fire

>> No.56168678

To be fair, it takes a certain level of intelligence to understand how to play burn.

>> No.56169169

yeah, you need to know how to flush your toilet, I guess.

>> No.56169254

For storm you basically weight your odds against the chance they have FoW in hand and you reduce this number by 1 every time you draw a Seize.

>> No.56170270

>tfw the glory days are over and I have to either play creatures the tappening or not play at all.

>> No.56170351

That card spells out

"If you would already win, Win even more"
Tromple lolXD/Ayyy

>> No.56170441

Can't really understand why it doesn't target planeswalkers, suppose WotC is really careful with anything that could shut off planeswalkers.

>> No.56170539

of course it's unplayable in legacy, but in standard this isn't win more at all. it's a massively undercosted beater, it is your prime win condition.
just because it isn't Griselbrand tier doesn't mean it's bad.

>> No.56170558

Why does turbo depths always show up at paper events but never online? The deck doesn't seem to be that good.

>> No.56170584

it's pretty cheap on paper

>> No.56170593

Alright, it's bad for real formats. Happier?

>> No.56170638


I can see it as a possibly more consistent, resilient reanimator, but if you're playing competitively I feel like price shouldn't matter much. I guess people are just cheap bastards.

>> No.56170720

not everyone is a spike. many just want to play.

>> No.56170785

Legacy snobs are one of the worst kinds of players.

>> No.56171274

Gorgeous deck bruv.

>> No.56171306


Turbo depths is the definition of a spike deck. It only has one plan: to get a game ending creature on the battlefield as fast as possible.

>but there's so many LINES

>> No.56171359


>> No.56171377

guys guys guys. Tezzerator with 8-10 artifact lands, Opals and Diamonds and Thoughtcast. Not quite Affinity though, with more control elements. Imagine tapping your Chalice to cast Metallic Rebuke.

>> No.56171550

Dude you could totally tap artifact lands to pay for metallic rebuke!

>> No.56171728


>> No.56172154

What would it even be though? How can you get better then Lightning Bolt variants, Price, or Fireblast? Itd have to be another Goblin Guide or Eidolon tier creature

>> No.56172722

Post in legacy general and wonder why people say it's trash.
What the fuck

>> No.56172756

Burn already has more spells than you can fit maindeck, but burn could do better sideboard cards. Something to destroy enchantments and would fuck SnT would be nice.

>> No.56172898


>destroy enchantments
Chaos Warp, Anarchy

>Fuck with SnT
Red Elemental Blast, it's hilarious to catch blue mages off guard with it.

>> No.56172955

There is one fundamental issue with all those cards. They don't deal damage to the face -> unplayable, even if I've seen pyroblast etc. played, most of the time you are better of with bolt in hand.

>> No.56175272

>don't deal damage to the face = unplayable
Burn players ladies and gentlemen.

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