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I mean, female characters should at the very least have some sort of strength penalty. Its ridiculous how in almost all systems men and women are the exact same and there is no difference between the two sexes even though there are biological differences in real life.

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Well depends how long they train for, but it depends on who has more dex or what not. EH fuck it, I am not at /sci/ to argue the biology of humans.

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This is now a Made in Abyss thread. I don't know jack shit about it but I'm certain it would be a much better thread than the bollocking about you're trying to pull here with your autism.

That said, should I read the manga or watch the anime? I've not read anything all the way through since Soul Eater.

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If you compare a man and a woman, in a hypothetical scenario where they are both just as healthy and fit, the man will always be stronger than the woman. This is just fact

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"I'm tired of the endless gender war arguments and troll post, I'll hit /tg/ so I can read about silly games for a while"
>this is the first topic

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what is MAKE BELIEVE, fuck

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How is this even a debate, always read the manga

The only time this isn't what you should do is if the anime came first, like with Gundam or Evangelion

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yeah egalitarianism is make believe, i agree anon

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But seriously, I do miss having quest threads on /tg/.

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Fullmetal Alchemist called, both anime adaptions beat the manga.

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You aren't playing a human, you are playing a hero. They have different rules.

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What were your favorite quests?

>we traded quests for generals

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If you insist on doing this, it shouldn't be a strength penalty but a (base) strength cap. Exceptional women can rival the physical prowess of strong men, just not the strongest men.

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didnt realise "heroes" didnt abide by biology

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Alright, so long as male characters get a penalty to spot checks and sense motive.

High levels of testosterone limit your ability to see and recognize color, as well as reduce empathy. The stereotype of the wife choosing between paint colors and the husband not being able to tell the difference? That's because women actually do see more different colors than men do, science fact.

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I've played games where the DM mandated that men get +1 to strength and constitution and women get +1 to dex and wisdom, just to get people playing sexes because it's good for the character they want.

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Can we have a thread about undead PCs in a heroic light?

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They are measured by competency not probability

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dont ability scores measure your competency? not the fact that youre a PC

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This is something like the 5th damn thread in barely 2 days. Slow your roll.

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Why don't you take the strength penalty yourself during character creation?

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>Can literally be ganked by a skeleton, who is animated by a festering necrotic git.
>Stronk females? That's ridiculous.

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It's ridiculous how in almost all systems there isn't a required CON roll every 12 hours to see if you catch a disease of some kind and then a d100 roll to see what you caught. Also, players should be required to roll a family/medical history to determine their challenge ratings for rolling for cancer, heart disease, etc. How can TTRPGs dare to claim to be a reflection of the real world if you never have a stroke in the middle of an encounter?

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>300 replies, 97 images omitted

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>abide by biology
>In a setting with dragons
Your obsession with "realism" is why no one plays with you anon

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How about we just don't all reply.

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If you play a white guy you should get a penalty to any disease check, disadvantage to any strength or intelligence check
we could also sage which is what i do

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Wring in this case. The manga is full of guro, watersports, pedoshit and garbage. Stick to the anime. It preserved the good parts and sanitized the magical realm.

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Only women and fags play female characters

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Read the manga, gotcha.

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They do, in fact in one book it's explicitly said that you don't make a strength check to see who is stronger the same way you don't make a height check to see who is taller.

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It's genuinely worse, but you can do whatever you want, anon.

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Fine, by courtesy of their two X chromosomes, women have an increased muscle density in the fantasy setting. Even with their skinnier arms and slighter frame, they measure up with the male peers.

Mine sure as hell don't if we're going by real world biological limits. I'm pretty sure no man alive can throw a grizzly bear, with one arm, several dozen meters. Stop being a wanker here and go comment on a MGTOW video

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Stop being a fag and do both
Watch animu for the visuals and voice acting, then read the mango from the beginning to see everything that the anime didn't include or glossed over.

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You are playing someone who by definition is exceptional
Therefore the stats are whatever you can buy or roll

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Guro and pedoshit doesn't bother me (I read through Tokyo Akazukin, Franken Fran, and Kodomo no Jikan), once my internet is good again I'll watch it but for now, plundering the manga.

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its fantasy, edgelord

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Manga's gore is more brutal and it shows kid titties. Anime has very nice music
That said, it only covers half of the first arc

Personally I went first half of anime > binge read all of the manga > finish anime, and had a pretty good time with it

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Male human: +1 str
Female human:+1 con
There you go.

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Also, PCs are usually exemplars of their race, highly trained and with good genetics. With every statistic there is an outlier to confound it.

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I think that's what Arcanum did. Or something like it.

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No (you) for you OP.

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>white guy
>disadvantage to disease strength or intelligence checks

Lol aren't whites the disease resistant bastards that survived the black plague and destroyed entire cultures that didn't have such resistances?

as for strength and intelligence those aren't hard to dispel. Just look at olympic records and average IQ/history's great people

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How many times do have to have this fucking thread?

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real life is a stale meme

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You know exactly why this is, and you know exactly what to do if you don't like it. Quit posting this shitty bait please.

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>people arguing that in FANTASY SETTINGS, strong female exist
>lets talk about female bikini armor
Feminist double standard

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You must play female characters then

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He said he read Tokyo Akazukin, I doubt kid nipples would even phase him

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Yep, and niggers should get -1 int and wis but +1 to charisma and agi

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-No female can have a natural Strength Score greater than 14, any points over 14 can be transferred to dexterity or charisma. Females cannot raise their strength score over 14 by gaining levels, or by any natural in-game means.
-Females can cast an extra two 1st level spells per day, if they choose a spellcasting class (arcane, divine or psionic).This applies only to the first class they choose. The extra magical energy is due to females being able to store extra “mana”. If they are not a spellcasting class they receive an extra 4 skill points at 1st level which however are not multiplied.

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It's more the ones with inborn immunity passed that gene on after it annihilated most of Europe.

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Strength & Bodyweight Correlation
Str Score/Body Weight for small to medium-sized humanoids
12/lowest is 56 Kg
13/lowest is 62 Kg
14/lowest is 77 Kg
15/lowest is 85 Kg
16/lowest is 94 Kg
17/lowest is 105 kg
18/lowest is 106 kg
18+/add 15 kgs to lowest bw limit

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No the fact is you are a faggot

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>What were your favorite quests?
Lego Quest, CrabQuest, the Street Fighter one...

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You know what else there's a real-life difference between? /tg/ and /r9k/!

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>Just look at olympic records
Yeah, white people like Usain Bolt.
>average IQ
Which is dominated by asians and jews.

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>No female can have a natural Strength Score greater than 14, any points over 14 can be transferred to dexterity or charisma. Females cannot raise their strength score over 14 by gaining levels, or by any natural in-game means.
But halflings and gnomes can?

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Any female, halflings and gnomes, regardless of race. It does not apply only to human females.

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>Tokyo Akazukin

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Are we really doing a -4 Str thread in 2017? Don't you kids have homework or something?

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You're also forgetting that men should get a penalty to iron sight aiming (both having basically the same at hip fire aiming).

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Fun > realism

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Using Intimidate instead of Bluff or Diplomacy to initiate a sexual encounter is perfectly valid and not rape.

It's not like using social skills takes away free will - if she doesn't want it she can just say no, or leave my hotel room.

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It's not unrealistic for a 3' tall man to have the same strength as a champion weightlifter.

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Did someone say female armour thread?

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Its already hare enough to get women to play these games. Now we should add insults to the mechanics?

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I'm going to assume that that's a joke.

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>I'm going to assume that that's a joke.
The fact that you feel the need to post this comment sums up everything that's gone wrong with modern /tg/.

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>Having strength differences in male and female characters is the norm in DnD
How about you kill yourself faggot?

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I love the "full plate on the top, nothing on the bottom" look.

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>session zero of game
>explain my games have STR penalties for females
>That Girl at table punches me, catching me by surprise
>"still think i deserve a strength penalty?"
>tell her it didn't actually hurt, so yes
>she complains to LGS staff that I'm sexist, I get a suspension

so much for the tolerant left

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Well that's your problem, real life.

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Please tell me practical armor is in jest

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tongue-in-cheek yes

It's how I tell them apart from my other armoured-ladies pictures

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>Hate women
>Love ladyknights

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>Hate women


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More ladyknights it

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Women also have both higher sensitivity and tolerance to pain. It's why a girl might cry at a papercut but won't die of shock while giving birth.

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Is this your first day on 4chan? Or planet Earth for that matter? Is it so difficult to imagine that not everyone thinks women are the best thing since sliced bread?

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>won't die of shock while giving birth
That's the most common female cause of death in the pre-industrialized world outside of diseases though, what the fuck are you even talking about? And that's ignoring the hormones a woman releases during childbirth. Women have a higher tolerance to pain than men under THAT SINGLE, VERY SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE because that's literally their only biological raison d'être. A woman who dies during childbirth is a failure and hopefully a genetic dead end.

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>women have speshul whoremoans to ignore pain
Yet when they stub a toe they cry for months

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A "speshul whoremoan" for childbirth, ya dingus. Your point about their stubbed toe only proves me right.

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This is b8, but I already know too many neckbeards that unironically believe this

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Yeah and their speshul whoremoans make them suffer the alleged "post partum depresshun" and kill their kids because, NEWFLASH, raising kids sucks. Whole thing is just an excuse made up by women, for women anyway.

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Huh, what I read online must've been poorly articulated for me to make that assumption. I don't doubt you, so could you point at an article that could clarify this for me?

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>NEWFLASH, raising kids sucks
*raising kids as a single mother sucks.

And yet women keep pushing the narrative that fathers don't matter. Female suffrage is a mistake, why did anyone ever propose we listen to people who don't even understand themselves?

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>str cap for humans is 18
>str cap for gnomes, halflings, and women is 14
Simple, elegant solution that makes everyone happy.

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>My fantasy world of magic and other fake bullshit needs to maintain the effects of sexual dimorphism realistically otherwise I'm too buttmad to play
You sound fun

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Not really an article, but look at modern day African maternal death rates. They're pretty high, mostly due to the the relative rarity of modern medicine. It'd be even higher in the total absence of modern medicine.

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Or maybe letting underage retards like you use the Internet was a mistake.

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>NEWFLASH, raising kids sucks.
Just how much do you hate life and being alive?

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It's stupid and impractical, but I really like these armored "battle dresses" for some reason.

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It's only stupid if there isn't actually any armor under the dress parts and the cloth is very secure. If it's easy to rip (off) then it won't cause problems in normal conditions. Someone grabbing it would just come away with a handful of dress, and it snagging on something would just mean you lose it.

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What the fuck is going on with that image.

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extra noice

thank you for saving this shitty bait thread, anon

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You JUST had this thread, twice.

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>real world biology
please understand my only purpose is to illuminate science and that I'm not at all defending op.

Women do not have crazy good muscle density for the same reason men don't. Having muscle density beyond what we have actually makes it really hard to have large full brained skulls, the additional muscle pushes down on the top of your head and cases your jaw strength to concave the top ridge of your brain box. the major benefit that made humans so much weaker than other animals walked side by side with women becoming the weaker sex, it also didn't hurt that women could afford to be weaker.
Men hunted more than women because the skull size meant women where waylayed with childrearing for much longer than many mammals, so men got selected for fitness while women didn't. this is also why men are so much better at spacial tasks than females. When you go out on hunting trips, you are under pressure not to get lost. and while I'm at it, lets tie it all together. Why do you suppose male leaders where the undeniable preferred choice in our society when for thousands of years our species lived or died depending on our tribes navigator?

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Whites are the jack of all trades race.

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>What the fuck is going on with that image.
New to 4chan, huh.

Anon posted that image at the same moment that someone else on 4chan posted an image, and the server got confused so it shows the thumbnail for the other image.

Somewhere else on 4chan is a thumbnail of a ladyknight that expands into a completely different image.

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Explain small dudes who can easily wrestlefuck guys who are way higher up in weight and at a seemingly equal skill level.

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Ladyknights best knights
Thanks anon

>> No.56060570

>mail wimple

That looks very uncomfortable. Must be a nightmare keeping the hair from getting caught in it.

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Everybody's eager to give women -4 Strength, but when you point out you'd have to give men -4 Constitution to keep things both balanced and realistic, they go into hysterics.

>> No.56060588

taking a short break, back in 15 mins

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you're a nigger, should have given her a stealth and initiative bonus.

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this may seem strange to you but some men find it just as jarring when men say they hate all women as men get salty and pejorative when a woman says she hates all men.

>> No.56060628

>have no argument so just call him underage

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Why would you think that makes everyone happy to fuck over human fighters? I agree that it's better than having a penalty, but having some sort of "realism" based cap like that is crazy when every class gives up on any ties to reality after a couple levels. If I had to make a restriction like that I would just say it only applies to level one of character creation

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I dont know what you think you're doing man, but this isn't pol. a legion of disgruntled alt righters isn't going to surge to defend your position here. mostly because no matter how butthurt anyone here is, they still have women they care deeply about and that means for most of them the idea of making them into second class citizens because a bunch of tryhards on a political forum say theyre inferior fills them with seething rage.

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>I dont know what you think you're doing man, but this isn't pol. a legion of disgruntled alt righters isn't going to surge to defend your position here. mostly because no matter how butthurt anyone here is, they still have women they care deeply about and that means for most of them the idea of making them into second class citizens because a bunch of tryhards on a political forum say theyre inferior fills them with seething rage.

Next time, just say "I dare you to go upstairs and show your mom this post". Works just as well with fewer characters.

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Ladyknights best knights
Thanks anon

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Good lord, we've already had one of these threads.

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glad to be of service

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>> No.56060790

actually it wouldn't. they will consider your statment an idea of some loser telling them to get women to prove theyre less intelligent and deserving of being restricted by asking them directly if they believe it so much. If they are correct, they should expect to recieve screetching, and they don't care enough about women to change their opinion based on that either.

What I'm telling him to do is to understand the motivations of men who have nothing more to go on other than their cherry picked """"evidence"""" and roastie memes why they might pop a vein at the idea of anyone beating their loved ones political and social lives to a bloody stump.

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Since the other thread autosaged after I went to bed (good riddance) but had a thing that I wanted to respond to but wasn't worth making a whole thread over, I'm going to transpose it to this thread and then reply to it.
Let me ask you a hypothetical then. If a system had hardwired rules built in about women adventurers being about 50% as strong as male counterparts, but then introduce a whole separate system of social benefits, threat detection (women presumed to be harmless), and perhaps even incorporate it into magic so that picking a woman is basically like picking an alternate version of the same class, would you be averse to trying it or dismiss it out of hand as a chauvenistic insult to women?

I'm highly considering fleshing out females in my game as distinct, because maybe the core problem is that it's lazy to just penalize a woman when you could create a new style of adventuring that feels cool

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You did not have an argument to make a counterargument, just retarded whining about women.

>> No.56060904

That actually sounds kinda cool.

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>> No.56060941

While this sounds great in theory for certain kinds of games, most emphatically most ideas around -4 strength center, as normal, on the d20 system of thought.

Over all, certain games just do not accomidate this kind of behavior very well, the lady will not be able to smoosh anyone if you're running a mostly dungeon adventure. Men can, thanks to reality, realistically do everything, even a little bit of the sex appeal if you count courting princesses and 'weak willed women' to spill secrets of importance. A man will always be useful in these games but your assertion of a kind of woman system built in makes it pretty hard to imagine as diverse ammount of options of play style as men.

In light of that, you can go ahead and say it is what it is anyway, but then you would be abandoning your premise of having women be an equally interesting play option for anyone that wasn't interested in sex based soft power appeal.

If you want to include such hinderences to women without straight up slamming down the gauntlet for people who want to be and play what they want to, and to maintain a sense of fair play rather than unlocking unfairly hard mode, Saddle women with their penalties and give us a negative level adjustment. A woman of equal ECL to the party but making up for worse stats with higher experience seems like a decent way to go about the issue to me. Especially in games where it is violent.

The only other real option is to give them a theme they can follow that is potent but extremely limited as you mentioned. Over all the more I think about it, at least for the PF/d20 systems, giving a woman penalties to any stat line directly seems unwise from a build option standpoint. it would be better to fractionalize the penalty. take slices off of damage and hp, reduce move speed or hit initiative and reflex saves directly, raise the dc to avoid bleeding out. This way you can punish a woman's without destroying anyone ability to make an interesting build.

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>> No.56060966

>tumblr nose

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>> No.56060984

>> No.56060989

>> No.56060994

>cartoon technique that's been in regular use since the 1950s

>> No.56061006

>> No.56061010

It's still horrible.

>> No.56061011

>> No.56061013

Anyway, over all if you give them penalties in that way and give nothing back, at least you have something that could still be playable.

but without a very specific line of games or setting, I just don't think you can do what you are suggesting and have anywhere near the options men have for being relevant in game. It would be easier to take my suggestion and offer women as a requirement for potent feat chains or Prcs should they follow that path, rather than saddle them with a bunch of stuff they might never use and calling it 'fair'

>> No.56061020

>> No.56061021

>Sane exact bait thread that was posted yesterday, and the day before.
>/tg/ still falls for it.
>200+ replies.
Everyone who came to this thread unironically should be ashamed of themselves.

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>> No.56061033

>> No.56061044

>> No.56061053

>> No.56061058

Am I helping?

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>> No.56061091

>> No.56061094

>> No.56061097

>> No.56061109

>> No.56061115

>> No.56061128

Or the fact they mutilate women's genitals and wonder why they suffer serious injuries when they push a baby through it. Besides, it's Africa, nobody gives a shit about a continent of squatters

>> No.56061129

>> No.56061143

>> No.56061145


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>> No.56061159

>> No.56061165

>> No.56061170

>-No female can have a natural Strength Score greater than 14, any points over 14 can be transferred to dexterity or charisma. Females cannot raise their strength score over 14 by gaining levels, or by any natural in-game means.
>-Females can cast an extra two 1st level spells per day, if they choose a spellcasting class (arcane, divine or psionic).This applies only to the first class they choose. The extra magical energy is due to females being able to store extra “mana”. If they are not a spellcasting class they receive an extra 4 skill points at 1st level which however are not multiplied.

Now there is no reason to play male, STR is dump stat as for melee DEX is as good but gives you ranged options and defense, and caster>>>african civilization>>>martial so 2 extra spell slots are way better than +3 to attack and damage when you can use DEX instead.
Also possibility to transfer points from worthless stat to something useful is nice bonus.

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>> No.56061178

>> No.56061187

>> No.56061198

>> No.56061205

>> No.56061212

>> No.56061225

>> No.56061231

thanks for the armored ladies

>> No.56061233

>> No.56061235

>> No.56061237

>shitposting on tg

>> No.56061243

>> No.56061259

you're welcome

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>> No.56061276

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>> No.56061302

Nice. Horse looks a bit dopey tho

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>> No.56061311

>> No.56061318

>> No.56061325

>look at that manslut in the cackground
disgusting armor design that makes man sexual objects

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>> No.56061353

>> No.56061360

>> No.56061368

>> No.56061374

>> No.56061390

looks like we hit cap

well done everyone

>> No.56061392

So are you saying we're the most human ,humans?

>> No.56061430


New art thread

>> No.56061432

Oh no. I had so many nice armor pics left to post. Oh well.

>> No.56061456

Pally is rabu! Pally is raibu!

>> No.56061487

Hello Your lordship
In light of the recent extradimensional incursions, This council of city states has convened to approve the commencement of the Isekai-com accord.
You have been chosen to lead this initiative to oversee our first and last line of defense.
Your efforts will have considerable influence on this worlds future.
We urge you to keep that awareness as you go forthwith.
Good luck your lordship.

>> No.56061519

Woah, this guy really is retarded.

>> No.56061566

Thank you anon

>> No.56061950

YOU want to play like that? Do it.
Lot's os systems with open spaces for houserules.
DnD 5e is just perfect.
Find some people whom think like you and have your fun.
Don't try to shove a vision that just helps with segregation of gender on the game.
Let the base game be completly neutral and do your thing on your table.
Also, complaning about realism whem you have a person that can evoke fire and ice out of thin air, is... Well, you would be better at LARPing then Tabletop <3

>> No.56061972

Hey guys, we probably shouldn't have wizards in our games because magic doesen't exist right?

>> No.56062196

And magic isn't real.
But at my table you can play a wizard and at my table women are just as strong as men.

It's a fantasy game. Some men come to my table to cast magic missile at the darkness and some women come to my table to hulk out their barbarians and crush skulls with their bare hands.

Let people play their fantasies, it's what makes the game fun. If I wanted realism I'd go outside.

>> No.56062272

Only if all manlets under 6'0" also get a strength penalty

>> No.56064254

Low enough in the thread that it's buried probably, but my response to this is always the same.

The strongest one can ever be (say 5e for ease of concept) is 20 STR.

Men are generally stronger than women, and PCs are the best examples, physically or mentally or whatever, of their class/archetype.

There are MANY more males with 15 STR than females, but it's okay to say "well neither of you are at peak performance" and accept that there can be 15 STR starting women too, they're just the 0.01% rather than the 0.1% of men that are that strong. They're here because they're exceptional, and by the bounds of these stats, increasing in levels and strength already puts them beyond mortal humanoid ability, so it's not that unrealistic to say that women are equally able to transcend human boundaries, even if it's rarer that it's the case.

>> No.56064527

If I compare a man and a woman, in a hypothetical scenario where they are both just as healthy and fit, you will never be in my game. This is just fact.

>> No.56064585

why does legend of the cryptids always have such good art?

>> No.56064802

because moneyu

>> No.56064830

If you play a negroid you should get a penalty to any social check of any kind and a base intelligence of half any other PC

>> No.56064861

Decided to read the manga. Binged it, really enjoyed it. It is a bit on the fetish-nudging side from time to time but this is some good stuff.

Of course the mangaka has shifted his priorities because MIA is something he does because he enjoys it. That sucks but at the same time it means he wont get Jumped.

God damn Faputa is adorable, even if it's implied with the subtlety of a brick that she fucked Reg

>> No.56064932

>High levels of testosterone limit your ability to see and recognize color, as well as reduce empathy. The stereotype of the wife choosing between paint colors and the husband not being able to tell the difference? That's because women actually do see more different colors than men do, science fact.
Bullshit. All of it.

>> No.56065054


It is bullshit, a study involving 220k people (which is much better than these cunty news magazines going to klan rallies and saying "Obama has an approval rating of 0% according to 50 Americans") shows that they're about equal, and that women tend to use modifiers more. Especially on green.

>> No.56065084

Maybe for ordinary people but pcs are far from ordinary

>> No.56065256

>wow guys, 9-hour old bait is delicious!

>> No.56065258

>about equal
is not equal
also yes there is a color difference, no it is not extremely significant when you factor in perception is about reacting to sudden apperance of information, which men are better at,

theres objective correctness in sense motive though. I wouldnt call it proven but its at least substantiated.

>> No.56065595

>theres objective correctness in sense motive though
Screaming "YOU CHEATED ON ME! YOU LIED! YOU LIED TO ME! YOU FUCKED HER IN THE ASS IN OUR BED!!" until a man relents does not count as "sense motive"

>> No.56065683

>wow guys, 9-hour old bait is delicious!
Hey, if we had quest threads on this board, we'd have something to actually do besides troll each other in a never-ending procession of bait threads.

>> No.56066016

Using D&D as baseline for example purposes you might as well ask why female half orcs gain a strength bonus, they do because they are half orcs as do half orc males but the difference between their relative strengths is negligible and therefore only applies so as to differentiate these characteristics from other races. Same logic applies to humans the strength of human male versus a human female is negligible when compared against each other, however is a significant factor when compared with a half orc. So now you have the answer to your question, you don't need to make this thread again.

>> No.56066106

lol thats cute but I'm talking being able to read expressions and probably get a feel for a person, what you are describing is called a bluff check, and I already went over how women do not have high charisma.

>> No.56066535

It depends in the setting and tone your are going for. I have personally always copied Arcanum where the men get +1 strength and the women get +1 int.

>> No.56066599

this is sure to infuriate the /pol/s

>> No.56068492

Fantasy setting, you can justify them being the same however you life. There's no need to stick to how things are in real life.

>> No.56069280

That's Kayfabe. Real olympic wrestling and other not-staged combat sports have weight classes for a reason.

>> No.56069486

>Every archetypical class of female adventurer (from the paladin to the necrodancer) wants to seduce local king (or just important NPC for some reason).
>Some actually want to enter a marriage with metric tons of lewd hand holding, some want his money and power, some want just to have fun for a few months, deranged cultists want to sacrifice him after a few bangs (to explain alignment disparity).

What strat each of them will use? Who has the highest chance of success? Who has a lot of lesbian/bi colleagues?

>> No.56071235


They should have a strength penalty, but a bonus to charisma. Especially when interacting with male characters.

And since we're doing this, men should have a random element attached to their intelligence stat. See, biologically speaking, there's more variability in the male genome. Women gravitate towards the mean, we operate on the extremes. More brilliant folks, but also more idiots.

Bullshit to the side, I don't necessarily have a problem with this as it might introduce some interesting RP if done well. If it's just a "realism" penalty, then it's pointless. i.e., how might the fact that women are naturally weaker play out in your interactions with others? Creativity CAN be born from constraints, but not always.

>> No.56072612

women do not have high charisma irl.

>> No.56074153

all too true

>> No.56074251

>but a bonus to charisma.

Are you fucked? Most women are able to get through life by literally dumping Charisma because being confident and charming and funny aren't necessary skills to ever develop when you look good in a skirt.

>> No.56074253

ordinary humans follow certain trends, but PCs are not ordinary. They are human in appearance, yet inhuman in both ability and mannerisms.

>> No.56074345

>men are inherently less capable of reading expressions


>> No.56074416

Why don't mods delete these pointless, consistant, meme threads. Like seriously guys. Come on.

>> No.56074439

I like Divinity Original Sin 2, undead can be good but everyone is so xenophobic that you still need to hide your undeadness from most

>> No.56074569

...Do you want complete realism? Because that is not at all the first place to start.

>> No.56074581

The hero abides by the role of your five and of the number that assigned to them that lets them survive 20 arrows. Is that biology?

>> No.56074600

The concept of the female warrior who fights just as well as a man is an old one in history, myth, and fantasy.

There's an ancient Chinese poem about a woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in the army and none of her comrades are able to guess until after the war is over and they run into her back in her home town.

Ancient Greek mythology introduced Amazons who were literally a race of muscular women who dedicated their lives to warfare. They also had a goddess of war, Athena, and a female goddess of hunting as well.

You also have historical examples like Boudica who lead an uprising against the Romans. Her efforts came to naught, but she was still held up as a hero, not unlike Joan of Arc.

Realistically speaking, yeah, men are stronger than women, but in the realm of an RPG in which players play heroic characters, inspired by fantasy, legend, and myth, there is absolutely no issue with a heroic female warrior being as strong as her hypothetical male counterpart.

>> No.56074654

Sometimes they do when the bait's too obvious/enough people report it. This one, at the very least, had an imagedump instead of attempts at "debate" with the kind of people who come up with these threads. That and people forgetting how to sage.

>> No.56074723

Indeed, but they should also receive bonus dex.

>> No.56074766

Firstly, if you're looking for realism you shouldn't be starting with that. There's way, way worse, even if you discount the magical stuff.

Secondly, while you can say that the average man is physically stronger than the average woman, you cannot say that it is impossible for a woman to train her physical strength and become respectably strong, to the point of challenging most man, especially if those are not well trained.

If you're looking at one-on-one encounters, like boxing or a standard medieval sword fight, then yes a man is more likely to be the best contender as a winner.
But if you're looking at an overall adventuring party, or just an army, there are many things that a woman can do just as well as a man.

Firing a bow, while requiring strength, does not require you to stand toe-to-toe with someone more massive than you.
Being a commanding officer and overseeing the flow of a battle, or even just being the leader, or a member, of a platoon of mounted warriors, whose job is mostly to flank or do hit-and-run strategies, is something perfectly doable by a woman who trained for it.

The problem isn't how strong a man is compared to a woman, it's how you reflect the years of training that a character has. In standard games you just pick a higher strength or skill score and that's that. If you want something more complicated, by all means make your own system or homebrew some rules.

>> No.56074773

one last for auto sage

why do people always insist on -4 STR?

>> No.56074779

the general concept? or the -4 number?

>> No.56074872

>I love the "full plate on the top, nothing on the bottom" look.
That's what happens when your squire is surprised on watch and you have to use the 'hastily don armour' rules.

Alternatively, since it keeps the important bits accessible, it could be loads of fun in the tent after the tourney. Like asking a soldier to wear their uniform to bed.

>> No.56074881



>> No.56074908

>Using Intimidate instead of Bluff or Diplomacy to initiate a sexual encounter is perfectly valid and not rape.
I got laid once with a girl who was attracted to me literally because she was scared of me. She initiated a lot of it but she said it was because she was so scared of me and it got her wet.

Sexuality is weird.

>> No.56074960

>The BBC documentary The Human Animal actually explains part of this in simple biological terms. The short of it is that the dangerous aspects of the target are sexual advertisements. According to the documentary, on a biological level, women are looking for signs of protective prowess. Displays of aggressive behavior are then read as signs of this prowess the same as the physical sign of broad shoulders in males (cultural signs of this vary greatly, but the intended messages are the same). Once partnered up, however, the female will actively work to prevent the male from displaying further (the 'taming' aspect of this trope), so as to prevent the male from gathering further attention from the opposite sex.

>> No.56075061


Neat theory

>> No.56075170

I'd say a con penalty actually. Some girls are still decently strong, but don't have the fortitude to take a hit.


>> No.56076314

I've found women make a lot of sense when you assume they're emotionally driven idiots who do not care about men.

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