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>having lunch with people from class
>one of them casually mentions their dnd session
>say "oh god dnd? I've always wanted to try that."
>they tell me to show up at 9 and they'll squeeze me in
>i make a luchador vigilante who's only goal is to dish out justice
>enjoy the character concept, choose monk as my class
>go to the session
>it's all women
>whatever, this is fine, i'm cool with it, i gotta start somewhere and the three i know are nice people
>game starts
>immediately finally register that i have to fucking be in character as this kamen rider/masked hero/luchador hybrid entity
>autistically stay completely deadpan and rarely participate in scenes where the characters are all talking together and such

oh my fucking god why is this so hard

how do you people just get in character like that without feeling awkward or embarrassed, i don't want to be a fucking asshole and ruin their campaign but i also don't want to just give up and not show up again

what do you guys recommend for to help me get out of this odd retarded fear

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I mean, it's a social game. Assuming they were playing in character, there's really no shame in you being in character.

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>what do you guys recommend for to help me get out of this odd retarded fear
Psylocybin. Just a little bit.

Also tell them that you're having trouble, and they'll likely accommodate you until you are comfortable enough to get into it properly.

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couple options
1. kill yourself
2. man up and remember you have balls between your legs

Women like men who enjoy being men, especially when they have a sense of humor about themselves and can lighten the mood

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>how do you people just get in character like that without feeling awkward or embarrassed

Nobodies gonna be able to just 'tell' you how to be confident, Anon.

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Play it up. You know it cheesy, they know it's cheesy have fun with it.
That being said I generally play stupid meatheads who are dumb as durt so am comic releef most of te tim.

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Practice the voice alone or in front of a mirror.
When in-game, pay attention to who is talking, who is waiting to talk, and how long you've been talking. Make sure your character weighs in on most things but not everything.

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If you have trouble getting into character try making characters that are a proxy for yourself.

The second part is you gotta get used to the group, and ham it up, its awkward, but fun as fuck.

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If anything, playing up such an over-the-top character should be a fair bit easier than trying to keep them grounded.

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Some inspiration

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Your lack of confidence and social needs don't let you perform. Do you also have sexual performance issues? JUST GET I THERE AND DO IT. YOU MAY BE A PUSSY BUT THAT LUCHADOR ISN'T

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>everyone in social group shares an activity
>you are somehow more embarrassed to not participate, than actually doing so
Nigga, you come off as strange by NOT following the group dynamic.

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it just feels weird is all

but you guys are right, i'm just gonna turn off all walls next time

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what are the other players playing?

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Stop masturbating

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>>it's all women
And that's when I realized this shit never happened.

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more down to earth stuff and not nearly as over the top as me


this is legitimately a 100% true situation. not even bad around women it was just awkward though

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This is FALSE. I did this once when I was more like OP and it backfired the exact same way yours did.
Follow >>56053510's advice. Make the character similar to yourself but slightly different in a way you feel comfortable inhabiting, like a version of you that's been tweaked somehow. This will ease you into things better than jumping in the deep end by being cheesy and standing out. Just take it easy and remember, everyone else there has been through this too.

If I were you, I'd give a shot at refluffing my character to be the "strong but silent" type. Speak in monosyllables, like you're the Heavy Weapons guy, but make your reactions known. Dunno, could be worthwhile

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It's not so bad if you can get in the characters mindset. If you don't know them every well it's kind of hard to play as them.

Most awkward part is if your character doesn't get along with someone elses character.

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>And that's when I realized this shit never happened.
If that had been the focus of the OP I would agree with you.

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ahh i actually like this idea, and i feel like i can do the whole "i am flamingo" bit without feeling too awkward

"flamingo thinks you should do this" etc

helps me somewhat disassociate so i dont get embarrassed while also still be roleplaying

i like it!

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Just adopt a macho man Randy savage voice, it will be easier than you think

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>Starting every fight with "MACHO MAN IS COMING FOR YOU"

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Start small. You do not have to go full-blown boisterous luchador constantly. Come up with some good-sounding lines ahead of time, and try to find places to insert them. You do not have to talk all of the time; the other players will find those one or two cool things you say far more memorable than any amount of random dialogue.

Starting something new is hard, but you have fun people around you that want you to have fun with them. They know you just started the game, so small missteps will be forgiven.

You can do it, anon. I believe in you!

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If they're more down to earth I can see you wanting to adjust your tone to match. You're not wrong.

Ultimately I think
had some good advice. Tone the character down a bit. You can always have the crazy flair back up again at important times when you get more comfortable with the group. For future reference it's good to keep stock of what others are going to play when you make your character, though it seems this has taught you that the hard way. Maybe this character acts more over the top with strangers than he does with comrades.

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Why did you make a character on your own and show up just like that? Why didn't you take the time to get yourself acquainted with the group and the game? It's like showing up the first day of class dressed as a clown.

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Maybe ask if you could switch your character to one that you'd feel more comfortable roleplaying as. It can be awkward to be new + having a character that doesn't "fit in".

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>how do you people just get in character like that without feeling awkward or embarrassed, i don't want to be a fucking asshole and ruin their campaign but i also don't want to just give up and not show up again

also many, perhaps most, people play D&D with lighter roleplay: talking in 3rd person and spending more time in combat, action, or advancing the story rather than in social settings.

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You should try to be more confident in yourself, but also try to gauge the situation appropriately.
Maybe start small, not going full throttle right away, and as you get more comfortable with the group you can open up some more.
In time, I know you will become the luchador you were meant to be.

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>i make a luchador vigilante who's only goal is to dish out justice
What the fuck were you thinking? If you're just starting out make a generic character and ease yourself in! A fucking LUCHADOR? I would have kicked you to the curb hard enough to have my leg legally reclassified as a railgun.
700/10 i mad

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Too many /tg/ stories, I think. Luchadores are up there with Sir Bearington in our greentexts.

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Get a different group that's not full of people that have problems handling reality. Light hearted in-character RP is fine, but any adult that is seriously speaking in-character and isn't earning a living by doing so needs mental help.

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You are in a room with people pretending to be Orcs and Elves that throw lightning out of their fingers and you still thing anyone is going to be embarrassed?

Fucks sake, just play the game and stop thinking about your dignity.

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>I'm an autist who cares how other people view me

If I'm in a game with friends, fuck it I'll use a voice for my character. I mean all we're doing is sitting around a table playing pretend like when we were kids. Except now Pizza and Beer is involved. If you have a problem with goofing off with friends then you either need to find better ones or get that stick out yer butt.

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People i play with rarely "get into character" but just make decisions based on tgeir characters personality. Ppaying like that has always felt super gay

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If an actor gets into character for a charity performance, does he need mental help?

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>caring about how other people view me
That's not how it works. The more of an autist you are, the less you care.

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>more down to earth stuff and not nearly as over the top as me
So long as you're not being objectively stupid with terrible ideas, nobody minds someone being a bit over the top or hammy. Its actually nice to have someone in the party be it so that everyone can bounce off of him.

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>Macha, 4000+ year-old virgin

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Have you tried not being an autistic?

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Yes, he (you said actor) should be getting that paper, not doing shit for free. Headcase 100%

Learn how to read - I said "light hearted in-character RP is fine". If you're embodying a medieval fantasy character wholeheartedly and speaking from that character's perspective, not only do I have a hard time believing you have friends that drink beer, but yes, you do in fact need mental help and a better paying job.

WoD fucked all of you up.

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I cannot even identify what neurosis this is. It's not quite insecurity. An incapability of abstraction? Actually, it seems more like brain damage than a personality disorder. I think you've hit your head too many times.

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Who hurt you bro? It's okay. It's okay.

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Just push through the awkwardness it gets better.

Alternatively, alcohol is pretty good at helping people overcome social awkwardness.

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This, you gotta enable noclip for your personally

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Honestly I DM better when I have an adult beverage in me. Just one though. I guess it loosens me up? Take that as you will.

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>If I'm in a game with friends, fuck it I'll use a voice for my character. I mean all we're doing is sitting around a table playing pretend like when we were kids. Except now Pizza and Beer is involved. If you have a problem with goofing off with friends then you either need to find better ones or get that stick out yer butt.

Disgusting. Leave those antics out of the gaming table, we already have little time as is.
People who do voices should be shot.

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Jump in with both feet. You'll be awkward and embarrassed. Then you'll be over it.

t. Theaterfag

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>Stop having fun it gets me triggered

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Doing voices is fine so long as it's not a silly voice, and a lot of voices are silly.
Just speaking, say, with better or worse enunciation, in a higher or lower register, is perfectly fine. Tacking on accents is not.

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A couple of beers before a session can help too. Biggest thing to remember is to stay close to the tone of the campaign. If it's a silly campaign, don't be the dark brooding edgelord. If it's a serious campaign, don't come in as the guy who is ridiculous just for laughs. Also, yeah, ham it up. Develop a terrible Spanish accent, use fake luchador talk, have fun with it. If they invited you, that means you're some kind of friends and getting into it can be really fun for everyone.

As someone with some social anxiety when it comes to groups of especially new people, it takes a while until I'm comfortable really being in character with new people. Maybe try and keep the people you know as like in-character rocks that you can be comfortable interacting with and then expand to the other members of the group.

>Sinn Theresa
Good character idea.

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Anon you have received good advice

More good advice is to simply talk to them and say, Hey, i'm new to this, please excuse me if shit is whack, and let me know if my tone is bothering you or somehow messing up the game. I'm a rookie, and feedback is not going to hurt my feelings.

Then follow through. Yknow, be an adult basically

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>being in character is fucked up
The classic DnD brain damage at work.

>> No.56060705

I always find it silly when the DM does a girl voice. It’s the same for everyone, a higher pitch and a softer tone coming out of men.

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well op you have to do the following
>wear a mask
>be /fit/
>suplex enemies (use a punching bag for this)
>suplex allies when possible both in game and irl
>shout or whatever luchadors do idk
>move to mexico

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>probably have more friends irl than you
>probably can drink you under the table
>probably look more normalfag than you
>and I make 100k a year. More with overtime. Probably more than you and most people here.

Nigga I just like talkin in funny voices while getting drunk and running games for my buds. Here's your you.

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Your character is never too late to change or develop.

If staying serious is getting too much you can always try to crack a joke every now and then, suitably dry so it makes sense of course.

If you're just a little bit funny, which most people are, everyone will enjoy it and you will feel a lot more comfortable.

This is all about the roleplay, everyone is uncomfortable at first, especially if you're with a group of people who've done this before.
Talk to some of them about how you're feeling a bit uncomfortable and they'll gladly try to help you and talk with you about it. They had to start somewhere too, they will understand.

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Honestly? not really.
I mostly play story-games nowadays, and most of the ime you're not really "in character", because you have decisions to make and things to keep track of as the player.
Not saying that it's the right way of doing it, in fact a lot of traditional players don't consider that "true roleplaying". I find it odd that you would consider it a D&D problem.

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>it's all women
Any cute paladin girls?

>> No.56062006

>immediately finally register that i have to fucking be in character as this kamen rider/masked hero/luchador hybrid entity
Boy I made a character named Stag Rider and stayed in character every single second and loved it. I may have gotten a bit too much into character as I was naming special attacks and everything. There was no bonus since they were normal attacks. I just said stuff to make them sound fancy.
It was probably the most fun I've ever had playing any tabletop game. It doesn't help that it was my first and only game as a player after years of being forever GM.
You basically need to disregard others when being in character but know when to reel it back.
One of the players loved drawing and wanted to draw the party but the campaign was canceled after the third session due to the GM going through surgery.

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For real, this is how I got over my fear of public speaking for debate tournaments. I imagined I was playing a character that had no fear of public speaking, suddenly I wasn't embarrassed for my own rep, it was 'that character's rep that was on the line and that alleviated the pressure substantially.

In time, the mask became the face.
These little mental tricks work.

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>play as borderline fanatic cleric
>shout half of my lines with arms outstretched
>every sentence has "THE LORD" and "MY CHILD" in it at least once

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I can't tell you how to be confident anon, but remember: you're all playing a fantasy role-playing game together for nerds. No one's gonna knock you for getting involved, having fun and playing an enjoyable character, especially if you're a decent person to be around.

And if they do, fuck them. They're not worth listening to.

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You people are playing in private.
As long as you don't bring in cringe worthy behaviour then nobody cares about you acting out a flamboyant luchador.

Just relax and have some fun.
Might even impress one of the chicks there.

>> No.56063087

My first session was like that. Then I got into playing my halfling cleric who praised the sun and hated the moon.

I was an obnoxious faggot but people seemed to enjoy it and it was fun. Don't over analyze shit OP. Just relax and have fun.

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An inability to dream. This anon lacks imagination. This is the kind of anon who'll play a dire half-dragon half-drow half-halfling celestial/daemonic half-trans sorceress and then complain that women not taking strength penalties is 'unrealistic'.

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Naw, DCC primarily, but good job trying to be a cyberbully.

>> No.56063203

Says the guy who called people who roleplay autistic (and got it wrong in the process).

>> No.56066696


My life is full of those mental trick things, I have become such an expert on tricking myself than I have no longer any issues in social situations.

>> No.56067275

t. guy who can't keep a group because he doesn't rp

>> No.56068265

>In the days of Rome, Betas like OP (assuming they could afford decent education) would be drilled in the art of oratory
>Nowadays oratory as a school subject is dead and we instead have muh diversity classes
The fuck happend to the art of public speaking as a subject of education? Why don't high schools dedicate like one hour a week to this, teaching students both the rational and emotional/evocative elements of it?
>Inb4 not relevant
Name ONE middle-to-high education field where public speaking isn't important. Even if you want to be some kind of hipster underground techno musician you'll need to know how to sell yourself. Let alone university students, who were supposed to be the new elites before college education became a joke and diplomas barely worth more than the paper they're printed on.

>> No.56068332

>>Nowadays oratory as a school subject is dead and we instead have muh diversity classes
I actually took a public speaking course once back in uni. For some bastard reason, it was optional instead of prerequisite for the advanced stuff.
It really helps a law discussion when you're making people sound retarded to themselves and shut up.

>> No.56068436

Nowhere is it laid down in the book of roleplaying law you have to play your character in the 1st person, some people find it easier in the 3rd, like a narrative.

>> No.56068981

Never once called anyone "autistic". Holy shit you cyberbullies need some new words.

>> No.56068993

Been playing with the same 4 to 7 people for over 10 years. Good try though! Love ya! :)

>> No.56069157

Anon, it's pretty common that new role players are uncomfortable. If you're feeling insecure, I'd suggest just making it easier for yourself a little. Have a few precanned phrases and jokes, grab a mild accent that you do easily, and fake it til you make it. Odds are, they'll laugh, but that's not a bad thing. That means you are contributing and amusing the group at large.

Also, people are not gonna be mad to have a wallflower. So even if you aren't ready, odds are, as long as you don't behave in a disruptive manner, they won't mind your lower level of involvement for a wild. You're almost certainly NOT ruining their campaign.

If you really want to get good at improv and acquire confidence, and you don't want to just do it on the fly in this setting, I'd suggest you either A) join a speech and debate club, which will teach you speaking basics and improv, or B) theatre, which will teach you role playing basics. I had a background in both before starting RPGs, and it made the experience very very easy to get into.

You're probs fine, everything is fine, this is great, don't sperg out.

>> No.56069249

I always just roll a human first time with strangers. I describe him as “me, but ________”. That way I don’t have to be an autist and can gage the group.

>all female DND group
Fuck me if I’m not insanely jealous of you. Those are ALL wife material, OP. Don’t fuck this up. Chad up.

>> No.56069365

But that is half the fun for our group. Everyone does it, and we have a blast.

>> No.56069614

Yeah, as a legitimately autistic person: Holy fuck, I'm nowhere near that much of an asshole. Be creative, call them something like: "Vacuous twat waffle" or "insalubrious cunt monkey" or make it fancy "pedantic wantwitted lickspittle whoreson." But ffs, stop making us actual spergs look bad by assosciating us with utterly imbicilic assclowns.

>> No.56069835

>Play as a witch hunter.
>Left on the steps of an orphanage as a baby, but was instead picked up by a cult of witch hunters.
>Raised in their fanatical order, told you mother and father were killed by witches.
>Accuse anyone that gets in your way of being a witch or under a witch's influence (no bluff needed, you legitimately believe it). Don't be afraid to start a witch burning or trial by ordeal.
>Use twisted logic to blame witches whenever possible ("you see these goblin tracks? witch in disguise. If you were a witch, you wouldn't leave witch tracks, that would attract witch hunters. You would instead leave monster tracks, attracting monster hunters. Way easier to kill.")
>During down time, have you character write on some paper. Let the other pcs make a spot check if they want. If they pass the see a stick figure of you stabbing a stick figure of a witch with words "im on to you" while your character seems to be looking for something in the sky.

>> No.56069897

Quick, binge the entirety of Xavier: Renegade Angel for research purposes and use that as your basis, and if anyone asks tell them you had a sore throat and couldn't do the voice properly.

Or show up drunk. That might also work.

>> No.56070047

gob dabbit ain't no commie academia homos gonna make my kids read homo-fag greek boys learnin no talk pretty ya hear, my boy gon' learn about enjins and mix things gob dabbit, muh boy ain't need tuh talk purty if he bring in that big ole stem startin salary! yessir

>> No.56070211

>my fucking god why is this so hard
>how do you people just get in character like that without feeling awkward or embarrassed, i don't want to be a fucking asshole and ruin their campaign but i also don't want to just give up and not show up again
Well if you are new to it getting into character takes practice. It helps to spend some time thinking about how your character feels about things, how they would react to situations, what they like or dislike and what sort of quirks they have as a person. Basically it helps to invent some personality for them. You don't need to have them completely fleshed out, what they experience and how you decided to react on the fly can help fill in those blanks, but having a foundation helps immensely.

>> No.56070372

At first, I thought this would get irritating really quick, but the child-like quality of the drawings at the end makes it interesting. Is there a reason for this in the backstory, or would you leave that up to the DM?

>> No.56070519

No, your first impression was right.
This would get really irritating, really quickly. Gimmick characters are not good ideas. Except, maybe, for one-shots, but this doesn't sound like one.

>> No.56070670

Can't wait for the "plot twist" where their mom is a witch that left her child to be raised at a church to protect them from fanatical witch hunters.

>> No.56070822

No, anon. Don't you understand? If its different from how my table plays, then it's automatically bad.

>> No.56070933

Just keep playing.

When I started playing D&d with total strangers, I felt pretty lost. These people eventually became good friends.

>> No.56071636

Never met a DnD-drone who actually roleplayed in character.

>> No.56071845

>tfw made my first char a boisterous new orleans crocodile man
>was able to ham it up from the get-go

I dunno, I guess it's just different from person to person
Although admittedly I do spend a lot of time autistically voice acting to myself

>> No.56071971

Two words that broke the ice and saved my games:
Funny hats.
Seriously, it's way easier to act the part when you're dressed vaguely similar. The sillier the better. Ask if they'd be willing to try it if you think it's worth a try

>> No.56072212

I can just imagine Opie sweating bullets and sperging out wearing this silly hat

>> No.56072373

A buddy of mine years back did this in his first campaign because he had trouble getting into character. Made a simple elf druid, bought a wooden sort of crown/headdress and the difference was night and day. This is probably great advice, but it also helps to have accommodating players.

>> No.56073426

>Never once called anyone "autistic".

Ok, so you aren't >>56058693

Still, in your post >>56058573 you said
> but any adult that is seriously speaking in-character and isn't earning a living by doing so needs mental help.

So instead of implying that people who don't play like you have autism, you implied that people who don't play like you have mental issues.
I don't see how that's better.

>cyberbullies ;_;
Stop playing the victim, get off your high horse and go fuck yourself.

>> No.56073462

This sounds like bait, but still:
That could be an ok thing to do - if he group was on board.
The thing is, OP is inserting himself into an existing social group, and one especially regulated by norms as a RPG group is bound to be.
The right thing to do would be to acclimate to said norms. Forcing yourself by going to extremes is not going to go well.
It's better if he just goes for a beer or something with them. He has something to talk about (the game), and can assess better what's expected from him. Being a clown in order to fit in could have worked in third grade, but I don't see how it could now.

>> No.56073680

cultural marxism my dude

>> No.56078031

Religious Fervor is best fervor.

>> No.56078412

Don't worry, it is normal to be quiet the first sessions, especially when you enter a group that has been playing for some time.

>> No.56078483


be the hero i want u to be anon. show up, kick down the door with a smile on ur face and say heroically "I AM HERE"

>> No.56078814

I've always wanted to do this as a GM by bringing hats for all the different characters. It's something I thought would work but that I've never actually had the chance to try in practice, so it's heartening to hear that somebody has tried it successfully.

>> No.56081778

>lies on the internet
Nobody likes you when you lie, anon.

>> No.56081964

>roleplaying in character
Is this what people unironically do? Me and my m8s just play the fucking game in a normal, conversational way. We discuss our characters like one would discuss characters from a book. Roleplaying seems like a heavily limiting factor, like, I want to try out different things without method acting like a tard.

>> No.56082480

Yeah, even if you are committed to roleplaying in first person, staying in character all the time seems like it would be awkward. You have to break into third person at least sometimes in order to describe what you're doing, for example.

>> No.56083384

>Psylocybin. Just a little bit.
Very careful psychological studies that I am amazed people got permission to do show that doing psilocybin once will permenatly, noticeably, and irrevocably increase your Openness.
That's not necessarily a good thing, and I'd think twice before trying to alter my temperament, but it will solve your problem.

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