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First for post-nerf Commissars and Conscripts are still viable as long as you build your army around the stratagy and this is the way it should have been from the beginning.

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Is Eldar first?

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I'm playing inquisitors in my IG list now. Thanks for making my army imperial soup GW.

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The only true part of your post is "First".

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>Sideways tanks
I love the new simple vehicle rules but I will never, ever get used to this.

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Any links to the shitshow with the SoCal open? I wanna read more.

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Jesus that looks tedious and unfun. How can people enjoy the tourney scene?

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I forgot about those. That just makes that picture funnier

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My autism is already triggered by people not turning their infantry models so that they are looking at the enemy, preferably the unit they're shooting or charging. Not much changed for me.

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I put my vehicles backwards just to annoy people.

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I love playing people like you. Every time you look away I twist one random model of yours 180°.

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Posted without realizing a new thread was made.

I've been wanting a Commander to be the sort of enforcer of my Penal legion conscripts, but I haven't decided what model I want it to be. I have a built Sister of Silence Sergeant that looks she would be a neat mistress/dominatrix type demanding they run forward with her finger pointing. With the big ass sword, I thought it would be fun to give her the Blade of Conquest as a relic. I like it, but it also seems weird/out of place. Any ideas of who would be a good enforcer of prisoners?

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You monster

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Can you consolidate after an enemy falls back out of combat?

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>Can you consolidate after an enemy falls back out of combat?
No, that happens in the Fight phase.

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Makes me think of all the times you see artillery spam in the corner. They are all stacked like a weird artillery tetris board. It looks like a nightmare for people with OCD/autism. My 9 tanks not facing the battle will all fire not needing line of sight.

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You consolidate during your movement phase.

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>mfw Warlord Titan is the only vehicle in the game with facing-dependent weapons
>mfw 360 moonwalking Titans are the mechanically superior way to play

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I haven't heard anything about this till now, what happened?

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No, units now consolidate immediately after they made their close combat attacks.

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A chaos soup player made it to the finals against an imperial soup player. The chaos soup player used battlescribe to make his list, and some points values were incorrect, so he was several points over. This wasn't caught until the finals. He was dq'd. Nobody really made a scene, and there wasn't much drama.

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Cheating Chaosfag almost made it to top spot before being called out by the stream. Reece said it's not his problem, it's the player's job to check.

Still disqualified him though

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There's not much to see. The cheater isn't going to make a fuss, because he's on a stream and he has no leg to stand on. Reece isn't going to make a fuss, because he's on a stream and there's no way to prove the guy wasn't just really, really stupid.

The two dudes are playing with their cancer lists, and then Reece walks over and wheezes at them about the point discrepancies. The cheater fumbles trying to explain that there's a typo in one of the books therefore he shouldn't have to pay for the Icon. Then they cut the audio for a bit before the two dudes go back to playing out the game for "fun."

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It's always the TO's job to check all lists. That's fundamental shit.

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>Nobody really made a scene, and there wasn't much drama
For fuck's sake Reece at least make your whitewashes believable.

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kinda glad that nothing happened to scions with the faq but at the same time hoped I would be suprised.

At least its consistant

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>don't glue your knight's waist

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To make sure my scions don't lose their tactics I have to put my sentinels in a separate detachment. What would be a good HQ to use for them? I want to give them Tallaren tactics so I can move freely so I need an IG HQ choice

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A Chaos player with a cheesy ass list didn't realize he had to pay for Icons so he was over by like 100 points or something. People are super happy to see him get BTFO because of his asshole list.

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Is the stream available to watch.

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Would people give a shit if I painted my Aspect warriors in my craftworld colors and maybe painted a shoulder pad their shrine color?

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They never do though. At least not all the lists. Makes me wonder why they bother with forcing people to send their lists when registering

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I started modeling my gaunts looking in different directions. Makes the horde look for menacing

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Search Frontline Gaming on Twitch, then click the Videos tab. The first two videos are the tournament.

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>The chaos soup player used battlescribe to make his list


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The cheepest one.

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Very first try at this. Howd I do?

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Nope. Nobody who matters would care.

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That is true though. The two dudes just calmly finished the game. The Chaos soup player barely containing his salt isn't particularly interesting to watch.

I definitely agree that, in theory, it should be their job, but in practice it's just not feasible for them to hand-check hundreds of lists using rules and point values spread out across a dozen plus books. They operate using a tiny amount of volunteers as is. Unless GW is going to start recruiting and rewarding judges/TO's a la Wizards of the Coast and Magic, tournaments aren't going to be able to feasibly verify the legality of all lists.

The potential to crowdsource the list verification is intriguing, although it would still be difficult to ensure that the lists that hit the table were properly verified.

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Reasonable and fair, but also sideways.

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Not that bad for complete beginner but please thin.

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Primaris Psyker maybe.

>> No.56032983

Tank Lord, obviously

>> No.56032991

Not bad at all. Shade the seals and base, and highlight the blue back up.

>> No.56032992

>Kasrkin always get placed with stormies
>Krieg grenadiers never do

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If GW would just let us have a good listbuilder, you could require that all lists be submitted with it.

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Why would he think they were free?

>> No.56033019

same for solar auxilia
I feel ya

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He used Battlescribe which didn't give them a points cost.

>> No.56033029

>using babby's first army builder

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How about having a commissar in a Shadowsword to blam your Titans if they step away from the enemy?

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Still a little sideways. Try applying 2 thin coats at a 45 degree angle to get it back upright.

>> No.56033043

Other people noticed this too, right?

>> No.56033044

Maybe GW is having one developed?

>> No.56033045

>not deliberately playing imperial soup because burn the heretic.

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Dude ran Magnus, Morty and a Knight in a superheavy detachment, then spammed Brims.

WAAC as fuck so of course he tried it.

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Should I go Tyranids or Orks? What's the difference between Tyranids and Orks on a crunch level?

>> No.56033062

Damn that new eldar box is everything I wanted.
I don't have the money to start a new army

>> No.56033063

There was a typo in the original digital version of Codex: Death Guard that omitted them from the point cost chart. It didn't give them a cost of zero, it just entirely lacked the entry. It was funny on stream, because he was clearly aware that some edition of the book had it missing, but he wasn't really sure which one.

>> No.56033064

GW's models look like complete ass compared to FW? Yeah I noticed a long time ago famalama.

>> No.56033078

They shut down the only good list-builder for IP violations.

>> No.56033080

Nids still has lots of bugs in it.

>> No.56033084

alright boys, i got into 40k 2 years before the 4th edition came out, and stopped playing not long after the 5th edition was released. a few of my friends are starting to get back into it and i was thinking about fielding a tyranid army.

now ive noticed that a shit tonne of new models have been added to the tyranid army (i dont even recognise half of the shit on the games workshop website). my plan was to start building up an army slowly to give me time to paint everything (i had a terrible habit of buying a heap of models back in the day and never painting them), and use a paint scheme similar to pic related, the (old) old one eye. what do you guys think?

also does anyone here play with tyranids?

>> No.56033087

Those aren't even close.

>> No.56033088

How do color schemes work for aspect warriors? Is it based off their craftworld or their shrine?

>> No.56033090

You can just run a Supreme Command Detachment of three Inquisitors and still have your Doctrines.

>> No.56033098

Obligatory thin your paints.
Putting white or yellow over blue is hard. Your first thought might be more paint, but the answer is more coats. 3-4 thin coats give you
Better coverage than one thick coat and doesn't clump or glop. Other than that, great first miniature, Anon!

>> No.56033103

>If your army consists entirely of painted models, you receive one additional Command Point.

I'm considering adding this to the rules for a campaign I'm organizing. Thoughts?

>> No.56033106

>waah waah WAAC
Heaven forbid a semi-professional tournament player who paid a large sum of money both to enter the tournament and be there tried to actually WIN the tournament.
Hate not the tourneyfag, but their netlisting imitators who bring that shit to pickup games.

>tfw Alaitoc is the new WAACfag faction and I will never see an army painted and converted this well ever again

>> No.56033108

The admech would throw such a bitch fit that they could power all of mars with the amount of binaric REEEEing if that happened.

>> No.56033118

Nid new codex is coming out on the 11th November but we don't have any details yet, just wait a few weeks before committing to anything.

>> No.56033122

Orks are more customizable while nids are pretty streamlined for infantry.
I'd wait for new codex to see nid crunch.
You cheeky fucker

>> No.56033127

That's hilarious, he can't even claim ignorance if he's literally cherry picking the errored edition.

I am glad he got DQed.

>> No.56033131

Just wait like 2 weeks, the new dex will be out soon and will probably change everything we could tell you.

>> No.56033140

Just give some victory points if you're fully painted. Enough to clear a tiebreaker.

>> No.56033144

Do it.

>> No.56033150

For what purpose?

>> No.56033154

That's actually a pretty neat idea. It's a real incentive to paint shit, but not too impactfull.

>> No.56033164

I like this.

>> No.56033185

alright thanks guys. theres a games workshop in the town i live so ill see what the go is

also, does anyone still use old models in their armies? i still have the old tyrant guards and personally think they look better than the most recent models

>> No.56033186

I like the idea, but I would rather it be punitive than rewarding what should be standard.

I would say "If you have any unpainted models in your army you lose 1 Command Point, if you have entirely unpainted models you lose D3 Command Points"

>> No.56033192

Give everyone fair warning. Obligatory don't be a dick warbing

>> No.56033196

Not him, but generally speaking all of the unpainted armies I play against are from WAACfags who don't care about the hobby portion. Having a tangible benefit to putting in the time would help with getting people to do it, at least for events like campaigns that are supposed to be more narrative in nature.

>> No.56033197

>semi-professional player

At what? Spamming WAAC shit? It isnt that hard to create a strong list and bring it to tourneys. Professional 40k players are a retarded concept.

>> No.56033201


I always moonwalk my army

Before each round of combat, I make sure to spin every single infantry in a 360 and yell JAMOAN

>> No.56033222

If you're going to the effort of going, you want to win the thing.

>> No.56033228

Technically to be a professional just means they make a profit doing it.

Which I think is currently impossible with this game.

>> No.56033229

Yes. I play Dark Eldar and use strictly old school ravagers in my army because I love the model and like having them ve visually distinct from the raiders. I even have a "fleet captain" using a converted Vect Dias of Destruction.

>> No.56033230

I don't know how people could be against the hobby portion it's one of the best parts.

>> No.56033247

got my lil bro another box of Immortals and a box of Warriors today.

and the place he and I usually go for supplies and stuff, I requested they order in an Ark, a Cryptek, and a Nightbringer.

>> No.56033253

Watching that SoCal Open final game and I noticed the Guard player had a ridiculous amount of dakka. Conscripts and Gatling Tauroxs. What was his list? How did he manage to finish any games within the time limit?

>> No.56033257

To encourage everyone to get their stuff painted.

Need another old school Raider? I have one that's just sitting on my shelf, unpainted.

Plus a bunch of old school Kabalites I used to use as Trueborn.

>> No.56033258

>It isnt that hard to create a strong list and bring it to tourneys
It actually is. A cutthroat competitive environment is the best motivator for the development of the metagame and it is the reason that the meta is constantly in flux.

Today's tournament winner is tomorrow's entry-level meme list. If you want to win you have ti find something even more optimal than what everyone thought was the most optimal already, or else balance optimal units with useful counterpicks.

>> No.56033259

None can understand the mind of a WAAC

>> No.56033261

>Which I think is currently impossible with this game.
I think it will always be any money you can make would never be enough to cover the cost of the army you one it with.

>> No.56033262

>winning tournaments is just about making a strong list
>making a strong list is just about spamming good units
>i choose not to do either, which means I choose not to win all those tournies I lose
>and the winners are poor sports because they didn't choose to lose.

>> No.56033267

>getting your brother a shit army so you always beat him
Smart, Anon

>> No.56033273

I mean, I agree with you completely. I'm not one of those people but I feel like it maybe comes from anxiety? Like, they want to be good at the game, and would rather win with unpainted minis and make excuses than paint them poorly and make themselves look bad, and they overcompensate by being win at all costs.

>> No.56033281

Poor kid.

>> No.56033301

The entire concept of competitive 40k is retarded and is a cancer.

>> No.56033305

hey, he already has a SC box of necons, a box of Immortals, a box of Lychguards for his B-Day a few weeks ago. and also a Spyder that I got him a few days ago. he already built the Spyder and slapped on "Everything" on it.

>> No.56033328

I mean, yes I do, but unfortunately I have too many projects right now to get another in good faith. I still need to paint my flyers, finish basing my new trueborn, work on my display board (part of your points at the shop I play) and THEN finish assembling and painting the tantalus I just bought as an early b-day present. That's literally months of work lol, and I have a very bad ha it of buying more shit than I can reasonably finish as is. Thank you though.

>> No.56033329

I just picked up some DE. They are the most fun to convert in the world, and I used to play orks.

>> No.56033335

Not that guy, but why should competitive players be the ones who shape the meta and the way the game is developed? Do casual players no longer have any say in the way the game changes over time?

I've never been to a tournament and likely won't for a long time. Is my voice suddenly irrelevant because of it?

>> No.56033339

I agree. Fuck all these rules too. 40k matches should just be decided by a coin flip, and then you and your opponent write mutual fiction about what happened in the battle to result in the win or loss.

>> No.56033348

>also, does anyone still use old models in their armies?
Daemonhunter reporting in. My army is about 30% metal Strike squads. Would be more, but I don't need so many Strikes and Termies are sadly shit this edition.

>> No.56033365

i have 20 stormtroopers and 20 kasrkins

>> No.56033373

Metal lictors sexy as hell

>> No.56033379

The only old model I want is an old Johnny model, I don't even play marines I just want him for the novelty.

>> No.56033381

Necessity is the mother of invention. If a cloistered genius comes up with the newest unbeatable meta list from the safety of his own basement, more power to him, but the majority of them are created as a result of evolving tournament results because tourneyfags play to win.

>> No.56033382

Casuals are far too disparate in feedback to get any meaningful data from them.

>> No.56033388

There already is a game like that. I think it's called Age of Sigmar or something?

>> No.56033389

Inferno Pistol point drop when?

>> No.56033396

>why should players who want to win be the ones who shape the collection of strategies most efficient for winning?

You're retarded, but the above should demonstrate why competitive players shape the meta in all games. Because they want to win. Casuals want to win too (they just can't admit it to themselves), so they follow what the competitive players do.

If the goal of 40k games was not to win, but to lose, then casuals would shape the meta. But it never has been, it never will be. The goal of "playing 40k" will never be whatever retarded thing you say it is, because deep down, below your self delusions, it's about winning.

>> No.56033404

>Kroot Rumors Edition
Is this shitposting?

>> No.56033413

Same reason casual basketball players at the park don't shape professional sports.

I'm sure it can happen, but 100% of the time it'll be because of a retired pro or a "casual" who is actually a pro gone casual who will do the shaping. Casuals just don't have the motivation, drive, and often, knowledge to do anything meaningful or truly inspired in terms of competitive gameplay.

Casuals can make impressive Armageddon games or Armies on Parade boards, but WAACfags are the ones who are going to think up a list like 1 Guilliman, 1 Celestine, 15 Assassins, 5 SoB and win 1st place. Actually, scratch that, even the best Armies on Parade boards are made by hardcores and not casuals.

>> No.56033432

>1 Guilliman, 1 Celestine, 15 Assassins, 5 SoB
beautiful army

>> No.56033435

This post is objectively correct as long as you understand that "winning" is not equivalent to being the victor. Pulling cinematic shit, achieving an arbitrary objective, or just not getting tabled can all be seen as "winning" if you have the right mindset or Forge the relevant Narrative.

That's what casuals and flluffbunnies play for and that's all that separates them from the competitive scene.

>> No.56033449

Even you can't even understand this simple concept, you probably are too stupid to mathhammer or even stumble upon a groundbreaking list accidentally. These things are engineered, not just slapped together with a pen glued to your penis and your fee fees

>> No.56033455

>> No.56033457



>> No.56033461

I am still rocking pretty much the same Eldar I rocked in 2nd ed back in the mid 90's.

>> No.56033462

>even the best Armies on Parade boards are made by hardcores and not casuals.
Hardcore modelers and WAACfags are very different groups.

>> No.56033465

>he plays the game for the list building and gameplay instead of playing to see how his models perform on the tabletop
>he uses strategy beyond charging forward and smashing the closest enemy into paste
>he relies on his shooting phase to defeat the enemy

>> No.56033473

>I don't participate in X
>is my voice irrelevant because of it?

Yes? What are you, stupid? You must be a female feminist.

>> No.56033478


>> No.56033482

They are, it was announced back before 8th even dropped, no one is sure why it's taking fucking forever.

>> No.56033489

Hardcore modelers are more similar to WAACfags than they are to casuals. SInce, you know, someone that's hardcore is the exact fucking opposite of a casual.

>> No.56033490

Ha Ha! You got him good, /b/rother!

Simply Epic! Expect to see this on reddit later!

>> No.56033494

Yeah Guilliman is a fucking faggot who needs to leave.

>> No.56033498


Korg don't fuck around

>> No.56033507

No. Winning is about being the "winner" as declared by the rules you've mutually agreed to play. 99% of games are played with the standard rules, so the meta is about winning with the standard rules.

The dumbass shit you've posted as possible reasons for playing are all fine and good, but not real. Those are just excuses that the loser proffers to explain his loss to himself: "Oh, I was going for a fluffy list, and he wasn't, that waacfag, that's why I lost". Some even subconsciously begin doing these things intentionally, to get a preemptive excuse for any losses going. Ironically, the casuals tend to hate losing more than the competitive players (who take it in stride), and that's why they lash out at winners so much more often than any other demographic in 40k. They wield guilt like a scalpel, cutting away the good parts of your army until they match it, rather than changing their own. Beware the turbocasual who has fluffy suggestions for your list. Because he is the greatest waacfag, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

>> No.56033512

Wanted for crimes of rampant boner excitement

>> No.56033517

Are you me? I used to play Orks for the conversions and then picked up DE when the new models came out as I already had like 4k points of Orks, and I never went back.

>> No.56033521

>spook dealing
What does this mean? Also i wonder how much a guilder is? Like how many guilders does a loaf of bread cost.

>> No.56033531

Sirlin's treatise on scrub mentality was written before most of these jokers were even born.

>> No.56033536

Depends on whether they're at war with Florin or not

>> No.56033537

Similar yes but they have different ideas on what makes the hobby good. It's kinda like a spectrum between the hobbyist and the gamer.

>> No.56033548

I have tons of old models. Even managed to snag the first version of metal Legion of the Damned marines. The size difference between those models is amusing.

Still no idea what kind of combi weapon the sergeant has

>> No.56033549

>yfw it's the smallest denomination of currency
>1 guilder for a loaf of bread
>2 for a particularly delicous artisan loaf
>their lives are counted in bread

In the grim deliciousness of the fluffy future there is only bread.

>> No.56033550

Anon what you've described here is just a WAACfag in denial, not an actual fluff autist. That's not to say you're wrong, because you're not, but you're focusing on the wrong base of players. Tryhards, not casuals. Narrative Forgers, not fluffbunnies.

>> No.56033574

Spook is a drug that turns you into a psyker.

>> No.56033582

There's a lot of waacfags in denial in this thread right now.

>> No.56033616

Carcharodon fag here, I just want to run my list by you guys one more time before I go buy the models needed.

Raven Guard Chapter Tactics

The Red Wake and I guess a librarian but IDK what to do for the other HQ

2x 10man assault marine squads witha 1/3 TH SS and the rest lighting claws

3x Tac squads, plasma and HB in rhinos to provide a base of fire for the terminators

1x razor back with HB

Any tips? Anything I shouldnt do?

>> No.56033621

Well duh. /tg/ is almost exclusively made up of them. The only split between players here is that between those who know they're WAACfags and those who kid themselves that they're otherwise.

Some of GW's staff are just a completely different kind of player to that though. For example I've had the pleasure to actually play a game with Saint Duncan and I can assure you he never has any intention to win.

>> No.56033639

Bread for the Bread God and it better be Wheat or your going to double hell
Huh, that seems strange

>> No.56033655

>2x 10man assault marine squads witha 1/3 TH SS and the rest lighting claws
The fuck is this? Are you talking about Vanguard or Terminators here? If you take Tyberos you'd better have one unit of at least 5 LC Termies somewhere in your list.

>HB Razorback
Upgrade to AssCans.

>> No.56033657

It makes you trip so hard you see the warp.

>> No.56033661

Well, Necromunda's a strange place

>> No.56033668

I feel like you've never played against guys who take their fluff and narrative seriously because they do take a loss in stride because win or lose they get to write a new story for their army.

>> No.56033679

I mean they are stuck with a shitty punk style so i would assume so.
I dont think i would ever want to see the warp

>> No.56033682

I thought that was what paint water does to you.

>> No.56033687

>pictured: your afterlife

>> No.56033706

Maybe ill join Daddy sang in the afterlife

>> No.56033708

Lol i fucked it up. Those ARE the terminators. Sorry, drinking.

>> No.56033711


>> No.56033760

I think that is the most accurate depiction of the warp ever even if it was unintentional.

>> No.56033762

Then you're fine. You're massively over-reliant on Termies and will be dismantled in short order by anyone that spams plasma (in the current meta, everyone) but fuck if it won't be cool to see.

>> No.56033774

Ill have to ditch the plasma in my squads to take the assault cannon.

Any good way to post the full list on here from BS?

>> No.56033790

problem solved with the plasma, ill just take two razor backs and split a squad of my mariens in between the two

>> No.56033792

write up in excel or some other spreadsheet program screenshot and post it or just share the link.

>> No.56033843

I recently convertrd an old Dias of Destruction and of the unused parts I still have the two old school incubi bodyguards. What does /tg/ suggest I run them as? Note, I do not use Incubi in my lists. I was thinking maybe some court units. I don't think people would let me use them as Slyth, but what about Lhameans or Medusae? Any other ideas, maybe for neat conversions?

>> No.56033856

What is the most Wehrmacht army?

>> No.56033858

Step 1: Stop crutching on BS.

>> No.56033862

>>"Great, Commissars are garbage now, and that should be the final nail in the coffin for Conscripts."

>>"Wow, conscripts and commissars are now completely worthless. That's a change I didn't see coming."

>>"No, they definitely went too far. Commissars will not make their points back, or even really come close now, and conscripts are shit tier now."

>>"Everyone should be mad at commissars getting squatted.

>>I agree they needed nerfs, but this was ridiculous."

>>"Guard fags are justifiably angry that they got bait and switched and only scions are viable now."

>>"that ability still makes commissars worthless"

>>"if you want to run infantry in IG, your effective options are limited to scions and ogryns now."

>>"IG just became monobuild scions"

>>"Commisars are literally useless, $20 paperweights now."

The only person making you play imperial soup is you.

>> No.56033866

Maybe I am you. DE are the <your dudes>iest too. Every color looks good, there like 3 overcosted named characters. Commorragh is a huge uncharted cyberpunk metropolis... All the <your dudes> ing you could ever want.

>> No.56033878


>> No.56033891

How are these fellas in 8th?

>> No.56033892

Playing the Wehrmacht in Bolt Action, which is basically just World War 40k

>> No.56033909

Not amazing and forced to take a mark because fuck Undivided, but they're much better than they were in 7th.

>> No.56033922

I do want to win! I just think a list of 3 Primarchs and a Knight is literally the last thing I would want to see on a table, on my end or theirs. Build flexibility is important, but army identity, complementary abilities, positioning, strategy, and list building should all come together to determine victory. Competitivefags are important in identifying the egregious possibilities of the system that need to be curbed so that the overall scene is healthier; they identify that which is too strong and use it, so local communities can take either the wrong lesson (use those absurdly broken lists that warp the entire game around them) or the right lesson (come up with local rules to correct said problem or gentlemans rule to avoid those lists) so that the local competitive scene is as varied as possible in what everyone is bringing to the table to try and win with.

>> No.56033924


>> No.56033929

>forced to take a mark because fuck Undivided
Why is undivided get shafted so much in 40k when AoS now has a whole god of it?

>> No.56033933

Where can I find this IG errata people are mentioning? I don't see it on GW's page

>> No.56033953

>forced to take a mark because fuck Undivided
Wouldn't that go against lore considering they are people that were punished for being indecisive.

>> No.56033961

I am a fan of wraith stuff, looking at the Wraithseer, D-Cannon looks like a decent choice, mainly due to it's unique weapon choice and not being as short range. Or better to dump Starcannon/Shuriken Cannon on it. Any thoughts on how to equip it and how viable it is?

>> No.56033969

Are you retarded?

>> No.56033971

So is GW trying to tell us something by putting the avatar of khaine in the daemons section or is it just a mistake?

>> No.56033973

>Not amazing and forced to take a mark because fuck Undivided, but they're much better than they were in 7th.
But they were amazing in 7th. 35 points to unlock the Daemonic Incursion Detachment? Hell yes.

>> No.56033975

Because Undivided's champions are Abby and Be'lacuck and nobody plays IW or AL that isn't a WAACfag and Word Bearers players are as useful as their primarch.

It sure does. Bit that's how it is.

It can take warlord traits. One of those allows they to target CHARACTERS freely with shooting attacks. You do the math.

>> No.56033976

This is just wrong.

>> No.56033987

Avatar has been a daemon forba while now anon.

>> No.56033995

Avatar has always been a daemon.

>> No.56033997

He has the DAEMON keyword, has had the Daemon special rule since at least 3rd edition, and has always been a daemon in fluff. Just cataloging him where it makes sense.

>> No.56033998

The Avatar is a Daemon and always has been.

>> No.56034014

Ok good to know it was a little confusing I don't know much eldar wise.

>> No.56034015

Oh, OH, I feel dirty now. So this is how Eldar are.

>> No.56034019

>unit was a tax for a formation that was good, and was great because it was cheap
No. Furies were shit in 7th by their own merits.

>> No.56034022

Not even indecisive, a sizable portion of chaos dudes are portrayed as being unwitting or reluctant servants of the gods, but pledging service to none out of ignorance, stubbornness, or otherwise. Like iron warriors and night lords.

>> No.56034031

give it the wraithcannon so you're not getting detracted shooting, you want to get into assault anyway.
It's probably as viable as any wraithlord, ie not very.

>> No.56034035

Is he maybe referring to it being in the chaos daemons section of the webstore? I don't recall it being there forever.

>> No.56034044

Shut the fuck up, Khorne worshipping brainlet.

>> No.56034045

I just got off work and read the last thread, got some requests for situational charts that i made and will reply with. Also i cant beleive i have to say this but if the chart says that on average you will loose 4.5 doodes and you only have 3 doodes... You only loose 3 doodes, the charts are not wrong they are just showing the statistical average of doodes lost assuming the amount of doodes is uncapped

>> No.56034054

If you're going to take a wraithseer, don't be an waac asshat and avoid taking that ability.

>> No.56034066

Yes, that is what he is referring to. Probably just a sales tactic by GW to get new players looking at Daemons to also check out Eldar via the recommended bar just in case that would interest them more.

>> No.56034068

wait, did I miss something? Why are commisars shit?

>> No.56034071

If the commy is a lord commissar and buffing normal guardsman assuming the seargent is still alive

>> No.56034073

Anon you cant just link that shit without a warning that my sides are going to leave me

>> No.56034075

>no rocket launcher arm

so close, so very, very close.

>> No.56034082

Not being very viable is fine by me, because Eldar are going to be cruel enough. Rather go fluffy, plus I have a back up Farseer to go have fun with the Wraithguard and Blades.

Fair enough, I'll have to look over the other warlord traits for something less powerful.

>> No.56034086


Hows this look. Im stoked to get these guys off the ground.

On another note, should I get the Forge World Old Rhinos so that way it shows how the chapter pulls from the past?

My tac marines are all 30k marines for starts.

>> No.56034087

The mods are pretending to have a sense of humor.

>> No.56034094

FAQ changed their rule from auto pass to re-rolling moral.

>> No.56034107

Regular commy with moridan guardsman that meet the requirments to get their ld bonus and assumimg the seargent is alive

>> No.56034116

wraithseer+6 wraithlords, you'll be unstoppable right up until they all die and you lose

>> No.56034118

Titans will start catachaning entire regiments if they spot a commissar.

>> No.56034122

Fuuuck i need to stop posting. Here is the list, not the fucking file path. Im a retard.

>> No.56034123

I disagree, there is no bullet magnet larger than something that can delete snowflake HQs from the board. It's why everyone hates snipers.
Merely fielding a Wraithseer with that WT will ensure it can and will cover your advance as long as it lives, because every opponent will try to kill it before it ever gets in range of their characters. You take it for mindgames and the threat of using the rule, not to actually use that rule. You take it to fool them into letting their deliciously fragile vehicles and Knights walk right into its firing arcs.

That's what it really means to be Eldar. And by that I mean having a fun and powerful ability that is excellent for psyching out your opponent but is actually kind of OP and gets jumped on by WAACfags

>> No.56034133

So my initial plan was to run two squads of Crusaders, a priest, and an Primaris Psyker in Gryphonne Chimeras to fit my fluff for an Inquisitor's Army.

Friend of mine suggested I instead take Sisters and do Arco Flagellants and the like in Immolators. I could still take Crusaders if I wanted.

This got me thinking, so like, should I just take Sisters as a backup for my Scions, in my main Detachment? I'm already taking a squad of GK Paladins and a Culexus.

What would be the best option here? If I was gonna take Sisters, I'd just convert them from the ground up or something. But I already have a squad of Crusaders made up, too.

What do

>> No.56034135

Oh my god

Is this real?

>> No.56034148

Regular commy with conscripts.
This is the last one let me know if i missed any that you want

>> No.56034149

if you're not going to paint modesl why even bother? Just buy green army men with post it notes saying "abbadon" and "titan" on them etc.

>> No.56034170

What the ... why do those marines look like they're wearing power-armour diapers?

>> No.56034174

>If I was gonna take Sisters, I'd just convert them from the ground up or something
Don;t take Sisters then.

>> No.56034177

terminator legs and shoudlers

>> No.56034184

Honestly, this is the correct change, they just need to clarify that it isn't a required re-roll since it is no longer always beneficial.

>> No.56034185

>I'm not taking this OP bullshit because it's OP bullshit, I'm just taking it so that they'll think it's OP bullshit
Anon, there is no spinning this.

>> No.56034194

and if you want to use it, remember that Ulthwe makes one of its powers usless

>> No.56034200

>Commissar's just letting cowards flee
No, Anon, you are the cancer.

Just make it so that the casualty inflicted counts towards the total lost if they still fail.

>> No.56034202

This guy gets it

If you're going to be a cheesemaster WAACfag in a pickup game at your FLGS you're a bit of a dick

But tournaments you can reasonably assume people are playing to win, what's wrong with that?

>> No.56034206

what the fuck? Ok, I can understand why people are upset. That's for summary execution right?

>> No.56034220


>> No.56034227

I'm not allowed to convert junk now? You're funny.

Idk, that's a lot of work, though, I'm already making Crusaders from the ground up.

I'll probably just stick with my Gryphonne Crusaders at this rate.

>> No.56034238

So probably not do Uthwe then, then again, that FNP is pretty dang nice on everything.

>> No.56034244

>Idk, that's a lot of work, though, I'm already making Crusaders from the ground up.
I don't think slapping a Scion head on a stock Chaos Warrior counts as "making it from the ground up."

>> No.56034248

>and if you want to use it, remember that Ulthwe makes one of its powers usless
No it doesn't, Fortune overrides the Ulthwe attribute.

>> No.56034252

Ew. Nah I'm not doing that.

>> No.56034258

fuq man. they could'nt let guard fags have their fun for not even a month. How many fucking years were Gaydar out of control and not a fucking peep from those nottingham faggets

>> No.56034260

Nigger I'm the resident Deldar fag, I need every buff I can get vs blobs, I'm just saying I'm not a fan of rules that objectively cause more harm than good to your army. Maybe he blams somebody and then you can choose if you re-roll? That way you still don't need to re-roll a good roll but he still blams somebody? It just sucks to say roll one time, kill somebody gauranteed, then roll again.

>> No.56034265


You tell me.

I would. Even if just a single one for variety.

>> No.56034272

Yes you interpreted my post correctly. Making my opponent second-guess themselves is what I play for.

To be fair though the unit is one of the worst things Eldar has to offer in 8th edition, and given pre-codex Eldar that's quite an accomplishment

>> No.56034279

>he can't remotely access others' desktops and C drives over the internet

Get a load of this skinjob.

>> No.56034291

SA don't have hot-shot lasguns and all that.

But the point is that people always put Kasrkin in with Stormies because that's what most people used as their Stormie models, and because of "muh carapace and hot-shot lasguns," but the same treatment isn't given to other carapace and hot-shot lasgun troops, like the Krieg grenadiers.

>> No.56034313

Good. There's at least two WAACfags who keep fella-ting each other about how good their "Scion heads on Chaos Warrior bodies" conversion are. You should show them how it's really done, you filthy WAACfag.

>> No.56034314

They still get the ld aura buff. Look at the math and the rules for yourself >>56034148
They are best with conscripts and regular guardsmen now and make both equally brave to space marines at the cost of a dead guardsman.

>> No.56034320

Deliverance is still just a 6 though

>> No.56034335

Because Kasrkin were Cadian models and everyone played Cadians. Kriegers would just look out of place and besides 5th edition Guardfags did well to distance themselves from the army that brought us the Hades Breaching Drill. Not to say leafblower was better but man the drill was some bullshit.

>> No.56034336

And people were pissed about that so in 8th edition they're faster with balance changes.

But your faggot ass is complaining because you're on the receiving end of fair balance changes?

Fuck the fuck off.

>> No.56034337

Is the avatar still a complete bitch-tier unit?

I remember in 3ED my tau commander(with 2 shield drones, and a shield generator) solo'd one in hand to hand.

shit was hilarious. It was actually one of the reasons why that guy I was playing against quit 40k.

>> No.56034338

I have 333 points for anti-tank in my Guard army, what's the best way to implement it? Basilisks? Manticores? Lemans? Heavy Weapon Squads?

>> No.56034345


111 Conscripts.

>> No.56034346

You're still taking OP bullshit either way, and we all know that you aren't going to refrain from blasting characters to pieces if you have the chance.

>> No.56034349


>> No.56034351

Sorry I didn't realize you were talking about the Wraithseer specifically.

I guess on the bright side you can look at it as you can just cast Enliven every turn because you automatically have Deliverance already.

>> No.56034353

Would it be stupid to ask when these guys are getting plastic or are they more likley to be squatted at this point?

>> No.56034358

Good lord that sounds horrible. They're not even power swords. I don't play to lose, anon. But if I was playing WAAC, I wouldn't be doing fluffy garbage like taking GK paladins or hotshot volleyguns

>> No.56034371

No he worked out and got swole in 7th. He's still feeling those effects now.

>> No.56034373

foreboding can be pretty nasty if you chain it with the right stuff, or even if you just murder enough people

>> No.56034385

Why is Memri TV so hilarious when viewed from the safety of a first world country with a powerful military?

>> No.56034386

Ok maybe you didn't understand my post then.

>> No.56034388

>>people upset about commissar nerfs are mad because they don't get to be 7E Eldar Cheesey for a full edition and that the game has been improved.

>> No.56034399

Because it's literally run by a jew who subtitles random videos as anti-jewish things as propaganda.

>> No.56034402

Still kinda think the commissar nerf went a little tooooooo far. They can't make their points back now and lots of Guard players just wanted to play lots of commissars and conscripts as a kind of Red Army thematic experience. Not WAACfag at all.

Just my 2c, I'm only a SoB player BTW

>> No.56034403

True or false. You would still use the Wraithseer to snipe characters if the opportunity provided itself.

I'm aware that Magnus is hideously OP. That doesn't make me any less of a cunt if I bring him to casual games.

>> No.56034406

This does in fact show summary execution has a negligible or negative effect, the leadership buff is where all of the bonus is coming from. Can people stop arguing that summary execution is any good when there are plenty of other ways to raise ld now?

>> No.56034407

>8 warp charge power for just a -1 leadership
That's honestly the worst power available to the entire Eldar faction, anon.

>> No.56034408

You can see the wisdom of the Middle East. They make sense sometimes.

>> No.56034414

Kinda want to start an all primaris Ultramarine army, led by Gulliman.
I want to play it totally straightfaced like I think the ultramarines are the objectivley best and most loyal and specialist chapter of them all.
The only non-primarch, non-primaris character will be Cato Sicarius, because he kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.56034423

>here are plenty of other ways to raise ld now?
I agree. Guard need their Leadership nerfed and their access to buffs toned down.

>> No.56034427

I don't feel like watching the whole vid in the OP for this, could somebody provide the point cost or timestamp for the point cost of the jetbike units? Wanting to know how much the reduction was to see if bikes are WAACtier again and I need to stop using them or if they're just more usable now.

>> No.56034431

Does anyone know Brandon Grant's list from the Socal Open? I don't really see a lot of anti-tank, I'm surprised he won so many games.

>> No.56034432

They make their points back in two turns of Conscripts being shot at, stop being retarded.

"Oh my God Commissars don't make Ld4 Conscripts better at resisting Morale than Space Marines" Wow you don't say?

The nerf went exactly far enough. The playtesters have been playtesting with these rules and found that it works well.

>> No.56034436

because krieg grenadiers have their own rules, kasrkin haven't for a long, long time.

>> No.56034437

If you have to ask, you missed the point.
No, the point in taking a unit that can perform multiple roles but is infamous for one particular bit of cheese is to fool the opponent into believing I'm trying to play the cheese, so they hide their characters while allowing me to take potshots at their vehicles, which is what the d-cannon is made to actually kill.

This would be fine if you firstly built him into your list as a redundant unit and expected him to die, rather than act as the fulcrum of the list as he does when cheese up, and secondly you didn't cast Weaver of Fates.

>> No.56034439

Because it's easier to point and laugh at foreigners than it is to notice the decay of your own civilization.

>> No.56034443

>marines are the objectivley best and most loyal and specialist chapter of them all.

That's because they are anon. Anyone that says otherwise is worse than a heretic and, may the Emperor forgive me for saying these words, a Dark Angel player.

>> No.56034444

>This does in fact show summary execution has a negligible or negative effect, the leadership buff is where all of the bonus is coming from.
Yes. So they get a massive Leadership bonus, but at the slight detriment of Summary Execution. Like Tyranids ignore Morale, at the detriment of becoming retarded when they're outside of Morale.

This change was fluffy and effective.

>> No.56034449

depends on what you're doing with it

>> No.56034462

>it's okay if I take OP bullshit, I just want the other guy to play sub-optimally
Refusing to answer the question tells us all that we need to know.

>> No.56034470

>I want to play it totally straightfaced like I think the ultramarines are the objectivley best and most loyal and specialist chapter of them all.
But... they are?

>> No.56034474

how the hell? wasn't the avatar at the top of his power at that time? i know in 6th he had exarch powers which were pretty good. he's pretty good now, if only he had a decent model...

>> No.56034489

>to see if bikes are WAACtier again
No they are not. Even if they were dirt cheap, they lack the three things that made them WAAC in 7th.
>S6 AP0 being a good shooting profile
>3+ save

>> No.56034493

Iirc 3E Avatars were pretty bad. I think they just had a 5+ save and not that many wounds.

>> No.56034494

The play testers ok'd the original retard.

It's the amount of public testing that gets the job done.

>> No.56034500

They're not going to be WAAC tier because of the changes to the core rules. Scatbikes only wound Marines on a 3+ now instead of 2+, and vehicles get armour saves now, among other things. Plus JSJ is gone except as a Stratagem, which means only one unit can do it per turn and it costs CP, it won't be an entire army of untouchable bikes JSJing in and out of cover every turn. Etc, etc.

This is assuming you don't play Ynnari because they break everything in half.

>> No.56034501

>High volume S6 is bad

>> No.56034504

I feel bad for Ultramarines players. They had several of their existing special characters shat on (including the only one with any real flavor to him), and the entire central focus of their chapter thrown away.

>> No.56034505

the FW model is beautiful though

>> No.56034514

Nice reading comprehension.

>> No.56034525

It had 10 fucking Primaris Psykers smiting everything.

>> No.56034526

>5+ save

Yep. This was how my Shas'O punched him to death. I think avatar was only T5 or 6 with only a 5++ and like 3 attacks.

Meanwhile the Shas'O was S5, 3+/4++ with 2 4++ shield drones. This guy just kept whiffing, and when he didn't whiff, I made my save and slowly whittled him down over the course of 4 turns.

>> No.56034529

Answer the question. If you have the opportunity, are you going to snipe characters with it if the opportunity presents itself? You are exactly the same as the people that take the OP bullshit unironically.

>> No.56034546

Now this is Primaris racing.

>> No.56034567

It literally is though?
>doesn't wound T4 on 2+
>D1 so worthless against the vehicles it used to glance to death
Cannons are a better choice and even they aren't anywhere near as good as the bikes were in 7th.

Also I forgot more things they had that made them WAAC that they don't have now.
>JSJ (this one is huge)
>Ridiculous turboboost movement

>> No.56034590

Don't forget losing Jink.

>> No.56034591

Sorry my lord, quite right, Gulliman forgive me.

>> No.56034592

For fuck's sake friend that wasn't even me, but if you used your eyes and read my last post you'd know the answer, I literally answered no. Doing so would mean I'm just WAACing instead of mindgaming. It would make me predictable when my explicit aim is to be the opposite.

>> No.56034598

that's hilarious and sad, i've seen my keeper fucked hard by something she should have raped easily

>> No.56034641

Then that ruse fails the first time you fail to snipe a character. Once the cats out of the bag, they'll just treat the Wraithseer like any other Wraithlord.

>> No.56034650

Catachans have not had their own rules for a long time either, but some Catachans in the middle of some Cadians does stick out, even if they use(d) the same rules. And why no love for 2e Stormies?

>> No.56034654

>Cannons are a better choice

If you're Saim-Hann, Scatter Lasers beat Shuriken Cannons against GEQs and MEQs, and the new codex makes both weapons 10 points. Shuriken Cannons edge out Scatter Lasers against TEQs, and take the lead against vehicles, by just spamming enough shots to proc Bladestorm a few times

>> No.56034658

>primaris psykers
Why? Why not regular libby's since they're cheaper?

>> No.56034673

Not Primaris Marine Librarians you idiot, Primaris Psykers from Astra Telepathica.

>> No.56034689

They're actually the exact same price. It's just that Primaris can't take any options.

But Anon was talking about the Guard codex.

>> No.56034690

>want to play it totally straightfaced like I think the ultramarines are the objectivley best and most loyal and specialist chapter of them all.
Why would anyone think otherwise?

Also Guilliman wouldn't be to bad in an all primaris lists. Most of the try hard lists with him all just spam the same unit for him to buff

>> No.56034693

"Primaris Psyker" is a separate unit from "Primaris Librarian", they're just your average good psyker in a robe, not a Marine

>> No.56034698

>my company champion gets into combat with a Knight Castigator
>only does 2 wounds
I was shocked

>> No.56034710

Despite everyone else being morons, yes i do see its a modified chassis.

>> No.56034721

Orks are a really versatile army but are generally geared towards CQC. Hordes are favourable in both armies.

>> No.56034722

>lso Guilliman wouldn't be to bad in an all primaris lists. Most of the try hard lists with him all just spam the same unit for him to buff

>recommending the """""army""""" that has literally two infantry choices, one of which all wield plasma guns+, when you are worried about fags spamming the same unit

>> No.56034729

Rules Question:

If I declare a Mont'ka with my commander, which does this:

Mont’ka: Friendly FARSIGHT ENCLAVES units
within 6" can both Advance and shoot as if they
hadn’t moved this turn.

and then have tetras deep strike which is worded as this:

Shadow Strike: During deployment, you may set up the Tetra Scout Speeder Team lurking in the shadows. At the
end of any of your Movement phases, they may enter battle – set them up anywhere on the battlefield that is more
than 9" from any enemy model.

does that mean I can have them show up and fire there markerlights at BS4?

>> No.56034739

So basically, the 4 or 5 conscripts still run, and the commissar shoots one of the guys still fighting

>> No.56034740


>> No.56034741

3rd place list is pretty hilarious.

>> No.56034744

Catachans have similarly been thought of as "infantry squads" and "veteran squads" the same way that kasrkins are just "stormtroopers".

2e stormies have dumb models and weren't very good.

>> No.56034746

In 7e I had Guilliman charge a broadside with 2 wounds left. Lost 1 wound to overwatch. Then, because I charged through cover the broadside hit first and bonked Guillimas last wound off. Then he failed his get back up roll.

>> No.56034748

yeah, since they count as having not moved they can shoot normally

>> No.56034754

How do the mortal wounds from perils of the warp work for psychic brotherhood?

Can it kill multiple models, or only ever 1?

>> No.56034761

>since they count as having not moved they can shoot normally
Except they do count as having moved due to the arriving as Reinforcements rules.

>> No.56034767

>playing 7E
>using Guilliman

>> No.56034775

dear god

>> No.56034776

But it's a completely different chassis. The engine is in a completely different place. There is no turret. The rear armor is all different.
They look vaguely similar at a stretch in that they have the same general track shape and side-on hull silhouette, but the similarities end there.

Saying they are just a modified chassis is like saying all cars on today's roads are modified chassis of one another because they all look similar.

>> No.56034779

5 separate infantry units, before counting alternate weapon loadouts and characters.

>> No.56034784


Thats correct, but if you're within 6" of the Commander you can shoot as if you hadn't moved this turn

>> No.56034790

which is negated by Mont'ka

>> No.56034791

>playing 7E

>> No.56034795

Mortal Wounds specify in their description that they spread from model to model.

If they're within 6" of the Commander, that counters it out. They moved, but the Commander lets them "Advance and Shoot as if they hadn't moved."

>> No.56034800

Are they FARSIGHT ENCLAVES units within 6" of your commander?

>> No.56034801

Only as far as Advancing is concerned. Mont'ka does not ignore the penalties to hit for other reasons, such as, for example, arriving as Reinforcements.

>> No.56034802

nah it's pretty obvious that deathguard have a, probably incomplete, copy of that particular STC and modified it to suit their needs.

>> No.56034804

And? The points cost justifies it, nobody's fucking mad about primaris being op. And they have more than enough choices to be no more spammy than regular marines.

>> No.56034805


>> No.56034807

inb4 >playing

>> No.56034813

Can you summon after declaring Mont'ka?

>> No.56034819

except that the brotherhood rule states that only one model is counted for the purpose of being a psyker.

>> No.56034822

Once FW makes Tau door upgrades.

>> No.56034833

It's a combi-grenade launcher. They were in the rules for marines in 2nd and 3rd edition but weren't a very common choice at all. Pretty sure they've been ditched now.

The powerfist is also a conversion of the original model.

>> No.56034836

>blasting characters to pieces if you have the chance
Good. You should be able to target whoever you like. This whole
>hide Guilliman behind marines 1/3 his height
shit is retarded.

>> No.56034844

how many heavy support choices do primaris have?

>> No.56034848

No it isn't.

>They moved, but the Commander lets them "Advance and Shoot as if they hadn't moved."
In other words it allows you to ignore the penalty for Advancing. It doesn't ignore the penalty for arriving mid-turn and counting as having moved.

This is the same argument Tyranid players had about Onslaught and Mawlocs. Just because the ability says "In addition, this unit can charge this turn" doesn't mean it can override the rules that Mawlocs can't charge when they arrive, it only concerns Advancing.

>> No.56034857

>the most effective way of running this thing is with guns guns guns
>it doesn't even get to reroll its 1s for having 2 close combat weapons
>the close combat weapons are more expensive than the guns anyway
>dropping one CC weapon reduces the attacks too
>it's 353 points with 2 basic weapons
what's the point

>> No.56034859


So for reinforcements this is rules as written:

Many units have the
ability to be set up on
the battlefield mid-turn,
sometimes by using
teleporters, grav chutes or
other, more esoteric means.
Typically, this happens at
the end of the Movement
phase, but it can also
happen during other
phases. Units that are set
up in this manner cannot
move or Advance further
during the turn they arrive
– their entire Movement
phase is used in deploying
to the battlefield – but they
can otherwise act normally
(shoot, charge, etc.) for the
rest of their turn. Units that
arrive as reinforcements
count as having moved
in their Movement phase
for all rules purposes,
such as shooting Heavy
weapons (pg 180). Any
unit that has not arrived on
the battlefield by the end of
the battle counts as having
been destroyed.

So the part about counting as moved. So they confirmed moved, but if you are within the Commander, you ignore that rule.

Mont’ka: Friendly FARSIGHT ENCLAVES units
within 6" can both Advance and shoot as if they
hadn’t moved this turn.

...shoot as if they hadn't moved this turn.

Any judges around?

>> No.56034860

so now that Guards been nerfed to the ground, how long until Ynarri is curb stomping motherfuckers routinely at your friendly neighborhood G-Dubz??

>> No.56034861

...So it's a completely different chassis. Congratulations, you've made the connection.

>> No.56034875

You have to pay attention to context. It is talking about in regards to Advancing. Just like the Tyranid psychic power. It cannot override other reasons you count as having moved, until an FAQ says otherwise.

>> No.56034877

>we have actually reached the point that people are complaining about Leviathans being overpriced
Non-ironically what a time to be alive. I love this. I can finally get one without being bitched at.

>> No.56034878

One, point being?
You can still make a fun, non spammy list of just primaris, are you being deliberatly autistic?

>> No.56034885


What about the fact that you can disembark a unit within 6" and advance without penalty?

>> No.56034889

>so now that Guards been nerfed to the ground
>the most point efficient unit in the entire game, simply made fair
How can one person suck so much dick

>> No.56034890

>he doesn't know what "that particular" means
This is an english speaking board, please learn it.

>> No.56034891

my Saim-Hann pure craftworlders will pop new age death cult-chan with sniper reaper launchers from across the map

>> No.56034893

>>to the ground

>> No.56034907

Define spammy. Are you one of those autists who's going to cry because I bring 2 squads of hellblasters and say that I'm spamming them?

How about 3 squads of hellblasters? Spamming?

>> No.56034908

who has ever bitched about a leviathan?

>> No.56034912

>not getting one on release just from how sheer badass it is
>not permanently gluing at least one blade claw arm on it

Leviathan Mortis users and non-committal magnetizers are pussies. Almost as pussy as people who don't own a Leviathan.

>> No.56034922

No retard, just because two different vehicles have a common origin does not mean they share the same chassis. At all.

I could cite some real life examples but I doubt you care enough to listen to facts and just want to live with your delusion.

>> No.56034924

Retards who think a 400pt model shouldn't be able to do damage.

>> No.56034925

Well I have gotten some good information out of y'all tonight on the Wraithseer, I'll see how the new codex pans out and go from there for how I combine warlord traits and craftworld traits. I'll do my best not to go completely dark eldar dominatrix on my FLG players.

>> No.56034942

Why not?

>> No.56034945

3 is probably fine, are you not getting my point?
Or are you a different anon than >>56034844 ?
I'm saying you can make a fine list of nothing but primaris with a healthy variance of units

>> No.56034956

Are you illiterate?

The only reason the heavy weapon takes a penalty after deep striking is that it counts as having moved. Mont'Ka stops the fact that it counted as having moved from mattering to shooting. The rules are clear as day.

>> No.56034957

>moving the goalposts

Nice try retard. Same schematics, same chassis, different construction.

Since you're retarded and will probably bring it up again. Not having a turret doesn't make it a different chassis. Turret and engine do not a chassis make.

I'd cite some real world examples of tanks with the same chassis but one has a turret with a different engine than the other. But you would just try to move the goalpost again and say
>b-b-b-ut they're not the exact same tank

>> No.56034962

Pretty sure the LOD model was a re sculpted version of this 2nd edition model.

>> No.56034965

>put two claws on mine because it was too badass to do anything else
>chainfists are vastly superior now
well fuck me I guess

>> No.56034970

I'm sure GW will see it that way when they FAQ it with the same exact ruling they gave Nids.

>> No.56034980

That's up to them. Until it's FAQed, we play the current rules, we don't guess the future rules.

>> No.56034991

The current rules are ambiguous, and based on precedence, it shouldn't affect them. You go with the weaker interpretation until FAQ'd otherwise, or you're an asshole.

>> No.56035000

Yeah, ways like

>55 point Inquisitor that requires a separate detachment
>195 point tank commander with a 2CP stratagem
>regimental standard in a 4-man T3 Sv5+ unit

Why would anyone take a 31 point character?

>> No.56035002

It's a completely different tread shape (three sides versus four sides) and a completely different hull shape.

>> No.56035011

You're in the wrong game. 40k is about space knights charging around with chainswords. Sniping characters is anathema to that.

>> No.56035022

Don't forget the 1-per-army Relic locked to a specific Regiment, anon!

That makes Commissars completely useless for everyone ever in all possible situations and lists!

>> No.56035024

How can you be this dense? Do you really think different vehicles have the same chassis just because they are derived from the same schematic or assembled by the same manufacturer? Or are you asserting that sharing a chassis is unarguable just because they share a handful of commonalities?

Are you next going to claim that the Spartan shares a chassis with the Land Raider, because they looks highly similar and the Spartan was derived from the Land Raider STC? Because that's what it sounds like you're saying and it's completely fucking wrong.

>> No.56035036

Actually, 40k is a wargame about crazy futuristic battles in the 41st millenium. Sniping characters is part of warfare, stop being a retard.

>> No.56035039

>or assembled by the same manufacturer
There it is, trying to move the goalpost again.

Come back when you can refute my point.

>> No.56035049

30 mortar teams

Your opponent will quit when it takes an hour to fire them all

>> No.56035052

>no counterargument to the post
>focuses on one line and skirts the rest
I see we're done here.

>> No.56035057

>accuses other of being retarded
>thinks the game should move towards all characters getting sniped off the table turn 1
>doesn't think 40k is about space knights and space orks and space elves engaging in bloody melee

>> No.56035063

You just don't get it anon. It's the same as with cars : they all have wheels, so they all use or are based on the exact same chassis.

>> No.56035065

>mfw my comment is in there

>> No.56035066

Bystander here, I'm on your side anon, that guy's an idiot.
>inb4 he calls me samefag

>> No.56035068

How about ways that don't take forever?

>> No.56035074


I'm putting the Commissar Nerf to the spreadsheet test. What you see here is the average effect of commissars on conscripts, and lord commissars on infantry and conscripts versus a commissariat tank. the highlighted number is the average number of men saved per turn you're making a morale test, and the number of points worth of men this saves you.

The overall answer is that the Ld buff is what you buy these guys for now; Summary Execution is at best a tax and at worst actively harmful to the unit (this is why I didn't bother doing normal commissars + infantry; it's really really obviously terrible, especially if you're catachan or mordian).

Lord Commissars are functional on Infantry, and WILL stop losses, but due to their cost they will (for a brigade sized carpet that takes the expected 50% casualties) not break even in points cost versus men saved from cowardice. Same on Conscripts; you're buying durability, not function.

Normal Commissars, however, are useful on Conscripts and *nothing* else. Anywhere else they don't provide enough of a Ld increase to offset summary execution. But on Conscripts they will actually make back their own cost in men saved with relative reliability if the squad survives to turn 4.

All that in mind, there are four different methods available to guard (3 if you're not Valhallan) that outright IGNORE morale, and only one requires a commissar.

In effect, Commissars are functional, but HIGHLY sub-optimal.

>> No.56035077

Marinefags everyone. It's like they actually forget there are factions other than themselves.

>> No.56035082

jesus fuck just buy more 10 man infantry squads with a nade launcher.

>> No.56035085

111 Conscripts with movement trays

>> No.56035086

I've already established we're talking about chassis.

Keep trying though. You try to sneak in manufacturer like that makes a difference and then you'll movew to say well dark adeptus are not making these tanks on mechanicus forgeworlds therefore different manufacturer = different chassis.

Keep trying. Keep failing.

>> No.56035096

You realise that the two face completely opposite directions right? Can you site a real-world example pf two tanks sharing a common chasis except one is turned right the fuck around?

>> No.56035101

30 heavy bolter teams

>> No.56035104

Just because you don't like the way a rule is written doesn't make it incorrect.

>> No.56035109

Nice strawman.

>> No.56035117

What the fuck are you even arguing about. The track designs between the two tanks are wildly different. They clearly aren't the same chassis.

>> No.56035120

There's that focus on a single line again. Feel free to address the rest of my post when you're ready, but I'm going to stop replying now.

>> No.56035125

How's this draft look like for a paladin ancient?

>> No.56035137

Maybe Lascannon or Heavy Weapons Teams? 3 Baslisks or maybe 2 Lemans.

>> No.56035142

Multiple tank destroyers employed by the reich and soviets during ww2.

They would take literally any chassis they had, weld a gun onto them, and send them to the front in the tank destroyer role because turrets added a level of complexity that would slow production.

In fact there were quite a few tanks like this which the crew had to get out of the fucking tank to fire the gun because if anyone was inside the tank they would be squashed by the gun recoiling.

>> No.56035146

I'm not the anon you're arguing with, but I do think you're a retard

>> No.56035147

>All that in mind, there are four different methods available to guard (3 if you're not Valhallan) that outright IGNORE morale, and only one requires a commissar.

And one is a psychic power that you can only cast once per turn and have to know which unit needs protection from Morale ahead of time, and the other requires allying in non-Guard.

>> No.56035154

That pole really need to be extended to the ground

>> No.56035158

>I can't refute your argument so I'm just going to sling shit

Here's your (you)

>> No.56035159

Looks a bit weird, but in a good way. I like it.

>> No.56035171

E's got no fuckin' 'ead.

>> No.56035175

I use a lot of kitbashed models for my characters that aren't totally consistent. I was thinking of differentiating them by base rim color. If I had 3 Models that didn't look all that similar, but I said the blue base rim was for commanders, would that be clear enough?

>> No.56035181

Good, but like >>56035154 said, extend the pole.

Also clean those goddamn mold lines before you prime him.

>> No.56035184

Would they weld a gun to the rear of the tank then drive it backwards? Because that is what you are suggesting.

>> No.56035195

When did Jeff Dunham become a GK Paladin?

>> No.56035197

Yes and it would be far, far clearer than what a lot of players try to get away with when they're Guard or Marines and try to differentiate commanders and sergeants from scrubs just with paint. Like I'm not going to fucking remember your homebrewed non-Codex squad identification markings, just deck out your commanders with massive amounts of bling to make it easy to tell.

The only thing to be aware of is that it could hamper the colour balance of the models and harm the overall aesthetic of the army as a unified force.

>> No.56035199

Seriously, these are radically different shapes. There's no way one of these tanks is built from the other.

>> No.56035233

Yeah forgot a mold line. Oops. I did plan on sculpting the rest of the stick so it reaches the base, I was mostly going for how the reaper icon looked.

>> No.56035237

Agreed. The number and spacing of gears on each tread are completely different.

>> No.56035243

>Would they weld a gun to the rear of the tank
> then drive it backwards
No, it would often get a different engine that would be oriented correctly so the tank is driving forwards with regard to it's transmission, but backwards with regard to its chassis.

Again many these vehicles are employed in tank destroyer/assault gun roles where their armor was irrelevant as long as it stopped small arms fire. So even though the chassis is backwards, presenting the thinner armor facing, it didn't matter as long as it still blocked machine gun fire.

>> No.56035245

If you still refuse to see all the similarities and how they're almost exactly the same I don't know what to say anon.Guess I'm getting baited.

>> No.56035256

find a picture of the sicaran treads without the armor plating and you won't be able to deny how similar they are.

>> No.56035260

That's okay, my army is all over the place. I have Scions with their own color scheme, Inquisitors and their Acolytes with their own color schemes, Conscripts that are bright orange, and blue and grey infantry. My army is a hot mess. It's at least easy to understand what is what. "Orange guys are conscripts, blue guys are infantry squads, black and red are scions, those guys that look like no one else are Acolytes". It's more the characters that might be confusing, so I'm okay with the bases being a little clashing since the force all together already looks a little goofy.

>> No.56035263

The Plagueburster tread has three faces. The Sicaran has five.

They share some visual cues, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

>> No.56035268


>> No.56035278

new to 40k thinking of starting with one of the eldar factions. Are they good starting factions?

>> No.56035282

I don't think the treads are separate from the plating, but the extra faces on the Sicaran tread are clearly visible.

>> No.56035294

Through the power of autism all things are possible

>> No.56035295


Are you dumb, nigger? The Nurgle thing looks like a horseshoe crab and is taller at the front. The Sicaran is taller at the back.

>> No.56035297

Craftworlds are. DE and Quins are paper-thin and little more than a meme, respectively.
We don't talk about Ynnari here. Don't collect those.

>> No.56035303

The entire suspension is wrong. It has two high anchor points instead of one, the tension wheels are higher on the rear, it has 7 ground wheels isntead of 5, and it has ascent wheels while the chaos one does not.

You might as well have compared a Leman Russ to a Chimera.

>> No.56035312

DE may not have their book yet, but they're far from meme tier.

>> No.56035314

That took like twenty seconds between Google and Paint. It shouldn't have even been necessary. You can clearly see the extra faces in the original post.

>> No.56035328

The 'Quins are a meme, not the DE.

>> No.56035332

Anon I don't think you read my post properly.
Also, not mentioned, but relevant: DE and especially Harlequins are a bitch to paint well.

>> No.56035340

Who gives a shit about treads? Treads mean nothing to the chassis just like the design of the wheels on a car.

You can have different kinds of treads or wheels on a vehicle. It doesn't make it a different chassis.

>> No.56035346

Now this is some serious autism.

>> No.56035347

And both are very unforgiving for new players

The chassis, by your constantly narrowing definition, would just be stuff we can't see because it's covered in armor. Thin...

>> No.56035355

Ah, my bad.

>> No.56035362

>especially Harlequins are a bitch to paint well.
I picked up the Harlequin half of Death Masque thinking that I had improved enough to tackle it. Three horrible attempts at a checker pattern later and now I'm well aware that I was not prepared.

>> No.56035367

But Thats not true you fuck

>> No.56035370

3 totally different chassis in this picture according to retards.

>> No.56035373

Duncan has a whole tutorial on that if you haven't seen it already. It's still difficult even with that, though. He even admits that the GW painters screw this up and have to correct their mistakes and start over.

>> No.56035379

>You can have different kinds of treads or wheels on a vehicle. It doesn't make it a different chassis.
Treads and their requisite attachment points are part of the chassis. You can take wheels on or off without messing with the chassis, but you have to alter the chassis heavily to insert or remove axles.

>> No.56035387

Checks were hard enough on marines. Cant imagine doing it on those spindly clowns.

>> No.56035388

Except the Sicaran and Plageburst Chassis don't look anything near as alike as those Jeeps, nice strawman.

>> No.56035389

>axle is literally the same
>obviously identical chassis
Yes this is what two vehicles with the same chassis looks like, good job.

Tank treads are not fucking tires.

>> No.56035393

I know I'm going to get a chickenshit maymay answer, but I'll ask anyway.

Why has duncan become a meme? Why does both /40kg/ and the reddit worship him together in some wierd personality cult?

It it just because he's the "face" of official GW painting videos, and you all are just cringey autists who cling to that face?

>> No.56035398

>comparing tires to complex tread assemblies hardmounted into the side of the machine

>> No.56035401

Screencapped just in case someone else asks...or complains.

>> No.56035410

I was pretty much following his video as closely as possible, just with a different color scheme (dark green instead of black, orange and purple instead of the blue and red).

I'll try again at some point, but I'm busy enough adding plastic Thousand Sons to my metal hybrid ones.

>> No.56035411

>It's a standard tactic to eliminate enemy leadership at the earliest opening since humanity poked each other with pointy sticks.
>How dare a people want a tabletop game where people use tactics in a simulation of eternal warfare

>> No.56035412


>> No.56035421

>Why has duncan become a meme? Why does both /40kg/ and the reddit worship him together in some wierd personality cult?
Because he's a genuinely nice, fun, charismatic guy, and has really good and useful painting tutorials which have helped many people improve, and he has catchphrases which lend themselves well to becoming meme material due to being actually good advice?

I don't know what you're looking for here.

>> No.56035432

I painted my Harlequins in a simple solid color scheme, but I gave them juggalo facepaint. Had a fun time running the mother

>> No.56035435

I don't see any worshipping. One dude just recommended a high quality tutorial video for a paint scheme that's extremely difficult to paint.

Do you have autism?

>> No.56035438

It's partly because the painting tutorials are possibly the best thing GW has done for as long as I can remember. They are an absolute godsend for beginner painters and I've noticed a considerable rise in the average quality of painted armies since they started. Everybody loves them and one of the only legitimate complains to be had is that they shill GW's paint system, in that they sometimes recommend large amounts of different paints where two or three would do, and they don't teach advanced techniques like airbrushing, because GW don't make an airbrush, only air paints.

Second is that Duncan is just a likeable dude. I've met him personally and he's as amicable and down to earth in the flesh as he is in the videos.

>> No.56035440

nope. That's not how treads work retard.

>> No.56035441

Why is there not leaked pages for numbers and rules so I can build some lists?! I got a cute little tourney coming up the day after release and would enjoy a bit of prep time.

>> No.56035448

>How dare a people want a tabletop game where people use tactics in a simulation of eternal warfare
"Snipe the other guy's characters turn one" isn't a tactic.

>> No.56035449

>I don't see any worshipping
>two thin coats
>our lord and savior duncan
>god duncan

You're blind and retarded. Lurk more.

>> No.56035450

>pages for the eldar codex

>> No.56035457

Please share them now

>> No.56035469

so lets say I'm starting craftworld than since dark eldar and harlequins aren't good for a first army. Should I get the new start collecting is that enough to play a game?

>> No.56035471

Yes it is you shit.

>> No.56035476

Still don't see that here. Why don't you contain your tard-rage until after someone posts some "worship."

Meme'ing isn't worship. Do you literally think we're all a bunch of space marine worshippers?

>> No.56035478

Just as much as "form a moshpit in the middle of the board" isn't. This isn't AoS.
Fucking Marinefag, not even recognizing that shooty armies exist.

>> No.56035485

Sadly, I sold em off a few years back, and I don't have any pictures anymore.

Start Collecting boxes are a good start.

>> No.56035487

If they're hard mounted to the tank, how do them move retard?

>> No.56035491

>most people were shit at painting
>GW releases official series of painting tutorials with a clean-cut well-spoken guy who makes it very simple and easy
>suddenly tons of people see their painting skills actually improve before their eyes
>express gratitude by memeing the internet teachin' man into being a "saviour"
It's pretty simple really

>> No.56035495

>Just as much as "form a moshpit in the middle of the board" isn't.
Never said it was. Try again, shitposter.

By the way, shooting is king in Sigmar.

>> No.56035496

That's not what it means you dingus

>> No.56035499

>Meme'ing isn't worship
>implying it isn't

When you elevate someone to meme's, you're worshipping them.

>> No.56035502

Those are the SUSPENSION BOGIES, not the mountings. One has 5, the other has 7.

You don't change that. The entire suspension has to be replaced.

>> No.56035507

GW want to keep that shit zipped up tight until release day. Most of the leaks we got are from screenshots from codex reviewers' videos, but now GW are telling them they can't post that content, only talk about it, and for this exact reason.

Not that it matters anyway since we already know the important changes and almost everything is getting a sizeable point drop. Just build your list using the index and then add to it with the spare points switching to the codex will grant you.

>> No.56035508

>moving the goalpost and trying to redefine hard mounted

I'm loving how you keep proving yourself retarded, realizing it, then trying to squirm out from under your very own words.

>> No.56035521

>he doesn't know the difference between treads and road wheels

>> No.56035525

>durr the setting is about space fantasy guys hitting each other with space swords in space
This is literally what you said and there is far more to the setting than that. Eldar have always been a shooty army anyway so you can't even claim muh original concept on this shit.

>> No.56035527

That wasn't even the same guy, you idiot.

There are at least 3 if not 4 different anons here calling you retarded.

>> No.56035533

>I-I'm not the retard who thought treads were hard mounted, t-that was someone else I swear!

>> No.56035544

those 2 tank chassises are different like cakes and resins are different.

>> No.56035548

>Play fluffy Inquisition Army
>Basically just Storm Troopers, Acolytes, Valkyries, and some Tauros Venators
>Get called WAAC for it today during a game
>Guy calls my Tauros Venators and Punisher Vulture OP
>He played Traitor Primaris Marines using the Iron Hand rules
>Hated that my female Inquisitor 1v1ed his Primaris Chapter Master

Wtf did I do wrong???

>> No.56035550

>This is literally what you said and there is far more to the setting than that.
None of that has anything to do with claims about tactics. Keep trying.

>Eldar have always been a shooty army anyway so you can't even claim muh original concept on this shit.
Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Storm Guardians, Shining Spears, Wraithlords, the Avatar. They have guns (as do marines), but they still scrap it up.

Tau are the closest thing to an exception, and even they have both melee characters and melee(ish) units.

>> No.56035552

Ah shit not this again.

>> No.56035570

>Tauros Venators and Punisher Vulture

Well for starters you idolised Hitler you fucking Nazi

>> No.56035576

posted a reddit-tier strawman fiction on /40kg/ hoping to score some sympathy and attention.

>> No.56035578

I really just like Warthogs both from Halo and the actual A-10.

>> No.56035588

Thoughts on the animal?

>> No.56035593

>Implying people aren’t trying to shit on any and all Guard right now

>> No.56035599

Do Berzerkers go in transports or do you just run big blobs of them?

I'm retarded pls halp

>> No.56035600

>None of that has anything to do with claims about tactics
But it does, when you claim "WOW EVERYTHING MUST MELEE OR IT DOESN'T FIT 40K, SNIPING IS NOT ALLOWED". You're trying to assert that anything that isn't explicitly about reaching a melee or supporting it firsthand doesn't fit the setting, and that's wrong.

>cherrypicking the handful of Eldar melee units
Just because the army has melee units does not mean melee is its focus. Contrast to Orks.

>> No.56035604

that cultist writing on the tablet looks so done with all this slaanesh shit. Like

>That mother fucker Claudius, I told him he could bring his friend over and we'd chill and he brings a whole fucking crowd of people and starts this weird orgy. I wish they would just get the fuck out, this is my house goddamnit and they're acting like I'm not even here.

>> No.56035605

Brutish and awesome if not weird.

>> No.56035606

>They were in the rules for marines in 2nd and 3rd edition
combi-grenade launchers were only in 2e
3e dropped them entirely, aside from forgeworld's elysians (which may have been done for 4e, I forget)

marines got them back in 5e (as auxiliary grenade launchers), because ward was a fan of 2e.

>> No.56035608

you make the Alpha Legion and enjoy your tactical stealth berserker special forces

>> No.56035610

>Traitor Primaris
He had shit taste, you did nothing. Some faggots can't stand to see their dudes get crushed.

>> No.56035611

>punisher vulture not OP
It's pretty damn strong anon
>tauros venator
I completely forgot those existed. I love the models. How do you run them?

Actually, what is your entire list anyway?

>> No.56035623

Infiltrate a big blob of them. Nothing sneakier than lobotomized rage machines.

>> No.56035626

for my eldar troop choice do I have to use guardians or can I just use dire avengers and rangers?

>> No.56035631

the vulture isn't anything like the A-10 what are you on about?

The Avenger is the A-10 of 40k.

>> No.56035638


>> No.56035639

did you use a ld 10 inquisitor to anchor imperial guard troops? cus those mixed imperial lists are kinda stupid.

the fact that he played a codex list as traitors isn't that bad anon, he managed to fluff his army in a single codex, while you went all over the place grabbing shiny objects.

>> No.56035651

There is only one correct answer, but you have to deny the holocaust first.

>> No.56035675

>Be Valhallans for a billion options
>Can take multiple regimental standards.
>Prefectus command tank requires a commander now because reading comprehension
>Ignoring the other things that 195 point model brings to the table aside from the leadership buff
>31 points as if we're talking about a normal commissar, who is even worse than the original chart shows
Anon, do you have a lot of commissars that you're sad are now bad at their job or are you just one of those people who wants to screech about guard being OP?

>> No.56035676

So what army do you all think will get new/updated models next?

I'm hoping it's not Tau but I feel like they're going to give them some new toys.

>> No.56035677

I’ll post it in a few, but I run the Venators with my outrider detachment. Just three Lascannon ones with my Inquisitor as the HQ and four flamer/bolt Pistol acolytes as the Elites. They’re all converted to go together as her own unit. The Storm Troopers are their own Battaltion lineup.

Wasn’t me posting. I just like the look of a Gunship and BRRRRT. Tauros are just rad.

Nope. The Inquisitor stayed with the Acolytes and the Venators ran around tank popping. The Storm Troopers did the rest and either airdropped or ran forward in Taurox Primes.

I ran my list as an Inquisitorial Strike Force and have been since early 7th. I restricted myself to a handful of units.

>> No.56035679

>But it does,
No, it doesn't. My argument is based on flavor and tone. You're the one that tried to bring in a tactics strawman. Either stop lying or stop posting.
>You're trying to assert that anything that isn't explicitly about reaching a melee or supporting it firsthand doesn't fit the setting, and that's wrong.
See, more lies. I never said shit about shooting in general, I talked about sniping characters wholesale. Which never has been and hopefully never will be a major component of 40k.

The Eldar haver tons of melee units, just like the Orks have tons of shooting units.

>> No.56035691


>> No.56035698

Anything but Primaris and Death Guard is the wrong answer.

Tau got new releases a year or two back so they'll be set for a while. I myself would count on any xenos model releases whatsoever for quite some time.

>> No.56035724

>He thinks Inquisition members can’t requisition anything they want

Wow you’re absolutely retarded

>> No.56035772

A leman russ annilattor is 177.
Get 2 and delete something of your list

>> No.56035773

>My argument is based on flavor and tone
Exactly. You're trying to claim that sound tactics like eliminating the opposing leadership simply do not exist in 40k.
>You're the one that tried to bring in a tactics strawman
Wasn't me.
>I talked about sniping characters wholesale. Which never has been and hopefully never will be a major component of 40k
Except challenges in 6th and 7th did just this. Accepted lingo literally called it character sniping, and fuck that doesn't even mention Precision Shots, which do the same thing, but at range. There have always been ways of sniping characters. Mind War for example is a classic Eldar power that is dedicated to doing it; is that un-40k too?
>The Eldar haver tons of melee units, just like the Orks have tons of shooting units
Yeah and Eldar clearly specialize at shooting with their good BS and great guns while Orks focus on melee with buckets of attacks and good S, and their shooting units are hampered by shit BS. They're literally a >melee race.

>> No.56035777






>> No.56035778


>> No.56035828

Steel Legion, duh. Then ally in Scions for all your Fallschirmjager needs.

>> No.56035865

>Be Valhallans for a billion options
Because fuck every other regiment right?
>Can take multiple regimental standards.
One per officer, and they're still a small squishy unit that can be targeted
>>Prefectus command tank requires a commander now because reading comprehension
Fair enough, I made assumptions based on the name of the stratagem.
>Ignoring the other things that 195 point model brings to the table aside from the leadership buff
Because we were specifically talking about leadership buffs.
>31 points as if we're talking about a normal commissar, who is even worse than the original chart shows
That IS what the original chart showed.

>> No.56035913

It is though.
>an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end
I shoot your commander, your army is suddenly potentially hurting in the leadership department

>> No.56036004

What is the best way to use a hellbrute? (Multimelta and fist )

The few games ive ran it, felt underwhelming.

Should I just plant him in one space and take a pot shot every turn?

>> No.56036045

Run him up the board until he's in melta range and then Fire Frenzy a big transport before charging the dudes inside.

>> No.56036112

When your opponent only takes 5 minutes for his turn because you shit on 70 precent of his army turn one, you dont need to rush your turn.

>> No.56036161

>"Snipe the other guy's characters turn one" isn't a tactic.
That is literally the definition of a tactic.

>> No.56036176

they already confirmed new tau, but not part of the tau empire, which is basically code for farsight and the eight getting actual models

>> No.56036185



Learn your tank history Khornate brainlet

>> No.56036864

You can't kill much with bs5 lasguns and bs4 mortars and 24 inches S4 guns turn 1.

>> No.56037952

Quite amusing this guy

>> No.56038055

However he was like 80 points and still gave you morale immunity which actually mattered in 3rd edition.

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