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Red Scorpions edition.

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>Warhammer Community news(New FAQs and Errata for the Astra Militarum and beyond)

>Daily Duncan Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsziEzfcGIY&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW&index=1 [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>Eldar entire codex revealed by Striking Scorpion 1488
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ne8vBVT8N0 [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for guardfags BTFO

>> No.56029730

Why are they called space marines if there's no water in space

>> No.56029743

What makes for the best long ranged anti vehicle options for muhreens?

Predators or devastators?
Any good options from Forgeworld?

>> No.56029748

Imperial Navy

>> No.56029750

Reminder to vote for your favorite tank!


Then go post on GWs facebook and ask them to update Marines and Chaos Marines so they get Chapter Tactics/Legion Traits on tanks like everyone else has now!

>> No.56029752

Second for are terminators viable? I've got like 20 of the guys, and I'm wondering how they stack up in 8th

>> No.56029756

Actually, that is entirely true. They shouldn't be called space marines. They are in no way aquatic.

>> No.56029762

They're much better than they used to be. Maybe not top tournament level viable, but they're good.

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>> No.56029778

No Guard fag has cared about this. Literally no one. Just butthurt shitters wanting to rub it into Guard fags faces. Meanwhile ever Guard fag out there is just like "Okay."

>> No.56029779

They're a quasi elite fighting force that deploys via naval battleships to kill the enemy

>> No.56029794

Leviathan dreads do a pretty bang-up job, but I doubt anything compares to infantry with lascannons.

>> No.56029796

>Land Raider
>Lotsa Rhinos
>Pirmaris tech-heresy
Of course Land Raider

>> No.56029801

For a mechanized tau list, are gun drones the way to go for everything? Or are guardian and shield drones ever worth it?

Looking for just attached drones to breacher, strike team, pathfinders, and HQs

>> No.56029805

>so they get Chapter Tactics/Legion Traits on tanks like everyone else has now!

So which of the new codexes has everything also count for tanks?

>> No.56029811

Thats reassuring. Looks like hammer and anvil is a go lads.

>> No.56029815

All of them except for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines (including Death Guard): Imperial Guard, AdMech, and Eldar.

>> No.56029816

It depends on what you're facing. Devs are better if you want to kill enemy armored AT and preds are better if you want to kill armored AP.

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>> No.56029819

Disgusting mother fucker couldn't even wait for page 8.

>> No.56029840

Which box is best box for chaos soup?

>> No.56029851

Space is an ocean. There, now it makes sense.

>> No.56029860

Funny thing the issue was never the commissar but the combo. Remove the combo and the issue solve it self.
Give the autopistol trigger happy to rule Conscripts instead of the Commissar itself

>> No.56029861


You don't take anything approaching a power armored CSM or something driven by them in good soup?

>> No.56029866

Then where's the fucking water?

>> No.56029875

Most space naming conventions are based on nautical terms.

>> No.56029877

gun drones are great, guardian not so much, markerlight drones suck, shield drones got a nice buff with the FAQs a while back and are pretty sweet for HQs

>> No.56029878

>Leave the Tau to me

>> No.56029888

So what are your hopes for Chapter Approved?

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>> No.56029895

In the Marines, anon. Do you even space?

>> No.56029904

That was my vote too, good taste.

>> No.56029916

If I want marines I will take them, this soup is not for competitive.

>> No.56029917

>No Guard fag has cared about this
>literal last 2 threads were people complaining that their conscripts were useless now

>> No.56029918

nice Emperor's Children dreadnought

>> No.56029922

Why is it called "US Marines" when there is no water in Afghanistan?

>> No.56029925

All las Predator
All las Devastators
Anything "laser destroyer" from FW (Rapier, Typhon, Falchion, Vindicator, etc)

>> No.56029934

I made a chart that compairs the amount of wounds guardsman will take in the moral phase based on wounds taken that turn and with the new commissar rules, old commissar rules, and no commissar. This is for a regular ld 8 commissar and assumes the seargent of the squad is still alive, now we can all get along and stop arguing about wether or not the commissar causes more or less wounds

>> No.56029936

>Twin AssCan instead of the awesome Leviathan ranged options

>> No.56029939

Commissars* not conscripts

>> No.56029941

How do I get into mathhammer and win tournaments? I need nerds to bow to me for powergaming.

>> No.56029942

I'm more salty about the Vostroyan tactic change.
>infinite ruskies into space.

>> No.56029943

>No Guard fag has cared about this. Literally no one.
Where have you been while the autists have thrown tantrums for 24 straight hours about how "commissars are deleted from the codex" and they're going to boycott GW and shit

>> No.56029953

>conscripts were useless now
Anon don't lie, the last thread have been trying to explain why Commissar are not usable.

Conscripts are still broken as hell.

>> No.56029954


>> No.56029955

"Great, Commissars are garbage now, and that should be the final nail in the coffin for Conscripts."

"Wow, conscripts and commissars are now completely worthless. That's a change I didn't see coming."

"No, they definitely went too far. Commissars will not make their points back, or even really come close now, and conscripts are shit tier now."

Everyone should be mad at commissars getting squatted.

I agree they needed nerfs, but this was ridiculous.

"Guard fags are justifiably angry that they got bait and switched and only scions are viable now."

"that ability still makes commissars worthless"

"if you want to run infantry in IG, your effective options are limited to scions and ogryns now."

"IG just became monobuild scions"

>> No.56029959

Lol no, you tards have been bitching about this for days.

>> No.56029963

Any recommendations on a good channel for BatReps that I can listen to while painting?

>> No.56029968

As a non-Guardfag, I agree that's the one thing about the FAQ that was fucked

>> No.56029969

I hope he goes head to head against Ralai. I fancy the Tau, but I think I'd be happy with either result.

>> No.56029981

Yep realized my mistake.

>> No.56029982

You see, Ivan

>> No.56029987

No, it was people saying Commissars aren't worth it and some other people saying they were okay for infantry squads. That's it. No one really cares that much. You on the other hand seem to care a whole lot, enough to make things up so you can laugh at no one.

>> No.56029994

I like glacial geek. You wont see the best looking stuff or the most variety, but he is pretty enthusiastic about everything which is nice.

>> No.56030001

Also this
New Commissar do not bring anything of worth.

>> No.56030003

How any moron thought the old commissar numbers were acceptable is beyond me.

>> No.56030005

god damn I want to paint a daemonette

>> No.56030012

>No, it was people saying Commissars aren't worth it
Not him and no, it was not. Guardfags outright said, amongst many other things that "commisars are squated" and that "commisars are useless"
That it far beyond merely saying "they aren't woth it"

>> No.56030018

Why can't GW into balance? Every time they 'fix' one thing, they break another.

>> No.56030022

>gets desk ready
>looks at camera
>sharp inhale, opens mouth to speak
>cut to intro

Every time

>> No.56030029

that the Alaskan dude who "WHOOOOOO"s? I like that guy too

>> No.56030031

Autism and anime, surprise.
Again, no one cared. Keep trying.

>> No.56030037

The only thing they broke was the Valhallan Stratagem.

>> No.56030044

That anime girl is pretty cute though. Your post sounds pretty autistic.

>> No.56030046

Well not bringing and commissar and bringing one outside of wasting points there is no difference mathwise.

There is a point when Commissar start hurting you more. They still benefit Conscript so the broken combo is still there.

>> No.56030047

Commisars are literally useless, $20 paperweights now.

>> No.56030048

So new commisar statically only either helps or does nothing. And good lord, who the fuck ever thought that the old commisars numbers were ok?

>> No.56030050

Not either if the guys you're replying to, but you're the one who sounds butthurt here. Please calm down.

>> No.56030063

Valks allowing disembarking after moving with no risk if moving 20" or less is kind of OP.

>> No.56030067

Here we go again!

>> No.56030073

Keep trying and everyone else will keep not caring.

>> No.56030082

>badmath gaurdfag utterly BTFO
And this is only for infantry, not for conscripts

>> No.56030083

Has there been any indication that Knights might get any new toys? It's nice that the thermal cannon's been upgraded but they're still pretty unappealing crunch wise

>> No.56030089

Watching this Guardfag be butthurt about being called out for being butthurt is amazing.

>> No.56030097

They got a couple stratagems in AdMech, which I think counts as an indication.

>> No.56030098

>Again, no one cared. Keep trying.
And let me guess, pic related was a false flag, right?

Fuck off eith your "who are you going to belive, me or your lying eyes" bullshit

>> No.56030101

That wasn't a change. They actually reduced the safe distance.

>> No.56030106

Yes, just keep posting about how much you totally don't care, how you don't care so much you have to let everyone know exactly how much you really really don't care.

I'm sure that will convince us.

>> No.56030109

Now they do nothing or fuck you over, you read the numbers wrong, or intentionally interpreted them wrong.
Also in squads of 10 new Coms start to dick you over if you lose 3 or more models.

They Hospitaller level of useless

>> No.56030123

Yeah those posts look legit. Keep trying.
Stop posting.

>> No.56030129

My World Eater scheme, thoughts?

>> No.56030139

That was a reverse troll, you absolute fucking retard.

>> No.56030147

Calm your fucking autism jesus christ.

Manchildren like you are why we can't have nice threads.

>> No.56030150

looks like HH deathguard without the green shoulder pad.

>> No.56030151

>Now they do nothing or fuck you over, you read the numbers wrong, or intentionally interpreted them wrong.
Are you retarded? No really, point to where on the graph it has a commisar influcting more wounds than no commisar.

>> No.56030164

Says the poster who is obviously raging and screeching. Again, stop posting.

>> No.56030171

>Now they do nothing or fuck you over, you read the numbers wrong, or intentionally interpreted them wrong.
How are you this fucking retarded

>> No.56030172

are you a neogaf refugee?

>> No.56030177

Anon, chill with your autism.

>> No.56030182

Just remember that the users of those dreads burn out.

>> No.56030186

In what universe is that in any way a WE scheme

>> No.56030190

More guard regiments.
Make your own regiment/chapter/craftworld/whatever rules.
Vehicle design rules that are more than 'take whatever guns you like on a land raider'.
All weapons/wargear which currently cost 0 points to be given proper points cost, making it easier to agree on rules for custom units.
Old Forge World models (knarlocs, mega-dreads, etc.) to get rules.
Index-only armies buffed to compete with codex armies (just need a 10% points cost for most of them).
Shit-tier armies like orks to get a serious points drop.
Some method to counter to-hit penalties, like a generic stratagem giving +1 to hit or something.

>> No.56030195

>this is how stupid the whiny guardfags are
>literally can't read numbers

>> No.56030199

Going for bone white and brass trim, thought it looked good.

>> No.56030203

You're still posting. I don't think you understand English very well. That's about what I'd except from someone who seems to be literally retarded, or maybe European.

>> No.56030204

Oh, hey, there's this guy too! >>56030047

Call it whatever you please, anon. These are the words of your fellow guardsmen.

If you really don't care, why don't you go put on some tea and paint your conscript squads that you're still definitely using because none of this has changed affected you in any way instead of being triggered by anime girls?

>> No.56030210

What's the regiment and what's nearby? And which Commissar?

If it's a Mordian Infantry Squad and a non-Lord Commissar, the Commissar will actively increase casualties taken at 4, 7, and 8.

>> No.56030217

How do you even survive while being this fucking illiterate? How on earth are you even able to communicate or post when you clearly struggle with basic reading comprehension?

>> No.56030219


>> No.56030229

It might be 3, 6, and 7 - I'm working from memory, don't have my math from earlier in front of me.

>> No.56030233

world eaters decide to paint themselves cream/white.
The reason?
Whenever they say they are world eaters, a fight starts.
Khorne approves.

>> No.56030236

Are Repulsors decent? I was thinking of making a Primaris only army.

>> No.56030237

Anon, please, go take your meds, you're scaring the children. Not him by the way.

>> No.56030241

The math is wrong by the way.

>> No.56030242

Bone, skulls? No? They started out white, I thought it wouldn't be a stretch. Plus at least one warband has bone white helmets so why not have the whole thing be bone white?

>> No.56030248

>anyone who points out how stupid I am is a GW shill

These salt mines will sustain me for weeks, this is almost as good as the Tau nerfs in 8th

>> No.56030254

So is he pleased with the current state of events?

>> No.56030258

It does look pretty good, if you mix in some HH world eater elements you'll have a nice HH world eater army

>> No.56030259

My army is fully painted, that's why I post here. I know why you're not working on your army, you don't play, that's obvious, but from what I've gathered, no one cares still. Just people like you acting like they do.

>> No.56030263

Because that is the sales tactics ffs. Learn it already

>> No.56030265

Will look cool if you can do blood splatter well.

>> No.56030271

>this salty as fuck guard fag in denial
Watch out boys we got a live one here and I think he's getting ready to blow

>> No.56030273

if he isn't full of despair hes doing wrong

>> No.56030275

Except it isn't.

>> No.56030287

I don't think it works well honesty, but on the flip sideI kinda want to try a red/bone scheme now

>> No.56030301

It reminds me of the time the DA chink starting getting testy just before he went into full fucking meltdown

>> No.56030303

Guard is still OP
SoB still OP
Marinefags are trying to make the Commissar issue a big thing
Guard is still OP after that thing
Eldar are OP
Basically just non codex and Marine/Chaos bitching as usual.

Also bad reading comprehension and bad math that everyone believes.

>> No.56030311

You guys are almost as bad as reality TV producers. Someone is reacting calming and normal, and you blow it out of proportion like shit's about to go down. I'm starting to wonder if it's butthurt Tau and Eldar fags trying to make Guard the new hated army even though no one really hates them. I guess good on them for trying?

>> No.56030315

Yes, it is. The correct value for row 10 is 0 casualties in all 3 columns, for example.

>> No.56030322

While I kind of like the idea of "bone armor" Khornates I think it looks dull, maybe it'll look better on a model but its all monotone and dull, personally I would make the warband be kind of a Khornate equivalent to Nurgle's The Cleaved and have their armor constantly leaking blood so you can add splashes of red in some places without covering them in blood.

>> No.56030340

The rotate shields one? Yeah I saw that, it's pretty nifty but a bit of a shame it can only be use on one knight per turn. I hope they get something to level out their weapons, the battle cannon and ironstorm pod just don't seem worth it, which is a shame because they look so cool

>> No.56030341

Don't be pedantic

>> No.56030343

Do you think he is still mad at Typhus?

>> No.56030347

>even though no one really hates them.
I wish I could be as delusional as you. It must be nice living in a world were your utterly unaware of anyone disagreeing with you

>> No.56030350

>Then go post on GWs facebook and ask them to update Marines and Chaos Marines so they get Chapter Tactics/Legion Traits on tanks like everyone else has now!
Congratulations you miss the point of space marines. If you want to play parking lot go play Guard.

>> No.56030353

See? This is why the Imperium will always be dogshit.
The moment there are no real xeno or chaos threats, they turn on themselves.

>> No.56030361

It is wrong, do the math yourself.
Hence one guy was bitching about it and some how everyone jump on him.

This thing >>56029934 is fake news.

>> No.56030365

It's just the math for if the squad has more than 10 guys, which it can now with the consolidate squads stratagem.

>> No.56030372

I mean, ok, we can use fuzzy math if you like, but it seems silly to accuse me of being pedantic while defending the exact correctness of the math. I'm good either way, though.

>> No.56030373

Stop posting.

>> No.56030383

I just did some math myself, normal commi does make infantry more resilient to moral, I did up to 7 wounds suffered.

>> No.56030384

>Congratulations you miss the point of space marines.
fuck you nigger, it makes no sense that fucking IH don't get tactics on their vehicles but random ass guardsmen, who don't even know how the things work, do.

>> No.56030386

Anon Marines are not part of the Imperium every loyal citizen should kill marines on sight for being bloody mutants

>> No.56030392

Chaos does the same without a reason, it's just that we are better at keeping our shit together.

>> No.56030394

That's fine, I just don't remember anon saying that. Could have sworn they said it was for base Infantry Squads.

It's important for any of these math posts to specify assumptions, like regiment and so on. Anon clearly did not assume Mordian, for example.

>> No.56030396

I'm a different anon then the one you were talking to.

>> No.56030418

>what are Iron Hands
>what are the Ultra successors that use tons of tanks
>what are armoured column lists which have been a thing in the fluff fucking forever
Why are you so new

>> No.56030425

>someone called me out for being deluded
>better resort back to just telling them to leave

>> No.56030427

>t's important for any of these math posts to specify assumptions

if you didn't assume things, you'd be in a better place to analyze math.

>> No.56030428

Berzerkers, dude.

>> No.56030434

Yes, that is my point.

>> No.56030449

Land Raider. Rhinos just die horribly.

>> No.56030453



That's a funny spelling of horrors, malefic lords, and Magnus.

>> No.56030461

Not really, your getting butthurt that the numbers don't reflect your conditions.

If you want specific conditions run your own simulation.

>> No.56030469

The chart means bugger all without the proper assumptions
Even with:
>regular ld 8 commissar and assumes the seargent of the squad is still alive

It is still wrong.

>> No.56030471

Now it just needs some poison gas launchers to be complete.

Cullin did nothing wrong.

>> No.56030472

>Could have sworn they said it was for base Infantry Squads.
Consolidated base infantry squads are still base infantry squads. Nothing about the math is incorrect.

>It's important for any of these math posts to specify assumptions, like regiment and so on.
It clearly assumes no Regiment. You have to make adjustments for Regiments with Ld bonuses. If said Regiments can't make good use of Commissars, don't take them in those lists. Not every unit choice should be optimal for every Regiment.

>> No.56030474

Mordian does effectively make the commi a burden which kills more than it saves.

>> No.56030478

No, you're confused.

I'm butthurt anon did not specify his conditions.

>> No.56030480

Please be trolling. If you're not please kill yourself, for you truly are too stupid to live.

>> No.56030487

prove it

>> No.56030490

No fuck you. IH aren't tankstankstanks and you're illiterate if you think they are.

>B-but 7th had a tank formation!
Fuck off, this is infantry edition and if you don't like it go jack off on a Leman Russ.

>> No.56030497

>W-we didn't get BTFO by this nerf we've been bitching about nonstop since it dropped!
Guardfags' delusions never cease to amaze me.

>> No.56030499

"It clearly assumes" is, itself, a clear sign of you assuming, which we have already established is bad math.

>> No.56030503

Holy shit, I didn't think these levels of autism and butthurt were possible.

>> No.56030506

It is wrong, want me to spoon feed you too? Or you write rules for GW.

>> No.56030511

I made a simulation just to check that spreadsheet. Commissar buffing Infantry, no regiment. I did up to 7 wounds taken, I have the same numbers.

>> No.56030519

I'm coming up with fluff for a Hive World in my oc steel donut corner of the galaxy. I can't think of a way to set it apart from the typical hive world, tho. How can I make this place stand out, and be interesting to write fluff in?

>> No.56030526

I know bad math hurts, people defending bad math because it fits their worldview is even worst.

>> No.56030536

Well, now when he blenders through 21 Conscripts in one combat phase, he can be sure the other 9 will run away on their own without having to bother to use his auras or pistol or spells. Really saves up time.

>> No.56030547

>his is for a regular ld 8 commissar and assumes the seargent of the squad is still alive

He did, from this you know that its base infantry men with no doctine that affect leadership and that the sargent is the last model to die. The amount of bodies in the unit doesn't matter.

alot of talk and not alot of proof.

>> No.56030548

>IH aren't tankstankstanks and you're illiterate if you think they are.
"When the Iron Hands go to battle they do so without emotion, but with a profusion of warmachines and tanks"
page 56 of the 8th edition codex
>IH aren't about tanks

>> No.56030549

Dubs names my Chaos Lord for the narrative campaign coming up.

>> No.56030550

In a squad of 10 guys, losing 3 models gets you in the zone of trigger happy commissar.

>> No.56030553

Well are you gonna whip it out and show me or what? I'm just busting your balls here because you sound like you're trying -really- hard to not be butthurt.

Here, just to show you I don't even hate guard, here's the guard I own. I've only used my marines, death watch, and chaos this edition, but it sounds like stormtroopers got pretty strong.

Now show me your doods, bro. Let's be friends.

>> No.56030555

It isn't polluted

>> No.56030562

Did he do anything wrong?

>> No.56030563


I mean he dies to Kill Shot predators before the game really gets moving.

>> No.56030565

Considering how badly Typhus BTFO'd him in Dark Imperium, I'm going with yes.

>> No.56030573

People don't seem that butthurt. Seriously, you people are reality tv show executive producers. The kind of person that adds in tires screeching when someone drove away calmly.

>> No.56030577

Prime Watcher Archibald Cockstink

>> No.56030578

This is what happens when you play by spreadsheet. Fluffy IG players are shrugging about it.

>> No.56030584

Like clockwork. I think I oughta make a salty Guardfag bingo, because falling back on the Taudar boogeyman to try and deflect is in every last damn meltdown.

>> No.56030590

You still get the +1ld to mitigate what summary execution does.

>> No.56030593

It has an AIDS/STD epidemic.

>> No.56030596

That's a funny way of saying "I have no friends and never will".

>> No.56030598

Fucking neogaf refugees plz leave.

>> No.56030604

Is Typhus basically the worst of the mortal champions? Because Kharn, Lucius, and Ahriman all seem to be better than him in every way.

>> No.56030619

Oops, lost my image, here >>56030259

>> No.56030622

Fuck off, Nazi scum.

>> No.56030623

how exciting. truly we are building a compelling narrative already.

>> No.56030632

There are no forge world models here.

>> No.56030635

Literally everything. He's an autistic man child who was cucked over and over again by everyone around him.

>> No.56030646

You haven't made anyone salty. You're just patting yourself on the back for a job not done. Keep trying.

>> No.56030650

>gets BTFO about commissars not actually being strictly worse
>proceeds to shitpost about a bunch of stupid pedantic shit that doesn't matter to avoid admitting he was wrong
Gee, Guardfags sure are handling this maturely!

>> No.56030653

>tires on the taurox
My nigga

>> No.56030654 [SPOILER] 

How'd you know i bought FW doors for my rhinos, fucking stalker!

National SOCIALISTS can fuck off with you cunts as well.

>> No.56030656

I don't do math, I tell Python to roll a lot of dices and I make them follow the rules of WH40k. His spreadsheet is correct.

>> No.56030661

>These guys use slightly more vehicles
>Have a stratagem to reflect this
>IH retards are still butthurt
unironically sell all your miniatures

>> No.56030662


Post models you would literally build a new army for, I'll start.

>> No.56030663

I don't think you've correctly worked out which posts are mine and which are not.

>> No.56030664

Typhus straight up calls his Primarch a bitch to his face and gets away with it. Best champion by far.

>> No.56030668

it's going to be a super special one specifically for him and it won't because red scorpions are teh best!

>> No.56030671

You serious? Lucius has no reason to exist. Typhus BTFOs his Primarch on a regular basis, is more favored by Nurgle than he is, and is the reason the Death Guard fell to Chaos in the first place. Everyone loves Kharn and Ahriman. Lucius is just a creepy asshole who literally exists to job.

Seriously, his main defining trait is losing fight after fight and getting resurrected into the body of his killer. He's literally designed to lose. You don't get more pathetic than that.

>> No.56030679


>> No.56030680

I posted Morty not Perturabo.

>> No.56030681

Oh right, then it on 4 dead guys, the trigger happy commissar shows up.
Before that the Commissar doesn't even trigger so it is pointless

>> No.56030688

Chaos termies are fucking awful

>> No.56030695

Oh I get it. You're a guardfag who's butthurt and wants to deny one of the things you get to everyone else because reasons.
well then, continue on, but expect no more (You)s from me

>> No.56030700



>> No.56030706

It doesn't matter how many guys are in the squad, idiot, only how many you lose.

You can just say "losing 3 models gets you in the zone of trigger happy commissar", and also can be wrong about this, because it's wrong, we have that number right there on the sheet, with multiple other people running the numbers and confirming they got the same thing.

You can fucking admit you're bad at math, it's okay.

>> No.56030707


>> No.56030714

To be fair, Mortarion is probably the bitch-assest primarch that exists. Even like... Curze is better.

>> No.56030727

The easiest question is: did he do anything right?
>Didn't take over home world
>Didn't kill either dad
>Fell to Nurgle, Dad #3 (the one he never wanted) and still won't commit
>His first captain figures shit out faster
>Despised psykers and ends up on the side full of the nasty, wild ones instead of the Imperium's controlled psykers.
I mean at this point if Morty tells me he has a grand plan, I'm doing the opposite because it's proven Morty couldn't pull a beer tab without fucking it up completely.

>> No.56030728

So what I am getting out of that is that he is a good 3 after Kharn and Ahriman.

>> No.56030737

Lorgar, Russ, Dorn

>> No.56030743

>all these fucking taudar and marinefags defending the commisar nerfs and claimi g that guardfags are butthurt

Fuck you, stop posting you fags

>> No.56030756

Is it wrong that i want the ability to atleast roll up tactics for Your dudes? Like i will be suprised if the Hive Fleets dont get this ability since they are like the peak of your dudes the army. Who the fuck plays named hive fleets?

>> No.56030763

Yeah, that's fair. But then again Kharn and Ahriman are two of the best Chaos characters.

>> No.56030766


>> No.56030774

Literally did nothing wrong.

His fans may be bitches but he is at least better than the hype makes him out to be.

litteral best boy

>> No.56030784

Okay, forgot about Lorgar.
Russ and Dorn wouldn't pretend not to be wizards and get called faggots by their son in front of company.

>> No.56030786

I play Ultramarines Infantry Horde and Nids. Nice try faggot. Suck it up and field some power armor or go choke on a Razorback you probably bought last edition for a Decurion.

>> No.56030793

Nice false flag, but you won't get people to believe that Guard players are salty with that level of obvious bait. Points for effort, though.

>> No.56030806

>3 dead
>roll 6
>happy finger
>1 automatic death
>roll 6
>1 more death
>2 dead

We can all be stupid!

>> No.56030807

>hey I wonder if /40kg/ has calmed down after the Commissar nerf yesterday
>walk in to this thread
See you all in a week when you're bitching about Eldar instead, I guess.

Oh and from the fresh perspective I had reading this thread, you Guardfags are salty as fuck

>> No.56030809

Isn't there a post floating around about how the other primarchs made fun of Lorgar for having nothing special about him?

>> No.56030811

>HURR DURR everything is bait
Nice try marinefag, I see through your ways. Fuck you, stop posting.

>> No.56030816

Kharn is a straight up butcher. Ahriman has some cool lore and a nifty characterization. Typhus knows Papa Nurgle loves him with all his heart so he gets to give no fucks and live. Lucius's whole sthick requires him to die. It's a great trick in the short term, but it's nothing to base a character around.

>> No.56030818

>tfw your armies already consist of the models you'd build the army for

>> No.56030823

Can you make one for Lord commissars?

>> No.56030824

How are GSC this edition? Anything super effective about them to use for tactics?

Heavy mining weapons seem cool and almost OP.

>> No.56030825

Here it comes

>> No.56030832 [SPOILER] 

Every time.
I come here to get AWAY from the shit slurry you have turned /pol/ into, not watch you spew more retarded bullshit. I just want to talk about muh grimdark.

>> No.56030835

yeah, sure you do.
And if you really do, the of course an ultrasue would deny other chapters nice things, can't have anyone else getting shit like chronus or guillman.

>> No.56030837

Nobody is that upset about it. It's just shitposting central here.

>> No.56030839

This thread sucks and I will now summon Carnac as punishment for you all.
>Perturabo and Lorgar are undivided daemon princes

>> No.56030840

No because he can't math.

>> No.56030847


>> No.56030850

I'll give you a hand pic related lost to rocks.

>> No.56030855

Is it a dick move/bad idea to take a Baneblade variant in a 2000pt army?

>> No.56030860

C'mon bro, I showed you mine, show me yours >>56030259
Lets be friends. Show me your doods. Here, have a corvus of peace. It's this or I go back to anime girls and teasing you.
Hell yeah

>> No.56030862

stab stick dogfucker

>> No.56030866

Well a few weeks ago i posted some "it hurts to live" forgeworld stuff i got on the cheap side at a local shop's swap meet. and i've finally started making parts that are missing.

I hope at the least i've got the sizes of the parts close. i know i still have to pull them back off and detail them (used a drop of glue just to hold them in place to eye them in position before i continued.

i still need to rebuild the landing gear wells.

I know anons said i could of gotten one cheaper china cast but honestly i can't because i don't have an email adress they reply to (emailed 3 times and still no reply with a catalog) so i'm going to have to rebuild this guy.

anyone got one they can post a quick pick of the underside close up of the rear landing gear area? i need to eyeball the size of the panels and i'm going to make the gear retracted position.

>> No.56030871

More people play named hive fleets these days than they used to because easy painting tutorials exist for them now.

That said, yeah, Tyranids are the most Your Dudes I think of anything getting a Codex so far. Would be neat if they do something a little different for their tactics, like give us the Kharadron Overlord tables that custom build them out of sets of bonuses.

>> No.56030872

>can't have anyone else getting shit like chronus or guillman.
I own neither. my army is lead by an unnamed captain with power sword and plasma pistol since 3rd edition. again, nice try, retard. Marines don'trel on tanks and if you think they should you should stop sniffing primer.

>> No.56030875

>fuck you marine fags
Nope, that's it, I'm out. I've seen this before and I don't need to see it again

>> No.56030876

Dunno. I wouldn't doubt it, since literally nobody likes him.
Word Bearers are the shittiest legion.

>> No.56030878

It's a pretty good passage from The First Heretic where Manus asks if Lorgar is capable of doing anything worthwhile.

>> No.56030879

So, it seems like a commissar will reduce casualties by maybe 5% now. 5% extra durability should be worth about 2-3% more points (just having 5% more men gives you more firepower at full strength, so it's less valuable than you might think to be able to take 5% more hits before dying).

The commissar himself has some value as a model without his buff effects, but not much since even with a boltgun he has got about as much firepower as 3 conscripts and is roughly as durable. At most he is worth maybe 10 points.

That means in order to be worth the remaining 21 points you pay for him, you need him to buff about 1,000 points of infantry. That's probably not practical.

>> No.56030882

Anon how are you holding on to that? Its so fucking Slick?

>> No.56030883

A taurox for a small bit of fire support for my scions. What's a good loadout for that? I was thinking autocannons and the mini-cannon, and a heavy stubber for range.

>> No.56030886

No. I went up against one and I had things like a bunch of Catachan infantry squads, Bullgryn, Rough Riders, and some Crusaders. I was made mostly for melee and it still wasn't too bad. I

>> No.56030893

Fuck you marinefag, already trying to discredit me. I SEE THROUGH YOUR WAYS

>> No.56030895

Ah yes that one. Its fucking great

>> No.56030898

>bad rolls make bad things happen
Yes, but what matters are averages over time. Commissar is mathematically proven to be superior to no Commissar, by a guy who used a dice rolling simulation so it was literally impossible to fuck up the math, which came out identically to the guy who did the math.

So we can all stop complaining now. Anyone who continues to bitch about commissars after being empirically BTFO needs to take the rope.

>> No.56030899

They're good enough to survive in a friendly environment. They are likely some of the best superheavies in the game outside of legit Titans, for what it's worth. After the codex buffs they're much better than Knights, as far as I can see. Also the Shadowsword is so good at killing vehicles it's almost unfair. In fact it's actually unfair.

>undrilled barrels everywhere
Anon I want to like you and this model but...

>> No.56030900

>like give us the Kharadron Overlord tables that custom build them out of sets of bonuses.

Everyone should have that and the named chapters/regiments should just have an official combination

>> No.56030901

Okay, I want my next Armies on Parade to be a Dumbo Reference. Which army most closely resembles elephants? I'm thinking Krieg because of the gasmasks.

...Gunna need more Emperor's Children Paint for this...

>> No.56030915

Tires are a good load out

>> No.56030924

They're kind of shit compared to last edition, wait til they get their Codex buffs and then they'll probably be awesome again.

>> No.56030925

Gatling, hot shot volley, stormbolter. That's the standard netlist powerbuild.

>> No.56030926

They're pretty meh. The only real stand out thing they have going for them is Magus. The little fucks are cheap smite batteries with access to a great power list.

>> No.56030927

2000 points is pretty standard for a superheavy. I've taken knights in 1500 and haven't had a problem losing

>> No.56030939

>paying extra for losing models is good

>> No.56030947

>can't have anyone else getting shit like chronus or guillman
I own neither. My army is being led by a power sword/plasma pistol captains since 3rd.
Marines aren't about tanks and if you think they are you need to stop huffing primer.

>> No.56030950

Ah yes, me'mekor. The worst character to ever be introduced in 40k. Good choice, anon.

>> No.56030954

>Russ and Dorn wouldn't pretend not to be wizards and get called faggots by their son in front of company.

I'm usually defending Russ because he and the SWs get way more shit than they deserve, but pretending not to be wizards and shitting on psykers while being them is pretty much exactly what SWs do.

>> No.56030957

>math was literally proven right by python simulator and backed up by multiple other anons
>this one faggot still has no proofs to the contrary, just insists the math is wrong over and over without showing any work
Hmmm I wonder who to believe

>> No.56030963

There you go, it is very similar

>> No.56030978

Wait for the 8e codex. The index removed many of the rules from their 7e codex and GW has made it obvious indexes are only missing things so they can sell them back as codex DLC.

>> No.56030980

>way more shit than they deserve
Russ, Mortarion and Curze are literally the biggest hypocrites among the primarchs. Fuck, even Lorgar has a better point than those and that despite ADB's shitty writing

>> No.56030982

>the shit slurry you have turned /pol/ into
are you >implying /pol/ was ever anything else?

>> No.56030983

I agree, I honestly thought we were getting that at the start of the edition and was disappointed to find they didn't exist. Maybe in future supplements.

>> No.56030989

>no python post
>just bad excel
>lets believe the one that agrees with my narrative
Guess the SJW are here to stay.

>> No.56030990

I need long range high strength support, I've got scions and usually a Knight Achron for short ranged blasting

>> No.56031000

And he's not even the best Undivided Daemon Prince. Only daemon more worthless is probably Drach'nyen.

>> No.56031001

/pol/ was a mistake.

>> No.56031003

>paying extra for losing less models is good, also comes with a character body that can be decent in CC

>> No.56031008

>Get my 2k Marine list built and running.
>Start thinking about doing a guard army with some Death Strikes, Balehounds, and regular infantry using GSC bits and some Tempestus Scion helmeted head
>Remember the Meta

I really hate to be seen as a band-wagoner so I may just need to kick this on back-burner.

What a would a good Regimental Tactic be for a bunch of Rad/chemical weapon using Guard fluffwise?

I've been thinking either Armageddon or Valhallan

>> No.56031019

What about Voldorius?

>> No.56031029

You're forgetting Mortarion

>> No.56031030

Starting eldar which craftworld or color scheme should I do?

>> No.56031031

Anyone have positioning tips for Guard squads and getting 6inch buffs? I usually try to get my squads into melee combat, but by the time I charge I'm out of range of both the Priest and Straken, then they get just 1 attack and usually get beaten up back pretty bad.

>> No.56031035

>Doesn't want to be seen as a bandwagoner
>Has marines

One way or another, there's a bandwagoner inside all of us anon.

>> No.56031036

>are you >implying /pol/ was ever anything else?
Yes. There actually used to be discussion on there at one point. Compare the post and thread quality of infinity to our /pol/, you will see a difference. The reason being a lot of NatSocs moved there once reddit started flooding the place with moderates.

>> No.56031046

>anyone who can do math and doesn't just agree with the circlejerk of autistic angry WAACfag conscriptspammers is an SJW now

Keep going dude this is amazing

>> No.56031047


>> No.56031049

We can only hope anon. would be awesome

>> No.56031052

From their section on Hunters:

>(fun fact – did you know that Hunter shells are piloted by the remains of particularly loyal Chapter serfs?)

That's pretty fuckin metal.

>> No.56031055

3 deathstrike missiles, 3 basilisks, 6 thudd guns, walls of infantry and tarantulas and everyone will enjoy playing you

>> No.56031057

>Guess the SJW are here to stay.
i'm waiting for the retards to start protesting at the GW stores. antifa/lbgtxyz/femenatzis. ..

i can hear the chanting now..

heeey hooo this racist game has got to go .. heeyyy hooo this sexist game has got to go

meanwhile lesbians show up and start making out in the store in protest.. (and the nerds go nuts with the mentions of slanesh cultists in the store.

>> No.56031062

Granted, Perty is so pathetic even Morty can bully him to make himself feel better. His sons literally lose to Ratlings.

>> No.56031065

>I really hate to be seen as a band-wagoner so I may just need to kick this on back-burner
You and me both, I just wanted to build a tank company using the index even though it was shit, but after the buffs I can't even do that.

>What a would a good Regimental Tactic be for a bunch of Rad/chemical weapon using Guard fluffwise?
Catachan, because hear me out, their doctrine and order lets them get a lot more mileage out of flame weapons that either are chemical weapons or can be fluffed as them. Also, if you're willing to perform a bit more Advanced Narrative Forging, I guess their S4 wounding easier could be explained by rad poisoning on the enemy? Think Skitarii Vanguard.

>> No.56031068

Tallarn is pretty good for an army that relies on fast vehicles and it kind of fits the idea of a scumdog regiment. Armageddon is better if youre running infantry in chimeras out the ass.

>> No.56031070

Maybe if the cost was reduced to represent that impressive 5%~ extra resistance that can be easily replaced by another squad instead of a character.
Anon there is no way to defend Commissars as sane choice when you can simply get more bodies.

Also if you are getting into melee just bring priest and let all your IG hit more. There is little benefit for the Cool hat guy now.

>> No.56031071

No one would call you a bandwagoner for being Guard. People aren't really playing Guard anymore, the hype died down once people realized it's a boring army to play with and how many fucking models you have to paint.

>> No.56031077

I'm weird and I always end up drilling after I've finished the whole model. No idea why. I promise I'm not a barrel-craven.
Shucks, based Duncan lead me the whole way. And the corvus is a lovely kit. So easy to build compared to other flyers! (Looking at you, valkyrie).

Here, have some more watch

That I need to drill a lot of barrels on. I'm not making my case here.

>> No.56031081

My favorite part was when the Tau found one of the missiles and freaked the fuck out.

>> No.56031099

Never understood the hate. Always loved them, I even have the old metal, admittedly quite puny right now.

>> No.56031103

It is mostly a case of print screen with nothing to back it up.
Both side are being infuriating retarded.

Everyone should be talking how to kitbash crusaders anyway.

>> No.56031104

>long range
No Patrick, 24" inches is not long range

>> No.56031105

Nah, unlike those two he never whined about "oh woe is me what monsters are we becoming" he dived headfirst into the crazy and single-handedly dragged his entire Legion with him.

>> No.56031110

The more bodies you have the more benefit you get out of the Commissar. Don't take one for every squad, sit him in the middle of 3-4 of them and he's going to help.

>> No.56031111

What about purestrains? Aren't they turbo-rape on crack since the GAQ?

>> No.56031123

white brings out red.
looks fine to me
mind you i go for white/blue

>> No.56031126

>good gun instead of cheese cannon

>> No.56031139

I love dreadnoughts and 'heavy' armor too much to say no.

I may just bite the bullet and slowly build them up over time so I can bring them out when more stuff has come out.

Not a huge fan of using FW stuff.
Just doesn't rub me the right way.

That sounds pretty nice.
Could get the ground forces moving forward to close with the enemy.

S4 could be less 'muscle mass' and more the fact that the guys carrying this crap are hardened convicts where folks don't care about the ill effects of such weapons.

I was thinking more infantry heavy but my experiences with vehicles in this new edition would make me open to transports.

>> No.56031143

>putting Kharn and Ahriman anywhere near each other
Dude no. Stop.

>> No.56031151

Is plasma guns for Scions still good or does the price hike make it inefficient? 1 squad is taking all the volley guns and driving around in 1 of the Taurox Primes, and I want the second squad to deepstrike to make for a distraction.

>> No.56031152

Even Mortarion can bully Abaddon tho.

>> No.56031154

>hard to build
Anon what?
Might be my experience with crap like the PE or Warmachine metal models. But any plastic kit is a charm to assemble when compared those monstrosity

That fucking flag is a single piece of metal with a hand that need to be attached to the arm with contact space smaller than a Bolter muzzle.

>> No.56031158

>anything like how you described

Read something.

>> No.56031159

Eh, painting in batches of 20 is a good way to eat up a day so its not too bad.

'Work from Home' Days are the best.

>> No.56031161

Yes, but most people who play GSC want to be able to do more than just spam Purestrains. Also after the Nid Codex comes out in 2 weeks Hive Fleet Stealers will almost definitely be better with Hive Fleet Traits, Stratagems and new powers and whatnot, at least until GSC get a Codex too.

>> No.56031163

>all this ahriman circlejerking

he is such a terrible character, please off yourself if you think hes good in any way

>> No.56031164

>I've never read the first three horus heresy books

>> No.56031166

FW stuff is great fun, it's your loss

>> No.56031168

>calls the frogposter a nazi reflexively

>> No.56031169

Guard still has that 1cp stratagem that lets them reroll everything for one unit against chaos. I am going to have fun dealing with that being spammed for the foreseeable future against me

>> No.56031172

That's the thing though, the great stuff with chaos is that it is supposed to be tragic, and Kharn and Ahriman(ahriman especially) have that down well. Not granted this does not make Typhus bad but he has less of an opportunity for good stories.

>> No.56031179

There is no better character, none of them have his depth

>> No.56031182

Take your own advice and read maybe any Chaos Codex ever written.

>> No.56031184

I need a name for a device run by science and magic. Surely 40K has a bunch of these things

>> No.56031185

i used to field her all the time.. i had no problem keeping the flag/arms on just fine. i just never bothered with the guys pulling her.

and no i did not pin her hand to the arm. (i just packed her properly.

>> No.56031188

>just want to chill out and talk 40k IG stuff
>everyone is either sperging out about commissars being OP and getting a proper nerf or other Guardfags shitting an absolute brick about the commissar nerf like it's the end of the world
>thought I could escape it but Facebook, Dakka, even /tg/ are all devolving into levels of shit flinging the likes of which I haven't seen since Age of Sigmar dropped

Goddammit why the hell is everyone sperging out about this shit so much? Who'd have thought some crazy asshole in a hat would generate this much salt.

Speaking of which we need a drawfag to make an image of a commissar standing on a mountain of salt or something.

>> No.56031194


>> No.56031201

>reading that fucking garbage
>shit that happened 10k years ago being relevant to Kharns character now

>> No.56031205

>t. salty furry

>> No.56031210

I know.
I've run into Laviathen Dreads, some weird sisters tank with 6 fire points, a triple Heavy Flamer Tank, and a Sicarian from them.

I just feel really weird about using it, its like Third Party stuff in an RPG.

>> No.56031212

that's what you get for falling from the emperor's light

>> No.56031214

Fuck off, Anon, read some Kharn books.

>> No.56031218

They can still only use it once per turn on one unit.

>> No.56031221

sounds like a personal problem

>> No.56031223

What, like "I got myself a frictionless train with a levitation spell"? Magitek.

>> No.56031230

Only if there are guardsmen limbs popping out from the salt he is sitting on.

>> No.56031232

lol, I actually fucked up this time, I overwrote the death caused by the lord-commisar.

>> No.56031241

>gets called out for not knowing lore
>t-the lore is just shit so thats why I don't know it

>> No.56031244

Conshits were the premier meme of 8th edition. Makes sense that their nerf is big news.

They get more press than the real cheesiest lists such as Alphabet Chicken and the Malefic Lords ft. Super Smash Brothers M&M.

I guess when people called Guard the new Tau, they were right. They are infamously powerful (and deservedly so) but draw much more hate than the true kings of the meta (AKA what would be the new 7th edition Eldar).

>> No.56031246

You need each commissar to have about 20 standard infantry squads in his 6" bubble to make him worth the points.

Also, the math that was posted near the start of the thread is fucking wrong simply because it assumes there is no upper limit to casualties. No sensible person will actually pay CP to merge normal infantry squads, so don't say 'but it's possible they could have more than ten guys'. They won't.

>> No.56031250

Oh sure, I just mean in comparison. The corvus is really really nice. It's only two stories and very solid.

And to be fair to the valk, I did mine in odd subassemblies for painting, so that complicated things.

I do not miss working with metal one bit, I think the worst I remember were the red terror, master of the forge, and some of the ork characters.

I can't imagine dealing with the madness people who were in the hobby before me were used to.

>> No.56031252

It is.
I have no issue playing folks with it but I personally just feel weird using it.

>> No.56031253

Literally just kill yourselves if you're gonna be such whiny bitches about everything. Even Curze had the decency to do it.

>> No.56031256

Same here. I just want to talk about melee Guard and how fun Catachan and Bullgryn are.

>> No.56031257

>Black Library
If it's not in a Codex, campaign book, or Forge World book, it's fucking trash.

>> No.56031260

Do you think Kharn is Angron?

>> No.56031272

Could I get a critique of this list?
I'd like to keep the servitors in, for fluff reasons.

>> No.56031277

>No sensible person will actually pay CP to merge normal infantry squads
They do it all the time, where have you been. Being able to affect multiple squads with orders at the same time is powerful.

>> No.56031283

A book about Typhus just getting shit done while his useless daddy mopes and he makes snide commentary about it.

>> No.56031287

I really need to get Straken and try out the full retard Straken + Priest = Profit list

It's such a dumb idea but if you had enough dudes you could probably really smash someone with it if you caught them offguard.

That, or just run a typical gunline since the tools needed to make it are fairly cheap, and then just punk some assault army by getting the first charge off.

>> No.56031288

Truer words have never been spoken.

>> No.56031294

>They get more press than the real cheesiest lists such as Alphabet Chicken and the Malefic Lords ft. Super Smash Brothers M&M.
That's because those are Forge World and everyone already knows FW shit is WAAC and many stores and events already ban it.

>> No.56031297

Because Ahriman has better things to do with his time(trying to fix his mistake/become a god).

>> No.56031300

i'm not him but the lore is pretty shit.. the only company that might .. (and that's a huge MIGHT) have more retcons in it's lore would be blizzard

>> No.56031310

Weak bait.

>> No.56031311

Replying to yourself is pathetic.

>> No.56031313

you've got to pin it for that.
I mean what are you complaining about anyway, legion shit was horrific.

>some weird sisters tank with 6 fire points, a triple Heavy Flamer Tank, and a Sicarian from them.
I personally like it, adds some freshness to everything.
You see new things and get stomped by them.
Mind you i own a blood slaugtherer.
Dude was obsessed with it's brokenness despite it achieving nothing the entire game, not even as a fire magnet.

>> No.56031325

At no point did I say it was not shit but using that as a justification of shitposting is not ok.

>> No.56031326

>most powerful lists rely on spamming FW shit
>constant discussions and fights about banning FW
>"saying FW is OP is bait"
Uh huh.

>> No.56031329

Yes, but for devices, like a gun using magic to fire, or a camera that sees spirits or something. Does tec like this have a name for specific things? My Zune is different from an iPod, even though they do the same thing, for example

>> No.56031332

enjoying free rerolls in close combat?

>> No.56031339


>> No.56031345

No advice? I am getting 2 SC! boxes Thursday or Friday and could use some opinions on loadouts.

>> No.56031353


>> No.56031354


>> No.56031355

>>most powerful lists rely on spamming FW shit
since when has that been the case?
the lists i remember seeing were
>tonnes of cheap bodies and heavy weapons.

>> No.56031362

The sisters tank, Sicarian, and flamer tank were weird but not overly strong from what I remember.

The Leviathan though...

Granted, I thought DR applied to dreadnoughts so that kept it from dying, I'm certain that it'll be far less of an issue next time.

>> No.56031364

I think he's asking what the term is IN 40k.

I'm wracking my brain to try and remember if it's ever come up, I'm almost certain it has in Inquisition and/or Eldar lore.

>> No.56031365

The game's most powerful lists rely on non-FW Guard allied to Guilliman and Celestine, and on the Chaos side you have Horrors with Morty and Fagnus, Malefic Lords purely optional but encouraged.
That's what tops the meta right now, even in tournaments that allow FW.

But feel free to provide me with evidence that FW dominates the metagame to the exclusion of the vast majority of GW products. Go on, I'll wait.

>> No.56031372

Malefic Lords are the biggest offender.

>> No.56031373

I think it's usually called 'all eldar technology'.

>> No.56031379

Planning on starting a new army but can't decide on what to do. I used to play Necrons and so I'm not accustomed to having options and variety to an army.

I love the idea of all the variety and aesthetic of IG (scions seem cool too but I have no idea how to build a scion army).
Spehss Marines look like they're cost effective.
GSC seem fun and can be used with IG.
Grey Knights look fun but they're kinda boring selection wise (plus dreadknights look retarded).

Just sell me on something /tg/, I'm running in circles.

>> No.56031382

Possible future that should be noted?

>> No.56031385

>what are Malefic Lords, Alphabet Chicken, Earthshaker Carriages, Yvarhas, Shadow Spectres, etc...

>> No.56031392

I just noticed mortis dreadnoughts are heavy support and not elites like I though. That's a bit odd.

>> No.56031396

>Malefic Lords are the biggest offender.
oh yes i remember that, someone was telling me to make that for my WE
weird because they are more or less imperial psykers no?
shit's easy to convert

>> No.56031413

>>what are Malefic Lords, Alphabet Chicken, Earthshaker Carriages, Yvarhas, Shadow Spectres, etc...
no idea what the chicken or the Yvarhas
but I've been gone quite a while.

>> No.56031416

The term is warp-tech, better known as heresy.

>> No.56031423

So... you don't actually have anything to show me, do you?

>> No.56031428

>The game's most powerful lists rely on non-FW Guard allied to Guilliman and Celestine, and on the Chaos side you have Horrors with Morty and Fagnus
Conscripts just got nerfed into reasonably balanced, Guilliman and Celestine are up next in Chapter Approved.

Morty and Magnus obviously need nerfs as well, and Brimstones still need to be brought down a level.

Also Smite spam.

If the rumoured changes to Smite are true, and if they actually increase the points costs of all the Primarchs by a reasonable amount, we might begin to see a real, healthy meta developing.

>> No.56031431

So, Primaris lieutenants have a bolt rifle for a loadout. I have 2 primarines with rifles, one i got from a speed painting competition, the other is the 30 year anniversary intercessor sgt that was release a little while back. Would it be acceptable to run them as lieutenants? They aren't as fancy as actual line officers would be, I think, but I don't really see a problem, and I don't plan on getting many more chad marines, so I don't want to not be able to use the few I have.

>> No.56031441

So don't take them if you're running Mordians? Like no one is forcing you?

>> No.56031443

Literally you just paint the helmets different, it's totally acceptable.

>> No.56031452

It's a lot of fun. I ran that last game and I played it poorly. I still won, but all my melee was so sad. I ran Straken, a Priest, 9 Crusaders, an Eversor, 4 Bullgryn in a Chimera, Inquisitor with a Thunder hammer, a Commander with a Deathmask and Powerfist and 4 Infantry squads as my melee. The rest was Scions, Vets, some heavy weapons and some tanks.

Bullgryn and Crusaders turn 1 charged, beat Seraphim to a paste, Bullgryn then got about 12 Meltas to the face and died horribly. Crusaders had a 2++ pretty much all game and lived the entire time. All my infantry squads tried to punch things, but ended up wiffing or charging out of range of Straken and the Priest. Terrify from the Inquisitor was amazing since it stopped tons of flamer overwatch. Still, their fists did nothing, then they died horribly to Bolter and Flamer fire. Straken rolled 2 1s for overcharing his Plasma Pistol. At least he punched Celestine to death before killing himself.

I think what you said and what another anon said, gunline plus punking assault armies is the way to go. Everyone runs away from me when I play melee Guard and basically all my guns do the work while my melee units are just annoying and interrupting. Bullgryn and Crusaders take a ton of fire, but they don't get a chance to kill much. Same with my infantry squads. It ends up being effective since it gives me a lot of board control and I take almost all the aggro off of my ranged units, but in the end all the units I want to beat stuff up with just die and the guns do the work.

>> No.56031459

Good shit, ty

>> No.56031466

you only get MC auto bolt rifles or MC stalker bolt rifles, or a pistol and a sword, so you'll just have to convert them

>> No.56031473


Khornates paint their armour white so they can see exactly how much blood they have spilled.

It checks out, that's metal as fuck.

>> No.56031474

Okay, and how does this do anything to discredit my point?
>hurr this OP shit is getting nerfed so it's not OP
It's been stated by GW that Chapter Approved will also tackle the FW indices, so the nerfbat will hit everything.

FW is fine, outside of a handful of problem units, because a good number of its units are absolutely fine and the rest are terminally useless. It's been this way for about three fucking editions now.

>> No.56031478

I feel like the only problem with smite is that you can get full smite characters for less than 70 pts. Like, just increase cost or decrease smite power of cheapo smite guys.

>> No.56031483

>Rattle can painting models with colored primers to paint them a little faster
>The can completely frosts the armored bits for my Ogryns
Does anyone have a good guide on how to remove this stuff?

>> No.56031485

Warp Physics? Heritech. The admech accidentally Ganymede messing around with it.

>> No.56031486

Is my Zune heresy?

>> No.56031501

Are there any "painter" tools for Eldar like there are for Space Marines? I'm trying to figure out a good color scheme for the custom Craftworld we rolled up here >>56005422 and I don't know where else to ask.

>> No.56031510

If you feel like you have to ask, the answer is yes.

>> No.56031514

>>kept alive beyond reasoning through dark ritual
>>lost technology, origins have vanished through time
It's heresy.

>> No.56031529

>Morty and Magnus obviously need nerfs as well
Just make Warptime not apply to Primarchs, they're too fat.

I'm not convinced Morty is a problem when actually played in Death Guard as he currently stands, even allying in a CSM sorc for WT.

>> No.56031544

He's talking about the Greater Demon of Tzeentch, Aetaos'rau'keres

Yvarhas are okay, but they're in Tau.

>> No.56031555


>Literally Knights in fucking Space
>your basic dudes have twice the firepower of a marine and a force weapon
>Paladins are literally one of the top 3 hard hitting, tough elite infantry units in the game
>So much dakka from stormbolters and Purgation squads with Psilencers have BRAIN DAKKA
>Fuck demons, bro, the Emperor is all you need
>Rather small selection of unit types means that your army has to be played skillfully, since its unlikely you'll be able to really surprise your opponent with a GK list; you dont get to call yourself tactical genius for nothing when you beat them
>Real men dont need shitty ass dreadknights to BTFO their enemies
The answer is obvious, bruh.

>> No.56031556

But not all support psykers that you aren't using to Smite should cost that much.

The rumoured change to Psychic Focus that you can only attempt to manifest Smite 3 times per Psychic phase sound awesome.

>> No.56031573

>someone else owns this rare arcaeotech

my nigga, I'm still pissed Microsoft dropped the ball on that thing, mine still works like the day I bought it.

>> No.56031579

Typhus is great and you are wrong

>> No.56031587

Yeah, because fuck GK and non-Magnus TS amirite?

>> No.56031594

Every problem could be solved by removing faction soup.

Morty only in an all death guard army, Gil in an ultramarines marines army, magnus in 1ksons army

>> No.56031595

Bitches keep berating me for having mine. Fuck them, if it works it works

>> No.56031620

Ill be suprised if we get a healthy meta

>> No.56031625

it's a meme ya dip

>> No.56031626

I feel like a lot of the problem would be solved if Malefic lords just had a gimped smite like Warlocks.

>> No.56031645

Sure. Like warlocks, who are very cheap and there for support but only have ultra baby smite. Unlike spiritseers, who are also there for support and cost nearly the same, but have full smite mysteriously.

I'm just concerned that limiting smite like that really hampers armies that rely on it for anti tank, like thousand sons, tzeentch daemons, and grey knights to a lesser extent.

>> No.56031648

I think the best solution would be to bring back the 'by opponents permission only' rule for named characters.

>> No.56031660

What's wrong with Celestine? I've fought her multiple times and she's nothing more than kind of annoying.

>> No.56031663

I don't Guard, but if I did, some dumbshit priest/Straken/Catachan guardsmen/Crusaders/Ogryn would be the way to go.

>> No.56031677

Exactly. There's no good reason malefic lords, spiritseers, primaris psykers and whoever else I'm not thinking of shouldn't just have baby smite like warlocks.

>> No.56031678

>let's fix the problem of spamming cheap unnamed characters by restricting named characters

This being said you are not wrong. Named characters utterly outclass unnamed equivalents in most books so this is the buff they would need, which also happens to completely gut primarchspam and lets people refuse to play vs Celestine outside of a pure Sisters list.

>> No.56031681

You get me. That's the core of my army. Punch everything first and foremost.

>> No.56031694

Gorillaman and Fagnus are still problems even in their pure factions.

Gil can spam tac squads and razorbacks (as seen taking first place in heat 1 of the latest GT).

Everything that makes Magnus broken is contained within the his psychic powers, if he doesn't break the game in a Tsons list it's only because the rest of the faction is dogshit to compensate for him.

>> No.56031696

There's currently two FW units that regularly see play in top level WAAC lists, being Alphabet Chicken and Malefic Lords. Everything else in the cheesefest that is top level play is pure GW, most notably the Primarchs.

>> No.56031707

I think something about buffs. Here was a top socal list.

>> No.56031714

She's almost impossible to remove from the game unless you're opponent is retard, her revival rules are janky and her free AoF is broken when she's taken as a tech option alongside a single squad of Seraphim.

She's completely fine in an actual Sisters list.

>> No.56031717

Look up the TVTropes article for Postmodern Magik, may have some of what you're looking for.

>> No.56031740

Riptide variant, fast and short ranged. Unlike its brothers it's not shit because its main weapon is a superflamer tht can bypass its shit BS.

Aetaos'Rau'Keres, Archdaemon of Tzeentch. Think of Magnus squared and you got a pretty good notion.

>> No.56031766

In order to improve the whole game for everyone, 95% of whom don't play those niche factions? Yes, without question, fuck off. If it's too much of a gimp to them they can get specific buffs to compensate. The whole game system shouldn't be warped around two sub-factions.

>> No.56031781

It's GW. No such buffs will come. If Smite is nerfed, TS and GK players go on suicide watch as their already shit armies get shittier.

>> No.56031785

Oops, replied to wrong post.

Spam is inherent to the system. You can't eliminate it, you can only mitigate it. Taking another page from the past, bring back the standard Force Org of 1 HQ 2 Troops with no 'formations' or 'army traits' allowing you to deviate from it. Spam would still exist, but it would be back on a leash it should never have been allowed to slip free of.

>> No.56031789

The fact that three LOWs making up 3/4 of the list and a bunch of cheap chaff infantry is a legal list showcases a deep problem with 8th from a competitive standpoint. Army building needs to be way less restricting. Limit soup, for starters.

>> No.56031792

But as soon as those things are nerfed, more OP FW things will shift into the meta if they are not also addressed.

>> No.56031804

Termi lord is the best character kit GW produces

>dual kit with sorcerer
>tons of weapon options
>shitloads of gubbinz
>compatible wih base termies
>decent cost

It makes the Primaris HQs look like shit.

>> No.56031808

Well that's the sacrifice the rest of us are willing to make.

Go bitch to GW about your book being bad, not about making GOOD, NEEDED changes to the core matched play rules.

>> No.56031821

Genestealer cults are fun like orks without the "punch yourself in the face" random silliness of the boyz in green.

The GSC HQ can mind control a enemy model and make it shoot its own side. ANY enemy model.

Only downside is you only have the Index atm, but you can also use Nid and Guard stuff and the recent FAQ explicitly updated all the shared guard units. Plus the Nid update is just around the corner, so GSC is well ahead of other Index-only armies.

>> No.56031824

>Army building needs to be way less restricting.
Clearly you meant more. But yeah I agree.

Soup lists in theory should be okay if they get less benefits for doing it or have some other sorts of restrictions placed on them. As is the Detachment system is too easy to game and lose absolutely nothing.

>> No.56031825

Wait what does this mean for tourneys? Do i have to ask each of my opponents if they are okay with it? What if they say no? Do i have a back up list ready with the named characters points put some where else?

>> No.56031826

That's fallacious in more than one way, anon. The argument is that FW is not OP as a whole, only a couple very specific examples. There's no proof that "more OP things" would show up, because currently the things that are used are OP with regards to the GW units. There's no non-compete clause, if more FW stuff was OP it'd already be played.

>> No.56031834

How many Inquisitors is too many fluff wise? I want to take 3. Could it be like an Inquisitor Lord and his two best friends who are also Inquisitors?

>> No.56031840

Typhus es numero uno

>> No.56031843

No. Smite is as valid a tactic as any other. Stop bitching about psychic powers being used

>> No.56031848

It means no named characters at tourneys period. That would be my ruling.

It's absolutely fucking NUTS how much that fixes the game.

>> No.56031852

But why break multiple armies' backs needlessly when you could just fix the 3-5 broken units causing the problem. Which is much easier to fix in 8th edition.

That seems common. How could we discourage soup lists of Magnus, celestine, etc, being played with their own faction nowhere to be found?

>> No.56031857

Eh, GW could just add a single line to the TS and GK shitty smite versions through FAQ. Like 'this crappy smite also ignores the limit on number of smites cast'

>> No.56031862

It means you check with the TO to see if named characters are being allowed in the tourny BEFORE YOU GO.

>> No.56031863

do 1 from each Ordo

>> No.56031864

but then people can't play Ynnari at all

>> No.56031872

You would have had a great point in 7th, but since we're now playing 8th I have to disagree. The detachments we have are fine. What breaks them are broken units. For example, how often do you want to take a Supreme Command Detachment if your usual HQ options have a history of being overcosted? Even for Guard it's of suspect usefulness, only fluffy Ulthwe get to use it effectively, but that's fine because Warlocks are balanced and hardly even deserving of the HQ slot.

The problems come from specific units you can take in those detachments, like Malefic Lords, or Tau Commanders.

>let's go back to 6th edition FOC
It would solve very little, because all of the good factions GUARD have access to very cheap or very efficient Troops choices, that they were taking anyway because most people default to Battalions these days. You would only be making players of special, fluffy armies like Knights or Armored Battlegroup upset.

>> No.56031874

Too much work anon, ill just complain about the rule here.

>> No.56031875

I asked about this here yesterday, but I want to see if anyone else has any thoughts. I am playing a 1800 pt game for my campaign soon, and my IG opponent seems to have trouble with land raiders. I plan on making mine even more dangerous with delightful agonies (5+ FNP), and prescience (+1 to hit), and a warpsmith. Is this too much? What would you drop? The rest of my army is DG with crawlers, helbrutes, a demon prince, and a CSM heldrake.

>> No.56031881

That actually works coincidentally. I have Greyfax who has to be Hereticus, a Terminator Inquisitor which has to be Malleus and my Thunder Hammer Inquisitor is Xenos.

>> No.56031885

Two is one too many.

>> No.56031889

I know. Doesn't it sound great?

>> No.56031890


>> No.56031891


Yeah I mean fuck anyone playing Ynnari anyway.

>> No.56031897

That's like cutting off your foot to get rid of an ingrown toenail. A tiny minority of special characters are causing problems, just like a tiny minority of generic units are causing problems.

>> No.56031898

That's not how metas work, anon. When some things are so good they oppressively force other things out of the meta, and then get nerfed/removed, things that are now OP in the new environment move up to take their place.

As soon as Conscripts, Primarchs and Smite Spam is dealt with (and you can cross Conscripts off that list now), FW units that are way better than GW equivalents, but not good enough to survive in this meta, will then dominate and push out Codex things. Balance is a continual process and Forge World especially needs to be looked at in extreme depth because their indexes were extremely half-assed and lazy.

That includes buffing the useless FW stuff which also deserves to have a place in the game, btw.

>> No.56031903

>theres a 2.8% chance something bad might happen so it's shit

Proof that as soon as their army isn't auto-win Guardfags lose their minds

>> No.56031912

>with their own faction nowhere to be found

I'm of the opinion that such iconic characters should only be allowed in detachments that have and have nothing but units with the same iconic faction keyword. Like, if there is nothing else with THOUSAND SONS in the same detachment, no Magnus.

>> No.56031914

Boo, fucking, hoo. Ynnari are a stupid fucking gimmick and everyone knows it.

>> No.56031926

Depends on why they are there.

>> No.56031930

>literal FW boogeyman
Don't be so retarded.

>> No.56031934

Whats the point of Warlocks? You can only cast a power once per turn right? Between that and the fact they have a baby smite isnt it better to spam Spiritseers?

>> No.56031936

It's not, it's OP and making for an unhealthy meta, and the playtesters are already talking about this a lot, and have been for awhile. I'll gladly bet money that the rumoured Chapter Approved nerf is real and Smite is getting restricted to 3 casts a turn, and it will be very good for the game.

>> No.56031939


>> No.56031940

Because best friends stick together.

>> No.56031944

Agree, maybe a cp penalty for multiple factions? Unlikely, as they love encouraging allies for getting that green.

Your mindset is bad. Fix problem units - that's the whole beauty of 8th's lack of USR.

>> No.56031952

Lucius' thing is giving precisely zero fucks because he knows Slaanesh has his back.

>> No.56031953

Yeah, I had a moment of retardation there. The problem comes with armies that can't fill a Batallion or similar on their own, but honestly those armies should just exist as addenda anyway.

The only incentives not to run whatever the fuck you feel like are subfaction traits and CP, with the former being either not enough of a factor (see Scions) or not yet implemented (Index armies), and the latter being a very meager disincentive (and again, much less of a deal for index armies). The SoCal open list with Magnus, Mortarion, a Renegade Knight and Brims/Plague Drones had 9CP. There's something fucked here.

>> No.56031954

>Phil Kelly's personal mary sue army of space elves having a three way orgy no longer being playable

That only makes it better.

>> No.56031975

>I plan on making mine even more dangerous with delightful agonies (5+ FNP), and prescience (+1 to hit)
Can those be cast on any HERETIC ASTARTES unit? Not just INFANTRY?

>> No.56031980

>Really like the idea of a bunch of chapters sending their troops to join forces to fight xenos
>Don't want to play Deathwatch becuase they are way to mary sue
Fucking kill me please

>> No.56031985

>implying Phil likes Ynnari
I don't think any non-WAAC Eldar player does. Their lore is dogshit and their fluff is gay.

>> No.56031989

That's on you to prove, anon, not to leave to hypotheticals and whataboutisms. Which FW units are so OP they'll immediately take center stage and rule the meta if you remove MLs and Alphabet Bird?

>> No.56031990

It will just render three armies unusable. While doing nothing about imperium soup.

>> No.56031994

play multi-detachment then

>> No.56031995

Unironically yes. They can stop being powergaming fags and play Aeldari.

>> No.56032010

How about you learn what that buzzword means first.


>> No.56032014

Yup. People used to take them because cheap ass support powers (and yet twice as expensive as Astropaths), but now they're 80% of the cost of Spiritseers, there's no reason at all to take them.

>> No.56032017

Can anyone give a reason this wouldn't work really well? Hell, from he's perspective, they'd be encouraging people to buy small detachments of allies to field their sought after character.

>> No.56032025

>While doing nothing about imperium soup.
Considering the last Imperial Soup army that topped a tournament ran 10 Primaris Psykers and 3 Astropaths, yes, I think it will.

Not to mention we already know Guilliman and Celestine are getting points nerfs in CA too.

Just because the Smite fix won't fix everything doesn't mean it isn't a needed part of the puzzle.

>> No.56032029

>How about you learn what that buzzword means first.
No anon this is /40kg/ Ill juse what ever buzzword i want without knowing its meaning

>> No.56032048

>Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
>nothing else
>100% is 1kSons

>Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
>nothing else
>100% is DG

>Rest of army detachment, idk battalion or some shit
>Chaos soup

>> No.56032067

It needs to be ARMIES of that keyword.

And that still doesn't fix Guilliman.

>> No.56032089

how often do you guys make a new thread?

>> No.56032096

The idea is that there needs to be something else with the same keyword in the same detachment. No running solo.

>> No.56032105

which chapters? You could easily do 1 detachment each for example,

Spearhead with Chronus and 3 predators as anti armor
Vanguard with Pedro and veterans as infantry
Outrider with Shrike and assault marines for melee

>> No.56032113

>>super heavy aux
Okay okay. Just make super heavy aux cost command points if it doesn't match the main detachment?

Or remove it and put a low slot in battalion maybe? Dunno

>> No.56032117


>> No.56032119

Should limit the entire army to everything that is in the one codex, no mixing between them.

>> No.56032126

Supreme command detachment

3 HQ 1 LoW

>> No.56032137

What did they do to Vostroyans?

>> No.56032144

For Primarchs to be allowed in the list? I agree.

For everyone? No, fuck that shit. Some ally lists are actually fluffy. Celestine gets a lot of shit for being included in so many Imperium lists but the real problem is that she's just overpowered, need I remind everyone that she first appeared IN an Imperium soup force in Gathering Storm alongside AdMech, Guard, Black Templar, Inquisition, and Sisters.

>> No.56032147

Guilliman just needs to be 600 points

>> No.56032152

I think i should clarify its not specific chapters i just really like the idea of the DeathWatch but dislike the way it was implemented

>> No.56032159

He meant Valhallans.

Their Send In The Next Wave Stratagem costs reinforcement points now, so it is utterly useless. You pay CP to have an INFANTRY unit start off the board and footslog on after another identical one is killed.

>> No.56032172

Just get rid of the detachment bullshit and go back to the standard FoC.

You want Girlyman and Celestine? Better bring two troops along with each of 'em and pray the TO allows multiple FoC's if you want to soup.

>> No.56032175

last time I checked they can be cast on any HA

>> No.56032188

Ah okay, well just keep them unique and dont run any of the named killteams or characters? They got some awesome units and cool wargear

>> No.56032202

Restricting every single person to standard FoC is unnecessary, we need specific nerfs to the OP units.

>> No.56032216

What do you dislike about the implementation?

>> No.56032221

This. Would solve everything.

Fixed CP based on match points?

>> No.56032222

>Two Sisters troops, when you want at least one Sisters unit anyway to use AoF
>Two Ultramarines troops, to benefit from Gorillaman's incredible buffs

Oh noooooooo whatever will soup players do?

>> No.56032252

Shit I'd read it

>> No.56032264

I was out this weekend, what's so bad about Commisars now?

>> No.56032265

>Restricting every single person to standard FoC is unnecessary...
I disagree, it's very fucking necessary. Standard FoC prevents a lot of other issues too. Tau commander spam, most everyone's elite unit spam, basically most every spam currently in the meta will be either eliminated or throttled back to a manageable level.
>...we need specific nerfs to the OP units.
No, it's very fucking necessary.

>> No.56032268

I want a book about Tau getting crumped by Chaos forces

>> No.56032273

How likely is it that cult ambush will be changed to work like combat drugs and canticles?

>> No.56032277

Please don't ask here, it will just start another argument. Read Warhammer Community.

>> No.56032284

I think my biggest dislike probably comes from the 7th ed implementation i never really looked into the 8th version but seeing as you dont have to bring shitty units in the kill teams anymore it seems actually a lot more usable

>> No.56032285

How? Did they lose their ability to limit casualties or what changed?

>> No.56032300

They actually exacerbate casualties now.

>> No.56032310

Standard 3 CP per FoC, with additional +1 for every Troop Choice you take over the required 2 in a single FoC. Multiple FoC's not allowed below 3k points.

>> No.56032312

Change assaulting to your movement+d6

>> No.56032323

Kek, how long will it be until this epic new meme stops being funny and starts being tedious?
Not in lifetime that's for sure. Man I should take up salt mining.

>> No.56032326

They kill a guy to reroll ALL failed morale tests, meaning that even if one guy would run, one gets shot and you reroll.

>> No.56032330


>> No.56032335


>> No.56032336

At the LGS we still managed to have fun games with 7th edition by sticking to the good old standard FOC and banning Eldar

>> No.56032338

They were balanced to be commissars instead of making peasants with guns braver than war-leader inspired immortal supermen.

Many people are upset about their infantry now being subject to the same morale rules as everyone else who isnt a bug.

>> No.56032345

>Reading GW's propaganda page
Son, I am disappoint.

>> No.56032352

They'd have to rework how some of them work. Shit like the 6th option would make them bretty good with being able to choose who gets to shoot before the game even begins, or pick up the relic and fuckoff.

>> No.56032360

>"IG just became monobuild scions"

Is no one capable of using a tactic beside "deepstrike in and suicide after a single round of shooting"?

This meme really needs to die. IG artillery, tanks, and even infantry squads are still pretty damn good, they just take more effort to work.

>> No.56032362

>Bikes now charge 16+D6'' inch
>This is after 16'' movement

Top fucking kek. That idea is so bad it's hilarious.

>> No.56032370

It would make charging out of deepstrike too powerful.

>> No.56032371

That's no more powerful than tau stealth suits allowing unlimited numbers of units to deep strike anywhere.

>> No.56032379

I did the chart without assuming any ld bonuses from regiments, only the ld bonus from commies, and its a normal commy not a lord commy

>> No.56032394

It's still not that long since 7th edition, where you won the game during armylist building and not actual decisions during the game. People are still adapting.

>> No.56032395

I want Tau to be squatted. They just make the setting worse without adding anything worthwhile, and no one wants to associate with the kind of ''''''''''people'''''''''' that play them.

>> No.56032398

You have been emprically and unequivocally BTFOed by hard math and have yet to offer a hard math rebuttal, drop your shitposting already friend.

Really the only problem units were Scatbikes, Spiders, Wraithguard and Wraithknights. Everything else was fine, even Windriders if they stuck to the 1 per 3 heavy weapon limit and were not spammed ad nauseum

There is no propaganda, only completely transparent shilling. A small price to pay for what is honestly a decent 40k bulletin site.

>> No.56032414

it'd be funny to-
>knight's charging 15+d6 inches
oh good god what have I done

>> No.56032429

Are world eaters red because they had to choose between cleaning their armor or spilling more blood?

>> No.56032434

The math shows that commissars increase casualties compared to similar units without summary execution (tank icons, valhallan relic). This is fact, and you cannot dispute it. Nobody will use commissars unless they enjoy losing more than winning now.

>> No.56032436

>There is no propaganda, only completely transparent shilling.
I wonder how many people post there saying they just LOVE the new primaris-shit?

>> No.56032455

It's rust, blood rusts metal like a mother-fucker when it's not washed off.

>> No.56032468

And that's not even considering Magnus

>18'' move
>Warptime another 18''
>Charge 18+d6''

That's a threat range anywhere between 55 and 60 inches. Basically Magnus would be able to charge into a unit on the board next to where you are currently playing in a single turn.

>> No.56032469

>a spammable 35 point mad hatter cannot perform as well as a one-per-army HQ with a relic, or a dedicated stratagem
Wow it's almost like it's balanced

>> No.56032484

>summary execution is strictly worse than not having summary execution now

Wow it's almost like they overcorrected.

>> No.56032500

>commissars are now fluffy

Wow it's almost like they perfectly corrected or something

>> No.56032501

Bad in the other direction. They received a rather heavy handed nerf: rather than sacrificing one model to pass the Morale test no matter the losses, the sacrifice is merely for a reroll. What's more, the reroll is mandatory (as long as you failed), so if you fail your Morale test and lose one model, then get ready to sacrifice one model to roll again for a likely worse result whether you like it or not.

It was a complete gutting more or less (save for the still-present Ld bubble), but Commissars + Conscripts rather deserved it.

>> No.56032508


>> No.56032517

>The math shows that commissars increase casualties
No they don't.
Seriously, point to where on the graph commisars SE results in more casulties than no SE. You can't, because it isn't there

>> No.56032522

Who are you quoting? Also you're literally incorrect. It's only worse at very specific wound counts with very specific army doctrines (Not Valhalla, by the way, which is what you SHOULD take if you want to spam Conscripts) and is always an improvement otherwise.
>no it isn't
Post math that proves otherwise.

>> No.56032523

>commissars are now completely ineffective at stopping the imperial guard from fleeing

No, that isn't fluffy.

>> No.56032557

No, if you can get LD8 without having summary execution, you're better without it.

>> No.56032558

Might happen now. The problem with writing about Tau getting their asses kicked is that they don't have functionally infinite numbers like most factions, if you deliver a devastating defeat they could probably not recover as a faction. So defeats have to be handed out in small doses. However, now that we have an opening with the Fourth Sphere Expansion being lost to the Warp, there's potential for quite a lot of misfortune to come down on the commies.

Hey there Reece, how goes the damage control over the SoCal open?

This is a funny joke because Reece of Frontline Gaming hates Tau and thinks they should be squatted, which may or may not have had a hand in the sorry state they are in in 8th given his position as an influential playtester.

>> No.56032584

You faggots we literally had this argument earlier in the thread and commissars were proven to be better in most situations

>> No.56032597

Yeah, and who can do that outside of Mordians, numbnuts?
>just use this more expensive HQ/stratagem/Inquisitor
Wow the cheap spammable unit performs worse than the expensive limited unit, cry me a fucking river.

>> No.56032598

>morale causes some men to run after taking losses
>commissar naturally jumps to correct their flawed judgement
>fails and some flee anyway
perfectly fluffy.

>> No.56032599


>> No.56032602

>do a campaign where Chaos just shows up on the T'au homeworld's front doorstep

>> No.56032612

Testing concepts for the next squad.

Engineers: Because the Commissar killed so many Conscripts he ran out of bolts!

>> No.56032620

He's not the only Tau...oh, sorry """"""T'a'u'""""""...hater. Some of played back before they were introduced, and are still rather salty about it.

>> No.56032625

>Really like Deathwatch
>Don't like Deathwatch

Only god can help you now anon

>> No.56032631

A hypothetical unit that gives conscripts 9 leadership vs. a hypothetical unit that gives conscripts 9 leadership but has summary execution. Both are real units in the codex.

unit 1: Morale casualties are Wounds taken+d6-9
Unit 2: Morale casualties are Wounds taken +d6 (mandatory reroll if failed) +1 -9

We can remove identical terms for comparison's sake. So let's compare:

d6 (mandatory reroll if failed) +1

We can approximate the second as 2d6 choose lowest, because that's easier to put into anydice for you to verify. Note however, that the average result of summary execution will be noticably higher than 2d6choose lowest+1, because it is mandatory.

The average of d6 is 3.5. The average of 2d6choose lowest +1 is 3.53.

Even with a generous assumption in favor of summary execution with our approximation, the summary execution ability will result in more conscripts lost over time than not having it.

>> No.56032650

>socal open


>> No.56032654


>> No.56032663

If there's anything that can be taken from all this Conscript discussion it's that IG leadership is too high and they need fewer ways to raise it.

>> No.56032666

Inquisitors are pretty good value for their points, and certainly more points efficient than commissars now.

>> No.56032671

>Reece is the only reason Tau were nerfed
Yes, because it's not like they were unbalanced and complete shit to play against even in casual games. 7th edition was a clusterfuck and Tau were one of the biggest contributing factors to it along side Grav and Eldar.

>> No.56032681


Seen Magnus in so many armies now that I no longer really feel like buying him ... and I've played Thousand Sons since 5th edition

>> No.56032683

Say what you will but that white Magnus with star wings look pretty stellar.

>> No.56032684

>2 Magnus
I-is this even allowed?

>that nice space paintjob on his wings
I wish I could paint like this but I don't even know how to pull that effect.

>> No.56032687

Not that guy, but what happened at the SoCal open?

>> No.56032691

>The average of 2d6choose lowest +1 is 3.53.
It's not d6 choose the lowest you moron. Hence why losses for an 8 man with new commissar isn't 3.53 here:

>> No.56032695

>Tau were one of the biggest contributing factors to it along side Grav and Eldar.
>completely forgetting the kings of cheese, Daemons

>> No.56032698

yeah that was me, and I am still loving the imagery. will my BDSM tank cause enough problems to seal me a win? he uses a lot of russ, a heavy weapon team with lascannons, and a manticore at least

>> No.56032708

Only put a commissar where he will actually boost the LD of your guys (Otherwise he's a liability).

>> No.56032710

top player got disqualified for illegal list

>> No.56032717

That's Magnus on Magnus combat.

>> No.56032719

WAACfag Chaos player was determined to have an illegal list in the final, then made a show of it by claiming his icon was free in a very specific edition of an ebook codex. Turns out his list was too many points anyway but what a fucking dick.

>> No.56032720

>I wish I could paint like this but I don't even know how to pull that effect.

It's called having an airbrush and half a brain.

>> No.56032722


>> No.56032725

Actually, the command points needed to get an extra relic or to get a tank turned into an icon work out to about the cost of a commissar, especially in IG where command points come cheap. Inquisitors are good too, and to add insult to the injury of the nerf, can just flat out make the conscript blob ignore morale.

Commissars are incredibly inefficient compared to other options, and the efficiency of options outside of the IG codex might mean this nerf does more to encourage imperium soup lists than anything.

>> No.56032729

>top player got disqualified for illegal list

>> No.56032734


>> No.56032761

Tzeench, your drunk!
>Wha...What if! Whu-what if we had....TWO Sunburned....uh, wing...monster guys?

>> No.56032762

Links to more discussion about it? I want to see the shitshow.

>> No.56032802

I have never owned an airbrush and question whether I have a brain, care to elaborate?

>> No.56032833

Moron couldn't add the point costs on his Knight correctly and tried to slip in a free Icon on some Plague Drones. Made it all the way to the last round, gunning for first place, before the stream chat pointed it out.

Reece went full retard arguing that it's the player's responsibility to not cheat, which is a pretty retarded concept as soon as you're dealing with prizes.

>> No.56032903

Exactly. It either ends with yet another Tau victory that everyone will complain about, or with Tau being squatted. Which we all know won't happen, wishful thinking aside.

I have to say, man, if you've been carrying that torch for sixteen years it might be time to let it go.

Hence damage control.

Tau deserved nerfing -- to their most OP units. They instead got kicks in the blue dick from several different angles. From their special rules being nerfed, eliminated or given to everyone, to plain old overcosting and general shitty design.

>> No.56032981

That's a damned nice paintjob on Magnus Beta, but you just gotta wonder about Magnus Alpha and his loincloth. He seems the type of dude to magic himself up a twelve foot dong just because he can, and also because he's still sore about that time Russ laughed at him in the locker room when it was cold.

>> No.56033307

>The math shows that commissars increase casualties compared to similar units without summary execution (tank icons, valhallan relic).
But not compared to having no Commissar.

Wow, amazing that a Stratagem which costs CP and a Relic restricted to one Regiment which costs a Relic slot (possibly more CP) is better at preventing Morale losses than a 30 point model.

>> No.56033343

The cannon for general long range support, the missile launcher if you need anti-tank support.

>> No.56033354

>>summary execution is strictly worse than not having summary execution now
But not strictly worse than having no Commissar.

You're basically whining that your army doesn't have access to Tyranid synapse, but without the Instinctive Behaviour drawback, but oh also it's not even your army-wide rule you still get orders on top of that.

You want Guard in Commissar range to be better at resisting Morale than Space Marines.

Fuck off forever, faggot.

>> No.56034041

Official /tg/ Meta thread yonder on /qa/

Make sure to spread the word fellas

>> No.56035071

It's terrible at buffing morale for its points, too. You're better off with anything else to solve the problem, and there are definitely options that exist, including things as trivial to field as a regimental standard. I'm going to have to math out at some point if even the greatly overcosted Jacobus is a superior morale buffer - I greatly suspect he is.

>> No.56035557


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