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Nothing new edition.

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Ruinstorm in pdf
and epub

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Anon what about new Fulgrim novel? Any spoilers?

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Might as well post my new Ordo Reductor list once I finish assembling my thallax prime.

Ordo Reductor Age of Darkness FoC: 2500 Points
Archmagos Reductor (Dual fists, cyber-familiar, rad grenades, machinator array, photon thruster, and abeyant): 295 Points
Magos Prime Myrmidax ie. thallax prime (dual fists, augury scanner, machinator array, 2x photon thrusters, and abeyant): 245 Points

9 Thallax (3 Plasma fusils and meltabombs): 450 Points
9 Thallax (3 Plasma fusils and meltabombs): 450 Points
9 Thallax (3 Plasma fusils and meltabombs): 450 Points

5 Myrmidon Destructors (photon thrusters): 390 Points
Thanatar-Calix class automata (paragon of metal and enhanced targeting array): 345 Points

Basic idea is pretty simple move up the table and shoot, thallax target MEQs primarily, myrmidons target TEQs and MCs primarily, thanatar targets vehicles, although any unit can wreck vehicles in assaults and myrmidons can glance anything without a flare shield to death in a couple of turns with shooting.

Overall its predecessor worked pretty well as any army that isn't spamming demolishers or medusas tends to have trouble dealing with almost a hundred T5 wounds. Also I've found that giving thallax AP 3 and myrmidons AP 2 works well since most things with a 2+ save get an invul save anyway largely invalidating the ignoring cover ability of thallax.

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Which, if any, Crusade/Heresy-era xeons would you like to see introduced into 30k the most?

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Fall Eldar

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Do "consul" special characters counts towards consul limitations when taken in certain rites? Ie. Dreyghur and Skorr, they do not have the Consul special rule.

To be honest, Orks at the height of their power would be cool.

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I like it, it's a really interesting list. I think that's the first time I've seen someone take a Calix. Not tempted to try and find the points for a Triaros for the Destructors.

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I would say that they do.

Also fuck yeah I want dreadnought and Primarch sized Orks.

I'd be interested to see rules for the Hrud. I'd love to see an army of cybernetic megamen of the Olamic Quietude. Finally I love the small amount that's come out about the Black Judges they would be cool if there small descriptions are anything to go by an given that they're also based on STC templates shouldn't throw the game balancing too far out of whack.

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I never felt like I needed a triaros, 48" range on photon thrusters and relentless means that if I really want something dead I can either shoot at it from turn 1 or 2 or slowly walk towards it. Besides the main target of the myrmidons are terminators who generally tend to be used aggressively meaning they will either drive towards the bulk of my army or deepstrike next to a unit of mine. Calixes are utter crap, there is literally no reason to ever take one (why are they the most expensive thanatar when they are so shit?) bit they are okay at killing tanks at range and I like their big shoulder lascannon.

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I would like to see the Laer and/or some forgeworld custom xenos race. I think Laer with their intense specialization could be pretty cool.
>Snipers that are pretty much vindicare assassins
>Gigantic shock troopers the size of battle or siege automata
>Basic line troopers the size of space marines
>Some flying skirmishers

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Fair enough on the Triaros, I just love them so also assume that you would want one when you have a unit that can use it.

If you like big should cannons then go for it.

I like your style anon, you're an okay guy.

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I do like triaros but all of my infantry are so expensive and I dislike the idea of taking just one vehicle at 2500 points even if it is AV 15. After all if I only have one tank every anti-tank weapon will be gunning for it.

If my list involved a bunch of myrmidon secutors and tech thralls though I would spam the crap out of triaros. Literal rape trains ramming every enemy vehicle and tank shocking every enemy unit.

Omnissiah's thought for the day: 01010111 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100010 01101111 01100100 01111001 00100000 01101101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01100110 01100001 01101001 01101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100100 01110101 01110010 01100101 00101110

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When you put it like that, the reasoning makes a lot of sense. Count me convinced.

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Samefag; shit the more I think about black judges the more convinced I am that they would be awesome.

HQ/Elite would be Black Judges, massive Contemptor size beasts armed with ray cannons and razor scourges. Main troops being black robed accusators with chain-gavels and smaller ray guns and the army filled out with genebred flunkies

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Which version of Terminator armour is this guy wearing?
I love the model, but I'm running Tartaros termies and I'm worried this guy is too obviously Cataphractii. The double-layered pauldrons and the official Sehkmet models being cataphractii lead me to believe I won't be using this guy.

Also, are the Castellax-achae best run with the awesome-looking flamer weapon or the regular big bolter?

>> No.56004406

It's cataphractii but modified, I think it would be a bit harsh of an opponent to object to you playing it as tartaros if you made it clear that's how it's running. But you'd want to check before hand, if for no other reason than to avoid playing that guy.

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That's what I thought.

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As >>56004406 said if you make it clear that it counts as tartaros before the game starts than it really shouldn't matter.

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I have
>Archmagos Dominus, two Magos Dominus
>20 laslock Tech thralls
>12 Thallax, including two with thrusters and two with plasma
>2 Darkfire Castellax, 2 Bolter Castellax
>1 Bolter Castellax with power blades
>2 Tech Priest Auxilla adepts, working on servo-automatas
>3 Vorax
>1 Thanatar
>1 GW Knight (Two but the second aint painted)

What do you suggest I get next? I play primarily Cybernetica because robutts.
I'm thinking one or a combination of:
>Another 3 Vorax
>Another Thanatar
>A Vulturax (No more than one because they're apparently fucking cheesey)
>A Triaros transport
>2 Castellax if some kind

Any advice, fellow magi?
Alternatively I could get a Cerastus Knight, like a Lancer or a Castigator, but I don't think I need more Lords of War

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What are you usually facing? I'd personally go for Vulturax, triaros for the thralls or destructors and triaros depending.

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I run a Castellax-Achea with the Mauler bolter in Cybernetica as a Paragon of Metal Castellax with power blades, and it's pretty cool.

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I would personally suggest of vulturax or another thanatar. Both are really hard to kill, but the former is good at killing vehicles the latter is good at killing tanks.

I'm not sure I would consider the vulturax cheesy, undercosted probably but they are garbage against infantry and have to get pretty close to vehicles to use their haywire weapons. That being said it would still be annoying to fight multiple vulturax simply because multiple FMCs with flare shields seems tedious as fuck to kill.

>> No.56006098

>the latter is good at killing tanks.
I meant infantry, not tanks.

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I only really play at game day events bi-monthly ish (Played about seven games total). Been up against Iron Hands with four Land Raiders and two Malcadors, Iron Warriors with tanks and Perturabo, Iron Hands will lots of heavy support squads, Sons of Horus with veterans and Contemptors, World Eaters with Land Raiders and Kharn, and some other stuff.

Overall a fair bit of vehicles with good AV. I find it hard to crack them though, since I have so few high strength shots and photon/darkfires rely on glances. So maybe a Vulturax. I've been looking at shooty Myrmidons, too.

>> No.56006351

about to smash perturabo beneath the mastodons tracks, then move onto the giant red faggot hiding behind the building, hoping to get a tally of 3 primarchs this event

>> No.56006365

I'd go for Vulturax, they're not as bad as is made out, just don't take the piss and take more than 2.

>> No.56006849

Yeah, will probably have to go for one of them.
I'm also looking at a Triaros or a Krios Venator. Are Triaros good for anything but transporting? And are Venators worthwhile in Cybernetica, or do automata do its job better?

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Ruh roh

>> No.56007707

Triaros are good if you love bullying people by constantly tank shocking and ramming them.

>> No.56007871

Transporting and ramming the shit out of everything! Choochoo!!

>> No.56007904

We brought down Magnus and Perturabo in one turn, bringing the mastodons primarch kill count to 2 and Veteran Squad Kelth's to 1, Fugrim and Magnus and Perturabo, respectively

>> No.56008182

Could or would the Emperor put a Sister of Silence in charge of a retinue of Custodes?

>> No.56008418

>Burning Krios

I have no idea whether the Mechanicum player is cool or how his army is doing, but in absence of any other evidence...

NOOO the poor machine spirit!

Still, nice work from the rolling blowtorch train. Always nice to see Primarchs get their overhyped faces melted.

>> No.56008960

Final Update, before I get home and write out the batreps for the tourney
Picked up best painted(somehow) and best general by going 4-0, completing every secondary objective and taking the heads of 3 primarchs

>> No.56009089

You were the Iron Hands guy right? Those looked great.

>> No.56010600

Any news on Heresy rulebook?

>> No.56010706

that's correct, thanks man

>> No.56012667

You can put it in my butt anytime.

>> No.56013389

what're y'all working on? Working on some bitter bois for fun to break up the endless washing of my XX.

Yes I know I need shovels for each guy.

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Waiting on my shit from chyyyyyna

>> No.56013853

>Yes I know I need shovels for each guy.
Fuckkkk... Now I need entrenching tools and full gear for all of my Bitter boys...

>> No.56014187

I wish I had more/random siege gear. Pouches and grenades don't have that loaded down look.

>> No.56014291

Would you consider this a dickish 1k sons list?

Centurion in Cataphractii with force sword, mastery lvl 1
Osiron dread with TL lascannon
5 Sekhmet in Cataphractii
5 Sekhmet in Tartaros
20 legionnaires, sergeant with power fist.
20 legionnaires, sergeant with power fist.
Land speeder with multi melta
Land speeder with multi melta
2 Castellax-achea, one with mauler bolt gun, one with aetherflire cannon.

Probably run with the Guard of the Crimson King so that the termies can deep strike if needed.

>> No.56014713

How many points does that add up to and what's the psychic dice total? Not too familiar with TSons points costs.

Two units of deep striking Sekhmets is iffy, and you'll probably be getting a ton of powers off which makes it worse.

I'd only take it in a Custodes-heavy meta.

>> No.56014795

2000 pts, should have included that.
Ahriman is lvl 4
Centurion lvl 1
Osiron lvl 1
Both squads of Sekhmet are each lvl 2

Maybe a bit too much I guess. I just like the look of both the Cataphractii Sekhmet and the Scarab Occult models.

>> No.56015204

Are you me?
I also just started a Sons army and am looking for a non-asshole list to build.

>> No.56016137

Should be more news on it this week. Keep an eye out on the Warhammer Community page (no doubt all of the juicy content will be repeated here, though.)

>> No.56017138

Let the tournament battle reports begin! these are going to be lengthy affairs, so please stay with me. this is the first game, i'll post another tomorrow night

My List
Iron Father Thelocus Diex
Atrael Vex(Castrmen Orth)
Vets with plasma
vets with flamers
rhino tacs
rhino tacs
2 vindis
2 vindis

Game 1: Cyborg Treadheads vs Degenerate Cokefiends
I had been mentally and physically preparing for this game for months, as myself and the emperor's children player had agreed that we needed to have a proper grudge match to kick off the event. Diagonal deployment, with the EC defending and myself attacking, needing to fight through a trenchline to reach the objective. EC list was mechanized marines without a RoW, backed up by a detachment of solar auxilia, including ogryn charonites and servitors with grenade launchers, with the centrepiece being Fulgrim and 7 Phoenix terminators in a spartan with a chaplain leading them. EC deployed first, forming a staunch gunline that he was confident would weather the storm. i deployed defensively, with the mastodon baring its side armour to protect one vindicator squadron while the other prepared to burst through the crumbling walls of a ruined building. The Rhinos were in outflank reserve, to hem in the traitor infantry while the vindicators shattered their defensive positions.

>> No.56017150

The battle began with the flare of lascannon fire, red streaks hurtling towards the Mastodon, only to be absorbed by the shimmering void shields protecting the armoured behemoth. Unable to find purchase, the traitors guns ceased firing for but a moment, and the engines of the Iron Hand's tanks roared to life, machine spirits thirsty for vengeance. Demolisher Cannons roared, tearing great rents in the traitor battleline, vaporizing servitor and armsmen alike on one flank, and crumpling the hull of a traitor vindicator, fitted with a laser destroyer array on the other, while the complex targeting systems of the mastodon developed firing solutions to maximize the damage wrought by the opening volley. Lascannons screeched, rotary cannons spun to life and hunter killer missiles streaked toward the foe, striking their targets with unerring accuracy, pounding apart two traitor Rhinos, turning one into a towering inferno of smoke and shrapnel, eviscerating the mortals that cowered beside it. Not yet finished it's grisly task, the frontal melta array shrieked to life, unleashing blasts meant to burn down fortresses upon a luckless squad of veletarii, turning them to naught but scorch marks and smoke. The traitors, bowed but not yet broken, retaliated with what they could, the Spartan once again bringings its lascannons to face the titanic tracked bunker, determined to penetrate it's hull, yet it caused only superficial damage. A lone Javelin Attack Speeder appeared from behind, determined to bring the vindicators to task, yet it was cut from the air by a rattling burst from the Skyreaper Battery, trailing smoke as it's propulsion failed and an errant missile trailed into the sky. Siezing the opportunity, Atrael Vex slammed the mastodon forwards, plowing through the trench lines and smashing them aside like splintered wood.

>> No.56017164

Using the gained momentum, the behemoth skidded across the ground, sliding sideways even as the tracks churned the ground beneath it, maneuvering directly into the side armour of the Spartan, bypassing the arcane flare shield protecting its frontal armour, as it's own void shields flared back to life, covering the hull in shimmering energy. Timed perfectly, the Rhino Transports carrying the tactical marines arrived on opposite sides of the battlefield, and the marines inside prepared to exterminate the remaining traitor infantry by blade and bolter. Barrages of bolt shells screamed out, stitching the serried ranks of Auxilia with detonations and geysers of blood and splintered bone, while their transports layed down suppressive fire against the traitorous marines that remained, while the first vindicator squadron levelled their cannons, turning the spot that squad of traitors stood into a smoking crater. The Siege Melta Array whirred to life, growing to a roar as the fire of a small sun spat forth, puncturing the armour of the spartan and causing a massive detonation as the once venerable vehicle tore itself to pieces, it's machine spirit put to rest once and for all. Emerging from the smoke, resplendent in a sickening way, was Fulgrim and his bodyguard of Phoenix terminators.

>> No.56017178

Determined to bring about vengeance for Istvaan, Iron Father Thelocus Diex commanded the 2nd Vindicator Squadron to fire on the traitorous lynchpin, despite the close proximity to allied units. Inspired by righteous hatred, the accuracy of the Vindicator gunners was enerring, both shells landing square in the centre of the traitorous curs. As the dust settled, only Fulgrim and the Chaplain were left standing, shell shocked but alive. Having dealt a terrible blow against the traitors, the Iron Tenth prepared for the incoming counterattack, bracing themselves. Degenerate and corrupted tactical marines moved forth, blasting the cyborg marines with bolt shells, only to find them merely glance off the impenetrable ceramite power armour. Lumbering Ogryns set towards the tactical squad, set on their evisceration, moving with terrible speed for such massive and ungainly creatures. Fulgrim and the Chaplain stood resolute, preparing for what would come next.The Charonites found their prey, despite suffering a storm of bolter fire, and tore into them with desperate savagery, their claws tearing marines asunder, till only a single man stood, and a tactical retreat became the only available option. The bay doors of the mastodon opened with the whining of pistons, and a veritable army stormed out, burning with hatred for the traitorous primarch who slew their Gene-Father.

>> No.56017184

Can you still purchase digital rule/campaign books? Can find them on Black Library or Forgeworld sites.

>> No.56017187

Veteran Squad Tyranos struck the first blow, unleashing a withering storm of plasma fire, incinerating the Chaplain and scorching through Fulgrims armour, charring the once-perfect flesh beneath. Then, Veteran Squad Kelth added their contribution, and bathed Fulgrim in a hurricane of burning promethium, as is only fitting for the Phoenician. emerging from the firestorm, fulgrim stood, his armour blackened and glowing red hot, as Atrael Vex emerged from the mastodons top hatch, feeding targeting data from his bionics directly to the machine spirits, before unleashing the full fury of a fortress breaking weapon upon the wounded primarch, purging him from the universe in an act of total vindication for the suffering endured by the Iron Hands and their Primarch. The traitor stragglers were cut down by bolter fire and demolisher shells as they broke and ran, the Iron Tenth claiming a total victory against the traitor cur.
End Result 6-0

>> No.56017435

Damn, that's some good shit. Got any more, I don't think I can wait another day?

>> No.56019428

Fuck does reading this make me want to play.

Congratulations on the victory! The flesh is weak!

>> No.56020556

I want a customizable xenos list in the style of the Militia/Cult and 6/7e Renegades and Heretics lists. And the Eldar Corsair list, to an extent.
If anything, I would use three basic statlines as the core of the army: ogryn-ish, human-ish, and grot-ish. Each would have a wide range of stat-changing options a la old school mutations/doctrines, and would have a similar traits/covenants/provenence system to the earlier mentioned lists.

Maybe you could change the basic grot statline into pseudo-skaven, or enhance the ogryn statline into a good stand-in for a Tyranid Warrior. Humans could get turned into orks, kroot, or eldar fairly easily since they'd only need one or two stat changes. FW has already shown how well it can handle lots 'o weapon options, so that wouldn't be a problem.

The hardest part would be vehicles.

>> No.56020850

Davin is in center of ruinstorm.
New super powerfull OP undivided daemon.
Sanguinius has black rage.
Sanguinor is OP just like in 40k
Curze was dumped into void.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.56020932

>those spoilers
I'm just giving up on BL fluff now.

>> No.56021342

>The hardest part would be vehicles.
I think the macrocarid explorator would be a good influence. Essentially have basic templates (eg. light skimmer, medium tank, heavy tank, walker, troop transport, flyer) and give them tons of weapons and upgrade options.

So for example a heavy tank ala the leman russ might be AV 14/12/10 and be armed with a turret lascannon equivalent as its only weapon costing like 90 points base. From there you can upgrade its turret weapon with anything from a heavy anti-tank weapon, to more advanced lance style weapons, to blast weapons, to dakka weapons. You could also add various hull, sponson, and cupola weapons ranging from the mundane (heavy bolters) to the esoteric (maybe some sort of needler cannon). You can also take upgrades to give it a force field for invul saves, make it a skimmer, or something else.

>> No.56021386

Each author has consistent weaknesses. Some also appear to lack consistent strengths.

>> No.56021500

>Sanguinius has black rage.
That makes no goddamn sense

>New super powerfull OP undivided daemon.

Fucking Hell, what is it with all this retarded wank?

>> No.56021513

Would make for quite a nice fan project. I might look into it.

>> No.56021539

You can already make most Xenos with militia/cults books.

You could conceivably use Talons of the emperor for Eldar.

>> No.56021795

For GC xenos there's nothing wrong with using the 7th ed 40k xeno books, for 2000-2500 point battles the lists are roughly equal in power, just use the AoD force org and you're good to go.

Orks are orks, just house rule the unit sizes maybe.

Elder and Dark Eldar could be combined into one codex, maybe leave out things that weren't era appropriate such as aspect warriors.

Nids are any hive/insect xeno. Could represent a swarm species or a monster species well enough.

Necrons are any robotic empire.

It's an exercise in futility to make custom rules because without models it will just lead people to proxying and at that point why not just use the existing rules. For every well modelled militia list there's 5 out there using plastic Cadians.

>> No.56021824

If you want some help or a cooperative effort maybe we should start another thread. Anyway the way I see it you should probably define your core species build as part of your list making. ie.
When building your list choose a size category which defines the cost and stats of your base units
>Small (S/T 2, 1 wound)
>Medium (S/T 3, 1 wound)
>Large (S/T 4, 2 wounds)
This effects the stats of your units. Your commanders, sergeants, and bodyguards can be upgraded to a larger size category.

You can then choose a number of species traits, some examples off the top of my head (I would make it so you have to pay per unit but can take as many as you want)
>Hulking Frame: +1 T, +1 W, -1 initiative, -1 to move, run, and charge distances
>Powerful Build: +1 S
>Agile: +1 I, Fleet
>Natural Weapons: All non-vehicles gain +1 attack and rending on melee attacks
>Advanced Technology: Gain access to 2+ and 3+ armour as well as various shields and better weapons
>Warrior Caste: All models gain +1 WS and BS

Beyond that the list would include some basic vehicles as I mentioned earlier as well as some basic units such as
>Elite troops (WS/BS 4)
>Average troops (WS/BS 3)
>Crap troops (WS/BS 2)
>Monstrous Creatures (S/T 6 base with 4 wounds base)

>> No.56022541

Wait until you see the wall

>> No.56022626

>Sanguinius has black rage.


>> No.56022815

Just finshed up this dread, and working on tying up my army's loose ends post-tournament.

>tfw won best sportsman by taking my loss streak like a champ

Feels good. You earned that best painted, m80.

>> No.56023534

>Elder and Dark Eldar could be combined into one codex, maybe leave out things that weren't era appropriate such as aspect warriors.
Just use Corsairs.

>> No.56024263

It's very likely that Aspect Warriors already existed; a lot of the craftworlds (and Exodites) left home centuries before the Fall and already had the whole Path thing going. After all, the craftworlds were a response to the increasing insanity of Eldar civilization, not to the Fall itself. Soulstones were probably the only truly new thing after Slaanesh was born. That probably means wraith constructs are new at the very end of M30. Not sure - maybe Eldar souls could fly around at will and inhabit such things - but I'd guess that without the sense of being a dying race, there wouldn't have been any pressure to make them.

Anyway, think of Aspect Warriors as the armed wing of a crazy religion of self-limitation that decides to leave, and they only start looking sane generations later as things get out of control at home.

The Dark Eldar never changed, so they're fine as-is.

Corsairs seem to be craftworlders who left and have started to act a little like the Dark Kin because that's the nature of Eldar who aren't bound by the Path or the self-discipline that Exodites have found. There should be far fewer of them in M31.

>> No.56024641

Not him, but is like to get in on this too.

>> No.56024770

You know Black Rage right?
Now Sanguinius has it in himself and almost killed Kano and Azkaellon, Sanguinor had somehow calmed him.

>> No.56025626

Chogori = "big mountain" and is potentially what some ethnically-Tibetan locals call K2.

Mundus Planus means the exact opposite.

>> No.56025778

I know the red rage. Black rage happened because Sang died.

>> No.56025780

Personally I wouldn't have any issues facing this list. You're clearly making an attempt to dilute a CoTCK list while being fluffy. You're not optimising the list, you've included a bunch of full size tactical blobs rather than hordes of sniper vets and in the Sehkmet you've got both Cata and Tartaros in minimal squad sizes rather than just spamming unkillable cataphractii. Basically if someone doesn't play against this list they're reading too much into the hype or they're space egyptian racist. I think you're fine mate.

>> No.56025806

Audiobook when

>> No.56025837

Eh doubt it. Any Custode are a proxy of the Emperors will, so they outrank pretty much anything.

>> No.56025858

Power shovels pls FW.

>> No.56025939

>Black rage happened because Sang died
Black Library thinks otherwise

>> No.56025957

Exactly, it turns out that Sanguinius suffers from the psychic pre-aftershock of his own future death.

The Black library 'Fucking up Horus Heresy Fluff since 2007'

>> No.56026685

Which is best Legion?

>> No.56026700

II or XI

>> No.56026806

God Tier: Emperor's Children
Low Tier: Everyone except EC and Word Bearers
Shit Tier: Word Bearers

>> No.56026913

>New super powerfull OP undivided daemon.
Which demon is this? What did he do?

>> No.56026973

IDK how anyone can say anything besides 1K Sons post-Inferno.

>> No.56027134

Everyone underestimates the humble rotor cannon

>> No.56027142

Madail the Undivided
he tried to turn Sanguinius to chaos.

>> No.56027174

He didn't give in did he?

>> No.56027340

A miserable pile of cthonians.

>> No.56027555

they haven't gone that full retard yet

>> No.56027842

No that happens during the final fight with Horus. Big E kills Sangy for it.

>> No.56027861

I was genuinely worrying that ADB would try to pull that shit in the final book last night

>> No.56027867

I guess Drach'nyen is a precedent for powerful undivided daemons.

I'm halfway through Ruinstorm now and it's better now. The early parts where the Ultramarines are the absolute bestest at naval combat and everything else was pretty annoying. Now it's moved onto horrors in space, very much like in Fear to Tread.

It's very much bolter porn though - lots of action, lots of overly-flowery language, and any development in between action feels choppy and immature. It's also a little too 40k for my tastes. I get that that's part of the point - to show how the pre-Heresy Imperium turns fanatically religious and how the legions become chapters, but there's just too much of it. We've got the UM chapter that becomes the Nemesis chapter doing their thing, a planet that believes that the Emperor will save their souls, the Sanguinor, and prose that would sound more at home in one of Matt Ward's codex fluff sections.

>> No.56027868

EC, ofc.

>> No.56027950

You never know.

>> No.56027976

Wait for Sanguinor(Herald) he went full 40k OP in this book.

>> No.56028083

What did he do?

>> No.56028517


> Own a personal Forge World
> Best Pre-Heresy origins
> Primarch is simultaneously edgy, based and reasonable
> Primarch doesn't need a Spartan to play
> Despite losing 95% of the Legion, still contributed more to the war effort than most Legions
> Only Primarch to tell Horus to fuck off before it was cool
> Only Primarch to bear Roboute in a game of 40k

>> No.56028675

I wouldn't call him reasonable but yeah, he does have a pretty good story. Better than that of his legion.

Good model too, as long as you assume that his hair is sculpted BEFORE contact with the guy he's landing on. As soon as he starts decelerating it should fall forwards.

>> No.56028793

They got shit done.

>> No.56029456

Taking bets everyone. Will it be

>fires of cyraxus
>8th edition IA updates
>knight heads


Drum roll, please....



>> No.56029712

What with all the custom Knight heads, doors and other random bs, why can’t they do some “conversion”/customization packs? Basically Legion specific alteration packs of more bare headed options, different helmets, torsos, gear... literally whatever.

Or even just alternate arm/leg sets. I hate the Primaris but the level of options you have is pretty cool.

>> No.56029792

I know a guy who knows a guy who might be in touch with someone whose mom's cousin's godson works at FW and is asking for Book 7 questions for a FAQ. Ask away.

>> No.56029832

>FAQ for Inferno
I believe it's called Angelus.

>> No.56029887


>> No.56029984

Are custode spearnoughts supposed to have 7 fucking strength D attacks?

>> No.56030016

That's like... the fourth, right? Don't they get the message?

>> No.56031955

On a charge?


Unless there's been some errata I'm not aware of.

>> No.56032269

Been going through all the World Eaters books/short stories, most of the shorts take place post-Betrayer. Do any of the other primarchs have anything on them post-ascension to daemonhood as of yet? Fulgrim changes in Angel Exterminatus, right? Haven't read that one yet.

>> No.56032565

Not a TSon-fag but are their psychic dreads meant to be elite or hq choices? Then theres the Sehkmets choosing powers bullshit? And then what are their beep boops power claws meant to be?

>> No.56033345

Work is slow tonight lads
I should have my game 2 battle report done in a few hours.

>> No.56033532


>> No.56033676

Theres no yiff players near me so I dont know about there fuck-ups. I think theres something about there power weapons but meh.

>> No.56033853

What makes people think the psychic dreads are supposed to be HQ choices, anyway?
Isn't the upgrade just a buff to an Elites unit?

I don't see any mention of them counting as HQs.

Also, pretty sure the choosing power thing is a typo. FW has always had wording problems.

>> No.56034201

No, the frost weapons have no problems at all.

What I like is that SW Praevian's Automatas can pay 15pts. for a rule they already have.

>> No.56034814

Those are all on the list.

Some think FW may have intended just the attack that rolled a 6 to count as D. With Custodes, a lot of the questions are "We realize that the rules as written say X, but it's so crazy that are you sure you didn't mean Y?"

I remembered that issue from an old thread and it's on the question list. I guess it might be that if you use the Legion Inductees rule and take an option other than Legiones Astartes (i.e. Furious Charge, Tank Hunter, or Scout) you can also take Counter-attack for +15 points but yeah, it's not clear.

Here's hoping there's actually someone at FW interested in putting a FAQ together!

>> No.56035099

>you can also take Counter-attack for +15 points

If you don't use LA on your automatas, then you can't use the Legion Inductees. So only way to buy Counter-Attack is to adopt rules that give you Counter-Attack.

There's also happy little accidents like SW 1 HQ per 1000pts. rule implying it's, say, 2 HQ for a 1001-2000pts. army, but the text uses 1001-1999pts. as an example. Or the Deathsworn options mentioning previous options when none exist. And Hurcarl unable to buy his own combi-weapon and has to steal one from his unit.

>> No.56035196

Looking to get into 30k, was thinking a nurgley knight household with nothing but cerastus knights would be fun to build and paint. Would I get my shit kicked in if I did that?

>> No.56035231

Knight lists in 7th are basically either

>murder everything because your opponent doesn't have enough anti-tank or can't out-score you


>get tabled because they have enough anti-tank or get manhandled on objectives.

Very all or nothing. Pure knight armies aren't much fun to play with/against. I'd say bring 2 and then other shit.

>> No.56035267

This. Make a DG, Militia or Dark Mechanicum with Knight Allies or LoW. Or the other way around.

>> No.56035425

I'm liking the DG idea, anyone have some insightful perspectives on listbuilding staples for them? I want a solid core, but have no idea what's good in this game. I just want rusty metal and tough boys for papa nurgle ;_;

>> No.56035505

Tactical marine blobs of 20 are fluffy but aren't great.

>> No.56035549

Are Khan rules out yet?

>> No.56035563

DG has some good Rites to benefit infantry armies and MkIII and IV suits work well with them, both available in plastic.

>> No.56035948

Maybe in two years.

>> No.56036611

What point size do you usually play?

>> No.56037090

>What makes people think the psychic dreads are supposed to be HQ choices, anyway?
Their rules?

>> No.56037335

>why can’t they do some “conversion”/customization packs? Basically Legion specific alteration packs of more bare headed options, different helmets, torsos, gear
They've done this?

>> No.56037491


>> No.56037510

1500 for ZM
2000 - 3500 for regular play, usually 2500 though. rare to play above 3000 or below 2500.

>> No.56037513

3k, with the provision of warhound turbo lasers costing 5 points each

>> No.56037880

So, do the Primarchs do not need the back backs? I've only seen Guiliman in the book covers and Manus with those.

>> No.56037885

Are Secutarii Axiarchs meant to not be Independent Characters? They're rather good for points, but nowhere near powerful enough to wander around solo.

Not Inferno, but if Scoria hits Dorn (Can't wound on better than a 3+) or Mortarion ("Always wound on X" wounds on 6s instead) does he still do his autowound nonsense or does another roll show up somewhere or what?

>> No.56037991

Anyone got a copy of the BoP painting guide they can give me?

>> No.56038223

this is probably the most asked for, and also most useless, thing on here.

>> No.56038743

Fulgrim gets some scenes in Vengeful Spirit, which is after his ascension. There's also the short story Imperfect which features him hiding his daemon transformation from cloned!Ferrus.

>> No.56038776

>hiding his daemon transformation
>daemon Fulgrim with his wings furled, two hands hidden behind his back and a pair of fake legs duct taped to his snake tail
>and the world's biggest pickelhaube covering his horns

>> No.56038826

Fuck anon now I need to wipe the milk from my screen.

>> No.56038930

>Tfw you miss Chaos Undivided.

>> No.56039461

They are decent for their points. Consistent damage, lots of wounds, scoring, relatively cheap.

>> No.56039574

>fulgrim in a fulgrim cosplay
"Brother, your armour is made from foam?"

>> No.56040214

There's also a bit more of daemon Fulgrim in the opening section of the Dark Imperium novel - hopefully pic, er, file related. Those chapters cover the bit in the Scouring (Scouring is still /hhg/ territory, right?) where Rowboat goes after Fulgrim and gets a sweeney todd shave.

>> No.56040480

Most of the Primarchs who aren't wearing a variant of Terminator armor have armor with backpacks. Fulgrim's Gilded Panoply seems to be one of the exceptions and has no backpack.

>> No.56041374

Lorgar has a backpack, Mortarion has a backpack of sorts.

>> No.56041450

What legion are you after? I got the pics

>> No.56042160

One of the recent Radio Free Isstvan episodes had good death guard advice using plastic minis. ep. 74 I think? May have been the one before that but I think it was 74. Skip to near the end. They go through a ground-based list and a drop list.

One problem is that the Betrayal at Calth box comes with more stuff you'd use (every mini is worth using), but Mk III looks better than Mk IV for DG. Mk III marines are in Burning of Prospero but nothing else in the box is useful for DG. Consider a Calth box plus Mk III guys off eBay... or just use Mk IV. It's fine.

Drop lists are tempting because flamers (DG get chem flamers) are better out of a drop pod than a Rhino (you can't shoot if a guy is in your way, and that tends to happen when a 10-man squad exits a Rhino - though 5-man squads are fine). DG can manage footslogging a little better than other legions but you still need a few more mobile units or you'll never reach certain objectives.

>> No.56042215

Which legions have cool psychic shenanigans other than TS and WB?
Salamanders with the Fury and a psychic chaplain look cool enough, but I'm interested to hear about others' ideas.

>> No.56042301

>Mk III looks better than Mk IV for DG

MkIV is as iconic on DG when looking through old art.

>nothing else in the box is useful for DG

You saying Tartaros doesn't suit DG? Despite there being official DG models in Tartaros?

>> No.56042528

Funnily enough loyalist Death Guard have a character preloaded with the endurance psychic power and master of ambush WL trait.

>infiltrating, eternal warrior, dad grenade equip, FNP Death Shroud

>> No.56042576

New 1kSons guy here. Since the official FW praetor model (the one in terminator armour) for the 1kSons is in cataphractii armour and my force will only be using Tartaros, I need to figure out a good substitute for a conversion.
I'm already using the 40k Scarab Occult sorcerer for something so I can't just reuse the model wholesale.
I see myself as having 3 options:
1) Emperor's Children Pheonix Terminator
2) Death Guard Deathshroud Terminator
3) Legion Tribune

The Tribune model would probably be the easiest to convert, but overall I have to say the quality of the actual sculpt is rather poor. Either of the legion specific options would require a good deal of bits-swapping and icon-shaving, but I think either could work.

Which model should I use to convert into a Thousand Sons Praetor?

>> No.56042863

Honestly, you could just stick Tartaros shoulderpads from the scarab occult terminators on the FW praetor and it would pass as Tartaros just fine. The rest of the model looks like HQ artificer terminator armour with no specific mark.

>> No.56043089

I just like the depiction of DG as heavy infantry wading through fire, and the architectural brutalism of Mk III is a great fit for that.

Not recommending Tartaros for DG is more of a rules thing than fluff. Basically, the better invulnerable save Cataphractii get is useful more often than Tartaros's Sweeping Advance, especially when you play a legion that gets a -1 inch to the latter. And if you want assault-oriented Terminators, don't bother with a normal squad, take Deathshrouds.

>> No.56043109


"My Praetor is equipped with tartaros armour and an Iron Halo."

If you get any more shit than that then:

"You see it is cataphractii armour, modified by the chapter artificers in order to increase mobility in the user. Hence why it retains the 4++ given by the Iron Halo"

Just fluff and counts as needed broheim.

>> No.56043110

I second this. Tartaros shoulder pads - including from the 40k TS termies - are pretty easy to find on eBay and that's all you need.

>> No.56043132

Er, meant to respond to >>56042863.

Tac blobs are fine but you do need something faster in your army. Too many missions depend on reaching objectives far from your starting point - or reaching artillery before it blows your blobs away.

>> No.56043168

The DG head FW makes look better on MkIV.

>> No.56043222

The enemy can't blow you up with their artillery if you blow up their artillery with your artillery.

>> No.56043293

Don't use EC Phoenix G, the torso with the aquila doesn't fit the background for the TS.

>> No.56043508

Could be a guy who got it as a reward? Wasn't that a thing?

>> No.56043562

I honestly think the Praetor works fine as a Tartaros-equipped model.

>> No.56043593

The enemy can't blow you up with their artillery if you blow yourself up with your artillery first.

>> No.56043616

Yeah, at the very least I'd have to shave off the eagle heads.

>> No.56043650

Why not just get some of these bits and make your own?

That's just lazy. Don't tell people to be lazy.

>> No.56043723

Nah fuck you, if someone likes a model enough to want it as a part of their army, and there's no real damage in the counts-as consideration, they can use it.

>> No.56043782

Then you probably won't mind me using these Phobos Land Raiders as Spartans and this Paladin as an Atrapos.

>> No.56043830

Because I already did for a different character. But still, good advice. Thank you.

>> No.56043840

You're overexaggerating the issue. A very unique-looking infantry model isn't going to have any effect on LoS, and it's tough to even call it Cataphractii from tabletop distance.

>> No.56043841

No, not really as I recall.

>> No.56043864

>Osiron called an "HQ choice"
>listed under Elites on the forgeworld site

>> No.56043913

I don't know my terminators too well - I can only identify the model as cataphractii by the shoulder pads. It really does make sense the change them if he wants Tartaros.

>> No.56043955


Looks like Cataphractii to me.

>isn't going to have any effect on LoS

So now there is damage done with me liking a model enough to want it as part of my army? Ok, I put the knight standing on some paint pots. The Phobos is nigh identical to the Spartan.

>> No.56044085

>Looks like Cataphractii to me.
The shoulder pads are higher and thinner. The helmet is way different, the torso is way different, the legs are way different. If the guy just told you he was running it as Tartaros or Indomitus before the game, it wouldn't matter.

>The Phobos is nigh identical to the Spartan.
And I'd have no issue with you using it as one. If anything you'd be gimping yourself because of the sponson angles.

Atrapos has a way different profile than the Errant, though, and it has different weapons too, unlike the Phobos or the Praetor. WYSIWIG weapons are the most important, because otherwise you open up people going "oh yeah that Weapon Destroyed was on the other gun, not the important one" a few turns after the fact.

>> No.56044105

Indomitus has no gorget, no cables on the arms (in their 30k incarnation, see Gorgons and CSM terminators), vents on the back, solid plate greaves, and external struts on their legs and arms.

Cataphractii has segmented leg armour with solid plate greaves, plate vambraces, a more pronounced chest plate, a high gorget, and cables and turbines at the back.

Tartaros has a very rounded shape torso, completely solid leg armour, cables on the arms, a gorget, and small vents at the top of the rear torso.

>> No.56044145

I guess you missed the part where I said
>and there's no real damage in the counts-as consideration
But that's okay, we can't all be winners when it comes to reading and talking things out.

>> No.56044164

No one is this much of a faggot in real life.

>> No.56044259

>The shoulder pads are higher and thinner.

Two sets of curved plates on top of each other, like Cataphractii.

>The helmet is way different,

Helmets can be switched, so that doesn't prove anything. Or are you telling me a MkIII with a different helmet is no longer MkIII?

>the torso is way different

Yet closer to cataphractii than Indomitus or Tartaros.

>the legs are way different.

Segmented with solid greaves and layers of solid plate on the outer thigh. Looks like Cataphractii to me.

>you'd be gimping yourself because of the sponson angles.

How so?

>Atrapos has a way different profile than the Errant, though, and it has different weapons too, unlike the Phobos or the Praetor. WYSIWIG weapons are the most important, because otherwise you open up people going "oh yeah that Weapon Destroyed was on the other gun, not the important one" a few turns after the fact.


>> No.56044309

>my counts-as are reasonable and fluffy
>your counts-as unreasonable and unfluffy

>> No.56044339

While I'm personally fine with proxies, the idea of intending to use the wrong model on a permanent basis does kind of bother me. Scenarios such as "I know this is X, but I'd like to use Y so I can give those rules a try" are just fine and dandy.
I did consider just using the TS Praetor model, but I just can't justify using him as a tartaros termie when I could just make a more fitting model. It may be more work, but it's worth it to me.

>> No.56044387

It's not even really about fluff, and are you really going to try to rules-lawyer the difference between using two models which are vaguely indistinguishable from one another and two models with significant differences in size and rules?

>> No.56044456

>tartaros and cataphractii
>no significant differences in rules

>> No.56044481

Speaking of fluffy options and such, I'm planning on using one of these models for my IF standard/banner bearer. The banner would replace the sword.
If I fluff my force as being post-Istvaan, would it be okay to keep the Aquila on the chest?

I ask because I'd like to go 100% mkIII and this guy would fit in nicely.

>> No.56044611

The Imperial Aquila was in regular use since the Martian Compact.

>> No.56044662

>Tac blobs are fine but you do need something faster in your army.
Well I wouldn't suggest building an army entirely around tact blobs but if you really care about mobility and really want tac blobs you could always use spartans or storm eagles.

More reasonably however you could always use tac blobs as the backbone of your army using veterans, seekers, or terminators to push the attack ahead of the main army. eg. the core of your army might be 40 tactical marines and 2 veteran squads in rhinos with the core of your army coming out to about 900 points and giving you four scoring units with a total of 60 T4, 3+ wounds between them. Personally I find the core of most POTL lists (ie. sniper vets) overrated. For 160 points you do an average of 2 rending hits at close range for an average of 4 wounds against a squad of marines, while a tac blob at the same range does slightly more damage on average (still rounds to 4 unsaved wounds).

Unless you are facing a ton of automata giving vets snipers offers next to no increase in lethality.

>> No.56044710

Oh SHIT son, a Tartaros has -1 to invuln and can Sweep. And the models have less than a few MM in size difference. Wow.

Compared to the differences between a Spartan and a Land Raider...
-More Lascannons
-Bigger transport capacity
-+1 HP
-Noticeably larger model

And of course, an Atropos and Paladin...
-Laundry list of restrictions and special rules for the model alone
-Completely conspicuously different weapons, absurd list of specific loadout differences omitted (including weapon-specific special rules)
-~33% larger model which was already large to begin with, absurd list of differences in each model's fine details omitted

Clearly your equivalency is not false. In any way.

>> No.56044726

But only the Emperor's Children, Custodes, and those given express permission by the Emperor were actually allowed to wear the symbol.

>> No.56044737

Bit of a late reply, dunno if you're still there, but I was looking for Iron Hands if you could. Cheers.

>> No.56044782

>it's ok to use this unit as this other unit, because I find the rules and size differences to be insignificant
>it's not ok to use this unit as this other unit, because I find the rules and size difference to be significant

>> No.56044801

Why not have one head shaved off of the eagle and have it as a Corvidae cult symbol?

>> No.56044823

>Oh SHIT son, a Tartaros has -1 to invuln and can Sweep.

It can also Run and Overwatch, unlike Cataphractii.

>> No.56044851

There is no size difference between a tartaros and cataphractii.

>> No.56044906

There's a lot of confusion about this but it's only the Palatine Aquila that's restricted. That seems to mean this thing, the aquila with upswept wings.

The aquila with straight wings was not half as common as it was after the Heresy (they didn't nickname Mk VII armor "aquila" for nothing) but it did appear here and there. It's on the nose of Scimitar jetbikes, for example.

>> No.56044918

0/10 is now stale bait
How totally and significantly equivalent to the other examples. Run AND overwatch? Woe betide he who mistake the difference between Cataphractii and Tartaros, and eternal isolation to he who dare counts-as one for the other.

>> No.56044971

Like I said, >>56044782

>> No.56045056

>Oh SHIT son, a Tartaros has completely different rules. And the models are noticeably divergent. Wow.
Variant proxies should be an all or nothing thing, man. You either go for total accuracy, or you accept the fact that someone's going to want to proxy some FW models with "close enough" plastic equivalents.

>> No.56045066

>Martian Compact.
What is that? When was that?

>> No.56045132

That was when the Mechanicum allied with the Emperor, right before the Great Crusade got launched.

>> No.56045152

You know that diference bvetween Space Marines and normal human is +1 S +1T and +1 I?

>> No.56045161

No, that's not the case.

>> No.56045193

Right, that's what I thought. I'm used to the term "treaty of Olympus" and "treaty of Mars". Never heard Martian Compact before.

>> No.56045196

With 40k Catachans it's just +1T and +1I.

>> No.56045223

So what was it? I mean, it's the symbol of the regime, but nobody used it?

>> No.56045246

It was the Emperor's personal symbol. Back then, he was much pickier about who he allowed to wear it.

>> No.56045329

So what was the palantine aquila then and what symbol did the Imperium itself use? You telling me there's a galaxy wide regime that didn't have a symbol or a flag for itself?

>> No.56045362

Only used by >>56044726

Picture related, raptor imperialis, was used during the unification wars by thunder warriors and terran space marines. Sigismund got it.

The imperial and the palatine aquila appears to be the same.

>> No.56045380

The Imperium as a whole used the symbol, but individual people weren't allowed to wear the symbol all willy-nilly.

>> No.56045442

So no Imperial soldier, unless awarded one, wore the symbol of the state they were fighting for? No wonder they all rebelled when the Heresy struck.

Must also mean all models in MkII power armour are worthy individuals.

>The imperial and the palatine aquila appears to be the same.

They're not. Regular aquila is the one we all know, Palantine is >>56044906, with or without the bolts.

>> No.56045472

No one has ever accused the Imperium of being intelligent or even making sense.
GW's writers have never been all that good. They used to be more fun back in the day, but they've always been bonkers.

>> No.56045537

Most factions and branches within the imperium had their own symbols; each legion had a symbol, the solar auxilia/imperial army, the sisters of silence, astro telepathica and navis nobilite for example.

The Custodes are the only expection.

The imperial army and loyalist legions used the imperialis (picture) to mark bravery and loss, but not very common. It became commonplace after the Seige of Terra, symbolising the victory. That's why it's spammed on imperial guard gear, like lasgun & helmet.

>> No.56045540

Also, if the models were accurate then the helmets of mkII (and III?) armour should be fixed in place. If memory serves, mkIV was the first mark (other than the non-enclosed mkI) to have a helmet that actually moved.

>> No.56045570

>They're not. Regular aquila is the one we all know, Palantine is >>56044906, with or without the bolts.
So raised wings are the difference?

>> No.56045597

Remember times when Emps had natural kids and Horus was just best Imperial general instead of 3m tall super-human, MK II and III not able moving it's head belong there.

>> No.56045650

>Must also mean all models in MkII power armour are worthy individuals.
Yes, that's a bit odd. The raptor imperials would make more sense.

If we ever get plastic mkII I hope the aquila gets removed.

>> No.56045655

I know we're not huge fans of his here, but Laurie Goulding was HH Fluffmaster when he said the following in his forum:

>The Imperial aquila replaced the thunder-and-lightning sigil of the Emperor's forces after he signed the Treaty of Olympus with the Mechanicum. This became the emblem of the Imperium.

>The Palatine aquila is something a little different. The Imperial eagle (single-headed, to begin with) was always the Emperor's personal icon, and the III Legion sprang from the ambassadors and genic scions of Terra that he used to send as his emissaries. They became, literally, the Children of the Emperor rather than the orphans of his vanquished foes.

>Only the III Legion may bear the Emperor's own icon. It is the rounded-wing aquila, usually with lightning under the wings.

He later added that in addition to the angle of the wings, the palatine aquila doesn't have any open eyes

>> No.56045661

Must suck to be this dude and have your head permanently looking to one side.

I seem to recall there being some nod to this fact in current lore, saying that early production MkII (and thus some MkIII) suits had a fixed helmet, but it was switched in later production models.

>> No.56045674

Ah, the Sensei.
Also, don't forget to wear carapace armour under your power armour if you want that sweet, sweet 3+ save.

Oh, and then there's that half-eldar marine astropath who works for the Ultramarines (after a brief stint with the Dark Angels).

And the Dr. Who reference in the scenarios generator.

And all the different flavors of grenade. So, so many grenades.

>> No.56045705


Hopefully we get something good this Thursday.

>> No.56045739

Yes, anon, that's the only difference.

>> No.56045763

>Something good
You will get bloodbowl and rhino doors and you will like it.

>> No.56045764

>Most factions and branches within the imperium had their own symbols

So do real world military units. But they all still bear the flag/emblem of the state.

So all MkII Marines are Unification War vets?

>> No.56045802

I accepted that already. I just want to know what 7.1 is going to be changing.

>> No.56045804

So. . . does that mean using this guy in 30k is okay?

>> No.56045818

>So all MkII Marines are Unification War vets?
Most, not all. The rest would be early crusade veterans. After that mk II was phased out for mk III and later mk IV.

>> No.56045822

>half-eldar marine

He was not a Marine, he was just an astropath.

>> No.56045853

Eh, I guess. Beware that someone with turbo lore markings autism may be triggered.

>> No.56045865

I mean that's standard not Palatine Aquila so go for it.

>> No.56045896

Librarian Astrophath, actually. Because apparently that's a thing.
Also, he still has eyes for some reason.

>> No.56045902

>After that mk II was phased

That doesn't mean they didn't get circled around. Or that all production everywhere ceased, especially when they had enough MkII and III bits and production capabilities to make the MkVs.

>> No.56045944

Chief Librarian Astrophath.

>> No.56046010

Fuck it, I got one as a Breacher sergeant.

They'll be too busy bitching about everything else to even notice.

>> No.56046160

The lack of eyes, too.

Off-topic, how tall is a standard marine model, excluding the base? Anything HH or old 40k (but not Rogue Trader old).

>> No.56046357

>Also, he still has eyes for some reason
Nothing wrong with that, the soul binding doesn't always blow out the eyes even in modern stuff.

and rather than the titles, the service record's the thing to look at

>> No.56046469

Someone told me that in this book Sanguinius told Lion and Guillman that he haven't saw them on Terra in his visions so they decided they will attack Horus defences outside sol and BA will go on Terra.
Is this true?

>> No.56046545

I'll let you know when I get to the end. It's a slog.

>> No.56046711

Fact is Rouge trader is a closer-to-truth account of early imperial history. Everything got re-written post Age of Apostasy. Fuck, we don't even know if it's the 41st or 51st millienium. The warp does not just change the present it alters the past. Trillions of souls beliveing in the legends of old bring them to life and into the now. The "Imperium of Man" was built by people far closer to men then the Primarchs who are now returning.

>> No.56046816

So, are massed-infantry marine armies viable?
I'm talking 4+ squads with 15-20 doods, and having a preference of infantry over vehicles in general.
Walkers are fine.

>> No.56046984 [SPOILER] 

Here's the first half of the epilogue of Ruinstorm, where the three primarchs discuss the approach to Terra, for anyone that doesn't want the pain of actually reading the book.

Spoilered in case any ants are browsing and get upset by accidentally reading the thumbnail.

>> No.56047079

After the hurlyburly's done
When the battle's lost, and won

>> No.56047308

That's actually kind of neat.

Also, I'm kind of hyped about the idea of the Dreadwing getting unleashed on some traitor legion homeworlds.

>> No.56047449

I appreciate the spoilers (still trying to read it).

>> No.56047561

It's a bit more complex. They figure that they will not all make it, so the Lion will go and exterminatus all the planets which are loyal nd important bases for the traitors to draw off forces from Sol. Girlyman will batter the enemy forces blockading the BA & UM from getting through and make an opening for the Blood Angels to get through and make it to Terra.

Not that it's not kinda dumb, it is suggested that their decision to make sure that Sanguinius is the one to get through is due to his vision and that he is destined to die fighting Horus.

>> No.56047612

Some missions will be nearly impossible if you don’t have more mobility. That doesn’t have to mean transports, it could mean running bonuses, outflank, scout, or infiltrate. Anyone can take marksman vets (they outflank) but you do have a 1/3 change that they’ll show up on the wrong side.

But when it comes to killing more than you lose, yes, it can work. The thing is, you have to convince the enemy to come to you. If they defend, you’re screwed. So the best way is to have a strong firebase behind your advancing troops – strong enough that they have to deal with it. Iron Warriors are great for this because they have reasonably-priced (unlike the UM ones) shooty Terminators that can hang back but offer enough of a close-combat threat to prevent a single deep-striking squad from tearing through all your heavy support marines. DG can do something similar because Grave Wardens are shooty (their range isn’t quite good enough, but it can work). Walkers should be cheap and numerous.

>> No.56047715

I think you're going to struggle, you would definitely need to try and fit in something with more mobility and punch such as vets or terminators in rhinos or land raiders both to act as a threat and grab objectives.

What legion? It's probably easiest to do this style of army with DG as you take plenty of heavy support as troops so you end up with a quite slow moving but very heavy hitting army with loads of infantry.

>> No.56048040

Rhino Advancer when, FW/GW?

>> No.56048095

Massed marines are but they need some support. What I would recommend is something like this
>2 tac blobs
>2 assault blobs
>Some heavy or special weapon squads for killing lighter vehicles
>Dreadnoughts for killing AV 14 or 15 vehicles
Overall your army should either be very resilient (eg. Iron Hands who treat all shooting against them as -1 strength), very mobile (Space Wolves are very good with this and I think Emperor's Children have some means of gaining boosts to mobility), or have infiltrate/outflank shenanigans (Alpha Legion comes to mind, Raven Guard, Emperor's Children have that one rite of war).

>> No.56048170

Why not jump packs?

>> No.56048857

Fact of the day!
In Shakespeare's The Tempest, Caliban is a beastman-like servant to the magician Prospero. Caliban tries to rape Prospero's daughter, leading Prospero to be a harsher master. Caliban decides that some other dude (Stephano) is a god and his new master and tries to overthrow Prospero, but realizes Stephano is a nothing and falls back in line.

>> No.56048892

Is your opponent going to turn up with a medusa battery and nine quad launchers?

Then no, it's not viable.

>> No.56048983

>Then no, it's not viable.
Wait what? How does your opponent spamming blasts make blobs viable?

>> No.56049063

Sounds like Caliban is a bitch ass nigga.

>> No.56049190

> some Shakespeare character are petty assholes
news at eleven

>> No.56049241

Nobody was an asshole, Caliban is just a bitch. Should have actually succeeded in raping Prospero's daughter instead of somehow trying and failing. Caliban also should have overthrown Prospero and not fallen back into line like a whipped bitch.

>> No.56049299

Iago is an asshole

>> No.56049410

Nah Iago is a pretty cool dude.

>> No.56049733

Keep in mind he was fairly dumb, largely due to living most of his life alone. Prospero is the one who taught him to think and speak, and Prospero has fucking magic.
Also, the reason GW named Lionel Johnson's planet Caliban is because he too was a wild child who only got educated later in life.

Not sure if Shakespeare's Caliban is supposed to be gay, though.
The whole daughter rape thing leads me to think otherwise.

>> No.56050304

Choosing a legion to play is so godamn hard. I wish I had the attention span of more than a gnat.

>> No.56050509

Choose the one true path, choose Mechanicum.

>> No.56050532

Play Alpha Legion to get everyone else's shiny toys

>> No.56050573

If attention span is your problem, Space Wolves will have the most new toys coming out in the upcoming year. Or you might do any of the other legions that definitely have releases up ahead rather than in the past.

>> No.56051640

We already know this from Retribution:
>the power of this Legion would make itself known, savaging the Night Lords at Thramas and going on to unleash destruction on an unprecedented scale during the later years of the Age of Darkness when they crushed Traitor world after Traitor world across the southern galactic zone.

>> No.56051747

That's what he just said, though.

Darn. I was thinking Imperial Fists. My other army is Night Lords, run with lots and lots o' jump troops. I thought IF were a good companion/opponent force since they're so much more regimented and proper, whereas my NLs are so mismatched they almost look like modern chaos marines.
Also, bolters are fun.

I sort of already do that with my NLs, so I'm looking for a slightly different play style.

I don't like building tanks and hate dealing with transports, so that's why I'm leaning towards a shooty infantry swarm.

Narrow it down to three or four and then roll a die. Or maybe just run Custodes or Mechanicum or Militia/Cult.

Do you at least know if you're going loyalist or traitor?
That'll narrow you down by half-ish. Then decide if you want to be shooty, choppy, a mix of those, or something else entirely.
Do the aesthetics matter to you? I originally chose Night Lords largley because I love how they look in mkV armour. Since you'll be needing a lot of the wee bastards, it's pretty important to choose something you'll like making/painting.

Oh, and there's always the option of making a Blackshields army with an ambiguous "chapter" symbol/colour scheme so you can use them as four or five different legions with a little fluff wiggling.

>> No.56051971

Okay, got a new option.
I think with a shoulder pad switch and some weapon swaps, this guy could look relatively Tartaros. The legs are right, and the cape helps cover up that the back isn't quite right.
Only real problem is the chest, but even that can be mitigated a bit by using a Tartaros helmet to draw attention away from that area.

What do you think, /hhg/?

>> No.56052058

Sounds grand, especially given that I was convinced that the Gabriel model WAS tartaros to start with for a while.

>> No.56052130

Gabe's pads are pretty ornate, but they are similar.
And it's not double-layered like Cataphractii, and looks nothing like Indomitus.

>> No.56053078

If you want to try it with Fists, you want heavy support guys in a fortification of some sort but you'll have to spend further points protecting them from deep strikers (sergeant upgrades? A character hanging back?). Basically repeating the idea of building a firebase so strong that your opponent can't ignore it.

Your mobility will come from teleporting terminators.

>> No.56053113

I think that looks Tártaros already, especially the legs. Don't worry about the chest, just remove the Blood Raven stuff and you're fine.

>> No.56053119

I just realized, is that weird backpack in the back right model the rocket pack? Because that looks super stupid and I am pretty sure he bottom 2 rockets would hit his big stupid helmet.

>> No.56053153

Yep. I think the designer must be a fan of Gundam and the Char's Counterattack era.

>> No.56053198

I liked the end. Didn't care for the writing, but the way it handled the overall plot was satisfying. Kinda the opposite as, say, any book involving the Alpha Legion.

>> No.56053258

Are they just letting the game die on purpose?

With how popular primaris are I doubt anyone is going to buy a manlet marine ever again

>> No.56053321

Now let me blow your mind: The big crest over the head is a separate piece. So the designers would not have had any problems making a torso with just the arch and give the model a regular style CML with the crest on that.

>> No.56054333

Or the rockets slide upward after every shot.

The rockets are only heavy 2 so it's not unreasonable that it's not a barrage fire missle

>> No.56054409

Age of Strife/Unification Wars would be fun with an even more customizable militia list. Techno barbs everywhere.

>> No.56054420

Possible. Especially when the top most missile is fully extended.

>> No.56054550

I just want my thunder warrior army

>> No.56054964

>Techno barbs everywhere.
Cyber augmetics and survivors of the dark age provenance militia using the new necromunda models.

>> No.56055547

Ded primarch for a ded game

>> No.56055579

They're not killing it on purpose, Primaris were a general cash grad that worked and now HH is left in the dust

>> No.56056114

Gabe is in Tartaros according to lore, the amount of ornate shit the magpies just glued on it does kinda make it look weird tho.

>> No.56056444

Don't worry GW still can bring him bak to life in 40k

>> No.56056609

Quiet you fool, you'll give them ideas!

>> No.56056899

What if horus is sitting on Golden Throne, he killed the Emps but realised his mistake and sit on throne and in truth Abaddon is trying to avenge Imperator not Horus(everything you know is a lie motive very popular in Black Library novels).

Also Sanguinius lives in warp or some other place.

>> No.56056921

Are you trying to come up with the worst possible twist?

Because well done.

>> No.56056987


>> No.56056999

Well, Guilliman will be at the battle of Terra and Sanguinius is likely returning to 40k, so who cares any more.

>> No.56057003

its time for another battle report from the weekend lads, and i'm glad the OP image is what it is, because its an accurate representation of what happened(sorry horsa)

Game 2: Cold Iron and Burning Rage, or The Best Defence Is A Bone-Crushing Offence
After some discussion and rampant bantz during our lunch break, myself and a World Eaters player from these very threads decided we needed to square off. We ended up on a table with very dense Hammer and Anvil Deployment zones, the ruined outskirts of a promethium factory. Our mission was the Suicide Mission from Retribution, and my Iron Hands ended up as the Defending side. His list was a beefed up Praetor, Gahlan Surlak, a shitload of inductii, a nasty weaponmaster veteran squad armed to the teeth, some red butchers in a land raider and the ubiquitous Spartan assault tank, all backed up by a towering Knight Acheron and a squad of autocannon support marines perched in the wreckage of a fuel silo. I set up first, vindicators flanking the Mastodon at a fair distance, assuming positions behind cover while the tracked behemoth sat in the open, daring the foe to fire upon it, while the twin Rhinos laid in wait to disrupt the foe's advance. The World Eaters deployed similarly, the Knight Acheron set to tear towards to mastodon and rend it asunder, while squads of disposable Inductii were set to advance upon the Vindicators. The Spartan Assault Tank was set on the mastodons left flank, as was the Land Raider, raring to unleash it's deadly cargo of ravening Red Butchers.
At this point, we had made a mistake and thought the world eaters, attacking, would have the first turn, so I very rudely rolled to sieze the initiative, and wouldnt you know it, that beautiful 6 showed up and it was time to take swift and bloody action.

>> No.56057014

Iron Father Thelocus Diex knew that the only path to victory in this battle would be one of decisive action and near-reckless maneuver.Both Vindicator squadrons roared forwards, one intent on cutting down as many of the malformed Inductii as possible, and the other set to the task of harrying and destroying the enemy armoured elements. Demolisher cannons spit hatred and fire, and plumes of fire and blood answered on one side of the battlefield, while the screech of ruined machinery sounded on the other, a bloody hole rent in the lines of the Inductii, and a crippled engine for the Land Raider, immobilized as soon as the battle had begun. From the Mastodon, a swarm of Hunter Killer missiles flew towards the Knight, only one penetrating it's shimmering ion shield, striking a hole through it's shoulder, narrowly missing the fuel line of it's gargantuan flamer. A Lascannon beam punctured a Rhino transport, sending the crew into disarray, while another splashed against the front of the Spartan, not so much as chipping it's paint, absorbed by the arcane Flare Shield protecting it. Shell casings pattered to the ground as the skyreaper battery spat hatred blindly against the Marines hunkered down in the fuel silo, the impact of one of it's massive rounds hurling him from his perch and to his death.

>> No.56057026

The World Eater counterattack came, the traitorous Knight attempting to crash through a ruined building, yet it's massive bulk held it back, moving only a fraction of the distance it attempted to. Inductii surged forwards, paying no heed to the ruined corpses of their comrades, intent only on murder, while the hatch of the crippled Land Raider creaked open, and Red Butchers poured out, screaming and raging against the world, directly towards to ceramite behemoth before them. Unfortunately, the opportunity to bring down the Iron Hand's war machines had come and went, with nothing to be done but have the autocannons try to bring down a vindicator, yet those came up short, pattering harmlessly off thick armour plates. With this failure, more were soon to come.
Seizing the opportunity, Atrael Vex took a gargantuan risk, and rammed his tank forwards, bringing himself into extremely close quarters with the Knight Acheron, knowing he had only one chance at bringing such quarry down. Triggering the main bay doors and the back hatch releases simultaneously, he then devoted all his attention to directing the Mastodon's weapon systems against the foe. Before he could fire, Vindicator Squadron Amonus fired upon the massive walker, forcing it's Ion Shields to face them, and in this moment Vex acted. Walking the Siege Melta Array's blasts up the right leg of the monstrous construct, he faced no resistance, vaporizing the majority of the structure supporting it's right side, bringing the walker to it's knees, as lascannons fired again, puncturing the reaper chainfist's machinery and bringing it to a halt. out from the bay doors flooded the Iron Father himself, as well as his Gorgon bodyguard, the Krysorii, intent on finishing the beast there and now. From the rear hatch emerged Veteran Squad Tyranos, guns blazing as soon as the Red Butchers entered their sight.

>> No.56057027

Okay so IF is a good choice for a tactical blob heavy army given how good they are with basic bolters. 2-3 big tactical squads will give you a good base then you'll want to add some anti-tank/air with maybe a mortis or deredeo or some anti armour rapiers, then a couple of units to manouver and grab objectives such as vets/tactical support in rhinos or assault. Finally a big group or two smaller groups of teleporting shield and fist terminators provide the big aggressive killer group of the army.

>> No.56057035

Plasma and Bolt rounds issues forth, striking down 2 of the raving madmen and grievously wounding another, yet they still came. Vindicator Squadron Sferyi, satisfied with crippling the Land Raider, brought their weapons to bear against the incoming tide of inductii, cratering the ground and vaporizing no less than 10 of the creatures, as Tactical Squad Anthel arrived to lend support, the engine of their Rhino roaring as it tore across the desert landscape. a fusillade of bolter fire issued forth, from the pintle mounts of the vindicators, their rhino, and the top hatch, tearing through yet more inductii and buying them precious seconds to reposition. The time for glory had come, and the Krysorii and Iron Father hurled themselves at the crippled Knight, intent on rending it asunder. Chainfists snarled as they carved through the chest plates of the behemoth, exposing the machinery connecting the pilot to his steed, and a chattering storm of bolter fire was unleashed, severing power lines and tearing the mortal to pieces from beneath, ending the threat posed by the massive machine in dramatic fashion.
Incensed by the ruin brought to his forces, the World Eaters commander ordered his Spartan brought toward the bulwark of terminators that had just destroyed the Knight, a burning need for revenge fuelling his decisions. He and his Veteran squad, accompanied by the legendary madman and butcher Gahlan Surlak spilled out, charging headlong towards the Gorgon's sons, as did the remaining red butchers.

>> No.56057041

Both charges connected, and a vicious duel ensued, the World Eaters commander unleashing a flurry of vicious blows with his impeccably crafted and vicious power blade, yet none could seem to find purchase against the reinforced armour and mighty force fields of the Iron Father. Finally, he sighted an opening in Thelocus' guard and struck what should have been a killing blow, only to be turned aside by an impossibly quick backswing of Diex's massive Thunder Hammer, which translated to a single, arcing blow directly into his torso, piercing the Iron Halo's field, blasting apart the white ceramite armour, and pulping his chest cavity, creating a red ruin that even the legendary medical prowess of Gahlan Surlak could not repair. Wasting no time, the Iron Father obliterated 3 more World Eaters in brutal fashion. The resultant melee was brutal, frenzied blows felling the cyborg terminators while cold, precise blows from power axes bisected marines and chainfists filled the air with a red mist of blood and bone, till only Surlak, 2 world Eaters, and the Iron Father stood, the barbaric Surlak retreated from Diex, not wishing to taste his hammer like the Praetor did.
With the enemy now fighting on his terms, with their commander slain and their mightiest war machine brought low, Diex signalled for Veteran Squad Kelth to join him, emerging from the Mastodon's troop bay, ready to gun down Surlak and his surviving warriors. Atrael Vex, however, had a different idea, spitefully targetting Surlak with a weapon on an entirely different level of magnitude than was necessary, scourging any trace of him from the planets surface with the first blast, and ensuring there was no chance of error with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th blast of the Melta Array, leaving only a crater of molten glass. With Surlak dead, the Iron Father and Squad Kelth moved onto their next target, the Spartan Assault tank.

>> No.56057050

Closing the distance quickly, they made use of their Melta Bombs, almost entirely removing the left side of the tank, and sending the reactor into a cascading overload, detonating in a spectacular fashion.
The battle almost certainly lost, the World Eaters continued their desperate assault, a squadron of Jetbikes arriving to lend their support, unleashing blasts from plasma cannons against Vindicator Squadron Sferyi, taking one of the mighty tanks out of commission with their opening salvo. The Devoured, sole survivor of the melee between Squad Tyranos and the Red Butchers, roared towards the mastodon, intent on making bloody use of his Chainfists. Tearing great rents in the track housing, he struck again and again, causing near critical damage on a scale that should have been impossible for a single marine.
Alarms blaring and signal-runes blinking an aggravated red, Atrael Vex backed the Mastodon out, needing to bring the raving madman hammering against the tank into weapons bearings immediately or risk irreparable damage to his tank, a possibility that could not be entertained. bringing a single Lascannon to bear, while readying the main weapon systems, he fired, and to his relief, the shot pierced straight through the Cataphractii armour protecting the Devoured, obliterating both of his hearts and many other organs simultaneously. With absentminded strokes, Vex directed the Skyreaper Battery to rake the Jetbike squadron, the machine spirits predicting flight paths near-instantly. Heavy shells punched through the air, one finding purchase down the barrel of a plasma cannon, causing a detonation in the plasma flask, a miniature sun flaring into life and burning the pilot from existence. Bolters roared from all directions, bringing down traitor marines in a multitude, the losses completely unsustainable.

>> No.56057081

Satisfied by the near-total defeat of his foes, Diex brought his troops back to the operating base established at the heart of the promethium refinery, repairs and medical attention provided as quickly as possible, as his force was needed to end the resistance at the heart of a major city by an elite cadre of Sons Of Horus, who had held out against all odds.
The game was incredibly bloody, which was a huge boon for me, as i gained 2 victory points per destroyed unit, leading to a massive landslide victory of 26-0, with not a single World Eater unit making it into my deployment zone. Kudos to my opponent for being such a cool dude and having a sexy fucking army.

>> No.56057131

i should also add, this was the only game during the event i was worried the mastodon might actually die, which is a pretty impressive feat considering i played against magnus and perty in my final game

>> No.56057315

Thanks anon, nice report.

>> No.56057453

What is the best way to run Breachers in an Iron Warriors army?

>> No.56057680

Do we know anything about Malcador's origins?

>> No.56057822

Awesome. Thanks, everybody!

>> No.56057833

I've always thought he was originally supposed to be a Sensei. I've got literally no proof and pulled that out of my ass, but to me it makes sense considering how powerful he is and how he is to the Emperor.

>> No.56057982

But from what I know Sensei are no longer a thing.

>> No.56058034

With all the fuckwittery they've inserted into the setting, I'm genuinely surprised Black Library have kept away from the Sensei.

>> No.56058044

No, not really. He's a mystery.

>> No.56058058

>3rd HH box
>"Hey, did you know Primaris Marines totally took part in the Horus Heresy? Weird huh? Well, here's some models for them, enjoy."
>post yfw

>> No.56058138

>it's fine, everything is fine

>> No.56058234

Primaris™ were half of Legiones Astartes warriors.
>New Saul Tarvitz Primaris model

>> No.56058331

True, why they not make some Sensei characters? Lore rape would be completed.

>> No.56058367

That's why I said "originally."

>> No.56058454


>> No.56058563

Which legion is the most shit?
Which legion should have been lost with II and XI?

>> No.56058826

Word Bearers

>> No.56058871

>Guilliman will be at the battle of Terra
latest novel confirms he won't

>> No.56059222

Night Lords

>> No.56059294

The recent confirmation that the Sanguinor is not Sanguinius makes that less likely.

>> No.56059441

Word Bearers did nothing useful from the Emperors perspective, not great fighters, least martial primarch, every world they conquered before Monarchia was turned into cult worlds that probably had to be re-complied or subject to exterminatus at some later date.

The entire heresy is their fault with three of it's key architects being legion members so getting rid of them would have prevented so many problems. Other legions would have rebelled or split eventually but it wouldn't have been a massive coordinated rebellion like the heresy, just smaller scale things that require a couple of legions to put down.

As an interesting point I'll list some of the eventual rebel/split legions and my opinion why. The following is assuming that Lorgar and the Word Bearers were purged with no survivors before Monarchia.

>> No.56059457

>Dark Angels
Luther was well on his way to separating Caliban and the Astartes under his control from the Legion. Would probably have been quietly pacified by the Lion and the bulk of the Dark Angels forces unless the wider Imperium became aware of it, even then I imagine the Lion would have liked to handle this personally.

>Emperors Children
The attitude of Fulgrim and the senior Emperors Children officers could have lead to a very 'us and them' attitude between the elite elements and the line troops and commanders, also any one who failed to live up to Fulgrim's standards was cast down regardless of their actual skill or talent, plus the Laer sword was corrupting Fulgrim. It's difficult to say how this one would have gone, the Emperors Children were one of the favoured legions and their entire high command and veteran units going rogue would create a very interesting situation. Maybe some kind of Istvaan 3 scenario with just the Emperors Children then Horus and Ferrus would have stepped in and fixed things, although by this point Fulgrim ha started disliking Ferrus.

>Night Lords
Curze had already destroyed his home planet and was under censure with Dorn and Fulgrim trying to bring him back into the fold. It's really only a matter of time before he makes another mistake and has to be taken out permanently.

>World Eaters
Similar to Night Lords, it would only be a matter of time before Angron and his legion overstepped their bounds and were officially censured by the Emperor rather than Russ acting by himself. Not a terribly interesting or complicated situation.

>> No.56059473

>Death Guard
Mortarion hated the Emperor and Typhon was a Nurgle worshipper and a psyker, either Mortarion rebels or Typhon splits the legion then Mortarion rebels. If Mortarion made the first move it would probably be something like "fuck you, you're not my real dad" and would have required a pacification/exterminatus. Typhon is probably the trickier of the two as he had warp knowledge and the favour of Nurgle, maybe a crusade across the galaxy with zombies and plague marines making an appearance before the bulk of the traitor forces are destroyed but Typhon disappears into the warp.

>Thousand Sons
Although the lack of a coordinated heresy means that Magnus doesn't send his message and destroy the webway project it would only have been a matter of time before something big happened. Depending on whether the Council of Nikaea happened or not with all the other changes going on is difficult to say but Magnus had already made a deal with Tzeentch and this would eventually blow up in a major way, maybe Tzeentch back tracks on his offer or accelerates the flesh change causing Magnus to delve deeper into areas of forbidden lore and become more brazen and dangerous with his use of power or maybe Ahriman attempts to cast the rubric in an attempt to fix it which has the same results as it did originally. Whatever the details I can imagine the Legion splitting and many of them disappearing into the warp, maybe this happens in secret and the Thousand Sons have a situation similar to the Dark Angels with fallen astartes appearing across the galaxy.

>> No.56059489

And now some of the maybe pile legions.

>Iron Warriors
Without the machinations of traitor Horus it is difficult to say how badly things would have gone for Perturabo and the Iron Warriors, maybe he would have confided in Magnus and Horus which caused a positive change within the Legion or maybe Perturabo kept quiet and the same story played out with him just over a longer time frame. After the razing of Olympia it is likely that he would have been taken under the wing of another Primarch similar to how Curze was, the difference being that Perturabo acted out of anger and felt regret at his actions while Curze acted out of deliberate malice. It is possible that Perturabo went off the deep end, however, and he ran to a random planet and fortified the hit out of it and just let people come to him. This results in a massive siege followed by an exterminatus as it proves to be too costly to take Perturabo alive.

>White Scars
I doubt there would have been a true rebellion but rather they would just disappear on hunts for ages at a time with no contact eventually leading them to just vanish and ecome a myth or a ghost legion. They don't need to return to the greater Imperium so why bother, plenty of stuff to hunt and kill in the outer reaches.

>Raven Guard
Corax has an epiphany about the Emperor being a slaving tyrant like those of his home world and he leads a silent rebellion, I don't think this is a likely scenario however.

>> No.56059546

>I don't think this is a likely scenario however
Probably because Corax is a hypocrite.

>> No.56059577

I second this.

Also check'd

>> No.56059910

Hey so I'm starting a 30k army, how should I go about doing it? Is there anything I should know before I start?

>> No.56060113

Word bearer worlds were arguably the most secure and loyal. The word bearers were slow, but thorough. They were also effective negotiators, and brought as many worlds into compliance through then pen as through the sword. It's just when they started the whole emperor worship thing in excess did it get out of hand. Instead of conquering they were building monuments and temples, not their job once a planet was compliant.

>> No.56060205

Buy Calth and or Prospero and be prepared to sacrice your wallet to the dark gods. Also buy as much cheap recast shit from China as your morals will allow

>> No.56060252

First you need to decide what army you want to play (Marines, Imperial Army, Mechanicum, Talons of Emperor).
Then start collecting it.
And we are still in 7th edition rules.

>> No.56060279

Pick a legion and a rite of war or two before you start buying.

The calth and prospero box sets are good deals for infantry units.

Don't use mk7 armour unless you are imperial fists, white scars or blood angels. Don't use mk8 or primaris ever.

All the current rule and fluff books are in the OP links.

Got any questions?

>> No.56060317

Do warlord traits apply to Lords of War? Isit the same thing? Never really played 7th.

>> No.56060533

Absolutely brutal battle report dude, I'm glad I got to face you on the field.

Fucking mastodon.

>> No.56060556

Warlord and Lords of War are not necessarily the same thing.

Your warlord is your army's commander. An HQ choice.

Lords of War are massive force multiplier units like super heavy tanks, knights, titans, some flyers.

Primarchs are both Lords of War and automatically your army's warlord. However they have their own special rules rather than just "warlord traits".

>> No.56060648

New /hhg/

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