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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What did you do in your last session? Got to do anything cool? Got disappointed? Talk about it!

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

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>What did you do in your last session? Got to do anything cool? Got disappointed? Talk about it!

My GM told the group that he was burned out and we'd be going on hiatus for a couple of weeks.

This happened over a year ago.

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I got the awkward warder boy's virginity. Still not sure what I want to do with it.

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>checking out Spheres of Might
>technician description is 19 pages long
Did they not have an editor to tell them no one's gonna read all that shit?

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So how would you guys describe a tiefling with the pass for human trait?

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He looks human. If you have pass for human it’s to the point that not even experts can easily tell you’re not one.

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Is there a working 3.5 pastebin? Didn't want to make a new thread just for that. DM wants to revisit a really old campaign from years ago before I joined his group and it was 3.5.

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I was thinking about stuff like minor cuts turn to scars more easily, or I slight scent based off whatever demon/devil they spawned from.

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Are there any playable Oni/Ogres?

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I don't think so, closest thing would be an Oni-descended Tiefling.

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Ibaraki a shit

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Why even take a cool race like Tiefling and then dump all over it like that? Why not just play a cursed Human?

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What kind of game item would be suitable for a cossack?

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Is Weapon Finesse worth it with a Gunslinger?

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what no why would that ever be worth.

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For using a Rapier in close combat.

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Why would you ever be in -close combat-

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Let's say that the GM is ruthless.

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Still no.

You will be doing ass for damage, your job is to shoot things, not stab at them shittily

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One of our players is a god damn poopy head and hasn't shown up in a few weeks to play and another player is meh on attendance. Only two of us remain, we're like 80% the way through CoTCT so we want to finish it the right way.

We're going to start RoW with different people that are actually on 90% of the time instead of having one monkey that drops events because of some potential trim. Or another that drops it because he wanted to play league of legends.

I'm mad that the two flakes think it isn't a big deal, I play inter-friend groups to escape bamboozles, but I guess you never truly can.

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Because there are deception based devils and it feels right.

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Quick question: do any published PF adventures/modules have a map of a circle of standing stones? If not, any other books that might have what I seek?

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Is there any point in trying to be a non-initiating primary martial (or gish) in a party with optimized Path of War initiators?

Even if you bring out other Dreamscarred Press martials and gishes like a psychic warrior or an archetyped soulknife, and even if the initiators avoid Broken Blade/Elemental Flux/Primal Fury, it really seems like the initiators will always dominate combat no matter what.

I have seen this happen in multiple parties by now, and it was embarrassing each time.

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I've seen people manage it successfully before.

In general though I give give non initiators free martial training when I GM.

This will make that one "but what if I don't WANT initiating" anon come angrily reply

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>spheres of might supports DEXfags
Fucking end my life

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Earlier, I was running a game with a voyager (metronome), two rajahs (one was a batal), and a warder (ordained defender, zweihander sentinel). All were as optimized as they could be, although Broken Blade, Elemental Flux, and Primal Fury were all banned.

The voyager had some trouble due to poor luck, but even without that poor luck, they would have still been terrible in fights compared to the initiators.

The really embarrassing part was that the Dexterity-based rajah (batal) was actually doing the job of "teleporting skirmisher who retreats from enemies after attacking" due to Time Skitter, the Ephemeral, and the Skirmisher. That was something to see.

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Do you need rope to use a grappling hook?

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I'm disappointed with the latest set of Voyager changes reducing its complexity and versatility.

It lost out on a lot of fun decision making mid battle.

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The voyager was 6th-level and always had exactly one optimal combat option each round: speeding strike and a move action move in either order, than a swift action to teleport away with fast forward. It was disappointing.

I was the one who made the rajah (batal) skirmish build, and it had proven far better a skirmisher than the voyager.

It is not as if the rajah was much worse at utility either given heraldries.

Bringing a non-initiator to a Path of War fight is a bad idea, even with Broken Blade, Elemental Flux, and Primal Fury all banned.

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How many horses would an adventurer need (for travelling, mounting, carrying stuff)?

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So, who got into Duke's Coin part 2 anyway?

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I will mention that the voyager's player had established a roleplaying quirk that had entertained me to a great degree.

Their voyager's parallel selves were often seen emoting and acting on their own. Say, in the case of a character with poor self-control, their main self would do their best to stay behaved in front of a pretty NPC, while the phantasmic overlay of one of their parallel selves could be seen wearing a lecherous grin and making wiggle-waggle-gropey fingers. In another situation, their main self struggles to stand brave against a fearsome foe, while one of their parallel self overlays can be seen bolting away.

It is more or less just fluff for their powers, but it is entertaining fluff.

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One. You get bags of holding, handy haversacks and whatnot so one is enough to carry your lazy ass.

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Between two and three. It's either the equipment or you on top of the horse.

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Besides magic items, how would one store his armor outside of combat. Also, how do you clean it an maintain it?

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Folded neatly in an oil cloth that is placed gently into a bag of holding. Maintained with care, love and prestidigitation.

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A) We're on our way to kill a god. Should be fun.
B) It was cancelled.
C) The players seemed engaged with the town I made, which was pleasant.

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A Snakebite Striker/Vivisectionist Gestalt

Would get 1 Sneak attack at level 1 because they are the same.

But at 6, 10, 12 and 20 they would get one more, so at 20 they'd up with 14d6?

Is that correct?

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Also, can you use gestalt with VMC?

Do botch classes get a VMC class?

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You're giving up feats to get VMC, so unless you get twice as many feats probably not.

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Would be great to give up one feat to gain 2 class feats.

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I said no magic items.

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If you know Beast Shape I do you automatically know Beast Shape II - IV?

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Is it possible to somehow use School or Domain Powers to use with Metamagic? Like quicken or extended?

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Still one. You can share the load with your party's horses if they are wizards.

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If you're set on it I'd suggest a cestus or spiked gauntlet, alway threatening and not needing to draw a weapon means you can easily switch between shooting and hitting.

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Stat Mordred.

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So pfg, how okay are you with homebrewed magic weapons/armor/items and NPCs with homebrewed abilities?

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I'm fine with them, honestly.

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Wisdom as her dump stat.

>> No.55986019


9 times out of ten it's cringey unbalanced shit. NPCs with homebrewed abilities is fine, because there's narrative stuff that needs to happen and encounters should be interesting.

But items intended for PC use? Nah, bro.

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I do a lot of both in my games. I adore unusual items with unpredictable effects.

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>9 times out of ten it's cringey unbalanced shit
Because Paizo's bullshit is so fucking balanced.
>But items intended for PC use? Nah, bro.
Shitter detected.

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It's already an official thing.

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It's the only way to even get variety in some classes, so I'm down.

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Which personalities are more suited for a slayer?

>> No.55986269

How do you negate a mage shield/armor without being caster?

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It's cool. My GM usually does stuff like this, sometimes better than others. Currently rocking an item that lets me use the lvl1 teleportation school ability and gives me some preset archery feats

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What the fuck is this and how do I read it?

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Definitely judging, probably feeling, extrovert and sensing.


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Touch Attacks

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Big Five is better .

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How do I deal with Energy Resistance as a warlock vigilante?

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Sounds like
to me.

>> No.55986397

mystic accuracy from Legendary Vigilantes, and then clustered shots.

>> No.55986445

Oh yeah, I forgot about clusted shots working with mystic bolts.

Also bangles of Mystic power or whatever lets you ignore 2 points of resistance per enchantment bonus. Goddamn, this book is based.
If I ever get a change to actually play this build, I may actually buy them.

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How does a rouge deal with armor weight at low levels assuming Prescient Dodger is off the table. Do they just accept they're going to be in auto-hit range?

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INTJ is probably good for if you're a GM or a Wizard

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I can dig it. I like getting weapons and such that fit the party, and we've fought our fair share of NPCs with custom abilities.

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The Moon Elf Kensai / Evoker upgraded his False Front into a Storefront and Storage in the Galata district. He also built a Book Repository (Arcane) in the same district, and one for Planes near the Fourth Hill.

The Gold Dwarf Forgemaster / Ordained Defender finished his Altar, and built a Forge and Infirmary under the Fourth Hill.


The Galata district is also being raided by Sahuagin, but that's not as interesting to me or the PCs.

Also, my campaign is using the fast experience growth table. How many experience points should I give for construction? They expend resources, and they fail the checks 1/3 of the time. It feels like they should get xp for successes.

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I am about to start as a player in Hell's Vengeance today with Path of war and Lords of Night among some of the allowed books. In addition I've beem given permission to use the vampire template supplied in Lords of night (with all the benefits and negatives this decision may come with in an adventure path).

But I've spent hour upon hour in agony on the final decision of the character. The first being a Crimson Countess, taking the vampire theme through the roof and generally being a blood sucking unkillable monster while in the guise of a Chelish Noble with ladylike tendencies. This option is flavorful as fuck but the issue with almost no means of magically hiding my tendencies or aiding in feeding.

While the other option is to keep the nobility theme, but as a Alchemist with the Polymath (path of war) and Vivisectionist archetypes. This option provides a wide array of ablities focusing on a more subtle play style. But still capable of providing a good combat effort. Additionally I would be able to benefit from Alchemical Blood (using the alchemist extract to duplicate it each morning). The addition of extracts abd discoveries would give us a measure of magical answers. While still having access to manuevers. thw only downside is the flavor isnt as cool as the crimson cultist.

the final choice is the Mesmerist. The flavor of a manipulative vampiric noble is right up my alley. A host of utility and mind fuckery would be at my dosposal. In addition to a good skill selection and some small buffs. The downside would be my combat ability, effectively the worst of the three in dealing damage as well as survivability (very few options to heal myself). But there are ways to get around the lacks with some feat investment.

What do /tg?

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>Rogue having a problem getting hit
Anon, are you retarded? Everyone at low levels has ~18 AC. You're fine.

>> No.55987730

You also need carrying capacity for weapons and tools. 10 Str and Chainmail only leaves you with like 8 lbs worth of stuff.

>> No.55987747

Muleback Cords merged with Cloak of Resistance.

>> No.55987755

>Only has an 18 Dex at level 1
m8 you fucked up

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No sane GM allows custom items like that. Stop presenting them like they are an option.

>> No.55987866

>No sane GM would allow you to blow 1.5x gold price as explicitly allowed by crafting rules to slap a single weak bonus ability on an item every single character is stuck taking
>Doesn't even allow you to re-slot any of those items instead of combining then

Your GM must be fun at parties

>> No.55987867

>No sane GM allows custom items like that.
They're a default rule not even custom.

>> No.55987878

>No sane GM allows a completely reasonable item that combines a thing that the game literally mandates you have by mechanics, combined with(Using the literal rules that are in the game by default to do so) an item that gives minor utility by lowering the need to autistically book-keep

Anon, we know you're trying to troll, but come on mate. Put in some effort.

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What are some good first level feats to help supplement a TWF Rogue?

TWF/Weapon Focus are already down, mostly looking for some sort of utility or other boosts with it. Right now it's just Dodge, which isn't exactly bad, but it feels sort of weak. 3pp is allowed.

>> No.55987951

I made a tiefling character that was extremely pale, had white hair and grey eyes. Based heavily off of Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower from Bloodborne. Really the point of a "pass for human" tiefling is they are unnervingly unusual but not to the point of breaking the masquerade.

>> No.55988000

You should not have done it as a Rogue, since it's feat intensive, needs a high BAB, and requires the full attack option.

If it's not too late, make a Slayer instead, and choose the Ranger Combat Style talents.

You could also make a Vigilante (Stalker) from PoW, and specialize in Thrashing Dragon.

>> No.55988022

If you are unchained rogue, focus on dex and get those gains from dex to damage.

Double slice would give your offhand full benefit from your dex/str (remember offhands only get half normally).

Quickdraw is also helpful in gettin both weapons out in only a free action. As normally you can only draw one as part of moving.

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I've got TWO games going now. I feel so lucky.
I started a Thursday night game at my local college, in addition to my Saturday Roll20 game (Stjarnagardr). Same setting, separated by a few months time.

>Thursday College Game
The new group set out to investigate some children that had been going missing in a village about 30 miles outside of the city they're near. They met with the village chief, and did some exploring around the swamps, where they stumbled upon a cluster of Archer Bushes. They quickly dispatched the non-mindless plants, and discovered a cloth doll amongst the branches and trees heading South. They went back to the village to report their findings, and kept watch in the village at night. During second watch, as the group's Rogue and Fighter were roaming around, they came across a tall, Slenderman-esque creature luring a pair of young children towards the edge of town. When it noticed the two adults, it vanished and the children were left dumbstruck.

The group plans to head out to an old hermit's hut in the swamp, and find out more about the creature before going to hunt it down.

> Saturday Roll20 Game
Last Saturday, the group managed to sneak in to a bandit keep without being noticed. Said group of bandits is working together with an Apprentice Necromancer for mutual benefit. The party quickly dispatched of several of the skeletons standing guard, and took out two of the three human watchmen. Unfortunately, the third managed to escape and wake up the Bandit Chief, a Ratfolk Warpriest of Jormungand (Evil and Destruction). The Bandit Warpriest summoned three Dretch Demons and fought the party, nearly killing the party's Witch. The party's Skald and Paladin worked together to take out the Bandit Warpriest, with the Skald getting the finishing blow. We stopped there, and pick it back up tonight.

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Thanks to SEVERE AUTISM, there's a pair of feats to bump my BaB up to Full progression, Drawbacks to get the feats to get me off the ground, and I've got the dex and whatnot I need.

Dual Wielding
Prerequisites: Dex 15
Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. See Two-Weapon Fighting. In addition, When wielding a double weapon or two weapons (not including natural weapons or unarmed strikes), you gain a +1 shield bonus to your AC. If the weapon has an enhancement bonus, apply the highest to your shield AC. This takes the place of Two Weapon Fighting and Two Weapon Defense, and any feats that require these feats instead require Dual Wielding.
Improved Dual Wielding
Prerequisites: Dex 17, Dual Wielding, Base Attack Bonus +6
In addition to the standard single extra attack you get with an off-hand weapon, you get a second attack with it, albeit at a –5 penalty. Once your BAB reaches +11, you also gain a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –10 penalty. Additionally, you add your Strength bonus to damage rolls made with your off-hand weapon normally. This feat takes the place of Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, and Double Slice, and any feat that requires these feats instead requires Improved Dual Wielding.

Two Weapon Fighting
When using the Two Weapon Fighting mechanic, a character may make two attacks instead of one when using a standard action to make a single attack. A character may use Vital Strike with both of these attacks. When attacking in this manner, you take a -2 Penalty to all Attack Rolls, in addition to any other penalties.

GM's using these, so Double Slice/TWF Defense is already there. Quick Draw was gained from class features.

>> No.55988110

Okay, /pfg/. How do we make Shadowdancer not shit?

>> No.55988118

>Thanks to SEVERE AUTISM, there's a pair of feats to bump my BaB up to Full progression, Drawbacks to get the feats to get me off the ground, and I've got the dex and whatnot I need
Care to share those two?

>> No.55988125

pls respond. I need a second opinion

>> No.55988128

So, memegame players, hows memegame going?

>> No.55988139

It's going good. The memes are very memey.

>> No.55988171

One is Paizo, the other is Super Genius Games: The Genius Guide to Horrifically Overpowered Feats. Which has mostly alright stuff, with some holy shit what are you doing nigger sprinkled into it.


Offensive Combat Training
[Horrifically Overpowered]
You fight like a warrior-born.
Prerequisite: Defensive Combat Training
Benefit: Your base attack bonus is equal to your total hit dice.

For the sake of not being a faggot, I've only ever really used it on a few Rogue ideas I have, since Rogues are trash but I like the class.

The drawbacks shit is the Book of Distinctions and Drawbacks, by Cryptosnark Games. Old 3.5 thing, it's in the QANON Trove.

>> No.55988184


If you go waaay back to 3.0 there was Savage Species, which was a splatbook that gave you a system to make any monster into a playable PC class. It worked pretty ok!

>> No.55988193


>> No.55988205


Baby hands

>> No.55988270

The memes are falling apart but I'll never give details, only continue to make wild claims that sow doubt in everyone's minds!

>> No.55988279

I knew it would happen.

>> No.55988335

Pass around to the onee-sans.

>> No.55988395

As a base class.

>> No.55988444

I hope SotJR has a blast tonight. It certainly sounded like FotJR had fun last night.

>> No.55988471

Play a ravenlord harbinger.

>> No.55988474

Full BAB, two good saves and shadow jump being given in 30ft increments every odd level and some extra at capstone.

>> No.55988479

So I need permission to view the open playtest of the legendary gunslinger, did they recently close playtesting?

>> No.55988501

Fuck off.

>> No.55988517

Which horns does your character have?

>> No.55988530

Give Slayer an archetype that gets a shadow themed abundant step ability.

>> No.55988549

Horns sound like devilry. Have you considered smiting yourself?

>> No.55988556

What's your character's heraldic symbol? Your character isn't a filthy peasant, isn't he?

>> No.55988566

One character has bottom-left's horns, and another has...the closest equivalent for his dragon-horns is probably second from the right on the bottom row.

>> No.55988568


I can't read Moon letters, so I cannot tell you.

>> No.55988595


Red one on the second row, a bit curved, though.

>> No.55988597

We traded out our shit memes for good memes! I couldn't be happier.

>> No.55988599

Character A: An avenging angel with fiery wings and a spear. Though the main branch of his family changed it to a Cornugon years ago.
Character B: A silver dragon, in honor of a fallen heroine.
Character C: A black dragon holding an Iomedaean sword.

>> No.55988634

They're all some variation of filthy peasant.

>> No.55988709


Would nobles tolerate a low-nobility tiefling?

>> No.55988724

My schedule is changing because I'm getting a new job and I am unsure if I can make a game any longer. I'm afraid to bring it up.

>> No.55988729

Fuck tolerance, acquire fear and awe by becoming a king.

>> No.55988774

Bettee to inform them soon! Its less insulting the more forethought you show giving the potential issue.

Also, don't feel too bad, they will probably still be able to play and have fun without you, it might even be an improvement!

>> No.55988825

>Pass for Human: Discrimination against tieflings with horrifically fiendish features is so intense that even tieflings look up to those precious few of their kind who can pass as human. These tieflings have otherworldly features that are so subtle, they aren’t often noticed unless the tiefling points them out (for example, eyes that flash red in the throes of passion, or fingernails that are naturally hard and pointed). Such a tiefling doesn’t need to succeed at a Disguise check to appear to be human and count as humanoid (human) as well as outsider (native) for all purposes (such as humanoid-affecting spells like charm person or enlarge person). The tiefling does not automatically gain his associated outsider language (but may select it as a bonus language if his Intelligence score is high enough), and he may not select other racial traits that would grant him obviously fiendish features (such as the fiendish sprinter, maw or claw, prehensile tail, scaled skin, or vestigial wings alternate racial traits). This ability alters the tiefling’s type, subtype, and languages.


>> No.55988854

>Wah people are having fun wrong!

>> No.55988894

>being the spawn of evil
>"but I'm just having fun being evil!"
Tell that to those you've killed.

>> No.55988896


I think nobles are more likely to pretend they don't exist. In fact, doesn't the late king's ostracized tiefling brother play a pretty important role in Curse of the Crimson Throne?

>> No.55988911

Tieflings can be lawful good. That's the goodest kind of good.

>> No.55988912

>Tell that to those you've killed.
Okay, I'll tell that to...uh...the germs I killed on my teeth and that spider I swatted the other day.

>> No.55988948

Sturgeon on a brown field with a blue stripe down the center. Not super fancy but he's a non-landed knight and retainer, not much else.

>> No.55988963

>Horns mean your a murderer

>> No.55988972

Keep telling yourself that Law-cuck.

>> No.55988973

>Brown field
Anon, what?

>> No.55988984

Don't even reply to paladinfags.
I've tried dozens of times, and what I've come away with is this.
90% of people who play paladins, and 100% of people who also use the words "Deus Vult", "smite" or "purify" unironically, are bitter neoconservative misfits who lean on black-white objective morality, pseudoscience and intentionally outdated cultural norms in order to feel protected against the scary women and the people who want to tell them that the world isn't about them.
I've played with plenty of people who played religious or even religiously extremist characters, but paladinfags like >>55988894 are irredeemable.
First of all, as you can notice, basically every single one of them posts in-character at first, but shows it to be their real opinions when they blow their lid. Second off, they have a hard time telling the difference between reality and fiction, and try to win real-world arguments by bringing in D&D alignments.
In the end, it's all just a way to convince themselves that black-white morality exists in the world, and that they don't need to try to understand people, empathize with them, listen to them or even care about them if they have a specific label on them. They use it to shut down GMs who require them to do something else than disrupt the party by murdering every NPC and PC they don't like, they use it to shut down roleplaying by implying like some other Tumblrina that a characters' actions automatically reveal the player's intents, and they use it to protect their fragile little egos on the Internet, the one place where their delusions are the most threatened.

>> No.55988986

Two rearing red stags on a purple field with two crossed halberds in the back

>> No.55988988

Green field, I'm an idiot.

>> No.55988996

The reason why is that you basically have to post on this board with your eyes closed or just work on your completely own brand of logic to ever convince yourself that paladinfags and moralfags have even half of the fun actual roleplayers do - and as such the first thing the paladinfag does when accused of being a bad roleplayer or a disruptive presence in the group is to imply that wanting to play a female character makes you gay and wanting to play a young character makes you a pedophile.

>> No.55988998

It's impossible for chaotic good to even exist outside of very specific circumstances.

Those circumstances involve lawful evil.

>> No.55989007

You imposter motherfucker

>> No.55989024

I am playing a tiefling but not one with horns. He's descended from a man cursed by an Astradaemon,

I have a tail, needle teeth, slimy brightly colored skin, and elongated limbs. He hides the fact that on his back he has several vestigial tenticals he can't control, pretends he has a hunch.

>> No.55989030

this is why Neutral Good is Best Good. you don't give a fuck about Chaos or Order, you just do what you think is right.

>> No.55989101

>Those circumstances involve lawful evil.
Even then its better to play lawful good and out law them.

>> No.55989119

No that usually just leads to Lawful Evil weasels getting away anyway or your organization getting subverted by them down the line.

>> No.55989158

>It works if lawful good out does lawful evil on the law front
>But what if lawful evil out does lawful good on the law front?

Learn to read.

>> No.55989181

The law can only do so much, and Lawful Evil letting people think they've won is one of their favorite tricks.

>> No.55989197

>The law can only do so much
Yeah, like being the foundation of civilization.

>> No.55989199

of course, it also works in reverse: Letting Lawful Evil think they've won is also an effective tactic against them.

>> No.55989225

Simply having laws does not translate to being Lawful. That's like saying everyone is lawful because they wake up.

>> No.55989235

The law isn't the foundation of Civilization. It's the will of people to submit to those laws and the ability for others to inflict violence on those that don't want to.

>> No.55989271

Not exactly, since metamagic only works on spells.

You can ask your DM to let you take the Monster Feats, like Quicken Spell-Like Ability for your school or domain powers.


>> No.55989298


Isn't the social contract essentially an exchange of liberties for security? You bind yourself to the law of the land, and in return, enjoy its protection and benefits.

Theoretically, anyway. There are plenty of instances throughout history where it doesn't work out that way.

>> No.55989311

So I wanna play an enchanted set of robes on a quest to find its wizard with the eventual goal that the robes will become more of a wizard than the original.

For the life of me I have no idea where to go with this concept in PF.

>> No.55989321

Aww, I hope you have a blast tonight too, saltanon.

>> No.55989357

From the Path of War errata:

>a martial disciple class (a class that has the maneuvers readied class feature)

Are half-initiator archetypes martial disciples? Are aegides?

>> No.55989363

You don't because that's fucking stupid and better fitted to something like FATE or that RPG where the party is a group of magic items.

>> No.55989383

i have an idea. Astomoi are a race of what amounts to Sentient Armor. Perhaps you could work with a GM to make an Alternate Racial Trait that makes it a Sentient Robe instead?

>> No.55989404

Simple, your enchanted robes have taken control of a common dullard with little skill of his own. The two of you are the character and you just play it like a normal wizard.

>> No.55989428

That might actually work, and I don't think I'd have to convince him of much. The SRD says they're more like formless humanoids than enchanted armor.

>> No.55989431

do they get the 'maneuvers readied class feature'

>> No.55989458

But archetypes aren't classes.

>> No.55989490

the class gains the feature by trading out other features, and thus that 'class' would have that class feature

you fucking monkey.

>> No.55989491

>not the anon you're already talking to but

Archetypes count as their parent classes for anything that asks, I believe. I'd rule that it applies.

>> No.55989522

>aegises can't take Advanced Study
>aegises get obsoleted by Form Astral Suit
Aegises BTFO

>> No.55989541

They can take extra customization point which essentially does the same thing for them.

>> No.55989690


The heraldry of my character's Elvish Noble House is a white eight-pointed starburst against a field of blue. Within the starburst is a gray, double-edged sword pointed downards, laying atop an open blue book.
Depending on which branch of the House, there is a crown above the book within the starburst, to represent the main Royal branch of the House.

My character is of a cadet branch, born from the matrilineal marriage between the previous King's second son's quarter-human granddaughter, and a lowborn half-human adventurer with whom the family adopted into their House upon marriage, so that the noble girl would not be marrying below her station.

>> No.55989758

But not higher level maneuvers.

>> No.55989769

Fuck fear and awe. Acquire favors and influence by loaning the king some money.

>> No.55989813


Fuck favors and influence. Acquire reverence and devout loyalty by becoming a high priest.

>> No.55989857

Crit the miniboss with a sneak attack shocking grasp. It was beautiful.

Playing in an Iron Gods campaign, fighting some robots that are vulnerable to electricity.

>> No.55989907

>following rules you didn't make

>> No.55990087


>> No.55990127

Does pathfinder have any really good pre-made adventure paths?

>> No.55990170

Rise of the Runelords is actually pretty good. It's the AP that put Paizo on the map, and it's solid the whole way through, though you'll want the anniversary edition to have it all updated to Pathfinder stuff, as the original printing was for 3.5. It has solid pacing, decent characters, challenging but not overwhelming fights, and it can actually get players reasonably invested in it if you have a good GM (though, smart players can bypass some things, which is a problem).

A lot of the later APs are much less fun due to Paizo realizing they can outsource their mechanics to freelance writers.

>> No.55990212

>PCs spend most of the session building their businesses
>Spend the last 20 minutes of the session fighting three Sahuagin
>Tell them I'll assign experience points after I find out how much the skill checks for downtime are worth
>Can't find out since Paizo used "XP" in Ultimate Campaign
>Additionally, if you have a business, the GM can insert campaign events and story awards tied to it. You might earn XP as a story award when your business earns its first 1,000 gp or first 100 points of Goods.
>Story Awards: Feel free to award Story Awards when players conclude a major storyline or make an important accomplishment. These awards should be worth double the amount of experience points for a CR equal to the APL.

The PCs have been using their buildings to earn everything except goods. By the time they get to 100 goods, they'll probably be level 10 already.

>> No.55990502

Would you trust a fairy that is sobbing and screaming along your way to the nearest town? She was supposedly picking violets, roses, daisies and lilies to eat the yummy petals and drink the fine nectar, but then the old evil hunter took the flowers and his mean kids scattered some sort of iron powder around the house. She cries because of her allergy to it and tells you that she and her 88 siblings are starving.

Dusk comes, and with it, many child voices sprout from the shadows of the woods singing an eerie melody. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e6CS1nKFXCo

>> No.55990529

Murder the fairy and all her siblings and the hunter and his kids to be sure

its the only way

>> No.55990566

Set the entire fucking forest on fire.

>> No.55990584

Inconsequential. I got shit needs doing, I can't be stalling for every dubious sob story.

>> No.55990595

NEVER Trust a Fairy.

>> No.55990616

Never trust a god damn fairy ever

>> No.55990776

The trick is '5' step away and then Rapid Shot', usually.

>> No.55991154

Post a Discord and I'll join.

>> No.55991159

The fey aren't exactly famous for being rational, logical or mentally stable. Interactions with them might be risky at best. You may gently offer a rose to one of them and in exchange be gifted with immortality, an army of unicorns, emerald palaces, golden mountains, silvery worlds, your heart's True Desire and more, just to be cursed with a fate worse than death by the same fairy. In the same day. Because you offered a violet to it. And It hates the color violet. They simply are batshit insane.

>> No.55991506


>> No.55991554

Which one would could as dragon-horns? Probably the 2nd one on the top row, right? Or the 2nd on the bottom?

>> No.55991579

The left two on the middle row are supposed to be dragon horns. But Japanese have extremely narrow views on how dragon horns are supposed to look.

>> No.55991838

Does it? It's got support for Dex to-hit and Str to damage but that's not the same thing.

>> No.55991894

I've been labeled an ENTP.

>> No.55991959

The memes continue to flow like milk and honey, my friend. Never have I ever been with such a fantastic group of fellows.

>> No.55992252

I forgot what sphere or class its under but there was a dex to damage option somewhere.

>> No.55992262

Our memes are the dankest, so much so that the old guy in the group can't play anymore because the dankness triggers his rheumatism.

>> No.55992296

Equipment. Take Finesse Fighting Twice.

>> No.55992329


We are both memeing and gaming in equal measure.

>> No.55992341

The Conscript, as a 2 point feature you buy, and it takes 4 levels before you get Dex-to-damage.

This man is wrong, taking Finesse Fighting twice nets you the equivilent of Vigilante's Lethal Grace.

>> No.55992351

>The maximum levels of maneuvers and stances gained through aegis customizations is limited by those listed on Table: Archetype Maneuver Progression, although this restriction does not apply to maneuvers added to his maneuvers known through other methods, such as prestige classes or the Advanced Study feat.
RAI pretty much implies Aegides can take Advanced Study.

Also, unrelated, but one of the players in my party might make a pact of sorts, becoming the champion of a certain evil deity. Does adding an untyped bonus to Charisma seem a bit favoritistic if the PC doesn't have any class features that run on the stat nor would it bump it to a point where taking a cha-based class would even be viable? Was planning on fluffing it up as the PC acting more confident (and some bits of evil charm) thanks to their own zeal being acknoweldged and rewarded driving them to act as such.

>> No.55992472

I may be late to this party, but in the PoW mini-errata, there is a change to Profane and Sacred damage.

>Profane damage deals full damage to incorporeal targets and deals damage as if the weapon were evil-aligned. As it is not a weapon damage type, it automatically bypasses all damage reduction.

What exactly is meant by "deals damage as if the weapon were evil-aligned?" Do they mean as if the weapon had the Unholy special ability? Do they mean for the sake of DR? That wouldn't make sense, since it already bypasses all DR.

>> No.55992518

it converts all damage the weapon deals, I assume?

>> No.55992519

Probably that it counts as evil for effects that care about it, like DR but possibly others.

>> No.55992522

It means it goes through the DR. Evil-aligned refers to the DR it goes through and any other effects based on that. So I would guess it's either a redundancy or a specification for any further effects that might come from having an evil-aligned weapon.

>> No.55992542

How odd. Well, thank you for clarification.

>> No.55992618

Does it still do 1.5 to anything evil xd.

>> No.55992620

You could have a monster whose Regeneration is deactivated by Evil-aligned damage for example

>> No.55992657

And it's a damn shame, too, since he's an amazing player.

>> No.55992658

Why would a dragon have deer-horns?

>> No.55992688

Because they're supposed to represent all the strength and majesty of the natural world, and stags can be pretty damned majestic

>> No.55992725

Bottom row, second from the right, minus small horns, and both of them broken.

>> No.55992726

Think Chinese dragons. The second from the left is a Western dragon's horns, by contrast.

>> No.55992748

If you could take over as player of one character, banishing the previous player from the game forever and taking their place without any of the other players realizing it, who would you take?

>> No.55992774

Nobody. I don't like the idea of playing a character I haven't made.

>> No.55992785

Not even to slut them up?

>> No.55992806

Slutting up characters really doesn't interest me. I don't find the idea of a character acting slutty to be particularly funny, and I've never really enjoyed ERP. The player will have a better time playing their character than I will.

>> No.55992845

Rory, so that I can save the other people he plays with from him

>> No.55992880

Is there a pdf for Aethera? I can't seem to find it in the megas.

I ordered the hardcopy, but it won't be here for a week, and I'd like to look over it sooner.

>> No.55992882

I wanna be a diamond dog

>> No.55992890

Is the maneuver errata out yet?

>> No.55992895


No. It can grapple without a rope attached. But then it's far away and you have no way to get it back.

>> No.55992918


DM's wife's character because fuck her

>> No.55992963

Is there a Stance or Boost that provides invisibility?

>> No.55992981

I already am

>> No.55993086

I told her I would and then didn't


>> No.55993111

Fuck off, you has been. You are supposed to be dead both in the series and in real life, you half blind nobody.

>> No.55993126

Or the guy was shitposting for fun, that’s a better explanation

>> No.55993129


>> No.55993151

I meant I want to infiltrate pld from the inside

>> No.55993184

I want to infiltrate (you) from the inside.

>> No.55993199

Any one of the 6 book paths I’ve found to be great fun

>> No.55993247

Iron Gods, Reign of Winter, Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne are the best so far.

>> No.55993251

...from the inside?

>> No.55993293

SoM/SoP gestalt game when?

>> No.55993310

Gestalt game when

>> No.55993314

When you run it.

>> No.55993315

Game when

>> No.55993334

Never ever

>> No.55993348


>> No.55993365

Are there any ways, other than the Gorum Divine Fighting Technique, to take an Attack Action at the end of a charge? 1pp or 3pp.

>> No.55993453

So the Synthesist summoner, a class you generally build wrong and go for a not optimized build and still really do well with due to just how the class works.

That being said what are generally useful feats for a synthesist summoner since they're taking feats for both them and the summon

>> No.55993457

Spheres of Might has Skillful Charge in the Athletics sphere, although it doesn't work with some of the charge optimization (lances, etc.) Path of War lets you make a strike at the end of a charge which isn't identical but may be similar, depending on what you want to use it for.

>> No.55993458


>> No.55993474

New to the game, got a question.
A 1st Level Magus with a score INT of 16(+3), thus a total of 6 spells in my spellbook.

Are those 6 spells fixed for the rest of my path ? Or can I change them, let's say Today I have "Shield,ShockingGrasp,ColorSpray,Grease,Ray of Enfeeblement and Snowball"

Let's say after an encounter I used all my spell slots to cast 2 spells from this list. Now after a long rest, can I change some of these 6 spells with other Lv1 spells from the Magus list or not ?

Thank you

>> No.55993488

Finesse Fighting x2 doesn't bother me because Lethal Grace is cool. The Conscript is a dumb fucking class that shouldn't exist but one class being able to pick up uRogue Finesse Training isn't the end of the world.

>> No.55993503

I don't think Pounce actually lets you. It lets you make a full attack at the end of a charge, but that's not technically the same as the attack action.

It's usually quite a bit *better* than the attack action, mind you.

>> No.55993513

Nevermind, we're good, I'm just apparently going the rogue of maximum dickass teleporting ass-stabber rogue.

>> No.55993828

I wonder what ROTJR is doing right now...

Do you think they're having fun?

>> No.55993856

I hope they TPK

>> No.55993910

I hope they don't TPK but come into the thread and claim they did

>> No.55993936

When does ensoulmeme run again? Monday?

How do you people keep track of the days of games you arent in.

>> No.55993952

Has there ever been a single unscripted character death in a /pfg/ game? My guess is no. DMs around here are soft little babies.

>> No.55993954

Ensoulment runs on Tuesdays, amigo.

>> No.55993970

Absolutely not. Those 6 starting spells are written into your spellbook (along with all 0th-level spells), and you have 3 0th-level daily spell slots and 1 1st-level daily spell slot, plus one extra from your +3 INT.

>> No.55993981


>> No.55994039

You can learn all the spells on that list, but you have to find them/be taught them/choose to learn them as your two new spells at later levels.

You cannot change them like a cleric

>> No.55994050

Think of it like playing a wizard fighter, that’s how your spells work.

>> No.55994057

Everyone tells me Pathfinder is for weeaboos and furries, but is it a good system and overall universe? Because my game stores seem to have all of the materials, and it looks okay.

>> No.55994065

We are having fun!

Just saved an ulfen raider from an ogre torturer, and had someone throw 4 grenades into the room.

>> No.55994066

No and no.

>> No.55994087

Care to expound upon this? I just wanna know why.

>> No.55994091

It's more that it enables weeaboos and furries, rather than it being inherent to the system itself. The system is mediocre at best, and needs a lot of tweaking and additional content. The Golarion universe is... it's cluttered and inclusive, possibly too much so. But it's not unworkable.

>> No.55994110

>for weebs and furries
>good system
its 3.5 but slightly updated, so its still terrible, but addictive to us fucking retards
>overall universe
Golarion is arguably one of the worst settings i've ever seen. Like a lot of 3.5 settings

at least its not a setting where its questionable why your character is doing anything when the DMPCs of the settings writer could fix it by blinking.

>> No.55994113


It's less of a total clusterfuck than 3.0 and 3.5, but still a very messy system with some of the same issues. The setting itself is a bit themepark-y, which makes cohesion an issue, but some parts of it are actually pretty neat.

>> No.55994143

I want to horribly murder /pfg/ PCs!

>> No.55994144

>mfw really REALLY taking stock of the mechanical support kitsune have

Damn this game really is for weeaboos and furries

>> No.55994151

Touch the fluffy tail anon


>> No.55994159

shut up fag

>> No.55994165

Depends on your gm. I have yet to find furryland. I do enjoy the system way more than 5e personally, but I do play both. The expansive modules and first party expansive content give you a lot to do, but is kind of overwhelming/prone to breaking itself.

So it all depends on your DM in the end.

>> No.55994168

Which /pfg/ PCs would you kill off? What would you replace them with?

>> No.55994177

I want to horribly murder /pfg/ players!

And replace them with people who are competent and not retarded!

>> No.55994185

bad news, /pfg/ players are more competant than most pf players

>> No.55994187

Who in particular would you kill off? Who do you think would be a better fit?

>> No.55994189

I would kill off all of them. And the players would have to replace them with new PCs, obviously. Then I'd kill them off too!

>> No.55994200


Not if you like catfolk, anon.

>> No.55994207

That is so astoundingly not true.

I'd start with egotists, so something like 90% of the people in the Cabal.

>> No.55994224

It actually is, sadly.

>> No.55994229

One player pulled a Henderson and effectively led to what pretty much amounted to a party wipe.
Later on, said player got their next character killed due to their own actions, but a SoP-based Breath of Life (I didn't bother checking how the system works even if it's allowed) got the character back up.
It was one of the Evil games

>> No.55994314

It's not. I've never seen a bigger group of depressed flakes.

>> No.55994339

>and furries
Actually no, most of the other beast races have completely shit for support, and Kobolds are mechanically the most absolure trash race in the game.

Humans are still the most mechanically supported and competent race in the game, ESPECIALLY if you want to play as a martial of any kind

>> No.55994363

<most mechanically supported and competent
That's not Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Aasimar.

>> No.55994387

yes, that is literally better than shit like Nero McBrain

>> No.55994396

>Half-Elves, Half-Orcs,
literally shittier humans, who never get as good stuff.
Essentially only one book, and are only good or thier stat bonuses and the ability to trade away most of thier racial traits to count as humans for minmaxing stuff that humans get innately.

>> No.55994428

>SoP-based Breath of Life
That would be Resuscitate http://spheresofpower.wikidot.com/life#toc32

>> No.55994453

Nero McBrain is pretty much an outlier among Roll20 players honestly.
>literally shittier humans, who never get as good stuff.
Sacered Tatoo, Fates Favored, Constant Detect Magic as a racial trait, exotic weapon proficiency with wide swaths of weapons, Hybridization funnels, multiple FCBs, flexible stats, etc. Way better than a bonus feat most non-retard builds won't need.
>Essentially only one book, and are only good or thier stat bonuses and the ability to trade away most of their racial traits to count as humans for minmaxing stuff that humans get innately.
That's all they need to be better than humans.

Like all humans have going for them is a single stat and a fucking bonus feat. We get it, you're upset they're better than whatever weeaboo bullshit furshit race you like. That doesn't make them well supported.

>> No.55994496

The good: It's basically streamlined 3.5 so you have a lot of content and some not-so-retarded core rules to play with.

The bad: Splatbook creep. There's rules for so much inane bullshit. This is where the weeaboo stuff comes in. If you're DMing, you need to be clear about what rulebooks are allowed and what rulebooks aren't, because your players are just gonna read the d20pfsrd online and show up to a standard fantasy adventure with half-Ifrit half-kitsune BDSM-domain antipaladins or some shit.

>> No.55994511

>half-Ifrit half-kitsune BDSM-domain antipaladin
I don't think that's actually possible. But fuck, I'm going to FIND a way to play that now.

>> No.55994515

Splats are what makes PF playable in the first place.
>a standard fantasy adventure
You mean that thing Pathfinder and D&D in general is terrible at and shouldn't be used.
> half-Ifrit half-kitsune
And you mean some strawman bullshit race you can't even create.

>> No.55994533

I've played with the bottom of the roll20 barrel. I'd be interested to play with /pfg/ folks just to see the difference.

What's this Nero McBrain done that's so awful?

>> No.55994534

>hating on splats
>When they're the only thing that makes the game not a slog of nothing but Hardcover-Only (or worse, Core-Only) bullshit that makes wizards into gods and rogues into arrow-bait

>> No.55994536

Yes anon. I used a literary device called 'hyperbole.'

>> No.55994539

>We get it, you're upset they're better than whatever weeaboo bullshit furshit race you like.
>implying I don't play humans exclusively because that bonus feat is absoluetly vital for making most builds viable at an early enough level

>> No.55994553

This tickled me.

>> No.55994554

>not-so-retarded core rules to play with.
shoo shoo paidrone

>> No.55994560

Some MLP who tried to inject his OC which is some magus with a union jack and an eletric guitar, shirt.

>> No.55994573

Yes, and hyperbole is a pretty shitty thing to use if you actually want to convince someone why they should or shouldn't do something.

>> No.55994575

Huh. Yeah, that's not so bad.

>> No.55994605

I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. I was giving my colorful opinion on Pathfinder to someone who was wondering if he should get into it.

You should calm down, anon. It's just a game :^)

>> No.55994616

How is that worse than the dozen or so carbon-copy anime reenactment characters that /pfg/ churns out?

>> No.55994644

We found his f-list

and then we found actual pictures of the man

oh yes

his build was also nonfunctional

>> No.55994656

So posting bullshit for the sake of bullshit?
The real "horror" came when people doxxed the fuck and found out he went to some MLP fan camp where he circle jerked it with a bunch bronies.

Basically, "he's a creepy fuck, but he's not a creepy fuck in a way I approve of."

>> No.55994666

>his build was also nonfunctional
Possibly the worst part

>> No.55994674

I've been needing to use this image way too often lately

>> No.55994713

Here, have one in exchange.

>> No.55994714

>We found his f-list
What is that shameful now? People here keep f-lists or otherwise use the site all the time.

>his build was also nonfunctional
That's fair

>The real "horror" came when people doxxed the fuck and found out he went to some MLP fan camp where he circle jerked it with a bunch bronies.
I'd rather he do that and keep it to himself instead of your average /pfg/ shitter that just can't wait to self-deprecate to anyone that will listen (and plenty that won't).

>> No.55994728

>build was nonfunctional
That's about par for the course once you hit the bottom. I've never found a player's picture, but I've certainly found their f-lists before. Also their website dedicated to their fursona and shitty lore associated with their fursona.

>> No.55994740

judge for yourself my dude


>> No.55994756

Don't forget the app itself.

>> No.55994760

Not any worse than "my character is this anime trope", "my character is me, but attractive", or "my character is tits" that you people churn out pretty much all the time.

>> No.55994767

really is

>> No.55994777

To be fair, he wasn't advertising it. He was doxxed. Being a nasty fuck in the privacy of his own home seems less an issue than forcing it down others' throats. I'm not really going to judge him for having an f-list when he didn't show it to folks himself.

>> No.55994817


Doxxing would imply that there was any real effort put forth on my part to find it

God you fucking flowers nowdays, its not like i tracked down his home address, it typed his character name into a site and it popped up, his own damn faul.

>> No.55994830

All pfg-related f-lists in evidence have also been revealed solely by doxxing. Nobody voluntarily revealed theirs except maybe Rory, and even his I'm fairly sure was only found by someone going out of their way to find it

>> No.55994853

Which f-lists have been found?

>> No.55994860

That's incredibly fucking vanilla, what's the big deal?

>> No.55994881

If there was no effort, why did previous anons call it doxxing? You still looked for it, so it's not really damning on his part. That's not to say it doesn't show that he's shitty at separating his accounts or that it isn't hot fucking garbage. All I'm saying is, if you didn't look, you wouldn't have found it.

I'm used to playing with people who very much show you their f-lists. People who rape other characters and are aggressively put down in response, then gripe about how nobody lets them RP and it's what their character would do. This is just not as bad as I'm used to.

And this. It isn't even awful. Sure, it's a typical shitty OC. How is this an anomaly? Did he use GM authority to rape somebody? Did he bitch to the GMs in PMs because you refused to ERP with his literal animal PC they let him make?

>> No.55994893

What class would be best for fighting undead assuming there was no divine magic available in the setting whatsoever?

>> No.55994911

Any initiator with sacred crane.
Barring PoW
Anathatism Psion
Barring DSP
Exploiter pact wizard/arcanist
If you don't want to play tier .5 broken arcane casters
Occultist or Fighter with system mastery

>> No.55994914

because previous anons are retards

>> No.55994917

>no Renamon
I absolutely love that you have to specify this.

>> No.55994945

the internet is a magical place

>> No.55994950

it's nonscientifical bs, that is as applicable as astrology

>> No.55994961

That's not surprising, you used to have to specify "NO FUTA DOMS". F-List has phases like that.

>> No.55995075

Also, Extended Resuscitate and Life-Saving Cure.

>> No.55995243

Has anyone played with Pact Magic stuff? How is it? A couple of my players want to use it but I have no experience with it.

>> No.55995247

That's not even a good profile. Would not typefuck.

>> No.55995294

For a Spheres of Might-using Bard and Skald, would the following trades make sense?

>Proficiencies: Light, simple, bucklers w/ Martial Tradition
>Lose spellcasting in favor of CHA-based Adept progression
>Get the choice of Warleader or Gladiator as a free sphere at first
>If they choose Warleader, they can spend an additional round of performance in order to start and maintain a tactic of their choice alongside a performance
>If they choose Gladiator, they gain the ability to spend 3 rounds of performance to apply a Boast talent for free
>Skald gets Spell Kenning replaced with "fifteen minutes of fame" which lets them pick up one/two/three combat talents for BaB/minutes a day

Is it fair? I want to play a Spheremighting Bard!

The base system is good: all the spirits are kinky though.

>> No.55995326

There's already a conversion for SoM. Just give up spell casting for adept progression. They said in the GitP thread they're going to errata it so your spell casting stat becomes you're practitioner modifier. Martial Traditons in exchange for weapon prof can get you you're starting sphere. Everything else is unnecessary free shit and would probably upset balance.

>> No.55995328

>The base system is good: all the spirits are kinky though.

Care to explain?

>> No.55995349

There's a spirit that involves you being turned into a sexy female panther, getting raped by a male panther that is subsequently eaten by other sexy female panthers, and makes you submissive and sexually attracted to male authority figures.

>> No.55995361

The author was clearly horny while writing the different spirit entries, and as such, the majority of them have some blatant sex related shit going on with them.

>> No.55995520

The Duke's Coin team 2 has completed session 1.

>Being a text game they made it up to the major battle but not through it
>Team was sent to the front lines right after being formed.
>Two party members were hoping to be captain. The other seems SLIGHTLY SOUR about it.
>Astony begins its great offensive to get some breathing room. All sorts march out
>Party is to meet up with the 26th Line Infantry and ambush an enemy force that had just raided an important factory
>Colonel suspiciously quiet about what they are actually recovering
>Party encounter scouts on the way there, kill two and capture one before they can escape
>Meet up with old friends in the 26th at the ford, in an abandoned factory, begin plotting ambush
>they find a crate of alchemist's fires(FOURTY ALCHEMIST'S FIRES. THAT'S AS MANY AS FOUR TENS.) and everyone gets shifty devious eyes.

Party 2 made it about half as far as party 1 did. Text games go sloooooow.

>> No.55995592

New thread:


>> No.55996013

Been there done that.

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