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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How much did you like your last adventure? Why'd you like/not like it?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

Old Thread: >>55939239

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I want to do more quests on sealing away or atleast weakening legendary creature.

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Do most people play in Golarion or do people make their own settings?

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Most people play in Golarion because it's ready-made and easily accessible. Making a setting is hard work; most people don't want to do it if tghey have another option readily available,

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I make my own, and the GM I'm playing with now makes his own, and the last one did too. Only times I've played in Golarion was with adventure paths set there, it's really not a good setting.

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What we learned from the 2hu leaks?

>2hu confirmed psychopath
>VoipClock (Aurora in Dragons2) still a shit
>Aiden also piece of shit and enabler for 2hu

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this thread lasts 5 posts without being shit

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who was leakanon?

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Some guy using permanent Discord invites to slip in and out of Discord servers.
Sounds like a blame deflecting tactic, you'd think they'd notice if someone popped up in the userlist all of a sudden.

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So the inquisitor, I haven't really seen it or played it beyond level 3

How good is it? I'm interested in trying it more because I like the idea of the inquisitor

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I'm playing an archer inquisitor of Cayden with the Sanctified Slayer and Preacher archetypes.
A lot of damage and you can force the opponent to reroll an attack. It loses Judgement, but it's not a big deal since i'm no playing melee.
Still, Sanctified Slayer + Ravener hunter with the wood mystery would deal even more damage.

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the Inquisitor is an interesting class, and can be built a variety of different ways, from your standard kick the door in while yelling about how no one expects you, to a more investigative "Detective" type, to even a Mounted build with the right Inquisition/Domain choices. in terms of combat abilitis, it can best be described as a "Selfish Bard." Most of it's buffs are self only, so it's not exaxctly the best team player around. still, if you really try, and sift through all the options, i'm pretty sure you can make it an effective team support character regardless. please take whatever i say with a grain of salt, however. I'm nowhere near an Inquisitor expert.

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What would be the lvl of a Court Assassin?

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Can you take levels in monk and brawler? If so, does the damage progression from unarmed strike stack?

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Depends on the court. Maybe 18 for an imperial court, 15 for a royal court, 12 for a ducal court, 9 for a county, 6 for a barony.

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Sphere's of Might download when?

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it's in the trove

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Oh. So it is. Could have sworn it wasn't there earlier.

Thanks much!

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Im playing goblin and came up with this broken feat http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/combat-feats/roll-with-it-combat-goblin
Now this breaks full attack actions gives you dr and movement what was paizo thinking

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I must be blind, I can't find the folder for it or any DDS stuff X:

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I remember someone on the Paizuri forums made a barb 19/swashbuckler 1 with that feat that was nearly unkillable by HP damage.

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>started late
>players dragged their feet
>didn't get anywhere before session ended
When things happen, they're great!

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After a long time of being unable to play, both GM and players, is it reasonable to ask for a generous Skill:Profession check for seeing how much money the characters have made to make up for the lost time?

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But audit logs store who joins and leaves, it's literally impossible for them not to notice unless they're lobotomized.

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>But audit logs store who joins and leaves
They don't.

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Jesus, you idiots take the bait way too easily. What ever happened to report and ignore?

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As someone who's favorite class is witch, how does blood of the coven look?

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Poorly written

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What does the Arcanist human FCB mean?

Can she prepare another spell each day or is it just another spell she knows?

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It means you add a spell to your spellbook, just like it says. It doesn't increase your number of prepared spells, just adds another spell you have the ability to cast.

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Not much point to it, since you can do the same thing with Hag hex.

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Doesn't work like sorcerer, what a pity. What ways is there to increase the prepared spells?

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What kind of bright-eyed bastard was your character before adventuring?

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As someone who loves witches and changelings:
It's shit.

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Is this broken?

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Is it available to grab anywhere yet?

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She had a boyfriend who wrote poems about her and gave her flowers. They really were wonderful for each other.

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For Halloween we're all making spooky monster characters. How would you go about building the creature from the black lagoon? (And not suck on land)

So far I'm looking at going deep one hybrid ranger with the natural weapon tree, but I'm not sure if there's a better to way to go. We're only level 3

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Had a player play it in Rise of the Runelords from 1-15 before campaign went on indefinite hiatus. It worked as an effective striker in that campaign with backup casting. You can make an effective knowledge-bot and face, though you're better focused on intimidate.

I built one as a half-orc and took their alternate racial trait, as well as the Improved Monster Lore feat. Very versatile class in and out of combat.

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In a void, yes. If you use a lot of other 3pp trash, then maybe not.

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>3pp trash
What do you consider trash, anon?

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Paizo, for starters.

Jokes aside, a lot of 3pp write stuff that's complicated and cool and interesting and also takes a shitload of time to parse manually. Stuff that would work well in a video game, where the math and little bonuses here and there can be applied quickly and to every single interaction in an instant. Most of the time, that bogs down tabletop games.

3pp material needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Hell, first party material should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Paizo is just as amateur as anyone else when it comes to printing Pathfinder material.

Dreamscarred is pretty good though, even if a little focused on high power in combat with low utility.

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Alright, then what'd be the issue with Jaunter's Hop?

For the character in question, it's an a TWF Knife Master Rogue with some shit tacked on to make it not garbage outside of stabbing people.

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>and also takes a shitload of time to parse manually. Stuff that would work well in a video game, where the math and little bonuses here and there can be applied quickly and to every single interaction in an instant.
I mean that applies to PF in general. I can't really think of any 3pp like that.

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How do you make believable children/teenager dialogue?

>> No.55952848

Remember when you were a kid and recreate that. Or creepily hide in the bushes of a local high school and listen on the children.

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As a rogue talent, it's significantly more powerful than any other talent from Paizo (not surprising, given that Paizo tends to print the lowest possible power level). If you take it at level 2, you have five move action teleports per-day that don't provoke AoOs, which probably land you in flanking position to sneak attack. At level 8, you have essentially 11 D-doors per day. Eleven! The sorcerer wonders what the fuck he's doing with his life. That's ignoring the ability to save against dropping below 0 HP, and being effectively immune to grapples and trips.

It's really fucking strong with absolutely no drawback, is what I'm saying.

>> No.55952890

It's getting used with the Legendary Rogue stuff from Legendary Games, which went fairly far towards making Rogue Talents at least equal to feats or better.

>> No.55952993

Don't know anything about legendary, but I assume it's fairly powerful. Have fun, I guess.

>> No.55953035

It's in the Trove under Legendary Games. It's not massively higher power, but it's a much-needed buff to a class that's honestly depressingly shit by default.

It's nice.

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>at least equal to feats or better.
Not that other anon, but that single rogue talent is better than most high-level class features.
Swift action to negate grapple, pin, and trip!
Non-action 1/round to escape death!
Literal dimension door!

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Is Conan-like backstory adequate for a lvl 6 character?

>> No.55953970

>Character A fought alongside his parents and brothers against bandits, and worked diligently in the family smithy
>Character B was a scrappy kid who probably would have done something hasty with his childhood sweetheart if he hadn't been sent off to squire with a knight
>Character C was a slave, so pretty much the opposite of bright-eyed
>Character D had something like a family, and could have pursued a career in the arts

>> No.55953989

How Conan-like are we talking? Like the early stories in his timeline where he's just some thief, or do you mean more like the movie where he's already been a pit fighter for a while by the time he's freed from slavery?

>> No.55954072

I'm a slayer who's focused on using a shorts word in one hand, other than a shield, what kind of things can I put in my free hand without ruining the sort of duelist vibe I'm going for

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Your dick.

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It's the shaper class out yet?

>> No.55954202

A glove that you smack people with.

>> No.55954212


Movie Conan.

>> No.55954224


Dagger and a buckler.

>> No.55954235


A sword-breaker.

>> No.55954261


Dagger, Dueling.

>> No.55954278

Yeah, you could start a level 6 character around the point where he and Subotai are out on the road together.

>> No.55954321

wtf is the shaper

>> No.55954398

When will your obsession cease?

>> No.55954455

Current characters:
>Bodyguard for hire, disguising his diminutive height as being part dwarf rather than a deformity.
>Professional soldier and knight, now in his mid 40s and forced to leave his home because the house he had sworn to turned against him.
>Detective in a large city and owner of his own private detective firm, began adventuring after discovering a massive conspiracy concerning dopplegangers running the government.

>> No.55954498

The shapeshifting class. Think synthesist summoner but not a cluster fuck.

>> No.55954594

I think you mean the shifter

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>SoM comes with a bestiary

Thank god. SoP bestiary when?

>> No.55955435

>PDF not linked
kys desu

>> No.55955606

>I'm so retarded I can't look up and see it's now in the trove
No, it is you who must kys.

>> No.55955806

>You can now wield SIX weapons at once thanks to size-reduction stuff for weapons plus SoM

>> No.55955834

Was there anything new added in the trove this month? Its hard to sort through it for new content.

>> No.55955864

>mfw a paizo writer says someone is having an "entitled temper tantrum" because they called rules elements from Blood of the Coven "Hot Garbage" and said something was "an NPC archetype"
>mfw people got shouted down when they defended him and pointed out that this is something that happens all the time and the devs plugging their ears doesn't make them look good

I wanted to go have a laugh, I knew this would happen, but for some reason I can only feel sadness.

>> No.55955868

>content can be arranged by date added
>hard to sort through
Maybe you just have brain damage?

>> No.55955898

It's a November release, no idea why some anons were saying it was out yesterday since that's early even for subscribers.

>> No.55955926

>hundreds of folders
>old content getting re-added or updated also goes to the top of the list
>only 3 or 4 things a month get added
I think you're just simplifying things.

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I'm not enjoying DMing my campaign because out of 6 players my cousin is the only min-maxing metafaggot breaking it. 3 years, close to 100 sessions, and every time I try to adjust things to make the game more challenging for him while not hopelessly crippling the rest of the party of average characters and denying him his cheese he incessantly whines that I'm picking on him.

I do believe I've had the urge to hit him with a blunt, solid object numerous times.

Sorry /tg/ I needed to vent.

>> No.55956022

>why is this free content so hard for me to navigate
Maybe you are just entitled?

>> No.55956029

Anon, have you sat down with him and explained the problem, and asked him what it is that he wants out of the game?

>> No.55956043

the most recent content was added 9/21. You could have just said No.

>> No.55956088

So you do know how to sort it you are just reeeeeing because free content isnt given to you fast enough

>> No.55956105

I already know what he wants. To run roughshod all over everything like a badass and overshadow everyone else. To be honest, the good sessions are when we run and he can't make it, relegating his alchemist to a pack mule instead of actually trying to run the character during fights because everyone else agrees with my stance.

>> No.55956113

Then remove him.

>> No.55956139 [DELETED] 

Anon, have you tried growing some testicles?

>> No.55956243

It's become a family issue. My uncle also plays in this group (not his father). He's usually fine when we run tabletop wargames like BFG or historical miniatures.

>> No.55956264

Then tell him to stop being a piece of shit or you'll remove him.

This isn't hard, anon.

You aren't having fun. You're the GM. If you don't have fun, then quickly this means nobody has fun.

He either straightens the fuck up, or he gets the fuck out.

>> No.55956269

What's his build? I doubt it's as bad as you're making it out to be

>> No.55956270

It's pretty damned good desu

>> No.55956504

So... I have PTSD from my party being kidnapped and nearly killed repeatedly in our sleep since our perception rolls just don't go very well at all. We're level 3, I think the average is +5 perception.

I want to minmax this so that me and my friends don't ever get someone to sneak up on us again.

>> No.55956573

You don't need minmaxing, you need to learn a first level spell or two. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/k/keep-watch

>> No.55956630

Skill Focus: Perception.
Alertness Feat
Skill Unlock Feat for Perception.
and either
Elf or other race with Perception bonus
Elan, who meditate for 4 hours and therefore do not sleep
Android, who do not sleep period

>> No.55956666

Try to avoid resting where monsters can get to you?
Set up watch turns with your party?
Tell your GM to stop being a cunt and that he's not oh-so-clever by having shit happen after 7 hours of sleep?

>> No.55956726

>tfw going to flex and bully on some of those virgin cyphermages via Chad Bloodrager muscles

>> No.55956741

So, downtime for martial characters. How are you spending your time?

I was thinking of Craft (alchemy), using monster parts to make different kinds of weird booze with weird effects. You can make semi magical booze (Like dwarven fire ale, free rage rounds) by default, and my DM was okay with the idea.

Does this sound like a worthy investment? Making Trollgut Tequila that causes you to burst out in boils (-2 charisma)for 1d8 hours and gives you regeneration 1 for 5 minutes? I can't really think of another way to spend downtime as a martial character.

>> No.55956780

>drops a symbol of weakness and turns him to Shad Noodleflapper
Somehow I doubt that's going to work out for you.

>> No.55956783

Is that a JoJo reference?

>> No.55956850

He cooked for and cleaned up after his alcoholic mother, who hated looking at him because he looks so much like the dad who ran off of them. The bright-eyed bastard part started about twelve minutes after the adventure began. (Skulls & Shackles)

>> No.55957038

There aren't that many high level mages in the cyphermages my man. Elias is only a diviner wizard 9

>> No.55957043

>want to be a gm
>don't like the setting of golarion
>too much of a pansy writer to make my own custom setting
what do

>> No.55957094

Any of the other settings for 3.x will be relatively trivial to port. If you're using any named NPCs, you'll need to make adjustments, but that's about all.

>> No.55957139

Basically this. If you're worried about people calling you out about using a 3.5 setting, tell them to piss off because it's your game you're running.

I'm personally quite partial to Eberron, and the third party Artisan class makes for a nice replacement to the artificer. Someone tried to make a conversion of the Eberron rules to Pathfinder, but please don't use them - they're completely half-assed in most points and only barely passable in others.

>> No.55957187

How do you make a more caster-y/support-y Occultist? I've seen tons of stuff on melee builds but not much for casting.

>> No.55957217

The Mage Panoply is fucking excellent, Divination and Necromancy are both considered top tier caster implements. If you want to go MAXIMUM OVERSPELLCASTING then the Blingomancy archetype gives you a fuckload more spells/day and 4 Implements at 1st level, in exchange for giving up all melee and panoply potential and becoming an Arcane Caster.

>> No.55957271

Is it Ok to modify damage tables of weapons so swords have slashing and piercing damage instead of one or the other?

>> No.55957288

That is NOT Ok, anon.

>> No.55957332

One House Rule i've seen a GM do is that they allowed me to take Half-Nonproficiency Penalties on attacks to do a different Damage type, so long as i could find a way to justify it (For example, Half-Swording and the Murderstroke.)

>> No.55957333

What's the best trio of classes to hand to a new guy trying to figure out Spheres of Power, then Spheres of Might? Mageknight, Hedgewitch, Incanter? What about SoM? Start them off with the Conscript and guide them through the spheres?

I'm wanting to get him in the bandwagon, and I'm planning on a sample game for him- is level 6 a good level in order to demonstrate what SoP can do when compared to Vancian? Thanks in advance anons

>> No.55957442

You could try not using bad 3pp, anon.

>> No.55957447

>Owl Familiar
>Skill Focus (Perception)
>Eyes of the Eagle
>One eye Open
>level 5

5 (ranks) + 1 (trait) + 3 (class skill) + 5 (wisdom) + 3 (owl familiar) + 2 (alertness from familiar) + 3 (skill focus perception) + 2 (keep senses) + 5 (eyes of the eagle)= +29


You sleep with one eye open and DC for perception checks don't change while asleep. There you go.

>> No.55957474

Anon, we play Pathfinder. This argument doesn't work

>> No.55957487

This is just as worthless and annoying as when people ask for 1pp only solutions and are greeted by people offering up PoW suggestions.

>> No.55957499

haha, nice meme, my fellow fan of pathfinder
$0.10 has been deposited into your paizo.com wallet

>> No.55957534

>You could try not using bad 3pp, anon.
Pathfinder IS bad 3pp.

>> No.55957686


I want to screencap this and save it.

>> No.55957861


>> No.55957925

Where's the "entitled temper tantrum" bit?

>> No.55957973

Probably in the mind of a shit disturber

>> No.55957990

Makes sense.

>> No.55957993

From the looks of it it got removed already.

>> No.55958003

I would stay away from Incanter, it's bland and boring and has too many options (Hedgewitch is pushing it for this purpose). I would recommend against Conscript for the same reason. Instead try Sentinel (tanking that can't really be done without SoM or PoW's Warder), Striker (it's too fucking fun), or Commander/Scholar (for how a martial can be fun or do interesting things without bashing heads in).

>> No.55958072

>TFW you're 6 minutes late and everything good has already been disappeared

>> No.55958214

For spheres of power, I recommend the classes: Mageknight, Shifter, and Soulweaver.

For spheres of might, I recommend the classes: Sentinel, Technician, and Scholar.

>> No.55958227

Your idea is great and i would love you if you were my player, consumables are severely underrated
Why not use the retraining rules and get your HP up to max?

>> No.55958261

Paizo devs don't get their sanctimonious responses to criticism deleted, instead they're left as tombstones saying to the world "here lies an opposing viewpoint that makes us feel uncomfortable." Chances are >>55957973 is right and >>55955864 defaulted to hyperbole when Erik Mona's response wasn't inflammatory enough for his tastes.

>> No.55958375

Considering posts have been deleted and there's no proof that anyone did in fact call someone's viewpoint entitled without a bunch of cached page digging or something, it's kinda a moot point. Especially given the first response to the original post was a whole two hours later.

>> No.55958400

>unrinonically recomending Mageknight and Scholar
Scholar is hot fucking garbage unless shit has changed significantly during the playtest. legit weaker than core rogue. And Mageknight is hands down the worst Sphere class next to the Armorist.

>> No.55958402

>you can just get all the HP
I'm new to pathfinder, are these default rules or alternate? I might have to do squats for 8 hours a day

>> No.55958470

It's from Ultimate Campaign. Costs 10gp x Character level x 3 (days) to gain 1 max hit point, if you're below your maximum possible HP.

>> No.55958511

It usually takes 3 days of training with someone higher level than you to get 1 HP, and you can do so up to your max amount of possible HP (AKA: always rolling max on dice)
Also it costs money

>> No.55958538

Tips for getting the most out of a hawk familiar? It's great outside of battle, but it's too frail to do anything on its own in combat.

>> No.55958684

Only works for melee

>> No.55958830 [DELETED] 

Genji and Tracer are unbalanced and need a true hard counter, a counter that will win literally every single fight possible against them. As it stands, Genji can just RMB+DASH+MELEE, then hit you a few more times then you die. Tracer is borderline invincible when played by someone competent. Manage to kill one? Mercy swoops in and uses a rez on them.

Of course, Doomfist isn't allowed to counter them, because they'd cry 'WAH UNBALANCED' (even though he kicked the shit out of both of them at once in his cinematic). Nobody's allowed to counter the heroes that the most people play.

>> No.55958842

Wrong board, man.

>> No.55958846

are you lost

>> No.55958858

Though "WAH UNBALANCED" is strangely topical to /pfg/'s usual discussion.

>> No.55958965

sry friends
my anger got the better of me

>> No.55959018

Most familiars are. You can try using it to deliver touch spells if you feel you can keep it from getting attacked, but the fact of the matter is that you're not really intended to have a familiar as a combatant.

If you're really that desperate, try something like beast shape or form of the dragon and sharing that spell with your familiar. But that's still a short road to getting the poor thing killed if you run into an enemy that can hit it at all.

>> No.55959053

>Mageknight is the worst sphere class next to Armorist
Holy shit you're beyond fucking retarded anon.

>> No.55959057

trying to combat familiars, and even most animal companions, is a bit of a trap. Sage+figment familiar archetype can let you use it as a flanker without fearing its death, and sage's guidance feat lets it give your party combat buffs w/ knowledge checks (that it gets as class skills, with skill points, and a +1/2 lvl bonus on).

emissary is another reasonable archetype (guidance+touch of luck), and both sage and emissary can be used on improved familiars (if you do improve, make sure it can use wands).

you can also waste a ton of feats giving your familiar a bunch of 1pt evos (pfs legal for familiars, but not companions), which include tentacles and then you can mauler it, but again, not a good use of resources.

>> No.55959100

Improved familiar as a scroll/wand caddy is probably the best idea. Arguably, you could even do that with a normal familiar as long as it's something that can talk, like a raven or parrot.

>> No.55959161

In regards to the Mageknight, there are literally only two low-casting spherecasting classes. While I agree that the Armorist is the worst of all the spherecasters, I think it is also worth mentioning that it could also be said that the Mageknight is the best low-caster of all the spherecasters.

When it comes to Scholar, I am not saying that it is anywhere near competent when it comes to combat (it isn't), but out of combat, the scholar is likely to be a better skill monkey than the rogue and if built correctly should be able to contribute in ways that a core rogue couldn't.

>> No.55959198

Yeah, both of the low casters leave a lot to be desired. Honestly, if you don't get a Full CL in something than you may as well not bother as far as spheres is concerned. And "play the sphere caster that may well not even be a sphere caster" seems like a dumb introduction into Sphere Casting.

>> No.55959240

Mageknight is a goddamn gish, it's a martial that is augmented by magical power. Yes it's shitty for actual casting (except there are feats to use BAB instead of CL for War and Protection so even that isn't correct) but it still uses the same pool to enact magical effects on itself to great effect.

>> No.55959311

The problem with birds is the lack of arms. if we're talking PFS, then they've ruled a very small number of improved familiars (brownie, faerie dragon, pseudodragon, lyrakien, imp/quasit/mephit i *think*) and absolutely no base familiars can use spell completion items. I think the improved were only allows to use wands, but that's PFS and individual GMs may vary widely on what is and isn't reasonable. A raven with a tentacle evo might be valid.

>> No.55959330

Would a Bite attack work alongside Steel Headbutt? Do they count as using the same "limb" for purposes of mixing natural and manufactured weapon attacks?

>> No.55959626

Speaking of "WAH UNBALANCED", I'm curious about maybe pulling a Staff Magus in a 1pp game with friends, but quarterstaves and its feats are shit, and Quarterstaff Master doesn't even make it finessable. You think it's worth asking about that last bit and trying to figure out something to homebrew, or even shamelessly steal and implement from SoM? I dig the Quarterstaff-toting-mage aesthetic but damn does this thing lack support.

In that same train of thought, how cancerous would I be for asking about some way to use Hexes with Spell Combat/Strike as a hexcrafter?

>> No.55959667

Duke's Coin Part II closes soon. Who do you hope gets in for the second, text-only group?

>> No.55959678

nobody cares

>> No.55959692

Nobody cares. This shit is, was, and will always be cancer. If you sincerely care about this sort of shit, seriously consider suicide.

>> No.55959756

But I already do that every day, and the only relief I have from it is watching games which I won't be accepted into go by.

>> No.55959802

Then either get it over with and go through with it, or keep your faggot shit to yourself.

>> No.55959818

thanks for the advice. It's my first time playing with a familiar, so it's really odd seeing someone on the turn order who doesn't get to do anything

>> No.55959852

>Worse than Armorist

>> No.55959878

Take Spear Dancing Style and Spiral, now you can use it with a Polearm instead

>> No.55959984

That was my first thought, but "to do this you need 6 feats, many of which are worthless to you" seems to point to "don't do this".

>> No.55959988

> Be a wizard who likes to do mad experiments
> Manage to create aquatic themed base
> Other players decide to muck about
> Accidentally opens one of my underwater cages and my lab experiment go free
> 3 years later we hear about an invasion from the sea
> Go investigate and party finally sees the menace from the oceans
> It's pic related and I started getting pelted by my teammates in game and in real life
> Complete with Off the Hook and Squid Sisters

I regret nothing guys. Sure I've derailed my DM's plans slightly but I have finally made my DM's world more hip and fresh. Do what you must to me, for I have already won.

>> No.55960015

>> It's pic related
So tell me, what entity did your wizard have to bone to create them?
Also, did you and the DM make playable stats for them too?

>> No.55960016

Okay, so thanks to a very grateful genie who is granting each PC a unique boon in exchange for having saved his daughter, my level 10 Wizard gets to pick one Metamagic feat with a +1 spell level adjustment that he can spontaneously apply to any spell he casts without raising its level, 3/day. Basically, I'm getting a greater metamagic rod for a +1 metamagic of my choice, except instead of an item I need to hold it's just a (Su) ability.

Which metamagic should I pick? I'm thinking either Still Spell or Reach Spell (which the DM says I can pick even though it's not technically a +1 metamagic, but I can only use it as +1). Currently the only metamagic I have as an actual feat is Persistent Spell.

>> No.55960127

Extend, always extend.

>> No.55960136

DM just took halfling but mashed the stats with squids and octopi.

Also they were created by first trying to give aquatic creatures intelligence comparable to humans along with sentience using potion versions of spells.

Then I proceeded to force them to rapidly age and breed weeding out traits that wouldn't work or I didn't like.

After a while I made sure to find a way to extend their lives before finally letting them age human years by using the power of making certain outsiders tell me in return for loads of sacrifices.

Then I silenced anyone that I could who knew of or assisted me in my experiments once I saw results that were satisfactory.

But then the fucking bard thought it would be cool to release them early before I got rid of an unfortunate defect which made them

1: Breed true no matter what
2: Highly aggressive
3: And now have the same lifespan as halflings

Worst yet is the fact the inklings and the octopi are now once empire going around invading other kingdoms.

>> No.55960191

Extend, Piercing, and Selective are always good. Toppling definitely if you use a lot of Force spells

>> No.55960215

>But then the fucking bard thought it would be cool to release them early
But did he fuck one?

>> No.55960285


He honestly thought I was creating mind flayers that can infiltrate society and control it.

It also doesn't help my group now think I'm even more insane like the last time when I create sentient lego blocks.

>> No.55960304

>Reading over Gladiator Sphere
>Boast procs on critical hit, reducing an enemy to 0 hp, or succeeding on a combat maneuver
>Great Focus enables you to have two martial focuses up at once
>Can take Self Confidence in order to Boast as a standard action
>Theatrical Boast boosts your Boast's range from close (25+5 ft per 2 BaB) to medium (100 ft + 10 ft per BaB)
>Use Standard Action to continually Boast, attach Bloodlust to it, use Theatrical Boast to have it have a range of like 200 ft
>Boast so much that you can kill someone from hundreds of feet away
>Gladiator Sphere, Self Confidence, Theatrical Boast, and Bloodlust are only 4 talents
>Can easily be acquired by any full Practitioner by level 3.

>With /pfg/ level 3 starts and SoM, I can play a man who boasts so loudly and so forcefully that he can kill people from half a football field away

Spheres of Might has got some shenanigans in it.

>> No.55960318

Trying to run Crypt of the Everflame on Roll20, but I can't find a flip-mat of the dungeon anywhere. Does anybody have a copy that they wouldn't mind posting?

>> No.55960336

>like the last time when I create sentient lego blocks.
Holy damn, you are a wizard.
I wanna know more.

>> No.55960350

Oh yeah, Extend is a great idea too. Thanks

>> No.55960361

How would you rank attribute importance? To me it's:

>> No.55960371

Make a Dwarf Gladiator anon. Drown down everyone with a fountain of profanities.

>> No.55960381


>> No.55960444

depends on class you nitwit.

>> No.55960484

Crunching the numbers, it appears a Conscript can get this build online at level 1.

There isn't any save vs the Bloodlust effect. The target just needs an Int score and they need to be able to see or hear you. You don't deal any flat, normal damage: you make an /attack/ with a weapon. Ergo, someone with a huge greatsword boasting at you will do more damage than someone with a dagger.

Fuck it, next game that comes up with SoM/SoP allowed, I'm playing it. Dwarf Conscript 1 that screams loudly at people, so loudly /they die/.

>> No.55960579

During my free time I created a ship full of lego blocks made out of mithral. They were created to go around, in the path of people with thin shoes and what not.

I had them delivered and scattered to all the corners of the world. When asked why, I said why not.

>> No.55960593

>Int not #1
>Laughing wizards.jpg

>> No.55960629

CON is always my god stat. Always. I cannot be satisfied unless I have a decent enough hit point buffer.

Then depends on the class.

>> No.55960664

You must like kineticists, then.

Also, pre-change Scarred Witch Doctors

>> No.55960689

Hey so, are there any /pfg/ games recruiting right now? Got a character I've had a hankering to play for a good while now, and no game to play it in.

>> No.55960726


>> No.55960745


>> No.55960749

Nothing really, but hopefully something soon

>> No.55960765

Oh, that's a broom and fire. I thought it was a giant brush and paint.

... I liked it more before.

>> No.55960824

Int isn't a good stat in and of itself, it's just that the best 1pp classes are Int based.

>> No.55960846

Thanks guys, I'll check these out.

>> No.55960858

>tfw would dm but have never dm'd before

>> No.55960870

Have you ever seen someone tell a story?

Do that.

>> No.55960882

As long as your players go in with the understanding that you're new to GMing, you should be fine. Try grabbing some modules or an adventure path to get you started off.

>> No.55960886

You don't get good at things you never practice.

>> No.55960979

Yeah but /pfg/ are my only friends and idk how you all would feel about short sessions to practice.

>> No.55960994

Shit dude, most of us are game-less. If we can mold you into a kickass GM, most of us would jump at the chance, because it means there's another game we can attempt to join.

>> No.55961004

I'd be fine with a few short games to cut your teeth.

I'd be hesitant about advertising here openly though. Just put it up on Roll20 and ignore super blatant retards, Roll20 randos aren't as bad as most people make them out to be and you can smell the ones that are a mile away.

>> No.55961015

>TFW we all come together to mold >>55960979 into the perfect GM only to fall apart with bile and backbiting during the ensuing app circus

>> No.55961040

Is there any way to drop an early firearm's reload to a free action?

>> No.55961096

Just do it my dude. JUST FUCKING DO IT.

>> No.55961110

Level 5 Cartomancer Witch vs Level 5 Zen Archer Monk.

How could the witch easily overtake the Monk? This Monk is immune to sleep

>> No.55961132

Step 1 be a gunslinger

Step 2 use a Pistol or if you must use a musket use a musket master gunslinger

Step 3 use Paper Cartridges to reduce reload time to Move

Step 4 Take the rapid reload feat to reduce move to free.

>> No.55961150

What's the Witch's current spell list? Because my first instinct is to use a debuff to lock down him down, then bleed him down. Or create some kind of fog/cloud/wall to obscure his vision and force him to walk into an AoE or pit or something

>> No.55961176

What stats do samurai use? Isn't it the same as Cavalier?

>> No.55961191

Short sessions are great especially for busy people who only want something small in between their more regular games.

They're absolutely not a point against you.

>> No.55961194

intensify if you use damaging spells, extend if you use buffs.

>> No.55961251

I play in 2nd edition Faerun.

>> No.55961278

Should I make Jack Cooper and BT-7274 via the Technician SoM class?

>> No.55961281

Why are there so many pf games on roll20 with hundreds of slots open? What is this madness?

>> No.55961285

It's neither of those, it's the Murakumo from dark souls

>> No.55961330

Let's say any spell that is level three and below is available.

>> No.55961334

No, because the independent invention Technician option is hot garbage unfortunately.

>> No.55961338

I want to do it anyway, though. Can I make it work if I tried?

>> No.55961354

>What kind of bright-eyed bastard was your character before adventuring?

She was a brilliant but withdrawn, bookish Thassilonian princess, daughter of the Runelord of Edasseril, in the empire's early days. Became a Psion, dicked around with Ectoplasmic Creation and Empathic Connection (and Mindlinked with her BFF, social butterfly little sister as often as possible). Kinda wanted a husband but wasn't interested in any of her suitors (and suuuucked at talking to boys). Spent 11,000 years in an intersection between the Negative Energy Plane and Limbo, before the other PCs freed her.

>> No.55961355

If you start at a high enough level you could use the construct modding rules to pimp it out a ridiculous amount. But we're talking like level 10+ before that becomes viable and you're campaign stopping to give you weeks or even months to modify your stuff.

>> No.55961404

I keep on seeing people say Spheres of Might is broken. What's wrong with it?

>> No.55961439

We were promised Spheres, but all we got are cubes and rhomboids.

>> No.55961457

When do we get sine waves of magic?

>> No.55961488

Once anybody at Paizo or at any of the 3pp publishers graduates high school level maths.

>> No.55961493

SoM actually looks quite underpowered to me. But I don't really know how to "optimize it" nor have I seen it action.

>> No.55961507

Unless I get fucking radial graphs of energy i don't buy it

>> No.55961554

Im more of a theoretical pathfinder player myself

>> No.55961664

Abstract Casters > Computational Casters

>> No.55961742

Depending if you take the gladiator martial discipline you can do this at level 1 with any full Practitioner at level 1, and really any human character at level 1.

>> No.55961782

I have a feeling this wasn't intended because it doesn't specify movement.

>> No.55961798

Does this work with phantom sun stance?

>> No.55961800

It's silly is what it is.

>> No.55961808

no reason it shouldn't

>> No.55961826

No. Phantom Sun Stance explicitly says firearms reload as swift actions with Rapid Reload.

>> No.55961925


>$0.99 PDFs for ten extra Sphere talents

>> No.55961969

So for prestige classes, lets say it requires BAB +5 and i currently hit level 5 and got BAB +5, does that mean i can get the Prestige class NEXT level?

>> No.55961981

The blacksmith can do some neat stuff with crafting, but that is more the crafting being an issue than the class.

The Beastmastery Skill probably can be exploited, especially with the broad skills talent that allows you to tame any creature with 1-2 Int that isn't immune to mind effecting, plus mindless oozes, vermin, and plants. There is also a advanced talent that allows you to tame any mindless creature, so undead and constructs. You can also add HD and feats to anything you tame if you have the right talent. If you can add templates to creatures you can probably get some cool beasts.

>> No.55962034

6 blast shapes Branding Tatoo, Destructive Maw, Energetic Affliction, Energy Nova, Energy Rift, and Mutable Blast. It also has 4 other talents Damage Control, Demolition, Energetic Response, Spirit Blast. I'll read it and report in a sec

>> No.55962073

Which one is the AoO blast one, Energetic Response?

>> No.55962156

Energy Nova costs 0 SP and is a 10+5 per 5CL burst centered on you.
Energy Rift 0 SP lets you draw a line with the same length as Nova starting in your square.
Mutable Blast 0 SP allows you to fill 5 +1 per 2 CL squares of whatever shape as long as they all touch and one is adjacent to you.

>Destructive Maw (blast shape)
>You may spend a spell point as a swift action to shape your destructive blast into bite attack. This bite attack functions normally in all respects, except instead of dealing damage as a weapon, anything struck by it suffers damage and effects as normal for your destructive blast. A Destructive Maw lasts for 1 round per caster level. You only apply (blast type) talents when the Destructive Maw is shaped, rather than with each attack.
Huh, this could get some crazy ramped up damage If you spam the extra head alteration trait.

>> No.55962159

Extend is shit. Use it on a spell that lasts a round or minute per level and it'll still be over by the next fight, use it on one that lasts an hour a level and it'll probably last more than twice as long as you need it. You're using up a higher-level spell slot for something that will almost never matter.

>> No.55962172

If everyone had your attitude, our hobby wouldn't exist.

>> No.55962175

Which is it? Yes or no?

>> No.55962187

My 4th level gnome wizard is currently working on a series of essays relating the different schools of magic to certain wave frequencies. He should be finishing his first one soon, if I can pass the check this time.

>> No.55962193

explicit statements usually override normal times. If it says guns always reload using swift, they always reload using swift

>> No.55962211

Don't you have to spend swift actions per each bite attack? It would take time to ramp up, for sure.

>> No.55962214

Misread as AoE, yeah energetic response is you threaten a within 5ft+5 per 10CL. No blast shapes can be applied. Huh, not that it matters but as worded you can make melee touch attacks instead of rays against anyone that you threaten. That could be a fun exploit with a tiny character teleporting around smacking people with crystal blasts.

>> No.55962226

Extend Spell can make your hour-per level spells last all day if you're not high enough level to make them last all day already, but the real value of that metamagic is in using it on hour per level spells right before you go to bed, boosting their duration so that they'll remain in effect for most of the next day. If you know you're going into a dungeon or fighting someone important the next day, it basically lets you borrow spell slots from the past and carry in some extra buffs without expending spells on the day you actually need them.

>> No.55962232

Hello anons. I'll probably begin my first adventures in PF and have some minor questions before diving into the rules and character creation.
>Is the core rulebook enough (currently available at humblebundle) or should I get some extras?
>What would you suggest as a first character? Or are all characters equally ok for beginners? (I've played some other games like DSA before)
>Anything OP/broken I should avoid (and vice versa, anything very bad I should avoid)?

>> No.55962245

Yeah, but it is like a free quicken touch attack every round, that can be re-used 1 round/CL.

>> No.55962255

Don't buy the core rulebook, d20pfsrd.com, learn it, love it.

Play something with some casting and combat ability like a paladin as a starter

>> No.55962263

>Buying the books, ever

Go to the top of the thread.

Open the Pastebin link.

Top links, there's links to every book forever.

Do not, ever, for any reason, EVER give Paizo money. They are a fucking terrible company that ignores feedback and shits all over their playerbase.

Find a concept you like, ask how to do it, roll with it.

What's broken depends on your GM and group. Don't worry about it too much.

>> No.55962292

In addition to what >>55962255 said, learn how to use http://archivesofnethys.com/
d20pfsrd is a bit easier to navigate (which is vital when learning the rules), but it's missing content and the site itself is beginning to fall apart.

>> No.55962294

>Threaten within 5ft +5 per CL with a destructive blast, can't use Blast Shapes but can use Blast Types

That's actually pretty fun. You'll be fairly accurate and do a good amount of damage via Destruction Blast AoOs. It's definitely a pick for an Elementalist that wants to do some control via Destruction blasts.

>> No.55962322

>Is the core rulebook enough (currently available at humblebundle) or should I get some extras?
most people here don't buy anything, we're not a wise source for you to glean information from. However, I do recommend checking out the PFSRD (Pathfinder System Reference Document), which is a collection of all the pathfinder rules printed and posted online (though it's a bit behind on updates)

>What would you suggest as a first character? Or are all characters equally ok for beginners? (I've played some other games like DSA before)
Try a martial. Before anybody jumps down my throat about that, a well made fighter with a two-handed weapon (I suggest a greatsword) is a good contributor to a low-level game that allows a newbie to get a sense for how things work by letting them be effective in a relatively simple way. If you really must play a caster, I recommend a sorcerer, as their spellcasting mechanics are much easier to memorize than that of a prepared caster.

>Anything OP/broken I should avoid (and vice versa, anything very bad I should avoid)?
Uh... Well, that's a question. Pathfinder as a whole is massively unbalanced due to its roots in DnD 3.5. The problem behind that primarily stems from the fact that with decent system mastery, spellcasters are ludicrously powerful. But that's a thing that comes with system mastery - if you don't know what you're doing with magic, you might end up weaker than a bog-standard fighter.

If I were to tell you to outright avoid anything, avoid the core rogue and core monk (because their unchained variants are better in every way) avoid the summoner class (shockingly complex to play as for a beginner) and NEVER play a Swashbuckler, as they are pretty much turbo-shit in this system.

Anything else, you want help with, you'll have to be more specific.

>> No.55962335

>>Is the core rulebook enough (currently available at humblebundle) or should I get some extras?
Yes and no. If you just want a basic poorly balanced adventure with the generic 6 base classes, the sure. If you want the more interesting and better balanced classes, then the Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate series, and such are must have.
That being said, you really shouldn't buy anything. Just use d20pfsrd. Or if you must have a book pdf, then pirate it. Paizo doesn't deserve your money. You can find a copy in the Trove in the OP pastebin

>What would you suggest as a first character? Or are all characters equally ok for beginners? (I've played some other games like DSA before)
Each character has a wide disparity in power cieling and floor, and tend to require different levels of competance from the players. They are also poorly balanced against eachother. Honestly, a good class for a first character would probably be Bard or Paladin. Or just play a simpler system. if you also get options from Pathfinder Unchained, Unchained Barbarian in braindead simple to play.

>Anything OP/broken I should avoid (and vice versa, anything very bad I should avoid)?
Wizards, Clerics, and Druids are OP, but if you're new and don't know how to efficiently play a caster, they'll either be okay, or you'll hve a bad time trying to flounder wit the crappy spells and options. Likewise, Rogues and Monks are the shittiest classes in the game, followed by the Swashbuckler from Advanced Class Guide. Fighter, with core rulebook only, likewise is complete shit, and becomes less shit with the Advanced Armor/Weapon Training options and Combat Stamina options from later splatbooks

>> No.55962364

Friendo, just how new is your entire group? Like is this very first game of PF for all of you, or are you the newbie?

>> No.55962406

Thanks guys, appreciated so far. Didn't buy the book, the GM basically linked me his Dropbox for the books.

Group seems experienced, I'm the newcomer.

>> No.55962430

>Group seems experienced, I'm the newcomer.
I definitely recommend leaning on them for help with build options and constructing your character. With a group of experienced players, even most crappy setups can work well enough to matter in a game.

(note, that's 'most'. Don't play a swashbuckler.)

>> No.55962514

One of the games my group played in made a Swashbuckler and he was one of the most important characters in the campaign before he died due to an unfortunate plot-related death. Kept up with the damage everyone other than the goblin archer was putting out too.

>> No.55962542

If you say so. I've personally been unable to construct anything with a semblance of decent power out of the swashbuckler class. Do you mind sharing his build with us?

>> No.55962549

>I definitely recommend leaning on them for help with build options and constructing your character.
This. They'll know far better than anybody here what kind of game they play and what level of optimization is expected.

>> No.55962591

Since we're on the topic of making shitty classes work, does anybody here have any recommendations about Gunslinger? I've been meaning to play one for a while, and it's been not great.

I mostly want to play with a Dragoon Musket, and I'm not sure if that's wise - the thing that attracted me to it was the capacity to fire more than a single bullet in a firing chain before needing a reload.

>> No.55962627

Wait for Jolly's Legendary Gunslinger to drop, then use it.

>> No.55962656

Do we have a playtest of that somewhere? Because otherwise that advice is a tad useless to me right at this very moment.

>> No.55962705

Check the archives for Legendary Gunslinger.

>> No.55962721

>but as worded you can make melee touch attacks instead of rays
>5ft+5 per 10CL melee touch attacks

but the question is, will this work with Spellstrike?

>> No.55962759

Just did; the document's been shifted to be private. So that option is unavailable unless someone saved the doc and copied it to another one.

>> No.55962868

It's an IRL group and we finished the campaign a while back so I don't have his sheet, but a lot of the importance of his character in that campaign was the numerous Charisma-based roleplay things that helped gain us allies as well as mitigate damage to himself from a number of really strong enemies using that 5 foot step thing that basically ends enemy full attacks if utilized successfully.

We were also sub-level 10 before he died, though like I said when it came to damage pretty much all of us (including him but excluding our ranger who literally can't help but minmax because he's a wargamer at heart and hates RP-ing) were holding back with our combat capabilities because we'd gotten a bit sick of just steamrolling through every battle in like, 2 turns.

>> No.55962903

I think I just figured out why this doesn't jive with prevailing /pfg/ opinions

>> No.55962944

har har har

>> No.55963182

These were /pfg/'s best days
Prove me wrong

>> No.55963195

PFS players shouted about swashbuckler being either "just fine" or "overpowered", so if you go low op enough swashbuckler can at least pass as a functioning class

>> No.55963208


>> No.55963224

>Charisma-based roleplay things
You can also do this with a bunch of classes that don't suck, though.

It sounds like you were in a low-op group (a real powergamer wouldn't have chosen Ranger), and the GM went easy on you. Martials in general suck, but at least they do good single-target damage by power attacking with two-handed weapons and can get extra aoos by using one with reach. Swashbucklers don't even get any of that.

>> No.55963229

I want to X Y character xd so clever

>> No.55963296

Well it WAS before celeb culture kicked into overdrive and turned this thread into a stinking cesspool, so I guess you might be technically correct.

>> No.55963320

The part about him being a Ranger was actually wrong, he was a Cavalier, my bad.

>> No.55963341

>numerous Charisma-based roleplay things that helped gain us allies as well as mitigate damage to himself from a number of really strong enemies using that 5 foot step thing that basically ends enemy full attacks if utilized successfully.
Yeah, but the thing is nearly every Cha based class can do that anyway. Also, chances are even holding back his damage, chances are his actualy max is probably not that big either.

yeah, no. Rangers are actually not that high on the power totem pole. They're considered in generally pretty subpar, and mechanically inferior to most other similar classes such as Barbarins, Paladins, Druids, Slayers, and Hunters. If you think whatever damage he was dealing was OP, then chances are your group prefers their games ludicrously low optimization, or they just don't know much about ow the game mechanics work

Secondly, when we mean OP we aren't talking just damage. In fact damage is actually one of the elements of least concern when talking about how OP a class is, since most classes, even core Fighters, can one-shot CR equivalent enemies in 1-2 rounds as long as you don't build like a complete moron. Instead, OP-ness is determined by the amount of built-in narrative control, combines with both in and out of combat utility/effectiveness.

You ever heard of the Tiers for 3.PF? Basically, Tiers are determined by how many different ways you can effectively play and effect the game in terms of both combat and roleplay capacity. Wizards are around Tier 1, while core Monks, Rogues, and Swashbucklers are around Tier 5. Where you want your game and balance to generally be is around Tier 4-3 or 3-2 depending on how high power you want your adventure. Tiers are useful as a guideline for understanding the overall competency of a class, and to help you understand how well the class is meant for fulfilling its specific given role in gameplay, how many roles it can fill in a party, and how efficiently it can perform in them

>> No.55963346

pfg has followed the commonly seen pattern where the detractors of a movement, feeling vindicated, eventually become even more insufferable than the original movement in the eyes of neutral parties.

>> No.55963373

Has anyone uploaded Blood of the Coven?

>> No.55963378

So in what ways does SoM scholar need a buff?

Should it get Skill Unlocks like an Unchained Rogue does? Should Academic Knowledge, Cunning Socialite, or Astrology be made baseline parts of the class?

>> No.55963393


>> No.55963412

One thing I've been trying, with moderate success, is Courser. Spring Attack at level 4 for free is pretty great when combined with the archetype's normal bonuses for movement. Plus being able to run up walls is fun.

>> No.55963414

I must be blind, for some reason I didn't see this. Thanks, anon.

>> No.55963433

Cavaliers are actually mechanically weaker than Rangers, due to having significantly less in and out of combat utility, having most of their mechanics revolve around a Mount which tends to not be suited for most adventuring environs, and usually having only one means of delivering consistent damage through Challenge+Charge. Normally, they're considered to be on the low end of class capability, saved mostly through both their potential damage output with the right set-up, and some of their Orders providing a modicum or variability (though not much, and only a few Orders

Most of the time, people generally only play Cavaliers for the Beastrider Archetype, so they can ride a mastodon or some other neato companion later

Now, if you want REAL minmaxed consistent damage, you play either a Barbarian with Beast Totem for pounce, or a Magus and spell SpellCombat Shocking Grasp+Spellstrike. Or a Paladin with Antagonize for full Tank

>> No.55963522

Oh trust me I know all about tiers, but the thing is a lot of the things that make certain classes certain tiers (fly spells for instance) are either just not interesting to us as a group or can also be achieved mundanely with a bit of ingenuity.

We had one campaign with a group of characters related to the group from this session where we were basically allowed to go all out and it was a lot of fun, but even then it got a bit boring just going "I do X, Y, and Z and everything has been solved. Yaaay roleplaying!"

Granted our GM was able to keep up by essentially having enemies play by slightly different rules than us, which kept us challenged both in combat and out, but even then once that campaign was over we made a collective agreement that if we wanted to take things seriously in future sessions we wouldn't just build to break then game over our knee, whether that be through combat or other means.

His damage output was actually just fine given that a lot of the situations we found ourselves in gave him free reign to DPS at almost all times regardless of enemy placement unless they were behind total cover, which was a marketed improvement over some of us who didn't have Ranged options at hand.
(Also due to the character in question being recurring from a previous campaign he was allowed to have a tiger as a mount, albeit with the caveat that if he was going to ride/charge with it that would essentially take up his move action, so he could only attack once with his bow.)

>> No.55963611

Okay, that sounds good. As long as your group has a play style your prefer, the GM is willing to help you guys out and accommodate you, and no one tries to screw each other over, then you all should be fine, regardless of what class you pick.

So yeah, just ask your group for advice, help, and the content you'll need, and chances are you'll probably be fine with whatever class you pick so long as the GM is fair and helpful as you say. Afterall, even a completely shittily busted game like Pathfinder can be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding if you have a helpful, supportive, and competent group

>> No.55963670

Bump it up to d8 3/4ths bab and Adept Praction

>> No.55963728

Replace that dumb back packing stuff with Academic Knowledge and the one that lets you add your Int to attack rolls.

For the last one, stagger it out though so it only comes line at around level 3 or later. Don't want to make it too dippable

>> No.55963808

Anyone else having trouble getting things off the trove? Anytime I click on a book, it just loads forever without giving the download link.

>> No.55963873

Agreed. Academic Knowledge at 1st then Cunning Attacker at 3rd. Would give it a nice, solid foothold in both Skillmonkeying and combat, I feel.

>> No.55963910

GMing is really fun.

I'm honestly thinking of starting a third game. Different campaign. Maybe eberron.

>> No.55963970

>Hagbound replaces your first hex with 1d4 claws, something a Changeling will already have
>even if you're not a Changeling, you're getting rid of a hex in exchange for shitty claws that don't upgrade
>archetype also gets rid of literally all of your hexes

genuinely crying right now, paizo

>> No.55963978

Yes please, I want to be a warforged!

>> No.55963985

What kind of wands are worth giving to an imp familiar, once it can reliably pass the UMD check? I know wands are the cheapest item per individual casting, but I still have a hard time with the idea of buying a wand for anything beyond a 1st level spell. They get really pricy...

Also, I could get an imp at 7th or hold out for a consular imp at 9th, which gets at-will Beast Shape II for small and tiny creatures, plus 50 ft of telepathy. I think it's worth the wait just for the telepathy, makes an already good scout possibly much better and is just cool in general. What do you think? Would you wait two more levels for it?

>> No.55964010

But would you like to be a *woeforged*.

>> No.55964022


>> No.55964055


>> No.55964135

>TFW Warforged Ravenlord Harbinger

>> No.55964161

Which is the worse setting: Golarion or Eberron?

>> No.55964169

>Genuinely considering a Scholar//Technician gestalt for shits and giggles even though /pfg/ will never run a game for it.

>> No.55964201


>> No.55964204

Golarion is a kitchen sink. Eberron has coherent themes, history, and a clear feeling to it rather than trying to cram everything into one continent.

>> No.55964233

Eberron is a great setting, my favorite in fact. Golarion is just a bunch of theme park versions of real places that doesn't feel believable at all.

>> No.55964455

Golarion, hands down

>> No.55964497

Fuck off, Adam.

>> No.55964540


It would be the first campaign I run in Eberron. Might have to familiarize myself with the setting. Anything to throw into my head while I'm still formulating?

>> No.55964780

Keep in mind, it's basically "Dungeonpunk", in that it's a DnD fantasy setting built around the same concepts as such things as cyberpunk, shadowrun, and Deus Ex - a lot of the world is controlled by the Dragonmarked houses, and they have an economic chokehold over most civilized regions, and still some influence outside of them. Monsters just eat at the boundaries and chaos a lot more chaos than in your typical dystopia.

>> No.55964814

>Eberron is a great setting, my favorite in fact.

I gazed upon your optical apertures and knew you were my warforged. Eberron is the best campaign setting ever. Even Golarion isnt that bad compared to Forgotten "everything including the kitchen sink" Realms, or god forbid, "we brought Kender and dragons-as-PCs-wankery into existence" Dragonlance.

>> No.55964832

While we're on the subject of Eberron: I've been debating whether to set my next campaign there, or a homebrew setting. On one hand, I feel like the setting should be tailored to the story and not the other way around, and no published setting does exactly what I want it to. On the other I feel like a published setting makes it easier for players to come up with backstories and motivations and such, though I have told them that they can make up places, organizations and the like my own setting isn't very fleshed out. What do you guys think?

>> No.55964841

What >>5596478 said. Also it has a very pulp-comics feel.

>> No.55964895

>Blooded Knight Cavalier
>Order of the Flame
>All day Glorious Challenge
>Can become an invulnerable Parry God via fencing sphere

Found my next favorite build

>> No.55964908


Isn't there a nightclub somewhere that's famous for being the "last stop" for adventures before they get underway? I heard there's also a gnoll lounge singer, but I'm pretty sure that part was made up.

>> No.55964922

A lot of the conversion work has already been done:

>> No.55965058

This is your daily reminder that y'all need Jesus.

>> No.55965075

Yeah I want Jesus to spray his love all over my chest.

>> No.55965166

How long must we suffer before we receive another great meme game from the gods?

>> No.55965203

Until -you- make it anon!

Anyone can do it!

Here's the keys

>25 PB
>extremely open character gen
>no set date and time so that you don't eliminate ANY potential apps
>concept literally doesn't matter at that point

>> No.55965215

I'll meme you a meme.
>3pp allowed on request
>level 3 start
>no gestalt
>32 PB
>Council of Thieves

>> No.55965237

It's not gonna happen.

The meme gods have left us. Their cabals are broken. The adversary once more stalks the threads of man, demanding logs and wishing upon East Asian Death Stars.

>> No.55965239

World run by powerful families of innate spellcasters who care none for the protection of the common man? That's pretty cool.

Way ahead of you on that one. I might actually open it up for 3.5 conversions, but I'm thinking about it.

>> No.55965263

>the cabals are broken

Really aren't, the main discord is still garbage, it always was, Broodie's cabal is still exactly what it always was, porn, and 2hu/rorycabal are too small to care about

>> No.55965268

Be wary, the link in >>55964922 isn't all good. Some stuff - such as the Warforged race - are the next best thing to nonfunctional as far as how they're meant to operate. "Half construct" is absolutely nothing like being a living construct that Warforged is supposed to be.

Use your discretion.

>> No.55965275

Golarion, hands down. Eberron is fucking badass

>> No.55965301

I'll kill a nigga that tries to Death Star me

>> No.55965320


If putting everything on high shelves to annoy the ratfolk investigator is wrong, I don't want to be right.

>> No.55965539

Ratfolk -are- for bullying

>> No.55965554

New thread

>> No.55965555


>> No.55966246

is there a world map for forgotten realms? I dont know much about it, but I can only find partial continental maps. Do they people there just not know what is beyond in the world?

>> No.55966342


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