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What's the deal with gladiatrices?

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Guys like to imagine girls are fighting over them.

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Everyone loves a catfight

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It's Roman dubyadubya E. What is there to explain?

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It's a status symbol. If you are so wealthy you can sacrifice two perfectly good breeders just for an afternoon's entertainment, it sends a message.

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It was a transgressive spectacle, and Romans would pay good money to see two women fighting.
Roman culture said women were absolutely not supposed to do that sort of thing, but a lot of the barbarian cultures from the frontiers were okay with it, so it was this scandalous thing that those crazy foreigners did, which automatically made it fascinating.

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>From the 60s AD female gladiators appear as rare and "exotic markers of exceptionally lavish spectacle".[56] In 66 AD, Nero had Ethiopian women, men and children fight at a munus to impress King Tiridates I of Armenia.[57] Romans seem to have found the idea of a female gladiator novel and entertaining, or downright absurd; Juvenal titillates his readers with a woman named "Mevia", hunting boars in the arena "with spear in hand and breasts exposed",[58] and Petronius mocks the pretensions of a rich, low-class citizen, whose munus includes a woman fighting from a cart or chariot.[59]

Wikipedia is pretty good for Roman stuff because they always include their sources in the text.

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Gladiators rarely died. It was dangerous, but not murderous, with many fighting 10-12 times across their professional life. There's a historical record/graffitie that suggest there was a gladiator with a 0-8 win/loss, so clearly losers weren't getting murdered left and right.

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not all female slaves were that attractive.

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There's a chance...they might somehow...kiss.

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The mud goes EVERYWHERE.

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There is an Oglaf about this..


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I like watching girls lose fights

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Would you really expect the artist who painted that to have put a couple of uggos in?

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If you're in decent enough shape to fight, you're a 4 at the least.

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I was more answering his question than commenting on the photo.

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>the photo

It's a painting. They didn't have cameras back then, anon.

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Nah it's just a filter. I think I know that guy on the couch, it's Dave.

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No way, Dave wasn't alive in Roman times! Unless.... Unless you're saying he's a VAMPIRE!

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As a bloke that trained in a competitive fight gym I can tell you that's not the case

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Fit people are hot, fatties are not.

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>Thinking Roman Gladiator matches were so often fatal

I suppose you think they all said 'We who are about to die salute you' as well huh?

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Dunno, I just like them
The problem is finding non fetishy art and portrait for Gladiatrix, 3/4 of it is bimbo with huge tits
thank you drawfriend for doing this one

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Your hand isn't particularily sexy either, but it suffices for mastrubation all the same.

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Mevia sounds like a real demon.

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What's the deal with coliseum food? Right? Right?

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Gladiators exist for entertainment.

Women fighters is novel and interesting enough to warrant it's own section.

I'm sure many roman noblemen would pay a much higher price to sleep with a gladiator, some aren't even homos.

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You've been here too long without outside influence if you really believe that.

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But vampires are supposed to be hot, aren't they? This guy is just not sexy at all.

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Strong girls able to kick your ass are hot

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So are you saying this guy's hot or that he isn't a vampire?

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Do you ever wonder if Romans did shit like that.

>Audience member turns out to be a plant
>Drops int othe ring and smashes another gladiator with a stolen chair
>Gladiator's 'partner' does a face-heel turn and the two start wailing on the first gladiator
>Commentator is going nuts.

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I... I read that in Jerry Seinfield's voice...

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>Bah Jupiter Caesar Bah Jupiter
>He's broken him in half!

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well, they wear very tight panties

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Novelty value. Kind of like how UFC keept pushing Rhonda Roussey even though she's by no means "Ultimate", as the name of that organization obviousy implies. There's a reason why she refused to fight men even before another woman humiliated her.

If you were using these slaves to show off, they'd better be fucking attractive mate. Hell, according to the Digests of Gaius twin slaves were incredibly fucking valuable because of how much of a novelty they were (and, if you killed one of these twins, you were expected to pay the owner damages as if you had killed both slaves, because the other slave also significantly lost value due to no longer being part of a "set").

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>there's a reason she refused to fight men even before another woman humiliated her.
not a Rhonda fan, or even a UFC/MMA fan, but the reason she didn't fight men is because only retards would want men to fight women competitively, there would be serious injuries and it wouldn't be a fair fight.
Rhonda's skill level has nothing to do with that.

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>but the reason she didn't fight men is because only retards would want men to fight women competitively
Then why did ULTIMATE Fighting Championship keep pushing her so hard, to the point of practically giving their male fighters second billing? Can you imagine if this happened to wNBA and American Basketball? Or women's soccer in Europe? If some female soccer player was hyped up to the level of Thierry Henri even though a 15 year old boy could wreck her in her chosen sport?

Changes nothing I said: it's all novelty value. The same logic applies to gladiatrices: nobody is there because they're good fighters. If they wanted good fighters, they get two huge slave dudes from Germania or whatever.

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I don't know about most of that, but I do know that popular gladiators had sponsorships and even did product promotion.

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That's a bit like saying those in lower weight classes are garbage fighters because they are unlikely to beat a heavyweight in competition.
But you seem dumb enough to believe that anyway, so I guess this point will be lost.

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You got issues, dude. Stop caring so much about unimportant shit.

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Not garbage, but I wouldn't call a fight between two superflyweight manlets the fight of the century.

OP asked a question and I answered it. If it hurts your sensitive little pooper you're free to go back to tumblr.

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They pushed her because she drew money. It would never happen to the wNBA because nobody gives a shit about it.
That's how sports work

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My point exactly

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>Not garbage, but I wouldn't call a fight between two superflyweight manlets the fight of the century.

Why not? It's about how entertaining the fight is, not how meaty the dudes are.

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How can that be? We know Roman can't get over.

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I have to agree with him on this one. People like to ask why Demetrious Johnson isn't more popular, but whenever I see people who aren't really into MMA they always kind of snicker at him. Guys that small just look too goofy to take seriously.

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>Not garbage, but I wouldn't call a fight between two superflyweight manlets the fight of the century.

I dunno, I'd watch the shit out of Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan in their prime and they are 5ft 7 and 5ft 8 respectively.

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I think a lot of the issue is frankly UFC and most of MMA have competitors who are pretty skilled, but who are mostly massive personalities and showmen (which is what Dana plays up) and UFC has a vague air of WWE around it.
Kickboxers and actual boxers have a lot more skill, and that's obvious at a glance (although they have their own problems). There's difficulty in MMA given how many skills you need to master but it doesn't change a lot of UFC comes off as kinda sloppy.

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Even if neither of them had movies and nobody had heard of them prior to that match? You're not just watching a fight between two Chinese manlets, you're watching a fight between the Legendary Bruce Lee and "No Trabbu" Jackie Chan. Very different thing.

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Oddly enough, Wrestling had the opposite happen. For a long time, huge dudes were the be all and end all until light, agile dudes showed what they could do. Nowadays it's much more the lean dude thing, with massive guys mostly regulated to dumb bruisers because people can't see them as skilled fighters. Kurt Angle is one of those guys who couldn't have gotten over before because he's smaller than 6ft tall.

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Sure. It would be a hell of a fight and wanting nothing but 'Big dude' in your fighting gets you shit like Hulk Hogan or the Great Khali who can't perform for shit. A mix is nice.

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>Hulk Hogan
Why are you comparing an actor to martial artists? Is it because you're being dishonest? I bet it's because you're being dishonest.

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Same here.

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Dude, have you ever seen either of them fight? Hell yeah, I would.
Besides, Bruce Lee became famous for his fighting skill first, then started making movies. Kung Fu films didn't really exist before he did them.

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It's only cool if it is combat/coitus kind of situation.
Women fighting eachother for sexual superiority and sexual gratification is the most patrician form of entertainment.
Some like to see women fight to overpower and ravage the other one sexually.

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Gladiators were the professional fighters from that period, they were not suposed to die all the time.
They used to have decent, compared to the common folk, medical treatment and a healthy diet. They were meant to give people a show and a good gladiator was an investment that could get a lot of money so they would not want them dead. They would bleed and fight their sometimes rigged fights, make the crowd go nuts and then get themselves ready for the next fight.
Kinda like MMA.

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Wow, it's almost like you only save and repost the pictures of hot girls and ignore the pictures of uggos

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>The heel unfairly wins by smashing the face over the head with a chair after the match had already been declared over
>Rome riots
>The imperial palace is put on fire
>The emperor has to flee to Ostia, from where he declares that the heel will be crucified
>Order slowly returns to Rome

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The romans absolutely would have.

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Lesbian's gladiators

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what's not to get?

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>What's the deal with gladiatrices?

Fictional. Women have never fought, and no woman would ever be a good fighter if she tried.

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They only fought each other so that didn't matter.

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Wikipedia isn't a valid source. That's just a feminst re-edit.


Don't try to convince me with fake articles. Women are and always have been useless fighters.

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So you have zero facts and the best you retards can do blame some feminist plot for you lack of proof? http://discovermagazine.com/2001/dec/featglad

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>What's the deal with gladiatrices?
I have a few.

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They don't call it a breastplate for no reason!

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That's sad but some people who are fit and take care of their appareance can still be ugly despite all their best efforts if their facial features are just too bad, weird body proportions,ect...

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>provides source
>lack of proof

Leftists, everyone.

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>when pressed for facts rants about feminazis, doesn't backup original point
>moves the goalposts and declares themselves the winner

typical alt-shit

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Yeah the left are the one with the facts and proof seeing that you still have not given anything to back up what you said.

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anon's assertion of "At least a 4" was pretty overoptimistic, but nonetheless if there were two women left on Earth and me I would sooner lie with Kludgina the well toned and athletic acid burn victim than Morgana the 300kg wiccan.

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This is some next-level nonsense. Go on.

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You're obviously a troll, but if gladiators were show fights and not real deadly combat then why couldn't women participate? We have bullshit female superheroes and spies and shit in movies all the time, and a UFC female on female circuit, don't be a retard

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Cry more retard. I posted two links backing up what I said, you on the other hand just posted zero proof for what you are saying about Gladiatrix.

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>why couldn't women participate
Maybe, just maybe, they were too busy getting pregnant and looking after their offspring?
Or what, you think that after they could just "retire" and form a family out of nowhere? Or that they just ceased to exist after 30?

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First off, I"m a different anon. Second, he posted legitimate proof that Wikipedia has been edited to fit the leftist narrative, what else do you need to prove it's faulty?

>> No.55929631

well he completely failed to refute the actual argument: the thread is on gladiators not wikipedia.

Pay attention next time retard instead of trying to use rhetorical sleight of hand to change the topic

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One: that link is only shows women edit Wikipedia now and then not proof of some feminist plot. And two I posted a link that is not Wikipedia. The /pol/ retard failed to give anything about Gladiatrix

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Refusing to acknowledge why this is relevant? I'm tired of arguing with leftists, you can't reason with retards,and yet I keep trying.

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You are the retard here, you have posted nothing to back up what you said about the topic of Gladiatrix. What you posted about Wikipedia is pointless as I posted link that is not Wikipedia. Give some proof of what you said about Gladiatrix or go be stupid back in /pol/.

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...You guys know that UFC is fake, right?

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Most of them were owned by someone like most Gladiators. They don't retire, they make enough money to buy their freedom, and some of them would stay in the business if they were entertaining enough.

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Not fake. """"Sometimes"""" it's rigged, but it's not fake.

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they're not glad
and they're not rices

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>To fit the leftist narative

...did you read the article?

>A project coordinated by the BBC and Wikipedia is hoping to address the shortage in online biographies on women and encourage more female editors on to the online encyclopedia site.

It was a push to get more biographies of notable women who didn't have one previously, like Fatuma Ali Saman.

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I'm eternally grateful for 4plebs because I can wake up to deleted posts and still get to enjoy all the delicious drama.

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Rarer than they should be

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What if I just like to see women get hurt? Honestly, if I was invited to one of those fancy parties with gladiatrices I'd probably be That Guy who keeps shouting "STAB HER IN THE CUNT" over and over.

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>only retards would want men to fight women competitively, there would be serious injuries and it wouldn't be a fair fight.
Then why did she keep claiming she could beat any man?

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>stab in her in the cunt
>use this
>motions towards his dick

Brought to you by HBO.

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>What if I just like to see women get hurt?


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Indeed. Fewer than 10% of fights were fatal, largely because the person sponsoring the event had to pay the gladiator's owner if one got killed. And these guys were the equivalent of modern sports idols, so they were VERY expensive.
Only the super rich could afford to let more than a few gladiators die, especially if they were famous ones.

That being said, there are a few documented cases of the Romans getting a little blood hungry. If memory serves, the Games held to open the Flavian Amphitheatre (ie, the Colosseum) for the first time were memorable for the high number of gladiator deaths.

Keep in mind that people died in the Games all the fucking time, but almost all of them were prisoners of some kind. You don't kill off half the NBA/NFL/Whatever baseball and soccer have every time you have a game.

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>Fewer than 10% of fights were fatal
I can't find any percentages, but on average boxing in the US has about 10 deaths per year, and that's after the number of deaths in boxing has sharply declined over the past 30 years. If we take the number of professional boxers active in America, and take the stats for a year like 1983, I wonder how the lethatity rates would compare to those of Roman gladiatorial games. That might put things into perspective, and give us a measuring stick by which we can grade the brutality of the games.

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they fought for money

that's about it

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