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>"ok, so i am going to walk up to the dragon and rub its belly"
>what the fuck, why?
>"because then im going to roll diplomacy to befriend it!"
>you do realize the thing's hostile and you're trespassing on its home, right?
>"nonsense, i use my charisma to win it over"
>final warning, it's angry and now it's focused on you because you're walking up to it making noise and being flashy and gaudy as fuck
>"fine, i try a spell of charm person on it"
>it fails, and the dragon treats that as a hostile action. you get tail slapped and knocked away
>"i charge back up and slap it across the face and tell it that it's being bad"
>you have intelligence and wisdom of above thirteen. why are you doing something that's obviously going to get you killed?
>"Its what my character would do - he would not ever let anyone get away with making fun of him or hurting him, he would rather see them run to the ground and humiliated"
>you're neutral good. but if you want to keep on acting like an idiot your death's not going to be my fault.
>"stop railroading me"


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how about just let them charm the dragon
their your friend don't you want them to have fun

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another case of this guy's shit:

>the orcs have their weapons drawn and are closing in on you
>"I roll perform to sing and dance!"
>okay, but why?
>"to distract the orcs and confuse and charm them into dancing with me!"
>the orcs aren't amused with your antics and are getting closer
>"i throw a blanket on them and douse it with oil and light it on fire!"
>that's going to take several actions to do and you don't even have any of that on-hand at the moment
>"fine then i roll bluff to trick them into thinking i'm an orc and that the guy they're after got away"
>they're standing right there and you're wearing in plain sight the amulet you stole from their warlock.
>"you're a shit dm you put items in the game just to screw players over!"

i want to die.

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>my players are engaging in badwrongfun, please justify my anger.

Pull the stick out of your ass and give him a dragon companion.

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Dragons are antisocial as fuck.
Imagine being a huge overweight fire breathing menace living in a dark cavern sleeping for long periods of time and burning the shit out of anything that dares disturb you. Why would you suddenly start being kawaii and moe when a half-elf bard/favored soul wanders in, blatantly picks up and puts a golden scepter in his backpack right in front of you and then tries to act cute?

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Yeah this sounds like you have one of two situations: 1 You're being a hardass in a light goofy and fun campaign. 2 He is being a dumbass and ruining a serious campaign.

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I've offered him the option to take a familiar for a feat, and included the option for a pseudodragon. he didnt want to spend a feat.

Yet he'll bitch that the wizard has a raven and that he should be able to have a magical talking bird that can link to him telepathically just because he threw some bread crumbs at pidgeons at the city fountain square.

i would kick this dude from the table but he's my friend's older brother. i dont see how a 27 year old acts this way and expects people to like it though.

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the whole reason they're up here in the first place is to KILL this dragon that has been preying on a local village for months. Up to this point we've always had pretty good sessions, but for some reason this particular thing has set the dude off and its like his frontal lobe just melted or something.

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Considering no one visits me unless they want something, i think I'd feel inclined to not eat the one who voluntarily wants to be bro's with me.

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maybe, but at the same time why would you give a shit about lesser races that are just there to either try to kill you or to steal from you in ten out of ten cases? this particular encounter would be a statistical outlier and i'd imagine you'd be suspicious and treat this as a ploy to let your guard down and slay you.

of course, you probably fuck elves though, so you're probably one of those "metallic" shitters.

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OP I want you to know that you are totally right in being annoyed
When this happened I just had enemies target their character with a few full attacks

As soon as that guy to befriend a dragon and failed the roll, I would've had the dragon wreck his shit, but if he rolled a nat 20 I would let him succeed

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>you're neutral good. but if you want to keep on acting like an idiot your death's not going to be my fault.
>stop railroading me

He's right about this part. You gave him fair warning before, let him die the next time this happens. Then if he complains you can just say that you thought he didn't want you to railroad him.

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On one hand, there are limits. On the other, you're ignoring a slew of potential stories something this stupid could allow. You're so busy thinking about what YOU want that you've forgotten the story as a whole.

Jesus, just think about it.

>Party w/ and co. start a princess kidnapping business, dragon included, that allows kings to carefully select the Prince Charming they want their daughter to marry.

>Party is pulled into a sprawling sidequest where they try to appease/curry favor with the dragon in question, the anti-social lizard slowly realizing the real treasure is friendship.

>Party's dragon gets kidnapped by an irritated princess, are they bad enough dudes to save it?

>Now you can hurl dragon-slayer type paladins at the party for a legit reason.

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Ya shoulda burnt him to death OP

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He doesn't have to be kawaii. They can be shut-ins together.

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I was trying to avoid the inevitable shitstorm when his character died and how im such a bad horrible murderous sociopath that rapes babies because i killed his shitty character and was clearly just trying to win at D&D

stupid actions get stupid consequences.


B-BUT THATS NOT WHAT HIS CHARACTER WOULD DO xD he wouldnt be a shut in are you kidding me he he's gotta ride the unicorn and stab the king and fart on the princess #bazinga

i swear to god maybe i aughta start telling lolrandoms "thats not what your character would do" to counter their bullshit.

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False flag

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You're starting to sound more and more like an asshole.

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If you really hate players acting that way which is totally reasonable because it's incredibly fucking annoying and ruins both the GM's fun and often the other players fun, here's a handy dandy step by step guide for dealing with it.

First, have a frank conversation with them about it, saying their behaviour really isn't what's wanted or needed in this campaign. They either agree and reform or disagree and you go your separate ways pnp wise, or at least for that campaign.

There isn't any other step.

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dragons are smart enough to play with their food. I would have the dragon act like he's entertaining the thought before slapping him down. Its funner that way and allows for roleplay rather than "here is the monster you have to kill next, no talking allowed."

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If this is something that falls outside of what you wanted your game to be, its your fault for not communicating that properly (or at all, im guessing) before or during the campaign
If you did communicate it, and the player agreed to playing the game the way you wanted to play it
Fuck em, kick em out
Or at least point out how clearly in the wrong they are, and tell them to knock it off

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You know, I have. I really tried to work with him but its like every time I ask him to tone it down it just goes in one ear and out the other. I asked him what he wanted out of the game before and he told me "I dunno", so I asked him what he was expecting and he told me "Like final fantasy thirteen crossed with undertale."

I really like everyone else in the group, but they don't want him to get kicked either. Its gotten to the point where i do not enjoy DMming because every session i know there's going to be something fucking retarded that's going to derail the game for a while and then there's gonna be this salty shitshow when this player doesn't get to be a meme loving autistic fuck.

Thanks babe, your contribution to the conversation helps a lot ;)

Okay fine, next time I'll just take off my pants, throw him a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs and start hot-gluing my miniatures then because lol we're just having fun right? xD

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Then you have to let him go, or you have to start having the world respond to him as they would an autistic 13 year old in a fantasy setting - ignoring him as an idiot child and only tolerating him because he's useful and for some reason tolerated by his more sensible friends who are also very useful.

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>Okay fine, next time I'll just take off my pants, throw him a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs and start hot-gluing my miniatures then because lol we're just having fun right? xD
Probably funner then what you had cooked up instead if you insist that everything has to end in combat.

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>All these people saying he should have let the player charm and befriend the dragon

Fuck that. You don't go up to a centuries old being and treat it like a dog. If he actually made the rolls and approached the thing with some decorum, then maybe they could arrange something, but expecting to walk up to a dragon and make it a pet is full on retarded,unless you're way above its level in comparison.

Only thing OP did wrong,was having it tail flick him away instead of torching him outright

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Yeah. You're right and I know you're right, I'm just afraid that it might piss off the other players and the game might fall apart because of it.

It didn't have to end in combat. They could have just walked away and came back with an actual plan. Hell, I even gave him a few chances and warnings. I'm not going to cater to the lowest common denominator - this isn't twitch or youtube lets play and i'm not going to shriek autistically for le epic lulz guys

this guy gets it.

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>"fine, i try a spell of charm person on it"
Doesn't work, dragons aren't people, they're dragons.

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>Final Fantasy 13 mixed with undertale
While that sounds stupid to me, it sounds like he has a grasp on what he wants but you discarded it like i did.
Talk to him again, this time actually listen and ask the rest of the group if that's what they want as well.

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Op you might have had a valid point, but now you're being an asshole. I have a feeling you're an asshole about these things in person, and maybe that's why you can't guide this dude. I would just try approaching it in different manner, and just have a little patience with this guy.

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If someone broke into my house and started rubbing my stomach while I was sleeping I'm sure as fuck not going to befriend them anytime soon.

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Why should stupid actions get stupid consequences? Most epic journeys started because someone did something retarded.

Odysseus mocked a son of Posideon.

Achilles got buttmad he didn't get to have a rape-slave and his tantrum resulted in his lover dying and Achilles raging so hard he murders the Trojans last hope.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu killed a god's pet which resulted in Enkidu (basically a DMPC) dying and Gilgamesh starting an epic journey to become immortal.

Let's face it, you're a second rate DM, a third rate storyteller, and a cancerous shitlord too focused on running his novel to play the game.

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Yes. and I told him that his spell didn't work, and I gave him effectively a light slap on the wrist for it.

I have tried. Let me give you an idea of what im working with:

This guy wanted to make corn dogs one time so he bought a pack of bar-s beef franks, mixed a bowl of flour and milk together, dipped the franks into it and then put it into a skillet with cold oil in it, turned it on and wondered what went wrong.

I'm sorry for coming off rude.

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Okay so yeah you rub the dragon's belly so now you have to go to the kingdom of cool ranch doritos and recover the owl of enlightenment whos minty rainbow farts can be used to conjure up the whirling winds of time that will rescue the princess from the phantom dimension.

Eat a dick, faggot.

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>Could've come back with a plan.
What, a plan that would've fallen through and resulted in combat anyway?

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Ok, he's an idiot.

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see >>55831816

>> No.55831938

Charm Person works on Humanoids. Dragons are not Humanoids.

>> No.55831948

Yeah, so the Bard giving the dragon a bellyrub results in the bard dying and the rest of the party going on an epic journey. What's the issue?

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Anything other than walking into someone's home, insulting them, and using the a spell that would be hostile if it weren't also wrong.

>> No.55831978

You're being too lenient, just let his stupid fucking characters get killed until he either learns or doesn't.

>> No.55831989

>>Party w/ and co. start a princess kidnapping business, dragon included, that allows kings to carefully select the Prince Charming they want their daughter to marry.
Well if i ever make a D&D or pathfinder game i know my antagonist now.

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no ones saying you have to make it work. Just that you can be more creative than "The dragon crushes you because YOU'RE A RETARD" Like how does the dragon fuck up this dude? can the player role play a way to wriggle out of it? Does the dragon find this amusing? Like say this was a player insulting a noble, would you just end it at "You are arrested and they have your head cut off for insulting a noble"

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I'm sure your mature storytelling is simply too grand for me to comprehend, which is why you're here on 4chan bitching about it rather than putting the pieces of it together like a real DM.

Get a grip, faglet; silver-age comics existed and people liked them, which means the leap to immediate idiocy you made might actually be semi-functional.

Grow the fuck up and put on your clownsuit; it's time to DM like the rest of us sadsacks.

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No, shut the fuck up. You're not the only one at the table, and your fun isn't the only fun that matters. The other players are there to have a good time, and the GM sure as shit is too. You don't get to do something retarded, which you know is retarded, which everyone has warned you is retarded, and then get to cry and hide behind MUH FUN when something bad happens. There's no fucking justification for this kind of shit. Stop defending it.

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>it fails, and the dragon treats that as a hostile action. you get tail slapped and knocked away
That's just bullshit, the dragon should've killed him then and there.

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You interrupted his magical realm and cock blocked him in a fantasy game. Also now he can't post a ebin story for upboats

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>Let's face it, you're a second rate DM, a third rate storyteller, and a cancerous shitlord too focused on running his novel to play the game.
Fuckin' rek'd.

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>walk up to king
>rub his belly
>shoved back by guard
>slap guard angrily
>try and cast 'charm animal' on king
>doesn't work
>king is obviously upset over insults, hostile magic, and the implication that he's a simple beast
>thrown into dungeon

Now exchange this for a Dragon that doesnt have a dungeon, insert the player being warned about his retardation throughout, and what do you get?

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>player trespasses into a dragon's lair
>player tries to touch a dragon that's not pleased with it being there
>player gets slapped and tries to use magic against the dragon
>player charges back and tries to strike the dragon
>somehow it's my fault for getting sick of his bullshit


>le angsty 4champs anon
>with le grim grif
Do you suck dicks for free or do you expect to get paid for it?

oh wait nvm found your pimp.

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Holy shit that gif made me laugh harder than it should have

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>I was trying to avoid the inevitable shitstorm when his character died and how im such a bad horrible murderous sociopath that rapes babies because i killed his shitty character and was clearly just trying to win at D&D
In other words, you're deliberately enabling his shitty behavior. You have no-one to blame but yourself.

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Yep. In the end, the problem is that he didn't shut the guy down harder.

Which makes the suggestions of people whining that he didn't enable him enough more baffling.

>> No.55832218

i was hoping he'd take a hint.
maybe i should get a puppet and use it to give him hints on how to not be a fucking tit at the table, like one of those 90s office mascot paperclip characters

>> No.55832240

I noticed you ended on "get thrown in dungeon"
Thats more creative than "you get fucking killed" because now your party can either try to spring you or do a roleplay session to negotiate for your release. You sound like a touchy asshole who doesn't like his players to roleplay tbqh

>> No.55832253

Next time he does something stupid that should get him killed, just kill his character. If he bitches, tell him that he can fuck off if he doesn't like your GMing style. It's that simple.

>> No.55832262

s m h f a m t b q h i l g b t b b q m d l o l

swallow bleach and die.

>> No.55832279

Acting like a 5-year-old who just saw a shiny toy is not "roleplaying" unless your character actually IS a 5-year-old.

>> No.55832285

I ended on 'get thrown in a dungeon' because a king has a dungeon to throw people into. Guess what a dragon doesn't have?

I'm fine with roleplay, but I'm not going to magically shift the world around if you walk up to a dragon and ask them to eat you so that you don't get eaten. And rubbing a dragon's belly is basically asking for them to eat you.

>> No.55832295

You're baffled by trolls and retards on /tg/?

>> No.55832309

could you roleplay that in greentext for me? o.o;

>> No.55832322

no ones saying that he should be enabled. Its mostly people saying that you can turn your characters stupid bullshit into something salvageable that everyone can have fun with rather than killing the whole night by having a stupid argument.

>> No.55832360

So just railroad the players by making it impossible to fail even if they make the dumbest possible decisions?

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Befriending a dragon and pissing it off by failing is not railroading.

Roast 'em.

>> No.55832373

You forgot bbeg

>> No.55832383

OP, you should enter his home uninvited, walk up to him, rub his belly, and smile charmingly. If he doesn't react by becoming your loyal pet, tell him to stop railroading you.

>> No.55832386

oh yeah thanks, also


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wow rude famigo

>> No.55832428

jesus christ maybe ill get lucky and his dad will shoot me in the head and i wont have to go to game night on sunday.

>> No.55832453

if the alternative is listening to the GM bicker with the lolrandom guy, I would take "try to convince the dragon not to eat us"
I mean the first choice is kick the lolrandom guy if everyone hates his bullshit but if everyone takes his side over the GM then there is probably more to this story than we are hearing.

>> No.55832491

You guys realize the "you shoulda let the dragon be charmed" guy is a troll, right?

>> No.55832507

what is there else to tell?

he's a 27 year old NEET who lives with his parents and he comes to the game with my friend (his 24 year old brother). He can be pretty chill outside the game and our gaming circle does other things together besides tabletop.

>> No.55832551

I'd love to see what that retard would do with Shadowrun dragons.

>> No.55832557 [DELETED] 

>not wanting to rub a dragon's belly
>not wanting to be eaten by a dragon
>not wanting to rub the dragon's belly from the inside
>not wanting to relax and succumb to the warm, soft cushion-like interior of a dragon's stomach
>not wanting to surrender your flesh to a more powerful being
>not wanting to become a layer of soft pudgy fat on a dragon's belly and tail
holy fuck you beta virgins suck

>> No.55832576

no one said that he should have let the dragon be charmed. People are just complaining that what he did was boring and he seems overly salty.

>> No.55832606


>> No.55832634


I don't get how having something realistic happen in D&D is boring. I mean if anyone in this thread had a 1-foot-tall person walk up to us and try to pull this head-patting belly-rubbing shit and call us a pet we'd probably smack them away too. And this isn't even going into the fact that Dragons are sentient creatures who are smarter than humans. Caving in to exactly what your players want when it's not logical in the slightest is pretty much the hallmark of a terrible DM

>> No.55832646

why are there so many of you defending the railroad in this thread?

>> No.55832689

Because APPARENTLY retards don't realize that killing a PC can be a good thing.

>> No.55832702

only if it's a girl dragon, anon

>> No.55832710

Op, what did you want them to do? Give us three examples of ideas you would have let succeed. How did they get into this situation? Explain how they could have avoided it.

>> No.55832714

What was the deleted post? Also OP you suck!
Creativity is the part of table top games and all you're doing is saying no no no!

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File: 16 KB, 686x224, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Three things that could have worked:

Talk with the dragon and try to negotiate a peaceful resolution - stop harassing the locals and work out some agreement between the two parties, such as providing the dragon food in return for it providing protection.

Issue a declaration to the dragon that it needs to cease hostilities or it will result in a conflict between the two parties. They could have buffed up beforehand and prepared for combat.

Taken a hint that the dragon is strong, come back with bigger firepower and negotiating skills at the cost of having the locals have to endure dealing with the dragon for a little while longer.

but, nope, lets rub its belly and get mad when it doesn't like that shit.

>> No.55832770

Given hes the dm, its pretty safe to assume the tone is serious considering hes running it on the grounds that it is at least partially serious.

>> No.55832798

>Creativity is the part of table top games and all you're doing is saying no no no!
Creativity sucks when it doesn't match the tone of the game.

>> No.55832810

Not gonna lie. That is kind of a turn on,
boner why?

>> No.55832844

>all these people wanting a light hearted nonsensical game
>all these people who think its okay to be witty and random and do stupid things
>all these people who expect the dm to just cave and cater to their safe spaces

>> No.55832881

Go write a book then instead of making people play your crappy on-rails shit fest.

>> No.55832907

>anything I don't like is railroading
You're an entitled piece of shit and any decent GM would kick you out of their game after the first session.

>> No.55832919

If you're not enjoying it, there's no problem in having the game fall apart th. And since you're in the DM position , finding new players shouldn't be a problem at all.
Tell him to cut his fucking bullshit and post the results here.

>> No.55832928

Not even the OP, faglord

If the campaign has an established tone, and everyone has been playing along with it, you don't just shit all over that for the sake of "Creativity"

>"The orcs are cruel, evil, and sadistic raiders."
"I do interpretive dance and flash my taint at them"
>"Thanks to your powerful, sexually charged expression, the orcs have renounced their ways and are shifting to a peaceful, monastic life."

Fuck off.

>> No.55832933


Yeah this bothers me, especially when some people make a character against the general tone on purpose. We had a pirate game once that was very Pirates of the Carribean-esque. Except one PC made an actual pirate, with the murder and the rape and all. And he would make sure to ruin any mood we had going by reminding us of it.


You sound like an absolute knob

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File: 432 KB, 712x609, your game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure sound like a wonderful person to play with! I bet you have so many players :)

>captcha: choo choo

>> No.55832947

/tg/ is to blame. Suddenly everyone wants to do wacky lolrandumb """creative""" shit hoping to end up in another epic screencap like Old Man Henderson, or at least the "shit my dnd party says" tumblr. People treat tabletop RPing less as a roleplaying venue and more of a source for wacky stories to tell on the internet. Without fault, every single game I play some funny 1d4chan meme will come up every other session and everyone starts trying to outdo each other in randumbness. It's not funny anymore.

>> No.55832954

>tfw no chubby dragoness waifu to feed peasants to

>> No.55833024

>you will never snuggle with a chubby dragon/ess
>you will never rub it's snout while it licks your face gently
>you will never be eaten legs first, while it carefully swallows you without biting you
>you will never lay with your head on its tongue in its large mouth, your naked body lingering in its throat while the dragon savors you
>you will never be swallowed and have the dragon/ess gently rub its belly, rubbing you
>you will never meld with the dragon for a short time, your minds linked and enjoying a wonderful dreamscape together while your body gets digested in the physical world
>you will never pass away into warm bliss.

>> No.55833039

>in a world ruled by actions without consequence, every action was correct and nothing bad happened. It was impossible to not have fun in this utopia.

Hey genius actions have consequence, good or bad, if you want a power fantasy with no effort launch a bethesda game on easy and turn on godmode.

if a nigga do something that deserves death like playing with literal death incarnate, figuratively poking the bear, warning him that hes poking the bear, he continues, he deserves what he gets, not some slap on the wrist that he would probably take exception to anyway. The young man chose death and blamed the dm when he got it. He was just too stupid to realize what he was asking for.

>> No.55833047

Times change.
If you do not enjoy the medium as it is right now then perhaps you need to either accept that you've grown out of it, or you need to lower your standards.

>> No.55833060

you didnt do anything wrong except complain on tg and expect anything other than a two sided shitfest

>> No.55833082

Methinks maybe the bard in question in OPs story was a vorefag and was hoping for >>55832285

>> No.55833111
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I feel ya anon

>> No.55833113

>every game needs to be a freeform rp sandbox
do you people actually believe this or are you just memeing?

why is this allowed

>> No.55833139


>do you people actually believe this or are you just memeing?

Pretty positive the guy's just doing a long con trolling attempt. Though it is the internet, you never know.

>> No.55833150

Anyone who defends the OP is a tryhard.
Tabletop is about sharing a good story.
It is not about "winning".
OP was being an inflexible cunt.

>> No.55833176

>long con trolling attempt

>> No.55833187

Yeah, and a retarded bard trying to mess with a dragon and dying because of it can be part of a good story.

Good story's have conflict and struggle and loss too, you know.

>> No.55833208

For the same reasons you're aloud

>> No.55833214

One of the PCs acting like a complete idiot does not make for a good story.

>> No.55833216

>Tabletop is about sharing a good story.
A bard making friends with a fire-breathing monster by rubbing its belly does not make for a good story unless you're maybe making a children's book.

>> No.55833236

A better story keeps the heroes alive and defies conventional tropes.

Prove me wrong.

Subverting the standard tropes to make an interesting character and unique situations makes for a good story. You might call the PC an idiot but thats because you're an on-rails asshole who doesn't know any better.

How do you know that's what the bard was going to do? Maybe there would be more to it if the DM wasn't such a stinker and didn't no-sell players actions without letting them have a chance to be creative and express themselves?

You think you know everything, but in reality you know nothing.

>> No.55833251


Alright, well you need to talk to your players about tone. Clearly they were talking it lightly and trying to be funny, which isn't what you were going for. Patting it on the tummy was a peaceful gesture, it's just retarded.

>> No.55833267

can i pat u on the tumm?

>> No.55833282


:3 sure thing buddy, here have some dinner. Surprise it was princess flesh!

>> No.55833306


>> No.55833316

He comes off more as bitter about the situation to me. The kind of bitter that vents about things on an anonymous Cambodian marionette forum.

>> No.55833320

>How do you know that's what the bard was going to do? Maybe there would be more to it if the DM wasn't such a stinker and didn't no-sell players actions without letting them have a chance to be creative and express themselves?
The GM isn't a stinker, you're just an entitled piece of shit. If you want your character to do whatever idiotic shit you'd like, go write a book.

>> No.55833337

>Subverting the standard tropes to make an interesting character and unique situations makes for a good story.
But that's not happening. They are legitimately being an idiot. Sticking your hand in a woodchipper isn't subverting a trope. Jumping off a cliff to your certain death isn't making your character interesting. Treating an incredibly dangerous and possibly highly intelligent magical creature like a dog and expecting anything other than a gruesome death is pure idiocy. It isn't clever, and it isn't interesting. It's stupid.

>> No.55833346

Subversion doesn't inherently make something better. A detective movie where the killer confesses in the first 5 minutes and the next 2 hours are just the detective sitting in his office filing paperwork might subvert expectations, but it'd also be horribly stupid

>> No.55833366
File: 2.83 MB, 1350x1161, thinking at an incredible high speed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really railroading if it's the result of bad choices on the part of the player?

>> No.55833367

We have no context for the rest of the players. Just the dm and the """problem"""player

>> No.55833384

>le GO WRITE A BOOK meme
>le UR ENTITLED meme
le shut the fuck up.

you just dont have any imagination. you dont know what you're doing, yet you keep on acting all high and mighty on your tall horse like you do. if you want to play a game where all the rules and whatnot are rigid and predefined go play monopoly you fucking twat nurgler.

that example is fucking dumb and you should feel bad for it.


>> No.55833413

>punishing the player for stupid choices
>not punishing a different player for the choice instead

It's objectively better and yields far better results

>> No.55833416

It's not about winning, but even stories run on some kind of logic. And generally speaking, the actions the player undertook were those of a side character that dies in a comedic way.

>> No.55833419


>Subverting the standard tropes to make an interesting character and unique situations makes for a good story. You might call the PC an idiot but thats because you're an on-rails asshole who doesn't know any better.

I fucking hate this attitude because it implies that PCs shouldn't have to ever consider things like acting intelligently or trying to think about their own survival. Just do whatever seems fun! If you die it's because your DM is just a butthead who can't think of enough funny things to happen

Of course I don't even know why I'm responding to you, you're clearly being as illogical as possible

>> No.55833424

>that example is fucking dumb and you should feel bad for it.
So is going up to a hostile dragon and trying to rub its belly.

>> No.55833431

There are no good or bad choices in a tabletop game. There are only bad choices that the DM chooses as punishment for not following a specific tiny narrow sliver of actions that the DM wanted the players to specifically follow without any hints.

>> No.55833436

>the heroes get out safe and sound
>defies conventional tropes
pick one and only one

>> No.55833462

Alright, y'know what? I'll play along. Say it worked. Say rubbing the dragon's belly and booping his nose made him be your best friend forever. Congratulations! Now what? What are you going to use that for? What interesting storytelling opportunities have opened up now that you have a dragon? What sort of character development happened as a result? What could you possibly have accomplished plot-wise with a dragon that you couldn't have before?

Oh no, wait, you're going to abuse the fuck out of your newfound power and use the dragon to solve every single problem that comes your way.

>> No.55833467


This sounds like you're saying "the player is always right" in a game that's supposed to be about them playing in a story. How are there supposed to be any stakes when you dictate everything that happens to you?

>> No.55833471

>actions having natural consequences within the condition of the game are "punishment"

>> No.55833484

>player rubs belly and is being a general dick to this dragon
>as an intelligent, aggressive, and arrogant creature, it doesn't kill the moron.
>instead it goes back to town, and this time it doesn't hold back on fuckin shit up.
>now the NPCs all blame the party for bringing such destruction to them

>> No.55833492

>There are no good or bad choices in a tabletop game.
So either there are no choices at all, or all choices are equal. Either way you're not actually playing a game and what you're talking about has nothing to do with /tg/, so kindly fuck off.

>> No.55833509

Pack food for 3 days, water for 6 and a casserole.

Travel to the west, until you find this place called /d/. If anyone offers you shelter you will take it, but you will not accept a ride, food or drink.

Then, once you have arrived, you will spend 5 nights lurking, and 5 days meditating. It will be harsh, but you must not stop.

At the 6th day you will rest, and eat, and take 2 baths. Then you will look at the mirror, and say these words:

"This is me, I am I, this is who I am"

And so it will be.

>> No.55833510

This is not just the worst thread on /tg/, it's the worst thread on 4chan.

>> No.55833529

>hurr durr if i give the players a gun theyre going to go shoot everyone
its called viligance and discretion and clearly youve got no remorse. not everyone's quick to make impulse reactions to everything else, and people in the real world (read: not your mom's basement where you are) know how to have some level of professionalism and self restraint. if you weren't such a RAGING autist you'd know this.

>> No.55833559

I'd send him to /trash/, personally

>> No.55833561

"I rub the belly"
"Why don't you roll a quick knowledge check"
"Ok so you're pretty sure he won't like that"

>> No.55833570

Why did he think rubbing on hard scale would work? Molestation is a crime.

>> No.55833583

Or the dragon was fucking with them. Or Tue dragon genuinely likes the group, but other dragons hate the idea that now adventurers will approach dragons to befriend them. Or you make the group treasure seekers now, hoping to appease the dragons lust for more. Or you take to the skies, fighting other dragons because your dragon wants to be the best dragon. Or it was a ruse all along and the dragon was actually 3 kids in a trench coat and a wand. Or he's the parties friend, but gets killed by a dragon slayer, fueling a quest for revenge.

Literally anything you can come up with. Honestly, it would be more interesting than just another kill the dragon preying on village scenario

>> No.55833591

Yes, there are absolutely good and bad choices in a tabletop game. Such as, for example, antagonizing a powerful and hostile being.

Sure, we could argue perhaps that death isn't the answer, but once combat starts that's more in the hands of mechanics, tactics, and dice.

>> No.55833602

Why did he think rubbing on hard scale would work? Did he had plan other than molestation?

>> No.55833605

I noticed you haven't answered any of the questions. I've also noticed that you're both in favor of discretion while simultaneously advocating waltzing up to a firebreathing dragon and rubbing his belly.

>> No.55833622

Neither the player nor you clearly have the SLIGHTEST capacity to act with any discretion, so I don't see why you're bringing that up.

>> No.55833633

>letting the dragoness eat you
>not taming her with your dick
>nor having her consume and grow fat on the enemies of your kingdom

>> No.55833654

It's a fucking fantasy game. It's make believe. Is it so hard to believe that there might be a single creature out there that ISNT a fucking egotistical self centered narcicistic bastard that goes on an autistic screeching anger fuelled rage when someone tries to talk to him? I'm not talking about the dragon, I'm talking about you.

Not all dragons have to be evil and edgey murder machines, anon.

>> No.55833668

>having sex with a creature both man and woman

Fucking heretical

>> No.55833700

So, what, just scrap the game in progress and make it about fucking with dragons now? Because one guy decided he wanted to do something different? What about the other players at the table? Are they on board with it? Or are you going to demonize them too when they want to get on with the actual game instead of going on dragon adventures?

>> No.55833704

>nat 20
>skill check

>> No.55833713

You and I differ there.
I like the idea of having the dragon fatten me up and then eat me, let me linger in its belly for a bit before finishing me off.
Then, it can use a specialized spell to bring me back and bind me to it, needing to eat me and restore my body periodically to keep the spell refreshed, making me its personal favorite treasure thereafter.

>> No.55833746

>scrap a boring story for a much more interesting one
>ignoring your PCs inputs

You really are railroading them.

>> No.55833758

Is it really this fucking hard to not post with your dicks everyfuckingwhere on this fucking website

>> No.55833769

why should that one guy get veto power over the other players?

>> No.55833771

>implying all the players were onboard with this stupid bullshit
You dumb hick.

>> No.55833772

If it has been established before by the GM that all dragons are, in fact, murder machines in the setting you're playing in, then yes they are. After all, it's fantasy.

Also, again, no questions answered. What character opportunities arise from having a goddamn dragon? What sort of development do you get out of this? Why do you absolutely, positively, have to have your character rub the dragon's tummy?

>> No.55833795

>ignoring your PCs inputs
Which is why that PC should have died then and there.

>> No.55833797

why is there not a /scale/ or /fur/ board?

>> No.55833811

They don't necessarily have to be, no. There have been god only knows how many takes on dragons over the years.

But even if they aren't rampant assholes that burn peasants and countrysides in the setting the DM has concocted or borrowed, I know of no interpretations of dragons that would be pleased by some unknown person coming into their home and rubbing them. At best you've angered a normally benevolent being, and at worst awoken some kind of hellish beast. Depending on your interpretation of dragon.

>> No.55833843

What DOESNT arise from it? You're the DM, you figure it out, stupid ass. It's your job to tell the story, its a hallmark of a bad DM To not be able to Imrpov.

>> No.55833848


>> No.55833860

It's not ignoring the PCs inputs. It's ignoring ONE PC's input, because said input is threatening to derail the game and potentially spoil everyone's good time. If you can't handle the responsibility of contributing to the game in an appropriate and meaningful fashion, then you don't get to contribute at all.

>> No.55833862

You should have killed him hard.
I have retarded players and being shut down hard as fuck is the only thing they understand.
Repeatedly tell them that you warned them. If they whine about "muh railroad" I snap at them that they're tring to railroad the NPC into the shit they want and if they want to write a book about how amazing their characters are, they can leave and do just that.

>> No.55833884

Containment boards don't work, anon. They just let the filth fester. Check /mlp/ lately? It's primarily quests and fetish threads. When the walls inevitably come tumbling down and that dread board is reintegrated into /co/, the unholy filth will spill forth once more as in the olden days.

Also /trash/ exists, and it's more or less furries, so it'd be kinda redundant.

>> No.55833895

All those people got away with that shit because they were already powerful by that point and thus could deal with the consequences of their actions If a random fag tried that shit he would have died without getting shit done.
Also, there wasn't anything retarded about Gilgamesh and Enkidu fighting Gugalanna. That "pet" was trying to murder them because Gilgamesh refused to fuck a godess (and for good reason). The retarded bits were Enkidu needlessly taunting said godess and later on Gilgamesh choosing to take a bath rather than make himself immortal and getting screwed because of it.

>> No.55833911

I have never been to /trash/, I dont see it on the bar at the bottom. I'll check it later when I'm not at work. Thanks for helping an old degenerate scalefag.

>> No.55833920

Perhaps the other players didn't stop him for a reason...

Agreed, or done something more interesting than just killing him. Kill his friend, kill the town, you can punish in many more ways than just killing

If the other PCs were willing to let this idiot do stuff like this, I'm pretty sure they would be having a good time doing just about any quest. Why stick with a boring, played out trope?

>> No.55833931

>I don't like that my players do things that I'm not prepared for.
>its not in my notes so I'm going to kill them instead.
Holy fuck you are a goddamn sociopath.

>> No.55833934

>I have never been to /trash/, I dont see it on the bar at the bottom
It's hidden for expressly that reason.

>> No.55833944

But, in order for that to happen, they need to do something REASONABLE to befriend the dragon. Not just walk up and try to charm it.

>> No.55833960

He was prepared for it. He was prepared to have the dragon act accordingly if the players did something to antagonize it

>> No.55833988

It's your job as a player to justify why your character does things. Otherwise the DM might as well be playing your character for you. Which might actually be a good thing, as you've proven that you can't be trusted to make any sort of decisions on your own.

>> No.55834011
File: 16 KB, 360x360, colondee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can suck a dick, ya oald preachy cunt. I bet you think you're better than us.

>> No.55834016

Why would a dragon decide to go for a really elaborate revenge plan against some rando who tried to treat him like a dog? Almost every setting, D&D especially, depicts dragons as disdainful beings. He very likely wouldn't go to great lengths to punish such a slight, because that would give the slight itself far too much power and significance.

>> No.55834018

>its retarded beyond belief so I'm going to kill them
FTFY. This has nothing to do with whether the scenario is something the GM is prepared for or not, the end result should still be the same.

>> No.55834027

So you were just going into this with the intention to set the players up to fail anyway. Good, glad to admit you're fucking terrible as a DM and if you had to have a license to DM you'd have it revoked for being an awful person.

A real, tried and true DM who has earned his stripes would know as a vet how to resolve the situation and let the players live, because killing players is just a waste of time - you have to roll up a new character sheet and introduce a character with no ties to the story at all. It's a waste of time and resources and effort and energy on all party sides.

Yes, I am mad about your shit because you're the cancer that's killing the gaming community by making it as closed knit as possible instead of allowing it to broaden and flourish with new ideas and playstyles. You like to play the same tried-and-true"" bullshit over and over again instead of actually experiencing new experiences.

>> No.55834029

This didn't actually happen so why are you complaining about it?

>> No.55834064

>it's a vorefags invade at the mere mention of a dragon thread
Why are they so fucking autistic?

>> No.55834071

>killing players is just a waste of time
It's not a waste of time. Either you get rid of a problem player, or the player learns a lesson and will act more sensibly from now on. Either way, the game will be better for it.

>> No.55834078
File: 65 KB, 312x445, SMUG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This exactly. I love to do stupid shit in the game for fun, but I don't let it ruin the game.

-I don't have to be the center of attention. Most of the time I let other people talk more
-I don't do anything which can screw over the party
-I don't complain if my plans go wrong, which they do.
-I explicitly tell the dm in every game I play that I don't mind my character dying. IN fact, I prefer a game where my character can die, because then I get to feel the occomplishment when I survive through the first several levels.

>> No.55834081

Elaborate? It's just not killing a weak piece of shit. It's making the piece of shit feel responsible for the deaths of a town or his close friend. The dragon isn't going to research the idiots family tree and systematically exterminate his bloodline or lure the idiot into falling in love with a beautiful princess, only to find it was the dragon the whole time.

You can punish players in far more creative, and arguably effective, ways than just killing him. If someone at my table got my character killed for his stupidity, I'd never let him do shit like that again, and I guarantee you he will feel bad about it

>> No.55834082

Anonymity does crazy things to people.

>> No.55834088

>the player comes back to the table with a vendetta after having read 1d4chan henderson stories

Cool and good.

>> No.55834097
File: 1.23 MB, 1235x2892, dm_advice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And do this with a sock puppet and a squeaky voice, for maximum effect.

>> No.55834099

Hey, I've got a great new idea to incorporate into RPGs! At any time, for any reason, the GM can decide to smash a particular player's fingers with a brick! Isn't that a great way to play? No, you can't object, because if you do you're what's killing this hobby!

>> No.55834100

Talk to me when you get past a 5th grade reading level

>> No.55834106

At which point you'll kick them from the group. Mission accomplished.

>> No.55834130

I just bring it up because i both enjoy it and i know it pisses off /tg/ and gets shit threads deleted, which I also enjoy.

>> No.55834131
File: 262 KB, 416x577, 1482143902562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PCs start a fight with someone out of their league
>decide to talk their way out of it once they're almost dead
>they want to roll Intimidate and tell the enemy to surrender and give the PCs all their money or else
>players call me a killer GM because the enemy isn't swayed by their threat

>> No.55834152

Tell him you don't think he's a good match for the game. I have a couple ffriends like that, who I like to chill with, but can't play dnd with. They understand.

If he doesn't understand, you REALLY need to kick him from the game.

Basically, kick him from the fucking game.

>> No.55834194
File: 62 KB, 475x454, 1468068797210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For what purpose?

It's already a shit thread, so we're not losing much.

Because it makes you mad.

>> No.55834196

Once again, you're setting up people to fail. You could try working iwth the problem player, but clearly thats too much work for such a busy proactive person like yourself to ever be arsed to do.

>i dont have an argument so im going to shitpost

>> No.55834252

The argument is that all ideas or playstyles aren't necessarily good, and they sure as hell aren't appropriate for all groups, and that you're silly and ridiculous for thinking that they are.

>> No.55834253

If a player "comes back with a vendetta" and tries to set up something like the Old Man Henderson story, they're clearly not willing to work with you, and trying to work with them is a waste of everyone's time. I'm not setting anyone to fail, I'm just not tolerating a That Guy who tries to drag the entire group down to their level.

>> No.55834254

>pass out inside of the dragon
>wake up with it licking my face
>i'm completely cuddled by it, it's got me held against its belly and chest, using me as a body pillow
>it nuzzles and reassures me that I'm not going anywhere
>it hints that it wants to have its snout gently rubbed
>be compliant
>be rewarded with more affection, eventually get to get eaten again whenever it gets hungry
thats just me i guess.

>> No.55834259

If you'd read the OP, you'd know that the DM didn't kill the player, not outright. The dragon is angry, yes, but who wouldn't be angry at someone barging into their home and rubbing them in their sleep? The only reason this player would die is if they made some kind of stupid decision like, say, instead of cooperating with their comrades, charging right up to the damn thing and slap it for insulting them.

>> No.55834262
File: 64 KB, 312x445, Unlessugotbunz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me try to explain it to you.

The dm is NOT commanding the player to do anything.

He is telling the player to REFRAIN from doing certain things, because they will get his character killed. The thread doesn't see this as the dm helping the player remain a part of the story, but rather as railroading.

Railroading would be if the roles where reversed: If the DM told the PLAYER that his character walked up to the dragon, pissed it off, and was eaten.

Because the player has free agency, he is not being railroaded. However, the player clearly does not like the style of game he is playing in.

The player and the DM are not a good match. It happens. DM needs to tell player this, or player needs to leave on his own. Either way, no harm done.

>> No.55834279

>If you'd read the OP, you'd know that the DM didn't kill the player, not outright.
And that was their mistake.

>> No.55834286

He's dming for a group, all but one of which he likes.

As dm, he has control over the medium.

>> No.55834298

I disagree. Combat death is up to tactics, mechanics, and the dice, not the whims of the DM. Or the players, for that matter.

>> No.55834307

so that excuses him for being a raging asshole?

>> No.55834331

A full attack from a dragon set up to be a boss fight should probably kill the bard. The second round of combat certainly would see them dead, unless the rest of the party is quick to react.

>> No.55834335

The argument is that you clearly can't read what I wrote or write something coherent that actually applies to what I said

>> No.55834356

Why do you have this faggot at your table and why did his character not die the first time ?

>> No.55834370

Nice job expressing your point there asshole. Next time you should try being less of an obscure abstract starbucks-sipping fedora tipping piece of shit and just admit that you suck and don't actually play table top games, but are just here to shitpost and bitch about how people disagree with your tumblr-inspired echochamber ideals for how a dm should act to their players.

>> No.55834373

This is true. At my table, going up to a sleeping dragon and rubbing its belly is not a bad choice.

However, you will most likely lose a character. That's fine. Your new character is in a mirror of life trapping as part of the dragon's hoard. Roll them up while the party fights it, and hope they can rescue you out.

New character starts at level 1, no matter how high level the party is. My rules allow for you to still be useful in combat, if you're careful. Lets see how long you can keep this one alive for.

>> No.55834386

And if we take that into consideration, the DM was greatly merciful, for the player managed to get slapped across the room by the dragon's tail without becoming a pile of red debris.

>> No.55834397

This. The players obviously want a certain type of story. Why not just have fun and stop being so serious? A story where a player befriends a dragon is more interesting than the worn out dragon battle scenario.

>> No.55834422


>Uses a long string of ad hominems
>"Nice job expressing your point there asshole"


>> No.55834449

So you think a thread is shit and instead of trying to provide discussion or just ignoring it you whip your dick out and start jerking off. Doing it because "ur le mad xD" is even worse. You have no good reason to do this, keep it to /trash/.

>> No.55834451

Well, yes. What I'm saying is that the GM SHOULD NOT have been merciful in a situation like this. The player isn't going to learn to not act like a stupid fuck unless there are real consequences to his actions.

>> No.55834452


One player wants that story. Why should a game change completely because of what one PC wants? Should a game become a pirate game suddenly because one PC sees a pirate ship and want to do that instead of the main quest?

>> No.55834455

>being this much of a baby
>STILL not having a proper rebuttal
>thinking this is a fuckin public debate
>not knowing this is rape and you're on the victim side
Were you born stupid or were you just dropped a couple of times as a child?

>> No.55834472


>STILL not having a proper rebuttal

Jesus Christ the irony

>> No.55834477

>jerking it to just text
Please anon, I'm not THAT degenerate :^)
Besides, >implying I'm not on /trash/ right now as well

>> No.55834481

Its what my character would do.

>> No.55834506

Because that's fucking stupid. Shitting on logic and your own rules just because you don't want the plaers to get angry makes you a shit DM.
If that faggot wanted to befriend a dragon, he should have come up with a plausible way of doing it and then OP would be a fag if he refused but "I rub his belly eksdee" isn't plausible unless the dragons in your setting have the mind of a puppy.

>> No.55834517

You still haven't proven me wrong, and all youre going to do is keep trying to play the "IM COOL, I'M 4CHAN COOL™ GUYS" card, over and over again looking like a fucking fool.

>> No.55834521

We don't know the feelings or intentions of the other players, only those of the DM and this particular player. Perhaps they find such battles particularly thrilling, or consider the slaying of this dragon important to their characters, or merely a step in some larger grand scheme. We cannot make such judgments without further information as to the rest of the group.

Also I strongly disagree about dragon battles being worn out.

You've reached the part of the dispute where you both just start shitposting at each other. Please, off yourselves for the good of all mankind.

>> No.55834522

>Yes, I am mad about your shit because you're the cancer that's killing the gaming community by making it as closed knit as possible instead of allowing it to broaden and flourish with new ideas and playstyles. You like to play the same tried-and-true"" bullshit over and over again instead of actually experiencing new experiences.
No, THAT is what is killing the hobby.
"New ideas and playstyles" aren't good just for the sake of being new. Liking something just because it's "new" just means you're an easily titillated retard.
Fuck off and stop trying to dilute the hobby with newfaggotry.

>> No.55834534

So you're in a place where you can happily discuss your fetish and you decide to bring it up out of nowhere out of spite? What would be your response if someone started an overt /pol/ discussion in your thread?

>> No.55834535


Since you want it so much here's a (you)

>> No.55834572

>So you're in a place where you can happily discuss your fetish and you decide to bring it up out of nowhere out of spite?
To be fair, I was the third (maybe 4th?) poster in this thread to start talking about it.

>What would be your response if someone started an overt /pol/ discussion in your thread?
I'd ignore them, of course, or just counter shitpost.

>> No.55834587

Doubling down on your troll to try to push it into the realm of "this guy has taken it too far there's no way he's trolling". It's a hail mary desu, you need people as autistic as you who will stick the conversation out across several posts.

>> No.55834590

>oh god, someone's brought a new idea to my stale shallow incestful genepool of tabletop gaming stories!
>i must banish them before they attempt to HAVE FUN.

Fuck you.

thanks babe

>> No.55834596

/pol comes to /tg all the time.

WHich reminds me, I need to got to /pol and start a blatand /tg bait thread.

you know, like they start /pol bait threads here.

>> No.55834614

Have you tried getting your head kicked in? After all, it would be a NEW experience to you, so clearly it would be a good thing.

>> No.55834623


So like... a perfect example would be this thread I guess?

>> No.55834638

I did it for you


>> No.55834667
File: 61 KB, 670x503, 1489704945451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Subverting the standard tropes to make an interesting character and unique situations makes for a good story

>We've reaches the age of pnp roleplaying where people think that trope subversion is inherently positive and acting like an idiot for the lols constitutes "subverting tropes"

>> No.55834672


>> No.55834705

>>oh god, someone's brought a new idea to my stale shallow incestful genepool of tabletop gaming stories!
>>i must banish them before they attempt to HAVE FUN.
>Fuck you.

More like
>some asshat newfag is trying to get me and my group to play his retarded freeform "RP-heavy" game
New isn't good you fucking child.

>> No.55834715

Just another normal day on /tg/

>> No.55834759

>thread was moved to /bant/ immediately
>tfw fucking /pol/ has better moderation than this shithole

>> No.55834761

Pretty much.

>> No.55834762

Well, that didn't last very long.

>> No.55834783
File: 259 KB, 794x897, 1440625159463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have been visited by the Sholk of good japes!

Good times and merriment can be yours, but only if you reply to this post with "Yiff in hell, furfag!"

fun thread but i gotta go to bed guise.

>> No.55834834


>> No.55834865

Jesus fuck

>> No.55834873

>comes to tg to start a shitpost thread
>for his own amusement
why are people like this allowed to shit up the board?

>> No.55834928

>player wants to avoid yet-another-combat-session and actually do some roleplaying
>dm shoots him down at every angle
why are you even DMming you clearly just want to play a video game.

>> No.55835002

This is why we need poster IDs for this board.
There have been so many things wrong with this shitty board, starting with the creation of QST which moved a sizable chunk of our creative talent to a dead board, while leaving the cancer that is CYOA and jumpchain here.

>> No.55835022

Fuck off, Quests are and always have been shit.

>> No.55835042

>creative interactive stories that got a community to pour input to create a fantasy world and setting
>literally /tg/ related
>"its shit"

No anon, YOU are the faggots.

>> No.55835058

>kawaii desu quest part #340051
no u

>> No.55835059

Not to dredge this old argument back up, but quests were leeches, they flooded the board and were only frequented because they were here. The fact that qst is dead af is proof no one actually cared enouhh about them to visit them when they weren't shoved in your face.

>> No.55835096

Nice counter argument there you simpleton.

That's bullshit and you know it. You're saying "THE EMPEROR XD #13983159" is better than interactive storytelling and worldbuilding? Actual /tg/ related things? youre saying ">THAT GUY AGAIN" and ">THE SAME WEBMS AND GIFS FILENAME THREAD" and ">LE WISDUM CLERICS WHY IS THIS ALLOWED" threads are better than unifying a community? Also, if you didnt like the threads, fuckin use the filter! Holy shit.

>> No.55835099

The problem is that tg is not FOR roleplaying, it's to discuss roleplaying among other things. And shit man, as much as I like to indulge in those wizard guild threads, they really shouldn't be here either.

Trash is for roleplaying.

>> No.55835130

>implying /tg/ actually roleplays
also what else is there to be discussed? everything has been covered before.

>> No.55835157

You clearly have qst's cock very far down your throat.

I am not making a judgment call on whether or not either "side" is "better", but one is ostensibly tg related (discussing topics related to games) and the other isn't (running a freeform rpg on the forum itself).

>> No.55835190

Autism is real. You should maybe get it check out, buddy.

>> No.55835214


That's retarded anon.

>> No.55835231

>Nice counter argument there you simpleton.

>> No.55835255

How did you figure it out, anon?

>> No.55835323

Fuck me, that's hot.

>> No.55835554

Yeah, we did that with an annoying character once.

It... sorta worked? Then he made a deal with demons and we almost tried to kill him. That was fun.

>> No.55835946
File: 161 KB, 485x485, b1c38e70b8079f58f1635da68161c717--spider-bites-spider-webs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP DM, if you're still around, you've no doubt already gotten a load on everybody's personal "Do's" and "Don'ts" of DMing.

So here's a little bit more advice that has to do with before the first session even starts:

Make GOD DAMN SURE everybody playing is on the same sheet of music insofar as the genre, setting, and tone of the campaign. And make god damn sure you communicate all of it clearly to them. "Session zeroes" are a good and under-utilized idea to do just this.

At the end of the day, D&D/Pathfinder is a social game. And if somebody just isn't working out, if he's being disruptive to the group or steadfastly refuses to cooperate or compromise with the DM in any way, then it's either up to him to politely leave or you should politely KICK HIM OUT OF THE DAMN GAME. No, don't kill the character, get rid of THE PLAYER.

>> No.55835993

And, incidentally: This is why you should never "shoo-in" personal friends to your game. You should subject them to the same kind of screening you do any random player you recruit in the store/online.

Your friends might be absolutely fantastic people during work or any other activity - otherwise they wouldn't be your friends. But the stories of personal friends turning out to be Those Guys during a social game like D&D/Pathfinder are legion.

>> No.55836020

>you have intelligence and wisdom of above thirteen. why are you doing something that's obviously going to get you killed?

>you're neutral good. but if you want to keep on acting like an idiot your death's not going to be my fault.

You should never say stuff like this to your players. If they do things that are foolish, you can ask if they are sure they want to do it, but you don't call them stupid or tell them what they are doing won't work. Let them try, make the chance of success logical, and if and when they fail, have the consequences play out as they realistically would.

>> No.55836144

OP is a terrible GM.

>> No.55836578

I don't think I'd have phrased it like that, but I don't see anything wrong with pointing out to a player that their conscience and/or common sense seem to dislike their idea.

>> No.55836666

False flag

>> No.55836700

Yeah it's shit when players attempt any interesting action that's not in the rulebook like this is some kind of role playing game.

Just use basic attack until the monsters die like everyone else and we can move onto the next combat gee.

>> No.55836712

This guy is legitimately retarded. I think you should talk to your friend about getting him some help

>> No.55836844

>there are actually real people in this thread and on /tg/ that are defending the actions of an autistic randum 27 year old manchild
>There are people that think the OP is being unreasonable (assuming it's a serious campaign and played by people over 18)

>> No.55836909
File: 368 KB, 200x150, ldbWK_s-200x150.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

with that logic you can kill the BBEG in one strike with the power of love and conquer all the world, making everyone happy forever with rainbows and butterflies while your friends watch with glee and happens how are they getting overshadowed the faggot that saved them all.

>> No.55836914

>you do realize the thing's hostile and you're trespassing on its home, right?
Isn't this what CHA skills are for? You succeed, you change 'Hostile', to 'Unfriendly' or better, depending on the result. Of course, it's a fucking dragon, so its opposing skills are going to be through the roof on stat bonuses alone...

>> No.55837050

It sounds more like OP is trying to play heroic fantasy and That Guy is playing Discworld. And as the DM, OP has the final say. If That Guy didn't want a serious game with consequences ("play stupid games, win stupid prizes"), he should have stayed home.

>> No.55837079

All of which requires pre-established actions and intentions, none of which it has. OP seems like he's just trying to run a game and one dude is constantly thinking that because he has points in perform he can whip it out whenever and it's just as valid in any situation as any other.

>> No.55837081

Don't play D&D with children then.

>> No.55837190

I had a fucking player I was in a party with in Pathfinder who just sorta murdered a dude for asking him (a cleric) to do a real basic healing spell on him, saying it's what his character would do, because it's rude to ask someone to do their job for you IRL. (yeah, you don't ask a doctor for a free MRI, but that's because he can't literally will you better.)
The DM had to bend over backwards to not completely kill his character because of the steady stream of fucking idiotic shit he kept pulling in response and eventually he got himself killed by the local guard, so the DM brought him back undead.
(Though, granted, this is the same DM that blinded my ranger for trying to harvest a dead dragon? Like, the fucking book has exactly the opposite reaction to dragon's blood but fucking whatever.

>> No.55837441

>Isn't this what CHA skills are for?
This. OP is arguing from the stance that he was using the rules correctly, but he wasn't. If the player wanted to pet the hostile dragon, there has to be a CHA based check of some sort.

OP is not only unfun, but he's wrong.

>> No.55837483

You don't let players roll for impossible tasks. If a 20+mods would not be enough to meet the DC of getting a dragon to appreciate a bellyrub, then the player shouldn't roll.

Besides, I doubt the player knows how to use the rules correctly either when trying to cast Charm Person on a dragon

>> No.55837514

>You don't let players roll for impossible tasks

Trying to subdue the dragon is not an impossible task. He can surely walk up to it and try. You give the player a DC based on how difficult it is. This is how the game works.

>> No.55837531

>he should be able to have a magical talking bird that can link to him telepathically just because he threw some bread crumbs at pidgeons at the city fountain square
he totally should. just make it a dumb as fuck, and I mean stupidly retarded unseless piece of shit pidgeon.

>> No.55837533

Not everything is possible by rolling high. There is no conceivable situation where an insanely proud, powerful and ancient mythical beast would allow itself to be treated as a pet by some stinking mortal, no matter how sparkling his idiotic grin was, unless some sort of magic, coercion or mind alteration was involved.

>> No.55837566

First off, befriending a dragon is not the same as making is subservient.

Secondly, there is no conceivable situation like that because you have no imagination and can only create exactly one type of story.

>> No.55837611

Better yet, have the pidgeon do random dumb shit on par with what the player keeps trying to do.
Especially when inconvenient for the player.

>> No.55837623

And if the DC would make it impossible, you don't have them roll on the off-chance,that they get 'le epic nat 20'
If it's impossible, you dont have them roll meaninglessly.

>> No.55837625

Or maybe let the player know its not an animal, its smarter than a person.

>> No.55837640
File: 561 KB, 1024x560, dragonforce_logo_edit_by_mmmmph-d5fxoqi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're called "Metal Dragons"

>> No.55837652

>an insanely proud, powerful and ancient mythical beast
One, OP never specified how old the dragon-in-question was. A Young Red Dragon in the 5e PHB has a WIS bonus of +4 and no Insight skill. An Adult Red Dragon has a WIS bonus of +7 and no Insight skill. My 4th-level Rogue has Deception and Persuasion bonuses of +8. It's possible to beat the opposing roll.

Aside from mechanics, dragons in mythology and fantasy are canonically susceptible to flattery.

>> No.55837674

Then maybe the plauer should have approached it in a way that would get it on the creature's good side rather than treating it like an angry dog.

OP already pointed out that it would have been totally possible for them to try and ally with this dragon if they'd shown it some respect, but just because it's possible one way does not mean it's possible every way

>> No.55837704

Now youre just making shit up. Where does it say that in the op

>> No.55837705

Wait, shit. Allow me to correct myself. I was looking at their WIS saves, not their WIS bonuses. Those are even worse.

>> No.55837707

>Isn't this what CHA skills are for?
No, Diplomacy and its ilk have never been "just roll a high number and the enemy is your bitchslave foever regardless of context."

>> No.55837743

He clarified it in a later reply if you had read the thread.

Or do you just assume OP was shutting this down because he hates Diplomacy rather than rightfully thinking this particular approach was stupid and wouldn't work?

>> No.55837753

>just roll a high number and the enemy is your bitchslave foever
You're exaggerating. Given that OP is shitposting by doing the same thing, it's understandable that you're exaggerating.

I'm not suggesting that one can make said dragon one's "bitchslave", as you so eloquently put it. I AM suggesting that players ba allowed to influence an enemy's demeanor by using skills that are specifically meant to be used to influence a creature's demeanor. Shifting that attitude from 'Hostile' to 'Unfriendly' might just be the thing that gives the party an opportunity to run away, rather than being instantly incinerated.

>> No.55837763

>someone making a CHA high enough to make the Dragon not immediately attack them is equivalent to it being their bitchslave "foever" regardless of context

>> No.55837817

Hmm...maybe they had done something to encourage it not to attack and make themselves seem non-threatening, rather than walking up to it and treating it like a dog?

Do ypu often accept bellyrubs from strangers breaking into your home?

>> No.55837834

And if you had read the thread, OP said the same


It's the player's specific approach that was flawed, not the use of Dipomacy at all.

>> No.55837885

>And if you had read the thread, OP said the same
I did. I simply don't believe OP, especially concerning he's the kind of GM who will tell a character what they should or shouldn't do based on their ability scores.

>It's the player's specific approach that was flawed, not the use of Dipomacy at all.
If I take his posts at face value, I'd agree completely. But I don't believe he's being completely honest. I think he and his player are both the kind of dickbags whose ideas of badwrongfun feed upon one another.

>> No.55837888

>I AM suggesting that players ba allowed to influence an enemy's demeanor by using skills that are specifically meant to be used to influence a creature's demeanor.
You still fundamentally misunderstand how Diplomacy works. Actions have to make sense in context. Just walking up to a dragon and trying to rub its belly is a nonsensical attempt, especially in a setting where malign magical effects can be inflicted via touch.

>> No.55837901

+circumstance bonuses for things such as trespassing in its home, treating it like a base animal, and disturbing its rest, I'd say it's not unreasonable for the approach of "lol I pat its little tum tum" to fail so spectacularly regardless of the roll that it isn't worth rolling.

>> No.55837920

>anti-DM shitposting has reached the point where they openly ignore what others post in order to shitpost about how any DM agency is badwrongfun

>> No.55837937

And trying to pet the belly of a dragon is a sure way to shift its attitude away from "unfriendly", skipping "hostile", and directly to "fiery death".

>> No.55837942

>Aside from mechanics, dragons in mythology and fantasy are canonically susceptible to flattery

What part of "I rub its belly and pat its head" reads as flattery to you? If the dude came in sucking the dragon's dick for being such a great and terrible master of all it surveys then you'd have an argument here. Charisma isn't fucking mind control, you don't get to do literally whatever you want and get away with it because "charisma".

>> No.55837947
File: 714 KB, 1000x1414, 1503438727843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... if it's heroic god damn fantasy, consequences should be heroic or IT DEFEATS THE FUCKING POINT.

>> No.55837950

>Just walking up to a dragon and trying to rub its belly is a nonsensical attempt

"Why, what magnificent scales you have, Enfirentenimarr the Inflammatory!"
The dragon rouses, eye staring directly at the one so foolish as to touch it so familiarly.
"Flea. You disturb my slumber."
The dragon raises its head, flames flickering in its maw as it prepares to obliterate the interloper.

Roll Diplomacy.

>> No.55837978

>Warning players that if they do stupid suicidal shit, they WILL GET KILLED
I'm teaching them that actions have consequences, and suicidal actions avec mortal consequences.

Being a little pansy who save his PC everytime they are being completely retarted "I spit on the king!" mode is the exact reason why these shitty players exist. You're an enabler of bad behavior.

And of course, you're throwing the "railroad" shit again, when most of my games are improv.

>> No.55838019

Cool, that isn't what was described by the OP, and flattery in general is utterly in-congruent with the follow-up actions.

Still doesn't get around how stupid allowing potentially hostile intruders to touch you is in a touch-magic-effect setting.

>> No.55838045
File: 27 KB, 500x239, 1498693901067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All these people spouting about how a dragon would kill someone who irritates it.

>Conveniently ignore the historical precedent where powerful people reward those who perform amazing acts of stupidity.

>Ignoring the spiritual father of /tg/, Diogenies, completely shitting on Alexander the fucking Great.

Maybe if your stories were more like reality, more interesting shit would happen, folks.

>> No.55838071

OP is an example of a DM who is more concerned with their vision than creating a tale based on the direction inspired by the players.

Sometimes that grimdark campaign you penned just doesn't work out and it becomes lighthearted comedic adventure because that's just what the players want.

>> No.55838098

This. If the dragon is so proud, powerful and wise, it wouldn't be concerned with threat and may even be intrigued by the unexpected action if the player was charismatic enough.

>> No.55838102
File: 139 KB, 640x908, FA18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, in PF they added a line to Diplomacy, Bluff, and Itimindate that states "there are some situatiosn where no roll using thios skill can be successful, period".

Because sometimes, it doesn't matter what the fuck you roll or how high your skill is, the person you're trying to use it on just does not fucking care.

>> No.55838112

OP is an example of a GM who want to play what he likes, and not run something that will annoy and bore him.
GM can enjoy the game, and they should run what they want.
If the players don't like it, they can leave. The GM shouldn't suffer because the players don't care about what he want.

>> No.55838124

>it doesn't matter what the fuck you roll or how high your skill is, the person you're trying to use it on just does not fucking care
Yes, and if the dragon were already rampaging and burning and killing, I would definitely agree that that situation would be the type of situation meant by that line.

>> No.55838129

>that post
Case in point.

>> No.55838136

OP is an example of a player who is more concerned with their vision than creating a tale based on the direction inspired by the DM.

Sometimes that comedic campaign you like just doesn't work out and it becomes heroic fantasy because that's just what the DM wants.

>> No.55838141

If the dragon was wise it would be wary of the random human who just approaches the twenty foot, six ton killing machine that could magic him out of existence permanently.

>> No.55838147

>This poster is an example of a moron who is more concerned with their agenda than creating a discussion based on the situation outlined by the OP.

>Sometimes a retarded agenda you push about total-GM-non-agency is just shitposting because it doesn't actually reflect how people play the game.

>> No.55838176

Yeah, but I don't put it in a negative way like it's badwrongfun to not be a slave to your players wishes.

Planning a grimdark campaign and see players trying to turn it into a lighthearted comedic adventure with lolrandom shit when you never wanted to, you never talked about it, it's not planned in the system at all, and the players can clearly see that you're not in board is not nice and funny.

>> No.55838194

So in conclusion, you believe OP is lying about what happened, except for the part where this happened at all?

Why even post then? Either take him at face value or ignore him. It's not like anyone can disprove you when you're arguing against some imaginary Strawman OP instead.

>> No.55838201

Yeeah. You have a problem player, OP.

If you didn't have the dragon bite him in half, you might be a problem too; but then again my group are simulationists and don't watch MLP.

>> No.55838297

I love how op flat out said this was a memea and japes thread yet you niggers are still bitching

>> No.55838313

And running a grimdark campaign when your players don't want to play in one is actually worse, since there is only one DM in comparison to multiple players. The DM's vision should be generally about 1/5 of a campaign's influence if there are 4 players + DM.

>> No.55838350

If the players don't like your campaign and what you want, they can leave.
Lots of players around doesn't mean you should cave in and do what the players want because "poor players, they don't have another GM!"
If they don't like it, they can GM, or go find another one.

The fun of the GM come from running the game. If he doesn't have fun, he has the right to nope the fuck out of this boring game.

He's not your personal entertainer, who will make you a nice game he doesn't like, a nice meal he doesn't it, and finish you with a nice blowjob he doesn't want to do, fuckface.

>> No.55838352

OP, you’re making a mistake trying to justify yourself and your world and the consequences to this person. He’s telling you what he wants to do, once you confirm you’re understanding what he wants to do correctly, it’s his business if that fails and results in him getting killed for obvious reasons. He can attempt the check, and it fails, for the reasons you outlined, which shouldn’t need to be explained to anyone, and the dragon should focus it’s entire first attack on him. Sitting there in an argument with him about it doesn’t help anyone, and is actually undermining your own authority.

>> No.55838387

>The DM's vision should be generally about 1/5 of a campaign's influence if there are 4 players + DM.
Bullshit. The DM (in almost every system talked about on /tg/) puts in far more than 1/5 of the pre-session planning and writing.

>> No.55838405

Are you retarded or just trolling? If you think the DM's vision should completely override everyone else's instead of the campaign being a collaborative effort, then you're probably a sociopath.

>> No.55838485

The DM creates and controls the setting. The players just react to it. And if their reactions are inappropriate within its context, then PC death is definitely in the cards.
"But I want to play a silly game!" is not a valid response to hours of worldbuilding effort. The players are always free to leave or GM the kind of game they like. But th GM is always king and has the last word.

>> No.55838555

At the same time, if one player's action conflicts with the DM's vision and what the other players agreed to, then they should play by the same rules as everyone else or leave.

If everyone wants to play a silly game and the DM doesn't, that's one thing. If one person wants to be a silly idiot when everyone else wants to take things more seriously, it's their problem when the world reacts accordingly.

>> No.55838813

>But th GM is always king and has the last word.
This is why you're a shit GM.

t. trpg player for 20 years

>> No.55838850

No, bowing into player demands is why you're a shit gm.

t. trpg player for 25 years

>> No.55838972

Not necessarily. Telling half the truth in order to provoke a reaction from /tg/, more like.

>why even post
Because several people genuinely do not understand how CHA skills can and should be used, and think that 'hostile' means 'mindless'.

>> No.55839335

The list of ways to use cha skills does not include getting a dragon to let you treat it like a dog after you broke into its house.

>> No.55839607

>le epic nat 20
That's what disadvantage is for. If the player rolls two nat 20s, fuck you, he deserves to do what he wants unless the creature is actually invincible or uncharmable, like a Tarrasque.

>> No.55839936

Rolling dice is not an activity that skill plays a role in. He does not deserve anything outside of the rules just because he managed to roll a certain pair of pips on a polyhedron twice in a row, and he definitely doesn't deserve to charm a powerful and malicious magical entity by treating it like a dog.

>> No.55840230

What a retard this player is. I have a hard time crediting this as real.

>> No.55840496

You don't even deserve a (you).

>> No.55840857

Had a campaign once where we ran with this shit. I'll detail it if you want me to but it basically involves a raveyard of fuccbois, Mike Tyson the half orc, and the worst lolrandumb you can think of. It was great. Highly recommend.

>> No.55840966

do it

>> No.55841012

Since when is being that powerful conducive to actual wisdom?

>> No.55841363
File: 158 KB, 540x489, 1475642626261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't resist dubs. I'll start at session zero then.

Our perma DM was tired of being the DM. I'm really good at improv, hate DMing and didn't want to bear all the burden. This was the nucleus for the ideas to come. The concept was simple. A crazy campaign where fourth dimensional bullshit was the norm and "that guy" was the accepted standard. There were twists even on top of this bullshit, since if we were going to waste our time with some stupid bullshit then we were gonna bundle and save. Four players, four gm's playing musical chairs, no rolling for stats, instead you picked the stats for the character you were making, you didn't make your character, you made someone else's AND you didn't just make A character, you made it in the image of the person you were going to give it to (determined secretly), naming the character was optional and if left blank they could be named by their owner.

We had:
Docy, the holy FUCCBOI cleric (yes his last name was in all caps)
Slim Shady the bard (the de-facto real one in case you wondering)
The female druid of genericness (got shafted by the person making her sheet)
and me, Mike Mambo the half-orc Barbarian (who's tusks made him speak like Mike Tyson)

We started, in a tavern.

Everyone just kinda came to and all was well, the idea was that our characters would phase into and out of reality like it was normal as we passed the GM's hat around and we would pick up where we left off and ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING (non-lewd) was on the table. Our perma GM was the first to kick it off and after putzing about in the tavern for all of ten seconds we heard screaming

>> No.55841594


We were in the process of starting an all out bar brawl since our bard was trying to seduce something while the rest of us were trying to get a jump on some assholes because they were about to jump our bard. All of this was made immediately irrelevant by something that until this point I don't think any of us had ever experienced. Goblins attacked the town. We found this out when three of them burrowed through the floorboards and a fourth exploded through the wall, literally exploded courtesy of a large round acme style bomb. After dispatching the goblins we were faced with a choice, either try to go through the large hole in the wall which looked suspiciously like a portal to the better half of the christian afterlife or we could leave through the front door. We paid for our drinks and left out the front while the bartender polished some glasses and bemoaned the hole in his wall.

We entered the streets to a mass exodus of GIANT boars. Like, as tall as a man just stampeding down the street. Naturally we treated this as a fine opportunity to practice our frogger game across the boars. Our bard slipped across without much event and our gnome slipped his way under a few after we cleared a small bit of space by killing one. I managed to leap across the boars in two deft leaps and our druid made it halfway and then got steamrolled under a billion boars. Being a fine upstanding individual and also dating the character in question because "mama loves mambo" I went back in. After making it over to her i realized I had no way to get either of us out so i did the only thing I could think of in the situation. I rolled to throw and pray for a 20. You'll never guess what happened: Nat. Fuckin. 17 Dm said it was good enough and she went sailing over a see of boars as the bard whistled the NFL tune and time slowed down. Somebody found some rope and dragged me out in a much less heroic fashion after i missed grabbing it four times. Continue?

>> No.55841835

The stamped slowed down and we switched Gm's. The real slim shady faded from existence, Docy the holy FUCCBOI came into being and everyone pretended that was normal. The mayor/king of this podunk little town of maybe three hundred graced us with his presence, goaded us with promise of loot and sent us off to go take care of a graveyard in the next valley over with some horses. Mike needed a replacement horse after a bell rang, gave him flashbacks and he knocked his first horse unconscious. Mounting our horses was an ordeal. None of us had any prior experience with existing let alone riding horses and all had a rough time getting on, but after awhile we had the hang of it. After a reasonably uneventful ride we came to a large rusted sign that once said Graveyard but the G had fallen off. Two skeletons stood guard outside and after tying up/intimidating our horses into staying put we started planning. Mike being a man of the world decided he knew exactly how to handle this and told the party to follow his lead. He sauntered up to the skeletons and rolled to bribe with some gold pieces he had found in the dirt while being run over by boars. The skeleton decided the bribe was sufficient and let us in with the line "Right this way Fuccboi". We entered and quickly came to the conclusion it was glamoured on the outside since inside there were not one but two separate\ dance parties going on. A red hued one on the right and a blue one on the left. The left one was ballroom dancing and the right one a rave. After stumbling off the beaten path of neutrality and into the ballroom dancing Mike quickly realized that the area was enchanted to force dancing and rolled a successful will save. The rest of the party had mixed results and the Docy wound up forced to dance. Mike decided that ballrooms weren't for him and teamed up with Docy to get a conga line rolling. After it built up enough steam it was plowed across the divide and all hell broke loose.

>> No.55842008

Apparently the two sides were in a barely standing truce and we broke some serious rules by crossing the divide. Some skeletons conga-ed, some fought and some started humping each other in the corners. We decided that we should move since we had a job to do and left for the large mausoleum protruding from the center of the yard. After realizing that we would be ignored if we were dancing we made use of more conga line technology to get there and entered to find a larger purple aura'd skeleton with a crown looking positively depressed. Turns out he was tired of not being able to get any sleep because of all the spooky music and trumpets. We fixed this issue by migrating the skeletons to a different conga line with more conga and TEQUILA! technology. The purple skeleton calmed and the party migrated away from the city, we headed back to report our success to the king. We found our horses skeletized and that they would now dance on command. tragically their saddles no longer fit so we had to bareback for the mostpart... except mike who rode his upside down after the saddle slipped, got the nickname superman by the townsfolk for that one.

That's about the majority of it, we ran it as a one off and most of us drank a little bit during so it's a little hazy but that may have been one of the single greatest campaigns we ever ran. We switched GM's after making it to town but I also switched drink so that's all I remember. I highly recommend trying it sometime if you have some decent improv skills and aren't super uptight. Ran it in 5e if anyone cares, loose system helped.

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