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Sons of Dorn edition

Old: >>55775811

>Warhammer Community news(New releases for the Death Guard: Multipart Plague Marines and new characters)

>Daily Duncan Playlist

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Imperial Guard codex (thanks anons)

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Did somebody say dorn?

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Melt the Mutant!

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post workbench

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Take a look at your army.
What's your favorite or one of your favorite unit(s)?

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Explain this meme.

Did Dorn hate Alpharius or something?

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you wouldn't want to see

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We need more female representation in 40k

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>Primogenitor: "Rogal Dorn"
You're lies aren't fooling anyone Cawl.

Pro-tip: next time you create Primaris Marines using traitor seed, avoid giving them the colorscheme / name similar to the traitor Legion

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Yes lord commander? Have you decided to make me fabricator general?

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>oh boy...

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Nah, he loves him like a dead brother he murdered

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Ah that's disappointing. I just painted up pic-related, but it'd be too much tax to include him in his own detachment.
Thanks anyway.

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Your mom is already represented in the pleasure pits of Commoragh, and that's plenty

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Fuck that. Give me new xenos. Hrudd, slann and Rak'Gol when?
Especially slann

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There will be female heads in the new Imperial Guard models next year.

Every other faction that can have them have them.

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Well where do you guys wanna start with mine?

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I love inquisitorial miniatures from that era. Such style.

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One of them is an acolyte rusing the dark angels, but which one is it?

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what happens if a chaos player and an imperium player both put cypher in their lists? do two cyphers grace one battlefield?

also as he has the imperium keyword why hasn't he appeared in an imperium index/codex

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All of them~
But if we're choosing favorites...

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>few Guard
>some Necrons
>half the AdMech
>half the Eldar
>all the SoBs
>all of the Nids

Nah, you're just bitching to bitch.

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Clear your floor you animal.

sort yourself out

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where is that model from?

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>>all of the Nids
wrong, only some

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Can always kitbash some acolytes and run a vanguard.

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See >>55778171
My workbench is fucking mess.

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Get that penis out of here, this is a blue board !

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he'll be in the dark angels codex along with his models standalone release

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Are you converting some Chimeras into new pseudo Russes?


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Just pretend, they canocally have the most powerful women in the setting too.

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Cleaned up like 2 days ago.

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Company commander, probably. I prefer Steel Legion to Krieg, but the Krieg commissars and officers are a really nice fit for either army, and great sculpts.

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Ah the well endowed eagle of the Imperium.

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Rolled 1, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 6, 6, 3, 4, 4, 3 = 49 (12d6)

Three thudd guns have just fired onto the unit you last built or painted! How will it fare?

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No, he killed him dead. ALfags get butthurt by this

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The unsorted should fear the sorted. Very nice and tidy.

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Rest of the room is quite clean, just my hobby station that naturally produces detritus

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How do you guys like my Nurgle Land Raider?

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>few Guard

I dunno, man. Vossies and Catachans should be well over 50% women now.

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Rolled 2, 5, 1, 3, 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 2, 6, 3, 6, 6, 6, 4, 1, 4, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 5 = 80 (25d6)

can I even roll that many dice on this board?

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>Chaos Sorcerer.
Jokes on you. He's not the closest unit you dirty cheater.

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Nth for best Marines Chapter

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Rolled 1, 5, 6, 3, 4, 5, 3, 6, 2, 1, 1, 4, 4, 3, 6, 6, 1, 3, 6, 6, 1, 5, 2, 5 = 89 (24d6)


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Looks like ass.

>> No.55778312

Just fine. A commissar can't be targeted if he's surrounded by conscripts.

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Rolled 4, 4, 6, 4, 2, 4, 3, 1, 6, 4, 6 = 44 (11d6)

rerolling 1s

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Any swefags looking for people to play with in Stockholm?

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nth for best Marines Chapter

>> No.55778324

Bullgryn and Ogryn. I love those lenny type morons.

>> No.55778326

Good luck Dorn I'm behind 16 body doubles

>> No.55778328

Bikers are looking to be my anti-tank units and I was wondering if I should use plasmaor melta? I know melta hits harder but plasma is rapidfire and can overcharge, can somebody who plays the game give me some input?

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Bullgryn. You just killed one you monster.

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iirc, it was a limited run Inquisitor for an event.

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Land Raider with bleeding anus?

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Does sharia even allow you to play with dice?

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Rolled 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 1, 4 = 24 (7d6)

Only seven hits cause I'm airborne, rolling to wounds

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Rolled 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 3, 1, 5, 1, 2, 6, 4, 1, 1, 6, 4, 6, 3, 1, 2, 3, 2 = 79 (25d6)

32 hits

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needs a darker wash over the flesh but otherwise its fucking vile and repulsive

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Rolled 4, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 5 = 28 (7d6)


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You could also argue that daemons could be close enough to djinns to break one of the unforgivable sins

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>some Necrons
Presumably exactly half.

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>> No.55778370

>implying Necrotyr were completely dimorphic

>> No.55778372

>real burger hours
It's time to go back.

>> No.55778375

23 wounds on T3-4
13 wounds on T5
8 wounds on T6-9
and that's without any orders. This is the shit I'm gonna have to play next game

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I'm trying to make Skaven admech, but have no ides what to do for Dragoons, would just plain unchanged doomwheels do the trick?

>> No.55778386

That didn't seem so bad from the thumbnail. It looks like they left it in the rain while it was wet or something.

>> No.55778387

>drybrushed to shit


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I'm calling the NAACP right now

>> No.55778406

How easy is it to take the head off of a Kreiger model? I'm converting them into Chem Dogs, just need to know what I'm getting into

>> No.55778414

Fuck, that flyer is sweet. Where can I get that ?

>> No.55778422

What are the stats? 12d6 and they hit on 4s, and what strength and ap are they?

>> No.55778426

From Hitler if you ask here.

>> No.55778427

S4 AP-

>> No.55778432

so he painted it, stippled the shit out of it, and only then added the artworked on top. What the fuck.

>> No.55778440

each gun is 4d6 s5 can target units not visible

>> No.55778442

From FW but why would you when this exists for the same price?

>> No.55778449

Cadia stands to reroll 1 amirite

>> No.55778450

But legit, all of them

>> No.55778461

I'd upvote this if I could

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What's your least favourite model from your faction, /tg/? Purely on looks, not tabletop ability.

Mine are the Catachan squad.

>> No.55778474

Here's how it looked a year ago.

>> No.55778485

I am highly displeased by Russes and similar patterns. I used to be all for it, but as I collected more infantry the cubic trapezoids started grating on my senses like all IG armour. I'm vaguely looking forward to converting Rough Riders to avoid using Sentinels or Hellhounds for Fast Attack, but only just.

>> No.55778487

>Those sentinels
Holy fuck I know that pain.

>> No.55778488

The fuck are those Sentinels doing, holy shit.

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>> No.55778502

Wartrakk is close but I can use the trakks for grot tanks.

>> No.55778503

Jesus anon, I'm in class and that's the funniest thing I've seen all week.

>> No.55778506

you can't drive drunk but nobody said anything about walking

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>> No.55778510

What's the best loadout for a taurox prime ?

>> No.55778514

This is why they can't move and shoot

>> No.55778516

New ogryns

>> No.55778518

They're arriving in the mail three days ago for $15 and are being tested with different weapons before I fix them up and paint them. Notice they're unarmed.

>> No.55778521

>borrow dudes IG to play a demo game before putting money down
>all units are grey, Baneblade is pure chassis with no guns
>Sentinels are painted but all articulated so they constantly turn down

>> No.55778527

red guard guy truly is the worst

>> No.55778534

Plague bearers. They're just kinda eh?

>> No.55778535

Okay /tg/, so your army gets an entirely new plastic line including a few new units, and any Plastic models over five years old are updated, you also get a new codex if you don't already have one to the degree of guard or lower if you want a weaker codex

Only catch is you have to let the Entire Manchester United soccer club pound your ass one after another
Do you do it?
you can sub Mann city in as well if you're a degenerate

>> No.55778536

I rolled the dice manually. I just built 5 Rough Riders. I rolled 36 shots, 19 hits with re-rolling 1s, 15 wounds. 3 Riders died and 1 has 1 wound left.


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>> No.55778546

Really not a fan of eldar war walkers. They don't look graceful & elegant like their fluff says, they just look gangly and likely to fall over. And the cockpit was a horrible addition to the model.

>> No.55778551

fuck yeah dude
new plastic line AND I get to be fucked in the ass? two for one deal

>> No.55778558

The new DG are looking more and more like a Nurgle fan club

>> No.55778561

You probably glue tanks too. Stop anon.

>> No.55778568

How broken are imperial assassins? If my friend runs an evesor and a vindicare but has an otherwise meh army will that be a dick move?

>> No.55778569

Nah, I dont like GW's plastic proportions and my Index is likely going to be built off the new guard rules.

>> No.55778572 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55778575

Jesus this. It's like they're designed to droop on purpose and if you try to glue them in place they'll always break

>> No.55778578

The new Death Guard line and the Primaris Marines. I'm sort of happy that my Guard units didn't get updates because after seeing the poster boys of 8th, I got really worried.

>> No.55778585

>sisters of battle
C-can it be the female soccer club with dildos, at least ?

>> No.55778594

Not at all. I've run multiple assassins and they rarely do much other than harass units and become a distraction. I even make sure they have buddies like Inquisitors in terminator armor, rough riders and Scions and they still don't do much.

>> No.55778596

A few assassins are no issue. It's when they start coming in squads that it starts getting too bad. All to taste, of course.

>> No.55778601

In terms of having gendered names many (probably about half) tyranid units are "female" a minority are "male". In terms of being described as biologically being male or female Norn Queens and Dominatrixes are described as being female, the only thing described as being explicitly male are Hive Tyrants (which were female in rogue trader).

Tyranid biology isn't exactly equivalent to human biology though, and some tyranids are apparently sexless, but spontaneously develop reproductive organs when isolated or have strange and contradictory terms applied to their reproduction.

For example genestealers have an "ovipositor", which is a female reproductive organ, however it is not actually an ovipositor in conventional terms and serves a more "male" function where the recipient of the "genestealer's kiss" receives DNA from the genestealer, goes on to reproduce normally for their species and carries and delivers hybrid young with the genestealer serving as some kind of third parent. Additionally despite the existence of an "ovipoisitor" the founder of a genestealer cult is referred to as a Patriarch, even by other members of the cult with whom it communicates psychically.

tl;dr respect the unique sexes of tyranids and don't try to force human labels onto them. That's racist.

>> No.55778603

That's as-is shipped to me. I feel lucky they can even stand. Unfortunately I need three fast attacks for Brigades and my Hellhound pool is empty.
Why would I ever magnetize my Russ turrets anyway? I knew Battlecannons were the best when I started : ^ )

>> No.55778608

I am trying to make a red scorpion list using raven guard CT that takes advantage of their CT and their stratagem the most. The point limit around here is 1800 for some reason, so I have come up with pic related and need some help. The idea is to try to always get first turn, I will have a total of 5 things to deploy, since I am using the transports, keeping the jump pack captain in reserve, and SftS on the hellblasters and aggressors.

All the other primaris go in the repulsor, and the tac squad + loth go in the razorback.

Techmarine sits back with the hunter/cannon to repair as needed and fend off would be deep strikers. The Hunter is my long range AT for the things too big for the overloaded hellblasters to kill. The thunderfire cannon is there for some light long range fire, but has the gunner which I like.

Loth is there mainly for his 3 denies.

I'll stop rambling and post, hopefully someone who plays SM can recommend something.

>> No.55778609

Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?

>> No.55778614

>Deep Dark Fantasy

>> No.55778618

Eversors are really the only broken assassins. Culexeus don't have enough damage output, Callidus are almost irrelevant, Vindicaire just suck
1 or 2 is fine
3 or 4 is pretty cheesy but you can deal with it
5 or more is bad.
10 is free victory at the cost of your fun

>> No.55778621

Is this a good Chaos Warband? The idea is that it's an Undivided warband, but the Sorcerer is personally a Tzeentch fag, and has an entourage of Possessed as his body guard, whereas the Warlord just gets in the thick of it with the rest of the Marines. The Tanks and Defiler are anti-vehicle/monster units. The fuckton of Cultists are just there to drown the enemy in bodies. The Raptors are rapid-response units.

I dont play Chaos but I think this mite-be-cool.

>> No.55778625

Why there still no jojo edit of this pic

>> No.55778634

Vanquisher! Which is why all of my Battle tanks have vanquisher cannons. Technically they fire the same caliber ammo so why not?

>> No.55778647


>> No.55778648

cool, massive army update for a normal Saturday night? deal

>> No.55778652


>> No.55778655

>Raven Guard
Ugh. Every marine and chaos player I've met seems to cover that damn -1 to hit.

>> No.55778656

>can it be the female soccer club with dildos, at least ?
Sure, but in response Sisters of Battle have been squatted and replaced with the Frateris Templar.

>> No.55778657

What do you want? 'Menacing' marks? I just want to see more of the girl (?)

>> No.55778662


>> No.55778668

It's too good to pass up if you aren't a named chapter

>> No.55778679

>Culexeus don't have enough damage output,
They're needed for shitting on psychic spammers.

>> No.55778681

Ok good. His backlines get destroyed every game and he doesn't move his tanks out of the way in time which effectively turns off his whole army's damage output. I was thinking that an eversor to babysit his tanks could stop that from happening as easily

>> No.55778684

Retarded names aside, I do like them a lot.

>> No.55778685

What do you call your gender when you are a technically sexless termagant, which is a word referring to a woman and you were born out of a tervigon, which is a totally different organism which does nothing but give birth to termagants and was itself given birth to by a spaceship, but if you get left alone on a planet for long enough you start to grow a womb and begin reproducing by parthenogenesis?

>> No.55778696

A bee crossed with a snail.

>> No.55778699


Eldar players are pretty spoiled when this is their bad model.

>> No.55778701

So the craftworld eldar codex is coming up, as we know. One thing I just noticed is on the webstore guardian defenders, windriders, and vypers have all been separated into normal and "black guardian" variants. Think it means anything, guardian variants in the codex perhaps? Or just rebranding, like how the land raider got reboxed as a "grey knights land raider" when they got their 7th edition codex?

>> No.55778712

Why do you put Vanquisher cannons on all your Russes if you hate them?

>> No.55778713


>> No.55778720

It's been like that since the Ynnari expansion in 7th.

>> No.55778724

I like the aesthetic of all Tau units and Kroot, but Vespid wings look pretty shit.

>> No.55778725

Maybe Stone Ocean edit and shit

>> No.55778727

Genderfluid. Because it's certainly not static.

>> No.55778736

Has it? Damn, don't I look silly. Shows how much I actually buy from the webstore, I guess.

>> No.55778746

I have literally the same question to be honest

>> No.55778747

I'm thinking about starting 40k with Skitarii

Are they beginner friendly or will serving the Machine God get me tabled over and over

>> No.55778756

Crusader conversion ideas? They're back in stock in the webstore but 2 for 15 seems like murder

>> No.55778762

I might see if anyone on one of the requests boards will do something like that

>> No.55778768

I made mine out of LOTR Easterlings. Just said my Inquisitor recruited them from a feudal world

>> No.55778773

So I don't really follow Eldar much and no on in my area plays them. Whats the diff between the regular units and the black versions?

>> No.55778778

What army does he play? If he's Guard, he should have Scions too.

>> No.55778786

>his primarch got killed by a bunch of regular astarties and not another primarch

>> No.55778789

How useful are Eldar Rangers?

I am tempted to start an Eldar army and Rangers are some of the units I like the look of the most.

>> No.55778798

They satisfy women more

>> No.55778799

Kairic Acolytes + Wood Elf bits + Stormcast Shields = big beefy Crusaders

>> No.55778800

They're totes the Emperor's Children.
Or rather... the Phoenician's Children

>> No.55778801


>> No.55778816

Black is Ulthrwe assault oriented versions, on the TT black guardians loose access to the weapons platform but get extra special weapons.

>> No.55778817

So what is it that makes Guard too powerful? Are the tanks too good? Infantry too cheap? Too many Valkyries?

>> No.55778822

>got killed by a bunch of regular astarties and not another primarch
>"regular" astartes include Abaddon himself
>you know, the "regular" marine that killed Horus, defeated Kharn, beat up all the Daemon Primarchs, has The First Daemon Prince assisting him, AND the favor of all four gods.

Dorn didn't even have a chance.

>> No.55778825

Guard. I think he has some scions but he still ends up in trouble a lot

>> No.55778836

I'm building an imperial guard list based on feudal world (currently recycling my old Empire models from fantasy).
I think Mordian is the fluffiest choice here (Pitched battle), but I am not sure which units are better to run with this regiment and, thus, their special rules.
Any advice, /tg/ ?

>> No.55778839

sure, always gotta be open to new experiences and where I'm from a discount's a discount.

>> No.55778841

It's because they hold the line son

>> No.55778844

they're not too powerful, everyone here just sucks

>> No.55778845

Do Icons of Despair stack? Say if you had 3 units of Night Lords Raptors, would they provide -9 leadership in their combined bubble (1 from raptors, legion trait and icon each) or -7 (1 from trait and raptors but only 1 icon works) ?

Seems brutal.

>> No.55778849

The solution to boobplate.

>> No.55778854

They don't look like Crusaders though.

>> No.55778855

Ah I see. I would recommend Bullgryn or Crusaders to prevent him from getting pushed in.

>> No.55778857

I've been reading more about it and I think I'll go melta, with it being an assault weapon we can really put our mobility to use and can be in threat range of most targets right off the bat.

>> No.55778859

Go away Carnac

>> No.55778860

People over-estimate their power because conscripts+Guilliman was winning tournaments. It'll blow over when the next codex releases.

>> No.55778863

Never touched Fantasy/sigmar. How rough is it to convert from Chaos Warriors? Are they sufficiently multipart that I can swap heads and Shave shields?

>> No.55778873

In the grimdark future of 8e, being able to bubblewrap your important units from precision deep strikes in a must.

>and good thing you can take 3ppm blobs that are immune to morale.

>> No.55778875

Icons do not stack with themselves

>> No.55778878

are bullgryn better than ogryn?

>> No.55778881

Oh okay. I'm going to run a Brigade detachment's worth of pure infantry(rough riders for fast attack) along with my Marines, but my Marines will be Terminator-heavy Black Templars, so I won't be a huge jerk I guess.

>> No.55778884


>> No.55778887

Yes. In every way but cost. It's sad as hell for Ogryn

>> No.55778900

>1D4chan tactics articles

>> No.55778901

You will throw off people with heavy AT lists. It's their fault but they will blame you.

>> No.55778904

Beer drinking seraphim is best girl.

>> No.55778906

>don't look like Crusaders though.
Your opinion. There not mine.

Personally i use Bretonnia bucket helmets + guard power swords + Bretonnia Peasant bodies / shields.

I enjoy the feral / fedual look added to 40K. Just add a couple Aquilias and you're good.

>> No.55778908

>implying dorn and his fists were good for anything except for guarding walls, a job any servitor can do.
Not surprising Abby kicked his ass sideways.

>> No.55778913

Yeah, they get much better armor and melee weapons that are autocannons in close combat.

>> No.55778914

Oh Ulthrwe got unique stuff? The're my favorite craftworld might need to look up more stuff
har har
Thy're fine I guess. I started with them. Some units feel really lacking while some basically carry our army. If you don't mind fielding alot of big dumb looking 1950 style robots and derpy electro priests then the're fine. Just note that they are kinda slow and have almost no access to deep striking (in the form of a ForgeWorld Doctrine) or vehicles.

>> No.55778916

ok cool, I will let him know

>> No.55778919

Guard gets alpha striked to shit.
>Smashes the enemy in melee.



>> No.55778926

All of those. Infantry too cheap and comparatively tough, a ton of cheap and extremely strong buffs to throw their way, and tanks got buffed into absurdity.

>> No.55778936

They had it in 7th.
Nothing atm

>> No.55778937

So -7. -8 if you run Be'lakor or Bile. Was reading the new article on the community site about the Ld-based list and I got to thinking how effective or not that would be.

>> No.55778938

Kinda the point. Vehicles are for nerds.

>> No.55778941

>beat up all the Daemon Primarchs
Did he now

>> No.55778943

They look like they could be feral world Crusaders. Depends on your army's aesthetic.

>> No.55778944

does it matter? You're a just another member in a greater hive mind which is concerned with other things.

>> No.55778964

>hating on 1d4chan because you discovered /tg/ around the election period, storming through /tg/ with your silly little drumpf hat and your dank donald trump emperor memes

Heretic, ISHYGDDT.

>> No.55778968

What's the army with least amount of minis I have to paint to make a decent list?

>> No.55778969


"...and then, the little blue creature did the most adorable thing. He surrendered. *Giggles* I'm serious! He begged for mercy! Emperor as my witness it's true! I couldn't stop laughing even as my multi-melta reduced his filthy xenos body to a withered husk~"

>> No.55778970

I like crusaders just the way they are. They're cute. All these conversions are expensive anyway.

>> No.55778978

Cut holes for boobs in armour. Call them boobless plates.

>> No.55778979

For 468 shots, how good is the following damage output at BS 4+?

3d6 shots of Str 8, Ap-2 Dd3, rerolling wound rolls of 1

12 shots of Str 5, Ap-1, D1

6 shots of Str 8, Ap-4, Dd6

>> No.55778980

>those invasion stripes

Bless you anon, doing the emperors work

>> No.55778981

>tfw no qt immortal serepham to drink beer with

>> No.55778982

>believing black library ever

>> No.55778984

if you only want a couple it's fine, but if you want a bunch it gets boring.

>> No.55778985


>> No.55778993

I love them a lot too. Very cute and fun looking. The only reason I didn't pick these ones up is because I have 2 of them in metal and didn't realize they are now resin. I just didn't want more metal models. I made >>55778799 but now I want to order the resin ones because I love how they look.

>> No.55779008

Anon you and me both know 1d4chan got shat on for years before Donald trump was Some retard jobbing about birth certificates

>> No.55779018

Are they more expensive than two Crusaders for $15 though? That's why I want to convert. I want a bunch but don't want to spend kudos cash

>> No.55779025

>All these conversions are expensive anyway.
Not all conversions are about pinching pennies.

For me, it's a combination of using the bits I got and making something totally "my dude"

>I like crusaders just the way they are.
Sounds like you're all set. Overall I enjoy the Metal Crusaders... except I hate how they put their shield down to pose.

>> No.55779026

Bullgryns chew through an entire army. I guess they aren't a meme.

>> No.55779027

most playtested

>> No.55779034

Well that bug is certainly squished, and so is his pal. And his other pal I have yet to paint.

>> No.55779040

let's go

>> No.55779047

The answer to any <T8 model is hit it with clubs

>> No.55779048

Anon, I like 1d4chan. Got into 40k partially because of it, in fact. But the Tactics articles are a mess, they're written incoherently and they don't make sense half the time. Some are better than others (Death Guard compared to T'au, for example), but overall they're pretty shit.

Also, project harder.

>> No.55779049

I've used them every game of 8th, they sometimes decimate everything, and other times they get Thunder Hammered/Patriarched/Dark Lanced. Most of the time though, they either threaten enough to bully units away, take a ton of firepower, or they chew through tons of stuff.

>> No.55779050

no thanks

>> No.55779051

The camera angle is great but I'd kill for captions, listening to dudebro grunt his way through sentences flailing his arms like a albanian grandmother is annoying as fuck.

>> No.55779063

GW really needs to update these guys.

>> No.55779067

Basement Jaxx?

>> No.55779069

Against what target?

>> No.55779074


$2.50 a model. The sword guys you can use right away, the bow guys need weapons but I'm sure you have plenty of bits.

>> No.55779076

Autocanons or hotshot volleyguns ?
Also what about the pintle ?

>> No.55779078

Are the shields separate? Could I hacksaw it onto his arm with some patience?

>> No.55779084

Because he misread the question, I bet.

>> No.55779090

Those guys will ne pathetic twigs compared to other GW people

>> No.55779095

I *think* he's a singlecast mould. I have a couple metal ones, but the though of cutting, cleaning, and mounting the shield is a little too much work for me right now.

>> No.55779102

Take the punisher canon, hotshots, and storm bolter for tons of S4 shots at under 100 pts that hit on 3s and can move 14"

>> No.55779111

I appreciate the thought but I don't care for how they look. Plus that sprue yuck. Looks like a bitch to convert if they're 2 part.

>> No.55779114

moar of this thot?

>> No.55779120

My only objection is that they come in precisely two poses, which makes my goal squad size of 10 annoyingly uniform.

I plan to solve the problem with creative painting. Each crusader will wear a different cowl; white or black, with unique trim patterns ranging from checkerboard to chevron to crenellations. In effect it'll be 10 different paint jobs.

This will also make them more tolerable to my opponents when they start rolling into melee out of a valkyrie with a 2++ save; I for one don't mind having my ass handed to me if the unit doing it looks fantastic.

>> No.55779123

they are 22mm non-heroic scale
so they'll be shorter than gyardsmen.

>> No.55779135

With that waist & hip bone, cant complain

>> No.55779151

>there are literally people in this thread who are newer than the warbuggy and wartrakk sculpts

>> No.55779154

I'd argue the current Biovore and Red Terror are worse due to being horribly outdated, but the Haruspex and Exocrine are definetly up there.
Flaws of both of them are a dumpy fat body like that of a zoanthrope but with a stumpy tail, ugly fat middle arms and two spines (makes sense for the exocrine, since it's two organisms in one, i guess).
The Exocrine is bad because it has a dumpy little carnifex head with no expression, connected to a weird turret up top, even though a huge head with a cannon in the mouth (think screamer killer carnifex) would have looked far better. The shitty T-rex arms don't help.
The Haruspex is bad because the mouth does not look like it could actually eat, only cut itself to shit with loose scything teeth. No crushing molars or anything. This thing is supposed to swallow terminators.

>> No.55779156

Just say they're from a low gravity world.

They're the same scale as 40k, just non-heroic, so they just look long and lanky.

>> No.55779168

What are you even talking about

>> No.55779180

>ignoring canon because you don't like it.

>> No.55779181

Catachan squad are first because of how hideous they are, but I kind of hate how most guard vehicles are "Chimera with a new gun on top." The baneblade is imposing due to its size, the Leman Russ is charming in its cartoonishness, the Chimera is boring, and impossible to avoid.

>> No.55779183

Oh man how about these dudes? I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of Scion heads left, plus power swords.

>> No.55779189

Where can I get the biggest discount right now?

>> No.55779195

Dorn who is alive

>> No.55779202

Forgot link like a dumbass

>> No.55779204

Triplehelix wargames afaik, but apparently their customer service leaves something to be desired

>> No.55779213

Yuropoor, probably element games
Burger, dont know

>> No.55779215

>Chimera with a new gun on top
Welcome to:
>All Rhino Chassis vehicles (7?)
>All Devilfish Chassis vehicles (3?)
>All Wave Serpent Chassis vehicles (2?)

>> No.55779216

Just read jojos bizarre part 6 stone ocean
She's the main character and is not a thot usually

>> No.55779225

Beats Waylands shitty everything though.

Element games is supposedly good too.

>> No.55779231

Just gotta scrape off all the choas stuff I guess

>> No.55779233

>when your products are so old that some are going to be legal across the world
>wonder why consumer don't buy some armies
GW is a very strange company

>> No.55779239

Looks fine, just file off any chaos symbols and replace them with purity seals

>> No.55779240

pls just a name

>> No.55779253

AdMech has a big central problem in the form of having no transports at all. They have good shooting units (whicha re troops too and can be taken in tiny groups of 5, so filling up detachments is fairly easy) and good melee units, but melee units suffer from the lack of transports. Luckily, Styges VIII and Lucius forgeworld tactics give you the ability to infiltrate, and thus get your melee dudes into combat more easily.

Still, GW not giving them access to Rhinos or Chimeras is kind of a dick move.

>> No.55779268

I still can't come to terms with people that have never had to use a cassette or video tape.

>> No.55779270

>chimera with a gun on top
To be fair, most WW2 afvs were just the same, reliable chassis with different shit attached, I mean how many times was the panzer 3 chassis used for example?

>> No.55779275

I’m going to assume a t7 3+ save multiwound vehicle as target because you did not specify

First one does 5.44 damage

Second one does 1 damage

Third one does 7 damage

Against single wound MEQs

First one does 3.4 wounds

Second one does 2 wounds

Third one does 2.5

So the first one is the best all rounder

The second one sucks

The third one is dedicated anti vehicle/monster

>> No.55779294

Shield isn't separate on either version of the model

>> No.55779304

I legitimately cannot find anything bad about Kabalite Warriors in the looks department. I just wish GW would release the actual paint recipe and not a half assed attempt. Have you seen the BULLSHIT they're trying to pass off as the DE color recipe on the app?

>> No.55779314

They were painted before the new paint range so I would assume you only get the closest approximation they could make

>> No.55779359

Idk, the sea green they recommend looks good enough

>> No.55779366

Are Slabhshields still worth it? Barrier plus Take Cover seems amazing with Bruteshields. I'm curious how Slabshields work with all the buffs.

Bullgryn Plate 4+, Slabshield +2 becoming 2+ armor, Barrier +1 making it 1+ armor, Take cover +1 making it 0+ armor, in cover +1 making it -1+ armor save?

>> No.55779370

Is that not just incubus darkness with whatever kabalite layer for highlights and another ultra highlight thrown in?

>> No.55779371

However because I literally had it right next to me going to post the WD from Nov 2010 for you to see their at-the-time tutorial

>> No.55779389


>> No.55779393

>first statline: Battle Cannon
>second statline: heavy bolter
>third statline: meltagun outside of melta range

sounds about right.

>> No.55779394

I made a closer aproximation on my own, but it's still missing that almost white color on the tips.
Start with Abbadon Black, then thick highlights of incubi darkness, Coelia Greenshade, slightly less thick highlight of Kabalite Green, even thinner highlight of Sybarite Green, and exposed/apex edge highlights of Gauss flayer green.

Or they could post the recipe they used that was converted over to the new range as best as possible? The current recipe is a joke.

Have my babies.

>> No.55779405


>> No.55779421


>> No.55779425

I really don't like how every T'au suit is starting to look more and more like something straight out of an anime. They weren't that subtle to start with, but they could've gone the other way and made them more 40k-esque. The stormsurge is alright I guess.

>> No.55779429

Slabshields are amazing now. they buff any save the unit already has by 2.

Thus a Bullgryn gets 2+, but also an Ogryn Bodyguard with bullgryn plate and the Deathmask of Ollanius (new IG relic) gets a 2++ and can heal once a game. Makes a *phenomenal* beatstick.

>> No.55779436

Eldar Wraith Host, Dark Angels Deathwing, Imperial/Renegade Knights

>> No.55779443

I heard they were gonna FAQ that one. If not, I want to do that Bodyguard thing too.

I often run Celestine with my army, so maybe I'll do a Slabshield party bus with Celestine there too.

>> No.55779455

Jolyne is a supreme thot and a disappointment to dad

>> No.55779485

The rhino is pretty bad too, but having two variants of the same vehicle as Tau and Eldar do is still completely alright. I mean hell, most tyranid creatures come in a 2 in one set, and they're one of the most diverse armies regarding bigger units.

>> No.55779495

Celestine + slabshields makes a 4++, which you can also get with a bunch of Brute Shields and a psyker casting Psychic Barrier.

Of course if you want REAL stupidity use Crusaders: >>55779120

>> No.55779509

If I have 3 squads of Stormies, a Tempestor Prime and a Lord Commissar in a Battalion Detachment, do the stormies get the Storm Trooper doctrine or not? One rule says all models must be Militarum Tempestus and another says that models with Officio Prefectus don't stop models in an Astra Militarum (which stormies also got) detachments from getting their regimental doctrines.

>> No.55779519

does anyone even know who this girl is

>> No.55779534

It's just your run of the mill slut, stop asking.

>> No.55779537

Some pathetic attention whore with green hair, posing like an idiot in a public space in a desperate attempt to look more interesting than the infinitely more aesthetic architecture surrounding her.

>> No.55779546

best way to kit Custodes? I still haven't built them from the Prospero set

>> No.55779547

>incel detected

>> No.55779555

her navel is prime for filling

>> No.55779559

Lord Commissars are Oficio Prefectus, which is under the 'Advisors and Auxilia' list; they don't get in the way of doctrines.

In the same category:
>Aeronautica stuff
>ministorum priests and crusaders

>> No.55779560

>implying dorn won't be back so GW can't get more primarch money

>> No.55779564

I think that's Jotaro Kujos daughter.

>> No.55779580

Whatever way you think looks most cool anon, spear hits a bit harder, sword and knife does more attacks and sword and board makes them more survivable

>> No.55779584

I don't know about the PzIII, but the Panzer IV had FOURTEEN different models in production. The big problem was each version had its own special parts and peices that made logical sticks a nightmare.

The M4 Sherman also had many models but most of the differences were just minor things that let them still be compatible with each other. It really came down to the Vinella M4, The Jumbo, The Easy 8, and the Firefly. The pacific had the Crocodile and Normandy brought the amphibious version, the crab, and the calliope. But those last three were just M4s with different stuff bolted on top and so don't really strain the supply chain.

T-34 got two versions: 76 and 85. Only other differences were in how well a particular factory made the tank.

Point being using a single chassis for multiple purposes is a terrific idea from a logistics standpoint. Both for GW and in-universe

>> No.55779590

The awkward moment when codex church stuff works better than Index church stuff due to "most play tested" rules fuckery

>> No.55779594

lol, had to look that one up. Sorry I called that one like it is, which duly insulted you because you have shit taste.

>> No.55779596

>defending 1d4chan "a couple of soulgrinders are better than mangus" Tactics articles

>> No.55779606

>T-34 got two versions: 76 and 85. Only other differences were in how well a particular factory made the tank.

werent some SU-76 and SU-85 variants also based on the t-34

>> No.55779611

those spears have -1ap and they are durable even without shields, just make sure one of your dudes has the banner buff thingy

>people who dont like modern whores obviously just cant get laid
I'm not that guy but you're a faggot

>> No.55779615

>not realizing that the Ecclessiarchy would never use psykers or valkyries on their own and it takes the Guard's brutal battlefield pragmatism to make them truly effective

>> No.55779620

guurrl, thas a boody hole

>> No.55779625

not talking about the gay anime you gay nibba

>> No.55779628

Has anyone tried rigging up some special effects to their larger minis? I was thinking of making a Void Shield Generator for my Admech out of one of those little tesla globes, or maybe using optical fibres and small lights/laser pen to make a "Shield Dome" flaring as it's hit over the VSG or a big model like a Warhound or hueg flyer. They'd look a bit like those Gungan shields from the SW prequels, except with a geometric dome rather than a smooth solid one.

Haven't actually seen Carnac around in a while, or at least one of his mega-sperg moments.
Hell, there's not been a huge amount of shitposting full stop IIRC.

>> No.55779631

>making silly poses while on holiday makes you a whore if you look fashionably European
Well then anon I guess shoot me now because I'm top slut

>> No.55779640

go back please

>> No.55779642

I put LEDs in my Knight. My brother had an idea to pit one of those pill speakers in the hull of his Baneblade so it could play Sabaton during games.

>> No.55779644


>> No.55779645

No one fucking knows. Go fap to something else.

>> No.55779647

Not the same anon, but I too have 10 dudes that needs built. Would 5 spears, 4 swordnboard, and a bannermen with a shield be a good loadout?

>> No.55779665


Sure do, the guys i play gets way to damn salty when they loose.

>> No.55779668

Gotta disagree there. I much prefer the sleek look of the Y'varha or Coldstar over the super blocky old Crisis. 40k-esque is a very broad term anyway.

>> No.55779676

>fashionably European
Is that what you plebes call it? Looks like she rummaged through the rejects of a scenester's wardrobe about 10 years ago.

>> No.55779677

If you want a big ten man unit then yes
Of course the only thing ten custodes would ever guard would be girlyman or maybe a chapter master they have to escort
Even imperial commanders don't get that much protection

>> No.55779682

Why does it have a butthole and why is the butthole bleeding?

>> No.55779683

Jotaro is a disappointment as a father tho.

>makes jojo pose for picture
>pathetic attention whore

Go outside, anon.

>> No.55779685

>implying I havent been on /tg/'s since 7ch started
rather just say nibba.

>> No.55779689

>implying those limitation aren't just GW incompetence

>> No.55779696

Why would you want to know and not be chugging bleach right now

>> No.55779703

You don't hit up the german techno clubs do you anon?

>> No.55779709

Right, I was mainly hoping to have options for various units of 5 dudes.

Would I really miss not giving any the sword/knife combo?

>> No.55779724

C'mon dude, really? It was just two weapon platforms and the rest was bascially a headless Wraithlord

>> No.55779727

>german techno clubs
Why would you ever want to do that?

>> No.55779737

sword/knife is shit, exactly why no one ever does it

>> No.55779750

I mean honestly -1 A for a 3++ seems like a very good trade, especially when your ten man unit is gonna be ~500 pts
I run a 10 man unit with half spears and half sword and board protecting girlyman, 2 units of spear guys in land raiders, then some scions and taurox primes to fill out troops and HQs along with some anti hoard in large Apoc games

>> No.55779759

>makes jojo pose for picture
>pathetic attention whore
You mean to tell me that someone who takes a picture for the purpose of spreading the image among fanboys like yourself isnt attention whoring?

>Go outside, anon.
Says the guy who recognizes poses from an anime. When was the last time you saw sunlight?

It's hard to travel the thousands of miles before they close for the evening. Am I to believe that this no effort outfit is considered high-fashion?

>> No.55779764


>> No.55779765

But they were cheap!

>> No.55779781

Understandable, it's a really subjective thing. The models are still very nice and detailed. I just don't like the design.

>> No.55779787

So this.. is the power of autism

>> No.55779791

Thanks for the info, anons.

Has there been any word on porting over rules for all the awesome FW custodes stuff? The bolter dudes at least?

>> No.55779792

I'd say the avatar is much, much worse and has hair that needed concrete to stay put

>> No.55779803

Okay, I already had my hand in my pants when i saw that, but I am not taking it away!

>> No.55779805

>He's a fanboy
>not just any fanboy
>he's a fanboy of the only anime to attract more mediocre chicks than inuyasha

>> No.55779836

also warp spiders are like hot, hot trash that aged like milk

>> No.55779839

It disgusts me when people discuss anime on a honourable site like 4chan

>> No.55779845

Starting 40k and picked 1k sons. What have I got myself into?

>> No.55779855

Prepare to be surprised

>> No.55779856

No word on it whatsoever, however someone said that one of the dreads is featured in a recent book
And since the Saggitarium Guards do exist still in the 42nd millenium, its just up to whether or not GW feels like updating the faction
If they do, then we'll get HQs as well

>> No.55779865

A dildo on a stick, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

>> No.55779870

I can get the thought of it being piss in that glass out of my head.
Can anyone draw them pissing in each others mouths while wearing armour?

>> No.55779874

>What have I got myself into?
Lots of blue and gold, plus you wont be able to keep the dust off your models, even when cased up.

>> No.55779875

not a fanboy bub
maybe you should get your guardian to come in and sit on your back to calm you

>> No.55779894

y-.. You know, it didn't go in the direction that I expected it to, but now that I think about it I don't know why I should be surprised

>> No.55779911


>> No.55779914

>tfw no European scene waifu to do jojo poses and drink Astra with

>> No.55779929

The solution to boob plate is making it all chainmail so its logical that it conforms to the body

>> No.55779952

everyone would look fat because of the padding underneath

>> No.55779959

Hey /tg/, does anyone happen to have the instruction booklet for Dark Imperium in a format that could be uploaded here? I bought a set of the plague marines that come with it, but they came without instructions. Even a couple nice photos of the plague marine pages would probably do me fine, just so I can have an idea of how they"ll come together.

>> No.55779961

Ah that explains everything, sorry anon carry on

>> No.55779966

Chainmail isn't exactly spandex anon.

>> No.55779976

The SU-122, 100 and 85 were all based on the T-34 chassis afaik, as was the OT-34 flame tank and a bunch of munitions carriers and recovery vehicles.

>> No.55779982

>not a fanboy bub
>"It's a pose from jojo my favorite anime (though you've probably never heard of it), dont get outside much do you?"

>> No.55779983

>no 1k son dex
>no yiff dex
>no fag dex
>no vamp dex
>xenos will get dex first

Uhhh, 40kfags?

>> No.55780001

*I can't

>> No.55780003

>samefagging because you're upset I compared your precious girl's club anime to Inuyasha

>> No.55780008

>not superior plate
I don't think we can go crusading together anymore anon

>> No.55780020


>> No.55780035

>thinks I'm the same person
Its as if more people than one think you're retarded

>> No.55780036


>dat blue elf

Lulu a shit slut, Lala a best.

Lolo is ok, but only when flustered.

>> No.55780053

You take that back you whore.

>> No.55780058


Good point! I wasn't even looking at the tank destroyer and assault gun variants.

But that would also mean bringing in the various Jagdpanzer variants for Germany and oh god Germany how could the children of Prussia be so bad at logistics!?

>> No.55780065


>> No.55780070

what do you think you wear underneath the plate, Anon?
It'd be the equivalent of going crusading by taking your jacket off and running around in a hoodie, since you wear mail underneath your plate anyway

>> No.55780072

>he watches anime
>anime for women

>> No.55780096

you're not making sense, are you feeling alright

>> No.55780099

>Implying there is anime that isn't meant for women

>> No.55780100

>Resorted to saying samefag because two people BTFU'd him and called him autistic
What's next, calling out people's watermarks in pictures?
I'm the original poster of the picture, it's from nothing jojo related, she was just making a silly pose for FB and I found and saved it years ago, I post it occasionally because it triggers autistic people like you and I enjoy watching the show
So as I said, carry on
also girls clubs animes are top tier

>> No.55780129

If you SftS a centurion assault squad up to 9'', you can then move and assault on the turn right?

This would seem to negate a lot of their weaknesses

>> No.55780135

Yeah we all know guys are lining up to watch "hot guys play [sport]" anime

>> No.55780151

Kenshiro would like to have a word with you

>> No.55780152

But what pose are they making anon?

>> No.55780164

But I love Ippo

>> No.55780195

Something from Wu Tang Clan

>> No.55780206

>been playing 40k for a year now thanks to a buddy of mine whom lives in another country, several hours away
>he plays nids/GSC, I play drukhari/guard/TSons
>he's expressed interest in picking up craftworlds, ask him which model he'd want me to bring so we can build and paint together
>end up buying the wrong plastic kit(got the jetbike warlock when he wanted the one on the ground
>check the webstore to see which was the one he actually wanted so I can get it right
>mfw seeing just how much resin and metal the line still has

jesus christ, I've bitched about how many shitcast units drukhari have, and I've complained that only cadians and catachans are in plastic...but at least enough of their lines are plastic that it's not an issue!

why the FUCK is so much of the eldar line still resin and metal?

>> No.55780207

I'm going up against another Guard player this week and I know nothing about him. I've never even played against Guard in 8th yet. I'm going to assume it's tank heavy and he likes to sit still. The thing is, I play Guard with a melee focus. In my army right now I have things like an Inquisitor, Acolytes, Celestine, an Eversor, Crusaders, Bullgryn, melee Infantry Squads and Rough Riders.

The only anti-tank I have is some Plasma and Melta in the hands of Rough Riders, Veterans and Scions. What's the best way to counter a castle defense with lots of shooting? Do I just bum rush and try to tie up as many things as I can so they can't shoot?

>> No.55780208

Hahaha all you did was poke me a bunch stupid, you can't hurt me with that weak shit

>> No.55780223

>The M4 Sherman also had many models but most of the differences were just minor things that let them still be compatible with each other. It really came down to the Vinella M4, The Jumbo, The Easy 8, and the Firefly. The pacific had the Crocodile and Normandy brought the amphibious version, the crab, and the calliope. But those last three were just M4s with different stuff bolted on top and so don't really strain the supply chain.

thats all wrong on SOOOOO many levels.

the T34 had major differences during production, but yes it was generally rather similar.

the M4 sherman, came with loads of different engines and stuff, based on where they were build, including DIESEL engines (M4A2) and 30cylinder engines (M4A4)
many of these were used in the british and soviet armies. and they generally tried to keep the different versions apart.
P.S. Fireflys where build on a lot of different shermans. Easy8 uses a completly different track spring etc)
and so on.
the british also had their own zoo of tanks(churchill, comet...)

and the germans did both unify and simplify production later on, mostly by having huge numbers of similar tanks/assault guns and reusing chassis parts for their special tanks (Hummel etc uses a mix of Panzer 3 and 4 chassis part)

>> No.55780230

>black library

>> No.55780248

Well then I wouldn't fuck with them

Also is anyone here doing armies on parade? If so what army and do you have a theme you're going for?

>> No.55780249

Are any of the hellhound variant useful ?

>> No.55780258


>> No.55780261

Yes, pick one you like the most and it will do well.

>> No.55780264

Get ready to reflexibly REEEEEEE whenever someone says the word "wolf"

>> No.55780272

shit, I've been seeing that thing's progress on the warhammer normiebook. thought it looked like garbage after seeing just greenstuff, but it looks damn good now.

>> No.55780273

>he thinks calling an anon autistic in defense of your shitty anime is some kind of mic drop moment

Denial is an ugly scent.

>> No.55780278

The hellhound jockies with the taurox as best infantry melter for guard now that it's shots doubled

>> No.55780288

Out of the six dexes so far, four are Marines.

Next two are CWE and nids

>> No.55780296


>> No.55780298

>black library

you're funny anon.

>> No.55780301

Noice, I'll build them from the leftover missiles from the taurox prime and goliath trucks to make some Stalin's organ for my vostroyans.

>> No.55780306

the basic hellhound is neat due to its range. not too good, but nice.
the melta one is now assault which means it hits on 4+ after moving :D
the chemo one... well ... it scares elite infantry that deepstrikes, except multiwound models as its DAM1

>> No.55780312

Huh, with the hand on face and the Dio slippers I could've sworn. Figures that not everything is actually a JoJo reference.

>> No.55780318

>Not going commando under the plate
Are you some kind of fag?

>> No.55780335

I think this guy might be having an aneurysm

>> No.55780359


You made me sort the rest of my stuff, thanks

>> No.55780382


>> No.55780389

I've seen koi more reluctant to take bait, anon.

>he's still upset that I perfectly described what was going on in the picture of his waifu, then perfectly described the shitty tween anime you consume

>> No.55780390

Maybe she was low key making a jojo reference but it wasn't captioned with like "look at muh maymay pose! :3"

>> No.55780414

I'm betting they get releases for all of their aspects in plastic soon.

>> No.55780422


>> No.55780427


>> No.55780439

My Zoanthropes are probably dead as well friend. >>55778272

>> No.55780440

I think you might be misinterpreting the situation here, bucko

>> No.55780453

Right, you're totally not upset or anything.

Your little sister give you any good TV recommendations lately?

>> No.55780483

The troops have to disembark from somewhere

>> No.55780530

>Next two are CWE and nids


>> No.55780695

So there's a Warhammer store opening 15 minutes away from my home in a couple weeks. Is it worth going to the opening? Like, I kinda want to check it out but at the same time my favorite local shop, the guardtower, is pretty comfy.

>> No.55780734

Warhammer Community post about the Nova Results from like... 2 months ago?

>> No.55780812

go to the opening
if you thinks it's good go give it a try
if it's not, stay

>> No.55780877

If you're still looking, I can snap some photos in a few hours when I get home

>> No.55781012

I'd support it, because rarely do things improve enough for shops that cater to white collar hobbies to open instead of close.

>> No.55781046


>> No.55781206

Dad can go back to dancing with doplhins. Jolyne is a cute, A CUTE (I'll stop digressing in a 40k general, though)

>> No.55781240

Well shoot. I was hoping for the 1k sons codex before any filthy xenos got theirs.

>> No.55781269

xenos are long, LONG due a codex release, and nids haven't had one since 6e.

but yeah, sons need a codex. having 5 powers to cast is depressing.

>> No.55781509

We usually agree upon having the most diverse army win beforehand. The we make gun noice (quietly so the womenfolk can’t hear us) and flip miniatures over.

>> No.55782132

What's better, one squad of ten terminators, or two squads of five?

If it matters, I'm deep striking them and using Black Templar rules.

>> No.55783032

Fucking vespids, man.

>> No.55783057

1 squad if you want to minimize unit count to aim for going first. 2 if you want to have more tactical flexibility for where you are placing them to hit targets that are farther out.

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