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Space Wolves edition.

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>Warhammer Community news(New releases for the Death Guard: Multipart Plague Marines and new characters)

>Daily Duncan Playlist

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

Imperial Guard codex (thanks anons)

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First for cute skaven girls

>> No.55764435

ITT we post chaos god Waifus

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Reposting, because Skaven females are mindless, bloated baby factories.

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How does deep strike work in 8th?
You just set them up and that's that?

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Splice however is an amazing movie.

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In most cases you can't set up closer than 9" away.

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>top 5 squigs
>instead of mega link
Squigposters should be exterminated like vermin they are.

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Got ordered 3 of these, what's the best way to field them in a pure IG army?

>> No.55764475

Just like human females

>> No.55764488


That is... not daily Duncan.

>> No.55764497

Inside Tallarn chimeras to outflank them closer to the enemy.

>> No.55764501

They don't have to be.

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>> No.55764505

Ikran is not horse.

>> No.55764518

Which chaos god is lewdest?

>> No.55764520

No longer provide cover for lads behind, run with a priest and go full bullgryn beefstick.

Or just take Deddog like a waacfag

>> No.55764522

>squatted Rough Riders
>here look at these awesome Guard regiments made from Age of Sigmar stuff, from various 40k boxes and a lot of hard work!


>> No.55764523

Looks more like a goat.

Anyway, something with hips that narrow would never be able to birth anything.

>> No.55764525

Geez girl -do you have enough horns?

>> No.55764530

>> No.55764534

>Being able to carry 50% of her bodyweight on her neck
I'm sure that would be uncomfortable

>> No.55764537

You just wanted to post that picture didnt you?

>> No.55764547

I want to see what slaneesh is doing under the table.

I need a picture of this to understand.

>> No.55764550

Verminlord isn't real vermin.
That thing is as female as a keeper of secrets.

>> No.55764553

I'm using Forge World units and doors in my Ultramarines army.
Say something nice to me.

>> No.55764563

I hope the Horned Rat himself appears in your kitchen tonight.

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Play any good games guys?

>> No.55764585

My local GW store is quite limiting and I'm not sure where else to look for bigger games. They do 30 power level games for beginners (Like myself) or 50 power level for more experienced guys on 40k nights.

Might have to look into gaming clubs etc

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It would rend your mortal mind.

>as female as a keeper of secrets
Good enough in other words?

>> No.55764590

That only after clan moulder get their claws on them.
I suppose they look much like male skaven before that, especially since female rats don't exhibit secondary sexual characteristics before their first pregnancy, and that a female grey seer is possible.

Besides, 40k has Hrud and beastmen if you want space skaven.

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They aren't squatted, you just gotta use the index points for them

>> No.55764596

>Power Level

>> No.55764599

That sounds sucky. My game was 1000 points but I usually play at 2000 points.
Though as long as it's fun, slaughtering guardsmen is always won. Tabled him turn 6

>> No.55764613

Any more pics of skaven girls?

>> No.55764614

Yeah that's what I mean.

Does slaneesh just use a regular humanoid hand to fap with? A tentacle? If it's fapping with a crab claw what are the logistics of this?

Or does slaneesh have an entire limb whose sole purpose is to act as an orifice for self-gratification? So it's like an onahole build into the arm.

I need answers.

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When are we likely going to know what the next book is going to be?

>> No.55764617

Is Tzeentch a minmaxing rules lawer that only plays casters, and argues with Khorne a lot because Khorne only plays martials?

>> No.55764621

If I take Yarrick as my Warlord can he order Bullgryns?

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>> No.55764630

Tyranids and Eldar, they'll probably release them at the same time and after that they might show off whats coming next during their open day in the last weeks of November.

>> No.55764633

Don't sexualize the rat girls!

>> No.55764634

Can you order after disembarking?

>> No.55764639

Noone can order Bullgryns. And due to the wording, Yarrick can't order anyone. Typical GW

>> No.55764648

>tfw your marine kills a fucking trukk with his bolt pistol
>tfw your lib dread tears apart a fucking warboss and painboy with no problems but then dies to a fucking boss nob

>> No.55764650

Why were rough riders removed from the codex? What the fuck? It's not like they don't have models.

>> No.55764655


I do what I want damn it.

>> No.55764666

I knew it was Nids or Eldar, but I thought it'd be Either Or. Simultaneus would suck, I was hoping for some new stuff for both.

>> No.55764667

Their models are getting squatted in the near future.

>> No.55764672

I was talking about canon ones. Big and sexy like >>55764452

>> No.55764695

i used my librarian dread for the first time, hes fucking cancer in a box, sheild of sanguinius is fucking great on tacticals
my marine killed a trukk with his bolt pistol
and the my librarian dread did 21 damage total to his painboy and warboss, and the painboy didnt block a single one

>> No.55764696

*genocides your race*

>> No.55764706

I did the same and made a bodyguard with maul and brute shield, bodyguard with a ripper gun, armoyur and slab shield and single bone 'ead with ripper gun in case I ever buy more ogryns and want to fill a chimera

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Will 3 squads of 5 reivers with deepstrike make good objective grabbers?

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>> No.55764713

Literally Hitler

>> No.55764729

Yarrick can totally order other, smaller commissars.

Pile in and attack, boiz

>> No.55764734

here is an old model

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You have it backwards, dustfag. Fenris recovered just fine while Prospero lies in ashes.

>> No.55764787

I don't see what this has to do with killing all the jews.

>> No.55764791

What if the skinny sexy rat women are just drones?

They've evolved/been bred to have a form humans find appealing, but are themselves incapable of birthing young.

Instead, their bodies act like walking semen reservoirs. They go out and seduce humans, storing their semen within their bodies, and then return to the brood mother where they use their rat dick to transfer the collected semen into her to create more skaven.

>> No.55764810

>some relics give different unique psyker powers to use
>and/or if your warlord is a psyker you can dedicate your warlord to either one of the unique cults or Tzeentch
Good idea for Thousand Sons? Bad?

>> No.55764811

Rulesless Resin is a step in the reich direction.

>> No.55764815

I think that might have been the most heretical thing I have ever read.

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>> No.55764839

What is one thing you knew before you started 40k ?

>> No.55764847

oh my.

>> No.55764854

Why the fuck are Tallarn 40$ When every other Metal regiment is 35$?

>> No.55764859


>> No.55764864

How to tie my shoes.

>> No.55764869

that drugs are cheaper

>> No.55764874

If u wt 2 W u gt 2 P

>> No.55764898

I didn't pickup 40k until I was in highschool, so I knew a lot of things.

Like what your mothers pussy tastes like for example.

>> No.55764907

Orks are a melee race

>> No.55764910

Oh please. 40k isn't even that expensive of a hobby.

>> No.55764921

That the Emperor could do no wrong

>> No.55764933

If you think 40k is bad you should see how much people who have photography as a hobby spend.

>> No.55764947

That ancient humans in the far future worships a corpse clogging a golden toilet

>> No.55764972

>Friend says he doesn't understand how someone can spend hundreds of dollars on models and paint

>Proceeds to spend $400 on hand made clothing at a renaissance fair
>Because he doesn't want to wear the same hand made renaissance outfit to the fair each year.
>Where he attends for a single day only.

>> No.55765091

>$400 a year
Whimsical sigh

>> No.55765116

Who was in the wrong here?

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>> No.55765169


>> No.55765194

The pigwolves.

>> No.55765218

Tzeentch and to a lesser extent the Emperor.

>> No.55765234

Valdor. He knew what not bringing Magnus back alive meant for the future of humanity, but ducked the responsibility of keeping Russ in check.

>> No.55765254

officio prefectus isnt an regiment, just a regular keyword

>> No.55765282

>tfw you spend around a $1000 dollars per year on plastic crack

>> No.55765283

everyone, but especially the wolves

>> No.55765295

>all smiles

>> No.55765321

i have 420 euro and i plan to spend them on increasing my Astra Militarum army and my Blood Angels.
Dubs tell me what to buy

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>> No.55765328


>> No.55765341

Dragon dildos.

>> No.55765357

What guard army do you play?

>> No.55765360

fluff reasons

Arent Dragon dildos eldar units ? How can i sue them as IG/BA player ?

>> No.55765368


>> No.55765377

My army is the 8th cadian


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>> No.55765395

Astorath,The Sanguinor, 4 boxes of Death Company and Lemartes

>> No.55765399


>> No.55765402

next codex is probably CWE, based off the 40k facebook page

>> No.55765420

It's a straight downgrade from a LASGUN though.
FRFSRF specifies lasgun and hot-shot lasgun which is the only thing that makes lasguns okay

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>> No.55765437

>Might have to look into gaming clubs etc
Definitely do that. Playing in store is peasant tier.

INB4 butthurt burgers that are too lazy to setup clubs tell me how it's impossible to have gaming clubs in the US.

>> No.55765457

Alpharius detected

>> No.55765459

>tfw you spend around a $1000 dollars per year on plastic crack
Are you even trying?

>> No.55765469

He doesn't want to make the commitment to FW

>> No.55765485

I spent about twice that on scenery last year.

>> No.55765487

I knew what it was like to have cash to burn.

>> No.55765495

Burger here. The fuck is a gaming club

>> No.55765496

What it was like to talk to girls

>> No.55765499

warhound titan

>> No.55765501

Played a 2v2 As Admech (me) and SW vs GK and DA. Gotta say fighting 4 dreadknights deepstriking into you really fucking hurts.

>> No.55765502

>not making your own scenery
Unless that was all to make scenery in which case good god.

>> No.55765505

Lawrence of Arabia is just that cool.

>> No.55765525

Gonna build this 3 of these soon.

It will be my first 'tank' model. How hard is it to paint? It looks relatively simpler than a normal model since its bigger but I can never be sure.

>> No.55765527

How would one set up a gaming club?

>> No.55765547

Much easier than infantry but much more effort.

>> No.55765552


>> No.55765563

A private organisation that rents a space and owns scenery where members meet to play games.

What the fuck do you think it is?

Finding a place you can rent space for meetings is easy. Finding a place that can also provide storage for scenery is more difficult but it's not impossible.

The advantages over playing in a store are many.
You're dependent on the existence of a business being run by a complete retard.
You're free to buy your stuff wherever you want.
You can exclude people that don't share your ideas of how the game is supposed to be played, who smell like they've shit their pants, etc.

>> No.55765566

Hmm.... Something seems wrong here.

>> No.55765569

paint sub-assemblies, it will use a lot of paint so better get extra of the main color unless you do death guard green spray,

>> No.55765571

Bigger can be more pusnishing since it's harder to make big flat surfaces look good.

Try to apply your paint it lots of even thin coats or it will look patchy.

>> No.55765572

Remember not to slather it in wash like you might an infantry model. Wash on large areas just pools randomly and looks horrible.

>> No.55765583


>> No.55765584

Find a place where you can rent space for meetings and store scenery.

Find out what that will cost.

Get enough players together that you can split the cost between yourselves and it's reasonable.

Since there will be club funds to use for shit like scenery you need a club/society bank account and a constitution to determine who does/does not have authority over the disposition of the funds. There are plenty of sample ones online.

>> No.55765603

you're NOT dependant

>> No.55765607


>> No.55765612


>> No.55765619

>>not making your own scenery
>Unless that was all to make scenery in which case good god.
Mix of both.

>> No.55765624

Yeahhh. Gonna do spray.

Think coats, got it.

Good suggestion, though what if a shade is an effect you want all over the model?

>> No.55765625

huh might do this with some buds. They wanted to play about a year ago but no one had a place to play.

>> No.55765632

For your GW-appruved conversions no camo cloaks allowed

>> No.55765636

Sweet, slaaneshi primaris. Makes perfect sense, really, with Bill being one of the EC.

>> No.55765637

Now I want to see one of these for every traitor legion. inb4 posting the blades of vengeance.

>> No.55765638

>Sons of the Phoenix
>Rogal Dorn

oh yeah rogal dorn the primarch famous for it's purple color and the Phoenix theme


>> No.55765640

those candles are pretty awesome

>> No.55765647

If it's just occasional meetings then it's easy. You just need a space that can also lend you some tables and chairs. You bring your own tabletops and scenery.

Regular meetings is more difficult because you really want to store all your tabletops and scenery there. Meeting space that can also give you storage is harder to find but not impossible.

>> No.55765662

With the 8th codex - are Tempestus viable at all and are they still a separate army? id love a guard army with like 3 leman russes, 2 chimeras, some heavy weapons, a valkyrie, like one unit of bullgryns and tempestus scions - led by a tempestus command squad. is this possible at all? or are guard still stuck with fucking cadians? i absolutley HATE those models. also will i be ruined economically if i want to purchase that army? guard are expensive as fuck....

>> No.55765664

Pretty easy to do too. Roll some greenstuff onto a paperclip, then do the flame with some more gs.

>> No.55765674

>Sons of the Pheonix
>Gold purple and white color scheme
>Primogenitor: Rogal Dorn

Sufficed to say I'm doubtful

>> No.55765703


>> No.55765705

Sons of Olympia

Primogenitor: Rogal Dorn

This loyal chapter specialise in siege warfare
they are taciturn and very endurant

>> No.55765711

don't forget
>gaudy decorations

>> No.55765713

>Good....Life choices...

>> No.55765715

I buy models wherever I want. I buy supplies from the FLGS like dice and paint. I just don't play with shitty people twice problem solved.

>> No.55765716

>what is discussing with your opponent about how to apply crunch to fluff
Or are you soooo autistic that you can't agree that these two things are, except the name, the same thing?

>> No.55765728

Too obv famalam
Make it Brothers of Iron

>> No.55765730

They're in the IG codex

They're very viable as their own army

They need to be in a seperate battalion from the other IG guys to get their own regiment bonus, but other than that they work great with the rest of IG.

The other IG regiments are all pretty good.

You can get 10 scions, a commissar and a taurox prime for $68 (with discount) in their start collecting box, you'll want a few.

>> No.55765738

You're still dependant for your gaming community on the continuing existence of a business run by someone with the business acumen of a squirrel.

>> No.55765749

Facebook team asked a question about the community's favorite craftworld, which leads to me to believe eldar are next

I'm just waiting for my BA codex :(

>> No.55765753

>This loyal chapter specialise in siege warfare
>they are taciturn and very endurant

thats literally every son of dorn chapter.

>> No.55765760

Don't forget a love of attrition and decimation, in the name of the emperor of course

>> No.55765771

Actually, a squirrel would probably do a better job.

>> No.55765796


>> No.55765811

If you can find somewhere that also serves alcohol and food then you're golden.

We've got a local bar with a massive garden (50+ tables outside) where we run our bloodbowl events.

>> No.55765823

Yes. It is basically the same fucking gun.
But unless you houserule it - official rules means it doesn't get rank fire.

>> No.55765826

Even the Chapter symbol.

>> No.55765827

So when my tank commander and his unit of veterans shows up on the other guy's table edge, they don't have movement penalties, do they?

>set up on field =/= deepstrike

>> No.55765830

>black and yellow
>skull emblem
>Ultramarines successor

>Black Consuls
>majority black
>raptor head emblem
>Ultramarines successor

It's almost like successors aren't copy-paste of the parent chapter.

>> No.55765841



>> No.55765848

There is no such thing as deep strike. The rulebook clearly states that units that are deployed using special rules during the game always count as having moved for all rules purposes.

>> No.55765852

yeah right

lemme do another one

Specialised in terror warfare the Night Hunter are the unseen fist of the Imperium
their Reiver are particularly deadly and their use of Inceptors are renowned in the entire Gothic sector
Primogenitor Corvus Corax

>> No.55765856

Correct, deployment is outside of any game phase.

>> No.55765858

Remember when Plasma was like this?

>> No.55765867

They don't deploy before the game with that ability, it happens at the end of movement.

>> No.55765868

>Silver Skulls
>Chapter icon exact copy of Iron Warriors iconography
>Ultramarines successors

It happens more often than you think anon. Icons mean nothing.

>> No.55765876

>One model may replace its hot-shot lasgun with a hot-shot laspistol and a vox-caster.
Did GW revert it's Index FAQ about Scion Command Squads keeping their hot-shot lasguns? The Codex has the original text.

>> No.55765877

Don't they drink blood and shit too?

Like how are they at all codex adherent?

>> No.55765880

>My tank shoots 2d3 + 2d3 plasma shots at S8 rerollimg 1's and losing 1 of it's 12 wounds if it gets a double-skulls.

Sure bud

>> No.55765881

My store is huge. Dozens of tables.

>> No.55765884


>> No.55765893

The rule is called "reinforcements" and covers all types of deepstrike/teleport/ambush.

Your units will act as if they have completed the movement phase.

>> No.55765894

I don't understand asian culture at all. But it sure makes my dick hard.

>> No.55765897

No worries then.

That definitely means that the retard running it won't fuck up and drive it out of business.

>> No.55765923

Night Claws

>> No.55765929


Just checked, you're both right. Makes sense since the wording clearly implied this was the case, but wanted to be certain.

>> No.55765934

No, the codexes are usually sent to the printers 6 months before actual release or longer. Six months ago there wasn't even an 8th edition, let alone community feedback and FAQ's for it.

>This is also why the balance of the codexes isn't ideal and mostly the same as the Indexes
>But that doesn't stop ppl from screeching that GW is doing it all intentional

>> No.55765938

Imagine if feminists find out about Skavens.

>> No.55765939

night claws ?

>> No.55765940

Yeah, it always gets me when someone complaints about a chapter uses a "taken" symbol, when official chapters use the same iconography all over. BT cross is not unique to the BT, other chapters use it as well. Same with IF fist emblem. Fucking Crimson Fists have that same emblem. Plenty of chapters have the Ultramarine upsidedown syndrome omega.

>> No.55765949

>spread out
>in formation
>open feilds of fire

>> No.55765954

GW playing with PL in games with "experienced guys" on "40k nights"

jesus fucking christ my casual 40k games with friends in a living room sound more fun than that


What did the Guard player do to get tabled by emo space elves?

>> No.55765967

Better name than "Night Haunters" lmao
But i do want to see more of these officially for the luls

>> No.55765971

Tfw you arent legal to drink in burgerland

>> No.55765980


>> No.55765984

>t happens more often than you think
If you mean that loyalist chapters with traitor gene seed are made, yes.

>> No.55765994

They meditate for visions like BT and consult the Emperor's tarot, etc.

>> No.55765997

it's beautiful

>> No.55766008

Only Silver Skulls iconography is similar to Iron Warriors, all the rest is completely different.

>> No.55766011


>> No.55766014

Because the codex is about organization, not rituals or beliefs.

>> No.55766017


>DOW I Ork voice

gave me a chuckle

>> No.55766019

I miss templates

>> No.55766022

Missing the point, not supposed to consider it by itself.

>> No.55766040

I do too anon. I do too

>> No.55766041

Yessir! Learned a lot of lessons about my IG army. And about Primaris armies.

>Imperial Guard is great at deployment
It's so nice to be able to concentrate my tanks on one side of the board while the enemy has to spread his AT out because he has no idea where I'll put them.
>Primaris Armies are as ridged as glass and about as strong.
He literally almost turned down a game when I said 1000 points because his army couldn't be battleforged at anything lower than 1100. Then he reveals an elite army with only four command points to my 7.
>I suck at remembering who my troops represent
I only had one unit that wasn't WYSIWYG. And naturally I forgot that it wasn't wysiwyg and ultimately ran him entirely wrong.
>I need more infantry
I will never use conscripts, but my infantry-to-officer ratio was so small that my officers started running out of troops to command as early as turn 2. I had brought redundancy expecting snipers but no one was using snipers.
>Battle Tanks are terrific and whoever was complaining about them on this board is a fool
Repulser super-tank versus two battle cannon commanders. I rolled Catachan and my Warlord Tank had old grudges. I nuked the thing from 16 health to zero in a single shooting phase.
>I am a fucking idiot and need to play more
I'm forgetting rules and doctrines left and right. A consequence of painting more than playing I think.

>> No.55766043


>> No.55766045

>tfw you consultate thee Emperors Tarot
>you draw a card
>it's the Emperor

What's that supposed to mean ?

>> No.55766049

That angel statue is an accurate representation of my reaction to the competence that Ork army implies.
Boyz spam is shit.

>> No.55766069

More like

>high prevalence of psykers
>high prevalence of mutation
>always eager for knowledge and relics
>their primarch is totally Dornknob, we swear

>> No.55766071

That's the kind of thing that makes me wish, deep down, for just ONE 7e Eradication Beamer. Feels like sacrilege to let a template shot THAT GOOD go un-taken, even when it's literally impossible for me to do so.

>> No.55766074

>Blood Ravens

Loyalist chapter has a higher than average psyker count. And may or may not be kleptomaniacs.

>> No.55766079

Just a guess: Nuked the heavy vehicles on turn 1 with lots of dark lances, kept out of range of the infantry fire, then slaughtered the infantry.

>> No.55766089


>> No.55766100


>> No.55766115

I want my Wyverns to bust a load on shit like this just one more time. I know I can't, and it hurts.

>> No.55766116

Minotaurs are of salamanders gene seed not wold eaters.

>> No.55766118

>And may or may not be kleptomaniacs.

Considering Rawbooty loved stealing units and tactics from other legions, that heavily implies they're just another Ultramarine successor chapter.

>> No.55766123

>tell me Holy tarot should i save that Eldar witch ?
>*draw card*
>It's the Emperor

what about the World ?

>> No.55766129

Other games had them looting an Avatar of Khaine and a Warhound titan as well, I believe.

>> No.55766142

>They look to transcend their existences by seeking out the most powerful artefacts and priceless relics

>> No.55766148

The world means Exterminatus

>> No.55766153


>> No.55766179

>This can only mean one thing
>The Emperor desires some hawt xenos pussay
>Mission update brothers! Objective : abduction

>> No.55766183

>The World
You mean "Za Warudo"?

>> No.55766186

Does anyone know what the deal with Death Korps and Regimental Doctrines? Are us DKoK players aloud to pick one?

>> No.55766205

I like the theory that they're Sons of Horus loyalists better.

Makes sense why Abaddon is after them too.

>> No.55766212

No, not until forge world updates their index/releases an imperial armor and adds one to it.

Right now you're playing a FW guard regiment, that means you use FW rules.

>> No.55766217

>what about the World?
>"Signs are unclear at this time."

>> No.55766229

Where the hell did you get that from?
I always had them pegged as Iron Warriors, what with the greek theme and the bitterness.

>> No.55766235

Progress on conscripts. Would you hate playing against them?

>> No.55766245

Why no Fulgrim's hammer?

>> No.55766264

Damn those look good, much better than my vanilla cadian conscripts

>> No.55766278

>that feel when a double-grav leviathan dread wipes out 33 poxwalkers/orks/conscripts/gaunts

>> No.55766297

Literally impossible since most of these units max at 30

>> No.55766302

They're Iron Warriors.

>> No.55766307

>Armageddon hive militia

Primaris choice, chapter master.

>> No.55766319


>> No.55766332

i have an idea
let's atribute 40k signification to the Tarot

1 - The Magician :
2 - The High Priestess:
3 - The Empress
4 - The Emperor: Big E wills it
5 - The Hierophant
6 - The Lovers
7 - The Chariot
8 - Strength
9 - The Hermit
10 - The Wheel of Fortune
11 - Justice
12 - The Hanged Man
13 - Death
14 - Temperance
15 - The Devil
16 -The Tower
17 - The Star
18 - The Moon
19 - The Sun
20 - Judgement
21 - The World : Exterminatus
0 - The Fool


>> No.55766341

>Reminder of the Tzaangor's failure to grimdark

>> No.55766347

You can shoot two units with it.

>> No.55766348

>those Tanith models mixed with the others


>> No.55766353

It was the salamander original legion symbol pre vulkan.
Salamanders nearly tore themselves apart from hyper aggression before vulkan to the point that they nearly lost the legion, not chapter, legion.
Gene seeds knowledge locked away. Known for extreme bouts of strength in melee against marines.
Their chapter master uses a spear ala he'stan and similar sounding to the one vulkan had in the books before he switched over to hammers.

>> No.55766354 [DELETED] 

Rolled 17 (1d20)

rolling for legion

>> No.55766364

My head canon says they're an experiment on the WIP primaris implants.

>> No.55766372

>"For every five models in the unit, up to two other Tempestus Scions may replace their hot-shot lasgun with..." (p. 94)

Does this mean that the 5-man gets nothing and a 10 man is capped at two specials now?

>> No.55766381

Who is that and why should I care?

>> No.55766388

>word bearers
>the archfailures
You got cucked, bruh

>> No.55766395

What is the joke behind FW doors? Just that they're slightly larger?

>> No.55766399

poxwalkers can grow to infinite size

>> No.55766407

Wha- how? How did you read it like that?

2 special weapons per 5 dudes. The "two other" means that they're not any of the models that picked any of the preceding upgrades. Like you can't have a dude with a vox caster and a plasma gun.

>> No.55766408

No, you get two specials per 5 models.

>> No.55766409

How are you getting to that conclusion? Its every 5 dudes, you get 2 specials, so at 10 dudes you get 4 special weapons.

>> No.55766418

>already have a local Word Bearer fag in our 30k league
>he's an insufferable shit

my future is suffering

>> No.55766423

>play my daemons versus player with allied guard and GKs
>he doesn't burn his ig army after the match to be true to the fluff
what a disappointment, waac guard players not even caring at all about the fluff piss me off

>> No.55766426


Execute those two men with hoods and gas masks for heresy. Look closely, you'll see why.

>> No.55766458


Never mind, looks like that was also the wording in the Index.

Are DKoK Death Riders/Death Rider Command Squads still legal even though Rough Riders aren't in the Codex anymore?

>> No.55766459

Because they're jews?

>> No.55766460

FW sometimes have broken rules.
It evolved into FW is OP meme.
Then FW rhino doors are OP and WAAC.
And finnaly using FW is denying Holocaust.

>> No.55766479

From a tiny blip on the map, to a legit sizeable space empire. Equal to Ultramar in glory and power if not greater. The T'au have really made it far.

So what's next for the T'au?

>> No.55766492

Getting rekt.

>> No.55766496

This is dealt with in the FAQ

Yes, but read the FAQ for more info.

>> No.55766499

>Source: My ass

>> No.55766509

The emperor awakes and passes the torch of humanities survival to the tau.

The imperium collapses and the tau accepts what few refugees there are that flee to them.

>> No.55766510


more seriously the northern region would be cool

>> No.55766513

Playtester on Imperial Armour 9 and 10.

>> No.55766514

>eastern bounds
>tau clearly north
lmao, great job emperor's """finest"""

>> No.55766517


yfw the Word Bearers conquer the Tau and sacrifice the entire xenos race to the Dark Gods, all just to steal the Ultramarines' glory while Guilliman is off fighting the Death Guard

>> No.55766518

>using FW is denying Holocaust.

Unless it's /hhg/, in which case not using FW is perpetuating the Holocaust.

>> No.55766530

Beautiful. I wouldnt mind playing against like one squad of conscripts. Its like alcohol good in moderation

>> No.55766541


>> No.55766552

So a literally who?

>> No.55766560

Probably being shoved back a good bit from their current position, since the Admech has pumped their production up to Super Saiyan levels and have so far won any direct conflict save the one interrupted by a supervolcano, the Death Guard are on the warpath over there and their AIs have got to the point that the only thing keeping them from going Man of Iron on them is plot fiat.

Unless you're GW, in which case I suspect they'll very carefully expand around Ultramar so as not to have to fight the other "Perfect Combatants" over anything serious.

>> No.55766568

That reminds me to watch the new season of sunshine

>> No.55766581

At last my lgs has made the necessary move to drive out the WAAC fags with the new premium tables!
To use these guided tables which are identical to before one must:
Base all models
All models must be fully built (no damaged parts I.e no bent barrels or staves.)
Fully painted models.

Now tell me tg have you pushed for rules?

>> No.55766593

The Magician would be something along the lines of Purge the Psyker or Use Psychic powers.

>> No.55766601


>> No.55766602

Can I outflank 2 Veteran squads in Chimeras if I have a Company Commander with the Dagger of Tu'Sakh embarked on one and use its effect on the other squad of embarked Veterans? I can't disembark after this since I would be setting them up at the end of any movement phase right?

>> No.55766610


I don't see anything on either the FW FAQ (https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Downloads/40K_8th_ed_Update_Imperial_Armour_Index_Forces_of_the_Astra_Militarum_ver_1.0.pdf) or the GW (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Rules-Errata).


>> No.55766616

They get exceptions cause they're first founding.
Still kinda sucks but it makes sense, nobody fucks with first founding chapters, and with Gulliman around it's even less likely anyone will.

>> No.55766619

The Admech are reeling from a massed Necron invasion targeting their forgeworlds and territories.
Ultramar and the Deathguard are at each others throats weakening each other.

There is nothing major standing between the T'au and seizing big chunks territory while everyone is distracted.

>> No.55766622

GW is always carefull to never endanger Tau.
In 6th and 8th ed Guard codex we have info that 1000 Guard Regiments, Titan legion and a lot of marines is heading to attack Tau, in campaign book about it we have less than 30 regiments and no titans.

>> No.55766624 [DELETED] 

I'd guess because they're Cultist models as seen on the one in the top left here.


>> No.55766627

So, when somebody starts deploying and realizes that one of his Veteran Sergeants had his backpack banner fall off, do you all begin screaming like retarded chimpanzees until they flee in tears?

>> No.55766635

>WAACfag does all this
>starts game
>reaches over to one of opponent's models, bends its barrel
>club rules didn't say you couldn't damage someone else's models after all
>opponent is disqualified for having a model with a bent barrel in their army
>win by default
It's like you don't have the faintest idea how WAACfags actually think.

>> No.55766637

officio prefectus isn't a regiment. Yarrick has no other regiment keyword.

Until we get an errata, yarrick cannot order anything.

>> No.55766640

>Chaos Familiar CSM Stratagem lets a friendly HERETIC ASTARTES PSYKER take CSM powers
>Mortarion is that
>As long as you have a CSM detachments you can have mortarion gain warptime and diabolic str for 2 cp

This sounds like fun.

>> No.55766653

>no damaged parts/ barrels
Pure autism
>must be Wysiwyg
Also autism, if I don't like how an option looks or if it's going to cost a ton of money to get the bits to make things wysiwyg you can fuck yourself
The others are fine and it's good that it's encouraged, but there's a fine line between keeping away WAACfags and being a bunch of elitists

>> No.55766660


The problem I run into as Steel Legion is that there are only three troop options in the codex (infantry squads, scions, and conscripts). Scions just plain don't fit the theme and lore of Steel Legion as well as conscripts and infantry do, so they're out.

I would love to take all infantry squads in chimeras, but given how expensive chimeras are it's really hard to fill a brigade detachment without filling a couple of troop slots with the cheaper conscripts. It can be done, but usually at the expense of taking a leman russ or something.

Pic related are the lists I am toying with.

>> No.55766673

The Admech is hardly monolithic, and the 'Crons around there seem considerably more relaxed than most since they haven't blasted the Tau away already
. Wouldn't take more than three or four Beta+ Forge Worlds to check the Tau advances, Kardashev scale's a bitch. Did all the pictures of Death Guard chewing through Tau not tip you off that they're attacking?

>> No.55766674

Who he is isn't as important as the fact that he definitely was there and that Alan Bligh, the former lead writer and game designer of Forgeworld agreed with him.

>> No.55766676

>not just loosening the top to a bottle of plastic cement and slipping it into their case when they're not looking

Next time they open it, all their models were melted or smeared to some degree. Fucking hilarious. Fuck people that don't bathe.

>> No.55766679

GW Cultist models, guy at the top left.

>> No.55766690

Thinking of making a new Primaris Chapter.

Gonna make em Silver with Red trim/highlights.

They'll be very religious in the Imperial Cult. Gonna call them Word Holders.

>> No.55766702


Already been done with the Fire Angels though?

>> No.55766706


steel legion player forgot to remove the Chaos stars

>> No.55766707

NiceDemonette is that you?

>> No.55766720

daily reminder that the caestus makes the space wolf ram look like a tonka toy

>> No.55766726

Nah that star only has six points, it's good. And he said Armageddon, not Krieg.

>> No.55766747

Am I misreading or can any <REGIMENT> unit be Tempestus now?

>> No.55766757

Kinda want to do a Tarot based army now. Not really sure how to even fucking start that tho. Should probably be a Psyker heavy army. CSM maybe? Do it Word Bearer style with all the deamons?

>> No.55766760

I mean if you are not a WAACfag you can just play with the mixed weapons you put on your models instead of saying they are all plasma.

>> No.55766767

They can't.

>> No.55766776


Where does it say you can't?

>> No.55766782

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

>> No.55766789

Thousand Sons seems like a decent choice too, especially cult Corvidae since they are diviners.

>> No.55766794

Strawberries? What?

>> No.55766818

Under the regiment part, Tempustus counts as a regiment but you can't make the regiment tag into tempestus.

>> No.55766819

I've got an idea for a primaris chapter too. Their heraldry will be red torsos and upper legs, with the rest of the armour the colour of bare ceremite. They'll specialise in chemical warfare, especially operating in chlorine-rich environments, and have a big focus on saving civilian lives. I'm going to call them the Life Guards.

>> No.55766828

I think WYSIWYG is a fair stipulation if you're playing with PL.

>> No.55766844

Ok, I kek'd

>> No.55766848


Their symbol is three lifesaving rings

Primogenitor: Rogal Dorn

>> No.55766858


>> No.55766884

This is how you get beaten with a metal dreadnought. Damage my models in front of me? You're getting fucked up.

>> No.55766891

Outside of the Rhino every marine vehicle looks like a toy.
Hell most imperial vehicle suffer from that. Since GW can't into human looking vehicles

>> No.55766914 [SPOILER] 

>Outside of the Rhino every marine vehicle looks like a toy.
But....what about best tank?
.....Land Raider?

>> No.55766920

>Insert NPC nidplayer copypasta

>> No.55766921

Nice logic there Alinski
My armies actually are completely wysiwyg when I go to tournies. But if someone wants to play a list and all their dudes are there it's just not the right weapon it would be autistic as fuck to say they aren't allowed to play, also if someone wants to try a new strategy or build they shouldn't have to spend a chunk of their paycheck to be wysiwyg before they even know if they like that build
it's not a video game where you can just swap things around instantly, not everyone has the time and money to make their new list instantly wysiwyg

>> No.55766948

No their symbol would be a red cross.

>> No.55766951

That the man who works to bake a loaf of bread so he can afford a slice is not truely free.

>> No.55766953

>"Human looking vehicles."

>> No.55766966

Hey, thats how it works right now.

Same with magic the gathering. You either buy the cards you need, or you play with what you've got.

>> No.55766969

Terminators r kewl.

>> No.55767009

Specially the stupid looking Landraider.
Rhinos and Chimeras are like the only non toy looking ones.
Maybe the Immolator since the bloody thing is meant to be a show off vehicle

>> No.55767010

What do Krieg and Elesians use for doctrines?

>> No.55767029

What ever you want.
Be warn, this triggers scrub players.

>> No.55767034

Magic =/= 40k

Also as a tangent isn't it common for people to proxy cards in legacy decks since you don't wanna pay $150 on a single card before trying it out?

>> No.55767049

Onager is pretty sweet, as are the 30k vehicles in the Mech line.

>> No.55767056


I see it on page 84. Goddamn I wish these things were better organized.

So I can't use tanks and have the MTs use Storm Trooper? (Page 132)

>> No.55767072

That could work I suppose. My only problem is that Rubics and scarbs don't have any personality so I'd be stuck with just sorcs and deamons to rep the tarots.
yea I have no fucking idea. Think it's just the artist havin fun.

>> No.55767080

Its a race between you and your opponent to see how many of your own men you can kill

>> No.55767083

But anon Walkers are not vehicles

>> No.55767086

>Who took the strawberries

>> No.55767096


Fucking hell, if MTs can't have a doctrine ability in a mixed force I might as well run them all as DKoK Grenadiers. I have dozens of 5/6/7 Ed carapace vets and nothing to use them for otherwise.

>> No.55767103


>> No.55767130

You need a separate detachment with just the MT in.

>> No.55767135 [SPOILER] 

Best Chaos Legion?

I think so.

>> No.55767148

How do you do fellow Loyalists?

>> No.55767152

The front is stupid. Also, the fact that this doesn't have an artillery version with a big gun is very disappointing. They could have done that instead of two separate twin-barreled rapid fire guns. Then you'd have the dakka, the anti-tank, the fancy special gun, and the indirect howitzer.

>> No.55767159

Old meme.
Also walkers are another category in the toy looking issue.

Mechanicus gets a past of the time and the classic dreadnoght does too. The ones with a bloody marine helmet for a face are boarderline 90's action figure looking

>> No.55767176

>howitzer fires
>recoil blows all 4 legs off at the knee

>> No.55767177

Shiet i have been bamboozled

>> No.55767185

Is track guards (10pts) a good idea for hellhounds? With auto-hits and max speed no matter the amount of wounds is a good deal right?

>> No.55767195

The Biologis Preservers?

>> No.55767201


Seriously though: where can I find their doctrines?


>> No.55767218

>adheres to physics

>> No.55767219

Forge World will put something out eventually

>> No.55767278

Which guard regiment is shit enough that people will still be willing to play against me?

>> No.55767281

Considering there are no combi-plasmas in any of the csm kits, has anyone got shit for using Kromlech bits in any of GW stores or tournaments?

>> No.55767305

>suspension of disbelief

>> No.55767334

Anyone got any stories of bad tourney experiences?
>excited for monthly LGS tourney because it's the same day as the guard codex
>argue with work to get off that day and completely finish school work for the weekend
>Day begins and I've lost my debt card
>get gas with what money I have and as I pull out my car hits a pole which puts a nasty gash in my door and catches my wheel tearing it out of alignment making the car almost undrivable
>get to tourney and have to beg friend for money to pay my entrance fee
>first game is a slog and I loose due to a last minute mistake on my part
>second game is against autistic as fuck guy who is very dry and who treats me like his rival because I almost always beat him
>as we are setting up I get a call that a relative had passed away, not super close but still not fun to hear
>about half way through playing I just forfeit because he's so unfun to play and I just didn't feel like going on, on top of that I fucked up my deployment bad after getting that call
>I apologize and tell him I had a death in the family
>he's increadibly smug about the whole thing and won't shut up about his genius strategies that won it
>I leave for a bit and return for the final game
>play against a guy who has also lost every game, we both agree to just try and have fun
>it's increadibly one sided and I nearly table him before we just end it because I was worried he was getting butt hurt at me.
>go home and get drunk with roommate and play vidya to hide the pain
Definitely in the bottom 3 for me

>> No.55767338

I just took Storm Bolters, cut the muzzle in half and mounted a legion plasma pistol muzzle on them.

>> No.55767366


Unless your Red Shirts are way *way* more gung-ho and perceptive than any I've ever seen (or you're a colossal asshole who brings it down on himself) no one will give the slightest glimmer of a shadow of even a single fuck.

>> No.55767368

All of them if they aren't pussies

>> No.55767371

Any of them. As long as your flgs hasn't had a history of people flat out refusing to play say Eldar or Tau during 7th then it shouldn't matter. Nobody but the most spastic act like the posters here.

>> No.55767384

So what level is Magnus on?

>> No.55767399

No but rly, least competitive chapter pls
Cadia? Mordia?

>> No.55767420

Exactly. The Onager's suspension system operates on disbelief.

As in, they're made from metal laced with crystallized heretics, who denied the Emperor and His divinity.

Also, why does the Defiler get to fire its battle cannon without blowing its knees, but the Onager doesn't?

>> No.55767423

Yes really, tell your opponents to git gud, if they don't seem to be having fun tone down your list, you should pick the regement you like, all have strengths and weaknesses

>> No.55767426

Granblu, is that like toohu?

>> No.55767440

In-fluff are abhuman units commanded by proper humans at the platoon/company/battalion/regiment level?

I'm wondering if I have to make a Ratling Sean Bean for my 95th Abhuman Light Rifles...

>> No.55767450

Migrate to the other thread.


Please promise me when making a thread after that one, that you'll include the squigs.

Thank you.

>> No.55767452

But like if I wanna be nice and choose most subtle handicap

>> No.55767462

>ywn be on the final stage of wizardry
Tzeentch please

>> No.55767490

Fucking don't unless you enjoy pain. There's better ways to weaken your army if you're worried about being to stronk. Still if you need to be a beta bitch Steel Legion is pretty meh. Pretty much every other Regiment is stronger by a fair bit.

>> No.55767495

>include the squigs

>> No.55767513

Why to kill this one? It's still on page 5th.

>> No.55767542

Cheers friend.

Also, why?

>> No.55767547

They must. Many of them aren't very bright to begin with.

>I'm wondering if I have to make a Ratling Sean Bean for my 95th Abhuman Light Rifles...

Shame you can't give a company commander a sniper rifle. Nor a platoon commander a shotgun.

>> No.55767836


Is Yarrick or a Primaris and three squads of Ratlings cromulant for a Vanguard Detachment?

>> No.55767856


Straken has a shotty.

>> No.55767893

So THAT'S where I got that colorscheme
I thought the scions I was painting looked familiar, only difference is mine have a black trim.

>> No.55767904

It would embiggen your army list

>> No.55768189

Tips for running a Tempestus detachment alongside GK?

>> No.55768249


To enable the possibility of special rules that buff Lasguns or Autoguns respectively, such as overcharged packs or special ammo.

Not to say it'll ever happen, but that's why it's there.

>> No.55768453

We never had people outright refusing to play Eldar in sixth and seventh, but we definitely had some soft-shunning. Forum posts trying to schedule games would be ignored/missed, PuG's would avoid them where possible, etc.

One dude got super salty since I never had any issues getting games with my Tzeentch Daemons.

>> No.55768527

What he said
Popped Leman russ punisher turn 1, then hydra next turn, after that all he had was stuff that barely hurt me so it just became a hunt

>> No.55768935

Sounds like my games again Eldar and Dark Eldar. While I have the fire power to fight htem, I just can't catch up to them as they keep interrupting my vehicles and close combat units.

>> No.55768994

Post pics when you're finished I'm screencapping this shit.

>> No.55771366

That dumbass carrying the wooden shield. What's that gonna protect against? A stern look?

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