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>Alpharius was said to be the height of a tall SM
>Primaris SM are taller than normal SM
>There are PSM that are taller than primarchs

Who else thinks the PSM were a mistake?

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Abaddon is said to be identical to Horus in everyway except his eyes and smile. HUGE marines are not something new.

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Primaris were a mistake, but Primarchs being FUCKHUEG is also dumb as shit.

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primarchs being FUCKHUEG was probably the dumbest retcon GW's ever done

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I say it's a logical conclusion

I mean they're fighting a war here they kinda have to improve their shit

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No way that Abby was the same size as Horus.

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Many Sons of Horus look like Horus, but not the height.
Though Abaddon is a tall guy by his own right, and he also wears terminator armour which makes him tall as fuck.

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Yeah, but why the height? No SM should be taller than their own primarchs.
Their gene seed comes from their primarchs after all.

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though often times said geneseed gets modified and mutated over time

they can make Custodes large as fuck perhaps some Frodo ask the question "can't we just make the SM's big?"

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>No SM should be taller than their own primarchs.
Well none of the primaris marines come from Alpha Legion geneseed so I don't see the issue.

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>There was a cloned father and a prodigal son, surrounded by the dead and the wounded, so similar that only by their weapons and wounds could I tell them apart. That, and their different smiles.

-Talon of Horus.

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Because being huge is great for stealth and subversion, isn't it?

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Mutation is a rare thing among Primaris

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Before all this Black Library cancer, Primarchs were not giants.

A big marine could have been Primarch size

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You are a moron.

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That may well be true, but it bears no relevance to what I said.

tl;dr: fuck you too, you turbonigger

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Yes, in RT, where characters like Leman Russ were just space marines.

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Primaris are an abominable offspring of the storyline's progress, created to bring more dollaridoos to GW - because frankly most loyalist marine players have the models they needed anyway by this point, barring new players.
New arms and armor alone would have been fine alone, and at most repairing geneseed to get crusade-era "perfect" marines again instead of this whole new breed of marines.
The infantry models and dread are aesthetically pleasing though, I'll give them that.

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Not Originally, until his time in the eye has caused him to grow like some kind of warboss

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Primaris Primarchs when?

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oh, you sweet child.
Let me tell you about the current regent...

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Oh great, you've woken up carnac. Because BL fiction is never contradictory or contains an unreliable narrator.

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>The infantry models and dread are aesthetically pleasing though, I'll give them that.
They would be if they hadn't blown them up that extra 10%. Now they just look like retarded. .

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What does his stupid topknot do?

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How really big primarchs are supposed to be ? In my mind it has always been :
>Astartes : 7 - 7.5 ft
>Custodes/Primaris : 8 - 8.5 ft
>Primarchs : 9 -10 ft depending of the guy (not counting Magnus)

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At lot of the book point at the 2 m measure, examples...

Just under 2 m tall
Fully 2 m tall
Over 2 m tall

2 meters is 6 ft 6 inches

A average NFL lineman is 6 ft 5 inches so that means a Astertes is likely a few inches taller then a Lineman. However there are noted giants among them. One of the characters in the ultramarine novels is noted for being "closer to 3 meter then 2 meter in height". There are bigger Astarte then that but they are rare. The character noted above was the largest marine in his company.

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The primarchs were, on average, to space marines what space marines are to normal people.

So a human, 5'10'', to a space marine, 7', would put a Primarch around the high 8' to low 8'.

There are exceptions of course. Magnus being exceptionally tall and Alpharius Omegon being comparatively short are the prime example. It also varied amongst marines. Most marines were the same height (engineered that way to make outfitting them cheaper) but you did get odd extra tall marine. The Alpha Legion had a significant greater number of extra tall marines, possibly intentional so they can be Primarch stand ins easer.

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>high 8' to low 8'.
Low 9'*

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Biggest gripes with Primaris Space Marines
>Look like tactical military instead of gothic knights
>Every time they're mentioned, they get complimented at the expense of the regular astartes, WE'RE SMARTER, FASTER, STRONGER, ALL AROUND BETTER
>Because GW doesn't want to fuck over the guys with regular marines, they have this huge plothole where regular marines can be turned into Primaris marines, yet every marine isn't primaris yet
They just lack personality that HH and regular 40k Marines have.

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I don't get it. Isn't the point of a Space Marine to be the best generally available troop? I get that custodes and grey knights have been better already, but those two cases are super rare.

So regular Space Marines are supposed to be the best thing that is not as rare as custodes and grey knights, right? So what's up with these Primaris marines, which are way more available than Grey Knigths and Custodes, but better than regular marines in every way.

What the hell is the point of a regular marine now? Who thought this was a good idea (story wise)?

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The Chapter Master of the Exorcists is literally a Giant who is more akin to an Ogryn.

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I think they are a great idea and it makes the Emperor not a mary sue who can do no wrong, nothing sacred about his work, as he intended and its not above improvement like it was shown.

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My personal issue is similar but it's more that the primaris are so....inflexible? One of the cool things about marines is giving squads personality through different load outs and equipment that can reflect the squad leader/disposition of the chapter as a whole.

Take say, sallies intercessors. There's no flamecraft, or raven guard intercessors are just intercessors but a little sneakier?

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Alpha legion marines are also supposed to be very big for marines

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It's not a mistake you stupid goy, think of how much money GW's gonna make from people replacing their marinelets.

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Space marines were a mistake

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That's how things should be. Demigod Primarchs are inherently less interesting than Legion Master Primarchs.

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Thats why characters like Kharn, Ahriman, Bill and Typhus are better than their Primarchs.

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>Demigod Primarchs are inherently less interesting than Legion Master Primarchs
Is this the Superman argument, again?
And blatantly ignoring the very human, basic foibles of the primarches that wouldn't have the same impact if they were not presented as being so much greater than mere humans?

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>Is this the Superman argument, again?

No it's the "They're already superman" argument. A founding chapter master+ who forged the imperium through his efforts is a -massively- powerful setting shaking transhuman.

They just don't cross that extra wank-line that turns them into magical hyperbeings that rended the regular marines worthless except as massed hordes of cannon fodder as a backdrop to Primarch dick measuring contests.

They -are- so much better than mere humans either way, and in the top 0.01% of space marines.

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I know rite, never have a child grown taller than its father.

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>They -are- so much better than mere humans either way, and in the top 0.01% of space marines.
Yes, so much better that Leman Russ was nearly killed by poison gas.
I can accept your opinion, and state that I disagree entirely. It's a power level argument that comics has grappled with for years, and oddly enough, resolved repeatedly only to forget how they did it.

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Who do you think gave Cawl the plans in the first place?


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Conversely, you have multiple counts in the heresy novels of Primarchs facing off against Titans.

And not in a potentially interesting way like say, leaping off a building as a Warhound passes, landing on it and cutting your way in to kill the crew. I mean, surviving getting stepped on or shot at. Magnus using Biomancy to fucking wrestle one.

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Space marines are the defenders of humanity, that is no job for a manlet.

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I wish that rather than making primarus they had:
>Completely revamped the space marine rules giving them primarus level rules
>Brought out an additional true-scale line with all the options normal tactical marines have
>Slowly replace current marines with true-scale marines
>They are both legal game-wise (just like old metal models are) but they will only be supporting the new line
Gives players a reason to buy (because they will look better) and you don't have to massacre the fluff.

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To help my case here is a pic of a 6 ft 8 man next to a normal man. As a another way of show just how large "Over 2 m tall' is I would like to point out Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the actor who play the mountain, is 6 ft 9.

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That guy's a space marine

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someone photohop a SM armor on the blue dude and just call it a day

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I think the primaris popping up out of nowhere with all new wargear is kinda wanky, but I understand what they were trying to do, apart from claiming more sheckles. The

The models themselves are cool; I like the proportions. They'd have been great as Ret-Conned regular Space Marines. Like, this is what space marines have always looked like compared to regular dudes.

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>Taller = better.

Is this setting written for children or something?

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Manlet detected.

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The fluff straight up says Custodes are 9ft

Or is this the retard that tries to convince everyone that Space Marines were 6.5ft and Primarchs 8ft?

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Nothing to do with story, anon. It's because GW couldn't get a trademark on Space Marine (they tried and failed).

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Seriously, think about it. People have been asking for truescale for ages, but GW didn't want to instantly invalidate their largest by far line of models with the true scale release.

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Say what you will of the Primaris Space Marines but the Redemptor Dreads are aesthetic as hell.

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That's cus they are scaled to the correct size as marines should be and stated how they should be in the game for fluff.

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>Is this setting written for children or something?
You've arrived at this realization just now?

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Why does it have a tau gun? That plasma cannon doesn't look Imperial in the slightest.

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Because Cawl has been reverse engineering Tau and Necron stuff to give to the Imperials, according to the developer interview videos.

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>Demigod Primarchs
Because it is what they are and have always been. Before the BL began a series about it, the HH was just a mythology for the 40k setting, full of legends and exagerations about the Primarchs. The very fact of turning this mythology into something historical already destroyed a lot of the magic about it, especially because 30k is supposed to be an era of rationalism and progress. Better tech, better administration, better armies... Fuck that, it is not fun. Rational yes, realistic maybe, but not fun. Other futuristic settings have this kind of things, where are the fantasy stuff we love about 40k ? Primarchs being god-like creatures in THIS universe makes sense : all the hardcore secularism promoted by the Emperor seems pointless when everybody can't help but compare his sons to mythological figures.

>the top 0.01% of space marines
Too bad regular 40k chapter masters are in the top 0.001%... That's basically why Primarchs had to be a whole step above them, we already had super-Astartes slaughtering thousand of enemies and liberating entire worlds. In an era where Space Marines are legions conquering the galaxy, I suppose that was not impressive enough.

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But Custodes are not marines.
They're a people apart

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>setting that's edgy on purpose
>made for adolescents


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