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Johnny edition.

Last >>55697706

>Warhammer Community news(New FAQs for Codex: Death Guard, Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus and more)

>Daily Duncan Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVWObn2XXLo&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Adeptus Mechanicus codex (thank you Vladimir)

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nice times for this guy

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>fielding models that are unpainted at certain angels

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my dudes > your dudes

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>leaning down to model height and staring at your opponent's models and judging him like a sperg

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What are some new supplements you want to see for 8th edition?

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Don't just copy+paste blindly, you fuckers have been linking old Duncan playlists for weeks now.


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>implying that i am not a slaaneshi into flogging

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>opponent's models
Should be a matter of personal pride, homie.

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Don't be a WAACfag! Don't shame others into losing just because you can't beat them!

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I'd like them to focus on warzones again, have a bunch of missions for a campaign, some narrative rules, more ruses cards and maybe warzone specific warlord traits. A 4th war of Armageddon or T'au surviving Tyranids and the Imperium would be cool to see.

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For 8th: None
For Armies: Loads

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my dudes > absolutely BTFO'd your dudes

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Not opponent, you dip. Mine. I know this shit is there, it bothers me.

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So if my points are right, and I don't think they are so I gave myself some wiggle room. This is supposed to be an Ordo Malleus Inquisitorial Warband. Voldus is my counts-as Inquisitor.

IG Battalion - Stormtroopers
2x Tempestor Prime - Command Rod
10x Scions - Vox, 4x Plasma, Tempestor with plasma pistol
10x Scions - Vox, 4x Meltaguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol
10x Scions - Vox, 4x Volleyguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol
2x Taurox Prime - Volleyguns and Gatling gun

GK Vanguard
Voldus - Hammerhand, Vortex, Gate (my inquisitor)
Apothecary - Warding Stave, Gate
Paladin Ancient - Gate
Paladin Squad - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

IG Vanguard
Commissar Lord - Plasma Pistol, Power Maul
Ministorum Priest (the crusader captain, essentially)
10x Crusaders (melee specialists)
5x Ratlings (infantry snipers)
2x Valkyrie - Lascannons and Hellstrikes

I think its like 1997 points
How's it look. It's a shame I can't slap my Scions in the Valkyries since they're a different keyword now, though. Unless I'm wrong.

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>he doesn't play to see cool models and have cool moments
Yup, WAACfag.

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t. WAACfag

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How many cool moments have you had with your opponents conscript hordes?

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On one hand, I'm anticipating the Tyranid codex. On the other, seeing how bad IG players are getting shit on, I'm kind of dreading it as well.

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Dont worry anon we can all love each other.

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But we've been shitting on delusional Nidfags who think they're the big bad in these generals for years now. You should be use to it.

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First for Emprah Custodes army of 15 models.

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you dont understand the vigin/chad meme do you?

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None, because WAACfag armies aren't fun to play against.

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I just made that for fun.

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I thought we were just tweaking Carnac's nipples.

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Fuck, I lost it.

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Is this a decent all Sisters list?

Outrider Detachment 1175 Points

>2 Geminae

Fast Attack
>10 Seraphim w/Power Sword and Plasma Pistol Superior, 4 Inferno Pistols

>6 Dominions w/Combi-Melta Superior, 4 Melta Guns
>6 Dominions w/Combi-Melta Superior, 4 Melta Guns
>6 Dominions w/Combi-Melta Superior, 4 Melta Guns
>3xImmolators w/Immolation Flamer, Extra Storm Bolter

Spearhead Detachment 825

>Canoness w/Eviscerator, Combi-Flamer


Heavy Support
>8 Retributors w/Storm Bolter Superior, 4 Heavy Bolters
>1 Repressor w/2 Heavy Flamers, Storm Bolter

>3x Excorcists w/Extra Storm Bolter

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I was busy washing 27 bases for my infantry. Gimme a break, senpai.

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>mfw we'll never get those plastic sisters
Plastic Celestine is leading the way, right ? Right ?!

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>mfw I would play Sisters in a heartbeat if they had any support/models

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>>play a test game to see how my friend's tzeentch daemons are this edition
>>bring standard marine list and test out new wip fatnought
>>wipe out lord of change, 60 pink horrors, 6 screamers, a chariot herald, and 3 flamers by turn 2 and only lose an aggressor, 3 tactical marines, and a razorback

Tzeentch sure did a 180 on the powerlevel list. Worst army in the game? Changeling is solid, exalted are pretty good, screamers and flamers are okay, but everything else is such trash.

Also fatnoughts are fun, but I feel like contemptors are better for less with their increased ws/bs, invuln, and reliable melee.

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More war zone books would be great

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Just had my third game of 40k. Only 30 power level and objective was just to kill eachother.

Was Death Guard vs Scions.

DG List was:
Lord with Fist and Plasma Pistol
Foul Blightspawn (Meme Flamer guy)
5 Plague Marines with 2 plasma and 1 blight launcher
20 poxwalkers
1 Bloat Drone

Scions list was:
Tempestor Prime
10 Guardsmen with flamer
3x5 squads of scions with random mix of flamer, plasma and melta
Scout Sentinel with multi-laser and hunter killer
1 Taurox prime with gatling gun and hot shot guns.
1 Taurox prime with battlecannon and stormbolter and hot shot guns.

Guess which one won, and which lost.

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A friend got me a chimera and two leman russes to start my foray into 40k. Do I have to play with cadians to keep it cheap or do I have enough tanks to build vostroyans?

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Why arent you playing Ultimate mod warhammer 40k for men of war assault squad 2 /tg/ ?

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New best name

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Gib Warzone Baal

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Good night, sweet Nurglite princes. :(

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Yes, new Celestine and her Geminae will be leading. I'm just wondering if I should switch some melta Dominions to storm bolters or something for anti-infantry.

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>he uses forgeworld turrets
Fucking WAACfag nazi.
No wonder you beat that poor Tzeentch player.
I doubt you even apologized for it after the game.
btw sick paintjob

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Scions no contest.

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In this episode of <your dudes > focus, tell us about your warlord and the anthem that reminds you of hin/her bearing down on the enemy.
Balsezath Ezzean is the Archon of the Maelstrom Ravagers. He favors speed and brutality over heavy weapons. As he rides down the eneny in his custom Raider, The Aszdrumahr, I imagine it sounding like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvUkROjv1U4

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I have actual warhammer games to spend money on.

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>Lady Atia said exodites are going to be released sometime between now and the end of next year.
>Atia has 100% reliability on rumors


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When did Atia confirm exodites?

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Death Guard won in the end. Had Lord with 4 wounds and 2 Plague Marines alive.

Poxwalkers and Bloat Drone died very fast. Scions melted fast too, 3 alone to morale.

Flamer Death Guard guy was hilarious, did something like 15 wounds in the game. Killed commisar who charged him (very bad idea) and degraded both taurox's before being gunned down.

T5 is really a big deal. Much more than DR, which was nice too.

>> No.55702523

She also said Plastic Sisters are coming.

>> No.55702530

>screamers and flamers are okay
Move them down to mediocre. Too expensive for how little offense they have, while being 2W wonders.

Lord of Changes (or any Greater Daemon sans Bloodthirsters imo) were never worth it without sinking 40pts in for two Greater Daemonic Gifts.

And right now LoC are in an akward spot of supposed to be the Pyschic Powerhouse... but he's just a shittier Bloodthirster.

But yup. Tzeentch got shit on. Tho with 60pts for 20 Wounds and Magnus being a TZEENTCH DAEMON, Tzeentch still does strong in tournaments.

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>Deathguard won
>T5 mattered
>against S3 weapons
>that also wound T4 on 5s

>> No.55702579

He didn't stand a chance after I summoned a loyal imperial bloodthirster using the black magick of my resin dozer blades.
I'm terrified of looking like a waac now that asscan razors are the meta. I made them for an armored fist detachment with a predator commander in 7th to carry my bolter guys, and hoo boy are they better now. My only defense is I never made stormbolters. Also, thanks!

>> No.55702581

>yfw plastic SoB arrive and the sprues are dated to 2008

>> No.55702592

24 shots hitting on 3s at S4.

Hmmm does this matter? Nah, bait man said it didn't.

>> No.55702594

>Plastic sisters coming soon

>Plastic sister coming EVENTUALLY

He rumours are never wrong because they are so fucking vague it's beyond belief.

If one of her rumours is found to be false, she just claims it got pushed back. If she ever says Fires of Cyraxus is coming soon I will cry, because that means I'll be dead before it comes out.

>> No.55702604

Post some pics

>> No.55702606

Surprinsing happy end !

>> No.55702615

At least they're proper assault cannon turrets and not just spare assault cannons or dreadnought arms dropped on top of a regular Rhino.

>> No.55702620


>> No.55702621

Anon, re read the post.

>> No.55702649

I can feel a stiff breeze in my neckbeard
...tis destiny.
Honestly, I've found that Asscan Razorbacks, while amazing, are only really good if you've already got your anti-tank firepower taken care of (but then again, a Predator Destructor and Plasmabellynaut take care of that pretty well)

>> No.55702660


That looks really cool.

>> No.55702668

I thought Scion lasguns were only S3?

>> No.55702671

Yeah, I really hope they don't get shat on when daemons get a book just because of brimstones and magnus ruling the competitive scene. With some new psyker powers and increased offensive power most stuff would be fine IMO. the survivability is solid, but units like pinks just don't do anything.

Lords of change could use more defensive ability though. Was way too easy to mow down with bolters.

Also a soul grinder failed to deal a single wound to my inceptors in melee. Sad.

>> No.55702692

Why the fuck do I never see people use dark eldar forgeworld.
Such cool models but so rare.

>> No.55702694

Unless you play to lose, you are WAAC

>> No.55702700

They are, but the gatling cannon from the taurox prime is heavy 20 at S4. Add in a few bolt pistols and a stormbolter too.

Fucking annoying shit.

>> No.55702704

So ive been thinking of getting into the tabletop after dicking around with friends armies, and would like to start an eldar army, maybe some harlys thrown in. Im looking for casual play so id like to make a small fluffy list, maybe some sort of spooky themed group of my dudes with wraithguard and wraith specters (friend had a few, they seemed cool). Any suggestions or recommended units? Or any place to read up on them? ALso is the start collectin for the eldar worth picking up?

>> No.55702721

Wraith guard or wraith spectres.

Download books in the OP

>> No.55702732

I've not yet heard music that work for Death guard or Orks, it's always just been random shit with a sentence or two some idiot though fitted or a crummy beat box and synth guitar "metal" track.

>> No.55702737

Holy shit.
I did not know that.
My bad, anon. How the fuck did you win against that?

>> No.55702741

> FORGE WORLD turrets
Literally Hitler

>> No.55702743

I'd like Screamers to get either 3W, a better Advance, rework their Slashing. And maybe their bite to get bonus To Hit vs. VEHICLE / MONSTERS.

I do find Pinks do work... so long as you have the points to Split! And then all they do is act as an anvil for your Daemon Prince to be the hammer

>> No.55702760

Any source yet on cadia standa or eye of night?

>> No.55702764

Both, if thats possible? And maybe add a fighter for air support or some swooping hawks.

>> No.55702781

Check that shit out.


well if faeit is to be believed which... well is a long shot sisters next year maybe? If we got dino elves before then I'd laugh.

>> No.55702791


>> No.55702797

>>dreadnought arms on a rhino
I love the las predator this edition. Mine repeatedly overperforms. Glad folks with the autocannon finally got their time in the sun too.

And yeah, I definitely found myself a bit low on at in games against mechanized guard players this edition a few times until I learned to get enough redundant AT for sure.

>> No.55702803

I like Hell March 2 or Hell March 3 for evil slogging armies themes like DG or R&H

>> No.55702809

>Almost 2 years ago
Looking like a negative to me

>> No.55702810

what a joke of a person you have to be to believe this shit

>> No.55702817

>wraith specters
You mean shadow specters?

>> No.55702818

Hilariously I was thinking of just using some aelf shit and guardians to make exodite guardians instead. Or something along those lines.

>> No.55702822

Conversion fags.

How the fuck can I do up some harakoni warhawks? Cadian minis, rebreather heads, elysian grave chutes?

Now how the fuck do I get those para-lasguns?

>> No.55702838

A few lizardmen exodite conversion armies are floating around out there. They don't look too bad.

>> No.55702840

Take normal lasguns and snip the stock?

>> No.55702852

For DG, maybe something slowerbwith a driving beat and orchestral. Try some ES Posthumus.
Orks is 80s speed metal all the way. Iron maiden, Judas priest, etc.
Matching tunes to armies you have to dive feet first into the hamfistiness. The song I linked for Dark Eldar is so edgy and bad but fitting for 80s drugged up. Space pirates. Embrace the edge.

>> No.55702858

Oh, you know what he didn't bring his prince, that certainly would help..

Itd be nice if heralds buffed the str of pinks shooting instead of or in addition to their melee.

Agree on the screamers. I'm sure they're just a bit under the weather as a precaution/punishment post 7th for screamerstar. Shame, they're fun to paint and cute.

>> No.55702859

>whole of 2018 to get dino elves.

Fuck you. I counter a smug picture with an even smugger picture.

>> No.55702867

I will say the theme they got in DoW 3 was very close with the constant stompy thump and noise, though a bit too much bleep-bloop.

More boots, hammer and angle grinders might make it great.

>> No.55702871

r8 plz

>> No.55702876


>> No.55702880


But... no pull stock? Yeah you know what fuck it.

>> No.55702887

Yes thats what i meant. Kinda fucked it up there

>> No.55702890


>> No.55702893

Hey anons, I've been out of the game for half a year. Do we have an army builder yet?

>> No.55702911


>Inferior droptroop shit
>Fucking bullpup meme

Get out.

>> No.55702916

you'll be fine

>> No.55702921

>Elysian pattern
I like this idea but it would require some not-insignificant modeling on every single trooper.

And unless you plan on spamming scions that's a lotta dudes.

>> No.55702928

Yeah that's how I would do it. Cadian bodies, Cadian hazard heads for both mask and goggles, and Elysian grav chutes. You can get Elysian bull pup paratrooper guns but if you want Cadian carbines you'll have to cut up some lasguns or buy dozens of the tank sprue folded stock lasgun

>> No.55702930

> pull stock

>> No.55702939

Same one we've had for years.

>> No.55702947

Take a deep breath and drink some water before you start crying.

>> No.55702952

I know I am female Hitler for this, but, Maruader Destroyer, two Avenger Strike Fighters, two Thunderbolt Heavy Fighters, and two Vulture Gunships with Twin Punishers sound like a good air support? I don't think it fits in the flier detachment, but, this is more of, somewhat thematic heavy ground support, and two air superiority fighters to keep the ground support alive. That way I have options of what I want to bring in each week.

>> No.55702953

Wait, you can't take Valks for Scions? I don't have my hands on the codex, but that seems wrong. You could probably take them in a Scions detach and it would work. I hope.

>> No.55702963

bro In a 2k game with the codex nerf i still get 80 scions on the table with 5 trucks
Still a shit ton of dudes to work with

>> No.55702979

>enemy guard has 50 catachan conscripts , straken and a manticore in a 2x500 points game
>schred them with a vulture with twin punishers and then charge the manticore to deny it's shooting
it was pretty fun

>> No.55702989

You can


Aeronautica/commissars/telepathica etc units don’t break regiment bonuses

>> No.55702993

I almost played some marinefag today. Luckily I noticed his bullshit models were made almost completely of FW shit like "mark 5 heresy" armor. I didn't even bother to let him explain what special bonuses a "heretic" armor would give vanilla loyalists. He didn't even have matching sets on every marine, some of them had all sorts of different parts on them. I told him I didn't play with FW fags, thank you very much, and left the store.

>> No.55703034

Oh okay then I can get away with having a single detachment, then. That's cool. I was worried I wouldnt be able to drop off my dudes. Crusaders can't ride in the Taurox Prime, though, can they? That's Tempestus only I believe.

>> No.55703038

Ditch the exorcists and get your dominions into repressors.

Maybe drop immolators as well for more HBs in repressors or some penitents.

>> No.55703042

>vulture with twin punishers
You can magnetise a valk for that, right? I want some 'Nam vibes

>> No.55703053

good on you
i bet that waac fag was moments away from unfurling his rhino door upgrades

>> No.55703058

You did the right thing anon. What a WAACfag. True cancer right there

>> No.55703094

They cannot due to that reason, they can ride in an ordinary taurox/Valkyrie/chimera though

>> No.55703105

If resin is WAACfag, and plastic is fun and fluffy, what is an army consisting of old roguetrader metal models?

>> No.55703115


>> No.55703119

It's something you can bash the brains in of anyone who dares to call you a waacfag.
This is why I have two metal penitent engines.

>> No.55703140

>been building my nod army for months
>60 guants
>still have 3 carnifexes to make
>really hesitant cause the new codex is coming out

>> No.55703156


Well probably.

They are different models though, but I guess it would get a pass as conversion.

>> No.55703167


>> No.55703174

Holy shit, I thought Guard and FW were cancer. Imagine my shock at how cancerous FW Guard players are...

You're paying huge sums of money for unique models while your army gets the best rules and then you throw a little bitch fest because the rules are not 100% in your favour.

This all but confirms that Krieg, Elysian and what else players started it because they had a rules advantage, not because 'they looked cool'. So you not only have FW and Guard you mix in WAAC too. Oh and most of these Krieg fanboys are the type who collect Nazi memorabilia and pretend they aren't racist asshats.

FW, Guard, WAAC and /polfags/. All in one place. I'm sickened.

>> No.55703177

I understand your feelings, man. I remember when they removed Spores and the Doom of Malantai from the codex, I straight up dropped playing nids. Still got them, haven't touched 'em in years.

>> No.55703185

>Don't be a WAACfag! Don't shame others into losing just because you can't beat them!
Actually, that would be CAACfag

>> No.55703187

>nod army

Kane lives.

>> No.55703190


>> No.55703218

Well one of those lists was okay and one of them was garbage. The DG list doesn't have decent damage output from shooting or melee.

>> No.55703219

Every time. Fucking phone. I might as well be the "nod" guy here.

>> No.55703224

Eh, the FW imperial fliers don't seem that fantastic and fliers in general will be less of an issue when chapter approved comes out.

Would happily play unless I was running orks and had no idea that I was going to be facing that. Only other armies they would curbstomp would be melee daemons and genestealer spam (and the latter have it coming).

>> No.55703227

>Oh and most of these Krieg fanboys are the type who collect Nazi memorabilia and pretend they aren't racist asshats.
You're not wrong

>> No.55703235

I want to see the Mortrex Parasite again.
I want to kill infantry and make it spawn rippers chestbuster-like.

A man can dream.

>> No.55703237

Option 1: Wait for the codex
Option 2: Magnetize
Option 3: make what you think looks coolest. I gave mine Deathspitters and Scything Talons back in 7th, and played them as Dakkafexes. Now in 8th, I play them either with the deathspitters or quadruple talons and bioplasma. Most people dont know what our guns do anyway, so if I tell them "this guy has 5 S6 Attacks and shoots D3 plasma shots with his guns" they dont really mind

>> No.55703240

I never liked that big ass fan that vultures have anyway.

>> No.55703250

I have a friend who is huge into WW2 memorabilia and is starting a Krieg army for that reason along, I'm sure.

>> No.55703263

Sad since they are WW1 not WW2 germans, you know, the kind of honorable noble germans who got fucked by europe's giant incest circle, their leader's cousin running england, and europle's love of treaties.

>> No.55703267

What was the Chapter Approved rule that dealed with flyers? I only saw the one that gives the person that set up first a +1 to the roll to take first turn.

>> No.55703268

The first time I held a metal dreadnought my only thought was "you sure could brain somebody if you put this in a gym sock". Exercise your right to bear assault miniatures.

>> No.55703295

>Now how the fuck do I get those para-lasguns?
Find a crusty guard player with lots of pre-update chimera and russ hulls. He'll have loads of them lying around.

>> No.55703303

I already have a one old eye and a dakkafex, I miscounted and I have two carnifexes to make.
Am I crazy to think carnifexes should have T8? They are supposed to be living battering rams but are weaker than russ tanks.

>> No.55703309

They can't take objectives at all.

>> No.55703315

When did this general become so hateful?

Was it really the buff IG got?

Seriously, we got a witch hunt going on for FW people

what is with you autists.

>> No.55703326

Flyers cant take objectives, and if you only have fliers left you are considered tabled.

>> No.55703328

Ah, nice. Does hover mode negate this?

>> No.55703333

Cool as hell and not overpowered. Do it.

>> No.55703345


>> No.55703348


>> No.55703350

Also a very good addition, at least imo

>> No.55703354

I almost laughed at you for being a triple newfag until I realized this must be an elaborate ruse.

>> No.55703355


I'm with you on switching out the Excorcists for more HB Retributors in Repressors. But I''m not so sure about replacing the Immolators with Repressors. Those Dominions are so much faster in the Immolators and the Immolation Flamer is assault.

>> No.55703365

>tfw have old school rubrics
Been playing pure marine mono-god TS since mid 5th and one of my friends was Death Guard. He couldn't make a list for shit and only marched forward without heed to tactics at all. He used to audibly sigh every time I shot something off the board and call me overpowered.

Now TS are stronk but if I ever get called that again I'm going to stab them with my aspie sorcs' force swords.

>merlin hard hats

>> No.55703367

Did you have to use mega, you cunt?

>> No.55703375

I believe it was to combat rowboat and flier spam right when 8th dropped.

>> No.55703377

So how effective would a human debris guard regiment turn out?

>Planet that is too poor to maintain a constant tithe of guardsman thinks of the next best solution. Having some of the best void pirate vessels they will offer their tithe by using child soldiers to swell the ranks
>Kidnap or enslave children in raids on civilian vessels. Favoresd target are Tau Gueva performing Water Caste duties.
>Children are dehumanized, branded with slave marks and given piloting bionics. Often the brutal beatings is enough to break the spirit of the children to fight for their masters
>Unleash them like cannon fodder who are suicidally fanatical ubless ordered to whipbat the crack of a whip
>Even if their masters die they will will obediently fight to the end as they have no home to go to and the slave marks brand them as property.

>> No.55703381

You are free to not use it.

>> No.55703388

No. The rule applies to things with the Flyer battlefield role, not things with the airborne rule.

>> No.55703413

Don't take it seriously. One day, it's gratuitious violence against sisters, the other day it's nid bashing, and today it falls on guard. Fags just love messing with each other, that's all.

>> No.55703420

I thought it was tied to the flying keyword. Not the flier role.

>> No.55703425

>Am I crazy to think carnifexes should have T8? They are supposed to be living battering rams but are weaker than russ tanks.
The T7 was fine for me, as they are essentially Tyranid Dreadnought-equivalents, and living battering ram was always a special rule, so I'm glad that they do d3 mortal wounds on a 4+ after charging.
Its the S6 that really fucking gets me.
The whole point of carnifexes is that, despite their size compared to the larger creatures like Trygons or Haruspexes, they are many times stronger.
They were my Melee antitank last edition. Now? I dont honestly know what they're really good at, apart from DISTRACTION CARNIFEX.

>> No.55703437

You're free to educate yourself on how mega's objectively the worst file hosting site

>> No.55703441

What are you going to do with that flotilla ? Bomb London?
They make 1500 or so points all by themselves.

>> No.55703449

But those fire points my dude. Dominions shooting while driving is the biggest advantage they can get.

>> No.55703450

That would be retarded.

You think you should autolose if you have a table full of assault marines or falcons?

>> No.55703464

Doom is back as Neurothrope, honestly it is not even a bad idea that from a peculiar individual with a given mutation that fleet now makes use of the biomorph in a more standard way

>> No.55703488

Almost fell for it.

>> No.55703493

>‘If at the end of any turn after the first battle round, one player has no models on the battle field, the game ends immediately and their opponent automatically wins a crushing victory. When determining if a player has any units on the battle field, do not include any units with the Flyer Battlefield Role – these units cannot operate within a combat airspace indefinitely and they cannot hold territory without ground support. Furthermore, do not include any units with the Fortification Battlefield Role unless they have a unit embarked inside – even the most formidable bastion requires a garrison if it is to pose a threat.’

Lets make falcons, land speeders, devilfish, assault marines and swooping hawks unable to take objectives. Good idea.

>> No.55703496

or crisis suites

>> No.55703498

Luftwaffe assemble!

>> No.55703499


That's funny, clearly you never been to the pop-over-under, oops your download button is a redirect, whoops, auto redirect, no files larger than 20 mb per month, 4 hour wait, would you like to pay 30$ for instant access sites.

>> No.55703510

What can I include in a militarum tempestus army? I only have the starter box so far.

>> No.55703514

Why are void pirates concerned with paying tithe?
What children?
If they have disposable children they can tithe them.

>Piloting biotics
What piloting bionics?
Pilot what?

Sober up and try again.

>> No.55703526

Mega seems a lot better now I remember those days...

>> No.55703541

So buy it yourself and host it somewhere better.

Or just fuck off.

>> No.55703545

My mistake. I started a week before 8th edition so I misread that.

>> No.55703550

>>flap your gab, get stabbed, non-dust scum
Always respekt points for fluffy thousand sons marine players.

>> No.55703556

Most of the time swap them in and out, some times, bring them out with everything else to make 5000 total points of IG and have an apoc game, and bomb Neo Londong.

>> No.55703558

Flyer is different from having the fly keyword

>> No.55703560

Where can I get big stormboy nobz from? I want to run Zagstruk and a bunch of stormboyz, but the Zagstruk is sold out at GW and the 'nob' bits from the stormboyz box are too weedy for my taste.

Don't have the skills to convert other nob models to jumping poses and don't want to use ones in standing poses.

Happy to use third party models, but the only ones I know of that would be suitable are these MaxMini ones which are only for kickstarter backers (I backed the kickstarter but failed to choose any of these guys, since I thought they were the same size as GW stormboyz which I liked better, but it turns out standard MaxMini orcs are the size of GW nobz).

>> No.55703563


A hard choice. Thanks for the input.

>> No.55703564

>Am I crazy to think carnifexes should have T8?
T7 would be fine if they have back the option for +1 Toughness biomorph.

Where they fucked up was not giving them Mv 8", WS 3+, 10 Wounds and 2+/5++ armour save.

>> No.55703566

>remember those days...
Still happening, many even demand facebook/phone number linking so they can spam your contacts.

>> No.55703572


I kinda want to get this mentality out that having a single FW unit is "OP". It's not. They're GW's TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some Conscripts or Guilliman. If they bring multiple and in a FW army list, then yes that is pretty cheesy.

Also Leviathans are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whle army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If Dreadnoughts had the same love that power armor then that would be fine.

A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good FW player would know that some well supported Dreadnought talon is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units.

I'm so tired of hearing non FW players complain about "muh recasts or muh overpriced resin" They're there in the index, they have a purpose, just like the GWs.source then any of the plastic models. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other FW players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.55703573

Scion squads

>> No.55703575

Exactly. Try to follow the conversation.

>> No.55703588

You really ought to work on that attitude, and also work on not being such a marshmallow of a human being.

>> No.55703592

You'll have to convert them yourself.

>> No.55703595

Looking into getting some a pair of Tauroses for my Imperial Guard. Original plan was to use them in a mechanized scions force built around tauroses and tauroxes, but that plan has gone to shit with the inability to give scions regimental tactics or tauroses the scion tactics. Now I'm probably just going to run them in my main IG brigade, with the scions off in their own detachment.
Now I've run into a new problem. The venator is on the forge world website, but the tauros assault vehicle is not, . Where the fuck do I buy them at? And no, ebay doesn't have them.

>> No.55703598

Flyer battlefield role, not unit with fly keyword you shit animal

>> No.55703601

Jezus R. Christ, I hope pubescent kiddies don't go through all that when trying to find their first porn

>> No.55703612

>You really ought to work on that attitude

Says the choosing beggar.

>> No.55703616

>he can't figure out the real download button

are you blind or just a faggot

>> No.55703621

Disregard, I'm the moron not you.

>> No.55703629

Nope, usually nerds looking for a outdated patch or driver.

>> No.55703637

>You really ought to work on that attitude
Says the guy that's complaining that the product someone else bought and shared for free with him isn't being offered to him in the precise manner that he wants.

>> No.55703652


>> No.55703657


I got this idea from gundam ibo and the Brewers and Dawn Horizon Corps. Pirates who wouldnt be too far off from 40k. One way to get plenty of easy disposable cannon fodder is to kidnap and enslave children and break their wills.

How fanaticals are they. One pilot fought the protagonist with no regards to his own safety even though his cockpit is damage and his mech is badly damaged as he is cut down like the rest of the debris sent to fight him

Sticking bionics in the children so they can crew imperial armor is similar to the in universe implants. High rejection rates as well.

>> No.55703658

Not an argument

>> No.55703659

>audibly sigh every time I shot something off the board and call me overpowered.
Oh god, I know the feeling. Every time I take something he's seen on /tg/ as WAAC, he spergs the fuck out. One Malephic lord? Spergtime. One 5-men ,marauder squad with 2 sniper rifles? I never hear the end of it. 10 'zerks? Bitch, bitch, bitch and moan about how overpowered they are.

>> No.55703661

>You really ought to work on that attitude, and also work on not being such a marshmallow of a human being.
What a colossal cunt.

>> No.55703662

With gw removing everything that doesn't have a model from the codex, what's going to happen to Orks?
Surely they wouldn't squat warbosses like they squatted chapter masters

>> No.55703666


>> No.55703678

>he's never seen a site that has giant, real looking download button, that's just a green download button, but is actually a banner ad, and the real download is a tiny text link at the bottom of the page

Pirate Bay literally had an invisible overlay redirect add on top of their magnet download a little while ago, and you were unable to download Pirate Bay torrents unless you managed to finagle your mouse onto the invisible tail end of the magnet url.

>> No.55703679

How to build my sisters of silence? Bolter or flamer? Greatsword s3 madness??

>> No.55703684

Do you still need troops to capture objectives?

>> No.55703690

Yep. You'll probably get a shitty boss nob unless you pay CP to upgrade him.

>> No.55703691

>What is adblock?

>> No.55703693

No, but a single FW unit makes you a fascist.

>> No.55703696

t. white knight

>> No.55703697

For fuck sake victoria drop your damn valhallan rip offs already.

>> No.55703705

Never liked demons and always preferred that tight-knit brotherhood aspect they have. Plus I always had that quirk that if someone keeps telling me I can't do something, I keep trying to prove them wrong.

>> No.55703707

Yuck. It's so draining to play with people who are so negative. No one has fun.

>> No.55703710


>> No.55703717

No but when CA (or your codex) drops troops will be better at capturing objects than non-troops.

>> No.55703718

Warbosses have a model you daft cunt.

>> No.55703725

>b-b-b-but it looks real

I've got a nice bridge I could sell you as well

>> No.55703726

No but if the army is battleforged, troops will supersede say an elite unit taking an objective.

>> No.55703735

What doesn't? I once heard that not supporting North Korea does that too.

>> No.55703747

If you insist on everything having the Militarum Tempestus keyword, you've basically got four units, three of which are made from the same box.

If you don't, then basically everything with the Imperium keyword can be added, although some give better synergy than others. Valkyries, commissars and inquisitors are all thematic and decent.

>> No.55703753

So if your troop choices suck ass you can replace them with something that's a little less bad?

Can you have two of the same detachment?

>> No.55703766

So To Reiterate, Mega is the worst filehost on the entire internet because it's technically possible to navigate around scammy honeypots?

>> No.55703770

Not untill codex or Chapter Approved.

>> No.55703774

>Buying anything but the Venator

Seriously the normqk Tauros doesnt even ignore heavy penalties. But if you want to run an actually crap unit...

Just get Venators and magnetize them with some grenade launchers from a standard infantry sprue. That way when you feel like turning it up a notch you can run then as Venators.

>> No.55703782

Yes, you can have zero troops if you want. Just make sure your stuff is killy because you'll need to wipe enemy troops to take objectives off them.

You can take however many of whatever detachments (but note suggested limits on total number of detachments at various points levels in matched play).

>> No.55703783

>So if your troop choices suck ass
What army has bad Troops in 8th?

>Can you have two of the same detachment?
What would even make you think you can't??

>> No.55703786

I know where you stole it from, but there are no mech, unless the Water Caste just happened to be carrying ships full of them, in which case, there's another fucking source of tithe.

You are trying to force shit into a setting without even having anything to build on.

>> No.55703796

It's just laziness on your end.

>> No.55703798

I ain't playing with him anymore. Ever. Apparently almost everyone at my new job plays so I can finally play with new people.

>> No.55703807

Shit pissed me off to no end. I'm like bitch DG have been the top CSM legion since 3.5 axed Iron Warrior IG tank spam. Fuck you. If you can't beat a gimped playstyle of an already gimped army with the best the codex has to offer, than perhaps you suck you fat piece of whingy shit!!1

Fuck that guy made me mad. So glad I speak to him once every 4 years for a minute when I see him on the street.

>> No.55703828

Nice. Thank you.

Tau, I haven't played since 2005 and I don't know how anything works anymore.

>> No.55703836

Just stop playing with this kind of people. It's not fun.

>> No.55703856

Welp, go ahead and try to find the books with you "objectively superior sites", i'll be reading the ones I've got without a single redirect or flashing add.

>> No.55703862

Pls respond

>> No.55703866

>use in shooting phase or overwatch
>up to 10 models armed with grenades can throw grenades

Vengeance for Cadia
>unit rerolls hits and wounds of 1 against CHAOS unit

This Codex is so good and I don't even care about playing. There's so much good lore too!

>> No.55703878

Not /b/ don't bump yourself like a faggot.

>> No.55703886

Vengeance is all hit and wound rolls last I checked.

>> No.55703892

I got one, and I use it.
No stupid daily limits like mega, nor suspect ownership.

>> No.55703905

>squatted chapter masters

Chapter masters are better than ever now

>> No.55703906

Warbosses have the finecast model and I expect Gruk will be sold as a generic warboss when the codex arrives.

If they count the 'Battle for Vedross' boxes, then there is also a plastic warboss and deffkoptas, so every unit except the bike characters and the mega-armour warboss has a model (although some don't have all their options represented).

If we're really lucky, the fact that we seem to be in the later wave of codexes might mean we actually get some models, hopefully filling the gaps in the line.

>> No.55703907

Wait, what? For 1 CP? Holy shit. Is that a one-per-game stratagem or can I spam it?

>> No.55703916

>not going to a bookstore irl

I mean, you'd probably burn in 2 seconds when the sun hits your pale skin, but that's not my fault.

>> No.55703918

At least your faction special rule doesn't only apply against some armies, fuccboi.

>> No.55703930

>3 cp for a slightly better re-roll

>> No.55703931

Ive never had all these issues with Mega. Then again i think I started using it around when 8th dropped so it may have had time to mature since then.

>> No.55703935

GW really loves inserting that piece of artwork into as many books as possible don't they? It was awesome the first number of times, but by now I've seen it so much I'd probably be able to use it as toiler paper without thinking twice about it.

>> No.55703949


>> No.55703950

>Seriously the normqk Tauros doesnt even ignore heavy penalties.
Not really relevant when their weapons are either Assault or Autohit.

>> No.55703952

Spammable. It's broken.

>> No.55703958

take pic of points list?

>> No.55703963

Something like what they are doing on the AoS side, skirmish games like kill team, map based campaigns like firestorm, etc.

>> No.55703967

That is not good. Especially since I mainly play chaos against imperium.

>> No.55703968

Once per phase each phase you can use it.

>> No.55703969

My bookstore doesn't carry GW products, If someone has to go 70 miles for the book it's gonna be the postman.

>> No.55703970

Yeah I don't know what GW was thinking with this. It might be the worst stratagem in the game.

>> No.55703973

I wanted to run them with heavy flamers, which autohit anyways. Additionally, the grenade launcher is actually assault, but that doesn't change the fact that the grenade launcher is still shit.
I'm also getting the ventators for some anti-tank, but wanted the assault vehicles for thematic purposes. Hmm. Might do what you suggested, but replace the venator guns with magnetized heavy stubbers and just run it as the grenade launcher for friendly games.

>> No.55703986

True, but my suggestion still holds. Get a Venator and get kitbashing.

Be sure to put water on the work site when dremeling or sanding, resin is toxic.

>> No.55703994

What, worse than the "I forgot to Combat Squad muh mahreens so let me do that in the middle of the game for some CP" ???

>> No.55704007

Oh definitely. I don't play with WAACfags for the same reason. I want the game to be fun for both of us. I play sensibly to ensure this. I have better things to do than to devote my saturday afternoon to either getting guilt-tripped or to feed someone's ego.

>> No.55704013

orbital bomardment is one of the worst too
3cp in a low cp army for a 1/2 chance to do d3 mortal wounds to a few units

>> No.55704015

Is it just me or are a lot of these 'unique' doctrines, stratagems and the like basically the same in every codex? Seems like it would have been easier to just have a decent selection of them in the core rules, rather than making everyone without a codex miss out of the free extras you get for being supported.

>> No.55704026

>3 CP to literally double the effect of the captains reroll for the entire game, works on literally every unit in the army.
>combos with the 6+ to hit causes -1 AP warlord trait

its fantastic if you're going to deathball.

So its fantastic if you play marines.

>> No.55704028

>worse than "I forgot what chaos God I follow so let me pray a bit mid-game"

>> No.55704040

I'm glad they used one of Kopinskis best 40k art pieces for the limited edition book.

>> No.55704043

Still no idea why is this a thing.

>> No.55704057

Its easily one of the best in terms of CP to damage done if you keep your captain alive.

>> No.55704073

Sorry senpai; I'm at my other job rn, and I don't have the Codex with me. I didn't pay attention to the points value when I had a look last night. I remember that the Russ is 10 Power instead of 11 in the Index.

I do have the new White Dorf with me

Yeah I think you're right.

Preliminary Bombardment is fun but pretty shitty. I'd use it in narrative games (which are my mainstay anyway)

>After deployment roll a D6 for each enemy unit. On the roll of a 6, they take a Mortal Wound.

>> No.55704075

Those are like the only two which are more useless.

>> No.55704083

They need to fill a deck though.

>> No.55704091

>3cp to rerolls 1s and 2s
>not 3s because rerolls happen before modifiers
>that can easily be half of your CPs in a medium points game

>> No.55704094

>not taking named CMs and saving your CP AND getting a second bonus ability
>not taking Guilliman and gaining 3 CP

Your dudesfags and IH get cucked

>> No.55704131

>medium point game

>> No.55704132

>literally an invisible link covering the real dl link

You wouldn't know how to sell a scam bridge if it double clicked your dumbass in the face

>> No.55704143

>that can easily be half of your CPs in a medium points game

So you can save your CP to...reroll stuff.

>> No.55704161

Where do I work so I can be surrounded by people who share my 40k hobby?

>> No.55704170

For stuff that rolls a ton of dice, it can have an enormous impact each turn.

Stuff where spending CP to reroll the hit is impractical.

>> No.55704177


>> No.55704188

DIfferent anon here, but I usually like to save 2 CP for midgame so I can interrupt my opponents chargers.

>> No.55704192

What scheme should i paint my sisters?

>> No.55704198

Its an auto take in regular marine builds e.g. Not guilliman and assassinorum pals

>> No.55704202

That's pretty easy even with a CM since you should always have at least 6 CP as marines.

>> No.55704208

Building up a dreadnought heavy army, in addition to getting more regular boxnaughts I'll probably end up getting one each of a fatnaught and a contemptor

As far as the contemptor goes what are some good weapon options? With the way 8th seems to work I was probably going to go with a kheres and a dccw for certain but I've never seen a contemptor on the tabletop so I don't know firsthand what works

>> No.55704228


>> No.55704229

>I play GKs

>> No.55704230

White and Red. Catches the eye.

>> No.55704232

Daemon Shell stratagem seems so fucking OP. Just use your chaos lord to skullfuck a priority target on a 2+

>> No.55704240

If taking 2 HQs and 3 troops is somehow difficult for you as MEQs, your list sucks.

>> No.55704244

It's only D3 mortal wounds, what the fuck is that really useful against?

>> No.55704250

Change one word in a chapter to make them better
>Thousand Sons become Fortunate Sons
catachan helicopters when

>> No.55704255

Become a tripfag. Embrace destiny.

>> No.55704257

HQs with invulnerable saves that can skullfuck you if they get their hands on you, like the Emperor's Champion.

>> No.55704263

>discussing vanilla unit and vanilla stratagem

>> No.55704269


>> No.55704270

Do we have a full list of the Guard changes somewhere? Some people at my LGS are looking for games with the new dex and I want to be sure the rules are right.

>> No.55704272

>Wants a FW army
>plans on running them as cadian as to not use non GW rules in tornaments
>has a jew girl fetish
and yet id still be called a nazi

>> No.55704274

If that HQ is the closest model already for you to shoot him, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to kill him with ordinary guns.

Similarly, D3 mortal wounds is not going to stop the EC from skull fucking you. on a charge.

>> No.55704275

When are you going to get that shot off.

>> No.55704278


>> No.55704282

In 6th ed Apocalypse it was more fun.

>> No.55704290

It's like a fuckton of changes, just read the book.

>> No.55704294

>wants FW
>plays WAACguard
>fucks Jews

And you claim you're not a Nazi?

>> No.55704300

Is there a resource for various flags and banners for imperial guard regiments? I'm looking for some sort of flag for the death korps of krieg.

>> No.55704303

Jesus Christ

>> No.55704312

Someone have the book then?
The shop opens in like 2 hours.

>> No.55704318

So, how would the Death Korps fare as support for three Knights? I really just want some poor sods run through muddy trenches, while Earthshakers/Basilisks unleash hell from behind and some Knights stomp around. And some grimdark Death Riders with explodibg lances, maybe.

>> No.55704319


I mean, there are worse ways to use a CP but it's not really a general use thing. Most stuff you'd want to pile mortal wounds onto have more than 3 wounds (And being D3 makes it very unreliable).

It's basically '1 CP: Get a one shot, slightly upgraded Smite'

>> No.55704322

Just borrow the book from whoever has it at the store when you get in.

>> No.55704323

You could use Nob Biker legs to give a straddled, landing pose. Alternatively: chop chop chop

>> No.55704326

Frontline gaming's AM Codex reviews are probably the closest, but they aren't completely comprehensive.

>> No.55704331

Apocalypse in general was fun, because it was Apocalypse. The moment they turned it into mandatory Escalation and allowed free reign to cheese it, it became the unfun D and big robot shitfest that was 6E and 7E.

>> No.55704346

Eh, he's got 4 wounds. Good chance to either cripple or finish him off.

Ok, maybe it's not OP, but it's useful.

When he's bearing down on my HQs while shrugging off 1.5K points worth of firepower like in every other game.

Seriously, I have a grudge against that motherfucker. I have legit wiped 2K points of BT off the table in 3 turns before, with him being the only survivor, standing proud in the middle of the table sword held high. I have never been able to lay him low, the Emperor truly blesses him.

Until next time cause I'm bringing the Murder Sword. Best way to beat a fancy sword is to bring a fancier one yourself.

>> No.55704348

> Death Korps

>> No.55704360

what model do you guys use for the chaos hellwright?

>> No.55704380

>mfw Bolt pistol nuke

>> No.55704383

Are stalker bolter Intercessors worth it, or should I keep holding onto a squad of Five Camo/sniper scouts for the gap filler that gets me the Battalion?

I like giving scouts a +2 save in cover but they're still fairly pricey.

Also, what's everyone doing for melee weapons on Sergeants?
I've been using Thunder hammers and its worked out fairly well for them so far.

>> No.55704389

>When he's bearing down on my HQs while shrugging off 1.5K points worth of firepower like in every other game.
Exactly how shit at this game can you possibly be to have that problem

>> No.55704405


>> No.55704407

>Are stalker bolter Intercessors worth it
Not really no

>> No.55704427

I'm not shit at it, it's just extreme luck on his side + keeping CP specifically to reroll an invulnerable save and me rolling terribly.

>> No.55704435

Cadian Russes lead by Pask
Cadian Infantry with Heavy Weapons lead by Creed
Valhallan Cons lead by Yarrick

Best line ups?

>> No.55704439

>Valhallan Cons lead by Yarrick
>not taken with ASL
Fuck off

>> No.55704444

I have two kheres/fist contemptors and they are great alone or as a pair. Solid move, sturdy, hard hitting and great anti infantry dakka. The multi melta isnt bad either with his bs 2+. Especially hanging out near your captain.

They're surprisingly cheap points wise too. I'm a fan. Im sure mortis pattern ones are solid too, but I've not used one.

>> No.55704447

They're okay but ordinary bolt rifles are probably the best gun for them since you want intercessors up the field between your enemy and your valuable stuff.

>> No.55704461

If buying FW makes you hitler, what does 3d printing FW models make you?

>> No.55704465

Also because Intercessors aren't worth their points unless you're double-tapping with them and then charging into melee.

Stalker Rifles are more points for less shots and in the backfield you're wasting half the stats you pay for.

>> No.55704473

Mussolini I think.

>> No.55704474

How else is he supposed to make a fantasy regiment of sexy idf chicks, anon?

>> No.55704476


>> No.55704478

Bear Jew

>> No.55704480

Shitty wannabe Hitler who doesn't even have Hitler's accomplishments to attempt to justify the edginess.

>> No.55704485

Guess I'm becoming a Nazi.
I just think they are pretty grimdark and fitting for 40k, with their absurd nihilism and wastefulness of mens lives. And a bunch of malnourished, dirty guardsmen would make a nice contrast to three knights in shining armour.

>> No.55704496

Stalker Rifles are crap. Use Bolt Rifles. If you're White Scars you can use Auto Bolt Rifles.

>> No.55704502

detailed siege warfare.

>> No.55704503

What about an entire FW army?

>> No.55704507

Hitler was a shitty painter

>> No.55704510

So what is the point of Tallyman?

>> No.55704518

Literally Hitler.

>> No.55704520

>Also because Intercessors aren't worth their points unless you're double-tapping with them and then charging into melee.

They're the best wound-per-point obsec marines have by a fair margin, beating even scouts. Killing stuff with them is purely a bonus.

If anyone shoots them with D >1 weapons, you should thank your opponent for wasting his shots.

>> No.55704521

Re-rolling hits in melee.

You're not one of those plebs who thinks Plague Marines are a shooty unit, are you?

>> No.55704540

They're too expensive just to sit on objectives, regardless of how efficient their wounds are per point. You need to use them aggressively to take midfield objectives while also dealing damage.

>> No.55704553

He's a DG Chaplain with a nice CP bonus.

>> No.55704582

>If anyone shoots them with D >1 weapons, you should thank your opponent for wasting his shots.
My autocannons making their points back as soon as they kill a single guy is "wasting" their shots? Lolol

>> No.55704590

>They're too expensive just to sit on objectives, regardless of how efficient their wounds are per point.

Unless you're running naked tacticals, they really aren't. 205 points for a 10 man squad with 20 wounds, a power sword and a grenade launcher isn't ridiculous.

>You need to use them aggressively to take midfield objectives while also dealing damage.

That's exactly how you use them, they're both screen and objective grabbers. That's why stalkers don't really mesh with them very well.

Its not like marines don't have a ton of other shit that wants to sit on a deployment zone objective anyway.

>> No.55704591

What do you do when someone is a smug judgmental prick about other people's paint jobs, but is actually an awful painter and modeler themselves?

>> No.55704594

Scouts are better as you can roadblock the objective with your 250 sq mm vs 160 sq mm and also can roadblock infiltrators

Let's be real here, chads have the best bolter wound value, but if the goal is to actually remove an objective from the game so hard the enemy can't ever get it, there are way better options, and the lack of objsec will be irrelevant

This is why scouts and tacs are better, they actually have very useful options other than sit and bolter. All marine troops are pretty shit, which is why a lot of tournament lists just skip them altogether

>> No.55704611

Tell them to stop being a smug prick when they're also an awful painter and modeller.

Grow a fucking spine dude.

>> No.55704615

When you're shooting a 20 point intercessor instead of an equally squishy 38 point hellblaster, 43 point aggressor or 60/86 point inceptor, yeah.

>> No.55704624

Tell them to post on /tg/

>> No.55704634

I genuinely run scouts with my primaris list now, I dont really know how to make intercessors work when I'm flooded with S4 options already. Scouts + inceptors + aggressors w/repulsors is a nontrivial list.

>> No.55704636

200 points is a shit ton you fucking retard, that would have ought you a Riptide or most of a WK. the game is also currently at 1500 points in terms of 7E points, not 1850, and not 8E "2000", and marines didn't get any meaningful discounts. So your 2000 point list is actually 1500 and you're spending 200 of that on fucking bolters.

>> No.55704642

Point it out to the person.
Although, being able to legitimately criticise something and being able to do it better isn't necessary. I don't have to eat shit to know it's bad.

>> No.55704651

Wow so your argument is Intercessors are great if you run them in a list with stuff that's even more efficient for the opponent to target first and make point-efficient trades extra hard?

>> No.55704662

>heh, next time try posting online and not irl and then see what happens

I don't know why I found that so funny, but it shook the temper I had building.

>> No.55704677

> the game is also currently at 1500 points in terms of 7E points, not 1850, and not 8E "2000", and marines didn't get any meaningful discounts. So your 2000 point list is actually 1500 and you're spending 200 of that on fucking bolters.
How retarded do you have to be to fuck that math up that hard lol

>> No.55704680

I mix Catachan and Cadians. Cadians to hold objectives and Catachans to push up and melee alongside Crusaders and Bullgryn.

Straken leading the charge, supported by Pask and Lemans and artillery.

>> No.55704686

Well found my russ conversion for my valhallans.

>> No.55704695

If i have mediocre painting skills and buy forgeworld models, does this make me hitler?

>> No.55704697

>argues that intershitters are good
>only lists Primaris units

A) no shit you'd think they're good, they're apparently your only option since you play pure primaris and are likely butt hurt that marinelets are better

b) you probably don't even know how to play marines competitively, Chad or manlet, so how would you even know which is better

>> No.55704699

God that's hideous

>> No.55704700

I don't mince words, shit is shit, but I'll also tell them how to improve... and then I go home with my grey hordes.

>> No.55704702

I was under the impression we were discussing marine internal balance rather than "lol take conscripts"

Considering a tactical squad with any non joke equipment is going to be 170 for half the staying power, they're on the same D-grade tier.

As everyone has already said, marine troop options are mostly shit across the board. Nobody is saying to bring them to GT, they're just about as shit as tacticals.

>> No.55704712

that looks like ass and it doesn't even resemble any russian tank closely enough to warrant it

>> No.55704718

>New and improved, Only 38% copyright infringement.

>> No.55704719

marinelets are god awful outside of bikes and leviathans.

>> No.55704724

How retarded are you to not understand the comparison? 2000 points bought you way more shit in 7E than 8E. Just look at a Land Raider or anything with dual LC options. Units that cost 200 in 7E cost like 400 now.

>> No.55704727


It's so ugly its beautiful.

>> No.55704737

Bull fucking shit anon. She has made it clear in a much more recent rumor they are still "considering" exodites. The only thing she has said without a doubt is coming is a big Tau release that is not directly part of the Tau Empire.

The majority of her "false" rumours are morons on 4chan taking what she says wildly out of context.

>> No.55704744

Anon if you are gonna run some tanks for valhallans and don't play in a GW store then just buy actual model T-34s and add 40K bits.

That just looks like ass.

>> No.55704756

What about Estado Novo?
Eh, cyborgs are cool.
Well it is undermining and fighting FW in a way.
Isn't that WAAC players? I just like the models and can't justify the ransom they demand, (ignore that the cost of a 3d printer, filament is dirt cheap).

>> No.55704765

You converted 1.5k points of 7th into 2k points of 8th and then deducted the full 200 points of 8th from the converted 1.5k instead of the 150 points it would be. You are fucking retarded.

Also 7th points costs are completely irrelevant in the first place, nobody goes by that measurement at all, they take 8th on its own relative terms with other 8th ed points costs.

You're not wrong that Intercessors are bad but your reasoning is total ass and you're probably still shit at the game.

>> No.55704803

3D printing looks like complete and utter shite, so if you want to waste money on that to get some garbage low-quality imitation FW models instead of paying full price for full quality be my guest. At that point you're better off paying 0$ and having no FW than spending some amount of money for half-assed shit.

>> No.55704805


Just let me have dino elves anon... Just this one time.

>> No.55704831

>sisters next year maybe?
Unless they just started them, Sisters aren't coming. They confirmed at NOVA they're not in the plans.

>> No.55704832

New thread

A bit early today

>> No.55704835

>taking the worst heavy weapon in the game because it can kill shit tier troops

>> No.55704841

At this point I'm pretty sure that anyone who just shouts WAAC at anything vaguely optimal is just really bad at the game, and has that shit attitude of "my fun is the only correct kind of fun". I'm not saying that WAAC people don't exist, but the phrase is being thrown around at anything more competitive than not-bad.

>> No.55704851

But it's not a big shoota.

>> No.55704859

Barely page 6.

>> No.55704862

Why are Space Marine troops so lackluster? If fluff matched the current crunch SM would be considered a failure and Scions would take their jobs.

>> No.55704868

Is it the price?
The extra wounds look nice but the price is a little prohibitive.

Ok, I may be trying to use them for the wrong role then.

I'm doing more of a tank/gunline list.

>> No.55704901

orks aren't a faction in 40k

>> No.55704903

Nope Farsight Enclaves or Tau Auxiliary first. Probably both get releases before Exodites because Tau sell well.

>> No.55704915

>Why are Space Marine troops so lackluster?
Because GW doesn't know what the fuck they're doing.

>> No.55704916

Because guns are cheaper than mans.

>> No.55704926


>> No.55704927

Because they are neither very tough nor hit very hard, they're just easy to use for new people.

All the good marine stuff is in different slots because its specialized.

Grey Knights have excellent troops because they actually fulfill a role with deep striking and hit really hard for their point cost.

>> No.55704943

Yeah how about awful. They're strictly worse than a heavy bolter against troops and strictly worse than a lascannon against all vehicles while costing over double the former and nearly as much as the latter.

>> No.55704967

>What is versatility

Next thing you are gonna tell me that the punisher gun is better at hordes than the battle cannon and the vanq is better at killing larger stuff which is true but they are extremely specialized.

>> No.55705007

Versatility is taking two heavy bolters, saving 4 points and being equal to or better than the autocannon at literally everything.

>> No.55705021

Except heavy bolters still lack at hurting medium armor when autos can do it and have a good chance at hurting even heavy armor.

>> No.55705063

No, they really don't.

Against T6, 2 heavy bolters does 6 shots, 3 hit, 1 wounds, .5 after saves.

Against T6, 1 auto cannon does 2 shots, 1 hit, .66 wounds, .33 unsaved wounds, .66 damage.

In the BEST CASE SCENARIO the autocannon does .16 more wounds than 2 heavy bolters.

It does *worse* against every single other target.

>> No.55705080

I've not played Eldar since the first craftworld codex, the fuck are these? Jetpack bright lance guys? Neat.

>> No.55705160

If Space Marines were toned down in the fluff to around Halo's Spartans power level then the crunch/fluff gap wouldn't be so severe. Not a Space Marine player myself because I can't ignore the fluff where a SM death is rare but they die relatively easy on the tabletop. There's always more Guardsmen, Orks, T'au but a ridiculously small amount of Space Marines.

>> No.55705185

I've kinda finagled it into how they go into that coma by and large but, yes, they do die a whole lot faster in game than they do in fluff.

>> No.55705252

Are FW muhreen torsos wider than normal or something? This Plasma Cannon just doesn't fit right.

>> No.55705477

You actually think Primaris would cost 150 in 7E you retard? That's how much base marines cost. Notice the part about saying marine costs didn't change.

>> No.55705520

All this Intercessor talk has me wondering, what would make them, and the other space marine troops, good?

A points decrease?

>> No.55705661

Tell them to stop being faggots and wait for the release

>> No.55705736

If youre2 mixing regiments you're a WAACfag who deserves the rope

>> No.55705743

Its a balance thing. No one wants to play 200 models of nids into 20 SM models and lose

>> No.55705751

Kim Jong Un but fatter

>> No.55705767

>Chaos v Loyalist is a Squad based game
I can see it.

>> No.55705778


>> No.55705784

Can you give us sweet sweet scans?

>> No.55705926

>when you're so desperate to push your shit meme you make the new thread early

>> No.55706252


>> No.55706281

I want some sweet Blood Angels Stratagems. I want to be able to spend CPs to make my little red guys extra choppy, and not just to reroll some dice.

Being Index is suffering.

>> No.55706289

As the anon that made that image I can tell you right now that's exactly what I had in mind when I was making it.

>> No.55706752

just got back from a 1250 pt game with my thousand sons, my first time actually using them.
>vs Sisters of battle (the guy actually has a full, almost fully painted sisters army)
>open war, mission is seize the relic
>map layout is longwise, matched right up
>go first because of course I am - I'm playing Sons
>he scout moves his sister out of his tanks
>proceed to utterly annihilate every single footsquad his sister has except for his Uriah, imagifier, and a squad of 6 that were still embarked
>he still nearly pulls off the win because sons can't take on exorcists, and he deep striked a squad of seraphim that wiped out ahriman and my terminators

>> No.55706792

same question

>> No.55706797

what the table looked like after my first shooting phase.

not seen in the frame: my terminator squad just north of these guys, and his seraphims, who hadn't yet deepstriked.

>> No.55707110

Now that's a pasta I haven't seen in a long time.

>> No.55708126

why don't you just figure out how to kill them?

>> No.55708205

what are some neat color schemes for traitor guardsmen?

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