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Enuff Dakka edition.

Last >>55670901

>Warhammer Community news(New FAQs for Codex: Death Guard, Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus and more)

>Daily Duncan Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVWObn2XXLo&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Adeptus Mechanicus codex (thank you Vladimir)

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Bull shit

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Can terminators be good?

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Has the Defiler ever not been a piece of shit?

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my dudes > your dudes

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Anyone know if Scions are still troops or are back to being elites?

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cant wait 4 codex

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Sure. Chaos Terminators are great.

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Chaos Primaris when?

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Well this thread is already shit

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Do assault packs work in space?

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I got the Calth box on the cheap and built them all with lightning claws because they look sick. Did I fuck up or are they good with Icon of Wrath? Are they better with a Lord for re roll 1s or a Sorcerer for Warptime and Prescience?

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So I took your advice /tg/, and asked my guard friend to tone down his army, but it didn't go well.

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Please don't elaborate.

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Do Blight-Hauler cover fields stack for the purposes of determining if a unit's inside them?

Like, if I take three gross karts and space them out, stick a unit in the middle, that unit is entirely within 7" of all three, even if they're not entirely within 7" of just one.

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He's a WAAC autist. I knew it.

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Limited but useful kind of expensive but if you get lucky they do work generally speaking

Always take the assault cannon or Autocannon depending on your flavor.

Tartaros have done well for me this edition

havent tried assault terminators

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storm shields on 2W models is god tier

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claws rely on getting to charge after deep striking, which even with rerolls is unreliable without warptime

termies with guns do stuff even without the charge, and slaanesh termies with prescience and combiplas are heinous

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So here's my rough plan for my Guard army, using models I already have

>No vehicles
>Several infantry blobs
>Lots of HWTs with lascannons
>So many snipers. So many.
>A single squad of Rough Riders(using Winged Hussar models)

I won't seem like a WAAC autist will I? Will I get stomped instantly?

Will it be fun?

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>Friendly DEATH GUARD INFANTRY units that are entirely within 7" of a Myphitic Blight-hauler...
>within 7" of A Myphitic Blight-hauler

Reads to me that you need to be entirely within the bubble of one particular hauler

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You either have cover or you don't, and it's +1 to armor saves. You could be in ruins surrounded by Blight Haulers and you get +1 to your armor saves.

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still troops, even have to be their own detachment to get their new regiment bonus.

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That's not what he's asking.

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I think he is. he didn't like me suggesting ways to make his army less waacy.

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chaos terminators are shooty first, choppy second. give them combi-plasmas and the Mark of Slaanesh. Prescience them and give them endless cacophony.

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depending on what regiment you choose it "should" be fine in a casual game. Just don't burn your self out painting that many infantry.

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aren't Rough Riders squatted?

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Most of them are done already, thankfully. I'll probably go with Vostroyans, since I'm using historical Soviet and Finnish models.

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I can see both interpretations, the way it reads to me. Mostly I was just curious if other anons had a similar thought; I'm not about to try and insist on it in a game or anything. Was kind of surprised it wasn't addressed in the FAQ to be honest.

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I'd say the auras overlap for determining if a unit's in range

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still rules and points in the index so they're fine.

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Anyone have a good recipe for blued steel?

Have some plasma incinerators I'd like to try that on

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>playing guard
>thinks he won't be ousted as a WAACfag
>especially with a new army

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By this I mean the effect a barrel gets from high heat

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Cocaine fueled plasma was the plan for squad 2, since Calth comes with three and the regular Chaos Termie box only comes with one if memory serves. The box was $100 at the LGS, it wasn't moving so they dropped the price by $50 and I couldn't resist. Can't put it in the Crimson Fists since their old tech was explicitly blown to hell, so it goes to the Word Bearers. I am aware Word Bearers suck dick.

Casting spells on Khorne units feels weird, but those guys are up shit creek if that charge fails.

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found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIKEfVoqC5U

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Like this?

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Tau as a starter army for nooby? Models are badass. However I hear they might get a release in 2018 with auxiliaries? Any idea what those maybe? Or atleast atia said they're not part of the empire.

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Is there any reason to run Inquisition as Guard allies?

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>Warhammer painting contest of the month has the theme psykers
>Mortarion model wins

Loving Every Laugh

Not a bad starting point.
New units may be aux, may be farsight. Who knows

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guard PDF when
are shotgun vets ever going to be relevant or should I just be boring and give then lasguns?

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It's not even out yet
Wait for the weekend

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spam crisis commanders. skip on crisis squads

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i like shot guns just because i have a huge hard on for shotguns irl

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The Imperial Guard are not part of a systems Planetary Defence Force.

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I'm inclined to agree but that seems super good with the tri-lobe giving them BS3+. You could smuggle a decent amount of doods in the middle of some adequate anti-tank and just push up the board shooting the whole way.

>> No.55679419

well you are paying for 3 of them and the armor boost doesn't stack. probably not worth the points for 3 just to stack the aura range

>> No.55679433

I think 3 is really the only way to go, BS 4+ makes them pretty weak otherwise.

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Maybe? Normal marine backpacks work like jump packs in zero g though.

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>>Several infantry blobs
if your movement phases eat up half the time of a game it will get old pretty quick.

just something to consider

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I just did the count, I have 42 guys with rifles(lasguns) and 24 SMGs which will be either lasguns or shotguns, haven't decided yet. So, two or three big blobs, really.

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I hereby submit my submission for the next general image

>> No.55679535

Still better than everyone making the buzz lightyear face

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General images are for fags

t. Meme image master race

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Haven't played a game since the start of 5th Ed. Just about finished my 500 point army of renegade/heretics using the gsc and Tyranid indexes. Plan on playing fun casual games. This is my list. I have no idea if I can even come close too winning a game with it or how can I use it so advice and feedback are appreciated


10x neophytes w/ shotguns. 2x flamers, cult icon and power mail





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So what faction is intended to be the king of shooting? I saw some mech players complaining guard took that title away from them.

>> No.55679642

Tau are supposed to be.

>> No.55679649

I don't really think there's intended to just be one king of shooting, more just different types. AdMech with their weird and powerful guns, Guard with massed fire, Tau with their gunlines and advanced tech.

>> No.55679661

Imperial Guard arty party, accept no substitutes.

>> No.55679691

I'm not sure that describes Tau. Gunline is more guard isn't it?

>> No.55679703

Man, with vehicle construction rules pending in chapter approved, I am half tempted to resurrect the Stormhammer. Just explode everything around it, one hell of an anvil. Though the Shadowsword is tempting to just pick up, punch a hole right through an thing that stands in your way.

>> No.55679705

"Gunline" just describes a largely static army that blows you off the board on turn 2-3. Tau are known for gunline because of their long range infantry weapons, tanks, and the Tidewall terrain deal. Guard can do it too, and Space Marines ran gunlines all through 6 and 7e IIRC, lots of Thunderfire cannons.

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Own any shotguns?

>> No.55679729

Do you guys think that the undivided legions will get primarchs? I want to run Alpharius in 40k

>> No.55679743

I really can't come up with a better way to describe Tau and it seemed appropriate with their whole thing seeming to be their ability to support each other with overwatch and such atm.

>> No.55679746

I can't tell if this bait or you're genuinely retarded

>> No.55679747

Alpharius is unlikely on account of being super-dead. He's up there with Ferrus and Sanguinis

>> No.55679752

The only thing getting custom vehicle rules this year is Land Raiders.

>> No.55679755

>super dead
Considering he's died 4 times to different people I doubt that he's actually dead

>> No.55679778

Current progress on some plasma incinerators, I went with a red plasma glow this time.

I tried the steel heating effect on the 3 on the outside of the pic


The humidity around here is bad hence the bumpy primer, I've done about all I can do to fix it.

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I am genuinely retarded

>> No.55679788

He's straight up confirmed dead in Praetorian of Dorn with Omegon even sensing his death and taking up his identity.

>> No.55679798

Most of them are dead, though I do secretly hope that Batman returns as a headless DP of Malice/Malal

>> No.55679804

That's how Death Guard are meant to be played, anon.

>> No.55679815

source on that it will be exclusive to Land Raiders?

>> No.55679824

No amount of denial will bring him back, chaoscuck. Omegon is supposedly alive but Alpharius is the deadest anyone has ever been.
Thanks to primarch powers Dorn felt it when he killed his ass, Omegon felt it when it happened etc.
He's fucking dead, Jim

>> No.55679842

What's better, toughness 8 with a 2+ armor save, or toughness 7 with a 2+/5++ armor save?

>> No.55679847

It's in the announcement

>We are going to trial some new rules to allow you to design your very own Land Raider variants and field these behemoths on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

>> No.55679857

>on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium
But it is the 42nd Millennium.

>> No.55679859

Ah, thanks, hopefully they feel it is good enough to expand it to baneblades. Had missed it was limited, good to have updated info.

>> No.55679860

Looks neat, though a red glow indicates less heat radiation.
Red light has a longer wavelength than blue, and contains less energy. If your plasmaguns are made from the same material as all others, then your are simply less hot.

>> No.55679861

What units are you choosing between

But T8 does cross the threshold for making S4 need 6s to wound, and you need the rare AP-4 before that 2+ save gets reduced to worse than a 5+

>> No.55679865

I'll stick with my toughness 8 w/ 2+/5++/6+++, thank you very much

>> No.55679867

It's simply to not be blue like every other plasma weapon lol.

It was either red or purple.

Ty tho

>> No.55679869

Ironclad Dreadnought vs Contemptor Dreadnought

>> No.55679871

It's also the difference between a meltagun wounding on 3s and one wounding on 4s.

>> No.55679873


>> No.55679888

depends on the army, particularly with the new militarum book coming. If you are running with any of the stuff that can increase saves just the fact that you have that 5++ can be a big deal, since you can then bump it down to a 4++ or even a 3++

>> No.55679934

So I found this floating around, person who posted it claims it was from some children's book they found, anyone care to translate?

>> No.55679942


>> No.55679943

I think it has more to do with the emission spectra of the gas being used like in a tube sign.. Neon(orange), hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), and mercury (blue).

>> No.55679945

I'm doing a Salamander's Dreadnought army.
At 1000 points.

My friends won't let me take Ashmantle in the 1000pts list, so I'm taking a Chaplain dread instead with the Salamander's Mantle relic so he's toughness 8 with a 5+ invuln.

I don't know what to spend the rest of my points on yet though, but I'm going to be half of an imperium force in a 2v2 game.
1000pts of Sisters and Grey Knights and 1000pts of Salamanders vs 1000pts of Emperor's Children and 1000pts of Iron Warriors.

I want to have at least one long range fire support unit.
Thinking a Relic Contemptor, either with two twin lascannons, two twin autocannons or one of each, or maybe taking a Relic Deredeo Dreadnought. Don't know what to put on the Deredeo though.
Or maybe a normal Venerable Dreadnought with either two twin autocannons, or one twin autocannon and one twin lascannon.

Then I'd like to have one or two units to flank the Chaplain dreadnought who will be my warlord, and I wasn't sure if I wanted them to be Ironclad dreadnoughts or assault cannon carrying Contemptors.

>> No.55679949

obviously the right choice is a Leviathan with twin grav-flux bombards.

>> No.55679950

I sometimes feel bad when I play against Marines because sometimes it feels like DE were designed to shit all over them.

>> No.55679960

>Unsatisfied with his ork army, Johan convinces his parents to commit to a large FW purchase. Here he is showing Lisa the size of his new Titan.

>> No.55679991

>It was a small monster in plastic. It held an axe in its hand. Johan said he painted them himself. Lisa thought they were pretty nicely painted. Just a bit smudgy. They looked scary with large teeth and axes and skulls.
>-What are they for? asked Lisa.
>-They're soldiers, said Johan. You set them up in armies and then you fight with dice and then they die.
>- Lisa didn't think it sounded that fun.
>-Do you have anything else in the bag, she said.
>Johan took out a measuring band that you could pull out.
>-You can measure centimetres with this, he said.

Basically, girls think 40k is icky.

>> No.55679993


The correct answer is obviously a Redemptor.

>> No.55679996

My swedish is much too rusty for this shit

>> No.55680003

Are Redemptors elites or heavy support?

>> No.55680006

Eh, combine arms and troops maybe. Suit spam is a little weirder

>> No.55680011

Yxa had me stuck but I guess it should've been obvious
För fan

>> No.55680031

>GW sues, says children's books are infringing on their trademark

>> No.55680049

>Basically, girls think 40k is icky.

>Lisa thought they were pretty nicely painted. Just a bit smudgy

Nigga, she thinks he needs to thin his paints.

>> No.55680051


Has the design grown on anyone else or is it just me, might have to get myself one

>> No.55680064

>releases childrens book ft. The Redeemer to leverage their brand in this new market
>half the book is advertisements for new 40k releases

>> No.55680065

I like it now more than I did before but I won't be buying one any time soon, lets just say that.

>> No.55680068

I love them, plan on getting two eventually

>> No.55680070

Would I be retarded if I ran my berzerker champions with duel lightning claws?
> world eaters
> duel claws
On charge
> 10 str 4 ap -2 attacks
Or is the fist/chainsword better

>> No.55680075

Still don't like the beer belly, but I dig the new weapons and the sheer size of it. Feels like a big stompy war engine. Boxnaughts are nice, but they were always too tiny.

>> No.55680081

Well, claw is probably better than chainsword, and with the fist you can't get extra attacks from sixes

>> No.55680084


>> No.55680086


>> No.55680088

Forgot about the death to the false emperor rule. Any mathhammer guys out there to figure how many marines on average he could shred?

>> No.55680091

The word you're looking for is "dual", the claws aren't meeting eachother for some old fashion "pistols at dawn".

>> No.55680105

Well you're hitting 2/3rds of the time, and then you wound on half of those, and then they save 1/3rd of those

But the game never works out in a mathhammery fashion, thats the thing about dice. Just play the game, fuck the averages.

>> No.55680119

True and sorry for my spelling.
> 80088
> 88
> is it a sign?

>> No.55680134

3.5 Dead Marines from his 8 attacks in combat, including extra attacks from DttFE for a non-WE berserker champ with a pair of claws. Not bad. I forgot about the S5, which brought it up from 2.3 marines. Big difference there.

>> No.55680137

>pot belly
>non overlapping armour plates
>curved + angular armour
>cardboard-ey sculpting on arms and legs
>that dreadful minigun design they've had since the Leman Russ Punisher release

There's a lot of details I like, like the ganglyness of the limbs, articulated sarcophagus cover and the little Primaris style turrets, but overall I don't like it.

>> No.55680138


>> No.55680150

Beware the sky dice

>> No.55680151

>play some kill team, be inquisition vs not!Squats
>enemy brought a few bikes and I' just infantry spam
>game goes on for a while, from turn 2 to turn 6 there is a moshpit going on on top of our objective, the brawl never truly ends
>meanwhile, enemy bike had flanked and charged my last stormtrooper
>from turn 3 to the end of the game, these guys fight eachother
>both roll 1s and 1s only
>neither deals a wound to the other during the entire game
>game ends, win because I have more dudes left on the objective
>biker and trooper still slapping at eachother, suspect they have something going on since they won't agree to hurt eachother
>fluff it so that they ride off to the sunset together
Love can bloom, lads.

>> No.55680187

>Lisa tyckte inte at set lät så roligt

>> No.55680188

Did you factor in rerolls to wound?

>> No.55680199


>> No.55680206

> 88 again
Oh my, duel claws it is then.

>> No.55680207

I like them with a good pose, even with just some slight adjustment. Standing still they're awkward

>> No.55680228

Seeing this is the only reason I started to like them, didn't convert mine full on like pic, but he model is salvageable.

>> No.55680231

Yes HOWEVER I thought claws were -1 not -2, so it's a little different. Here's the break down:


That's 2.3 wounds against T4 3+ per combat, or 4.6 per turn.

>> No.55680241

Also, I might have fucked up the DttFE. I think I should have multiplied 4 by 1/6, not the hits.

>> No.55680243

Are those tau battlesuit legs?

>> No.55680244

I don't fully understand mathhammer, but I like it

>> No.55680258

I believe we'll be seeing updated kroot/stingwings and if you want to start a tau army it is easy as cake to build an easily expandable core , 2 start collecting boxes and an armored assault box gets you the following:

2 ethereals, can easily make Aun'shi well
10 Firewarriors
10 Breachers
10 Pathfinders
6 Crisis Suits
A Devilfish to carry the Breachers
A fuck ton of drones

And then just add whatever you think looks good

>> No.55680259

Pretty comfy thread desu but super slow
What's everyone been working on these past few days? I finally resumed progress on my Freebootas, cleaned up and based Hatman and started painting Raghead
wonder of I ought to get a Gorkanaut for some Nobz in a 'Naut

>> No.55680264

Appreciate it comrade.

>> No.55680265

consider movement trays, the guardsmen in our group started using them and it helps so damn much

>> No.55680267

Looks like a mix of parts, I think the lower half is from an iron strider and the thigh and foot are somewhat harder to place.

>> No.55680271

Dunecrawler. So's the head plate and some of the pipework.

>> No.55680276

finishing touches on my thousand sons primaris before moving over to DG. got a recast 30k mortarion for cheap that I'm gonna be running as a demon prince of nurgle, pretty excited about using. the DG sculpts are so fucking good and huge that I never wanna go back to using oldscale marines.

>> No.55680287

I really am quite fond of the scale that the Chads and new DG sit at

>> No.55680292

It doesn't seem fun =/= it's icky.

No fucking wonder none of you fuckers have any friends.

>> No.55680297

>deadest anyone has ever been.
Given the emperor erased his soul, Wouldn't that be Horus?

>> No.55680304

Is there really a difference? Either way she doesn't like it.

>> No.55680305

I suppose that might be true.
Well, a close second anyway

>> No.55680310

2.46(4.9) wounds if I do DttFE on the 4 attacks not hits, which I should do since each attack has a 1/6 chance of making an extra attack.

Basically it's:
4 attacks (3 base +1 from claw)
Each attack his on a 3, 4, 5, or 6 which is 4/6 or 2/3
Each attack also has a 1 in 6 chance of generating another attack
Each wound at S5 has wounds on the same 3-6, but then each failed wound also has a chance to wound again (fucked up my math again. My fault for doing this while literally shitting)
Then, each wound has a 1/3 chance of failing aka a 2/3 chance of succeeding.

>Initial 4 Attacks
>Death to the False Emperor
>Wounding on 3+
3.33(2/3)=2.22 (wounds)
>Rerolling failed wounds (fixing my fuckup)
>Armor saves (failed saves)

So, with my finally (hopefully) corrected math, it's actually 1.97 wounds per combat, or 3.95 per turn. Hope that makes sense.

Corrected math

>> No.55680316

That's what they said last time .

>> No.55680324

Having trouble washing vehicles lads. My pin washes never come out right and look spotty at best. Isnt there a technique of washing vehicles where you cover the whole thing in wash, then with q-tups clean it up alot?

>> No.55680326


>he didn't like me suggesting ways to make his army less waacy

Maybe because how he plays the game is his own fucking business?

I understand that people don't like losing, but the idea that we're so precious about it that we should go around telling people what they can and can't play blows my fuckin' mind.

>> No.55680338

>>-They're soldiers, said Johan. You set them up in armies and then you fight with dice and then they die.

This man is a true Ork player.

>> No.55680344

You could maybe get some retarded to mix with the wash and then brush it on, havent tried it myself though

>> No.55680353

A gentleman and a scholar

>> No.55680354

What would be better generally?

S5 AP-2
S4 AP-3

Not sure if I should give my Blightlords Baleswords or Bubotic Axes.

>> No.55680356


A gloss varnish, wash with oil paints thinned with white spirit, clean up with q-tips and matte varnish to finish.

It works, it looks good, but it's messy and time consuming. I don't really do it anymore.

>> No.55680360

S5 over S4 any day.
The one less AP wont matter as much as wounding most things on 3s

>> No.55680381

Wounding on 3+ is a pretty big deal, especially since you're rerolling 1s from being a plague weapon, which means you're nearly wounding on 2+

>> No.55680395

guys, with the astra militarum relic where you get an extra CP when your opponent uses a stratagem, can you reroll the dice you roll using a stratagem? And can you get an extra CP back from this with the warlord trait to get a CP back when you use a stratagem?

Combine this with the insane number of CP ou can get from Astra, and you have practically unlimited CP (kinda)

>> No.55680405


Gorkanaut is the best of the big Ork walkers. Morkanaut is overpriced and the Stompa is an absolute joke.

Basically all you're interested in is the melee statline because the guns on all of them are pathetic. And the Gorka has 2 more attacks, which typically means 6 more since you use the Smash option against 95% of targets.

>> No.55680406

Eating puke is icky. Playing MtG doesn't sound like fun.

>> No.55680412

Sneaky superheavies

>> No.55680428

Playing MtG does sound icky because everyone who plays it is a fat greasy neckbeard/basement dweller
Its quite disgusting

>> No.55680440

thighs are just the lower legs reversed, and the lower legs are from the dune crawler.

>> No.55680445

Granted it's also an 18 barrel chaingun crewed by maniacs who think maintenance is a good joke.

>> No.55680451

Maybe they dunk the round in oxiclean and because they believe it to work, it does

>> No.55680456

*rounds, hard to shoot 3d6 with just 1 bullet

>> No.55680466


Ironclads are 3+

>> No.55680468

Kek, with the new Baneblade buffs that just made me think of a tank commander go "FIRE"
And then the Baneblade takes aim & goes RATATATATATA with its big turret

>> No.55680469

Okay, one more question.
Combi-metla or combi-plasma?
They both seem pretty good in their own rights and since I'm going to get my Blightlords stuck in melee anyhow, might the melta be better?

>> No.55680473

Camo reminds me a bit of those horrible popcorn flavored jellybeans

>> No.55680477

On my hobby bench:
>A 90% complete LOTR commission
>A half assembled Goblin BB team
>A primed 1000pts Death Guard
>2000pts of heavily converted World Eaters still in box
>3000pts of old fantasy night goblins ready to be stripped and redone.
Why the fuck am I still wasting time on /tg/? Conversely what should I work on next?

>> No.55680484

>heavily converted
>still in box
What did he mean by this

>> No.55680485

Depends on what you're going to be fighting
Plasma is good at short range too, because you'll be rapid firing

>> No.55680487

Neither of those are chainguns

>> No.55680491

Most of the time I'm going to be fighting other CSM or SM players at my LGS

>> No.55680492

It means he sat on the boxes by mistake and it looks like a bomb went off

>> No.55680495

I know how and have converted what I am planning but haven't yet. If you know what I mean.

>> No.55680497

>So factions codexes get subfaction rules
>Ork codex drops
>All the clans have rules
>Even SnakeBites

Be still my heart.

>> No.55680498


Ok /k/ but they're still what people think of when they think of chain guns.

>> No.55680505

>implying anyone plays Snakebites

>> No.55680507

If you'll have a reroll 1s guy near them, I'd prefer plasma
If you plan to go tank/TEQ hunting I guess I'd go melta

>> No.55680511

If you can call them that.

>> No.55680516

Read the post again and slap yourself for being stupid for me.

>> No.55680517

Me's an peoples >:(

>> No.55680525



>> No.55680531

In Euroland all measuring things come with centimetres and inches

>> No.55680537

I don't mind that part when the author went through the trouble of being accurate with everything else
Also I have one of those ikea tape measures that has both inches and centimeters, maybe Johan does too

>> No.55680538


Yeah I know here in England we play 40k with inches though.

>> No.55680542

What guard regiment should I start painting? I've got steel legion, Catachan, Cadians and militarum tempestus.

>> No.55680543

I think it's you that needs better reading comprehension.

>> No.55680546

Here in Canada we play 40k in mm

>> No.55680548


>> No.55680553

Officially supported like the jap version or just converting them as you go?

>> No.55680554

Thin your fucking paints god damn

>> No.55680559

I didn't even paint those. All second hand. So most of them are going into acetone.>>55680542

>> No.55680575

My hellblaster squad, not finished completely but enough for me to play with and not be a grey tide.

>> No.55680576


>> No.55680587

Steel Legion, they're almost as cool as Krieg.

>> No.55680589

I wouldn't take Breachers in the new edition, at least until the codex drops. AP-2 is literally half as good as it was when it was AP3, and S6 is no longer 2+ to wound vs T4. Tau are frail enough that getting close isn't worth it unless you can absolutely devastate something, or are willing to sacrifice the unit getting close. Furthermore, the formerly good 5++ from Guardian drones is no longer worth it, as most anti-light infantry is only AP-1 or even 0, so it provides you nothing of value at all. In conclusion, just take Strike Squads.

>> No.55680594


Fuck you anon. They would if we had fucking plastic squiggoths...

Shit yeah you're right... no one plays snakebites.

>> No.55680598

You said that:
>> people
>if you can call them that.
Either you are claiming:
a) You can't call /k/ browsers people which, even though many would believe this, they aren't who >>55680498 refers to as people. This would mean you misread the post.
b) That you can't call those who don't browse /k/ people. This would be idiotic yet would mean you have read >>55680498 correctly (just leaving you an idiot instead).
Now before posting your rebuttal consider that either option would leave you the idiot.

>> No.55680604


Functional retard has a question;

Which is the most effective tank-regiment;

Cadians or Catachans.

Cadian has a special tank order, but Catachans has almost the same rule built-in to the doctrine, no order needed.


Thank you.

>> No.55680610

Death Korps of the Third Reich. I mean Krieg.

>> No.55680618


What's with the "defiler bad" meme ?

Equip it with scourges

Cheap, lots of high S attacks, smattering of high S shooting


>> No.55680621

So you're telling me a mekboy can't repair a trukk if he's embarked on it?
The fuck shit is that?

>> No.55680624

So GW said they'd like to add another race to the game. What would you like to see? Me? Exodites. Why? Dinosaurs fucking rule.

>> No.55680626

Krieg is Imperial Germany and France put in a blender. Also aesthetic as fuck

>> No.55680627

The poor man's krieg.

>> No.55680628

You got both wrong, I was saying that those who think that chainguns have multiple rotating barrels shouldn't be classified as people.

>> No.55680629

Hits on a 5+ when it moves.

>> No.55680632


>> No.55680635

When it's moving it's assaulting

Equip scourges and go


>> No.55680636

Any suggestions for cloak colours?

Don't wanna do screamer pink as it's so common.

>> No.55680639

Yea steel legion is my favourite. Anon do you know a few brands for spraycans especially for basecoating metals? I hate it when the paint peels of metal models.

>> No.55680643

I'd like to see R&H if that's what they mean. It would flesh out chaos to three main parts (CSM, Daemons and renegades) which is on par with Imperium (Guard, SM and Daemon-hunters) and Eldar (Craftworlds, Dark Eldar and Harlequins).
However other than that exodites sound fun as it is expanding an already known faction rather than adding a whole new piss weak (see tau) faction with little interest (see tau), power (see tau) or grimdarkness (see tau).
May I also ask where you heard this rumor?

>> No.55680644

DKOK is 100% french

don't start this bullshit again

>> No.55680647

Because then you're paying for guns you aren't getting much use out of.

>> No.55680651

Somehow you made it worse. Congrats /k/ommando.

>> No.55680653

What does Krieg mean in French?

>> No.55680655

>Wanted to play Snakebites because i prefer green tide to ork machines
>Their colour scheme sucks
>Goff has all the good characters due to essentially being Orktramarines.
Noone plays Snakebites.

>> No.55680661


>> No.55680663


NOVA or gamesday seminar one of the two. Q&A question about rumors of another faction being added. Say they'd like to do it. Keyword there is like.

Tau wise, atia said stuff outside the empire. I hope kroot, vespid, or demiurge. Probably end up being farsight enclaves though.

>> No.55680679

Guy at my store does. He uses normie Dinosaur models and converts them heavily. It sounds like shit, but he does a great job with them.

>> No.55680682


>> No.55680686

> Chaos = All powerful threat perhaps reaching beyond our galaxy
> Tyranids = Unstoppable wave of flesh coming from another galaxy
> Necrons = Once all-powerful rulers who knew the creators of everything known
> Orks = A force unimaginably large who gain in strength and intelligence when they gather
> Eldar = the supreme being who can control the winds of magic.
> Imperium = Plot armor thick enough to stop all above
> Tau = Piss-boys.

>> No.55680688

Pink is the best colour for desert camo.

>> No.55680692

How terrible of a list is this?

>> No.55680696

No there are obviously German and french influences, the helmet is even an obvious hybrid between the German and French WW1 helmets.

Zero French influence either.

>> No.55680700

Personal preference

>> No.55680701

>FW shit

Instantly dropped

>> No.55680705

>99% of DKOK models wearing a spacified kraut WW1 helmets which is one of the most recognizeable helmets of the first half of the 20th century
>100% french

>> No.55680715

Point me to the German helmets with crests and ridges.
They clearly take influences from both sides every one always just says German because the shape of the helmet is so recognizable,

>> No.55680718

Thank you, nonperson.

>> No.55680725

>Primarus SHIT

Instantly dropped

>> No.55680731

>Zoggin RNG, Annuver free!

>> No.55680771

Always thought the DKOK ridge was closer to the one on the space marine helmet, hence the "spacified" part and I'll do you one better and find an actual huge fucking eagle taking up most of the front on a German helmet.

People say German because if you took away the ridge and crest it would literally just be a stahlhelm. The coats are a lot closer to the French coats though, I don't get why it's s huge issue. People aren't saying their German, they're saying they're a MIX of German and French, which they obviously are, you own post even suggests it.

>> No.55680773

Take your waac-fagging and fuck yourself, gaurdfag.

>> No.55680777

GW games have always been reliant on a social contract to make them worth the time, and 8th is no exception.

>> No.55680783

You know those robots that were around before the the horus heresy? I'd like for those to somehow make a come back. They looked sweet.

>> No.55680796

Not sure why I expected any better feedback from /tg/

I legitimately like the look of Primaris Marines and the Leviathan. I painted some up,
so I want to put them in a list.

>> No.55680797

Does anyone have the duncan where he mixes metallic to paint some alpha legion?

I'd like to do the same thing with emperor's children

>> No.55680801

>they're saying they're a MIX of German and French
Yes that's explicitly what I'm saying, I don't know why you think I'm disagreeing with you on this.
My point was that the ridge was a little French inspired flair on what was otherwise a very German helmet.

>> No.55680814

Khorne Red.

>> No.55680816

I had you mixed up with >>55680644 because of your reaction to be stating they weren't 100% French.

>> No.55680818

We'd all like to do it with x color but it only really works with blue for whatever reason. Please post pics if I'm wrong but I've been trying with red for a month now to no avail.

>> No.55680823

I was just reacting to the
>99% German
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

>> No.55680857

That's a good idea. App suggests carroburg crimson as shade, any other ones also work?

Don't have carroburg crimson.

>> No.55680861

-Battalion Detachment-
Typhus - 175 pts
Malignant Plaguecaster - 110 pts

20 Poxwalkers - 120 pts
20 Cultists: 2 Heavy Stubbers - 88 pts (maybe CC weapons and flamers?)
5 Plague Marines: 2 Blight Launchers, Plasma Gun, Plaguesword - 137 pts
5 Plague Marines: 2 Blight Launchers, Plasma Gun, Plaguesword - 137 pts

Noxious Blightbringer: Fugaris' Helm - 70 pts

Fast Attack
Foetid Bloat-Drone - 158 pts
Foetid Bloat-Drone - 158 pts
Foetid Bloat-Drone - 158 pts

Heavy support
Plagueburst Crawler: 2 Entropy Cannons - 156 pts

Total - 1467 pts

Been working on a DG list for a few days now, trying to work it out with advice given. Any good? I was aiming for Poxwalker heavy, but I began steering away from it.

>> No.55680879

How would using regular Chadian shock troopers as conscripts (only one unit) and using a regiment's style soldier's as veterans look? I want to start converting my force to Tallarn and I've found some nice third party desert soldier heads, but I'd much rather put them in new models than rip the heads off old ones.

>inb4 I'm a WAACfag

>> No.55680883

If you drop 10 cultists you can afford a naked lord for the reroll 1s and extra command point

>> No.55680886

Someone posted purple a few threads ago but I lost it

>> No.55680894

He means a leaked codex in the .pdf file format

>> No.55680898


>> No.55680909

>Wanna play vostroyans
>Every squad will look the same due to being metal
>No vostroyan tank commander minis
>No missile launcher or autocannon team models

GW for fuck sake I don't give a damn about vostroyans. What I do give a shit about is the fact that you could have printed money by releasing new plastic regiments... For fuck sake Cadia is dead let another regiment be the guards poster boys.

>> No.55680921

>T A L L B O I

>> No.55680922



>> No.55680941

You're not though, look at the price of the whole thing.

If it was costed as a shooting platform it would be A LOT more expensive with those guns.

It's a botched hybrid . . . that does assaulting really good with shooting on the side.

Think of it this way; Imagine if ork walkers were REALLY good ; This it it.

>> No.55680944


Functional retard has a question;

Which is the most effective tank-regiment;

Cadians or Catachans.

Cadian has a special tank order, but Catachans has almost the same rule built-in to the doctrine, no order needed.


Thank you, and good night.

>> No.55680957


>> No.55680959

With order, Canada. Without, Catachan.

Ez enough.

>> No.55680961

If this is the list from the past few forums this is looking much better, Poxwalkers are amazing with Typhus and a Plaugecaster casting things on them, get as many as possible. The Noxious Blightbringer with the Helm is a great addition. If you keep the Bloat Drones near him at deployment they can take advantage of his aura to flank faster, to me its looking good!

>> No.55680973

That's because most of those barrels are just glued on because the orks think that adds dakka

>> No.55680998

New Nurgle stuff when?

>> No.55681004

What would be more efective plasma or grav with the following stats?

Grav: Heavy 5 5 -3 1 (d3 if save is 3+ or better)

Plasma: Heavy d6 7 -3 1

>> No.55681007

Against what?

>> No.55681013

Do you think it's worth taking a naked lord like suggested here >>55680883 ? I could probably drop the heavy stubber to give him a real weapon, although I can't think of what.

>> No.55681014


Looks good, if a bit Tau-y

>> No.55681021

in general. I feel that plasma is better but with so many shots I would never overload it and the number of shots is so random.

>> No.55681023

You can just ask what kind of Kataphron are better.

>> No.55681025

Look for the video for the Artificer Tint set. I've got some green and yellow (read: mustard) tester Marines done with it it's not bad

>> No.55681026

Doesn't chaos auto lose if everyone dies? No real space for emotions and stuff, results in dead chaos entities.

In other words fighting chaos is like fighting a retarded children with a bomb strapped on his chest and the trigger in his hand.

>> No.55681029

ignore them most of the primaris stuff isnt that bad, except those fucking crash test dummies they call inceptors

Forge world's dreadnoughts are not that bad compared to the other undercosted horseshit like the sicarians or their flyers

Leviathan's are second only to the humble boxnaught be proud to field such a brick of resin

>> No.55681035

GIve your naked lord a Balesword and the Arch Contaminator warlord trait, now his sword, knives, Blight launchers, mortar and spitters are rerolling all wounds when within 7" of him.

>> No.55681038

Company veteran bikers with stormshields and plasma guns or stormshields and thunder hammers?

Assuming a chaplain or captain in each case , it seems plasma guns have similar chances to hit and wound but can do so at range without the overwatch and opponent fight phase.

>> No.55681045

We don't know if potentially chaos is a multi-galactic entity. If so one meager galaxy won't sustain as much as they could get out of it from slaughter.
However even then Horus failing his herasy could have been a ploy of the gods to prolong the inevitable.

>> No.55681052

>primaris stuff isnt that bad
Might not have been if it had been a space marine revamp

>> No.55681055

kataphron destroyers are obviously better, but they can equip plasma and grav so that is why I ask.

>> No.55681056

That's some good bait.

>> No.55681059

honestly you have more variety in your 10 metal minis then you would in a plastic cadian box

you can convert an autocannon team by swapping out the metal lascannon with a plastic ac one , just ask a frienly neighborhood guard player , he'll have some spares lying around
honestly the biggest obstacle to running vostroyans is that you only get a flamer and a hbolter meaning you either have to buy 3 plasmas and convert a vox operator to run them as vets or buy 2 squads and still convert a vox operator . unless you really want to whip out your wallet and buy a command squad for every infantry squad you get
it's a shame really , you used to be able to buy a 3 man blister of vostroyans 2 years back

look on the bright side though , atleast you guys can still buy a plasma gunner , which is honestly the best sw option available to us right now , there's no reason not to take it
my valhallans are gonna have to make do with conversions made out of the space marine plasmaguns

>> No.55681068

Rerolls are incredibly useful, especially if you keep him near you DG squads to use with their Plasma and other weapons to give some anti armour punch or to wade him in with the poxwalkers/Typhus to reroll those hits.

Also to be fair with 20 cultists many will die to moral, so it might be more useful to go with the lord + drones in a separate outrider detachment for the extra command point and reroll benefits.

>> No.55681078

doesn't the ork get to shoot up to 9d6 times ? but it runs the risk of running out of ammo
or is that the stompa ?

>> No.55681086


>> No.55681089

Why is there no necromunda hype lads? Get pumped!

>> No.55681095


What knight variant would be best for a MSU SoB army
Usually running 10 melta dominion in repressor, 3-4 storm Bolter / flamer spam Immolator sisters, some heavy Bolter retribution

Crusader with full DAKKA seem to be the best option.

>> No.55681099

Because we don't know about the rules so all we have to go on are the models?

>> No.55681107

Am I the only one who considers models to be more important than rules?

>> No.55681109

Average of 9d6 is still only 27, much less than 40.

>> No.55681117

Why couldn't he?

>> No.55681119

It had board game look. Unlike the older Necromund that least had shitty thin cardboard to make terrain with some volume

>> No.55681128

I like Roboute Guilliman. I think he's a good character and a good character for Warhammer 40k. He should rebel and make Ultramar the Imperium Secondus as was his plan.

>> No.55681140

The box just comes with the board to cut costs. The rules for terrain fights are still most certainly there.

>> No.55681141

No interest in either of the initial two gangs.

>> No.55681143


Nah, the proportions are all fucked up. They don't look like burly supersoldiers in power armour anymore.

>> No.55681145

The rules are the most important thing in Necromunda. Since the models can be made from conversions, kitbash and/or third parties.
80's style cyberpunk/apocalypse models are not exactly a strange thing to find.

>> No.55681157

Well I don't know about you but rules are just words. My friends and I can and have create rule-sets that suit are needs a whole lot better than GW. But models are another story which is why first and foremost GW is a miniature company to me.

>> No.55681159

t. Alpharius

>> No.55681160

They look like some Infinity heavy armour dudes.
Something looks strange with Primaris when put next to other 40k models.

I know 40k scale is all over the place with Orks being small, guardsmen huge and dark Eldar are smaller than everyone else for no reason.

>> No.55681170

It's newhammer my dude. Like AOS ignore all models that aren't post 8th because they are the only ones GW is going to care about.

>> No.55681171

Again, what little worth Necromunda has coming from GW are the rules. The models themself are a bonus.
Also Goliath look like ass, they all look the same. They remind me of a Catachan and ork boy conversion a kid made years ago.

>> No.55681173


That's the Stompa. The Gorkanaut gets 3D6 shots at Str 6, AP-1 and 1 dmg each. Statistically that means it hits around 3 times, and against a Marine, wounds twice and kills 1. By contrast, the 2 Twin-Linked Big Shootas it has fire 12 shots that hit 4 times, wound 3 times and kill 1. That's rather like the Heavy Stubber on a Knight having the same killing power as its arm gun.

The Stompa also has less attacks than the Gorkanaut because of reasons.

>> No.55681179

I guess when I think about it I have no reason to be hyped but I still am. Should I seek help?

>> No.55681182

If it's kataphrons, the Grav is better against infantry, especially infantry with more wounds.

Plasma will be better wounding against vehicles, especially with overcharging

Park a Dominus or Cawl next to them. Overcharging isn't as big of a problem.

>> No.55681183

The tree people look like Warhammer, the ground marines and squat look like something from warmachine

>> No.55681192

Inceptors look like fucking garbage, they look a little better if you shave off their hood, but not much.

>> No.55681198

>hype/hope is the first step on the road to disapointment

>> No.55681199

So I was talking to sum dud he told me that in combat a thunda warrior is acctually more powerful than a spac marin and now I feel like making a pre-unification army. What do /tg/?

>> No.55681202

So one of my local Warhammer stores just burned down. Possibly arson.

Has anyone else seen any other reactions to the new Guard codex?

>> No.55681203

Can I shoot at a C'tan whos behind three tomb blades but showing his head over them? Asking for a friend

>> No.55681211

Did you salvage anything?

>> No.55681215

Loot and scoot anon. Time is of the essence.

>> No.55681219

Someone post that IG vs DG battlereport.

>> No.55681221

You ain't salvaging shit in a GW-store fire

>> No.55681222

Does he have 10 or more wounds on his profile? If yes then yes.
If no then no.

>> No.55681224

he doesn't even get a cover save

>> No.55681232

Thanks fellas

>> No.55681255

this shit needs to be changed. it's weird as fuck.

>> No.55681260

Rule writers got lazy and decided that they would simplify the rules beyond the point of return and called it a game feature.
>This is your beloved nuGW

>> No.55681261

>possibly arson
>thus crime scene
>removing stuff from a crime scene

That's a nice way to get reamed by the cop on the left.

>> No.55681275

Blame autistic players that would argue to hell and back about whether or not a model is % obscured.

>> No.55681283

You could always just use shade in the recesses.

>> No.55681290

Trust me I'm just as mad at them for forcing GW to go from one extreme to the next but it would be nice if they had a less autistic fanbase and the rules could comfortably sit in the middle.

>> No.55681291

>be in cover
>cover absorobs bullets and shit
>be behind cover but not in it
Why though

>> No.55681301

First, let's compare what tanks benefit from which rules.

>Battle Cannon
Cadians are better (assuming you don't give it 3 heavy flamers and blitzkrieg across the board). Cadians get 2.04 hits on average (assuming BS 4+) while catachans get 1.85.
(If anyone wants to know my math you can ask)

Similar to the Battle cannon, according to my math rerolling ones is better than rerolling the number of shots, however, due to the short range of the demolisher you may be more inclined to move it forward, which would make the Catachan doctrine better.

A combination of the previous explanations. It's D6 shots at 36" range, not as short ranged as the demolisher but you could take it into consideration.

Another tank with D6 shots at 36" range, but this is a plasma cannon. I'd prefer being able to reroll ones if I overcharge 2D6 shots. I'd use this tank for a Cadian regiment or with a babysitting tank commander.

Fixed number of shots, Catachan doctrine is worthless here (unless you take flamer or plasma sponsons)

Fixed number of shots

Fixed number of shots

In conclusion, the Cadian doctrine is better for letting the enemy come to you and gunning them down along the way, while the Catachan doctrine is better if you plan to be on the offensive.

Finally, you could consider using the Valhallan doctrine.

>> No.55681306

Sup Brisbane anon, where are heading to play with your toysoldiers now?

Also, my "Catachans" are tickled pink with the new book.

>> No.55681310

Would you preffer to play against a FW R&H army or a codex guard R&H army?

>> No.55681311

>implying it was ever a problem
That was just a loud minority

>> No.55681314

We can't have it taking a whole 10 seconds to determine if a unit is in cover now. We gotta be "streamlined".

>> No.55681315

Thats cool. So even If I can't see a 10+ wounds model because he has chaff in front of him I can shoot him?

>> No.55681323

Assume the other units aren't there when targeting 10+ wound models.

>> No.55681335

Loud minority or not they were still autistic players who would argue to hell and back over whether or not your unit was % obscured that was apparently loud enough for GW to take their autism into consideration.

I'm almost astonished that GW even provided rules for barricades.

>> No.55681336

Theres a local tournament going on where players play from day to day, and the only Ork player is already starting to snowball hard. Orks seems extremely stupid and strong, I sincerely dont understand how I can stop them. What should I do?
>inb4 stop playing

>> No.55681347

Gotcha. What if he has 5 wounds but I can see him above the chaff? Like showing its head or a hand?

>> No.55681348

It should just be that you have to see anything that rests above the base, and vise versa. That way winged models aren't completely cucked by their sheer. With tanks it's anything on the main chassis. Anything extra does not count so sponsons, aerials, gun barrels etc don't cuck the tank.

Obviously these rules work both ways so a faggot can't act like his aerial can see an enemy model and can therefore shoot from that point.

This makes it fair for modellers who like to put lots of shit on their models.

>> No.55681350

Get gud?

>> No.55681357

If he was in the open, charging towards you 5" away, then you'd have to target the dreadnought that's 4" away, that you can't see, instead.

>> No.55681364

GW has been pulling retard stuff since 4th.

Their proper rule writters left long ago and the new ones have been riding on the shoulders of the guys that did previous edition

>> No.55681370

Use cover. If you get first turn pop smokes on your tanks (don't shoot with them) so the Ork player is forced to remain stationary with his vehicles and tankbustas. Make sure your infantry is deployed in cover. Take pot shots for the time being. Once he's started to advance you can drop the hammer on his boys and then clean up the vehicles. He'll want to use his boys to secure objectives but he can't since you've killed a lot of them. Once it's your second turn then you can start picking off his vehicles.

Smokes WILL save your bacon. Use them.

>> No.55681373

Repeat after me class:
8th is the best and most balanced edition yet.

>> No.55681388

It is one of the few decent rule systems GW has at the moment.
If you like it speak to some mates about porting 40k units into it. That's what we did, be smart and don't be a retard, jump ship!

>> No.55681400

Thank you, but usually the dude uses billions of Boyz and Bikerz and not many vehicles, he uses Da Jump on turn 1 and you have 40 Boyz that are in your face ready to chew your face. Btw, my fault, didnt tell it on the first post, Im a Dark Eldar player

>> No.55681401

While true that doesn't mean much.

>> No.55681409

Sad to say it but you probably play the army most vulnerable to orks.

You *need* the first round to stand any chance.

>> No.55681412

If he does that then you need to stay right at your table edge. Don't position your shit at the edge of your deployment zone or you play right into his hands. Bring a fuck ton of anti infantry.

Pray tell what army do you play? How is your army composited?

>> No.55681417

Quick question.

The wording on this seems very convoluted.
So long as my army is Battleforged, I can get my dogma for relative units that have the same dogma.

I can include a Culexus Assassin in my list because it is Imperium and still get my dogma, obviously the Culexus Assassin won't, but they way it reads he won't hamper the rest of my AdMech units from getting their dogma, correct?

>> No.55681427

Got it, last question: if its my firing phase, and I wanted to shoot a guy with 5 wounds standing on a rock in his base and with his hand high (or head), and this guy has 6 chaos marines in front, can I shoot at that dude or I have to fire at the chaos marines?

>> No.55681430

It's not even remotely convoluted, so long as every unit in a detachment shares the same forge world keyword then the units in that detachment benefit from the dogma. Yes you can bring assassins but they have to be in a separate detachment.

>> No.55681435

>army must be battleforged
>Detachment must be a forgeworld XXXX detachment to gain bonuses
Its the same as every other faction bonus.

>> No.55681437

You need your Culexus in a separate detachment for any of your AdMech to get the dogma.

Basically they're so autistic that if an outsider comes along with them for the fight the AdMech will have a meltdown and won't oprate correctly. But if that outsider is still an outsider who just happens to be fighting with them, then they won't have a meltdown and will just do their shit as normal.

>> No.55681439

If the CSM are closer you have to fire at them.

>> No.55681466

With De I can easily destroy his vehicles but all the rest is a big problem..
I change my lists very often, but usually I tend to use 2 Ravagers, 2 or 3 Venoms with Kabalites, 1 Raider with Kabalites, 1 Raider with Wyches. Usually these are something that I always bring in 8th edition. I tried with other players my beloved Grotesques, units that I always used against Orks, but they were really underperforming.

>> No.55681502

So how are you guys dealing with the guard problem at your FLGS?

We've put a blanket ban on anybody starting Guard and bandwagoning . If a player already played Guard they have to play full WYSIWYG, including their regiment. So no Cadians as Mordians etc. Gotta converst those. They also have to submit their lists for review by our club founders before they're allowed to play.

Stops the worst of the excesses.

>> No.55681503

Here's a quick reference guide for you /tg/

>> No.55681509

You need a lot of splinter and shredder shit. You can't really try to outmanouevre a blob of Orks, so you basically need to remain static and gun them down. If that doesn't work then you will need to play a different army or just refuse to play against him.

>> No.55681511

>Best edition evar

>> No.55681514

Woah you guys sound real fun. Gosh I wish I could play in such a wonderful and fun lot as you.
Congratulations for growing the mightiest neck beards and wearing the fanciest fedoras you basement dwelling creeps.

>> No.55681519

No because the rule says "Closest visible enemy"

>> No.55681522

Fuck off nerd.

>> No.55681528

Thanks a lot man

>> No.55681529

This false flag is too obvious. Try being more subtle next time.

>> No.55681532

Someone post that assassin pic

>> No.55681533

Deciding whether to be Hitler or a WAACfag. It's a hard choice.

>> No.55681543

I'm not sure designing a game towards the worst excesses of the lowest common denominator players is a good idea, but everyone seems to be guzzling this shit up by the looks of it.

>> No.55681548


>> No.55681553

Banning people starting new armies sounds like a good way for a store to go out of business.

>> No.55681555

/tg/, I want to play IG but the cheesiness of the army will probably piss people off. Wat do?

>> No.55681563


>> No.55681586

Can a single detachment be made of several different <REGIMENTS>?

Can a battle-forged army consist of several diff <REGIMENT> detachments like a <CADIAN> patrol detachment and another <MORDIAN> patrol detachment?

Can these then use all their respective unique regiment rules and strategems?

I've got a guard player who has been asking suspicious questions like these, and I think he plans to do terrible things in the near future. Please help me know my enemy.

>> No.55681588

As soon as you let WAAC players into a club you're fucked anyway as they drive everyone else out with their bullshit , then abandon the game when they get bored of it anyway as they have no love for the lore, modelling or community side of the game and just want to prove how big their wargaming penis is. Not to mention they only ever buy China forge, dtripped eBay armies or online discounted stuff and never support their local stores.

Likewise anyway going out to buy a brand new guard army now when they've had 7 other editions to do it is almost definitely a WAACfag so it's an easy choice to ban them.

>> No.55681589

The Dreadnought doesn't stop them from shooting at the character if it's not visible to them

Here though is a case I saw last week: A Space Marine Predator had a Genestealer Patriarch in front of it backed up by a unit of Purestrains. The Patriarch was the closest MODEL to the tank, but there were Purestrain models hidden from the tank's sight by a wall that were closer to the tank

Should the Tank be able to shoot at the Patriarch here? Personally I thought the Genestealers unit itself being both closer AND visible should have meant the Patty was protected, but the people playing decided to let the tank single it out.

>> No.55681597

*The Patriarch was the closest VISIBLE MODEL to the tank

>> No.55681618

OH what the fuck I know that store owner.

>> No.55681620


I pretty much only play at Ace Comics and Games over in Annerley these days. I've been to Mt Gravatt a few times but never got a good vibe from there. Some very cool conversions there though, and the game room is (or at least, was) second to none.

>> No.55681628

Yeah my flgs has legitimately closed down as well.

When will WAAC guard players stop their reign of tyranny ?

>> No.55681632

>> No.55681637

That's too far for me, my cloest stores are either Irrestiable forces or Mt gravatt, feels bad mang half an hour drive either way.

>> No.55681639


Describe what he's using. If he's taking Green Tide (loads of Boyz) which is the only way he should be snowballing, then we need to know what factions you've got. I've taken Green Tide lists against Sisters and Guard and gotten completely stomped both times. Sisters just spammed Bolter squads with Heavy Bolter squads backed up with Imagifiers all over the place for free shooting phases. Guard just takes tanks, and Punishers + Stormlord = dead tide. Pask in a Punisher almost deletes a Boyz squad each turn by himself. Wrap tanks with Conscripts to deny Da Jump assaults on Tanks and it's pretty much impossible to lose.

>> No.55681646

It's hard to say based on those options since you can have them all cover essentially the same options particularly between the Relic Contemptor and Venerables. The Contemptor is definitely a tougher venerable with better saves and wargear options but if you are looking at the same weapons that a Venerable can take I'd just go with the cheaper option and squeeze out some points for another dread somewhere.
The Deredo I think would depend on if you want to go for a gunline at this point since he has a 5+ invulnerable save for anyone within 6 inches of him. You could then use your remaining points to stick 2 venerable dreadnoughts in there and make them pretty difficult to shift. The Deredo could also allow you to hit flying units easily covering an issue most vanilla dreads would have.
The Chaplains retinue should be geared for close combat due to the buff you get for having two ccw on him. So i'd say give him two Ironclads with chainfist/ccw options so you don't have to worry about the -1 to hit of the seismic hammer. Unless of course you really need to deal 5 damage per unsaved wound.
Running with some basic loadouts on the Chaplain, Deredo, and two Ironclads you wind up at 776 points so you could realistically get another Venerable, Contemptor, or another Deredo plus some upgrades with your left over points.

>> No.55681648

The tank cannot shoot at the patriarch because the entire unit of Genestealers is visible for shooting purposes. This rule will remain until the player removes genestealers as casualties. If he removes the 6 out of cover then the patriarch becomes a target to a model behind the Predator since the genestealers are no longer visible. If he removes the genestealers in cover then the patriarch becomes a target to another model behind the Predator since it is the closest visible unit.

>> No.55681650

>Ace Comics and Games
Fair enough, I've been into the city GW a few times now but I'm not a big fan. Probably stick to the clubs further north and wait for events desu.

I'm in Newfarm bro, could be worse.

>> No.55681657


I remember Forge World design notes saying they're based off French and Belgian forces.

>> No.55681658

Just run guard is pretty much the answer to every other list at the moment.

I'm excited for the in-depth guard Vs guard metagame developing

>> No.55681660


A battle-forged army can indeed have multiple detachments of different regiments. You can have a <tallarn> tank detachment and a <catachan> infantry detachment, for example, and still be battle-forged.

You can also have both <catachan> and <tallarn> units in the same detachment. However...

You canNOT have <catachan> and <tallarn> units in the SAME detachment and keep your regimental doctrines. Those go away when you mix in other regimental units.

The only non-regiment units you can add to a detachment whilst keeping your regimental doctrines are auxilla (abhumans, basically), tempestus, psykana, mechanicum, aeronautica...and something else I forget. These units are always attached to foreign regiments anyway, so mixing them in won't dilute your regimental doctrine. They do not, however, receive the regimental doctrines themselves since they lack the keyword to do so.

>> No.55681667

>Be yourself
>Feel itch under one of the hundred chins.
>Feel under neck fold
>This is odd
>Suddenly hair sprouts from the neck
>There is a tremendous roar as this beard starts to wildly shoot out
>Nature revolts, animals flee and park strips fall to ruin.
>There is an earthquake that topples buildings killing thousands
>Look down and your neck beard has grown to magnificent levels.
>Leave your basement for the first time in decades
>Climb over the Doritos hills and past the mountain dew fountains.
>Find your prized fedora
>You promised you had retired but the world needs you.
>Waddle to your motorised trolley and squeeze in.
>Speed down the path at 3m/h
>The ground buckles as it knows that you are here for a purpose
>You are fulfilling a destiny
>Burst through the door of the FLGS shattering the glass, spraying women in glassing and crushing children under your footsteps

>> No.55681670


City Ace is vastly different to Annerley Ace. City Ace is terrible and should be avoided at all costs. Annerley Ace is a great FLGS. Nice gaming area out the back, great community.

>> No.55681676

>+++Reactor: Online+++
>+++Sensors: Online+++
>+++Weapons: Online+++
>+++All Systems Nominal+++
>+++Thought for the day: Go forth and purify+++

>> No.55681678


that's ridiculous, there are no women in FLGSs

>> No.55681684

Beta cucks*

>> No.55681699 [DELETED] 


So that means the battle forged army with multiple regiment detachments will be able to use their respective regimental doctrines within each detachment?

>> No.55681702

>Can a single detachment be made of several different <REGIMENTS>?
Sure, but its a dumb idea because....
>Can these then use all their respective unique regiment rules and strategems?
You only get your special snowflake ability if your whole detachment is made up of units with the same regiment keyword.
>Can a battle-forged army consist of several diff <REGIMENT> detachments like a <CADIAN> patrol detachment and another <MORDIAN> patrol detachment?
Absolutely. Expect this to be the norm. it could also consist of a Mars detachment, an Ultra Marines detachment and a Catachan detachment and all three would get their special gubbinz.

>> No.55681703


My mate who runs an all-Tank force because he loves the models has been reading the rules leaks and is appalled. He has 3 Punishers and a Stormlord because he loves chain-guns, and he thinks the Leman Russ change is completely over the top. He didn't want to be OP, he just wanted to play with Tanks.

>> No.55681710

Why is there no Flame Baneblade?
Something to burn down entire forests in an afternoon?

>> No.55681723

I'm looking to add some more firepower to my marine army. Would a stormtalon or dread be a better choice? For context I'm using raven guard tactics

>> No.55681728

Because fuck you. Also, probably the same reason there's no twin-turbo laser baneblade, no apocalypse missile launcher baneblade (though man can dream...), etc.

>> No.55681736

I might be missing something but why the 3 crusader squads with only boltguns? I'd imagine you'd want either a mix of chainsword and boltguns or just pure chainsword if you plan on running the High Marshal. Everything else seems alright, though I like to have one ranged weapon on dreadnoughts that are prohibitively costly.

>> No.55681739

I half agree with you. You can kit them out pretty cheap, and he is insanely distracting for most people because of how hard his claws hit.

>> No.55681742

I'll try it, thank you for your help. Already tried with Necrons but, welp, that didnt workout at all, blocked in combat for months

>> No.55681750

8 heavy flamers shooting in melee is not enough?

>> No.55681752


Fuck me. Now that I have this info, I don't really want to answer his questions. He can go find out himself

>> No.55681753

We don't have a problem because we don't encourage shitty people, on either side of the guardpocalypse.

>> No.55681755

>Not playing coked up space pirate bikers.
>Not swooping in on open topped skimmers
>Not cutting yourself on the edginess of your army
>Not packing a metric fuck ton of str 8 AP - 4 shooting
>Not using some of the best looking models in the GW line
>Not raiding the Imperium for Slaves
What are you guys even thinking?

>> No.55681757


>+++knowledge is power. Hide it well+++

>> No.55681758

>such a thing as enough fire
Anon...I want a to make Tzeentch proud

>> No.55681759

Is that the store the ultramarine sperg from 2-3 threads ago lost to some guy with manbuns using chadmarines and got really pissed off?

>> No.55681765

but if I can't beat him, doesn't he have a duty to make his army worse for me? I thought that's what the whole concept of waac was all about.

>> No.55681782

Just buy a metallic purple.
The tints set isn't worth it.

>> No.55681791

Its okay. but keep it cheap Herby bolters and a scourge.
I've been having them babysit a daemon prince as its a pretty survivable platform and the pair will curbstomp most anything in assault. Prince conferring a reroll to hit also helps his shooting.

>> No.55681799

Just take a Stormsword with 8 flamer sponsons. Plenty of flames. If you want to go crazy, make it Tallarn and advance, flame everything then use "Crush them!" to charge and hit on 2+. Oh, then fall back next turn and charge again, maybe with Crush Them if you feel mean. Yo-yo Baneblades will be evil, just keep driving uver the enemy until they are a thin paste to lubricate your tracks.

>> No.55681804

For red you should mix with a brass/copper/gold. It stops you from getting the pinkish sheen.

>> No.55681809

I need to know the spells you will take. Miasma is basically essential. I would drop a bloat drone and some cultists for a winged demon prince with the relic plate armor/talons, but that is just me. It is basically undedable and flies around killing everything plus it could be escorted by 2 bloat drones directly into their faces (and he is a psyker. 2gud)

>> No.55681854

To be fair punisher was basically the only one that didn't need the change. Maybe demolishers too.

>> No.55681859

Waiting for the Codex and all the Kabals and Cults rules. But we need more space on our vehicles, because we have to renounce to our special weapons to put the fucking HQ on vehicles

>> No.55681879

no you don't. Take a retinue.

>> No.55681886

How the hell hadn't I thought of that. Thanks anon I think that might be the missing ingredient.

>> No.55681898

For my Succubus? Or My Haemonculus?

>> No.55681915

Dry brush with the base color again
Boom, done

>> No.55681937

Why would a succubus in a transport with wyches or bloodbrides reduce your special weapons density?

You-- wait, are you seriously taking special weapons on your bloodbrides and wyches? Same question for wracks.

If so, ha.

Now if you were talking trueborn and warriors, you'd have a point. You shouldn't stick HQs in transports with them. but the archon doesn't buff those guys, so he can safely be in his own transport with 4 other characters (a total of 6 units, great for soulbursting).

>> No.55681940

You get one if your squad has up to ten models right? So you can run 9+HQ and still get toys

>> No.55681950

He'll be fine, people are just freaking out over nothing.

When a russ double-taps, it does just barely more than a predator. And how much does the new russ cost? Just barely more than a predator.

If a russ only fires once, it does significantly less than the cheaper tank that belongs to the most popular army in the game.

>> No.55681972

Not him, but with Kabalite Warriors, and Trueborn you're incorrect.

Kabalite warriors:
1 model per squad can get a blaster. If you have 20 models, 2 models can have a blaster.
For maximum blaster density in a raider with warriors, take two squads.
1 model, for every 10 (minimum of 10 needed) can get a dark lance.

Trueborn: 4 models per squad can get a blaster. No scaling.
2 models per squad can get a dark lance. no scaling

Trueborn especially want to be run in MSU of the minimum squad size to maximize their special weapons.

>> No.55681980

Is there a good guide on Dark Eldar colour schemes and factions somewhere? Bought some DE models I really like but no idea how to paint them. I looked at the 7th edition dex which says fuckall about it and their new 8th material has nothing.

>> No.55681985

Ynnari? Ugh.
Theres only one True Kin, the Drukhari. Nothing else matters.

>> No.55681995

Try google

>> No.55682016

These guard apologists are so pathetic.

>> No.55682022

>Finally, you could consider using the Valhallan doctrine.
I think is excellent for Demolisher and Punisher. Why is overlooked? Perhaps I overstimate it because I often face other shooty armies?

>> No.55682038

guardfags are the new taufags.

>> No.55682043

Because it feels less impressive rerollong stuff.

But yeah, it's a NICE doctrine. Also allows your Heavy Weapon Squads to outrange and stay a teeny bit safer.

>> No.55682055

Apparently using basic math to show how one thing compares to another is being an apologist.

Nope, because people still hate Taufags. The last time Guard were op, they were only hated for that edition.

>> No.55682068

With Wyches if you want 3 Special Weapons, lets say 3 gauntlets, you must have 10 models. If you put a Succubus on the Raider you'll have just 1. If I put my Archon with my Kabalites I cant take a Dark Lance or a Splinter Cannon for them.

>> No.55682076

You don't want special weapons on your wyches. You should keep them as cheap as possible to make them cost effective tarpits.

>> No.55682086

Don't forget Tallarn. They make lascannon and melta weapons pretty good choices for your secondaries, and let you move around and not be a boring gunline. Punisher with las/melta, using the order to make sure you have the range could work. Or you can mimic the old tau jetpack shit with a backfield vanquisher.

>> No.55682088

it was a little monster made of plastic.
in its hand it held an axe
Johan said that he had painted the monsters himself
Lisa thought that they were pretty well painted, just a little "sticky"
They looked terrifying with big teeth, axes and skulls

im Danish but i can somewhat understand swedish.

>> No.55682095


I've had a of success with raiders each holding:
5 Kabalite w/Blaster
5 Trueborn w/Blaster x2 and Lance x2

I started using this setup mostly because I only have so many blasters, but honestly, it's really good. A) it spreads out my target saturation so my opponent doesn't just try to gun down the raider with 8 blasters and B) the lances have been a godsend. The extra range has done wonders for me and made the difference of a win or lose quite a few times, and on top of that, d6 damage is a noticeable to d3. The fact that its heavy is no big deal, really. I have the range to stay still and the mobility to move in and broad side with my blasters when needed.

>> No.55682099

One of the megas should have an old book about painting dark eldar

>> No.55682135

Any ideas how to spend 25 points I have left over in my 3 imperial knight 1500pt army?

>> No.55682145

>mecanicum supplies guard with tanks
>they keep the worse stuff for themself

Really makes you think.

>> No.55682162

That might not be a bad idea actually. I planned on taking Miasma, Blades of Putrefaction, and Putrescent Vitality for sure. Not sure on the 4th.

>> No.55682172

Absolutely it should!

>> No.55682188

Wtf is going on in this picture

>> No.55682192


>> No.55682194

Must be confusing Valhallans with Vostroyans. Valhallans double the number of remaining wounds on your tanks for stats purposes. Infantry just half the number of casualties from Moral.

>> No.55682196

I see what you mean. Yeah not having 11 seat ships is a bummer.
It's still cool to take like two raiders with 4 5 man squads and then a venom with your Archon. Even if it's got a huge flag on its hull.

>> No.55682210

It's really not a problem in my experience, because the kabalites don't need an archon in the ship with them, and ynnari lists want the 6 unit stack of an archon, a venom, and a retinue.

>> No.55682218

Using the Hydra Gauntlets helped me a lot to kill stuff, the reroll to wound is really good.

>> No.55682223

Ynnari and Imperium battle Haemonculi covens.

>> No.55682229

Yes. IIRC the old ones might have been turbines, but the current ones should be rockets or tech-magic (like grav-chutes). A more complicated question is how well jump packs work in thicker environmental conditions, like methane atmospheres, or underwater.

>> No.55682230

I remember seeing an image of skitarii (Ranger? Vanguard?) that was all black outlines on white so you could colour it in with your own colour scheme. Does anyone have that around?

>> No.55682241

Elysia's shotgun vets will rape you to death.

>> No.55682246

I think you're confusing Valhallans with Vostroyans, Vostroyans get the range bonus, Valhallans halve the number of units that flee if you fail a morale test

Yes that would also work, especially now that you can split fire with every unit so you don't waste the punisher on a tank or the las/,elta on infantry

>> No.55682269

Will forge worlds regiments get updated post astra militarum codex? Or will we keep running with the index?

>> No.55682280

We don't know.

>> No.55682328

No way of knowing. I would guess that the FAQ will merely be updated to say it uses the base changes in the codex

>> No.55682345

Are assassins still able to be taken without screwing up regiment bonuses in the new guard codex?

Also I've seen a rumor going around that superheavies don't benefit from regiment bonuses because they're taken in an auxiliary detachment or something?

And a rumor that Pask and tank commanders no longer have restrictions on who they can order, so tank commanders can order Pask around.


>> No.55682359

>And a rumor that Pask and tank commanders no longer have restrictions on who they can order, so tank commanders can order Pask around.

FAQ'd, so no.

>> No.55682382

What's FAQ'd? The codex isn't out. How can it be FAQ'd.

>> No.55682390

Superheavies can still get bonuses if you take them in a supreme command (3hq + sh) or superheavy (3 sh) detachment. You just don't get it in the auxiliary one. 3 hqs are not that hard to get, if you want catachan or cadian. For something like tallarn the buff isn't that great anyway.

>> No.55682395

Faqs for current things don't really matter when a new codex comes out...

>> No.55682404


I wonder if the Haemonculi will make a pact with the Chaos Gods, as they clearly have a mutual interest.

Haemonculi are basically self-made demons through science anyway.

>> No.55682408

The Index was FAQ'd, so we can expect the same in the codex.

>> No.55682410

New general

>> No.55682422

They are responsible for birth of Slaanesh.

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