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You should have just taken 10 and made a good thread instead.

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cool but you didn't tell me what you were rolling for so it doesn't mean a thing

but nice roll anon

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Okay but the DC was 24 and your modifier is just +1 so you failed

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oh? didn't I mention I took a perk that gives me a +4 modifier to this kind roll?

I did this once. I enjoyed it but I probably wouldn't try to do it again.

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>but the DC was 24
Sorry, we're not playing Pathfinder.

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Rolled 14 (1d20)


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Cool but its a roll under system.

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Mother fucker we are using D% put that shit away

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A shame this system is roll-under.

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No you didn't, that's the side of the D20 not the top.

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Oh good, that's a miss so I effectively roll unopposed.

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ever roll a nat 20 when it was roll-under and you needed a nat 1? I have. It's like a fuck you from the entire universe.

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It's no different than rolling a 1 when you need a 20.

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lol you still have to roll to crit confirm, faggot

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Then why the fuck you rolling a fucking d20, huh?

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Yes it is, brainlet, he rolled 20, not 1

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there's literally nothing special about rolling a 20 outside of pleb-tier games

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You critically failed on one of your dice, anon, and suffer a complication, though I think I'll take it as two Threat instead. Good job. What's your other d20 result?

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If only files had names.

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Divert some blood from your dick to your brain, anon, and read the filename.

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Oh snap, that means I've become the new Game Master! This campaign's heading to space, yo!

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I don't have a mirror handy though

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>guy always forgets what dice he's supposed to roll
>basically just rolls whatever he wants
>keep telling him over and over
>still no clue, basically unable to learn
>tfw he calls out a nat 20 in GURPS

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I'm playing 5th edition :^)

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I give a +5 modifier to 20s and a -5 modifier to 1s

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heres ur faggot (You)

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Cool, you're back with 1 health again. That was close, that fight almost resulted in a TPK. Good luck, anon.

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Rolled 16 (1d20)

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You hit the goblin so hard he is crushed under the weight of your axe. But you don't stop there, his body is not enough to slow you down and now there's a huge crater growing from the impact, roll to jump or run before it swallows you.

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>d20 system
U wot m8

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>What is THAC0?

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The Troll cleaves you, you feel his blade splitting you apart.

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>Holmes Ed
>Moldvay Ed
>A Bunch of OSR retroclones
Choose your poison.
Also, underage please go

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