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Happy birthday, 4chan !

Oldfaggotry thread for the occasion.

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Ursarkar E. Creed approved

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Shamelessly feeding the thread.

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the old nigger ran away

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I miss the old days.

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yea keepin it og style biatch

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Where have all our old heroes gone?

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ze murio el zapo :'v

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kiero kroketaz V:

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anal prolapse at 3 o'clock we need artillery at 7-e-6

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>that first /sip/ of the day

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A lot of my old-/tg/ stuff is nsfw as fuck and would net me a swift banhammering.

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Does anyone have a picture of Moot holding his severed head?

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Post it on Imgur

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But i'll dig through and see what i can find that isn't /d/-lite tier

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The best part of my screencap folder is seeing how what I found funny enough to save changed over the years.

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Just as planned.

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Happy birth day my niggas

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He'll come back, eventally. I miss Awake's rpg stories.

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What happened to chink?

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Behold !
The oldest recorded delivery from Greenmarine.
Certified to embarass him whenever posted in his presence

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Neat !
I'm guessing that last american elections troll-floods scared away a lot of creative /tg/oers. Which is really sad.

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Oh, wait...

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I kind of prefer this to /tg/ today, seems crazier in better direction

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shoving quests into their own boards was the biggest mistake in /tg/s history.

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/tg/ was a child of /b/ and /b/tards were the population.
Adding in moderators chased them all away and replaced them with unapologetic neckbeards who don't watch anime or fap to 2D pics. It was a bad idea overall.

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It's storytiem !

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It's older than that. It started with the nazimod, and got worse since then.

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Good old cultist chan.

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I'd fuck a shardmind

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Quests taking up 50% of the board was the low point of /tg/

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Ever since the NaziMod purge most old-/tg/ drawfags moved over to tgchan. The strict SFW enforcing only made the Drawfag exodus worse, since most old drawfags did 75-80% nsfw stuff.

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Today we appreciate our successes, ruminate on our failures, and engage in eternal shitflinging as to which of those two categories an action lies in.

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As it was, so it shall always be.

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I miss the old crew, even if they could be a bit circlejerky sometimes

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Ye olde days before captcha,
the joy of perpetual spambots.

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Also nsfw-texters.

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I always forget I share a birthday with 4chan.

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If you remember this you are a true oldfag.

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Having gotten into /tg/ three years ago I was only really around for the tail-end of quests before they were banned, new /tg/ still feels hollow compared to what I've heard about old /tg/, what the hell happened?

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/jp/, you are drunk, you got the wrong board by a letter

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You're now seeing a fine taxidermy of what was once a wild beast.

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That's actually kind of depressing

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It's a fundamental truth of the universe.

It'll happen to other things, things you hold as dear as we did /tg/. You'll take them for granted, then wake up one day and realize that nothing good has come from your favorite thing in quite a while. The old names and the fun times will be gone.

More will be created at around the same time. You may or may not make it in time to enjoy the good times there. Then the soulless, fucking idiots will come, en masse, and ruin it.

It never ends.

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People moving on, quests being removed from /tg/ (because of some unrepentant/ultra-faggoty neckbeards who just can't stand the idea of talking about anything besides their precious D&D and Warhammer rules-cheese), mods who fail at applying the banhammer upon what really matters (int : striking harmless nsfw stuff instead of goddamn trolls), etc, etc

These are dark times that we live in, indeed.

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NaziMod happened. Before him /tg/ was self-moderated by copious uses of SAGE and Thulsa Doom Demands Bitches to derail stupid/non-relevant and/or spam threads into something that often resulted in one or two grains of diamond among the shit.

Then the dreaded NaziMod came, swinging the legendary weapon PermaBanHammer. Many were the drawfags and writefags that were lost during that dark period. It was an age of strict content enforcement, where only DnD and Warhammer 40.000 were hallowed topics. Any thread about other topics could at any time be pruned for "not being /tg/-related".
The creativity of /tg/ was stymied and the board culture changed forever, never to be the same again. Even to this day, several years after the removal of the NaziMod this board hasn't recovered from the blow we took.

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>shoving quests into their own boards was the biggest mistake in /tg/s history.

100% this. /tg/ was best when we didn't have board-specific mods and we could make whatever fun stuff we wanted to make.

Been here since day one, had a lot of great times over the years, but heavy moderation and the rise of "not /tg/-related!" has killed my desire to make new stuff for this board.

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This isn't even that old

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So why hasn't /tg/ recovered? Mods don't seem as pissy as before and there seems to be a bunch of old fags upset at new /tg/, why doesn't anyone do something?

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I still have fond memories of that time on /qa/ that moot told us that Nazimod had been driven off by sheer shitposting.

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don't worry, It's long dead.

It feels like 4chan is dying as a whole, desu

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The nsfw rule causes some problems. There's some stuff here that I'm surprised hasn't caused problems yet.

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dat bulge. Nice.
>inb4 poorly drawn crotch

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It would be kind of tactless if the mods got uppity about the art in here

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Knowing that is Slaanesh... it is wathever you want it to be.

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Nazimod rule was dark time and a nasty blow to /tg/s integrity, but we still managed to recover for the most part back then. mootkins admitted it was over the line, bans were lifted and new anons arose to bolster out ranks - with their own content or even just with participation.

It's hard to say when they real irreversible damage happened. Segregation of Quests was the breaking point when it became apparent, but it seems that the rot took root before that, way before.

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And possibly good couple things you really really don't want it to be.

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Fuck you, you fucking faggot.

Decay will indeed claim everything. But you have to fight that. Dammit, we're fucking /tg/. We are and always will be, and if we've fallen, we'll get back up again.

So stop mooning over Nazimod or whatever, and BE THE /TG/ THAT I KNOW YOU CAN BE! Come on, Anon, get up! You're okay! Tell a story, draw a picture, show us the talent that I know is still there.

We're the best damn board on the best fucking site on the goddamn internet. We've got nothing to be ashamed of. So get of your FUCKING asses, stop whining, and BE THAT.

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>So why hasn't /tg/ recovered? Mods don't seem as pissy as before and there seems to be a bunch of old fags upset at new /tg/, why doesn't anyone do something?
Our mod is currently moving a bunch of diverse types of threads onto /qst/, despite these threads not being quests (judging by the description in the /qst/ sticky) because he just doesn't like them being on "his" board. A lot of people are unhappy with the decision because /qst/ is where fun things go to die.

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I've got a home brew setting I've been working on but I feel like if I dumped it, I would just be stroking my ego

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Jim Profit was the fatal blow.

A lot of people know the name, but they don't seem to remember his style or tactics. He's the guy that tried and succeeded in injecting politics into /tg/. Others tried before him, but none were successful enough to bring threads to a screeching halt with a single post.

It created a range of topics, all related to politics, that you couldn't talk about without getting screeched at by people who hated objectivism because of its association with Profit. You can't have a fun atmosphere when there are things you can't mention without a thread getting shit on.

After Jim came the smaller trolls, people like scaredofshadows, who would make it impossible to talk about werewolves in World of Darkness threads. These seem like small, insignificant topics but when the number of them increases, you end up with neo-/tg/.

No fun allowed, no matter what.

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The world calls for wetwork, and we answer !

I wish I'd have more time to work on drawfaggotry for /tg/, but real life simply always gets in the way... Starting 2018, maybe that I will be able to to do my part

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Old Man Henderson was 5 pages of a man bragging about how fucking awesome his RPG characters is. After DtD, /tg/ gave out fucking handjobs to LawfulNice. You have to have a bit of an ego to put yourself out there.

You have to BELIEVE that what you have is worth putting before Anon for judgement, or Anon will not get new material. And sure, perhaps what you have is shit, but it might also be brilliant. You don't know.

Christ. If anons aren't willing to put their shit out... Well, that's a massive problem.

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>Mods don't seem as pissy as before
Not as pissy as nazimod, sure.
Certainly pissier than what we had in the better days. Or perhaps not pisser, but rather more... clinical, or perhaps autistic - in the figurative sense.
It's had to measure precisely, because you don't see all bans and deletions, but it seem that the ruling shifted from "spirit of the law" to "letter of the law". From a supervisor that knows the place and wants to keep it nice to rent-a-cop going by the book he doesn't fully understand to begin with.

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>14 years

Get me off this fucking ride.

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Fun is only not allowed because you think it's not allowed.

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Oscar Wilde once said that it's better to stroke your ego in company than your manhood in loneliness.
His opinion on stroking your manhood in company were not recorded, so one can only speculate...

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It doesn't work like that, man.

In meatspace, you can at least drive out or kill undesirable elements in a given place. You can't do that on the Internet.

The Worthless are here. They post alongside you. They outnumber you. They shit on things you like because they're too stupid to understand them, and laugh among themselves as they do it.

Communities never recover from sites becoming popular. They just slowly, gracelessly expire over the course of years.

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In some parts of the world, 4chan is now legal.

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tfw you'll never have a cultist chan like gf

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I'm still waiting for the day when 4chan will be old enough to post on 4chan.

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In the spirit of all of this, I invite /tg/ to a collective wankfest jerk-off party of masturbation.

Oh wait, that's what we're supposed to be doing right now. LET'S GET ON WITH IT!

Where the fuck did Wasteland Warrior go? I know it's been ages since he left, but we need his faggotry right now.

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I dunno, just sedate your girlfriend and do some amateur dental work.

>> No.55653360

I am aware of how September works. But dammit, if we have to go do down, we ought to go down fighting.

And by fighting, I don't mean moping or whining about newfags, I mean MAKING COOL SHIT.

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You're not the only one.

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this is the sadfrog era I'm memeing here, we're all just sad

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How? Not like most threads in here doesn't die before the 30th post.

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I'm fully responsible for two-thirds of the banshee pictures Greenmarine drew while he was still with us

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7 years... 7 long years and try as I might I cannot leave. Its literally always on my phone

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/tg/ will always need more StupidSexyBanshee ass

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It's just a meme that board police like to spread around. Even right after moot moved all the quests from all other boards onto /tg/, it wasn't more than 20/150 of the threads.

The week before /qst/ was made, quests were only about 8% of the threads.

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I would like to join quest of making /tg/ a bit better as well - so where do we sign up men? (and women? because yeah, that's a thing here as well)

>> No.55653544

Well there were more complaining cunts than there were on topic post as i remember, and all those fuckwits throwing trantrums cause someone had a gall to make a thread about Elves or Dwarves. Those, those were low times.

>> No.55653545

Praise it, brother

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Nah dude, bird pasta was constantly posted back in the day.
Oh god, I'm an oldfag...

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I made a character creator for D&D, 5th Edition.


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Enjoy being moved to another board.

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>I would like to join quest of making /tg/ a bit better as well - so where do we sign up men? (and women? because yeah, that's a thing here as well)


Come on over. Now that Mage Guild, Galactic Federation, and other roleplaying-but-not-relying-on-OP-to-tell-us-what-to-do threads are considered /qst/ material, we're attempting to remake /qst/ as the version of /tg/ that we all miss. If you would like to start a roleplaying thread (not a quest thread), please do so!

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This, i shall draw tiddies for tg as well.

>> No.55653640

Happy birthday friends.

>> No.55653648

/atg/ might not be a terrible idea.

Because then we can all just move there and have more freedom.

>> No.55653652

>You weren't even 18 when you started going to this site
Where has time gone?

>> No.55653677

I was about 12.
Now I'm 20. What am I doing.

>> No.55653692

I was 17.

>> No.55653699

Well it was figurative speech, but sure, why not, maybe at least one corner of the internet will get better.

>> No.55653705

What ever happened to greenmarine? His shit's gorgeous.

>> No.55653725

Last i saw him he had a drawthread on tgchan. That was about a years or so ago so he might not be there anymore

>> No.55653746

Runs a tumblr, where he draws commissions for petty cash, pretty much stopped appearing on /tg/ when /qst/.

>> No.55653752

>tfw 27 now

I'm feel like I'm hurtling into obsolescence, my friends.

>but hey, my tg group has been together for 6 years now

>> No.55653763

>making your little slice of the interweb a fun place
There was a time when that is all that mattered. I miss pre-2010 internet.

>> No.55653795

>I'm feel like I'm hurtling into obsolescence
The world is moving so fast now, i feel like there is a 10 year gap with people 2 years younger than me.

I guess i'll be old man Dan sitting grumply on his porch.

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We were spammed and despised. We were banned and exiled.

To fill the void, some of us put down the pen and tablet and became wageslaves.

I can only hope the others didn't make the choice I made. I hope they're drawing and happy.

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>Communities never recover from sites becoming popular

A phrase only used by someone who is convinced that they discovered something on their own due to their own virtues, just before all those tasteless normies accidentally found it the next day.

>> No.55653820

>oh no unknown, nameless people will call my unknown, nameless thing shit
you don't deserve 4chan

>> No.55653825

(Yeah I had no internet then)

>> No.55653832

A lot of us came to 4chan before it was featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

>> No.55653841

>flying Devastators
By the Emperor!

>> No.55653862

Back when trolling was a art?

>> No.55653881

>be chaplain
>help battle-brothers grow wings
>not alpha legion at all

>> No.55653885

Do I want to know?

>> No.55653895


Come back to us lolcron.

Maybe if you do, they will too.

>> No.55653899

Had, shitty broadband. 15 minute load for a 3 minute youtube video at 240p.

Fun times.

>> No.55653903

New /tg/ is definitely bad though

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>> No.55653929

>his internet could handle videos

>> No.55653938

I only joined late 2014, Anons, but I'm fucking thankful of my time shooting the shit about tabletop on here.

I still remember watching the ice wraiths space marine chapter being rolled up. Good times.

>> No.55653962

Shit, I thought that things were *even more* strict over there, and anything that didn't follow very specific rules got deleted immediately.
Good to know this is shifting.

>> No.55653969

Why am I sad, /tg/? Seeing that today is 4chan's birthday has left me with such a heavy heart, but for the life of me I can't I can't find out why.

>> No.55653974

Pretty much exclusively draws lewds on tumblr of for commissions or of his set of OCs/players in his D&D game.

>> No.55653995

Getting older is the slow process of dying, Anon. Every birthday a step towards the grave.

>> No.55654000

I miss /x/ so much...

>> No.55654003

Same man. I'm in a weird state figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and people in my 8+ year gaming group are starting to get married and have kids, and I know the inevitable group collapse is upon us.

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>> No.55654018

I drew this when Greenmarine requested it back when he was first starting out as a drawfag

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>> No.55654046

Don't be rude now Hakase.

>> No.55654049

>old /tg/
>self moderate

>> No.55654059

He have a tumblr, but sometimes show up in the drawthreads, asking for cheesecake requests. You have to get lucky tho.

>> No.55654083

>> No.55654094

Good thing my mom got the service with the best speeds available so i can watch quality content like this all day.

>> No.55654108

Didn't understood,... Hooray

>> No.55654119

>uploaded over 10 years ago
oh my

>> No.55654135

Happy birthday 4chan!
I've been lurking around since before quests arrived, before weekend smut threads were removed - can't recall how many years ago, but /tg/ has definitely seen better days than what is now.

I can relate. 23, studying to get a 2nd profession, but I have no clue if I want to work there either.
Worst thing is, my /tg/ group has been slowly falling apart and becoming more inactive. MtG group dispersed years ago, and now I'm trying to revive warhams with the few players remaining who have some interest left.
At least our D&D group is sticking around, and I have potential people to run a game for myself too.

>> No.55654158

>10 years ago
Didn't even notice that.

>> No.55654165

>muh Nazimod
>muh quests

I honestly hate when anons bring these up as to why older /tg/ feels different from younger /tg/ considering it's reductive as fuck and is missing out on so many different things that have changed with /tg/ and its audience.

>Massive population boom.
>Old guard /tg/ was likely much younger (underaged) and more energetic than today
>The internet wide loathing of anime wasn't nearly as strong back then, especially since 4chan was still heavily anime/Japanese focused pre-2010
>The spectrum of popular games was much smaller back then, so specialization was not needed when mostly everyone played 40k, D&D 3.5, and Magic.
>Younger internet didn't buy into the depression/apathy meme that current internet is full of.
>Old /tg/ was full awful shit as well but your rose colored glasses and shitty memory is either unconsciously or consciously filtering those bad threads out.
>People change over the years in interests and life circumstances so people leaving/coming into /tg/ isn't as clearcut as a handful of big shake-ups.
>/tg/ has always been super easy to bait and divert despite what 3 screencaps from 2012 say. You just notice when stupid anons bite bait now.
>It's pseudo-satisfying to whine about things than to do them.

>> No.55654176

>my teenage years

>> No.55654209

The joke is?

>> No.55654223

I still love older internet flash dearly. Shit like that and https://youtu.be/Wz-mJed_bP0 will forever hold a place in my heart.

>> No.55654236

A reference to an ancient roman shitpost.

>> No.55654309

Yes, i remember those translations but what was the funny part ? VI means 6 .

>> No.55654327


i remember when millhouse was not a meme
i remember closing pools
i remember what it was like before chanology and the first big influx of newfags
i remember WT Snacks
i remember (with disgust) people posting CP on /b/
i remember when there were only like 11 boards
i've been here for a long, started browsing when i was 12, I'll be 24 soon

the things i've seen...the memories, they...hurt me..[/spoiler/

>> No.55654387

Remember, remember,
That we are here forever.

>> No.55654402

Nah, dead chan

>> No.55654427

4 comics in one!

>> No.55654433

I am kinda surprised that none of the other chans have managed to replicate 4chan "Sucess", either they put really too many or too little boards or have a horrible layout.

>> No.55654437

happy b-day, faggot.

>> No.55654443

>i remember when millhouse was not a meme
I remember when Loss was not a meme.
Also the game

>> No.55654452

In addition to what everyone else has said, I'd add that it was also a symptom of the general changes that happened to 4chan as a whole. Namely more /pol/ posting and gradual shifts in culture which aren't actually bad but lots of people percive as bad, whether because they don't like them or as a way of explaining their shrinking enjoyment in the site

>> No.55654464


>> No.55654483

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Furfags on fire off the shoulder of /tg/. I watched CP-beams glitter in the dark near the Fapphäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

>> No.55654488

Derivative chans usually stay small or die due to a lack of advertising. 4chan has over a decade of word of mouth to keep it going which makes it hard to compete.

>> No.55654489

7 is... close? It's not dead.

Seems the issue is that you need a lot of boards to keep conversation on topic but enough people to justify those boards. 4chan was unique in being a novel experience for its time so it kinda got the ball rolling for its success over the years

>> No.55654491


>> No.55654497

Will we ever reclaim the glories of the past?

>> No.55654506


>> No.55654521

Why must you do this anon. Its been years.

>> No.55654522

Milhouse is still not a meme, and will never be a meme.

>> No.55654534

and the worst part of it are the oldfags in this thread

>> No.55654549

I'm so glad I was already an adult by the time this was a thing, so that it has no cultural weight.

>> No.55654556

In the old days, if a thread on /tg/ got reported, a global mod would peek in, notice that no one in the thread seemed to be upset with its existence, and say "Well, I guess it must be on-topic, then, since I have no idea what the people on this board consider acceptable".

>> No.55654561

This actually! What once was can be again!!

Let's get some crazy threads going. Let's make a new game like Song of Swords! Let's create a new setting! More memes!

Ignore faggots who say something isn't /tg/-related, because dammit, the whole point is to take stuff and MAKE them /tg/-related.

>> No.55654580

the most successful 4chan derivatives are usually spawned by communities that revolve around one board in particular after a major change in that board's culture, look at /k/ for example, when it started getting....weird, you had an exodus of tripfags/namefags who actually produced quality content, so they formed their own chan and a lot of people followed them there.

>> No.55654602

Is the derivative chan still around?

>> No.55654603

Oh, you can drive out undesirable elements in a board - after all, there is no /wst/, no quests, no worldbuilding worth a damn, an no one to contribute to storytime! nu/tg/ drove out all the undesirable elements really well!

They deserve the board they've created.

>> No.55654634

Same thing that happened to all the writefags, drawfags, and other interesting or creative people.

They were told to get the fuck out.

>> No.55654641

When newfags couldn't triforce
When gets were serious business
When you had to show tits or gtfo
When the rules were simple and mods were simple too
When OC didn't mean "I found it on some furry's deviantart"
When /mlp/, /vp/ and /lgbt/ weren't needed
When 4chan was already not good but still your best bet at finding Emma Watson's drunken sex video

>> No.55654671

Why would the mods care about a containment board where they hoped everyone would die and stop posting?

>> No.55654707

yeah, http://operatorchan.org/

it's a little slow but it's still active, remember, these single-board derivative chans are usually made to cater to a small group of people, you wont find much shitposting or trolls but you also don't get many posts at all. it's less a place for discussion like the more active boards on 4chan itself but more a good source of information, you can make a new thread asking a question and it might not get any replies for a couple of days, but it also won't sink to the bottom and get ignored. it'll stay on the front page for a day or two unanswered, and then someone knowledgeable will come along and give you an answer that was worth the wait.

>> No.55654714

Newfas still can't triforce and gets were never serious business on /tg/. And I ought to know.

/rs/ was a lovely place, you could get every latest rulebook with a small change of the content being swapped for furry porn or touhou futa

>> No.55654734

I never thought I would live long enough for Xeno to be considered oldfaggotry

>> No.55654739


Oh man... I uploaded many a game manual to /rs/. I still find myself making to open a new tab for it sometimes when I'm looking for something.

>> No.55654748

Happy birthday you tremendous faggots.

Here's to another year of 90% awful shitposting and 10% good shit.

>> No.55654760

My group is getting to that point too. One of our forever GMs has lived with his GF long enough to become common law, and I know for a fact that once anyone else develops a serious relationship they'll eventually split off too. I know I will.

>> No.55654768

old /tg/ was awful, no I don't miss it

>> No.55654771

... I did. Every year I'm reminded that I'm here forever. You will be too...

>> No.55654778

More like 90% awful shitposting, 9% not-so-awful shitposting and 1% good shit.

>> No.55654794

This magnificent bastard, damnit.

>> No.55654818

One thing i like most about new /tg/ is the purge of tripfags.

Only very few remains and they are treated as the weird looking hobo in the neighboorhood who you suspect fondles goats.

Most people will pass by and just ignore him.

>> No.55654828

New guy here, I didn't know 4 chan had a birth date.

Anyway, maybe the lack of quality content is just the alignment of the stars? Maybe good times are just a matter of waiting, until artists and storytellers coincide once more to make great things?

Maybe our job is just to keep the place tidy until such moment arrives?

>> No.55654829

B-but I still can't triforce after 10 years, sempai. :(

>> No.55654838

His high as fuck, smug dopamine filled grin still gets me.

>> No.55654841

Well obviously we need to get /our guys/ to become board janitors and finally loosen some of the authoritarian air over this board. Maybe even ban the 'its not /tg/-related' and 'go back to [insert boogeyman here]'-posters.

>> No.55654861

/tg/ is one of the few boards where threads with a horrible premise can be fantastic thread and threads with a good premise devolve into a shitshow.

>> No.55654875

This + "lift ban on nsfw stuff", and it would be pretty much perfect.

>> No.55654877

What then do you enjoy about nu-/tg/?

>> No.55654883

Protip: It wasn't the elections.

>> No.55654893


>Being dense

You little shit. You think any of those things matter in comparison to having 4chan's existence become public knowledge?

This is simply an extension of the rot that comes with the entire Internet shitting on your site. You could have all of those things in the same board and maintain cohesion, without having to autistically assign each activity to a different box, because the majority of posters weren't mouthbreathing retards straight from the latest Imgur screencap collection.

They treat your stomping grounds like their personal amusement park. They shitpost because they had nothing of value on their hugely popular content aggregation sites and don't understand why anyone would care.

>Whatever. It'll be gone soon. I got to have a laugh and that's all that matters.

They showed up after the posts-per-minute went from 2-3 to 5-15. They don't know what a chill thread even looks like. The slow satisfaction of watching people build an idea is unknown to their Twitter-addled, instant-gratification-seeking minds.

A bad mod policy can be circumvented with a reasoned discussion with the admin.

A secret can never be unlearned.

>> No.55654901


>> No.55654927

Guys, dumb question.

I get that (aparently) past times were better and all that stuff, but...

How can we make things good now (or tomorrow)?

>> No.55654933

Not him, but I simply stay around until the time is right to reanimate its rotten corpse.

>> No.55654939

I can't take it anymore. Always the same. That slow decay. It always starts with a flame, with energy and hope, a small, comfy community of good people. Then it dims. Muh real life, muh exams, muh kids, muh whatever. No you triple fucking porch monkey there are 24 hours a day, 168 a week, you can spare one or two on the subject and people you care about. It's not real life, it's complacency, it's other distractions. Oh, a new vidya, a series, something. You could use that time for something meaningful. The content decreases, both in quality and quantity, the shitters come in, and the original people either leave, turn to the shitters and/or become ""mature"". They then crack down on anything wild and free left of what made it great, they remove any trace of the original because they gotta keep the horde of shitters in check. I am always left alone in that darkness, seeking a new light, never whole again, increasingly bitter and disgruntled. It's that slow decay that's hardest, /b/, /pol/, /tg/, ED, many others, they always die with a whimper again and again. I can't take it anymore.

>> No.55654940

Still the most iconic and glorious 40K play to date. I remember arguing about it for years on various forum and boards.

>> No.55654946

>Being this black-pilled.

Man we had some interesting threads going on with Song of Swords and Lost Source. The good shit isn't gone. And we can always make more. Defeatism leads to defeat.

>> No.55654947

Welcome Ribbon into your heart.

>> No.55654952

Secrets can be forgotten, tainted reputations can diminish the flood, in a chaotic never-ending cycle of rises and falls, golden ages followed by times of decay and ignorance.

>> No.55654955

Be chill. Stop taking the bait. Transcend your earthly rustling.

>> No.55654957

It will never be whole again. The magic will never come back. Once broken, nothing can restore it.

>> No.55654961

Then fight on, you fucker

>> No.55654972

Don't listen to the nostalgia of people who want to relive their childhood more than they want to relive old /tg/. Make your own shit.

>> No.55654978

>> No.55654979

>> No.55654986

I am become air, the void.

But then how can I care? And without caring, how can I give? It is not in the nature of the vacuum to provide, or grow.

>> No.55654987 [SPOILER] 

That's disappointing...
>tfw no qt khornette waifu

>> No.55655004 [SPOILER] 

For the board? We can't, we can make it somewhat less terrible, but we can't make it good again the damage done is irreversible. The only way to try would be urning it to the ground and rebuilding on the ashes.

For yourself? I might have an idea.

>> No.55655017

This ! Make new shit ! The coolest, dumbest, most /tg/est thing you can think of !
What we need back is creativity, above all.

>> No.55655029


This is not pessimism. This is experience. I've watched it happen again and again, in dozens of communities, for over two decades.

One day, you just look up and realize that your neighbors are strangers, your small town is a city, the leaders you knew are gone, and anything you say about how things used to be is "nostalgia for a bygone era that never really existed anyway."

It'll happen to you, one day, and you'll bitterly curse the invaders that ruined another good thing with their stupid, clumsy herd mentalities.

>> No.55655032

You know. I've been on 4chan less than a year. Mostly because I was always afraid of all y'all people. I've really only lurked /tg/ and /co/ since this year.

I actually got on by stumbling onto 1d4chan and wandering the wiki for months. Uncovering all the cool things that have been note worthy. I went onto the suptg archieves and started bingeing quests like SWQ, Iron Quest, Joker Quest, and more. I read the thread about the undead computer and old man Henderson.

More recently, when I started lurking /tg/ and /co/ proper, I've still found many fun things. New and old shows to watch. Fantastic oc and memes when samurai Jack was airing. New table top systems to try out, new worlds I want to explore. Tons of images and drawfriend art for me look over and use to improve my own art.

I cannot comment on what it was like to exist in the hayday. All I have done is looked at the best of what you all have brought to the table. Cherry picked what's been posted over the past decade. Hand picked which threads to view and which to simply leave on the branch for others to enjoy.

And all I can say is thank you, all. Despite what you all may think, you have at least improved and broaden the experience of one random guy stuck in this ever advancing world. And for that, I am grateful to all you wonderful bundles of sticks.

>> No.55655040

>tripfags are for the most part long gone
>no cringy board tans
>le ebin screencaps are less frequent meaning it'll attract less redditors
try not looking at everything through rose tinted glasses

>> No.55655043

Welcome to the club; sorry you couldn't be here sooner

>> No.55655048


>> No.55655052

>le ebin screencaps are less frequent meaning it'll attract less redditors
Maybe because there's not as much stuff worth capping anymore.

>> No.55655061

I'm afraid I have to decline.

Also, things can always get better, in the same way they can always get worse.

I believe we merely need to try to make new stuff, instead of bickering and dissecting the old.

Then again, I love to ramble.

>> No.55655063

Politics on /tg/ is bad because it's not /tg/. I don't see how you can consider it good in any way shape or form.

>> No.55655087

It's useful for worldbuilding, as long as it's actual discussion and not greentexting, namecalling and smug anime image macros.

>> No.55655093

I think people blow /pol/-posting out of proportion. As /pol/ is to "shills", you fuckers are to /pol/. If they're on a thread, don't give them (you)s, because invoking le /pol/-boogeyman only derails good threads.

>> No.55655113

Right now they're fine and honestly people freaking out about the pol boogiman are more common than actual pol posters, it was really bad a few months ago though

>> No.55655120

No anon - thank (you).
You are the living proof that this wasn't all for nothing, and that the dark future still looks bright.

>> No.55655123


>> No.55655127

Oh no, you misunderstand, I was referring to the second thing. /pol/ posting is bad everywhere, its the reason I can't even go to /v/ anymore and largely consider the board dead, with /a/ teetering on the edge of the same.
I meant the second thing. What some people don't like hearing is that the 'change' in their board wasn't one thing. There wasn't a shift from old to new, from good to bad. The site and every board on it has been changing all the time, bit by bit every single month. Some of these changes are for the worse or better, but most of them are just changes. No good or bad, things are just different because people change how they act and speak, and old people leave while new people join. I mean little things like x meme going out of style and y taking its place, or a certain type of posting not happening anymore. Things like that, things that one person might have thought the staple of the board while someone else thought the weird outlier.

>> No.55655142

Don't poison the rest of us just because you failed.

>> No.55655143

You fucking bastard.

>> No.55655176

You are right. I can be an artist at heart! I can provide!!!

>> No.55655188

Rethinking things again, maybe perhaps I can not provide, and shouldn't be allowed to try.

Yeah, I better dedicate myself to side comments.

>> No.55655205

Can you write?

>> No.55655211

Ayone remember those WH40K "puppets" threads?

>> No.55655219

That lake is actually pretty nice. I mean I'm sure this was meant to be a joke but yo somehow caught the changing depth of the waves pretty well using what I can only assume is mspaint.

>> No.55655236

I still harbor in my heart desires to destroy pol, to poison it from the insides with a fresh influx of dedicated people, until the very poison is purged from the body and what is left is a sterile skeleton from which a new thing can grow.

>> No.55655239

Compensate for quality with style

>> No.55655240

That's... that's something. Yes.

>> No.55655280

>the cancer that is killing /tg/

>> No.55655285

They are not worth the spite, anon. Strive to better /tg/ instead.

>> No.55655305

Meh, with a side dish of "verbs are not supposed to do that".

Besides, I don't have an original bone in my body, cannot conceive of an original though if my life were on the line. Best I can do is to ape so many obscure sources nobody can make heads from tails of 'em, up to and including characters, factions and sometimes bare-boned plots.

>> No.55655313


>> No.55655315

I fight. I always fight. And I always have to watch it being in vain. One man can't do anything if everyone else is complacent, if 99.999% of the community is shitters. You can't remove the shitters. You can't bring back those the moderation chased away, you can't make as if something has never been popular and even if you do it will never be the same, the fire always burns out and can't be relit.

>> No.55655318


Gravity will eventually do it on its own.

Your anger is as pointless as it gets. They post shocking content the Nazi stuff, for example to make you to think, and all you're doing is getting mad.

>> No.55655339


>> No.55655373

/tg/ reminds me of that guy at work who likes to remember his college football days while whining about how is a fat fuck now instead of doing exercise. We still have good threads and compared to other boards we are very friendly, we just need a bit of a push to start going upwards again.

>> No.55655402

So that's a yes?

You don't need to be original to write. Just find something you like, get inspired by something in a thread, and use those to create something you want to see.

>> No.55655419

The board as we knew it really kind of died when moot started taking a more active interest in 4chan. There were a lot of things 4chan needed, since it was starting to get just sticky with spam threads. I remember that one that kept artifacting worse and worse over time - it became a Nurgle meme, though not a popular one. A joke about decay and all.

But moot wanted moderators to take control of the board, and for many long years he enforced an "anti-shitposting" policy, which meant the mods could just ban or delete anything they wanted. /tg/ was hit like a fucking train. The first mods to reach the board leveled the place. They banned a bunch of the artists and forbade discussion of most of the board's culture.

We used to come up with a lot of clever setting and game ideas by starting with one abstract thing and bouncing into another. Now everyone mostly talks about rules as they're strictly written in the books, so overall the atmosphere is less creative than it was.

But that was all so long ago. It'll be ten years soon.

>> No.55655446

Because all the faggots from /a/ from got dumped into this board and ruined quests. Just imagine a whole catalog of threads exactly like /cyoa/ general.

>/tg/ self moderated
>creative content
Bulllshit. It was nothing but around the clock spamming of slightly different versions of "anime waifu dating Sim quest"

>> No.55655450

be the good you want to see on this board, anons.

>> No.55655458

I can actually discuss game systems without threads devolving into the same, stale edition or system warring that old /tg/ was plagued with. I can talk about wargames that would have never been able to gain traction in old /tg/ with it's massive 40k stranglehold. While /rs/ is dead, the general format of treasure troves and share threads means I can grab new material very easily.

I also don't have to see dipshits like Flare, RMD, Golden Neckbeard, Virt, Scared of Shadows, and more shitting up otherwise good threads. Namefagging and tripfagging has mostly died out as a practice, which could not have come sooner.

>> No.55655478

No quests, no ERP general, no /wst/, less video game threads, more on topic threads.

"I don't even need other boards anymore" has always been the rallying cry of the off-topic shitposter that wants /tg/ to be "/tg/ - Shit I Like" instead of "/tg/ - Traditional Games."

>> No.55655498

I love this place.

>> No.55655499

/tg/ has always been my favorite board, this is the first place I learned about other obscure TTRPGs and broadened my gaming horizons.

This was the one place where I could finally openly discuss how good and how shit TTRPGs were without mods getting butthurt and banning me because I said something negative about the game they like.

Tabletop games are the only reason a sperg perma-virgin like me could actually go out, meet other people, and be confident in myself. I used to just be a neet before I became a fa/tg/uy.

/tg/ has gone through ups and downs mostly downs, and is super autistic, but it's still my home board and I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.55655523

>why isn't /tg/ more like any other run-of-the-mill tabletop forum

>> No.55655525

Maybe that's the blessing and the curse at its core.

All this talk about creativity and nice stories and nice drawings, does that really belongs to tg? Shouldn't tg be more dedicated to rule crunching, strategy optimizing and discussing the updates of existing tabletop games?

>> No.55655527

A reminder that when you create something and share it with the world, no matter what its quality, people will twist and change it in fascinating ways.

>> No.55655537

Apart from no shit quality quests(Even if that came at the cost of all quests), no Virt and no ERP.

>> No.55655561

You fucking double ROODY POO.

>> No.55655589

I don't even know anymore, is this the original or the one with monstrous futa cock?

>> No.55655609


>> No.55655616

For those who want to contribute creatively, try those threads atm :


Be the /tg/ you want to see ! Be creative !

>> No.55655640

You're a little bitch anon. Fucking ten years you faggot, ten fucking years

>> No.55655674

talk about striking a NERV

>> No.55655709


>> No.55655714

You killed me.
... which reminds me of Adeptus Eva. Loved the idea, but sadly never got around making my group play it. I should try GMing it, someday.

>> No.55655728

I seele what you did there.

>> No.55655744

I was 3, now I'm 51.

>> No.55655765

>/tg/ reminds me of that guy at work who likes to remember his college football days while whining about how is a fat fuck now instead of doing exercise. We still have good threads and compared to other boards we are very friendly, we just need a bit of a push to start going upwards again.

Witty comparisons are a great way to make yourself feel like you've contributed to the thread, but the real problem with /tg/ is heavy-handed moderation that's poisoned the well, starting with Nazimod and continuing with our current mod who sees himself as the exclusive caretaker of /tg/. There's a reason why "the questfags" are constantly complaining about the route he's taken, and now that more and more types of outlets for /tg/ to be creative are being moved to /qst/, the number of creative people who want to lurk /tg/ will continue to diminish.

>> No.55655801

Disgusting resolution, have the original

>> No.55655834

I was 103, now I'm 27. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

>> No.55655840

So what is your solution?

>> No.55655849

Also have another because I opened the vaults after all

>> No.55655878

Already on it anon.

>> No.55655947

I propose we keep trying, and make more ideas thread in between discussing general X system thread.

I have pending to make this "christmas elves" thread someday now...

>> No.55655948

I dun get it

>> No.55656064

>> No.55656069

>trying to get him banned

>> No.55656129

Is that literally you, figuratively you, or just a friendly reminder that this fine comrade exists?

>> No.55656147

Oh the blissful ignorance of youth.
Don't try to fight it, you cannot win.

>> No.55656155

We need leaderboards

>> No.55656293

I like to think it is pre-monstrous futa cock but post it's OP's original faggotry.

>> No.55656500

I fondly remember the threads when anons tried to shock /tg/ with various /d/ material. And not only would /tg/ respond positively to it, but find a way to turn it into viable campaign material.

>> No.55656552

Fukken sav'd

>> No.55656578

You mean this?

>> No.55656593

and this?

>> No.55656644

not those specifically, but yeah, that type of thing.

>> No.55656831


That's a random cheesecake request from greenmarine? the image has been sitting on my HD for a while, asking for a source and who the heck she is.

>> No.55656914

That was a time before the catalog and the 300+ post limit. Before, 100 post derailments would essentially kill a thread, especially if the people derailing it were saging.

Now, "EPIC DERAILS XD!" do nothing except stroke the trolls ego by adding to the threads post count.

>> No.55657075

Let me save you fellow Anons, just as I was saved many year before now.

>> No.55657354

this thread has also reminded me what a true grognard I am, from the length of time I have been on both 4chan and /tg/ specifically.

>> No.55657816

Happy birthday nerds.

>> No.55657944

I wish I hadn't :/

>> No.55658005

Post only when you have something you genuinely want to discuss, ignore people mindlessly insulting others and try to be constructive at all points of conversation. In 9 years on this board I have rarely ever even typed out a swear when replying to someone, as it should be. Just chill.

>> No.55658083

Greenmarine doesn't advertise his presence in threads.
I may or may not be trying to summon him, thought.

>> No.55658086

Needs a purple stripe

>> No.55658194

>> No.55659151

Shh. No tears, now, anon. Only dreams.

>> No.55660002

It's not.

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