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Help me out lads, it's for a game I'm working on.

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>fusion reaction

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Napalm bomb

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Fire tornado


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Forest fire.

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Beacon or Bonfire

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flammable atmosphere

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Fire Elemental

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Little context: Think of it as metaphorical "ranks" of some sort of clerical order.

Candle of X
Torch of X
___ of X

With "Star" being the highest achievable rank (although I'm not actually gonna use "star"). I just need something bitter that symbolizes the whole "torch" aspect, but can still be applied to a person of that rank. "Bonfire of X" sounds weird.

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Beacon Deacon

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add adjectives

like sparkling candle, lighting torch, blazing bonfire, bright sun

so you don't have the identification only over the noun

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Beacon, you dumb fuck.

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Beacon maybe, though it may not fit in with the fire motif. There's really not much between a torch and the sun that would fit as an intermediate symbol of lightbearing people.

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Bonfire seems like it'd be the best then. Kinda can't carry a bonfire around, but it fits the size and feel of what you're going for. You could use various other terms for a bonfire, if you dislike the exact word. I recommend pyre or beacon.

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>not fitting in with the fire motif
Holy fuck. I thought /tg/ was bad, but I am severely depressed by how badly I underestimated the situation.

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You think you clever OP? Riddle me this.

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>posts a picture of a giant Torch

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Brick House

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Hills are made up of earth, not stone.

"Pebble Sister Magdalena"
"Stone Brother Moreus"
"Stonepile Brother Victus"

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What the fuck do you think beacons were?


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Try again.

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flaming faggot

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The only answer

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1. Breath
2. Breeze
3. ??
4. Storm

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Beacon or Lantern

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I don't think anyone is going to beat this.

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dumpster fire

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Pyre? Bonfire? Beacon?

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>lights a room
>lights a hallway
>lights a whole fucking solar system

darwin does not approve

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Blaze? Like a blazing bonfire. Flare? Beacon? Ray (which gives you the power of the sun, but only a bit of it)?

Lantern / lamp isn't necessarily brighter, but it's fancier than a torch. So maybe the step between candle and torch is one of power, while that between torch and lantern is more about skill or finesse.

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You could also just use a general "flame".

Candle of Alataar
Torch of Alataar
Flame of Alataar

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This isn't the rankings of the Merchant's Guild, Anon.

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Hills in many countries are made of volcanic rock and stone.

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Between a torch and a fussion reaction are chemical reactions which create heat.

Any chemistry anons want to explain exothermic chemical reactions?

Why so many faggot shitheads in this thread? Oh wait Middle School in US just got out.

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>B-b-ut anon a torch is exothermic reaction

No it's combustion

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No he's right - combustion is an exothermic reaction. Anon meant combination reactions (which are exothermic).

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i guess brazier in english

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Ember > Light > Fire > Blaze

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Why not Pyre? Simple, keeps to the theme, and has potentially spooky implications (A pyre is a big heap of combustible material you'd cremate someone with)

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I wanted to keep the alliteration going

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Am I the first person in this thread to notice that the inequality signs are backwards?

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they are arrowheads

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...its both you idiot

combustion is exothermic

the difference between a star and combustion is that the former is a nuclear reaction, the latter is a chemical reaction

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