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So everyone knows Space Marines are at their best as shock troopers, favouring surgical decapitation strikes at the right person in the right place at the right time. We know they lack numbers, and their heavy vehicles are exclusively assault vehicles.
With this in mind, is it possible IN-UNIVERSE that the Imperial Guard do holding ground better than Marines? Yes their guns are shit but there are lots of them, they’ve no shortage of heavy weapons, gun emplacements, artillery and defensive vehicles. Everyone knows Guard as the guys who hold the line, is this because they hold it better than anyone else? Dornfags need not answer

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How do I get Guardsman fit?
I want to impress the local cum slut at my lgs

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>faction A's catchphrase is "hold the line"
>autist asks if faction A is any good at holding the line

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Great job Oingo and Boingo, try coordinating your collective autism.

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Military PT. Core, arms, legs, kit run. Your knees will scream.

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Dorn the Builder may be good with stones, but it is the men of the guard who hold them.

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>lewding sisters

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I would say yes, All together all their weapons and equipment is designed for prolonged engagements. As you said the Space Marines equipment is designed for surgical strikes and rapid assaults.

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Real General here

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How can one man be so autistic about his precious general that nobody likes?

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God damn this one is still around?

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Sisters LOVE to be lewd. They're offended if you don't find them lewd.

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Post what you're working on!
I'm painting this guy up when I get home from work

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He’s been bumping it so it doesn’t die so his thread can become the current general. It’s acutally pathetic.

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W-What is that model suppose to be?

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Stop posting here
real 40kg is here

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So one character in 40k lore is revealed to be a trap/reverse trap
Who do you pick?

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It's Alpharius as a DP

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There aren't really any attractive well-known characters in 40k lore. It's just not the setting for that. I'd rather have my animes for lewds and leave 40k for the stompin and killin.

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Nah its full of Embed shit.
Let it wither away like the useless vestigial nub it is.

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Best way to transport lets say 7 russes?

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>"hey Duncan I know you said you didn't want to do it, but everyone wants you to paint morty"
>sips his paint water "well alright I can't let the fans down"

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but isnt that exactly the opposite of everything Alpharius was shown to be? Because you know hes dead

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Making my own ork clan, tell me what you think. "Da Nite Krumpaz" red and purple scheme kuz they the fastest n sneakiest gitz

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The embed meme is fine but the rest of the thread is actual cancer.

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Fulgrim, may as well make it canon so everyone can drop the memes and get on with their lives.

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Nigger Dante is beautiful. Most Blood Angels are bishounen hunks worthy of any bean flicking or salad tossing

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It works because alpharius is probably about as strong as a daemon prince and all his weird gadgets can work as psychic powers and his invuln
Just gonna make some rubble and stuff for him to stand on to fill a 60mm base

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When can we expect the rules for FW admech units to be released?
I want to know the point values for Peltasts and Hoplites so I can make a list.

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But they're bara hunks, not trap-material, which isn't my style. I mean I can appreciate it from an aesthetic sense, I would marvel over the sculpted naked body of a cut blood angel doing manly poses, but like in an artistic academic way. If I want to please muh dick I need tiny fluffy anime girls (male).

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Shitty colour scheme.
Orks are already green, they can sustain one additional primary or seconday colour, any more will be a visual mess like Timmy's first space marines OC.

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Okay anon i wont fight on this as i only know as much as the memes tell me.

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You won’t get that in 40k.

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starting a monster mash nid army because I like the idea, and the rest of my armies are at a good size for right now. Got my first box of nid warriors today and holy fuck these guys are huge. I never really saw them because they've been so bad for so long, and I never realized they were almost dreadnought size.
I love it.

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Not unless you like Eldar.

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That was my original point, yeah.

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the Lord of Layers delivers

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which should I change? I wasn't going to put purple and red on every single thing. I was thinking this would allow me to integrate purple ork stuff and red ork stuff into one army.

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Friendly reminder Eldar are traps in canon and can turn humans gay with their wiles

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>Got my first box of nid warriors today and holy fuck these guys are huge. I never really saw them because they've been so bad for so long, and I never realized they were almost dreadnought size.
This is why I am eternally pissed they aren't S5 T5 like their original statline.

GW doesn't seem to understand that all the shit Cruddace did needs to be thrown out and nids need to be approached from the perspective of being true to their 2e codex first and foremost.

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Living general here
leave this one.

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Yeah but they're dirty fucking elves so they don't count. They're for raping to death on the battlefield only.

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>there's two generals, what do?
>make a third one
Shut the fuck off

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>less posts
>more cancer
No thanks

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Been struggling with this myself. I've got a shit ton of Russ and Chimera hulls and the turrets have all got antennae on them. Might be easier to just build a custom case with a metal floorplate and magnet the tanks to it, worried about foam snapping off the fiddly bits.

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>This is why I am eternally pissed they aren't S5 T5 like their original statline.
Eh, supposedly the new dex is supposed to be amazing, so who knows. From what I understand, they're one of the units that needs buffs, so hopefully they get them.
I don't care either way though, they're cool looking and that's enough for me. If they become good on the TT, then that'll be the icing on the cake.

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Fuck off you shit
This one has the most replies

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this one was first

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Doesnt matter, mods will delete this one cuz it was made later probably

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Thing is right now they're not even really that bad, but they're overshadowed by so many other options.

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It's in a vegetative state with necrotic bedsores, pull the plug allready.

But thanks for the bump.

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Reposting Question
Is TH+SS the best load out? is 3++ really as valuable as i am told it is?

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Nah, he's spamming it, so that's more likely to piss off the mods. Plus this one has more replies, so that's also a strike against it

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Is this reportable or do we have to suffer this faggotry?
I just wanna post about traps and 40k in peace

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>What part of the "under four minute videos" in me contract did you not fucking read, mate? My schedule's full up on tutorials on red armor.

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It's in a vegetative state with necrotic bedsores, pull the plug allready.

But thanks for the bump.

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He’s been spamming it all fucking day just to keep it alive. I don’t get it.

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That's good to know.
Any tips on how to run them? The assault 3 Heavy bolters seems good, but apparently the BS4+ makes that not worth taking

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>autism speaks

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Equip them the same as whatever they're providing synapse for.

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Yes it’s fucking amazing. The lightning claws are middling at best.

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Just report it, yeah.

Also tell me your thoughts on traps.

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You know I didn't think it was a big deal, but the fact CSM doesn't get storm shields really bothers me

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CSM are fuccbois.

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Are you implying they hold Dorn's 'stones' or that they make a good mortar when ground into paste?

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I like mine melee with boneswords, spinefists and flesh hooks.

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Off topic reportable /lgbt/ content.

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I see. Is it better to keep them cheap or not?
I kind of want to make them the core of my army, since I like the models and the idea of just a bunch of giant monsters on the field, but if that isn't viable I guess I could rework it to have some genestealers since they're really good from what I understand

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>thoughts on traps
They're pretty cool, not as good as Futa but I gotta take what I can get

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>play CSM
>love the aesthetic of space fantasy dudes
>love the aesthetic of shields
>can't give my space fantasy dudes shields because they hate the Emperor

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Why? Fluff wise there's no reason they would have them in large numbers. If anything, be pissed you don't get termie variants

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Just got the codex, experimenting with possible lists, I'm gonna try this in a friendly match (much proxying to be done of course) hit me 40kg

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) ++

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord: Bolt pistol, Chainsword

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Blades of Putrefaction, Malefic talon, The Suppurating Plate, Wings

Malignant Plaguecaster: Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality

+ Troops +

Plague Marines
Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
2x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher
Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher

Plague Marines
Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
2x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher
Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher

Poxwalkers: 20x Poxwalker

+ Elites +

Blightlord Terminators
Blightlord Terminator: Flail of Corruption
Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
Blightlord Terminator Champion: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter

+ Fast Attack +

Myphitic Blight-haulers
Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler: 2x Plaguespitter, Heavy Slugger

++ Total: [69 PL, 1250pts] ++

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They're more of a support unit, so it's better to keep them cheap.

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Anyone remember what the Steel Legion traits were?
I saw a mention in the Valhallan article that their focus has shifted with the Warping of Armageddon.

>> No.55613974

It’s actually retarded that CSM don’t get that. Fuck GW and their “if we don’t make a model for it, it doesn’t get a datasheet” mantra.

Fuck it.

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Why not give your guys shields anyways anon? Count them as CC weapons, or just ignore them. My Ogryns have got the big shields and Ripper guns, just because I like them.

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>Rapid Fire weapons can do so within 18" like Death Guard
>Vehicles hit by AP-1 weapons treat them as AP0
It's shit. We don't know the order and stratagem though.

>> No.55613994

Infantry double-tap Rapid Fire at 18".
Vehicles ignore AP -1.

>> No.55614004

Yeah thats the worst one so far.
Ah well, not my army, not my problem.

>> No.55614012

Sadly I'm a WYSIWYG autist and modelling my guys with wargear they can't take would just trigger me.

>> No.55614018

Oh fuck I remember this doujin

>> No.55614022

Huh, Well i guess i will be using them if i ever pick up some assault termies. Also can Non-codex space marines use the units that are in codex space marines but not the codex? Like Agressor squads and the such

>> No.55614024

The are the worst.

>> No.55614030

Anon come on, no one needs to know

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True general here
Much better than this one

>> No.55614045

What is it?

>> No.55614057

Vostroyans have a great stratagem no?

+1 to hit on any unit. Tank, infantry whatever.

I know prescience is great for Chaos. Dunno how good it would be for Guard though.

>> No.55614059

Aw, that sucks. That seems kind of contrary to the fluff that describes them as highly adaptable, very killy and generally killy motherfuckers who you do not want to mess with
is this contradiction between fluff and crunch why crud is/was so hated?

It's a post heresy invention, they never got it. It's like demanding grav or dreadnought varaints: you aren't spikey loyaltists with extra toys, stop acting like you deserve everything they get and more

>> No.55614074

It’s a doujin it’s the holy grail of /tg/ since not much of it is scanned

>> No.55614076

Okay that one made me audibly laugh, and I don't do that much

>> No.55614080

It makes them have 33% more hits. It's amazing

>> No.55614086

They can kill stuff just fine they just can't take punishment that well.

>> No.55614088

no Top five squigs
this one is much better

>> No.55614097

A convoy.

>> No.55614108

>+1 to hit
Where did you see this? I've been checking the Community articles and only saw their +6" range bit.

>> No.55614112

I see. So then would adding some genestealers be a good choice? They're not to small, so it would fit the big bug theme, and they're amazing in combat from what I understand, so that would force the opponent to choose between targets

>> No.55614120

That's it.
Time to nuke that attention whoring crosslink faggot

>> No.55614121

>It's a post heresy invention, they never got it
It was trialed during the Heresy by IFs and Alpha Legion could steal it.
>It's like demanding grav
This is legit though.
>or dreadnought varaints
Friend, I wish we had Dreadnoughts at all, not the shitty Helbrute and its fleshy aesthetic. The only shit we have rules for like that is long OOP.

Top five squigs is nearly as autistic as you are, fuck off back to your failure of a general that nobody likes.

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>Reading the 3rd(?) beast arises book
>Orks invading and overrunning a colony... again
>"just hold out, our masters will be here soon!"
>great, dorns boys are here to save the day again
>drop bombs on their own fortifications
>kill their mortal defenders
>"holy shit what chapter is this heartless?"
>iron warriors walk out of transports as DMX plays at max volume
Fucking great introduction

>> No.55614134

From the stream.

Its called Firstborn Pride apparently.

>> No.55614135

Yeah genestealers are basically a must take for tyranids.

>> No.55614147

Damn, that's a sweet rule. Vostroyans are going to be strong. I'm holding out hope for Krieg rules in the IG codex, but given that they're FW's pet regiment I think the Index is as good as we're gonna get

>> No.55614148

>It was trialed during the Heresy by IFs and Alpha Legion could steal it.
Can't steal when you're dead. Also, that's still not a justification for why they would get it. They might have it in small numbers, but at that point it's a relic, not standard war gear.

>> No.55614149

>Steal some storm shields after a battle
>Task your warpsmiths to recreate said shield
>Probably make a daemonic version, probably easier to remake storm shields than to create fucking maulerfiends

There, wasn't that hard.

>> No.55614156

Traitors get all FW dreads now
My alpha legion contemptor and leviathan are on their way

>> No.55614158 [DELETED] 

You are autism, top five squigs is patrician tier meme.
This general is better

>> No.55614160

What stories have come out set post-Gathering Storm?

>> No.55614165

>less posts
>more cancer
No thanks.

>> No.55614173

IW and Vangorich were definitely the best parts of the series.

>> No.55614174

You didn't kill the entire Alpha Legion, Dorn. Besides, I'd be perfectly happy with a 1/army relic shield for my character.

>> No.55614177

Plenty, one about the alpha legion, one about greyfax, and one about girlyman

>> No.55614188

>60 post lead and opening

>> No.55614190

Is there any reason to play Armageddon when you have a tank heavy list?

I'm kinda disappointed of thrir doctrine desu

>> No.55614198

By this logic, anyone could have anything
>steal some dinobots
>get radical magos to figure out how it works
>make some, now without daemons so it doesn't try to eat you

>steal some beep boops
>get mek to look out it and figure out how it works
>copy it, now with the waagh powers

You're a retard

>> No.55614217

>>five fucking generals right now

>> No.55614220

It's only ever the good stuff they want as well, you never see them clamoring for landspeeders or attack bikes.

>> No.55614246

Speak for youself.
It was Red Corsairs unit focus before they went renegade and apparanrly melted down all their fast attack vehicles to make spikes and hiened helmets.

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>> No.55614264

Looks good for a low point friendly game.
I personally have a bad case of jamming all the characters into my list (the elites).
Also a big fan of the bombardment stratagem.

>> No.55614279

>i completely lack independant thought and creative thinking so i need a duncan video to hold my hand through the painting process

lol fags

>> No.55614280

Literally every DG army needs a Tallyman. He’s too great not to be taken.

>> No.55614286

just use Valhallen rules for them

>> No.55614289

Yes, that's exactly how shit works.

It has a name that escapes me right now.

You take tech, study it, make it your own.

Saying "hurr it's too hard for CSM's to get new tech" is the dumbest shit spouted on this website and by GW themselves since they're creating new tech themselves.

>> No.55614294

Well I'm off to sleep.
If the faggot spams his shit again you can dump some Wargames Exclusice cheesecake model in his thread to derail it completely.

>> No.55614304

>he doesn't like duncan
>ow the edge

>> No.55614309

>You didn't kill the entire Alpha Legion, Dorn
If you're all alpharius and I killed alpharius, then I must have logically killed you all

>> No.55614312

>I lack independent thought and creative thinking so assume people watch Duncan because they need to be taught how to paint

>> No.55614322

So Deimos guy here. Finalized a list and I have a couple of questions.

Admech battalion
Lucius rules
Dominus - Eradication ray, macrostubber
Enginseer - warlord, Autocadaceus, necromechanic
2 squads of 5x Rangers with 2x arquebus and omnispex
2 squads of 10x Vanguard with data tethers, one with 3x Plasma and one with 3x Arc Rifles, Alpha with carbine and Arc Maul
2 onagers, one with icarus and one with neutron laser
2x Kastelans with fists- 242pts

GK Vanguard
Chaplain - gate of infinity - 148pts
Apothecary - warding stave,Hammerhand - 90pts
Paladin Ancient - gate of infinity - 142pts
Paladin Squad Alpha - 4x Paladins with Halberds , Paragon with hammer, - 288
Paladin Squad Beta - 2x Paladins with Halberds, paragon with hammer - 188
2000pts 107PL

Are falchions better than Halberds on the Paladins?
Are incinerators or psilencers worth including on the Alpha squad?
Would shooty Kastelans synergize better with this list?

>> No.55614333

>It has a name that escapes me right now.
>You take tech, study it, make it your own.
Reverse engineering, and it's not a thing because at that point you might as well say "fuck the rules, just take what you want"
So just go play open play

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>> No.55614344

>Are falchions better than Halberds on the Paladins?
Sadly yes. Halberds are better against some very niche targets that you don't want to be hitting anyway (T8) but Hammerhand closes the gap there anyway.
>Are incinerators or psilencers worth including on the Alpha squad?
Not really. They cost too much and add too little.
>Would shooty Kastelans synergize better with this list?

>> No.55614364

That's actually a fair point

>> No.55614394

Move up the boys
>Foul Blightspawn
Hoes knows they about to hosed
Bring the rain
>Plague Doctor
Someone call?
Do I even need to say it?

They're like the power rangers.
With Chaos Lord and a Plaguecaster as the green and white ranger.
>All seven of them.

>> No.55614410 [DELETED] 

Still here?
This is better general

>> No.55614419

It's so there's a difference between SM and CSM.

>> No.55614425

Final color scheme for my Swords of Hannibal. What you think boys?

>> No.55614427


>> No.55614437

>less posts
>more cancer
No thanks for the free bump

>> No.55614439

>see a problem with their arbitrary weapon loadouts
>explain why it doesn't make sense using both lore and reason
>lmao jus play open play ur dumb

>> No.55614444


Well, Orks do exactly do that, it's just we don't have rules to support it.

>> No.55614447

I wish more marine models were posed with their bolters at their side

>> No.55614450

nigger that is literally the purpose of open. It's not like I'm being demeaning or something, doing stuff like that is entirely why it exists

>> No.55614451

Looks tasty. Got any spare models to test it out on? Would be interesting how it looks when applied.

>> No.55614452

I'm talking fluff wise it makes no sense that chaos doesn't use everything in their power to get a one up on the imperium.

Not ONE warband thought to use the weapons of the imperium against them. Not one.

A chaos lord/warpsmith/whatever see's terminators that are almost impossible to kill compared to his own terminators, surviving way more abuse and he doesn't think to himself "gee, I should try to figure out what's going on here".

He see's weaponry that uses gravity to fuck up heavily armored units like they're nothing and just does nothing about it?

What the hell do they do when they go raid forge worlds? Go into the armories and skip the new fancy shit just to get bolters and lascannons?

You steal everything and get your warpsmith to figure that shit out.

It's bad writing.

>> No.55614467


I got some mark4 I think I'm gonna strip tonight. Gonna run to the store and buy some of the paints I need at the shop tomorrow.

>> No.55614478

The fancy new shit is probably made on forgeworlds chaos can't easily raid.

>> No.55614484

Give me one reason why I should use space marine assault/vanguard squads instead of assassins
you can't. One eversor assassin has literally more wounds than a basic squad for fewer points besides putting our better attacks for FEWER POINTS.
And they're NEVER going to be nerfed. It's great. If anything they'll get a points reduction in a codex

>> No.55614485

Not to be rude anon but I think it looks atrocious.

>> No.55614492

That's metals, not orange, Anon.

>> No.55614496


Ain't rude anon. You're just being honest.

What do you think would make it look better?

>> No.55614502

>I'm talking fluff wise it makes no sense that chaos doesn't use everything in their power to get a one up on the imperium.
Except CSM simply don't have the logistics or resources to manufacture stuff on such a scale.
And most everything you mentioned is stuff that is rare as fuck lore wise, and which marines and ad mech would fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't get. So in order for it to happen you have to
>find a FW that actually makes them
>fight a massive war just to get it, because no chance in hell the ad mech are going to give it up easily
>then find a warp smith who can actually reverse engineer it
>find a dark mech FW that will help you, won't screw you over, won't steal your shit and say later nerd, and can actually make it
It's not nearly as easy as you decribe

>> No.55614507

I'd rather just replace all the weaponry that CSM's use with hellforged shit and drop the imperiums weapons.

>> No.55614508 [DELETED] 

Migrate here
true general

>> No.55614518

Oh holy shit you're right
That's fucking hilarious

It almost always charges whenever you place it and has a 50/50 to laugh at that Lascannon so 1shotting it is unlikely

>> No.55614529

Mixing metals and non-metals on a scheme is iffy, I don't like the wide patches of gold contrasting with the cream colour, and the purple shoulderpad looks out of place.
I think it'd be better if you made both shoulderpads the same colour.
But hey, /yourguys/, do what pleases you!

>> No.55614538

So then just play C:SM?

>> No.55614547

If that's the case then fine, it's a better response then "chaos too dumb".

>> No.55614549

DGlistanon here, and you have no idea how hard I'm trying to fit one, but it's either that or not trying the new tank and the hauler, and I really want to give them a spin, to see how many I should buy

>> No.55614550

So if it goes like how the other codexes have the guard codex should come out the Saturday after this one right?

>> No.55614568

If they're dumb it's because the imperium is also dumb. A lot of imperium tech isn't reproducible by themselves.

>> No.55614572

Yes, then some stuff for Sigmar maybe and Eldar/Tyranids after that with Necromunda being released by mid November.

>> No.55614581

Yes, it was confirmed in the white dwarf

>> No.55614585

Hopefully, but we don't know for sure yet.

>> No.55614600

Do they normally do week-long preorder periods for stuff? Seems like a short amount of time.
Then again I'm used to vidya where preorders are a fucking year long event.

>> No.55614610

Nice, I have a tourney that day and I'm gonna be trying to build a list from the leaks then buy the codex right before it starts

>> No.55614612

The Guard dex comes out Oct 7.
So next Saturday. 2 Week hype cycle.

>> No.55614627

>duard dex to a tourney
WACCfag scum

>> No.55614629

GW doesn't tug our dicks for a year milking preorders
They usually announce and then within a couple weeks it's out
Except deathguard which took fucking forever, no go home Todd

>> No.55614646

Not this shit again. I've tabled my opinion on the codex for a /comfy/ thread tonight, can we just leave off the shitposting until tomorrow?

>> No.55614651

>Do they normally do week-long preorder periods for stuff?

Yes, the only thing that had more than a week for pre-orders was the 8th ed rulebook and indexes.

>> No.55614652

>win at cool costs
I usually don't like labels but I'll take that one

>> No.55614705

>I've tabled my opinion on the codex for a /comfy/ thread tonight, can we just leave off the shitposting until tomorrow?
yeah sure, it was mostly a joke.
What's everyone wokring on?
I'm magnetizing and assembling a hive tyrant and some nid warriors, pretty fun.
Still trying to figure out what color scheme to use, thinking a blue and some other color. Been looking at lizards for inspiration. Want this army to be a real passion project with a ton of conversions and meticulously painted, so want it to be something that really looks good when painted

>> No.55614751

>What's everyone wokring on?
Painting a bunch of genestealers and trying to fucking remember how I made the first couple look so good. It was probably because I was still excited at the prospect.

>> No.55614757

>I made the first couple look so good
ooh, post pics.

>> No.55614765

>I'm holding out hope for Krieg rules in the IG codex
That's been confirmed not happening since day 1.

Valhallans are close enough.

>> No.55614771

Working on my 21 plague marines.
Then the Poxwalkers.
Then the second set of walkers.
Then the Cultists.

>> No.55614775 [SPOILER] 

slaanesh aligned rubric marines + aspiring sorcerer

>> No.55614786

rubrics can't be aligned to anything but tzeentch dummy

>> No.55614800

Oh well. I can see using pretty much any other regiment's tactics so far. If the Codex has lots of neat goodies I may eschew the "official" Krieg rules and use Krieg models for my dudes instead.

>> No.55614812

Let's get this thread extra /comfy/
Post cute stuff

>> No.55614815

dont ruin my fun.

>> No.55614818

Looted daemon engines when?

>> No.55614825


>> No.55614827

sorry, those are the rules.

>> No.55614840


>> No.55614841


>> No.55614848

Hey, help out a newfag. Of the CSM variations, Berserkers are straightforward melee murder machines, but rubrics and plagues seem both to compete for the tough slow footslogging high firepower elite unit, and I'm not sure what noises are supposed to excel at. Not to mention Chosen. So where would you use each of those, assuming you ran a magical list with all marks of chaos possible?

>> No.55614853

Anyone have that picture of some guys Coteaz and his acolytes made from skitari Rangers and custodes pieces?

I need another look at what he used for bodies

>> No.55614856

Is it worth it to bring a Engineseer or Dominus just to heal a Knight?

>> No.55614864


>> No.55614881

>we are planning to expand the local gaming store
>part of the plan was adding a cafe
>we joke about making it a maid cafe

Milking anon-Chan even harder

>> No.55614887

Nothing cute, but here's a comfy dorn.
He's thinking about building walls

>> No.55614888


>> No.55614892

Is that a fucking Yoda !?

>> No.55614894

Plague Marines are wound tanks and special weapons platforms while Rubrics are dedicated Marine killers with some shitty psychic support. Noise Marines are just good in general bu their focus is shooting. Because of hte way their unique rule works they do suicide melee quite well, too.

Chosen are a special weapons platform and that is that. They can also be built for melee with all power weapons but this is generally a subpar build. In essence, they are generalists, although if you're willing to put in the points they're very shooty when armed with plasma guns or combi-bolters.

>> No.55614896

Anon with the WWI French AdMech Idea if anyone remembers that. Did a base of Kantor blue, then layered Alaitoc Blue over it and edge highlighted with Hoeth Blue.

And now I've got the post-1914 french uniform colour which also looks nice so i'm not sure if I want to go over it with Kantor Blue again

>> No.55614906

If you made a 40k store attached to a maid cafe I would only allow it if the maid outfits were sisters of battle inspired

>> No.55614910

He's thinking about building a pillow fort...ification.

>> No.55614913

Help me decide /tg/... AdMech or Eldar for my first 40k dudes?

>> No.55614915

Post some nice pictures

>> No.55614919

>Rubrics are dedicated Marine killers with some shitty psychic support.
Never cast Smite with the aspiring unless you absolutely need to.
The risk of perils is too great and it will fucking slaughter the unit

>Captcaha: Beware of Gretna
What is Gretna? Why should I fear it...

>> No.55614924


>> No.55614927

Copying anon from the other day.
Name a kind of bird. Dubs and I paint my kroot like yer bird.

>> No.55614932


>> No.55614935

This one? They're Cadian torsos mostly.

>> No.55614938

Undivided can run all of them, you just are going to run out of points real fast and probably get stomped

Chosen- usually kitted out for shooting since they can take 5 melta, plasma, or flamer. Can also take power weapons, but termis and zerkers do the job better

Rubrics - good against small arms fire and can tank high ap weapons, specialize in killing >=3+ armor. infantry Do nothing in melee and suck against multi wound models.

Plague marines - tanky as fuck, do MSU really well with a constant 2 special weapons for shooting and some cool melee upgrades

>> No.55614945

Bearded Vulture

>> No.55614949

As neat as this reference photo is, I'd love to see the minis you've painted.

>> No.55614954

Chicken. White feathers, you know the one.

>> No.55614959

Road Runner

>> No.55614970

Tempted to get this translated

>> No.55614975


>> No.55614980

>implying it won't be called War maiden cafe
>implying it won't have a boob plate so clients can take picture with it for some money
>implying the aprons won't look like armoured dress/skirt

If only the last maid cafe in the city ended because the older maids started to whore out and try to enroll the minors working there into deal with the clients.

That incident alone made us doubt about going with the maid idea.

>> No.55614989

Didn't anon say we didn't have scans? Is there a story behind this thing?

>> No.55614995

Harpy Eagle

>> No.55614999

Perils is a 1/18 chance. I'd hold off on casting it on Conscripts, but any MEQ or better? Cast away.

>> No.55615000

should edit it to make it so that the blanket is his grandfather's robe, since he used to sleep with it when he was a kid as a security blanket

>> No.55615009

Jesus man, where the fuck do you live?

>> No.55615012

>Milking anon-Chan even harder
W-What did he mean by this?
Also a maid cafe sounds like it would be comfy as shit.

>> No.55615044


>> No.55615052

>Ywn never be served food and drinks by a Tsundere SoB
Why Live?

>> No.55615063

Well i hope anon has fun

>> No.55615064

"Good" is relative, but they represent a significant improvement in how shit my painting is

>> No.55615067


>> No.55615068


I'm not sure but I found some stuff from artist's website and it's adorable

>> No.55615078

only one right now, testing out the colour scheme before i commit to it, but yeah it's maybe a bit darker but definitly not the dark blue of the early 1914 coats.

>> No.55615087

You do know it happens everywhere? Prostitution and asshole peoples trying to whore out younger people for money happens pretty much everywhere

>> No.55615097


>> No.55615102

Not sure if it would work out the same in a Warhammer environment.
>Warhammer players have little money left.
>Warhammer players with money don't rent their whores from a cafe.

Either way that's fucked up.

>> No.55615111


>> No.55615112

How do you git gud at OSL, anyway? Is an airbrush required? I don't even know where to begin.

>> No.55615115

>renting whores
>not having a QT wifey (male) at home

>> No.55615139

base color, secondary brighter color drybrush over most of the area, white as a spot drybrush, and the secondary color drybrushed in the immediate area to produce the glow

>> No.55615172

Can you picture the maids telling anon-chan about the new stuff that arrive.

>draw some derpy imperial Aquila symbol with chocolate sauce on your cake plate
>anon-chan your boys would love to have more friends
>anon-chan the Nurglins are so cute!
>when ever someone buys an expensive and large kit the maid shout "anon-Chan is so big!

It could work in theory, specially if you sell other war games and board games

>> No.55615182

Damn that's bright.
>having emotional attachment enough to have a significant other

>> No.55615195


>> No.55615201

>scions getting regimental rules

>> No.55615217

need help with a 1000 point dark eldar list what should I bring

>> No.55615218

So... britbong here, never seen a maid cafe anywhere before. Are you telling me they have them outside of glorious nippon? Thought that was just a weeb thing for conventions and shit.

>> No.55615237

Anon dont make me want this in real life or i am going to have to create a fucking Maidcafe/Local game store with my life savings.

>> No.55615240

The maids had their extra special service on their own. The owner didn't knew about it.
The prostitution it self was not the problem, the issue was the damn stupid and greedy whores started to whore up minors working there.

>> No.55615242

Belisarius cawl
Trazyn the infinite

>> No.55615243

I feel like there's promise, but customers being distracted by the maids during their games or maids finding it difficult to interact with customers without interrupting their games might be difficult. I feel like this model would only work if you as the owner and one other grill employee are the maids.

>> No.55615261


>> No.55615280

There's a few outside of Japan.
But they're not really the same.
Maid cafes in general are overrated. Dansou cafes are where it's at.

>> No.55615303

A shame that image will forever be stigmatized for being the front cover of 7e Eldar.

>> No.55615308

They exist outside of Japan. Mostly as a gimmick.
Normally they fail because you can't expect to keep a cafe working with just girls in an oufit long enough. They need add stuff, make the clients pay an experience so you can justify the expensive consumables you offering.

They can work in theory, but you need something else beside just maids otherwise outside of Japan the gimmick dies fast.

Being researching the idea some time now, looking up maid cafe around the world. Trying to figure out why the fuck up.
Most of the time they close due to maid being retards and ending doing illegal stuff or the owners never does anything beside having maids and normal cafe

>> No.55615312

Concepting for my Dark Eldar, thoughts?

>> No.55615314

too bright

>> No.55615328

Will a Dreadnought with 3 heavy flamers keep up with 6 flamestorm Aggressors? Trying to decide if demoting the force down to a dreadnought to give my librarian termi armor is worth losing all of that firepower

>> No.55615332


>> No.55615337

I see that Gourai up the back.

>> No.55615340

The idea we have is to have:
Painting area at the back of the store
Tables at the middle
Actual store selling games and stuff
Cafe up front.

People painting and playing are not disturbed by the store and the cafe, but have access to those two. Since we also run painting commission it is a good idea to have painting material far away from food

>> No.55615344

Anyone got that gif of Fabulous Bob punching the fuck out of a titan, Plus Ultra?

>> No.55615374

Frigate bird.

>> No.55615376

you mean perform the same? No. It will put out less shots for better survival and a better model

>> No.55615381

Anyone have proof kroot? I don't have any pictures saved. Or was he only in the ancient OP?

Welll OK. The head and body should be alright, but do I have to convert some tails?

>> No.55615400

This will be on 8th ed Dark Eldar codex cover.

>> No.55615404

I only ever saw him in the OP.

>> No.55615412

WTB 3D printed Isaac Clark helmet and plasma cutter for my tech priest. Anyone help?

>> No.55615417


>> No.55615421

If I have an apothecary on a bike already would it better to focus on the infantry or is the dreadnought + termie librarian just a better choice overall?

>> No.55615435

apothecary is not good for non character infantry, because it's a 1/2 chance of not doing anything. I've run them in my lists before and they're just not that useful.

>> No.55615436

What is your opinion on the Armageddon doctrine?

>> No.55615439

It most likely will, but I want to believe they'll change it up a bit since they don't sell that model anymore and Archons don't have soul traps anymore.

>> No.55615446

You don't HAVE to I guess.
Many brownie points if yoy do though.

>> No.55615457

FUCK the armageddon doctrine

>> No.55615460

In this day and age of "fuck wysiwyg" do you think it's worth magnetising russ sponsons (as in the actual sponson housing, not just the weapons)?

>> No.55615469


Riddle me this /tg/:

What is the Armageddon Doctrine?

>> No.55615471

Only if you have standards.

>> No.55615479


>> No.55615480

Yes. Don't be a piece of shit just because others are.

>> No.55615491

Why did CSM (and Space Wolves) lose the ability to take a Bolter, a Bolt Pistol, and a Chainsword? It couldn't have possibly been OP, the kit has all the necessary bits, and plenty of us now have scores of illegal models.

>> No.55615501

'cause fuck you

>> No.55615507

Is it bad that I write shit for my dudes? I know I'm never gonna get in to BL but it's fun.

>> No.55615509

Its fine, your units are deadlier at a longer range than Vostroyans. I think Vostroya and Steel Legion will benefit a lot of MechVets armies while Cadians and Mordians will be for Gunlines and Catachans are damn good for Artillery armies.

>> No.55615514

Daily reminder

>> No.55615523

do it if you want, what you need fucking permission or something?

>> No.55615524

Rapid Fire at 18" and your vehicles treat AP -1 weapons as AP0.

>> No.55615527


Wolves still have that ability, so I don't know what you're talking about

get fucked chaos

>> No.55615532

So you think I should just drop the doctor on wheels entirely?

Also, I'm allowed to split these into two separate vanguard detachments right? that extra CP could be handy

>> No.55615534

ahh, thanks anon

>> No.55615551


If your knees are ever screaming, after any exercise, that exercise needs to never be done again

>> No.55615553

Really? That's some ridiculous bullshit.

>> No.55615561

It's the Space Wolves. What were you expecting?

>> No.55615563

What about reverse traps? My dick hungers for chicks in dudes clothing.

>> No.55615573

keep the doctor for a game or two, if you don't like how it performs, drop it.

>> No.55615576

Is that coming anytime soon? Will it have new stuff?

>> No.55615578

cheek Fleur-de-lis are my fetish. So frucking cute

>> No.55615586


I find it rather shit compared to Valhallans and Catachans to be honest.

Why would you EVER take Armageddon? If it would always debuff enemy AP by 1 it would be awesome, but when the fuck does AP-1 even bother tanks?

It's useless.

You'd rather take Valhallans to IGNORE damage.

>> No.55615587

Not sure why you want a chaos lord when you have a demon prince. Also the DP should have miasma incase he needs be harder to hit when the MPC is too far away. This also makes it so your MPC can focus on boosting the poxwalkers (he is also solid at melee if you want to risk him), and your DP can move up and do work on his own. You should also swap the crawler to entropy cannons unless you expect to be facing heavy deepstrikers. They are good guns when they hit.

>> No.55615592

I don't get why that dude is so butthurt over the concept of one (1) Marine chapter based around being non-Codex following barbarians.

>> No.55615596


At least chaos has a codex...

>> No.55615604


>> No.55615605

>Pretending to follow the codex or exploiting loopholes in it

erase this meme

>> No.55615620

Fuck the codex. Black Legion trait and relic are ass, CSM themselves are still garbage, and most of our tard-tier units still suck.

>> No.55615621


>> No.55615631

Because Wolves are bigger sues than Ultramarines and Grey Knights combined.

>> No.55615634

He has a point though.

>> No.55615648

I mean, I think IN-UNIVERSE the Space Marines are better at almost everything given adequate resources, it's just that 9 times out of 10, the Imperium can't call on them since there aren't any in the immediate area.
There are what, a hundred thousand Space Marines around right now? In the entire Imperium? They take on the biggest threats, and ones they happen to be close to at the time. But for all the rebellions and genestealers and constant violence across the Imperium, there's the Imperial Guard.

>> No.55615662

Your gay AF if you think SW are more sues then Ultramarines. They do need to chill with the whole wolf theme though.

I would love a reboot where they raid and pillage none imperial compliant worlds.

More viking, less furfags plz.

>> No.55615663

and this are connected >>55615587

>> No.55615679

Actually, let me revise that, I also think it's been mentioned that Space Marines are purposefully denied artillery and a wide variety of equipment, to undermine their self-sufficiency in case they ever go rogue.
They're meant to be supported by the Guard, not to be a complete army by themselves.
At least in-universe.

>> No.55615680


>> No.55615699

None of those things make them Mary Sues. Being different isn't what makes a Mary Sue. Being a stupidly overpowered self insert characters is what does it which is why GK and UM are better examples

>> No.55615712

There's about a million of them (plus 100,000 from Bobby G; the Black Templars probably add 50-120,000 dudes to their allotted 1000 given "dozens" of crusading fleets).

And they definitely have artillery, armor, and air assets. They're completely self sufficient. You're thinking of the Guard, who are separated from the Navy and Aeronautica when they were not before.

>> No.55615719

Have you read Wrath of Magnus, friend? How about The Emperor's Gift?

SW have the highest concentration of faultless dindu characters since 30k Thousand Sons.

>> No.55615720


>> No.55615757

>they get special snowflake brand alcohol that lets them get drunk. For some reason no other Space Marine chapter ever attempted this
I figured no one but the Space Wolves would bother to try making booze for space marines. They're nigh-immortal warriors with a hard-on for the art of war, why would they care about getting drunk?
>probably fucking
do they do this? Can any Space Marines even have sex?
(not counting the Emperor's Children, who for all we know had to have warp-dicks grafted on)
>genetic flaws
>rune priests
that's fair.

>> No.55615772

being allowed to turn all the bases of the setting on its head to allow your existence is sue. It's like a psyker that can harness the warp with 0 risk while also being a blank to daemons.

>> No.55615777


As a chapter, Ward made them pretty sue-y, although he does that with daemons too.

On an individual marine level, I don't know what's sue about fanatically self sacrificing Paladins. Mary Sues are typically written to gather a settings recognition and laurels (I.E. everyone in the setting likes them) of which the grey knights deliberately get absolutely zero of.

Space wolves are beloved by the common folk and only hated by the "bad guys" of the imperium. The writing is on the wall

>> No.55615782

>I also think it's been mentioned that Space Marines are purposefully denied artillery and a wide variety of equipment, to undermine their self-sufficiency in case they ever go rogue.
>They're meant to be supported by the Guard, not to be a complete army by themselves.

No, Marines are completely self-sufficient and have enough armor to support themselves, they are made to work on their own outside of any line of supply. They barely sleep, they barely eat, they are weapons unto themselves so ammo isnt an issue, big boy artillery isnt an issue either when you are supposed to drop in and fuck shit up on your enemy's rearguard and are also support by Thunderhawks (Which are almost flying baneblades) and orbital artillery. The only thing Marines lack is staying power and thats what the Guard brings, boots on the ground to solidify the conquest but beyond that Space Marines are an army by themselves.

Space Marines are also one of the few Imperial elements that has access to Exterminatus tier weaponry, every single battlebarge is able to enact Exterminatus.

>> No.55615791

The whole Nikea shit while Russ still get keep his Rune Priest just because " hurr durr my Rune Priests draw the power from Fenris, not the warp, therefore they are not psykers " bullshit basically makes Russ a giant hypocrite.
All the fanwank in Wrath of Magnus confirmed that they really do draw power from Fenris makes me hate them even more.

>> No.55615794

>every single battlebarge is able to enact Exterminatus.
This isn't true, and even if it was, not all of them carry the munitions nor the required inquisitorial sanction.

>> No.55615819

Would I be gay if I had these in my Ad Mech list?

>> No.55615820

>tolerating the Space Knots

>> No.55615822

Battle Barge bombardment cannons can do it(also some carry cyclonic torpedos or virus bombs). And Exterminatus isn't inquisitorial sanction.

>> No.55615824

you'd be an edgy piece of shit if you used them
but you are already an edgy piece of shit

>> No.55615825

Any time someone says the way to fix a unit (nerf or buff) is to add another dice reroll, they should have one of their fingers broken.

>> No.55615834

I planned on filing down the nips so it was better, and painting the skin black like a suit. I thought mixing up my tech priests would be cool,

>> No.55615859

If you're looking for variety in your tech priests, you should do things like conversions. Much cooler.

>> No.55615883

Damn this thing is finicky... But hey it looks cool! This will work fine for earthshaker artillery carriages, right? German artillery for my Death Korps. Got 9 for $20 apiece because I'm literally Hitler.

>> No.55615901


What? No one likes Space Wolves. "The common folk" might, sure. Meanwhile they're deposed by basically every marine chapter- the more codex compliant the more hate- they're despised by the GK, the entire Ecllesiarchy, and the Inquisition.

The running theme of the Space Wolves, that's been present since before even the Heresy, is that they're rebels and no one likes being around them. The Wolves may be respected, but never liked.

>> No.55615913

Cool shit, got a link for them?.

>> No.55615918

You're a dick if you run 9 of them in a 2k game

So it's exactly what I said, the "bad guys" of the Imperium don't like the space wolves but the innocents do. They're snowflakes

>> No.55615920


>> No.55615931

That's objectively untrue. As a First Founding chapter they maintain few enemies within the Imperium. DA hate them for the petty rivalry, and the Inquisition hate them because they don't respect Imperial authority. That's it. And both of those factions are shadowy bad guys.

Fuck, even the GK were willing to make amends with them in Wrath of Magnus when the daemons invaded. Didn't even say a bad word about Grimnar using a Khornate artefact to banish Magnus even after they lost the GM of the 3rd Brotherhood in the very same fight. It's completely absurd.

>> No.55615932


Game mechanics take precedence over lore you gigantic retard.

Hell, the lore only exists to serve the game.

>> No.55615941

Imo the worst part about the wolves was always that despite rampant renegade activity like legion building, defying inquisitors, mutation, and generally doing whatever they pleased, there were no real consequences until wrath of magnus, which only had consequences because the imperium forces were being actively tzeentched.

The inquisition is seriously pretty cucked that fenris is allowed to be a planet and even one marine is allowed to call themselves a space wolf in m41.

>> No.55615958

Yeah Id for like 3 maybe 4 in 2k. I run 2 basisilks in 2k points and they delete stuff every turn.

>> No.55615960

I like them as alts (as long as the opponent was).
It sounds like you're making good modelling/painting choices with them too. A more table-neutral than fetishistic. I can dig that

>> No.55616048



I'm running a group of 3-6 depending on the competitiveness of the game. I have 9 strictly to sit in the corner of an apoc game and have my side call in bombardments.

>> No.55616055

Under what circumstances is that shitty doctrine for Armageddon ACTUALLY useful?

I play a tank heavy list with leman russes and Chimeras. I see no reason in taking Armageddon (which should be their specialty) over Cadia or Valhalla.

>> No.55616088

It'd help against lists that have tons of anti-infantry power. But you're already playing tanks, so...

>> No.55616117

I guess new thread????


>> No.55616126

Fuck off.

>> No.55616127

Since this one reached bump limit and there is another non cancerous general existing I leave it here.

>> No.55616153

Not this shit again.
Why haven't mods deleted this cancer 10 hours ago?

>> No.55616199


I don't even understand that doctrine.

Since when do tanks care about heavy bolters? Would it generally lower enemy's AP by 1 i would take it inna heartbeat, but - 1? Seriously

>> No.55616237

That's the best thing ever.

>> No.55616378

>Go to flgs
>Pretty new
>Overhear dudes out on smoke break talking about my army
>They actually like it, decide to invite me to some kind of painting club

O-oh... thanks guys...

>> No.55616391

They're going to "paint" your insides with their "white primer".

>> No.55616486

How bad is admech now?

>> No.55616604


>> No.55616778

what gameplay purpose is server by that change? do you honestly think the gameplay would be ruined by giving the medieval looking guys a shield option that other marines already have? think before you post dipshit

>> No.55617571


Would be perfect if the purple shoulder pad colours were inverted to match the other one.

>> No.55618980

Any tips on my list?

>Capt in Grav w/ artificer armour

>Intercessor Squad
>Intercessor Squad
>Boltgun Scout Squad

Hvy Support
>Hellblaster Squad w/ Rapid fire guns


Vanguard Detachment
>Primaris Lieutennant w/ Power Sword
>Aggressor Squad
>Primaris Apothecary
>Primaris Ancient w/ Banner of Emprah

Vanguard Detachment
>Relic contemptor dreadnought w/ kheres AC

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