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4th for the Emperors finest.
>chaoscucks btfo

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Last 5 or more 40kg.
Let's see if this one will follow.

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>Primer Hermeticon: Infantry units within 6" can re-roll failed hit rolls in the fight phase.

This Admech warlord trait seems pretty sweet as they come. Take that and Anzion's Megachoppy Backpack and pay 1CP to accompany the Stygian melee spearhead.
I can imagine that that would be hella worth it for 40 Fulgurites and maybe 4 Dragoons, all with Hatred and smashing through an entire enemy flank, especially since that has a not-insignificant chance of giving half the blob Storm Shields which you can then crank up to 3A and 2++ to survive the inevitable firestorm that will hit you back.

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It's like 5e all over again. Can't wait for 11th edition to experience all this for a 3rd time.

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So, if guard fags arethe tau fags of the 8th edition who will be the Guard fag in 9th edition ?
I`d say that it will be sister players who will be broken in 9E

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Whenever new shit is coming out that people get hype about it's like this
Wait till tonight and it'll get pretty /comfy/

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keep holding the line buddy. i have 4 russ's and 50 guardsman in the mail to reenforce you soon

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>Have great idea for feudal world imperial guard + marines and some mechanicus and ecclesiarchy auxiliaries
>Everyone going full knight
>Spend weeks picking out bits and making test models
>Read talk about an Odin looking motherfucker of a Leman Russ
>Get idea for full norse Guard + Marines
>100% viking, 0% wolf
>Can't decide what to do now

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So, I didn't see the stream.

Did Armageddon really fucked this hard?

I wanted my tank army to play with Armageddon rules..

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>Tyranids: Half our units are useless newb traps
>Admech: Robots are dunecrawlers are our only viable units
>Orks: I hope you like spamming boys, because that's our only viable strategy
Yes totally great and balanced

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I know we all have a busy day shitposting ahead of us here, but does anyone have any time to spare to critique this list I made, fully painted I might add, for a local tournament coming up saturday? Ill post pics after I get back. Till then here is my dominus.

Admech 2k list

Tech-priest dominus 125 (warlord)
Volkite blaster, omnissian axe, macrostubber, solar flare (relic)

Tech-priest dominus 125
Volkite blaster, omnissian axe, macrostubber

Tech-priest engineseer 52
laspistol, omnissian axe, servo-arm

Tech-priest engineseer 52
laspistol, omnissian axe, servo-arm

Skitarii Rangers x5 90
2x transuranic aquebus

Skitarii Rangers x5 90
2x transuranic aquebus

Skitarii Vanguard x6 58
arc rifle

Skitarii Vanguard x6 54

Kataphron destroyers x4 300
Heavy grav cannon, cognis flamers

Kataphron breachers x3 141
Heavy arc rifles, arc claws

Cybernetica datasmith 52
Power fist, gamma pistol

Kastelan Robots x4 451
3x Twin linked heavy phosphor blaster, 4x heavy phosphor blaster
1x Kastelan fists

Onager Dunecrawler 140
neutron laser, cognis stubber, enhanced data tether

Onager Dunecrawler 140
neutron laser, cognis stubber enhanced data tether

Onager Dunecrawler 130
Icarus array, enhanced data tether

2x Batallion detatchment 9 CP 2,000 points Lucius forgeworld

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Get that ugly ass of yours ready, Morty, I'm coming for you.

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>He's a dead guy edition

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>crank up to 3A and 2++ to survive the inevitable firestorm that will hit you back.
How? Transfer your data now.

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Guard fags are not Tau fags. Tau were overpowered because they specialize in shooting and running away, which made them too strong in an edition which focused on shooting rather than melee. Guard are more versatile, as long as tough elite units, which are the weak point of guard, don't become the focus soon, Guard will stay good.

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some tonks

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Dragoons are not infantry.

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>dorn is stupid, but is best primarch
>dorn memes are stupid, but are best primarch memes
This cant be a coincidence

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He's just pretending.

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Pilot to bombardier, pilot to bombardier, we are beginning our run. Watch your targets, we got our boys down there.

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muh dudes

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>Guard fags are not Tau fags
way to miss his point. The comparison isn't to the playstyles, which are most certainly different, it's to the attitude of the players.
The self righteousness and denial of being OP to the point of coming off as a retard, as we saw yesterday

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Reminder that Russ is best tank and that we have yet to see if there is or isnt an offensive stratagem for them.

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there's a beauty in simplicity I suppose.
Someone give me an idea for a dorn edit, I'm bored and have nothing better to do

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When you screech at our shit being op in spite of an obvious severe nerf and demand for it to be made outright useless it's kinda hard not to say 'no, you're an idiot'.

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>Found the deluded WAAC guard fag.

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butt-puncher 4000's

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Ordering mine tomorrow when I get my payday
So fucking hype

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That dominus based on the Fantasy Wraith looks really great. I think I remember it being posted either in an earlier 40kg or in the WIP threads.

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>obvious severe nerf
I seriously hope your not referring the conscript nerf, because that did nothing to change what made them good.
If you seriously believe the orders or 50 men units were what made them good, despite the best lists only taking them in units of 20 to 30, and most people who play said list agreeing that order removal would do little to change how good they are, then you're utterly deluded.

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I'd get one but the model is kinda dumb imo.

If there was a properly sized one that had the engines on the tail like an A10 then I'd be down.

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I'm waiting for 10E when AdMech are overpowered (partially b/c of the binary nature of the Edition #) and then I'll be able to say I've played AdMech since 7th like an "oldfag" when they were TWO codexes. and I'll still be waiting for Fires of Cyraxus

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>muh unsourced tourneyfag claims
Why the fuck would i care what tourneynigger WAACfags have to say?

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What would you do to them?

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Rad wraith conversion

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>When you screech
>guard players accusing others of screechin
Tip top kek
>inb4 "it was a falseflag"

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The Dragoons aren't there for rerolls, although I admit that was poorly phrased on my part. Dragoons are there to charge through any gap my guns can peel in the enemy line and neutralize their characters so my rerolls can tip any slugging matches I get into without losing too many priests. At worst they're massive bullet sponges, at best they're tank and Primarch assassins.

>Acquisition at Any Cost (2 CP): Use at the end of any of your turns. Select an INFANTRY unit from your army within 3" of an objective marker. Until the start of your next turn, you can add 1 to all saving throws made for that unit and increase the attacks characteristics of all models by 1.

Deploying the entire alpha strike and then doing this once is 6CP. What it does do is make the front line of Fulgurites almost invincible, which means you can shove past whatever tattered remains you left of the enemy screens and do it ALL AGAIN. You have to be near an objective, but with twenty 32mm bodies who can pick their charge angle I foresee few problems with that. Also, not like 3++ 5+++ is exactly flimsy.
If you get lucky you can pay the 3CP Fight Twice strat after consolidating into a couple different enemies and possibly kill two units a turn, but with Admech strats at your fingertips I think there's probably better uses for those.

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And there you go again screaming for a nerf to commissars without actually saying it because you know itll.never happen.

The thing that makes conscripts good is how hard they are to remove when commissars are nearby. And the thing that makes COMMISSARS good is their summary execution, which us both fluffy and exactly the same as it always has been; shooting the coward to encourage the others.

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Commissars only give a reroll to morale and no ob sec.

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Not alot of admech players on right now mabye?

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Anon, I think it was the basic idea that they wanted to reduce their potency while not making them useless.
Conscripts were powerful because of many advantages. Some of those are now gone, meaning them have less firepower and require less devotion of firepower to remove.
They have not be obliterated as a viable choice, however, and that is good balance.

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>And there you go again screaming for a nerf to commissars without actually saying it because you know itll.never happen.
Fuck you, I'll say it: commisars need to be nerfed
>but it will never happen because muh ATSKNF won't
ATSKNF was nerfed this edition you mong, so fuck off with this arguement

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Called it.

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>doesnt blam a guy

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How. How nerf commissars without crippling the entire morale system for guard?

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So, how can GW save Armageddon tomorrow?

With these doctrines I'd say they're oretty much fucked, sadly.

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Make them roll for a succesful execution, even a 2+ would be better for forcing CP. A chance at a fail is better than nothing.

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just finished selling all my tau and eldar...

r8 my first guardsmen /tg/.

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>wait 15+ years to get your own faction rules
>get the worst doctrines yet released

I don't even feel like going outside today.

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One guy isnt the playerbase. There would be somebody this retard to defend every faction

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He's good.

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Yeah, and Armageddon got the shittiest doctrine for them.

Wew lad

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Nice army, cool to see one thats 100% finished. The bases could use some work, tho.

Now, I'm not an admechfag, but I recently played a couple games vs a friend of mine who plays them, so I kinda know what scared/hurt me and what didnt in those games.

HQ spam is good, admech can get almost as many CP as Guard can.

2-man Ranger squads with snipers are good, my friend played that too, and they sniped both my GK Grandmaster and my Apothecary in a turn each.

I really liked my friends Vanguard, he played 30 of them, but I'm not too fond of arc rifles, I think plasma is far better, especially when you have a Techpriest for rerolls around.

Cant really comment on either the Kataphrons or the Kastelans, as those always died in my alphastrikes without getting to do much, but I always focused them down early cause they seemed like they would devastate my army if allowed to live. If I had to change something, I'd probably drop gravcannons and arc rifles in favor of plasma breachers, they seem for useful against most enemies, since they can threaten both vehicles/monsters and elite infantry at the same time. Then again, I'm just a fanatic for plasma.

Dunecrawlers are pretty neat. I'm especially a fan of the Icarus array, since you can give it the bonus to hit rolls strategem to hit on 2s or 3s, at which point its actually scarier than the neutron laser.

My friend also played a blob of Infilrators, those are pretty scary. Nice list overall though, would play against/10

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Welcome to the guard son, you won't regret your decision!

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Why does he have a handle on his back?

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Shoot one dude, reroll to morale. You're LD8 with him, your paying 30 points to get ATSKNF.
That would make guardsmen literally as fearless as marines are, which is perfectly fine. Some random joe being scared of less than a thousand year old super soldier because a random fancy dressed dude shot his buddy is retarded from a fluff and rules perspective.

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What did Armageddon get, anyway?

>> No.55611365


naw, i'm just messing with you guys-- I've always been a guard fag. I was just baitin

he has a safety harness for SWAG

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>Trooper Jones, you are a coward and a deserter!
>gun to the head

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>Not alot of admech players on right now mabye?

I think it's mostly because Admech is a reasonably straightforward army without many choices. Everyone knows what the good units and exactly how to optimize things, and the use of any particular suboptimal unit is usually just because the listbuilder likes them.
I mean, if you have 20 Fulgurites in a Stygies list or 4 Kastelans in a Mars list it's pretty obvious they're going to be activating their relevant strats turn 1 and doing their one trick extremely well.

For your list I would say you probably don't need the second Magos Dominus, and I'm not really sure why you have six Vanguard in those units. Drop the extra Vanguard and buy the Arquebi some Omnispexes, characters are in cover a lot.
Breachers would probably enjoy life more as a pair of Dragoons IMO, which frees up the 15pts needed to get those extra Dunecrawler Stubbers for a little extra dakka and lets you scout, bully and screen at speed.

Otherwise, typical Admech list/10, because we can't really do crazy off-the-wall tactics.

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Just give him an automatic boltgun and make him do 2d6 wounds every time he foxes morale.

>> No.55611388

>isn't provocative or anything


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i was pretending to be a johnny come lately band waggoning faggot Eldar/Tau player

>> No.55611398

>>isn't provocative or anything
He's referring to the "just sold my tau and eldar" it was poor bait, it would be better to just have an unpainted riptide in the background

>> No.55611399

Selling Tau and Eldar to buy Guard? Implying he was a lifelong waacfag?

>> No.55611402

And by "don't need" I mean make him an Enginseer, not ditch him. Two Bats are pretty much what we need, since our units suck down CP and spit out crackling death.

>> No.55611412


My sslyth bodyguard have to roll to take a mortal wound for their archon, you mean theyre just gonna be chilling not doin their duty of being a bodyguard when it matters?

Fluff it away however you want, a guardsmen bumps into him while hes aiming at a coward and he misses, reroll he shoots another guy. Dont reroll, he tripped over and 10 lads legged it.

>> No.55611413

How are the dead posting?

>> No.55611423

Nope. Willingness to flee is directly influenced by casualty count which I turn is influenced by how tough your dudes are.

MEQ don't take 15 casualties in a single shooting phase, if they did it wouldn't matter because they don't have units that big.

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Nothing useful for being a TANK ARMY

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>nids and weebs are great
Fuck off commie

>> No.55611459

>I'd get one but the model is kinda dumb imo.
>If there was a properly sized one that had the engines on the tail like an A10 then I'd be down.
Why the fuck would a bomber have the engines on the tail?

>> No.55611463

So you should just never have to worry about morale?
to act like you should at all be equal in the morale phase to marines is ridiculous, because you're dudes cost 1/4th the cost of a marine, so you need to lose 4+ to equal the losses from one marine.
So no shit you should lose more dudes, because they cost less. to claim otherwise shows you just don't want to play by the same rules as everyone else, which is to say you're a spoiled WAACfag who doesn't want to get the nerfs he deserves

>> No.55611474

And guard cost a ton less than marines retard, so of course you should lose more.
Fucking guardfags

>> No.55611475

It's not a bomber, it's a gunship. And the same reason as the A-10; so spent shell casings from the nose guns don't get sucked into the engine intakes.

>> No.55611491

And morale is explicitly constructed as a weakness of cheap, massed troops. You shouldn't get to ignore entirely for a pittance.

>> No.55611494

Anon I'm always willing to accept new converts
I thought that was too good for a neophyte, everyone knows tau and Eldar players don't paint

>> No.55611496

I only have 2 engineseers, and no proxies are allowed. I have to keep at least 6 troops for 9 cp, which will come in handy. But omnispex might come in handy. next on my purchase list is more rangers for cheap troops choices.

>> No.55611500

Implying being morale resistant isn't a thing
>what are orks
>what are nids

>> No.55611502

Ignores AP-1 on tonks
18" Rapid Fire

>So the rumors go.

>> No.55611503

Watch the full dex get released and turns out Guard are actually nowhere near as strong as people claim

>> No.55611512

You'd think both the marauder and the A10 would have a hopper for the spent shell casings to go into so that doesn't happen

>> No.55611529


It's a gunship variant on a bomber chassis, not a purpose built gunship.

It is still a bomber since it still carries bombs (in it's internal bomb bay.

That is not why the A10's engines are where they are - the A10 doesn't eject shell casings, retard. Like almost all fast aircraft it retains the shell casings.

The A-10's engines are positioned to maximise under-wing space for ordnance, less of a problem for a bomber with internal bomb bay.

>> No.55611531

And getting a reroll to morale at LD8 doesn't make you resilient?
Fuck off, it's fucking broken as is, and both orks and nids are much easier to deal with than fucking commissars. You should not be immune to morale, which is what you are. To claim other wise is absolutely retarded.

>> No.55611539

>Anon I'm always willing to accept new converts

I'm not. Former Tau and Eldar fags are going to start shitting up the reputation of Guard players. Everyone already gives me dirty looks for taking a 50 man conscript blob-- even though I'v been bringing it for almost 5 years.

>> No.55611540

Daily reminder that black gloves on Cadians is absolutely patrician

>> No.55611541

So, I'm playing a tank heavy IG army.

Which regiment is now the most useful for tanks?

Armageddon obviously fucking not.

>> No.55611545

Lasguns cost 2 ppm
Battle Cannons are 30ppm
Orders are now 3" range with Vox making it 6"
Infantry are 7ppm
Russes are T7 W8

>> No.55611550



>t. very sad steel legion player

>> No.55611551

I dont know about orks mate, but with nids morale can get pretty tricky at times.
I need to pay a minimum 90 or so points for a squad of warriors (which suck).
The better options for synapse creatures (broodlord, Swarmlord, Tervigon, Trygon prime) all cost a minimum of 150 points, most even over 200 points, and apart from the Broodlord, can be targeted in the shooting phase because they have more than 10 wounds.

>> No.55611553

I keep forgetting Breachers are Troops. Yeah, in that case they're probably fine, although as Lucius you could always rock a 3 plascal Vanguard squad instead to lay down some extra closerange dakka.

Personally I find myself having too many Skitarii and not enough of anything else in my lists, but that's probably down to my tendency to run full squads with upgrades 'cause they look neat. You seem to have it about sorted.

>> No.55611561


So theygot literally shit?
Aren't they supposed to be played with leman russes and chimeras?

>> No.55611565

Dont give GW ideas

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>> No.55611580

I remember in 7th I'd bring a fifty man blob in funsy games, stick a priest, psyker, and coteaz in the unit for all sorts of shinanigans like turning invisible, getting rending on their shots, or rerolling to hits
Sometimes it worked, sometimes pieplates would vaporize 20 a turn
Now I get weird looks when I bring blobs, but not the same kind
Don't worry anon, when conscripts get nerfed and you're still bringing them people will understand

>> No.55611583

Let me get this through your thick fucking skull:
The average result of LD8 with a reroll is aprox 12.47. For litterally every unit in the guard besides scripts, this would ensure that on average, every unit will ignore all casualties, since scripts are the only unit that can be taken in numbers greater than 10. And even for conscripts, you'll only start loosing guys at 13 casulties, which means you lost almost half a max unit, amd at that point of course you should start losing some of your 3 point dudes
It mathmatically makes you ignore almost all morale on everything except the offending unit, so fuck right off, it's perfectly fine

>> No.55611585

Yup. They're the "tank" faction.

But Catachans, Valhallans, and Cadians (if the reroll 1s affect tanks) do vehicles better, with Firstborn doing certain variants better by adding the extra 6"s

>> No.55611601

>and Cadians (if the reroll 1s affect tanks

Cadian rules got leaked ?

>> No.55611612

I know that feel

>> No.55611613

Shown on their live stream.

>> No.55611624

oh, great
where can i watch it ?

>> No.55611625

I didn't watch the livestream, so I have to take everything I hear with a grain of salt.

>> No.55611629

Nice army man

>> No.55611630

to compare it to orks or nids is delusion at it's finest. With nids, it's far easier to mitigate synapse because it's mostly on target-able monsters.
With orks, you can just kill the unit (which is faf far far easier and more points effective to do than with conscripts) and you'll be able to wear them down.
With commissars, you need to be able to kill the commissar, which is already hard to do.
all that is on top of the the stuff this guy pointed out, >>55611583
which means you really won't notice a change unless your a conscript spamming faggot, and if you are then go fuck yourself with a powerfist

>> No.55611640

Well, if you play an all-tank list and your opponent has a TAC setup, they'll probably have some kind of Heavy Bolterish things that they'll shoot at you. So it's some decent damage mitigation. Probably could've gotten something better, but there it is.

>> No.55611649

You missed it so now yah gotta pay 5$ or have Amazon prime to watch it.

It's on twitch.

>> No.55611651

How is killing a green retard with T4 6+ any easier than killing a literal retard with T3 5+?

>> No.55611667

I thought Steel Legion was mechanized infantry, not tanks?

>> No.55611697

cool looking snipers, that guy on the ground looks like the heavy bolter guy, what about the dudes in the cloaks? greenstuff cloaks?

>> No.55611706

thanks anon.

when 8th dropped I was ecstatic to be mopping the floor with the same people that were raping me back in 7th and 6th (namely Tau and Eldar). It felt great to see these shits desperately try to sell their unpainted shit on Ebay.

Now, I kinda wish Guard wasn't top dogg

>> No.55611711

Trying to do a Primaris only list that doesn't completely suck. The plan is to put the Captain, Libararian, Ancient and Apothecary into Repulsors with the Intercessor Squads and have them move up and take objectives, while the third Intercessor Squad either sits back on an objective in my backfield or acts as bubble wrap for the Leviathans as they move up and try to erase any pesky horde units or vehicles. The Hellblasters are there to add more AV, preferably by sitting in a ruin or whatnot, but I did consider taking Assault Bolter Inceptors instead to give me more leverage with positioning and more anti-horde weapons. The Repulsors might be over-geared? I've never used them so I just slapped on whatever looked good for killing monsters and tanks.
Raven Guard

Battalion Detachment +3CP

Primaris Captain [The Shield Eternal, Power Sword] - 95pts

Primaris Librarian - 105pts


Intercessor Squad [Bolt Rifles] - 100pts
^ Repulsor [2 x Stormbolter, Auto Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Ironhail Heavy Stubber, 2x KrakstormGrenade Launcher, Las-Talon, Twin Lascannon] - 324
Intercessor Squad [Bolt Rifles] - 100pts
^ Repulsor [2 x Stormbolter, Auto Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Ironhail Heavy Stubber, 2x KrakstormGrenade Launcher, Las-Talon, Twin Lascannon] - 324

Intercessor Squad [Bolt Rifles] - 100pts

Primaris Ancient - 69pts

Primaris Apothecary - 68pts
Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launcher] - 275pts

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launcher] - 275pts

Heavy Support

Hellblaster Squad [Plasma Incinerators] - 165


>> No.55611718

it's not, but the boy costs twice as much as the literal retard and has a worse save.
A heavy bolter shooting at a boyz mod will kill 8 points worth of models, shooting at a conscript squad it'll kill 3.333... points worth.
It takes 250 turns for one HB to kill 2,000 points of boyz, while it takes 600 turns, more than twice the amount of turns, to kill 2000 points of conscripts

>> No.55611725


Yeah, wow.

>> No.55611729

Ork boyz take about the same amount of firepower to kill as conscripts, since the toughness and armor cancel eachother out.
However, boyz are more expensive, so for every boy you kill, you should be killing two conscripts. However, since they are pretty much equal in durability, conscripts are much more costefficient and harder to remove, since you can take twice as many conscripts as you can take boys for the same amount of points.
on top of that, consripts are better a range than boys are, so they dont need a transport/to footslog/some other gimmick like da jump to close with their opponent to become effective, AND, funnily enough,
the 8th ed "to wound" rules makes conscripts alot tougher against most antihorde weapons (S5 in partucular) to the point where heavy bolters will kill more orks than it will kill conscripts

>> No.55611743

>> No.55611752

Didnt think of it that way. At least the conscripts are limited to 30 now, giving some breathing room, as well as orders. If they lack OBJSEC then they will be fine i think.
>inb4 some tourneyfaggot screeches about tourneys when the only people who play them are WAACfags anyway

>> No.55611768

>reroll to morale at LD8 doesn't make you resilient
Not when you routinely take 10 casualties from even the most basic fire discipline, it's not.

>> No.55611794

>routinely take 10 casualties
>only one unit in their codex has 11+ models in it

I don't see the problem.

>> No.55611800

I'm really tempted to go back and do black gloves on all my dudes, but then I see the guys with torn sleeves and I'm not sure what to do.

>> No.55611822

I'm thinking of putting Lumpy on a 32mm base.

Does that sound appropriate, or is 25mm better?

>> No.55611829

conscripts fall apart without support , and now they only have a 50% chance to take orders on top of being limited in their firepower due to their drop to 30 man max
i still think they are a bit to tough for the price you pay for them but they're not as killy as before , so now tarpitting them is much more viable

>> No.55611838

The repulsors are expensive enough that losing them is a considerable loss.

>> No.55611844

did they decapitate those orks with the lascannon?
thats some intimidating accuracy

>> No.55611866

25mm if its just him
32mm if you're gonna make the base interesting, like putting some other stuff on there with him

>> No.55611871

Thats how i believe, but seriously people are still screeching, even though their health and firepower was just cut 40%

>> No.55611877

no, I figured soldiers spend 99% of the time not fighting, so this would include a little recon here and there so, those ork heads are trophies of tank kommanders that they recently killed in the previous battle

>> No.55611892

>tarpitting a tarpit
This timeline is wierd.

>> No.55611893

Since the Harlequin Solitaire ignores models and terrain for movement, could i potentially blitz over the conscripts, charge the commissar and the conscripts (since finishing within 1" of anything but your target is a failed charge) and then charge over them to place next to the commissar assuming i survive the overwatch and stab the commissar dead? Allowing me to soulburst (cuz im ynarri of course) and stab 10 conscripts to death and force them to run away?

>> No.55611896

Hmm that's a good idea. What sort of stuff could go along with Lumpy?

Maybe skulls from the skulls kit? Like overload it with skulls, like he killed them all?

>> No.55611906

>commisar is broken
they're barely worth it on a veteran squad let alone an infantry squad , it just synergises well with conscripts
almost every blob i can think of has some way to negate morale, and even if you manage to remove it they can always spend 2cp to auto pass it anyway

>> No.55611907

Looks like cadian doctrine makes tank order redundant.

>> No.55611908

>no, I figured soldiers spend 99% of the time not fighting, so this would include a little recon here and there so, those ork heads are trophies of tank kommanders that they recently killed in the previous battle
>recently killed in the previous battle
>and they're still bleeding

>> No.55611915

But it doesn't stop you from using Conscripts to bubble wrap to prevent DS and charges.

Swap their Flak armour for Subflak and they'll be good.

>> No.55611919

you tarpit the tarpit with your tarpit to prevent it from tarpitting something you don't want tarpitted
it's not that hard anon

>> No.55611927

I'm convinced as long as they have the ability to ignore morale there will be screeching.

Never mind that sitting on the board soaking up fire is their entire purpose, and they're actual garbage for dealing damage now. It's not enough because they have to be KILLABLE.

It's like they're decurion necrons or something.

>> No.55611938

fuck me i've had solitaires teleport trough walls to end up straight in my command section
those things are scary

>> No.55611944

Make it something nurgly
Maybe buy some of those new plastic base plant kits GW released and have him nurturing/guarding a little nurgle garden? You could even put him on a Terminator sized base for something like that.

>> No.55611951

I think there might be a vehicle equivalent to Born soldiers.

If not you can always put your tanks into a Spearhead and make them Catachan.

>> No.55611963

i heard that if you combine the order with the ability you get reroll's to hit across the board

>> No.55611967

Yeah everyone used to give me dirty looks for taking 3 riptides even though is been doing it for five years. I feel your pain brother.

>> No.55611986

I like how people actually believed they werent going to fuck up the balance of the game immediately

>> No.55611992

>they're actual garbage for dealing damage now.
>Ranged Weapon

Please. You have tons of damage potential.
Could be worse. S1 and no ranged weapon, your entire existence is just waiting to die.

>> No.55611995 [SPOILER] 

But I want my tarpit to tarpit my opponents deathstar, so my deathstar can kill his tarpit undisturbed so that my deathstar doesnt get tarpitted by his tarpit or his deathstar, while his deathstar is tarpitted by my tarpit. Then my deathstar can kill his deathstar while its tarpitted, because his tarpit could tarpit my deathstar so that his deathstar could tarpit and kill my deathstar after he killed my tarpit with his deathstar.
My head hurts...

>> No.55612006

I'll be honest, I was taking 50 man infantry platoons for the sergeant power weapons, character tanking, and embedded heavy weapons.

But the rules don't make that necessary in 8th so I swapped to conscripts.

They are painted, of course. And my local meta is quite friendly so the only place I get shit for it is here.

>> No.55612010

They're fucking some things up because they're trying to move too quickly. But if they slow down people complain about how long it's taking for Codex: X to be released.

At least they have a way to update points costs quickly in place. So that's something.

>> No.55612025

Tank order still work even if the target moved, but yes, in the majority of cases you are right.

We already heard almost everything of this whining the the first codex came out. People were claiming the correct course of action was to refuse playing with SM players because of the clearly overpoweredness of the codex.

>> No.55612043

The obvious solution is to only play codex vs codex and index vs index

>> No.55612056

>3 riptides

3 heavy supports

>1 50 man blob

1 TROOP choice

>> No.55612058


They're actually doing an amazing job of balancing the game. Every army has multiple strong and viable options so far with codex armies being great and many index armies still being strong.

Guard are currently getting a lot of cool options but having the worst excesses of their index list nerfed. GW were also quick to act to nerf flyers and to fix the first turn issue as best they could. They've been doing an amazing job balancing things.

What we're seeing is a state of the game where everything is really powerful so the game is relatively balanced as a result. Unfortunately there's some knee jerk reactions by people who don't understand game design but by the time all the dexs release were going to have the best balanced edition ever. Pretty good for a game that isn't even designed to be a competitive one in the first place.

Of course some options are going to better than others still, that's the nature of any game , you can't have good units without relatively worse ones or the good one wouldn't exist. It's impossible to fully balance a game like this but by the looks of it we will have an interesting and engaging metagame and nobody feeling utterly left out of the playing field.

I sometimes feel 40k players just want chess. ( Or more accurately for their units to be Uber while nobody else gets anything good )

>> No.55612064


>Lascannon gunsight
I love shit like this on minis.

>> No.55612066

>thinking force org slots matter

>> No.55612095

>It's not enough because they have to be KILLABLE
Yes you, they do. As is, most anti-horde weapons simply suck against conscripts purely BECAUSE they ignore morale.
As is, even under the best possible circumstances (2+ BS rerolling to hit and to wound) most anti-horde weapons will not make their points back shooting at conscripts. And that's just the gun's points, not the shooter's as well. That's a huge issue, because it means that conscripts will always be better than most units because they are simply a net loss when being shot at, and as such they will almost always kill you though mass fire before you kill them.
That's the very definition of broken, and as noted earlier, just changing "ignore morale" to "reroll" will still make them just as good in most cases, but it also ensures they aren't broken, because once you do put in enough fire power, they will run, just like they should

>> No.55612105

Everything being "too good" is the best way to balance a game, but it takes an insane amount of testing and skill to make sure one thing doesn't cross the line.

>> No.55612111

40k players are used to a ladder. An even playing field is wierd to them.

The standard reaction is to just shitpost on whoever's the perceived leader. Last edition it was tau, now it's guard.

I will say with confidence that the latter parts of 7th are a festering shithole even without the codex balancing, but the screeching remains.

>> No.55612123

>conscripts fall apart without support
And the only support that they needed, commisars, wasn't nerfed at all. Nothing changed, and that's the problem.
You weren't taking conscripts because they were great with orders, that was just the icing on the cake. Even without them they're still great

>> No.55612143

>be guard player
>have friend who plays Orks, call him Mork
>me and mork have played about 30 games together
>all are fun
>we played all through seventh, he enjoyed every minute of Orks despite them being trash
>always brought themed lists
>sometimes our games are close, sometimes he tables me, sometimes I table him
>8th drops
>first LGS tourney we both don't really know what we are doing in 8th
>after that tourney i vow to be fully painted next tourney
>Mork is super encouraging tries to tutor me on how he builds lists
>I build a catachan themed list a core of scions and conscripts along with lots of fluffy stuff
>play some test games with the list, it looses every time
>I decide I shouldn't hold back when going to a tourney where everyone else is trying their best
>totally change my list, bit more tryhard, only 60 conscripts, stay up almost all night painting
>much happier with the list
>mork is not happy I changed my list
>"you're going to loose every game and I'm going to say I told you so"
>get to tourney
>I have a good first two games, gork looses and ties his two, one against guard
>we get matched up
>I seize on him
>he folds his arms and says he can't win against me if I go first
>I roll my eyes and think he's sandbagging
>his turn he passes to me
>says there's no point in playing but he's not gonna forfeit because it's a tourney, despite my protests
>afterwards he seems down but nothing too bad
>he says he's gonna start playing to win, so he can crush all guard players
>each day he texts me and gets more personal each time
>starts calling me a WAAC player and a netlister, which I don't
>eventually calls me a coward who tricked him into helping me become a better WAAC player
>we stop talking and a month later I message him about something not 40k related
>he just says he'll see me at the next tourney as a fellow WAAC player
So am I a faggot?did I break some sort of code? I feel like I lost a friend to petty shit

>> No.55612150

I thought some anon said nu Commissiar was only kill one guy, use commissar leadership. Even leadership 9 won't help when you kill like 15, 20 at a time.

>> No.55612164

is it possible for my archon to be one of Lileth children?

>> No.55612171

I had a friend like that, except he dumped on me because of a girl.
He was a shit friend if he lets petty shit like that get in the way

>> No.55612172

Your 'friend' is
A) a little whiny bitch
B) not your friend.

>> No.55612174

And if you happen to see this man I hope we can talk things out sometime

>> No.55612175

Is the reaper worth it fellow dark eldar players? I want A cool forgeworld unit for my army and I'm an avid supporter of Adolf Hitler and his actions so I feel like it's a good idea.

>> No.55612178

Why does no one just lock them down with a melee beatstick if you cant shoot them then

They hit on 5s for s3ap- and even the fix bayonets order only works half the time now, a squad of TEQ can just wade through them

>> No.55612215

>nothing changed

>> No.55612218

Because before they ould just retreat and get back into the fight, so you achieved basically nothing.

>> No.55612222

They can retreat and shoot.
Or shit just stay in combat. Even then they are doing their job.
Are you new or something

>> No.55612223

I get like that while I play against my friend I hate losing sometimes its hard to hold it in and I let it out on him.

>> No.55612232

>bitching about WAAC in Tournaments

Your buddy needs to grow up. If you do that all the time you're a twat, but tournaments are a in-it-to-win-it setting.

>Like how he goes from Mork to Gork mid greentext.

>> No.55612237

Dark eldar don't breed, they're genetically made in test tubes basically.
Trueborn are very rare and very dangerous creations since sex involves slaanesh, so not only is it near impossible to have trueborn id be neat impossible to impregnate a gladiator who enjoys ripping peoples hearts out and eating them without beating her, and considering she's a God in cc, I don't think so.
So in summary:

>> No.55612245

This is you, right?

>> No.55612252

Damn son, as a newb painter and AdMech player I really like your color choice.

Also, how much success did you have with Lucius? I was thinking of buying some robo-chickens soonish and play Stygies VIII (I do only have the starter box, but I'll get another and a Dragoon cheap soon I guess), but Lucius also looks good on paper. Nice to see someone who isn't playing Mars with Cawl like most people do at 2k.

>> No.55612256

Lilith is certainly *ahem* well built for having children

>> No.55612257

>60 conscripts
>you're a waacfag
Hoo boy.

>> No.55612259

>he falls back out of combat
>the plasma veteran/scion squad he was bubblewrapping to keep safe from your units can now shoot your TEQs
>if he really wants to, he could even use and order to shoot after falling back, or if he fails the 4+ roll, use a command point to reroll it

>> No.55612260

Have you ever read some DE lore or you just heard some pieces from a guy that skimmed a codex?

Because literally everything you said is wrong.

>> No.55612262

No, but I posted something similar to that in the Russ Tank thread.

>> No.55612264

>specifically signs up for a competitive tournament
>gets mad when people play competitively
Your friend's being a massive pussy. If he didn't want to play against WAAC lists he shouldn't have walked into a fucking tournament.

>> No.55612271

So prove me wrong, I love learning

>> No.55612272

Fuck that. I only wanted Armageddon to be good at tanks.

I play the HQ detachment with Pask and Cadian tank commanders.

Seriously, I'm horribly salty.

>> No.55612277

>Wasting CP on Conscripts

>> No.55612291

Well, how does it feel to be autistic then?

>> No.55612295

>no bulge
Trash lelith picture

>> No.55612297

maybe she was impregnated during a night of sex? like causal sex I mean dark eldar never say they dont fuck. and when she noticed she was pregnant she had the homonculus take it out. but the homonculus grew the fetus for shit and gigs

>> No.55612303

> when you have at least 12 CPs and you only got 6 turns...
Life is hard for the Guard.

>> No.55612314

>play guard
>having so many command points you can waste them wherever and whenever you want
Really activates them almonds, don't it?

>> No.55612316

Give onmispexes to the arquebi units, extra -1 ap when the enemy gets in cover (100% of the time when you are running good snipers)

>> No.55612318

It's alright.

Here was what I posted.


>> No.55612327

>They can retreat and shoot
Only half the time now. And they can't charge noafter what if they fall back, so you're pushing them away no matter what you do.
That's a CP not spent on more useful things, and it takes fifty rapid fire conscripts to kill a single terminator - assuming they get the order off at all.
>2 wounds
>2+ save
>2 shots at RF range
>2 x 6 x 3 x 3 / 2 = 54

>> No.55612335

>Futa Lilith
Glad to see //40kg/ still has some culture

>> No.55612338

Why did they fuck up Armageddon?

>> No.55612343

>casual sex

>> No.55612350

must we put a dick on everything?

>> No.55612352


>> No.55612353

Anon that's degenerate, creepy gross, and kinda weird
perfect for dark Eldar

>> No.55612354


>> No.55612358

Also, why would you run those weird unit sizes? go 2x2 Kastelans and make one of them shooty and one of them CC, don't mix and match them. Or go 1x4 and make them a single role.
Use elimination volley on the destroyers + 4 kastelans and enjoy shooting on 3+ rerolling ones with 72 S6 -2 no cover shots + 20 grav cannon shots

>> No.55612364

>this guy completely BTFO's whining WAAC guardfags
>they just ignore it

>> No.55612369

Am I retarded, did they drop the Armageddon rules?

>> No.55612372

Why are transports bad this edition and why are they balanced like that?

>> No.55612380

At least some one gets it. We need more art with futa characters. Futa Daemonettes fucking Futa Dark Eldar bitches. It would be perfect

>> No.55612382

>That's a CP not spent on more useful things, and it takes fifty rapid fire conscripts to kill a single terminator - assuming they get the order off at all.
>not breaking your opponents fighting spirit by wasting time shooting at his terminators with your conscripts instead of you plasmascions, watch his hope all but die as he has to rool every single aggrevating dice, praying to the Emperor that his century old demigods of war survive the shitflinging of 100 angry hiveworld autists

>> No.55612383

or rough spiky whips and chains.
>lielth chaining you up
>starts practicing her combat on you

>> No.55612384

> not based
Get your shit out of here

>> No.55612385

>someone points out the hard counter is TEQ melee troops
>they ignore

>> No.55612396

Give him his own palanquin

>> No.55612402


>> No.55612406

He's never acted like this before, usually he's really chill and known for being really fun to play whether he wins or looses
I thought he'd just let it go but it's been a month, I guess it was just the last straw

>> No.55612412

well thank you, I like creating back stories for my hq's. I do a bit of writing for fun.

>> No.55612413

>two guard players at my FLGS
>one is only infantry
>the other is only tanks

>> No.55612423

Wtf is up with her proportions/legs in that pic?

>> No.55612428

Are you retarded or just duplicitous? At 3 PPM, Conscripts are almost always significantly cheaper that. the other unit. Tarpitting is always a win for the Conscripts.

>> No.55612431

Paying for Heavy Weapons that suffer from moving -AND- degrade from Wounds.

>> No.55612442

>spend a command point and aprox 200 points worth of infantry to kill a single terminator
you realize this started because "weeeeigh conscripts are still ridiculously overpowered "right ?

>> No.55612446

As long as it's a feminine dick it's still straight
>you will never do frottage with dick girl Lilith, why live?

>> No.55612447

If they ever hold hands would there be a matter/antimatter explosion?

>> No.55612456

>tarpitting your opponents specialized, expensive, elite melee units with your 3ppm unit is a bad thing
>tarpitting conscripts with terminators is a viable counter

>> No.55612458

If you want. Ask him to a friendly, casual game and play casually.

>Have a buddy who gets super competitive and gets butthurt if he loses. But if we state it's a casual game we show up with a friendly list and we have a blast.

>> No.55612463

>liking futa frottage

>> No.55612468

What flavors of guard are they?

>> No.55612479

Dont worry, bro, you've probably already won the game at that point, and are just toying with your opponent to see if he gives up before you table him.

>> No.55612481

>I thought some anon said nu Commissiar was only kill one guy, use commissar leadership. Even leadership 9 won't help when you kill like 15, 20 at a time.
Nope, AFAIK no changes have occurred to commisars

>> No.55612483

So how would you buff them?

>> No.55612486

That's literally how 99% of DE pregnancies go. See >>55612354

A DE gets impregnated because sex is good but don't want to go around for years pregnant, so she gives the baby to an homuncolous to gestate.

>> No.55612495

Since day one of gathering storm I've called for fan art of Futa greyfax plowing celestine, but god has ignored my screams

>> No.55612502

He wants to stop conscripts? That's how to do it.

>> No.55612512

>Throwing 50ppm into 3ppm hordes is a viable counter

Wow... So this is the power of Guard autism

>> No.55612513

quit frothing at the mouth of the mere mention of a guard player and practice some reading comprehension friend
conscripts aren't as killy anymore , meaning it's viable to tarpit them with a smaller (especially melee oriented) unit
and like i said , i still feel like they are a bit to tough for their point cost

>> No.55612518

Make them 35 pts

>> No.55612520

They'd did absolutely nothing to fix the turn one issue. Frankly, they just made it worse. At least the prior version gave elite armies a bonus to counteract their inferior CP totals.

Making it random which player gets the enormous bonus of going first does nothing to balance first turn, it just makes victory even more random. They need to switch to an alternating activation system.

>> No.55612526

>Crewed Weaponry
While this Vehicle is carrying passengers it ignores the Heavy Penalty for moving

>> No.55612531

From a balance standpoint yes.
Conscripts alone are just pretty good. They're a bit undercosted, but that's not a major issue.
Commisar are objectively over powered, it's 30 points to ensure the conscripts ignore the main tool you have to kill them

>> No.55612539

Custodes reads Master of Mankind

>> No.55612540

>degrade from wounds
i mean when your russ is down to 3 wounds it's pretty much dead anyway

>> No.55612541

Give them a special rule that forces your opponent to listen to the following song on repeat while your rhino's are alive. Your opponent will waste all his firepower on killing your BAWKSES just to stop that annoying singing so that you can mop up and win the game.

>> No.55612546

>liking Celestine
>Liking Greyfax
Shit taste Desu

>> No.55612548

Death and explosions

>> No.55612549

Didn't someone forfeit in a big tournament because they went second?

>> No.55612557

I did that but he ignored me, think I'm gonna hope he cools off after this next tourney then invite him for a funsy game, bring steel legion and yarrik for fluff reasons and make him bring gazzy

>> No.55612560

Most TEQs have a min squad size of 3. About 105 or so points.

You only need ONE to lock up a conscript blob.

>oh no it's such a waste to totally counter 120 points with about the same amount of points! Waaaah!

>> No.55612565

fugg, forgot link

>> No.55612568

What's a fun IG Combined Army to run for 1500 or 2000 points?

Specifically, mainly just infantry and tanks that have a well rounded arsenal(ie, dealing with both hordes and heavily armored vehicles)

I ask as a guy who last played in 6th ed, who dropped 40k entirely. But I always wanted to play IG and now seems like a great time. Used to play spaz marines and orks. May go back to orks, dunno.

>> No.55612571


>> No.55612574

Wtf are you smoking? Actual terminators are min 5

>> No.55612577

hmm I duno

thats a cute guard

I love it mother lileth kinda she would have to be all tsundere about it

>> No.55612580

This thing can really fire off 8 missles a turn?

>> No.55612583

Hey hey hey they aren't that cheap
Don't forget you have to buy the bolt pistol :^)

>> No.55612588

Yeah, the bloody final match of the big NOVA tourney

>> No.55612590

neat, thanks

>> No.55612591

>chaos still can't beat shitty ork lists with relics, chapter tactics and stratagems
>Girlyman is the single most powerful hq in the game
>Tau and Eldar have never been not top teir before this edition
>Admech are all broken one way or the other
>Nids gonna nid
Guard are currently the single most broken, but god damn this changes every few months and they've usually been mid-to-high tier, not taudar or decurion levels of shit.

>> No.55612596

By the end of the year I wanted to start an Inquisition/Ministorium force (no sisters). What would be the best way to go about this? I was thinking of converting Scions as the backbone of the force.

>> No.55612603

The grand final of nova the guy forfeited after like two turns, which is pretty standard, he didn't just handshake after failing to seize like people say

>> No.55612609

>I want to waste my minimum 165 point 3-man paladin squad on tarpitting conscripts

>> No.55612610

You mean a squad of TEQ will spend the rest of the game failing to kill a unit that costs a fraction of their point total. Stop belong retarded.

>> No.55612621

They have sex but grow fetus in tube, except trueborn. They are not "created" like clones. The sex slaanesh things is just fake and Deledar have all kinds of sadistic / "sinful" pleasures which the eldar society did to spawn slaanesh, they never stopped that and do the pain vampire thing instead of chilling like craftworlders. Just read the basic codex, jeez

>> No.55612625

Is TH+SS still the best option for terminators?

>> No.55612627

First idea is much better.

>> No.55612634

I personally don't think they are bad (3e/4e transports were bad), they just aren't as good as they were.
You are paying a premium for their speed and their ablative wounds from your infantry which is there to do the work.
I think certain transports need a buff when they are central to an army's style, like raiders for DE, but on the whole, they aren't bad, just not autotake.

>> No.55612637

Fucking guardfag, the issue is thay we have to lock up the conscripts. They,re fucking meatsheilds, running an elite unit into them is playing right into the hands of the guard player, because then their really powerful units can shoot at my stuff with no fear.

>> No.55612641

Every loyal man, woman and child in the imperium gains a blank aide with a meltagun. Does this fix everything?

>> No.55612646

>chaos still can't beat shitty ork lists with relics, chapter tactics and stratagems
What? No, really, what the fuck?

>Tau and Eldar have never been not top teir before this edition
Newfag detected.

>Nids gonna nid
Not an argument.

>> No.55612658

I said MOST, anon. I know Bullgryns are min 3. And if it's 5 then you're going to kill them all unless they run. It's pretty much a statistical certainty.


200 points vs 120 points. You've paid 80 points to remove a major threat from the board, protect your own dudes from rank fire doom, and protect your termies from his fire support UNLESS he backs off.



>> No.55612660

>Not Tourneygger or Tournigger

You had one fucking job.

>> No.55612663

You know if Lilith had a kid it would have been a yuri love child

>> No.55612664

>a smaller unit
>3 PPM
Okay, shitposter-kun.

>> No.55612679

conscripts are a tarpit , their main issue was they where better than your non tarpit troop choiche at killing things to, now they're just reduced to distraction status. their other main issue was that they took to long to whittle down into uselessness, which has been somewhat adressed by reducing their max size to 30
i agree that they're undercosted though , wouldn't mind if our infantry went up 1ppm now that we have the doctrines.
and maybe conscripts should just be limited to 20 models max , i don't think commissars need to be changed though

>> No.55612682

pls reply

also, what army is fun. I know orks are fun, but Chaos Marines look cool.

I refuse to go back to spaz marines because theyre kind of bland, but thats just from oversaturation, I guess.

>> No.55612688

but how unless her lover had a dick crafted on by the homoculus I mean dark eldar probably have a lot of sexual orgies

>> No.55612696

Would you fuck a pariah gene prostitute?

>> No.55612700


Csm are just spikey marines, they dont play much different.

>> No.55612702

>Tarpitting conscripts with your terminators is a good tactic .

False, he conceded after failing to seize.

>> No.55612704

>It's pretty much a statistical certainty
Alright nigger.
>2 pallies, we'll even give then falchions for an ideal tailored scenario, plus hammer paragon because everyone does this
>177 points
>average Conshits killed in one combat phase: 4.3

>> No.55612708

This looks awesome.

Anyone know how they did it? More pics etc?

>> No.55612712

Wouldn't surprise me. As much as people wank about "the most balanced edition ever," I've never had as many games decided by the first turn as I have in 8E. That used to only really be an issue with Drop Pod spam and Eldar.

>> No.55612713

Man, I got to say after getting some college textbooks the GW codexes seem a lot cheaper in comparison.

For 65$ I got a bio textbook that isn't even fucking bound, it's just hole punched. 238$ (or so) got me another fucking hole punched textbook for French and an access code for an online part of the course (and I didn't even sign up for a hybrid class).

>> No.55612722

>tarpit one 120 point unit of conscripts with 200 points of TEQ
>dont have another two expensive 200 point TEQ units to tie up his other two 120 conscript blobs
>Terminators with S8 AP-3 Dmg D3 powerfists are being used against T3 5+ 3ppm dudes instead of your opponents heavy tanks is inefficient
Is this really that hard to understand?

>> No.55612726

nob bits, killa kan bitz, deff dread bitz, lots and lots of greenstuff

>> No.55612734

>200 points vs 120 points. You've paid 80 points to remove a major threat from the board, protect your own dudes from rank fire doom, and protect your termies from his fire support UNLESS he backs off.
I don't mean to get mad, but god fucking damn, you are stupid.

>> No.55612735

Orkfag, if you are on the thread:
You are a total faggot.

>> No.55612752


Its off facebook.

Main bit is a DV Helbrute, some parts from Nobz and a Deff Dread. Then lots and lots of green stuff. The creator claims he stole the idea from somewhere else.

>> No.55612757

>>primaris only
>>two leviathans

>> No.55612761

Link me the stream digga

>> No.55612764

How does this list look? Any comments?

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP[1450pts] ++

+ HQ +

Wolf Lord in Terminator Armor [162pts]: Combi-plasma, Thunder hammer

+ Troops +

Blood Claws [295pts]
. 11x Blood Claw
. Blood Claw Pack Leader: Power fist
. Blood Claw with Plasma Pistol: Plasma pistol
. Blood Claw with Special Weapon: Flamer
. Blood Claw with Special Weapon: Flamer
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator Armour: Chainfist, Storm bolter

Grey Hunters [185pts]: 9x Chainsword
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader: Power sword
. 6x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol
. Grey Hunter w/Plasma Pistol: Plasma pistol
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Meltagun
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Meltagun

+ Elites +

Dreadnought [177pts]: Twin lascannon
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer

Wolf Guard [121pts]
. Wolf Guard: Boltgun, Storm shield
. Wolf Guard: Boltgun, Wolf claw
. Wolf Guard: Boltgun, Chainsword
. Wolf Guard: Storm bolter, Thunder hammer
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Boltgun, Power sword

Wolf Guard [158pts]
. Wolf Guard: Combi-melta, Power fist
. Wolf Guard: Boltgun, Storm shield
. Wolf Guard: Chainsword, Storm bolter
. Wolf Guard: Storm bolter, Thunder hammer
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Boltgun, Frost axe

Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour [247pts]
. Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour: Wolf Claw (Pair)
. Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour: Wolf Claw (Pair)
. Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour: Wolf Claw (Pair)
. Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour: Storm shield, Thunder hammer
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator Armour: Storm shield, Thunder hammer

+ Dedicated Transport +

Drop Pod [105pts]: Storm bolter

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP [535pts] ++

+ HQ +

Bjorn the Fell-handed [248pts]: Assault cannon, Heavy flamer

Rune Priest in Terminator Armour [141pts]: Runic stave, Runic Terminator armour, Storm bolter

Wolf Priest in Terminator Armour [146pts]: Storm bolter

++ Total: [1985pts] ++

>> No.55612772

Combined arms is what tau are all about
Sprinkle in a few battlesuits and you do well

Aside from that eldar are pretty good at combined arms, as are guard with a little support from assassins and other imperial elements

>> No.55612778


Simple answer? don't spam anything.

>> No.55612782

>girls can't have penises
Uhhhhhhh sorry sweaty try again

>> No.55612786

Imo "gloves" look terrible on cadian models, because you can still see the bones of the hand. Always just looks like painted hands to me.

>> No.55612787

>a major threat
They're literally only a threat because they lock up significantly more expensive units. Who do you think you're fooling?

>> No.55612792

>i don't think commissars need to be changed though
They definitely do though, and seriously, it's not like it changes all that much, LD8 means that even if you lose 9 guys (since except for conscripts are the only unit that can be taken in numbers greater than 10) the minimum possible roll will be a 9, meaning you lose no guys.
Seriously, commisars are broken as fuck, and the unit they break is conscripts, since most everyone else would be fine with just their LD8

>> No.55612795

I'd take her on a date first

>> No.55612808

Everyone knows that college textbooks are a scam. The majority of the time you won't even touch the book, and, even if you do need it, your school almost certainly has reserve copies in their library.

>> No.55612825

so from what I gathered lelith joined up with the yannri. im stuck because my archon works for kabal of the black heart and they hate the ynnari because vect. help

also what special female characters are the hottest aside from best girl

>> No.55612832

Melta or Plasma on the Blightlord Terminators?

>> No.55612835

Get this creature off my Christian board

>> No.55612836

>boltstorm what

Just no

>> No.55612839

All of you.

>> No.55612855

Is there a fluffy way to include arco-flagellants in an IG army without an inquisitor?

>> No.55612856

Lt. Mira

>> No.55612863


>> No.55612872

How so?

>> No.55612878

Stream dead
Look at this

Some crap defending him is besides the point

>> No.55612879

> the minimum possible roll will be a 9
what ?
that's not how leadership works in 8th ?
you take the amount of models that died in a turn and add d6 , then you compare it to your ld and the difference is the amount of extra models that ran away
starting from 4 casualties it's possible for 2 people to run away with ld 8

>> No.55612887

tell me anon
do you actually play DE?
if you do, do you by chance use beastmasters?

>> No.55612902

So are Vostroyans now supposed to be played as a Gun-line army?
The extra 6" range is making Demolishers, Punishers and Infantry Lasgun/Plasma squads spam look pretty attractive.

>> No.55612911

What pisses me off is webassign.
>What's that? You don't want to buy the textbook that the professor is never going to make you read? Hope you like being unable to do your homework, because you need the code attached to the book to access it online.
>You don't get enough financial aid to buy all your textbooks and want to get them used? The code only works once, so I hope you still don't want to do your homework
>Oh, what's that, you just want to buy access to the homework without buying the textbook? Too bad, shell out $200

>> No.55612914

Not him but I want some FUCKING CLAWED FIENDS

>> No.55612915

I do but no I don't use beast masters mostly. I mostly use, kabalites and wyches

>> No.55612941

>Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launcher] - 275pts
What the fuck am I reading?

>> No.55612942

Well fuck me, I thought I watched the stream and thought they got through some of the game, maybe it was the open I watched?
I stand corrected

>> No.55612943

The first one is a matter of opinion, but I've played three different chaos players with a rather shit ork list since their codex dropped and I've smashed all three games. One squad of thirty boyz, ghazghull superfriends and 3-5 meganobz in a battlewagon, a flyer or two, fill up troops with grotz and the remainder in flash gitz in trukks. It may just be that all three of those chaos players were complete shit, but god damn it's an effective list and it doesn't even rely on 180 boyz.
And when have eldar been bad? Ever? Maybe 3rd/4th they weren't as OP as usual? Tau were weak for the first half of sixth and a shunk of fifth, but fish of fury and the 6/7ed codex got them through the last lock of years.

>> No.55612948


Their stratagem is great too, +1 to hit on any unit.

Plasma suddenly gets really good etc.

>> No.55612966

Arco-flagellants are made by Ecclesiarchy. If Inquisitor want one or more he is asking(or demanding) him from Cardinal or some other priest.
Orginally they are used in Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclaves.
If you want more info read Adepta Sororitas Codex(6th ed).
If you have some priest he can(fluff wise) have some Aarco-flaggelants as his bodygurd.

>> No.55612973

Maybe, I think Vostroya and Steel Legion are better as Chimera units disembarking and shooting targets, Vostroya has a safer time after disembarking since they'll be further away and SL are a bit more deadly at 18'' instead of 24''.

>> No.55612981

Seems cool, why not get it?

>> No.55612982

CSM are in the same boat they're always in; the faction itself is fine, but the actual Chaos Space Marine unit is shit.

This is what a winning "Chaos Space Marines" list looks like. Assuming you employ a proofreader and make sure to put the Pod in the right <Legion>.

>> No.55612991

Yeah, you probably were mixed up


>> No.55612993

Oh shit, your right. Not sure what the fuck I was thinking.

>> No.55612995

Maybe i am retarded but how many points does a boss nob cost in a squad of boys?

>> No.55613004

>so salty he concedes before turn 1
Yup it's a Chaosfag's list alright.

>> No.55613005

But... muh heterosexual feminine penis
jokes on you anon am grill (female)

>> No.55613007

>sex involves slaanesh
Dude the Dark Eldar have a society run on BDSM. They have fuck all the time

>> No.55613014

Nothing. All squad leaders are free.

Except Rubric ones in the index. But that got changed in the CSM Codex. Was weird.

>> No.55613018

will you cosplay as lelith!

>> No.55613028

Jenetia Krole, High Commander of the Silent Sisters, Souless Queen.
I would let her suck my soul

>> No.55613029

Dude had zero chance of winning the match, and it wasn't even going to be a fun game. Just one dude getting blasted off the table.

>> No.55613034

Does that mean he doesnt even cost 6 points of the boy he is replacing?

>> No.55613038

My skin isn't pale enough

>> No.55613041

the steel legion rules arent confirmed though

>> No.55613044

I'll give that a read, thanks!

>> No.55613045

Nah he costs what a boy costs.

>> No.55613054

Didn't get changed for actual Thousand Sons, though. Have fun paying for your suicide bomber sergeants, cyclopsfags.

>> No.55613058

Get out, nigger.

>> No.55613069

Excellent thanks

>> No.55613076


>> No.55613082

What's wrong with niggers anon?

>> No.55613086

Yes they are, I literally heard the dude say them on the stream

>> No.55613103

Take a guess.

>> No.55613113

Get that airsoft shit out of my face

>> No.55613118

It's not bait. Thousand Sons were only given non-FAQ permission to use the updated psychic powers. The CSM codex itself disallows Thousand Sons from using any of the new rules or datasheets. That Daemons got the new point values FAQ'd just lends further support for cyclopsfags having to pay for their ISIS squad leaders.

>> No.55613141

Was the IG codex leaked? I keep on seeing people talk about it like it was.

>> No.55613143

So is praetorian of Dorn or pic related a better read for alpha legion? I've already read legion and deliverance lost

>> No.55613146

Did they get leaked? Why is everyone so sad?

>> No.55613157

>is a girl
>likes traps

>> No.55613160

praetorian of dorn's only value is the dorn killing alpharius images that have been popping up recently

>> No.55613174

Read praetorian to finish the horus heresy theme you got going, then read shroud of night. Also read the Serpent Beneath short story, another great AL short story.

>> No.55613176

Wait so is being a girl who likes traps gay? Doesn't that make a guy who likes traps straight? Or are you gay no matter what if you like traps?
I'm so confused

>> No.55613183

Serpent beneath is solid. Alpha legion vs itself.

Praetorian of Dorn is fists vs AL, but more fists. >>55613146

>> No.55613189

Trap is gay for everyone, even other trap.

>> No.55613192

Chaos marines would probably make decent soul reapers

>> No.55613193

No, the guy who wrote the Codex went on stream and revealed a bunch of stuff.

>> No.55613196

you gay because you attracted to boy who look like girl, and you are girl. Thus you like girls

please refer to this helpful video

>> No.55613202

Gal girls best girls.

>> No.55613207

Praetorian of Dorn you say.

>> No.55613216

A lot of girls like traps.

If you play your cards right, becoming a trap is a ticket to entering into a perfect threeway relationship with two kinky bisexual girls.

>> No.55613223

ahagon Is my dark skinned wife

>> No.55613246

I have been told this many times to justify why i should become a trap. I dont think i could do it.

>> No.55613247

I am a male who likes reverse traps. So i have to insist that traps are gay, so that I'm straight.

>> No.55613269

>bi girls commonly love traps and it makes threesomes easier
I still refuse to believe this isn't trap propaganda
still hasn't stopped me from loosing ten pounds, adding some of that to my butt with workouts and starting to shave my arms and legs smooth

>> No.55613279

>I am a male who likes reverse traps
As in a Tomboy, or a girl so flat and narrow that she's indistinguishable from a guy save for what's hanging from her leg(or lack thereof)?

>> No.55613291

It's fine if it's not for you.

Still highly recommend seeking a kinky bisexual girlfriend who will casually bring her chick friends to bed with you.

>> No.55613311

>still hasn't stopped me from loosing ten pounds, adding some of that to my butt with workouts and starting to shave my arms and legs smooth
Good on you m8, I mean that sincerely

>> No.55613312

>Still highly recommend seeking a kinky bisexual girlfriend who will casually bring her chick friends to bed with you
You mean every straight males fantasy? I mean yes i will continue my search for this

>> No.55613313

4 battle cannons
Pask Punisher
Plasma Tank

Is that enough Russ?
Should I get more Plasma or Demo turrets?

>> No.55613316

>tfw you don't have the body to even attempt becoming it

>> No.55613328

Anyone got ta PDF of Wite Dwarf October 2017 they'd be willing to share?

>> No.55613335


When were they not played as a gun-line army?

>> No.55613346

Not out yet nigga

>> No.55613351

I know that fucking feel.

190cm tall, wide shoulders, square face, square torso, and hair all over the place(except my face because Im cursed by genetics.

I'd like to ask for this too please.

I think some people played them as a mechanized army.

>> No.55613355

I'm constantly surprised by how many ass backwards conservacuck /pol/fags we get in these threads who sperg out at someone mentioning anything to do with fucking a bisexual girl/multiple girls because "muh degeneracy".

Like these faggots unironically want to have a vanilla-ass marriage with a single stepford wife bitch and have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

>> No.55613362

It is to subscribers.

Its not that great this time round tbqh.

>> No.55613363

>there's at least 3 people posting as alpharius in this thread
Wtf is going on?

>> No.55613365

Tomboys are fine, but I like ftm crossdressing. Even if the grill has to bind a pair of DDs.

That being said she has to look like a pretty guy. Look up Dansou Style, or Fudanjuku to get the idea. Pic related.

>> No.55613369

>not lifting and becoming a thiccbro
theres more than one path available to you, you know

>> No.55613378

I know that's you Drew.

YWN beat guard

>> No.55613387

They're just hypocrites anon.

>> No.55613397

Looking to get /fit/ so I can cosplay as a Guardsman for a con.
What's the best Guardsman work out regiment?

>> No.55613404

I dont know anon, I am pretty conservative on these issues myself But at the same time i am secretly a massive degenerate when i dont want to be. Kind of makes me question myself.

>> No.55613407

Wrestle Catachan devils.

>> No.55613409


>> No.55613416


>> No.55613425


>> No.55613431

>Move, Move, Move!
>Fall Back!
>Get back into the fight!
>Drink the tears of your broken enemies
Repeat ad infinitum

>> No.55613432

Accept your degenerate side. Find a girl who is also a degenerate with the same kinks and roleplay all your fantasies together while you breed her.

>> No.55613441

You're making us look bad, anon

>> No.55613451

>girls like traps
Girl here who likes traps, can confirm, dat shits cute!

>> No.55613469

More importantly what's a good trap workout regement?

>> No.55613476


>> No.55613477

New here

>> No.55613484

>tfw secretly have genderbender fetish
>tfw really dislike my own degenerate urges
>tfw irl I just want a cutie to cuddle with through cold nights and someone I can happily raise children with

>> No.55613496

Same anon
Suicide pact?

>> No.55613498

Military PT. Focus on slimming, since you done necessarily need to fill out your flak armor as you need to avoid stretching it.

>> No.55613509


>> No.55613517



>> No.55613518

So close

>> No.55613566

I do it for the cuties like you!

My girlfriend helps me shave my legs and everything else down there real smooth, then we both put on thigh highs and skirts and go to bed and 69 like animals

>> No.55613573


>> No.55613589

>World Eaters
No. That cunt knew what he was doing.

>> No.55613594

One and only general here

>> No.55613607

The worst thing about my fetish is that I play Grey Knights
I always feel like I've betrayed my poor models after "indulging" in my fantasies.

>> No.55613624

>this shit general still exists
What the actual fuck, mods?

>> No.55613630

No lie, I sometimes manage to stop myself fapping egregiously when I should be doing something else, by imagining "what would the Emperor think if he were watching over me right now" and just picturing a stern, disappointed Emps face.

>> No.55613651

Anyone have deathshroud? I want to see one next to a regular chaos termie

>> No.55613664

greenstuff work is pretty sloppy

>> No.55613682

I mean, autocannons are -1

>> No.55613688

They get an order where their infantry can shoot and then immediately embark after shooting. Can't be used if they disembarked that turn.

>> No.55613697

4 Generals up at once.
Is this autism?

>> No.55613700

This is best general

>> No.55613704

ASL are the mechanized faction. Tallarn and to some extent Cadians are more known for pure tank battles hence the unique tank orders for those factions.

>> No.55613717

Yeah, I think people are losing sight ofnthe fact that 18" rapidfire on models that can easily get rapidfire 2 is pretty amazing. But because "stel legen r tonks" people are being pissy about it.

>> No.55613723

Do both.
The Norse Guard could just be viking raiders from a different part of the planet.
It's not like it'd be unrealistic.

>> No.55613725

LR ObSec is if you take them in a Spearhead detachment with a Tank Commander as the HQ.

>> No.55613753

Can't wait for necron codex to give muh dudes badass rules. Mephrit in 7th Ed had to take a monolith, Immortals and warriors as it's only unit tax so hopefully my dynasty tactics are benefits to them and I can be WAAC necron ;^)
Also remember some blurb about them having a large airforce so hopefully that isn't what gets tactics for muh dudes

>> No.55613888

>Also remember some blurb about them having a large airforce so hopefully that isn't what gets tactics for muh dudes
Tactics always affect everything.

Except for SM/CSM who got cucked because Chapter Tactics last edition only affected certain units so they carried it over, while every other Faction gets them on everything.

>> No.55614041

>Tau: a version of all of the above

>> No.55614066

Can't help you with the list, but good job on your army my beepboop.

>> No.55614087

You got a fucking slap on the wrist on top of a boatload of unbelievable buffs on an army that was already top tier. Fuck off and stop proving the comparisons right.

>> No.55614115

There aren't enough flags in the fucking UN to cover enough false flags for every time autistic guardfags start REEEing when someone questions the moral and intellectual superiority of playing IG.

>> No.55614132

Are you seriously asking how it could be possible to not have the best blob army be nearly completely immune to morale?

>> No.55614146

nice one

>> No.55614348

It might be possible

But it's really fucking stupid

You should feel bad for even considering it you adopted homo

>> No.55614461

>Every army has multiple strong and viable options so far with codex armies being great and many index armies still being strong.

>Guard are currently getting a lot of cool options but having the worst excesses of their index list nerfed.

Citation fucking needed

>> No.55614528

>insectile science

I love when 40k writers just start throwing words at the page to see what sticks.

>> No.55614616

Jesus, how hard is it to understand? You don't get shit from tarpitting conscripts. THEY ARE THE TARPIT. A 52 ppm TH/SS Terminator can kill at most 2 3ppm conscripts a turn. Conscripts are not some horrifying army destroyer that you need to tie up with your own incredibly expensive units, they're unbelievably cheap chaff that costs far, far more to kill than to field with some incidental killiness on top as a bonus.

>> No.55614715

Ya, it's casualties + d6 vs Ld, not Ld + d6 vs casualties. Which is why morale is a great weakness for hordes until the brilliant minds at GW decided to give all horde armies ways to become immune to morale.

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