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Can we have a Chadstode thread pls

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Primaris custodes when

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I actually think Primaries are just shitty Custodes and Cawl is just fooling everyone with the whole "better muhreens" sthick

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Alfabusa please go! Stop being a lazy fuck and get back to work on your real video series, nobody cares about those shitty Podcasts you are wasting everyone's time with!

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I like them

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Let's not and say we did.

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Finished these guys up and had my first game with them on Saturday against Death Guard. They destroyed 2 units of Plague Marines and a Bloat Drone... Ave Imperator indeed.

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I actually like the one about the Last Church :<

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I just wish he'd get back to making Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

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The newest podcast was good.

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Do Custodes have the black carapace?

Also Valerian/Aelya best couple

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How well is mixed weapons working for you, anon? Do you footslog them?

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Shitty custodes are still better marines.

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>Read Carrion Throne and Watchers of the Throne.

Holy shit the Custodes are too OP

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I do footslog them in smaller games. I play them with Grey Knight allies and occassional Iron Hands armor. Grey Knights use Gate of Infinity to he immediate threats to things that would ruin custodes. 5 paladins with daemon hammers and an apothecary scare armor. Custodes venerable is a monster too. As long as they have quick response support, they're golden... All pun intended

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Why is that?

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In Watchers of the Throne Ten custodes and 32 sisters of battle invade a black legion destroyers that was about to deply a pylon to cut it off from the warp in order to isolate Terra, The custodes and sisters kill every single traitor marine in the ship although by the time the rescue came only one sister and a single custodes survive the ordeal

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I've been thinking of fielding a squad of 10 with a heavily converted captain/Valdor as a counts-as Guilliman because I giggle at the thought of a deathstar of shining golden gods who can eat entire army's worth of firepower

And I had planned on all sword and board, but I'm wondering how just a few shields to eat anti armor shots would work, and then a bunch of halberds

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>Can we have a Chadstode thread pls
You have the whole gneral for your gay porn

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A destroyer, or a larger ship?
Destroyers are fairly small in terms of 40k vessels,

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Did it say about how many manlets they rekt?

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B-but the podcasts are pretty good anon.

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Let me check

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you wouldnt happen to have a download link to these would you?

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It's not bad. I have two squads... Frater Pugilisto with all spears for offense and Frater Testudo with all shields. Sometimes I mix them up and usually run pic related. 3 shields and 2 spears for that juicy +1. The blades are great being pistol 2 so they're great at prolonged combats. Only thing you MUST do is a Vexilla... No ifs, ands or buts.

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buy a better computer for him and make he use proper software then

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It was an executor class

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you can torrent it it should be the first link google will give if you write torrent together with the title, of course

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It doesn't say specifi number, only hundreds

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Which squad do you put the Vexilla in? It's one-per-detachment, iirc

with only a 5++ doesnt the all-spears squd have a decent chance of being shot off the board before they can close in?

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it wasnt, cant seem to find it on KAT or TPB either oh well, ive got more than enough novels to read anyways from the old /40kg/ dump

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Primaris are more stable thunder warriors (for now at least). And the Custodes tore through them like tissue paper.

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Remember the Custodes were never meant to be simple warriors like the space marine legions. Each one is an individual with incredible knowledge about history, diplomacy, agriculture, science, etc.

Using them as an elite strike force is remarkably wasteful but you know grim dark.

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Aleya x Valerian is cute and perfect.

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I don't think it's ever said, but they've probably got way crazier systems and shit.

and you are objectively correct

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Don't see why they wouldn't.

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Did they kill all of the Marines? I thought Bobby G and his Chads had to come in and bail them out at the very end

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extratorrent dot rip, look for The Emperor's Legion (Watchers of the Throne) by chris wraight

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[spolier]I was hyping it up but the 42 of them killed a good number of traitors before Guilliman bailed them out

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The adventures of a petite homicidal tsundere and the nerdy infinitely patient demigod who owes her a life debt.

It's everything I've wanted in a 40k book T-T

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FUCK! [spoilers]I meant Sisters of Silence not sisters of battle,I fucked up like the high lords did[/spoiler]

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They definitely run the risk of that. I put the Vexilla with the storm shields to give them a killier edge. And to mitigate that risk I have Gate of Infinity on everything with my allied GK. They make themselves target priority with those that can ruin my spears. Furthermore, the contemptor is fast as hell. Most try to take him out before the spears. In larger points games, I use the land raider for my spears.

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Please, let this be the beginning of a novel series their adventures together.

Today is not my day

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this is a weird ass question, but we hear plenty of humans falling in with chaos cults, eldar, etc.

But have there ever been canon cases of xenos finding themselves inexplicably enamored by the Imperial cult? Like a Tau that keeps a secret shrine to the Emperor or some weird shit like that?

or is humanity the only species that's corruptible?

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Only Chaos is actively corrupting. The Imperial Cult is a counter-measure against it. An anti-virus cannot infect someone with the virus.

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Personally I paint the 'wings' of the eagle on the shields and standard silver. It helps break up the gold a little bit and makes it more visually interesting.

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I can't see how, the imperial cult is pretty much humanity fuck yeah, xenos can suck a dick doctrine.

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>Still no smut of them

drawfags take to long

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Here you go.

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kill la kill was a good show

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9 custodies lost in a single battle? By far their worst casualties to date.

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To be fair they pulled off a mission that would've been suicide for an entire chapter of space marines.

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2,000 of the 4,000 that sallied out to defend the Lion's Gate died. Bobby G also fought a bloodthirster

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I unironically like the podcasts. BEGONE, HERETIC

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>nobody cares about those shitty Podcasts
>t. butthurt Karstodes upon being BTFO'd constantly
And to be perfectly clear, I don't mean the kind of butthurt you usually take from your brothers

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Why is that Tau like 8 feet tall?

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And It was good.

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She is on her toes

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They're like 5 feet tall?

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REALLY big toes

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Wait, but don't Tau have hooves? That means they're always standing on their toes, since unguligrade feet are always on the tips of their toes.

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He seems to care for this banalities

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she's using hover stilts, even still she must be the tallest tau ever if the reports of their size arn't just imperial propaganda.

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It's okay we've got Valerian and Aelya to hold on to.

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top 10 anime couples

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I thought about that, but I also love simplicity, it's just my style, Pic related

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Meant for

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They guard the most important person in the galaxy, they should be OP.

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So Kitten knowing all the shit he knows has some basis in canon? Neat.

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They don't guard anyone if you think about it. I know it's their 'official' purpose but does the emperor really need a bodyguard? The motherfucker could stand toe to toe with the chaos gods.

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I don't know about that. It could cause problems...

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TTS is ruined by the shitty VA. Rogal Dorn is the exception. Everyone else sounds like low-T beta males.

The Custodes characters made we want to nuke sweden even more.

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Original doujin? I'm pretty sure it's something by John K. Pe-Ta but I don't feel like going through every page of everything he ever made to verify right now.

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The canonicity of this couple cannot questioned.

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But love always prevails, anon

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Because she is Kitten's GF.

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Apparently, geneseed has prodigious effects even when administered to xenos.

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only anally

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Name of the anime?

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Wraight said on Twitter he'd write more of the two if his book works, he already has ideas, you know what to do. Yes that even includes the poorfags. For the purity of the tsundere and the nice virgin. They're too pure to leave them at that.

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Wait, they survived the end of the book?

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Looks more Monzetsu to me

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Again, why is that sister like 9 feet tall? They're baseline humans, absolute badasses, but physically they're just extremely athletic women.

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so I've been behind on the fluff, I know cadia blew up, fenris is fucked (something to do with magnus and the thousand sons but thats it) and guilimen is back with his super space boys
what the fuck happened with the sisters of silence? where did they come from? where were they hiding for all these years
and whats this about a 102 year time skip?!

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well, they were working on the Black Ships. Some also had isolated convents in east jesus nowhere.

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Settle down, Chris.

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All the custodes would have survived had they not been forced to babysit larping women.

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I know why Aleya x Valerian is so cute.

Think about it, the sisters are literal pariahs and since the heresy have had little social contact outside their own order.

So when Aleya is acting like her usual irritable angry self on top of being a blank she expects valerian to be repulsed and hostile. But he's not. He's always kind, respectful, and friendly and she doesn't really know how to handle that kind of positive social interaction.

In other words I ship it and so should you.

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You shut your mouth Aelya is a strong capable souless

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It has to remain pure only in the last book of the series they can hold hands


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They were carried out nadou injured Valerian ain't that pretty anymore

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Absolutely. Both get a bit of a discovery each, for Valerian the joy of battle, something else than just serving the throne and Aleya actually speaks to him when she thought they were going to die.

Nothing much, but basically they trust each other a little more in cute ways and both get a bit more of character development.

Maybe because those are two different artwork that represent two different individual of different heights, drawn to the same scale then glued together for the purpose of the picture?


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There's that and more.

From Valerian's side, he litteraly says he really enjoy and appreciates the woman for some unknown reason, that and the fact that she's "true" with him, as in not being either cowering in fear or licking his boots makes this relationship all the more novel to him.
The fact that he's basically as oblivious to love and their respective feelings since he lives only to serve (at first) before discovering there's more to life than service of the Throne, makes it even cuter, coming from the 9 feet tall killing machine and scholar.

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I spent way too much time on this.

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It's perfect anon. Now give me some more cute tsundere Aleya and protective Valerian.

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But does he love like a man loves a women or as a man who loves his dog?

>> No.55636455

That pretty much sums their first real conversation.

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He doesn't love per se, you can see the beginning of the hints of an inkling of a feeling towards her, but the fact alone that he feels some new, unexplainable attraction towards that woman who's quite the cunt to him is cute as all hell.

She's a textbook case of a tsundere towards him, they're bound to become the most lovable (even if platonic) couple of 40k.

>> No.55636569

Well platonic or not their next adventures together in this new age will be legendary.

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Uni server blocks torrents, could someone post it on deposit or something, please ?

As >>55612161 pointed out, Imperial creed doesn't offer a lot of things to xenos.
The closest example I have in mind is the redeemer mindbreaking a ratskin into a model imperial citizen.
Some feral xeno witnessing a space marine drop pod assault from afar might come to venerate the angels of death and the angry god they serve.
Or orks fighting chaos cultists and then loyalist ogryns, correlating mad gainz with Emperor worship, and trying to replicate it. Blood Axes are huge humanboos already.

Technically, it can. Even without talking about allergic reactions to vaccines, some contain weakened germs (instead of "dead" germs/ bits of antigens) in order to elicit a stronger reaction, and can infect immunodepressed people.

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Poc related is from Valerian's POV while the text is from Aleya's, much later, when they're about to be overrun.

>And then came the strangest thing of all. >As I swung my greatblade to meet the next challenge, I heard Valerian chuckling softly. He had already dispatched another legionnaire and was wading straight into another. I had never heard him laugh before. Even as I locked blades with my own enemy, I found the whole thing strikingly surreal.
>‘Hold fast, anathema,’ he told me, his spear whirling around him in those glorious golden parabolas. ‘This is where it ends. Let us make it a stand for the ages.’
>He was elated. I could hear the battle-joy in his voice. Everything I had thought about him was wrong, it turned out – he was capable of moving beyond himself, of escaping that infernal tomb on Terra and becoming so much more.
>This was a new age, I thought then. We had lived to see it dawn, and had fought for its survival. Death in that cause was not a tragedy; it was a privilege.
>So I spoke. I did it. What use were vows then? They had never helped me before.
>‘By His will alone,’ I said out loud, fighting hard, relishing my final words as they slipped from my lips.

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Watchers of the throne would make an awesome graphic novel.

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He loves her the way a Custodes can love somebody. It isn't "love"as we understand it, but it is still something very personal between the two of them. It's quite refreshing after MoM.

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>The Books states that Trajann was playing the long game with the highlords, in order to better their position in the new imperium

Why the fuck didn't they just took power millenia ago, why wait?

>> No.55638481

because for most authors "all according to keikaku" is a valid substitute to writing actually clever characters.

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Like hundreds of chaos marines?

>> No.55638641

It was hundreds

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That reminds me of some writefagging someone on /tg/ did a while ago, which was the journal of an Ogryn soldier. It was really cute and good and sad.

>> No.55639262

Exactly. I want a drawfag to make them together.

Gav and Bob?

>> No.55639554

>Gav and Bob?

Ah Bob, he liked the potato skins

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But does he loves her enough to chosse her over the Emperor?
Which I'm sure it will be touched upon in the next novel

>> No.55640579

There shouldn't be a choice like that, since her allegiance is to the Emperor as well.

But if it comes to that, I would say he will choose the Throne, although he'll probably reflect upon his choice later on.

>> No.55640624

He's working on both.
Voices are easy.
Podcasts are largely just voices and sounds effects.

Videos need animation. That shit takes time.

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Considering that time with the harlequins, I think they justify their job

>> No.55645454

Custodes are designed to be incorruptible, so he would never ever betray the Emperor. It's the only true restriction however, Valerian seems to be quite empathetic with others despite his mental conditioning. He could eventually develop strong feelings for Aleya based both on mutual respect and the way she makes him feel a true individual. I expect some glorious draw/writefaggotry about all this.

Some people think that turning Custodes into some kind of wannabe philosophers and scholars was a mistake, but I like how it makes them more reasonable and human... and yet they remain inherently, mindlessly loyal slaves killing without hesitation when needed. This contrast is in some way more disturbing than the usual narrow-minded fanatism displayed by other imperial institutions.

>> No.55645490

The difference is an interesting thing to explore.

Most Imperial citizens believe the Emperor to be a god that once walked with mortal men. The Custodes know he is.

>> No.55645543


"What's gonna be Valerian loyalty to the Emperor or loyalty to me..."

>> No.55645602

I want Valerian/Aelya art but I don't want to pay anyone what do?

>> No.55646006

Whine about it on a chinese finger painting web forum?

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>> No.55649631

>Some people think that turning Custodes into some kind of wannabe philosophers and scholars was a mistake

Are people really bitching about that now? They've always bounced between 'better than you at everything' and straight gary stues

>> No.55651445

I actually enjoy them more because they're longer and i can put them on while cleaning or running.

>> No.55652251

Well isn't the point of the Custodes to be better than you at everything?

>> No.55652761

Possibly? You'd think bobby g would realize the custodes would do more good in administrative and service roles.

Imagine a mechanicum that actually knew what they were doing. An administration that operated efficiently. Or an inquisition which operated with less collateral damage then a black crusade.

>> No.55652997

The custodes and Guilliman might be the driving force of the Im perium now, but I think most of them would not be happy to be put in administrative businesses

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Nobody mentioned any youtube namefags besides you, you collosal senior-citizen rimjobbing fucking faggot. I wish paint-drinking stupid fucking redditors who only heard of 40k through that faggot to go. I want them to go and stay go.

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>only 1 pic of a Chadstode in this thread


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>> No.55656395

Custodes are pretty cool. I decided to build a small army to goof around with friends and have been rocking out with them since 8th dropped

>> No.55656623

Define 'small' with the talons of the emperor 24 models could be 2500 points.

>> No.55656706

What new toys do you guys think the custodes in 40k will get?

>> No.55656772

Do they need new toys? They already have the best gear in the imperium.

>> No.55657228

From GW? Nothing. From FW? Maybe in like a year they'll put out an IA book with some of the 30k stuff. But pretty much nothing

My army has like ~20 models and is 2000 points

>> No.55657488

I mean Cawl could always pool something out of his ass.

>> No.55657901

Sure but GW isn't going to bother with that.

>> No.55657955

fuck m8 those podcasts are dope

>> No.55658709

The question is what battlefield role it would fulfill. The only thing I can think off is something that's either a ranged troop choice or some sort of jump infantry.

Of course being custodes they'd be overpowered as all get out. I'm imagining something that's better than a fire dragon or dark reaper at shooting that's tougher then a nob in assault. Or some kind of gravity pack flying heavy weapons option.

>> No.55658720

>My army has like ~20 models and is 2000 points
And I bet they can more than double their point value before being removed from the table.

>> No.55659068

That's a what it is. Which one, who knows?

>> No.55659110

Geki!! Monzetsu Operation Plus

>> No.55659197

Welp >>55659110

>> No.55659284


Thank you for ruining my day.

>> No.55659600

If you can't handle Gav and Bob how will you survive Love and Krieg

>> No.55659719


Love and krieg was meh. Soldiers from krieg should only love the emperor and his creed ! But that poor ogryn did nothing.

>> No.55660216

>> No.55660709

They usually do unless my opponent just has a horrible amount of shooting that I can't get through but it's not usually an issue

>> No.55664153

love the podcast!!

>> No.55665674

Clearly, they were made for the post-human penis.

>> No.55665775

> Everyone buff badass needs to sounds like a frothing roidrager

Your opinion is boring and you should feel bad.

>> No.55667351

I agree with >>55608367

>> No.55670522

Das rite!

>> No.55672454

Is this canon?

>> No.55672831


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