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night lords are fags

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First for Tau

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Not today.

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Curse you memriposter

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Today you must share your tabletops and terrain.

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Reminder that Euphrati Keeler became Moriana the black, seer of the black legion!.

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Played a three player game yesterday. This is exactly what happened. DG are powerful as fuck. Drone with a lawnmower tore through my berserkers in one turn.

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Still looking for recommendations:

guardanon from the last thread, the one asking for help making something that's NOT going to win basically every game. Here's what I currently run at 1500 pts(I've yet to play 2000, but I have a baneblade to push up to that.)

Creed(Warlord with +leadership trait)
Commissar Lord - With Power Sword and Plasma Pistol

Conscripts x20
Infantry - chainsword sergeant, voxcaster, plasma gun, 7x lasgun
Infantry - chainsword sergeant, voxcaster, plasma gun, 7x lasgun

Knight-Commander Pask: In leman russ battle tank with lascannon, heavy bolters, heavy stubber
>Heavy Support:
Leman Russ: lascannon, heavy bolters, heavy stubber
Leman Russ: lascannon, heavy bolters, heavy stubber
Heavy Weapons Squad: 2x lascannon, 1x heavy bolter
Heavy Weapons Squad: 2x lascannon, 1x heavy bolter
Wyvern: heavy flamer

Company Commander: Plasma Pistol
Callidus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
Colour Sergeant Kell
Ordnance Commander
Command Squad - 4x Plasma Gun

>General tactics: Keep all the guardsmen blobbed, deepstrike vindicare and callidus to snipe out HQs and bubbles, keep wyvern and russes in the very back, not moving, in order to just snipe out everything

Like I said last thread, I'm looking for tactics that remain fair. I use all the named characters mostly because that's what I have. I'm still pretty limited in what I have access to. Aside from what I have listed, I have a chimaera left to build, more footslogging infantry, and a lot of different special weapons, as well as conversions to turn the battle tanks into demolishers. My locals is pretty diverse, ranging from marines and CSMs to eldar, nids, genestealers, and orks, as well as a SoB player, some chaos daemons, and a DE player.

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Does any one have The Emperors watchers pdf or Epub? I've looked at the megas but can't find anything.

Thanks so much to anyone who has it :)

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I mean watchers of the throne: the emperors legion.


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I like it. Go and conquer

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Er ya go.

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>Trail of Chimera Tears.jpg

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They are not the same Unit. The one in the Index doesn't have the Disgustingly Resilient rule.

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I don't want to 'conquer' though. I want an actual chance of losing. I like earning my wins. Shit, my main army is dark eldar.

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Must be a tau player

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Magical realm? For whom, the Tau? because you don't have jack all for cover.

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Helbrutes with Las + Missiles seem to be better at anti-tank? Especially if you can pull out Fire Frenzy

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Thank you kind anon.

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>No, hazard stripes were common for everyone in the older editions, then the Iron Warriors had to put them everywhere to warn others of their autism.

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Where da cover at buddy ?

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It's just a saying. So go play some games. Report back with pictures.

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So what's the final verdict on Codex Admech, now that we can see it in its full glory?

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>Both were crucial in the ascension of the Emperor's cult of divinity
>Both believe in the Emperor's divinity
>Moriana was one of the first Inquisitors, Keeler was around when Malcador chose the first Inquisitors
>Both were seers with uncanny precision

Coincidence? I think not!.

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I'm currently sitting about 8-1, and my only loss was due to playing Open War and getting really unlucky against crons.

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>Missile launcher on a Helbrute

I never thought I'd see this much retardation.

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>Today you must share your tabletops and terrain.
Isn't that the store's terrain?

Finally, someone other than me that actually has a table!

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Wait for pic related for a proper Admec army book

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Am I the only one who wish for female IG minis to be a thing in the future ?
they're here in the fluff, but not on the tables, and that's a bit sad.

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They are both 8PL and 146pts with an option to take wings for +1PL. So it stands to reason a nurgle demon prince with wings will cost the same amound of points. 170pts

No, the plague crawler has better weapons than a las+missiles and costs about the same, while being more resilient.

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I'm dumb

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Moriana was rumored to be one of the first Inquisitors. Exactly how accurate these claims are is unknown.

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Just buy some headswaps. Their clothing is so baggy that you couldn't tell the difference based on their body shape anyway.

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Yes I agree, it's logical that they do it that way. But until they officialy FAQ it it's a houserule and my LGS doesn't allow it.
This is why I wanna know when will they publish the FAQ

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No Mechanicum in 40k till Tau Codex(optimistic).

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>my LGS doesn't allow it.
Sounds like you need a new LGS or play PLs

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How do I build an HQ unit with maximum fire power for Space Marines? I want something that could tote the biggest guns possible for an HQ choice.

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whats so bad about that.
helbrutes are too slow to get into the melee they want anyway

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not happening any time soon but you'll get your transports before plastic sisters

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a few minis here and there exist.
the penal legion metal box has 2
there is a catachan with grenade launcher
some rogue trader minis exist, but they look shit

and soon house escher from necromunda will allow you to make some aswell

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from my 4way game featuring baneblades on each side
my baneblade took on a horde of purestrains with a broodlord

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Check out the retards who think the table is fully set for a game. Plenty of pieces on the shelves ready to go.

>Isn't that the store's terrain?

It's my friend's basement, so no.

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Is it me or do dedicated transports (at least for orks) cost far too many points? A suicide/distraction unit like trukkboyz or a MANz missile is now so significantly expensive it's just not worth it in most cases

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It's also fucking expensive. A squadron of them is 426pts, for that price, why not just take a pair of laspred ? You get more fire power at longer range for less points. I feel that they could have pushed the plague crawlers just a little bit more. Droping them by 10points and making giving their Bile spit +1S

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Right. I forgot one of the weapons.

For a 15 point difference I am curious to why they even included the Helbrute without DR or an invlun save.

It does have 3+ bs instead of 4/5, but I haven't done the math there.

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Is it worth giving skitarii alphas a melee weapon, or should I just accept that once a CC unit has hit them it's all over and save the points?

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>It's my friend's basement, so no.
In that case, that's awesome!

And another one!

Normally asking for people to post tables gets nothing round here...

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the second option

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Everybody has a default vanilla melee weapon

>> No.55531413

Plasma Gun or Blight Launcher?

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They have an 8 inch move.

In death guard in particular, you can move and shoot without penalty, so nothing keeping you from taking a lascannon.

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So, my FLGS is holding a neat event in October. You build a space marine scout with up to 100 points of ANY gear you want, from any codex or index (so long as it is modeled on the mini) and see how many poxwalker zombies he can kill before he goes down. Other limitations: no Fly keywords and up to 3 pieces of 0-point gear. So, no jumppack and no 20 bolt pistols. Seems anything else is available, including relics and the like.

There's nothing super major on the line - it's mostly for fun - but it got me thinking. At first I considered a storm shield, two lightning claws, two assault cannons and a heavy flamer, but that's just from the Space Marines armory. What do you think would be effective to use and/or cool to model?

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Sgt Chronus in a Land Raid Crusader/Predator

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Tau fucking suck.

GW ruined my army, now I'll ruin them.

Watch this space.

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Ok, thanks.

You know what I meant you big silly.

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As many flamers as possible

>> No.55531467


2 Grav Flux Bombards.

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Here comes another out of control multi-state wildfire.

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Hey guys

I was building my Grey hunter squad and on my last guy (armed with chainsaw/plasma pistol) I was out of right arms holding chainswords.

So I basically cut a chainsword off the left arm, removed the hand and glued it to my guys side. I gave my mini one arm holding a plasma pistol and one arm holding a bolt pistol.

Would I be ok to field this on the table? The dual wielding is purely for looks and hes holding a plasma pistol which is his actual weapon.

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I hope the fumes kill you gue'la

>> No.55531498


>wildfires were just t'au players destroying their armies

really makes you go hummmm

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Why not cut the sword of the left hand and glue it to the BP hand?

>> No.55531506

I just thought it would look cool

>> No.55531508


Exactly 100 points, this checks out.

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Do it faggot

>> No.55531549

Just wait till Chapter Approved gives us Sept Tactics, and we get to shoot our pulse blasters in melee.

>> No.55531554

What's a good bird that's considered girly but is really badass? I'm working on Pink Space Marines and I want them to be fabulous badasses.

>> No.55531563


Wow that doesn't help the suit armies everyone owns at all.

>> No.55531564

>Foul Blightspawn is 25$ monopose shit with no option
>Tallyman will certainly be the same

I'll just make my own from a regular plague marine I think.
What's the best option to make the scroll and the abacus outside of getting gud at green stuff ?

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>> No.55531572

>Chapter Approved gives us Sept Tactics

You aint getting shit until your codex arrives, CA will probably have special rules for certain armies but not subfaction rules or stratagems.

>> No.55531574

Sorry but it is rather difficult to feel any measure of pity for Taufaggots.
Maybe if the Tau models turn out to be bought before 5th edition and are all lovingly painted that I will feel a little sad for you ... But we all know Tau players with that level of dedication would not throw a tantrum like you're doing.

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>Girly but badass bird

Flamingo, dumbass.

>> No.55531580

plague crawler is cheaper than a quad las pred which trades a reduced wounding capability for increased resilience.

You get +1T, +1W, a 5++ and a 5FNP

Twin las pred = .021 dmg per point
quad las pred = .032 dmg per point
plague crawler = .027 dmg per point

against rhino hulls, when things start to get T 8, it swings in the preds favor

>> No.55531586

or swans

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>drinking hey yalls

Good God.

>> No.55531596

There's not a creature alive that thinks the cassowary is girly. Because the cassowary gutted them.

>> No.55531615

That's not a girly bird at all, those are merciless killing machines that would even put marines to shame.

>> No.55531625

actually no, i just ran the numbers and it evens out between the twin las pred and plague crawler at T8.

Quad las still sits at being 50% more efficient though, but i'd rather have the invul and fnp. YMMV

>> No.55531636


Still not really a stronger argument for it, when the enemy is going to target other tough stuff in your army anyway.

>> No.55531657

Bought the SC Skitarii Box Today, Don't know which Weapons to give the Dunecrawler and whether I should go for Scouts of Vanguard.

>> No.55531666

>other tough stuff in your army anyway

There isn't anything tougher in the codex.

>> No.55531670

>suit armies
You chose a vanity army, bro. That shit's on you.

>> No.55531674

>>55531666 (me)
besides mortarian

>> No.55531678

GW is laughing that they sold you product, which you will inevitably replace with more product since you destroyed it like the mouth-breather you are.

>> No.55531681

I'd like to add a detachment of Daemons to support my Death Guard because Nurglings' "Mischief Makers" rule is sure to help with objectives and the army's slow movement speed. The Nurglings in the Index are 2 points more expensive than the DG codex though. I just want to confirm I use the Index points cost, right?

>> No.55531684

My good sir
do you happen to have any unpainted riptide$ you'd be willing to part with

>> No.55531693

You use the codex point values.

>> No.55531712

3, probably.

But they're already slag

>> No.55531721

Why would they post different values in a newer book if you're not supposed to use them?


>> No.55531730

Hey /40kg/ is it OK if I post my 40k 3d renders here? Want input on accuracy

>> No.55531733

Indecisive anon again. So I've done some thinking, and I can't abide with the Xeno love of Stygies in the fluff. That just seems so near-heretical, to me.

I think I'll do Lucius instead, since I think deep striking is cooler than infiltrating any day of the week. I'll just have to eat that loss of -1 to hit with my pride. That being said, I'm not too sure where I should build from what I have. Plus it's not like there's 'fluffy units' to use really. I really want to use some Corpuscarii Priests but goddamn they're expensive and the torsos on the model are ass.

What I have

20 Skitarii, 10 scouts (4 arquebus), 10 vanguard (2 arc rifle, 2 plasma)
2 Dunecrawlers, 1 icarus, 1 neutron

I can work a good 800 points or so out of this in a battalion. I wanna hit a good 1000. What should I add? I know everyone loves Kastelans but I can't seem to find a decent enough price for them around.

>> No.55531736

I hear Neutron lasers are pretty good.
If you're only just getting started you might want to assemble them as 5 rangers and 5 vanguards,
certainly give the vanguards the plasma and the rangers the Arquebus.
Ideally though you'd get 2 more squads of skitarii so you could give each unit all the same weapon.

>> No.55531741

>Armies already have special rules in the index
>chapter approved confirmed as letting no-dex armies participate in 8th mechanics not found in index

Orks, Daeldari, Knights, SOB, and Tau, are getting some <subfaction> bonuses, some relics, and some stratagems.
Deal with it.

>> No.55531746

Uh, just post them and see what happens
Where are you from anon?

>> No.55531786

Nanyte Blaster from 30k?

>> No.55531787

There any good bits for converting current cardians to look like their 2nd edition incarnation? I much prefer that aesthetic.

>> No.55531793

Do the T'au have what it takes to survive a threat on par with say, The Beast or the Cacodominus

>> No.55531799

yet another overreacting kid

>> No.55531804

That looks so shit with the fake cyrillic font.
Even comic sans would look better.

>> No.55531809

I'm starting to feel like Death Guard is overcosted to balance out Mortarion. Which is shit when you really want to run a list without Mortarion.

>> No.55531820

Anyone know where one can get the Forge World dice? They've all been sold out for a while, I only managed to nab the Sons of Horus ones.

I'm specifically looking for the Alpha Legion ones

>> No.55531824

for example?

>> No.55531840

Even without Mort you can spam mortal wounds out the ass.

>> No.55531865


>> No.55531887

Those are fucking wooden knockoffs

>> No.55531891

Why? The codex is the latest

>> No.55531894

Almost certainly not, since "burning out a couple sectors with the megabullshit weapon" is the entire Tau Empire gone. Their navy is slow as all hell, which means that their expansion is very limited. Stretch too far and they'll start losing major planets to cyclonics or Life-Eater dropped into the atmosphere, and the Beast would just smash clean through them.

>> No.55531895


I feel like I fell behind somewhere because last time I checked the meme was FW is P2W and GW purists are holocaust deniers.

>> No.55531906

The meme has merged into FW is P2W holocaust deniers. And it goes beyond just FW units; anything forge world, even rhino doors

>> No.55531910

Someday I'm gonna have a full good table.

>> No.55531948

huh, thought they were the real thing...guess they got swapped out by someone?

>> No.55531952

Well I created thread with silly edition joke.
"FW WAAC Rhino doors edition"
It was a terrible mistake
It evolved into this >>55531820.
Also entire general was one big FW P2W holocaust deniers shitopst.

>> No.55531953

Trying to build a primaris SM force, so far I have my pain train of an aggressor squad, gravis capt w/ artificer armour, apothecary, and lieutennant in a repulsor.

They escort two squads of intercessors and a hellblaster squad and an ancient.

What else should I include?

>> No.55531959

Is that supposed to say "frag off"?

>> No.55531978

I had a hilarious game today. Me with scions vs Dark Angels, 1500 points.
Tempestor prime, Inquisitor Greyfax, 30 scions, crassus armored assault transport, knight Acheron, stormhawk interceptor, vs Azreal, Asmodai, 5 deathwing knights, 6 aggresors, a redeptor, land raider crusader, and darkshroud speeder thing.
I got wiped but it was great. The crassus ran over a terminator, the tempestor prime killed Asmodai in close combat, the scions all got gimped, but the knight was the funniest thing and the center of the game.
Turn one I walked it up and blew up the darkshroud because it worried me, but that was a mistake. The knight took the entire army's shooting square in the face, easily a thousand points worth, rerolling misses from Azreal and getting +1 rend for ever wound roll of 6. It went from 27 wounds to 8 in that one phase. Then it walked over and engaged the redeptor dreadnought and was reduced to 4 wounds in overwatch. It smacked a couple more wounds off the redeptor but didn't finish it. The redeptor got to attack and it had to do 4 damage to the knight, but it only managed to do 2 wounds to my raucous cheering, so the knight killed it then made a charge against the last aggressor and Azreal, killing the former but died to the latter.
The stormhawk did nothing.

>> No.55532001

>Convert Primaris Captain with a big power axe
>They can't take power axes


>> No.55532014

Have it count as a power sword no one should call you out on it unless they are a massive autist.

>> No.55532019

Pure primaris is shit, but perhaps you should get a Redemptor because the model is fucking sweet

>> No.55532033

Yeah but they were posh vandals.

>> No.55532036

Make it a proxy for the relic sword.

>> No.55532041

You need to get close enough to make Lord of Contagion or Blades of Putrefaction work for that. Unless you are on a map where you can move up safely you are dealing with really bad movement.

>> No.55532057

Further confirming what I think we all knew, Death Guard look way better with a desaturated colour scheme.

>> No.55532068

>Has forehead lines


>> No.55532072

Victoria is probably the closest you'll get.


>> No.55532077

It's a severed head that's only been skinned from the brow down.

>> No.55532078

Now that the Foul Blightspawn is coming out, is he worth fielding?

Costs 77 points.

I think he's worth it just for the meme flamer desu.

>> No.55532093

It doesn't have to be pure primaris, just mostly because that's what I have.

I have enough for a 5man tac squad, I have the magister loth FW model that can be a tigurius stand in.

I am trying to make it an infantry heavy list because I like the red scorpion obsession with apothecaries and gene seed

>> No.55532096

But it's all the same colour?

>> No.55532112

"Frag" is a common replacement for fuck in the lore. "oof" is because it was really late when I wrote that.

>> No.55532113

The lower bit is bone in colour while the upper head is paler.

>> No.55532124

good against melee

>> No.55532133

No it's not, the skin part is a pale blueish grey while the skull part is a yellowish off white.

>> No.55532137

I've been tempted by the Crassus a lot lately.

>> No.55532147

Sad he doesnt have terminator armor

>> No.55532154

Even still, I don't like their design. It's all over the place, even with less colour. And what is that helmet?

>> No.55532159

Playing a 1500pt game against Grey Knights today with my new admech. How does this Mars List look?

Spearhead Detachment 937pts
-Cawl 250pts

-Dunecrawler 135pts
--Icarus Array and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Broad Spectrum Data Tether.
-Dunecrawler 140pts
-Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Broad Spectrum Data Tether.
-Dunecrawler 140pts
-Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Broad Spectrum Data Tether.
-x2 Kastellans Robots
-3 Heavy Blasters each
-Datasmith 52pts

Battalion Detachment 563
-Tech-Priest Dominus 135pts
--Volkite Blaster, Macro Stubber, Auto-Caddeus
-Engiseer 52pts

x10 Rangers 212pts
-3 Trans Arquebus, Enhanced Data-Tether
x5 Vanguard 81pts
-2 Plasma Cavs, Arc Maul, Arc Pistol
x5 Vanguard 81pts
-2 Plasma Cavs, Arc Maul, Arc Pistol

Its pretty similar to what I played before the codex but I normally dont bring rangers.

>> No.55532160

As they should be

>> No.55532166

What is your best/worst unit in your army? Models that do great/shit every time you play a game with them?

>> No.55532182

What did he mean by this?

>> No.55532187

I prefer >http://madrobotminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9_17
for melee but
is my goto for shooting.

>> No.55532189

I think you are paying too much to carry that third trans arquebus.

If you are playing against marines, you should try to fit some kataphrons with grav in your army.

>> No.55532193

Huh, so it is. Cool.

>> No.55532202


>> No.55532203

it's great if you don't mind it not being very good

>> No.55532210

Reposting this here as well.
Fresh and toasty rumor:
Several files named DGruss have been spotted.
To the more in-depth of you out there, this is probably a reference to Delphan Gruss, Magos-Explorator - a character from the specialist game Inquisitor, that used 54mm figures. Personally I am hoping for a new version of Inquisitor with larger-scale plastic figures, given the recent success with Blood Bowl and the hype for Necromunda. Here's hoping.

>> No.55532214

how did you make that anon

>> No.55532238

Thinking of getting this from deepcut studios. The pvc 6*4 version. Anyone have any experience with them?

>> No.55532257

Are there any good head conversions for the Kastelan Robots, I like the glass domes i've seen.

Thinking of starting a Mechanicus army

>> No.55532262

It wouldn't be the first guy from inquisitor that they brought back

>> No.55532264

I bought it:


>> No.55532271

You can grab these heads from shapeways for $6.

>> No.55532278

Are company vets the best bodyguard unit for a non-termy librarian warlord like tigurius?

If so, how best to kit their gear?

>> No.55532281

>Lost 2 fucking bidwars on the Deathwatch Salamanders Termie
>Ebay searched in frustration
>Found one for cheap Buy it Now

My friend's going to have a nice birthday/christmas present. Gonna paint his ass up all sexy and make him a beautiful custom base that slots into a small diorama or I use a trophy plinth for him.

Warm, comfy feels, lads.

>> No.55532290

Drill + claw setup, red white color scheme and vaguely cone shaped head with facemask reminds me of Getter-2.

>> No.55532297

I have 3 Neutron Lasers, but mostly because they are great anti tank/large and I run a lot of Vanguard.If you plan to run a lot of Arc/Destroyers you might want to get one Icarus Array early to spam those flyers. Also don't forget the double Congnis Heavy Stubber you can put on your Neutroncrawler, since everything has split fire now the spam is really nice (Terminators have gone down). You might want to open with vanguard btw, and save the parts of the Rangers so you can later built 2 twin arquebus teams, for sniping their characters. (I play against Cult, Orks, Guard and Chaos, Deathguard/Word Bearers/Daemons of Nurgle mostly).

>> No.55532299

ministorum priests are great for their points price

basic leman russ battle tanks and demolishers a shit

>> No.55532314

huh, neat


>> No.55532315

(generic) rogue traders when

>> No.55532324

Why in the fuck do all scouts have like the most square heads of any human.

>> No.55532332

Marines with flattops.

>> No.55532340

I want that just for the conversion possibilities.

>> No.55532360

Vanguard never seem to fail me, while the Electro Priest never seem to kill worth their points...

>> No.55532363

>Don't know which Weapons to give the Dunecrawler
Give it the best weapon in the game anon - magnets.

>> No.55532367

Put them on backwards and let them drop in a little, you'll get dome heads.

>> No.55532368

i'm not sure but i think space wolves scouts are reasonable

>> No.55532384

Well the meme flamer is basically all he does. Seems like there has to be a better option to use his points on.

>> No.55532397

What are you working on tonight, guys?

I just finished up the first four guys off the assembly line. Hope they're tabletop worthy.

>> No.55532409

Why does no one like the normal heads, I think they look fine?

>> No.55532411

why the sameposing

>> No.55532413

Negating charges also help.

>> No.55532414

It's clearly referring to Leman Russ being corrupted by Nurgle and joining the Death Guard.

>> No.55532426


>> No.55532440

Gonna paint the tesseract vault some more when I get home. I don't have a recent pic of most progress so far, but this is isn't tooooo far behind where I'm at...

>> No.55532449

> female legs
> kneeling

I dunno

>> No.55532451

Unless you are certainly facing flyers might not want the Array for consitant damage. I'd personally take more 10 man vanguard teams instead of the Array and plasma culivins. Also make sure your Engiseer is busy repairing those Dunecrawlers! Otherwise looks solid, can't go wrong with Cawl really.

>> No.55532453

>all shapeways product previews are either digital renders or low-res photos taken from a distance
Are the 3D printed casts as grainy and fucked as this is suggesting?

>> No.55532454

they don't look spectacular but people go to lengths to to replace them with even shittier heads oftentimes

>> No.55532463

What's this guy?

>> No.55532473

>tfw out of all the people I know, I'm probably the only one who would even think of doing something nice like that
>do nice things to friends and family all the time but no one ever returns the favor

>> No.55532478

first from of the last boss in final fantasy 6

>> No.55532480

Not that much variety available for Skitarii Alphas if you want them with a radium carbine and a taser goad.

And I'm just not very good at the whole converting thing.

>> No.55532483


>> No.55532486

Probably a future ad mech release, they drew multiples of him and GW barely ever does art for things that either don't have or don't get models.

>> No.55532488


Ravagers always perform.

Razorwing jetfighters have done fucc all in 5 games now.

For infantry, mandrakes/scourges always feel great to use and generally earn their points back/set my up for a win

Incubi a shit, no invul is awful

>> No.55532498

An Archmagos

>> No.55532501

you have to glue their arms in those positions?

>> No.55532507

They look kind of dopey to me.

This is what I made of them.

>> No.55532525

The arm holding the carbine, yeah, you have to glue it like that or it'll look like his shoulder is severely dislocated. I agree on the taser goad arm though, now that you mention it.

>> No.55532531

Yes. They don't fit exactly which is a pain.

>> No.55532544

I'm like you, man. the only reason I'm doing this is because he's one of 3 proper friends I have and the only one I've met physically for the past 2 years. He's given me much and is always there. He deserves so much more, but I'm struggling myself so this will have to do for now.

Be strong. You're good enough.

>> No.55532545

never mind then. both hands holding weapons up high looks stupid most often

>> No.55532553

My stormraven always get fucked in 1 turn, never worth the points.

On the other side I have a razorback that always gets shit done.

>> No.55532560

I've seen good work done with them, if you put the effort in.

>> No.55532563

razorbacks are cute when not fielded like it's 5th edition

>> No.55532573

Shapeways is hit or miss. Sometimes what you get is great, and works perfectly, other times it's grainy and needs a sanding/filing.

Pic related is one of the worst pieces I've gotten from Shapeways, but was still quite workable. A lot of it depends on the creator's render, as well - shapeways just prints it, they don't do any sort of touch up or anything, so if the original piece is poorly designed it'll look like shit regardless.

>> No.55532635

I still have PTSD from lists with like 15 Chimeras or Razorbacks...

>> No.55532641

While I'll always appreciate new releases it seems real fucking dumb even by GW standards to release models for a army that JUST received their codex. Though you can never put it past them, it feels incredibly cheap to make you buy a £25 book and then already make you also have seperate datasheets for new releases. Reminds me of something "old" GW would do.

>> No.55532652

Forge World?

>> No.55532653

Now we have the half Taurox plasma/melta deepstrike spam, so it never seems to truely die...

>> No.55532661

first chapter
>Terra upper crust people diddle boys

>> No.55532669

Looks a bit like this guy

>> No.55532671

never seen lists with tauroxes in 8th, what's up with them?

>> No.55532677

Well said model might not necessarily be coming out any time soon, it could be over a year from now for all we know.

>> No.55532691

Isn't there free datasheets?

>> No.55532694

Empty Tauroxes with their Tempestos in deepstrike (Since only half their army can be in reserve), jump down first turn murder everything that is important, tauroxes spam twin missles and autocannons. Usually supported by a knight for extra dickery.

>> No.55532696

Their design just looks wrong compared to everything else. Too rounded and smooth.

>> No.55532707

Anons, what do you think of my mediocre Daemon Prince of Nurgle? I'm trying to make all my models distinct from one another so this one doesn't have wings.

>> No.55532714

Not that it sounds surprising, considering Slaanesh is part of the setting, but like is it really necessary to bring it up?

>> No.55532721

The thumbnail made me think it was something other than the plastic DP

Looks like a DP

>> No.55532727

I'd make him weep blood with those eyes. (or blight since it's Nurgle and all.) Going to be tough to get the basing right though, good luck!

>> No.55532729

Its alright, using the less popular head too

>> No.55532752

If there is a good a time between its release and now I wouldn't pay it any mind, it'd just strike me as very stupid to do. And yeah, as >>55532691
says I'm sure if anywhere were to be released it'd get free datasheets but we -just- had all the game compressed so you didn't need to bring seven different pieces of paper or books to a game, and frankly seeing them bloat the game that way again would make me wary they'd go back to resting on their laurels. Shit's been fairly good so far.

>> No.55532760

Am i the only one who thinks the Daemon prince always looks like he is trying to flip you the bird?

>> No.55532770

no, i think there's a power claw that has the middle finger out too, probably intentional

>> No.55532772

All the more reason to blast him to smithereens.

>> No.55532788

Haven't had time to work on these guys for a week or so, going to base stripes guy, get started on six shooter

>> No.55532802

Thanks guys, just feeling down because the older DP model really stands out next to the detailed Death Guard sculpts. I hope all your paints stay thin!

>> No.55532849

Anyone got any ideas for a Tzeentch Daemon Prince?

>> No.55532857

the middle finger is the longest finger so it's only natural it sticks out

>> No.55532858

Thinking about wrapping up my last five Khorne Berserkers, enjoying how the smoke on my Death Guard came out.

>> No.55532865

>Yes, the Custodians fight. Yes, we have been doing so for millennia. How else
could it be that our fellowship remains prepared? Only the nature and the
parameters of our warfare were at issue in those days of transition, not the
essential matter of it.

Weirdly tacked in line that seems obviously intended to dispel Lazy Custodes chatter

>> No.55532872


>> No.55532873

Today on Contextless Mathhammer: What's the best way to bring down a Warlord Battle Titan without another equivalent in its weight class?

As it turns out, a Warlord Battle Titan's equivalent in points of Malefic Lords does just enough damage from Smite to kill it in one turn, not counting degradation!

If you do count degradation, it takes 82 Malefic Lords (down from 133) to take it down, which comes out to 2460 points, or 61.5% of the WBT's cost in points.

Of course, the Warlord can fight back. But its most efficient anti-infantry loadout, being a Reaver Gatling Blaster and two Warlord Gatling Blasters, scores a grand total of 90 hits on the Lords (this is assuming they were all in one unit to be shot at, of course, which won't be the case since they're characters). Even if this was the case, though, wounding on 2s (the gatlings' S8 just clears the threshold against the MLs' T4) and hitting on 2s (we're ignoring degradation, let's say the WBT goes first), once it runs up against the MLs' 4++ each shot only has a slightly higher than 1/3 chance of wounding them, which would bring the number of wounding shots all the way down to 30. What's more, the gatlings are all D3, which falls shy of downing the MLs' 4W in one shot each, meaning that this missed threshold essentially doubles the required number of shots to kill the pesky little psykers. Perhaps if they start from a far enough range that they'll lose a significant amount of their ranks before reaching Smite range things will go badly for the MLs, but things are not looking bright for the big guy.

>> No.55532878


>> No.55532883

Lore or model?

>> No.55532896


I think it's a top expensive army.

What happens is it comes with Space Marines in the starter, which are famous for being the "expensive" army, so in comparison people think DG would be the "cheaper but more numerous" faction.

In reality everything power armor related in Death Guard is expensive AS FUCK, and all that resilience and all those mortal wounds out the ass are needed because otherwise they're pathetic footslogging targets

>> No.55532898



>> No.55532914


Mein cock was so hard when Artemis came back, now as a captain

>> No.55532928

To be fair, if you came up against something specialised you'd probably have your face melted. All your armour and las teams wouldn't be a problem to deal with.

But you chose cheese minis and prob don't play people who want to fag it up.

>> No.55532935


>Tactical markings on left shoulder.

That pic is heretical as well

>> No.55532944

>In reality everything power armor related in Grey Knights are expensive AS FUCK, and all that resilience and all those mortal wounds out the ass are needed because otherwise they're pathetic footslogging targets
is this true

>> No.55532953

And then, if you really want to put the nail in the poor little titan's coffin, note that Malefic Lords are Characters, and so can only be targeted if they are the closest unit -- one at a time. Despite the apocalyptic number of shots the WBT can dish out, they must be allocated to individual units, and they come from only 3 total guns -- which cannot pierce the MLs' invulnerable save unless they inflict mortal wounds, which can only happen on rolls of 6 for a few of the WBT's guns.

So with each ML putting out 0.55 to 1.38 wounds on the WBT depending on degradation, and the titan only being able to kill three of them per turn (it'll kill 'em dead, though), the backwater insane cultists prove more than a match, in numbers, to the mighty god-machine. Because if they're fielding one of those, they give up their right to complain when you run a Conscript blob's worth of psykers. As little as 45 of them can ruin the WBT in two turns, at a measly 34% of the cost!

This pointless info has been brought to you by Contextless Mathhammer. Making your day just a little more autistic!

>> No.55532954

Different fucking uses you plebs.

>> No.55532956

>But you chose cheese minis and prob don't play people who want to fag it up.
I picked up guard because I like guard, and I've liked guard since I first played dawn of war.

My main army is Dark Eldar, and my other army that I'm building is TSons.

Again, I'm not trying to play a cheese list, I'm just playing what I own.

>> No.55532958

Just bought 2 boxes of blightlord terminators.
Love their look.
Anyway, how should I arm them? I usually go by the rule of cool, but i kinda like all their options.
Axes or swords? Also is the censor worth it?

>> No.55532966

Maybe it's a reference to the Chaos Lord power fist, which also has an elongated middle finger? Like he turned into a DP and his power fist got turned into a big demonic arm.

>> No.55532972

If you play death guard, you use their codex.

If you don't play death guard, you use the most relevant recent publication supported. So the index.

You play death guard, you use the death guard codex.

Why is this hard?

>> No.55532982


>> No.55532987

make a super brimstone

>> No.55532992

Are they really that bad tempered?

>> No.55532995

Not him but it sounds true. It's essentially the same issue with Thousand Sons for several editions (though they weren't as good as they are now). They were always the ridiculously expensive superelite army where 2000 points meant like 25 models.

>> No.55532996


Third party miniatures

>> No.55533000

Who's the guy with the axe swinging at?

Seems he's attacking his own fatty boy.

>> No.55533004

I'm sure that's the reasoning behind the look, still funny to look at.

>> No.55533024

He's not swinging it. He's holding it there.

>> No.55533036

Make your own

>> No.55533039

Yes, Anon. They are the one animal Steve Irwin wouldn't fuck with.

>> No.55533041

In fact the warlord will only be able to target the closest ML in each shooting phase so its guns are actually even less effective. the only real chance of killing the ML's is in combat. It should be noted however that the titans movement is so much greater that it can easily keep out of smite range.

>> No.55533048

Yes, that is what I was asking about, if people have ideas for that. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

>> No.55533066

That dude on his chest doesn't seem to think it's a good pain.

>> No.55533068

They're known to kick dogs and small children in the jugular with a massive talon on their toes. They're huge cunts.

>> No.55533085

Can you embark after summoning?

>> No.55533091

the only birth that's more painful than human birth is xenomorph birth

>> No.55533095

>Oud Oudia Raskian was Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and
the hardest of all the Twelve to pin down to a general assembly at the
Senatorum, since his physical form was more building than body and required
extensive modification to travel from Mars at all. It would take eight Basilikon
megalifters to get him to the Palace, and all that required tedious orbital

this is the guy Cawl wants to replace

>> No.55533105

Seems like a good idea just to cut down on the paperwork.

>> No.55533151

why not fit him with a warp engine and just teleport him

>> No.55533154

What are you guys opinions on Electro-priests now that they can actually get close to the enemy with Deep Strike or Infiltrate? I'm partial to Corpuscarii for versatility but Fulgurite are obviously better for the 'fuck you up in one turn' strategy

>> No.55533156

I've learned a lot from /tg/ that I didn't think would be on the board, they're from Australia right? As if there isn't enough hostile organisms on that island already.

>> No.55533168

real men footslog into combat

>> No.55533202

Yes, Australia. They also have Emus. Australia once went to war with them and lost.

>> No.55533204

I'm totally running 20 Infiltrating bastards. Combining their T3 with them being close enough to not apply -1 To Hit should make them a tasty tasty target, but if they've already jumped on something and got a 3++ they might even live through it. Combine that with a Dragoon melee spearhead and I could soak up the majority of enemy firepower on the actually dangerous turns. Or just punch a load of dudes. That works too.

>> No.55533209

Probably because you don't "play death guard".

You play <FACTION KEYWORD> army, where you can include a DEATH GUARD detachment, along with other detachments that share the keyword.

>> No.55533223

But what do cybernetically enhanced men do?

>> No.55533238

That is a good point, my friend. This contextless simulation is assuming all the MLs are simultaneously in range of the WBT, which is a stretch to be sure. Both gatlings have a whopping 72" range to add to the WBT's natural (pre-degradation) 18" move, which happens to be the same as Smite's maximum range! However, as you mentioned, it can still only kill up to 3 per round (in melee, it can launch up to 20 attacks, but that won't help much against spread-out characters). If the MLs fan out and run at the WBT, it can only kite them for so long, depending on deployment, until it runs out of room and has to face the music, coming in this case in the form of a screaming mob of brainwashed morons hurling bolts of warp fire, of which, for all its continent-razing firepower, it inexplicably will take over 15 turns to fully eliminate.

So if you're ever at our FLGS and some FINE GENTLEMAN who took out a mortgage to buy a Warlord Battle Titan and possibly have it painted is grinning and offering people to try a nice friendly narrative game, just borrow some Conscripts, toss them as count-as Malefic Lords, and be sure to have a mug handy to collect his tasty, tasty tears as his 4000 pint monstrosity gets mindbullet'd to hell.

>> No.55533244

Yes but also New Guinea and Indonesia.

>> No.55533263

The same thing but they don't get tired as fast.

>> No.55533276

be too lobotomized to understand their suffering

>> No.55533297


>> No.55533298

So I was rifling through my bits box and I found most of an ogryn. I have no idea where it came from.

But I had an interesting idea. What about a big lumbering enginseer. Sorta like a repair Servitor, essentially. Is that a little far fetched? Pic related, some bits I found to help.

>> No.55533308

He said men, servitors are not people.

>> No.55533316

What colour should I do my Thousand Sons?

I was thinking gold and black.

Maybe dark purple and gold?

>> No.55533323

So if I run 6 Bloat Drones with heavy blight launchers I get to zoom around with 10" movement and have Assault 36 attacks at 36" range, which seems like a good time.

What are the units that will ruin my day?

>> No.55533326

how the heck are you going to replace his arms and shoota

>> No.55533329

The Emu War Wikipedia article was probably the most funny article they have.
Interesting distribution since I imagine that they can't swim.

Australia seems just a levels short of Catachan on the hostile wildlife front. Would even Tyranids struggle to "conquer" that planet?

>> No.55533331

Suffering you say

>> No.55533333

>I was thinking gold and black.

>> No.55533335

>The words made my pulse rate pick up. The Companions were never more than
three hundred strong. It was the highest honour to be chosen for duty within that
brotherhood. There would be sacrifice, of course – I would have to leave my
precious books behind – but that counted as nothing besides the opportunity to
serve in the most profound way imaginable.

>There would be sacrifice, of course – I would have to leave my
precious books behind

Custards confirmed for nerds on the tier of thousand sons

>> No.55533336

Talking about Corpuscari 14 pts/model (with 3 s5 12" range shots that have essentialy the Taser rule Feel No Pain and 5++) vs Vanguard 9 pts/model (3 s3 18" range shots that do double damage on 6s to wound, while having a 4+ 6++ save). Seems pretty fairly costed right? But the Vanguard are Troops, have that massive +6" range AND actually benefit from Shroudpsalm, arguably the best Canticle, especially if you are well supported by your Domini. I just don't see how the Corpuscarii are a good pick if they are barely an improved version of the most basic troops my army have. I want to make them work /tg/, what do?

>> No.55533337

>Gold and black

There's a canon Black Legion aligned Thousand Sons warband if you want some ready made fluff.

>> No.55533345

Use and Morghast Archai

>> No.55533354

Now that's the some great grimdark right there.

>> No.55533357

Trips & Quints

>> No.55533359

You can even just play a CHAOS army where you take one thing from the Death Guard codex, one thing from the Chaos Space Marine codex, one thing from the Chaos Index, etc. And the only keyword they might share is CHAOS. Still totally legal and even battle forged, if very incoherent and lacking in specific special rules in some cases.

>> No.55533365

So what will happen first? FoC or plastic sisters?

>> No.55533369

The models are just so fuckugly. I'm thinking of just painting them in full metallic rather than skintone. That way I can just pretend they're metal men, and not ugly creepy naked bald guys without eyes.

>> No.55533373


>> No.55533376

If you do end up doing them as Black Legion make sure to make your own Khayon.

>> No.55533377

Probably not. Catachan literally has plants all over that eat other things alive. Catachans are badass but they're still humans so if they can survive, nids definitely can. They work on the molecular level so they just turn the planet into themselves.

>> No.55533384

I have a few bits and bobs to use. I only need some kind of 'holding an Axe' arm and whatever else with the other one.

>> No.55533400

>a staff wielder gets his first two-handed axe

>> No.55533402


Black Legion TS sound cool, but what about my Magnus?

I could just paint him normal blue and gold?

>> No.55533411

Fires of Cyraxis.

>> No.55533415

go stick your magnus dong up your own asshole!

>> No.55533420

Well you've already got a funky Magnus conversion going on, so paint him in colors befitting the Black Legion and fluff it as being some very powerful Lord of Change.

>> No.55533429

Dem numbers son

It is as if the weaver of fates himself had chosen

>> No.55533432

I'm thinking of making some greenstuff robes for them to cover their torsos, since that's the big issue imo. That or a straight torso swap maybe with the genestealer cultists torso. And of course a head swap.

>> No.55533443

>Nids invade Catachan
>start devouring local plant life and absorbing its genetics
>that hive fleet then starts using Catachan like plants when ever it invades other planets
Dear God

>> No.55533450


>> No.55533452

What happens to a Space Marines genetic parents after being recruited (usually around age 12 I think)? Do they get to visit their kid? Do they get compensation? Does it matter on a per-chapter basis? Do they tend to recruit orphans?

>> No.55533467

Depends on the chapter.

>> No.55533472

Infiltrators; After getting neatlrly wiped by an Eldar army, a single squad of the bastards steam rolled 5 Dark Reapers, 5 Dire Avengers, a Warlock, A farseer, and they were set on killing off a squad of Banshees. They are still fucking insanely good, and only got better.

>> No.55533480

Depends on the chapter, but mostly:

No, No, No.

>> No.55533483

Should I paint my Dark Eldar pale-green or dirty bone white?

>> No.55533484

>no, it's a great glory in itself to have a space marine from your family
>(implying he lives through the training)
>implying the parents are alive if you recruit hive world gangster scum or deathworld rambos

>> No.55533494


>> No.55533505

Just 30k stuff.
FW Horus Heresy is truly grimdark.

>> No.55533506

>kabal of the guarded death

>> No.55533510

Probably only Salamanders will get to see their families again, and that assumes they don't immediately ship out when and if they finish their training.

>> No.55533522

Ultras and Yiffs also keep in touch with their families though.

>> No.55533524

Oh I know but it was that perfect level of grimdark, not overtly stupid or grimdark just to be grimdark(mostly).

>> No.55533530

Salamanders get to visit their families and hang out and do shit like forge and act as leaders and other guiding roles in their communities. Kinda like how you'd get recruited from your village and you come back to be your mayor's assistant while people drop by the office to say hi, bring your gift hampers and honk your BBC.

Most other chapters are just "Be thankful your son might get to serve as a space marine. fuck off"

>> No.55533547

>free time
[angry frog sounds]

>> No.55533549

Or if they are the Marines Malevolent(and any other asshole chapter) they will just shoot you and take your son without an explanation.

>> No.55533552

There was that story in Night Lords where, I think Talos, was visiting Nostramo during the great crusade on a parade.

Some random old woman was shouting at him, being hysterical and she got killed by guards. Turns out it was his mother and he didn't recognize her.


>> No.55533553

legit, I think it would work to have the bone as your primary, with the green for secondary, then invert it for incubi and/or wych cult stuff.

>> No.55533562

Is it just me or does that blight grenade look like a morbid death-maraca?

>> No.55533563

I swear it's just so straight-forward and simple to make blight launchers out of the 30K plastic heavy bolters. This one still needs the green stuff to blend thing together and a nice cable/tube or two, but I'm pretty happy with the process.

>> No.55533593

What do you thinj /tg/, Is there any way to make massed bloat drones conpetitive? Id like to run 5 or 6 with the fleshmower

>> No.55533597


Ultramarines of course are a special case as usual. Sons serving in the Ultramarines is a high honour for a family

>> No.55533598


>> No.55533625


>> No.55533627

>3 5's
>5 3's
With authority

>> No.55533654


>> No.55533663

Dare I say a Death-Rattle.

>> No.55533676

who are the y'shaarj, c'thun, yogg-saron and n'zoth of warhammer?

>> No.55533716

I wonder what space marines/SoB fantasies about

>> No.55533726

the heretic next door

>> No.55533738

maybe it's for a song they're doing. Like this one

>> No.55533758

What are you listening to atm?

>> No.55533774

anime reaction images

>> No.55533787

I was just listening to the nice radio, but I guess something else will have to do now

>> No.55533808

Future Girlfriend - Your Grill

>> No.55533825


>> No.55533843

Within Temptation - Mother Earth

>> No.55533845


>> No.55533861


My dark skinned compatriot.

>> No.55533870

This one is dying so new one here

>> No.55533885


The Carpenter Brut remix is dope too.

>> No.55533903

It's on page fucking 6.

>> No.55533981

It's not really a special case for a family to be considered honoured to have a son become a space marine. Sure Ultramar has infinitely better information on their citizens than random deathworld number: 98234, so their families will actually be informed that they've been selected, but that isn't something that is unique to Ultramar in the slightest.

>> No.55533994

>That feel when word bearers are dead to GW

Well fuck me.

>> No.55534018

i wish i was dead

>> No.55534299

Artemis just got a new model in 40k last year, and Covenant, Josef and one of the Rogue Traders were in a new novel from last month.

He may be coming in 28mm form as a "Wait, why didn't you release this with the codex" AM release.

>> No.55534310

Logan ost, love me some sad Western music. It goes will with my beer and Death Guard.

>> No.55534332

you put forth a stunning argument.

>> No.55535939

Fucking tune lad

>> No.55537359

Do company vets make good bodyguard, they seem overcosted for 1w models

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