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>Unearthed Arcana: Eladrin and Gith

>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:


>Resources Pastebin:
http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck (embed)

>Tomb of Annihilation leaks album

>Tomb of Annihilation complete official art dump (pdf)

>Tortle Package (pdf)

>Previous thread:

What's the character you've always wanted to play but never got a chance to? What class are they?

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I currently want to play a lizardman barbarian but we just switched systems.

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Celadrin Lore Bard. Unfortunately means I'm stuck just being a High Elf, since they've still not made any official Celadrin race for 5e.

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pls guys just tell me if medium armor master is worth it for a dex cleric

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>What's the character you've always wanted to play but never got a chance to? What class are they?
Yuan-Ti Lore Master

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Funny enough I wanted to try out a lizardfolk grave cleric, though GM was a bit overwhelmed with all their friends joining the game that they decided to put it on hiatus.

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How a Warpick archefey pact of the blade would look, I don´t want only a branch with a Spikey shell, I have the idea of something like the Amygdalean arm, but the fluff says that warlocks can´t bind sentient weapons as their pact boon

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Please post maps for Planescape.

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A human barbarian from nobility, out to make her own fortune after getting disowned by her family because... well she's a barbarian.

Among countless other ideas. Being a perma-DM is hell.

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Anyone have alternate setups for the 5e Character Sheet ? The base one isn't bad, I just want to look at other options for a better/easier for new players to read setup.

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Just grabbed the .zip file from the Pastebin, gonna start looking through those now.

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Quick! Which cleric domain is the best?

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life or war

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Fire and War. Unless you *don't* want to be a battle cleric.

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As always depends on what you want to do. Classic heals is life. If you want to be more blasty then Tempest and Light are great choices. If you want to have toolbox versatility then I really like Arcana from SCAG (btw this can also be built to to Trickery domain stuff better than the pretty garbage tier Trickery archetype itself). There are some people who like war in multiclass builds though I feel it's weak solo

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Grave is somewhat good since you can use spare the dying a bonus action on allies and when you heal them from 0 you do it with the maximum amount of healing possible with said spell.

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>Could you share details about list of level restricted feats?
Not the full list, but among others:
>Master feats requires level 8
Great weapon master/polearm Master or something, as well as sharpshooter etc.
>expert feats require level 4
Crossbow expert and spell sniper along with a few other of that calibre. I think shield master falls under here as well.

I cant remember the list exactly - I rarely use feats, and then usually as pure flavour (Magic Initiate for an Eldritch Knight, Actor for Rogue infiltrator, etc. ) so it rarely matters to me.

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>ok now where's every undead for a mile

Too bad it's torture for the DM

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What's so good about forge, and does it work with a dex build?

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>dming curse of strahd
>"where are all the undead in a mile radius?"
Everywhere, it's Barovia. Fuck you. You're an undead too.

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Thanks. I am considering limiting feats in similar fashion in my next game, so i was looking out of ideas.

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forge has got great offense, defense, and excellent utility.
Is it good for a dex build? Oh fuck no.

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>Everywhere, it's Barovia. Fuck you. You're an undead too.
I would have done the same thing. Undead above you, below you, that tree over there pings as undead, the mist, that's undead, your rations are undead.

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How would you lot run Curse of Strahd if the setting that the players are being pulled from into Strahd's realm is already fairly Victorian/Gothic inspired?

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Light or Tempest

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Is there anyway to increase the maximun spell slot?

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really freak them out, make everything bright, colorful, and cheerful. Make it twilight zone creepy.

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This sounds breddy good actually

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OK but as a warlock will the spell be boosted up the the level restrictions?

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Forever DM, want to play a necromancer that loves what they do and carries the animated skeleton of his child around in a casket. I barely get to play, and the actual corpse-raising isn't available til a handful of levels in, so it's gonna be a while.

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You know what gets on my pet peeves? Players who don't change their voices, intonation or mannerisms when in character. Like is this person literally just you with pointy ears and a warhammer?

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Dude, I had this already in my mind and then I saw your post. Land of the Living from Grim Fandango gives the best kind of creepy/twilight zone feel

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Holy shit, this. I just want to play a necromancer that fits the stereotype in a world of snowflakes. "But it's for the greater good!!!", "I only raise corpses that give me consent!!!". Whatever happened to good old-fashioned world domination through the medium of undead hordes?

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Don't. Run a Feywild adventure instead, it's creepy and cheerful at the same time.

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My showerthought for the day: I can go longer without sex than I can without d&d

Good thing I have a session starting in 2 hours!

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>Played a gruff, chain smoking pirate, and did the voice with that in mind
>Threw my voice out the second game

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So I made an Arcane Focus roll table for this Harry Potter esque campaign I ran. Went with the "wand chooses its wizard" idea so I wanted to have plenty of unique choices until we got a good focus for each character. Its not perfect but I though you guys might get some use out of it.

Be warned, it is Harry Potter 'inspired' so...there's that. Not so much that it isn't viable for normal play but I felt I should warn you.


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I really want to play one that wants to be left alone, but adventurers keep coming to kill him, so he's forced into taking over the world via undead hordes of slain adventurers. That or play a Necromancer just to have waves of skelly bros weaken the enemy before I show up to mop up.

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Honestly, that sounds pretty great. Although I don't think I'd be the GM for that.
My strengths lie in my base of Dark Heresy and Hunter: The Vigil, I've never been very good at turning things on their head like that.

This sounds good too, but I doubt my imagination up to the task of completely redoing the module into such a different form.

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I just want to play a warforged man, but nobody lets me

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>I've never been very good at turning things on their head like that.
just have all the soulless Barovians unreasonably cheerful about all things. Unshakably polite. Those Barovians with souls, you can see the terror behind their smiles, the fear that if they let their facade waver for even a moment, horrible divine retribution will be upon them.

This will actually play well into several plot points, such as the hag cookies and the Baron of Vallaki

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You, sir, sicken me to my very core

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What would I do with important characters like Strahd, Izek, Lysaga?
Characters whose demeanor being somewhat unreasonably negative is an important point?

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if you want to be a walking fortress, forge.

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Would Oath of Vengeance fit a Paladin of Gruumsh or Ilneval?

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>Hm, I wonder who that could be knocking at this late hour?
>Screw it. Grab your best femur Mr Bones, the world needs ending prematurely

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>Playing Lizardman Barbarian right now
>Dat Biting
>Dat Hold Breath
>Dat Nat Armor

Your group dun goofed. If you play 5e again, you must be a Lizard Barb.

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>Hold breath

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Yes. Pretty much exactly that. He just wanted eternal life so he could read ALL the books, travel ALL the world, and be a chill dude. But no, adventurers always muck about.

> the rest of the party are his generals in his army that he gave free will for shits and giggles.

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Strahd is overcome with grief, so much so that he does not tolerate the grief of others, any sign of unhappiness is a reminder of his own unhappiness. Remember that Strahd is the master of Barovia and everything must bend to his will.
Izek is soulless and incapable of sadness or remorse. He will happily seek out "dissidents" and murder them for not being "happy" enough
Lysaga's traits also fit well into this, I mean, hell: "Baba Lysaga's unhealthy attachment to the baby Strahd did not go unnoticed. After she received several disturbing reports, Queen Ravenovia was forced to banish the midwife from the kingdom. Lysaga never saw Strahd again, but she has succeeded in staying alive to witness the triumphs of her beloved boy, who, in her mind, is eternally blessed. Despite the horrors Strahd has wrought, Lysaga still envisions him as the perfect child she delivered into the world. Strahd is the only thing in her life that matters to her."

In the filth-ridden depths of her heart, Lysaga knows that Strahd would never accept her as his true mother, nor could she bear his rejection. As a result, she has never confronted him. She would rather exist in perpetual denial, whiling away the days, months, and years practicing fell magic and looking for ways to help her "son." that all fits the theme quite nicely

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What? Why? It's not like I was actually smoking at the table

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My best player was a Necromancer in my first campaign. I let him use the Necromancer spellbooks from the DMs Guild, and he came up with some truly brilliant tactics. Makes me wanna play one...

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so you can be a true ambush predator.

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>playing barb lizardman
>brawny and tavern brawler
>flavored to be bigger than normal
>going around grappling and throwing niggas all over the place
>pick up a cart and throw it at the bandits
I'll probably end up being useless as we level up but for now this shit is mad fun

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Naval campaign. Useful when island-hopping.

>> No.55531173

Autists can't do any of that.

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Hmm, I guess that whole theme would fit really well with the whole malicious unhappiness thing in Vallaki.
I'll think on it, it seems like a nice twist, although I'm still drawn to your usual Gothic Horror tones and themes.

>> No.55531191

Autists totally can, actually.
It's called "trying harder". Trust me on this.

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It would have been better if you were! Did you even think to bring a parrot?

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>change their voices, intonation or mannerisms when in character

>is this person literally just you with pointy ears and a warhammer?

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I always use Barbarians as the "mobility DPS". Max ranks in swim, climb, jump, etc., just to get him to any fight. Almost always pure STR/CON build, and only good in a fight. Social interaction? Probably going to mess it up to no end, but he'll have a shit ton of fun doing it. Normally derpy and good natured until combat happens. Except the one time I made a Frenzied Berserker. The party literally wheeled him around like Hannibal Lector because they didn't want to risk him opening them up like a fish with his dual axes. Shit was fun as fuck to explain why they keep this dude chained up and no weapons within 10' of him.

> They got ambushed on a road once and he crit a STR check to bust out of his chains and go frenzy mode. Shit terrified the party so much that as soon as he calmed down from the rage they put "hold person" on him like 90% of the time. Nice to be the Ace in the Hole sometimes, kek.

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What the fuck is it with everyone believing OoV is a free reign oath to do whatever the fuck you want? Is it the name or people's inability to read the book and understand what they read?

>> No.55531260

I'd kick you first session tbqh

>> No.55531276

Well I'm trying to find something that fits, man, and none of the others do. Except Domination, but that's...

>> No.55531286

Talk to your DM about playing an oathbreaker, also a conquest can easily be made to fit that idea.

>> No.55531312

it is 100% this line "By Any Means Necessary. My qualms can't get in the way of exterminating my foes."

>> No.55531326

Been pretty out of loop for a few weeks. How's ToA then?

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That's what I've thought but the other points all talk about a sworn enemy, those are your foes. Only your sworn foes can receive that treatment other wise you act like a Paladin

>> No.55531350

>The Oath of Vengeance is a solemn commitment to punish those who have committed a grievous sin.
First line of the OoV. OoV Paladins have greater reign over how they smite evil, but the oath isn't an excuse to be evil or do evil things let alone serving an evil god.

>> No.55531392

Whats a good underdark refluff for the barbarian bear totem?

>> No.55531416

Bulete, Umber Hulk

>> No.55531428

>That's what I've thought but the other points all talk about a sworn enemy, those are your foes. Only your sworn foes can receive that treatment other wise you act like a Paladin
yeah but retards use that line to supersede the other lines

>First line of the OoV. OoV Paladins have greater reign over how they smite evil, but the oath isn't an excuse to be evil or do evil things let alone serving an evil god
I'm not saying they are right, I'm saying that is WHY people think it. They get to that line and think "Sweet! I can do whatever I want!"

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I've been writing a rules supplement I'm looking for feedback on, and suggestions for what you guys might like to see in it.

At the moment I'm calling them "Paragon Mantles," and they're inspired by 4e's Paragon Paths and Themes, and Pathfinder's Mythic Levels. They give a flavorful and thematic edge to player ability that strengthens a player character substantively without pushing you too far past expectations with its early features, though there will also be suggestions to take it to the point where you're fully prying the game apart with a crowbar if that's the sort of thing you want to do--and who doesn't want to do that from time to time?

The 'default' is that they're keyed off of your "Tier of Play" as they're outlined in the PHB and DMG, so you pick one at first level and gain another cluster of specialty at levels 5, 11, and 17. There will be variable options to customize how powerful they are and how your table uses them, such as by slowing mantle adoption (picking one at 5th level instead of 1st, for example), slowing growth rate, limiting the tier the players can reach, or making advancement key off of milestone events or achievements--they attempt a truly heroic act or pass through a crucible and come out of it having realized some strength they never even knew they had.

At the moment I've finished "Archmage" (attached) and mostly finished "Paragon of Strength" (which I'll attach in a reply) aside from refining the language a bit. It's cumbersome. It could do with a little fat-trimming.
Other mantles I'm putting together are Marked, for things like dragonmarks, runic tattoos, or some of the star-marked warlock concepts that were in 4e; Divine Champion; Warlord; Spymaster; and Legendary Marksman.

They have prerequisites that are meant to be broad, but I'm considering just cutting them and stressing that, like everything else about mantles, it's per GM allowance.

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I hope kenders come back, mainly because they can be used as target practice.

>> No.55531480

Why not just use kobolds or goblins in their place?

>> No.55531482

Both Warlord and Spymaster will have a bit of the "Authority as a Class Feature" bent to it that Fighters and Thieves had in AD&D, probably at Tier III.

>> No.55531494

we need kender so we can have three different point values:
1 for Kobold
3 for Goblin
5 for Kender

>> No.55531500

Use Halflings or Gnomes

>> No.55531507

the gnomes and kobolds end up fighting each other and ruining the sport.

>> No.55531521

I just read an article about traps from The Angry GM.

If you can suffer through his verbosity, he makes some interesting point about traps. He suggests a "click" technique where a DM asks a player "What do you do?" when they have somehow activated a trap. Then they can jump/roll/whatever and, depending on the trap, either help or hurt themselves.

I might try it tomorrow when I'm running a one-shot for some players. It always did seem underwhelming to me that traps are either impossible for the players to anticipate and ultimately are just random damage, or else found by perception checks and easily dismantled or avoided. I feel like traps are an essential part of dungeons, and have more potential than combat (see Tomb of Horrors), but it has to be done right.

How do you guys handle traps?

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I think D&D streams carry some potential, and I'd be interested in seeing a group play Tomb of Annihilation, but goddamn me if every group doesn't have a bunch of annoying nu-males and SJW-template females with weird-colored hair and all that dumb shit. It's horrid for me to watch. Why are girls so unfunny?

>> No.55531577

Lots of jungles, monsters, and random encounters.

>> No.55531590

Let me guess, you got triggered watching the D&D channel game of ToA because there's a trans playing;

>> No.55531613


No, I haven't watched that but I'd be interested if the stream is worth watching. Do you have a link? I haven't found anything that seems worth the time, but I suppose ToA is still quite new.

>> No.55531669

The thought of seeing a stream where an entire table of fa/tg/uys playing D&D (or any other game) is hilarious.

>> No.55531680

Kind of reminds me of the premise of We Happy Few. Sure the game had its flaws, but the whole creepy happy vibe was certainly a selling point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp0M5Y6JMbQ
I'd imagine the creepily happy Barovians referring to Strahd like a sort of watchful family member rather than a tyrant in these circumstances.
>"If Uncle Strahd is happy, we are happy."
>"If someone is unhappy, then Uncle Strahd is unhappy."
>"If Uncle Strahd is unhappy then NOBODY is happy."

>> No.55531691

I don't get what the aim is desu, other than to break the game

>> No.55531697

every episode is 10 minutes of playing 190 minutes of rules arguing and cheeto-induced rage.

>> No.55531708

D&D channel Roll20 game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkWb7wQMiQU

Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins, the lead writer of the adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWS-WqYkELg

Encounter Roleplay, british channel with some great players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwRwVP-_Cio

>> No.55531722

>yfw in the most popular D&D stream, none of the women are SJWs, making jokes about consensually going inside monsters, and of the men, maybe one could be counted as whatever the fuck a nu-male is supposed to be

>> No.55531727


Thanks dude, I'll check 'em out.

>> No.55531742


>Dice, Camera, Action
Do the two on the left do stuff? I feel like I've seen those names before.

>> No.55531770

Well, they are both youtubers.

>> No.55531791


Ah. Makes sense.

>> No.55531810

To add another layer of player choice, to add a different sort of dial for GMs to adjust to steer player ability and campaign concepts, and more importantly to give something to build off of to allow for more in the vein of legendary exploits you see in myth. Magnify more usual/baked-in character concepts to make them larger than life, that sort of thing.

>> No.55531988

All of them but I'm particularly partial to Protection.

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>> No.55532045

John Smithson

>> No.55532071

Plague of Undeath - Concentration up to 1 minute, when you kill a humanoid with an attack, spell, or when an undead you created kills a humanoid, the Humanoid becomes an uncontrolled zombie, they remain a zombie until they are destroyed.

What level would this be?

>> No.55532076

Anthony Tanner

>> No.55532081

4 or 5

>> No.55532083

Joseph Guardman

>> No.55532106

Erik Erikson

>> No.55532117

So I know that fiends and other extraplanar entities can't die on the Material Plane, they merely get sent back to their home plane were they reform. But where exactly does t say that on the MM or DMG? I'm trying to find the specifics.

>> No.55532121

How do you pick your players carefully to avoid problems? Do you investigate their whole life? Do a job interview?

>> No.55532139

Randall Teller
Michael Smith
Anthony Weaver
Daniel Acker

Acker is the most "humble beginnings" surname you could hope for, by the way--it literally just means "field" and it's a surname because at some point simply living near a field is *the* thing used to distinguish his family from other people. Not even a trade!

>> No.55532153

I was thinking Richard Richardson but I'll keep these in mind. The character idea is a generic guard who has always been envious of the adventurers passing through his town, jealous of their strength and adventures. Has a dream one night where a big dick sword promises him power in exchange for cutting down his foes, BOOM, hexblade warlock.

>> No.55532169

Richard Richardson seems too cheesy desu, at least use different last name from your first name.
Or go my way, take a long city name, and try to weave it into a character
Constantin Opal
Stan Bull

>> No.55532179

Yeah, which is why I asked you guys. Much better ideas than I could think of

>> No.55532201

They aren't really complex
Most of them are [Common English First Name] [A profession from medieval times](+son maybe)

>> No.55532206

I always use Frank and Bob. They're in every campaign, as the two unassuming guards.

For some reason, Bob always dies, horribly, and Frank goes on to greater things.

>> No.55532211

I don't want to be That Guy, but you don't actually get to wear your patron-sword.

>> No.55532231

David D. Davidson

>> No.55532247

I'm aware, I'll be doing curse bringer though, so close enough for me. I know that curse bringer is technically nonexistent right now,
but my DM is letting me use the old incantations

>> No.55532250

Stan Bull, born Constantin Opal, took up a new persona and moved from his Goliath village after [insert backstory reason]

thanks for the new character idea

>> No.55532261

No problem buddy, glad the name is finding new users!

>> No.55532266

Run one-shots so you don't need to kick someone out as such, just never invite them again. Keep the ones who throw themselves into it, who roleplay, or at least engage with the challenges. Drop out those who are on their phones, don't pay attention, don't respond well to failure, or argue a lot.

>> No.55532280

Angry GM is cursed with having great ideas but just the most terrible writing voice I've ever seen. His points on traps are great. Regardless of how anyone handles traps, I think open potential is most important, making sure that SOMETHING can be done to avoid or mitigate the trap without thieves' tools so that a creative player can think of a solution.

When it comes to traps, the onus is 100% on the GM to telegraph the trap in their description of the room. They need to include some pretense of the trap being there, some little nugget of information that can be expanded upon to reveal a trap should a Perception or Investigation check succeed.

And to that point, I don't let players walk into a room and say "I search for traps." A broad Perception check may alert them to passing details, but it'll require an Investigation check to deduce what those details mean, including whether it could be a trap.

For example, suppose a room has a vast floor trap that drops open when walked on. If the trap is a 20-foot square, players could get across using rope, which is in almost every adventurer's starting equipment, or even a long jump for the high-level martials.

>Poor Perception Check: no info
>Middling Perception Check: the floor is made of stone tiles, with the ones in the middle being the cleanest cut
>Great Perception Check: the floor is made of stone tiles, with a distinct separation between the rough tiles along the walls and the smooth ones in the middle. You can feel a draft.

>Poor Investigation Check: no info
>Middling Investigation Check: as you inspect the tiles, you notice deep grooves between the rough and smooth tiles.
>Great Investgation: as you inspect the tiles, you can see a thin gap between the rough and smooth tiles, and through it you can see a deep darkness. Hot air is rising from the gap, and you detect a foul smell.

>> No.55532304

Which is more fun to multiclass a Paladin with? Sorcerer, Warlock, Fighter, or Bard?

Which gives the most options of what you can do and what are the benefits of each?

>> No.55532311

That's not a character idea, that's a pun glued to a race.

>> No.55532326

i'd say don't do fighter, it doesn't really offer you anything for a few level dip, not sure about the others

>> No.55532329

For the most part just having a conversation as you normally would to get everybody on the same page, and that'll give you warning signs for some of the shittiest stuff you might run into.
Talk to them about their experiences with RPGs, what any campaign plans are, what sort of character they might be wanting to play, what sorts of adventures they prefer, and how you might work with those concepts to bring the party together in the setting. But, also make sure to lay out what boundaries are if any and tell them that you reserve the right to put your foot down should shit go sour.

>> No.55532336


The advantage of seeking players online is that thorough applications are normalized.

>> No.55532348

Okay, maybe character idea was a bad way of putting it. I'd still want to play it, probably just for a one shot.

also, just to clarify, the race isn't glued on. It's because Goliaths might be Giants.

>> No.55532401

run a one-shot
If they're shit, don't invite them back for the next game

>> No.55532476

Not in my country.

>> No.55532493

Do you do anything that helps combat go by faster?

>> No.55532523


All monsters have the same initiative.
If making multiple attacks, roll all d20s at once, then each successful attack's damage.
If making a single attack, roll the d20 and damage di(c)e at the same time.
If DM, use the listed average damage instead of rolling.

>> No.55532572


> If making multiple attacks, roll all d20s at once, then each successful attack's damage.

I've thought about doing this, but I'm concerned about players with 2+ attacks. As a DM, would it be unfair to make players declare all their attacks first and have them roll at once? Cuts down time, and most players just whack something until it dies anyways.

>> No.55532590

Is there any way for a character to defeat a shark in it's natural habitat? Arrows fired into water are robbed of their momentum, like bullets. A character attacking in the water does so at disadvantage. How then, pray tell, may the average Joe non-caster best the beast?

>> No.55532596

Apart from Ranger, what class is good at fighting dragons?

>> No.55532612

Certain weapons, such as tridents and spears, don't suffer disadvantage underwater.

>> No.55532626

>How then, pray tell, may the average Joe non-caster best the beast?
Non-water breathing creatures can't cast spells with verbal components underwater.

>> No.55532632

Which books from the trove have the gem dragons? I'm trying to go for a chroma conclave esque hook but changing a bunch of shit.

>> No.55532644

Monster Manual.

>> No.55532657

>he isnt strong enough to lift the shark
>he isnt dexterous enough to get on the back of a shark and dodge its bites
>he doesnt have enough constitution to simply grab the shark and choke hold it as it thrashes about
use your brains and your brawns

>> No.55532687

>and choke hold it as it thrashes about
It doesn't exactly have a windpipe.

>> No.55532703

What do you recommend the rarity of this item be? Do you think it's a solid upgrade on the Weapon of Wounding or do you think it's too much?

>> No.55532722

>Once it deals damage you can't heal it with anything but a long rest
>but you can totally heal all the wounds dealt with a single constitution saving throw
I don't understand this item.

>> No.55532730


>> No.55532739


>> No.55532743

is the only difference a 1d6 vs a 1d4? Very rare seems fine I guess, it's not that big of an upgrade considering it's not even a +1 or +2 magic weapon

>> No.55532749

Think of it as this, it applies the status of Wound. A Wound deals 1d6 necrotic damage, and can stack. The creature can make a saving throw, or have a medicine check applied to end the Wound(s). So if you have 15 Wounds, all of them are gone at the passing saving throw. However, the damage caused by the sword and the Wounds are not healed.

Really, it's just a Sword of Wounding, and that's how I've always interpreted it.

>> No.55532763

>Extrodinarolly sharp
>Extra dinner rolly sharp

>> No.55532779

>As a DM, would it be unfair to make players declare all their attacks first and have them roll at once?

Like a single "all or nothing" roll? Lots of problems with that, the biggest being the potential for 2+ critical hits.

Let's assume, say, a Frenzy Barbarian with Extra Attack and a Bonus Action attack. They want to demolish an enemy and plan to hit it until it dies. They roll 3 d20, two of which hit the enemy's AC. Then they roll their damage for the first successful attack. If that is enough to kill the enemy, they still have their Bonus Action attack—at that point, I let them redirect the attack to another target (if that roll would hit that target as well) or use their Bonus Action for something else, if they want to.

Each d20 gets "spent" in the order they were rolled.

>> No.55532791


But sharks suffocate if they're rendered immobile, because they depend on forward movement to force water (and oxygen) through their gills.

>> No.55532806

Not a worthwhile upgrade eh? What would you recommend?
I upped it from 1d4 to 1d6, made it so the damage dealt can only be healed via long rest, and it is no longer restricted to one bleed per turn so extra attackers can get some solid bleeding stacks due to this. Do you think it would be better to have the +1/+2?

Man, I'm an idiot sometimes. Nice catch with the incorrect spelling.

>> No.55532816

bleed effects are gay

>> No.55532824

While this works RAW, grappling underwater is pushing abstraction to some extreme limits.

>> No.55532833

No, I think he means "I attack this guy with all my three blows. Oh, he died from the first one?"

>> No.55532843


I read a graphic novel, Concrete, where the titular Ben-Grimm-esque character did it to a shark. I think he pinned it under a rock or something.

>> No.55532866


Ah, yea, then like in the example, if the target dies earlier than expected he can just spend the remaining attack rolls on another target. If for some reason he would get advantage or disadvantage on that other target but not the first one, then he would roll A/D bound to each remaining d20.

>> No.55532867

It makes sense if you're grounded or have another handhold/foothold, yeah. But if you're grappling a shark in open water, unless you've tied it in a knot looney tunes style it's going to be moving and so will you.

>> No.55532887

>Medicine Check
>Stopping magical necrotic damage
I know you're trying to add ways around the effect anon, but maybe have a successful Arcana/Medicine check reduce the DC to a ridiculously low number?
>1d6 necrotic at the start of a turn
Every 6 seconds, inside and outside of combat, the wounded creature needs to save.

You might consider reworking it to leave a Hex/Hunters Mark effect on the target that increases the die count each time a target is consecutively wounded, but requires a bonus action to activate the damage. (First round attack, 1d6. Second round, 2d6, then 3d6, etc etc) Failing to damage a target with this weapon for a round reduces the die count by one, and a successful Con save reduces the damage by half when activated. If that feels too weak, give them advantage on attacks from the wound, so long as the die count increased last turn.

>> No.55532889

Oh I didn't see the long rest only restriction. Honestly, the problem I have with that is that it's rare for that effect to matter, unless the guy they're fighting runs away and isn't followed. The multiple bleeds per attack is nice, it's fine for a very rare magic item.

It seems like at that point it would just be quicker to roll each attack normally, to hit and then damage

>> No.55532899

John Freeman.

>> No.55532911

This item is in the DMG all I did was increase a few numbers.

>> No.55532930

Rolled 16 + 9 (1d20 + 9)

>unless you've tied it in a knot looney tunes style

i'd roll Strength (Sleight of Hand)

(assuming level 10, 20 Strength, and proficient)

>> No.55532963

You could also set off an immoveable rod in it's open mouth. Lets see you swim off THAT one, Jaws

>> No.55532989

Average Joe?
They die, because average people die to wolves, kobolds, and particularly mean insults.

Average Adventurer?
Let's assume AC 14, +4 to hit, +2 to damage, d8 damage. A supremely underwhelming Swordser.
Reef Sharks (CR 1/2) have AC 12, 22 HP, +4 to hit, +2 to damage, d8 damage. Very similar.
Joe Noncaster, the non-variant human, needs to roll a 9 or better, with disadvantage, to hit. Let's say once every three turns.
Joe will deal 6 damage, on average, per hit (technically, 6.5, but that doesn't impact the math), needing 4 hits to kill.
This means at least ten rounds (Hit, Miss, Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss, Hit) underwater, for a full minute of held breath. Doable, unless you gimped Constitution.
The shark will have to roll an 11 or better, no disadvantage, to hit Joe. Let's say every other round.
Our shark villain also deals 6 damage an attack on average.
During ten rounds of combat, Joe will get hit 5 times for 30 damage total, which is a sizable amount.

The average one-on-one, Level One fight will end poorly for Joe. He'd better stick to goblins until he gets some levels under his belt.

>> No.55532990


"Smile, you son of a—"
>the rod is set and Jaws swims right into it, mouth agape, sending the rod ripping through its insides until it comes out the other end, splitting the shark in half like unzipped trousers

>> No.55533007

>Find a guy who is a GM.
>Late 30s single dad, 8 year old daughter who is at the "after school" day care I work at.
>She constantly talks about these roleplay sessions her father holds
>The stories ends up catching the interest of several of the children.
>We create a small group with me as the GM. Pretty nuts, as these 7 to 10 year olds aren't really the brightest or most focused players you'd wish for.
>Has a talk with her father every so often, when he comes to pick up his daughter.
>He invites me to join his group.
>Hyped, hadn't had a group since early high school.
>We make a charater at the day care, after I closed down one of the days he came to pick her up late.
>Tells me he has a great setup to introduce my character in 2 sessions.
>Show up to the fated session
>Introduction is just perfect and natural, and he is just an amazing GM at both describing the world and getting a flow in the game.
>End 3 hours early (was supposed to be the entire Saturday)
>Reason being that the 3 old players was extremely crude and inappropriate
>GM tried to make them stop several times, but when they made a really awkward and perverted comment after dinner, while his daughter was present, he called it quits, and send us home.
>He did NOT want his daughter to hear half of the things the 3 old players said.

I am a social person in general, and I dont think I have ever felt more uncomfortable in my adult life so far. I felt like I couldn't talk OOC without risking an unwanted crude comment.

I hadn't actually thought the presence of a chick, could turn what was described as "great and fun players" (both by GM and spectating daughter) into.... whatever this mess was.

The other players even said it had been super fun and that they hoped to see me next time. I somehow doubt the GM will give me another invite.

I just want a fun game with friendly people. It feels like that is almost more unreasonable than asking to win the big lottery price. Damn I am sad right now.

>> No.55533058

I presume that you're the chick whose presence was the cause here?

Well, I shouldn't say that, it was their piggishness that was the cause here. It really, really sucks when that happens but it's frustratingly common. There can be great players, creative players, who are nicer than a spring breeze, but then you throw someone of another gender at them and they turn into Mr. Hyde.

Sorry to hear that but it's not your fault. I think it's good news that this GM was just as horrified as you were, though. Any plans to find new players but keep playing with him?

Also you said he was single? Could this be your dream daddy, anon?

>> No.55533075

unless you're in highschool or college or go to a game store, it's pretty fucking hard to find an irl group. you either make your friends play it or search roll20 and pray for a decent game

>> No.55533079

Heartily kekked, thanks for the image Anon!
I thought it would go something like that. Poor Joe A. won't know what hit him. Also
>They die, because average people die to wolves, kobolds, and particularly mean insults

>> No.55533104

>Jaws swims right into it

Actually, Jaws is the name of the doctor, not the monster

>> No.55533127

There's only one girl in our group but it seems to run well, mainly because our DM is a jacked farmhand with a short fuse
My players are ALWAYS nice

>> No.55533153

Go get et by the frankenstein monster plz

>> No.55533182

Well that sucks. Maybe he would be up for starting a second campaign with more mature players?

>> No.55533186

7th, due to "undead you created" shenanigans (like, the mook-zombies created by this spell...).
8th lvl put duration to 10min, 9th to 1h.
Even so, the potential for savvy player abuse is enormous.

>> No.55533200

>1 capital city
>3 large walled towns
>6 smaller unwalled towns
>34 small villages
>Roughly 40-50 various noble houses
>Split up into four counties
>Almost every town+ having a court wizard
>Nobles typically have 1-3 knights in their service depending on wealth, with the queen having 6 on hand at all times
>Currently naming and describing all of them
>But this is only 1 of 4 kingdoms, though the largest one

Have I caught the /wbg/ autism?

>> No.55533214

Actually, according to the theme song, Jaws is the name of Jaws.

>> No.55533236

I take it the 3 old players lack social ability.

>> No.55533265

I always have a "click" sound attached. It's half the fun of having traps. Sometimes I have duds as well which still produce a "click" sound.

>> No.55533267


Doesn't the monster explicitly refer to Frankenstein as his "father"? It wouldn't be unthinkable to apply the name to the creature as well.

>> No.55533273

There's nothing wrong with a touch of the 'tism. I'm normally straight edge but when it comes to DnD I crack open the crayola and start sperging out. Do what makes you happy Anon, the players will appreciate your zeal :)

>> No.55533290

Ummmm stop being smart please?

>> No.55533291

It's fundamentally the same Sword of Wounding, only with a bumped die.
It exists in the gray area between Rare and Very Rare; one could argue that the "Rapier only" limitation, put it solidly at Rare tier, though.
But, if the Save DC increases significantly (say, 19), we would have a true upgrade, even bordering on overleveling (but then, is the Über version, right?).

>> No.55533319


>> No.55533330

>Sorry to hear that but it's not your fault.
Even if not personally, I certainly seemed to be the catalyst.

Not sure what is going to happen. This went down earlier today, and after lurking here for a long time, I guess I am not too surprised about the "autism" stroke they got, I just assumed it mainly applied to teenagers.

I might be docially capable, but I literally have 0 actual friends. I dont know anyone with the same interests as myself.
Oh god no. Never again.

>> No.55533343

I hear a lot of people saying that Paladin is awesome in this edition, but I also hear a lot of people saying it sucks to take past 6/9/11 or some other number and that you should always multiclass, as it lets you do all your Paladin stuff (smiting and spellcasting) better than if you stayed a Paladin.

So what's the deal? Is it worth bringing to 20 or should you always multiclass with another CHA caster?

>> No.55533352

Make a character not a build

>> No.55533355

>So what's the deal? Is it worth bringing to 20 or should you always multiclass with another CHA caster?
Paladins are fine, just do what makes the most sense for your character

>> No.55533363

Paladin does fine at basically all levels. Almost all characters do fine at basically all levels.

>> No.55533371

I'd say try to find a local gaming store but they'd probably be more autistic and creepy than your last group.

>> No.55533381

How do you feel about the so called martial/caster divide? Do you think that all the martials being separated by what they can do vs. all the casters being separated by how they do the same things contributes?

>> No.55533390

It doesn't matter in this edition and all classes are functional

>> No.55533395

just don't play a martial after level 10 and it's fine

>> No.55533397

Having played a shit ton of games since 5e came out: it's basically never an issue in actual play and is mostly white-room masturbation.

>> No.55533401

Running CoS, I'm wondering what's up with Barovian names? I noticed Ireena's last name is her father's first (Kolyan/Kolyana), and some of the listed surnames seem to be split, ending in either -vich or -va (like Nimirovich/Nimirova)

I can't find it explained anywhere, so I imagine it's historical. Anyone know?

>> No.55533414

it's fine
people love to talk shit about martials but when your barbarian tanks 100 damage for you at level 5 it's a different story

>> No.55533421

>How do you feel about the so-called martial/caster divide?
I feel it should be made a real divide, and then us wizards can get on with the important things without le murder hobos ruining everything.
You can keep the sorcerers though

>> No.55533473

5e really helped reduce the divide. It's certainly still there, however. Due to things like Pass Without Trace and Teleport, but at least casters can't simply end encounters anymore at least not all the time

>> No.55533490

Talk to that DM, see if you can't get him to run you and a few others your own game.

How do you not have any friends if you don't mind me asking? I've kinda been in that situation before but now I've got heaps of friends.

>> No.55533495

It is I, Tortle Anon from many threads ago. I have not been able to find any Bipedal Turtle People Miniatures to my liking for my character and have decided to make my own. However, making a Turtle Shell is proving difficult. Can anyone help me with this task, or tell me a suitable miniature to convert one from (I'm considering using the spider part of the 5e Drider mini as a start for the shell).

If this isn't the best thread to ask this in, then instead could one direct me to the best place to ask this?

>> No.55533511

When do 5e chars actually feel powerful? At 5th? My friends complain they don't feel like heroes.

>> No.55533512


>> No.55533525

yeah 5th level is about when it starts to turn around.

>> No.55533529

What level are they now?

>> No.55533538

How do you not feel like heroes from level 1? Could a normal person take on a crab that's literally as big as they are? Your friends suck, find new ones

>> No.55533550

it's hard to feel heroic when 1v1ing a goblin is a risky scenario

>> No.55533561

Ah, nice!

Good old 3rd level.

Can't, the crabs got them.

>> No.55533568

Any martial should have no problem 1v1 against a goblin at level 1
Any caster at level 1 should not be trying to 1v1 anything with a damage die over 1d4

>> No.55533581

How does a party made up of a Barbarian, a Bard and a Paladin seem in terms of having a balanced party? We'll be the core party in a game with a rotating cast that will have a few more players switching in and out as "guest stars" joining us for certain quests, etc.

Seem like a good trifecta to work off of, or are we lacking anything direly important?

>> No.55533591

It's not as ideal as Barb, Wizard, Cleric but it'll work

>> No.55533599

There's a reason why things like goblins continue to be competitive as actual enemies to use throughout the 5e adventuring career.

>> No.55533602

>Ah, nice!
yeah, once they get those extra attacks, maybe a feat, and some higher level spells, they should start enjoying things a bit more.
>Any martial should have no problem 1v1 against a goblin at level 1
They shouldn't you're right, but at level one, that goblin needs only the smallest bit of luck and maybe a DM willing to take advantage of Nimble Escape to make that martial sweat. With an average damage of 5, a shortbow, and disengage as a bonus action, goblins can be real cockbags.

>> No.55533604

Honestly, third level is when most classes start to feel unique, and fifth is when they start to feel strong. Level 1 and 2 is pretty basic "i hit this guy once with my axe/bow/magic"

>> No.55533613

I havne't read CoS nor am i russian, but i susspect it is butchered version of this:

Basicaly, between your first name and surname you put your father's name with the funny suffix. Russians are famous for doing that.

>Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
Fyodor - First name
Mikhail+ovich Patronymic - so Fedya's father was named Mikhail.
Dostoevsky - surname

-vich or -ova (and similar) endings are used for males and females respectively.

Another example:
>Andrey Sergeyevich Prozorov
>Irina Sergeyevna Prozorova
Those two are siblings - note different suffixes at patronymic and surname, both because of their gender.

>> No.55533617

I organized another one-shot, and I re-invited a player from my first one-shot. I asked him to create all the characters, and he is excited and seems to be doing a good job of creating a fun roleplay party. I hope I can find enough non-autists like him and run a proper game of either CoS or ToA.

Fucking hard work to be a DM. Gotta do lots of one-shots to weed out the psychos, and then all the prep for sessions. Nobody prepared me for this.

>> No.55533640

>Every shell in barovia pings as undead as do the countless souls hanging about waiting to reincarnate
>Each type of undead is also different because everyone is a unique special snowflake, just like you!

>> No.55533670

What's the best 3 person party? 4 person party?

>> No.55533680

>Primeval Guardian Ranger
>take TWF
>carry several Large-sized javelins (spears)
>turn into a tree man
>throw three Large javelins every round for 2d6+Str
>sprout thorns on one of them for another 1d6
>a tree killing evildoers with small chunks of himself

>> No.55533689

>What's the best 3 person party?
Fighter, Wizard and Cleric

>4 person party?
Fighter, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue

>> No.55533692

Two Battlemasters and a Bard
Three Battlemasters and a Bard

>> No.55533698


Smite your way to victory.

>> No.55533710

>Two Battlemasters and a Bard
Why not a Sorcerer instead of Bard? Twin buffs mean you can literally buff all other party members in the same time

>> No.55533720

Make sure the Bard picks up Cure Wounds in case the Paladin runs out of juice.
Rely on your guest stars to fill gaps, but as long as you don't run into heavy ranged attackers, you should be fine.
What's the Paladin's Oath? Picking up Ancients could give him Aura of Warding, which would help keep you alive longer against casters.

>> No.55533725

>3 person party
Three wizards

>4 person party
Four wizards

>> No.55533729

>implying two Chads would ever tolerate such a virgin Sorc, even if his buffs were great
The Bard is the only casting class that can pretend well enough to fit in.

>> No.55533731

Nice meme

>> No.55533744

>How do you not have any friends if you don't mind me asking?
No luck finding anyone with the same interests as me. Even when I do, it usually ends up in what is essentially a bait and switch, where someone CLAIMS they are "totally into role-playing!" And then dont give a shit about it 2 months later.

I keep trying despite my terrible luck, but I am not really expecting any improvements.

I can't really miss this guy, since he quite literally has to come to my workplace every single day. Hopefully something works out. I really want to game, and I refuse to go back to the hell hole that is roll20.

>> No.55533746

A paladin + any number of bards.

>> No.55533750

i've never actually seen primeval guardian before, does this mean i could get a giant halberd commissioned and have a reach of 15ft and do 2d10 damage per hit?

>> No.55533754

>3 person party
Three Bards.

>4 person party
Four bards.

Enjoy having access to every spell.

>> No.55533761

You're like a little baby, watch this
>Primeval Guardian Ranger
>Also a Bugbear
>Also have a Glaive
>Also have Martial Adept feat for Lunging Attack
>Tunnel Fighter style
>Rolling stealth checks innawoods to pretend I'm merely a tree with a glaive stuck in branches, and then becoming a blender
I actually wish there were more range increasing things released officially, 25 feet of range isn't enough for me.
That extra warlock patrons thing someone posted a couple times, if I go for the gelatinous cube patron I can get extra 5 feet, but guess I gotta bring that up with the DM asking if he's fine with homebrew

>> No.55533782

Best? Paladin + Bard + Wizard
Most fun? Lore Bard on vocals, Paladin Bard on Drums and Sorcerer Bard on Base

Add Warlock Bard for doof warrior guitar

>> No.55533783

The Paladin's capstones are actually the most decent ones in the game

>> No.55533788

A large halberd, yeah.
You're going to be lugging around a 48 pound weapon, though.

FOOL, you challenge the original Bugbear Memer.
You've forgotten the Mystic's Giant Form, which makes you Huge, grants an extra 10 feet of reach, and adds 2d6 bludgeoning to attacks.

>> No.55533794

This makes me glad, thanks heaps bros. Hopefully my friends become less whiny bitches.

>> No.55533797


Little known fact, the title of the composition John Williams wrote for the film is actually, in full, "Look Out, Here Comes that Large, Pesky Shark Named Jaws! Oh, How He Vexes Me!"

>> No.55533803

Oh, and that discipline's focus effect, which is another +5 feet.

>> No.55533805

If you were participating in a level 10 battle royal, what race/class/feat combo would you choose to defeat the other 4 contestants?
It's not like I'm participating in one next month or anything.

>> No.55533807

Aight, now to squeeze the entire build, including the 6 or so warlock levels needed for those goo arms, into a regular 20 level character.
6 warlock levels will give enough to get 1 feat and arms
8 ranger levels for 2 feats, and I think the tree form is at level 7 or I'm just misremembering
that leaves 6 levels for anything needed

>> No.55533824

ENTIRELY off the top of my head, some kind of Valor Bard+BarBEARian?

>> No.55533829

>A large halberd, yeah.
actually, new DM here, are there rules in the DMG for different sized weapons?

>> No.55533839

Phb weapons section has what you neex

>> No.55533840

I'd be an Athletics Expertise grappling meme Lore Bard whose Magical Secret is Wall of Force. I'd hide in the bubble until everyone else killed each other, then I would emerge and unescapably grapple-murder the last man standing, dragging him into a Silence field if he has escape options.

>> No.55533844

>Doesn't the monster explicitly refer to Frankenstein as his "father"?

Depends on where you're looking. In the book, he refers to Victor as his "maker," "creator," etc., but it's going for a more biblical approach than parental one.

In "Frankenstein" the 1931 film he's inarticulate, and in "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935) it doesn't really come up, but "Son of Frankenstein" (1939, and my favorite), it's dealt with very explicitly as a central them. "Son of" centers on Wolf Frankenstein, the son of the doctor, who has inherited his crumbling estate, where a deformed hermit named Ygor has taken up residence. A huge part of that film is about both Wolf and the monster being sons of Frankenstein. As Ygor says, they had the same father, but it was lightning that was the monster's mother.

"Young Frankenstein," the Mel Brooks spoof, actually toys with the theme as well, especially in Gene Wilder's "a mother's angel!" monologue.

>> No.55533868

Add an additional set of damage die and increase the weight by 800%, basically.

So a halberd is 1d10, a large halberd is 2d10, a huge halberd is 3d10. A greatsword is 2d6, a large greatsword is 4d6, and a huge greatsword is 6d6.

>> No.55533881

>I just want a fun game with friendly people. It feels like that is almost more unreasonable than asking to win the big lottery price. Damn I am sad right now.

You need more women at the table.
I've DMed and played for years with a mix of male/female players. 1 woman has a huge risk of chaos, because some men just feel the need to fight for women's attention and can't be adults around a woman in a social setting.
But 2 or 3 women at the table usually sorts things out. The guys are less likely to be predatory when there are multiple women. And when they do, the other women band together and shut that shit down.
This also assumes that the women involved are all adults too. That is less common of an issue, but still pops up.

>> No.55533888

Hello, first time on this thread long time player.

I'm currently running Out of the Abyss adventure for some friends and I'm wondering if there is a way to obtain the Fantasy Grounds package for the adventure for free.

>> No.55533897

Thanks guys, I'll spring up a character concept in my free time for shits and giggles and see how much can be crammed into him.

>> No.55533900

How do you feel about this?

>> No.55533910

>Before you make an attack with a ranged weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack's damage.

>Ethereal Weapon (1 psi). As a bonus action, you temporarily transform one weapon you're holding or your unarmed strike into pure psionic energy. The next attack you make with it before the end of your turn ignores the target's armor, requiring no attack roll. Instead, the target makes a Dexterity saving throw against this discipline. On a failed save, the target takes the attack's normal damage and suffers its additional effects. On a successful save, the target takes half damage from the attack but suffers no additional effects that would normally be imposed on a hit.

>just add +10 damage to all your attacks because you're forcing Dex saves instead of making attacks
>until your DM rules fuck you, you didn't actually take the -5 to hit so you don't get your +10 to damage, I don't care about the order of effects here

>> No.55533937


I think it's definitely fine. People who run Adventurer's League probably don't have the time to comb through complex builds that draw from tons of different esoteric material.

>> No.55533938

good ol balanced mystic

>> No.55533939

You can't cap the minmaxing. You're just adding one more variable to optimize - the decision what my +1 will be.

>> No.55533965

Hey /5eg/ newish dm here and I have some house rules that I'd like to run by you. We aren't entirely sure what campaign it's going to be since session zero is next week so I'll add more rules when it gets decided.

1. I am allowing all Unearthed Arcana EXCEPT the following
-Arcane Tradition: Lore Mastery (Wizard)
-Arcane Tradition: Artificer (Wizard)
-Subrace: Revenant
-Fighting Style: Tunnel Fighter
-Class: Mystic
-Prestige Class: Rune Scribe

2. If you opt to take an Unearthed Arcana subclass for your character, you may NOT multiclass, due to an official statement from Wizards of the Coast stating that Unearthed Arcana is not balanced with multiclassing in mind. If your subclass of choice is in Xanathar's Guide to Everything upon release, if you change to the revised version of your subclass, you may multiclass.

3. The following races and subraces are not allowed
-Human (Variant)
-Winged Tiefling
-Yuan-ti Pureblood

4. All player characters start with a free racial feat from "Unearthed Arcana: Feats for Races" OR a non-combat feat from any other official material. The Dragon Wings feat is not allowed.

5. Human player characters may opt for the following ability score increase instead of the vanilla option: One ability score of your choice increases by 2, a different ability score of your choice increases by 1.

6. Homebrew classes, subclasses, and races are not allowed.

7. If you have a character concept that cannot be made with official 5th edition material, I will help you refluff or modify existing options to better fit your character. For example: if you want to play as a bare-knuckle brawler, I will allow you to take the Monk class, with the existing Monk class features modified to scale off of Strength and Consitution, rather than Dexterity and Wisdom.

Do these rules seem fair?

>> No.55533969

Sharpshooter's the problem here.
Sharpshooter is always the problem.

>> No.55534049

Olly the Pious

>> No.55534078

>Not banning psions

>> No.55534080

That's very close minded of Mearls, just because people have different fun than him doesn't mean it's "toxic". Doesn't he realize this is just discrimination against people with autism who like building a character to be the best :^)

>> No.55534085

There IS a clear out to suggest this doesn't work.

>> No.55534104

You don't need to ban it if you don't allow it in the first place

>> No.55534152

If it requires a saving throw it is no longer an attack.
You cant add sharpshooter on it.

It also will not procc either Hex or Hunter's Mark

>> No.55534167

Is PAM + GWF + Sentinel way too broken, or does the fact that it requires 3 ASIs enough to offset that?

>> No.55534172

You could just not ban anything because 99% of the time someone's not going to try to play that shit anyhow and you avoid looking like a paranoid dink who doesn't trust their friends and cares way too much about balance they don't understand, as evidenced by Bards still being allowed.

>> No.55534191

Seems pretty alright to me.

>> No.55534195

Jesus Christ, every one not being a giant faggot about the Bard used to be the best thing about playing the class and talking about it in this board.

Bards are bros, and I'm pretty sure this is always the same faggot who has at best infected 3 idiots with this "bards are op" meme

>> No.55534209

What rule is he refering to?

Anyway, i don't really have belief in anything he says, so whatever.

Agree with you.

It is still beta test. Have you told then how you feel about it? Did you?

That sounds reasonable.

>> No.55534212

Well it's only feasible on fighter really, and fighter gets tunnel fighting to make it completely absurd. Otherwise you're stuck playing variant human to get it AT level 8, and that means no ASI until level 12, so compared to what other classes can do at level 8, I think it's fine.

>> No.55534216

Gunslinger Artificer. Rope Trick yourself into a little sanctuary while your robot and enemies kill each other. Then if that doesn't work, lean out of your rope hole and take potshots with your boomstick.

>> No.55534223

At what levels should I start giving my players nifty magic items?

>> No.55534237

>What rule is he refering to?
You can only use PHB and one more book for character creation, i.e. you can't make a hobgoblin wizard with booming blade

>> No.55534261

I don't have a problem with Bard. I have a problem with
>X, Y, Z, and Q are OP as shit
>now excuse me, I've got to get back to my Sorlock / Lockadin / Wizard / or Bard
>why yes, I am a V. Human with GWF, how did you know
>yeah i was pretty lucky to roll two 18s on my stats

>> No.55534264

Depends on the setting

>> No.55534270

if he thinks that is going to stop min/maxers then he doesn't understand the whole concept of min/maxing.

>> No.55534272

5th+, especially magic weapons for martials in order to not neuter their damage.

>> No.55534275

Warlocks in 5e don't cast like normal casters. If you multiclass, warlock levels are not counted towards your caster level, because your magic is just spells on loan from your patron. Wait to level up like everyone else to get more/better spells

>> No.55534290

those people sound like they have horrible DM's and their game cannot possibly be any fun

>> No.55534298

>You need more women at the table.
That would assume I could find a reasonable woman who is actually interested in this stuff.

>> No.55534302

Need 5 ideas for 5 different possible adventures in a magic desert.

>> No.55534308

They don't have games, they just theorycraft here.

>> No.55534318

It would appear this might have been the wrong thread to ask this. Might someone direct me to what could be a better thread to seek the aid I require? I apologize if this post makes me sound impatient or ungrateful.

>> No.55534355

Mirages become real
Find and exterminate Crazy Hassan's Discount Camels
Cacti have risen up and wage war upon the populace, seek the Mother Cactus and end the war
Water elementals are disrupting the natural order of the desert
Giant Antlion infestation is causing trade routes to close

>> No.55534415

Thanks anon.

>> No.55534442

A town is experiencing tremors and even starting to collapse into the earth: a blue dragon is making its lair underneath and it doesn't give a shit about the neighbours upstairs.
Weak air elementals have gathered together to form a giant sandstorm.
Sand pirates on magical hovercraft.

>> No.55534485

The dry air and cold nights are great for an old Lich
A sun stroked Illusionist has found the Great Mirage and the walls between reality are breaking down

>> No.55534486

Do you think the game deals well with the fact that spears and other kinds of polearms are objectively better weapons than pretty much any other option (swords, axes, etc.)?

>> No.55534513

Is my character automatically tryhard if they're an Orphan/Urchin?

>> No.55534537

Looking for an adventure to DM for two players level 11.

>> No.55534547

Opening scene ideas for first sessions?

>> No.55534575

Using an adventure or homebrew?

For a heavily modified LMoP that I set in a homebrew world, I had the players taking a carriage from a major merchant town to their various destinations. They stopped in Phandalin, where the carriage picked up Sildar's party before heading onwards. The carriage never made it back, so the players accepted an offer from the carriage master to investigate for MUH GOLD PIECES.

>> No.55534592

Could you theoretically use Wish to Wish that you could cast Wish without any chance of your Wish backfiring or having any negative effects on the caster?
Obviously the DM would have the opportunity to make THAT wish go tits up, but that aside, there's nothing against doing that, right?

>> No.55534666

Maybe. Wish is very DM-dependant spell.

If you mean, basically, just moving the wish-check before you cast actual Wish you want, i personally would allow it. Only for one Wish per Wish, of course, but i really like your thinking.

>> No.55534686

You are now imune to magic

Including healing magic

>> No.55534688

Not at all.

It is easy to make it a good character. Just make sure you have proper set up dor the character.

If people in general have ties to family or someone who matters to them, make them tightly connected to someone from the orphanage or from the streets. The option are many here, ans people who think orphan = lonely and isolated, have clearly never evem heard of an orphanage. You pretty much have no chance to not have anybody remotely important to you from a place like that.

As long as you dont make the "edgy loner without parents", you're good.

>> No.55534702

What is the meanest type of chicken a level 3 Moon Druid can turn into?

Need to enter a cock fight next session and we're short a chicken.

>> No.55534727

My voodoo necromancer player has a black chicken familiar whom I have given the stats of a velociraptor

>> No.55534756

Pack Tactics is actually pretty useful if you're the "touch spells delivery" type.

>> No.55534764

My favourite characters have been urchins.

Forever GM perspective, but they tend to be vastly more interesting than the fucking "soldier"s. One went full animal friend with the rat, another had a massive recurring thing with the city urchins, who struggled against a myriad of diseases and hardships, and the character was dead set on trying to provide them a better alternative, eventually gaining a small keep as part of a reward, where he relocated pretty much any urchin he could find who had some value or potential, and then spent a fuckload of time trying to get the keep running properly with these people.

It has just been a lot more focus on the background, than pretty much any other background Ive seen people use.

>> No.55534841

But does the effect still take place? Am I able to use my wish the following day for the personal power to cast unlmited wishes per day, with you no longer able to deny me/twist my wish around?
If so I think that's a fine price to pay for UNLIMITED POWER.

Nice trips. Nice catch on having it be a one-cast kinda deal.
Maybe I'd need to add something like "and every subsequent Wish I cast" to the wording.

I'm not sure I'd ever do this DURING a campaign, if it were ever allowed in the first place (since it'd ruin everything for everyone), though I might try and pull it off during a campaigns end.

>> No.55534867

Shouldn't be a problem.

Some people have a hard time with the opposite gender. I have a few friends with those problems especially. One of them has a failed marriage with a Thai woman he brought home from Thailand, so trust me when I say, those people have some issues.

I dont think you should be worried though, just realize that it might take some time. The fact that the players thought it was fun is a good sign, so just take it easy and let time for the problems. You just had one sessions, and that kijd of people will not adjust that quickly.

I know, because I am that GM.

>> No.55534883

Then make it nonsentient and just steal the design.

>> No.55534892

If I was a primeval guardian in tree form with 20 str, would I be able to jump 10 feet horizontally from a standing position in combat?

>> No.55534952

>Maybe I'd need to add something like "and every subsequent Wish I cast" to the wording.
Now you're just trying to fuck with the system. You know what? Fuck you, too.

>> No.55534964

you could fuck up a town or city pretty good, but it has almost no combat utility because the zombies aren't under your control
lvl 4 I think

>> No.55534995

"You all meet in an inn, the atmosphere thick with excitement about the upcoming festival. Suddenly, as goblins attack the town, you are all imprisoned on the brig of a ship headed for a new continent. Before you get there, a portal opens and you all fall into a city of gleaming metal. Your god tells you to find the Three Relics before the Hordes of Belial sacrifice the princess in a ritual to kill the Turtle upon which the plane rests. What do you do?"

>> No.55535014

They were being inappropriate around an 8 year old girl. This isn't a lack of women thing, this is a these guys are gross thing.

>> No.55535016

actually you couldn't fuck up a town with it if it only lasts a minute, the zombies created wouldn't make more after that. If 5th level made it last 10, and 6 mad it last an hour, than you could fuck up a small city with two 6th level ss.

>> No.55535046

If you sneak into an enemy army encampment at night and cast it, then start slitting throats, you could very easily end a war.
If you do it in a castle barracks, you could overthrow a kingdom.
Even in your example, do you want every 7th-level Wizard to be able to destroy a city?

>> No.55535066

Are there any resources for DMs wanting to run a character creation session with players?

Mostly about what questions to ask players to think about who their characters are relative to everyone else?

>> No.55535070

Scythe (martial)
Cost: 25 gp
Damage: 1d10 slashing
Weight: 3 lbs
Properties: Finesse, Two-handed

What say ye?

>> No.55535088

Nigga have you ever held one of those things?

>> No.55535101


>> No.55535102

look at any basic writing resource about making characters - who what where how why sort of shit. I like asking 'why is your character the class they are', and 'tell me more about your background choice'.

>> No.55535108

That's the playtest katana you're talking about

>> No.55535111

The highest damage finesse weapon is 1d8 for a reason. Dex is strong enough as it is.

>> No.55535121

Ok ok.
What if I've used that original wish as you interpereted it, then my next wish (the one that can't backfire) to wish that the benefits of my previous wish were permanent?

>> No.55535130

>to wish that the benefits of my previous wish were permanent?
Congratulations, you can now only ever wish for exactly this!

>> No.55535148

No and it shouldn't because that would make folks sad. Renaming trident to longspear and 1d8/10 is sufficient

>> No.55535159

Someone help me find a resource with a bunch of those dual-names to find a surname for my character. Like, Peaceleaf or Icewind some shit. My brain isn't working.

>> No.55535184

You can still cast wish, but it doesn't do anything because of your previous wish protecting you

>> No.55535193

Of course you'd like his thinking Satan, either way you get his soul in the end

>> No.55535202

google 'rpg same page tool'

>> No.55535207

See that's the basic stuff, but I'm trying to go slightly more advanced, and ask the players like,

"You founded a mercenary company. Why?"

And I feel like I could do more than that.

>> No.55535223

I'm going to be playing with a party of people completely new to dnd. Should I go cleric to keep them from killing themselves?

>> No.55535227

Ravenloft: Stone Prophet

>> No.55535231

That would probably be a good idea

>> No.55535254

What patrons and pacts do you think the warlock class will get in XGtE? Will the Raven Queen get an official release?

>> No.55535260

Go moon druid to kill them if they do stupid things

>> No.55535280

>What patrons and pacts do you think the warlock class will get in XGtE?
Celestial and Hexblade

>Will the Raven Queen get an official release?
I hope not, both it and the hexblade were a blatant attempt to "fix" pacts and not real patrons.

>> No.55535377

What do you guys think about giving my players the Deck of Many Things in the tomb of the nine gods? Wish spells don't seem to be very effective in there, so apart from a reverent tpk whats the worst that could happen?

>> No.55535420

how many people would get turned in a minute you think? not enough for an army to be crippled, I think. Weakened a bit, maybe just enough for an evenly matched army to come out ahead of them in the battle the next day.
now if the base is 4th lvl for 1 minute, and 6th for an hour, than an 11th lvl wizard could cripple an army with it I think.
so maybe base level 5th, 6th for 10 minutes and 7th for an hour. Then it would take a 13th lvl wizard to cripple an army.
Although a dm could say that maybe you could kill 100 men in the hour, and the remaining 500 (assuming a pretty small army) men could probably mop up the zombies and only lose, what, another 100 max?
idk, a strict dm would make it hard

>> No.55535498

Melee dex doesn't have -5/+10 though

>> No.55535524

>Melee dex
GWM only requires a heavy weapon, not a strength weapon. There still aren't any heavy dex weapons though, so you're not entirely wrong

>> No.55535546

But it does have Sneak Attack.

>> No.55535607

This reminds me, how fucking retarded am I if I put a Deck of Many Things into a campaign of mine? It'd be entirely missable, and they'd have to buy (or steal) it. The players would probably be a fairly hardy level by that point.

>> No.55535636

Scythes as weapons are absurd. The closest thing to a "combat scythe" that actually exists should be modeled as a refluffed glaive.

>> No.55535667

How would you stat this?
>the warpick form is two handed by the way

>> No.55535688

Longsword, but versatile deals piercing damage.

>> No.55535737

Don't respond to Church Pick posting, it's a meme.

>> No.55535748

I really like that, anon. Got some sweet ideas in there. I would use it only for flavor, but I would also combine them: for a staff, roll the appropriate tables for material, but also roll the top—the crystal, orb, or whatever on top would get rolled too.

I dig the flavor.

>> No.55535758

Whoops, nevermind, I see a separate section for staff heads.

Still, though, it's good stuff.

>> No.55535775

>> the rest of the party are his generals in his army that he gave free will for shits and giggles.
That sounds like an AWESOME affably evil one shot.

>> No.55535803

wut, I legit want to know
It´s a meme because it deals serrated and righteous damage, while doing slashing in sword form but piercing in warpick mode?

>> No.55535834

Guys I need lore for the fey, where I can find it, also what is the feywild?

>> No.55535844

No, it's a meme because that same question gets asked every several days.

>> No.55535876

>also what is the feywild?
think of our reality, but more fey and wilder.

>> No.55535904

Dude seriously fuck thus.

Ranger shit should work like paladin's does. No cast time, and blocked if they're in full cover.

>> No.55535907

Piercing weapons don't suffer disadvantage IIRC.
You might have some trouble with war pick, but spear, trident, pike, dagger, and rapier should be fine.

>> No.55535923


>> No.55535931

Basically a mirror world of ours only wild.

>> No.55535948

>Web DM

>> No.55535957

I think I made all of that questions now, been asking wor about 10 days, not everyday thought
I just wanted different opinions

>> No.55535963

They know shit about 5e and have shit criticisms.

>> No.55535967

Feywild: the real world on crack. Everything has either too much enthusiasm or too much power. Everybody is either very happy or very angry. Or pretending to be one of those.
Fey: the things that live there. From our point of view, most are either insane or sociopathic. Usually both. Their goals need to be alien to humans, but eminently important to them. They're often associated with natural phenomena like seasons (e.g. The Queen of Winter).

>> No.55536023

Holy shit, how have I not read Primeval Guardian through before now? That shit's AWESOME.

>> No.55536038

Those are some solid house rules to me.

>> No.55536051

Since you're covering the flight races, you may want to throw the Dragonborn wings in with the Winged Tieflings.

>> No.55536053

Why ban variant human?

>> No.55536059

Refluff smaller dinos.

>> No.55536066

Very nice, might steal some of these myself

>> No.55536067

A baby axebeak

>> No.55536071

He covered that in 4.

>> No.55536080

I would change humans to: +2 to one stat. +1 to two other stats AND one extra skill proficiency

I don't think Artificer (Wizard) or Yuan-Ti should be banned

>> No.55536091

I know, but for the sake of organization, he might want to include them with the Aaracokra/Winged Tieflings.

>> No.55536093

I understand banning v.human, but your alternate version of the human literally has the same stat bonuses as all other races and NO OTHER FEATURES. That's incredibly weak, if slightly more flexible than other options at lower levels.

>> No.55536107

I don't, does he understand what half elves get?

>> No.55536312

New thread when?

>> No.55536319

When you make one

>> No.55536345

I'm on a mobile.

>> No.55536372

Any of you guys has a cool image for a Quest Board? Need one but the ones I found on google are kind of "meh"

>> No.55536385

Not him but I am on mobile and I make them just fine you lazy twat


>> No.55537273

My only experience with a deck of many things was entirely negative. It was given to us halfway through a campaign, and literally every session afterwards had to be stopped by the GM to ask us if we wanted to pull any cards. And the process of pulling the cards took too much time as well. It kind of derailed things sometimes.

>> No.55539284

Much appreciated. I knew someone else would enjoy it.

>> No.55539285

theoretically the best way to ensure that wish does not backfire on you would be to block your ability of casting it
>you can no longer cast wish
>the safest way to cast it is to not cast it

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