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Slaaneshi Eldar edition

Last >>55501295

>Daily Duncan Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVWObn2XXLo&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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Best way to fight DG?

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Any ideas for a malefic lord conversion?

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2nd for the Ork navy.

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That collegiate arcane box from AoS

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Keep them out of 18' inches.

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>What's with the cheese filled background behind the Yncarne... nevermind I get it.

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Shoot them from afar. Alpha Legion with a lot of Havocs sound good. Maybe a tarpit of 20 Berserkers to guarantee that they are stuck mid-field. Death Hex Mortarion and blast the fucker with everything you've got.

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You wanna use fungus extract vs nurglites?

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How do you guys kit your leviathan?
Double dubstep guns, claw and drill, or grav gun and drill?

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Also kys cannot wait for them to be nerfed. hahaha malefic lord nerf best day of my life

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With a big BANNED sticker, deployed on a shelf.

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That's good. I'm using four of these since they are literally the only models I've got that aren't in power armor. And I already know that people will mock me.

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How are nids this edition? Just moved into a new area and figured starting a new army would be a good way to introduce myself to the local gaming shop. I've always liked their models but have stayed away due to hearing about how meh they were unless you spammed shit like flyrants.

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Post color schemes you like.

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Mortal wounds spam is the name of the game. Also he expects FW to actually bother to change something.

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Yeah you can try Not using them until nerfed

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Claw and Drill

because fun

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Anyone having issues with Readium showing headings with the Codices?

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Always wish I had the skill to paint this scheme but it would just be a shitty mess if I did it.

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Rest of the army is pretty weak sauce, alpha legion army with lots of termies and cultists, just wanted a sexy centerpiece, probably gonna magnetize it but I think claw and gun looks coolest

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Two 12 point power fists and a set of FW doors. I use him to summon shit after disembarking from his drop pod.

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Aren't they literally the only not shit R&H unit, with actual functioning rules?

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Warhammer 40k's story becoming character focused was a mistake, prove me wrong

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Practice makes perfect, Anon.

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Why do people get so autistic over FW when it brings some nice diversity?

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I do love this WAAC justification

>This unit is disgustingly overpowered
>Ergo all my units are shit compared to it
>Ergo all my other choices are shit
>Ergo I should only spam the disgustingly overpowered unit as I have 'no choice'.

It's bollocks m8.

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Is there a way to salvage Genestealer Cults? Slightly before the edition change I picked up Deathwatch: Overkill to pad out my Deathwatch some more. I'm okay with my Deathwatch being a for-funsies army, but since nobody seems willing to pick up the Genestealers from me, I'm looking for some way to make them viable.

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'Dem hip bones

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You just wanted to post that image again

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Much better than the shit they put up with in 7th, set to get even better with the Codex which will be out by November. Definitely a good time to start.

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I cant! dem hips dont lie!.

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>Also he expects FW to actually bother to change something.
Chapter Approved is balancing Forge World models now, not just GW.

FW is no longer in charge of balancing their shit because they've demonstrated they're fucking retarded.

Nerfs are confirmed coming by the playtesters. If that's not enough all the tournaments are just going to ban FW.

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Its not overpowered

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Please tell me this is a girl

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>Warhammer 40k's story becoming character focused was a mistake

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You're not wrong.

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That looks fucking easy, and this is coming from someone who started painting two weeks ago and have little to no artistic skill.

Its just two thin coats, some shading and edges.

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What should I put in my Death Guard land raider?

I was thinking some Plague Marines and a Grenade guy? So you can more reliably deliver your grenade strategy to high value targets.

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Who ever said anything about spamming them? The dude asked about ideas for making a conversion, he never said anything about making like 6 of them.

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What does /tg/ think of my 1500 DG list? First time fighting with my DG with the codex so thought I'd try some new stuff like the powers.

"Gutfly" Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ 2x Malefic Talons, The Suppurating Plate, and Wings (180p) (warlord)
Power: Curse of the Leper

Malignant Plaguecaster (110p)
Powers: Blades of Putrefaction and Putrescent Vitality

7x Plague Marines w/ 1x Powerfist, 2x Blight Launchers, and 4x Bolters (173p)

7x Plague Marines w/ 1x Powerfist, 2x Blight Launchers, and 4x Bolters (173p)

7x Plague Marines w/ 1x Powerfist, 2x Blight Launchers, and 4x Bolters (173p)

25x Plaguebearers w/ Instrument of Chaos and Daemonic Icon (200p)

*Fast Attack:
Foetid Bloat-drone w/ Fleshmower (136p)

*Heavy Support:
"Decaybringer" Leviathan Dreadnought w/ 2x Siege Klaws and 2x Meltas. (353p)

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>Malefic Lords not OP
Good bait. Here is your single (You).

>> No.55504553

>models I've got
That's sad beyond measure

>> No.55504556

People REEEEEEEEEEEing about malephic lords are usually the same ones who bring a stormraven full of assassins. Or conscript blobs.

>> No.55504562

Am I blind or there is no herald of nurgle in DG codex? Why?

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>literally a bleeding anus on the back
Holy christ.

>> No.55504566

That is a jojo character.

>> No.55504571

Well, I'm not counting cultists. Not gonna use them as Lords though.

>> No.55504572

>Tau commanders
>conscript blobs
>every knight

>> No.55504575

If you bring just the two-three to fill a battalion? No, they are just very low priced good hqs
>if you bring five and beyond in a supreme command and spam them behind bodies. Absolutely

>> No.55504583

Because they would have to print their psychic powers and they've not yet updated them to have 6 instead of 3.

That's my guess anyway.

>> No.55504585

Yes, and? That doesn't mean all of those things aren't WAAC as fuck and on the known nerf list.

I don't know why. To sell more Chaos Indexes I guess.

>> No.55504599

What if I bring three and one unit of marauders? It's about 130 points for three characters to babysit cultist blobs and a unit of 5 boys with two snipers.

>> No.55504600

Looks more like a Slaaneshi tank to me

>> No.55504602

Not all Nurgle Daemons made it into the DG codex, or atleast none of the HQs did. I think they're saving them for their own codex with their own special rules and powers and stuff.

>> No.55504603

They only summon servant daemons, none with independent will.

>> No.55504607

>in any way as cheesy as spamming an OP unit
This is bait. A full Knight army is pushing it but unlike in 7th it ultimately can't kill enough shit to win and will auto-lose to objectives.

>> No.55504608

>>Tau commanders

Easy fix!

>Boots on the ground addendum: Cant have more characters than non-character units in an army.

>> No.55504611

>cool daemon prince, nice
>caster that's always good, nice
>some troops, not bad.
>plaguebearers, always a fan, don't rate icon though
>bloat drone, can be very good

>fw shit

Fuck off.

>> No.55504612

getting a quatered scheme to not look like ass is tricky, especially for a new painter

>> No.55504621

it's you again

>> No.55504622

I kind of want to buy the Gravis Captain from Dark Imperium on eBay and paint him up because he's so damn cheap and unlike most people, I don't mind the dumb pose and beer belly model.

But is that just a waste of time and (a small amount of) money? I probably don't even have room for him in my army, I have way more important miniatures in my backlog to paint, and I don't even own any other Primaris yet.

>> No.55504623

Except you can summon any Nurgle Daemons with DG rules, not just the ones in the Codex. They just put some of them in for convenience.

>> No.55504626

LR battle cannons or LR plasma cannons vs DG?

>> No.55504627

Not what I meant anon

Not even close

>> No.55504630

The dude's barely playable let alone cheese and GW's already confirmed that Ynnari aren't getting anything other than the Index.

>> No.55504634

I can't unsee that.

>> No.55504635

What a shame. I hoped that I will use everything from the nurgle start collecting

>> No.55504637

The demon units in the codex are only there for you to have rules to summon them, its like khorne demonkin. Demons will get their own codex.

>> No.55504641

>>Boots on the ground addendum: Cant have more characters than non-character units in an army.
Shit, I like this.

>> No.55504653

I miss the mathhammer updates. Chart-anon, hast thou abandoned us?

>> No.55504657

I'm glad I'm not the only one who questioned this before questioning its gender

>> No.55504660

You can use it, you're just gonna have to shell out for another book.

>> No.55504674

Your genestealers can literally deploy 9" away from the enemy, move, run, and then charge. 1" charges all day with half your army guaranteed.

>> No.55504676

You can faggot, its in there for no reason other than convenience. Well and maybe buffing things. Nurgle Daemons got cheaper and or straight up better in the DG book compared to Index.

I think their inclusion even makes things worse, since it constantly confuses people.

What you can do with Nurgle Daemons from Codex or Index: Summon them or run a separate detachment. That's it. Them being included in the Death Guard codex lets some people to think that they can be part of a Death Guard detachment, but they're wrong for thinking that.

>> No.55504683

>yare yare dawa
part six anime when?

>> No.55504701

Plague champs should have plasma guns, Curse of the Leper is bad and you should be using Miasma, fleshmower isnt as good as you think it is, lack of support characters when you have 3 footslogging PM squads is dumb, the Plaguebearers need to be summmoned or else they break your detachment since they lack the [Death Guard] faction keyword, and get that nazi FW shit out of there.

>> No.55504722

what is the most complicated army to play? i'm assuming chaos.

>> No.55504731

Seems pretty reasonable
People will bitch about it still because they are pretty op when spammed

>> No.55504732

>All FW is Bad + P2W
I play Renegades with no casters, FW is not OP.
In fact, most FW only armies seem pretty lackluster, Corsairs are gone, Death Korps seems OK and Renegades are useless outside maybe 3 units.

>> No.55504738

Best slaaneshi warband.

>> No.55504766

What do you mean?
>rules to remember?
>rules interactions?
>abilities and triggers to remember?
All armies can be simple and many can be made complex, last edition I had a crazy guard/inquisition army that used like 6 different codexes and supplements and tons of weird rules and complex units
Oh 7th... I don't miss thee

>> No.55504783

Should have said he was feeling too well

>> No.55504784

It's a retarded meme that's been vomited for about a little week.

Just ignore it.

>> No.55504787

It's even fluffy in an Alpha Legion army. Marauders get the same thing as the Legion Trait.

>> No.55504798

yeah basically rules, options, points assemblage. what are the most autistic players embracing? haha

>> No.55504803

Has anyone tried the technique of only painting using shades? How'd it turn out?

>> No.55504818

>fleshmower isnt as good as you think it is
I don't understand people fascination with that.
Even blight launcher drones make more sense.

>> No.55504827

Like this

>> No.55504843

>what are the most autistic players embracing
tau and space wolves now and forever

>> No.55504845

Too dark, Anon. Can you put a light on em? They look good though.

>> No.55504864

you are right, and we are all paying the price

>> No.55504865

What's the best way to build a cultist blob?

The box from GW is 65 dollarydoos for 20 (plus a nice CSM champion) but is half autoguns half pistols, when I want all autoguns.

The GSC neophyte hybrids would be fantastic, and even come with a heavy stubber, but 70 dollarydoos for 40 points of guys is ridiculous.

The Guard boxes are $48 for 10, and the plastic catachans might make for a decent conversion. Actually finding boxes would be the real challenge.

What do tg?

>> No.55504877

2018 compadre

>> No.55504882

I weep for you Australians

>> No.55504895

I think you mean 2019, 2018 will be Part 5.

>> No.55504899

Assuming you don't get fucked by customs claiming your package or some shit then just buy R&H/Krieg from FW. It's probably cheaper for you poor bastards than GW shit.

>> No.55504913

There's a guy on /wip/ who was doing his Nurgle daemons with a white base coat and using shades for the color. They turned out pretty good.

>> No.55504915

This was made in 7th.

>> No.55504934

Yeah his stuff is very nice

>> No.55505016

Thousand Sons players, out of the Tzeentch discipline what powers might you want to see ported over? How do you think they'd get balanced for 8th?
I'd love to at least see doombolt, though I'd also be interested in seeing how they'd port something like siphon magic over.

>> No.55505018

Way more expensive, unfortunately

>> No.55505033

He made a guide too.

>> No.55505042

I kinda want to get this mentality out that having a single Forge World unit is "OP". It's not. They're GW's TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some Assassins or Guilliman. If they bring multiple and in the Supreme Command Detachment, then yes that is pretty cheesy.

Also R&H are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If traitor Guard had the same love that Conscripts then that would be fine.

A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good FW player would know that some well supported Stormraven squadron is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units.

I'm so tired of hearing poorfags complain about "muh Malefic Lords or muh Leviathans" They're there in the index, they have a purpose, just like the Stormravens.source then any of the FW units. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other FW players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.55505050

I did my plaguebearers like that (mostly theres some bits of no wash but its mostly wash).

>> No.55505067

How are Gene-stealer cults doing? Their models are lovely as well but no one here seems to talk about them which has me worried.

>> No.55505074

I....I know what you're doing Anon....but I actually completely agree with the pasta.

>> No.55505076

Is this list legal? I know that I have to pick weapon options etc but for now I just want to know if I can legally field it like this detachment-wise

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [41 PL, 728pts]
Lord of Contagion
Malignant Plaguecaster

Plague Marines: 6x Plague Marine, Plague Champion
Plaguebearers: 9x Plaguebearer, Plagueridden
Poxwalkers: 20x Poxwalker

Fast Attack
Foetid Bloat-drone

Patrol Detachment (Chaos - Daemons) [14 PL, 262pts]
Herald of Nurgle

Nurglings: 3x Nurgling Swarms

Fast Attack

Plague Drones: 2x Plague Drone, Plaguebringer

Total: [55 PL, 990pts]

>> No.55505091

Sleeper/Potential God Tier.

If their cult ambushes roll well they have the potential to table an opponent in just a couple turns and against some match ups will always win.

>> No.55505094

Well its legal but you won't get Inexorable advance on your Death Guard since Nurgle Daemons dont have the Death Guard keyword.

>> No.55505104

Hey remember than thing they used to do?
Well now many others do it, and way more reliably.

>> No.55505119



>> No.55505121

Drill and grav, MoK

>> No.55505123

looks fine to me, assuming your points are right, anon

>> No.55505135

>t. Reece

>> No.55505146

Isn't this the guy who said grav will still be a top tier weapon in 8th

>> No.55505151

The DG units are in their own battalion detachment, with a separate patrol detachment of Daemons.

The DG still get inexorable advance

>> No.55505154

That's real, isn't it?

>> No.55505158

What's better for filling in gaps in your army, Company Veterans or Sternguard?

>> No.55505163

Dual claws because fuck optimization.

>> No.55505171 [DELETED] 

Upvoted :^)

>> No.55505174

plaguebearers are not DG and are in the Battalion detachment.

>> No.55505177

Help urgently needed /tg/! My Warham friends are moving and I dislike having to play with randos so how do I get friends that don't play 40k to play? Also thinking of getting my brother to play. Any suggestions?

>> No.55505179

Look closer, there's a unit of plaguebearers in the battalion.

>> No.55505184

No-one believes their own bullshit like Reece

>> No.55505185

Let's say I would drop the bloat-drone, swap plaguebearers for another unit of 7 plague marines and fit these plaguebearers into daemons patrol detachment. Will it work any better?

>> No.55505190

makes friends of randoms

>> No.55505195

Grav cannons are still the best tactical heavy in terms of most average wounds. My guess is people don't play with enough terrain so lol lascannons

>> No.55505203

Company Veterans IMO.

Baseline, take each with a storm bolter and chainsword (18 points per model). Replace storm bolters with special weapons as needed to fill gaps in your army.

>> No.55505208

That pic says Adam, idiot.

>> No.55505214

"The best" is different from "the most point-efficient" which is what everyone will actually go for.

Best example is combi-flamer vs stormbolter. yes the flamer is better at killing shit but it's not better at being reasonably priced. Aren't gravcannons still absurdly expensive? Much more than a 10 point heavy bolter.

>> No.55505222

>Andy Chambers and Phil Kelly will never write another Tyranid codex together
Is there a worse feeling?

>> No.55505224

How is this list legal?
Is there a FW rule to not take a HQ?

>> No.55505225

Just telling my experience seeing them. I don't play them but, for example, I played against one of the top players at ATC who rolled hot with his GSC and I was tabled turn 3. Furthermore, my room mate runs them and he always gets very high placement in tourneys or at least wins most games.

>> No.55505226

He writes what you tell him to, Reece of shit

>> No.55505239

Nobody is purposely taking HBs to tournaments. I've seen MMs and no heavy. If you want pouts efficiency you take assassins or conscripts, not marines.

>> No.55505258

>3 leviathans

>> No.55505261

Probably the guy standing on the crates

>> No.55505281


Oh I didn't see him.
What is that?
I'm trying to reverse engineer this list cause he is shitting on our entire LGS and a few people aren't even showing up anymore because of him.

>> No.55505285


>> No.55505293

>Stormraven turret on Rhino
My god that looks like shit. I'm glad I decided not to do that for my Razorbacks.

>> No.55505295

Probs a techmarine, can't tell from the photo though.

>> No.55505309

Just ask to see his list, or just say "hey what are your HQs" in a non assholish way

>> No.55505312

If he's at your fucking store how the fuck do you not know the list?

Token HQ
3 Levi
3 RAPER teams
2 Dreads, idk if contemor or not
2 assbacks with 5man squads

>> No.55505321

I doubt anyone who insists on playing pure Marines in a tournament meta is blobbing out their Tac squads in the first place, even if the Guilliman they're taking grants them that Ultramariens stratagem for rerolls.

>> No.55505322

Man that's a fugly army.

>> No.55505333

>Duel Butcher Cannon Array on Levi
Illegal tbqhwy

>> No.55505336

Drill and Grav, MoN

>> No.55505343

Those look like thunderfire cannons, not rapiers.

>> No.55505354

I was going off of the 2 crew standing with it

>> No.55505357

They are storm cannons and it's legal. As is having two butcher cannons as Levi's can't take arrays.


>> No.55505358

I see what you did there but FAQ made it legal.

Thunderfires have Techmarine crew, those Thunderfires have two scrubs by each, just like a Rapier does. He's probably proxying quad mortars.

>> No.55505367

I've only played him once and he never said what anything was, just what it hit on. He fast rolled all game too. It was not a fun game.

>> No.55505373

Ah. didn't know that, thanks.

>> No.55505378

sounds like a right cunt, sorry you had to deal with that.

>> No.55505386

>never said what anything was
But that's step 1 of pre-deployment.

>> No.55505390

"Hey man, slow down. You're rolling this too fast and haven't told me what anything is."

>> No.55505394

Well, I've got some tacticals, sniper scouts, vanguard vets, and a heavily armed stormraven so I guess ... plasma company vets?

>> No.55505410

What does he do, point at units all game? Saying things like "left leviathan shoots at berserkers" is pretty normal

>> No.55505439


He's really loud and aggressive. Really I should had shut him down but it was my 3rd game that day.

And no. I was declaring what I was placing and he just kept saying. "This, here".
And at one point he fired at a tank, I rolled saves, placed damage and then after he damaged a different tank, he told he all the first damage was on the 2nd, which was my warlord and killed it. I stopped caring after that.

>> No.55505440

Are Knights shit now? I don't see anyone taking them or talking about them anymore. Why is that? Is it just because Knight armies are harder to fit into the points bounds now?

Also, are Cerastus Knights worth it? They seem more like sidegrades except they're significantly more expensive both in points and $$$

>> No.55505448

*Urrrrrrgh* "Well OK, *Obviously* this is a Space marine, so is this, and this, and this, and this is a Space marine Sergeant, this is a razorback, it's like a Car but for space marines.."

>> No.55505450

What a waste of trips

>> No.55505470

>caring about trips
What a waste of oxygen

>> No.55505471

Sounds like the problem isn't his list, m8. Dude's a regular faggot and you should just decline games until he changes his attitude. If you do still play with him then force him to slow down so he can't pull shit like that on you.

Talk to the guys who've been dropping out of the local scene and see if you can boycott playing with him. It sounds like a super shitty and cliquey thing to do but he'll either leave or clean up his act pretty quickly.

>> No.55505472

Is that his whole list in the pic? Seems like he is lacking an extra troop choice.

>> No.55505496

>>significantly more points
Eh. A regular knight with the stormspear pod and rapid battle cannon is like 505 points, that's more than most of the cerastus except for the crazy one with the black hole gun IIRC. The extra speed and wounds are nice.

>> No.55505511

So he just cheats.

>> No.55505528

>>not showing up anymore because of one dude
Why? Like, just don't interact with the dude if you don't like his attitude. Are people at this LGS somehow forced to entertain this cunt? Just ignore him.

>> No.55505573


>Are Knights shit now?

>I don't see anyone taking them or talking about them anymore. Why is that?
Because they're 25% more expensive, easier to kill, and do less damage to your opponent

>> No.55505575


I don't understand how people can have unpainted armies. There are ways to put color on them in 2 minutes that looks pretty good with minimal effort - even with minimal detailing and some basing these marines already look good. Painting guard is as easy as priming green or tan and washing them with agrax or nuln oil. How can people be so god damned lazy?

>> No.55505600

a smart death guard player isn't going to allow a death hex or null zone on/around morty, also the plague burst crawler is really good at taking out tanks and definitely can take a beating from the tanks as well.

>> No.55505614

Any word yet on IG codex? Still "before end of the year"?

>> No.55505630

Its before the end of November.

>> No.55505663

Painting intimidates people. Most players these days don't do any shit like 40k outside of 40k itself, especially given the rise of Xwing. Nobody wants to take to the field with a model they spent hours on that they know looks like shit.

Others like myself are fucking perfectionists and absolutely will not field a unit without it being fully painted to a bearable standard. Cheap tactics to get them to tabletop standard don't cut it. Of course there's a strong divide here between people who will eventually paint their shit, no, really, so just let them play with gray/black primed shit, and people who do actually paint, just at a slow pace while they satisfy their autism in getting every detail just right. They never play though

>> No.55505665

Painting my first mini tonight. Wish me luck
I'm scared I won't thin my paint enough

>> No.55505686

Recovering grey tide player here, there's a lot of reasons ranging from
>not realizing that a model with base colors looks way better than totally unpainted
>extremely busy
>wanting to field the model the moment it's assembled
>being a very slow painter
>buying more models than you can keep up with painting
I was most of these, then I realized an army doesn't need to be Duncan tier to be better than grey, now I put three colors on before I field it, then later when I have time I add details and stuff like that
Best way to do it is just not allow yourself to play any unpainted models, gives good encouragement because you want to expand what models you can pick from

>> No.55505701

Confirmed by GW for before end of november
fingers crossed mech guard returns

>> No.55505710

Choosing a scheme is the hard part.

My army is heavily converted so stripping it would A) be a fucking chore
B) likely see half of it come apart

>> No.55505753

Unfortunately the second wealthiest guy in our group who plays Daemons DESPISES anything in the hobby that isn't playing or small snippets of lore and usually just buys either NiB kits and pre-painted minis of various quality levels, but he can barely be assed to fucking spray paint his shit. Not to mention he doesn't take care of his minis. Then he had the balls to ask me if I'd paint his Bloodthirster for him. I was not going to put effort into something that'd be tossed into a 3'x2' tub and broken probably after the first use. He's a good friend, but that shit infuriates me. I've managed to get the Harlequin/Nids guy really into painting and he's showing progress which makes me happy enough that I'm painting him up Malanthrope as a late bday present. Then the SM/Sisters player is slowly getting into the stage of at least putting colors on his stuff.

>> No.55505759

>I don't understand how people can have unpainted armies.

Painting your guys doesn't make them any better in game.

While i like playing against fully painted armies, i don't fault people who bring grey tide.

>> No.55505762

A couple reasons.

It takes a bit to get a scheme that looks good.

The shear number of models can be intimidating as an amount of work, especially for folks like Guard.

Building can be far more fun than painting so folks build what they want to use, and then play with it while saying (Next time I'll paint it)

>> No.55505793

Sure, they are long from finished but I'm happy how the method worked out
sorry for spamming my dudes this past week, just really proud of how they are coming along

>> No.55505822

too dark and you need to paint the details.

>> No.55505839

They look great; I'm about to start an AL army myself; I just need to test out 3 different paint schemes and then ongoing to start.
hydra dominatus

>> No.55505843


>> No.55505844

Nah what you gotta worry about is thinning them too much. Also good luck anon

>> No.55505857

>Painting your guys doesn't make them any better in game
I know this feel
>paint entire army for tourney
>really proud of how much I got done and happy to finally play fully painted
>list is strong too so I feel like a new man
>match up against first opponent
>absolutely beautiful ynnari army
>he cancels out my meme magic with his
>tables me
>play next game
>guy is playing half grey half chaos black army
>ties with me after a grueling game

>> No.55505859

Here's a handy guide on how to paint your first model, anon! Follow this guide in the order it has been writte:

Get primed model, paint, brush, water and pallet ready
Load brush with base coat, place onto pallet, thin it down
Wipe off excess paint from brush, twist to give it a nice good tip
Grab model and hold it close to your eye level, abut 12-18 inches away
Bring brush to model, be ready and eager to give it two thin coats
Place brush on model and start to drag it towards the edge of the surface
Fuck up
Put model down, clean brush of paint, place brush and paints in trash bin
Feel immense disappointment
Don't paint again for a week

>> No.55505860

>I'm scared I won't thin my paint enough

Use air paints.

>> No.55505861

Any AL scheme is technically correct

>> No.55505862

If you blow them up to full size it looks a lot better.

>> No.55505872

my name is alpharius

>> No.55505881

>Put model down, clean brush of paint, place brush and paints in trash bin
>Feel immense disappointment
>Don't paint again for a week
This is my right now

>> No.55505896

At least try the washing for metallic scheme, it worked well for me, quite unique at most game stores

>> No.55505903

knights are okay, but die quickly and early in game if you're not careful
Cerastus knights have a 5+ single wound heal, better movement, and 3 extra wounds, so in general they're a bit more survivable, but not by much

>> No.55505904

How many pots of Mephiston Red is to many pots for a Blood Angels player?

>> No.55505914

When you can make a life-sized Mephiston out of them.

>> No.55505918

>Too many
I don't understand the question

>> No.55505929

Is there anyone in this thread who isn't alpharius?

>> No.55505939

I am Albert Pharius

>> No.55505940

>>When your drop leg holster is so dropped its on your shin and you can't draw without standing still.
Your pistols have triggered me a bit, anon. Why you would not place them on the thigh is unknowable to me.

Great work with the armor's color though, these will look real nice with very minimal work popping out them silver deets.

>> No.55505946


>> No.55505949

Yes I am Omegon

>> No.55505950 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55505951


>> No.55505952

Me, i'm actually Alpharius

>> No.55505968

We can't really prove one way or the other if one is Alpharius and it's better to assume they are him just to be sure.

>> No.55505969

Is Alpharius the new Candlejack or is Candlejack the new Alp

>> No.55505978

Now there's a shitty meme I'd hoped dead five years ago

>> No.55505979

I have like 4 pots of Khorne Red for my CSM now.

>> No.55505981

I am Candleja

>> No.55505983


>> No.55505989


What shitty meme?

>> No.55505992


>> No.55505998

Found the Alpharius.

>> No.55506004

I'm sort of in this boat, except I'd rather play than paint. When I do paint, I have to finish it and it has to be a certain quality because I know I'm unlikely to go back to it later. I'm talking about shit like, what's intended to just be base colors, quickly turns into 4-8 hours of painting for ONE model. If I only played with painted models, I would never play, and if I never played, I would never paint. It's about finding the right balance of motivation I guess.

>> No.55506007

Its so strange having so many pots of the same colour

>> No.55506010

>Alpharius is in this thread RIGHT NOW
Explain where your AL warband's standing with Chaos lies. Do they like like they're still fresh from the Great Crusade or have you gone to DoW levels of desecration with them?

>> No.55506026

This is a surprisingly accurate guide.

It works for advanced painters too, you just delay the last four steps further the more advanced you are. Like on the highlights or eyes instead of the basecoat.

>> No.55506029

Candlejack, an old mem

>> No.55506034

>Alpha memers

>> No.55506049

Back to Terra with you bananaman.

>> No.55506050

We are the most alpharius so that we cannot be picked out from the other alpharius's

>> No.55506052


Fuck your meme, your mother and the goat she fucks on webcam.

>> No.55506061

>upset over literally any meme while on 4chan
just don't go to this website

>> No.55506063

Fucking hell. If you're going to explain candlejack to newfags at least finish yo

>> No.55506074

>He did the Candlejack meme wrong
You didn't even say his name compl

>> No.55506075

>only having one pot of Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade

>> No.55506079

Complete auti

>> No.55506088

They've huffed too much warpdust in then time after the heresy and they've started to mutate.

They've got a neutral stance on chaos otherwise

>> No.55506096

>D-don't criticise my shit memes

How about you go back to redddit, it'll be safe for you there.

>> No.55506099


>> No.55506103

The holster literally doesn't fit in the belt of the mk 4 armour, or I'm just stupid
I figured I'd make it like a throw away pistol

>> No.55506123

Yea i am running out of agrax earth shade actually. On another note is there any way of reconstituting a paint? my Evil Sunz Scarlet is weirdly not working with me any more even tho i can see theirs paint in the pot.

>> No.55506129

Alpharius is the ultimate samefag

>> No.55506138

Paint medium.

>> No.55506139


Use acrylic medium. The best one to use for any paint is the one that the paint company itself sells, so for GW try Lahmian Medium, although any acrylic medium will work. Worst case scenario, try water, though it's not as ideal and will probably separate faster in the future.

>> No.55506146

How's the hand dorn?

>> No.55506150

Especially one with white paint that has any kind of shading.

>> No.55506153

Thank you both

>> No.55506172

So do we know if Omegon is still alive?

>> No.55506178



>> No.55506181


>> No.55506183

Very funny
We all know that's some random veteran sergeant from the heresy who's abnormally tall

>> No.55506189

I'm fine, don't worry

>> No.55506205


Apparently Guilliman has that confirmed kill, though fuck if you ever get a straight answer from Alpha Legion.

As far as we can tell, both Dorn and Guilliman's kills were legitimate, and Alpha Legion is just being huge salty dicks about it.

>> No.55506214

Can someone change the "days since Jewish tricks" meme to something alpha legion related with dorn or corax?

>> No.55506229


>> No.55506234



>> No.55506241

I'm sure someone can yes.

>> No.55506245

Some people have depression

>> No.55506257

What about the possibility that he could be Janus?

>> No.55506264


>> No.55506270


Wasn't he a Grey Knight?

>> No.55506273

Can't go wrong with plasma this edition, though if that's what you're looking for, consider springing for the Primaris hellblasters for another 4 points per model (better durability/range/AP), unless you are stowing them in a rhino/razorback/drop pod.

>> No.55506275

First coat done. I spent so much time wondering how easy or hard painting would be. I'm glad I finally pushed myself to do it. First coat of the fang done. Unfortunately my phone's camera is shit.
Painting is surprisingly intimidating. I've been sitting on those push in marines for 2 years before priming them. And they are my test for my actually SW warriors of the fang boxe.

>> No.55506286


>> No.55506293

How is your sister Nehf going?

>> No.55506334

There's a bit in one of the HH books where Ferrus is walking through a a hall of statues, with each representing a primarch. One of them he recognizes as Janis, which is a two-faced Roman god

>> No.55506335

They should fit nicely on the thigh, my dude.

>> No.55506376

Alpharius/Omegron cormfirmed for Daemon Prince of Malal, half living half dead, loyal traitor, champion and bane of chaos, planner of schemes and victim of plots.

>> No.55506378

I think I modeled my dudes with their arms too low or something, I tried for like an hour and couldn't get that nor the sword on most of my guys, I was able to put little ammo pouches and utility belts below their backpacks which did look nice though

>> No.55506385

>that feeling when i just did the math for my previously 1500 points of Blood Angels and ended up with 1895 points.

What the fuck do i even buy to fill in the additiona 105 points? I already have 3 tac squads 1 15 man death company squad 2 suicide melta assault squads and a baal predator.

>> No.55506391

This. Shit sucks. Not having things painted makes it works and kills the will to paint. Then, I have to drag myself to my LGS and see all the painted minis, and while normal people would be inspired, it sends me further down the spiral until I shut down. The worst part is that there's a new player in out group who is pushing a fully painted (not based yet) Khorne army in less than 2 months, and he enjoys every second of it. I wish I could feel that joy.

>> No.55506399

Probably a second HQ.

>> No.55506403

Mmmm thighs

>> No.55506427

I just looked through and thought i could probably do with a sniper scout squad. A second HQ you say?

>> No.55506437

>The worst part is that there's a new player in out group who is pushing a fully painted (not based yet) Khorne army in less than 2 months

>tfw only have 5 terminators and 20-30 marines painted in 2 years

>> No.55506457

Well I assumed your 1500 point quote was what the list was in 7th. Now in 8th to fill out a Battalion (you want to do this for delicious CRs, after all) you'll need two HQs, while in 7th most Marine players I know usually ran just one. They're much cheaper this edition though so you should be able to comfortably get some dude and some gubbins for him for around 100 points.

Also snipers are overrated.

>> No.55506459

Do you not have two hqs so you can make that a battalion and get 3 CP? Because you should since you've already paid the 3 troop slot cost.

>> No.55506461

It needs a ton of touch ups but I think the orange matches the purple well. (The one cuff is actually orange.)

The gun still needs painted and various parts still need highlighted. There's also some mess ups with the edge highlighting that I'll fix later.

>> No.55506462

>tfw started to trade my backlog for painting commissions

>> No.55506478

I'd really rather not. At least for now I want this to be pure old marine since its a Badab Chapter and I'm not sure how pro-Primaris they'd be

>> No.55506481

Shit i completely forgot that it requires 2 HQs i guess ill make a Captain to join my Terminator Librarian.

>> No.55506496

thin your paints

>> No.55506505

Press F to pay respects for Jack's deus ex waifu

>> No.55506506

Oh nice. What's your recipe/method to make them look like that??

>> No.55506517

Bayonets exist in the Chapter Generator. Just use Phobos and Tigrus bolters for the bayonets.

>> No.55506523

Make the helmet green for Joker/10

>> No.55506526

Magma cutter or lasher tendrils on mauler fiend?

>> No.55506531

The small bursts of satisfaction from completing paint projects are one of my few pleasures.

Just put away all the shit that isn't painted except one unit, or even one model. Whatever you're most excited about, whatever you'd like to paint most, whatever you'd like to see looking cool and painted - ride that interest to painting town and repeat.

Helps if you can get a buddy and bully each other into finishing stuff and show each other your WIPs for CnC.

Just make progress, it doesn't matter how much or on what. When you finish something, use it in a game and enjoy that feeling, then pick your next thing you want painted. Eventually you'll stop wanting to even use things you haven't painted yet, and the urge to use something on the tabletop will be pushing you to paint things you acquire.

If you don't know what you're doing, look to the Dunc for knowledge. What is your army?

>> No.55506536

Just like this, except I did 3 washes of blue because I remembered it wrong, still worked out though

>> No.55506544

I want to try out 8th edition soon, whats the right number of points to bring?

>> No.55506552

Hell yeah, give him a jump pack and have him direct those assault melters so they don't miss where you don't need them to miss.

>> No.55506559


We should have a "say nice things" things where depressed people post their paintjobs or their progress and receive encouragement.

Or is that a bit too hugbox for /tg/?

>> No.55506560

2000 is the new 1850
1500 can be pretty fun too because it's constraining but you can still bring a lot
Pretty much anywhere between those two

>> No.55506569

No green paints. :c

I need to give that one a knife to do it as well.

>> No.55506580

2k is standard but 1k-1.5k would be a good learning size.

>> No.55506590

inb4 Imperial cucks argue it was retconned

>> No.55506592

What primer did you use? The basic black one?

>> No.55506604

Whose the next loyalist Primarch looking like?

>> No.55506611

>Alpharius is a shit meme

You best be joking loyalist

>> No.55506612

2000 is the new 1850, but 2000 is actually equivalent to 1500. GW successfully tricked WAACfags into finally playing 1500, even after two separate voting sessions to lower 1850 bracket to 1650 or 1500 failed.

>> No.55506620

We simply don't know

>> No.55506629

IWfags are the only ones that argue that it was retconned, it was always mutually assured destruction.

>> No.55506632

It will probably be Lion or Russ.

>> No.55506637

Actually i am bringing those guys in drop pods so. I also completely forgot captains cant wear artificer Armour this edition. So i guess my model of Donatos Aphael is just going to be in normal armour

>> No.55506639

first coat doesnt seem too thick, so really good job for your first mini, like my first mini looks like shit compared to this work from a few months ago

>> No.55506641

>play fluffy melee vanilla marines
>wish I had something like free wargear or better stats to be able to put up a fight compared to the maxed out cheese builds that are over twice as strong as mine
>mfw that would just power up them as well

Anyone else feel like this? Like "I wish I could have a fun and fluffy army that also worked well, but without the rules also benefiting the guys who already have super strong armies"? You know, just something to close the gap and make games more even.

>> No.55506649

When it comes to internet art review, you're always gonna get a few dicks who just dismiss work without explaining what can be improved or how. Just gotta accept that so you can get good pointers from helpful anons and the occasional morale boost of "you did a thing good" posting.

Also wip can be harsh sometimes, but when you finally do a good job for the first time it sure feels good to be free of THIN and STRIP.

>> No.55506650

Grats on you for actually like keeping your first mini. After the first week of painting mine went into a thing of simple green so i can repaint him.

>> No.55506653

In 7th there was a much larger divide so they are working on bridging the gap

>> No.55506656

Fuck those look nice.

And here I am painting marines orange like an idiot.

>> No.55506662

You got this man

>> No.55506674

You know you can choose whatever chapter tactics you like right? Whatever one you think would benefit your army the most and just call them a successor chapter.

>> No.55506685

>Blood Angels player uses his 12 point power fist on FW Rhino door using faggot who tried to summon after disembarking

>> No.55506692

You most def need to have a good rhythm though since you wanna wait at least 45 mins for each layer to dry if not an hour, so either have a different project to work on or be ready to paint on and off, I used my down time to do homework, fap, and shitpost on /tg/
Was a fulfilling day

>> No.55506693

Is the final post of this /wip/ going to be a Golden Daemon tier Gulliman?

>> No.55506700

>lock yourself out of psykers with BT
>RG one that only works when well outside of reasonable charge range

Probably Salamanders is best bet for melee.

>> No.55506705

>>Drop pod
But Y tho? For 3 points per dude you get all the benefits of the drop pod without having to dump 100 points on a block with a storm bolter and you get to fly and move 12".

I'm guessing this is just what you happen to already own, which is too bad.

>> No.55506707

>the worst kind of person

>> No.55506710

Looks a bit too bright, have you tried a duller tone on that orange? I think it'd go better in tandem with the other colors that way. A dark red or blue would also pair well with the purple, if you're willing to try that. Alternately it's hard to go wrong with grey too, especially if it compliments the metallic grey of the helmet.

>> No.55506714

Thanks! Hope i put all those numbers in right

>> No.55506715

Any math-anons do the uber-summoning math, basically odds of rolling trips (or more) on 9d6?

>> No.55506717

No, it's a bad meme.
Facebook tier even.

>> No.55506720

>RG isn't good for melee
It's without peer for protecting your dudes as they slog up the board, in case you didn't buy them a transport or use the insane stratagem.

And you should be using the stratagem since that thing is a guaranteed turn 1 assault.

>> No.55506726

I play BT and Im fine with them as is, wish we had vows back but I can set up turn 1 charges most of the time by deep striking units and using our trait. Turn 2 charges are beyond easy with Land Raiders out the ass or rhinos, when I have most of my army locked in combat is when I know I've won.

I havent faced agaisnt real melee power houses like genestealers or khornates but Im fine with not being as good as them as long as I have the options the codex brings.

Remember, shoot the choppy and chop the shooty!.

>> No.55506732

Slowly working on my Pox an PM

>> No.55506733

Nurgle bless you with 7 days of diarrhea.

>> No.55506747


I wouldn't say guaranteed. ~53% or something like that, after CP reroll.

>> No.55506749

Yes, you will.

>> No.55506750

How is that?

>> No.55506751


>> No.55506754

>infiltrate behind them 9" away
>still get to move anywhere between 4" and 12"+ depending on what your unit is
>end move about 3" away
>even a double 1 is a success

>> No.55506758

Yea this was my tactic from last edition. Tho i was smart and did magnetize my Assault squads so i could feasibly give them jump packs instead but that would probably free up a fuck ton of points i would then have to allocate.

>> No.55506768

>still get to move anywhere between 4" and 12"+ depending on what your unit is

You sure about that? Is it because you deep struck before your turn or something?

>> No.55506770

Oh on 9d6? Never mind ignore me

>> No.55506771

Are Tzaangors any good or should I only take Rubrics as troops?

>> No.55506781

Yeah, didn't look right. Ty anyway.

>> No.55506782

>yfw non-RG suckers have to use their CP for re-roll charge range when you just spend it for a guaranteed charge

Victorus aut Mortis motherfuckers.

>> No.55506793

>WS3+ S4 T4 A2 Rend -1

They're great

>> No.55506799

It's because the RG stratagem lets you pop up after deployment but before the first turn begins, like old school Infiltrate. You can still act normally on your turn, including movement, unlike Deep Strike/Teleport Strike/Jump Pack Assault/etc. which has you pop up and the end of the Movement Phase and therefore unable to close that 9" gap.

That's what makes it so good. AL can do it too since Forward Operatives is literally as much a copypaste as their legion tactic is.

>> No.55506800

Full melee gors are fine, you may want to splash out of the cult units as they box you in hard.

>> No.55506801

You should definitely consider doing that at some point, because when blood angels finally get their own book I'm sure that jump packs everywhere will be encouraged in some way ala descent of angels.

>> No.55506806

Did some Tzaangors like that, turned out ok.

>> No.55506807

is there any way to make this thing work without wasting a cp on it each turn?

>> No.55506808

Here's a big nerd thread on it
Can someone with math autism interpret it? I'm a biologist so I don't do math

>> No.55506811

I think I could throw some nuln oil on it to darken it a bunch. Or do you think Agrax would would better?

>> No.55506826

>set elaborate trap for mentally disabled brother
>watch him and his legion trip over their own feet for weeks on end
>Roboute shows up to find out why the fuck Rogal is seiging an empty fortress
>laugh my ass off all the way back to the Eye of Terror
>ascend to daemonhood while Rogal tells Bobby it was a tie

>> No.55506836

They're fantastic. Tzeentchian blades all the way. Their statline is great, they're always the same amount of hard to kill due to their invuln, and they will ruin anything's day with their choppas.

Get 30 in a huge blob, spend 2 CP surviving morale each game and zoom across the board with warptime courtesy your friendly neighborhood goatherder-sorcerer to tie up all of the enemy's nice things by turn 1 or 2

>> No.55506839

Don't you have a trench to be digging perterabo?

>> No.55506846

Be salamanders/sit still/hang out with your captain.

>> No.55506856

So i took the drop pods off to see how much more it would give me to play with and i went from 1895 to 1719.Which is amazing or would be if i had the models to fill those point costs.And if you were curious after adding the captain in my original calculations i went from 1895 to 1980 and if i were to add the captain to this calculation it would be 1804.

Captcha was Faggiola Ther

>> No.55506859

>Perturarbo ascends to demonhood after sucking the sperms out hundreds of dead IF

Can Perturarbo sink any lower after sucking so many cocks?.

>> No.55506863

I am Alpharius.

>> No.55506867

I understand the doubles or triples math, but just triples losses me.

>> No.55506877

Yeah I'm looking at it, and it specifically says "before the first turn actually begins" or something like that. Seems like they specifically wrote it so you could move before charging.

You could have done the same thing with the old Infiltrate, except the bastards at GW specifically wrote that you could not do that on first turn for Infiltrate, except for GSC or something like that.

>> No.55506885

Well, if you're determined to stick with the orange/yellow I'd give Agrax a go, though not too heavily. That should help darken it a bit and move it more towards an earthy orange/brown which I could see working better with the washed purple and metalic helmet.

I'd still suggest trying other colours out, but that's my personal bias so keep trying your own thing if you're happy to.

>> No.55506887

Great unit as they are uniformly tougher than Guardsmen and able to tank a suprising amount with a 5+ invuln.

>> No.55506890

>sit still
>not vibrating constantly

Fucking virgins.

>> No.55506893

>You could have done the same thing with the old Infiltrate
You could, way back in 3rd. This isn't the first time sneaky Berzerkers have been in vogue.

>> No.55506904

>challenges Dorn with "1v1 me feggit"
>sets up elaborate traps and hides/doesn't even show
>not a cowardly faglord

>> No.55506909

Sounds like you'll eventually have the space to add one or two more nice things to your list, like blood angel terminators to drop in with the librarian terminator.

>> No.55506910

Anon everything in the universe is vibrating constantly
When it's not physics calls in sick

>> No.55506919

>Alpha Legion Khorne Berserkers

That's some psychotic office workplace breakdown level shit.

>> No.55506932

>you're all chads now

>> No.55506951

You need a wash

>> No.55506956

>Alpharius is the shortest of the Primarchs, about the size of a standard marine
>He attempts to infiltrate the Primaris production facilities and steal the recipe
>confronted by a tech priest
>"Aren't you a little short to be a Primaris?"

How would he react

>> No.55506958

Really wanting to buy the alpha legion contemptor, can someone give me the first breadcrumb on finding the contact for a good chinafag?
>t. Not a GW employee

>> No.55506973

He's actually tall for a marine so the primaris disguise would work
He's already stollen the data for the original primarchs and has the ability to produce marines comparable to primaris

>> No.55506974

>The small bursts of satisfaction from completing paint projects are one of my few pleasures.

I paint all my stuff (I don't actually have a usable force, because I paint before I play, as a budgeting measure), but I don't get that.

Because I'm awful at painting I call something done, look at it, and just see the flaws and how it could be better. However, I'm not good enough to make it better.

>> No.55506977

Say something about muh victory and then die.

>> No.55506979

Heck, you could sneak charge turn one in 5th, couldn't you? I remember getting eaten by genestealers a lot.


>> No.55506981


Angron was the shortest Primarch. Therefore we must conclude that every Alpha Legion member and Alpharius are at least slightly taller than Angron. Alpha Legion were Primaris all along.

>> No.55506994

Why are Sisters of Battle so good on the table top?
I mean they have zero support from GW but some how end being rather good in game. Is this some kind of cruel joke the universe share with no one? Or some kind of pure luck?

>> No.55506995

Thank you for the advice anyways. I really appreciate any help i can ever get.

>> No.55506999


10,000 years later Imperial Fisters are still saltier than Nurgle's ballsack.

>> No.55507000

Just buy the FW one faggot. It's only-



>> No.55507004

>tfw kharn is supposed to lead the budget meeting but then he says you were supposed to run the power point presentation

>> No.55507008

Trick question, the techpriest is also Alpharius

>> No.55507009

>10,000 years later and Perturabo is still so salty he has yet to show his face

Nigga even Mortarion got down from his tower, and he's the Daemon Primarch of Nurgle and stagnation.

>> No.55507011

Yup, know my pain
Dat double trips

>> No.55507012

I wouldn't know about Nids, since nobody in my gaming group played then through 5th. I'm pretty sure there was no restriction on charging from infiltrate back then since you could still do so from Deep Strike, though CSM lost the ability to Infiltrate massive fuckoff hordes in your face with their codex update.

>> No.55507018


>> No.55507029

>tfw you will never date a qt beer drinking SoB

>> No.55507037

Just accept you're gonna fuck some shit up before you get good. Everyone does. I certainly did. My first army looks like trash and my second is half sub par and half entirely acceptable. My third army is very pleasant.

If you aren't sure how to improve your weaknesses, look to your lord's guidance or post pics here with your questions. No need to beat yourself up without help.

>> No.55507046

>he's actually complaining about the price of a single fancy-ass eggwalker
I bet your entire army is made up of infantry and you don't own any LoWs.

>> No.55507049


>> No.55507072

>beautiful legion contemptor with arms from FW is 93 dollarydoos
>shitty plastic one from GW is $100

>> No.55507083

Right, they could only infiltrate chosen.

I just remembered the real killers were Ymgarl Stealers. Your opponent could pick any piece of area terrain and secretly mark they were hiding in it, and at any time on their turn they could pop out of it and REE you to death. An extremely potent psychological warfare weapon, as if you wanted your infantry to remain unmolested by stealers, you basically had to just steer clear of any area terrain, not knowing where they might be.

I lost many grey knights and daemonhunters to sneaky bugs during this time.

>> No.55507087

>spending £300 on FW in 2 weeks
>still a poorfag because I don't wanna buy an overpriced contemptor
I was told this was a bully free environment

>> No.55507102

What's better for general flamer use? Flamestorm Aggressors or triple heavy flamer Dreadnought? Aggressors work well with my Apothecary but the Dreadnought is more durable and can pack a missle

>> No.55507104

What color do I highlight bronze with? Also silver

>> No.55507111

>I bet your entire army is made up of infantry and you don't own any LoWs.
>mfw it's true

>> No.55507112 [DELETED] 

>tfw no sister gf to dom you gently
Suicide pact anyone?

>> No.55507125 [DELETED] 

>wanting a gentle dom
What are you? A fag?

>> No.55507130

Pretty sure it's striking scorpion that goes with warplock bronze.

>> No.55507136

If you aren't buying the shitty plastic one off ebay for like 25 burgerbucks equivalent you are doing it wrong, you poor overpriced import product son of a bitch.
Obviously you should spend on the contemptor now for that shipping, anon.

But truthfully, you should have bought in last summer the morning after Brexit, where value of the pound tanked to its lowest level.
I was watching that shit like a god damn hawk and bought at 1.22 - saved like two hundred dollars. Thank you based Nigel

>> No.55507165

I also did this
>tfw I was praying Corbin would win just so the British economy would tank so I could get FW cheaper
Am I a bad person?

>> No.55507176


The value of the pound only went up 3 cents to the dollar since then. The banks/PayPal never updated fast enough to catch that sub 1.30:1 ratio when it tanked to like 1.25

>> No.55507178

>Area terrain
Fuck, I'd forgotten about that. I remember so many arguments about it, especially in 6th when they got rid of it (or was that 7th?).

>psychological weapons
If there's one thing I miss about old 40k, it was shit like this. I loved playing mindgames with my opponent using alternate and convoluted deployment methods, but 6th edition onward was so very lacking in those. I don't imagine they'll ever come back, the way 8th is going.

>tfw 30k is dead and incompatible with 40k
>tfw no Alpharius

Then buy the Contemptor with that order for free shipping, retard. Your army is probably well-made and nicely-painted and you're a fantastic guy to play with and against too.

>> No.55507184

Not really, they bring it on themselves with scummy business tactics.

>> No.55507207

If seeking the collapse of the British economy to get discounted niche import resin hobby products from Nottingham is wrong, I don't wanna be right, anon.

Dear bong anons, please seed more uncertainty and instability in your national economic futures by any means necessary. I want to get into 30k.

>> No.55507218

Bong here, it's already fucked m8. Just wait for Brexit 2 Teresa Boogaloo to kick off.

>> No.55507222

Is there much in the way of 3rd party humans? After characterful sculpts which evoke the artwork similar to the Imperial Guard command staff like the Naval liason, oldhammer inspired sculpts more than welcome.

>> No.55507235

>FW buyers want the end of the British Empire
maybe those Forge World nazi memes weren't memes after all g-guys

>> No.55507240

>yeah uh we're gonna have to charge you VAT for bringing this into the country

>> No.55507250

Generic historical soldiers for fancy dress uniform regiments and medieval human type soldiers are literally the most common 28mm miniatures, Anonymous.

>> No.55507251 [SPOILER] 

>>sons of horus acquisition intensifies

>> No.55507259

>blaming GW for customs charges

>> No.55507268

>shipping based on MSRP instead of size/weight

>> No.55507275

Not collapsed, then they couldn't make the resin I need to survive. Merely economically drained, but with mysteriously increased demand for exports of niche hobby markets.

>> No.55507277

>Overcharging for models while knowing the customers are getting fucked by customs.

>> No.55507283 [DELETED] 

Why are there so many White cis-males in 40k?

>> No.55507290 [DELETED] 

Because you touch yourself at night.

>> No.55507294

I wasn't defending that shit, although to be fair isn't 15% a good deal for everything up to about 50 bongbucks? Don't know how much commercial international shipping costs usually.

>> No.55507301 [DELETED] 


>> No.55507305

>then they couldn't make the resin I need to survive

They would just have to let other places like China do it, it's not like the quality difference is that massive. You'd think for how high the price is they would do some decent quality assurance.

>> No.55507306 [DELETED] 

That was funny a decade ago when Family Guy did it, pretty lame now senpai

>> No.55507308 [DELETED] 

Trannies, niggers and women aren't smart enough to play.

>> No.55507311

Yeah it seems like international shipping is actually quite pricey, there isn't a single store that really does cheap international shipping from UK/EU/AU to western hemisphere.

But the issue is a lot of FW kits sit above that line, like in the 75-150 area, and they don't give you the free shipping until you hit that massive 300+ mark.

>> No.55507317

I was trying to think of why I thought there were units that still had oddball deployments and psychological warfare - then I realized that since 8th I've been playing a lot of the narrative missions they suggested in the BRB and making up my own/taking stuff from that open play card set. I have been enjoying 8th, I think for flavorful gameplay you really just need to get into crafting interesting scenarios and mission rules.

>> No.55507324 [DELETED] 

Who waits till night to touch themselves these days.

>> No.55507329 [DELETED] 

>not respecting how /comfy/ gentle femdom is when leading up to normal femdom later that night
Anon if we ever play 40k I'm gonna be sure to table you

>> No.55507333

I have 5 armless terminators, 4 Marines, and a rhino. I know the feeling, man.

I get more joy out of other people enjoying what I do, which is why I've posted my stuff here before and arguably too often. My army is Night Lords, and you've probably seen them before. I've tried putting other things away, which kind of worked, but not really.

>> No.55507341 [DELETED] 

>not masturbating in the morning then eating your cum to gain an early protein boost
Fucking Degenerates

>> No.55507343 [DELETED] 

I'm a trap do I add to a diversity quota?

>> No.55507348

Yeah, anybody can slap some resin servoskulls and a laspistol holster on some historicals but Im wondering if there's any 3rd party sculptors out there doing interesting overtly 40k inspired character models that aren't necessarily just straight up proxies.

>> No.55507352

>still hasn't put arms on his NL Terminators

The fuck are you doing.

>> No.55507356 [DELETED] 

No, but i hate you just like i hate all fucking traps

>> No.55507357


>> No.55507360 [DELETED] 

>Tabling Me Softly with His Song

>> No.55507361

IMO it's pretty much mandatory to make your FW orders collectively with a gaming group. The six of us usually pool together annually on whatever we may have wanted that released over the course of the year and get that shipping.

That or be at NOVA / other events they attend.

>> No.55507362 [DELETED] 

Are you a QT femdom?

>> No.55507365

Yup. I want to get a ton of terrain to run a proper Necromunda have but can't afford the $300 in fucking shipping (on top of the terrain cost itself) to do it. It doesn't help that there's no decent Necromunda style terrain seller in the US. (Really the US has no decent terrain retailers. Even the official GW stuff is pretty shit.)

>> No.55507381 [DELETED] 

I'm not a dietitian, but isn't that a net game of 0 protein?

>> No.55507388

>customers gonna customs
Wuts wrong m8

>> No.55507391

I've seen them, I like them, and if positive feedback will make you make more, I demand to see more of them.

>> No.55507396 [DELETED] 

>not liking traps
What are you gay?

>> No.55507398 [DELETED] 

Pls no bully traps

>> No.55507404 [DELETED] 

You absorb your protein with your penis?
What the fuck are you?

>> No.55507414

>Fuckers gonna fuck

Fuck the government.

>> No.55507417

Ill bully whom ever i want. Ill bully the trap and his feminine penis all night if i please

>> No.55507436


>> No.55507446

You're definitely loosing calories
Protein is stored in your muscle, so if you go light on protein your body will debulk, turn it into semen, then when you ingest that protein you can actively use it
Think of it as making a withdrawal from the bank
Also maybe we should talk about 40k before this Ip I'm on gets banned too

>> No.55507458

What's perfect cells statline in 40k?
Badass theme song included of course

>> No.55507463 [DELETED] 

In the NFL, 70% of the players are black, but 80% of the quarterbacks are white.

Think about it

>> No.55507466

I'm unsure why no one has really emerged to cover this obvious market yet. It's something any wargaming hobbyist needs, like paint or army carrier foam and bags, but unlike those products you don't really have any one group solidly taking the field with the GW official products (vallejo, army transport, etc)

>> No.55507476

what the fuck is a Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnought?

>> No.55507483

Dreadnought with forge world options

>> No.55507488

Have you tried fucking google?

>> No.55507491

The boxy Mark 5. The one GW has sold for ages.
I think it's also the name of the Mark IV as well, which is the one GW's Venerable Dread is.

>> No.55507492

>Badass theme song included of course

My saiyan


>> No.55507496

The regular boxy kind. It has a name, that's the name.

>> No.55507502

The old Wobblin' Coffin'

>> No.55507503


Huh i had never heard that name before

>> No.55507510

>some armies are exponentially harder to paint than others
Was this so hard to comprehend you guardfag autist?

>> No.55507521 [DELETED] 

it's not all its cracked up to be, most guys are afraid it's immasculating and don't wanna try it, not realizing that letting the other person have the wheel for a bit can lead to some really fun dynamics

>> No.55507526

No. It's because they are efficient in their design. They pay points for good armor, shooting skill and not much else. This means that the get to have the almost the same shooting output as marines and almost the same durability at a much lower cost. Sure they're kinda bad in melee, but Tacticals are really that great either and so pay a lot of points for marginal melee ability they dont get much use out of. On top of this their favored weapons of flamers and melta cover pretty much all damage types and their short range is ameliorated by the mechanized style Sisters have always favored. On top of this the Immolator has consistently be a solid choice for mechanized armies. Generally comparing favorably with the Razorback. In addition Acts of faith usually add a meaningful bonus that compares favorable with Marine chapter tactics. So ultimately Sisters aren't super flexible, but what they do they do well and EFFICIENTLY.

8th ed. Sisters have a little extra juice because Celestine is so amazing and this iteration of AoF is very strong and flexible.

>> No.55507530

They're there, just not painted. Pic related is after they were primed. They even have their combi-plas magnetized, but like the arms, they're not painted yet.

I'd like to see more, too.

>> No.55507536 [DELETED] 

You know what they all have in common?
brain damage

>> No.55507539

Have you considered Chinaman?

>> No.55507543

The old pre-Helbrute Chaos Dread is called the Ferrum Infernus.

>> No.55507556

Victoria miniatures has some decently priced minis with good weapon options
And girl bits too!

>> No.55507557

>comprehensive and pretty accurate breakdown of the strengths of Sisters in 8th
>no mention of storm bolters
hereticus extremis

>> No.55507558

I used to be afraid of the more like extreme parts of femdom. Like pegging and sounding but i guess i have sorta just normalized over the years of looking at the internet. So now i dont find anything about it emasculating. Its just a way for the female to have some control and that is sexy to me.

>> No.55507598

>It doesn't help that there's no decent Necromunda style terrain seller in the US.
I like this guy. Hopefully he offers his bulkhead terrain set to people again.


>> No.55507615

Storm Bolters were pretty whatever pre-8th. But they're definitely a strength now with their new buffs.

>> No.55507623

>tfw I still have the $500 I set aside to buy a plastic sisters army after celestine was announced
I'm still hoping

>> No.55507629

Hey, even slow progress is progress.

Man, cataphractii lightning claws are truly top aesthetic. While there's not much here yet, nice poses. What's the unit of 30k night lords terminators called, again? I remember them being really fucking cool in one of the horus heresy books.

>> No.55507633 [DELETED] 

Pegging IS emasculating, but thats the point

>> No.55507635

But 40k players weren't the high school jock quarterback!

>> No.55507647

Is that you based Night Lord anon?

>> No.55507649


Feeling confident enough to work on all try test models. 2nd layer applied, looking good. I don't know if this will win any golden deamons but if i can field them in a game it will be good enough for me.

Next step is a layer of russ grey. It will have to wait after work tomorrow. Cheers!

>> No.55507650

>[im sorry if my pariah gene makes you uncomfortable]
>"no it's not that..."

>> No.55507652

>NFL players mainly black besides QBs
>YGO players have a lot of blacks

Blacks confirmed for enjoying lining things up in rows. Like bodies. POP POP NIGGA

>> No.55507663


Cheapest power armor infantry and D6 meltaguns everywhere. Also Celestine.

>> No.55507677 [DELETED] 

Loadsamoney and pussy

Seems like a good trade off if so many of us without brain damage still aren't getting those things

>> No.55507695

Well, that's my point. In 7th, Sisters were a completely monobuild and generally underwhelming army with an okay gimmick in AoF.
Now, all of their options are generally good. Storm bolters are the prize pick now, and their access to them as special weapons is something other armies envy. I've had good results spamming them in bolter blobs, and the word is that storm bolter Dominion spam is just excellent, which I can see being the case considering I also play GK and the amount of firepower a 5-man squad of storm bolters can put out is very pleasing. Having that for nearly half price per model is very powerful. And also Celestine is just retardedly good. A shame Imperial soup players have been cherrypicking her and she'll probably get nerfed.

I hear they're next in line after the plastic Thunderhawk I know your pain but I'm in way too deep to rebuild my Sisters army in plastic at this point

>> No.55507696

>mfw all the SoB players and hopefuls were like VERIDIAN AND CELESTINE MEAN PLASTIC SOB and everyone else was like lol nah son plastic SoB never

Hate to say I told you so.

>> No.55507723

Celestine and the Gemini WERE the plastic SoB that everyone was rumourwanking about last year, they just didn't realize that was all there was.

>> No.55507724 [DELETED] 

Well that it is. I think Femdom is probably that thing that i will always want and never actually get. Seeing as dominate women that arent crazy are a rarity.

>> No.55507736

Getting Celestine probably counts as factions getting something new according to GW. Meaning SoBs won't see anything new for a while cause GW thinks they've been taken care of for the time being.

Most factions apparently will get something. I wonder if a single character will be it for many.

>> No.55507741 [DELETED] 

it is fucking awesome is what it is!

>> No.55507759

A++ would recommend

>> No.55507764

I wonder what she they're going to pull to make people buy the pricier resin Thunderhawk. I'm guessing they'll give it some retarded guns.

>> No.55507765

We need more space marine stuff.

>> No.55507782

They will just make the plastic one the old ugly one while the resin one is the cool new one and FW will give it some new pattern name.

Look at the plastic Contemptor. They didn't even need to change anything, the plastic one was so shit.

>> No.55507784 [DELETED] 

Nigga that's gay

>> No.55507797

>we have heard your please and made a plastic Thunderhawk!
>but since we already had a pretty recent resin one then we decided to do something different with our plastic one
>We are pleased to announce the Thunderhawk Transporter has a model again! Please note this isn't a dual kit

>> No.55507800

Giving a dash of attention here and there to draw in customers who may have been on the edge of ditching an army due to lack of update seems like a reasonable strategy of retention.

I wonder what their plans are for once they've updated each army's codex and given out the sprinkles.

>> No.55507803 [DELETED] 

Don't let your dreams be memes anon

Just prepare your anus and dive into the BDSM scene.

>> No.55507805

Those are easily the two most shit-on armies, and yet you never seem to get these oh-so-prevalent autists defending them. For my money, it's easily Chaos in a general sense.

>> No.55507809

Does anyone think any of this year's upcoming codices will get new models? I think the next codex batch might just be buffers between model dexes

Definitely, need more Primaris marines for every faction to have.

>> No.55507810 [DELETED] 

>tfw dated a "switch" girl who liked dom and sub
>sexy time nights would start with her teasing and domming during foreplay
>slowly swing things my way as the slow shift in power was a huge turn on for us both
>tfw next gf was strictly very sub
>translated to "I'm gonna lay here like a rag doll while you do all the work"
Life is suffering, these days I just paint miniatures to hide my sadness

>> No.55507815


Shouldn't be too hard to turn a transporter into a gunship by putting a baneblade turret and knight gun or something on it.

>> No.55507827 [DELETED] 


>> No.55507832 [DELETED] 

>these days I just paint miniatures to hide my sadness

Look on the bright side, you have painted miniatures.

>> No.55507834

According to one anon they're just going to hold off on releasing it until enough people have bought the resin one to justify replacing it.

>> No.55507840

Taufags don't really show up around here anymore but they were fairly prevalent in 7th when Tau as a faction were relevant on the competitive scene.

SW players are either self-aware and don't even try to defend against the shit their faction gets, or are genuinely autistic and don't post here because they consider 4chan a big bad boogeyman.

>> No.55507844

Nigga you do this every time and it never works
>nb4 complaining about "blogposting"

>> No.55507851

Fuck you the thread is literally on page 8 and is going to die soon. At this point it doesnt matter what we talk about till the next thread.

>> No.55507859

This is "Necrons are fine and Tau should be squatted" Reece? The playtester?

>> No.55507862

>guys this is just a conversion and you're a FUCKING RETARD if you believe this is real hahaha what a fucking gullible idiot you have to be to believe this is actually mortarion with no source fucking mongoloids, everyone who said mortarion was coming KILL YOURSELVES he's not in the Dark Imperium box so this is obviously fake hahaha!

>> No.55507869

Alpharius would reconise the voice as a fellow alpha legionare

>> No.55507874

Dude i remember this i was waiting till someone posted that again.

>> No.55507877

I believed it. I could believe because it looked too shit to be a hoax

>> No.55507891


I believed it. Although mostly because >>55507877.

I'll fully admit, however, that I was a skeptic of the first Primaris leak we saw, and that I was wrong about that.

>> No.55507899

What might each major faction get?

Orks-Replace one of their really old sets
Necrons-New flayed ones
Tau-Crisis melee loadout
Dark Angels-Primarch

Because of Ynnari I think Eldar and Aelven friends won't get anything. Same with AM and Sisters
Guard should get something cause they missed out on anything in Gathering Storm.

EC revamp?
More primarchs

>> No.55507903

>this is obviously a conversion look at those old models in the background why would someone with access to new GW stuff have such a messy workdesk with a bunch of old metal models, I recognize that piece that's from a tau kit, just a conversion guys GW will never make new extra special space marines because space marines are their best sellers lol why would they compete with their own best selling kits space marines aren't being replaced that's JUST A CONVERSION

>> No.55507904

If you let her do that then you're a shit dom

>> No.55507922

I remember when 3 threads were spent dissecting the bits used to convert that gun

>> No.55507927

>space marines aren't being replaced
Still don't believe this

>> No.55507928


The Primaris was obviously genuine. The Mortarion one I wasn't 100% convinced, but I also wasn't dumb enough to doubt.

>> No.55507943

Necrons might get a new c'tan model
Whats chaos undivided getting?

>> No.55507954

The bodies were all painted in the beginning of August for the elite week of Konor. The following week I painted my rhino (and made a silly looking freehand because sleep deprivation told me that was a good idea), and I haven't painted anything since. Not true, actually. I did put a base coat on two dudes like last week I think.

I do like the Cata claws more than I thought I would, though if I'm being honest, I only went with Cataphractii because I could switch to axes a lot easier than on Tartaros because FW makes an upgrade to the plastic kit. However, I didn't know they lacked the upper shoulder pad, so now I have 10 axes I haven't touched because I need 10 left upper pads.

Night Lords don't have any special terminators, but the name you're thinking of are the Atramentar, which were basically Sevetar's boys in 1st company.

Dunno about based, but yea. I'm still here. Just haven't had any real progress in a month and a half.

>> No.55507955

>And at one point he fired at a tank, I rolled saves, placed damage and then after he damaged a different tank, he told he all the first damage was on the 2nd, which was my warlord and killed it. I stopped caring after that.
But you allocate wounds. That's literally not how the rules work.

>> No.55507957


>> No.55507960


Look at all that green in the picture. It's clearly greenstuff work on that conversion.

Look at the shadows on the leg. It's a different color of plastic, clearly either photoshopped greenstuff or a conversion.

Bolter is just a regular bolter.

Arms are from Deathwatch.

Head is clearly a marine Centurion suit head due to the mohawk and chin armor, so fucking obvious.

Torso is just a Mk VIII from the Deathwatch and Tactical kit, because all torsos with collars are just Mk VIII duh

Legs are clearly just AoS Stormcast legs.

You people are fucking blind.

>> No.55507961

The stock photo in the 1st image is pretty much what convinced me on Mortarion. Always knew this was real.

>> No.55507963


Also, why did it take so long to post your angry/smug redemption post?

And what might you have for us later in terms of leaks?

>> No.55507974

C'tan seem to be irrelevant now.
>chaos undivided

>> No.55507996

Does anyone have a good painted vostroyan army I can look at? Hopefully with some in theme vehicles so I can get some inspiration and paint these fucks.

>> No.55508010 [DELETED] 

Wew, I dont even know how one prepares their anus.

>> No.55508011

Lorgar since he's a daemon primarch of chaos undivided

>> No.55508024

EC revamp next year would be sick. I would love to see some non shitty noise marines.

For the updates, they've so far done...
Marines: PRIMARIS EVERYWHERE, many new sub command units like the lieutenant
Chaos: New rubric and plague marines and Exalted Champions
GK: Reboxed Voldus on his own, GM in a Baby Carrier, Chaplains
Admech: Access to their other factions and individual cawl. Forgeworld tactics

So based on this...

Eldar I'm not sure if they'd go with the reboxing of the triumvirate, since it's all eldar. I would think they might release Eldrad finally outside of the box set. He is craftworld after all. Oh, and craftworld rules obviously.

Guard will see all their new sub faction rules come to life - as far as new units, I have no idea.

Tyranids - I would like to see a superheavy in plastic, but that's just wishlisting. Probably some sort of combination with stealer cults?

>> No.55508031

>perturabo gets nothing
lmao, top cuck

>> No.55508045

Start slow and build up to bigger. Otherwise you are going to have a bad time...

>> No.55508061

Lorgar is a tzneetch daemon prince
Belakor is the only undivided daemon prince

>> No.55508063

That is some good 40k advice my dude.

>> No.55508074

Hello Carnac, >>>/lgbt/ is the other way

>> No.55508077


There's also Lorgar.

>> No.55508078

It actually is. Assembling and painting mammoth kits like the Baneblade and Knights would be enough to turn a new player off the hobby.

Unless he meant being wary of not buying too much too fast, which is also very sound advice.

>> No.55508085

>Lorgar is a tzneetch daemon prince

>> No.55508090

I think he intended it for >>55508010

>> No.55508093

Better use your social retardation to ruin the next three threads with quoted text from black library novels to prove it, carnac.

>> No.55508098


>> No.55508100

>taking "start small" literally

Army of cherubs incoming.

>> No.55508108

Too small anon

>> No.55508111

>Thousand Sons
>went from red to blue
>Magnus has gold armor

Clearly we're talking choice of armor paint and color.

>> No.55508116

Universal advice.

Wonder if Nottingham is looking for a 40k Therapist...

>> No.55508125

Honestly I just forgot about it until now. I'm a busy guy.

We'll see what I can get out next. Mortarion was sort of a lucky fluke that got someone else in a bit of trouble.

>> No.55508128


Oh, so you have enough time to assemble all your miniatures, and also to play games that are hours long, but not to prime them and drag a wash-laden brush over them? Ok, sure.

>some armies are harder than others
And even guard, nids, and orks can be painted to minimal tabletop standards with the above method in a couple of hours. You're just a lazy shitstain.

>> No.55508130

Indeed, going straight to inserting a Baneblade is skipping many steps!
But enough Caliban small talk

>> No.55508142

I feel like being a financial adviser in a 40k heavy area would make you a killing.

>> No.55508156

When advice is applicable to collecting plastic army men and stretching your arsehole, you knkw it's solid.

>> No.55508157

What's on the horizon for Tau if you can give a hint please. Atia mentioned something vaguely way back that has had people buzzing for ages
Is it new allies or Farsight

>> No.55508158

You would be surprised at the amount of 40k that doesn't go on in Nottingham proper despite being the base of GWHQ.

t. Britbong who's up late painting

>> No.55508159

If not harlequins, I don't care.

>> No.55508160

>Oh, so you have enough time to assemble all your miniatures
About a couple hours for several squads. With my schedule painting a single miniature takes minimum 3 days.
>and also to play games that are hours long
Hahahah, oh I wish. I haven't had time to play any games at all for the past 2 weeks.
>And even guard, nids, and orks can be painted to minimal tabletop standards with the above method in a couple of hours
Because as we all know, hordefag armies are the most difficult armies in the whole world to paint. All that detail on those lasguns and choppas amirite?

>> No.55508168

No, because 40k players are already broke from being poor to begin with/spending all money on recasts/models to pay your fees.

>> No.55508179

>apply the lube in multiple thin coats

>> No.55508190

The secret to this is actually setting up a commission based system with a local LGS or GW store. Make money by advising people to spend money. We are all plastic crack addicts looking for someone to validate our poor fiscal decision making...you'd make a killing.

>> No.55508207

Actually i think the advice for lube is a bit opposite. You can never have too much lube.

>> No.55508229

Are there rules for the Leman Russ Annihilator in 8th? I just picked up two of them on ebay for their hulls but want to know if I can use their turrets too.

>> No.55508230

This anon is correct

This will lead to a broken arsehole

>> No.55508232

>i can stop any time i want
>backlog intensifies

>> No.55508234


>hordes are easy to paint
found the retard

>> No.55508237

Inb4 Malice daemon prince

>> No.55508241

And absolutely avoid liquid greenstuff.

Again, another universal gem.

>> No.55508243

Army of grots?

I'd do an army of Rippers

>> No.55508246

Forge World indexes for Forge World models

Shocking, I know

>> No.55508262

Tedious? Oh yeah definitely, painting the same model over and over again is the definition of tedious. Difficult? lmao try again

>> No.55508275

Someone make a new thread I'm too drunk to, I promise I won't mention traps anymore

>> No.55508287


But seriously. Its a five week pay month and my gerbils ate my bank card. Can you loan me some money for a Carnifex? I promise I'll pay you back...

>> No.55508300



>> No.55508315

Was on it before by shitty-ass internet shorted out. It's up now.


>> No.55508322

It isn't gay if he dresses like a girl

>> No.55508323

What's a good way to support 10 of each SoS unit?
>tfw no Acquisitor 40k rules

>> No.55508341

I'm bad at probabilistic math, so I wrote a Python script to test it instead. It's about 0.1575.

>> No.55508345

I'm actually gonna make a thread asking for advice on becoming a trap since all this talk of it has me really intrigued (no homo)
Would /r9k/ or /lgbt/ be the place to post it?

>> No.55508367 [DELETED] 

not if i am playing with her vag? Prostate stimulation is amazing...dudes are gross, chicks are not. it works

>> No.55508418

>Any math-anons do the uber-summoning math, basically odds of rolling trips (or more) on 9d6?

I'm bad at probabilistic math, so I wrote a Python script to test it instead. It's about 0.1575.

>> No.55508478

If a space marine chapter shows up to fight with an imperial guard army, who would have ultimate command?

>> No.55508542

marines if they can be bothered to help or use the guard

what if they both dress like girls?

>> No.55508670

you should use revolting resilient on your warlord because iirc the suppurating plate gives mw for EVERY save made during the fight phase which should include that. I don't know why you have ranged plague marines with power fists tho when the rest of the unit is going to do very poorly in melee. Also plague wind is a top tier spell for melting hordes, and your demon prince needs to know miasma of pestilence to boost his survivability.

>> No.55508684

This thread deserves exterminatus.

>> No.55509217

>you should use revolting resilient on your warlord because iirc the suppurating plate gives mw for EVERY save made during the fight phase which should include that.
No, DR is not a save.

>> No.55509227

>Also plague wind is a top tier spell for melting hordes
Yeah killing one out of every 6 boyz/conscripts sure is great.

It's a noob trap, don't bother with that shit spell.

>> No.55509509

what >>55505190 said
Convincing anybody to pick up this game who isn't already into it or rich is part of the reason I switched primarily to Warmahordes and Malifaux. Less bank breaking.

>> No.55509861

Never built a Space Marine army before, but I went halves in a Primaris vs Death guard box so I'll use the chadmarines to fill in points.

What should I look to get first? I'm looking at Salamanders for my chapter. Can't go wrong with the Start Collecting box?

>> No.55510683


Just insert a warpsmith

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