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How do you adopt/convert Julius Caesar as a character in your game?
And how do you do it without making it obvious?

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Place him in his time before consulate, he was a pretty average roman politician back then

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as an NPC I mean

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If you have to ask don't do it, because it's going to turn out poorly

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Julius motherfucking Caesar?! The man who besieged an entire goddamn city holding his greatest nemesis, only to build his own fucking walls outside the siege camp to fend off a relief army? The man who was fucking captured by a small fleet of Cilician pirates, laughed in their filthy faces when they wanted a twenty talent ransom, told them he would at least charge fifty, joked with them around their campfire, told them to shut the fuck up when he was trying to sleep, and when finally freed sailed a small navy down to capture said filthy pirates, then crucified them all after a speedy "trial"? The man who ordered two major capitals of Rome's old enemies to be rebuilt and fucking repopulated in order to foster the Empire's growth as a whole?

Yeah, to adopt/convert such a paragon would require them to be the biggest person in the room. Their reputation would have to bring fear to the hearts of enemies (past or present), inspiration in those young with a life ahead of them, and assurance from age-old allies. They would have to have a life filled with major accomplishments that previous leaders either failed to accomplish or would have only limited success. This character would be amazing. Every other NPC should actively speak of them wish some wishing to be half the man "Caesar" is.

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You mean when he got captured by pirates, swore to come back and kill them all, and later he did just that? Or when he as a boy got in the street in the face of THE big shot of the time and publicly denounced him?

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>And this day, Google died as millions realized that all was futile.

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Just have a guy who's always right. Thats what I did.

I made a city ruled by a philosopher king who was beloved by his people, though he was a bit self-interested. He would constantly give the party really great advice that would benefit his standing one way or another.

When they wanted to free a city, he offered his army if they would install his nephew as the regent, and supplied them with a fool-proof battleplan.

When they came to him with advice on how to kill a monster, he ensured it was done beyond his borders so that its taint would not harm his people.

When a god died he advised the party to go to a lost city in the north and seek out an artifact he could use to learn more, however he also used that artifact for other purposes.

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That is not anywhere near what Julius was though

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Who was he then, other than an ambitious guy who was always a few steps ahead of his rivals and had the love of his men?

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>two major capitals
Corinth and Carthage right?

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You could set it before that and have him work as a young diplomatic envoy to a foreign King. Have him in a submissive relationship with the King and have his associates refer to him as the Queen snidely, but say he shows promise etc.

Old Julius was known as the "Queen of Bithynia" up until he became dictator due to his early relationship.

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I still don't understand how one man could have been such a badass. A man that had his own ball hair removed no less.

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