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Hate Sink Edition

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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question: Do your commanders fear any kind of narrow hate? (Gravehate, etc) If so, how do you deal with it?

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This is my husband.

He's pretty much perfect in every way. He's big, he's fast, he's kind, what more can you ask for in a guy?
He just gave me haste, shit was SO cash

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Processors. And I just start playing like a normal deck at that point.

>> No.55495903

is there a cycle of creatures more badass than the praetors?

>> No.55495906

Hope he comes back, he was a cool guy

>> No.55495933

I hope someday we get two or even three color praetors. Like Gruul, Jund or Naya Vorinclex.

>> No.55495949

All of the other ones are dead so he's the last chance

>> No.55495965

No, the only one probably dead are him and sheoldred?

>> No.55495970


I thought only Sheoldred was dead. Norn killed her, has Vorinclex on a leash, doesn't care about Jin, and Urabrask is hiding.

>> No.55495974

I'm fairly certain he was the first to actually die. The others have died or submitted to Elesh Norn but probably just submitted.

>> No.55495981

Vorinclex is not on a leash, but does pretty much nothing, the true one controlling the tangle is glissa, and she is allied to norn.

>> No.55496003

Neither have been confirmed as dead since we were given this information from the perspective of what little Mirran remnants remained on Mirrodin.
Given Urabrask title and his card I find it incredibly hard to believe that they'd leave this much space for him to live and them simply just have him dead.

tfw Jacetice League confronts Norn,
gets their asses handed to them then a portal tears open and urabrask flies out of it sonic style, starts plowing through bitches and collecting coins
Gix comes out after him all suave and collected talking about how NuPhyrexians are like little babies and that he'll restore them to their former glory

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>all the other praetors joined in converting atraxa except Urabrask
>is 4 colors excluding R
Damnit, i just got this

>> No.55496024

Doesnt mean he is dead, Atraxa has her colors because he is the only one not cooperating with the other preaors, and even took in mirran refugees in his forge.

>> No.55496048

Didnt imply he's dead, just noting that its a nice bit of flavor i overlooked

>> No.55496097

Plus, Atraxa represents slow, steady growth which is not at all red

All of the four-colors are defined by what color they aren't rather than what colors they are

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>tfw have a Queen Marchesa deck, a Black Rose Marchesa deck, and a Marchesa playmat

Am I being a waifufag?

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What? Regal Behemoth would be great.

>> No.55496117

>cycle of kamigawa dragons reprinted
>okagachi as new commander
I hope they arent brushing everyone up everyone on kamigawa lore for a return to it. They would probably ruin the setting by making Minamo the new Hall of Jacetice against Bolas since it was the only place to push his shit in hard, fully cementing the main cast as anime.

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You might be but hos is that bad? My waifu is Master Transmuter but I don't have deck for her right now :(

>> No.55496129

Just embrace it

>> No.55496136

Make a cheese stands alone deck to complete the set

>> No.55496142

He looks like something straight outta Metroid.
Metroid Prime: New Phyrexia when???

>> No.55496150

>what more can you ask for in a guy?
Colors with card advantage.

>> No.55496156

>Urabrask cooperating with Gix

Now that is some shitty fanfiction.

>> No.55496162

So shitty that they just might use it.

>> No.55496168

These days red has plenty of that, mostly in the form of exiling from the top of the library or straight up casting for free from the top x cards.

>> No.55496180

>Supreme Judge Isperia playmat and Isperia, the Inscrutable sleeves
Get on my level.

>> No.55496189

>implying urabrask jumping onto gix's shoulders to form mecha-shiva wouldnt be the best writing to come out of wizards in a decade

>> No.55496200

I wish Norn had me on a leash.

>> No.55496207

Gix is super dead anon. Let it go.

>> No.55496217

But what about Sheoldred? She is thic

>> No.55496224

I love how well designed all the praetors are.

>> No.55496253

Anyone running Loaming Shaman? Or are y'all more Relic people?

>> No.55496274

I use bojuka bog or scavenger grounds. Graveyard hate in landform doesnt take away any slots in your deck.

>> No.55496287

I love how close his design is to classic Phyrexian aesthetic.

Crypt because I'm an OG nigga

>> No.55496301

>exile from the top
>it's a land
>already had a land drop
thanks red

>exile from the top
>can't afford to cast it
>would've been able to next turn
thanks red

>exile from the top
>it's an instant speed answer
>nothing to cast it on
>opponent drops a threat on his turn that the answer would've solved
thanks red

>> No.55496313

Is he supposed to resemble a giant mutant goblin?

>> No.55496321

Dont think so

>> No.55496338

He's pretty cute. I always forget how lithe he is. His card art is impossible to parse.

In decks with black, I feel pretty good with Grounds and Bog, but I feel I need more in other decks.

>> No.55496355

He is the rabbit of encouragement.
Look at him cheer on this Loxodon. You can do it!

>> No.55496393

Wow, he really does look like he's saying "yeah, you can do it!". I never even noticed him in that art.

>> No.55496420

Good Guy Urabrask

>> No.55496472


What's a cool deck for a waifu-fag like me? Looking for white or red or green with some planeswalkers in the mix.

>> No.55496499


>> No.55496501

Sidisi is a guy btw

>> No.55496539

>In the heart of the Dragonlord Silumgar's fortress, the undead naga Sidisi bides her time…
No she's not.

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>> No.55496547

What decks do the trannies at your card shop play?

Unsurprisingly here all of them play elf decks and Alesha

>> No.55496550

How do you feel about blind chicks?

>> No.55496556

Pheeew thought I might be gay for giant serpent. Thank god it's a female

>> No.55496559

Stay away from my waif

>> No.55496567

Luckily I have never seen a tranny in my LGS.

>> No.55496581

Your waifu's a slut for my Godsire.

>> No.55496863

What is a good place for EU to buy cards?

>> No.55496879

magiccardmarket, dont think there is even something else nearly as big and good in EU

>> No.55496899

And use the "Want" tool to put all your wanted cads in a list and then use the shopping wizards. Its super easy and automaticly orders in the cheapest possible way for you.

>> No.55496902

See if hell has any options.

>> No.55496923

He's a compleated furnace dragon.

>> No.55496937

But why is he so smol and has no wings?

>> No.55496952

Real talk about the legendary planeswalker change. Does anyone here runs a superfriend deck? I have an atraxa deck that has slowly been getting more and more planeswalkers, and I want to know how much it affected the superfriends deck.

>> No.55496998

Can't even run Bolas what are you doing son

>> No.55497017

I wish I could fit in the "hit and opponent with a bolas equipped bolas", but unfortunately, I can't.

>> No.55497051

He and Nahiri are really the only losses, as far as EDH playable walkers go.

>> No.55497126

>when you're swinging into her with your convoked Autochthon Wurm and she moans "tap me daddy"

>> No.55497139

>she will never commune with your progenitus

>> No.55497201


How do I make this shit more competitive?

>> No.55497229

>ywn Planar Outburst all over her slutty board, awakening her Jungle Shrine
Why even live

>> No.55497260

Well, I wish I could run some of the Chandras, and I would have loved to run Sarkhan Unbroken too. For now I have been having fun with just some planeswalkers, but there are some that may help me a lot like GideonS, but I have no idea how much fun they are.

Also, I am already negotiating with my friends to let me have a proxy of Dungeon Master on my deck.

>> No.55497331

I'm mad that that card will never be released.

>> No.55497373

I want to make a spicy Treefolk tribal deck with Doran (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/morning-wood-4/). Is Slagwurm armor and Eland Umbra only decent permanents for bumping up toughness?

>> No.55497377

>negotiating with my friends to let me have a proxy
>"hey guys can I run this goofy not-a-card that doesn't do simply absurd things like actual silver bordered cards"
>"we're not a bunch of assholes so we don't see an issue with you using non-tournament legal decks once in a while"
That should be it.
Do they even know what the card does, it's hardly powerful.

>> No.55497429

Is this really so good it should be banned in EDH but not modern? Is it more broken than demonic tutor?

>> No.55497442

more fast mana you cunt
> mana crypt
> mana vault
> red elemental blast
and stuff like that for those pesky blue boys

>> No.55497443

He ramps to good and instantly searches for land combos like Dark Depths and Thessian stage or vesuvia etc

>> No.55497494

No, no, no. Jacetice league confronts New Phyrexia but Liliana refuses to go with them, says more prep time is needed. They get defeated because they weren't prepared. Liliana shows up to save them at the last second with a bunch of Dominarian planeswalkers looking to settle a grudge. Karn joins the league of underwhelming walkers.

>> No.55497531


>> No.55497533

Oathsworn Giant is not bad and Spidersilk Armor is underrated

>> No.55497541

Wood Elemental for $5. Y/N? Satan says they're selling fast.

>> No.55497556

Oh, I am most sure that they will let me play with it. It's just that it's always good to ask for permission first, especially in cases like these. I mean, they didn't even know the card existed, and I also didn't until someone posted it a couple threads ago.

>> No.55497559

Buy them out, I think you can make big money!

>> No.55497562

Alesha is petrified of grave hate; other than that, not really

>> No.55497564

>Do your commanders fear any kind of narrow hate? (Gravehate, etc) If so, how do you deal with it?
Selvala hates boardwipes I have probably 6 or 7 cards to mass flicker, dodge removal or give things indestructible

>> No.55497570

>unironicly being gay

>> No.55497580


>> No.55497599

>wanting more than 3 lands in play
>playing big shit
>having answers
you arent thinking RED enough

>> No.55497631

Will there be a duel deck thing for Ixalan? Any news on that? Looking to get a Pirates v Dinos or something to teach my girl how to play.

>> No.55497653

No duel deck, the next one is Merfolk vs Goblins. Maybe the planeswalker-intro decks is what you seek, seems like Jace/Merfolk vs Huatli/dinos.

>> No.55497671

>the planeswalker-intro decks
these were the worst idea ever

>> No.55497687

Yes, but I am kinda happy with the new red-white one, because the planeswalker is decent in Gishath edh and can be tutored with the rare dino in the deck, which itself gets tutored by Gishath.

>> No.55497711

Yeah, but I kinda see the appeal with them for new players. Playing a planeswalker, the flagship (I dont like it, but wizards advertises them as that) of the game, and having cards to tutor and recur them from the graveyard is a pretty hype start for newbies.

>> No.55497761

that picture is surreal, id be shitting if i saw that

>> No.55497839



built unesh last week and I hope nobody in my group decides to use pic related

>> No.55497843

They sold so well that the team responsible for them got an award from Hasbro.

>> No.55497876

I guess thats not very surprising considering the flash of the product

>> No.55497954

Best ways to deal with annoying enchantments in grixis?

>> No.55497965

>needing card advantage to win
look at this scrub

>> No.55497968

Chaos Warp

>> No.55497975

>in grixis?
thats a tough one, obvi you have cyclonic rift and counterspells
and in some respects thats prettymuch what you get. This is going to be ok against anything but enchantress decks
to beat enchantress decks you pretty much have to race them, which in grixis, shouldnt be terribly hard

>> No.55497999

I'm trying to build Edgar markov in (at least semi) competitive way. I'd like to have an aristocrats style build that gains card advantage through group discard and breaks parity with madness and flashback. I'm still in the brainstorming phase. Let me know if I missed anything. It feels like the deck has a lot of stuff it's trying to do but no one thing well enough


>> No.55498018

Anon, there are girls. You know, those things with breasts.

>> No.55498029

>Creature (102)
holy butts get your shit down to a reasonable amount of cards before asking for advice

>> No.55498042

I'm a girl!?

>> No.55498051

not on the internet there arent
especially not on 4chan
and even more especially on tg
and most especially of all on /edhg/ on /tg/ on 4chan which is on the interment
that guy is gay and we all know it

>> No.55498071

>161 cards
Not helping until you bring that shit down to 100

>> No.55498129

Slap Boomerang on Isochron.

Now it always comes back.

>> No.55498134

I truly want this to be his canon personality

>> No.55498136


Fair enough. Shouldn't have posted that link. However, do you think the deck would find more success as an aristocrats deck or as a madness/flashback Deck?

>> No.55498163

Give us a deck, not a pile.

And make sure you have enough goddamn ramp.

>> No.55498180

Do we have confirmation on Urabrask? I'm assuming it's a dude, but I also keep getting caught by Kolaghan.

Never Atarka, though, somehow the dragon who makes her people do nothing but work to stuff food in her fat face while she lounges around not giving out double strike anymore never confuses me as to gender.

>> No.55498198

you can be just put this cute top on :3

>> No.55498204

The deck would find more success if it didnt have 102 creatures

>> No.55498224

If theres a return to kamigawa, do you think its going to be bolas steamrolling it in a mary sue revenge, or him getting his shit pushed in by yet another jap?

>> No.55498239

i rlly dont undertand this image, that person is v clearly a dyke, whats the bfd

>> No.55498262

>tfw no legendary skellies but Skittles and Ship
I want to get on MaRo's wild ride!

>> No.55498271

have you not even read his flavor text

>> No.55498290

>clearly a dyke
its a dude

>> No.55498306

I think it's pretty good. It's a good entry point for new players, especially since the value of the planeswalkers in the deck are decent enough to not lose much money by buying a precon.

>> No.55498334

Imagine if the second part of Ixalan was after the star of extinction hit, and the sea world was now a wasteland with Dino Skellies running around.

>> No.55498345

Here are the official best waifus from each mono color:

Black: Ink Eyes
Blue: Thassa
White: Eight and a Half Tails
Green: Azusa
Red: Fumiko

Ink Eyes is the clear winner from this group with Kamigawa dominating overall, tune in later for the official best dual color waifus.

>> No.55498433

They seem to have held off on some creature types despite showing them in the art. Coatls most prominently, and there are some pirates shown clearly performing necromancy but no skeletons or zombies. Either it was an attempt to keep from diluting creature types in a tribal block, or it's an attempt to try to cleanly delineate the sets by keeping some tribes out of the first set.

>> No.55498434

Is putting Scour from Existence, Argentum Armor, Spine of Ish Sah and Unstable Obelisk in my Grixis Pirates deck retarded? At least two players in my playgroup often have really fucking gay enchantments out and I'm so sick of not having answers for them.

>> No.55498471

I heard you talking about weird planeswalkers like I wouldn't know.

>> No.55498472

Or should I just run land destruction to fuck them over for playing gay shit

>> No.55498502

>one land of any type per ETB/attack
>two basic lands per ETB/attack
Either of these and it would still be an auto-include in almost every deck either because it fetches combo lands or because it's absurd levels of value. As it is now, it's BOTH.
It's one of those cards that fails the test of "if this is legal, would people start running clones and Bribery just to get its effects?".

>> No.55498510

Q: Zur. I send all Eldrazi titans at it, Ugin, Karn, all of them.

They all fall....like they werent even there...

> Emergeny switch to Memnoch, U saves the day AGAIN.

Colorless is best unless youre a cheating jerk!

>> No.55498523

>Scour from Existence
Depends on how you use it. If you're playing a spellslinger deck with means to abuse it, you're fine. By itself without any tech, I'd say no.

>Argentum Armor
Retarded outside of a dedicated equipment deck.

>Spine of Ish Sah
Same as Scour. Do you have any means to cheat it in or recur it?

>Unstable Obelisk
That's fine.

>> No.55498535

>I want to know how much it affected the superfriends deck

Depends. Did you already have a copy of Captain Sisay?

>> No.55498560

>Dimir getting unconditional functional artifact/enchantment removal

I can see why you didn't post this in the custom card thread since they'd laugh you out of it.

>> No.55498562

>Return a Changeling card from your graveyard to your hand, then do the same for Changeling, Changeling and Changeling.
Huh, neat

>> No.55498594

I was looking into it, but it seems that the card wasn't actually printed, but it is technically an official card. It looks pretty good, since he will need to be answered in a turn or two, otherwise I will be very ahead in the game.

I do. I had one way before the changes, too bad the card isn't in a very good condition.

>> No.55498598

If I'm using Marchesa Black Rose and I gain control of someone's creature and attack to give them a +1/+1 then sacrifice them on the second main phase would that mean the opponent's creature permanently becomes mine when it comes baxk because of her ability?

>> No.55498610

If only there were four changeling cards worth using.

>> No.55498612

So what should I run then? I have Chaos Warp and counter spells but that's not enough.

>> No.55498618

Chaos Warp, Cyclonic Rift, Oblivion Stone, All is Dust.

Anything else is questionable and/or garbage.

>> No.55498661

Make those gay enchantments work for you.

>> No.55498674

But most of them are still gay. Lightmine Field, for example. I want them gone. My deck is about stealing shit, I don't want these on the board.

>> No.55498759


>Fumiko when Jeska, red Akroma, Aslhling and Lovisa exist

You're a fucking weeb my man

>> No.55498790

The only one close in red was Ashling but she's better in black

>> No.55498806

>Oblivion Stone
and nev's disk
any deck that isnt straight agro or combo should be running the disk

>> No.55498822

>tfw when someone confiscates your privileged position

>> No.55498824

They're both cute anon, just pick both of them

>> No.55498825

>have a dislike for foils
>the new commanders only come foiled with no option of anything else

Literally why

>> No.55498860

Yes. This is a core concept behind one of the decks builds

>> No.55498924

what a qt

>> No.55499041


fucking furry, obviously braids is best black waifu.

>> No.55499074

rip in peace. if only they would unban her

>> No.55499140

The three champions plus Mirror Entity and Chameleon Colossus?

>> No.55499166 [DELETED] 

So if the new Jace gets to 5 he goes infinite right?

And if you had a Fervor out you'd win right there with infinite illusions right?

>> No.55499173

>deck is based around stealing shit
>doesn't want to play blatant thievery

>> No.55499408

>Black: Ink Eyes

>> No.55499430


Why? o stone and nev's disk destroy your own artifact mana, which can make it near impossible for you to win. I would never run either unless my deck made mana purely with lands and I won without permanents

Nev's disk is especially terrible because you need a voltaic key or it has to survive a turn, I would pretty much never play that card outside of a deck with voltaic key, and even then, why I would want to blow up my own artifacts if I'm a voltaic key deck? Maybe a planeswalker deck with teferi and tezz to untap it I guess

>> No.55499451

>destroy your own artifact mana, which can make it near impossible for you to win
you built your deck wrong then

>> No.55499548

>Blue: Thassa
literally gay

>> No.55499560

>White: Eight and a Half Tails
not even fuckable

>> No.55499579

>Do your commanders fear any kind of narrow hate?
More often than not, yeah.
Grave hate hurts me quite a bit. Also things preventing lifegain, since I do the old black trick of gaining tons of life to spend on other shit. I need a couple more reliable answers to both really, but I rarely see either oddly enough.
The downside to playing mana rock tribal is that I fold hard to Vandalblast or Stony Silence type things. I don't see the latter at all except in my Teeg deck, but Vandalblasts and Evictions are fucking everywhere and I really need to play around those. Thankfully few people expect the Warping Wail, and if I have Null Brooch out people are much less likely to just throw their good removal at me.

>> No.55499584

>Green: Mirri
>GW: Mirri
>Black: Mirri
Even Hanna knows this is true.

Kind of surprised Black Mirri didn't make it into Edgar.

>> No.55499623

8½ is male. So not only is that furry, it's gay furry.

>> No.55499662

Follow up with Claws of Gix if they're still detrimental to you when on your field.

>> No.55499716

Is he a good commander? what are some good cards to put in a rakdos commander?

>> No.55499722

furries be GONE

>> No.55499804

If I had to choose between her and Yahenni it'd be the aetherborn hands down.
Good thing my list is horribly tuned so I run both

>> No.55499823

>durr i dont want to run board wipes because they destroy my own board!!!1!11
I agree with you on Nevinyrral's Disk but board wipes that get rid of everything like Oblivion Stone and Hour of Revelation are fucking golden in a multiplayer format

>> No.55499824

13phobia might be fun- it's reliable life loss without attacking so you can always be able to cast him with it out, and there's the fun of people forgetting and the occasional knocking someone out that way.

Also just slam eldrazi or other big colourless stuff in maybe.

>> No.55499859

Any good colorless creature or low colored mana that buys a lot of cards?

>> No.55499882


Why would you blow up your own shit when you can build your deck to only blow up your opponents shit?

Artifact decks blow up lands and colored permanents, creature decks blow up artifacts and enchantments, etc etc, breaking the symmetry of board wipes should be the standard

>> No.55499914

Good way to get yourself fucked by a deck abusing the same strategy as you.

>> No.55499932


I guess, but if you're a creature deck and you need to wrath of God, I don't really see how you were winning the game anyway. How can you win after striking a huge victory in favor of the non-creature decks at the table by taking down two of their opponents at the same time?

In a mirror match you need to be faster and/or more resilient, not hedging

>> No.55499966


He picked all that Kamigawa shit, of course he's a huge weeb.

>> No.55499975

Sometimes you are behind and making your opponent's superior position go away is worth losing your own. This goes extra for creatures, likely the most commonly played threatening type. Sure, there are times when Wrath of God is a dead card in a combat-step-heavy build, but I call those "Times I'm winning". And if I cease to be winning, I want to be able to wrath to put myself back on par.

Having more ways to break parity (Indestructible tribal versus destroy wraths, rock tribal versus mld, etc.) is of course better but wipes are a catch-up mechanism even if they're nothing else.

>> No.55499981

How is Ink Eyes furry she's legitimately the sexiest mono color waifu

>> No.55500004

This is as stupid as saying Renamon is a male

>> No.55500011

>How is Ink Eyes furry
She is literally an anthropomorphic rat. A Furry. Sure they may have given her furry tits, and Kemba too, but that doesn't make them less furry.

>> No.55500012

how can you resist this smile

>> No.55500035

Braids would be the sexiest she wasnt banned

>> No.55500062

Isnt she banging higure?

>> No.55500069

There were Kamigawa books, anon. His gender is a known quality.

>> No.55500073


No, and even if she was, that wouldn't magically stop her from being furry

>> No.55500109

What's the hardest you've ever just been blown out of a game, /edhg/? I've got a decent old one.
>group game, playing Marath
>one of the other guys is rocking Firemind, no infinites but lots of synergy
>been ticking everyone down pretty good the whole game
>he does a draw-go and passes to me
>I topdeck a Path and use it first opportunity I get, obvious misplay in hindsight but I was relatively new still
>forget this motherfucker has Hypersonic Dragon and a shitload of mana untapped
>get tactical nuked by fucking Enter the Infinite
>not even mad, gg wp you cheeky fucker

>> No.55500131

Look at these fat titties and huge ass

If you wouldnt fuck her then you're probably a tranny or low test beta male

>> No.55500166

You're definitely new to the format. I thought the same stuff when I was new to EDH, but you are (and I WAS) soooooo so wrong on this one.

>> No.55500212

>not on 4chan
>What is /cgl/
>what is /soc/

>> No.55500219

>she's legitimately the sexiest mono color waifu

I'm not going to claim to be 100% objective, especially when there were hard decisions to make, but your taste is fairly unmitigated shit.

>> No.55500263

Rayne and Kaysa and both married
They're not emotionally available anon.

>> No.55500275

Your tastes are so basic its disgusting

"Muh regular basic bitches le hot xDD"

>> No.55500376

Come on anon, you could have at least gone five for five on the Kamigawa legendaries

>> No.55500380

New official WotC commander – duelmaster employee promo.

Art by duelmaster artist Yoichi Ito

Also, gremlin tribal and group hug planeswalker.


>> No.55500383


Beauty isn't complicated m80

>> No.55500408

Board wiping 101:
1) If you have a winning position, hold on to your board wipe until you've won or you're losing
2) If one of your opponents has a winning position, cast a board wipe followed by a threat
3) If things are relatively even, cast a moderate threat or ramp/draw instead of overextending, wait a turn then see 1) and 2)

Using more spot removal than board wipes in multiplayer is the biggest noob trap out there.

>> No.55500426


>> No.55500433

A legit complaint. Their first alternates in my mind, Blue Braids and Melira, are clear on that score though. There's a nonzero chance Melira is 0 toughness these days, but nothing's been established and the same applies to... virtually any character printed before Shards.

>> No.55500445


>> No.55500454 [SPOILER] 

Freaks assemble.

>> No.55500463

wtf is that art
is that robot parts
does that shit have a blue hologram star fist badge
random ass star claw

what in the god damn

>> No.55500470

Better basic than the gay, furry weebshit of >>55498345

>> No.55500490

It's from DuelMasters, which is "Magic but we want the Yugioh audience".

>> No.55500565 [SPOILER] 

I'll take it over the moron who started this.

>> No.55500593

>tfw you could detach sheoldred from her lower bodypart and make her slither around


>> No.55500670

what the fuck is this? is this real?

>> No.55500706

>poo in loo kari zev

>> No.55500760

It's a commemorative award for WotC employees who were involved with Duel Masters. Only "around 5" were printed, it doesn't have a Magic: the Gathering card back, and it isn't legal in any format.

>> No.55500767

thinking about taking teysa appart to build either pic or sharuum. would either of them be more fun?

>> No.55500815


>> No.55500821

What would I do if I wanted to really shit out 2/2 zombie tokens? I want to run tribal zombies with Grimgrin or Thraximundar, and be able to have tons of zombies to go along with sac outlets seems like a fun deal.

>> No.55500855

kalitas traitor of geth if you run a lot of removal, grave titan, endless ranks of dead, army of the damned.

>> No.55500877

Why couldn't this be a real planeswalker card?

>> No.55500890

This was posted here a couple threads ago already.

>> No.55500901

>White being anything other than Akroma.
She's modeled after the artist's dead wife. Akroma is THE waifu commander.

>> No.55500966

She may be Ixidor's imaginary waifu that he made real with magic and a broken space probe, but that doesn't mean she has to be YOUR waifu.

>> No.55501160

I thought Sakashima was a dude

>> No.55501168

Are coin decks functional in casual? It seems fairly easy to get enough counters quickly, but I'm having a hard time thinking of an alternative win con to this for when the entire table starts hating on the card and any protection it may have. Most coin-based burn effects are single target so that doesn't seem to be a reliable fallback here

>> No.55501199

Not in a game of pretend.

>> No.55501206

>You will never make sweet love with her lower mouth
Why live

>> No.55501430 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55501566


>> No.55501583

cen i pley

>> No.55501655

I'm guessing that you don't find the face an appealing part of feminine nature.

>> No.55501678


>> No.55501702

Because she'd be killed in Alberta.

>> No.55501786

I've had a Jhoira waifu clone/theft deck for years, but she's always a target and I want to have someone else helm the deck.

I don't want Riku, but I'm torn between Yasova Dragonclaw and Marchesa the Black Rose.

Who would be the better clone/theft commander?

>> No.55501809

Something about Karametra really remembers me of Elesh, I just can't put my fingeron it.

>> No.55501814


Yasova is total trash, so marchesa wins by default, she's not great but she does have some theft synergies

>> No.55501847

The canopy of her seat looks kind of like Norn's mask.

>> No.55501904

>>What is /cgl/
>>what is /soc/
fag boards

>> No.55501909

When your gf reluctantly deals with your waifu mtg bullshit

>> No.55501927

What >>55501847 said
I thought she had a hat until I saw her full sized art.
Either way I want to plow her fields.

>> No.55501936

Why is she such trash? Wouldn't her theft ability be pretty good, especially for the cost? I was thinking I could couple it with Bazaar Trader or just sac outlets.

>> No.55501950

Hello, its the Official MTG waifu power ranker again. Now that the dust has settled for mono color its time fur duel colors.

Black/Red: Olivia
Black/Blue: Vela
Black/Green: Glissa
Black/White: Teysa
White/Green: Mirri
White/Blue: Bruna
White/Red: Depala
Red/Blue: Jori En
Red/Green: Tana
Green/Blue: Zegana

Reminder that these are Official from WotC. As we can see from this list Mirri is the clear winner from this group. Join us next time for the triple color waifu lists

>> No.55501961


all about dat savra

>> No.55501968

I can tell Jhoria.
Left is Meren?
Middle is the boros chick from Conspiracy?
Background is Nahiri the biggest, ugliest slut known to man.

>> No.55501978

Pfffft, watch this...

>> No.55502010

Is the midnight prerelease any different from ones during the weekend?

>> No.55502037

i fell for your meme

>> No.55502040

what are the best ways of generating card draw/card advantage in a Brion Stoutarm deck?

>> No.55502049

Close, Meren, Anafenza, and Jhoira.

Also C14 Nahiri is fine. SOI Nahiri is trash.

>> No.55502055

Flinging skullclamped creatures?

>> No.55502078

>WG Mirri
Why haven't we purged the furries yet?

I give the namefag at least correct opinion with Tana, though.

>> No.55502124

I want more alternatives though. so far I've only got skullclamp, staff of nin, sandstone oracle, and well of lost dreams. Ive got other reanimation creatures like adarkar valkyrie, twilight shepherd and emeria shepherd but id like to have more ways fo generating card advantage

>> No.55502140

All Gruul girls are amazing but the best ones aren't even legendary.
The one girl dumb official waifu poster got right was Teysa.

>> No.55502149

Hell yeah, rough kisses and an orgasm, just like with my cat except different order.

>> No.55502156

Alms Collector.

>> No.55502159

calm down sorin.

>> No.55502193


excuse you?

>> No.55502207



>> No.55502216

>wanting to have sex with a cat
you need help
mental help

>> No.55502250

dryads more your taste?

>> No.55502256

Her full art is kinda displeasing.
How do so many artists get everything right but the face?

>> No.55502265

>tight pussy
>rough tongue
>fit as fuck
>after fucking you can pet her

How is that bad? Not even a furry

>> No.55502274

>one waifu
>but many

>> No.55502287

it was a rhetorical question.

>> No.55502298

Are there any auto-include cards for tribal archetypes from c17 and ixalan? Cards like Herald's Horn, anything like that an auto-include in tribal?

>> No.55502301

>tfw you realize their lower halves are literally trees
holy shit how've I not seen this until now?

>> No.55502306

Why are you such a fag?
This is a rhetorical question fyi

>> No.55502310

>one entity
>three waifus
>dat low cut robe
>cleavage on the other two

>> No.55502311


>> No.55502322

It wasn't any sort of question at all.

>> No.55502352

>anything else is questionable
>in grixis
>nicol bolas, planeswalker
>all is dust
>but no scour from existence or spine of ish sah

you kids dont know about utility

>> No.55502355

>>rough tongue
yeah do me a favor and take a belt sander to your knob and tell me how good it feels
imagine being this detached from reality

>> No.55502357

Heirloom blade is amazing.
1 mana equip for +3/+1 that gives you targetted draw on death.
Kindred Discovery is good in some decks, the green is decent in a couple and Boon is just plain fun.

She's not cute or fun, she's an angry half elf that feels the need to be accepted by everyone while being peers with no one.

>> No.55502401

>unironically using cmc7 spot removal for a task other colors would do for cmc3 or less
>using a cmc8 planeswalker in commander and expecting him to perform well
Nicol Bolas may be flavorful and fun, but he's not very good.

>> No.55502405

>scour from existence or spine of ish sah
i too enjoy spending waaaay too much mana

>> No.55502413

>the dust has settled for mono-colored
>disgusting furfag makes a shitty list

id sooner take buck angel waifufags list full of his waifu in all the slots as "official" over anything you make faggot

>> No.55502444

>these losers dont have mana to spare
>not using spells that can take care of any perm thats annoying you
>not being able to get coffers+urborg out with ease

why are you even playing grixis if youre not having fun or just playing an infinite combo that doesnt need interaction?

>> No.55502447


I'm not saying you can't do anything to maximize her potential, sac outlets and bazaar trader help but it's not enough to make her good. The main issue is that a lot of the best stuff worth stealing has more power than her.

>> No.55502451

Depends on your definition of 'fun.' I've built both in the past and they're really good. They both share the same weakness, in that the table will throw every Bojuka Bog and graveyard hate they can your direction.

The big difference is do you want more control or degenerate combo? Sharuum is better for going infinite, since she has access to all sorts of disgusting artifact combos. Karador has more lockdown potential and has access to Spore Frog, Sakura Tribe Elder, and Eternal Witness.

Karador can get stupid expensive though. Survival of the Fittest, Phyrexian Alter, and Phyrexian Tower are killer but also crazy pricy, and Captain Sissay shot way the hell up recently and she's boss for grabbing Yosei, Kokusho, Urborg, and any other legends or walkers you might run.

>> No.55502454


>> No.55502470

*50 hours in mspaint later

oh well

>> No.55502471

r8 my wife-fu
>people unironicly rate braids high in mono black
>mono black is lits that ugly
boros master race would shed a tear for mono black but that is above us

>> No.55502477

Mind's eye is another good one.

>> No.55502484

>>not being able to get coffers+urborg out with ease
>not just getting another two card inf and actually winning the game
>not using counterspells instead of that massive waste of cardboard

>> No.55502493

Why is your shit in the wrong order? How is anyone supposed to trust your opinion?

>> No.55502495


Enlightened tier tastes my friend.

I agree, but I have bad news. You want to fuck a furry. That's how you catch it.

>> No.55502504

how does it feel to have literally the worst commander pool in the game?

>> No.55502514

I hate how fucking drama centric the new planeswalker stories have been lately.
However, Vraska was cute as fuck and I want her and Jace to climb the road to normiedom together.

>> No.55502516


shit, I fucked up

>> No.55502524

>picking a wife-fu based on another other than looks
absolute sperg tier

>> No.55502528

>not thalia

>> No.55502534

>"why do I even play commander" THE post

>> No.55502539

*anything other than

>> No.55502550

She was cute before Thalsia and Taxes

>> No.55502561

>sh...shut up: the post
>playing good cards is bad because playing bad cards is good
this is some serious masonic inversion here

>> No.55502568

>picking a waifu on looks alone
How vapid.

>> No.55502578

my man!

>> No.55502592

cardboard cant make you a sandwich or give you the sex

looks alone is def chad tier

>> No.55502611

We're just waifuing legends, right?

what a shame

>> No.55502612

>globalists want to destroy this

>> No.55502627

Swagtusk is MINE
Back off.

>> No.55502630

Well I was gonna post but you already took most of my choices, anon.

>> No.55502659

so with me thats 4 votes for thalia as /edhg/s best white waifu?

>> No.55502661

MTG has too many cute girls to waifu.

>> No.55502674

Cardboard can win the game.

>> No.55502701

art cant
and thats what we are judging on
dont make me throw a rock at you

>> No.55502753


I'll blink him and have a baby with him

and there's nothing you can do about it fuckboi

>> No.55502772

if I cant have him neither of us can

>> No.55502801

ima need a pic of swagtusk "never talk to me or my son ever again" edition

>> No.55502816

actually im 99% sure this does nothing

>> No.55502837

Not a whole lot of options. Some were running unopposed.

>> No.55502856


This listis unofficial! Please wait until my official WotC list is released. Thank you!

>> No.55502873


>> No.55502878

>never talk to me or my token ever again

>> No.55502914

Reminder if you're too poor to play with shocklands and mana crypt then stop playing mtg

>> No.55502936

Yeah, that's the concern I had.

Now I need to figure whether green or black has better theft/clone effects.

>> No.55502953

which would be good for making a starting magic deck for someone that would, in multiplayer sit back till the end, but 1v1 be fine? thinking non black, and roon, zedruu, or kynaios and tiro came to mind, but any other commander?

>> No.55503026

It's a Duel Masters card.

>> No.55503039

Magic in general or just commander?

It would be kind of weird to get into mtg with commander unless if thats all that your friends play

>> No.55503074

>which is "Magic but we want the Yugioh audience".
Yugioh took the Duel Masters audience.

>> No.55503086

I'd rather buy a card with high impact such as Eldrazi Titans or Praetors than a card that makes my manabase slightly more efficient.
Then again, I'm only a year into collecting stuff for EDH so my opinion may change once I settle down with a favorite deck.

>> No.55503092

I used to fap to her so much as a kid

>> No.55503115

How are mana crypt and shocklands comparable? Surely if you are running Crypt, you can do duals.

>> No.55503126

I never said Duel Masters was successful.

>> No.55503128

Crypt is only like $70

>> No.55503138

Why would anyone want the Yugioh audience? Autistic adults, weeaboos, and kids?

>> No.55503143

commander, as our group devolved to burn/some varient of burn for regular magic. it got quite out of hand when one of us had a high paying job to afford vexing devils and the like.

same guy has built a heartless deck that keeps getting faster however, but he plays it once in a while as opposed to the only deck he has for the format

>> No.55503156

>only like $70
That's more than 3x the cost of shocks, anon.

>> No.55503163

Not him but the good thing about buying good but more expensive mana bases is that if you get bored of a deck you can take it apart and the mana will go to your next deck the majority of the time. With things like creatures or sorceries that cost a lot they might be excellent in your last deck but not fit at all in the new one so theh just collect dust

>> No.55503191 [SPOILER] 

Kari Zev is 15.

>> No.55503204

If you think vexing devils are high end then you might not want to get into commander. That's only like a $10 card.

The same thing will happen in commander with your friend with a good job blowing even more money since commander has silly cards

>> No.55503206

>Why would a business want a market?

>> No.55503217

Also, she's like 14. Shadowblayde was the superior Kaladesh waifu.

>> No.55503228

Old enough to bleed! Old enough to hold hands

>> No.55503248

vexing devils were high end when we were playing kitchen table 60, not saying hes using them in edh though.

>> No.55503250

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.55503266

Best tribal "choose a creature type" cards?

>> No.55503310

Is this literally the best alt wincon in Ramos ever? It just feels so good i don't know why

>> No.55503311

If he doesn't like to match his decks with everyone else's budget then he will do the same thing in commander but on an even greater scale. That vexing devil will turn into him buying shit like vampric tutor, gaea's cradle, etc.

>> No.55503317

The new one from Ixalan.

>> No.55503333

Lmao its so easy to get a creature with over 20 life with Arahbo

I wish he was naya

>> No.55503350


Black let's you steal shit from your opponents graveyards

>> No.55503381

>tfw keep buying random somewhat expensive cards
>don't even have decks for them to use

this fucking metalworker just sits in my binder taunting me.

>> No.55503390

Old enough to captain a pirate ship and have grown men and legendary monkey tokens follow her commands, old enough for low impact consensual cuddling. In all seriousness she's not a real person, she's a drawing, and she's drawn as a "generic young adult" If you could pull "15 years old" from just her picture you're probably lying or think Kess and Beckett Brass are top Grixis Waifus.

>> No.55503420

Women's ages are inscrutable. Fucking 26 year olds don't look like anything.

>> No.55503424

I wanted to make kess my xommander but then i looked closer and saw how fat she was, fucking gross its not even high test kinda fat just normal fat

>> No.55503472


Yeah she's very frumpy and gross, but ugly girls need love too you know? Can't go their whole lives without the D

Telling me you've never met a nice ugly girl at the bar and given her the D in the back of your car?

>> No.55503502

That's a good point, but unless you have an absolute favorite color combination only 4 out of the 20 guilds/shards/wedges can use any given dual land.
For instance, if you buy a Watery Grave but get bored with the deck, it'll collect dust until you build a deck that's Dimir, Esper, Grixis or Sultai or 4c/5c but fuck that.

>> No.55503584

>nice ugly girl

>> No.55503598

Conquerer's Banner

>> No.55503620

she roots through the trash for spells. You can't think someone like that takes care of herself well.

>> No.55503641

The thing about Kess is that she's just a random frumpy old lady without any real distinct theme or concept. I don't mind Beckett Brass, for instance -- even if she's Bea Arthur playing a supposedly fearsome pirate admiral the framing of the piece and her overall design do support her being a veteran old salt yet still powerful pirate.

Kess doesn't even seem like she's from Grixis -- the few living that remained looked haggared, zombie like, and in contrast to the well-fed zombies tended to be thin and haggared. They incorporated bone and flesh into their outfits too. Take a look at Cathartic Adept, Cunning Lethemancer, or even the fairly healthy Vithian Renegades, and then look back at Kess and tell me if even for a moment she seems like she belongs with that lot. There's a reason so many people thought she was going to be from Equilor (the other place we've seen with flesh ground, via Planechase's Bloodhill Bastion).

If you can't execute a good concept, at least have a cool and distinctive design. Kess... is overwhelmed by her scenery. If you can't execute a good concept nor can you have a cool and distinctive design then by god the least you can do at that point is give me something pretty to look at. Like Inalla, she got that right; she's a random nodoby from an unknown and indistinct plane to the point where 60% of the thread was bloody convinced she was a cleric or a rogue instead of a wizard, but at least she's a little cute.

>> No.55503676

New Thread


>> No.55503705


male: jin, vorinclex, urabrask
female: norn, sheoldred

just for you, anon

male: ojutai, silumgar
female: kolaghan, atarka, dromoka

male: darigaaz, crosis, dromar
female: rith, treva

planar chaos:
male: the ones that arent intet
female: intet

>> No.55503736

>Liking Blaculas
You all disgust me.

>> No.55503997

That settles it, I didn't even think of that. Thanks anon. Marchesa it is

Does she tend to draw a lot of hate? There isn't one in my meta.

>> No.55504033

Is there anything cool I can do with Eight and a Half Tails other then Circle of Protection: White?

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