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So the Emperor was born from thousands of shaman ritually suicide at the same time, but he was still biologically a man, right?
At the time of the Horus Heresy, was he still just a normal human (perpetual) in power armor or had he gotten all the Primarch 'upgrades' along the way (like 2 hearts, 3 lungs, etc)

tl;dr: Was the Emperor still biologically human at the time of the final showdown with Horus or was he physically on the same level?

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Pretty sure he was "normal" human.
All that astartes/primarch shit is an artificial step, while Big E is evolution set to fast forward.

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So a "normal" human stood shoulder to shoulder with Horus and stuff? Seems like a weird oversight,

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Don't quote me for sure, but the 10 foot golden god thing might be a psychic illusion.
Or maybe that's just peak human, 200 years ago, 5 foot was tall for a European male.

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Is the Emperor's body confirmed to be the ideal male body? Is this what peak performance looks like?

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IIRC it was mentioned in some of the books Emps appears slightly different to different people, suggesting it is a psychic illusion and that he tailors it to appear certain ways

Honestly it would help explain how someone so autistically incapable of understanding others could ever rally enough people to win the Unification Wars

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>So a "normal" human stood shoulder to shoulder with Horus and stuff?
primarchs being 10ft tall is a later retcon, and as with many retcons there wasn't a lot of thought put into it

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His cheek bones are too prominent and his forehead is too flat. He has a face made to be destroyed by a good punching. Ideal human form would be shorter, heavier bones, a broader neck, and a broader chest supporting more core muscle mass. Human level intelligence is an evolutionary quirk of a body that would have failed from a genetic stand point without it. If we had the muscle density of a great ape with the intelligence of humans, THAT would be ideal.

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And what, 400 years go, people thought 4 foot was tall? You fucking retard.

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There is a big difference between 400 years and 38000, also: suspension of disbelief meme

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A few characters remark that when he talks, they hear him, but when he does it any Mechanicum people with audio implants do not register any noise. The implication is that he speaks directly into their mind, which interprets his intentions and message in its own way and registers it as sound, and he possibly doesn't even realise he does it, because he's done it for so long now it becomes second nature.

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Or he does, and just really likes being a dick to the mechanicum

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Oh, hi Horus.

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Yes, but the Emperor is so powerfully psychic, he was likely augmented via biokinesis and surgery.

It's worth noting that when he fights in Master of Mankind, he relies heavily on his immense psyker abilities.

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The idea is that the average person, and even rich people have a WAY more balanced and healthy diet now than they did 200 years ago, which makes them brow taller due to having all of the vitamins and shit they need.

400 years ago people ate about as well as they did 200 years ago.

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We just don`t know, but the time of the HH he was what 50K years old? he had a lot of time to put upgrades in his body, after all he lived through the Age of Technology and I suppose a lot of nanotech and other crazy stuff (gene editing through viruses, biomechanical organs, etc) would have been available to people to improve themselves.

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There had to be something special biologically about him since the primarchs had to be made with his DNA

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What a story!

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>implying that His magic psychic body can be hurt in any way unless He allows it

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He could have augmented his body with his powers

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So you're saying if I eat just a little more vitamin A, I'll grow to 10 feet tall and become a psychic God thing?

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He was just a man

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>200 years ago, 5 foot was tall for a European male.
You're not allowed to post on 4chan anymore.

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Wasn't this retconned that he made a deal with the chaos gods to make the primarchs, then he told them to go fuck themselves?

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But enough talk, how's your sex life?

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He's a peak human at the penultimate stage of eugenic evolution and adaption to higher levels of challenges offered by nature.

He got an extra power boost at Moloch, and that's about it, barring biotech.

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He's actually a midget with a big head. That's why he always wears the suit

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Is there a bigger Mary Sue in all of fiction than the emperor?

He's on Daenerys / Ciri levels of "perfuction"

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If he was a mary sue he would not be slowly dying on a golden chair, also add in he was an incredibly flawed man that's part of his character. Seriously do people not know what a mary sue is, just because he is powerful does not make him one.

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Primarchs and space marines share his biology and genes, he was not human.

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That's kinda the point. All we know is he led humanity into the stars, but then the world he built collapsed, and everything else comes from the horrific cult built in his name.

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Do Sisters of Silence affect him? If he relied on his psychic might, what would have happened if the Sisterhood decided he was a problem and went after him, what would happen?

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According to a Sister of Silence, who firsthand saw the Emperor sans psychic illusion because Pariah, the Emperor actually looks the way he does, just sans Golden Halo of psychic power. He's described as very masculine and massive, with an ageless look about his features.

The Emperor can disguise himself when he wants to, but as the Emperor of Mankind as he emerged for the Unifications Wars, he seems to have dropped that illusion because there was no longer any need for secrecy, save for when he puts on a hood and trolls his sons when he starts finding them during the Great Crusade.

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My fan-theory is that he collected the SoS to cut his mind off the distractions of the galaxy and focus on the webway.

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Talking of the Emperor's visage. What does Magnus look like?

>‘Words have power, Lorgar. I scarcely need to remind you of that.’ The sorcerer grinned suddenly. ‘And stop gawping at me, brother! Especially at my eye.’
>His smile didn’t quite rob his words of their hardness.
>But Lorgar didn’t obey. He stared openly at the constant metamorphosis of Magnus’s visage: a warlord with a missing left eye, the wound sewn closed; a cyclops with one great orb in place of human eyes; a sorcerer with smooth flesh where a right eye had never existed.
>When the Word Bearer finally spoke, his tone was completely devoid of the halting doubt that had marked his life for so many years before Isstvan V.
>‘It has always unnerved me how you look the most likeFather.’
>Magnus raised a scarred eyebrow. ‘I? You were made to mirror him, Lorgar. Not I.’
>‘I did not mean physically.’ Lorgar brushed a scriptured hand across his equally tattooed face. ‘I’m speaking of your… facelessness. You are as powerful as him, and your face dances in the same way.’
>It was Magnus’s turn to chuckle. ‘I am not as strong as our father. Would that I was.’
>Lorgar waved it aside. ‘Have any of us even seen your real face? Did you ever have two eyes?’
>Magnus tilted his crowned head. ‘Didn’t you hear the story of how I tore the right eye from its socket in sacrifice for knowledge?’ Magnus smiled. ‘I like that one. It might be my favourite.’
>‘I’ve heard them all,’ Lorgar replied, eager to learn more but letting the matter drop. He knew too well that his copper-skinned brother could not be tempted into spilling revelations when he didn’t wish to. ‘I need your counsel, Magnus.’

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I really liked that interaction

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but that picture is hot garbage

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I think it's the same thing with Sang.
They Uriel mentioned it in Unremembered Empire.

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like this you posted is better .. both are shit

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This art style is heresy and an affront everything the Grimdarkness of the far future stands for.

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It's not that the Emperor was autistically incapable of understanding others, it's that the Emperor loved humanity, and that Astartes and Primarchs were inhuman tools to use for the furthering of base humanity. He probably would have pulled another Thunder Warriors style purge at the end of the great crusade if Horus never fucked up his ambitions of a galaxy safe for normal humans.

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I doubt a universal purge was imminent. He would have simply cut off geneseed production, and the Legions who bitched the most would get the axe. The remaining Astartes would have gone the way of hunter predation fleets on the galactic frontier fighting whatever horrors are out there, while the Primarchs are assigned special tasks or are otherwise made galactic policemen. The Astartes would pass into legend as mankind transcends into a post-Materium race in the Webway.

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Oh, hi Malcador.

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I don't think this is true. We know he fully intended for Magnus to be locked into the golden throne (which wasn't a terrible fate when it was considered, he would just be helping the webway stabilize or something. The demons are his own fucking fault.) but otherwise I don't think he would flat out end the space marines. Maybe scale back their production but then the 'nids and necrons would have showed up and ended that pipedream.

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Astartes wouldn't be needed in the Webway. The whole point of the Great Crusade was to secure all the resources required to emigrate all of mankind into the Webway. The conquest of the Materium was always an interim phase.

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I'm sure the thunderwarriors thought the same thing.

Throughout the early crusade, the Astartes always wonder what role will be left for them after they reunited humanity.

Musing they have no function beyond war.

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The thunderwarriors were unstable. Astartes are capable of living a peaceful existence, some of them are anyhow.

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No, you fucking retard. What it means is that if you are borne with genes that make you 6 and a half feet tall, you will still be a fucking 5 foot manlet if you grow up eating nothing but white bread and drinking nothing but plain water. If you even survive at all without vitamin C.

So obviously in an era where nobody is getting proper nutrition, someone who was born with a super body that can achieve humanity's ideal genetics with or without proper nutrition they will be a fucking giant compared to everyone else.

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>dissing on Blanche concept art
Why are you even interacting with 40k at all?

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Obviously, yes, he got fucking killed by horus

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>white bread
White bread has been enriched since ww2 to contain a bunch of vitamins so that it's actually viable as a food, since it tastes like shit.

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Master of Mankind implies heavily that, when you get right down to it, he's just a dude with ridiculously OP powers.

>Similarly, past experience told her that the blinding majesty and stupefaction others felt in the presence of the Golden Throne were wholly absent for Kaeria and her Sisters. She saw a man on a throne, no more, no less. No radiant halo. No psychic corona.
>She would have preferred the majestic ignorance. Better to feel everything and see almost nothing rather than stare upon the naked truth: the enthroned Emperor was just a man in pain, His suffering etched plain, His mouth open in a silent scream. The agonies He endured for the sake of the species had wrought lines upon His features, somehow bringing the passage of time to an ageless face.

>Gold light flared bright enough to blind unshielded eyes. The Emperor manifested at Ra’s side, down on one knee, one hand clutched to his chest, hair hanging down to veil his features. Blood, human blood no matter what the legends said, ran in runnels from the Emperor’s sundered armour.

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You're tearing me apart Lorgar!

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>fine, I'll let them say I'm a god, but fucking hell it annoys me
>I know, I'll annoy them right the fuck back

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They see through his glamour, but don't seem to dull his psyker powers any or cause him discomfort.

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Mary Sue's can have flaws. Often they have ridiculously edgy back stories. What makes them a Mary Sue is that despite their flaws everyone loves them and wants to be their friend/lover/servant.

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>when he puts on a hood and trolls his sons when he starts finding them during the Great Crusade.
>Father-figure with illusion magic wandering about, teaching lessons and doing other great deeds.
Didn't realize until just now that the God-Emperor was also Odin.

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The first few Horus Heresy novels betray that ideal. At least the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus had such a hard-on for war that they would be a liability. Horus himself gets pissed off at the idea of a peaceful Imperium being a place where normal people can just live their lives and fulfill their potential.

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Purge them? Unlikely.

Scale them back? Quite possibly. We know he had plans for several of the Primarchs for after the conquest was done, so keeping some of the Astartes as a garrison force is eminently sensible.

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That was in a book yes, but it was fucking fateweaver saying it so who the fuck knows if it's true.

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Later novels show them doing other things. I think Ahriman has vineyards or something like that.
But they'll always be someone left to fight, even if the great crusade had gone 100% according to plan.

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What third world country do you live in that white bread tastes like shit?

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not >You're tearing me apart, Horus!

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Id love a source on that claim

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what country do you live in where white bread tastes good?

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>So the Emperor was born from thousands of shaman ritually suicide at the same time
Has there been a single mention of this the last three editions?

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There hasn't been any conflicting retcons/canon yet. The closest is that he is a perpetual, likely the first ever.

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outside america

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Yeah, sometimes he's Godzilla

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I mean, you're not wrong. There's a whole lot of mythology stuffed into this shit, because a lot of the writers are also huge nerds. I mean, maybe they can't write masterfully, but they can still make allusion to mythology and legend.

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Well this is what you get for having dreams waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above your capacity and arms reach - you end up shanked by your "son"

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>The whole point of the Great Crusade was to secure all the resources required to emigrate all of mankind into the Webway
Source? I thought the webway was going to be used as a means of travel to further starve the chaos gods.

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According to his autistic ass

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I would point out that sisters of silence while powerful are not all-powerful nulls, Malcador and others of sufficient power could ''burn out'' untouchables.

In one book it is Corax who sees through the illusions and biomancy, the Emperor is a tiny shrivelled up old man like Ghandi if he'd been staked out in the sun.

The Emps like all human psykers has one weakness in that his powiers require conscious thought, he can probably heal himself better than a space marine...but a space marines body is more robust with automatic features that fuel themselves, for example;

If the emperor gets a neck injury he has to staunch the bleeding and quickly will himself better, for a space marines he doesn't need to use psychic juice, his blood kicks in to clot it while his special organs keep him up right, and his superior body can fuel psychic powers better than a humans ever could.

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the fluff seems to portray it as the emperor being almost singular with the perpetuals born possibly as a by-product.

I think its interesting how all the perpetuals loathe him the Catholic hates that he's an insensitive prick, grammaticus fears him and Alivia has also twigged on he's a jerk/hates him for t]creating space marines.

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I like to think its because they're all his illegitimate children.

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Save it. It's all yours, my friend.

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just a reminder that the nids may not have shown up if it hadn't been for the 10k year use of the astronomican, something that would be defunct if the webway wasnt destroyed.

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This true? Seems like the Nids invade galaxies for the sake of doing it.
Also the Necrons would have woken up either way and the Tau would still be a thing.

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THE EMPEROR: I kill you, you bastard!

HORUS: You couldn't kill me if you tried.

THE EMPEROR: You betrayed me! You're not good. You, you're just a chicken. Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep.

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5'7 was the average height of a European male pretty much as far back as skeletons can be found, excluding times of prolonged famine when growth was particularly stunted, and certain regional variations. The average hasn't even gone much higher than that in the era of modern food production and social safety nets.

Likewise the "average person died at 30" meme is based on poor math analysis (higher rate of infant mortality artificially dilutes the average).

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I thought Ollanius Pius was the first perpetual, even older than Emps.

Or was that retconned / non-canonical / mis-remembered on my part?

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No the Emperor is the oldest by far.

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And dem panties?

They be a-droppin' when Tha Emprah rolls up on ya.

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>The Tau
>Mattering to a post-Materium Imperium
They would get buttfucked the instant Hive Fleet Leviathan showed anyway.

>> No.55526622

As much as I like Tau (at least earlier versions of them, before they too became this boring, dark, edgy and oppressive tyranny just pretending to be nice), they are literally NOBODY on galactic scale. They are barely local power that is greatly over-represented when it comes to amount of models and all, but all things considered, they are barely there.

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are you guys dumb. most people didnt get to be taller then 5 foot because of malnutrition.

>> No.55526826

Said the truly retarded guy.

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this unironicly explains everything

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well deserved trips!

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Human Intel requires a fuck ton of fuel. It's not possible to fuel the human brain AND gorilla level strength in the same body.

That's like saying the ideal human form can fly and breathe underwater

>> No.55530383

Malcador: "Hey, Emppy, what's up?"
Emperor: "I have a problem with Horus. He says I'm a false emperor."

>> No.55530440

I thought the astronomicon is not even visible at the galaxy edge, let alone past it.

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Malcador: Uh what!? Are you?
Emps: No its nat true dont even aaask!

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why is warhammer/40k so bad?

the fiction is bad

the characters are bad

the art is bad


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You didn't know that? Jesus man, pick up a book once in awhile.

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The pinnacle of the Dark Age of Technology was when they created a God.

>Emp 1.0 launched to halt the Age of Strife
>does its job
>believes it has lived 30,000 years amongst mankind
>creates primarchs
>terrible dad
>heresy ensues

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If only there were some way in this modern age to create some sort of food that was more dense in nutrients than would be naturally possible... that sure would be swell, wouldn't it?

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I thought he changed his body in the womb with his crazy magic psychic powers to make him the peak peak of peak human so basically Space Marine.

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>What makes them a Mary Sue is that despite their flaws everyone loves them and wants to be their friend/lover/servant.
>half his own fucking sons betrayed Him
>real life people exist that hate Him
How retarded are you?

>> No.55535663

That description was of him on the golden throne, though, at least if I remember right. In life the description of him as /fit/'s ideal of the male form was probably accurate.

>> No.55535804

I think this idea gets floated by some characters in the Outcast Dead, which is imo a really solid book. The idea that Emps might be the last psychic supersoldier from the Dark Age of Tech who only thinks he's an immortal is an interesting one.

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what a tale marine

>> No.55536228

False. The new canon is that they did it because the Pharos drew their attention to the Milky Way, the Astronomicon is just what they've been drawn towards after they arrive in the galaxy.

>> No.55538442

Well yeah, you can artifically create a super human. Not through natural selection processes though.

>> No.55538605

I recently read the Mechanicum Book in the HH series. Jesus christ the Dalia character was probably the most insufferable Mary Sue I have yet encountered in the series.

>> No.55538992

Almost thought that was Dio

>> No.55539361

That's not really a retcon? I'm reading through HH novels now and there are a lot of references to the spess marines towering over normal men, with primarchs towering over regular marines.

Now it doesn't say 10ft, but that seems reasonable?

>> No.55539441

emps just seems to project the insane psyker powers more than anything. He seemed to do things to convince the primarchs he was worthy (I'm thinking of Vulkan in particular) but what does he do that can't be attributed to psychic powers over physical bulk?

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No the Emporer was created by Malcador to be a front man.

>> No.55539463

But yeah its clear some of the legions have a use after the crusade. The 1k sons would study lore and had hobbies. The Ultramarines could act as statesmen. The Iron Hands and the Salamanders could forge great wonders. The Luna Wolves and World eaters would not have served well in peace and you can bet the White Scars would eventually just roam to far and never be heard from again.

>> No.55539489

Man I just finished reading that and the thought blew my mind. It really bothered me why the Emperor never said anything about Old Night and left it a complete mystery. I get that he hid the warp/chaos from the Imperium, but I never got why ON was the same level of taboo. The Cognosynth (spelling?) theory smashes that and really paints him as manipulative.

>> No.55539500

The real question is: how many average bums are genetically descended from him?

Or is he a virgin?

>> No.55541078

You can't deafen gods.
Do SoS even have rules for instantly banishing Daemon Princess and Warp Armies?

>> No.55541173

Nutriloaf isn't bread anon. Its a mess of preservatives, additives and vitamins, that gives you ingestion problems in the long run.
But since its not fermented, the nutrition benefit is stupidly low.
Which is also the reason why sourdough is better than beer fermentation, because its more suited for the human body.

>Likewise the "average person died at 30" meme
Its a good meme. A good portion died before reaching childhood.
And then after that, death will slowly creep up enough so that 10 children per mother is barely enough.
So "the average person" died in their 12-20s, not 30s. That applies to both genders.

>> No.55541211

>mfw I'm 1 foot due to excessive amounts of trauma to my head

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