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Who came up with the vegan elf idea and why did they think it was anything but pure crap?

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Literally where and what?

Also, who is that chocolate dessert?

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Mad Cow Disease is an even bigger bummer when you are losing out on centuries of life.

More seriously, why complain? Vegan elves are pretty rare in my experience and usually just a trait of the wood elf equivalent.

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to my knowledge it was popularized on /tg/via "hippie elves" from DF
i wouldnt say its crap, since their domain is usually the forest, so exaggerating the nature-y lifestyle helps distinguish them from city dwelling humans of the plains and grasslands and tunnel dwelling dwarves of the mountains
tolkien-eque elves lived in cities, but making them even more woodland based helps set them apart from humans
you might not like it, but it perfectly and dramatically serves to highlight the differences between the 3 of them at a single glance and paint a striking contrast between them

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Whoever invented the hippie druid meme.

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There are the wood elves from TES that are strictly carnivoures for retarded ideology reasons, so I find that even more baffling.

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I don't know who came up with it but it was further perpetrated by that talentless dipshit and the Inheritance Cycle.

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Even deer will eat an animal, let alone a bear or mountain lion or what have you.

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Who is this semen demon?

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The elves in the world of Dwarf Fortress are vegetarian protectors of nature. They waste nothing, and take only wood from naturally fallen trees. As mentioned earlier eat the plants and fruits of the forest, but also they waste nothing, and if they slay a dwarf in battle, they will eat him.

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also they are pretentious sods.

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>so exaggerating the nature-y lifestyle helps distinguish them from city dwelling humans
That's complete retard. "Nature-y" lifestyle has nothing to do with not eating meat, on the contrary hunting would be even more important. This is the interpretation of city-people not knowing what living near your food sources means. It's the city-people that rarely see meat, eating more bread and vegetables.

>Who came up with the vegan elf idea
They are rarely a thing. I think that bad YA-fantasy series some don't like to talk about had them.

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I think good forest protectors would make sure that certain populations would not get out of control, culling them when need be, and exterminating invasive species. I can then see them eating the meat, making leather, and making bone hooks.

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I think it got popular from joking about WoW night elves who can be about as hippy-dippy as you can get. It doesn't hold much water since they're actually kind of deep into the animal savagery thing, but it's an easy shot to take when your race's defining class can turn into a tree.

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A J Love

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>What cityfolk faggots think a woodland race is like
>"I love skipping and frolicking through these beautiful trees and forests while skipping flowers and only eating salads because I want to protect the pretty bunnies!"

>What a woodland race is actually like
>"The only reason I was picking berries was because I wanted a side dish to go with the bear that tried to maul my family"

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AJ Love

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>You will never be crushed by those things

Why even live

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>tolkien-eque elves lived in cities, but making them even more woodland based helps set them apart from humans

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.
Read the books, seriously. The only real elven city in ME, without them living innawoods even if it was techincally a "city", was probably Gondolin.

Also, no, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If elves dwell in the woods and don't have much agricolture (at least in our sense, barring permaculture of fruit trees) venison if anything become more important. Unless they... I dunno, do IRL traditional people living in forests have animal husbandry execpt for things like turkeys?

Worst offender to me was Isekai Shoukodou (who in other aspects is bretty gud)
>stuck up elf bitch bitching about humans and muh animal friends
>ends up in human restaurant
>let's see if these can even cook a vegetarian dish
>she has just put down her bow and is in ranger attire

I guess we should think she uses that for shooting leaves?

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>He isn't accurate enough to shoot leaves and fruit out of the highest trees
Fuckin' humans.

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Someone foolishly thought "likes nature" meant "doesn't eat meat".

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You know, personally I am not even against woodland elves or whatever be vegetarians, but:
1) No more ranger bullshit
2) Tell me what they fuck do they eat instead

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>Being pacifistic to the extreme
>Unwilling to harm others
>Religion based on reincarnation
>All-loving group of people
I'm just pulling things from the top of my head that makes a perfect justification why they can go vegan. You meanwhile sneer on the concept, because.
Not to mention the thing in question being so fucking rare it's more often player's projection than anything else.

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>unwilling to harm others

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>>stuck up elf bitch bitching about humans and muh animal friends
It was fine, she kept it to herself. She is much ncier that you make it sound.
>I guess we should think she uses that for shooting leaves?
If you paid attention, her mother said that it can be dangerous out there, so it was probably for self-defense.

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>The elven princess infiltrates the Dark Lord's stronghold
>She manages to quickly take out many guards with the famed elven art of Stealth Archery
>She easily dodges all the dangerous traps spread throughout the stronghold
>Finally she enters the Dark Lord's throneroom
>"I must commend you for coming this far, she-elf! But you're a thousand years too early to stop me!"
>"Stop you? Heavens no! I just wanted to tell you I'm vegan!"

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>>Being pacifistic to the extreme
I thought this thread was about elves.

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Tolkien's elves are described eating copious amounts of meat many times, and if you look at their bodies, or the bodies of elves in Warcraft and most other settings, they are clearly those of omnivores or carnivores.

A true long-lived vegetarian species would have a big gut housing big intestines, like a gorilla, and likely relatively short legs as well given the mobility requirements of such a diet. In fact, Dwarves among the genetic fantasy species mostly resemble a "vegetarian race".

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"Depends on the setting"

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Funniest thing in all this is that I can see DWARVES being vegetarian more than elves.

>living innamountains or under the earth at least for months
>in the underdark shit grows slowly
>and anyway whatever walks is generically pretty nasty, better killing them off

Personally I usually describe dwarves in spring/summer being pretty good sheperds and occasional hunters (when it's cold, they simply gather hay and have cattle/sheeps/whatever in caves), and I can imagine dwarves having at smaller underdark creature domesticated for food/whatever, but it makes more sense


You know, this is funny, because in general elves are good, but anything than "all-loving" or "pacifist" (in dnd they are no less genocidal than dwarves against orcs).

To the point that honestly this should work better with another race (perhaps halflings).


I honestly think the worst racist is the silent racist, IRL. Well, the most dangerous, at least.

Why not use a spear? Bows aren't good for self-defense, movie Legolas sheaninigans aside.They used the ranger imagery but didn't think it through. I don't mind the vegetarian stuck up stereotype getting told, but gee.

>the dwarves were actually the best as of now, amusingly enough they ate fish

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What setting has these super pacifist elves? It can't be the popular ones.

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>What setting
Have you ever heard about homebrews?

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>I honestly think the worst racist is the silent racist, IRL. Well, the most dangerous, at least.
Are you kidding me? For such a horrible racist she sure likes to go back to the restaurant and is really friendly with the staff for no good reason. Or this has fuck all to do with racism.
>Why not use a spear?
Because this would require the nip writer to think outside of the box when it comes to applying western fantasy.
>>the dwarves were actually the best as of now
>tried to kill his friend

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>Have you ever heard about homebrews?
Yes, but you can't expect me to know about some fags homebrew setting.
>elves are all 30ft. tall crab people with antlers!
>because in muh settan...
Yeah, that makes for great threads and good discussion where we try to talk about common tropes.

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Beware the mysteries of the forest.

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>or the bodies of elves in Warcraft and most other settings, they are clearly those of omnivores or carnivores.
to the point that elves in Warcraft have huge fangs compared to any other race

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It would actually be a pretty deep subversion, if you think about. More power than anyone than manages that, but elves are and always have been a martial race.


She does change her ideas, I'm stating that that scene (stuck up vegetarian ready + a fucking HUNTING BOW) was stupid. In the rest of implying setting it's actually interesting how the races seem to work. Nothing to write home about, but still.
>I liked the lizard guy

The dorfs were good, not necessarily nice, I liked how much of bros they seemed to be.

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Here's a similar question:

If druids are meant to be guardians of nature, why must all of their equipment be made of nature? You don't see policemen covered in skulls and blood, do you?

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>You don't see policemen covered in skulls and blood, do you?
That'd bring crime rates down a lot though.

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>unwilling to harm others
Vegans do this to people.
They encourage people to become this entity

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Yeah, I guess policemen protect people from other people, so that kinda makes sense. More sense than the druid thing anyway.

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>tfw no ara ara~ overly protective onee-san type samurai gf

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Personally my druids aren't that... metal, they don't really go around wearing skulls and shit. Maybe antlers, but not that much. They probably use more selfmade clothes than anyone but honestly I don't think they just don't give a fuck about practicality and a degree of aesthetics.

Pic related, deerskin boots from TLD. This is how I think druids (and rangers) use their time in the long winter nights when they don't have Wildshape to spend, more than just wearing half-skinned pelts.

If anything if a druid doesn't give a fuck he would go around naked with something magical against the elements.

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>flowing hair

No, no, no, no, god, NO!

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Feels good, mane.

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maybe she's into the pain

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Or into going bald.

Use a fucking bun.

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Women in sensible asexual armor with their hair in buns is my fetish

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Only place I've heard of it is The Inheritance Trilogy, and that was only because Paolini was absolutely in love with them at the moment and wanted to use them to espouse all of his favorite ideologies (even he admitted in retrospect that it was heavy handed and cringey, and IIRC he added a meat loving elf latter on, so kudos for trying).

The in-story explanation was that they'll all telepathic so they feel the suffering of every little animal they might possibly eat, but as I said, Paolini admitted this led to a lot of internal inconsistencies that just made them look like hypocrites (e.g. they had no problem killing or even torturing their enemies).

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For a brief period around the 80's-90's it was trendy for science fiction and fantasy writers to depict "perfect" or "advanced" societies as being vegan. It was a zeitgeist thing.

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Japan I guess
Also Thicc vegan elves.
Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

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>You don't see policemen covered in skulls and blood, do you?

What is warhammer

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>people in thread keep bringing up Dwarf Fortress elves as examples
What the fuck they're cannibals, who pushed this meme?

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>Viking helmet

I'm so disappointed right now

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Don't mention that.

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>Faggoty race of pointy eared bisexuals
adds up to me

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It's For Honor fan art, and For Honor plays fast and loose with reality and taste and latency

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Yea, still doesn't excuse it though.

I could knock her helmet off with a long stick(or a sword) then just chop her head off.

There's a reason why they didn't use horns

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I don't know the show, but speaking as someone who had a lot of fun living for a couple months in Japan with my vegan sister, it might have something to do with the Japanese definition of "veganism". Long story short, they don't really "get" it. They think of both vegetarianism and veganism as diet/health things, and they don't seem to grasp why people might have any moral problem with eating animals in general. They'll get not liking to eat a PARTICULAR animal, but given the enormous variety they eat and the fact that they don't consider sea creatures to be part of the same classification, this can lead to a lot of hilarity.

>Excuse me, can my sister have this dish without any meat?
>Absolutely, mister! Is fish okay?
>No, no living creatures at all.
>It's not raw fish!
>Nothing that was at any point alive.
>I see, I see. No problem at all, mister. How about shrimp?
>No shrimp, no creature, only the vegetable parts.
>No noodles?!
>Noodles, but nothing... no creatures...
>How about squid? Is she fine with squid?
>No squid!
>Very well sir, thank you
>eventually receive the dish with octopus

There were even times when we specifically asked for vegetarian dishes and they took PRIDE in having given us meat, because their logic seemed to be that the only reason someone wouldn't ask for meat is if they couldn't afford it. They were being generous!

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Nah, apparently she really was an holier than thou hippie.

She did imply that it was 50% pure disgust for meat, but apparently it was also because muh animal friends, only barbaric humans would do something like that, etc.

As I said if done right would actually be interesting, but...

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>muh animal friends, only barbaric humans would do something like that

Like what, eat meat? Also what do you call it when someone is constantly putting down their own group while praising the others?

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why are you on /tg/, /pol/, and, /k/?

Donald trump is your president. ree.

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thats because Japan hasn't been infected with our autism yet.

Japan is a land of contradictions. Extremely buddhist, extremely adverse to violence and weaponry. Yet at the same time extremely cruel and misanthropic, towards each other and animals, and god help you if you're a foreigner. OH THEY'LL BE POLITE. They'll be super fucking polite and nice and treat you fairly. But deep down they fucking HATE YOU, you fucking disgusting gaijin.

>Also what do you call it when someone is constantly putting down their own group while praising the others?

I generally put the -boo suffix on the end. Like Weaboo for Jap fans, or Cinoboo for chink fetishists, etc

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To add to the confusion, throughout most of Japanese history meat eating was hugely taboo... but they didn't consider any sea creature "meat". They were proudly vegetarian, but ate copious amounts of fish with almost every meal (Meiji is generally credited as the one to make meat eating vogue. He also made it okay to drink foreign alcohol instead of sake, and to this day French wine bottles are offered to his shrine alongside the traditional barrels of sake).

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>Japan hasn't been infected with our autism yet.
The country has the highest number of unique mental conditions in the world (to the point that even relative laypeople have generally heard about hikikimori, karoshi and chuunibyou). It's got more than its fair share of native autism.

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I didn't know you shitposted on /tg/ too, vomit-kun

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This is because blood and other shit was considered unclean, and many types of white fish didn't have blood that they would have recognized as blood (the exception being shit like tuna, ofc)

Little wonder that Catholicism, which had similar dietary laws, made fast traction till they banned them

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Who came up with the fat-assed brown girl idea and why did they think it was anything but pure thicc?

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>I generally put the -boo suffix on the end. Like Weaboo for Jap fans, or Cinoboo for chink fetishists, etc

I mean a real word. And I mean more in the sense of someone always holding their own group as inferior in general, and not holding up one group as superior if there is more than one other group. Because it seems to be common among trendy society for males to hate men, Americans to hate America, Westerners to hate the West, white people to hate white people, and humans to hate humans, to the point of advocating our species' extinction.

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That's what she apparently tought, anon.


It's nothing really strange. Catholics think (well, used to) that as well, friday was penance and no meat day, so fish.

In general we have problems nowdays about thinking about sea creature in terms of sensibility (for waht is worth, fishes do suffer).




>the diabolical fu manchu attitude

Can we please stop the memes? At least if they're THAT old? Thank you. Japan has its fair deal of shit, the usual extremization of bad stereotypes isn't gonna help anymore than weeb fetishization.

(those two extremes are pretty much older than Perry, amusingly enough)

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They're called 'Hipsters'

>> No.55400840

That was more to do with monotheism. Funnily, like most East Asian cultures the Japanese were all for religious syncretism (their view of religion was and in many ways still is very "pragmatic". Someone shows up and says "this god is good for a promising afterlife", they go "sure" and add it to the panethon. Someone else shows up and says this one's good for the harvest, they add it too), but monotheistic religions made them very uncomfortable because unlike everything else they'd picked up (e.g. Buddhism), they DISALLOWED the existence of the entire rest of their beliefs by definition. There's nothing to say Kanon can't be a bodhisattva AND pals with Amaterasu AND on good terms with Taoist Immortals but if the Judeo-Christian God is real then all of the above are no good to worship (either they don't exist or are demons).

And this pissed A LOT of Japanese off.

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>Who came up with the fat-assed brown girl idea
Evolution by natural selection, my man.

>hot climate
>more melanin to prevent sun damage to skin and eyes
>fat deposits more concentrated to avoid trapping heat in the body

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>When you FROG a country so hard, they have to buy French wine en masse every year

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Actually, the wine for the Meiji shrine is gifted by several monasteries in France and Belgium.

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Now it's /tg/ related.

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Kill it.

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>negress elves

I want this. Not shitty meme tier brown elfus, but actual black people elves. Yes.

>> No.55400921

I think the best, most descriptive name for that strain of thought is "Suicidalism", but there must surely be an extant word for people I'm describing.

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You called?

>> No.55400951

This is good too

Love the flat-top. The hilarious thing is canonically, Elven hair in Shadowrun just grows in 80's styles like that

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>Not shitty meme tier brown elfus
What's it like to have shit taste?

>> No.55401009

I remember lurking on this thread. One vegan got BTFO'd so hard he actually admitted to it, it was pretty glorious.

>> No.55401055


What is it about the dark bronze skin / blonde hair combo that gets me going? Webm unrelated

>> No.55401073

Contrast. Same reason why so many people love the dark hair/pale skin/light eyes combo.

>> No.55401088

>What's it like to have shit taste?
Tell us, anime elf-fag that doesn't play traditional games.

>> No.55401134


As a recluse neckbeard you like something that reminds you of the sun (the color of the hair as much as the skin) and outdoor activities.

I should know, shit gets me diamond as well.

>> No.55401155

Many of their cities are in giant sentient walking trees thanks to that, so the Green Pact is ultimately pretty practical for them even outside of the mystical bent.

>> No.55401186

What weirds me is that they're apparently allowed to use plant based building materials so long as they were cut down by someone else and aren't from Valenwood, but eating vegetables from anywhere picked by anyone is still taboo.

Not that it prevents you from making a Wood Elf and eating 300 apples in any game I've played.

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no bulli
I'd play if I had friends

>> No.55401541


The idea of a herbivore race isn't far-fetched at all. Why would this trigger anyone.

>> No.55401619

>retarded ideology reasons
Isn't it due to the local nature god/mega spriggan/whatever saying "Don't eat plants or I'll fucking wreck your entire species".

>> No.55401721

Yes it is, look at herbivores in nature, even omnivores-turned-herbivores like gorillas and pandas. They are horribly inefficient creatures that must spend their entire fucking day eating and resting or else they would starve to death. It is only through omnivorism that a species can achieve sapience, since eating 300 grams of cooked meat is easier to come by and takes far less time to devour than 3 pounds of cabbage.

>> No.55401786

Uh, you don't get to bring friends

>> No.55401823


Don't we actually descend from a vegetarian austrolopitecus?

>> No.55401866

IIRC early hominids were often scavengers.

>> No.55401892

>Early hominids survived by eating everything they can find
>Modern hominids get sick if they eat most of the stuff that's out there
Explain to me exactly how dumb I am

>> No.55401893

No, separate branches. But theoretically those might have been smarter than chimps (omnivorous) since they were more closely related to us.

>> No.55401896


We descended from the omnivorous offshoot while the vegetarian one died out. Too much biological capital spent on strong jaws and a digestive system capable of breaking down tubers.

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Wait, this is in the TES? I'm not much of a video game nerd,so I don't know if this is general knowledge, but I really enjoyed Morrowind for its weirdness, to the point where I didn't care about much of the flaws of the game. Oblivion I never even finished and Skyrim I "speedran" to the maximum of my abilities on the second try after buying it out of a bargain bin.

Is there some sort of official TES RPG that I have never heard about? Exploring those concepts of weird and wacky magical hijinks may even get me hooked on Fantasy again.

There may be a good story hidden here. There are Ultra-Orthodox jews in the real world that find very interesting ways around the taboos of their interpretation of the Mishnah. See https://youtu.be/bzIyCGJvjE8
Wood Elves being a rather weak race in the games may give them an advantage in a Valenwood RPG of any sort. Having specialties like poisonous rain frog innards and jungle snake fugu give much needed benefits in Valenwood, with the Bosmer toxin and disease resistance being their strength. Also make clear that foreign wood is not under the protection of the local divinity, with various opinions within the Bosmer population, ranging from "let's teach those heretic imperials how to live with nature" to "These are our woods, whatever else is there I don't care". Depending on your campaign, gods may or may not care, or just be about to wake up if you want to go grandiose.

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>Vegans BTFO

>> No.55402022

>Who came up with the vegan elf idea

> and why did they think it was anything but pure crap?
they're morons

>> No.55402070


> realism

Really? I get that a setting needs some logic and consistency, but stuff like this has easy solutions. Poof there's a common nut or staple grain that is calorie dense in my setting, poisonous to most races but not elves, now it's "realistic" again. Poof elves are lanky fuckers and only need half the calories that humans do, so their needs aren't nearly so harsh. Poof elves were created by ancient wizards and bypassed the whole pre-modern step and can farm vegetables since their inception. Poof elves can digest fibrous plants far more efficiently than most other races because biology.

And so on. This is something most regular players would just be fine with given the slightest justification.

>> No.55402122

Did you even read the post I was replying to? You are essentially defending a post about vegan sapients being not too far fetched by giving far fetched reasons as to how they can exist. I do not oppose 'vegan by choice' and 'vegan by contrived measures such as magic'.

>> No.55402139

>Wait, this is in the TES?
Between all the games there's A LOT of lore if you talk to everyone and read every document. TL;DR Bosmer made a deal with the wood god which basically allows them to survive in Valenwood but in return they aren't allowed to use vegetable products under most circumstances. They only eat meat and dairy (their alcohol is infamously disgusting, being produced from rotting meat), they are obliged to cannibalize their enemies no more than 3 days after killing them (leading to their practice of fasting before combat), they only build with stone and their tools are usually made from bones. Also, their bone pipes (for smoking, not for music) are jammed full of grubs. Which are then smoked.

>> No.55402184


I see. Thanks.


It's bullshit. Animals don't do that.

>> No.55402303

Dunno, sounds pretty metal to me. Stone and bone cathedral in the crown of a walking giant tree, inhabited by leather-fetish, tatooed mad max types wielding bone bows and being accompanied by charmed giant rideable ticks sounds like my gig to be honest.

>> No.55402435



And indeed, you need magic to make your nut-eating vegetarian elves not look like this.

>> No.55402454


I did read it. You're the one defining 'far fetched' here, as basically anything that doesn't align with how humans evolved, then conveniently placing your point after defining it.

We're talking about elves here, so we're in the realm of fantasy, which has some rules about what sorts of thing a player or reader will consider plausible. Non-human creatures with a non-human diet is really tame as features go.

>> No.55403096

You know that some people did use horns and other big decorations and they were just fine. What, do you think those things are bolted on? Cultures with fancy bits used weak glue or soft wooden dowels, so go ahead and grab it. All you're going to do is pull it off and put yourself in a bad position.

>> No.55403173

Can some shop pointy ears on that?

>> No.55403199

Pretty sure it was Eragon. That was the first time I encountered the concept.

>> No.55403225

You only get mad cow disease if you eat the fucking brain/spinal column while it's still RAW.

Nobody in a fantasy setting would eat raw brains, because you can cook the brains down into lard that you can use for making anything from soap to leather to candles.

>> No.55403275

This. If you want true forest elves base their mindset and culture off of people living in places like Alaska, such as the Inuits.

>> No.55403280

Eh, I remember it being a cultural thing for Sun and Moon Elves in Forgotten Realms, but even then mostly by those living in cities or Evermeet. And then a good portion of that are like 'eat something with meat once a month/year' and usually have no taboo on animal milk.

But Elves in that setting that live in or bear wilderness where you'd constantly need calories just to stay eternally vigilant against say, giant fuck off groups of Gnolls in Highforest, not eatting meat would be stupid

>> No.55403305

> vegetarian

DF Elves are canninals and at the very least homonidphages.

>> No.55403338


I also think there's a mixture of "exotic enlightened Eastern mysticism" in there too. Veganism is a lot more popular in Hindu/Buddhist traditions that posit that all life is to be respected and it's not hard to see people melding that with hippie (who love Eastern mysticism) oneness with nature, aloofness, and holier than thou attitude Elves are often portrayed as having.

>> No.55403430

We have those. They're called Drow.

>> No.55403551

Humans don't get sick from eating raw meat. We eat sushi and medium/rare steaks all the damn time.

It's the blood in the meat that makes us sick. Which isn't a drawback at all. Because blood carries a shit ton of diseases and parasites. So avoiding blood meant staying healthy and living longer. Which is why if a human ate raw meat that wasn't bled out properly or straight up drank a lot of blood they would wind up projectile vomiting all over the place. Because our bodies are instinctively trying to purge itself of any potential parasites or illnesses.

The only reason why digesting large quantities of blood from our prey would be an advantage is with predators who live in dry areas like Africa, who need the moisture in the blood to stay hydrated. So basically for creatures like lions and hyenas the potential parasites are worth it to not fucking die from the desert heat and lack of fresh water.

>> No.55403625

That delicious blackpudding, tho.

>> No.55403656

As long as it's cooked, it's fine.

>> No.55403717

It's basically the whole reason behind Kosher and Halal meat

Also, other animals have been known to bleed and drain their prey before eating, like Shrikes

>> No.55403882

Cooking does not destroy prions.

>> No.55404285

Some carnivorous mammals have developed resistance to prion diseases, if your elves were long-lived carnivores they would probably have to do it.

>> No.55404560

The only ones I can think of are Paolonis shit ass elves and Peter Jackson's elves in the hobbit. I say PJs elves because I'm pretty sure they eat meat in the source material

>> No.55404764

Do you make a habit of eating soap?

>> No.55406440

You can only get a body like that by eating expired foods and trash.

>> No.55406514

It was never stated in PJ's Hobbit that the elves were vegetarians. Just that they were having a salad for that particular meal.

>> No.55406548

The people of New Guinean are resistant to prion diseases also, or at least Kuru, due to the long held tradition of cannibalism.

>> No.55406945

Or by being a near literal gains goblin

>> No.55406997

I have a feeling it started with Spock declaring himself vegetarian. Vulcans aren't elves, but they have a few things in common.

>> No.55407032

That doesn't make a lick of sense, considering that in Star Trek people can eat created by machines that doesn't involve the slaughter of animals.

>> No.55407167

In my country, the unofficial term is xenopatriot. Haven't seen it in worldwide use, though.

>> No.55407227


lot of people may shit on blizzard's settings or design, but i think it's really neat in some aspects when it comes to elves, especially night elves being related to trolls since ancient times, which shows in their fangs, forest-oriented lifestyle and "savagery", using the term loosely. on other hand, there are high, and later, blood elves, which supplement their diet with raw mana. This is shown in their physique, somewhat sculpted unnaturaly, they're more twig-like, while retaining their physical abilities. Then there are high elves that were cut from their connection to sunwell and couldn't find any suitable source (the fel), and are ultimately crippled, weak hunchback junkies, seeking raw arcane energy wherever it maifests. It's a simple idea, but works really well.

>> No.55407344

Modern hominids can potentially eat a lot of things that are usually deadly to them if they gradually develop tolerance to it.
For example, rotten meat is a traditional dish in some cultures and can be safely eaten by those who ate it sinde childhood, but it can easily kill a person who only ate quality food before.

>> No.55407383

>Night Elves

Go away ruin something else, Kosak.

>> No.55407439

Faggot needs to learn what sit-ups are.

>> No.55407489

yeah, except 4/5 of them still ended up with kuru at the height of it and they dont practice it anymore.

>> No.55407501

Tuvok's changed a bit since the Voyager finale.

>> No.55407814

I fucking loved the (intended) Kaldorei society, the females forming the prominent part of society as sort of 'woodland altaic' warrior women, while the males form a secretive 'illuminati' webwork of druids that care only about keeping Azeroth (the titan) alive beyond all sense of morality.
Their society was, for all intents and purposes, as ferocious as a wild beast, where people got the "hippie druid" crap from, I don't know.
World of Warcraft, and to some extent Warcraft 3, warped the image of the actual Kaldorei and made them "graceful" and "sophisticated".

I haven't touched the Warcraft property since the Cataclysm expansion to WoW and probably don't want to know how they fucked up the Quel'Dorei. In my opinion they didn't butcher the Sin'Dorei as much as the Kaldorei, although their allegiance to the Horde doesn't make sense, since they suffered more severely at the hands of the Orcs and Trolls (and would likely not fight alongside former members of the Scourge, especially since Sylvanas continued the development and usage of the scourge plague) than they have through the inaction of the human kingdoms, especially if you consider that Lordaeron was getting fucked by the Scourge in the same manner, and Stormwind was still recovering from being raped by big green orc cock.

>> No.55409819

I can still be a WN if she's my waifu, right? Right?

>> No.55410231

I once though of (yet) another spin on the whole elven nature thing, combining it with elven superiority. (Gee, how original of you)

Nature is cruel, viscious and savage (duh). Humans hunting and being hunted in turn is nature, humans farming is nature, even human cities are nature. We are part of it, if a very influential one. Elves walking on the forest, petting deers, making flowers bloom and giving butterflies a ride on their fingers? That's more unnatural that everything we do.

That is of course because humans are part of nature. Elves are above it. They are more like spirits of nature, not mere cogs on it. They live in the forest, because they do not fear predators nor bugs. They control nature, to them a forest and an edifice are no different. They see killing animals as wrong not because it is unnatural, but because it is something nature does. They are above it.

Of course, anyone could be free to disagree on the notion, just consider them freaky mind-controlling human-shaped spirits, and ignore the whole issue. One possible plot point could be that those able to do magic enter some kind of "metanature", in which the elves are just "meta-animals", like a second layer of nature above the first one. Then they would have no problem murderkilling them or each other, since that would be "metanatural" (so meta...)

Anyways, thanks for your time, rant off.

>> No.55411208


In every rpg, elves have a bonus for bows. Why? To shoot game animals!

If your diet consisted solely of vegetation, you don't hunt lettuce with a bow. You hunt deer.

>> No.55411257

That parsing took me to places

>joung ilwandalel, I will show you the proper way of harvesing lettuces.
>proceeds to shoot deer with the bow.

>> No.55411313

You don't have a squash hunting cat?

>> No.55411342

>Literally where and what?
Damn, /tg/ is getting dumber and dumber

>> No.55411368

I like this, and I'm stealing it

>> No.55411429

I feel happy now

>> No.55411452

I feel like this opens up the idea that elves would be fine eating small parts of animals and drinking their blood as long as it isn't lethal and the animals don't notice.

>> No.55411558

Of course.

>> No.55411635

At least Paolini knows the difference between the words "perpetrated" and "perpetuated".

>> No.55411739

Well, there's probably seperate words for each category. For example, your "human who hates humans" is known as a misanthrope.

They're disgusting, retarded creatures with zero self-awareness.

>> No.55411777


>> No.55411819

Dammit anon, I just finished fapping!

>> No.55411828

Fuck I should have posted a regular giraffe picture.

>> No.55411888

I really hope your "elves" in your magic setting don't just look like thin humans with pointy ears that live a long time. You know, since you put special emphasis on "non-human".

>> No.55411892

Mine too

>> No.55411927

Yes, but it doesn't matter because she's out of your league hypocrite.

>> No.55411933

A fucking shit exercise that unnecessarily strain your spine.

There's no point doing something where you can belt out 200 reps and not feel anything.

>> No.55412394

>vegan elf


>> No.55412565


>> No.55412761

I know it's not the first instance of it but Christopher Paolini's Eragon series never shut the fuck up about how much better elves are than everyone else because they don't eat meat.
I can't believe I read those terrible books.

>> No.55412927


Irrelevant. You might as well talk about how hitpoints suck because of your DM's custom hit location chart, complete with "amusing" wound descriptions.

>> No.55412945

I can. They were an entertaining read and I've never been the guy who jerks himself off about how he knows so much more about life than a kid fresh out of high school.

>> No.55412964


You mean "mail".

>> No.55413007

Yeah that's fair.

>> No.55413018

>fishes do suffer

Yeah, maybe, but they're fucking delicious.

>> No.55413046

Feelings are where taste comes from.

>> No.55413065

Not him, but it won't get any less valid, considering how average GM rarely runs setting vanilla, without changing or ignoring things. And picking Established Setting to change elements of it still makes it a homebrew

>> No.55413132

Homebrews are cool and everything, but really don't have any place in this kind of discussion. Just because some rando has elves only eat the stupider roots and berries in his game, that has no impact on how elves are generally depicted in fiction and RPGs. The only vegan (or vegetarian) elves I've ever seen were in Marvel's "Weirdworld" stories, and there were only two of them.

>> No.55413139


Idealist fags that deny the origin of the elven myth as hunters / warriors / artificers / sages. Supposedly a deeper conection to nature ought to make you respect more animal life which in turn makes you closer to not eating animals?

Don't worry about it and play your own elves instead.

>> No.55413196

TOS still had cooking staff preparing the meals that would get dispensed.

>> No.55413859

It's honestly pretty good.
There are two people who play elves. One of them is perfectly represented by making the elves vegan, and it serves only to make those players easier to identify out of the gate.

>> No.55413962

I believe there were some ancient vegetarian or vegan sects in the west too. Pythagoreans come to mind.

Even Celtic culture had restrictions on which animals could be eaten. The rabbit was seen as a powerful spirit so it was often avoided, later eaten only once a year, and eventually the tradition was forgotten in common practice. The Egyptians had the cat and India had the cow I think.

A vegetarian character would be conceptually and historically valid but need not be restricted to any race or class.

>> No.55414313

>The rabbit was seen as a powerful spirit so it was often avoided, later eaten only once a year, and eventually the tradition was forgotten in common practice.
Rabbits in spring and summer are fucking crazy-infested with parasites. Spiritualism is just the excuse you tell the idiots so they don't eat parasite-infested coneys.

>> No.55414427

It makes sense to me. I'm not a vegan, but it seems pretty healthy and practical if you're trying to waifish and not fart a lot.

>> No.55414450

A vegetarian humanoid species wouldn't be waifish, they'd have pot bellies because it requires a larger digestive system.

>> No.55414462

I'm talking about eating fruits and vegetables, not grasses.

>> No.55414479

Even then (see gorillas). A grass eater would just have even more complex system, with multiple stomachs and whatnot.

>> No.55414485

What? From where you get your information about nutrition? The animals than are mainly vegetarians are the ones than fart more, and they need bigger guts (so they look bloated like Cows) to broke down complex carbo-hidrates (than need bacterie specialized to do so, and generates the gas as a by-product). Slimmer animals tend to be depredators like Cheetah, and healthy you can't beat photosintesis for that.

>> No.55414876


>> No.55416254

And I never saw or heard about vegan elves, either in context of from-the-book settings and homebrews. Yet I still see why people might do this.
Seriously, this thread is just one big shit-lifting competion, so why bother?

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