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Ferst fer da Orks.

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First for I cant wait to field this fucker in 8th.

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Something's coming.

>> No.55381405

Guard hopes and dreams?

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>'Ard boyz
Hope the codex gives us these back.

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So now monsters and vehicles and other big stuff works much the same way, how do you refer to different tiers of power now? My group has taken to using ship classes like in Uber, where something huge like a Primarch or a Knight is a Battleship, something merely big like a Leviathan Dread or Land Raider is a Cruiser and light/medium stuff like Preds, Dreads and Carnifexes are Destroyers.

Mostly because saying "Anti-armour/monster" for units is a little clunky and it's a good way to roughly estimate list power without actually telling your opponent your stuff. You have three Cruisers? OK, I'll bring Cawl along.

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Fires of Cyraxus can't come soon enough.

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Nearly finished with this conversion of the venerable Doomrider.
Just waiting on one more bit, and gonna do more work on the left leg and hand once its dried up a bit.
Intend to run him as a Demon Prince with wings to lead my hard rock themed Emperor's Children. Not quite as tall as the official model, but anyone who accuses me of modelling for advantage is welcome to line of sight.

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woops, forgot to add a pic

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Apparently not till after Codex Tau
So not anytime soon

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>Given that orks are good with the Index theres no way they'll be getting worse.

The only part of the Ork codex that's good is Boyz spam. If that gets nerfed, which is looking pretty likely given the word on conscripts, and the rest of the massive issues in the codex don't get addressed, Orks are very much going to get worse.

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that's actually sorta cool

>> No.55381452

Well, early to mid 2018 with any luck. After waiting this long it could be worse.

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Grinding Advance for the Baneblade family, some Mech/Armoured Regiment rules and/or buffs for pic related.

>> No.55381464

Give Vets 4+ armor. Justify the Elite slot with something.

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I have want to paint something in a gaudy chrome finish. Necrons and Grey Knights are overdone, so what should I paint?

Thinking that maybe a Custodes or Sisters of Silence might look amazingly awful in chrome, but what else is there?

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Necron Codex and plastic Flayed Ones when???

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So who makes the best video battle reports?

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>It could be worse
Please don't tempt fate any further, anon.

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I painted my bananamen silver-chrome, with blue gems and black accents. Looks pretty good.

>> No.55381499

Searching chrome 40k stuff on google yields
GKs, Necrons, Tau, daemon

Necron Codex not anytime soon

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>ork and tyranid players enjoying an intense back and forth game where no one seems to be winning
>suddenly a khornefag shows up with the cheesiest WAAC list you can imagine and interrupts the match, claiming he just steamrolled every other opponent he faced
>ork and tyranid players accept challenge and face this insufferable faggot while still fighting each other
>khornefag grows increasingly frustrated as his cheeselist gets stalemated
>suddenly packs up all of his models and claims his mom is here and he has to leave
>counts all the slain models in his army as victory points for him since "le blood for de blud God!"
>khornefag claims he won despite both orks and tyranid armies still being on the table while he is nowhere to be seen
>ork and tyranid players gentlemanly agree to call it a draw

This is why chaosfags are the worst

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How's the First Strike starter set?

>> No.55381519

I like Winters SEO desu, he gives a calm voiceover throwing in some dramatics to give a bit of flair over just dry dicerolls and generally gets some alright dudes on to play against.

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FLG guys are right
Death Guard is a funny name. Sounds like a slow emo was asked to name it.
Hmm :thinking:

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Not even a IG player but yes.

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Doctrines and multiple Demo charges would be nice, otherwise I hope they have the option to be Troops again. It is hard for me to justify using Veterans when Scions are troops and command squads are also Elites.

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what a faggot

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Any way to deal with flyers as space marines? (Without just running 13 storm ravens)

I keep getting shat all over by flyers I can do nothing about.

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Chaos has always been like that, even in "official" shit. They show up, win a few battles, lose the war, declare victory and bounce.
When was the last time a campaign had the Imperium truly on the offensive? It's always set up so when Chaos gets made airtight by the gorillion Marine players the chaosfags can still go "well we invaded and got a foothold on the planet durr hurr, the fighting continues."

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Shoot them

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You have been replied to in the previous thread. Chaos won. Orks too and Tyranids straight out lost.

You could not debunk this. You are a loser and a salty bitch as I said in the other thread.

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Baneblades don't need Grinding Advance though.

Forge World still sells the Shotgun Kit, so GW has no reason to dump Shotgun Vets.

>> No.55381631

Squatted and replaced with a more interesting army

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>be me
>live in Germany under Mommy Merkel (peace be upon her name)
>play TSons
>best friend plays Grey Knights
>he loves to homebrew
>one day he comes to me with some new psychic powers based off of old ones from back in 3e
>one of them is called Holocaust
>awkward but ok
>we play
>he tries to cast the power while we're in combat
>I roll to deny the witch with one of my sorcerers
>hear a knock on the door
>open it
>get tackled by large burly muslim men in uniform who handcuff me
>get sent to jail under Holocaust denial laws
I-it wasn't supposed to end up like this /tg/......

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I just realized that since Enginseers are now HQs I can easily make a detachment of basilisks or other arty for an Ordo Reductor list.

>> No.55381643

But how are you going to model all the COCAAAAAAAAIIIIIINE?

>> No.55381649

You're dreaming. You'll get cookie cutter regiments and you'll like it!

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>Horus completely obliterated, all chaos forces routed from terra and mars, traitors asses kicked all the way back to the eye of terror
>chaos claims this as a victory because they ruined the imperium and condemned it to a slow decline

>Fagnus BTFO by a dreadnought
>chaosfags claim victory because they ruined the space wolves chance as successor chapters

>Fagnus brings his whole legion to fenris, has 7 year old kid level forecefield spell that makes him immune to all imperial weapons, still gets rekt by a chapter master with a khorne axe and grey knights, fenris cleared of taint in years and space wolves come back even stronger after primaris marines
>chaos claims this was a victory because they teleported their planet into real space

I bet DG fags are gonna claim Morty won at ultramar because they spread a bunch of disease, even though he ran away like a bitch under the cover of virus bombs when he faced guilliman

>> No.55381661

>non-monopose flayed ones with customizable corpse attachments and stuffs
GW please

>> No.55381662

I doubt doctrines will be a thing from the way the other codexes have looked. They might get expanded wargear options and a couple of stratagems to represent doctrines.

>> No.55381675

He could probably use Valhallan blizzard to create a trail of it or something along those lines

>> No.55381676

During the Konor campaign I ran into a few chaosfags that argued that chaos shouldn't have to get to 50% to control an area because "they just want to watch the galaxy burn, all they have to do is cause damage to win".

>> No.55381680

It was a draw. This whole chaos won, orks and tyranids lost shit was debunked months ago. You are the salty faggot who can't even accept a draw when 99.9% of them mood crusades battles were crushing victories. You've said literally nothing that would convince anyone that chaos or tyranids outright lost the battle. Nothing.

>> No.55381682

What do you think all the mounds on the base are for anon? It's not snow flock....

>> No.55381688

>>chaos claims this as a victory because they ruined the imperium and condemned it to a slow decline

Actually, the Chaos Gods claimed victory by destroying the Webway and defeating the Emperor. It's outright said that they don't care for Horus's little war. He was but a distraction.

They meant for another to usher in the End Times and his name is Abaddon.


He sucked always did but we see here that you lied. You should be punished for that.

>fenris cleared of taint in years and space wolves come back even stronger after primaris marines

Magnus tainted the populations of Fenris with taint of mutation and madness. The taint will never go away as long as the people of Fenris live. It's an evil seed that will spread into the ranks of the Space Wolves and doom them eventually as their ranks are filled with madmen and true ticking bomb mutants.

>> No.55381689

What? They sound like a bunch of idiots. Why do I have to be associated with so many WAACfags and autists just to play cool looking dudes?

>> No.55381690

So you met ADB?

>> No.55381695

>t. Carnac

>> No.55381698

I am willing to accept a draw, idiot. I am arguing against the idiot that's saying that the Blood Crusade lost.

>You've said

Go back to the old thread.

>> No.55381700

How angery would you bois be if someone showed up with a fully painted angry marines army and said "up for a quick game?"

Cuz I am actually going to do this. No jokes.

>> No.55381709

You mean GW. You want me to copypasta the lore from Wrath of Magnus or the text from MoM?

>> No.55381710

*orks or tyranids. Literally nowhere in the fluff does it say the Xenos lost, or even imply they lost. You have a very retarded definition of loss if you think a force completely leaving the battlefield counts as a win while the 2 forces who were originally there, and their commanders, are both left standing to continue the octarius war but somehow lost. Accept it was a draw or stay assblasted. It really makes no difference to me what you chose as headcanon

>> No.55381711

Hey guys. I recently started playing warhammer and I painted my first figure today. What do you guys think?

>> No.55381712 [DELETED] 

>>>/lgbt/ is the other way Carnac

>> No.55381713

As long as they're well painted and didn't look like their flesh was sloughing off then I wouldn't give a shit.

>> No.55381714

Of course it's Carnac, anon. Just by saying "you're a liar so you need to be punished" or anything close to an accusation of lying followed by a desire for "justice" it becomes clear that it's him.

>> No.55381721


>> No.55381722 [DELETED] 

Its the "usher in the End Times" nonsense that makes it clear it's Carnac

>> No.55381724

The helmet is a bit boring with just a solid color. At least do some highlights or something with the eyes.

>> No.55381729

Looks fairly decent, though the eyes seem unpainted and the base could also use some painting. Can't really tell if there are mold-lines.

>> No.55381730


>> No.55381734

But he is a liar. Are you willing to take up the burden of his lies? Because I am gonna copypasta the text in a few minutes.

I am not welcome there after the trap wars.

>> No.55381735

I did the eyes in gold but its not really visible with this lighting

>> No.55381736 [DELETED] 

Better than my first miniature/10

>> No.55381739

So how do you do a ylw scheme? Because I understand that this is a legitimate thing that happens, and I want my guys to be somewhat appreciable

>> No.55381741 [DELETED] 

>the trap wars
I uhhh.... what?
>carnac is so prolific of a shitposter that /tg/ isn't the only board that hates him

>> No.55381745

>I am not welcome there after the trap wars.
Why would Traps be on /lgbt/ anyway?

>> No.55381747

Replying to Carnac should be a bannable offense, it does nothing but shit up threads. No matter how
Many times he's proven wrong he'll just lie and spout his headcanon as absolute truth.

>> No.55381749

Obviously. I'm just trying to point out that with how he says things alone you can tell, even if he's not talking about "end times this, end times that"
I'm not saying anything about the substance of your statements, Carnac. Stop trying to jump onto me and cause arguments.

>> No.55381754

>implying it wouldn't be simpler to ban Carnac and be done with it.

>> No.55381763

You managed to capture the pose from that old piece of fan art perfectly...
Which is also the pose for The Chad Stride.

>> No.55381764

Prime white, yellow or tan.

>> No.55381765 [DELETED] 

You have no idea how easy it is to ban evade. I'd be unsurprised if Carnac was evading a rangeban right now.

>> No.55381766

Ah, alrighty then. I guess it would probably be better to see it in person. Again though, I'd recommend doing the base and then maybe cleaning the edge of the base. It'd really help, and make that special base not go to waste.

>> No.55381781

Pretty clever joke.
I remember the power, it was like a large blast template in combat right?
Always thought it was a bit of a risky name.

>> No.55381805

Could anyone with a Space Marine codex let me know if any special rules for Black Templar are in it, or will they be getting their own edition?

>> No.55381807

Black Templars are in the SM codex as usual.

>> No.55381809

>I am willing to accept the draw

Oh that's funny, because just a few posts earlier you said

>Chaos won. Orks too and Tyranids straight out lost

As a response to a post calling the battle a draw.

Don't even need more copypastas for this one, Carnac caught lying again despite throwing a bitchfit over other people lying. Not only is he a liar but also a hypocrite and he deserves to be punished.

>> No.55381812

Because you are a coward more willing to muddy the waters instead of engaging in proper gentlemanly discussion. Anyways....

>There were those born of Fenris, yet not taken into the ranks of the Sky Warriors, who somehow overcame the Daemon interlopers that hurled fire and damnation into their midst. Whether by fieldcraft, stealth or might of arms they had wrested victory against the odds, but they were forever changed. Veteran huscarls walked back to their kin with axes held loosely and a blank stare in their eyes. Glory-hungry youths were ravaged horribly by what they saw. Shieldmaidens slunk as stooped as crones to sleepless beds. These were the lucky ones, for they were at least sound in body if not in mind.

>So profound and powerful were the energies of change that roiled across the planet that those mortals touched directly by Tzeentch’s fires underwent terrible transformations. Gangling mutations erupted from bronzed and weather-beaten flesh, eyes bulged from armpits and backs, and crests of feathers and quills ran down shaven scalps and shoulders. Some lost their cohesion of form altogether, reshaped into horrible spawn-things that defied description and damaged the sanity of all who witnessed their transformation. Those born under the unnatural skies were monstrous. Even those who seemed clean of limb, when given the birth-axe, not only grasped the weapon – as was only right and favoured – but used it to hack away at their shocked parents’ hands. Who knows how many young Fenrisian warriors who appeared whole and sound would grow with a hidden seed of change planted inside them that would one day bear shocking fruit.

>> No.55381815

Thanks, after posting this I suddenly realised how retarded it was not checking 1d4chan first.

>> No.55381819

Better than mine.

>> No.55381826

So much for
>The taint will never go away as long as the people of Fenris live.

>> No.55381835 [DELETED] 

In response to the guy saying Blood Crusade. If they want to continue we can analyse what was gained and what was lost. Only Chaos and Orks fgained from the conflict. The Tyranids got NOZING.

And stop lying. I am in the middle of disprving your earlier lie.

The Fenrisian tribes had been cursed. It was a calculated and deliberate bane sent upon them by Magnus the Red, for his Legion had been riddled by the flesh-change long ago; in part that was the very reason they had sought to master the arts that saw them persecuted. The rampant mutation did not go unnoticed by the agents of the Ordo Hereticus still monitoring the Fenris System for traces of Chaos taint. In the darkness of secret psykana sanctums, astropathic missives were sent screaming out across the void.

Woofs have the Flesh Change now. Hurrah for irony!

>Many times he's proven wrong he'll just lie and spout his headcanon as absolute truth.

Not as close as many times you were proven liars!

>> No.55381849

In response to the guy saying Blood Crusade. If they want to continue we can analyse what was gained and what was lost. Only Chaos and Orks fgained from the conflict. The Tyranids got NOZING.

And stop lying. I am in the middle of disprving your earlier lie.

>The Fenrisian tribes had been cursed. It was a calculated and deliberate bane sent upon them by Magnus the Red, for his Legion had been riddled by the flesh-change long ago; in part that was the very reason they had sought to master the arts that saw them persecuted. The rampant mutation did not go unnoticed by the agents of the Ordo Hereticus still monitoring the Fenris System for traces of Chaos taint. In the darkness of secret psykana sanctums, astropathic missives were sent screaming out across the void.

Woofs have the Flesh Change now. Hurrah for irony!

>Many times he's proven wrong he'll just lie and spout his headcanon as absolute truth.

Not as close as many times you were proven liars!

So much for being patient.

>> No.55381854

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

>just trying to point out that you usually mention certain things when trying to say others are wrong, which is most of the time, without arguing against you or anything
>get insulted for not entering an argument I wasn't trying to join
Fuck off and die, Carnac. I cast smite.

>> No.55381862 [DELETED] 

Success! D3 mortal wounds please

>> No.55381866

Rolled 2 (1d3)


>> No.55381877

Trying to decide on my next Chaos warband. dubs decide which Traitor Legion I go.

>> No.55381880

Like I said muddying the waters. A deplorable tactic. You are scum, sir!

>> No.55381889 [DELETED] 

Thousand My Wife's Sons

>> No.55381896

Start a New thread. Carnac has already shit this one up.

>> No.55381900

The Armless Legion

>> No.55381908

Rolled 4, 5 = 9 (2d6)

Supporting >>55381854 in casting Smite.

>> No.55381909

What's stopping him from jumping into the next one?

>> No.55381911

I had a guy arguing that the Imperium didnt really win because they lost three 'important' planets and chaos did because of the destruction they caused.

>> No.55381916


Better than my first figure.

>> No.55381921

Rolled 5 + 1 (1d6 + 1)

Success, d6+1 Mortal wounds due to Pandemic Staff's + 1 on Psychic tests.

>> No.55381924

So Black Legion it is.

>> No.55381925 [DELETED] 

>6 mortal wounds
he ded

>> No.55381926

He is kinda right, The daemon world that resulted from the first Chaos victory is said to be the doom of the system.

>> No.55381929

The +1 to psychic tests doesn't add an extra mortal wound.

>> No.55381930

5+1+2=8 Mortal Wounds

Begone Carnac

>> No.55381931


>> No.55381935

He has no power if people don't reply to him, and that octarius post was baiting him in here.

>> No.55381936

>9 to cast

>> No.55381937

Yeah, but the Malignant Plaguecaster deals 1 Mortal Wound when their test gets 7 or more.

>> No.55381942

>Woofs have the Flesh Change now. Hurrah for irony!
No, it says the Fenrisians do, just the mortals on the planet. Not the existing marines.
They aren't going to recruit anyone with a hint of uncontrolled mutation, and the Rune Priests will be able to see those who "would grow with a hidden seed of change planted inside them"

It does mean that this SEVERELY limits the recruiting power of the Space Wolves.
Good thing Cawl provided them with Primaris from before this all went down.

>> No.55381957

>The taint will never go away as long as carnac goes untreated for his autism.

>> No.55381965

>They aren't going to recruit anyone with a hint of uncontrolled mutation, and the Rune Priests will be able to see those who "would grow with a hidden seed of change planted inside them"

The mutation is not just physical as the text says. It's both mental and/or physical. And you thinking that the Space Wolves will be able to detect all of the corrupted is ludicrous.

As we know, the Wolves can only recruit from Fenris. And as not many know, the Primaris Woofs are angsting over the prospect of being unaccepted by the Space Woofs due to Canis whatever in them.

>> No.55381982

>have a bunch of shit
>don't have the will to assemble it
>don't have the motivation to paint what I have
>only have 5 termies, 5 Marines, and a rhino painted
>have another 20 or so Marines, 5 more termies, a Prince, a lord, sorcerer, and raptors assembled or mostly assembled
>have even more unassembled
This is such a shit feeling, and I'm thinking about just packing them up so I don't have to look at them. Hell, I'm thinking about just selling them and and moving on.

What do?

>> No.55381984

Rolled 5, 6 + 2 = 13 (2d6 + 2)

Fuck it, time to bring in the Big Guns. I roll smite for Magnus

>> No.55381985

What sort of relics do you think we might see in the Thousand Sons codex? Warlord traits?

>> No.55381986

FURTHERMORE, we know for a fact that the Alpha Legion used their brand of hypo-control on the population of space marine chapter recruiting world. When the marine chapter was full of recruited compromised by the Alpha Legion, the Alpha Legion triggered their hypo-control and took over the marine chapter.

So we know there is a precedence to marine recruitment being not perfect and being used to doom a chapter.

>> No.55381996 [DELETED] 

>2d6 mortal wounds
Holy fugg

>> No.55381997

Rolled 5, 3 = 8 (2d6)

Boom, 2d6 Mortal Wounds

>> No.55382000

Oh shiiiiiiit

>> No.55382002

A new kit for infantry squads

>> No.55382008

And we now have 5+1+2+8=16 Mortal Wounds. Carnac, you're dead.

>> No.55382011

He didn't even post the ending of WoM where the grey knights load up all the tainted tribesmen to execute them , or when it literally states the chaos corruption infecting the planet is burned away and the wolf spirit made whole, or when the nightmares started fading away. What. A. Faggot.

>> No.55382026


>The dick of magus: Force mace with +4 strength and replenishes 2d6 lost brimstones
>The Red Sac: nearby Brimstone horrors get +1 to cast rolls
>Red Flesh Taint: when this character successfully manifests a power, it suffer 1 mortal wound and summons 4d6 brimstones

>> No.55382031

I didn't mean literally see a physical things. Rune Priests are equivalents of psykers and they can sense the warp. Would it not make sense to have them have a heavy involvement in the recruitment process to sniff out corruption?

It does mean that instead of getting 100 potential recruits it might be a couple potential recruits. Heavily damaging.

Also source on Primaris being unaccepted please? Sounds potentially interesting and I'd love to have a read.

>> No.55382046

Except for the fact that Grey Knights couldn't have taken them all. Now you motherfucking piece of shit, the text says that some of the children born during the events turned mad and murdered their parents when they were given their birthday axes. Now Wrath of Magnus happened in 999 41M and ended in 999 41M before the Fall of Cadia. So unless the people of Fenris hand newborns axes, then these corrupted children spent years among their families long after the Grey Knight purges and the "healing" of Fenris. So how old would a Fenris child need to be to be given a birthday axe? 8? 10? 12?

>> No.55382047

>Smite gets +1 to cast vs buildings

>> No.55382048

As much of a shitpost as this is, I think a relic that causes minor daemons like brimstones to pop out under certain circumstances would actually be pretty neat. Never even considered that a potential idea until now.

>> No.55382057

How many threads have been shit up by chaos now? I've lost count

>> No.55382059

It's illogical for them to detect every rotten apple.

>Also source on Primaris being unaccepted please? Sounds potentially interesting and I'd love to have a read.

"Dark Imperium".

>> No.55382073 [DELETED] 

Too many.

>> No.55382078

The only issue with that is under the current rules you would have to pay for those Brimstones. Unless they made them like Poxwalkers.

>> No.55382081

Rolled 6, 2, 6, 2, 5, 5 = 26 (6d6)

Rolling for Nurgle

>> No.55382089

>Also source on Primaris being unaccepted please? Sounds potentially interesting and I'd love to have a read.

Its not much, but there is a brief mention of it in the Space Marine Codex

>The Wolfspear were among the Primaris Space Marine Chapters created during the Ultima Founding at the direct order of Roboute Guilliman and were created after the conclusion of the Indomitus Crusade. The Chapter was then charged by Guilliman with guarding the Pit of Raukos from any future Chaos incursions - to the dismay of some members of the Wolfspear, who had hoped to continue fighting on the front-lines against the Imperium's enemies. Further clouding the minds of the Chapter is that although the Space Wolves have allowed Primaris Space Marines into their ranks, it is not known if they will accept the Wolfspear as true Sons of Russ.

>> No.55382090

"Worried that they may not be fully accepted as Sons of Russ" =/= "Unaccepted"

>> No.55382094 [DELETED] 

Are there any other tables like this for other factions?

>> No.55382095

>he thinks they don't give newborns axes on fenris

>> No.55382097

Torgan the festering.


>> No.55382100


>> No.55382102 [DELETED] 

>62, 62, 55
>Torgan the Festering

>> No.55382103

Rolled 6, 1, 3, 3, 5, 4 = 22 (6d6)

Roll for Slaanesh Sorcerer

>> No.55382112

Way too many to count. Really wish I didn't have to be associated with fags like Carnac or cheetah.
Yeah, you're probably right. As neat as it'd be to things like summoning even one brimstone on a really lucky smite or other power, they probably wouldn't do something like that anyways.

>> No.55382113

>62, 62, 55
>Torgan the Festering

>> No.55382120

>Primaris made from Russ's geneseed are in the normal marines codex

For what purpose?

>> No.55382122 [DELETED] 

Rolled 2, 3, 6, 5, 4, 4 = 24 (6d6)

Rolling for TSons Terminator Sorcerer

>> No.55382137

reminder that tg would be the best board on 4chan if Carnac was banned/slipped while fucking himself with his 3 foot long belicuck dildo and impaled himself and died

>> No.55382141

So what's the consensus on metalica?

>> No.55382143 [DELETED] 

I dunno about best board, there's lots of garbage that exists here outside of this general.

>> No.55382145

I'm pretty sure Carnac has Disgustingly Resilient, so 1/3 chance of surviving that fall.

>> No.55382152

Actually makes a certain amount of sense for now, in that supposedly they Ultima Founding Chapters are all free of the amusing little eccentricities of their founders, like the Red Thirst, and that they're presumably uniformly equipped with Cawltech gear instead of having access to say the Fenris vault of Icewolffangpelt gear. So mechically they'd play like Codex Marines. I'm sure that will change over time.

>> No.55382154

Pretty meh. Mars still seems better.

>> No.55382162


>> No.55382168

very meh

>> No.55382169

My thoughts exactly. Don't really mind since Mars is best planetfu. Though I paint my Martians green.

>> No.55382185

>Carnac has Disgustingly Resilient

>> No.55382186

Are brimstones still OP pls nerf?

>> No.55382187

So long as they have the only named character Mars will probably be the go to dogma, especially when the Martian rules are pretty clearly created to work with Cawl.

>> No.55382189

I really want to know what Ryza does. Though I will still be playing Mars because Cawl. Would it really kill them to put in more HQ's? Techpriests don't count, really.

>> No.55382197

If Carnac were ever, hypothetically, to be ascended into an undivided daemon prince would he kill himself?

>> No.55382198

Knowing Ryza
>Plasma Weapons get a FNP against Gets Hot

>> No.55382217

Their stratagem will likely focus around plasma, but the dogmas and such won't be specific to any one type of weapon.

>> No.55382219 [DELETED] 

Probably, so that Be'lacuck will remain as the "only daemon prince of Undivided".

>> No.55382221

What's the best way to get into 40K?

the first strike box set? the Easy to build sets?

>> No.55382224

Still waiting for him to suicide once Perturabo and lorgar are undeniably confirmed as undivided daemon primarchs, even though they already said this in the CSM codex

>> No.55382226

Hey everyone! Check out this guy. he's super angry about the most worthless lore skub. What a fucking loser.

>> No.55382228

Start collecting boxes.

>> No.55382233

Wait, so do Lorgar and Pert just not exist in Carnac's mind?

Just know that this game gives you a plastic addiction worse than an addiction to Crack Cocain

>> No.55382240

>It's illogical for them to detect every rotten apple.

>Not paying massive fucking attention to detail when you know a potential majority of your recruitment people were tainted.
>Even if one or two get through, this means "The space wolves have the flesh change!!!!"
The flesh change was something that plagued an entire chapter.
Can't tell if this is moving goalposts or a strawman.

I've conceded the Thousand Sons managed to have a devastating impact of Fenris's population and by proxy the ability of reinforcement of the space wolves going forward.

If you're going to fuck someone's daughter, don't jizz on their carpet too.

>> No.55382246

He says in a 40K general thread....

>> No.55382248

Depends what faction/army you want to play.

For something like Tyranids or Admech, you want to go after the Start Collecting! boxes. They'll save you money and give you a good starting force to build on.

If you want to start a Space Marine army and want to also play with a friend, Dark Imperium is a great deal.

>> No.55382256 [DELETED] 

They're apparently not Undivided according to him. Dumb bastard.

>> No.55382260

If you want death guard there's no good way to get in yet, wait until we get all DG units so there may be an SC!. in any other case just go SC!

>> No.55382261

I'm fresh back into the hobby and want to start up a new army
I've only played a couple of games with my ancient (3rd ed) Dark eldar vs marines so far so I'm not sure how all the armies work but I've had a look though the index and rules and this is what I've come up with as a fluffy but hopefully viable list (the plan is to be able swap out the GKs for equivalent Deathwatch or Sisters over time but I'll start with GK because cheap)

are there any glaring errors here?

+++ Ordo Malleus Strike Team [78 PL, 1498pts] +++

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Grey Knights) ++

Grey Knight Chaplain: 4: First to the Fray, Purge Soul, Storm bolter, Warlord

Apothecary: Nemesis Force Sword, Sanctuary
Paladin Ancient: Storm Bolter and Falchion, Vortex of Doom
Paladin Squad: Hammerhand
. 2x Paladin w/ Daemon Hammer
. Paragon w/ Daemon Hammer

Stormraven Gunship: 2x Stormstrike Missile Launcher, Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Two Hurricane Bolters

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) ++

+ HQ +

2x Tempestor Prime: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

2x Militarum Tempestus Scions
. Scion: 2x Hot-shot Lasgun 2x Meltagun, Tempestor: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol

2x Militarum Tempestus Scions
. Scion: 2x Hot-shot Lasgun 2x Hot-shot Volley Gun, Tempestor: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol

2x Militarum Tempestus Command Squad
. Tempestus Scion: 2x Plasma gun, medi pack, 2x Hot-shot Lasgun

. Vulture Gunship: Heavy bolter, Twin Punisher Gatling Cannons

>> No.55382264


The boxsets are usually a pretty good deal, Dark Imperium especially if someone else wants Primaris/DG and is willing to split

>> No.55382268

Sorry but the Index Chaos says that ONLY Be'lakor is unique among the Daemon Prince brotherhood as being the one without a single master. Be'lakor is beholden to all the Chaos Gods this is what grants him his freedom as well as his bondage.

>> No.55382274

The gun seems to lack shading and the whole mini could use highlights.
Definitely looks good enough for playing tabletop

>> No.55382277 [DELETED] 

GK Chaplains are mediocre but probably the only fluffy option for a Paladin detachment
Please do not

>> No.55382284

Because traps are gay and so are you

>> No.55382288 [DELETED] 

Cool. Lorgar and Perturabo are Daemon Primarchs, not Daemon Princes. Sorry!

>> No.55382292

>reincarnated as a daemon prince by the ruinous powerS.
carnac will actually try to disprove this

>> No.55382294

>Completely ignoring the CSM Codex, which is more recent
Do we need to smite thee again, Carnac?

>> No.55382301

HAHAHAHAH. See here >>55382292

They are Daemon Princes as such they singular daemon princes because ONLY Be'lakor has no single master.

>> No.55382302

Sadly for me, my brother has expressed interest only in necrons

>> No.55382303

why not? are they broken or are you just not a fan? they look really good for the points but I've not looked at too many other armies to see what the equivalents are

>> No.55382306

What, the comic? Yeah it's worth a read if you don't mind the nazi asspulls to stop them getting rolled. Also has Super-Patton and Super-Turing.

>> No.55382308 [DELETED] 

Be'lacuck has no singular master, he's a chaos god in his own right. The chaos god of cuckolding

>> No.55382312

>GW studio contradicting itself within the same edition in a span of one month


>> No.55382313

I'm not the one who called someone "a motherfucking piece of shit" because that person hadn't read a BL novel and memorised exact years of fictional events.

>> No.55382315

It did though.

>> No.55382318

Shutup you motherfucking piece of shit!

>> No.55382319

You actually used that picture to try to prove your point? Holy shit you are more retarded than I imagined, Carnac, you have absolutely no reading comprehension. SAD!

>> No.55382327

>Using Trump quotes
Fuck of back to /pol/

>> No.55382329

No, I am the one who is arguing with a guy who screenied text trying to disprove me while failing to read and understand the context of my copypasta.

Not only that. He unironically used a homophobic slur again me, that fgt.

>> No.55382330

Answer: Belakor is unique, the other primarchs are beholden to a single God.

Perturabo to Khorne or Slaanesh.

Lorgar to Tzeentch.

>> No.55382333

Anyone else okay with Primarchs but just wish other players had an equivalent options if you don't play that legion or Ultramarines or whatever?

Like, make the fucking Chaper Master somewhat equal to a Primarch for the 3 CP it costs. Let Daemons or CSM have a 1 per army Greater Daemon or Daemon Prince that can go toe to toe with them. Make C'tan as good as it used to be, or similar to Magnus. Make the Eldar Avatar good.

>> No.55382342 [DELETED] 

They're too powerful for their points cost.
Also, looking through your Paladin detachment. No point giving the 2 standard Paladins hammers because they end up hitting on 4+. Falchions or Halberds are the way to go for them. Keep the Hammer on the Paragon since he'll hit on 3+. Nemesis force swords are a waste of time unless you're worried that the meta might change in the future. Give the Apothcary a Warding Stave instead. Vortex of Doom is a pretty useless power. Give them Gate of Infinity instead for teleporting fuckery.

>> No.55382344

Citation Needed.

>> No.55382349

/40kg/ couldn't come to a consensus on whether water is wet or not, so stop asking for one.
In my opinion metalica is nice considering it makes your stuff more mobile, but it can't hold a candle to Graia and their Emotionless Clarity trait.

>> No.55382358

Among the thousands of retarded things that passed me by in this board, I gotta give credit to the morons who keep insisting that Daemon Primarchs are not daemon princes despite all the text saying that they are.


Who is singular since Be'lakor is the only guy without a single master. GW wouldn't write that down to change it a month later.

>> No.55382359

Charging an appropriate power/point cost would be fine

>> No.55382363 [DELETED] 

>carnac is a plebbitor libcuck
Unsurprising for a literal faggot.

>> No.55382374

Index Chaos.

It says that Be'lakor alone has the strength not to have a single master.

>> No.55382376 [DELETED] 

Get AIDS and die, poofter

>> No.55382382

Speculation mostly, though the novel Tallarn hints that Perturabo is a Slaanesh DP

Also the Chaos Codex is contradictory. It does say belakor is unique while not addressing Lorgar and pert.

Blame GW for poor and inconsistent writing.

>> No.55382385

That is superceded by Codex: Chaos Space Marines, which states that Pert and Lorgar are undivided.

>> No.55382387 [DELETED] 

Except that he proceeds to call upon the blessing of Nurgle in the 6e CSM codex. So he's not Slaanesh. He's clearly Undivided.

>> No.55382389

I don't want an equivelent, just fair costs.
I just dislike how all of them are melee focused so far, but that will change with IW and AL... right?

>> No.55382391

which part?

>> No.55382395

>GW wouldn't write that down to change it a month later.
Newest source takes priority.

>> No.55382397

He uses it as a weapon, doesn't mean he personally created the Nurgle virus.

>> No.55382401

My GW recently had it's birthday and I got the Primaris Captain with power fist because why not. Question is, is he even worth running? I'm thinking about running a second captain as Raven Guard to infiltrate with Hellblasters, Aggressors, and Reivers, just not sure if the fist guy is any better or worse than the rifle + sword captain.

>> No.55382402 [DELETED] 

>a slaaneshi daemon prince
>using anything by nurgle at all
See how retarded you sound?

>> No.55382408

If he did he wouldn't be posting.

>> No.55382418

The PF guy has a Plasma Pistol right? And the fist is good if you need more Str.

>> No.55382419

>ADB will be "working" at his PC around this time of day, trying to write a story
>Carnac is shitposting at the same time
This is not a coincidence

>> No.55382422

You don't need to have no allegiance to lead an undivided Warband.

In the Night Lords novels, the NL Warband is led by a Tzeentch DP who has Slaanesh and Khorne worshippers in his Warband.

>> No.55382424

He should be alright; Power Fists are respectable in this edition. I think he'd go well alongside from Boltstorm Aggressors or Reivers, as they can deal with Infantry and he can punch out tanks and monsters.

>> No.55382426

The Traitor Legions codex that came before the Index Chaos says pretty much the same as in the CSM codex (picture related). Came the Index Chaos and reaffirmed that only Be'lakor is Undivided. So clearly someone didn't get the Be'lakor memo yet at GW.

>> No.55382427

If it's just for the aura, no. If you want him to actually hit things, it's alright. The model is worth at least double what you paid for it on eBay so it's not like you lost out.

>> No.55382429 [DELETED] 

Only problem with this is that it clearly says that Perturabo himself was the one who summoned the plague. Nice try though.

>> No.55382437

ah okay, it it just the punisher load-out or all of them? I sort of fancied having an Apache style one with rocket pods and HK missiles as a second option.
I'll think about the load out for the normal paladins, I figured 4+ with re-rolls would be good enough but will take your advice one board
Completely forgot about warding staves, will do that thanks.

>> No.55382439

This actually makes sense.
Alternatively, the guy who wrote the Index didn't get the memo.

>> No.55382440

Magnus did the same in Fenris.

>> No.55382447

Yeah, he has a plasma pistol.

I also figured letting the Hellblasters overcharge safer will also be terrifying. I'll have 10 Hellblasters infiltrating.

Mostly the aura, but to help beat people up too.

>> No.55382449

>The primary and often sole ork objective for a battle is to have a right gud scrap
>have a right gud scrap
Even if you get tabled, the enemies were clearly so 'ard that they killed you, meaning the fight was obviously proper good and intense.
Orks win everytime, anyone who claims otherwise is wrong.

>> No.55382450

This is some autistic sophistry from you.

The wording is open to both interpretations, not just yours.

>> No.55382455

So you are saying that once the Daemon dex eventually drops and it reaffirms Be'lakor's status as the only prince of Undivided, you will accept it?

>> No.55382457

It's better to take barebones if you want an aura bitch in your army.

>> No.55382462

If it does, yes.
If you want Overcharging Hellblasters, try using a Rhino Primaris. It gives them a +1 to Hit, so they can't roll a 1 ever.

>> No.55382464

have any ork-anon's tried converting Flash Gitz out of Nob bodies + Loota weapon arms??

Nobz are cheap lately, & I'm planning on buying the Burnas/Lootas kit for some free Kommando flamethrowers . . .

>> No.55382467

I will, but you have to agree to stop talking about this until it does

>> No.55382468 [DELETED] 

It's the punisher loadout that makes them broken. Also, keep in mind that rerolls are very stupidly applied before modifiers. So any hit rolls of 3 with the hammers cannot be rerolled.

>> No.55382470

Since when do GW writers read memo, or communicate at all?

Evidence suggest they get a assignment by drawing lots, write their shit in sollitary cubicles, submit the content in a sealed envelope to a editor that staples it all together with his eyes closed and then ship it to the printer.

Only after the books are printed and the entire studio is at Bugmans getting plastered do they talk to one another.

>> No.55382475 [DELETED] 

>wording is open to interpretation when it suits me and isn't when it doesn't
So therefore I can say that what Index: Chaos meant is Be'lakor is the only Daemon Prince of Undivided who does not fall under subset Primarch. Amirite?

>> No.55382479

I'll take you on your words, gentlemen.

>> No.55382486

Going by your rules, If the codex drops and specificly states that there are not, have not and will nevet be and other undivided daemon princes or primarchs.
Zero wiggle room, zero interpretation.

Orherwise we'll do a Carnac and decide on the meaning before reading.

>> No.55382489

Id probably just build the nobs with the shootas they come with, but add all sorts of improbable barrels and ammo belts coming off them

>> No.55382497

The issue is that there is a contradiction in the fluff.

The 'Carnac' answer at least solves it.

Those who autisically claim that Lorgar and Perturabo are just regular old DPs have no answer to the Chaos index which clearly states that Belakor is unique.

>> No.55382499

Yes, because it will be actual current lore and I'm not an insufferable trap sucker like you. But until they address the issue of Lorgar and pert, they are undivided

>> No.55382507

>The issue is that there is a contradiction in the fluff.
New fluff always takes precedence. The Codex is more recent so it is correct.

>> No.55382509 [DELETED] 

I just solved the contradiction lol. Stop samefagging already Carnac, nobody buys it.

>> No.55382512

It's literally stated in the current fluff, and before index chaos, undivided daemon Princes weren't even an issue.

>> No.55382514

ah okay, thank you. Halberds plus hammer hand is probably a better idea then

>> No.55382515


Doesn't need to. The new codex just needs to say that "Be'lakor has no single master" and it's curtains for Lorgar and Pert until the next edition

>> No.55382518

Only if they get a new boyz kit.......so no.

>> No.55382522

>"Be'lakor has no single master"
Doesn't mean that there are no others with no single master, just that Be'lakor doesn't have one.

>> No.55382530

All this Chaos shitflinging feeds Malal.

>> No.55382534

There you go again, shifting the goal posts. Keep this up and you invalidate the deal. Belawhore having no single master, but there being nothing about him being the only undivided daemon. Prince, does not prove you right.

>> No.55382538

Could I get some feedback on this intercessor sergeant? I think I went a bit overboard on the battle damage but am otherwise happy with how it turned out.

>> No.55382540

Nice try. That doesn't preclude others from having no single master. If it says "Be'lakor is the only undivided daemon prince" then you'll be right.

>> No.55382541

Forgot to add in the other text from index which goes like this "ONLY BE'LAKOR IS UNIQUE BY HAVING NO SINGLE MASTER"

>> No.55382545



>> No.55382547

My headcanon says that Lorgar is a Tzeentch DP while Perturabo is a Slaanesh one, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

>> No.55382548

He doesn't exist, shut up about it.

>> No.55382549


>> No.55382552

I did not shift goals or posts. See >>55382541

>> No.55382557

My headcanon says that Chaos fails at everything and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
He looks awesome imo

>> No.55382560


>> No.55382568

The yncarne charges girlyman inside his cage of dudes; who wins? We'll assume he made the charge off his soulburst so no double fighting or psychic

>> No.55382569

So Abaddon, Horus, etc were/are sworn to a single god then?

>> No.55382572

I feel there is too much mud on him considering. He is like 9 feet tall.

>> No.55382578

My headcanon says chaos is played up as propaganda and Tyranids and orks are the biggest threats to the setting. My headcanon also say the blood crusade got BTFO on octarius and kharn had to be brought back to life after being dog piled by tens of thousands of grotz. Deal with it ;)

>> No.55382582

Undivided mortals =/= Undivided Daemons.

The most damning thing for your guys position is that Path of Glory doesn't enable the players to seek Undivided Pricedoom.

Anyways, have more damnation. This text will be copypasted from the index into the new codex. You can't stop it. You will not ruin Be'lakor.

>> No.55382586

Drill the barrel and add more mud to the base, it looks too sparse in comparison to the amount on his leg. Otherwise it looks good to me.

>> No.55382589

>This text will be copypasted from the index into the new codex.
Maybe. But until the new Codex comes out we are the ones with the current fluff on our side.

>> No.55382590

why do you like belakor so much anyway

>> No.55382593

Are they Daemon Princes? No? Then you speak irrelevances, Iskandor

>> No.55382597

Doesn't matter
means that no other being has more than one master.

>> No.55382600

>current fluff
That's historically been discarded whenever Belly-kun is mentioned. Don't fret.

>> No.55382603

That doesn't really say he's unique in having no master, it just says that he is different and has no master.

>> No.55382610

I'm on the opposite side of the argument but to be fair that line of text is clearly in the context of daemon princes. You're illiterate if you can't see that.

>> No.55382620

Read >>55382582

Unique in the brotherhood of DAEMON PRINCES!

It says he has NO SINGLE MASTER. Picture related. Be'lakor has all the Chaos Gods as his masters. He answers to them all.

Cus he is cool.

>> No.55382621

The full quote is, but Carnac is renowned for snipping words and senteces as evidence ignoring context, punctuation and tense.

>> No.55382625

So you were only pretending to be retarded?

>> No.55382629

forgot my picture.

>> No.55382631



>> No.55382635

>"One amongst this Dark Brotherhood....."
That just means he is one of those with no single master. It does not say:
>"ONLY one amongst this Dark Brotherhood...."
Checkmate, Carnac

>> No.55382644

I was playing at his own game.

>> No.55382651

>It says he has NO SINGLE MASTER. Picture related. Be'lakor has all the Chaos Gods as his masters. He answers to them all.

And yet it still doesn't actually state that he is unique in being a DP of undivided.

>> No.55382653

>Inb4 someone posts the real image of Laura

>> No.55382657

No, you damn non-english. You got it completely wrong and I think on purpose.

The Dark Brotherhood refers to the daemon princes as a whole in which Be'lakor being the one who stands different as being without a single master. He is the only one different.

>> No.55382662

Yes, the Dark Brotherhood is all the Daemon Princes, but where does it say he is the ONLY one different?

>> No.55382664

He stands out as being different because of his power and his origin, not his having multiple masters.

>> No.55382667

i usually do a second coat on the base to look like they've sunk into the mud a bit like on this centurion, what do you advise I use for drilling barrels?

>> No.55382668

What red do you use, is it washed with anything

>> No.55382677

>first paragraph takes on how daemon princes are beholden to one god or other
second paragraph starts with "One amongst this Dark Brotherhood.is different from the rest...."

Nah, brah. You tripping.

>> No.55382680

What a terrible model.

Paintjob is good but comes nowhere near to save it.

>> No.55382688

>"One amongst this Dark Brotherhood.is different from the rest...."
>"One amongst"
>"ONLY one amongst"
Therefore it doesn't mean that he is the only one with multiple masters, just that he is one of the ones with multiple masters.

>> No.55382689

See >>55382677


>> No.55382694

mephiston red
heavy drybrush wild rider red
very liberal wash of carroburg crimson

>> No.55382696

See >>55382688, it never says he is the only one, just one of those with no single master.

>> No.55382698

different ≠ unique

>> No.55382700

You do know the rest includes Lorgar and Pert, right?

>> No.55382703

The centurions are actually a guilty pleasure of mine, i really enjoy the model despite the sillyness

>> No.55382708

noice work

>> No.55382710

Google "hand drill"

or you can buy GW overpriced drill if you can't google

>> No.55382713

*I* was, dunno what you're up to.

>> No.55382714

Different from the rest = unique. What makes him different is his status as being not slaved to a single master.

Your failure at English is getting tiresome.

>> No.55382715

Considering the CSM codex claims Logar and Pert are undivided it clearly doesn't include them.

>> No.55382717

Fulgurite Electro Priests with Skitarii Vanguard heads.

Yay or nay?

>> No.55382724

Don't go retroactive on me. It does include them in index text.

And in the future that text will be copy pasted in the daemon codex. I repeat, you don't get to ruin Be'lakor.

>> No.55382728

"Only one"
"The only one"
Very different.
S'why context matters and clip & paste argumenrs are the greatest cancer.

>> No.55382730

Helmets with shirtless bods would look kinda weird imo.

>> No.55382733

Where does it say it includes them?

>> No.55382738

>CSM codex is more recent

Also, I don't have to ruin him. He got ass fucked on the Phalanx and abandoned by his gods. He's already a shit character.

>> No.55382742

The rest = all the other daemon princes that are not Be'lakor.

One = Be'lakor

X = Not having a single master

This one is different from the text because of X.

>> No.55382760

Hey /tg/, what colour should my Drew Carey Kabal be? I'm open to literally any suggestion

>> No.55382762

A mere setback.

"The gods will fall, and the warp will howl at the foot of my throne".

-Be'lakor promising the twilight of the gods

>> No.55382772

Yup the base looks properly done there. Look for a pin vise and 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm drill bits. I use 1mm for lasguns/autoguns, 1.5 for bolters, 2mm for heavy bolters and the like. Tamiya makes good ones.

>> No.55382794

I have some bits that I'd like to make duplicates of, some are rare/OOP and others would require buying a whole kit just for one part. Does anyone know much about casting in resin? Alternatively, does anyone know of a cheap source of wheels/tracks/guns?

>> No.55382815

>Baneblades don't need Grinding Advance though.
Baneblades need the "im a superheavy and i can move and shoot if i want to" rule. Hitting on 5s when you move is fucking terrible... i think tanks in general need to be able to fall back and shoot though, a russ is too over costed when a rhino an just stop it shooting

>> No.55382821

They already have it, it's the TITANIC keyword.

>> No.55382836

So I kinda like skarbrand's model. So I want to build something fun around him. Should I go full daemons or world eaters with auxiliary detachment?

>> No.55382846

Sorry, where does it say that? I cant find anywhere that says they dont get negatives for moving and firing heavy weapons.

>> No.55382856

In the BRB

>> No.55382863

Dark red and bone.

Blood Ravens basically.

>> No.55382879

Do you have a page number of the rulebook that the rule is on?

>> No.55382886

Nothing in the BRB lets TITANIC models move and shoot without penalty. There's a reason Knights specifically have a rule that lets them move and shoot without penalty.

>> No.55382913

has the death guard codex been leaked yet?

>> No.55382918

Start Collecting Necrons box

>> No.55382950

Same answer as the last 40 times is was asked his week.
Bits and pieces, Winters SEO, Blood Of Kittens and MWG

>> No.55382961


>> No.55382963

Pretty much the way I feel about playing orks

>> No.55382970

Small cuck just talking big
He's pathetic

>> No.55382974

Well my partner is called Laura, so she'd prolly be less mad if i cheated on her with someone with her name.
Thats how that works right?

>> No.55382979 [DELETED] 

What are the chances that GW will ever release the Warhammer World Terminator Chaplain as a normal release instead of an exclusive one?

>> No.55382991 [DELETED] 

She'd be pretty mad that you cheated on her with a horse.

>> No.55382995

P much none

>> No.55382998

Just make it so Scions don't get / prevent REGIMENT bonuses and to get SCION bonuses all units need The Militarium Tempestus tag.

>> No.55383002

>Not Xenomorph
nigga please

>> No.55383003

Just get a recast one or pay the $30 scalper fee on eBay when you see one that sells for $65 instead of $100.

>> No.55383009

I'd go World Eaters, you can always expand them with more Daemons if you decide later.

>> No.55383015


>> No.55383016

What do you wish to know my young negroid

>> No.55383017

I fap to female xenomorph porn and am offended by your statement.

>> No.55383018

Bits and pieces? Never heard of it. Can't find the channel either.

>> No.55383019

Grey and Gold

>> No.55383026

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Scions get their on tactics. They already can't get any other regiment bonuses because they can only take Militarum Tempestus as their regiment keyword.

>> No.55383029

Isnt her mouth right up your street?

also why no slutty pics of naomi? she looks hot.

>> No.55383033

I dont know what y'all niggas are going on about, I'd fuck Laura in a heartbeat

>> No.55383034

>Wait, so do Lorgar and Pert just not exist in Carnac's mind?
According to Carnac
Lorgar = Tzeentch Daemon Primarch
Pert = Nurgle Daemon Primarch

>> No.55383073

dude... we are on the internet clearly her knees are too pointy and that makes her so disgusting your dick shrivels at the mere thought of her reptilian features.

>> No.55383088


>> No.55383096

i would thoroughly enjoy this

>> No.55383101

On the internet noone knows you are a <3

>> No.55383104

So you'd fuck, marry AND kill her?

I'll give you credit where it's due anon but..

>> No.55383124

It would a whirlwind romance, what can I say.

I missed that it was a choice fuck/marry/kill

>> No.55383189

what a cheesy pose

>> No.55383190

So what's next after Mechanicus?

>> No.55383201

Craftworld Eldar, Nids, and Guard.

>> No.55383202


>> No.55383203

Shiiit, I remember when this came out, made me buy some of my first miniatures
Actually I already had some orks from when I was a kid but this kinda made me get into it again

>> No.55383220

I just want the Ork codex so my Snazzguns can be assault APd6 again

>> No.55383236

America here just waking up
Did I miss anything good?

>> No.55383242

Why would they make them APd6 when AP-4 is as good as it gets anymore?

>> No.55383247

Nope. You may return to your burger coma

>> No.55383252

There are AP-5 guns and if you want them to be random i guess thats why they would be like that.

>> No.55383264

>I throw my scythe up in the air sometimes. Saying "Ayo! Gotta let go!" I wanna celebrate and live my life. Saying "Ayo! Baby, let's go!"


Nurgle is all about that positivity.

>> No.55383267

>AP -4 is as good as it gets
>he can't run a S16 AP-5 D2d6 canon mounted on a T8 26 wound model
Must be a struggle to not be in the guard son

>> No.55383274

Is there any artwork of Night Lords using mkIII armour? Always thought that would suit them more as the armour looks more intimidating.

>> No.55383275

>Hey, let's ruin this model with a bunch of shitty looking smoke and bugs because how else are people going now it's Typhus?
>What an excellent idea!
t GW

>> No.55383289

If they are single-sides parts you can just use it oyumaru, just get yourself some smooth-on and try making a couple of simple 2-part molds, there are more stages to making a mold than I can go into here, but there's plenty of guides on YouTube and Pinterest.
The rubber for the mold is the pricey part, you can get huge bottles of resin fairly cheaply once you have a nice mold to put it in.

>> No.55383295

I also forgot, what kinda guns (vehicle/infantry and race) you looking for famalam?

>> No.55383297

Here you go bud

>> No.55383299

Honestly, I think MKIV looks best on them, but here's some MkIII

>> No.55383316

Thanks bud. The blood seeping out of the eye sockets looks pretty neat.
mkIV looks good, just more a fan of that chunky look.

>> No.55383347

Are the onslought gatling cannons on the redemptor and the repulsor the same size?

I've lost the end of the cannon for my repulsor in the carpet and am hoping to replace it when I get the redemptor.

>> No.55383351

Have a game in a couple hours today with my guard
What underappreciated unit should I bring?

>> No.55383356

Sentinels and Taurus'

>> No.55383363

>I've lost the end of the cannon for my repulsor in the carpet

>> No.55383367



End my fucking life

>> No.55383370

I've actually got a shadowsword sitting in my room, I just forgot about it being -5. But still, - 4 is about as good as its going to get on the vast majority of infantry carried weapons.

>> No.55383372

Sentinels did work in a game for me recently. I'm glad they're so cheap in points, they're about a dozen times better than they were in 7e.

>> No.55383381

All scout sentinels do for me is give the enemy first blood since I'm almost always going second as guard
Normal ones are basically heavy weapons teams that are harder to kill and can move in case of emergency, which is nice

>> No.55383387

>thin shirt/pantyhose+rubber band on vacuum cleaner nozzle
Should be able to find it easily

>> No.55383391


I've given that a go and couldn't find it, sadly

I think I'll do a proper vacuum tomorrow, it's my only hope

>> No.55383401

what kind of carpet are we talking about

>> No.55383408

To be fair though, it's damn hard to find a scythe pose that looks intimidating without being cheesy. The Deathshrouds have poses that aren't cheesy, but they all look like
>urgh, another fucking day on the field
And I'll take cheese over boredom any day of the week.

>> No.55383414


>> No.55383416

>tfw winter assault actually got me to care about imperial guard, and see them as more than just a joke
>they're now my second army

>> No.55383417


Just ordinary carpet, not shagpile or anything. The bit is absolutely fucking miniscule though

>> No.55383425

Clearly it is made from the finest fibers found within the deathworlds

>> No.55383430

i can't imagine not finding something i drop on a carpet. just beat it

>> No.55383433

>surprised GW makes fuckups
reminder, according to index: imperium 2, a commissar lord's power sword does 0 damage.

>> No.55383437

not an argument

>> No.55383440

I'll beat you, m8

>> No.55383450

how? It's a fuckup in the index.

There was a LOT of them, hence the need for numerous FAQs. The index lore fuckup was fixed in the codex.

>> No.55383460

It's a retarded meme.

>> No.55383463

Anon, a carpet is not a rug.

>> No.55383465

not an argument.

>> No.55383487

Do you guys hate Ynarri? Ive made a list im goin to run next week in 3 games, wanted to know how cheesy it is and if youd play it.

Troupe Master

5 Troupe with embrace×2
5 kabalite with blaster×3


5 scourge with blasters

Ravager with Dark lance×2


>> No.55383488

You're an argument for birth control.

>> No.55383490

get your face down in the dirt

>> No.55383493

Stellar rebuttal.

Still waiting on you to actually refute my point.

>> No.55383496

You need an Ynnari character to run Ynnari.

>> No.55383505

Ordering move move move, roll for leadership

>> No.55383507

Not even the same guy, I just think you're a retard.

>> No.55383510

people dislike ynnari because of the WAAC shit that comes with it. This is just fairly standard harlie listing, seems fine.

oh right, yncarne is a lord of war, not an HQ

>> No.55383521

that's nice.

also irrelevant.

>> No.55383553

where's Duncan?!

>> No.55383562


Hes a hq choice and ynarri character, what do you mean by waac with ynarri? Only thing i know of is razorwing spam ynarri

>> No.55383596

dark reaper spam too.

>> No.55383627

>not paying the piddly 5(!) points more for armored sentinels
But why

Sentinel missile launchers are pricey but surprisingly good. I'd probably choose lascannon over it unless you think you'll really need more anti-infantry though, because I ended up only ever using krak missiles. Boinked a knight for six wounds with one missile from a sentinel, was pretty damn satisfying.

>> No.55383650

No outflank.

>> No.55383663


What, sitting a bunch of dark reapers next to yvraine and shooting? Doesnt seem that efficient

>> No.55383672

Well outflanking sentinels is just asking to get them killed. They don't want to be closer to the enemy, they're more durable than in 7e but still squishy.

>> No.55383673


>> No.55383688

dark reapers are cheap and die fast, making for a really, really cheap, easy soulburst target.

>> No.55383718

Don't we have a picture of Naomi? Recall her being in White Dwarf.

>> No.55383723


Just bare bones squads? They dont put out that much shooting for 100pts

>> No.55383727

doesn't matter

they're just there as fodder for soulbursting.

>> No.55383806

Fucking dropped

>> No.55383841

Why though? Cats are great.

>> No.55383863


>> No.55383990

You realize there are undivided Princes in AoS too, yes?

And no matter how many times you repeat it, you will never erase Lorgar and Perts undivded status.

>> No.55384146

>Not having cats
Truly the mark of the ignorant pleb

>> No.55384218

absolute SHIT taste.

>> No.55384245

Available gear for the Blightlord terminators would be handy. Mainly if they can take claws and fists.

>> No.55384271

nope, only the NEW EXCITING plauge weapons ma man ( IE, axe, sword, maul, or flail). kinda gay really, guess you could use the fist as a maul and the claws as swords? dunno

>> No.55384291

>dosent need fucking attention all the god damned time
>will snuggle when required
naa m8, its you who id the silly bitch here

>> No.55384297

Im allergic to them, therefore they are cunts. Also
>having animals that poo in your house in the year of our Lord Anno Domini 2017

>> No.55384303

if you get a fuzzy one
>doesn't need fucking attention all the god damned time
you've never had a cat, have you?
>will snuggle when required
see previous
you had 2 good points

>> No.55384324

>i have poor genes or a bad ubringing
>this is somehow cat fault

>you've never had a cat, have you?
I have 3, and they are all indoor cats
They all snuggle. Becuase i have trained them to snuggle.

also why would you NOT get a fuzzy cat?

>> No.55384327

>doesn't shit in the house
>actually snuggles
>fantastic comfort pet
>actually loves their master
>can be trained to not be a goddamn cunt
>will help protect your shit

>> No.55384356

Teach me your ways, senpai. My cat almost never snuggles. She also is attention needy and likes jumping on my keyboard when I'm surfing and on my hobby table when I'm building or painting. She's scared of the compressor though so she leaves when I turn it on.
>having animals that poo in your house in the year of our Lord Anno Domini 2017
nothing wrong with that, I poo in my house. In the fucking toilet of course, and my cat uses her cat toilet (i.e. litter box)

>> No.55384358

>eats poop, often their own
>requires too much work
You can train cats to be cool, you just have to be patient.
>does baby mode
for when the GF is all broody

>> No.55384372

only if you have a shitty dog
>eats poop
if you don't train them
>requires too much work
he says while defending the tedious process of actually training cats
dogs are BEST.

>> No.55384374

Fuck. Guess the days of my old T4(5) Plague Fisters are at an end outside a CSM detachment... They had a good run...

>> No.55384407

>Teach me your ways, senpai.
it take a while, but first you can to esatablish that you are the cat prime
>eye contact
cats stare each other out. if they look away (especially down) they are submitting. if they wink//blink at you, that means they consider you to be friendly
>being mumma cat
if she does something wrong, pin her down, two finger on either side of her neck, then stare into her eyes until she blinks or looks away. She might try and scrtch you at first, but welding gauntlets means you give no fucks, and she will soon give up on that
cat crack, these ar ethe fucking best for rewards

>only if you have a shitty dog
i love both man, but dogs are oily as shit, its part of how they stay warm. You proably dont notice, because you are used to it

>> No.55384421

You could always change the hands. it is weird that they cant take fists/claw, i thought they existed for backwards compatablity

>> No.55384444

Thanks, I didn't know cats played the staring game. My cat plays the biting game with me, I offer her a hand and she bites it harder and harder until I pull it away in pain or she gets bored and gives up. I think I am cat secundus in our relationship.

>> No.55384503

I think you may be.The girl who taught me the ways of the cat bites her cats if they bit her, sort of like what you do with small kids.

Good luck though anon.

>> No.55384566

So you make a spock V with your hand and pin her down between your middle and your ring fingers?

>> No.55384607

>poor genes
>being allergic to animals that likely carry diseases from the rodents they eat

>> No.55384613

Depends on how big your cat is/how small your hands are. Usally i do index/middle finger, which i can strech further. Trick is to not strangle the poor thing, thought they may try to reverse to escape, so watch for that

>> No.55384625

>I poo in water that gets flushed rigjt away
>my cat poops on top of sand that stinks up my whole house

>> No.55384668

Just tried the pinning thing now because she bit my ankle even though I already fed her. She turned around and escaped. What do you think about hissing at her and tapping her head with a finger? That's what my wife does and it seems to work. I just can't bring myself to hiss and hit my cat.
>which she buries immediately after
>not having a house big enough to stash the litter in a non-intrusive area

>> No.55384756

>I just can't bring myself to hiss and hit my cat.
its effective. you dont hit them with all your strength, shes prolly about a 40th or 50th of your size, by weight, so your wife is on the money.

if one of mine is being a real bitch, they get scruffed, then i put them on the floor and force their head down, with their body between my legs, so they cant reverse. it might not work first time, so persistance is the key.
She can bite you with no consiquences then she is likly playing. out cats bite eachoterh all the time, but the rule is no biteing humans, that gets you into trouble

>> No.55384806

I did Stormcast Eternal heads.

>> No.55385474

That actually doesn't look half bad.

>> No.55386461

Holy kek the new thread got fucking nuked

>> No.55386491

Mods doing a terrible fucking job as always, keep it up retards.

>> No.55386581


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