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This is probably the most likely scenario.
>inb4 B-but muh Rountree

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The colors are so dull, and bland. Could you spice this painting up and make it vivid?

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Hot opinions on this list pls?

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I'm not a dark angels player, but I've heard good things about the advice given out in this discord.


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>sisters get buffs
>WAACfags buy overpriced metal models
>gw sees the boost in sister sales
>plastic sisters announced 2 months after buffs

A man can dream

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Discord servers are the new "try my mixed tape"

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Hey guys, I'm out of the loop and haven't played 40k for a while...

Are Orks still the best race?

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>Are Orks still the best race?

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Ye, dey still da best.

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9th for what book should I start in the 40k lore?

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Everywhere but the rules.

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Green iz best!

So Orkz, Necrons, and IG are all the best.

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Read anything previously?

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Ciphas Cain, you need to appreciate the less serious side of 40k.

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No batrep this week, since my opponent had to respond to an emergency call and take off after 1 turn. Just dumping some pictures instead.

My theme this game was "on foot" - I wanted to field all the painted infantry models I had, plus my knight which still hadn't seen a game in 8th. I ended up squeezing 12 infantry squads, 2 special weapons squads, 4 kasrkin squads, and a smattering of officers and attaches into 1950 points.

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>Everywhere but the rules.
Oddly enough, I'm still doing just fine against pretty much everything with only the Index, so I don't know what you're on about here.

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Nope nothing 40k related

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What is your battle plan?

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A shame, infantry IG armies are cool to see, despite the conscript meme. I would love to play against your army there with my Melee centered Necrons

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where are the DG leaks.coming from? I keep seeing people talk about new rules but I haven't seen a link to leaks

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Go to this site for leak compilations.

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Rolled 6, 1, 6, 1, 5, 3 = 22 (6d6)

Rolling for my future Slaaneshi warlord.

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I too would like hot opinions on the feasibility of this list.

Might turn the ironstrider into a dragoon, but the clean 750points pleases my autism.
Also might swap the vanguards for more rangers. The extra shots are nice, but the rangers get two shots at 15" anyway.

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Post the list, I'm always interested in seeing slaaneshi cults.

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This is why I will never play horde armies. You did a great job painting all of those but I have a hard enough time painting up the small amount of CSM I have already. I couldn't imagine having to paint dozens like that.

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>A shame, infantry IG armies are cool to see

I've always thought so, too, which is why I got tired of seeing so many tank spam IG lists in previous editions. IG looks best, imo, when there are a lot of bodies marching around in uniform. Link and pic related.


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>hell march
not that it doesn't fit the Wehrmacht

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What factions do you like?

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Tank and Cyclopes focused IG armies are the only ones ive played against.

But most definitely. Anrakyr, Zendrehk, Obyron, 2 Overlords and a Cryptek with 10 Lychguard 10 Praetorians 5 Immortals, a Triarch Stalker a Ghost Ark and 40 warriors AND my Monolith if I could squeeze it in. It would be a stupendously fun match.

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>A shame, infantry IG armies are cool to see

I've always thought so, too, which is why I got tired of seeing so many tank spam IG lists in previous editions. IG looks best, imo, when there are a lot of bodies marching around in uniform. Link and pic related.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcz-Oho0tlU [Embed]

(let's try that again with the picture fixed)

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What are you working on /tg/???

I've been working on pic related for the last couple of days. After some finishing touches he will be my new HQ.

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Damn that sums up discord pretty well. Is it fire?

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Oh I dont have one yet, my current project is GSC but now Im just fluffing my future Chaos project. So far I only have the Nurgle group which will be painted in corroded Dusk Raider colors and they will be made into a group of loyalists that were consumed by their need for vengeance and followed the Death Guard too deep into the eye, they fought too long and their festering wounds in their souls let Nurgle into their ranks so now they are infested by his gifts just as the enemy that they chase, now they are a rogue group of Nurgle marines hunting down Mortarion

I havent thought anything about the Slaaneshi group that will be their allies, maybe a younger chapter that fell to Slaanesh.

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Nids deathwatch and furries

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How Should I kit out my Vulkan Hestan entourage?

Ive been going 3 ss and meltagun and then two Axe Flamers

All in a heavy flamer razorback

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Haven't you heard of Venom spam?

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how did you afford this much Armageddon
>on foot
>pic related
I'm doing mine up in the style of the Fallschirmjager style because my historical autism (literally the same webbing)

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With a side of gay traitors on bikes

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Your name is greatly disturbing. Change it before you summon them

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looks great, maybe darken the area beneath the sternum.

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The Necron Lord passed all 5 of his fucking saves in this combat.

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Working on converting some AOS Blood Warriors into berzerkers for my CSM warband. The greenstuff work isn't the best I'll admit but it's the first time I've ever used it and it's good enough for me. Still need to finish the legs on the rest of them then I'll mount the backpacks and wait for my chainspears to come in from Anvil before I finish them up.

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>chainspear anon
Oh man, make sure to post those when you're done. Kinda interested in how it'll look.

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I know who you are.

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The big hurdle for me is getting the damn things shipped here. USPS likes to pretend my apartment doesn't exist and not mail my shit, meaning I'll have to drive to whatever post office they leave it at and get it myself most likely. Fingers crossed that they won't do that.

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>30k coloured rubrics
>a bunch of prospero-themed bases
>a Wyvern
>Cadian Command Squad

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>no reflection
Shit, he's a Nazi AND a vampire? AND he plays 40k? Seems pretty chill to me.

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Hello austrailia

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Pick an Eldar name and make an anagram with it.
Pleasure yourself at the rage of spess elves when they notice.

Also good on you anon, names are very imporotant. Pic related.

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˙uou∀ 'pooƃ ,uiʞoo˥

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it's on like donkey kong

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Try the Space Wolf Omnibus by William King and the Deathwatch novel by Steve Parker.

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You had the right idea, now turn your phone to the LEFT

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Where I can, use the bikes to take the fight where I want it to be. Even if that means in close. And support with long range Devastators. The Sergeant, bolter marines, and plasma guns on the Razorbacks should discourage enemies from rushing them. The Company Masters are obviously there to let me supercharge safely, and the Outrider HQ is going to deep strike ahead of the bikers so he can meet them at the end of movement. I thought a Darkshroud would be more valuable than the Vengeance because hopefully it and the Apothecaries can keep my bikers on the field longer.

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Rolled 6, 35, 17 = 58 (3d66)

pls work, dumb phone posting app

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Need help with my death guard list lads:

Already have the dark imperium DG set x 2

Getting morty and mortarion

Thinking of just getting more plague marines, the grenade guys and 3 of the new mortar tanks.

Will this work??

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My nigga

Let's stake some of these faggot tankwalkers

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Does somebody can estimate the size of the Myphitic Blight-Hauler?
I want to convert one from some boxy thing and some bits, I like the bloat drone but I dislike the land version and i want variety.
I was thinking about an heavily converted dunecrawler. Too big?

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Its 6d66

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Jesus Christ unbelievable.
Yet another guardfag.

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I'd change the plasma guns on the bike squad to meltas, you already got plasma guns on the knights

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Any good nid stories in there?

>> No.55377466

>not accepting his gift of eternal life and ushering the dark eternal fourth reich
Playing guard's a small price to pay for the power he probably wields.

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Rolled 5, 4, 1, 6, 4, 5 = 25 (6d6)

fug, redo

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>daemons can now be precision summoned turn 1, with nearly no limitations
>you can summon entire armies this way, not consuming FOC slots

>> No.55377487

>Morty twice?
Plague marines aren't great.
If you want to spam Nurgle deamon engines Epidimus will help accuracy.
Typhus and tallyman are required for pox blobs.

>> No.55377489

Still have to pay the points

>> No.55377490

I'm loving the reactions to this

>> No.55377495

Not that much Nid stuff hknestly. One of the Ultramarines books is about a nid invasion, there's some in Ciaphas Cain, there are no books from the nid perspective though.

>> No.55377505

Too big.

>> No.55377509

Yeah, that's not a problem. The thing I'm getting at is that you can have well over 2/3rds of your points reserved and deep strike them. You can get nearly null deployments. You can tailor your list on the fly to your enemy army. Daemons are pretty good.

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Hey guys. So I started building Skitarii a little bit before 8th edition hit, and subsequently stopped til I knew what was going on. As far as I know, the Adeptus book hasn't dropped yet? Or has it? I'm pretty keen on all the new rules so far, for the most part, but the list building seems entirely different than what I was working with in the past. So far I have

20x Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard (I haven't glued weapons or heads on them since I'm not sure what I should give them)
2x Dominus Tech Priests
2x Onagers

I figured I wanna work around 1000 points or so just to get a feel for the game again, since its been a while. Any tips on what weapons are good in this edition? It seems like they buffed Plasma Calivers and the Transaurinic sniper rifle. And rumors of the Electropriests being really good?
Pic related, the color scheme I'm working with.

>> No.55377536

>deamons are a good supplement to CSM or a monobuild with horrors.

>> No.55377539

It's about to drop.

>> No.55377546

Nids are supposed to get their own book sometime this year, we'll see what secrets they 've got. I hope they fucked into a warp hole and came out slaaneshi so they're even more like Starcraft now.

>> No.55377548

I should. At 3 they're pretty much a suicide squad anyway.

Even though >muh fluff.

>> No.55377551

The Nazi IGfag actually predates the current wave of shitty guard spam. I know RGG does as well, but he's actually involved in the current wave unlike Nazi guy. I remember seeing the Nazi guy first post like 2+ years ago and people freaking out due to his Nazi paraphernalia.

>> No.55377554

>>yfw ADB creates a mary sue tyranid waifu who's perspective is the basis for a new series expounding on Tyranid lore
>>Edited by Robin Cruddace

>> No.55377556

Did they change how summoning works or do you still need characters to do it?

>> No.55377557

I wouldn't call reserving 1500 points a "supplement".

>> No.55377562

Thanks anon. Is the smaller category of base, like the Sentinel?
The Sentinel should be the same size of the bloat drone - are they all the same?
Sadly, the new size of the marines threw me off balance, I used to be able to get the base size on the spot.

>> No.55377571

You still need characters, but that's not an issue with FW helpfully giving us 30 point characters.

>> No.55377576

Kerrigan 40k eddition.

>> No.55377585

No, you'd call it a shit list.

>> No.55377590

As long as they don't go full anime like blizz did with SC2, I'd be okay with it. Brood War was pretty good story wise.

>> No.55377597

Sentinel would be great afaik.

>> No.55377604

Is there a downside to taking your existing units and putting them into as many detachments as possible for the CP?

>> No.55377606


>> No.55377613

Question for you guys
I'm incredibly fucking indecisive and am looking to build a SM army, but can't decide between an established chapter or making my own, any advice? besides not playing spess mahreens

>> No.55377614

A unit can only be in one detachment anon.

But there is no downside to maximizing detachments.

>> No.55377617

I will mix several bits and lots of exhausts but I needed the size.
I start the bit hunt. Thank you.

>> No.55377618

Not really, if it means more drops in deployment then kinda, but not really.

>> No.55377619

split the rangers into 2 squads. Good rule of thumb is if you're firing an arquebus the other guys in the squad won't have a valid target because the ranges are so different and they can't fire arquebuses on the move.

>> No.55377624

Not really. Generally it's more difficult for elite armies to minmax it though because of the troop reqs

>> No.55377625

What I mean is I have 3 HQ, 3 troops, and 3 elites.

It is best to make this a battalion and a vanguard detachment isn't it?

>> No.55377629

Np, good luck and post pics!

>> No.55377630

What's a good loadout for war walkers?

I kinda want to use them for anti tank, but dual brightlances/EML seems a bit of a waste of their mobility and battle focus. Does 1 EML and 1 Shuriken Cannon seem reasonable?

>> No.55377633

If you cant decide on your chapter then make your own.

>> No.55377634

Absolutely. Just remember the rule book has detachment counts for point tiers and tournaments also have their own detachment caps.

>> No.55377640

Giantess Xenomorph Dominatrix?

Count me fucking IN.

>> No.55377659

>Oddly enough, I'm still doing just fine against pretty much everything with only the Index, so I don't know what you're on about here.
What sort of lists have you been running? Green tide is boring and most variations I have tried have just been bad.

>> No.55377662

>tfw Epic's models won't get ported to 40k
I really want a fucking Nautiloid.

>> No.55377665


Either you fall in love with a chapter that already exists, or you make your own. Don't settle for a canon chapter you only sortof like.

Five years from now you will look back and be thankful you decided to make your army YOUR army, not some GW guy's army that you copied.

This is my army. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

>> No.55377667

Besides the actual new units, are there any juicy Adjective Nounverbers in the new death guard?
Like the line about the casters from the index/dark imperium release

>> No.55377678

Grab three walkers, slap 2 shuriken cannons on each. Guide them or have an autarch nearby.

Goodbye hordes.

>> No.55377683

Alright, when running Wyches on a budget and in 5 girl groups, give me ONE good reason not to pass over the special weapons, and just give my Hekatrix a Agonizer/Blast pistol? 4 attacks that always wound on 4+ and have AP -2 seems pretty fucking good to me.

>> No.55377698

Haven't seen any, but probably in the fluff section.

>> No.55377705

With AoS Nurgle taking the snail aesthetic, I don't think either of us will ever be so lucky.

>> No.55377708

Fair enough, there's a bunch of chapters I already like but can't decide between, I've been kicking around the idea of my own chapter so I'll keep going forward with that, all ready have a colour scheme anyways

>> No.55377712

I figured I would ask before I try and figure it out myself because that's about all I'm interested in at the moment

>> No.55377716

I used the wrong legs and now he's permanently stuck shooting at fliers.

>> No.55377720

>Astral Claws could have been cool renegade space marine pirates who do their own thing after escaping Badab and serve neither the Imperium nor Chaos
>no gods, no kings
>nevermind lawl praise chaos let's summon daemons and shit
What a missed opportunity. Fuck the Red Corsairs.

>> No.55377723

Are Raven Guard eyes entirely black? Just wondering from a painting perspective.

>> No.55377733

If you are indecisive, you will eventually become unhappy with your custom chapter. Honestly the easiest way to find a solid permanent choice from a fellow indecisivefag, is you pick the one you first want, then eventually find the one you REALLY want.

>> No.55377737

Chaos gets even aethiests eventually. See the Soul Drinkers

>> No.55377740

I have a lot of bikes from 7th and heard UM has good tactics for them.

What's a good way to build a biker army? Shooty? Punchy?

>> No.55377742

What traits and colour schemes do you like? If you listed some of your preferences we could give you suggestions.

>> No.55377746

This is obviously excellent - but I was already gonna take three vypers and do the same thing.

There's an excess of fantastic ways to use shuriken cannons IMO, less for anti armor/heavy shootan.

Was gonna do something like
3x Warlocks
2x guardian squads with shuriken cannons
1x storm guardian squad with 2x fusion guns and chainswords
3x vypers with twin shuriken cannons
2x war walkers with ?????
Wraithlord with twin starcannons, ghostglaive and flamers

And just build from there as the core of the army.. where to put anti tank is my problem.

>> No.55377747

>>Astral Claws could have been cool renegade space marine pirates who do their own thing after escaping Badab and serve neither the Imperium nor Chaos

They would be dead in like 1 year if they are lucky.

Without the Maelstrom and Chaos backing, The Astral Claws have no chance of survival

>> No.55377751

Anybody interested in some Catachan models? I'm looking to sell some stuff I've had for nearly a decade.

Catachan Battleforce NiB
5 man command squad
20 infantry
3 heavy weapon teams
1 sentinel

Catachan Infantry Squad NiB:
20 infantry

Catachan Battleforce opened:
5 man command squad
1 sentinel
3 heavy weapon teams
<20 infantry

I bought these originally so I could use the legs and a few rifles for a conversion (poor man's elysians: Cadian head/torso, catachan legs, greenstuff drop harness, FW or 3rd party grav chutes). But it didn't go well, I mostly left the game, and then I sold all my Cadians.
Can't recall how many bits I used, but at least one 10-man squad from the battleforce should be complete.

Anyone interested enough to make an offer?

>> No.55377756

Shooty, they suck at choppy.

>> No.55377758


Younger ones just have black iris, the older they get or if they succumb to ash blindness, their entire eyeball turns black.

>> No.55377759

7's soon


>> No.55377763

I am glad to hear that, I never liked choppy.

What's a good warlord? Biker capt with primarch's wrath?

>> No.55377769

yeah, they're pretty weird. look up art of corax - there's also the raven guard guy's portrait from overkill

>> No.55377772

Space Wolves, Salamanders and White Scars are probably my favorites, I'd probably go white scars but I don't really care for bikes

>> No.55377778

That actually looks quite good, anon.

>> No.55377779


BL ruined them. Soul Drinkers turned out to be secretly manipulated by Chaos corrupted leaders and eventually entire chapter ended up dead after redeeming themselves by killing the leaders, then the like two survivors walked into the warp to die.

>> No.55377785

Should be fine.

>> No.55377787


>They would be dead in like 1 year if they are lucky.
Couldn't they just stay constantly mobile, only stopping their fleet to raid shit? They could do the Space Sharks thing and hide away beyond the edge of the galaxy.

>> No.55377816


>> No.55377820

Is there something that BL does not ruin?

>> No.55377835

Good luck with that.
Constantly moving through parts of the warp you don't know is an ass way to live, and with no friends the first time you get into a bad spot you don't have a method to recover.

>> No.55377842

NL anon here, and I'm putting serious thought into selling off my dudes. I have so much stuff, and they're not getting the attention they deserve. Meanwhile, I might be out of a job soon. It's a painful kind of sad.

>> No.55377857

Can I subscribe to this blog?

>> No.55377860

So how best to kill mortarion?

Drop pod of Multi Melta?

Thunderhammer Terminators?

>> No.55377866

Never painted eyes before so in a way Raven Guard is a way to avoid it then? Also what about Raven Guard/Salamanders Primaris Marines? Why would they have pale/pitch black skin and black/red eyes if Cawl fixed the mutations?

>> No.55377870


Right now shuriken cannons seem like the best option since it doesn't limit their mobility. Built one today and sadly took the bright lances off another just a minute ago

>> No.55377874

You can always start again once cash is sorted out, start now so you aren't desperate and get ripped off.

Good luck with gainful employment.

>> No.55377882

When is this biography coming out ?

>> No.55377905

Shit, that's me irl

>> No.55377906

>drinking Cawl's koolaid
Only claimed to fix dangerous mutations, not chapter personality shit iirc.

>> No.55377924

Personally I'd hold onto them and sell only if you actually do lose your job and money's tight. Don't just sell all your shit on a maybe.

>> No.55377929

>They could do the Space Sharks thing and hide away beyond the edge of the galaxy.

The Space Sharks have made pacts with the Admech for support. They are not alone.

>> No.55377935

I purchased a Horus Heresy Box a while ago, and I'd like to make space wolves, but I'm not completely familiar with all the rules, and what would be best to use the included marines for. I was thinking three huscarls with three grey slayer squads of nine. I'm not too worried about how good everything will be since I'm brand new to the new hobby...I guess my main question is what I need in addition to what the box comes with to do this? If I remember correctly there isn't enough bolt pistols for the huscarl role, would it matter if I were to get a 40k bolt pistol arm for it, or do I have to explicitly get a 30k bolt pistol arm?
I also wanted to ask, for additional units, what should I do? or purchase, I suppose. I need to get the proper paints for them as well. So much to do.
I'm guessing it's also pretty stupid, but I really want all the terminators to have claws, but if I do that, how gimped would I be? Because while I don't mind inefficiency it would also be awful if they never actually got close enough to use them.

Sorry for the dump of questions.

>> No.55377957

Why I said that Imperialfags have a racist mentality I was have joking. Turns out it was spot on.

>> No.55377969


Pretty sure you're only going to be able to make Terminator Long Fangs/Terminators and Grey Hunters out of that box.

Claw Terminators are fine.

>> No.55377980

When I said*

Cawl was going to bring back the traitor legions back to the fold by using their geneseed in the creation Primaris legions. Cawl said that the bloodline/geneseed/marines are not at fault. It was the folly of their fathers that damned them.

>> No.55377981


>> No.55377986

That's okay. Isn't it Grey Slayer?
Looking at the new rules it has most of the pieces, right?

>> No.55377991

Thanks anon, he's like the 3rd model I've ever assembled. I'm slowly working my way through a CSM Start Collecting and a box of Chaos termies.

The other highlight is me accidentally gluing a terminator lord arm to the aspiring champion and then just gluing a second one on to even him out. Khorne gave him gains.

>> No.55378005

Nids make an appearance in the Ciaphas Cain stories. But they aren't necessarily the focus. There are a few Nid focused books. Slaughter at Giant's Coffin (Nids/Space Marines) is kinda bad. It's the one novel by the former editor of Black Library, so the writing is pretty bland. There's also Valedor (Nids/Eldar) and the upcoming Devastation of Baal (Nids/Bangles. Also a major plot point) and Haley is at least a workmanlike author. If you're interest in Nids extends to GSC though, Peter Fehervari's Genestealer Cult's is great. I'd recommend it.

>> No.55378012

You playing 30k or 40k? This is the 40k thread.

>> No.55378017


>Why I said I was have joking

you suck at words

>> No.55378019

I don't like vypers personally. Compare the price of vypers to a guardian squad with a shuriken on a platform. Sure it's less mobile, but you've got more firepower and wounds for what, 10 points more? If you want fast moving guns, just get wind riders.

Starcannons are also ludicrously expensive. I went with shuriken cannons on my wraithlord.

For anti tank just do the tried and true wave serpent and fire dragon combo, or dark reapers. A hemlock wraithfighter is also great (easily deals 6-8 wounds per turn while being hard to hit and fairly tough).

Why so many warlocks? You can only attempt to cast each psychic power once per turn (except smite of course, but warlock smite is shit), so you can't have them concealing all over the place. Just have one warlock and pack your guardians near him so he can conceal both squads at once.

>> No.55378024

Thank god for those peppers. Otherwise I'd have been aroused for life

>> No.55378031

He ams sounds goods to me.

>> No.55378032 [DELETED] 

All humans are racist, especially whites. And whites are the most common 40k player. Imperium just allows them to channel their inner racism.

>> No.55378036

Oh wait, were there separate threads for 30/40k?
My apologies. Though if I can play both somehow with the same miniatures, that would be neat, but I doubt that. I know one of the persons I know would throw a shitfit because lore reasons.

>> No.55378038

Sell off unpainted/unopened stuff if you have it. To be perfectly honest, painted stuff is usually a detriment to price and is usually the stuff you most regret selling later.

>> No.55378051

>All humans are pedos, especially whites. And whites are the most common animu consumers. anime just allows them to channel their inner pedophilia .

>> No.55378055


>> No.55378066

You see, Toki, they don'ts haves benefit of superior Scandinavians edumacation system

>> No.55378073

They're on Sankaku

>> No.55378080

Chance whites to Japs and it's true

>> No.55378081

>false equivalency.txt
Not even him but tribalism IS something that is innate in human nature and it is undoubtedly incredibly racist.

>> No.55378092


Stfu right now. This is a good thread. Don't derail it.

>> No.55378093

t. white dudes who are super glad they don't aren't black yet are somehow in total denial about the race inequality

>> No.55378104

Racist, instead of racially biased, implies a top looking down scenario. If your a race with low socioeconomic standing you can hate high standing races and still not technically be racist.

Hooray for being overly litigious.

>> No.55378116

>le le le race equals power and prejudice
Look at a fucking dictionary for once and stop gobbling up that cultural marxist shite.

>> No.55378126

I can't because the white man is keeping me down by withholding all the bibles and dictionaries. What color was Webster? Checkmate, jive turkey.

>> No.55378134

>> No.55378135

>cultural marxist
Now who's gobbling?

>> No.55378137

Then go back to africa

>> No.55378149

Believing in superiority, or being culturally recognized as superior is common amongst all definitions I know of?

Didn't specify if one is better or worse, and I'm not any kind of communists.

... I own a bit of Tau, but that's it.

>> No.55378150

Gobbling what? Try not basing your reality off of your gender studies professor next time.

>> No.55378157

welp. i fucking went insane and bought an arkanaut ironclad. this thing is fucking huge (that's a knight base). I need conversion ideas, guys.

>> No.55378158

Common amongst racial ideology pushes by marxist college students, yeah. Pick up a fucking dictionary and look up the definition of racism. See that? That's racism, not your stupid "le le i'm a dumb nigger so i can't be racist" nonsense.

>> No.55378160

Did you just ASSUME my ethnicity, you racist fuck? Because the only two races to exist are white and black, right?

God, white people disgust me. I wish there was like a Hitler, but for white people.

>> No.55378168

You can use the space marine minis in both, nobody who matters cares.

>> No.55378171

How does this look? Tigurius in the rhino with the tac squad

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [39 PL, 602pts] ++

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ HQ +

Captain on Bike [6 PL, 118pts]: Master-crafted boltgun, Storm shield, The Primarch's Wrath, Twin boltgun

Chief Librarian Tigurius [7 PL, 130pts]

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [6 PL, 90pts]: 5x Camo cloak
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Sniper rifle
. 4x Scout w/Sniper Rifle: 4x Sniper rifle

Scout Squad [6 PL, 78pts]
. Scout Sergeant: Combi-melta, Power sword
. 4x Scout w/Shotgun

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 80pts]
. 3x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Chainsword, Storm bolter
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Tactical Squad [9 PL, 106pts]
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Chainsword, Combi-plasma
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun

++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [45 PL, 809pts] ++

+ HQ +

Rhino Primaris [9 PL, 170pts]: Orbital array, Twin plasma gun

+ Fast Attack +

Bike Squad [12 PL, 213pts]
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun
. Biker Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Twin boltgun
. Space Marine Biker w/Bolt Pistol: Twin boltgun
. 2x Space Marine Biker w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun, Twin boltgun

Bike Squad [12 PL, 213pts]
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun
. Biker Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Twin boltgun
. Space Marine Biker w/Bolt Pistol: Twin boltgun
. 2x Space Marine Biker w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun, Twin boltgun

Bike Squad [12 PL, 213pts]
. Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun
. Biker Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Twin boltgun
. Space Marine Biker w/Bolt Pistol: Twin boltgun
. 2x Space Marine Biker w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun, Twin boltgun

>> No.55378175

>Limbs designed solely to hoist up breast-like sacs made to distract attackers and store fluids/toxins
Truly Tyranids are the apex of evolution.

>> No.55378176

>being so triggered you need to imply someone's a stereotype sjw or whatever.

Useing the word racist correctly doesn't make you a faggot.

>> No.55378195 [DELETED] 

Oh wow, you're not a shitskin, you're a trans-demi-poly-fluid-shitskin. My bad.

Hitler for white people you say? So Mugabe then? Or Barbara Spectre? Or Noel Ignatiev? Susan Sontag? Tim Wise? Stephen Steinberg? Wait hold on, Hitler never actually killed anybody though!

>> No.55378200

Ork skypirates.

>> No.55378205

That 106 point tac squad isn't supposed to be there, sorry

>> No.55378207


Here's the general thread for 30k >>55322346

Generally, the majority of marine models work in both games, but some are only in 30k and others are only in 40k. You can easily make a marine army that works for both games with zero model changes, but the rules will change a lot, so if you want rules advice, you should go to the appropriate thread.

>> No.55378212

Looking to repurpose what I have into a guard army, can't seem to decide on a regiment. What's an interesting/obscure regiment that has an interesting gimmick I can make an army of? I had the idea of Terrax guard run as Scions, but I want more input.

>> No.55378216

Wow. I post something like a dozen pictures of a fully painted guard army in game and get like 1 (you), but some troll who drops the racebait completely derails the thread.

Stop getting mad and just jerk off or something

>> No.55378224 [DELETED] 

Using the word racist under the same definition that faggots do though? Talks like a duck, walks like a duck etc.

>> No.55378232

White in America, and pic related.
You don't need to be racist to be an ass, but words have meaning.

Yes, mobile-fag, etc etc

>> No.55378233

>taking shitposts seriously
>literally thinks the only people who exist are niggers, crackers, and brain-damaged millennial crackers

You white boys crack me up.

>> No.55378237

why dolan
at this point go all-in and make Squat Tempestus Scions

>> No.55378250

>shit taste in faction
>shit taste in artists
>begging for yous

Truly, IGfag are the new cancer of 8E. Every edition has one, and they're honestly worse than the Taufags were in 7E at this point.

>> No.55378251

And what part of that says "LE LE POWER AND PREJUDICE"? Plenty of black supremacists exist. Where do you think the WE WUZ KANGZ audience comes from?

>> No.55378258

Shitposter, not me.

>> No.55378280

>It's a "Guardfags ruin the thread again" episode
Guess I'll get back to building.

>> No.55378284

How good are power axes right now? Thinking of kitting out my terminator lord with a combi-plasma but I'm not sure on the other weapon.

>> No.55378299

The second definition is the more relivent one, if you care about supremicists with no power to invoke it you're a dumbass, but yeah they count, all 6 of them. I never said white only, if you want to talk about S. Africa or whatever, sure OK.

>> No.55378303

Leave it as is, start a Squats conversion army.

>> No.55378311

Squats as DE.

>> No.55378317

>m-muh insitutionalized racism!
The only "institutionalized racism" shit there is nowadays is affirmitive action nonsense. Start living in reality already.

>> No.55378322

3 more days until we get to find out how the tau got PLAGUED.com

>> No.55378332


show us where the guardsman touched you

>> No.55378334

I doubt it's gonna be a complex reason. The Ultramar system and the Tau Empire are right next door to each other and Chaos loves to get bored halfway through a campaign and fuck off to fight someone else.

>> No.55378344

Say what you will about Guardfags but I've never seen a single batrep with unpainted Guard in it. That puts them about a mile ahead of the average 7e Taufag.

>> No.55378356

>I've never seen a single batrep posted here* with unpainted Guard in it

>> No.55378357

We already know. The Death Guard met the vanguard of the T'au invasion force. The Tau are coming for Ultramar. Now that the Imperium and Death Guard have exhausted themselves fighting each other, the T'au can easily come in and sweep them off the table, vonquering Ultramar.

Their only hope of stopping this is setting aside their difference and uniting against the insidious T'au Empire before it's too late.

>> No.55378363

I was going for a bit of an ulthwe theme. Lots of guardians, no one on the warrior path, lots of warlocks.

True enough fire dragons would be the smart move, but I'd like to avoid aspects if possible for theme purpose... also to not give them any money until they update the dang things.

The warlocks do net me a few command points though - in that block I posted I can make a battalion, outrider and spearhead.

I guess I could take wraithguard? D cannons seems superior for that purpose over d scythes.

>> No.55378379

Anyone have any tips on how to counter death guard? Poxwalkers are easy enough, kite them around until the hoard dies.

>> No.55378382


The guard guy in this very thread has a list with 10 infantry squads in it, not a single conscript. And yet people bitch.

>> No.55378385

I want to know why based Typhus would ever condescend to be on the same battlefield as a loser like Mortarion.

>> No.55378386

Dude, seriously? Irrelevant handouts are anything to do with the superiority of races?

If your salty about a job or scholarship that a diversity hire took then you couldn't have been all that relivent in the first place.

>> No.55378391

I don't know how to feel about Death Shrouds. Being 75(?) points a pop for a two wound model seems kinda bad. Even with a 2+/4++/5+++ they're not too hard to kill in all honesty.

Any of you DG players going to be using them?

>> No.55378394

Generally the best normal power weapon for S4 dudes as going from S4 to S5 gives you good bang for your buck. Lightning claws are good in pairs, but if you want a single weapon and aren't factoring in Relics of more exotic weapons then either a Power Axe or Thunder Hammer (Or Power Fist for Chaos) are the best choices.

>> No.55378396

Seconding this as

It'll work.

>> No.55378400

To show dad how it's really done. Imagine the shame Mortarion would feel when he sees Typhus wreck more shit than him. It would mean that all of what Typhus was saying is true and that Mortarion is a big bitch.

>> No.55378403

>Truly, IGfag are the new cancer of 8E. Every edition has one, and they're honestly worse than the Taufags were in 7E at this point.

What you're seeing is the result of players gaining massive power who have had shit codices for about 90% of their existence as an army. Only Rogue Trader and 5th edition were good editions for Guard.

It's like some sort of weird Lord of Flies scenario. Funnily enough, I haven't seen any Eldar players recently.

I still think the most cancerous players, bar none, are Nurgle players. They justify their love of "converting" (aka shitty greenstuff) while trying to hide the fact that they've been the most doted upon faction in Chaos for the past 3 codices.

>> No.55378412

some ideas i had were
1. mod it up and use it as a Knight of some sort
2. Some kind of Valkyrie variant?
3. panic because i don't know what to do

>> No.55378418

Thanks m8.

>> No.55378420

Good all rounder, they're fine unless you want to use a specific weapon or relic or something.

>> No.55378427

Nope, our charecters can survive snipers, and they don't keep pace with Morty.

>> No.55378445 [DELETED] 

>irrelevant handouts
t. doesn't actually understand how bad this shit is
The point is that people should get jobs and be judged based on a meritocracy. Only problem is whites happen to be the best and niggers happen to be the worst. So our ol' buddies down at Steinberg College lobby for shit like affirmitive action so that shitskins and women get to clog up companies or businesses.
>b-but it's irrelevant!
Do I need to remind you how bad shit can get when you take diversity hires seriously?
>the power of diversity and equality
And that's just for a shitty video game by a shitty bumfuck company. Imagine if this were applied to actual important businesses.

>> No.55378451

Rowboat is going to unite with the tau, probably forsaking the empire. He's going to see that the Tau empire is everything the Imperium was meant to be.

>> No.55378452

Rolled 2, 3, 2, 6, 4, 4 = 21 (6d6)

Tzeentch sorceror

>> No.55378455


Explain to me how my IG army is cancer, please.

>> No.55378510

Irrelevant to the discussion, but don't care.
>actual white supremacist.
I'm not going to argue politics here, I'm a grammar nerd who pointed out racist and racially biased have distinct meanings and admited to being overly litigious at the time.

Enjoy being triggered.

>> No.55378512

>my face is tired

I'll never not laugh at this line. Do you think the writer knew? Or maybe the animator knew?

Or was it just a perfect coincidence?

>> No.55378521


Because they are top tier so everyone who doesn't play them will bitch.

>> No.55378525

How about deep strikin' them in near morty mid game when he's low on wounds after he falls back to start tanking hits for him?

>> No.55378531 [DELETED] 

There is no fucking difference between racist and racially biased. They're fucking synonyms you dumbass. You're not a "grammar nerd", you cringeworthy shit, you're just a retard who swallowed too much cultural marxist propaganda. Eat shit.

>> No.55378535

I don't like the double wide treads, why not convert 1 large tread instead?

>> No.55378549

Sure, but not past turn 3, and not worth 225pts imo.

>> No.55378550

Not him but where the fuck are you gonna find wider treads like that?

>> No.55378557

>Chapter creation rules
A relic of a better era.

>> No.55378561

If you want wraithcannons, just go with the hemlock. S10, D2, auto hit, on a platform that moves across the table instead of crawling for similar points.

>> No.55378563

But is 225 points really worth 6 more wounds for Morty?

I dunno, I think GW dropped the ball with them from my first impression of them. Gotta see them in some batreps.

>> No.55378565

Not into communism, but degrees of specificity in synonymous words is a thing.

Enjoy being triggered.

>> No.55378582

Most voice lines in Andromeda weren't animated by people, but just an algorithm. That was the issue. As for the writer/voice actor all kinds of stupid lines get recorded that don't get used or aren't supposed to be used. I imagine it was a "we'll fix it later" thing that never got fixed later.

>> No.55378585

>want to talk about plastic space army men, painting them, and stories related to them
>thread devolves into shitposting yet again

>> No.55378586

>Some kind of Valkyrie variant
Be creative with squat weapons, convert and paint in a way that is clear what is plasma what is melta etc

>> No.55378593

New Eisenhorn novel is coming out soon. Why is nobody talking about this?


>> No.55378609

You fight shitposting by steering the thread back on topic, not by bitching.

>> No.55378612

Tbh I like the Leman Russ look without any major conversions but I have never seen any real tank with to 2 adjacent treads so it's a little odd. Good paintjob though.

>> No.55378615 [DELETED] 

>i don't understand what cultural marxism is lelelelelelelelele triggered!
Why are you even responding anymore? Fuck off to bitching about evil raycisms on plebbit or something.
Also, this idea of the word "racism" having anything to do with power struggles IS a cultural marxist idea. The fucking concept of class warfare and power imbalances is the fucking core theory of marxist thought. Marxism isn't just about one failed shitty government system, it's way worse than just that.

>> No.55378617

So they never patched it like they said they would?

>> No.55378628


>Guard players have been humbly building, painting, and playing their armies for years, drawing hardly any notice. They had a couple of bright spots over the past 20+ years where they really stood out, then rapidly dropped back into mediocrity while half-painted and gray marines, edgy marines, elves, and space fish slugged it out in mathhammer and listhammer.

>Along comes 8th, and by some fluke GW makes them good.

>Guard players are now cancer, everyone hates them and they don't even have a codex or new models to show for it

>Suddenly, gray tide IG armies appear.

>The community hatred for IG is so intense that GW will undoubtedly nerf them into irrelevance, damning them to another 5-6 years with a shit book.

>WAACfags will move on to the next flavor of the month, leaving guard players to wallow in mediocrity yet again for 2 editions.

>> No.55378629

I want a new fucking Gaunts Ghosts novel

>> No.55378634

Sorry, wanted to be a cunt about words for a bit, got carried away messing with a /pol/ok who stuck is dick in Tumbler and got triggered. Won't do it again.

>> No.55378642

i have a confession anon, i'm not a fan of abnet these days and only read the first volume of einsenhorn. i couldn't get into his ravenor due to how it bounces around so much. i think i've lost my taste for black library these days (doesn't help that i finished the animorphs recently so i've had my fill of grimdark for the year)

>> No.55378652

That's true, possibly, many current guardfags are former taufags and eldarfags I guess.
Just remember that there was another Guard Bandwagon in 5h.

>> No.55378655

>a krogan with a lisp

what the fuck

>> No.55378663

The T28 had two treads like that but it looked strange in real life too.

>> No.55378667

>everything that is in Marxist shit is singularly Marxist.
>needs to belive in class struggle for a word to refer to supremacists.

>> No.55378673

But that's their appeal. Regular guys fighting big bad aliens.


>> No.55378674

What do you call this?


>> No.55378675

Were do you read you novels from?

>> No.55378684

Kreigers, Flyboyz

>> No.55378691

I never said racism was evil, just distinct in it's meaning, if you don't think supremacists are evil than it's not a worse thing to be than racially biased.

Need a safe space?

>> No.55378692

From books. That I buy.

>> No.55378707

Are you implying it won't get delayed for the 10th time?

>> No.55378708 [DELETED] 

Yes, "power + prejudice" IS a marxist concept created by marxists. How is this so fucking hard to get?
And believing that one's race is superior is racist IRREGARDLESS of whatever fucking class warfare garbage. None of it has anything to do with whether you're a bumfuck poor spic or a rich white guy.

>> No.55378709

It only looks weird because it has no turret and has to rotate the entire body to fire. Add in the fact that it's 95 fucking tons and I can see why it never got out of the prototyping stage.

>> No.55378714

Guys. 40k is so fucking fun. I get to come home after work, assemble and paint models and chill. Then I get to go to the store with my buds and play on their tables and have a great time all night. My store literally closes at 3am. It has a bitz bin I get to dig through and look for deals. Found pink horrors for 23 dollars NIB. What a great fucking hobby. What's /tg/s favorite part of 40k?

>> No.55378717

It's already finished and waiting for its release date. You can get it early by buying it from the BL Weekender.

>> No.55378718


Many current guardfags have fully painted armies that obviously took years to assemble and complete, with unique conversions or exotic model types they had to scour ebay to get. They most obviously are not WAACfags, and it's hilarious and sad how poorly this community treats them now that GW broke their army.

>> No.55378724 [DELETED] 

I'm not really in need of anything, you're the one who needs to stop gobbling up that cultral marxist shite.

>> No.55378731

>Friend and I are just starting to get into 40k
>Can't decide what to play
>He thought having commissars shoot their own men was hilarious in the dawn of war games
>Builds a conscript army for lulz
>Have fun even though he's practically a free win for his opponent
>8th edition drops
>Now nobody will play with him

I feel kind of bad because it was my suggestion originally and it's pretty much killed his desire for 40k

>> No.55378738

>It has a bitz bin I get to dig through and look for deals.
You lucky bastard. There are way too many thieving little shits in my area for any LGS to even think of doing this. My favorite part of the hobby is modeling though for sure. Making your own dudes, setting up models, it's all so fun.

>> No.55378739

Were you not around for 5th, where IG and SW were the top armies of the game?

>> No.55378748

If they were WAACfags back then they'd have sold their unpainted shit and moved on at the end of 5th.

>> No.55378760


Does it matter? There is a difference between hobbyists who invest time and effort into their collections and gamers who want to play gray man space chess. The rules favor certain factions and then they don't. Just because an army is good in this moment doesn't mean everyone who plays it is cancer.

>> No.55378762

working on some arms for this guy at the moment, dealing with resin is so irritating but atleast it's not metal I guess.

>> No.55378763

That does sound pretty good and it's a very nice looking plane.

Any experience with fire prisms? The gun seems solid, but it's just one gun on an expensive platform.

Thanks, btw. I have zero eldar experience. Just building this army now - I've been a humie my whole career.

>> No.55378767

Yes it is Marxist, but it wasn't new then, and exists in other shit.

Yes, supremacisim is the distinguishing factor between racists and the racially biased. It just matters more if it is socially reinforced, and what society thinks effects how money moves and can exaspirate the effectiveness.

But yes, again only the first part of that last part is relevant to the discussion.

>> No.55378769

You are assuming WAACfags are of a singular type, rather than opportunists.

>> No.55378776

ugh. 225 is real steep.

Maybe they'll prove worth it for people using a terminator warlord?

>> No.55378779

Is there a more apt metaphor for 8th edition than the mass effect series?

ME1 was great, just like third edition. Then over the next several installments, things kept getting worse and worse, until finally you reach Andromeda/8th, which is unrecognizable from 3rd edition/1, required early patches to be playable due to massive oversights, and has almost none of the fluffy gameplay that made warhammer/mass effect great.

>> No.55378780


Are you seriously suggesting that every guard player is a waacfag because there was a time back in 5th edition when they were good? Because it sounds like that's what you are saying, and saying that would make you absolutely retarded.

>> No.55378787

Don't need to belive in shit for the definition of words to reference included concepts.

>> No.55378790

Don't the Night Lords already have that gimmick? Yes, I'm aware that they're hypocrites about it, but isn't it their thing?

>> No.55378793

I really dig the weathering, how'd you get it to look so natural?

>> No.55378797

Damn that looks good. Are you the same guy posting the red and black primaris in /wip/ a month or so ago? Are you running a custom chapter or is there a chapter with that scheme I just don't know about? Either way it looks great.

>> No.55378813 [DELETED] 

No, it literally does not matter if it is socially enforced. That has absolutely no part in whether or not something is racism. Niggers and whatever other shitskin are just as capable of racism as whites.

>> No.55378817

What's even more embarrassing is they both felt the need to show up against the tau. In their own codex fluff, A daemon primarch and the premier nurgle chaos lord had to show up to have a chance against based tau. They also had the tau Job hard enough to get in CQC with chaos marines. We all know if this was in the tau codex, Morty gets blown up by 3 riptides, typhus runs away and the slow ass death guard get outranged by tau superior weapons and hit and run tactics

>> No.55378819

Ehh, if it's Typhus he'll be behind pox, and anyone else isn't really worth it?

>> No.55378828 [DELETED] 

You're right, I never said that you were a marxist. Just that you love their meaty propaganda a lot.

>> No.55378829

I see the terms "Guardfag", "Imperiumfag" and "Chaosfag" thrown around multiple times daily.

You know who's derailing our threads out of pure jealousy?


>> No.55378837

>ME1 was great, just like third edition
Look at this faggot.
3e broke the game so hard that they needed to rerelease or patch half the major books for it to be not shit.
Hey, remember when power weapons ignored all armor saves? Remember when no TEQ model had an invul save unless they had an iron halo or daemonic and were functionally useless against any power weapon wielding model?

>> No.55378850

I used a bit of foam and just stamped out roughly where I wanted some weathering, it gives it a more natural look, also getting some lighter paint underneath the weathering for some added depth.
Yea that's probably me, i've only painted up 3-4 marines so far before getting distracted by the leviathan. It's my own homebrew chapter but people have pointed out it's simmilar to the "Knights of blood" scheme, just dark grey instead of gunmetal

>> No.55378852

Yes, I never said they couldn't be, only that they needed societies support to matter. If and where they have that support is a matter I've not opined on.

>> No.55378855

No, I'm talking about the longtime guard players who, with the advent of 5e, loaded up on chimeras, which were useless deathtraps before 5e, and bought valks and vendettas because they were almost uncontestable for half the edition's lifespan.

>> No.55378857

It's all bagged and priced. Store is huge though. Stealing would be so easy, but there are cameras some places and the bitz bin is by the mtg singles case at the register

>> No.55378860

Well either way, keep it up m8. You're doing a great job.

>> No.55378861

You did not have so many cheap power weapons or rerolls back then, excluded perhaps BA (honour guard) and Banshees

>> No.55378867

I think Baneblade treads are that big...

Otherwise anon would have to 3d-print them desu

>> No.55378878

Holy shit, post pics.
I wanna see this.

>> No.55378884

It's fucking shit. Way too overpriced.

If the shots weren't random on the multi shot modes it would be so much better. Right now, the most reliable mode is lance. However, you just don't need strength that high. Against T7 units (i.e most tanks) bright lances are just as effective.

Compare it to a twin bright lance wave serpent. The wave serpent is:
>more efficient firepower
>a transport
>protected by a serpent shield

A fire prism might be worth taking in an apocalypse game where big tanks are more common and the tables are much bigger.

My fire prism cost me 23 bucks, so I'm not as salty as I could be if I paid full price for it.

>> No.55378890

Anon, everybody calls everybody a fag in here. It's tradition.

>> No.55378899

This is what I have so far

Battalion regiment
Pedro Kantor
Rhino Primaris
Sniper scouts squad
5 man scout squad (not sure on loadout yet)
5 man tac squad w/ plasma gun + assback

Vanguard Detachment
Primaris Lieutenant
Hvy Support
Thunderfire cannon
PlasmaCannon Dev squad
ML Dev squad

I am thinking I need some elites, maybe an apothecary or ancient, maybe even assault centurions to handle melee

>> No.55378907

That's like saying transports were less shit just because AT was more expensive.
They had to patch survivability into high priced elite units because they fucked up so hard right off the rip, whereas power weapons, while dangerous in 2e, were manageable.
You are another 3/4e dickrider that doesn't know how bad the game got for 6 years.

>> No.55378910

I'm glad to hear that stores are still making the effort to let customers see products before they buy them at least, especially LGSs where thieving is so common. In my area all the cards are behind glass or a register now, even in some stores like Walmart or Target, just because so many kids come in and steal them. I'd love a bitz bin in my store since I love converting so much. I bought my brother one of the big box sets for Amonkhet a few months ago for his birthday and my LGS had even that huge ass box of cards behind the counter. Shit's fucking depressing.

>> No.55378912

You have to go bak

>> No.55378920

Sure thing, blueberry

>> No.55378922

Anyone have a mega for the Audiobooks looking for gaunt's ghosts mostly.

>> No.55378942

Fags are fags anon, and we're all fags.

>> No.55378943 [DELETED] 

Buy them you fucking nigger

>> No.55378944

Isn't playing that song considered a war crime punishable by death already ?

>> No.55378947

Time for him to make the tournament rounds before they nerf that shit. He can rack up enough prize support to use when scripts bcome shit

>> No.55378950

I played 3rd, I started with that one, but never competitively. I remember the patch for the termies, it was a big deal.
I also remember that the designer seemed to give a shit. The DE re-do was well studied, we felt the changes.

>> No.55378956

Maybe in tauspace

>> No.55378984

what, you have just 1 song as a warcrime? might wanna update your playlist

>> No.55379023

Frontline Gaming has confirmed that almost all major tournament organizers are now seriously considering an outright ban of Forge World. If that happens expect most local scenes to follow suit.

They did say however that Chapter Approved will be making points adjustments to Forge World units, not just GW ones, and that this MAY cause the ban to be lifted in just a few months if the TO's consider it an appropriate adjustment.

>> No.55379024

Im not paying $50 for an audiobook. falling for that kind of cash grab would make me a nigger

>> No.55379031

But the rest are all songs that I listen too

>> No.55379043

Naw, fuck that. I want Nids (and Orks) to remind Chaos that they're not the only ones who look at the galaxy and see a buffet. Have Nids toss around Chaos a bit, they've earned it at this point.

Just have someone write it while Aaron "Chaos will always win" Demski-Bowden is on vacation or something.

>> No.55379045

Yeah, compared to a predator that can take 4 S9 D6 damage shots, having only one shot that's an entirely unnecessary strength level but with extreme variance on the alt fire modes just isn't comparable.

You're right, the twin bright lance is just straight up better than the lance prism against non apocalypse units.

I actually happen to have some half built wraithguard I acquired as breakup booty so I might as well use those guys in a brightlance wave serpent to shore up my anti armor needs, though just looking at the unit sheet for fire dragons makes me thirsty for their straightforward melta power.

>> No.55379049

>tfw the CIA has been using Metallica to torture terrorists

>> No.55379056


Cult of the Warmason has a good portion from the perspective of a Genestealer Cult magus. Not QUITE nids but yeah. It's pretty good.

>> No.55379064

Lol, by the time they land the planet's already been ravaged by incurable spiritual plagues that the atheistic Tau have no hope of fighting. See that tiny force there? Those five Fire Warriors and the handful of drone? That's what left of the planet's garrison by the time the Death Guard come around to blow off steam after Konor.

>> No.55379072

I used to look down on FW bans but with how poorly FW is balancing and FAQing their 8E shit, I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.55379075

Packs and cards >1$ are locked up because those are so stealable. Bits bags are harder to slip Somewhere. But the store is legit. Has a rewards program for purchases

>> No.55379077


>> No.55379081

Played a 3000pt game against Thousand Sons today my dudes what are you anons up to? And sorry for the lack of batreps been screwed with school and work but maybe tomorrow I'll try to do one for you /tg/.

>> No.55379089

I don't believe stories like this because I don't believe any IG player is so stupid that he can't figure out he can simply turn his 50+ lasgun conscripts into 10 man squads of regulars or vets.

>> No.55379092

>dieing shadowsun turns to papa Nurgle
>for the greater goo .jpg
> t7 3+ 5++ 5+++ -2 to hit

>> No.55379106 [DELETED] 

Because it's owned by you, who are cancer.

See: your behavior, attention whoring, and constant photo spamming.

>> No.55379118

Is that guy's Kairos held together by fucking bluetac? Either way looks like a fun game.

>> No.55379133

If you really got into the look and feel of conscript spam, and painted it all, I could see shelving most of it kill your motivation.

>> No.55379140

Fire Dragons are fantastic for meme names:
>Spice Man and the Zesty Bois

They absolutely need a wave serpent to avoid being gunned down. I've been playing against nids a lot and I've found they're great for melting warriors if a big bug is too well protected.

>> No.55379179

Theymade the mistake of showing up on another army's codex. Surefire recipe for "technologically and tactically superior army that blasts away the opposition with combined arms and massive amounts of firepower" to turn into "LE NAIVE WEEABOO SPACE COMMUNISTS"

>> No.55379191

The only difference is the squad size.

>> No.55379193

Truth to power.

>> No.55379209


>> No.55379213

And the amount you can field, and the stats.

>> No.55379214

30 ork boyz

>> No.55379216

That's exactly what happened at octarius. The Blood crusade containing just about every major khorne character and a WAAC tier army showed up and thought they could steamroll the Xenos like they did every other force (save one) they came across. The Orks and nids fought them to a standstill until the bitch ass daemons left via warp storm and the mortals had to run away or end up being swarmed by gaunts or pulled down by lotz of grotz. Chaos fags will try to claim victory

>> No.55379227

>Need a wave serpents to avoid being gunned down

You could literally say that for every non-character infantry unit in the index.

>> No.55379235

One day I'll start a Guard army...

After I finish painting both my current armies, and then after I get my DE army


>> No.55379240

Aren't FLG in GW's pocket? Banning FW might seriously harm their profits. WAACfags with deep pockets (or mommy's credit card) are a force to be reckoned with/

>> No.55379247

You can field the same amount as infantry unless you had a truly absurd amount of conscripts. The stats are so close you wouldn't notice much of a difference.

>> No.55379258

Man, Primarchs are some bullshit. I think I'm gonna try to mathhammer how many points' worth of heavy shooting you need to put Morty down.

>> No.55379261

ITC has banned certain FW stuff before.

>> No.55379271

Yeah but fire dragons are maximum priority.

>> No.55379272

10 multimeltas do 1.5w, ham squads do 2.2 but can be screened and will be fucked over in proximity to Morty.

Screen and play points?

>> No.55379274

No. That's fucking stupid.

>> No.55379277

Playtesters aren't really "in GWs pocket" per se, and even if they were, FLG doesn't control what all the TOs do.

A ban might be a good way to get GW to take faster action since it would give motivation to fix FWs shitty broken rules so that it would get lifted and sales would go back up.

Honestly whoever over there who is responsible for the FW indexes should have been fired.

>> No.55379283

jesus, do you want these generals to be even more autistic shitflinging?

This guy has a fully painted army, and regularly posts new battle reports.

But yeah, "spam". As a Chaos player, I don't give a shit if someone plays a "cancerous" army, so long as they fucking contribute to these threads, jesus

>> No.55379292

An outright ban of Forgeworld? Why? Malefic lord spam is only the second most broken army next to blob guard which doesn't even use FW.

Banning it just means that nobody should show up unless they're IG.

>> No.55379301

>>Spice Man and the Zesty Bois
>>Handsome Hermano and his Caliente Compadres
Yeah the reroll ones against monsters and vehicles seems really nice. And truthfully, fire dragons are one of those sculpts that are so charming in their bombastic design that I would probably prefer them to anything that would replace them in the future.

Plus, they'd look great as a nice bright splash of color in the midst of all the ulthwe.

>> No.55379305

>doesn't realize most players agree 8th is the best edition ever made
>retarded /v/fag who likes Mass Effect

>> No.55379306


>> No.55379311

I've already heard the usual suspects claim Chaos went there to try and claim some secret objective they totally were after the whole time and left once it was completed. Didn't leave with their tails between their legs because they got their asses kicked by the real galactic threats, nosiree. They never get tired of that line of argument. You could have a campaign of Sanguinus reborn stomping repeatedly on Abaddon's shriveled nutsack with both feet for a week and chaosfags would still manage to claim that it was all part of his plan to claim the Holy Piece of Gum Stuck to Sangy's Powersoles and how it's yet another crushing victory for Chaos.

>> No.55379320

>it's another "cadia falls, everyone shitposts episode
Guard was a mistake
Marines were a mistake
Chaos was a mistake
01000110 01101100 01100101 01110011 01101000 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101101 01101001 01110011 01110100 01100001 01101011 01100101

>> No.55379325

I think there are more problem units than just Malefic Lords, those are just the super obviously most broken one.

An outright ban does seem a little extreme though, but it sounds like it might be a temporary measure until CA, and the IG Codex should nerf them back down to proper size. Around the start of 2018 we should see the REAL 8th edition meta begin to develop.

>> No.55379326

ME2 and the multiplayer in 3 were pretty great tho

>> No.55379329

Unless you had hundreds upon hundreds of conscripts you can could easily make room in a list for them.

>> No.55379331

>xenos players

>> No.55379339

I love the IG. As a former mechanized infantry medic, chimera's and leman russ's make my dick hard

>> No.55379365

Chimera vet msu and conscript horde are pretty different lists. You'd get 3 scripts from a vet squad, since they maxed meltaguns.

>> No.55379379

>retarded players

>> No.55379388

Dark reapers are much scarier from across the field. Thats twice as scary when they have yvraine. Fire dragons have meltaguns so they're only highest priority if they're actually going to be able to hit your tanks next turn. Dscythes could also be scarier if you have elite infantry or plan on charging the enemy any time.

But yes, they are a scary squad and will probably die 2 seconds after they step out of their transport because they're also squishy as fuck.

>> No.55379393

>obvious AdMech was obvious.

>> No.55379397

conscripts will always dominate the list though, they are so cheap that even a small points investment in them will make them the dominant part of your army.

The other thing to consider is that if you are switching to regular infantry squads over guardsmen then you are putting a fifth of your models on the sidelines on points alone not to mention special weapons and sergeants and any vox or the like you are taking with them. It feels shitty to have to pack up a large chunk of your models because people are shitty that conscript spam got alot better in 8th.

>> No.55379398 [SPOILER] 

>nobody pretends to be anyone else on an anonymous imageboard

ha ha, oh you.

>> No.55379411

You could always encourage your opponent to get good.

>> No.55379422 [SPOILER] 

>implying everyone isn't just a shitposting alpharius

>> No.55379424

True dat.

>> No.55379431

Primaris Ancients worth it?

>> No.55379440

So real talk, how do we fix conscripts? As a player that likes elite armies this meta fucking sucks for me.

For their Codex, would simply saying no orders be enough? I don't think it would be bad, but it still doesn't stop the spamming. I think the platoon structure could work

>> No.55379454

Not if you're playing Ultras, LD 10 is overkill.

>> No.55379471

Why don't more people run Plasma Inceptors?

I know they are expensive but they can delete entire units and tanks when they drop.

>> No.55379490

Make flamers not random hits, or make them D3+2 or D3+3. That way armies can have a more consistent horde-wiping tool.

>> No.55379492

fuck the guardhate fags tbqh, I started playing in 4th when guard were terrible and now that 8th has captured my interest in the game again people are shitty that model spam got good and even playing tank spam people get shitty at despite it not even being good.

>> No.55379500

Rolled 41, 38 = 79 (2d66)


>> No.55379552

I don't think even that would be enough.

>> No.55379583

Massed flamers are already pretty good. The problem with giving them a base number of hits is that it makes them stupidly good against single targets. Just give them something like "roll 2 dice and use the highest if the enemy unit has more than x models in it".

>> No.55379621

Reduced squad size would help. The more you can reduce the effectiveness of support elements for them the better.

>> No.55379625

They barely tickle most vehicles unless you overcharge but then you run the risk of killing your own unit. For killing vehicles at least there's far better options.

>> No.55379648

>8th edition best ever made
It isn't even the best edition divisible by four.
It's better than most editions most players have tried and it has some solid ideas. It also has some shit ideas like boutique rules and so forth. 8.5 if it comes around has the potential to be the best, though I won't hold my breath.

Huh. Didn't think kanz looked any good, but I just picked up half a dozen on the cheap. What's your list?

>> No.55379659

Well I play Ultras so Scions of Guilliman makes overcharging really safe since I reroll all 1s.

>> No.55379668

What is bad about FW aside from Malefics and Elysians?

>> No.55379699

People would argue the next few most likely: leviathans, field guns, lias issodon.

>> No.55379713

>t-they were wrecking xenos ass but had to leave because the warp storm!
>I-it was only a few hours, if they stayed longer they would have won
>they were only there to get skulls and they did
>t-they didn't send in all of their top head hunters to kill Ghaz or Swarmlord, they just so happened to all show up!
>t-they probably killed a bunch of hive tyrants and war bosses, they just didn't have time to kill the literal leaders of the next 2 biggest threats to the setting!
>b-but NPC!
When this first dropped, the amount of chaos assblastedness was amazing to behold

>> No.55379715

What's the best Night Lord books?

>> No.55379717

You're still just barely scratching vehicles with a nearly 400 point unit, assuming you take the full size. You'll do like 10 wounds to a T7 vehicle and about 6 to a T8 model while overcharging.

And then next turn the unit is stuck with it's dick hanging out and will probably get shot to hell. So in the end you've expended almost 400 points to kill a vehicle that in all likelihood cost far less than you spent trying to kill it.

>> No.55379718

the vendetta that for sure and not in a good way either

>> No.55379750

Rolled 6, 6, 3, 4, 6, 3 = 28 (6d6)

Giving it a go.

>> No.55379758

Super chicken

That was a terrible time. Reading how the Chaos rout was a "draw"

>> No.55379774


S-stop it! I didn't pick this army because it was good, I lost my first fifteen games! A-and I paint all my models!

No bully! NO BULLY!

>> No.55379783

Rolled 2, 3, 5, 2, 2, 4 = 18 (6d6)


>> No.55379798

>Ferrus Manus comes back (after the other Loyal Primarchs) as a dreadnought-primarch


>> No.55379804

Sornalax the Blessed

>> No.55379807

Is there a way I can field Malefic Lords as Imperial Guard?

I'm asking for a friend.

>> No.55379816

No. Have fabius try and make Fulgrim another Ferrus clone again.

>> No.55379820


Just give them the bomb treatment where they get another of hits equal to the models from the unit within the weapon range (8" in most cases). Against monsters and overwatch, the gun does d6 hits.

Honestly, I think flamers should have a dual profile
>Sweep - d3 damage
Does 1 hit for each model in target unit within gun range and excess damage spills over like mortal wounds/flails.
Does d6 hits to target unit

>> No.55379833

I'm loving all this butthurt towards Guard and Chaos players yet Tau and Eldar have been shitting things up since 2008(!)

Apologies, my ex-xenos brethren (Bad Moons).
Pic related.

>> No.55379835


I'm still hoping that a Headless Curze prince of Malal happens, but I know it won't.

>> No.55379897

A bit too strong on the sweep I think. Most template/blasts should just work like bombs do imo.

>> No.55379923

why would giving them a base number of hits if the unit has more than x models in it make them stupidly good against single targets?

>> No.55379935

Lessen Mortal Wound spam to avoid really roughing up elite armies.
Improve anti-infantry guns. Not baseline but scaling.

Like "add d6 shots for every 10 models"

>> No.55379936


>> No.55379945

The suggestion made no mention of giving them a base number of hits if the unit had more than x models, it just suggested giving it a base number of hits.

>> No.55379954

Dorn should be the dreadnought primarch, Ferrus is a member of the legion of the damned.

>> No.55379972

Since every faction is getting objective secured, you could make an exception with the IG codex and not give objective secured to conscripts. That would go a long way towards fixing their objective presence.

If that is accomplished, I'm not sure that they need anything else. maybe fix flamers. Personally, I think flamers should have >9 inch range so deep strike is viable with them.

Currently only nids and tau can deep strike with flamers and shoot the turn they land.

>> No.55379981

Tau need to use another unit though in order to less than 9'' DS

>> No.55380016

Lord of the Night or Blood Reaver

>> No.55380018

So my campaign rules are 1k no named characters and no forgeworld with most of the armies being mech/airborne IG, space wolves, orks and nids. How does this list look?

>Alpha Legion Vanguard
Daemon Prince- intoxicating elizer, 2x talons, warp time, and a warp bolter

Berzerkers x10- chainaxes, and champ has powerfist

Plague Marines x6- plasma gun and 2x blight launcher

Plague Marines x7- 1x blight launcher (meat shield for DP)

Havocs x5- 4 lascannon

Heldrake- flamer

I plan on using the stratagem to deep strike the zerkers, and hide the havocs in cover while the heldrake chases people down.

>> No.55380019

True, but both stealth suits and crisis suits are among the best units in the codex, so it isn't an issue. Tau were going to use those units regardless of the synergy they had with each other.

Nids have to use another unit to deep strike with flamers and shoot, because pyrovores can't deep strike. And that's a much more fringe case since pyrovores are shit.

>> No.55380024

Maybe people bought valks because they're cool models and one of, if not the best vehicle kit GW has ever produced (albeit retardedly overpriced for aircraft kits that size).

>> No.55380029

What possible reason does any GSC player have not to take a list composed entirely of these bad boys with a few characters to buff them? They're so good, and so cheap, that you can easily right into any gunline your opponent can create long before they can chip away meaningful numbers of them.

>> No.55380039

I dunno, they seem really good at infiltrating!

>> No.55380041

2d6 drop lowest averages out to 4.47, while 1d6 averages to 3.5. What you proposed is essentially a +1 to flamer hits, though less consistent. Personally I don't think that's enough, and I prefer the simpler execution of a flat bonus.

>> No.55380044

Pic related.

>> No.55380058

>want to play orks
>don't want to buy old ass boyz in fear that they will get updated when the codex drops

Do I just fucking do it or what? Some of these ork models are fucking OLD.

>> No.55380061

The nid version is better, and more consistently turn 1 charging thanks to the swarmlord. GSC are in a bad place right now, and they're only really viable as a minimal detachment to enable nids to ally with guard.

>> No.55380069

I am considering changing a squad over to melee plague marines but I don't want to be too dependent on melee from slow ass units

>> No.55380071

How the fuck does anything of that fit with Alpha Legion

>> No.55380081

There's some newer AoS Ork models, right? You could kitbash those.

>> No.55380089

Counts as Guard or counts as GSC? Which would be the best for space rats?

>> No.55380092

undivided legions means any devoted unit can join them now. It's shit fluff.

>> No.55380093

Alpha legion machinations aren't always obvious. To be clear I don't need fluff advice, thanks

>> No.55380097

you would never expect it

>> No.55380118

The problem with flat extra hits is that there are many units that can take multiple flamers. So those 3 hits guaranteed can end up being an extra 9 in addition to whatever extra hits you roll. 3 flamers would always at minimum hit 12 times.

Massed flamers can already annihilate hoards, giving them a minimum number of hits is going to be a tad much.

>> No.55380154

ok but tactically is it crap or what? I could drop the havocs and a PM for a las defiler or drop the havocs for a las helbrute and upgrade some PM. I was going to make a fluffy DG list but I need an army ready to play Saturday morning

>> No.55380171

Oh fuck off WAACfag

>> No.55380178

>Didn't think kanz looked any good

They actually outclass Meganobz as assault troops. Kans are 51 points base, 57 as the cheapest loadout with a Big Shoota. But they pull a lot of weight for that. They're 5 wounds at T5, with a 3+ save, making them surprisingly durable. Kan Klaws strike at Str 8, with -3 AP and 3 damage. That lets them take on virtually any vehicle or armoured unit. They'll struggle against hordes but that's what you have Gorkanauts or Boyz for.

They have two big weaknesses: WS5+ and Morale. WS5+ can be somewhat negated by including a WAAAGH banner nob nearby since he does buff walkers, not just infantry, but even then, kans hit so hard that any hits that do get through are going to hurt. And they're packing 4 attacks per Kan if the unit size is 3 or more. That's a lot of swings.

Morale is the big one. It's absolutely recommended to hold onto some CP to auto-pass morale checks on Kans, or having a Warboss nearby to bash them up if they try to run. It really hurts to lose a whole Kan or two to Morale given the cost of the models, and they don't benefit from Mob Rule.

>> No.55380187

your synergy is crap but i cannot advise since i've been getting my ass beaten in 40k lately. out of my last 5 games i won 1, got tabled, and narrowly lost 3 more times

>> No.55380197

Tell a story to go with your pictures next time you degenerate devil-worshiping heretic

>> No.55380207

Have flamers do extra damage on a 6+ to wound +1 for every 10 models in the unit to show the fire cascading through the unit.

>> No.55380217

I think +3 would be insane. But +2 is fine, and a lot simpler than the rerolling dice equivalent (you would have to roll 6 dice and take the highest to get an equivalent bonus to a simple +2 modifier).

>> No.55380226


>> No.55380236

As in latin

>> No.55380241


>> No.55380247

Duncan says REE

>> No.55380254

Renegades and Heretics, with Grey Seers being your malefic lords.

>> No.55380264

Make that SKIT-AR-EE

>> No.55380278

Why are you crying so much? It isn't like I am running anything OP, just taking a decent legion trait. Tell me where in the AL fluff it says that they only use cultists, and standard CSM for every engagement

Yeah that is a concern.

>> No.55380283

What's the best way to load out backline devastator squads?

Sergeant loadout/ any extra marines/ cherub/ mixing weapons/ etc

>> No.55380286

i as in Ski or Shit (either is acceptable)

>> No.55380303

Damn, didn't know Duncan had autism.

>> No.55380346


>> No.55380373

Any tips on building Chaos Terminators? I've got a few bodies of vanilla termies and some really cool alternative bodies with no weapons. I'm planning on getting a box and I'm looking for the best wargear options. Deathwing Knights look good, with a whole bunch of maces and axes. Is there anything better? And please don't say Chaos Terminator box, it's shit and it's old. And it only has two power axes.

>> No.55380385

any random # of shot weapons (excluding flamers) roll a d6 for every ten models in the squad past the first ten.

Commissars cause 1 mortal wound for every ten men in a squad that he takes the morale check for.

>> No.55380391

Chaos Terminator Lord is good.

>> No.55380404

Poxwalker focused Death Guard?

>> No.55380427

Use Cataphracti with the axe upgrade from FW.

>> No.55380437


I love you

>> No.55380451

Tzeentch Daemon Prince

>> No.55380558

How does my wraithost list look? The idea is that the farseer teams up with wraithblades and each wraithguard gets a spiritseer.

Should I try to make room for d-scythes instead?

>> No.55380605

Spiritseers are kinda garbo because they need to be within 6 inch of the ENEMY to gain the buff.

>> No.55380619


We shall take these hollow worlds, and make a hell of them

>> No.55380648

Dropping spiritseers for warlocks lets me give everyone singing spears and fully pimp the wave serpents. That's probably better.

>> No.55380760

That doesn't mean anything if you can't get to the fucking objective because there's so god damn many of them

>> No.55380789

You will always want more Boyz. just get more Boyz until the codex drops.

>> No.55380806


Also the Wraithseer is garbo. Worst psychic powers around.

>> No.55380814

My vote is find a minor chapter with little background but a cool colour scheme and maybe a neat mention or two in the fluff. Best of both worlds.

>> No.55380827

Who makes the best video battle reports?

>> No.55380861

But it's so fluffy. Plus with the d cannon and the ghostspear, it's going to fuck shit up.

Plus you can stack his -1ld power with the -1ld from farseer powers rolling on 3d6 thanks to shadow spectre.

>> No.55380889

can you consolidate into melee contact with a different enemy unit after killing all of the unit you originally charged? if you have a stratagem that lets you fight again at the end of the fight phase, could you then fight the 2nd unit?

>> No.55380892

It's gonna get shot at by by AT weapons and get wiped turn 1.

>> No.55380910

That would be so fucking left field I'd allow it.

>> No.55380927

With two or three CPs of Admech magic then 6 Kastelans firing all at once can kill him, or 20 Electropriests charging. Latter is a third the price of the former, but the majority of the Epriests will get gutted in the process even with a seamless 20-man charge which is unlikely. Really they mostly just force him to be careful about closing to melee range too early until he's downed a few.

Former requires 6 Kastelans, Datasmith, Wrath of Mars and Cawl, which is about twice Morty's cost, but can also be used to annihilate pretty much anything else as well.

>> No.55380943

Orks are actually fucking really good right now, with just their index, when we get our codex I think we'll be nigh unstoppable

>> No.55380948

I mean I could drop both it and the wraithguard for another unit of wraithguard in a serpent but I don't think that is quite as good.

>> No.55380958


Except you had no reply to anything what's been said because it's in the fucking book itself. The daemons stay as long as the Warpstorm stays. Once the Warpstorm starts moving, the daemons have no choice but to relocate with it. This could have taken hours or days but not certainly not enough no wipe the whole planet of xenos.

The Blood Crusade as per the lore had no objective but to fight for fighting's sake in every area the storms take them and they did so. As long as the Blood Crusade keeps trucking along and reaping blood and skulls for Khorne, it'sa victory. It had no objective other than that.

So Chaos did win and you are mad about it, you salty bitch.

>> No.55380967

desu there's no way in my mind they're gonna update orks THAT much. We're prolly gonna get a new sculpt/rules for Ghaz, and maybe some of our ancient as fuck shit like buggys etc.

>> No.55380978

I hear people saying this, but can't see it. Except for Green Tide (boring) it seems subpar.

>> No.55380991

Wraithblades with ghostswords are really good.

175 points for 20 strength 6 attacks on the charge is brutal. Buff with enhance to hit on 2s. Have the spiritseer with them for rerolling 1s. Slaughters anything.

>> No.55381025

What do you have?

>> No.55381055

Stormboy spam is really goddamn good. Morkanauts with KFFs are solid with boy support. Walker Horde is fairly exceptional. Boys with proper buff-stuff (waaagh banner, ghazzy/warbosses, big meks kff) is good.

Orks are upper mid tier imo, having played a fuckload of games with them in 8e so far. With our codex we'll get that push we need to be great. At least I hope.

>> No.55381058

That's it.
I should really make a pasta as it comes up every thread.

>> No.55381079

too bad adeptus mechanicus dont have fliers

>> No.55381108

Also I will say, there ARE problems in the dex, a lot of stuff is overpriced, especially our transports, you can't bring a trukk boy list with bike support like the good ol days.

Lootas are still too random to be good. Still no reason to buy flashgits.

Tankbustas are fucking awesome tho, bring some of them.

>> No.55381115

2 Calth, 1 Prospero, 2 knight Wardens, 2 drop pods, 5 csm termies, 2 boxes of raptors, a box of normal CSM, 50+ cultists, and a rhino plus a ton of recast bits. It's all in various stages of together with only a handful painted, but there is a lot of shit magnetized

>> No.55381123

Morkanaut is just a KFF carrier, guns are too inaccurate for their shitty RoF and its melee ability is just plain inferior to its cousin.

As for Walker horde: kans are rather like the morkanaut, not enough shots vs hordes/good armour and missing 2/3 in melee blows.
Dredd is nasty AF in melee but costs a shitload and most armies wont let it get close enough.

>> No.55381157

Am I wrong for thinking the KFF is kinda retarded for giving an aura of 5++ to an army that frequently fields 120+ models?

>> No.55381210

Considering you can run any Imperial flier in an AdMech list that really isn't an issue.

>> No.55381214

They generally need it, most of the time we're so slow crossing the table half or more of the army is shot dead before getting to you.

Morkanaut is a KFF carrier that does very well in melee, it's inferior because it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

I took a triple Naut list with 90 boys to my local tourney scene a couple months back and I got 3rd place overall out of 26 IIRC.

>> No.55381222


Assuming you mean it's retarded strong, then it's not really. If it was units within 9", then you'd probably be right. But units have to be entirely within the radius, and whilst it's technically possible to get two or so big mobs under it, this is unlikely to continue since you want to be Advancing every turn to get your Boyz stuck in ASAP. You could hold back, but then you're just bleeding more boyz if it takes you longer to reach melee.

A naked Big Mek with KFF is also 75 points. That's 12.5 Boyz, so you need to save at least 13 Boyz from death before it pays for itself. Otherwise you'd just have been better off taking 13 more Boyz. A 5++ save is nice, as any Daemon player will tell you, but it's not something you rely on. All too often that Boyz mob won't make that many saves.

>Walker Horde is fairly exceptional.

I've run pure Dread Mob in 7 games now in 8th. I've won four times and lost 3 times. Now you might think that's a pretty good record, but the thing is that it's unbelievably swingy. Against certain comps, you just straight up lose. Against others, you pretty much straight up win. There's no middle ground.

Which is rather the problem with Green Tide right now too. I've taken 150 Boyz against a Sisters list that utterly demolished me. So many bolters, so many extra shooting phases. It was insane. Against other lists though, I've walked right over them.

>> No.55381228

>still this assblasted
>every major khorne character showed up and they still got routed
Actually everyone had perfect responses to the dumbass "b-but chaos totally won guise!" it was just one assblasted chaos faggot (You) who couldn't accept that ONE out of two times out of a total of thousands of battles that the Blood crusade didn't achieve overwhelming victory was at octarius. I'm not gonna start this shit again, Carnac, everything that needed to be said was said. The daemons may have left instantly via warp storm, but the mortal half of the army got left behind and either was routed completely or got butchered. And we know the world eaters, who showed up in their best approximation of legion strength, and kharn weren't wiped out or trapped on octarius in an ongoing battle, so they either ran away or daddy khorne had to pull their pussy asses out before they got swarmed by gaunts and grotz.

Also the orks got a mighty fine scrap out of it and the hivemind got experience against the best khorne has to offer on top of tons of biomass, so if getting blood and skulls counts as a win for chaos even though they forfeit the match, then orks and tyranids won just as much of not more.

>> No.55381235

>it's inferior because it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

Mate it's more expensive than the Gorka

>> No.55381245

S'why Xenos weren't counted as winning or losing.

>> No.55381255

>Paying for default weapons.
8ths single biggest flaw.
Make it simple... by adding unavoidable busywork.

>> No.55381272

When you said cousin I thought you meant the knight

Also...I never noticed the attack profile. How did I never notice...

Well maybe I'll be trying triple Gorkanaut with bigmek sheilds and 90 boys at my next tourney. Trick is to keep the fucker alive it NEEDS KFF, but so do the boys. Prolly gonna go for a rewrite.

>> No.55381313

And look the motherfucking faggot did not write anything substantial to rebuke what I said.

Hey, fgt, how many times you need to be told that the Blood Crusade had no objective other than just murdering and reaping skulls as long as the warpstorms allow them to remain in their random locations? it wasn't like Khorne's attempt at Terra where he clearly lost because his objective there was the Emperor's head. The Blood Crusade reaped their tally and were relocated by the storm. It's not forfeiting, that's how the Blood Crusade worked. As for the mortals they tagged along and whether death or murder their offerings pleases Khorne. Khorne was only pleased by the slaughter.

Chaos won. The Blood Crusade marched and more blood was had. The only way the Blood Crusade could have lost is for something to obliterate it.

> got experience against the best khorne has to offer on top of tons of biomass,

WRONG. As shown in Shadowbrink the Tyranids cannot retain information about Chaos. Also Chaos tainted biomass is a no-no.

Only the Orks benefited from the scarp

>> No.55381357

This may be my issue. I've been playing a deffskullz Kult ov Speed since 3e. So although I have options, I don't have many of the ones people are talking about.

Stormboyz looked strong, not surprised that they are good. Boyz are good at what they do when fielded en masse, but bugger playing a footslogger horde.

>> No.55381377

Yeah speedfreaks are super bad right now, all our vehicles and fast attack (except dakkajet and stormboys) are overpriced as fuck.

The strong part of orks right now comes from us having the most solid troops in the game, with a bunch of good ways to support that mainline.

>> No.55381379

New thread
Tight ship and tidy pasta

>> No.55381396

So I guess I wait for the codex to see if I play Orks or Marines this edition.

>> No.55381398


Sadly Kult of Speed is probably the worst build we have now. All Ork ranged weapons are overpriced (28 fucking points for a twin-linked Rokkit Launcha?), transports are overpriced (Trukk is 82, Rhino is 72) and Buggies, Koptas and Bikes are all overpriced.

>> No.55381420

Given that orks are good with the Index theres no way they'll be getting worse.

>> No.55381474

>theres no way they'll be getting worse.
You know back before out 7th ed codex landed people all said "anything is better than a 8 year old outdated codex."

>> No.55381778

>Best Race

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