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How do you like to play Evil, /tg/?

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>implying Light was the evil one and not L

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OP that's clearly a paladin of justice

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Selfish to a fault

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Two options:
>Over the top, card carrying villain
>"There is not such thing as evil or good, I am what I am"

There's no way I go inbetween, and sometimes I even do both and play the Dr. Doom

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I don't.

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But that's a good guy.

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Paladin of falling off a ferris wheel.

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Light flew too close to the sun. L just made sure his wings burned.

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>good guy
>forces gf to take the Death Note from him just to make her feel guilty before she dies

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fuck off ya tankie cunt

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Different kinds of edgelords.
But I like when my edgelords actually on a good terms with their party/teams/allies.

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From most of my experiences in playing one...

> Selfish and vile, completely irremediably evil.
>A horrible person who commits countless horrifying acts to achieve his goals, but his actual motivations are not inherently the wrong course of action for the world.

First one is bit more fun to just kind of relish in, while the latter takes a lot more build up and work to make it fully functional within a campaign.

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>people referencing the netflix adaptation

Please stop

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>people referencing the good version

The anime is trash.

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Oh please, it wasn't tha bad. It gave L and Misa a character finally.

And Willem Dafoe as Ryuk? C'mon. thats awesome!

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How come people don't reference Dragonball Evolution as much as American Death Note despite them being about on par with each other?

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I just don't like playing evil characters, so the only memorable evil character I've played was a drow vampire that I built as a "face" (at least as much of a face as a socially awkward guy like me could do) in what turned out to be a borderline-epic-level slugfest against powerful dragons and rival fiends. She spent most of her time filing/painting her nails because she could do just about nothing in battle. When she did get in a social situation, she wasn't half bad, but she just wasn't made for the campaign.

Ideally I'd play a game without alignments, but since my group refuses to play anything aside from PF I just play good or neutral characters. It doesn't help that my DM is seemingly LE in real life.

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I thought it was funny that made L a total aspie freak in the movie.

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I don't remember that episode.

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It's in the movie.

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Have you considered seeing if you can form a side group that is interested in playing a different game?

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With a little bit of variety. There's a lot of kinds of evil, might as well mix it up.

One arc you've got the tragic villian with solid motivations. Next time, it's just a sick bastard out for kicks. After that, it's some guy with motives that are 'good' until you actually think about them.

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His only fault was killing police officers, and not boning his fucking IDOL girlfriend in the mouth every day.

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Such a fucking joke. When will america stop shitwashing movies?

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Oddly, my evil characters tend to be the ones that most people consider 'good'

It may be because a lot of my evil characters are sly, quiet and helpful. They'll try the hardest of all the group to save the day, while keeping themselves safe and beloved. The facade only goes down when heroics won't get the job done, or someone sees through the ruse, but an escaped prisoner can be attributed to clumsiness, a dead guard can be explained away with crocodile tears and claims of assault.

Some of my evil characters never actually decend into real villainy. They save the day because a ruined world can't supply their needs and get what they wanted all along as a reward.

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But the Netflix movie was superior.

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light was a fucking pussy in the movie. totally ruined the whole thing

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Did he post an image of the movie or the anime?

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L was pretty spergy in that movie, guy was like a living /pol/ in Shia's CTF

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I like to be sutble whenever playing evil characters. Someone who the party needs for buffing and charismatic shit, and can easily gain the trust of many. I had a RoTRL campaign where I was part of the big ol evil group and it never dawned on the party till the tpk second book. played an inquisitor that devoted herself to the cult after time away from her church. Would kill enemies obviously and act as if I was disgusted by their ideals when really she was disgusted that theses 'enemies' were weaklings and didnt have the strong ideals to keep up. Was the face of the party and gained the trust of the backliners. When we fought up in the belltower, i waited for frontline to deal with the boss while I turned on our cleric and managed to push him out the window. My friends still don't trust me even though we're on a new campaign and I'm playing a LG cleric.

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>caring about the OP

Lurk moar newfag

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Light was depicted as an actual human being, not an over-the-top anime character. It was fucking glorious.

He's the kind of guy who would watch Death Note and say "Light did nothing wrong."

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Pretty similar to any other PC. People thin "Evil" has to mean "Villainous". It doesn't. I once played an aging wizard who had turned to Necromancy to stall (or ideally prevent) his death. Lived in a hut in a swamp, kidnapped kids every once in a while, that kind of thing.

You know what gets in the way of living forever? The world ending. So he fought the same bad guys as the rest of the PCs, helped them, looted shit with them, at one point begged a vampire to bite him, and otherwise behaved like anyone else in an adventuring party. "Evil" would come out occasionally (he was particularly unconcerned with the fate of prisoners, and "interrogation" duty was kind of de facto his job), but otherwise being evil is secondary to staying alive and making sure the world doesn't end (unless your particular brand of evil requires the world ending I guess, which is probably a poor fit for an adventuring PC).

I guess what I'm saying is this: Being evil isn't a full-time job. Someone making a"Good" PC doesn't mean they're doing good shit all the time. It just means that when presented with a situation between taking the easy way and taking the morally upright way, they choose the second. Evil characters don't. They still eat and sleep, they still kill monsters, they loot all the same items, they're capable of working in teams, they even get caught up in grand plans to save the world. It's just, when it's a matter where a character's moral virtuousness is being tested, they fail (or rather choose differently) than "Good" characters do.

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Debatable evil. I like to cross the line with other people so that I still can argue that although my methods are questionable, my motives are fair and they have deserved it. Justice not mercy.

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You know I never thought about it that way. You could easily have an Evil character that never betrays the party because she is afraid of what would happen if her betrayal doesn't actually take them out.

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I really like this idea of an evil character that is contextually good or not exactly investing a lot of energy into being evil. Makes roleplaying an Evil character a lot more viable.

Like, if she was forced into ultimate power or some shit then, yeah, we gettin some evil goin. However, she isn't going to actively seek out that power or even take risks about getting it.

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When there's no more money to be made.

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i have never thought that light "did nothing wrong" and im sure i can't be the only one to enjoy the anime without it being some impotent, nerd rage, power fantasy. if light isn't a super villain it's just not fun anymore.
speaking of stuff that's not fun anymore. my favorite character, lights dad, fucking sucks in the movie.

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>i have never thought that light "did nothing wrong"

...where did the post say you did?

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> if light isn't a super villain it's just not fun anymore.


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Light's dad was fucking godlike. Excellent depiction of a borderline abusive parent who's the result of being pushed to the end of his rope.

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Because half the fun is Light making bullshit keikakus like the potato chip scene, or how he killed Ray Penber, or the Naomi Misora episode.

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The episode where he kept trying to kill Penber's wife was just the GM repeatedly giving a player constant persuasion/bluff rolls to get out of writing themselves into a corner.

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Not him, but I think he was trying to say he enjoyed Light's character in the anime without sympathizing with him, and implied that this was counter to most people who enjoy his character being edgelords because they agreed with his morals and/or used him as a self-insert power fantasy

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>the fun isn't 100% when Light gets shot and is begging for his life

He's an evil Mary Sue. Just like all Mary Sues, the only enjoyment you get is when they suffer.

Netflix preserved the only good character in Death Note and changed all the rest for the better.

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it didn't, i guess i mean light shouldn't be relatable and if you do relate to him you are, in my humble oppinion, watching it wrong.
he sorta is a super villain tho? and the only one that can take him down is super detective L
i didn't get that from him at all. i got almost no lasting impression of him what so ever

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omg this. It was so fucking boring to watch that bullshit. I assumed it was a filler arc but apparently that shit happened in the manga too.

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Wait, so his whole argument is to defend his reputation on an anonymous message board?

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he's not evil but you can do a pretty reliable evil character like him

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>super villain
>dresses like a normal person
>in a world where people look like regular people
>his supervillain power is writing names in a notebook that doesn't look terribly out-of-place

That is one fucking lame super villain

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>i didn't get that from him at all.

Watch the movie again. That is his character to a "t." I was tearing up when he slammed L on the table for bringing all the cops to try and arrest Light.

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>god complex
>evil alias
>intelligent and manipulative
>supernatural ability to murder

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2 different options.
The first is the ruthless pragmatist, the one that does not really come across as evil, he just does his thing along with the rest of the group, untill there is an option to take the quick and easy route over the moral high road. This character is never afraid to use a bit of assassination or black market dealing to get what he wants. Often also has his own business running alongside the main plot, and our GM likes to mine those small business initiatives for plot hooks.

the second one is just a simple person with simple tastes, that just happen to be expensvie. Maybe they like gambling, or whoring, or they are on some kind of narcotics, or maybe they have an expensive lifestyle in general. Whatever their issue is, they need a good amount of money, and they will do what they need to do to get what they want. that same principle flows through their entire character, nd these guys tend to be extremely self-centered and petty.

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You know, when you talk with someone you, need to engage what they say. Unless you are accepting that I am correct in saying anime Light is a lame super villain.

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Be a complete uncaring dick to npc's yet treat the party like my only friends/family

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Either as someone who's a bad day away from killing friends and summoning demons or as someone whose goals blind him to the evils he causes, a "means justify the ends" guy.

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>pic unrelated

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ok. in the context of the world he inhabits he is not a lame villain. i guess it's the word "super" you have a problem with?

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Always with bravado and never betray your pawns. Anyone else however is fair game.

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A near-sociopath trying to do good. Still capable of empathy and forming meaningful relationships, but at the sametime willing to regularly perform a specific set of decidedly, irredeemably Evil actions in the pursuit of their goals with zero compunctions. It just so happens those goals are Good-aligned, or at least Neutral-leaning-Good.

An absolute bastard willing to sink far lower than some villains, but still trying to be a hero. Because it's not about being morally superior, it's about stopping the fucker who's trying to ruin everything for everyone.

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>Mary Sue
Stop misusing your buzzwords. Light isn't a Gary Stu, he's a fucking sociopath.

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So /tg/, how would you redo Kira into a credible threat in a super-hero setting?

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No, sociopaths aren't perfect calculators and masters of human manipulation. Mary Sues are.

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Make him wear a silly outfit. That's it. You're done.

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Don't quote that train wreck of a movie.

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Seems more like a psychopath then, people get the two confused.

I don't get the claim of Mary Sue despite the fact his plans fall apart completely and he fails to achieve his childish utopian dream which is called out on multiple times in the show, leaving behind plenty of carnage he wrecks on his friends and family.

Tl;dr young people are stupid and will easily fall into murderous ideologies if given the chance

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Why wouldn't someone quote an awesome move?

>> No.55374294


Not psychopath's either. Light is a Mary Sue.

>Tl;dr young people are stupid and will easily fall into murderous ideologies if given the chance

Which is what I love the Netflix movie for. It's 100% about how the anime would play out in the real world.

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Light's not a Mary Sue, just an over-the-top villain. His plans have flaws which are exploited, he has character traits called out as negative that are actually detracting from his potential, and above all else he doesn't subsume the rest of the cast into a gestalt of "LIGHT IS SO AWESOME!"

A good litmus test is this: If you can point to a scene that was interesting and didn't involve the alleged Sue, they're not a sue. L's interrogation of Misa qualifies.

Light and L are hammy, magic-smart, and the show centers on the two of them, but they're not Mary Sues because the other is present to provide balance.

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>Light was depicted as an actual human being, not an over-the-top anime character.
It's almost as if Death Note is supposed to be an anime or something.

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> they're not Mary Sues because the other is present to provide balance.

Nah, they are just both Mary Sues. The only thing that can stop a Mary Sue is another one.

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Not all anime characters are over-the-top you know.

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I take a goal, I put some moral and ethical obstacles in my way, and then I justify why my goal is more important. Then I kinda let the slippery slope of "the question isn't who will let me, but who can stop me" take control as consequences of the first act spiral madly out of my control and ruthlessness becomes the only weapon I have to keep myself out of a freefall.

Once it sucks and I like how it sucks, I'm in the mood to be a proper villain.

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it was fucking terrible, and i didn't think highly of the anime to begin with. Granted, it wasn't bad, just obvious. the movie was simply terrible.

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Do you even know what Mary Sue is?

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Classic /v/ermin move. Just say opinions without presenting evidence.

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I don't think you do, 'Cause you seem to be confusing hyper-competency with being a character who has no flaws. And Light Yagami is a very flawed character.

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Oh in our world he certainly has flaws.

In the world of Death Note? Flawless.

>> No.55374554

So... he IS flawed. Thank you for agreeing with me.

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No problem.

It's actually the reason that I love the Netflix movie. It focuses on Light's flaws and his character revolves around how those flaws lead to his downfall. In fact, all the characters are undone by their flaws (all of which are present in the anime) with the exception of Ryuk.

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Which is a worse anime adaptation:

>Dragonball Evolution
>American Death Note
>American Avatar

Pick only one.

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>Play the Dr. Doom
That or Handsome Jack style

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>Light is a Mary Sue
You keep repeating this, hoping that repitition will make others believe it, but it won't, because you're blatantly wrong. A Mary-Sue is a flawless character, usually an expy of the author, who is liked by everybody and never makes mistakes.

Not a single one of those things describes Light Yagami. Stop misusing your buzzwords before they all get as played-out and meaningless as "autism" and "edgy" have become.

>> No.55374744

>who is liked by everybody

Pretty sure Light had a cult praising him before he died.

>> No.55374755

I lit my copy of D:E on fire in the smoke pit after I forced myself to suffer through it. That's my opinion.

>> No.55374760

You sound like a gigantic autist. Is this bait, or are you really this retarded?

>> No.55374769

>A Mary-Sue is a flawless character, usually an expy of the author, who is liked by everybody and never makes mistakes.


>> No.55374774

And is a cult "everybody"?

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>> No.55374809

He was giant boring, bitch. Anime one was interesting but I guess being ambitious is unrealistic now.

>> No.55374812

And so it begins, the final stage of a shitpost's existence.

>> No.55374853


Or you could just post a link.

Are you seriously that lazy?

Alternatively you can admit that the term is nebulous and has no specific definition, as the anon is attempting to proclaim.

>> No.55374857

Lawful Evil, is best Evil.

>> No.55374883

movie-light had a cult to

>> No.55374918

>Are you seriously that lazy?
Yes. I don't particularly care if you believe me, because whether you do or do not believe has absolutely no impact on whether or not you're wrong.
>the term is nebulous and has no specific definition
It did until retards shat it up, like they did with "autism" and "edgy". Mary-sue/Gary-studom was a very big talking point on ff.net a good fifteen years ago, and only recently has 4chan started misusing the term to the extent it does today.

>> No.55374920

And then you'll call his link unreliable. We all know how this dance goes.

>> No.55375016

I mean that is literally what it means.

>> No.55375043

>that is literally what it means

>> No.55375077

Selfish and has little regard/empathy for people who aren't dear to him

>> No.55375167


You thought it was boring to see that shithead scream when he first saw Ryuk?

That was the most sympathetic I have ever seen

>> No.55375176

Avatar has always been an American cartoon, Mother's Basement, and no matter how many videos you post claiming contrary that won't change.

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Holy fuck you got a really nice glass house set up there. Too bad you don't invite guests.

>> No.55375209


I'm actually hoping he realizes that there is no reputable source for a single definition the term. At best you can have a vague idea of how it is used over a specific definition.

>> No.55375224

Cartoon mustache-twirling kind of villain with megalomaniac plots.

Everyday pragmatism with lack of empathy would be much easier, but I'm not going to break character out of character.

>> No.55375225


>This widely-used term has one definition and that's the definition I find most convenient right now

>> No.55375245

No, Mary-sue has a pretty specific meaning to anybody who understands how and why the term was coined. Your problem is that you do not.

>> No.55375248


Only when I want to upset a friend.

>> No.55375252

You are a retard.

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>> No.55375305


>idioms have exactly one definition and that is the definition it was used with during its creation

>> No.55375329

If this is your argument, then no words mean anything, the definition of a term depends on whoever is using the term alone, and a fish can be a cake. But then, you're a poor troll, so I'm sure this was your intent all along.

>> No.55375386

Self interested. Charismatic. Ruthless.

Generous to his subordinates, so long as they know their place.

Fiercely loyal to his friends, an absolute nightmare to his enemies.

Willing to take any path available to more power, so long as it does not violate his own code.

Constantly advancing, pushing upward, and plotting methods to better acquire power and defeat his enemies.

So, basically, Dr. Doom.

>> No.55375396

>Self interested.

>> No.55375421


>if this is your argument, then no words mean anything

Then good thing that's not the argument. Good on you for actually exploring the argument! Your post is almost a strawman.

>> No.55375431


I'm not sure what you mean here. It is possible to be both.

See: Every successful politician in history.

There is this thing people can do called lying.

>> No.55375448

>Generous to his subordinates
>Fiercely loyal to his friends
>Does not violate a strict code of ethics
How are these the traits of a villain? Is he only a villain because he's on the "wrong side of history"?

>> No.55375492


>strict code of ethics

This is where things start to fall apart.

Specifically the definition of those "ethics"

>> No.55375510

But why would you suddenly talk about Light Turner without telling us who you're talking about when previous conversation was about Light Yagami?

>> No.55375512

"I am most merciful of men.
However standards must be maintained."

>> No.55375524

That's the only problem with Victor, huh?
>tfw the "heroes" have been trying to solve the problem with violence when all that was neccessary was a debate on the subject of morality

>> No.55375528

>Is he only a villain because he's on the "wrong side of history"?

Every villain is a villain because they're on the wrong side of history.

>> No.55375560


Is David Xanatos a villain?

He's got all of that.

He's a villain because he likely does not care about conventional morality. He cares about his in group, and he acts positively towards his employees because positive reinforcement is a better motivator and more likely to result in better morale and higher quality minions.

He is loyal to his friends because in return he can expect loyalty from them, which allows him to better achieve his goals. He punishes betrayal worst of all.

I don't remember saying the word 'strict' code of ethics, I just said he has a code.

Many villains have a code. There are a bunch who won't kill innocents except when necessary, who refuse to attack women and children, who avoid torture, etc. The whole trope of Noble Demon implies a type of villain for whom honor is of paramount importance.

And it's fucking Lawful evil. Obviously some kind of rules are going to be in play.

In a lot of cases, that code is the only thing standing between the villain and Chaotic Evil.

Also, having a code is humanizing, can convince the Hero to bargain or discuss when otherwise they would simply attack (leaving them open to manipulation), and can result in a less stringent punishment if captured ( a sane hero would put a bullet in the Joker, but understand that Mr. Freeze had a reason for his crimes).

Also it makes you more likely to be loved by the populace. Fear is good, but you get the most loyalty by genuinely providing benefits that keep the people happy and by seeming like the kind of ruler they want to have.

>> No.55375587


Ah I see how you got confused. My bad, dude.

>> No.55375601


Yeah, but that wouldn't be nearly exciting.

These are comics meant to entertain.

Definite food for thought involving the real world, however.

>> No.55376237

I like to go full psychopath, and by that I mean a TRUE psychopath, not the laughing maniacs you see on television. Psychopaths are excellent manipulators and can mimic standard human emotions to get what they want quite easily, their lack of empathy means that they have trouble being satisfied with their lives, and one of their favorite hobbies is dominating over other people, whether through economic status, emotional manipulation, or outright violence. I want my fellow players to not know that I'm a psychopath until it's too late and I've won.

>> No.55376287

>> No.55376901


>> No.55377804

with greed and revenge as the main dish.

>> No.55378089

Like a neutral good diplomat trying to collect as many friends as possible. Also he eats people, but not his friends. Usually.

>> No.55378120

evil is his profession

when he is off rhe clock he is an average joe, follows the law, waves to the neighbors, and might even break up a fight or two, since mindless violence is bad

then he punches that clock and burns villages down, shoots unarmed travellers, then collects his paycheck
once his job is over, go home

if his master is killed, than oops no paycheck, just go home and lament that this will look bad on his resume

>> No.55379008

Light had a cult because he was, to the average person, a vengeful omnipotent god of death, not due to personal charisma.

>> No.55379040

I tend to play characters that are driven with goals and an end result in mind.
"Evil" measures usually are the fastest and most effective, look at Vlad/Cao Cao/Nobunaga/Ghengiz.
All were bastards, but they were lauded as effective conquerors and rulers. My last evil pc was already slated to be a demon toothpick, along with his family, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to free them from their ignoble fate.

>> No.55379468

I honestly don't like to play as a villain. I have to deal with enough awful and depressing shit on a daily basis that I always pass when it's my turn to play as a villain. My group understands my trouble and helps me cope, as long as I buy them beer and pretzels.

It's better than therapy in a lot of respects.

>> No.55379990

>Is he only a villain because he's on the "wrong side of history"?
AKA literally every villain ever?

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