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/tg/, what is best in life?

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A fresh, toasted everything bagel with cream cheese.

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Damn, that does sound pretty great.

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a comfy farm life in an area where it never gets below 60 degrees and alternates between spring summer fall, with an ocean view

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This is great

This is best.

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horse on your wrist, eagle in your hair, wind underneath your buttocks

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>farm life in an area where it never gets below 60 degrees
What the hell could you farm there besides cacti?

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Having a loving family.

Close friends.

And a wonderful significant other.

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i dont know, a wizard did it

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He's a burgerlander.

It's actually 289

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To crush the other players, to see their characters driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their waifus.

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60° farenheit
He wants a nice Mediterranean farm, just with fertile soil. So southern italy

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>Having a loving family in another city

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[spoilers] WRONG [/spoilers]

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To grill with your enemies.
To see them driven between your loins.
And to laminate their women.

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Rolled 9 (1d20)

A natural 20 when you need it the most.

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>/tg/, what is best in life?

I just want my mom back.

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>"hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper" - Cohen the Barbarian

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To seek the Holy Grail

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Taking a shit, seeing the diarrhea driven before you and hearing the lamentations of the women.

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The onion in everything bagels ruins the entire experience. I'd much rather have a toasted sesame or poppy seed bagel.

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Entenmann's Raspberry Danish Twist

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A good table of friends who are willing to play what you want to, and they have games that you want to play as well.

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>"consciousness was a mistake"

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>never gets below 60 memedegrees
>never gets below 15 degrees
Literally Hell.

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Did he ever had that questio outside the movies?

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That feeling you get immediately after a large poop.

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I think the onion's great, but to each their own.

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Until the human race disappears and all its artistic works fade away, the best thing in life will be lolis.

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A cold beer and a joint, on a comfy sofa, after a tiring but good day, after a warm shower.

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>60 faheneit
>15 degrees

that's cold as shit dude.

the best is between 26 and 31 celsius.
or roughly 78 and 88 F

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>31 celsius.
Fuck dude, that's hot.
No way past 26°C is good.

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Yeah no kidding. I start getting uncomfortable when it goes past 22°

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22 is best. Standard for planes I work on. Just warm enough to not be sweaty, cold enough that a blanket is nice when you go to the crew rest to take a nap.

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The moment a human is conceived at the most romantic moment.

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It's a good baseline.

Though I admit, I sometimes wonder if I'm part polar bear or something with how little heat I can actually stand

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To have friends.

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this anon gets it

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How the fuck

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What's best in life? Well that's easy

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Cumming inside a girl while french kissing as she leg-locks you and holds you tight while squeezing her cunny to get all the cummies.

Also beef jerky.

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To see the fruition of the of your goals, & the contentment of success well earned, & the knowledge of leaving a lasting legacy.

Also, free accessible pornography & pizza made to go

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Holy shit fpbp

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That's not monster girls

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Love, pizza and heated floors.

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>Fuck dude, that's hot.
Haha, come to my city where 37 is the mean temperature on two thirds of the year you're gonna love it.

You are a person of highly refined taste.

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>ywn have this
Please release me from this mortal shell

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yes thank you, damn europeans and their gay un-cool celsius

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Spending hours preparing the perfect meal.
Spending some time shitposting on /tg/ as said meal warms in the oven.
Having your wife come back from work exhausted and greeting her with a kiss.
Preparing a warm footbath and washing her sore feet as she slips off her high heels and sits down to relax and discuss her day at work.
Offering her your meal and hearing her praise it to high heaven.
Bathing together.
Watching lewd Chinese cartoons together.
Discussing when you'll invite your friends over for your next campaign.
Falling asleep in her tight embrace.

tl;dr: Being the wife is best in life.

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hot water, good dentistry and soft lavatory paper

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Oooo I just ate one like 5 minutes ago!

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getting my dick sucked.

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That final moment, looking back, when a combination of hard work, pure luck, and the right parents get you the bigass barrow and you spend the rest of the afterlife looking down on those plebs without stout shields and Ulfberht swords, golden rings and torcs, thralls and concubines, hounds and hawks and mares and stallions and everything else.
That is what's best in life.

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Pretty big word for a barbarian.

I get that Conan is smart, but that's definitely a sixth grade vocabulary word it I've ever heard one.

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Discworld mind.

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Fuck no, I want comfort, not death.

18-25 is objectively the best

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A warm hearth, a hearty meal, and a round of ale with my comrades.

and maybe an end to all the senseless conflict

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Watching Conan the Barbarian with deleted scenes for the 10th time.
No seriously love that movie its my favourite fantasy movie.

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I've come to love misery. Not much going on.

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This is best in life.

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To be miserable, to have life bearing down on you, never giving you room to breathe, to grow, to recover. To have every hope spot dashed before you even notice it, to have every opportunity ruined the moment you seize it. To have nothing but misery. Forevermore.

I'd settle for bacon too.

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Holy shit, is that standard in the US? It looks fucking disgusting. Even 7/11 does it better in Sweden.

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To be anywhere but chicago.

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You can get beef jerky in most properly run food stores anon. It's more expensive then making your own but still.

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>No winter season of rest where you have limited chores to do, and can sit inside wrapped in a quilt near the fire drinking tea, looking out the window at the moon reflecting off the beautiful snowfall

You're still missing something, sempai.

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loli monstergirls?

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Truly Patrician

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Damn, BE was such a waste.
(it's good with RT if you ask me, but the fandom was rightfully pissed off)

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>destined to bear the jeweled of California upon a troubled bow

Close enough REH

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He was taught to read and given pretty extensive schooling. Go watch the movie.

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A summer day in northern michigan with somewhere to sit, something to drink, and a fishing rod.

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At least it isn't Detroit

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>anons who can't into heat
Meanwhile I'm waiting for the 45° Celsius Christmas time where everyone with half a brain is at the beach.

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+10 for old school tg ref

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I wanted to like Sense8 but man that was terrible.

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Tfw landlocked territory

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He read eastern poetry and philosphy, you nigger. He was cultivated.

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Indeed, Lord Doom!

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>mfw I also have this

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>tfw kind of have this but she isn't on birth control so I have to do it up her arsehole

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You mean rest of the world. Almost everyone uses Celsius.

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>a round of ale with my comrades
They are all gone now, only bittersweet ashes remains of their memory.

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