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So, now that the dust has settled, did you enjoy Fate of Konor /tg/?
Did you like the narrative and missions?
What about GW propping Chaos with everything they got trying to make them at least seem threatening?
And, finally, what do you think about Chaos having to fight half the campaign without a Codex?

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>* Please note that talk suggesting the campaign is somehow “a fix” or that the results were decided ahead of time are seditious and will be dealt with as such.

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How'd it all end?

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Imperium won 4-2.

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Was there ever a campaign, in either W40k or WFB, that didn't end up according to the narrative, that is "Chaos was a grave threat, but forces of Order managed to thwart them at the last moment"?

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Wasn't Storm of Chaos a giant dumpster fire, because Vampires and Orcs kept kicking Chaos's ass?

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It was, and generally the narrative department kept putting in bullshit victories for Archaon because Chaos Main Villain Must Win Always. It was generally a shit campaign so it was quickly retconned back into obvlivion and then when they tried to advance the storyline again they made it a narrative event instead of a campaign because they were terrified of it happening again.

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What I shame I couldn't see that; I started playing in 2005/2006, so I missed the whole thing.

What other online campaigns have there be, because I remember attending one or two. 'there a list somewhere?

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All true. Sitll, it ended up as I said, narratively speaking. Chaos as always almost won, but was stopped at the last moment.

I don't mind classic clishes, especially in Warhammers, but with global campaigns it pissess me off.

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I took it as a chance to get more games, and a chance to make my armies have a cool fluff. I have a Space Wolf army I played in the last mission as in favor of Chaos, and that gave me the idea of maybe making a traitor Space Wolves armies, starting at that point in the fluff.

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Chaos payers won the Black Crusade campaign, right?

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Nah Chaos got bitchslapped in Medusa V.

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First it was that they got a major foothold on the surface that couldn't be removed, while the Holy Fleet ruled the void. Then it all got retconned. So no.

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It was good fun, though my lot had our doubts about how balanced some of the missions were.

Specifically, the Konor sector is mostly functional, but their astropathic relay planet is now a daemon world and their main aeronautica training world is a corpse ridden shithole. Latter may be retaken in time, but the former is probably going to require high grade exterminatus to solve.

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I only really disliked the campaign whenever it showed up on a forum, reddit or /tg/.

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Exterminatus doesn't work on Daemon worlds. So yeah, that's a major setback for the corpse worshippers.

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Mabye YOU had fun, people in my area took narrative to = fuck your rules. People were summoning 1000+ points of extra fuck you demons on top of what they had on the field, and pulling other bullshit that reminded me 100% why I will never play narrative again, because people literally cannot control themselves.

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Why not? You can literally blow the planet into chunks

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>Exterminatus doesn't work on Daemon worlds.

Huh? Daemon worlds have been Exterminatus'd before. I mean, one of them had that happen on the last SOB codex (The SOB needed to Ocean's 11 the holy relics off the planet before the grey knights arrived to exterminatus it)

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>Our Superdupershield makes our planets immune to being destroyed!
Glad to see your asshole already recovered, Carnac.

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Corrupted worlds can be destroyed with Exterminatus. Daemon worlds cannot, due to laws of nature being completely fucked up there.

Lexicanum: The majority of known Daemon Worlds in the Galaxy are found within the Eye of Terror; those few within the borders of the Imperium are rigorously guarded by the Inquisition, since, unfortunately, because of the reality-shifting effects of the Warp, it is all but impossible to subject them to Exterminatus[3].

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And where is that quote from? Is it newer than the 7e codex that has exactly that happen?

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>Ciaphas Cain novel
>Reliable lore
Okay, I lol'd

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I hope GW will realize that they can't continue releasing only marines and expect balanced results from this kind of campaigns

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Imperial cuck detetcted

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Dark eldar, actually, but nice try. Nothing like someone spamming flamers and their 40 screamers they bought when screamerstar was op as fuck for free. But you would know, thats your M.O.

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Ha! That's where you're wrong! I only have 3 screamers.

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That was super strange lore wise
Chaos lost in every front, some how a foothold in Cadia meant total victory.

Even the WD and the website were written like that
>also here is a list of how everyone and their mothers curb stomped chaos
>on top of that chaos forces are cut off
>chaos didn't really won anything

It was strange as balls to read those things, but that got rewritten into Cadia blowing up.

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GW still hasn't learned from Storm of Chaos.

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Source as any other. Also, think about it - would daemon worlds outside of the Eye or similar regions be a problem if the Imperium could just blow them up? Chaos forces surely cannot defend each one with a fleet of warships, especially since daemon incursion, that turn planets into daemon worlds, appear without need of interstellar fleet movement.

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Your response to a canon instance of a daemon world being exterminatus'd was to cite a fanwiki, which was citing a rather comical BL novel series. Daemon worlds can get exploded.

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I think they should be more flexible with their lore and army goals. I can accept the scenario where opposing sides have completely different win conditions but they need proper build up. Yes, Chaos can win just by gaining a foothold on Cadia but explain to us or give hints how prior to the whole thing. At the same time let other factions slow down or avert with local victories. I can accept this situation where Chaos wins if it gets its end goal and gets punished harshly by Chaos gods if they fail while Imperium needs to win numerous battles on many planets to call it anything but Pyrrhic victory.

I hope GW will be more creative and reasonable if they ever decide to throw xeno players a bone and start xenos centered campaign.

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Also most of Vail explanation of why things can't be done is due to why waste the resources.
Same thing here. You can blow up a demon world, but why bother? Is not like the fuckers can get out of there.

Side note, I'm glad chaosfags asshole heal so fast, they must be used to getting their ass ravaged by now.

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It also doesn't help that GW treats chaos and chaos marines like this grand and unstoppable horde that will destroy the galaxy in orgy of blood and death, but their objectives are petty terrorism.

Are they a grand army or some kind of terrorist group? If they are both make it clear for fuck sake otherwise chaos looks like incompetent twats throwing bodies to chase after some cartoon villain super secret objective.

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>Side note, I'm glad chaosfags asshole heal so fast, they must be used to getting their ass ravaged by now.
Slaanesh provides anal training, Nurgle provides the healing, Khorne gives them drive to keep going and Tzeentch grants them sweet delusions

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Awful. i say this as someone who plays all 3 factions quite evenly.

Making any campaign where one faction gets it's armybook first AND you can score easy points just for painting shit AND space marines just happened to get a tonne of new kits early on is stupid.

There were no stakes, not for one second did i think Chaos had a chance. Tbh i just played games and i had fun with 8th, didn't give a shit about recording wins or loses so really i didn't participate much

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Have you considered talking with your fellow players about what your expectations are? You shouldn't be playing anything but matched with people you have an adversarial relationship with and, even then, you're probably better off playing someone else.

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Enjoyed kicking some Chaos ass with my Nids. I like to imagine it was pretty awkward when Calgar saw the Swarmlord leading a charge against Abaddon in our 2v2 games.

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Konor was way too early, people want to settle into an edition and test shit, or at least i did and most of my LGS, no one here really cared about scoring points

It should have begun like...today, or a week from now. Let SM and Chaos have their codexes and fight it out on even terms, and then the Death guard / mechanicus sneak in later to help out both sides.

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Ignoring the autistic screeching, why then do you think daemon worlds are such a big deal? If they're just a useless crazy rocks full of unwashed cultists?

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I don't. I was simply refuting the idea that they can't be exterminatus'd, which is patently false and so far the only source you've provided me opposing this falsehood is both older than 7E and also one of the least serious 40k books ever made.

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You don't what?

Again: Imperium blows up worlds with actual assets on them (population, resources) when a prospect of loosing the planet to the enemy is too great. If daemon worlds ware "why bother" level of threat, why are they considered such great threat?

It is a question, I am not trying to point out holes in your opinion, I am curious.

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Because the enemy can use those assets and if you're to the point where it's becoming a daemon world the population is probably irretrievable anyway.

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Okay, what about the fact that Chaos forces may potentially use the daemon world as a staging ground, and come and go as they please, without using space routes?

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Because the corrupting influence of the planet will eventually turn the entire system something something chaos stronk

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Demons worlds are a threat when chaos marines can use them. If they can't use them they are just infested rocks.
That is why they just quarantine the place instead of diverting a exterminatus fleet or vessel.

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The entire campaign was just a complete stomp from beginning to end and was blatantly designed that way. No one had any doubt, both sides knew that it was rigged, and it was rigged so hard that a lot of people think that GW had to fudge the numbers to make chaos technically win at least one of the two planets. Honestly even if that weren't the case, it just means that the global playerbase as a whole decided to let chaos win one (the second was a technical victory, the people were back on the Imperium steamroll by then)

So the campaign itself sucked, BUT! It gave local store owners the excuses they needed to get people in the stores and organize some activities and even gave them some prizes to give out. Best part about the prizes are that they're worthless if you didn't earn them, which means we didn't have to worry about any exploitation. It also showed me that it's not just GW who's obsessed with having the Imperium win every single time, but apparently most 40k players are into that, too. I'm personally not very interested in rigged fights, but hey, that's just me.

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Chaos Marines can always use them, and it's not like daemons/the Chaos Gods don't have their own plans and means.

Also, the place is broadcasting the tortured screams of the astropaths that used to serve there into the void, which is going to cause all sorts of Bad Shit.

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>People don't want the genocidal lunatics to succeed in damning everyone to an eternity of hell
You're right, I never could work that one out. What a puzzler.

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I was really into the first couple of weeks and always tried to paint at least one special unit and play at least one game, but then I just lost interest. I think it was after week 3 when I realized chaos had no chance and what we did at our shop didn't actually matter.

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They're just going to blow it up, anon.

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Don't talk that way about your friends at the gaming store, Billy.

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I liked it, but I went in viewing at as just a fun excuse to have some matches, play some new scenarios and paint up some new troops.

I rather suspect that is the same way GW viewed it. If not, they messed up because it was terrible balanced and obviously "nudged" a few times.

In the future (and I do hope they do more, the concept is great) I hope we get some more reason for all factions to be involved and transparency up front if its just a reason to calculate scores and write some related fluff.

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The next campaign needs to move away from "who will win?" and onto "what's going to happen?" If you have something being run explicitly as a competition between two opposing sides then people will want it to be transparent. Better to emphasise the narrative, and let people's games and activities influence what fluff is written.

Though that would probably sell less models, so whatever.

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Carnac would you FUCK OFF already?

>> No.55350734

Exactly. There were probably some people working for GW who viewed this as their chance to stir up some real community involvement, meanwhile others were probably thinking it was their big chance to validate their Imperium boners. I'm sure, though, that the majority were thinking both.

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My favorite retarded Carnac trait is how happily he'll gloat over one of his "victories" only to be totally silent when proven wrong and slink off until he thinks of some other bullshit retort only to go silent again when that is disproven too

really sad desu

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This is a particularly pathetic one, trying to argue Lexicanum vs Actual Codex.

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Wasn't able to participate, but it was fun reading about at least. The missions seemed quite imbalanced though. And I didn't really get the late release of morty. He would have been cool in the last week

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I'd like to think of it this way: Games Workshop rigged it so that the Imperium would win, because they already planned on Mortarion doing something bigger later on. That maybe Fate of Konor was really to see who wins the next battle as much as it was to see who lost this one. But then, when was the last time Magnus won anything...

>> No.55350837

It's particularly pathetic in another way too, given how boastful he is about his knowledge of Codices in his arguments only to try and deny Codex lore with a fucking Lexicanum link.

It's almost as though he only gives a shit about codex lore if it benefits his arguments, hmmm....

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But gathering storm litteraly picks up right at the end of the post campaign booklet?
What was retconned

>> No.55350844

If they wanted a more balanced campaign they should have had the Death Guard release midway through. Or delayed the whole campaign and had it kick off after the full DG release, but then that would be close to 4 months after 8th Ed came out.

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It's a fucking game. Only a retard would follow ideologies on the tabletop

>> No.55350904

This may shock and surprise you, but there are legitimately several people who enjoy playing Imperial armies. Doesn't change that this is rigged I'm just pointing that out to you.

>> No.55350913

Magnus may not win in battle but at least he did nothing wrong ever right :P

>> No.55350915


Chaos straight up won the Eye of Terror campaign.

>> No.55350939

I enjoy playing imperial too, but not for moralistic reasons.

>> No.55350958

Ah, yes, "winning" by not achieving your main objective. The archtetypical Chaos (((victory)))

>> No.55350964

Yeah, that's what I was saying with >>55350538

He's not fighting against chaos space marines, He's fighting against the chaos space marine players. And he apparently doesn't ever want chaos space marine players to win because apparently that means that the chaos space marines win. It's like if someone disconnects from a Counter Strike match whenever he ends up on the terrorist team because "I'm not a fucking terrorist". It's definitely on the spectrum.

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Ever since the start of the campaign, Chaos has been autistically screeching that the campaign was rigged. Please explain how exactly it was rigged, I really want to hear this.

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The "rigging" is that there's lots of new stuff for SM including a Codex, I suppose?

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I've seen a few good ideas for the next one bandied around here; one nice one was a new Imperial Crusade, with the Imperial factions vs everyone; Imperial wins and losses determine how long the Crusade lasts and how far it reaches, while the other faction gets their own success/failure matrix (further Tau Expansion, more Tyranid biomass, etc).

>> No.55351037

I'm guessing that's it. Having a campaign where purchases and painted units can contribute then releasing a new SM codex plus the entire Primaris range will skew the outcome quite a bit. The sole release that Chaos got during the campaign was a codex.

That, combined with the overall popularity of the Imperium (partially down to how many different factions exist for it) meant that any global campaign that doesn't account for those factors are going to end in Imperial victory.

Unless, of course, you make changes behind the scenes, which GW probably did.

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It was rigged at the end, but to help chaos
The real problem is that half of the players play space marines, since they're basically the only thing GW supports, so there's no way to have balanced results

>> No.55351053

>new Imperial Crusade
With how often groups like the BTs are out crusading it's kind of insane this hasn't happened yet. Do they think that only Chaos is fit for an 'aggressor' faction or?

>> No.55351110

Alright, this is actually worth explaining so I'll do it.

#1 The Fate of Konor pits the Imperium as a whole against Chaos, i.e. all Imperium players (which make up the vast majority of all 40k players) against all chaos players (which make up a small minority of all 40k players) and then based the campaign off of the number of wins and losses. Not to mention any faction infighting counted as a victory for that faction just to make it worth playing for stores that are completely overrun with Imperium players (which are most stores). So the stage was set with the Imperium on the top of a very steep hill that chaos players had little hope of climbing. As if that weren't bad enough, the extra points were given to people who decided to buy and paint new kits for the campaign. And guess what the only new releases were for the entire 6-week period of the campaign? Yeah...

#2. Releases aside, Space Marine players got their codex at the start of the campaign, while chaos players got their halfway in. Remember that analogy I made earlier about the hill? Well imagine if the Imperium player was given a bucket of caltrops to pour down the hill as the chaos player was climbing it, with the new rules, the new units, new stratagems, etc. and the chaos player was told "Don't worry, we'll give you some gloves in 3 weeks."

Meanwhile the Chaos Space Marines codex left out the two most played subfactions of chaos these days, the Death Guard and Thousand Sons. Don't get me wrong, I think it's good that they have their own codexes, but that's still just arming like half of the already small playerbase. So... instead of gloves, maybe just... one single glove.

>> No.55351122

>The real problem is that half of the players play space marines, since they're basically the only thing GW supports, so there's no way to have balanced results
People keep saying this, but in all accounts I've heard of Imperium vs Imperium (or Chaos vs Chaos) games, one side had to be scored as Chaos and one as Imperium

>> No.55351135


#3. The missions and stratagems of the campaign were designed around Space Marines and Imperial armies at the expense of chaos. As a daemons player I can confirm that roughly half of all of the stratagems in the campaign were useless to me because they involved things like boosting armor saves (which daemons don't use) or vehicles (which daemons barely have any of)

#4. This is actually more akin to the rigging that you might have been thinking of, where some people believe that maybe GW realized how fucked up it was to stack the odds that hard and decided to "fudge the numbers" for two planets to keep it from looking as bad as it really was.

And there you have it.

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It's a pretty good way to account for the overwhelming popularity of the Imperium.

Historically that's what Chaos has been about, and for Konor it was how it had to be (to tie into the Great Rift opening and Mortarion getting a murder boner for Ultramar). Chaos Marines also tend to be an aggressive force, motivated by a desire to tear the Imperium down and/or the need to replenish their supplies. It would be interesting to see them on the defensive and, after the Imperium's overall victory in Ultramar (it's inevitable) a crusade to reclaim a lost sector is a natural follow up narratively.

>> No.55351148

...I like you.

>> No.55351151

The Marines book isn't even all that good and being a good goy and buying new shit is open to anybody, ESPECIALLY to Chaos. You could literally just buy the new kits, slap spikes on them and be done with it, the way Chaos has rolled since fucking Rogue Trader.

>> No.55351191

Main hitch in that is Primaris, which if I'm correct Chaos doesn't have yet. Probably won't have until the inevitable Cawl made traitor geneseed Primaris legions reveal happens.

>> No.55351196

It's objectively better. Even if the units weren't improved over the Index (which they were) they still have the benefits of all the extra options that a codex grants. A codex is an objectively more powerful rulebook to play an army with than an Index.

Oh, and sure! Go out and buy some more plastic chaos space marines, kids! By the way, have you seen my new Redemptor pattern Dreadnought?

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>> No.55351238

>Most popular faction by a mile gets its goodies first
How surprising.

>> No.55351252

>Buy new Redemptor (TM) Violator (c) Destructordreadnought (TM)
>Slap tentacles, spikes and chaosyshit on it
>Collect points

Nuchaosfags, I swear to god. Unless GW makes a specific kit for it, it's impossible to do.

>> No.55351264

>Campaign where both the beloved factions and the lesser-appreciated ones can make gains
Sounds awesome, GW will never do it.

>> No.55351285

Except for the fact that they're protected under the narrative as being very different and much more powerful units, which means if you convert them you'd have to say that they're actually much weaker than they look, which isn't fun.

Of course, I'm all for playing with custom units, especially for chaos, but at that point you're just playing your own game and can't just expect someone else to accept that.

>> No.55351305

>Redemptor Dreadnaught
>Dreadnaught explicitly only for Primaris Marines
Your average GW event would sooner let you roll a pre-newcrons Nightbringer than let that fly.

>> No.55351325

>guilliman vs mortarion event
>release guilliman before the event
>wait until after to release mortarion

call me crazy but I think they might have WANTED the imperium to win this one

>> No.55351362

You know, while I did technically cover that by mentioning the broader releases, that specifically was probably worth bringing up. Primarchs are pretty powerful in the hands of WAAC players..

>> No.55351379

What? You Corpse-worshippers do realize that summoning got mega nerfed, right? You have to pay for all of your summons in PL, AND have the summoner waste his turn, WITH the slight chance of him fucking up and killing himself.

If you can't deal with a terribly slow deep striking army, you deserve your losses.

>> No.55351400

>Release nonstop waves of new marines and rules for them and make the campaign about ALL imperium forces vs Chaos, making it hilariously one sided
>only release new chaos things after campaign is finished
>for some reason, they didn't realize that this would happen and scrambled, fudging the numbers and saying "IF CHAOS WINS ITS GAME OVER" this in turn just makes everyone mad at Chaos because it makes it look like GW is blatantly favoring them despite the opposite being true

All that happened with this campaign was GW handed a baton to Imperium players, told them to beat up Chaos players who were in a wheelchair, and when everyone started booing about how shit it was, GW panicked and said the cripple was winning, so in turn, the Imperium just beat the Cripple even harder

>> No.55351411

>Just posting a generic chaos marine avatar
Are you literally autistic?

>> No.55351418

What happened to Rufio? He ducked off Twitter a few months back and then left GW a few weeks later.

>> No.55351421


>> No.55351427

saw a headless boy looming outside his office

>> No.55351437

All Konor missions were narrative play, go read the summoning rules for that

>> No.55351660

That analogy actually made me laugh

>> No.55351672

He won't say. The most implication he's been willing to make is that he's more free with a different job. I think all of GW's anal non-disclosure policies were getting to him.

>> No.55351687

That's funny, because where I live everyone was treating Fate of Konor as matched play. There seemed to be a mutual understanding that since this was official and important we should be using matched play rules. Granted that was our choice, but still.

>> No.55351688

Wait are Rufio and Rob the same person?

>> No.55351701

Yes. Rufio Symes is his alias.

>> No.55351721


>> No.55351754

Fabulous Balls is probably booty-blasted enough to experiment hard and make Chaos Primaris.

>> No.55351795

>Alpha Legion tactical stealth Primaris Berserkers
>Primaris Plaguemarines with T6 and multiple wounds

I can't wait

>> No.55351799

I like it

>> No.55351804

Look at >>55349905
Chaos won with the classic "Bahaahahaha I completed my secret objective! Team Chaos blasting off!"

It was rather confusing to read about a Chaos victory when they lost everything.

>> No.55351898

Let's not forget the traditional fuck you to non GW store gave during the third week.
Some how 4 guys in South America buying more crap for their local stores, than the ones in the UK buy is enough to piss of GW.

Their customer service try to fix the issue by sending decent prices for local events after they banned RoW from uploading result to FoK.
Some times I wonder if British still think they are a big empire.

>> No.55351947

British resident here, they do. Or rather, they haven't forgotten that they used to have one.

>> No.55351974

>Chaos lost in every front

Don't lie.

>> No.55351989

Eternal crusade should have never been existed

>> No.55352005

Wasn't Storm of Chaos the one where Grimgor saved the world by kicking Archeron in the balls?

>select treadmill
>only shows exercise bikes
Are you fucking serious captcha?

>> No.55352095

You missed the week Chaos 'won' and Imperial (well, Space Marine) players wouldn't stop screeching "RIGGED! RIGGED! WTF WE KNOW GW WILL LET CHAOS WIN! RIGGED RIGGED NPC RACES TOIBGRJOIBJROIHNJRIO"

Don't forget Xenos players could also score points for the Imperium, of whom the most popular (Eldar, Necrons and Tau) would be far, far more lore inclined to support the Imperium.

>> No.55352096

Oh sorry they won a foothold and stepped on some flowers in a random agri world.
Then got assblasted everywhere else.


>> No.55352117

Well it didn't help when the counter was random as balls, showing different stuff to people and randomly starting in favour of chaos.

>> No.55352139

The plan was always for Archaon to reach Middenheim. The battles were to see how long they could delay him for so the defences could properly be prepared.

Low and behold, he got gangraped at Middenheim and kicked in the nuts by Grimgor then ran off with his tale between his legs, but /tg/'s resident SMfags still use it as some bizarre reason to cry "GW LOVE CHAOS!11!" even whilst every single Chaos 'victory' is hollow as fuck with enough of a hope spot for the Imperium to come back and finish the job later.

>> No.55352140

Lying again.
And the victory was never described as crushing.

>> No.55352175

Did you even play EoT or read the results?

Or you honestly believe chaos players won?

>> No.55352182

If it was rigged, chances were it wasn't actually for Chaos' benefit so much as it was for GW to save face. If it was six weeks of total Imperial victories it would a repeat of the AoS campaign where Order won everything because

>most played faction
>only new models during the camp
>"w-we totally learned from the aos campaign!"

By fudging the numbers they get to parade around going "S-SEE! CHAOS HAD A CHANCE, IF ONLY THEY TRIED HARDER! IT WASN'T STACKED AGAINST 'EM!" whilst simultaneously making SMfags cum at having their wieners jerked by Daddy GW telling them they're super special and totally won this without their help.

>> No.55352207

I did and I have and yes, Chaos won.

>> No.55352259

Thanks for confirming that you didn't.

GW didn't learn, they fuck up EoT and repeated the same mistakes over and over again.

>> No.55352291

>Thanks for confirming that you didn't.

But I did. You're the one who is blatantly going against the results.

>> No.55352301

If they're going to do Campaigns they need to do them with less polarizing factions, I think.
Orks vs Tyranids could work, because then every other faction has a valid reason to make sure both sides lose.

>> No.55352316

Mad cuz bad, salty Chaos queer. You were bad in Storm of Chaos, bad in that Smegmar campaign, and remain bad now. Why don't you go blog about it on your MySpace?

>> No.55352353

The ones that say that beside the foothold they lost everything else?

Opening text says Chaos won, read the rest of the information says chaos lost in every front.

>> No.55352394

>Orks vs. Tyranids
Octarius war campaign fucking when? Would be the coolest shit, considering Nids vs. Orks is a great match up.
Though, I suppose the bugs might have a slight advantage from having two armies (Tyranids and Genestealer Cults) to Orks one.

>> No.55352402

>Wasn't Storm of Chaos the one where Grimgor saved the world by kicking Archeron in the balls?

Yes, and he finished him off with a headbut.

>> No.55352448

I play Imperial Guard.

Nobody was saltier than Marinefags sperging out at the hint Chaos may be winning something, just like how assblasted they were when the Tau got a victory at Damocles.

GW know only little kids and autistic crybabies buy into Marines, so they pander to them like a rich parent their spoilt princess of a daughter who wails and screams whenever she doesn't get her way. It's why these threads are full of SMfags insisting Chaos is 'cucked' and useless, but at the same time crying GW love Chaos and they always win with this weird cognitive dissonance.

>> No.55352450

No, it says Chaos won, and in the break down Chaos holds more.

>> No.55352526


I thought it was fun. Couldn't play as much of it as I liked, but the missions all looked fun, I enjoyed the general premise of it, it got me to work on my painting, and it was a push for me to work more on my own writing projects, and flesh out "My Dudes." Plus, instead of just fanwankery "yeah my guys did this this and this," now I've got a legitimate global battle event thing I can include my army into the fluff of. Rigged or not, I hope they do more of these. Plus the website was pretty cool.

>> No.55352561


Sad but true.

Although to be fair, there is an element of "Space Marines have the most autists because most people play Space Marines" to this

>> No.55352617

t.Chaoscuck bitter his "muh invincible armies" "mug inevitable victory" faction will never as popular and beloved as Space Marines

>> No.55352621

Are you that guard player with underdog addiction?

>> No.55352657

How did the one in Albion end? What was its name again? Storm of Magic?

>> No.55352659

Not who you're responding to, but I think that the whole underdog element is one of the guard's strongest selling points.

>> No.55352716

>"muh invincible armies"
>Space Marines are really described as 'angels of death' and 'teh greatest warriors ever'

t. SMfag who needs a power fantasy faction because he's a failure in the real world

Not an underdog addiction, I just don't like when a story desperately tries to pander to one fanbase like GW does Marines, It makes the Imperium's victories feel immensely hollow and fail pathetic, because the story says one thing (Chaos is the biggest threat ever, the Imperium is on the ropes) and it actually feels like the other (Gulliman/Imperium can never be beaten, Chaos is just kicking at shins meekly).

>> No.55352721

>was just about to create a new thread for this after seeing the old one expired last night
>See that someone else already made a Fate of Konor-related thread
I like you OP.

>So, now that the dust has settled, did you enjoy Fate of Konor /tg/?
Considering this was my first major 40k event since I participated in an Apocalypse megabattle during the Medusa V campaign as a wee lad (where I ended up on the wrong end of a Baneblade. Not a good thing for an inexperienced Ork player) all those years ago, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

>Did you like the narrative and missions?
While I'm not a fan of the whole 'Chaos vs. Imperium, Xenos can only take points away from one side or the other' gimmick Especially since Xenos (read: 95% Orks) in my store beat out Chaos each week in terms of points gained and a couple of Ork players kept it from becoming a total Imperium shutout by detracting as many points from the Imperium as possible. for their narrative, I get why they did it. They didn't want to have to write a narrative where all the Xenos factions went anti-Chaos and ended the campaign by Week 4.

I loved the missions though, since it helped revived the long-dormant inspiration for providing fluff for my Ork Freebootas, starting with Da Unkillablez looting all of the alcohol on Nethamus (effectively stealing Konor's entire booze supply).

>What about GW propping Chaos with everything they got trying to make them at least seem threatening?
After sitting down and binge-reading the Dark Imperium novel, I can understand why they propped them up in this campaign. What I don't like was the lopsided potential victory outcomes they gave Chaos for the planets of Vanitor and Loebos.
The other thing that really irked me was the 'propaganda posters' GW's fb page posted for Tau and Orks encouraging their playersto go anti-Imperium. Gave off a vibe that GW was playing favorites narrative-wise and that didn't sit well with me.

>> No.55352821

[continued from >>55352721 ]

>And, finally, what do you think about Chaos having to fight half the campaign without a Codex?
Short version: It was a load of squig-crap.
Long version: I get GW wanted to have the Fate of Konor campaign to help generate interest in 8th and the new models and everything, but they really should've held off on releasing the codices until AFTER the campaign ended.

Having 3 factions get codexes, two of them being Imperium, during the campaign while everyone else was stuck with Indexes was just poor planning (though I understand why they did it. Releasing SM, CSM, GK, and Death Guard's codices at the same time would have been a real marketing headache. Better to space them out over several weeks, even if impacted the global campaign going on. Classic case of sales/marketing not paying attention to the rest of the company I guess.

>> No.55352847

>Not an underdog addiction, I just don't like when a story desperately tries to pander to one fanbase
Yep, that's you. Now see this isn't inherently wrong, story needs a face, protagonist, someone to root for. If you wish for Guard to forever stay as beaten underdogs they will never be treated as a face, they will be treated as masochists enjoying whatever bullshit fate throws in their face no matter what they do to change it. Hence why masochist don't get nice things, they don't appreciate them and enjoy them just as much if not less than shitty things. Authors can ignore your wishes and efforts and you would still get your underdog dose of masochist pleasure. If you love underdogs you are safe to be ignored.
>story says one thing (Chaos is the biggest threat ever, the Imperium is on the ropes) and it actually feels like the otherour
I don't feel this way probably because I don't buy into Chaos is the biggest and the meaniest angle. Story feels different when you don't use BL approved point of view. Tyranids or Necrons seem much cooler big threat to me.

>> No.55352858

>t. SMfag who needs a power fantasy faction because he's a failure in the real world
Lol, you mad? Chaos is literally the hyper-wanked faction of retarded edgelords retroactively declared to have won everything forever 10,000 years ago but that isn't enough is it?

>> No.55352884

I think it's the combo of lore (by way of Laurie and ADB) stating how Chaos is this unstoppable force whose adherents dindu nuffin and are the real protagonists, whereas official material in campaigns and codices and whatnot sucks off Marines like no tomorrow. So both factions get to claim they are teh bestest and daddy GW loves them more and the other are kek bootyblasted cucks or whatever, forever blind to the fact that they are just two sides of the same pauldrony coin.

Meanwhile Xenos and non-SM Imperium players shake their heads sadly as they are relegated to footnotes.

>> No.55352896

Unfortunately, it's a trap point. Such fluff doesn't attract many new players and leads into vicious cycle when older player stick to it and demand more of the same stuff which attracts less and less new people.

>> No.55352948

>Yep, that's you. Now see this isn't inherently wrong, story needs a face, protagonist, someone to root for. If you wish for Guard to forever stay as beaten underdogs they will never be treated as a face, they will be treated as masochists enjoying whatever bullshit fate throws in their face no matter what they do to change it. Hence why masochist don't get nice things, they don't appreciate them and enjoy them just as much if not less than shitty things. Authors can ignore your wishes and efforts and you would still get your underdog dose of masochist pleasure. If you love underdogs you are safe to be ignored.

But the Guard ARE being treated as masochists already, because outside of Black Library content, in the 'advancing story' they're treated as nothing more than punching bags until the Marines(tm) show up to solve everything. It's the same problem Sisters have, which is only going to get worse now Celestine is at the forefront and suffering the same fate as Daemon Primarchs (they can't permadie, so they die every appearance to show how tough the posterboy for that story is).

The Cadians were secondary characters in Fall of CADIA when they really should have been at the very forefront, not Celestine, not Cawl, not Greyfax. Creed had a couple of moments, but even his great moment is having his last few men pull a last stand so the 'real heroes' can go through the rest of the Gathering Storm without those annoying non-superhumans showing up.

I don't the underdog feeling insofar as the Guard are normal humans who STILL standup to the Imperium's enemies and win. Yeah, they take losses, but they still hold the line. I don't like them for being an underdog because they lose a lot, I like them being an underdog because they physically and mentally are.

I want the Guard to get their victories. I just don't like how every victory is Girlyman and the TruScales running around solving everybody's problems.

>> No.55352995

Have won everything forever? Have you SEEN the latest lore? Cadia falling was the best thing ever, because now Gulliman is here and has activated his greatest-ever-marines-holy-shit-look-how-cool-they are. The Imperium's got a warp storm though? Pff, who cares. The Ultracast Eternals can just skip through it and save the day some more.

Even the Death Guard, we know from the corebook, retreat off Ultramar once Gulliman shows up on the scene.

You are literally delusional and/or blind if you think Chaos is 'hyper-wanked' compared to Space Marines.

>> No.55353030

>mfw GW makes Warhammer, then steals the ideas from that to make 40k, then steals the ideas from 40k to make Age of Sigmar, and then steals the ideas from Age of Sigmar to make the new Warhammer 40k.

This is going to continue.

>> No.55353107

>Though, I suppose the bugs might have a slight advantage from having two armies (Tyranids and Genestealer Cults) to Orks one.
Narrative-wise that wouldn't really matter since Ork Genestealer cults aka Bugboyz tend to side with greenskins when push comes to shove (or just get used as shock troops by Freeboota bosses looking for some meatshields that are more durable than grots, based on Freeboota fluff).

As for an Octarius War campaign, it'd certainly be interesting since the old fluff already stated that's a fucking free-for-all down there (Salamanders were trying to protect human worlds inside the Octarius Sector, Eldar were pulling a Kryptmann and wiping out entire worlds to keep Hive Fleet Leviathan from noticing their craftworld was nearby, Ghazzy and Swarmy have been trading blows for the past 112 years on Octarius (the planet) with a few minor interruptions of Kharn & his World Eaters going down there for a year to collect some skulls (the smallest of which was the size of a damn boulder), and the ill-fated Blood Crusade, which didn't go well for any non-important Khornates that tried to reap some skulls from the galaxy's biggest meatgrinder (pic related).

There's literally something for everyone to do in that war. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tau tried to expand their empire out there or some Necron tomb world woke up and the Overlord came out to tell 'YOU PESKY KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!' using gauss cannons.

After 112 years, that clusterfuck has got to have grown worse, especially since the hive's Norn Queen lost her largest Hive tendril to those Chaos assholes at Baal.

>> No.55353150

>Every Black Crusade ever was a victory
>Drach'nyen is more powerful than the Emperor but Abaddon is *so* badass it doesn't just tear him to ribbons on the spot
>Brainless retards with no sense of self-preservation somehow keep managing to outnumber the greatest empire in the galaxy
>"Chaos in inevitability destined to consume reality. No silly that won't hurt the gods at all, they just gain strength from emotions they're not dependent on it in any way."
>"Evey time we lose we had a super sekrit objective so we actually won."

>> No.55353204

Chaos is the worf you stupid retard.

>> No.55353232

That would be the Avatar of Khaine, who only kicked ass after getting looted by the orks of Octarius.

>> No.55353265

No, the Avatar is not important enough to be the worf of this scope.
In terms of factions Chaos is not wanked, because it never actually wins. It's worf, supposed to be impressive, but constantly losing.
Marines and Tau are the wank factions.

>> No.55353414

>if you think Chaos is 'hyper-wanked' compared to Space Marines.
Funny, I seem to recall several different individuals claiming that the Beast's WAAAGH!!! was just distracting the Imperium from the real threat of heresy and the Ruinous Powers while the Orks had an Attack Moon literally orbiting Terra at the same time this was being said.

I don't care if the Harlequin saying it is justifiable in-universe because Aeldari shit their panties at the mere thought of She-Who-Thirsts, or Vulkan calling the Beast a distraction to his face makes sense 'cause his entire family (Big E and the other Primarchs) was ripped in two by the meddling of the Chaos Gods, it's fucking annoying when one of the biggest 'enemy' factions lorewise keeps having their moment in the spotlight interrupted by a couple of hecklers interrupting with, "yeah, but what about Chaos?"

BL pricks like Laurie and ADB wank Chaos all the time because they're Chaos fanboys in all but name. GW sales/marketing wanks Space Marines because that's the largest sales demographic by models sold. Let's be honest with ourselves: Chaos & the Imperium get hyper-wanked by different parts of the company, and it annoys the hell out of everyone else (for different reasons).

>Even the Death Guard, we know from the corebook, retreat off Ultramar once Gulliman shows up on the scene.
Well he IS Guilliman anon. Unless Morty's personally leading the Death Guard I wouldn't hang around to fight a primarch either.

>> No.55353416

See >>55352884

>> No.55353465

Chaos *just* got a big story about cracking Cadia and literally splitting the galaxy in half. What more do you people want?

>> No.55353578

To win a single battle

>> No.55353635

GW rigged it so you won two planets. Done.

>> No.55354257

What will you do with all that booze now?

>> No.55354321

But that's not Carnac. I am Carnac.
You know that Cadia was shielded from the BSE weaponry and how the World Engine was shielded from everything?

There are two daemon factories now in Konor and they are supposedly spewing daemons all over the worlds in the region. Ships that draw close will have daemons attacking them.

Literally never happened. I mean morons like you confuse me for other anons all the time so it's not big surprise you get things wrong like that. Now lets get business here.

>> No.55354340

>But that's not Carnac. I am Carnac.
No! I am Carnac!

>> No.55354374

Again with the lies. The Cadian Gate was breached and Chaos got not only a foothold on Cadia but the majority of it. The traitor's control the space in the Cadian system and have isolated Cadia from the Imperium.

The Imperials control the spacing lanes towards the Cadian system leading to fewer traitor reinforcements reaching the Cadian system HOWEVER the text says of the Imperial fleet moves to support the Cadian ground forces then everything would topple down and get fucked as they are unable to do two things at once.

Chaos might not got a total victory but it was a victory nonetheless. The cadian Gate is breached with traitor legions now spilling into the heartlands of the Imperium almost unopposed, Cadian is isolated with a small part of it not in traitor hands, and the End Times have begun.

>> No.55354404

I like the idea of doing that Guns of Icarus Alliance style.
Split the factions up into territories, generate Attack and Defend missions with resource rewards based on the type of planet in each and set an effort goal for each one, calculated based on the victories per faction in a set period of time you'd measure (without telling everyone, or the players would throw the games) in a short preliminary campaign of "everyone win as much as possible in a week or two". Tell everyone this will decide starting territory, too, so as to make early resource goals easier for the winners as an incentive to actually fight. Also fits the "crusade" narrative, as the Imperium jumps forward because numbers only to eventually be deadlocked and possibly beaten back some.
Then generate a couple Faction Missions for each, like "Conquer 5 Industry points worth of planets" or "Finish the week in control of these locations".
In each location, the attackers and defenders race to reach their respective effort goals, winner takes control of that planet. When a mission is finished, the computer generates a new one randomly, unless there's a "cap HERE" mission in which case it will keep going for it all week until SOMEONE wins that at Mission Change time.

>> No.55354447

Actually, the ads for the final books of the Beast series says while the Orks were ravaging the Imperium the true enemy was watching it all and laughing thirstily. I mean you how stupid can you get if you don't understand that if Terra falls even by not traitor hands, then Chaos wins?

The Emperor psychic blanket is the only thing keeping THIS from happening. Picture related.

>> No.55354474

Oh yeah, and each match or match winner picks a location out of the five or six to add their effort to, so there's some personal strategy to it if not much. Gives a feeling of "my accomplishment" rather than being a two second stat on a screen that you'll never catch, and lets you ham it up with "Set Course for the McGuffin Sector, Navigator! The Mechanicus marches to WAR!!!!" and such. Always nice.

>> No.55354555

Everyone bitches about Leviathan somehow got eaten by a the Great Rift or something which they use as an excuse to bitch about Chaos. I want you guys to look at the galactic map. See the distance between Baal and the Great Rift. It's HUEG. Furthermore, whatever took the massive Tyranid fleet that was coiling around and inside the Baal system, did nothing to damage or corrupt the planets of the Baal system. Warpstorms DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT. The only clue to where the Tyranids went is Ka'pandaman's symbol on one of Baal's moon. I think this is a red herring. No daemon army can emerge and wreck a hive fleet of trillions without anyone noticing.

And so the only conclusion is that the Tyranids fucked up somehow. That leaves us with two options for an explanation. 1) Leviathan sailed south to the Great Rift and plunged in looking for food. 2) Leviathan after witnessing the Great Rift decided to leave the galaxy.

>> No.55354747

"Muh headcannon."

>> No.55354879

"Muh "Muh" meme."

>> No.55354895

Seriously, people still use this as a counter argument. Saying muh and then generalizing an argument is not a counter argument.

>> No.55354905


>aeronautica training world

Why is this even a thing

>> No.55354951

"Muh not an argument."

>> No.55354982

English isn't your first language, I'm guessing.

>> No.55355071

Interesting, but this implies GW actually cares anymore

>> No.55355166

"Muh racism."

>> No.55355286

Race? You could be white and french, dummy. Didn't mention race.

>> No.55355361

"Muh autism."

>> No.55355670

My first Global 40k event, found it pretty fun. Played CSM and had about a 3-3 win/loss record until Hurricane Irma took out the last week of the campaign. I knew the Imperium would win, but had hoped the Chaos forces would make it closer than it was. I accepted that there would be "rigging" in some way and just enjoyed playing narrative missions.

>> No.55355944

I thought that was Khorne being all Yandere for the BA.
That or Tzeentch making another tendril go through the warp for the lolz, which is what Tzeentch does.

Anyway, clearly the tendril didn't turn back, because all the tendrils in the galaxy would've done the same.

>> No.55356629

I dunno about Laurie, but I don't see an issue with ADB presenting Chaos as believing that they're justified. I mean, of course they do. The only thing that sustains them is the Long War. Without that they're soldiers without a cause, and their enemy was established during the Horus Heresy.

Any of the traitors who did believe that they'd done wrong wouldn't be around. They'd have offed themselves or been taken out by their embittered brothers.

>> No.55356685

I play Guard, and their entire purpose is to be the disposable millions that get fed into the meat grinder to secure victory. When you're looking at the top level fluff during cataclysmic events the mere mortals are going to fall by the wayside. Especially with Primarchs on the scene.

If there's one thing I don't like about 8th it's that I don't feel the setting can support small scale conflicts any more. Every conflict must be apocalyptic. Every world must be a warzone.

>> No.55358323

>stole their beer

This may be the most Squat thing I've seen posted on /tg/ in ages. Well played, anon.

>> No.55359350

Drink it all, then probably use the empty tanks to make more fungus beer. The whole thing was the 'ead Warboss Ole Smasha's idea to treat the Freebootas to some 'humie kultur'. I'll see if I can dig up the original fluff transcript I had written up and post it here a little later.

That and they'll probably orkify the entire factory-crawler they captured during the 'road trip'.

Happy to provide entertainment for your day anon!

>> No.55361840

I enjoyed following your Orkz exploits. It was literally the best thing about Konor. I know, its not saying much, but still.

>> No.55363673

Glad to hear you enjoyed it anon. I enjoyed writing them myself.

Speaking of which, here's a reposting of Da Unkillablez's combat report:

>Da Unkillablez Kombat Log

>System: Konor
>Planet: Nethamus

>"Da Great Booze Run"

>After taking their ship 'Da Nurd (Unlucky) 'Ulk" from Astramis to Konor and fighting on both planets, 'Da Unkillablez' Freebootas were getting bored. So when the Warboss Ole Smasha heard that one of the great factory-crawlers rumbling around down Nethamus had all the ingredients for humie beer, Smasha knew exactly what to do! It was time to treat Da Unkillablez to some 'humie kultur'.
>Ole Smasha went down to the ship's hold and got some trukks for his plan, and then got on the ships jury-rigged vox and yelled at the bikers to stop muckin' about.

>> No.55363684


>"Da Great Booze Run (Cont.)"

>Ole Smasha's 'Personal Account' of the battle

>"Da humie Guardsmen watching da factory-crawler didn't realize me n' da boyz wuz comin' until dat pair o' Speed Freeks Rukkgof and Blitzdrak's Warbuggy drove straight through their camp, engine roarin' like an angry squiggoth. Dey didn't stop to fight any humies, they just went straight toward dat factory-crawler, but not before Ruffgof pulled a hand off his Big Shoota n' gave da guardboyz da orky 'ZOG OFF!' hand gesture before disappearing into the da distance. Roight on cue, da Deffkoptaz I brought along dropped outta sun and started blasting the humies battle lines wid their rokkits 'fore da humies could react."

>"O' course, da boyz I gathered up for da road trip took some losses (dey just weren't cut out ta be part o' Da Unkillablez I guess!), an' wun o' da humie tanks managed to wreck da trukk I was in an' forced me to slog it the rest of the way to dat factory-crawla. Not dat it mattered, since da mekboyz recovered it after we'd chased off humies protectin' da crawler (lost count o' how many times dey fixed dat particular trukk, now dat I fink 'bout it)."
>"At da end o' the day, Da Unkillablez had control of da factory-crawla, an' da humies protectin' it had to run away like a bunch o scaredy grots!"


>> No.55364235


>> No.55365011

By the Emperor!

>> No.55366011

>Wasn't Storm of Chaos a giant dumpster fire, because Vampires and Orcs kept kicking Chaos's ass?
>It was
>All true.

No. Chaos as an army won more than everyone else. They lost purely on the fact that it was everyone else versus Chaos.

>> No.55368419


translation never...

>> No.55368687

>Da Unkillablez Kombat Log

>System: Konor
>Planet: Vanitor

>"Dem Zoggin' Wulf Beakies"

>After looting all of Konor's beer from Nethamus and following the Warpy adventures of Megaboss Waghnage and Possessed Warphead Daemongobz, Ole Smasha decided to take a bunch of Da Unkillablez and Daemongobz (mostly so Waghnage didn't try to krump the Weirdboy when Smasha was away) to the surface of Vanitor with a dozen 'uge kegs of Nethamian-brewed Rahzvod (Vostroyan vodka they'd found in the now captured factory-crawler) to enjoy some of their loot. However, after holing up in an abandoned garrison inside what the humies designated as the Tremantean Peaks, the boyz barely consumed half a keg of Rahzvod when a grot sentry came running down from the garrison wall screaming "DA WULF BEAKIES IZ COMIN'! DA WULF BEAKIES IZ COMIN'!!"
>Ole Smasha and Daemongobz's climbed up onto the garrison wall and sure enough, a bunch of Space Wolves (most of them of the Primaris variety), led by none other than Logan zoggin' Grimnar. The Bloodthirster trapped in Daemongobz's head shouted that the Wolves must be here for the beer, much to Ole Smasha's annoyance. However, what Daemongobz did nearly caused Smasha to sick his Attack Squig Bitey on the Possessed Warphead.
>Channeling the powers of da WAAAGH!!!, the Warphead pointed at a mob of ex-Goff boyz recently recruited into Da Unkillablez and then pointed his staff just behind Grimnar. The boyz were instantly engulfed in a storm of green light and vanished, reappearing directly behind Grimnar and looking very, VERY angry.
>The unexpected Jump hadn't given the boyz a chance to grab their proper weapons, but they made due with the ceramite tankards, their fists and a ZOGGIN' PLASTEEL BARSTOOL (All barstools in the factory-crawler were accounted for after the battle so Mork knows where that one git found it) as they beat the crap out of Logan Grimnar so bad Ole Smasha was sure the boyz killed him good an' proppa until checking for loot afterward.

>> No.55369219

>"Dem Zoggin' Wulf Beakies (Cont.)"

>Unfortunately for Da Unkillablez's new recruits, Daemongobz had Jumped them right behind an army of Primaris Space Wolves without even a choppa among the lot of them. So when the beakies turned around and found their leader in a bloody heap surrounded by a bunch of Orks armed with little more than empty tankards and a barstool...... Well, Ole Smasha and Daemongobz basically watched the Primaris Wolves literally rip the ex-Goffs apart with Bolter fire from their new fancy-looking bolt guns.
>After watching the newest recruits get obliterated, Ole Smasha backhanded Daemongobz so hard he knocked the Warphead off the garrison wall and started barking orders at the rest of the (now armed) greenskins in the garrison.
>The Warboss knew the Wulf Beakies weren't here for the Rahzvod, (he'd been listening to the vox chatter while Da Nurd 'Ulk approached Vanitor), so Smasha was more than ready for an attack like this, especially in a mountain pass like this one
>When the Wulf Beakies came within spitting distance of the garrison's open entrance, Ole Smasha yelled at "GET MOVIN' YA COWARDLY GROTZ!!"
>three engines roared to life and a trio of Killa Kans charged out to meet the Space Wolves with Skorchas, Rokkits and massive klaws. Seconds later an entire mob of shoota-toting ex-Bad Moonz poked their heads over the garrison wall and unleashed a huge volley of dakka down at the advancing Wulf Beakies, killing an entire squad with their concentrated Shoota fire. The mob's Big Shoota boyz cut a second squad in half before the remaining beakies were barbecued by a Killan Kan's skorcha.
>Da Unkillablez's Killa Kans held their ground against the beakies (much to Ole Smasha's amusement), until the Wulf Beakies decided to find another way through the Tremantean Peaks and left.
>Those grots definitely earned themselves a tankard of grog this day.

>> No.55371244

Kek this b8 is cracking me up

>> No.55371322

Chaos got its ass ravaged pretty hard, yet they still had Archaon at the gates of Middenheim. Realistically Archaon should have died in Kislev to an unnamed Necrach.

>> No.55371338

>No. Chaos as an army won more than everyone else. They lost purely on the fact that it was everyone else versus Chaos.
Nope. Even proportionally, chaos lost hard. Very hard.

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