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What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Arms of the Chosen Previews

>Dragonblooded Charm Previews:

>Other Ex3 Resources

>Resources for Older Editions

New NPCs and a Behemoth rework

Previous thread: >>55271359

Let's discussed the Jadeborn, the toally not dwarves of Exalted. Have you used them in your games?

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Never heard of them

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Is Autochthon's death and sickness because Law of Diminishment and Alchemical?

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It might be in 3E, but that certainly wasn't the case in previous editions. Previously the sickness was just a part of Autochthon's nature, I think.

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Okay, so does the concept of Elsewhere as a pocket dimension still exist in 3E or not? Because a part of me actually likes the idea of random Solar weapons appearing throughout Creation.

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>Okay, so does the concept of Elsewhere as a pocket dimension still exist in 3E or not?
Yes. Or rather it's just Elsewhere, not a specific dimension shared by all the things sent Elsewhere. Not really a place, just not here, no matter where 'here' is. It definitely doesn't refer to any place in Creation, however.

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Elsewhere is Elsewhere, not elsewhere in Creation.
It is a cool concept though, might use that in a game some time.

I wonder if we'll ever get this CUTE Night's name.

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>Varang is one big Astrological Divination project by the Sidereal to try and see the future of something big.

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>Elsewhere is somewhere on Cecelyne as dictated by the surrender terms

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Damn that's some nice homebrew OP, but why is there so many dupes?

Also, just found about Yozicthon. Wish there were charms for him though. Too bad my writing is shit.

Actually finding myself not hating this change in Elsewhere. It's up to the ST & Players to decide what is considered "safe" and removed enough.
>Is it a personal Pocket Dimension within the Exalt's Flesh?
>Do Abyssals hide their weapons within the Neverborn's tombs?
>Is there an ancient contract that states material banished to Cecelyne may not be searched for?
>Or does the Exalt define for themselves where Elsewhere is? Be it their Manse, or a cave hidden within and old copse they found as a child.

>A Solar retrieves his sword he has had no reason to use in several Seasons
>It has acquired a least god after it landed point-first on a wolf that was menacing a village and thereafter worshipped

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Mnemon joins the light music club

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W-yld hunt?

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I'm hoping that Towers of the Mighty -- and the Edition as a whole -- features significantly greater numbers of Shogunate Ruins than First Age Ruins.

Unlike the Scarlet Empire, the Shogunate actually covered and controlled all five Directions of Creation, including the reaches of the Threshold not yet lost to the Wyld. Whatever had not been destroyed in the Usurpation, they owned. They were free to ransack, exploit, use, expend and repurpose any "First Age" facility still standing.

By the time the Great Contagion hit, a great majority of those holdings should have already been ruined or outright destroyed, either from the Dragon-Blooded using those weapons against each other, wrecking infrastructure to deny it to their rivals, the wars destroying the merchantile network required to supply those facilities, and the inability of anyone not a Solar to comprehend how to maintain, repair or replace certain crucial parts.

Thus, the only edifices to the First Age still standing by the time the Scarlet Empress takes the stage would tend to be the Solar Tombs, since those would be the one sort of structure that the Shogunate absolutely wanted to avoid and leave alone. Likely the few Terrestrials that didn't became cautionary tales to the rest.

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By contrast to First Age ruins, there should be many more Shogunate ruins that survived the Twin Troubles. Obviously, anything built by the Dragon-Blooded is something that the Dragon-Blooded could properly maintain (give or take the staggering decline of the global economy without Solar management), so most of them would have been in MUCH better condition before the Fair Folk Invasion than most non-Tomb leftovers from the First Age. There also would have necessarily been more Shogunate facilities around at the time, given the number of Solar facilities that would have been already cannibalized or outright destroyed.

It also occurs to me that reducing the number of edifices dating back to the Old Realm makes it easier to keep the exact nature of the First Age mysterious. You don't need to paint an exact picture when the picture is supposed to be torn, water-stained and faded from centuries of abuse and neglect.

Besides, the Shogonate has been almost criminally neglected up to this point.

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>Besides, the Shogonate has been almost criminally neglected up to this point.
That is true. It's weird that such an important part of the setting's history hasn't gotten more love.

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What were the Five Stations?
Journey, Study, Humility, Something, and Loss?
Journey being travelling the world
Study being mentored by someone
Humility for learning to be humil
Something being something
Loss being giving up something significant in some way

Or something like that?

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>Chimera Lunar girlfriend

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yeah, i'd kill for a good Shogunate erabook. it's more relevant to the setting status quo than the fucking High First Age is.

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Wasn't there a spell to draw water from stone in 2e?

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"it's just dragonbloods. you're supposed to only like solars damnit"

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Why isn't there environmental Resistance Charms?

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It's Survival, idiot.

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an Exalted general?
i wish i could post in the exalted general meaningfully.

but i last played in 1st edition. something tells me the game got ret-conned and lore-creeped to hell.


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I don't think the people on SV exactly like 2e.

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You can always story-time, if you want? At least one anon here wants to know what it was like to plat 1E Exalted.

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Sure they do, just their own houseruled version of it.

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Can Exalted receive the sacrifices from those who worship them if they go to heaven?
Like, if you sacrifice a talent of Jade would they receive it when they visit Heaven, like they'd receive the Ambrosia and Quintessence

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2e made everything magitech and explained everything down to that rice grain's god's brother's uncle's pet elemental 's pet squirrel's name.
3e is going back to magic being magical and magitech not being a thing and stuff being mysterious again.

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I posted this question last thread but I don't think I quite made it before it fell off the board, so:

In 3e, do penalties apply to static defenses as well as roll actions? For example, if I have a character who is blinded for whatever reason, I know he takes a -3 penalty to sight-related rolls but does it also apply to his Defense? It's hard for me to imagine that someone who literally can't see is able to dodge and parry as well as anyone not similarly handicapped. Likewise, if a character is suffering a penalty from being poisoned? I've gotten conflicting answers elsewhere so I thought I'd see what you guys think.

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3E is pretty good mechanically, we'll see how the lore goes once they have stuff out besides the Core.

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>10 years after Scarlet Empress disappeared
>Solars are wrecking havoc in Creation
>Heaven is in disarray from hope and despair
>An ordinary day
>Jade Pleasure Dome
>music starts playing
>Gods stop what they're doing to look around in confusion
>Music rises
>The Unconquered Sun kicks open Jade Pleasure Dime's doors
>Incarnae stroll out, take over Heaven and start doing their job again
>Lytek shits his pants
>Chejop Kejak dies of a heart attack

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At what amount of houserules does it stop being 2e and start being a fanmade edition?

IIRC earthscorpions ruleset might qualify for that, he changed a lot of stuff.

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I think Great Forks on that map is depicted on the wrong bank of the Rolling River. Should be on the west bank.

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Well, at least they're not the worst community out there. I can google the names of their mods and not get a sex offender registry as the first result, for example.

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He still kept tick combat, so it's still way too 2E for me bruh.

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It's not tho

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Obviously the Least God adds a sweet new optional Evocation that allows it to teleport point first above your enemies.

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You Dragoon now, bro

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Is it known what kind of Anima Banners/effects Getiminian might have?

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So suppose Chejop Kejak knows exactly when his 5000 years are up.

What would be on his bucket list?

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dragon demigod best demigod

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Oh, you're right. Fuck, my old man memory is failing on me.

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they're black and white, so I like to assume they're classy and have old movies playing in their anima- imagine fighting a Getimian with Metropolis playing in the background

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that was intentional. to punish you for solving it with your fists 9_9

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Anybody have a celestial adaptation of six fisted cockpuncher or a celestial style that has comparable themes?

>> No.55323698

Oh my

>> No.55323799


To be honest I can see the overlap existing so both trees can do that.


Survival needs to branch out more anywho. I wanted to make something that would involve using traps and the environment more rather than just being purely the pokemon trainer tree.

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DBs had no reason to despoil and destroy the cities they'd conquered. For the most part, these were their cities even before the Usurpation.

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Is a talent of Jade 68 or w/e pounds as it is, or after it's committed with Essence?

>> No.55324030

You can't commit motes to money jade, and it wouldn't change its weight anyway

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I was always disappointed lunars didn't get charms like that, setting up traps and such

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What is the top speed on Creation?

>> No.55324503

Idk, how fast does whirlwind rider go at e5?

>> No.55324863

anybody have the full version of the "make lunars work like alchemicals' conversion for 2e?

>> No.55325338

That would be stupid as fuck unless he's trying to kill himself in a particularly slow way.

>> No.55325476

which caste would a solar wanting revenge be?

>> No.55325567


How do they plan on proceeding towards getting said revenge?

>> No.55325666

So, my Abyssal character is going to be a medicine "supernal" and a sort of gentleman serial killer type (think Victorian era gentleman who also happens to treat murder like a favorite hobby), and I'm planning to have a set of soulsteel scalpels as his weapon of choice. What kind of Evocations should I go with? Don't need hard mechanics, just ideas for themes. If possible, something to do with blood would be neat, since I'm also aiming for some vampire undertones with him (which, you know, kind of easy to pull of with an Abyssal).

>> No.55325678

with mad rage killing anyone who gets in his path

>> No.55325696

satan bless your abyssal

>> No.55325997

How is your game handling playable Abyssals?

>> No.55326665

Basically just color-swapped Solars, with different anima powers and some homebrew for certain charms like Killing Words Technique.

>> No.55326982

there is any chance of a dragon blooded defeat a dawn solar in single combat?

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>> No.55327125

Depends on their Essence and how much investment they have in combat.

>> No.55327421

iirc lunars and adorjan both have a "run just slightly faster than what you're chasing" charm. so string a bunch of scourges and lunars and send them after the 5 metal shrike. the last one in line is fastest

>> No.55327576

I figured as much. Are you guys just ignoring Resonance shit?

>> No.55327802

The Resonance Mechanics in Shards of the Exalted Dream are really good. I'd probably just use those instead.

>> No.55327840


>> No.55327878

primordials don't worry about that sort of thing, it's why gia's dragonbloods aren't a problem

yes. if solars are an autowin regardless of build, circumstance, or relative powerlevel, then something is broken and we've fallen to 2e's solarcreep(which no matter what holden said inkmonkies significantly contributed to)

>> No.55327895

>dawn are the strongest among solars who are the strongest among the exalted
>still lose to the weakest
This is a bit dumb

>> No.55327910

Study, fear, humility, travel and sacrifice.

Also, sorcery is traditionally associated with three implements: a crown, a sword, and a cloak. This dates all the way back to Brigid, the first Sorcerer.

I hope we keep as much of the old fluff as possible. It was pretty cool.

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you're a bit dumb, I heard your mom dropped you on the head as a baby

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but you dont know me you fag

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Has anyone made any artifacts using the new resonant/dissonant rules?

>> No.55328506

Got 2

> Hound the Blood
Tracking and hunting. You mark with a scratch, and then they can never run far enough away.
Maybe throw in an unnatural compulsion as its capstone, make sure they accept their death with dignity.

> Nourish the Soul
Strip the meat from their bodies to repair your own, strip the essence from their soul to feed your own. Turns the entire thing into more Hannibal Lector though.

> Verb the Noun
Linguistics and Performance ensure that those you hunt, and those who interrupt the hunt, are too captivated by the flashes of silver and your 'unique' manner to interrupt your monologue.
And provides various ways from rolling for temp Intimacies, to straight-up intimidation.

No, I have not. That's that shit from the peach-stealer's staff Evocations where certain situations made them better/worse, yes? Are they always 'on', speaking generally?

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Take Crippling Pressure Point Strike from Snake Style and split the Gambits into three different charms that can be performed with (Dexterity + Medicine) and deal (essence) damage when you pull them off to represent surgically precise stabbings leaving your victim in a bad way.

>> No.55328557


A few.

>> No.55328572

takes one to know one dickhead

>> No.55328595

They ported that Terrestrial/Mastery system from Martial Arts. Now DBs get stronger evocations from Jade artifacts, and weaker evocations from Soulsteel artifacts, for example, while Sidereals get stronger evocations from Starmetal artifacts and weaker evocations from all the other MMs.

>> No.55328819


>> No.55328836

That sounds, yeah. At least this way you can build the thematics on knowing what type of Exalt is using the Artifact.
Though people will just have to restrain themselves from bloating every Evocation w/ Res'/Diss'.

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It would be dumb if Dawns lost to the Dragon-Blooded all the time. There's nothing dumb about Dawns not being guaranteed a victory against the Dragon-Blooded, though. Being the strongest does not mean being invincible, and Dragon-Blooded are still Exalted.

>> No.55329840

yeah but i dont think even the greatest dragonblooded would defeat a dawn solar

>> No.55329884

Saying that a particularlt skilled Dragon-Blooded would defeat a Dawn, or that a Dawn would defeat even a particularly skilled Dragon-Blooded, implies that the result of the fight is set in stone. It isn't, of course. A badass DB might or might not defeat a Dawn, depending on the circumstances and luck. He could do it, but he isn't guaranteed to do it. Odds would strongly favor the Dawn, but the DBs situation would not be hopeless. That's how it should work, anyways, and how it hopefully will work in 3E.

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>Have you used them in your games?
Yeah, I have. They were the version from the 1E corebook, though, rather than the Office Space 40,000 ones.

>> No.55330139

Page 188

>Bonuses and penalties also occasionally affect a character’s static values. In these situations, the static value is simply raised or lowered by the amount specified.

>> No.55330221

can i pledge loyalty to the fairfolk and fuck some fair thots?

>> No.55330265

It's an important setting element that they have been doing exactly that for centuries.They have the advantage of experience, resources, and numbers over newly emerged Solars and should be a significant threat to them.

>> No.55330323

Of course. People do it all the time. I hope you're not too attached to your mind, soul, and dreams, though.

>> No.55330336

we could make a deal
she doesnt eat my soul and i help them to conquer the world

>> No.55330430

They can't break promises, so that could definitely work. A few probably wouldn't even ask as much as you're wiling to give for what you want and may not even want to ravish you. Fair Folk who live in Creation are an odd bunch. They're very tricksy, though. More than one person has thought they've gotten the better of one of the Fair Folk only to be outsmarted in the end.

Used to be you could compel them if you knew their secret name, though they'd go to any length to destroy you through indirect means. Don't know if that still works. Now I think you can get the same effect by "owning" their Graces, particularly the Heart.

>> No.55330432

The creators of this system may be weaboos but i doubt they would put magical realm sh-

>> No.55330661

Well, yeah. That's right in the games conceptual "DNA", the oWoD, pulp fantasy, anime, and mythology (emphasis heavily on the former).

>> No.55330689

i will roleplay romance with a fat chito-eating fag

>> No.55330752

I thought the question was a honorable 1v1

>> No.55330779

Even then, I think it's fine for an experienced Dynast or, more to the point, Immaculate monk to be a threat to a low Essence Dawn who's not hyper specialized.

>> No.55330843

Maybe he's trusting Exalted to do the impossible as they usually do?

Ah, fear. Cool.
Crown, Sword, Cloak?

The what new rules? From where?

Do Solar have mastery with everything? :v

That was always a thing?

>> No.55330859

Huh, I wonder how the Five Stations Initiation would work and draw sm in 3e.

>> No.55330948

>Crown, Sword, Cloak
Yeah. It's just a motif it encourages you to use with sorcerers. Like wands and pointy hats. See also the constellation of The Sorcerer and the constellations in general. They're full of imagery you can slip into things.

>From where?
The previews for Arms of the Chosen.


>Do Solar have mastery with everything?
Yep! Abyssals, too.

Page 427
>Mastery: This keyword denotes Charms that have a greater effect when used by those Exalted who are masters of mortal Abilities: the Solar and Abyssal Exalted. The Sidereal Exalted, peerless masters of the martial arts, have their own esoteric methods for accessing these effects.

>> No.55330981

I don't think it'd be its own shaping ritual, just a conceptual framework overlaid on initiation into sorcery as a whole. Brigid, for example, would probably start with Pact with Mara as her first shaping ritual and pick up others as she advanced.

>> No.55331045

Oh, I suppose a Salinan initiation might be its own shaping ritual. Communing with Creation and that. You'd probably gain mote by doing things like bringing your consciousness close to the dream-soul of Creation, being in Desmenses or wild (but not Wyld) places. I'd use Scarred by Nightmares and that geomancy one as models.

>> No.55331095

>Yep! Abyssals, too.

>> No.55331511

What exactly do you do with regarding those?
Journey and Sacrifice, yeah, travelling and realising how small you are or something and giving up a part of yourself.

But Study? Would studying cooking under a chef work? Blacksmith?

Fear? Facing it?

Humility? What?

>> No.55331513

If you had to choose one Yozi as a roommate (they are in humanoid form), which one would you choose?

>> No.55331649

Out of the main 5.
>Come home to find the house trashed, rebuilt, used for war, rebuilt again, then trashed.
>Hands you a rent contract that's six thousand pages long, and full of punishing clauses for every minor infraction
>She Who Lives in Her Name
>Everything must be exactly in the right place and order. Has autistic breakdowns if you so much as bump the bookshelves
>The Ebon Dragon
>Takes great care to never do anything that quite makes you leave or kick him out, but toes the line exactly enough to make your life hell, through the small dickish things, like throwing away your stuff, never doing the dishes, uses the last of the TP and doesn't restock it, but constantly.

Honestly, probably the Principle of Hierarchy is the most tolerable, if only that she's the least malicious, but they all sound like hell.

>> No.55331778

The station of humility teaches (or reaffirms in subsequent initiations) teaches the initiate to bend to the forces of Creation rather than strain against them and so learn to accept and master them. Studying cooking, blacksmithing, or an other Craft would better suit this station. The idea is that you have to realize how small you are compared to the forces of the universe and it usually it involves some kind of labor. It could serve as one of the other quests, including tutelage.

The station of tutelage requires a mentor. That mentor is often but not always some kind of supernatural creature, but anyone who offers a revelation of wisdom could serve,including cooks and blacksmiths. It is possible but difficult to find such a mentor on purpose. More often, the necessary revelation comes from someone teaching about an unrelated matter.

The station of journey involves a literal physical journey someplace, going into or passing through wilderness or other such contextually liminal space. It may include material information, such as lost lore, but most often the journey itself is the lesson.

The station of fear involves the confrontation of something frightening and dangerous, demonstrating the courage and strength of will necessary to wield sorcery.

The station of sacrifice requires the initiate to choose one thing he cares about at the expense of another in some meaningful way, demonstrating the decisiveness and mettle required for sorcery.

These can occur in any order and all characters possessing a sorcery charm are assumed to have completed them.

>> No.55331797

Oh, and you could probably have merits themed after the five quests, maybe modeled after the Soul-Perfecting Elixir merits or something.

>> No.55331827

Thank you.

>> No.55331933

>Come home to find the house trashed, rebuilt, used for war, rebuilt again, then trashed.
He said humanoid form.
Malfeas only dances in his humanoid form.

>> No.55332387

>exalt of the kek

>> No.55332560

>> No.55332785 [DELETED] 

it's the closest exalted players will ever get. about as mythical as being a solar. >>55330843
>Do Solar have mastery with everything? :v
it's the only way anybody else is allowed to have any toys at all if the solar gets all of them and the coolest ones

>> No.55332872

malfeas. infinite danceparty. but naked.

>> No.55332948

what are you talking about
exalted players are the chad of roleplaying games

>> No.55333087

>Chosen by Kek, the secret ninth Incarnae, unjustly imprisoned by His normie brethren for His trolling during the Primordial War.
>Following the Tao of the Pepe to take back Creation from DB cucks and Solar normies.
>Meme charms and meme sorcery.


>> No.55333465


>> No.55333670

Zenith solar best solar

>> No.55333706

Is that thing any good?

>> No.55333838


It was good early on, then it devolved into yuri pretty rapidly.

I wouldn't bother. There are better quests.

>> No.55333881

>Husband Seducing Demon Dance
Guess which bitch got NTR'ed and got to name this Charm?

Any 'better' Exalted quests though?

>> No.55333891

Alchemical Solutions, Ebeli Quest

>> No.55334031

>Tfw you've tried running Exalted quests before, but they always end up dying out after a thread or two because /qst/ is a desolate wasteland where you're lucky to have 3 active players at once.

>> No.55334053


Where is that from?

>> No.55334069


I wonder what would Oramus or Qaf be like?

>> No.55334086

Actually, you know what? Fuck it, if there's a decent amount of people here who'd play in an Exalted quest, I might try again. How many would play, and also what splat should I go with? Solar for simplicity?

>> No.55334121

Oramus would be that roommate who's always high as a kite. He's willing to share, but the stuff he's on is super strong and almost always sends you on a bad trip, so you'll probably just refuse.

Somehow, he's actually really smart, even while high.

I have no idea about Qaf.

>> No.55334180

How about Infernal? Burn the world, baby

>> No.55334192

i found it on google images

>> No.55334229


The killer for me was apparently being too crunchy. Which kinda shocked me as there were other quests with a huge amount of it.

I'm tempted to reboot my last quest, but if I made another I know exactly how to run it next time.

>> No.55334278


What thing are you talking about?

Can you link to th quest?

>> No.55334320

Yeah, I think crunch might have been a problem for me too. Actually, that's the big problem for Exalted quests I think; Just how the hell do you narrow down things like charms into something less crunch-y?

Course, players are a big part of the problem too, in that there just aren't many who participate in new quests on /qst/. I might end up looking at other quest-focused places instead, how's a-kun?

>> No.55334337

Doesn't that Exalted Yuri Quest (>>55333670) basically have a list of Charms modified so they're VERY rules-light? At least, that's what I see when I look at "Solar Hero Style".

>> No.55334343

Starts Feb 2014

>> No.55334377


Yea, but that caused endless bitching in the thread, believe me.


A-kun works but you're going to get a lot of porn.

I'd say bite the bullet and try it on /qst/, god knows it needs more traffic.

>> No.55334798

i have a thing for tanned girl with white hair and golden hair

>> No.55335056

Brown girls make me feel good

>> No.55335473

Does anyone have the Abyssal preview?

>> No.55335486



>> No.55335671


You want the others, too?

>> No.55335704

Sure, why not?
I only have Infernal on the phone anyway

>> No.55335729


>> No.55335740

Extremely withdrawn, rarely speaks, you hardly even see him most days. He makes convincing him to do anything a chore, but if you do, he'll do it well. Really well.

>> No.55335743


>> No.55335834

Nah Kek isn't an Incarnae, the Chosen of the kek would be one of these new exalts from 3rd edition, created by lesser gods and stuff, I can't ever remember their stupid names.

>> No.55335843

I like this.

In 1E, although it may have actually been a charm, I can't recall. It's in the twilight caste book, I know that.

No, they can't receive sacrifices, which makes one wonder where they go. Does the heavenly bureau decide how it's distributed? A concept roughly analogous to conservation of mass and energy does exist in Creation.

Kill as many as his old as enemies as is practical. Shit would make for a great story if your party were playing Sidereals and doing some of his work for him.

>> No.55335845

>Abyssals and Infernals have swapped charm trees
Not sure how I feel about this.

>> No.55335883


Bear in mind that these previews were made obsolete even before we devs got replaced.

>> No.55335910

Nah Water from Stone is in White Treatise.

>No, they can't receive sacrifices, which makes one wonder where they go.
How does the Cult of Illuminated emergency contact system work then?

>The exact details of the prayer vary with each priest, each cell and each god, but each has the same effect. The priest writes out the message she wishes to send on a scroll, which is then ritually destroyed in some fashion during the prayer (burning is a common method, but it could be submerged in a stream until it falls apart or eaten by a swarm of sacred cockroaches). As the scroll is destroyed, the priest prays and makes appropriate sacrifices, petitioning for the god’s attention and assistance, as described in the Exalted rulebook (p. 335). However, because the god has agreed to receive communiqué prayers whenever necessary and because the prayer asks simply for attention rather than assistance, the base difficulty of the Charisma + Performance roll is only 3 rather than 6.
>If the prayer succeeds, a block of Ambrosia appears before the god (see Exalted: The Sidereals, pp. 26-27) with a Quintessence-forged copy of the message scroll around it. The god keeps the Ambrosia for itself, then passes the scroll along to its contact in the Inner Circle.

>> No.55335912

Any idea what the current word on Abyssals is then?
I really like the idea of deathlord charms, but I also loved the feel of the Infernal charm trees in 2e, even if they were a bit clunky.

>> No.55335942

Limit can be vented by becoming spoopy for a while, but you can also go to Limit Break

>> No.55335988

He/she specifically asked whether exalted received quintessence and ambrosia from sacrifices and I said that they don't. That prayer ritual explicitly states that a god receives the ambrosia, not an exalt. If exalts did receive ambrosia or quintessence they'd be drowning in the stuff because they don't have a natural ability to shape it into something useful, albeit it'd probably make for a great raw material for charm-enhanced crafting. But then everybody who hadn't invested in craft would still be stuck with it.

>> No.55336016

I suppose you could also trade the ambrosia and quintessence.

>> No.55336031

Oh. My bad. Even if the Exalt is in Heaven?

>> No.55336059


Well, everyone has ability charms now, except Lunars, as usual. I you're a Star Wars fan, you can think of the DeathLord/Abyssal relationship as being like a Sith Master/Apprentice. Infernals didn't "swap" charm trees, they still have charms that draw powers and themes from the Yozi. This means that instead of choosing 2 out of six Yozi, and being unable to introduce more Yozi charmsets because that'd reduce the amount of charms you could buy at a favoured discount, abilities can now draw from multiple Yozi so you can have Adorjan speed charms and Isidoros strength charms in Athletics, and then have a Heretic charm that ties two or more Yozi trees together the same way that there are Athletics charms that tie together strength, speed, and jumping trees.

Abyssals, being Solar mirrors, have a Supernal ability, Infernals instead have Shintai. It's currently up in the air as to whther Best Girl is still going to be the an iconic Infernal.

>> No.55336111

liminals are most likely ability exalts, as are alchemicals (still). I'm sure you knew that, I'm just specifying.

Anyway, yeah, I really like the idea of infernal and abyssal charmsets drawing on deathlord / yozi themes the way that solar charmsets draw on Sol.

>> No.55336112

Even then. I don't think it'd be too hard for an exalt to create a charm or spell or shaping ritual to accomplish that, though. It'd have to be a high celestial or low solar working, or a charm of at least Essence 4 to work. Ambrosia and quintessence are really useful, and most worshipers aren't going to realize exalts can't receive their sacrifices, so they get a lot.

>> No.55336121

Tbf who doesn't love Mindfang

>> No.55336130

The main draw of quests for me is that they basically allow single-payer games to be run without coming off as awkward dialogue between 2 people.

Even had an idea of a crossover quest between Infernal Exalted & Game of Thrones. But then I remembered, I have no idea how to GM.

>> No.55336141


Looks like Dejah Thoris, acts like John Carter. Wears nothing but jewellery, she's great.

>> No.55336218

Man it'd be awesome if Exalted would put something as childishly badass as Basphomy in the game. I miss the days when RPG settings and IRL RPG culture were taken less seriously. Yes my character is weilding a sword as wide as a surfboard. Yes she's wearing nothing but jewelry and magical floss. Let's play make believe and have some goddamn fun.

>> No.55336240

How possible is it for a Zenith to pretend to be a Dragon-Blooded/God-blooded/exceptional mortal in Lookshy and do a tour and study Sorcery there?

>> No.55336298

Your main problem is that sorcerers tend to have the ability to discern what sort of essence you're packing, so they'd turn that on and spot the solar unless you've got an artifact or something to disguise your essence. And then there's the general problem of Solars having an enormous ego and being unwilling to keep themselves from being involved in crises around them, thus grabbing attention.

>> No.55336300


Low breeding DB or god blooded, to explain why they're mostly human looking. Socialize charms to hide their true feelings (intimacies) towards the realm, or create a complete persona if necessary. Stealth charms to avoid flaring Anima Banner, allowing you more leeway with spending essence.

>> No.55336306

How does a non-Eclipse/a Circle without an Eclipse gain entry to Heaven?

>> No.55336309

If you soak in the most fragrant perfumes for days on end, would you not wish for something different?

I think it's just over-saturation of scantily-clad god-warriors and the current backlash of overly "realistic" fuckos.

>> No.55336343

Have a friendly Gold Faction Sidereal escort them in.

>> No.55336373

And if the hypothetical Circle accidentally fucked the Cult of Illuminated so the Sidereal don't like them much?

>> No.55336412

You make a point that's valid, but it's not valid for Exalted. This is a game about gods, demons, titans, and the human hybrids that have surpassed them.

>> No.55336480

Friendly god then.

>> No.55336581

I remember there being an instant manse Void Circle Necromancy spell which dragged an area down into the labyrinth but I can't seem to find it now. Anyone else know what I'm talking about and where I could find it?

>> No.55336900

>> No.55337135

Black and White Treastises. I don't think it actually drags the area into the Labyrinth.

>> No.55337204

While also making the mechanics even more obtuse and unplayable than they were in 2nd, adding 83 additional types of exalted that nobody asked for, taking 300% extra development time, shaking down Deviantart for the cheapest college freshmen they can find (when they're not just shoddily editing art from older editions), and insulting anyone who raises an objection.

>> No.55337243

>While also making the mechanics even more obtuse and unplayable than they were in 2nd
This is a flat out lie.

You're right about the rest, though.

>> No.55337530

Why is Secrets best Maiden?

>> No.55337620

>even more obtuse and unplayable than they were in 2nd

Even the simple acts of removing tick combat, combos, cheap perfects, and so on have been immensely valuable in simplifying the game, let alone the redone combat and social.

>83 additional types of exalted that nobody asked for

Exigents are good, dummy.

>shaking down Deviantart for the cheapest college freshmen they can find (when they're not just shoddily editing art from older editions)

Looks like someone is whining about the backer version without realizing they replaced the worst pieces in the final draft.

>and insulting anyone who raises an objection.

Neither Morke nor Holden are working on the line going forward, so content yourself in being insulted by other posters instead.

>> No.55337703

>Looks like someone is whining about the backer version without realizing they replaced the worst pieces in the final draft.
Also the worst pieces were just that, worst of the lot and individual pieces, not representative of the art in general. Mostly the illustrations in 3E core are mediocre more than anything, not noteworthy one way or another. This is obviously not ideal, but Ex3 isn't really worse art-wise than most other RPGs. It's just not particularly good, either.

>> No.55337716

Elloge since they would write a lot of stuff that would probably be interesting to read.

Or Hegra if I felt like partying half the time. Though she would be bipolar.

>> No.55337917

>Exigents are good, dummy.
Not that guy, but nobody asked for Exigents. Also, Liminals, Getimians, Niborean League Exalted, and honestly everything new that isn't Exigents sucks.

>> No.55337936

Getiminian seem interesting imo, war on heaven hurraah

>> No.55338019


You can take my body-horror Exalts from my cold, unliving hands.

>> No.55338086

Because it's not like Abyssals and Infernals exist.

I don't really see the point.

I mean, I don't want to take your Abyssals, Liminals, Infernals, or Gremlin Syndrome Alchemicals from you.

>> No.55338099

Lunars. I meant Lunars. Rather than delete the post, I leave my humiliation dry and bare so that all of you may learn from my mistake and doublecheck your post before posting.

>> No.55338141

>Because it's not like Abyssals and Infernals exist.
That's more war on Creation rraah rraah

>> No.55338169

They gotta deal with heaven eventually.

>> No.55338397

>Any 'better' Exalted quests though?
I miss lunar quest

>> No.55338448

>Alchemical Solutions,
the worm thing on sv that went full wildbow retard(basically "brocton bay is gem, but shitty") and immediately burned the entire setting down with leviathan and the slaughterhouse nine? I thought that died ages ago.

>> No.55338468

solar is boring. anything but solar.

>> No.55338472

Nah just updated last month

>> No.55338662

So in 2e is there anything short of adamant circle sorcery that can cure shadowlands?

I'd guess that the Lap can do it for the south, and parts of the Celestial Isle, since it can fix wyld zones (my assumption is you'd just shove a bunch of dragon lines into the shadowland and purge out the corrupted lines but I could be wrong).

Also for necromancy, is it possible to initiate yourself into at least the lowest circle without killing an animal or a part of one? I know the common example is watching your own finger rot off, but could you say, slowly and deliberately kill an old tree.

>> No.55338704

>but could you say, slowly and deliberately kill an old tree.

I don't see why not.


>> No.55338709

Getimians' beef is not with existence itself, but specifically Heaven and how Fate is managed and the gods conduct themselves. That's a very different story to Abyssals and Infernals, especially considering plenty of Solars, Lunars, and Dragonblooded would probably agree with their position

>> No.55338718

Why are Eclipse best Exalted anyway

>> No.55338958

they are not
they pussys
dawn best solar

>> No.55339360

Y'all niggas way off, No Moon best

>> No.55339440

okay, sex-slave, who said you could get off my bed
i will have to punish you

>> No.55339740

Why doesn't Lookshy charge toll on using the fucking river?

>> No.55339803

What breaks if I give infernals an innate "chaos repelling pattern" effect on their anima at or above bonfire?

>> No.55339828

because poorly thought out anima power

>> No.55340246

Honestly, anything past the shadowlands circle doesn't interest me overly much. All I want is the ability to force ghosts into lethe, exorcisms, things like that, traveling to the underworld perhaps.

>> No.55340459

which level has the bonepuppet thing?

>> No.55340791

I want to play a Lunar or Sidereal but I feel like a Solar can do everything they do better and my autism is flaring up real bad because of that

How do I not be a raging autist when I try to play anything that isn't a giant golden mary-sue?

>> No.55341427

how do you feel about an additional keyword that sits between "spend motes" and "commit motes" where a certain number of motes are just held (unusable) until the effect ends at which point they are returned to your pool?

>> No.55341606

I feel "fuck 3e, fuck 3e devs. this is shit" about it. get this whole speech about how ruining infernals was mechanically necessary and you only hate it because you're a reactionary idiot who thinks change is bad. and then they've just stolen infernal themes to make abyssals slightly less shit. "infernals are just palletswapped solars providing an outlet for fistage assholeism so solars can be even shinier" is just such a waste compared to how they were the second most awesome splat in 2e(and much easier to justify using than first place's alchemicals who are generally trapped in autochthonia)

also then you go through the 3e book and find a bunch of 2e infernal charms stolen for solars.

>> No.55342323

So they are commited?

>> No.55342325

How should the Axiomatic:keyword interact with Creatures of Death? the Wyld?

how should Holy keyword interact with Creatures of the Void?

>> No.55342428 [DELETED] 


It isn't a case. There was a recent thread about Autochton on OPP forums. And it was a cool premise. Unlike classic lazy writing "nobody knows. It's a mistery" it actually had some merit to it. One of freelancers said that idea would be bad. Players should feel as a problematic element.

Solars - overpowered cunts that had to be put down like rabid dogs they become. Also you still have a curse and you will become a overpowered cunt in the future. Such a nice guy
Lunars - idea of perfect society is "kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. Destroy civilization"
Sidereals - Let us put a huge hole in Fate Tapestry so we can mask ourselves from existence.
Abyssals - kill everything in Creation.
Infernals - create hell 2.0

they can all go and suck their dicks in perpetual circle jerk

>> No.55342452


It isn't a case. There was a recent thread about Autochton on OPP forums. And it was a cool premise. Unlike classic lazy writing "nobody knows. It's a mistery" it actually had some merit to it. One of freelancers said that idea would be bad. Players shouldn't feel as a problematic element.

Solars - overpowered cunts that had to be put down like rabid dogs they become. Also you still have a curse and you will become a overpowered cunt in the future. Such a nice guy
Lunars - idea of perfect society is "kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. Destroy civilization"
Sidereals - Let us put a huge hole in Fate Tapestry so we can mask ourselves from existence.
Abyssals - kill everything in Creation.
Infernals - create hell 2.0

they can all go and suck their dicks in perpetual circle jerk

>> No.55342559

Anybody ever homebrew a charm that lets you commit motes to an object on somebody else's behalf, such as to just casually loan somebody your attuned diklave during a battle?

>> No.55342728

you can't just deattune your artifacts to instantly grab a handful of motes, you break attunement and then your motes can begin to regenerate. held motes on the other hand /would/ just be motes shoved into a bottle that you can get back again by taking them out.

or did my st misread something somewhere?

>> No.55342960

yeah the Dawn could easily be specialised in something like War or Archery (not saying the latter is weak, just that it doesn't really do fair fights)

>> No.55343015

Axiomatic probably shouldn't do anything to creatures of death, but probably screw up wyld monsters.

Holy almost certainly is going to screw with creatures of the void, but then, holy actually only works specifically against things on a giant check list that the unconquered sun has made... Does it apply to creatures of the wyld already? If not then it's probably because they change too much to be on a proper list, and if that's the case, since UCS has never run into void creatures, he probably never declared them unholy.

>> No.55343132

actually there's a really nice theory on it that I heard, which is that each primordial basically embodies one specific thing, that is their entire nature and they can't do anything but hyperfocus on things related to that without more or less killing themselves.

But autochthon is the primordial of crafting, crafting, by its very nature, touches on literally every other facet of existence. It can't not, because it's all about tools to improve other things really. You can't just make stuff properly without understanding the ways of making other things. (For example: Malfeas is the primordial of kingship and ruling, he literally cannot comprehend that other sane beings don't want to obey him).

So Autochthon had to modify his essential nature, he crafted his own fetiche, and in doing so, crippled himself by making himself something more than just about crafting and literally nothing else. This is probably also why he has empathy, unlike every other primordial (possibly including Gaia).

>> No.55343236

Basically, Autochthon preformed surgery on himself to make himself actually capable of doing the thing he was focused around, but in doing so crippled himself in a nearly incurable way because it also defied his core nature (by focusing on things besides that core nature). He committed a form of slow divine suicide to actually be able to perform his kind of hyperfocus, and a good thing for all of us because it means that it also lets him look upon lesser beings as things with intrinsic value rather than simply toys he created to play with.

My basic understanding of the way primordials look at creation is the way that -we- look at NPCs in a videogame. Except for Autochthon and -maybe- Gaia (because Gaia's basic nature is that of motherhood more or less, or at least a facet of her nature is that)

>> No.55343260

This is the stuff I'm taking about. Compared to this official writing doesn't even reach it. Writing in many parts became shallow and uninspired.

This really makes primordials alien in nature. No wonder humans can't comprehend gods.

>> No.55343262

ohhh I get it now no I misunderstood what you said there now i get it

>> No.55343292

Anything on lunars yet?

>> No.55343318

well from what I get this is all ink monkies' stuff that was lost when the forums were killed off when White Wolf blew up all of the sources of 2e setting info.

>> No.55343385

it might also be something you gotta glean from reading all of the various stuff across the first two editions, because there's so much shit that's just lost. The locust crusade for example is something that is given a good deal of detail in 1e but is barely touched in 2e (1e ended with the First and Forsaken Lion literally eating Autochthon's heart and becoming a 'living' never born, leading to the exalted world becoming old world of darkness or something, for example).

Then there's the fact the forums all over that were devoted to 2e were nuked by White Wolf because they wanted to have a clean slate to work with for 3rd Edition or something? It never made sense to me, and you also gotta remember that the major writers for White Wolf changed out half way with 2e (the transition between 2e and 2.5e), all of that means that some of this stuff is in there, but is -incredibly- hard to find, and it makes figuring out what's 'canon' and what's 'fanon' very very difficult, and it's only going to get more difficult as we go forward from the big 2e-3e wipe and people forget shit.

>> No.55343403

You mean besides still not being coherent as an overall group and nobody being able to agree on what makes them good?

>> No.55343429


Yeah. That annoys the shit out of me. They could have said that old writing was one of possible versions of the world. Like they had that book Exalted shards or something with different possible realities. They could have said this is one of them and they will put it on ice. People looking for it could go into subforum if they were interested in that particular version of the setting. BUT fuckers had to make a nuke.

>> No.55343573

Lads my buff Zenith bodybuilder has run out of pretty ladies to make her wives, how can I get more? Please help my thirst can't be contained

>> No.55343665

Capture lunars and make them learn the Knack that lets them become women.

>> No.55343668

are you willing to go full 1st Age Decadent?

If so, invest in the whole genetics crafting subskill.

>> No.55343675

Brilliant, now I don't have to blow up Gem to get rich quick.

>> No.55343681


Learn Sorcery, summon a Neomah every night. When you reach higher circles of sorcery, you can summon and many more powerful demons. don't forget elementals as well.

>> No.55343885

Lads I have enough wives now but my funds are going down because they insisted on individual weddings, should I invest in Bureaucracy to get more money or go on some crazy expedition to become rich?

>> No.55344007

Bureaucracy and then use it to gain a high position in the guild by convincing them your agenda is entirely about increasing the amount of money the guild (and by extension, you) make.

>> No.55344021


Didn't you say you're a Zenith? Do you not have a cult? Either have your worshipers tithe you, or have the brides family pay for the privilege of having their daughter marry a Lawgiver.

>> No.55344045

I hope you're ready for the captain of the dawn star to kick you to Malfeas and back.

>> No.55344193


My worshipers are mostly my wives.

I hear she's hot so it's ok.

>> No.55344259


>My worshipers are mostly my wives.

Your supposed to be spreading the word when your not spreading your seed. You're a Zenith for Sol's sake, act like one.

>> No.55344275

She's also got true love for The Unconquered Sun I think and thus is pretty much immune to any and all seduction attempts even made by unnatural mental effects, even before her pretty insane stats that already make any other attempts to change her opinion nigh impossible (not UCS impossible, she ain't 30 automatic successes plus whatever she actually rolls), hot or not she can pretty much cauterize everything except your exaltation from creation.

>> No.55344518

>Neither Morke nor Holden are working on the line going forward
You are correct, but the president of OPP threw quite the shitfit when someone said that they preferred 2E's old realm alphabet to his new one. Mind you, the poster even said that they liked his new alphabet, just not as much, and Richard (I think that's his name?) threw a tantrum. This problem is systemic for OPP's team and they need to hire a PR manager.

>> No.55344521

>Your supposed to be spreading the word when your not spreading your seed. You're a Zenith for Sol's sake, act like one.
My dude how is my Zenith supposed to spread the good word of polyamory and free love without her wives?

Less hot, but I guess every one has flaws.

>> No.55344622

>Less hot, but I guess every one has flaws.
if your criteria for hotness is 'I can't use solar brainwashing charms to make them fall in love with me' then you're pretty much everything wrong with the high first age.

>> No.55344768

White Wolf erased their forums completely and Onyx Path, a different company made new ones
a backup attempt was made but because the WW forums shat themselves every 20 minutes it was incomplete.

Now, if you want to blame Onyx Path for not restoring the old official wiki that one really is their fault.

>> No.55344852

Careful manipulation of leylines would accelerate the process, sure, but you don't even need that. All you need to do to cure a shadowland is encroach on it with lots of life. Curate the surrounding area well enough for long enough and the problem will eventually be solved.

>> No.55344875

Your allusion to being autistic is too vague. Are you talking about minmaxing?

>> No.55344909

http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted/1070312-i-got-my-book-it-s-super-fancy-and-i-can-t-read-the-cover?p=1071006#post1071006 I have that thread saved for shit and giggles

They don't need a PR manager. They need a full overhaul. Forums are about diversity promotion. If you don't play like they are imaging you are playing it wrong. Right now people are either keeping their mouth shut or they don't comment on diversity. Too many bans and ban warnings were made over making reasonable and unreasonable opinions that differ from diversity stance. So OPP thinks they are going the right way because they are mostly getting positive feedback from like-minded people (when others are censored and ignored)

>> No.55344961

I'm pretty fucking sure that all of that was the official story on Autochthon in 2E, not just some fan made theory. The writers came up with that.

>> No.55344968

Firstly you gotta understand the point of each group.

Solars can be amazing at -everything- but they are at their very best when they spike a particular area of expertise, able to shatter the horizon in ONE AREA, be absolute perfection in it, but in others they'll only ever be 'really damn good', and often behind others. That said, a Solar who focuses his entire being into one area can generally turn absolutely everything else into a nail for him to smack down with his particular hammer. At the same time, it leaves glaring weaknesses that anyone kitted right can overcome.

Lunars are the opposite in a lot of ways. Lunars aren't about perfection and excellence, they're about adaptation and survival. A talky lunar will never be as good as a talky solar, but that talky lunar can very well be a better warrior than the talky solar while being decently talky. Lunars generalize, they adapt and morph to any situation. Where a solar's graph is going to look like a sudden spike in terms of what they can and can't do, the Lunars look more like a bell curve. They can do a whole bunch of things all at once, their animal forms only further highlight this. Where as a Solar caught by somebody kitted EXACTLY to his strengths and weaknesses is going to be in for a really tough time, and almost certainly a losing battle (which is why the usurpation happened at all, because as I'll get to in a moment, that's the sidereal's entire bag), any single enemy is going to have a hard time doing that to any particular Lunar, making Lunars actually -better- at pure survival and getting the job at hand done than a Solar (though a Solar in his particular field of expertise will mow down any and all comers).

>> No.55345041


Siderals are the weird ones, because Sidereals almost -have- to metagame. Sidereal charms are set, they depend on crazy martial arts to really even the score as Sidereal Martial arts can do some really -really- nasty things that nobody is going to be prepared for. But most importantly, they have this particular set of charms that basically let them learn -anything- provided they are asking the right questions and looking in the right places. Solars and Lunars have to learn shit the hard way, Sidereals have a few specific charms that just let them KNOW anything that is possible to know provided they know what to ask. (For example, I recall there's a charm that pretty much lets you point at any given object and BAM you know exactly what it is named, what it does, and even details of who made it with enough successes, provided such information exist within the loom of fate).

Sidereals are hated by everybody. The gods don't like them, the elementals don't like them, most dragonblooded just see them as another kind of anathema, and most mortals can't even remember them. They get by through knowing one more fact than everybody else, and pulling crazy shenanigans.

Like in one game a friend of mine played they had to two man an entire invasion force of Ma-Ha-Suichi, well they broke out the maps of the areas and where spirits were, and wouldn't you know it? The army was marching DIRECTLY over one of the Gem Lord's territories. Not just any gem lord either, the gem lord of the largest cavern system in the entire freaking east practically speaking.

Well here's where that whole 'knowing one more thing than anybody else' comes in. Most elementals and gods have this sorta hierarchy deal, which means that if you try to summon the say, the head of the beureau of heavens, they can fob it off onto somebody down their chain of command. So you can only be certain of summoning gods and elementals who don't HAVE anybody in their direct chain of command.
>cont 2

>> No.55345079


Gem Lords are basically the strongest elementals/spirits in creation who can't fob off summons on other beings, and they are also, simultaneously, the physical incarnation of their own cavern network.

So they summoned the guy, and it caused him to pull up his entire cavern network with the summon because he couldn't deny it and they went to the effort of making sure they could beat any checks he made to resist it. Ma-Ha-Suichi's army was suddenly in the middle of a great lake's sized collapse of earth and stone, dropping them almost a quarter mile into the earth as water rushed in from the near by rivers, turning the whole thing into a giant lake with a shadowland at the bottom.

The Gemlord, whose domain had been destroyed, was understandibly pissed, and cursed both of them to never walk on the earth again. They both lose a permanent essence for the duration of contact with the earth and the earth courts send assassins after them. They managed to avoid censure by bribing a guy who knew a guy and making sure that the fix was put in after that to give that guy's friend the job of god of the biggest lake in the scavenger lands, conveniently forgetting to tell him it was haunted as shit.

And that, is how you play a sidereal.

>> No.55345157

Solars are all about focusing their charms into one area so they have a hammer they can smack any nail down with, even if that nail happens to be a screw.

Lunars are about using charms and knacks to always have the tool for the job, whether it's a hammer, nail, gear, nut, or bolt.

Sidereals are about using their charms to figure out the easiest way to get the nails to hammer themselves in, or in a pinch, figure out what kind of nail it is you're trying to hammer in, and where to find the best hammer for the job.

>> No.55345350

Er, why'd the gem lord curse the sidereals if what they did was totally necessary for protecting Creation? Or perhaps a better question would be, why didn't a god or another sidereal undo the curse almost immediately? And if the earth court had sent assassins after those sidereals I'm pretty sure that would initiate an enormous smackdown by Ketchup Carjack or someone high up in the bureau because, once again, those sidereals were doing their jobs and protecting Creation. This sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

>> No.55345561

What they did was protect creation sure. But they did it in the most insulting and damaging manner they possibly could to this one elemental.

They obliterated this very highly placed Elemental's entire domain, they got rid of his entire job, they didn't ask permission or try to explain to him, they just forced him to do something that was self-harming. Now every other earth court has to wonder if these guys will do the same thing to THEM.

Also keep in mind, all of the gods -hate- the Sidereals because they know the Sidereals are responsible for, basically, the great contagion, the fall of the first age, the loss of worship (and thus their primary form of income and nourishment and power), and making them into butt boys for the immaculates. So they look for ANY excuse to screw over sidereals and especially Ketchup Carjack as you put it. Almost every terrestrial diety and city diety hates his guts and would gladly throw him into the mouth of oblivion if given the chance.

Anyway, both players thought it was awesome so who cares? One of them was Airfolk so he just had to get something that prevented him from getting fatigue from flapping his wings all the time, and they could walk on anything that wasn't natural earth and be perfectly fine (any paved road, floors, etc.)

>> No.55345570

nope, that shit was straight tarded. deserved to be shot down.

>> No.55345694


You have right to your opinion.

>> No.55345740

thats what I thought too.

so I'll make axiomatic work on wyld creatures, but be unreliable on the rare monster either too weird or too "orderly" to register since they're not actually what axiomatic was for. (and holy won't work until/unless somebody somehow manages to get the sun to take the crackpipe out of his ass and update the list, maybe not even then since iirc wyld ISN'T on the holy shitlist for some reason. must because it's not any one thing like you said.)

I like this

>> No.55346610


Whats so bad about it?

>> No.55347032

Is Cytherea described in any of the 2e books?

>> No.55347293

>force ghosts into lethe, exorcisms,
Those are in Necromancy?
I would have thought it had the opposite stuff.

Make more from Wyld

>> No.55347392

There's one section in Compass: Malfeas that describes her plan to escape from Malfeas. It involves geomancy, cults operating simultaneously in Creation and Malfeas and some of her own souls running territories. As per usual its left ambiguous how realted it is to the Reclaimation.

But most of her other stuff is in Ink Monkeys writings. Also in the errata Conky's Magnanimous Unbound Sun form can heal himself by a whole bunch of lethal/bashing health levels which is attributed to her. The Charm's very expensive and comes with a big bang as a visual motif on him, but then again easy heals are supposed to be very expensive in the setting.

>> No.55347488

Arms is in layout.

>> No.55347514

Where does one find this information?

>> No.55347555

this is how lunars are SUPPOSED TO BE but not how they ARE. how they are is "solars but shittier" :(

similarly, sids are very fun in theory, but mechanically a mess (partially because the devs couldn't be bothered to fix them when all the attention went to repeatedly overhyping solars and getting this weird "third tier of exalt" powercreep halfway through the edition.)

>> No.55347735

>when home-brewing goes too far

>> No.55347791

Necromancy is all about manipulation of the dead, in all its aspects. It can chain ghosts or force them onto the wheel of reincarnation. You have to go to the void tier before you get to the shit that is objectively impossible to justify as something you can use for the greater good (void circle actually forces bits of creation to fall into oblivion any time that it's used, so yeah, no matter what good you do with it, it'll still be an unjustified cost because void circle necromancy directly hastens the end of the world). But necromancy explicitly does everything you can think of with the dead, and even can simulate sorcery spells at a much higher cost than the sorcery versions (and vice versa),

>> No.55348011

>He's never homebrewed so much that he forgot something isn't canon

Wow look at this casual

>> No.55348014

Huh. Think I'll actually read Black Treatise now rather than let it dust

>> No.55348053

like you could use necromancy to simulate stormwind rider by, I dunno, using the deathly breath of the neverborn, or calling out a bunch of nephracts to carry you aloft, but it would be weaker and more expensive than stormwind rider by the rules.

Likewise, you could use sorcery to bust open a hole into the underworld (and indeed, that's how it was originally done), but necromancy spells do it much better.

>> No.55348062

yeah that's a super easy mistake to make.

My entire lgs hates Lillum so much that we homebrewed her out entirely, now it's just a living brass lantern that stores the infernal exaltations and spawns demons as tethers, and sometimes people literally forget that she's a part of the setting or they're just never told about her and so it comes as doubly shocking when they read about her.

>> No.55348965

You know I can't wait for Necromancy and it's version of Control Spell effects

>> No.55349224

Do the Lunar know of the Sidereal with what them having broken the Mask?

>> No.55349314

>madoka with a whip when her weapon is a bow

>> No.55349424

Where can I read about Ghostblooded?

>> No.55349431

Onyx Path website, every Tuesday.

>> No.55349855

>Whore-Blade Disloyalty
>Cost: var. m
>Keyword: Miscellaneous, committed
>Req.: Melee 3, Ess. 3
>Prereq.: Calling the Loyal Steel
>Dur.: 1 Scene
>Though attunement binds a weapon to the wielder's essence and thus to them,
>by layering the weapon in motes of their essence they can effectively 'trick' the
>attunement into being constantly active and thus work for anyone who picks it up.
>This effect costs a number of motes equal to the artifacts Rating, and can be
>reflexively ended at any point during the scene, turning the whore-blade loyal to
>the Solar again without breaking attunement.

This any good?

>> No.55350404

can gremlin syndrome be cured by solar medicine that removes derangements?

>> No.55350528

Yep. But not in the way you think. MoEp: Alchemical, p.113

>In general, Autochthonian magic (including Alchemical
>Charms) cannot cure Gremlin Syndrome. The
>Great Maker does not possess the means to undo his own
>intrinsic illness. Only the arts of the Solar Exalted, such
>as Order-Affirming Blow (see Exalted, p. 218) or Solar
>Circle Sorcery, have the capacity to cleanse a subject of
>Gremlin Syndrome.

This is because the Gremlin Syndrome is treated as a deformity.

>> No.55350670

Yes, the elders tell the younger Lunars.

>> No.55350760

Does the Sidereal forget-me-yup work on beings outside of fate?

>> No.55350805

thanks, somehow I completely missed that

>> No.55350818

lame that only SOLAR deformity cures can change it though. I get why autobots aren't allowed to, but why not lunars and sids? purely as solar powerwank?

>> No.55351188

MoEP: Sidereal, p. 119

>The Five-Score Fellowship has concealed its
>existence from post-Usurpation Creation at every opportunity.
>Strong sorcery and irresistible astrological
>effects make the Five-Score Fellowship nearly immune
>to serious scrutiny and pulls them from the memories of
>the weak-minded. Some of these efforts have become
>an integral part of the Loom of Fate, forever occluding
>the Chosen of the Maidens from others’ minds. The
>effect has unintentionally become involuntary, but few
>Sidereal Exalted fail to take advantage of what they call
>their Arcane Fate.

So basically, ask if the being exists outside of the Pattern Spider's work, and if yes, they are immune to the Arcane Fate. So Raksha can see right though these Celestial assholes.

I think this is one of those things that almost everyone just internally alters when it comes into play. But yes, this is pure Solar Wankery.

>> No.55351202

Solars are the best at curing blights and mutations because they shit sunshine and perfection. Autobot's cancer is the ultimate expression of blight. Thus Solars can cure Autobot.

A Lunar could maybe redirect it or remake it to be less virulent, while Sids could try to apply fate medicine to the body. But only Solar can really cure it.

>> No.55351384 [DELETED] 

in 1 and 2e it's ability to learn all the charms was basically a super special double exalt ON TOP OF the oathbinding and diplomatic immunity thing that should have been an anima power in itself

besides, the ability to learn nonsolar charms with study would if anything have made sense for the twilights after they nerfed their tanky anti-damage effect for shitty essencesight. but it would have the same doubleexalt problem with them, it's just that at least there it'd make sense (as more than "we have fighter, wizard, thief, cleric all being their own caste. dnd bards learn all the things so so can eclipses herpa derp." from the time where exalted was priding itself on "and we don't have cheap healing or any reserection magic, death isn't cheap like...some people seem to like" pretend edgyness from 1e. no idea why it was kept in 2e after clear problems and considering how it doesn't fit their theme as well as just the oath binding and ancient diplomatic contacts)

>> No.55351519

what's the best song to hear when in a exalted session anons?

>> No.55351899

Have you tried engaging with the premise of the game rather than trying to run pointless numerical comparisons between things? Haha just kidding we don't do that here.


>> No.55351957

they are supposed to be better than everyone cause they are the angels of the most strong god

>> No.55352013

>So basically, ask if the being exists outside of the Pattern Spider's work, and if yes, they are immune to the Arcane Fate. So Raksha can see right though these Celestial assholes.
So do Infernal and Abyssal though, don't they? Since they aren't in Fate

>> No.55352073

Hopefully it'll get sent back to a prior stage of development again.

>> No.55352109


>> No.55352142

Every Solar circle needs an Abyssal to point out Sids in disguise.

>I'm sorry, sir, the satrap isn't seeing anyone. However, I happen to know that right now General Phelps is taking-
Hey, you're that water merchant from Gem. What are you doing in Harborhead?
>Dammit, not again.

>> No.55352419

what's the best band to play lunar and why is powerwolf?

>> No.55353319


>> No.55353435

I'm a little unclear on the purpose of it? If you use calling the loyal steed then that means anybody who steals it from you without breaking attunement will not be able to keep it? And if you lost attunement, then you'd lose that effect anyway, making it useless.

>> No.55353438

I feel stupid, this answer is obviously in the alchemicals book...but how much xp does it cost to learn a weaving protocol? is it 14?

>> No.55353474

steal? no. it's obviously about loaning it without making the other guy commit motes or taking ages to reattune. where did you get theft from?

like "I throw my dawn circlemate my diklave after he is disarmed"

read the context of what that guy was replying to

>> No.55353725

What >>55353474 said. Anyway, in that context, is it any good? What circle of Sorcery is Summoning someone to tell you whether your Homebrew is shit or not?

>> No.55353789

Sorry the name threw me a bit and part of the last part made it sound like "I just grab it back from the guy who stole it from me" or something.

And yeah it works, though I'd change the name desu to something less negative sounding.

>> No.55353907

Well, at least I made a charm that wasn't instantly shat upon into the Underworld. Progress.

Weapon-Loaning Technique
>Cost: var. m
>Keyword: Miscellaneous, committed
>Req.: Melee 3, Ess. 3
>Prereq.: Calling the Loyal Steel
>Dur.: 1 Scene
>Though attunement binds a weapon to the wielder's essence and thus to them,
>by layering the weapon in motes of their essence they can 'trick' the
>attunement into being constantly active and thus work for anyone who picks it up.
>Useful for lending a weapon to an essence-less mortal or a fellow exalt. If the Solar
>objects to who has taken their weapon during the scene they can reflexively end the
>charm at any point during the scene, turning the artifact loyal to them again.
>This effect costs a number of motes equal to the artifacts Rating.

>> No.55354127

So it doesn't work on writing?

>> No.55354264


>> No.55354554

Probably not. Since the Loom has many, many threads and each thread

(MoEP: Sidereal, p.58)
>[...] of Essence represents a single
>entity in Creation—from grains of sand to people, cities,
>nations or even abstract concepts

So keeping a record of what a Sidereal looks like and their name will result in the book being altered as per their Arcane Fate.

If it is a part of Creation, then the Arcane Fate can fuck it's thread in the Loom of Fate to make the entity forget the Sidereals.

>> No.55354626

Was there anything on the offical wiki or elsewhere that is no longer availabe?

>> No.55354629

>solar is mary sue
>when siderals know everything and control the future

hehe, nice.

>> No.55354992

Yes, the way Solars manage to be the unquestionable Mary Sues of the setting despite all the power of the other Exalted really is astounding.

>> No.55355101

there was the Rathess wiki backup of it for a while, so I'm not sure what information has been preserved

>> No.55355283

Weapon Borrowing Prana?

If it was just a mark like in the pic that Sidereal spotted?

Rathess is dead fho

>> No.55355308

>If it was just a mark like in the pic that Sidereal spotted?
JC Denton I can't into English today.
>If it was just a mark that marked that you'd spotted a Sidereal, like in the picture?

>> No.55355344

its dead now, but it was never a fully working wiki and people had months to make backups

>> No.55355392

iirc written records tend to go missing or at least that was the case in 1e, I liked it because it facilitated Memento style tattoos

>> No.55355602

>Weapon Borrowing Prana
Yeah, that's good. Just glad that I made a workable charm.

>Spot a Sidereal
>Find your memory of them is fading away
>Write down what you know as fast as you can
>Find yourself with a description of a person with tally marks next to them
>Find this repeated several times, with different people, all over your body
Yeah, sounds like a great story for a Heroic Mortal that a Sidereal can't stop coming into contact with during their job.

>> No.55355988

was there an oramus tree other than the sv one that just ignored his established lore to use random lovecraft stuff instead?

>> No.55357356

>Found out about it 4 days before it went down

That sounds cool.

>> No.55357778

Given the emphasis on the rarity of higher Essence individuals, how many Essence 4s and 5s do you guys think would be in the Realm given the approximate number of 10,000 Dragonbloods?

>> No.55357924

If you just look at all the homebrew those guys have, you'd have enough material for several wikis.

>> No.55358014

>> No.55358080

So does human sacrifice actually do anything for gods? Since the upper soul isn't allowed to be tampered with I'd assume not, and that the gods are just being dicks demanding it because it's a perfect show of just how dedicated their congregation is.

>> No.55358192

kinda troubling when it's people that actually get listened to

>> No.55358487

who are those guys?

Less than 2 dozen at best. Some of the heads of the houses and not all of those, some immaculate masters, a few generals who aren't the heads of houses.

>> No.55358516

Two dozen just for Essence 5 or both Essence 4 and 5?

>> No.55358556

Considering how blisteringly hard it is to get even past essence 3 for terrestrials? I'd seriously argue for both. I'd say there are only 3 terrestrials at essence 5.

1) The Scarlet Empress
2) Mnemon
3) That earth caste who they think is ready for sidereal martial arts and is probably going to end up blowing up the immaculates' primary temple in the process.

>> No.55362075

He didn't actually confuse his own homebrew with canon, though, at least not in that conversation. He said that People of Adamant were canon in the sens eof being a canon moniker for the pre-Geas Jadeborn. Sanctaphranx noted that ES' version of People of Adamant aren't canon, ES said 'true that'.

>> No.55362190

New thread


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