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Hrud thread

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Don't worry OP, if this thread fails you can just travel back in time and make another one.

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Proof that games workshop use to be mildly creative.

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We are taking over this thread.

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What happens when a Necron gets near the Hrud, are they immune to the aging effect?

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Why not just make this an underused xeno thread.

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>Necron ages 1000 years
>Nothing changes as finished science XD

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Pity dump

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I love the Hrud. They're the most original thing in the setting. I wish they were expanded upon.

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Anyone get that Perturabo book want to share? It had a bit were it covered the Hrud campaign.

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Tip: type "(name of warhammer book) vk download" and the Ruskies will have your back.

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Your doing gods work anon

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damn, didnt know hrud has waifus too

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Who would even play these?

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>circa DoW1 Kroot were considered major enough to represent half of the Tau forces and even get second billing in some dialogs

What the fuck happened?

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No exceptions!

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And that's all I got.

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Mecha happened

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I don't see why you couldn't have kroot mecha. Nobody plays Tau for the blueberries.

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No body plays Tau for the Xeno either. Also, are auxiliary units allowed to have Mecha?

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Doubtful it seems like something that would be too "advanced" for such primitives.

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Hey anon,if you are going to make a one word post,at least upload a picture.

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And yet there allowed Tau puls riffles

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Rifles are idiot proof even conscripts can use them.

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Okay, I know this is Hrud thread, but the Rak'gol are begging for a codex. They even hunt in packs of 10, except for the Carvers who hunt in 20's.

Hell, they even have a captain and chapter master HQ equivalent, and their own preexisting unique psychic powers.

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I don't know man, I saw some feral world regiment use las riffles as clubs even though they knew they could shoot lasers

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They should just give feral worlders scaled down ogryn weapons that would be more efficient.

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Again, the Tau could of been neat to put a place for all the minor species to be put in the spotlight.

Man, I really want to make another Cosmic Coalition thread now.

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Dantioch didn't lose his Grand Battalion for this

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He would of died during the Heresy anyways.

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Back in time

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They are already like a billion years old so I cant imagine it would bother them much

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