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Still no FAQ edition.

Previous >>55200465

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll

>NEW Mega Folder

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First for the Emperor, beloved by all.

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He's not my Emperor. I didn't vote for him.

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Ok, this thread will probably be up for half a week, so everyone can reply to this post for who they want as Emperor.
I'll begin with a vote for the guy who's literally called the Emperor.

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I second! The Emperor, the only vote for Emperor that makes sense. Literally.

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I vote for the Emperor but among the primarchs my choice is Ferrus Manus.

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Magnus might have had a good chance if fate and the universe didn't fuck him so spectacularly. otherwise, Emps. Fuck ADB.

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I vote Angron. No gods no masters.

>> No.55273074

Apart from the one, who now owns your soul for eternity.

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Yeah but now he gets to kill people for all eternity while the emperor is a skeleton in a chair so who really won?

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>Being so pathetic and angry that you'd willingly volunteer yourself to a God who would override your own identity in favor of more skulls for his lawnseat, depriving you of all higher sense of joy or talent aside from being mind-fucking good at murdering people.

I mean, the Emperor kind of already did that by keeping the Nails in but generally if I had to pledge to any Chaos God I'd choose the one that wouldn't limit me to just being a raging autist.

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>no gods no masters
>except this one that gives you a soul lobotomy, that's fine

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>Become a vicious killing machine with little sense of self aside from your purpose of Murder
>Give into the whims of a master planner, thinking you'r eon top of the world until it's your turn to be sacrificed in the name of the Great Game
>Enjoy great excess and pleasure until you gradually lose all sense and satisfaction from your indulgence, driving you insane and leading you to more and more degrading attempts to taste pleasure once more
>Chill with some worms, not even feeling any pain anymore.
Is there even any contest?

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Kelbor Hal, Zagreus Kane or another qualified Archmagos.

Ave Deus Mechanicus! Death to the pretender!

Seriously, the Emperor apparently removed all the dangerous memories from Hal and Friends while leaving the ones about him being a massive dick to them and obviously not adhering to their philosophies. The Mechanicus seems to hang together rather well as a whole against outside threats, I can't honestly say that a good Archmagos wouldn't do a decent job if the Mech was equally promoted.
Still, they'd never agree on who and the Imperium would be an even worse dystopia for the common man. Probably best to give him or her or it Malcador's slot instead, they'd be better at family relations than actual Emps.

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>I'd choose the one that wouldn't limit me to just being a raging autist
If you are already a raging autist I would say the god that lets you vent your autism the most is the best. Unlike the emperor who designed primarchs and legions specifically to be psychopaths who flay or hack apart mountains of people and then gets angry when they flay or hack apart mountains of people.

>Angron is fighting a hopeless war against an army he cannot defeat
>Should I offer to aid him with my immense psychic might perhaps bonding with my emotionally stunted son in the process?
>Should I offer him command of his legion so that he can see the value of his sons and form some actual bond
>Should I bombard the enemy armies from orbit and perhaps let the planet think Angron pulled off a miracle victory with his small army of gladiators
>Should I leave him to die with honour in a heroic last stand?
>Nah I will just teleport him away and make him watch the only family he has ever known die and then give him his own personal army
>Wow why is Angron so violent? I need to send Russ to calm him down, everyone knows Russ is the most diplomatic primarch and not a gigantic cunt suffering from egomania

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I mean he was already physically lobotomized as an infant so it isn't like he lost much.

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When are they going to do Mark 5 armor in plastic? That's the only thing stopping me from getting an army. Shit is so cash

>> No.55273256

>Plastic Mark V
I'm seconding this

>> No.55273290

Do you really see GW making plastic marines that aren't primaris-sized?

>> No.55273427

>he thinks there will ever be another Horus Heresy plastic box when 30k is dead and marinelets are being phased out of 40k

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I voted Alpha Legion... I'm still on the fence or over it or behind it or still building it or breaking it down

>> No.55273539

Why would you want to get into a dead game?

>> No.55273569

For 30k, for sure.

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I hope they'll continue to dedicate GW studio resources to 30k, but it's hard to predict. Maybe if they can spin off the non-marines in the box like they did with the Talons of the Emperor. That could mean new daemons, or plastic Mechanicum units that don't overlap too badly with the 40k AdMech line... nothing obvious comes to mind.

>> No.55274767

Did someone said Plastic Mechanicum?

>> No.55275102

We better get skitarii rules in Angelus.

>> No.55275132

>We better get skitarii rules in Angelus.
You got them in Inferno.

>> No.55275983

Secutarii are explicitly not skitarii.

>> No.55276008

That would kill Secutarii sales, so don't count on it happening.

>> No.55276150

Not if they're shit.

>> No.55276482

>Not Malcador holding Horus

>> No.55276572

Just field Peltasts with Radium Carbines and use the Skitarii Vanguard models. Bang, Mars Skitarii with fancier 30k gear in the Kyropatris Fields and rad-nades, plus an actual Alpha Primus HQ.

>> No.55276979

You're fucking welcome!


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Sanguinius is literally the only other one who could have been Emperor besides Horus. And we all know how Horus ended up

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Did the Alpha Legion participate in the Rangdan Xenocides? They're mentioned in the 40K wiki, but only once and not even in the article.

>> No.55277990

Alpharius is rumoured to have been infected by them, so probably.

>> No.55278034

Which one?

>> No.55278132

The dead one.

>> No.55278143

the one with the blue and green armor

>> No.55278155

It's so obvious, in hindsight.

>> No.55278182

You faggots still getting cucked by 7E like the bunch of dickless bitches you are?

>> No.55278268

You make it sound like a bad thing.

>> No.55278405

What were his actual accomplishments? His legion is basically the worst legion, and as much as I like my dudes, there's no denying that. However, what about the big man himself?

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Honestly I hate 8th edition. "Advancing the setting", renaming the eldar, super duper marines, removing AV, etc.

>> No.55278440

>Worst legion
>Not World Eaters
>Not Word Bearers
>Not Iron Warriors

>> No.55278467

you're mistake was using 40k wiki, which is shit

Use lexicanum instead:


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He killed a whole lot of people, and failed to kill Vulkan a lot of times.

>> No.55278513

Why Sanguinius? He seems rather detached from all the minutiae of running an empire. But I skipped the Imperium Secundus arc so there's a big hole in my knowledge.

Guilliman's a great choice. He's not great at dealing with people so I'd worry about his empire's stability, but he's got logistics down. Horus is almost as good at logistics, but he's also a master diplomat. Dunno if I see him being as effective at economic development. Fulgrim did well on Chemos. A little unstable, and probably bad at delegating, but at least he's proven himself on a planetary level. Magnus and Lorgar would probably decent emperors too. A little too much human sacrifice for the former and resources spent on spiritual stuff with the latter, but their worlds developed nicely.

>> No.55278598

What did the Night Lords accomplish to make them not the worst legion? Their most notable fight was them losing most of their legion.

>> No.55278625

Sanguinius is a leader who can unite the people. Gulliman would be a great Malcador type figure who sets up the administratum and other adeptus so that the Empire can run.

>> No.55278788

>"Advancing the setting"

Better than cramming everything into 99X.M41.

>renaming the eldar

And 6th gave us Astra Militarum and other such great things.

>super duper marines

Gotta troll marinefags somehow.

>removing AV, etc.

I do hope you were as mad about this as you were when GW didn't in the past give AV to units that were clearly vehicles.

>> No.55278819

World Eaters are cool though, even if battle wise they were pretty shit. It's also the only legion I can play and not feel bad about my guys dying horribly since they're pretty much soulless.
It's why I normally play NPC races, I can't stand the thought of people who have lived and been through so much dying so needlessly

Call me autistic, idgaf

>> No.55278923

This is why Sanguinius was the Loyalist counterpart to Horus.

>> No.55279634

Dorn was the Loyalist Horus

>> No.55279658

He would have been the one holding the gate for three days if he was.

>> No.55279784

>implying Horus ever did the dirty work himself
Dorn, like the Warmaster, acted as a commander first and a warrior second. The only action Horus got during the Siege was on the Vengeful Spirit and that was a desperate last resort.

>> No.55279988

Horus was actually charismatic though. He didn't get into autistic arguments with people over petty shit.

>> No.55280061

Didn't like half the traitor primarchs join with Horus because he simply treated them a lot better than the Emperor did?

>> No.55280120

Do Dornfags really think this? Dorn was an un-charismatic door stop whilst Horus had the admiration of all of his brothers apart from the forever irrelevant Corax.

What would Dorn have brought to the position of Warmaster that Horus couldnt?

>> No.55280849

What did the Word Bearers accomplish? They are most notable for having zero sense of camaraderie and constantlu backstabbing each other. What did the World Eaters accomplish? They were a resoundingly meh legion that was collectively lobotomized under the orders of their primarch who ruined Isstvan III for the traitors. What did the Iron Warriors accomplish? They were a legion which focused entirely on siege warfare who failed to break into the Imperial Palace and later lost the battle of the Iron Cage. At least the Imperial Fists were also known as good swordsmen and duellists.

>> No.55280952

>Better than cramming everything into 99X.M41.
I didn't like that, I think GW should have had more events and campaigns focused on the past eg. the War of the Beast, War of Apostasy, the Scouring, or even just making up new events in the "past." So GW could have an event where some Eldar tried to restore the Eldar Empire after the Horus Heresy and include new units and models to represent the greater resources of the short live Neo-Eldar empire. That's that a quick spitballed idea but you get the gist.
>And 6th gave us Astra Militarum and other such great things.
So you agree with me?
>I do hope you were as mad about this as you were when GW didn't in the past give AV to units that were clearly vehicles.
I am. You assume just because I dislike 8th edition that I like everything about previous editions. I think 8th was simply a massive jump in the AoS style changes that have been happening to 40k for a while.

>> No.55281132

Let's be real here, any sort of background written during and after 3rd edition 40k is complete shit. So basically, it's been shit for almost 2 decades.

>> No.55281154

>That's that a quick spitballed idea but you get the gist.

Now figure out how to let Sisters, Tyranids, Tau, etc. take part in those campaigns.

>So you agree with me?

In that GW makes dumb names to protect their IP? Yes. That it's 8e's fault? No.

>You assume

Yes, because people are bitching about it, among other things, and I just want to make sure those people are on the level and aren't just grasping at any straws they can to talk shit about 8e.

Maybe 2 years ago I would have agreed that no moving the timeline and keep AV, but now I don't care anymore. When you have Tau just launching 3rd sphere expansion and are already planning 4th sphere expansion, among everything else GW is cramming into late M41, it's clear that they either retcon everything further back or just move forwards in time. And the more they put out units that are clearly vehicles, but don't use vehicle rules, the less AV means anything, other than "vehicle, but shittier."

This is 3e all over again, nothing more. Give it a few years and we can all bitch about power creep, bloated rules and all that shit once more.

>> No.55281181

I disagree however just because you are falling down a steep hill doesn't mean you should try to roll towards a cliff.

>> No.55281206

What did the Word Bearers accomplish? They actually did a great job of achieving their goals. When they were Emperorfags their worlds were the most loyal and devout. When they became Chaosfags they brought planets to "compliance" quicker than all the other legions and started the Heresy that broke the Emperor and his Imperium forever.

>What did the World Eaters accomplish?
Admittedly not much during the Heresy but at least they have the excuse of being mentally retarded ragemonsters. They ripped apart the Ultramar system during the Shadow Crusade. They were at least competent when it came to close quarters brawling so were useful as shock troops.

>What did the Iron Warriors accomplish
They did break in to the Imperial Palace. Perturabo did what Horus asked him to do then flaked off to go kill Fists. The Iron Cage was explicitly stated to be a draw and only the Ultramarines stopped them both from MAD.

None of them are great but the Night Lords brought absolutely nothing of value. They got buttfucked by the Dark Angels then turned around and got buttfucked by the Ultramarines. That's their whole contribution to the Heresy. They weren't even useful as cannon fodder like the WE because they're all insubordinate cowards.

>> No.55281358

>Now figure out how to let Sisters, Tyranids, Tau, etc. take part in those campaigns.
Maybe we could have several smaller campaign. Eldar get updated in the Neo-Eldar Empire campaign set in M32. Sisters get updated in the Age of Apostasy which could also have updates for the Space Wolves and rules for Pre-Sororitas Ecclesiarchal militias which could otherwise be played as Imperial Guard. Tyranids could be updated in some sort of Behemoth campaign which could offer room for rules and models for Space Marines and Orks. Tau could be involved in some sort of early wars or campaigns involving Commander Puretide who is a pretty big deal still considering he was the mentor for both Shadowsun and Farsight.

Or you could just make the campaigns so massive that almost nobody avoids being mentioned.
>Eldar Empire reborn
>Some Imperial systems find themselves attacked by three or more craftworlds at a time
>Frequency of Dark Eldar raids pick up
>Corsairs join forces to create massive pirate fleets
>Imperial Guard, Marines, and other Imperial forces resist as best they can
>Orcs also find themselves under attack as the Eldar conquer all in their path
>Some Necron world awaken early in response to Eldar attempting to preemptively destroy tomb worlds
>Battered CSM legions launch raids against the weakened Imperium, some stop fighting the Imperium to focus their attention on the Eldar seeing them as a larger threat

This could be followed up by a mini campaign to make up for the lack of involvement of the Tyranids, Tau, and Sororitas, perhaps having some sort of campaign where the Ecclesiarchy starts purging a world that had been trading with the Tau and having close diplomatic relations with them, the Tau intervene to liberate the world starting a conflict. The Tyranids show up and the SoB pretend to offer to unite against the Tyranids only to sneak away to leave the xenos and xenos lovers to be consumed by the Tyranids.

>> No.55281443

Ugh, fucking finally.

Thank you based anon.

>> No.55281665

Dornfags know he wouldn't have even been in the running for warmaster. His demands for crusades would have saw every imperial citizen undergoing aspirant trials.

>> No.55282575

IW also lost at Tallarn, but fucked it up goood.

>> No.55282619

> They ripped apart the Ultramar system during the Shadow Crusade.
And therefore helped bring forth the ruinstorm with the WB, which fucked up loyalist warp travel and coordination against the traitors. It pretty much isolated the Ultraboys for the rest of the heresy. Pretty big deal imo.

Even if the WB deserves most of the credits for that.

>> No.55282655

>tfw your kind got killed off and got replaced by pussy manlets
>half of them turn crazy and kill the dude who betrayed you


>> No.55282672

What's the best third party jump packs out there? What do you guys use?

>> No.55282810

That was pretty uncool of the Emperor desu. Couldn't he have used up the remaining Thunder Warriors fighting xenos instead of just Old Yellering them? The fact that your boss betrayed and murdered his last employees doesn't really inspire confidence. If I was a space marine near the end of the Crusade I'd be worried too.

>> No.55282908

It is mentioned that the Pre-Primarch 20th might have arrived to reinforce Imperial forces during the 3rd Rangdan Xenocide.

>> No.55283499

Dorn was Praetorian of Terra so he was technically in charge of all Loyalist forces during the Heresy while the Emperor was indisposed.

>> No.55283756

But isn't that the value of the Night Lords? They tied up pretty much the entire DA fleet.

Maybe I'm defending them because as Anons such as >>55280120 said, Corax was also a big fat do-nothing entity, and had very little effect on the Heresy as a whole. I feel like both the NL and RG ran interference on the other side but essentially achieved little of note.


I think Kromlech has some half-decent ones. I heard that GW is on another crusade to sue the shit out of third party bits makers like Spellcrow, so gobble up all the jetpacks you can while you can.

I mean, for a given value of "in charge". The Primarchs are all petulant children to a degree so he beseeches Corax and Wolfy McWolfface to stay and given him a damn hand defending a continent's worth of ramparts and they're like "mmm... nah". I think he was in charge of defending the Palace and that was it, he wasn't given the authority to command loyal forces outside that sphere of command.

>> No.55283972


Rules :https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Downloads/HH_Sicaran%20Omega%20Tank%20Destroyer.pdf

>> No.55283991

Kromlech could work yeah.

Does anyone know where these jump packs are from?

>> No.55284016

Big E got what was coming to him

Thunder Warrior models when, I don't care about the lore I want these lovable retarded looking things in my 40k

>> No.55284136

Post >yfw forgeworld could have put the energy they spent making three new tanks that nobody wanted in not making inferno a trainwreck.

>> No.55284240

>tank destroyer
>heavy 6 plasma gun
>24" lascannon with 1/6 chance for more HP damage

Why can't they just say it's for anti-TEQ work?

>> No.55284259

What are the problems that still arent fixed from Inferno anyway? No one at my flgs plays yiffs or dustbins or 30k atm so I dont hear much bitching about it.

>> No.55284269

Doesn't seem that fantastic, honestly. It's like a giant Kataphron Breacher, and it either has 6 plasmagun shots or one boosted lascannon that works out to about equal to two shots. The chance of three or four hull points is probably balanced out by unreliability, low range and the fact you only get one Pen roll, which is what you really need to kill heavy armour.

Looks like it's more for Terminators than anything else, and quite expensive at 235 for an expected 5.33 hits/ 4.5ish wounds/3 1W 5++ Terminator kills.

>> No.55284289

Rules problems.
>Magnus hella OP
>Sekhmet under priced (also some possible confusion about whether they can pick their powers, which they can)
>Russ' armour gives him pseudo invisibility

Other problems
>book is a whole editing mess including spelling errors and some IRL guy with a bum bag in one of the pictures

>> No.55284463


>> No.55284526

Cool rememberancer

>> No.55284834

They(Alpha) are mentioned to take part in Xenicodes, btw use Lexicanum, they have citation, 40k wiki have longer arties but often unreliable.
And some proof.

>> No.55284884

4th wasn't that bad, in 5th real fluff problems started with Waard.

>> No.55284923

They look like spellcrow

>> No.55285028

Sweet, thanks a ton good anon!

>> No.55285240

I thought the DA fleet that rescued the SW and later fought with the NL were explicitly stated to only be a small part of the total DA navy?

>> No.55285575

The fleet who rescued the wolves were Luther and the Caliban loyalists IIRC, a splinter faction which stayed at Caliban while the larger part of the legion fought the NL at Thramas.

>> No.55286566

>Tank destroyer
>Worse at killing tanks than the standard sicaran
Granted as a whole it is pretty neat heavy 6 str 7 ap 2 the main issue is its shitty range, it would be a good alternative to the default sicaran if it had a 48" range, the sicaran battle tank is more general purpose, the omega is better for killing marines and terminators. However with its current rules its pretty shit since if you get within 24" of an enemy unit you will get off at most one volley before vehicles that have been hammering you since the start of the game finish you off or something assaults you and kills you.

>> No.55287480

Is there something other than the Ironwing and Guilliman that grants Tank Hunters to Dreadnoughts?

>> No.55287516

>world eaters
>worst legion
anon please explain

>> No.55287548

Nah the fleet that bailed out the wolves was led by Corswain. Luther and the boys left Caliban to help out Sons of Horus and Death Guard forces at one point preheresy and as a result were grounded from using their fleet

>> No.55288033

>I feel like both the NL and RG ran interference on the other side but essentially achieved little of note.
Which is only another example of the Night Lords' incompetence because the VIII had a whole legion but the XIX only had a couple thousand legionaries after the dropsite massacre. At least the Raven Guard and Salamanders have a good excuse for their irrelevance.

>> No.55288142

>Legion was never particularly good
>Angron lobotomizes them
>Ruined Isstvan III with Angron's autism
If anyone is to thank for the delay of Horus and the victory of the loyalists in the heresy it is Angron for sperging out and attacking the loyalists on Isstvan III instead of letting Horus nuke them from orbit again.

>> No.55288217

>Angron lobotomizes them
Outrageous characterisation, the WE lobotomised themselves so they could be closer to their lobotomised Primarch.

>> No.55288268

Ah so Angron isn't the only retard all of his sons were retarded by birth, and so desperate for daddy's love that they made themselves more retarded to be more like their retarded father.

>> No.55289519

>next Primarch we working on is Dorn
Sanguinius will be released first with pdf rules
Calling it now.

>> No.55289530


>> No.55289638

>he doesnt think loyalist world eaters are the best bros

>> No.55289759

They aren't, they are like that retarded kid that you would feel bad for if it wasn't so funny to make fun of him.

>> No.55289912

nigger the only thing wrong is angron is that hes victim to something that he cant control and had no say in.
he got a fucking cranial circumcision at a young age and his jew dad said "oy vey" and let his bros die. the only people he cared about.
he is the best primarch. if he hadnt gotten the nails he wouldve objectively been the best.

>> No.55289967


>The only bad things about Angron are his history and resulting personal problems

Aren't those the only things about Angron?

>> No.55290087

are you saying that the only thing that defines angron is his history and anger issues? because you wouldnt be wrong, i guess. i mean every primarch can be boiled down to basic issues that they have.
i dont know if this is just a limit of the writing and development of the characters or they just dont want to fuck with anybody whos not a loyalist anymore.

>> No.55290188

>if he hadnt gotten the nails he wouldve objectively been the best.
We know precisely dick all about what he would have been like without the nails.

>> No.55291388

Priest of Fenris.
Taking terminator armour only replaces their power armour. So their grenades and pistol remain. So shouldn't they get +1 attack when using their pistol and force weapon/power maul? And get all the benefits of frag grenades, even though in terminator armour?

Deathsworn entry says: "Speaker of the Dead sub-type may take a unit of Deathsworn instead of the usual Command Squad." But I can't find anything that'd allow Priests to take Command Squads.

>inb4 "Inferno writing is bad. More news at 11."

>> No.55291436

And still no FAQ :(.

>> No.55291469

>if he hadnt gotten the nails he wouldve objectively been the best.
Doubtful. The emperor clearly made some of the primarchs objectively better than others and he made Angron the worst of them all. Angron failed to conquer his homeworld. Even Lorgar succeeded in doing that, fucking Lorgar.

>> No.55291478

More like
>Wolves are faggots news at 11
Space Wolf players should be euthanized.

>> No.55291637

I laughed

>> No.55291945

Non of the others got jumped by an Eldar hitsquad and then lobotomized in the aftermath as soon as they left their pod. I'm not the Angronfag but of course he's an underachiever. It's his circumstances that fucked him, not because the Emperor made him that way.

So what you're saying is that it's legal?

>> No.55292083

Custodes jetbike weapons rules are messed up. The bolt weapon appears to have the wrong name, and it isn’t clear that the upgrade replaces the base weapon. It probably does, but the bike also has the split fire rule which makes no sense.

If a SW Praevian chooses to give his robots LA(SW), they get Furious Charge. He then gets the option to pay +15 points to give the robots Furious Charge. Wut?
How does the SW “one HQ required per 1,000 pts” rule work for >3,000pt armies?
With some of the special characters, it isn’t clear if they count as, say, praetors and benefit from rites of war that affect those unit types.
There’s some confusion with SW weapon upgrades that let you take a frost blade, because “frost blade” is both the generic name for all the types (frost blade, frost axe, frost claw, great frost blade) and also for one of them (the power sword equivalent).

I think the TS have some odd potential interactions with psychic powers, but we’ve mostly decided that some psychic powers are just broken and that’s the way it is. But as has been said, they have a problem with inconsistent wording making it unclear if some of their units roll for their powers or actually choose them.

>> No.55292110


>> No.55292168

>Non of the others got jumped by an Eldar hitsquad and then lobotomized in the aftermath as soon as they left their pod
Angron could have tried not being ugly. If Fulgrim landed on Angron's homeworld he would have been accepted as the son of some nobleman. Hell Chemos was pretty much perpetually starving when he landed so when one member of the party suggested killing him to have one fewer mouth to feed the others killed him.

>So what you're saying is that it's legal?
RAW no. I think that one of two things is likely.
1. Priests of Fenris are supposed to be allowed to take command squads
2. The line existed from a prototype set of rules and was dropped
As for which is more likely it is honestly pure speculation, having access to so many command squad seems like bullshit, but honestly Space Wolves are already pretty bullshit.

>> No.55292430

>How does the SW “one HQ required per 1,000 pts” rule work for >3,000pt armies?

It says it right on the rule: "regardless of the Force Allocation chart being used." The bad part in the wording is that it says 1 per 1,000pts. and then says a 1,001-1,999pts. army would have 2 mandatory HQ. Shouldn't that be 1,001-2,000pts.?

But the real kicker is that the rule uses both "unit" and "choice" when talking about compulsory HQs. They are not the same thing. A praetor with a command squad and a transport is 3 HQ units but 1 HQ choice.

>frost blades

Oh it's even better than that. The Frost Blade section says:
>"Any Space Wolves Independent Character with a power weapon may exchange this for a frost blade or frost claw for +5 points or a great frost blade for +10 points."

There's no way of taking a frost axe. Just a blade or claw for 5pts., and a great blade for 10. Also, the wolf guard terminators can take a frost axe, claw or sword. What is a frost sword? There's rules only for a frost blade.

In the Deathsworn options it says:
>"For every five models in the squad, one model may take one of the following options instead of those previously listed:"

But there are no options listed previously.

Grey Slayer huscarl has to buy his combi-weapon from the unit's allowance, while all the rest of his weapons are independent from what the unit has. So while a unit of 20 can have 4 power fists on the unit and 1 on the huscarl, if the huscarl takes a combi-weapon, the unit can only take 3.

>> No.55292549

Who needs FW?

>> No.55292776

Has anyone tried this out or actually care about it?

>> No.55292996

Another failed attempt to move HH to 8th?

>> No.55293022

Probably. It looks neat at least

>> No.55293028

It only comes up every thread.

I'm pretty happy in 7th (well, 7th with some leftovers from 6th) and I'll be happier if FW actually puts some effort into the upcoming rulebook. I have a feeling they will, otherwise it should've been ready by now.

The latest big 40k tournament final featured the loser of the who-goes-first die roll conceding the game right there. Can't get any more streamlined than that!

>> No.55293075

>It says it right on the rule: "regardless of the Force Allocation chart being used."
>Space Wolves apocalypse battle
>Russ has his elite guard filled with praetors with paragon blades and aetherrune armour

>> No.55293115

>happy in 7th

>> No.55293147

>Wanting to move onto 8th

>> No.55293190


> Blackshields Orphans of War
> Characters get PE: Characters

From the new FAQ, this now triggers when I target any unit with a character (IE almost all of them).
PE also transfers to my whole squad if any model has the rule

So just to clarify, most of my army now has PE againt most of theirs?

>> No.55293272

I still can't get over how shit the cover for this book is.

>> No.55293303

>Russ' doggos manage to lead 1k points of space wolves by themselves

>> No.55293330


>> No.55293337

Dorn was the Loyalist Perturabo.

>> No.55293356

Perturabo was half Ferrus half Dorn.

>> No.55293405

New FAQ??

>> No.55293429

That's better

>> No.55293436

>Just 1k
>10k apocalypse
>10 Praetors
>Each with an iron halo, digital weapons, master-crafted paragone blade, and Aether-rune armour, and a power fist
>Russ' ten personal guards costs 2200 points alone
>40 2+/4++ wounds
>70 WS 7, S 5, AP 2, I 5 attacks on the charge
>Still can't charge a unit of 10 firedrakes without losing a dude (and with it 4 wounds) on average

>> No.55293445

>"The Wolf-kin of Russ may only be taken in an army if Leman Russ is also present.

I now want to see someone argue that the Leman Russ tank in their Allied detachment means the dogs can be fielded.

One thing that got me wondering is this bit:
>"If they are chosen as part of the army, they are treated as a HQ choice so far as any special rule, objective or mission is concerned, but do not take up slots on the Force Organisation chart."

Do they count towards the 1 HQ per 1,000pts. limit? Like in a 3,000pts. game can I have like a Priest, a Praetor and the doggos or do I need to get one more HQ?

>> No.55293495

>boohoo I can't charge and kill this massive deathstar without losing one model
Yes, but the point is that the doggos count as the HQ for 1k points, while Russ leads jack shit.

>> No.55293501

Fulgrim was half Sanguinius half Guilliman. Even had the colours to match.
>Like beauty and art like Sanguinius
>Obsessed with codified doctrine like Guilliman
>Excellent swordsman like Sanguinius
>Master of efficiency like Guilliman (even united his home world without having a single person killed)
If Guilliman had gone traitor and Fulgrim was a loyalist Fulgrim totally would have written his own version of the Codex Astartes.

>> No.55293534


Any chance of putting this in one of the megas or a ddl link?

>> No.55293539

>>boohoo I can't charge and kill this massive deathstar without losing one model
I think it was more mocking towards the Space Wolves considering their super duper death star costs as much as an army and can drop some primarchs in a single turn.

>> No.55293542

If you're not going to use a the newest edition, then when stick with 7th when other editions had rules that weren't found up a hobo's ass?

>> No.55293565

The Perfect Codex

>> No.55293571

Because HH is already designed around 7th and I am content to keep it if FW decides to stay away from 8th instead of reworking the entire system for the "best" edition whatever people individually think that is.

>> No.55293607

You have to admit building a Primarch command squad out of HQs would be pretty cool, if utterly unfeasible in a game.
>Perty is Ferrus Dorn
>Fulgrim is Sanguilliman
>Angron is Sanguiniruss
I feel like there's a daisy chain of Primarchs here.

>> No.55293648

>I feel like there's a daisy chain of Primarchs here.
>Ferrus is Vulkurabo (Vulkan and Perturabo)

>> No.55293945

Whose Horus a mixture of then?

>> No.55294133

It's impossible to say since Horus has no personality. He's the potato salad of Primarchs.

>> No.55294193

Lion's tactical genius and Sanguinius' personability.

>> No.55294304


If you enjoy it, cool, but my group can't even finish a game of HH anymore because the system is a fucking shitstorm. By no means is 8th a perfect game, but it's clearly popular and far more popular than 6th/7th ever was. HH was good because it wasn't 40k, and 8th is good because it's not 7th.

>> No.55294418

>HH was good because it wasn't 40k
Is that really the primary reason you like it? Why even play a 40k related game if that is the case?

>> No.55294483

Isn't that the whole point? That HH isn't 40k? That there's no Xenos or shit?

>> No.55294854

Personally my main draw is the level of customization possible for armies. For example space marines for all intents and purposes have what in a codex would be 15 different HQ choices, furthermore between legion special wargear, relics, rites of war, legiones astartes rules, and special units each legion plays quite differently from each other and has its own feel. This overall allows the armies to be very versatile in supporting your playstle.

All things considered the HH series allowed for much much more diversity with only four real armies than 40k has with like 16 real armies since each legion plays so differently and even within the same legion you can vary your playstyle a ton.

>> No.55294941


>> No.55295143


It's not the only reason, but it is enough of a reason to not want to play. I love my army and I love seeing other armies. However, I don't want to play it because the core game is a steaming like of trash, and I'm obviously not the only one who shares that opinion. The quality of the game far outweighs the fondness of the setting.

>> No.55295307

It's not like the game is worse than it was when you got into it.

>> No.55295375

If you have a 3 and 5, 5 is the greater number. However if the 3 becomes a 7 and the 5 stays the same, 5 is now the lesser number.

>> No.55296817

Hey, HH is dead game. Sell your army. Thanks FW

>> No.55296952

good luck selling manlets at a decent price

>> No.55297338

Working on my Imperial Fist praetor, just need to make a strap for his bolter and wait for his rigth shoulder to arrive.

What is everyone else working on?

>> No.55298071

In Ironwing, is it worthwhile to invest into ccws on tacs and perhaps stasis shells on squad leaders for opportunity charges? I'm fairly satisfied with power armoured bolters, but DAs without swords feels lacking in a way.
Mastery of the blade is also as much defensive as offensive in function.

>> No.55298105

Is anyone else having problems on mobile battlescribe for horus heresy? slow as all fucking shit and constantly goddamn crashing
its like they know its fucking dying...

>> No.55298497

Indont see why not. Might as well give the sarge's some powerswords/calabanite warblers while you're at it

>> No.55298759

>Because HH is already designed around 7th

Think you mean 6th. Then they switched over to 7th. So there goes that argument.

>> No.55298782

>different coloured marines offer more diversity than totally different armies


>> No.55298819

You're pretty good.

>> No.55299661

Both 40k and 30k only have a handful of actually unique armies, most are still marines, but 30k makes its marines far more diverse. Among the differences among basic bog standard marines given by Legiones Astartes rules
>+1 WS (on the charge for one legion, in challenges for another, always when armed with swords for a third)
>+1 Initiative (on charges and in challenges)
>+1 Ballistic Skill (with bolters for one legion and at close ranges with another)
>+1 Strength (not affecting instant death)
>+1 Toughness (against shooting for one legion and against flamers for another)
>4+ FnP vs poison and fleshbane
>Roll on 3d6 for leadership tests
>Army wide infiltrate, scout, or tank hunters
Meanwhile Space Wolf grey hunters have the same statline as Ultramarine tactical marines who have the same statline as Dark Angels tacitcal marines who have the same statline as Black Legion chaos space marines.

Even the basic legiones astartes rules allow basic differentiation between armies. EC should generally be mobile and strike to assault their enemy to make the most of their better initiative, meanwhile Imperial Fists have an inherent bias to use bolters because BS 5. However what truly separates 30k from 40k armies is access to rites of war, primarchs, and special wargear to further differentiate between armies of the same legion.

>> No.55299669

7th and 6th have far more in common than 7th and 8th.

>> No.55300363


Faggots you forgot Acus sicaran,cheaper,stongher,and multy role bastard brother.

It is better in anything in comparison,those plasma weapon sucks.

>> No.55300383

Good job at posting links there bud.

>> No.55300694

flip the helmet over, if he grabbed it with his powerfist and took it of his head, he'd be holding it by the top part of the helmet, not to mention holding a helmet by the bottom rim is extremely uncomfortable, even if you're holding it with a giant oven mitt.

>> No.55300893

I was going for something like this guy, I imagine he took his helmet off with the other hand and is just resting it in the powerfist

>> No.55301017

Have you even read Wolf King yet

>> No.55302025

Hi guys, I was thinking of starting a 30k army as a side project, but I have some questions:
1)The only rules are in those FW books, which work like codices?
2)Are we getting Primaris Marines in 30k or I'm forced to use the old ones?

>> No.55303276

Primaris marines weren't around for the heresy so I doubt they'd get a release. You could still use the models with the legion rules but don't be surprised if people take the piss.

>> No.55303754

He was a nice guy that actualy wanted to be good, but his legion's poisoning broke him.
The Emperor's "betrayal" didn't helped either

>> No.55303949

>his legion's poisoning broke him
>recruit exclusively from shithole
>enforce no internal rules or law and allow your men to murder each other for promotions
>waaaaaah why is my legion so shiiiiiiiiit

>> No.55303982

How is Typhon siege tank?
Good? Bad?

>> No.55304017

Basically a self-contained artillery section. Point it at a thing and you'll pretty much never miss, and it'll demolish stuff, but rather vulnerable to vehicle-cracking specialists like a Lightning, Droplites or similar.

Expect it to die rather a lot as everyone paints it with the laser sights of every lascannon in their army, but with a little careful maneuver and good target selection you'll delete half an army. What would it be rolling with? It does need proper support sometimes to keep alive.

>> No.55304044

I would try to set the helmet into the palm of the power fist instead of balancing it on his fingers. Seems more natural.

>> No.55304069

Blackshield Chymeria were and Corax made his shitty pseudo-primarchs who were all monstrosities. While they might not be called primaris I could see FW eventually releasing a blackshield Chymeria kit which is scaled up marines maybe with some mutations making them extremely obese, or having oversized muscles and chemical tanks injecting chemicals into them like Bane.

>> No.55304158

>I could see FW eventually releasing a blackshield Chymeria kit which is scaled up marines
If you can really see that then you're a fucking retard.

>> No.55304174

Plastic mk3 and mk4 armour is now as easily available as any other. The only reason to use incorrect armour in HH games now is if you are testing the game, being lazy or trolling.

>> No.55304323

Imperial Army can be played as elite force from hi-tech world. Gene enhanced guys who use a lot of drugs, warp cults full of mutants and many more.

There is fucking shittones of option for every faction.

>> No.55305256

FW's black books aren't really like codices. They're campaign books, like the ones Flames of War uses, or like the Eye of Terror codex from 3rd edition. New lists come out in those books, and new units for old lists.

Every once in a while, those lists get tweaked and consolidated in red books - they function more like codexes, but they're rules only. If you want to play marines, the generic list is "Legiones Astartes - Age of Darkness Army List". Legion-specific stuff for the 13 legions covered by black books 1-5 (not DA, WS, SW, BA, TS) are in "Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions".

Yes, you have to use the old, smaller marines. Mks II through VI (III and IV are available in plastic - start there).

>> No.55305325

I can't believe how lousy Battlescribe still is, especially its output. Quartermaster is well worth the money, just needs to get developed for other operating systems.

>> No.55306427

How would you houserule Angron as a daemon in the heresy?

Give him the Daemon rule and make him jump infantry maybe? Also give rage or something to nearby units, friend and foe. That sounds fun.

Another way could be to use the Bloodthirster rules and give him the added primarch rules.

>> No.55306483

I've tried it before and gave up, it was garbage for phones.

>> No.55306506

Wait for GW to put out their plastic Angron and FW to give it 30k rules.

>> No.55306579

I ain't got time for that. That could take forever.

>> No.55306617

We already got Magnus and Mortarion. Angron and Fulgrim will be coming soon enough.

>> No.55306997

And they will get 8th ed rules with are incompatible with HH.

>> No.55307092

I feel dumb for asking but I think I might have been playing my SoH incorrectly. The other two HH players in my area are new to the game so I wasn't called out in it with them. Since power/chain axes are unyielding do they garner the benefit of Merciless Fighter?

>> No.55307142

No they do not. The model needs to have already fought before initiative step 1 to get the extra attack at that step

>> No.55307258

Are Custodes and SoS rules incompatible with HH?

>> No.55307343

Chainaxes aren't unwieldy unless there was an update or FAQ I missed. Otherwise >>55307142 is correct

>> No.55307402

Those have their own rules in HH already, those are in Book 7, Inferno.

>> No.55307513

And what's stopping FW from giving daemon primarchs rules in 30k?

>> No.55307611

Literally nothing at all, they just haven't so far.

>> No.55307690

Well, it's nice we had this little roundabout.

>> No.55307779

>Rules are coming soon enough
>FW hasn't made rules for a single daemon primarch yet
If by soon enough you mean within 5 years than sure FW will probably have rules for daemon Angron soon enough.

>> No.55307993

He started recruiting from other planets after he nuked Nostramo.
But by then it was already too late.

>> No.55308222

>pulling off your helmet with a powerfist
Pretty risky move. It's like using the jaws of life to remove your hat.

>> No.55308357

Just turn off the power field. Then its like trying to take off a helmet while wearing hockey or lacrosse gloves, maybe a bit awkward but that's it.

>> No.55308501

I said GW will release plastic Angron soon enough. When FW gets around releasing rules for him, is another question, but they surely will. Seeing that other GW kits have gotten 30k rules, I don't see why daemon primarchs, which we know existed back then, would be out of the question. They probably get rules as the timeline progresses. Angelus is suppose to have stuff for daemons.

>> No.55309202

There's a line in flight of the eisenstein about a power fist being delicate and precise enough to pluck a flower.

>> No.55309254

There's also Sergeant Kell and the old SW standard bearer, who are holding a banner pole with their power fist. So clearly the fist is not made out of lightsaber blades.

>> No.55309545

I feel like the other half left because Dorn was a massive dick to them.

>> No.55309565

For a game as dead as Bligh?

>> No.55309663

Betrayal at Calth nor Burning of Prospero aren't dead.

>> No.55309719

if you mean the standalone games in the boxes for the plastic heresy models, i fear they are basically a giant waste of perfectly good cardboard.
They were never alive

>> No.55309746

But they sell. And as long as they keep selling, GW will keep making them.

>> No.55310169

they are being sold because they still haven't made the sprues standalone boxes yet.

>> No.55310201

BaC boxes are and it took some time, so BoP ones will be coming as well.

>> No.55310373

The BoP kits also have standalone boxes now.
Where have you guys been?

>> No.55310463


there were multiple 30k model teasers shown at Warhammer weekender 2017. I really doubt GW is just going to suddenly cancel them all because 8th edition is doing well.

>> No.55311210

its the price, dudes.
Standalone cost almost twice as much

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