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>> No.55255445

You forgot the title, anon.

>> No.55255451

You took 23 minutes and still managed to fuck it up. Good work.

>> No.55255464

Delete This and make proper edition

>> No.55255474

You are a fucking dickhead, anon.

>> No.55255488

butthurt WAACfag from last thread tries to get revenge and looks like a retard. neat

>> No.55255501

>hates fluff players enough to call them out in the Op
>fucks it up

>> No.55255517

Only IW in 3.5 were like that.

>> No.55255518

OP is a total faglord edition.

>> No.55255525

Fuck Death Guard and fuck white people.

>> No.55255541

Actual new thread


>> No.55255543

nth for I need more of pic related Primarch pictures.

>> No.55255550

Konor update: Imperium is still winning the campaign, but Chaos is slowly gaining ground despite losing in both EU and UK (and barely having over 50% victories in the US right now).

Four days left to go folks.

Four days left for the Imperium to get its shit together and stomp Chaos like the gits they are!

>> No.55255560

I guess this is now the shitposting containment thread

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