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Old classes edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Three-Pillar Experience


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What are some classes from earlier editions you'd like to see again in 5e?

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EN5IDERanon here again. I've fully updated my mega.


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Cools, what's in the updates?

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>what classes from older editions would you like to see again in 5e
I'm going to have to go with Dwarf

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Okay, so last thread a lot of people discussed the Sorcerer (as usual), so I thought I would pose a question to all those people playing with their own sorcerer homebrews:

What makes the PHB sorcerer bad on its own, but good when used in MC builds?

There is a very simple answer to this, and if you don't know what it is, then you shouldn't be making homebrews for the sorcerer.

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154 to 165. I haven't looked through them all yet myself actually.

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>A few Sorcadin talks going on in the previous thread.
>Most say go 2/X Pal/Sorc.
>I'm going 6/X

Have I fucked up too hard?

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No,you did fine.

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What are the five most essential house rules for running 5E?

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>What are some classes from earlier editions you'd like to see again in 5e?
Don't know, I think we have the most important ones already, in fact we could do with axing a few *cough*mystic*cough*.

But to take a negative spin in the question: I DON'T want any of snowflake tier horseshit from the 3.5/pf splatbooks. Fuck all those retarded classes they introduced.

It would be like making every single dandwiki class official, with no revision. Or like introducing the Mystic in its current state.

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I do the third one, is that bad?

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Level 6 is pretty great to get to as a Paladin. It is almost a mistake NOT going to 6.

Aura of protection is amazing, especially with a high charisma.

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>All +1 racial stats are considered floaters to be assigned to any stat other than the +2

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Might be a dumb question, but whats an MC build?

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In which book are the rewards? DMG? What is the difference between a Blessing, a Boon and a Charm?

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Sorcerers use spell points (DMG) instead of slots, and combine them with Sorcery Points
Monks get a d10 hit die
Use the Revised Ranger UA instead of the PHB Ranger
Longbow has the finesse property, which by RAW allows you to use Strength instead of Dexterity for its attack and damage rolls
GWM/Sharpshooter are changed from -5/+10 to -prof/+2*prof

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I've been playing for around a year and a half and I've never heard of en5ider before

What should I look into especially if I'm all about running Curse of Strahd?

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Great, I thought as much. That aura will help out immensely.

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>GWM/Sharpshooter lose the power attack ability, which instead becomes a baseline ability anyone proficient with a weapon can use.

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>write bare minimum world information to establish lore, potential plot directions, typical backgrounds for each class, and get the player's creative juices flowing
>players all fill in the blanks with their own backstories, creating factions and towns and cultures themselves, which gives them real stake in the world since they have a hand in creating it
>when players arrive at a new area, i'll usually give one player the chance to invent something about it, prompting it as "you've been here before" or "you remember stories about this place"
>players think of quizzical geographic features, local businesses, old friends, and even old enemies

I respect GMs that can run a tight ship with a thorough world but there's so much value in truly collaborative worldbuilding.

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Dragonfire adept

Also Clawlock, not a class perse but you could teleport and full attack with your eldritch claws at will for incredible good mobility character

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>Tfw ever talks about sorcadin
>Mfw going Paladin 6/Lore bard 14
>Mostly because as an OoA can actually make it fit in game character development
DM has heard about sorcadin, also he only allows MCing if you can justify it in a substantial way.

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I remember doing this for std wars.

I always had a general idea of what the place was about, and generally drop a few key things. If 1 or more players rolls high, I throw the ball to them, and let them flesh out the world with some of their own ideas.

I know it can come off as lazy though. You need to know your players to do this properly.

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check out their halloween stuff and their monster groups

>> No.55255273

>std wars
Oh my god, I meant Star Wars.

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Ahh of course. Well I'm not going to go making any sorc homebrews, but now I'm curious as to what the correct answer would be.

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Depends, 6 levels in Pal is if you're interested in the auras, which are a good bonus for the entire party. If you're more "selfish" 2 is enough.

There's also the point in how long do you expect the game is going to last, or how fast you guys level.

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>psionic hater shows up
you autists are the worst posters in /5eg/, bar none

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This man knows what's up

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>bar none
If you mean "tied with mystic fags", then yes.

You are both equally cancer.

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mysticfags are people who enjoy a specific class
mystichaters are badwrongfun: the people

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Anyone here ever run Treasure of the Broken Hoard? And if so what advice do you have for running it
>inb4 don't

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>What makes the PHB sorcerer bad on its own, but good when used in MC builds?
Limited spells known, but full caster amount of spell slots. That's literally it.

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And Metamagic cheese in a few cases, but that's not a problem.

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I want to make a Mount and Blade type character, aka dude who leads men into battle. How do hirelings/followers work in 5e? Are they just under-levelled or weakened PCs? Are they just statblocks of townguards? Do they scale with the party?

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Consider what you get from multiclasses, and what role the sorcerer has in it.

Divine smite. Sorcerer levels are purely because they are a full caster, and get far more spell slots than a paladin. You dont actually want the sorcerer aspects, just the spell slots. Having a few CHA based ranged options is icing.

Eldritch blast gives them a worthwhile cantrip, but sorcerers are still fullcasters. Also, quickened EB is insane amounts of damage and utility with the evocations.

And then you see Sorc multiclassed with druids and wizards, just to get meta magic. It is not that difficult to see why.

Their core mechanics are fine. Full caster is good. Meta magic is great, if a tad poorly balanced.

But their spell selection is so shit, that they barely have anything useful to spend their spell slots on. This is why Paladin is good and popular. It gives you something good to use the spell slots for.

Sorcerers with a better spell selection would be easily comparable to a Bard. But with the current list of spells they have, they are only good for extremely limited utility, blasting, which is more or less similar to a wizard, and party face material. That is it.

It is just multiclass material right now. Hell, even certain UAs made them better by giving them a better spell list (favoured soul/stone sorc)

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>mysticfags are people who enjoy a specific class
No, mystic fags are autists who will complain and screech about their favourite snowflake class being bad mouthed, and derail entire threads to do so.

You are no better than the anti-mystic faggots who also shitpost all thread long.

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>Limited spells known
This isnt the core of the problem. They dont need to have 40 spells know. A limited amount of spells would be fine, IF they actually had some useful spells to pick from.

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Whenever my monk gets targeted by a ranged projectile attack, it misses, this is hell

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My house rules that I usually use in every game are:

-Everyone gets a Feat at level 1

-Getting knocked unconscious grants one level of exhaustion to prevent yo-yoing

- Short rests take 10 minutes instead of an hour

-Milestone leveling

-Leveling up your health, you can roll once, if it's lower than the average you can choose to roll again or take the average.

>> No.55255568

>IF they actually had some useful spells to pick from.
or, more importantly, had some non-wizard spells to choose from. There are only 8 spells on the sorcerer spell list that aren't on the wizard's

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Hey more ki for stunning and punching the shit out of people

>> No.55255627

I just wanna catch them man, I don't even want to throw them back

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>-Getting knocked unconscious grants one level of exhaustion to prevent yo-yoing

I've never been a fan of this. Why not make it so failed death saving throws don't go away until a Long Rest?

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I actually want mind seeing the seeker again just cause the idea behind it seemed cool. That or Shaman from oriental adventures.

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If I have a player who's taken the effort to make a piece of equipment important to his backstory (e.g., an ancestral weapon) what are some options I have as GM for giving that player ways to keep that item viable throughout the campaign instead of quickly becoming outclassed by magical +1 gear and the like during later levels?

>> No.55256040

You don't. Magical items that don't tell the player a story get shunted into the Golf Bag of Staves holding in under 3 sessions.

Enchant it for the purpose of overcoming magical resistances, but that's it

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One thing that I made for one of my players that he really liked was that he could talk to the spirit of his family, the manifestation of the embodiment of the ghost line of the house VonZeit, communing with them for guidance in dark lands

>> No.55256105

Shadowcaster, but specifically built around shadowpouncing. Maybe as a rogue subclass or something.

>> No.55256107

Personally I worked with a guy to have bits missing, like a gem from the eye of the lion on the pommel, eventually they did a quest for an ancient elf who had knowledge of how to inscribe runes into weapons of a certain material that just so happened to be what his blade was made of. The gem gave him the first boost to keep it competitive then the inscribing laid ground work for buffs later, once inscribed correctly a strong enough wizard could enhance it once more due to reasons. Since the party didn't have one it made it a quest when he needed to bring it back into line with the rest of the party, then again we normally run campaigns to 20 unless a tpk happens or the adventurers decide they've done enough or want to retire for some reason.

>> No.55256116

Can always go the simple route
'Literally so good with this family weapon that overtime he gets better and better +1/+2/+3 equivilent'

>> No.55256124

It was basically a less useful version of the totem Barbarian level 10 feature.

>> No.55256159

My DM has this thing where he made up a magic "ritual spell" that lets you take the bonuses of other magic weapons and tack them onto that

Whatever you do don't do something cancerous like that

>> No.55256203

Make it both plot relevant and unmatched during certain conditions.
For example, a legendary maul forged by dwarves of the north. It's a relic of a god. Deals extra 1d6 cold damage. +1 to hit, +proficiency against undead

>> No.55256251

>It's a relic of a god. Deals extra 1d6 cold damage. +1 to hit
>+1 to hit, a shortsword's worth of damage
Some relic

>> No.55256303

>Variant human banned
>all players get a feat lvl 1
>getting knocked to 0 gives you one level of exhaustion
>normal human gets an extra skill and a tool proficiency

>> No.55256321

That's fucking garbage, anon

>> No.55256325

>Deals extra 1d6 cold damage. +1 to hit, +proficiency against undead
>Cold damage
>Bonus on top is against undead

>> No.55256352

The only way you could get a worse item than that is if you actively tried

>> No.55256360

warden, I actually been on and off trying to convert it from 4e to 5e, with it's key feature being the transformations

>> No.55256363

What if I just want to play a mystic because I want a character that needlessly and obnoxiously teleports everywhere while fighting, and Misty step just doesn't cut it?

>> No.55256364

Even the fucking bagpipes of invisibility are more useful

>> No.55256376

The gods don't need fancy toys to be powerful
The weapon just got more powerful due to god magic rubbing off on it

>> No.55256393

I still wouldn't be calling a rare or very rare at most weapon a "relic of the god"

>> No.55256400

Magus from PF was pretty cool, I have always liked the classes that could channel spells through their weaponry and also buff themselves up a little. Felt flexible.


Anyone donating? If they reach 40K we will get the table of contents and Subclass Previews for Xanathar’s Guide.

>> No.55256402

>Deals extra 1d6 cold damage. +1 to hit, +proficiency against undead
Garbage m80
>Deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage
>+1 weapon
>Becomes +2 against undead
>Has x uses of turn undead, recharge same as ability
>All undead take 1d8 radiant damage when used, half if they pass the save

>> No.55256403

How do we make vanilla humans competitive with other +2/+1 races? A freely assignable +2/+1 and proficiency in any 2 skills and any 2 languages?

>> No.55256424

just keep their base ASi and tack on some extra skills and proficiencies. makes them basically half elves but for someone who isn't focusing on CHA

>> No.55256466

i'm interested in the Tortles! Shit better be AL legal

>> No.55256486

I would give my life for AL legal tortles

>> No.55256493

>Magus from PF
Taking into account OP said D&D, try Duskblade

>> No.55256507

>tfw the campaign I'm DMing has to be cancelled
>The campaign I'm playing in I have to leave
Fucking full time college bullshit

>> No.55256555

I actually gave that item to one of my players a couple sessions ago
He actually used them the same session as part of a performance in a tavern, was pretty dope

>> No.55256568

Give the sword an ability that isn't stat related or doesn't relate specifically to combat. Maybe the sword's bearer can always detect an NPC's true intentions, because the sword once belonged to a wise king, or something like that.

>> No.55256611

Pretty easy, don't give magic weapons to the rest of players

>> No.55256616

So how much time does it have to pass for players get exhaustion for not sleeping?

>> No.55256635

With the strenuous exertion of a day of travel/adventuring? A full day at most.

>> No.55256654

Up to the DM, there's no hard rule for it

>> No.55256669

Does not the DMG cover this under travel and "pushing yourself"? Dungeon exploration would be every bit as exhausting as travel. (moreso mentally)

>> No.55256671

Hello friends
I am at a loss, and my villain friend is also.
What does a competent dread pirate/demigod villain do with a fleet of airships in a setting based around floating islands?

>> No.55256675

again they are making them to be put into DM's guild, but for me, unless it's AL legal it can't be used cause AL is the only game in town where I am.

>> No.55256687

See: Forced March

>> No.55256693

Exhaustion is a good mechanic that plays perfectly into the resource management that comprises 5E's combat.

A player who gets knocked unconscious twice in a combat now needs deal with two levels of exhaustion for the rest of a dungeon crawl that can't be whisked away with a short rest.

>> No.55256702

Try not to fall over the railing?

>> No.55256728

I don't give a fuck.

Just don't shit up the thread with your autistic and screeching defence of the class.

>> No.55256731

Great, barracade in a room and long rest

>> No.55256737

That's for forced marches, not lack of sleep

>> No.55256744

I play alot of AL and I want to make a tortle character so I'm with you

>> No.55256752

It depends on his motives. People who aren't catatonic have motives, right?

>> No.55256768

hurr durr 10-foot pole am I good at D&D yet

>> No.55256792

Most of the class is a cluster fuck, it's not like I'll deny it.

>> No.55256798

Triple the base time and the time between saves and you're good to go.

>> No.55256801

>Umber Hulk burrows into the room

>> No.55256820

>Mystic is a class for severe autists
>Shrill autistic REEEEEing ensues for rest of thread
Well, that certainly shows them!

>> No.55256849


>> No.55256853

if the players are fighting and doing physical activities?

>> No.55256862

Befriend the umberhulk and use it as a guard

>> No.55256863

Well that wasn't part of the original question

>> No.55256864

barricade/long rest is one of those things that only works if your gm is an unimaginative twit who doesn't know how to respond to obvious power gaming

>> No.55256880

>doing what any sane adventurer would do, and would even be expected among those who don't have an insane suicidal death wish
>obvious power gaming

>> No.55256882

>taking a long rest
>power gaming
Its a vital feature of the game anon
What the fuck do you run all martials or something?

>> No.55256906

A sane person would backtrack out and set up a secure camp that ISN'T in the Tomb of Dread Xotilla.

>> No.55256911

if your dm is letting you get away with a free long rest at any junction in any dungeon because you barricaded the room, they're dumb.

>sentry checks door
>suddenly can't open it
>checks around and sees that other monsters/guards/whatever aren't at their post
>gathers up a posse to kick their ass the second they emerge

>> No.55256914

>a group reinforcing a room to let their severely exhausted comrade rest up
>instead of telling them to suck it up and continue

>> No.55256931

Do the Vistani openly admit that they work for Strahd?

>> No.55256960

Depends on how deep you are into something.
If you are 10 miles into the Vault of the Drow, it's a good idea to find some chill Myconid bros who'll let you camp in their territory and recover before pushing on.

If you are 4 rooms into the Pryamid of the Legendary Mummy Phukutohep, expect your shit to get cursed and haunted.

>> No.55256977

The Vistani don't openly do shit. That's what being a Vistana is all about.

They might casually admit he's their boss, or that he's classy and great, but not how exactly or explicitly they're team Zarovich

That's what Esmeralda is for

>> No.55256985

They live in fucking Barovia. Everyone there is supposed to work for Strahd, so of course they say that. Everyone says that even if it's not true.

>> No.55257021

Okay thanks for clearing that up

>> No.55257031

The only person who openly worked against Strahd is Kolyan Indirovich and he's paid for it by the time the characters are done fucking around in the Death House

>> No.55257036

>literally in 3 preconstructed campaigns so far had the description of rooms that says "if the party reinforces the door they can spend a long rest in there" in the middle of several dungeons
>"yeah, they're powergaming and going against the spirit of the game abloo bloo bloo"

>> No.55257055

Remember though that the Vistani have also a very liberal definition of the word "serve" The Zarov Tasque by the Tser Pool may have one definition, but the bohem Tasque by Valli has another

>> No.55257074

Really they are referring to the types who want to get multiple long rests to be a full power for every significant encounter, not someone who wants to get a long rest before tackling Level 2.

There's a lot of hyperbole from both sides.

>> No.55257088

most of the modules in 5e are garbage, so don't take them at their word

my issue was with the smarmy response to anon pointing out exhaustion as a good mechanic being invalid because you can barricade/long rest at your leisure when this is only the case with bad gms who don't respond appropriately to doing such a thing

monsters don't suddenly give up and go on their merryway when they encounter a door that's stuck when it wasn't stuck earlier, you're trading one resource (losing a point of exhaustion) for the possibility of being in a compromised situation

>> No.55257120

Seconding this; most of the pre-written dungeons/encounters are dull and have CR balancing issues (because CR is a joke).

>> No.55257146

In fact, I'd say that setting up challenging and interesting encounters are the hardest aspect of 5e, and the one the core rules provide the least amount of genuine help with.

>> No.55257227

>All +1 racial stats are considered floaters to be assigned to any stat other than the +2
I'm surprised I don't see this one more often, desu.

>> No.55257232

It's fully supported so long as you play bare bones AL style. They didn't balance the CR system around optional rules like feats, multiclassing etc. It's why even the people who made it don't use CR, because they know it doesn't work.

Although I will agree, especially as a new DM who hasn't played other editions it is definitely trial and error when making encounters that challenge the party but aren't a complete wipe with no chance if you're not careful.

>> No.55257247

CR and design encounter is absolutely the weakest part of 5E (and one of the strongest parts of 4E) and their total non-commitment to fixing it is a huge blemish on an otherwise solid system

It really bites putting together an encounter and crossing my fingers that it's satisfying because there's no way to fine tune it ahead of time

>> No.55257261

>They didn't balance the CR system around optional rules like feats, multiclassing etc
They didn't balance it, period. Even with multiclassing and feats you have some monsters that are srly UnderCRd

>> No.55257279

Any know where I can find DDAL07-01 and DDAL07-02?

>> No.55257321

Even a few +1 magical weapons can completely render monster CR meaningless.
They literally halve the HP of the large number of monsters that have Damage Resistance B/S/P nonmagical weapons.
Treating magical items as an "option" was a mistake.

>> No.55257368

Well actually CR calculations based on that type of resistance already has in account magic damage and shit like Shillelagh or Magic Weapon

>> No.55257394

And if you don't have magic weapons some of those monsters are super hard to beat if you're a martial.

First time we fought lycanthropes everybody got turned because the combat got dragged down so much it literally allowed the werewolf to bit us all several times. We also lost 2 PCs

>> No.55257443

>They didn't run away from a one sided death spiral battle

So what you're saying is that you had it coming..

>> No.55257464

Exactly, it's highly dependent on party composition and equipment levels. Your party might not have a Druid.

>> No.55257471

Shit tier, except for the revised ranger, wouldn't even consider playing in your game

Good rules except for the last one which is just more unnecesery HP bloating

>> No.55257485

Your average Lycanthrope can easily outpace a non-mounted party. And have zero reason to give up pursuit if they can't run them down.

>> No.55257555

not to mention the CR doesn't count for utility.

there's a CR 1 monster that can dump the Confusion spell on people.

>> No.55257556

New to this, is it normal to go several sessions without combat? It's been 5 sessions now, all of them being 4+ hours of pure rp. I didn't mind it at first but I feel it's starting to get a little ridiculous, and the other players (also new) are losing interest

>> No.55257570

In D&D? no, is not normal. But each group is a world, maybe your GM likes roleplaying heavy games, though D&D isn't very suited for them.

>> No.55257571

>His rogue didn't deploy lye and pepper bombs to destroy their tracking
>Their druid didn't turn into a giant elk
>Their ranger didn't cast Pass without a Trace
>Their bard didn't project the howling sound of their Alpha from across the meadows
>Their Cleric didn't pray for a miracle to save them

Even presuming you just happen to stumble across a pack of werewolves so deep into the woods that you couldn't retreat to civilized outpost, your sheet is not your character anon

>> No.55257572

1 or 2 sessions with no combat is fine every now and then, but it sounds like your dm is completely ignoring 2/3rds of the game. Talk to him about it

>> No.55257590

It depends on the DM, but usually you should get combat

>> No.55257618

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Try combat in side scrolling format before?

>> No.55257624

Your DM has fallen in love with his own plot ingenuity.
I am pretty careful about this (as a very experienced DM). I run tight 3 hour sessions that generally have at least half combat, with the occasional swing to All RP or All Combat as necessary.

Joined one of my player's weekend groups as a player myself, the DM ran 5 hour marathons that generally revolved around dull travel to locations where his close friend would receive a bloated plot-dump. Now he's been replaced as DM by the guy who brought me into that group (thankfully).

Some DMs simply don't get that it's A. a game and B. people want to play it.

>> No.55257666

Why would a rogue just suddenly have lye and pepper bombs on him?

>> No.55257667

Fairly new player here. Can anyone explain to me whether the feat Sentinel applies to a Moon Druid in their beast form?

>> No.55257679

So you are advocating "I don't have to outrun the Werewolf, I just have to outrun you." in the Werewolf's home territory, over a heroic stand shoulder to shoulder against said Werewolf.

And most of your "strategies" revolve around the party being of sufficient level that a single Werewolf wouldn't overwhelm them in the first place.

>> No.55257682

I play 3 hours sessions and before the first game two of my players told me something among the lines of "I hope this is no faggy critical role bullshit game, I expect at least one combat a session".

So far every single session have had combat, except for one.

>> No.55257686

It does.

>> No.55257696


>> No.55257699

I did and his reply was more or less "combat will come when it will come, not because we've gone a certain amount of time without it." I feel like I should add that he's new to DM, wanted to do it to get us into the game and every time any of us criticize his ruling he takes it personally

>> No.55257702

>5 hour marathons

Kids these days think that 5 hours is a "marathon", fucking millennials are defined by ADHD.

>> No.55257707

Had a tournament type event that lasted a couple of sessions. It had plank duels as one of the events.
Two people would stand on a narrow plank held aloft by some barrels. The only rule was not to fall down, everything else was allowed.
The swashbuckler participated but lost the second match to a grappler that just picked him up and threw him down.

>> No.55257711

Because he's apparently Felix the Cat with a magic bag of infinite equipment.

>> No.55257713

>tracking when your prey is at less than 30ft away
the fuck? they're werewolves not wereblind mole rats

>> No.55257718

>5 hour marathon
5 hours is the usual time for me

>> No.55257734

Has there been any inkling of a new take on Tome of Battle with 5e?

>> No.55257741

Rip off Skyrim's disenchant mechanic, allow him to break down magical items and slap the effect on his speshul sword.

>> No.55257742

Quick, what cooky characters would a level 7 party come across in the City of Brass?

Also if any one knows where exists a map of the plane of fire that isn't made with Microsoft paint or the image above I'd be more than grateful.

>> No.55257744

Actually I'm 48 years old.
And 5 hours is too long unless your idea of a game session is a food run and an hour and a half of lollygagging around/calling the girlfriend on my smartphone.

>> No.55257745

>>His rogue didn't deploy lye and pepper bombs to destroy their tracking
>>Their ranger didn't cast Pass without a Trace
How that helps you when the werewolf is literally adyacent to you?
>>Their bard didn't project the howling sound of their Alpha from across the meadows
You assume:
1. They have a bard
2. Bard ever faced a werewolf
3. Bard ever faced an alpha
4. Bard knows how an alpha's calling sounds

>> No.55257747

How's the revised Kensei? Would it be a more fitting option to play a noble samurai type than the Samurai fighter?

>> No.55257749

It's called Mystic.

>> No.55257754

For me, they are:

> UA Ranger replaces PHB Ranger

> Milestone leveling

> When you level up, you can either take the average on your hit die or roll it, re-roll 1s

> Buff Sorcerers by giving them 'Origin Spells' tied into their Sorcerous Origin (varies from origin to origin)

> Any moment that a player or foe is surprised they get a surprise round ala 3.PF before initiative is rolled

>> No.55257757

>not having a cook's tools just for that

>> No.55257769

I've worked partway through homebrewing one, but it'll be near impossible to balance. My take on it includes a fighter subclass and a list of reworked maneuvers to choose from.

>> No.55257778

So the Werewolf is supposed to chill while you get your pepper out of your backpack and make bombs out of it? Is that what you are saying?

>> No.55257781

>YWN have another 8-10 hour session on a Sunday with your best friends
Also, fuck you. I'm a millennial and I hosted 6 hour sessions in college with my millennial friends. Not everything wrong with the world is because of "kids these days."

>> No.55257786

>tfw had a pretty shitty session
It's been two months since the last time I played, I was so hyped the game was so shit.

So disappointed

>> No.55257792

Because when you're expected to be the sneak guy, who need something to cover from all those guard doggos who make perception checks based off scent lest you wind up dead by werewolf

I advocate you never thinking of battle like whiter rooms, and accept that if you willing stay and fight werewolves in their home turf with no silver at low level, then you are already dead

>> No.55257801

>wanna play D&D online, join a group
>way less busy than the other players and DM
>shit keeps coming up for people and sessions never get to happen

Being young and stupid is pain

>> No.55257818

I know some anon made a homebrew port of Duskblade from 3.5 to 5e, but I can't attest to how well-balanced it is.

I think they made them to be a DPS half-caster class with d8 hit die and maybe up to medium armor proficiency, but I can't remember much else past that.

>> No.55257831

What's a good feat for a melee combatant other than GWM?

>> No.55257835

Yeah because you are a lazy millennial who doesn't work and is studying in a shitty subpar college where you don't have to study, of course that you can play all day and smoke weed.

>> No.55257840


>> No.55257844

>Not running until you find a farm, luring the werewolves into the barn before setting fire to it, then escaping by sailing a boat off a waterfall and then killing two of them with your bare hands


>> No.55257853

In a setting where magic items are so rare that 14th-level characters still don't have a +1 weapon, yeah, that's a hell of a relic.

>A magic weapon isn't good if it's not +5, smiting, and vorpal
Go back to 3rd and 4th editions with that kind of thinking. +1/+1d6 can be pretty great, especially for fighters.

>> No.55257854

I'm 48, my players are around 30. Work and family schedules necessitate a 3 hour session on Thursday.
It keeps the game nice and focused, we have plenty of time at work or non-game days to "socialize". (I met two of the players through work at the Plant).

We've been able to consistently play for just about 2 years now in the same campaign, which a lot of people in their 20's just can't manage. (It was easier when I was in H.S. of course).

On the plus side, fatigue never really sets in. I always have more that I could have run with another hour, meaning that the adventure doesn't lose momentum or "wind down". This has consistently been an issue with the 5 hour game on the weekend.

>> No.55257870

Well anon did describe it as "legendary"

>> No.55257883

Hey, screw you civilized man.

>> No.55257894

>In a setting where magic items are so rare that 14th-level characters still don't have a +1 weapon, yeah, that's a hell of a relic.
Then you should specify that, because while magic weapons are rare in base 5e, they're not "you don't get one even in double digits" rare.

And I'm willing to bet your martials are hating you in that world because enemies effectively have double hit points due to resistance

>> No.55257920

He never said "We went into Werewolf Forest and got jumped by a pack of Werewolves".
He implied they were traveling through Yon Woods, and got jumped by A Werewolf, ostensibly at lowish level. The Werewolf could quite easily "dog" their tracks and pick them off one by one. Instead they ground it out in a desperate battle they were poorly equipped to handle.
If everyone is armed with Silver Weapons, Werewolves are pretty trivial and don't exude the menace or threat they are intended to.

>> No.55257932

Please stop, you're only embarrassing yourself. The youngest millennials are 22 years old. 95% of people in college are the next generation over.

You know what might limit millennials' play time? Having jobs and family obligations that prevent them from finding 10-hour stretches of free time. If you can't grasp that, I doubt you're actually an adult.

>> No.55257937

>Not buidling a zeppeling, fly into a mountain, set some explosives, dig some mines, gather enough silver to build your weapons, go to the town, tell the smith to forge your new weapons, spend the weeks it will take with whores
They could have done all of this while the werewolf was chasing them, but noo, better fight to the bitter end

>> No.55257950

There is no map of the Elemental Plane of Fire, since it's all fire with gobs of other elemental planes hanging round it. The old Manual of the Planes says the City of Brass hangs around the hot spots of the plane, which means it can move.

What you can come across there: a shitload of efreet, including the six big boss efreet who deal with matters on the material plane, and the efreeti sultan himself.

>> No.55257972

Your bet would be wrong. My martials all have magical weapons, they just don't get + to hit and damage.
They used a legendary artifact against a god in the climax of the last campaign. It was +2 and that was all it needed, because its main power was making the god vulnerable in the first place, which is a lot more interesting than having a huge + to hit.

>> No.55257984

>In a setting where magic items are so rare that 14th-level characters still don't have a +1 weapon, yeah, that's a hell of a relic.
Sorry I don't play in AL, when someone uses the description of "relic of the gods" with nothing else it should reflect that.

>> No.55257985

>Hides information so he can "well, you see..." later

>> No.55257992

Then you should probably say all this shit in your first fucking post, instead of hiding it all so you can say "well ackshually my setting is LIKE THIS"

>> No.55257994

Actually in AL alot of magic items and weapons are common as dirt

>> No.55257996

+2 Strength

>> No.55258031

>not reading the monster manuel beforehanded so when you face creatures you aren't prepared to beat you can run before even rolling for ini

>> No.55258040

>buh muh setting
Yah, your setting, low magic can go die in a hole

>> No.55258048

Really, might be the area then because most players I've had that used to play AL were surprised with them not being these scattered sacred artifacts that turned out to just be magic or a +1 at best.

>> No.55258077

Next thing these faggots will tell me their rogues don't carry shark repellant spray either

>> No.55258085

Almost every adventure has 1 magic item, and don't even get me started on the books

>> No.55258093

Are there any pre gen characters other than the ones that goes from 1st to 10th level and the new ToH ones?

>> No.55258104

I'm not the person who described the weapon originally. Just offering an opinion on low-magic worlds, which lots of people apparently didn't consider.

Have you considered 4th edition? It sounds more to your taste.

>> No.55258115

Because most of the AL games take place in the Forgottten Realms setting, where people damn near trip over +1 swords on their everyday route.

>> No.55258151

But didn't 4e take place during the FR spellplague? Where magic was literally dead, or was it just after

>> No.55258159

variant human binch

>> No.55258174

+1 strength

>> No.55258224

4e is the highest-magic edition of D&D ever. Your character literally can't keep up with the math without constant weapon and armor upgrades.
I don't know much about the spellplague, but I'll be very much surprised if 4th edition FR guides made it a low-magic realm.

>> No.55258248

Maybe some FR expert will explain, I'll just sit here and wait

>> No.55258256

No, 4e wasn't really involved in FR from what I can tell, it was this weird "points of light" thing

>> No.55258263

>Your character literally can't keep up with the math without constant weapon and armor upgrades.

First off, this is true in 3rd and its spinoffs, and, despite how much the designers try to deny it, in 5e as well to some degree.

4e also has an inherent bonuses optional rule, which removes the need for the treadmill.

But yes, magic is alive on FR, it just changed its rules a bit (again).

>> No.55258285

>in 5e as well
How do you figure?

>> No.55258293

Is this even a question?
Have him train with it and try to understand it's mysterious, true potential.
Basically, it's already a +3 weapon, he just isn't good enough to reach that yet.
Make it an intelligent weapon, and it holds it's true potential back until the character accomplishes some important goal.
I recommend having this special weapon get an upgrade just a hair before other magic weapons of similar scale show up, as well. Makes it feel special.

>> No.55258308

My House Rules:
Only half of HD are recovered on a Long Rest, and only spending HD recovers HP (no full heal)

1 Level Exhaustion at 0 HP. There are purchasable items that remove a level of Ex, but using them multiple times in a day requires CON saves to avoid poisoned effect.

Spears and Quarterstaves have the Finesse property.

The cost of "advanced" gear like Platemail is greatly increased, Chainmail/Breastplate is considered the normal "quality" armor

The available races are 9 Variant human types, who can assign both stat increases to a particular attribute base on race, and minor differences (the Quarmallians have Darkvision but penalty to most CHA skills).

Strength gives +1 hit and +2 damage
Intelligence gives bonus Tool/Musical/Gaming/Language/Kit proficiencies, and you can use INT bonus for initiative in place of DEX

Armor and weapons made of rare and expensive special materials can have bonuses and occasionally properties, without being magical per se. Crafting them is expensive and hard.

Casting spells above 4th level can incur levels of Exhaustion, unless done ritually or with significant preparation/assistance.

Same for spells at 7th level and above, except they can also cause you lasting impairment if "quick cast".

>> No.55258337

What would an intelligent weapon that's stupid look like?

>> No.55258352

visually or statistically?

>> No.55258366

Nobody cares

>> No.55258381

It was a question asked in the thread, so objectively someone cared.
Have a nice day.

>> No.55258382

5e math is designed to work perfectly well without magical bonuses to hit and AC. The only thing that gets impacted is physical damage to certain creatures.
In 3e, the math was so bad that magical weapons didn't really matter. You could get +53 to hit by stacking spells, so even a +5 weapon wasn't really necessary (again, except to overcome DR).
And you're right that 4e had the optional rule, but it wasn't in any of the core rulebooks.

>> No.55258385

Statistically, and also possibly in personality if it's one of those intelligent weapons that can talk. Just unimaginably stupid while still being intelligent.

>> No.55258392

Trully a game in where my Pal/Sorcerer/Warlock can keep with the rest

>> No.55258398

>Only half of HD are recovered on a Long Rest
this is RAW

>> No.55258416

>Strength gives +1 hit and +2 damage
If PAM+GWM wasn't a thing, I wouldn't mind this.

>> No.55258418

The Spellplague in the FR setting was how WotC spun the sudden shift from the 3.5 magic system to 4e's At-Will/Encounter/Daily system. It took the FR setting about 100 years to get back to a sense of normalcy (ie., 4e rules), even though the harshest effects of the Spellplague were mostly gone after the first 10 years.

But when they decided to use the setting as the main world for 5e and brought back the spell slot system, they spun it as the goddess Mystra being revived/restored to her normal sense of power/self and she set off to repair the damage done by the Spellplague and make it so that if a similar thing were to happen again (the Spellplague occurred because Shar killed Mystra), the Weave wouldn't freak out and disappear without her being there (as the Weave is what the FR setting calls the underlying network of magic in their world, and it was an integral part of Mystra's existence prior to Shar killing Mystra).

>> No.55258438

True, but it becomes more of a factor since you are obligated to spend them to recover ANY HP from the Long rest. I didn't mean to imply half HD recovery itself was House.

>> No.55258440

There's a Samurai Fighter?

>> No.55258457

>Quarterstaves have the Finesse property.
may I ask, why?

>> No.55258458

My game's Berserker is a Two Weapon fighter.
The Champion is a Sword and Board (Champions gain 18-20 crit at 3rd level)

Pic related is how my Berserker works.

>> No.55258460

>"Wizard, wtf are you doing, cast Cone of Cold already! This dragon is kicking our asses!"
>"Hold on, I must conduct an elaborate ritual if I am not to tire myself. Ommmm... Ommmm..."

>> No.55258471

I should have clarified, they gain the finesse property when wielded two handed.

>> No.55258475

All right but what's the reason behind that change?

>> No.55258488

in the Fighter UA

>> No.55258492

To shit on monks of course

>> No.55258499

Never a good idea.
If I have a player that appears to know monsters in more than a general sense, I generally expect them to try not to metagame that shit.
And if they do, I will just change monsters or invent new ones going forward... and I'm way more cruel than the people who wrote the Monster Manual.

>> No.55258502

Nehown is a world where really High Magic fucks up the caster if throw about willy-nilly. has been since 2E. Also, there are no Dragons.

It's mean to be a world of Martial Heroism against unspeakable evil.

>> No.55258523

But that changes nothing.
It's still a monk weapon, it only matters if it has two-handed or heavy property, quarterstaff is still a simple weapon, so it counts.

>> No.55258544

It's meant to simulate the Ho, Parry Thrust! of quarterstaff fighting, and it really isn't overbalanced at all.

>> No.55258551

Watch this series
It has stupid intelligent weapons, Bards being Bards, and other fun things.

>> No.55258554

All right, thanks.

>> No.55258557

>someone on Reddit got ToA already
My hype levels are too high. I'm buying it and trynna find a pdf

>> No.55258578

I've used the +1/+2 STR rule up to lvl 8 at this point, and it does two things:
It gives enough weight to STR to make non-GW fighters effective
And it does away with a lot of the HP bloat issues at mid-level.

>> No.55258582

What's ToA?

>> No.55258599

I'm currently running one campaign with alternate dying mechanic: you never go unconscious, instead when you're brought to 0 hp and whenever you take damage at 0 hp you roll a death save. On nat 20 you heal 1 hp, nat 1 is regular fail, success means you didn't get a fail and three failures mean you die. Failures stay, disappearing only when you have a few days worth of rest/treatment. Also when at 0 hp, you have disadvantage on all checks that aren't death saves, so nat20 and healing word have certain worth. On top of all that full heal is removed from long rest.

I've ran 2 sessions with it so far and it seems to work well. Considerably more lethal, but also more exciting.

>> No.55258605

So ban caster classes, don't just screw them into the ground while pretending they're a real option.
The player who picks a Wizard isn't going to have a lot of fun when they can't really do Wizard shit.

>> No.55258626

No Dragons, but there are enormous swashbuckling Octopi, which is infinitely cooler.

>> No.55258634

but his nerfs still keep wizards a real option. it's not like your fighter is going to suddenly shit out polymorph like a wizard does.

>> No.55258635

And it kills even more monks and rogues and any dex class

>> No.55258645

1. The intention was to dis-incline people from playing Full Casters
2. this also applies to human enemy Wizards

>> No.55258652

How can I make those stands? I would love to have something like that in my games

>> No.55258653

buffing one option does not inherently make another option useless.

>> No.55258655

I know I'm late. But, this. This so much...

>> No.55258658

Yeah, dis-incline by making them a trap option.
That's terrible design.

Just make magic an NPC-only thing.

>> No.55258661

Tomb of Annihilation.

pic not related

>> No.55258666

You can't possibly play 5e.
Dexterity in RAW is the uber-stat.
And of our party of 5, 3 of them are Dex prioritized.

>> No.55258675

"Hey, you can play a full caster, but I'll fuck with you every step of the way"
That's the talk of idiots and assholes

>> No.55258681

Why not do the same for greatswords? That IS how you fight with them.
Or halberds, or glaives, or longswords, or spears, for that matter.

>> No.55258689

CR should only ever be a loose guideline anyway.
Play it by ear and think about it, basically. Experience will help with designing encounters.

>> No.55258695

because casters don't have spells below 4th level

>> No.55258696

All I want are beast stats

>> No.55258697

the bases are Pathfinder Pawn bases, I have a metric shitload of them due to owning most of their pawns.

I print the pawns on Luster photo paper, glue that to magazine backing board, cut them out and glue them back to back with elmers spray adhesive.

>> No.55258703

The new adventure book Tomb of Annihilation which drops on the like 8th for certain stores

>> No.55258714

I didn't know how much I needed this to be a thing.
I was planning a giant sea-monster fight for my players. You can bet your ass it's now been modified to use weapons.

To be honest, "loose guideline" is moving the goalposts. It's a system that doesn't really function, so they recommend not using it religiously, which is the right thing to do; but it's not like it was intended to be a mere suggestion.

>> No.55258715

>Double the amount of money a millionaire has doesn't make poors more poor
Technically it doesn't, but it increases the difference

>> No.55258719

So you basically decided to have Warlock players wank in your face?

>> No.55258728

>Now new races on ToA
I want Tortles and Grungs in an actual book, not just a pdf

>> No.55258733

Heavy weapons require either slow powerful swings or being set against opposition.

Quarterstaves are all about rapid thwacks and parries. What is your particular objection to my using Finesse Quarterstaves? You can still beat someone down with one with STR. Especially since STR damage is doubled.

>> No.55258744

HI, my name is Sorcerer

>> No.55258755

I played monks in 5e, from 5th level onwards I only stun, I can't literally fell an enemy by damage alone because everybody deals more than me, some classes deal 3 times what I do. My AC is nothing to brag about and my HPs are shit for a meleer. But tell me more about these uber DPR dex characters, because my Str Fighters, Str Barbs and Str Paladins have throw every Dex char ever into the mud in Damage and Defense.

>> No.55258756

+5 dex is objectivly better than +5 str.
what is your argument?

>> No.55258774

Yes but Dex users are already not poors, unless you're grappling or using a 2 handed weapon, Dex is way better than Str RAW.

>> No.55258778

>Be a sorlock
>Basically cast all 3rd level spells as cantrips
>Turn the game into fireball turret

Yay, "fun"

>> No.55258780

He's probably talking of archers with SS and Xbow Xpert, because if not I don't see why Dex is better than Str

>> No.55258790

Fafhrd and Grey Mouser actually fight one in the setting in the Sea King's lair, and Mignola's artwork of it meant I had to use it at LEAST Once.

In retrospect, I made the base Octo Large, and he should have been Huge. I will fix that before I use him again. He was the BBEG of a shipwreck scenario (the arms attacked through holes in the mid-deck). Next time he'll just be an encounter for a higher level party, with adds.

>> No.55258798

In motherfucking where? skills? because that's it, nor in damage, nor in AC

>> No.55258806

How do you prepare those? Just print and lay flat on a battle grid? And where to get pawn images like that?

>> No.55258807

>started Running a group
Dear gods the druid has 10 wisdom

>> No.55258817

Guys, I'm running my friends through Lost Mines of Phandelver. We're all quite new, and the campaign (obviously) is fairly serious. I want to give them a funny item as a drop after clearing the redbrand hideout next session. What are some simple, fun items I can give a party? I was thinking something like a one-use sheepstick wand, or something along those lines. Nothing weird like a dildo shooting shutgun, but just an interesting item that they can save until an appropriate moment.

>> No.55258834

Best Saving Throw
3 skills 2 of them combat useful

Second worst saving throw
One skill

>> No.55258837

I have a feeling you've never used a halberd or a greatsword or seen someone use them. They're not "slow, powerful swing" weapons.
I'm not complaining about your houserule so much as the weapon system in general. The only thing you did that's questionable is deviate from it in an inconsistent manner.

>> No.55258873

>Hey let me just wear a bunch of knives and put them on the part of my body that will cause them to swing around most.
>I'll attach them with loose hooks and be sure to never cover the blades in any way

Somehow the edgy self-harm thing he's doing there is the least offensive part of this idiocy.

>> No.55258875

print on photo paper.
glue paper to magazine backing board
glue them back to back, stand them in pawn bases.

They always turn out better than Piazo's, very crisp and colorful.

I have something like 1,500 images from pinterest, artstation and the rest of the intarwebs

>> No.55258878

Dexterity is Attack Bonus, Damage, AC, Escape Grapples, one of the most common Saves, and Initiative. What does Strength do again? Attack Bonus, Damage, Check to Grapple, Escape Grapple, and Carrying Capacity. Spare me anon.

>> No.55258883

Initiative, way more skills key off Dex, it's a much more common save, you can buy Studded Leather instead of spending 1500gp for plate which only gives +1AC, versatility of having way better ranged options, and rapiers have equally good damage to any 1 handed Str weapon.

>> No.55258901

Are... you confused?
"Hey this is a loose guideline to use when designing encounters."

Calm down dude
Not every encounter needs to be mathematically perfect. Inject some more story into them. Add interesting terrain features and circumstances and let CR be loose, as it should be.

>> No.55258922

Shamans have always been one of my favorite archetypes, so I'm curious as to whether 5E is going to add them at some point. Hopefully, they aren't a summoner class like they were in 4E, though.

>> No.55258926

Any Philippine players here? Just started with the hobby and my god is it hard to get the stuff you need. Was able to get the core books but I'm hoping to get a battlemat but that seems impossible here. Hard to find minis as well.

>> No.55258934

You can't evaluate stats by themselves

A STR Barbarian is better than a DEX one, even though DEX is better stats for exemple

>> No.55258943

I'm doing Paladin 6/Lore bard 14 in an Out of the Abyss game, did I make a mistake?

>> No.55258950

You still have to reach +5 to dex to be 1 point below Plate, which won't happen till 8th level
Str still deals more damage because weapons, add GW, or PM and is just icing

So your "Dex is better in every case" is just, only at skills and ranged

>> No.55258953

Pretending I was flipping out autistically when I was actually criticizing calm and reasonably doesn't make you sound smarter or your argument more correct.
It may be that I misinterpreted the intention of the CR rules, but you're the only one REEEEEing here.

>> No.55258954

One of my players wants to play Gunsmith Artificer in our upcoming game. What are some simple tweaks I can use to make the class less shit?

>> No.55258962

>2 years now in the same campaign
That's amazing. Is it your own setting? What's happening in your world? What are some key things your PCs did?

>> No.55258976

Tell him to increase his Wisdom or play a different class.
He'll be fine at first, but at later levels he'll be really underpowered and he won't have a lot of fun with it.

>> No.55258994


Your country is shit

>> No.55259010

>A Dex based wizard is worse at being a wizard than an Int based wizard. Therefore Dex is ballanced.

>> No.55259012

DEX saves are far and away the most critical saves in the game.
Traps and Evocations will deal you a ton of damage, against which your AC and non-bearbarian DR means nothing.

There's no save even close to the utility of DEX, only WIS matters even a whit as much.

>> No.55259027

What's your opinion on Feats? Do you allow them? How do you handle the acquisition? RAW where they can be taken during ASI or some weird homebrew you got cooking?

>> No.55259033

It's not always necessary that the item itself be comic to make it funny.
One I did in a previous edition is that, once upon a time, the party found half of a skeletal arm at the top of a mountain with a Wand of Fireballs still clutched in it's fingers.

Like three levels later they found out a large town's major storehouse of gunpowder went up in a huge explosion, destroying the garrison (which was located too close) and killing hundreds.

A while later they found another arm with a matching Wand of Fireballs in a tree, in a valley like 30 miles in the other direction.

Good times, good times.

>> No.55259036

I'm sorry for the delay here as I wound up passing out, but I wouldn't need to take two feats for it.
As a Hexblade warlock, I gain proficiency in medium armor by default. My character already has a +3 to DEX as it is via point buy, so it seems like it would be perfect. With that in consideration, would that work out for me?

>> No.55259047

>WIS saves are far and away the most critical saves in the game.

>> No.55259056

For my nth group running Lost Mines, I threw them The Deck of Many Things

There's a part of me that felt like that was one of the best decisions I've done (the campaign really turned its head cause of that) but a larger part of me said "You fucked up, dude."

>> No.55259066

No, you're confused. I'm mocking you, not being bothered by you.

They say "This is a loose guideline, treat it as such."
and you INSIST that what they REALLY meant was "This is a strict law and must be obeyed."

If you want me to take you seriously, don't be so ridiculous and autistic.

>> No.55259077

Literally what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.55259078


It's my first time being a DM, and they are new too, so I don't want to throw them anything too weird. The dungeons are quite combat heavy though, so I want to mix it up a bit. They are clever folks, so just attack rolling with lvl 2 characters gets a little boring for them.

>> No.55259081

They've saved an entire Barrens region from the Outer void corruption that was keeping it infertile and raising infant mortality.
They've recovered famous weapons and armor of antiquity from an ancient "museum" filled with Karyatids and Constructs and Animated Weapons,

Recovered a "lost city" and freed an entire non-human slave race and relocated them,

Freed an immortal demon and inadvertently lost their Castle to it (for now)

Killed off a Forest Demi-goddess who had taken a friendly oracle-girl hostage to "replant" herself into..

really too much to mention.
And they've barely met most of the BBEG's, and have no clue about the Final Boss.

>> No.55259085

what is this rule, interested in trying it.

>> No.55259099

If you aren't a class with prof in Dex saves no matter you have a +1 or a +4, you aint going to save shit most of the time, so yeah, Dex doesn't matter much in those cases, see Paladin, Fighter and Barbarian.

>> No.55259101

You really ought to stop and PLAY the game.
Unless your campaign revolves around battling the Evil Church 24/7, DEX is vastly more important than WIS.

>> No.55259128

Don't do it, man. It's not worth it.
The whole Artificer as-written is wonky and dumb.

That stupid forced mechanical minion really ought to be it's own archetype, for one thing.
For another, the Thunder Cannon is overpowered beyond belief--RAW the special shot types don't use ammo. My memory isn't amazing but I don't recall them having any limitations either.

If you want to fix it, nix the mechanical lackey entirely, have the thing spawn more ammo, and make all the abilities require a variable amount of ammo to use--the higher-level abilities using multiple "magic shells" or whatever at once.
Also, be sure to specify that unused ones are rendered inert or something after a rest. Basically, it ought to bring you back up to maximum, rather than let you spawn and stock up a bunch of bullshit magical ammo.

>> No.55259159

>They say "This is a loose guideline, treat it as such."
They literally don't, at least not in the book. So it's not unreasonable to think whatever they said afterwards is backtracking/goalpost-moving.
To be honest, you're sounding pretty aggravated there, with your ALL CAPS and with your mocking people instead of talking to them. Perhaps you should take a few minutes to calm down before you resume posting.

>> No.55259162

"If I don't have a +7 then a +3 does me no good whatsoever".

Your average fighter is going to get fireballed a lot. Bounded accuracy/DC means that even a +2 or +3 save vs fireball means a lot. A fighter with Shield Mastery adds his Shield bonus (at least 2) to Dex saves. Barbarians get advantage on Dex Saves. Paladins stack CHA on top of DEX saves.

Do you even play this game, or do you just carp on Chinese Puppetry Forums?

>> No.55259203

IMO, you are asking for trouble trying to shoehorn Technology, Robot Races and Psychic Powers into a Swords and Sorcery setting in the first place. Especially one that has been streamlined.

>> No.55259205

I do, for the past 2 and a half years, still every game, in every group I ever been in every country (I played in 3 different ones) proved me that no, Dex is no better unless you're a rogue a monk or a ranged character.

Also also, I actually never got killed while playing a Str char, odd, must be the high AC and HPs.

>> No.55259222

And because he gets advantage and a barb and cha as a paladin why the fuck does he even need dex?

>> No.55259239


Well, since you're a first DM that is understandable. That said, remember that what you have in the module is a toolbox at best. While yes, it's good for a first time DM to follow the modules as advised but I'm sure there were moments as you read it that made you go "Hmm nah, I don't think that's something I'd like to run" If you feel that itch and feeling creative, that's a good time to do a little modifications of your own that can satisfy your players' needs.

Like me, after going over the goblin hideout and some random encounters, smacking their stat sticks to a stat block started getting repetitive so when Redbrand Hideout came to, I modified some bits in the module that could give them clues on how they could just infiltrate and deal with Glasstaff. Instead of the forcing the Redbrand encounter as written, I gave my players some agency by allowing them to fight them or do a stakeout and see what they're up to. It eventually led them to knowing some info on the hideout, patrol routes and such and they were able to get disguises to use. They just waltz in, good roleplay in deception and it was tons of fun. Got everyone drunk and Glasstaff was easy to take and exfiltrate out.

As for a magic item, the DMG has some good shit to look in. Maybe some worn winged boots that is at its last few uses that the players can use (flying can really add a dimension in exploration and roleplay and combat) but only for a few tries until it gets broken. Maybe a spell scroll of a higher spell level for the Wizard so it can get him excited when he gets to that level. Your one-use wand item is a good idea too. If you want, you can throw in 3-4 cards from a Deck of Illusions that has consumes on use. Stuff like that.

>> No.55259243

...I can read, I swear!

Realistically if you're going to do the bladelock thing, skip the Sorcerer/Warlock cheese entirely and pick up levels in Fighter, Rogue, Paladin or Ranger and do the Medium Armor thing.
If you're going to be a proper melee fighter, you don't really need the bajillion spell slots, since you're going to be stabbing people and using Cantrips for most of your actions, with the odd spell for strategic convenience, and the Warlock gets okay spells for that anyway--and in this case, using Paladin's Oath of Conquest for maybe ~6 levels has incredible flavor opportunity too.
Well that, and being able to dump big ol' smites in with your Pact Magic spell slots would be fun.
Alternately, the Eldritch Knight Fighter gives you some more blasty and still plenty of stabby if you want to learn on being a nook nook still.
If you wanna be a right cunt about it, you could also be a Monk of the Open Hand or Shadow, and do cunty things like knock people down and repeatedly stab them... or teleport behind them for maximum "Nothing Personnell kid... heh..."

>> No.55259247

To pass more often. Because this isn't 3.5, and every little bit counts?

>> No.55259248

Fighters and Paladins have 1 HP/level over a Monk or a Rogue. Your 10 hp at 10th level isn't "High". At 10th level it's usually half of one hit from a monster.

Barbarians get hit incessantly.

>> No.55259263

Yeah but you're a guy with shit ideas who builds trap options for your players, so who cares what you think?

>> No.55259284

Also, Rogues who aren't trying to be the party "face" and Monks aren't going to disregard CON any more than the Fighter.
My current non-face Rogue has 14 CON at level 3. Where do you get this massive Fighter HP meme from?

>> No.55259288

>Swords and Sorcery setting
>trying to shoehorn Technology, Robot Races, and Psychic Powers into it
nigger you don't need to shoehorn anything into that, psychic power and ancient technology were basic assumptions in a lot of old sword and sorcery literature before Tolkien

>> No.55259307


>> No.55259310

Agreed WIS is most important.
Dex is just 'half damage vs effect'. May save you some HP. While WIS is rarer yes, if you fail it you can just shrug your shoulders and go 'welp I'm out for this entire combat'

One of my chars had a +1 WIS save, had awful luck after being hit by a hold person at the start of the combat. Did nothing for literally 10 rounds.
It was a lot of fun*

>> No.55259332

On average (depending on your setting) you are going to be hit with Traps and Evocations and Breath Weapons and the like a lot more often than Hold Person.

>> No.55259336

>He thinks he's going to be just 1 point below of a fighter or paladin as a monk
And you say you play the game? pfffhahhaha. Monk needs Dex, Wis and Con while a Paladin needs Str and Con, with elite array he's already at 2 points per level above you.

First of all you're both morons, the best stat is Wis, because perception, insight, motherfucking Wis saves and divine casting for two of the best classes, Druid and Cleric.

And second no, there's no better Dex or better Str, Str works better for some classes and Dex works better for others, period.

>> No.55259347

Also, failing 10 Dex saves in a row generally makes you dead. Usually long before the 10th fail in fact.

>> No.55259355

You know breath weapons aren't only Dex, right? half the cromatic dragons hit Con for example, I thought you played this game.

>> No.55259369

Kek, he has no friends, how do you think he plays?

>> No.55259375

>Paladins don't need CHA
Maybe for your meme Soradins, but it's literally listed as their second most important stat.

>> No.55259383

Generally you don't fight a substantial number of Good Dragons.

>> No.55259385

Fuck, meant Fighter not Paladin, both pal and monk are still MAD

>> No.55259402

>Cromatic dragons
Dude, Green, White and Black target Con with their breath weapons.

>> No.55259415

I want to make a character who'll end up multiclassing every class for shits.
Standard human with
13 14 13 13 13 13
What class would be best to start with?

>> No.55259420


>> No.55259430

I was confusing Metallic. It's "late" here.
There are also a goodly number of non-Dragons with Dex based saving throw attacks.

I never implied that all Dragons are Dex saves in any case.

>> No.55259457

You said breath weapons target Dex, or at least you implied it, many breath weapons (not only from dragons) target Con, in fact I think I could bet and not lose that every breath weapon that is acid, poison or cold is Con.

>> No.55259473

You get d10, good money and starting equipment

>> No.55259520

>Terrible and shitty homebrew
Your bait game is weak. Way too obvious.

>> No.55259568

If a PC accidentally attunes to two Berserker weapons, does it mean he'll always have disadvantage on attacks?

>> No.55259575

>No trip code
>Calls him a tripfag
Lurk more

>> No.55259589

>be millennial
>play with a group of millennials
>only get to play once every 3 months because these lazy half-neets can't free up a couple hours a week despite our schedules lining up just fine
I miss my rogue

>> No.55259592

Nope, if he gets one source of advantage it cancels out the two disadvantages

>> No.55259602

Dex is far worse than strength. What the fuck are you talking about?

That you have 3 players who aren't powergaming strengh characters, isnt proof that dex is better. What kind of idiot are you?

>> No.55259628

Berserker axes are cursed and inflict disadvantage on all weapon attacks done by a weapon other than itself.
So with two of them attuned, the PC wouldn't have disadvantage using them?

>> No.55259644

Our issue is we're waiting on one person who talked another player into making characters be brothers or some shit. If we just play without him it'd only be two since the other guy likes the idea. It's been five months and I just want to play instead of be the forever DM

>> No.55259652

Str: better weapons
Feats worth taking
Significantly better damage than Dex has any hope of reaching.

>> No.55259657

>can't into reading comprehension
read more

>> No.55259695

>no trip code
No? then what's this >>55259332

>> No.55259706

Don't respond to him, man.
I think the rude anon was right, I don't think he actually plays D&D at all.
He's just attention whoring.

>> No.55259707

First dragon in the book: black dragon, acid breath, dex save.

>> No.55259714


>> No.55259719

Martial characters kind of need feats to function properly, I was considering giving most martial classes a free feat at Level 1.

>> No.55259733


>> No.55259737

Pretty sure that's a corner case you'd have to rule.
Personally, I'd rule that he CAN'T attune to a new weapon at all, and maybe even loses attunes to weapons other than the Berserker Axe.
It's a jealous blade.

>> No.55259745

I know right?
Where did anyone get the idea that Black Dragons were CON?

>> No.55259754

He would, sorry I wasn't clear, however even if he uses a third weapon if he gets any kind of advantage it will negate the disadvantage.

>> No.55259759


>> No.55259761

ignore him, he's just attention whoring

>> No.55259766

Whereas you are just being a little bitch.

>> No.55259773

Black: dex
Blue: dex
Green: con
Red: dex
White: con
"Half" wouldn't have applied anyway since there are 5, but it is 2/5. Make of that what you will.

See above. Black targets dex.

>> No.55259789

A tripcode is not the same thing as a name.

No, he's just a newfag who can't into 4chan. Obviously he should lurk moar, but it doesn't mean he's actively trolling.

>> No.55259806

That's called a namefag notice no random shit following the name, if you're going to insult someone do it right.

Are you actually retarded or merely pretending?

>> No.55259819

Stop replying to the Namefag, holy shit.

He is baiting with a terrible shit post, and has no idea what the fuck he is talking about. Resist the urge to humour him.

Feeding the trolls is prohibited.

>> No.55259827

Posting without reading the book, presumably. Completely normal /5eg/ behavior, really.

This is a meme. But even if you believe it, there's no reason not to give everyone a free feat, because casters don't get as much mileage out of it.

>> No.55259836

If we want to be technical, tripfag is whoever tries stablishing an identity on a forum that is known for anonymity.

>> No.55259841

What >>55259819 said.
Pretty sure the guy calling him a tripfag is also him, as well.

Do not feed attention whores.

>> No.55259869


I just filtered him out and hid the stubs with the script. That said, it makes the thread dead as hell and that's really damning with the anons of these threads who should know better. For shame.

>> No.55259891

Surely you don't suggest he's both namefagging AND samefagging?
Can one man truly have this much power?

>> No.55259905

The reason casters don't get as much out of feats is that they are the best classes already.

>> No.55259919

Does a Paladin's Smite ability work in an Anti-Magic field?

>> No.55259922

We're at page 6, might as well let the thread go to shit now so the next one can start afresh. /5eg/ relies on about 70 shitposts at the end of each thread to ensure """"quality"""" the rest of the time.

It's only "significantly" better if your game uses feats. I wish people stopped assuming everyone uses an optional rule.

>> No.55259944

Actually it's because there are no feats that empower magical attacks, and lots of feats empower martial attacks.
I get that you think casters are more powerful than martials, and there is merit to your opinion, but you don't have to make this kind of disingenuous statement to support your position.

>> No.55259961

>still uses his shitty images
You fool no one, fag

>> No.55259986

>In 3.5
No because smite is supernatural ability, those do not work in AMF.
>In 5e
Just ask your DM to decide xD :D :P :)

As much as it's an improvement, some parts of 5e design I really hate.

>> No.55260031


>> No.55260054

>cast all 3rd level spells as cantrips
What did he mean by this

>> No.55260061

Not all martials take PAM or GWM, sword&board is still good and is equally viable for Dex builds.
Even if you don't roll stats, Fighters can get 20 Dex at lvl 6. I dunno about your campaigns but in my experience it's unusual to get enough money for full plate before about lvl 5, so there's that too.
Admittedly not every build cares too much about initiative but you're still ignoring the potential damage mitigation from having a good Dex save.

>> No.55260119

Did you actually read the conversation you were replying to or do you just like to take things out of context to try and look smart?
While using memes? Incorrectly?]/spoiler]

>> No.55260147

>Magical Attacks
No, because spells are already the most powerful action in the game besides DM Fiat. There are plenty that enhance spellcasting, though. Casters simply do not need them due to the sheer strength of spellcasting.

You seem to be the one being disingenuous now by trying to pigeonhole the argument into 'Magical vs martial attacks'.

>> No.55260177

I did, and what I responded to still makes no sense. The only thing the original comment in the chain said about spells is
>Casting spells above 4th level can incur levels of Exhaustion, unless done ritually or with significant preparation/assistance.
>Same for spells at 7th level and above, except they can also cause you lasting impairment if "quick cast".

No changes to 3rd level spells?

>> No.55260210

I'm still relatively new to D&D, why do so many people in the general dislike GWM and PAM? What do they do to negatively effect the game, both for other players and DM?

>> No.55260225

Presumably the poster assumed he could use all these spell slots for lower-level spells instead of the risky high-level ones.

>plenty that enhance spellcasting
This is a flat-out lie. There are all of 3 feats that even affect spellcasting, and only one of them (Warcaster) increases your damage output in any meaningful way.

>> No.55260228

You basically need to use them if you use a 2 handed sword or a polearm in order to be effective with them. It's less 'hate' and more 'they didn't think this through'

>> No.55260247

They are so potent compared to alternate options that there's almost no point using two-handed weapons without them (in a game that allows feats). This means they get brought up too much in """build""" discussions and some people are tired of hearing about them.

>> No.55260249

>Presumably the poster assumed he could use all these spell slots for lower-level spells instead of the risky high-level ones.
So how does "not getting fucked by a bullshit exhaustion rule" = "3rd level spells as cantrips"?

>> No.55260262

Or maybe if you read the rules and you were not a nigger then you'd know that smite does work in a anti magic field. Instead of "asking the DM".

>> No.55260296

You'd be spending all your spell slots on lower-level spells, basically.

It's really dumb still though.

>> No.55260334

>smite does work in a anti magic field

>Spells and other magical effects, except those created by an artifact or a deity, are suppressed in the sphere and can’t protrude into it.
>and other magical effects

>> No.55260342

>Except those created by a deity

>> No.55260349

I'll agree if you can cite me the exact rule stating this, I've checked and I believe it is left unanswered. The only thing AMF states is that it supresses "magical abilities", but divine smite doesn't state it is a magical ability. Sage's advice regarding same question with Monk's Ki was answered with "the DM can decide if they're magical or not lol".

>> No.55260369

Which Paladin smites are not

>> No.55260380

You fucking idiot.

Do you think anti-magic field doesn't work on divine casters?

>> No.55260395

>divine smite doesn't state it is a magical ability
It uses a spell slot you stupid cunt, do you really need everything spelled out for you? Are you the anon from a few threads ago who argued that you could cast spells while dead because the book doesn't explicitly define what death is?

>> No.55260400

created BY means directly, not from deity to caster or however the fuck it works in your setting.

>> No.55260424

Paladins don't even get their powers from gods in 5e ya retard, they get their power from their oath

But that's not even relevant because of >>55260400

>> No.55260447

Even if your interpretation was correct (and I know I wouldn't accept it as a DM), paladins don't get their abilities from a deity. That's what a cleric is.

That's because it's never really made clear what the connection is between ki and magic. Paladin smites use spell slots; it's hard to argue they're not magical in nature.

>> No.55260450

I kinda wanna rule that they don't impose disadvantage on each other for attacks.... But will impose disadvantage on that saving throw to avoid going berserk.......

>> No.55260458

>It uses a spell slot
That's not a conclusive answer though

>> No.55260460

I think smiting in an AMF is fucking stupid, but this argument is purely semantic and not going to convince anybody who doesn't alreay agree with you.

>> No.55260476

Not him, but read 82 - 85 of the DMG, it's talking about creating combat encounters with assumptions and basically talking about using it as guidelines.
Don't be needlessly and severely autistic.

>> No.55260487

Are you serious?
Is it possible to be more stupid?

>> No.55260500


Take it as you like. Mearls more times than not fucks up though.

>> No.55260505

And thus my point >>55259986 is proven. Unclear rules leading to an argument that could have been prevented by adding "magical" tag to abilities.

>> No.55260517

No rule states that just because it consumes a spell slot it becomes magic, back in 3.5 it wasn't, now there isn't a rule that say it does. So yeah, "that's not a conclusive answer though".

>> No.55260531

>name calling
That's even less conclusive for the argument in question.

>> No.55260559

So my PC is gonna do Devil Sight + Darkness with his RogueLock. As a DM, this is my first time to handle this. I hear this build can be ridiculous as there is no downsides. Some of my other players feel that it might cheese through fights and they all like a good one but at the same time, they do appreciate the guy taking it to help the crew.

So i'm trying to find a middleground that'll appease the RogueLock with going with this and at the same time giving challenge for my players as well without downplaying the RogueLock's play. Any ideas for encounters?

>> No.55260566


Latest sage advice compendium says anything fueled by a spell slot is magical.

>> No.55260575

Well he remembered wrong. Antimagic field specifically says "spells and other magical abilities", which objectively includes divine smite.


>> No.55260586

>no downsides
That still keeps the rest of the party from seeing jack shit

>> No.55260609

I'm pretty settled on the sorclock, not even necessarily for the cheese but just for the person it's based on.
Long story short, my issue is either the 18 AC on half-plate instead of 17, or alternatively the Prodigy feat for balancing some of these stats.

Originally I was going to pick a Changeling since the thing it's based on is called a "doppelganger", but since they've only ever taken one form, my character probably wouldn't use the racial thing to it's advantage.

>> No.55260625

I'm looking at what the wotc page tells me is the latest sage advice and I can't find such clause

>> No.55260643

All that bullshit with exp thresholds by level and encounter multipliers looks like hard rules to me, Anon. At no point in the pages you site does it ever talk about CR being a guideline.
>Don't be needlessly and severely autistic.
Why do people like you and >>55259066 feel the need to call people "autistic" whenever they disagree with you? Let's say I was demonstrably wrong - what does that have to do with autism?
At this point I just have to assume you're all projecting, because otherwise I have no other explanation.

>> No.55260651

It's a build that is ridiculous in 1 player vs X amount of enemies, or any number of players if they all have devils sight. Players that don't have this devils sight are forced to play around this giant aoe of blindness, and at that point it becomes kind of a hindrance

>> No.55260688

>what does that have to do with autism?
Because you seem utterly incapable of distinguishing the intent for how to use CR from the rules on how it works, which is very autistic

>> No.55260720

>But our game makes a distinction between two types of magic:
>• Is it a magic item?
>• Is it a spell? Or does it let you create the effects of a spell that’s mentioned in its description?
>• Is it a spell attack?
>• Does its description say it’s magical?
>If your answer to any of those questions is yes, the feature is magical. Let’s look at a white dragon’s Cold Breath and ask ourselves those questions. First, Cold Breath isn’t a magic item. Second, its description mentions no spell. Third, it’s not a spell attack. Fourth, the word “magical” appears nowhere in its description. Our conclusion: Cold Breath is not considered a magical game effect, even though we know that dragons are amazing, supernatural beings

From the latest compendium

>> No.55260751

Thanks. Will try those at my game.

>> No.55260765

They're not hard rules, they even say they're rough estimates. The xp budgets and crs are tools designed to help to evaluate and judge combat difficulties not something that needs to be strictly adhered to. You need to keep reading.

Which means you're wrong, and you've being acting needlessly autistic and retarded. Stop that.

>> No.55260782

That makes perfect sense to me.
Do it.

>> No.55260800

Btw, this was to answer if the cold weapon of a dragon is affected by anti magic fields

>> No.55260843

Oh please. This is just one guy pretending to be 'that guy'.

>> No.55260862


migrate, lads

>> No.55260870

>they even say they're rough estimates
Well, I may or may not be autistic, but you're a liar, because I don't see this anywhere in the section about building encounters.

>> No.55261031

Make a pdf and give it to the trove guy!

>> No.55261359

I love this idea, both as a lazy gm and one who's constantly looking for ways to increase player investment

>> No.55261698

>migrate, lads

>> No.55262134

Make him unlock the riddle of steel.

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