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How do you prefer your paladins, thematically speaking? Absolutely righteous? Absolutely naive? Absolutely incompetent?

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Only good Paladin is a dead one

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Absolutely righteous!

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Fuck off skellington.

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The girl on the right is super cute

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I like fish out of water. Noblebright in grimdark setting and visa versa

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Now you I like

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Absolutely crazy.

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>A grimdark hero in a noblebright setting

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>How do you prefer your paladins
this is the only one correct answer

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>mfw Dante is a paladin that looks like a demon anti-paladin

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Absolutely reasonable. Memextreme paladins are the worst cancer anyone can bring to the tabletop

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Full of youthful righteous vigor that grows tempered and experienced throughout the story/campaign.

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I prefer them when they are able to not kill themselves doing some stupid shit.

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i'm partial to joypunk myself

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ABSOLUTELY RIGHTEOUS. The kind who campaign against the forces of darkness, but also tell children to eat their veggies. The kind who are just as likely to publically execute serial killers as they are to read children's books to impoverished orphans. His favorite is "The little Crusader who could (retake the Holy Land)"

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Sensibly dedicated to the cause of righteousness.

Also they all should have to start as fighters and earn the title of knight-paladin through about 5 levels of service and not acting like a self-righteous entitled fool.

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Depends on the setting.

No, really. Everything from the Deus Vulting Goblin Slayer ripoff to the flower-wielding Care Bearadin are viable in the right setting. But if you're going diametrically opposed to the setting and its take on good and evil, honor and justice, and the like, then you're probably going to make things less fun for everyone involved.

Unless you've talked it over with them and they think the concept of a fish out of water Paladin who either changes or is changed by the setting is something they want to play with, of course. Then go for it, but don't complain when things don't go your way.

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Absolutely righteous, he is a fanatic who is only an instrument of his cause, he fights for something greater

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I want to fuck Astolfo

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>Absolutely righteous?
That's how you become a paladin in the first place, no?
>Absolutely naive?
Well... Naah. At least not absolutely.
>Absolutely incompetent?
get out shitguzzler

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What wpuld that be? Guts in fire emblem or something?

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The "Evil is shitting itself when thinking about him" kind.

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Sounds like punisher and captian america blended together

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Gotta agree with that.

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Total boy\girl scouts, utterly wholesome and unflappable in the face of other horrors, it can be played up to make them a beacon of hope or a point of mockery

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>Chaotic Good

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Michael Carpenter from Dresden Files. Platonic ideal.

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Fanatically devoted to their cause to the point of self-destruction.

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Lawful and good, i.e. "Smite ALL the evil, no exceptions".

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Absolutely righteous, absolutely naive and hammier than William Shatner. A glorious, chivalrous buffoon who nonplusses all who encounter him with his childlike levels of idealism and friendliness, but is nonetheless dangerously competent at smiting the actual, irredeemable evils of the world. Easily-distracted, particularly when teammates are engaging in less-than-honorable behavior. Pompous, but in a way that asks "the view is so nice up here, won't you join me?" Happily throws money at con artists until they feel bad for him.

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>A glorious, chivalrous buffoon
I feel you, i mean if you gotta kill al the evil, you might es well look sexy while doing so.

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>Why are the peasants hailing me as hero?
>didn't the litch have a plan for after his death involving spiteful measures?
>How isn't magic turning people into disgusting creature?.
>The royalty aren't openly dicks, what are they hiding?
>Why do these children look up to me?
> how are things working out so well?

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