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>New Codexes, Ad Mech all that matter, Tyranerds, Craftworld Eldumb, and Imperial Gay too I guess

>Also Chapter approved and Necromunda stuff

>Konor Campaign, rigged or not, take a minute to appreciate that the UI and assets are pretty dope and lovingly crafted, even the background has Poppop looking in

>GW FAQs (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

Ave Omnissiah

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The Drukhari strike first! For Commorragh!

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Shamelessly reasking

Anyone know if Pete mentioned anything aside from no SoBs? Like about the existing Xenos or future Primarchs?

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Dumb question, but I'm new to the army: Starting a genestealer cult army and I got some models from the Deathwatch Overkill set, including what looks like an acolyte hybrid with a mining laser. I'm looking at the index, though, and I'm only seeing neophytes being able to take mining lasers. Is it supposed to be a neophyte despite having 3 arms, or am I missing something?

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He's a neophyte, he just has an extra arm to hold the mining laser. I think it's the difference between 3rd and 4th generation hybrids or something.

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Resounding victory for the forces of Chaos at the South Austin store in the Apocalypse match today. Major chaos victory and many loyalists destroyed.

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Alright, glad to know I'm not going crazy. Thanks

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Game update
Called at turn 5 due to too wide of a VP gap but Aquilla Strongpoint "Peach Garden" still stood with 24 wounds left! I only had a command squad inside and a Tempestor Prime dueling a Lictor outside but I managed to clench the win by being a turtling asshole. Narratively, the command squad (who's commander King Nigger Jew bravely left the safety of the fortress to certain soon to secure two objective cards before getting eaten by a Carnifex) managed to purge all vital Imperial records and starcharts before escaping through a secret tunnel. The Strongpoint was then collected weeks later after the planet was rewon.

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I've been having a real challenge fighting bugs, anon. Gimme some info on how to fight them.

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different anon but what army?

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Focus fire. Monsters and swarms of gaunts are infinitely worse when depleted of wounds. Fuck Genestealers and Broodlords as hard as possible the moment you get the chance. They charge, you lose whole units.

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ho boy


I feel partly responsible for this, the author's salamanders quote from lexicanum was written by me originally

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I have 28 points to burn. Maybe upgrade 2 storms to have asscannons or something.

Carcharodons 2000pts CP 7
Ravenguard Tactics

Battalion +3CP
Librarian w/Sword and PP
Captain w/Chainsword and Combi-Melta + Teeth of Terra

Scouts with Shotguns x5
Scouts with Shotguns x5
Scouts with Shotguns x5

>Dedicated Transport
Landspeeder Storm w/Heavy Bolter
Landspeeder Storm w/Heavy Bolter
Landspeeder Storm w/Heavy Bolter

Vanguard Detachment +1CP

Tartaros x10 with Lightning Claws
Contemptor Dread w/Asscannon
Company vets x5 w/Meltas and Chainswords
Company vets x5 w/Meltas and Chainswords

Drop Pod w/Stormbolter
Drop Pod w/Stormbolter

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I'm fighting bugs. I use Chaos Marines.

Has range firepower been your only viable solution?

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As Guard? Yes

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archive that shit, yo

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I have a 2k tournament at the shop coming up and an unfluffly list, will anyone give me some feedback?
battalion detachment
1999/2000 pts 6 CPs

>libby w/ jump pack-147
-force axe, combi plasma, jump pack
-tome of malcador

>chaplin in terminator armor-131
-combi-plas, crozis arcanum
-salamanders' mantle

>(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-2 storm bolter

>(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-storm bolter

>(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-storm bolter

>assault terminators-215
-twin lightning claws
-teleport homers

>vanguard vets-195
-storm shields, 5 thunder hammer

-twin lascannon, missile launcher

>(5x) devestator squad-170
-2 lascannon, 2 missile, cherub

-twin assault cannon, twin heavy bolter, 2 hurricane bolters, 2 stormstrike missiles

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So, how certain is the lack of new models for the upcoming admech release? Is there any source that confirms the rumour?

Still hoping for some surprise release

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But he literally has pics of Tallarns, whose entire shtick is being Space Middle Easterners?

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>Has range firepower been your only viable solution?
You're not going to outmelee Tyranids, anon, unless they're bringing some kind of weird list and leaving the stealers at home. Genestealers are the premiere melee unit of the entire game, that's kind of their whole point. So yes, shoot them.

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Any transcripts of what was said? I've pretty much given up hope on plastic Sisters in my lifetime, but I want to be sure. I want to have a SoB army by the end of the year, so I'm planning my stuff out.

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Unless you get a really good reason to believe otherwise, assume every Codex release for the rest of the year will have zero models with it. Chances are you'll be right the majority of the time.

The rumour mill pretty much confirms this.

>> No.55194719

Fuuucking hell.


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Standalone Cawl only

Dunno about a transcript, hence my asking

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Alternatively, if you're packing some seriously killy melee units like Berzerkers, you can totally win IF you get the charge and hit first. But that's much easier said than done against 8"move+advance+charge stealers who can also pop out of trygon tunnels and shit.

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>pop out of trygon tunnels and shit.
Bane of my existence. Im pretty much Guaranteed to lose A unit where they pop out.

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>only 2 non-white humans painted by GW
Bloodreavers, blood warriors, and Kairic acolytes have been painted dark skinned by GW, what?
That was just a minute worth of searching too.

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That's what Cultists are for, to screen your stuff from the initial charge. What sort of list/Legion are you running?

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lel I and plenty of people don't play humans. Literally the topic centers around IG models, have fun guardboys

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Learn to bubblewrap foo. Bring cultists or brimstones or something. Space them exactly 2" apart in a wide net to stop deep strikers.

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Not that anon. I'm the original anon asking about this.

I play word bearers. I aim to screen with a large cultist unit, then assault with possessed and summoned Daemonettes.

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I spy with my little fucking eye that the dude needs to shut up and just paint his dudes whatever skin color he wants.

>> No.55194815

That's what I mean. The wrap is as good as dead when they pop. No matter what I sacrifice a unit

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Can't wait for some dumb SJW faggot to bitch that my genestealers don't have transgendered PoC representation lol

>> No.55194821

a cuck is trying too hard to make himself interesting with the sjw, arguing over a non-issue and being made fun by autists on a shitty board.
More news at 11.

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>One skin color

>> No.55194831

Why SJW are so retarded?

>> No.55194835

To add on, GW paints them fair-skinned because you can see details better than you can on darker skin.

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So, since plastic sisters from gone from the "ANY DAY NOW" bin to the "NEVER EVER" dumpster, I guess I'll be seriously looking at deals on old metal sisters. Was looking at plastic proxies, but the one ones I like aren't really that big a savings. It's almost nice just how simple the old metals are... almost. So what if every multimelta I get will be the exact same fucking mini, right?

Anyway, this is the color scheme I'm going for. Need to do the details and a light wash, but any other tips?

>> No.55194846

update: bases are basically done, next is the washes on the rivets, then drybrushing everything and painting the sergeant.

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When is the Death Guard, Mortarion and Mechanicus supposed to drop?

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Who are you and why do we care? /WIP/ is that way.

>> No.55194873

That's fine, that's the reason bubble wrap exists - to die, so more expensive things live.

>> No.55194888

Death Guard in a week or two, Mechanicus a week or two after that. Almost guaranteed no new beep boop models, it's gonna be book only.

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>Entire setting is designed with "Your dudes" in mind

>> No.55194895

Can't wrap everything though. More often than not that Trygon is right where I don't want it.

>> No.55194903

Unless you count Cawl getting a standalone release so you can buy him without the useless whores in the triumvirate box.

>> No.55194907

OH LOOK! ANOTHER. Too bad the fucktard locked comments on his shitpost.

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So the Death Guard are not fighting in the last planet of Fate of Konor?

>> No.55194933

That's where deploying and positioning smartly come into play. It's the most important skill in the game, and one of the only ones that really lets one person get a tactical edge over another outside of being better at math and luckier with dice.

>> No.55194935

rest in stasis Old Man Cadia

>> No.55194937

No that was a typo. The Darth Gourd are there.

>> No.55194948

Lorewise they are.

Model/crunchwise, no, they'll be out after the campaign ends. I'm expecting preview articles to start monday and the book to go on pre-order on saturday the 9th.

>> No.55194958

Reminder that Cadia/Graian Ad Mech broke before the Guard did.

>> No.55194976

Red is weird. This is my test red model for the order who's name I can't remember. Valorous Heart? Anyway, yes. All your MM will be the same. Your red is really bright and flat. A wash would do some good.

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Spearhead detachment - Chaos - Iron warriors

Warp Smith
Warlord - Cold and Bitter, Flesh metal exoskeleton, Combi Melta

27x Cultists

27x Cultists

>Heavy Support
Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

3x Basilisk w/ Heavy Bolter

3x Basilisk w/ Heavy Bolter

Supreme Command Detachment - Chaos Daemons

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Sword, warp bolter

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Sword, warp bolter

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Sword, warp bolter

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What do you tend to think of in regards to the different flavors of Chaos players?

>> No.55195047

My suit tau have no visible skin and are piloted by blue men with orifice faces
checkmate liberals

>> No.55195057

Most blog site shit is poorly researched, or purposefully omits stuff that shits on their "argument".

I think the problem he refuses to address is, outside of named characters, no mini should represent a specific race. You can argue they make hair too straight to be black people, but a lot of guardsmen are bald or helmeted, they could easily ALL be painted black and it won't raise an eyebrow for 95% of minis. Hell, I fully intend to have a black sister of battle or two, as wigs or hair straighteners can explain anything (and it's skin variation is one of the few things to add much difference to 20 year old metal minis).

What he probably really wants, but probably doesn't know enough about the setting to express, is a named chapter/regiment that is SPECIFICALLY not white. If I say all my Space Marines are black or latino, cool, but he probably wants something like "Space Luchadors", who carry the tradition of the lucha into the 41st millenium. Or something like that.

>> No.55195060

It's some obnoxious IGfag representative of the recent brand of cancerous IG playing faglords that responds with "post your army then at least I'm promoting the game" when people tell him to fuck off.

>> No.55195061

Excorsists, come to Excorsize the shit out of you!

>captain: jump pack, storm shield, relic blade/thunder hammer (129)
>lieutenant: power sword (64)

>venerable Dreadnought: twin autocannon (165)
>vanguard veterans: 3 twin lighting claws, 4 storm shield/lightning claw

>scout squad: camo cloaks (70)
>scout squad: camo cloaks (70)
>scout squad: camo cloaks, sniper rifles (90)

Heavy Support
>devestator squad: lascannons or missiles (165)
>whirlwind scorpius (215)

>Razorback: twin assault Cannon (100)

That leaves me about 750 points to fill in the punch of my list, but as is the Scouts totally fuck alpha strike while the vanguard can punch a good deal to death. Lieutenant with HS stuff will put a good smack on heavy stuff too, that scorpius minces terminators and aggressors.

I'm thinking some assault terminators, maybe some more vanguard or sternguard vets, and something else that can punch a hole in heavy armor.

What do you guys think?

>> No.55195066

Skaven players are proof that hitler was on to a good idea with the whole "Death camps" thing

>> No.55195078

Ehm how exactly are you allowed to take basilisks in a battleforged armylist as CSM ?

>> No.55195080

>Into the "NEVER EVER" dumpster

>> No.55195089

I'll probably do a selective wash, just in the recesses. A lot of the appeal of red is how smooth it looks after a few coats. Though I guess I could just do a red highlight after a wash as well.

>> No.55195090

>No Silas Alberac


>> No.55195097

SJW want a space marine chapter full of transsexual black women.
Even then it won't be enough because they move the goal post more than our regular assblasted anons.

>> No.55195118

>Finally the weekend, can get some painting done
>So of course it's 110 degrees F
>My shack has no AC

It's fun having the paint dry on your brush. Fucking christ.

>> No.55195136

See I'm the weird sort of snowflake that wants to be the cool dudes but wants to be the unnamed ones, I don't like taking named guys unless it's necessary.

>> No.55195137

Well, yeah, obviously this particular guy will never shut up. Or he will when he finds another thing that is sure to get him clicks.

>> No.55195141

The modela are going to hit 3 decades. They got release in second edition for fuck sake

Celestine hardly counts since she is basically the distraction carnifex of the Imperium

>> No.55195142

...no, I'm a general player who just got a fuckton of models from two different armies that started painting the baneblade and mentioned as such in an effort to encourage people to work on their models too.

Keep shitposting though, you sure showed me.

>> No.55195145

I love how no one wants to talk about how these humans aren't even from earth and likely every single human race gene that exists today likely isn't around 38 THOUSAND YEARS INTO THE FUTURE

>> No.55195150

SJW are, like, playing an extra-dimensional timetravelling version football that would even make Tzeentch's head spin when it comes to goalposts.

>> No.55195155

Newest metal sister is from 2004

>> No.55195173

>but he probably wants something like "Space Luchadors", who carry the tradition of the lucha into the 41st millenium.

No, *I* want that, and they're gonna be Dark Angels Successors, by The Lion.


>> No.55195175

Pete Foley at Nova said that a Sisters update is on the same wishlist as an entirely new faction.

That means they're not being worked on right now which means the earliest they could possibly come out would be in 2019

>> No.55195191

Technically speaking 40k humans are not humans.
They are "Humans made for colonization" hence why Abhumans and other crap exist. Super adaptable humans to colonize random planets.

Outside of a wall of text in the 3rd edition rulebook there isn't much detail about it. But it is implied that humans of 40k are Stone men and the good old regular humans are Golden men now extinct

>> No.55195192

SJW don't care about legitimate reasons like that, they'll tell you the writers are morally obligated to retcon that and rewrite parts of the setting just to artificially incorporate "representation" because muh feelings.

>> No.55195196

My Bad, just realised only Chaos space marine detachments get the legion trait.
Fixed now - 2000pt Battleforged army.
Fearless cultists and Warp smith hang around bubble wrapping the basilisks, defilers run up the field being babysat by the 3 princes.

Any comments/criticism appreciated.

Spearhead detachment - Chaos Space Marines - Iron warriors

Warp Smith
Warlord - Cold and Bitter, Flesh metal exoskeleton, Combi Melta

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Flesh metal exoskeleton, Sword, warp bolter

27x Cultists

27x Cultists

>Heavy Support
Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

Nurgle, Twin Heavy Bolter, Defiler Scourge

Spearhead detachment - Chaos

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Sword, warp bolter

Daemon prince
Nurgle, Sword, warp bolter

>Heavy Support
2x Basilisk w/ Heavy Bolter

2x Basilisk w/ Heavy Bolter

2x Basilisk w/ Heavy Bolter

>> No.55195199

Well plastic sisters are the only thing that could possibly get me back into this game

I guess GW just really doesn't want my autism bucks

>> No.55195211

cuz they'll get way more dweeb dollars with mega marines

>> No.55195218

NLs: edgy faggots who will deny it vehemently and make weak ass excuses that they just like the lightning or some other shit. Only exceptions are those who use brighter blues or paint good light blue lightning rather than white lightning. Those guys are the honest aesthetes.

IWs: 3.5E WAACfag expires, 30kfags trying to use their common ass pleb-tier 30k shit in 40k just because it looks good, and then there's the very rare, true IW 40k player.

ALs: obnoxious memeing faggots who squawk for help all day because they still haven't managed to memorize a paint tutorial that only has three colors: silver, clear blue, and clear green in over 3 years.

WEs: guys who just want to play melee and get accused of being DE tier edgelords, Khorne and blood meme spamming morons, metal heads

BL: new CSM players

DG: Hur dur jolly Papa Nurglefags, guys who wanted the coolest sculpts, guys who wanted marching unkillable walls. Unfortunately none of these plebs realized DG's best option was Zombies in 6E/7E despite Typhus's "tax", and that Typhus and rhino horn Terminator aesthetics are the toppest tier amongst CSM.

1KS: casterfag nerds who bawl about yiffs, claim Fagnus did nothing wrong, then whine about how bad their rules are so never actually played Rubrics until Magnus came out and now just cheese him hard. Sort of like how all the other faggot nid, ork, and IG fags cried and cried for years and all of a sudden are now boasting about how their hordes are unbeatable

>> No.55195248

I like that EC are such cancer they didn't even make the list because everyone already knows everything there is to say about them, and it's a lot

>> No.55195251

>Only exceptions are those who use brighter blues or paint good light blue lightning rather than white lightning. Those guys are the honest aesthetes.
D-do I count?

>> No.55195271

>sergeants and HQs all wear lucha masks without helmets
>rules like Hammer of Wrath, Concussive, Smackdown, and Tank Shock with infantry to represent wrestling moves and tackles
>they all have fly/jump move/deep strike if they start movement near a terrain piece high enough to climb and do a flying press off of
>AoS style stratagems that give you small bonuses for yelling out lucha phrases
>share celebratory nachos (or nachos of shame) with opponent and rest of store after the match

Make 40k great again.

>> No.55195280

I'm set on doing a small Dark Eldar army for an escalation campaign/painting challenge we're having. I've only ever played Nids and Guard and never even played a game against Druk's so I have no idea where to start and focus.

Ideally I would like a more "Eldar pirate" theme without all the grotesques and that side.

Any advice at all above the 1d4chan opinions would be fucking great because I'm very lost.


>> No.55195288

>literally responds just to be obnoxious and pretend he's "encouraging" people

Literally just called you out on that and you go and do it again. Sure "showed" me.

>> No.55195296

Pretty much this, with a few exceptions. I dunno if it's just my area but there's like 3 NL players in my rather small meta and they're all total bros, like literally dudebrahs. Think the reecius frontline guy but even more so. I'm friends with them, and they're chill as fuck

I've only ever met a few 1ks players before (and this was pre inferno new stuff so idk), but they were all pretty fun. Joked about the stereotypical memes when appropriate, but not in an annoying fashion.

Which is odd, aside from a single Khorne player all the other chaos guys I've met are total asshats. Especially nurgle and word bearers, by sheer coincidence they've all been total dicks or memelords

>> No.55195302

>then whine about how bad their rules are so never actually played Rubrics until Magnus came out and now just cheese him hard

I still get murderous urges every time I read or think about bandwagon bitches who claim to 'play Thousand Sons' only because of Magnus, people who only now play them because their rules got some attention ... basically anybody that didn't stick with pure 1k sons from past 3.5 until pre WoM should not be allowed anywhere near playing Thousand Sons

>> No.55195315

>continues shitposting to feign superiority
my god, roasted by my own petard.

God forbid a player posts the 40k related thing he's doing, right?

>> No.55195339

aspiring DE player here with a hard on for Space Piracy

Venoms filled with Warriors is decent anti infantry, and hilariously cheap for the mobile scoring unit they are

Ravagers with triple lances are your friend

And most importantly, you need a pimped out flagship for your HQ to ride. I recommend a Raider full of Blaster/Dark Lance Trueborn to show off how big captain drukhari's dick is

>> No.55195349

>still too stupid to realize he's posting WIP general shit in the wrong thread
>still smugly projecting his own bullshit on others

Who's the one doing all the moral superiority babble you're spouting again?

>> No.55195350

Black legion: Saw the Posterchild and knew it was easy to paint. some are OG, some are newbs. this is the Ultramarines of Chaos so nothing much to say

Nightlords: Aka Edgelords. Love Curze too much, divided into two camps: those who love camp bat-wing helmets, or modern skull-face helmets. Batman fans but act more like Leto's Joker

Iron Warriors: Bitter, nostalgiafags, still cling to 3.5, enjoy simplistic but effective paint jobs, truly hate Imp Fists and may defend dinobots and heldrakes to the death if they enjoy the 'modern' chaos look

Word Bearers: OGrognards with big model collections. they like to use all their old as fuck sculpts, probably own some Diaznettes, claim to know all the fluff, proud of their neckbeards

Alpha Legion: These dudes own a Guy Fawkes mask at home. 99% of the time they come off as cringy fuckers spouting'I am Alpharius lel XDDD' memes. semi-shit painters. The Anonymous legionfag's choice. basically /b/: the army.

Crimson Slaughter: Newfags who own a DV starter box or two. Possibly got tricked into buying all the CS shit gw released and were too stubborn to change direction, pretty cool guys

Red Corsairs: Wanted to play marauders/vikings/pirates in space but Space wolves are furfag bait so they said fuck that. Probably cool guys who field Huron no matter what

>> No.55195356

fuck off and critique lists/offer army building tips.

>> No.55195366

You, obviously, trying to derail a thread and smacktalk posters for no goddamn reason. Either contribute on-topic, or get out.

>> No.55195367

We don't have to do shit cause you're leaking your inferiority everywhere on your own

>> No.55195396

>no goddamn reason

The reasons are not only pretty obvious, they were literally spelled out for you repeatedly. Nice non contributing off topic post though, gotta love ignorant low intellect hypocrites.

>> No.55195400

>tfw you get a Old School Wraithlord
Fuck yes, I love those lanky mother fuckers. There needs to be more of these dudes, they're the fucking best.

>> No.55195445

Where the fuck is your Silas?

>> No.55195466

>Had the idea to convert eversor assassins en masse since 7th edition gave them rules
>the pack of skulls finally gave me the opportunity to get on with it
>now I've got me ten good looking assassins ready to be painted
>one fucking faggot runs an assassin list and wins a tournament and his list becomes a meme
>now I'm just some powergamer prick
fuck you cunts get over yourselves

>> No.55195484

Stop using the cheesiest of cheddar

>> No.55195488

Why are flamers so shit?
9 points for shitty 8" that can hardly kill an Ork boy. Is not really worth the points. Specially when for 2 Points you can get Storm Bolter that gets 4 shots at 12" and is just as bad as a flamer in regards of killing a single Ork boy.

>> No.55195489

are you running a horseshoe of Culexus and Guilman, draigo and/or celestine?
Good, fuck off and tell everyone else to fuck off too.

>> No.55195495

Lel get wrecked waacfag

i know your pain bro. I save up the many and effort to make actually cool conversions for Khorne bezerkers, only for them to become a huge meme. Sad

>> No.55195499

Overwatch you faggot.

>> No.55195518

If you built them cus you like them, cool
If you know that are game breaking when you run them in a group, and then you run 10 of them even still
You're a WAACfag

>> No.55195524

>wanting to get chargers within 8" by a mob of Ork boys
Also why the fuck are Heavy Flamers Heavy? When the bloody Immolation Flamers are Assault and 2D6

>> No.55195527

How do we make Kabalite Trueborn? Just Kabalites with better weapons or are they visually different?

>> No.55195542

Because if heavy flamers were light it'd be weird

>> No.55195551

Unlike previous editions that were Assault?

>> No.55195552

He tries to debunk the "paint them whatever color you like" very badly. Basically says GW has said that all Imperial Guard are white so painting them anything but white is canon-breaking

cept I'd be REALLY interested wehre GW said all Guardsmen are white.

>> No.55195565

Kek NPC nidfag couldn't even kill half your list by turn 5

>> No.55195578

two dreadnoughts and a pack of eversors are fucked, really. If they can't toss their melta bombs they're just gonna get smacked aside

>> No.55195579


Anon, immolators with Heavy Flamers used to be considered fast vehicles back in the day because there was no aiming required. It's a tank with a sister on top sitting between two heavy flamers. That tank doesn't give a single fuck about anything.

>> No.55195585

>since 7th gave them rules
Get your pencils ready for next week?

>> No.55195594

>Konor Campaign, rigged or not, take a minute to appreciate that the UI and assets are pretty dope and lovingly crafted, even the background has Poppop looking in
Huh, so it does.

>> No.55195602

Night lords: divided into two camps, one group is bro teir and the rest are autistic retards(curze fans)
Word bearers: neckbeards, generally pretty cool fa/tg/uys, some autists
Iron warriors: 30k players fleeing their dying game
Alpha legion: like a fifth of them are cool, paint scales, run cultists, and for the love of Christ don't scream the alpharius meme. Half of them are r9k robots
Black legion: new players that will quit the game after painting three marines and hardened vets that survived three editions of shitty codexes
World eaters: metalheads, bro teir
EC: gay
Death guard: bandwagoners, new players and genuinely disgusting people pic related
Thousand sons: Bros and Magnus spammers. Plenty of r9k

>> No.55195605

The most annoying part is vehicle can not fire a heavy Flamer if they advance. Even more annoying with Penitent Engines

>> No.55195610

Same guy for posterity
>DG player

>> No.55195632

What about someone who plays thousand sons, while deliberately not running Magnus?

>> No.55195634

They can't channel the spirit of the emperor into their holy Prometheum tanks and shoot it out out of their fire holes to cover their enemies in the emperor's wrath

>> No.55195647

You forgot your cheetah image.

>> No.55195655

That's what I meant by bros and Magnus spammers, the two categories are seperate

>> No.55195657 [DELETED] 

>H-heh yea! Magnus i-is OP. I don't r-tun him because I don't want to cheese!
>y-you guys are my friends, right?

>> No.55195676

I saw when you first converted them Anon. Know at least one stranger on the internet knows your a cool guy.

>> No.55195718

Do you guys play/paint Your Dudes or do you play GW's Dudes? Or a Third Party's dudes, like maybe you inherited a guy's dudes after he died, or maybe you play Angry Marines or some meme shit from 4chan?

>> No.55195732

Has GW just purged the DE Succubus from the store?
I tried to buy one, and it's just gone.
Has this happened recently?

>> No.55195748

Why have I not seen and angry primaris Marine /tg/?

>> No.55195753

My first Army was Sisters, and I've always painted them silver with red robes, which I've always considered my own. The only official art I've seen was in that one campaign book with Blood Angels and Sisters, so I still considered them my dudes.

>> No.55195771

I originally started my dudes as Kabal of the Black Heart, but halfway through I read the Path of the Dark Eldar series and created my own Kabal and tied their paint scheme in by essentially making them a "branch" of Black Heart. And just yesterday a generous anon helped me finalize the design of my Kabal symbol(and if he's around, I'd like to talk to him about commissioning a Space Marine Chapter symbol for my friend. . Pic related is now the symbol of the Kabal of the Torn Soul.

Recently. I thought it was to add 8th datasheet in the pack, but it's been out of stock for like 6-7 weeks now.

>> No.55195775

> Sisters : Your dudes.
Sounds about right carry on m8!

>> No.55195791

Is that the twins mah nigga? Cool symbol fellow Archon!

>> No.55195793

I guess I play GW dudes, but Ive named all my squads and painted them with specialty markings and personalizations so both I guess?

>> No.55195802

You should get that stutter looked at anon

I don't even play thousand sons

I'm a disgusting Alpha Legion memer, I just respect the local thousand son player for refusing to run a primarch

>> No.55195806

Damn straight it is! I freehanded the bottom symbol on my Hekatrix then had a lightning bolt of inspiration later that night.

>> No.55195807

My dudes kinda, I mean they're Iron Warriors, but they're my Iron warriors.

>> No.55195827

But it's still up on the website?
For me there is no entry for it at all

>> No.55195848

Okay, that part's new. The last time I checked it was "permanently out of stock". New Succ model confirmed?

>> No.55195872

Space marines are GW dudes, Guardsmen are mine

>> No.55195874

You are an amazing person anon, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

>> No.55195891

Would it be trying too hard to have Alpha Legion with disguised iconography

Like an Ultramarines logo made out of hydra heads

Or Berserkers wearing modified Blood Angels logos where the teardrop and negative space make the Khornate symbol

>> No.55195893

Very nice glad to see ya still working on the Kabal hommie.

>> No.55195894

Appreciate it anon

Hope your dudes are slayin'

>> No.55195916

u can make them visually different if you like, but gw offers no kit (which is sad cause u'll be hunting for bitz of all the gear they can get)

I have seen lots of stuff from dark elf/wood elf models (eternal guardians!) to simple headswaps with these astronaut wych helmets.

>> No.55195922

Maaaah nigga keep on being awesome.

>> No.55195923

I'm attempting to make my own dudes but I'm an indecisive fuck who can't commit to anything so it's not really going anywhere at the moment

>> No.55195932

That model is only 3 years old, so I would doubt it

>> No.55195944

How old was the Finecast Haemonculus before they came out with the plastic one?

>> No.55195965

that was different. they want to get rid of finecast, so they replaced him with a plastic sculpt. (Sad btw, the finecast haemo is far better).

The succubus *IS* plastic

>> No.55195975

Which necron named character is best in general?

I like Imotekh, but I have been having more success with Orikan and scythe Lychguard. Am I doing it wrong?

>> No.55195978

take the long road.
i have 3 or 4 "my dudes" armies. who get played and grow when i commit to one. When it changes they are back to shelf

>> No.55196001

Damn that's a cool ass way to list your army

I was thinking of doing something similar, but the format is a "movie casting" (eg. Chapter XYZ starring Lord Chadmarine as the Commander, etc).

>> No.55196006

First model I've done that I'm not totally ashamed of

>> No.55196025

Yea. Manfaces are a thing, sadly.

>> No.55196026

Looks good. But we want pics when you finish the base.

>> No.55196031

Yeah trying to make my own Primaris Chapter but i keep drawing blanks on colours/symbols/etc

>> No.55196042

What are you, gay?

>> No.55196047

looks good, err ill. err you know what i mean.

but please give him the base he deserves. even if its just some cheap deco-stones or something you glue onto it.

>> No.55196051


Best on the tabletop?
Doesn't really matter. Every game will be an uphill battle regardless.

>> No.55196086

desu sounds like you overthink it. Dont try to make the coolest stuff ever. That way you will never start.
Just download the Dawn of War demo and play with colors and paintschemes until you found something you like.

>> No.55196088

Hey /tg/, I need some advice. I just picked up my first box, and its pick related. I was wondering if its better to run the custodes with the guardian spears or the sentinel blades and storm shields. Any advice would be much appreciated.

>> No.55196089

Does that mean that Necrons are an OK force to break out my riptides on now that they are shit?

>> No.55196096

>But he literally has pics of Tallarns, whose entire shtick is being Space Middle Easterners?

And yet Middle Eastern people are not 'Caucasian' skinned, meanwhile the models of Tallarn IG are typically painted as Caucasian by GW staff members. It's like watching Hollywood try to pass off John Wayne or Charlton Heston with incredibly bad makeup jobs as being 'Arabic' or 'Middle Eastern' in old movies.

>> No.55196103

Is there anything worse than these weak beta self-hating white "allies" of all who be oppressed?

Day of the rope when?

>> No.55196105


Necrons are bad.
Not the worst, but all their units are mediocre at best.

>> No.55196106

mix them
that way you have the heavier hitters for hitting and the shieldy dudes for tankin. remember in 8th you choose which model gets the wounds.

BTW the shield captain should get a spear since he has more attacks and is a better shot

>> No.55196118

Thank you for the advice!

>> No.55196120

I did mean best on tabletop. And I'm well aware of how Necrons perform in this edition. We got completely owned. I'm just trying to make the best of what I've got.

>> No.55196121

yeah not a bad idea, i'll give that a try and see if it helps, i definitely overthink too much

>> No.55196138


Then yeah, take Orikan

>> No.55196140

>tfw have custodes from BoP but really I just want more SoS and no one around has any to trade

>> No.55196147

You can take anything you want against Necrons, if you are playing Tau. It's pretty hard to lose against them at the moment. They got the nerfs that Tau deserved...

>> No.55196148

Lots of ways. The hard part is getting all the special weapons they can take. There is no kit for them.

Popular to use Dark Elf bits. I've seen a lot of people use Corsair sea dragon cloaks. They look awesome (I used my corsairs to make Incubi and a Drazhar). It's a lot of work to get the cloak onto a regular kabalite warrior body, easier to just use the whole corsair torso.

Haven't converted my trueborn yet, but I'm probably going to do something simple like a headswap. Tragedy of being a DE player is trying to amass enough special weapons to kit out trueborn and Scourges with what you actually want them to be carrying. GW seriously needs to put more in the warrior boxes.

>> No.55196153

ebay is your friend.
i got 10 SoS from ebay. dont want custodes myself

>> No.55196160

What are you even talking about?
There is this for starters
And the only image of GW painted Tallarns has all the faces covered up, bar 3, only 1 of which is white

>> No.55196168

I like the armor very much. GW's scheme IMO looks almost pastel, where this is darker and even has variation throughout like you'd see from corrosion. (it also keeps it from looking monotonous since so much is green)

>> No.55196176 [DELETED] 

blacks are in the US because of white demand for slaves, man.

>> No.55196177

After the Admech and Craftworld Codex books are released, the only army Necrons have a chance to beat are Deathwatch.... Yay!

>> No.55196186

That mini looks super fucking dope.

>> No.55196193

Do it that sounds hilarious

>> No.55196199

I figured as much. I'm glad, because I put a bit of effort into painting that model.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.55196222

your bigger question is how are you going to kit out the Sisters. Because they can be useful in different ways, depending on what direction you want to take with your army.

swords are a hard hitting unit without any range. also rather fragile for melee units and kinda expensive.

flamers are good for horde control but with 8' you lack the range to do more (but you can go 7' AND advance. they hit automatically) also rather expensive

bolters might be overlooked but in an army of hardhitting expensive models (custodes) some relative cheap models with medium range might be rather useful for holding objectives and stuff.

It depends truly on where you want to go.Oh and SoS do not allow weapon mixing within a squad

>> No.55196227

You got it, I'll start putting a draft together

>> No.55196229



You are forgetting that Deathwatch can take land raiders and other shit that Necrons can't kill. Good luck with that!

>> No.55196240

>Necrons tears
lel, no sneaking away with bullshit again for you.
it is also funny cause QS makes people moan plenty so you guys still piss people off
tears, well I guess lubricant?

>> No.55196257

His argument against the Salamander's thing is even dumber.
I mean, he does realize that the reason black people's skin color is the way it is in the real world because of difference in radiation?

Also, they look like daemons? Really?

What ticked me off was 'the models don't "look" PoC' remark.
Zog off with that race realism bullshit. It DOES NOT APPLY TO WARHAMMER 40k.

>> No.55196261

My weirdboy periled every single turn and every single turn my painboy patched him up to full health.
This went on for 5 turns
Pic of the retard

>> No.55196275

>newfag detected.

>> No.55196291

Just finished my last batch of 10 infantry, making a total of 330 khaki trenchcoats and khaki trenchcoat auxillaries

>> No.55196299

Gazed past the veil at Gork and Mork and immediately picked a fight with them both

Proper orky, that one

>> No.55196303


Speaking of Shit Tides, they are on the list opposite of Conscripts. Due for a buff as opposed to nerfs

>> No.55196306

Thank you, ill try and keep that in mind.

>> No.55196313

Ayyyy Im finally learning how to paint
Im using a wet pallet and praying to duncun with the thinest coats possible
Any tips you can give to someone who just started an hour ago?

>> No.55196334

Alright cool. I've never done a base but I'll get some bits and give it a go.
Thanks. I was happy with the effect too. Almost wanted to leave the whole guy green

>> No.55196340

I can imagine the painboy constantly screaming at the weirdboy "stop it! Just stop it! I can't keep repairing you!" And the weirdboy just goes "zog me these some pretty coloured porta- ow!"

>> No.55196359

No one cares about QS. Annihilation barges currently get annihilated by conscripts.... The other vehicles with it are lucky to survive a shooting round against anything.

The only people moaning about QS are dumb fucks that have never played against Necrons.

>> No.55196394

Yeah QS is easy to play around. The vocal whiners just keep spamming melta and other damage equivalents at it. Then complaining it is a broken rule.
Str 7 D<3 weapons just brutalize Cron vehicles.

>> No.55196396

>tfw we'll never get sweet ass 30k SoS in 40k

>> No.55196402

Bolters can also snipe character psykers, btw.

>> No.55196423

Cant they also take robodogs and robobirds in 30k?

>> No.55196479 [DELETED] 

>BBC mandingo stormcast
>shitty white little dicklet state troopers

>> No.55196519


>> No.55196542

sasuga gw-san

>> No.55196581

>Failed dangerous terrain returns.

>> No.55196595

>deep strking fliers

>> No.55196603

Enjoy not being grey tide and fuck the haters m8.

>> No.55196610

That pilot is amazing or incompetent

>> No.55196632

Played Magnus for the first time today. He's a beast, ripped a Helbrute and Maulerfiend on the first psychic phase alone, then all but wrecked a Land Raider in melee. Proceeded to laugh off a full squad of Berzerker attacks and then annihilate the Raider plus two CSM squads in the next psychic phase. My opponent conceded shortly afterwards.

>> No.55196646

I don't know what these other bitches are talking about. I've placed top 3 in the last 5 tournaments after 8th release. Necrons have super secret tech, stick with it Cryptek!

On tabletop: Anrakyr and Illuminor are cake.
I fucking hate Imotekh on and off the table.

>> No.55196650

Does anyone have a solid, non-vague answer to what causes a pitted, rough surface when using GW colour sprays after using their black primer?

>> No.55196662

>elite evasive maneuvers

>> No.55196674

Any m8s care to r8 my wr8host list?

Idea is that farseer with singing spear and 2x10 wraithcannons go on foot, other farseer and wraithblades hop into wave serpent. The wraithseer and BL wraithlord team up and the two SL Wraithlords fill in.

>> No.55196690

>elysian drop troops gone wrong

>> No.55196712

I'm not sure if I'm bothered more by the flier or the fact that GW put a arquebus on a vanguard.

>> No.55196736

Anyone one know a good place to get bits? A buddy of mine gave me a squad of Terminators but he got them second hand in the first place. That being so they only have storm bolters and power fists and the sergeant having a power sword. Ive already looked around a bit and I can't find the heavy weapon options for shit. Any tips or will i just have to buy a new box of termies for the options?

>> No.55196801

>company vets are the only Marine unit with bolters and Chainswords
>only go up to 5 man squads

>> No.55196807

No, blacks are in the US because the indigenous peoples were too infirm to handle European disease.

>> No.55196819

Can anyone give tips on building a Black Templars list? This is my first foray into Space Marines after playing Orks for years.

All I know is that I for sure want to include Helbrecht, Emperor's Champion, a Stormraven, and a Leviathan.

Sadly I don't have enough chainsword bits to go around, so my Crusader squad initiates are going to have to have bolters, the neophytes could be bolt pistol + chainsword though..

>> No.55196846

How particular are people about Sentinel models? I want to run Scout Sentinels because they are more tactically valuable, but the open canopy looks like shit.

>> No.55196878

White Scars are mongols.

>> No.55196899

Salamanders what you running these days?

Venerable las Dread is a beast

>> No.55196903

>he wants his Sentinel to have fewer guns
>less armor
>start closer to my deployment
Not even WAACfags will complain.

>> No.55196934

>Comments are closed for this post.


>> No.55196936

Two words: Bray'arth Ashmantle

>> No.55196948

As much melta and flame weapons as possible.

>> No.55196999

How's this for a 1,500pt DEldar list

Vanguard Detachment

Succubus w/ Blast Pistol

9 Bloodbrides w/ 3 Hydra Gauntlets and Agoniser
9 Bloodbrides w/ 3 Hydra Gauntlets and Agoniser
9 Bloodbrides w/ 3 Hydra Gauntlets and Agoniser
9 Bloodbrides w/ 3 Hydra Gauntlets and Agoniser

Raider w/ Dark Lance
Raider w/ Dark Lance
Raider w/ Dark Lance
Raider w/ Dark Lance

>Fast Attack
5 Scourges w/ 4 Blasters and Agoniser
5 Scourges w/ 4 Blasters and Agoniser

Razorwing Jetfighter w/ Dark Lances

Trying to be more focused than previous lists, but I might be leaning too hard on raiders which are a bit squishy

>> No.55197015

Your brides are illegal for starters. You can only take 3 weapons with 10

>> No.55197019

he good now? I never liked him before

of course brother agressors are great for this

>> No.55197022

So, as we all know, Sanguinius is fucking awesome, he has bird powers, and doesn't afraid of anything. But I've never been as much sold on his sons, so I ask you /tg/, aside from ol Sangy what makes the blood angels cool?

BONUS POINTS: What makes the old legion cool, before the death company?

>> No.55197060

good genes

>> No.55197066

Ah shit you're right
Well, I'll just drop 2 of the ones with the gauntlets from one squad, and the agoniser, and put an extra bride in the other three

>> No.55197072

T9, punches @S16AP-4D6, 4+ FNP, 2+/5++, 2xS6AP-2D3 Flamethrower, etc. etc.
400 points, he can't be your HQ (realistically), and he can't equip a relic, but he is worth the points after dropping from a Stormraven

>> No.55197096

As I see them, the Blood Angels are like the Ultramarines lite: they're a gold standard for Astartes in operation (unlike Space Wolfs), but they have a drawback that doesn't overwhelm their positives (like it does for the DAngels). They've got tragedy while still focussing on their honor.

>> No.55197113

Stormravens a hard take for me cause I'm stuck in 3ed rules where salamanders dont go fast or fly

but that does sound tempting...

>> No.55197148

Did your local shops do anything interesting for the final Konor mission? South Austin did an Apocalypse game, it was really cool.

Chaos won a major victory that came down to a single failed re-roll and Necrons being a big blob of I NEVER DIE!

facebook link to the shops album of the battle.

>> No.55197158

Their successors also like eating guardsmen which gives plus points for them.

>> No.55197180

spray paint burning through plastic i guess? somethings funky with the can or the moisture in the air


>> No.55197192

best boys

>> No.55197206

>Douche Canoe Space Marines.

>> No.55197213

>t. guardscum weakling

>> No.55197261

anything on what is going to be different about admech knights in the new codex?

hoping we get access to the configurations that chaos have/had.

>> No.55197267

You already have access to all the chaos knights

>> No.55197273


>> No.55197287

>MFW the Gue'la and Gue'ron'sha argue

>> No.55197290

Cant chew through metal, baby men!

>> No.55197298


Yea, it's kind of annoying, really. Anyway, my big concern is how you plan on distributing your drugs. You could drop one set of brides down to wyches along with 2 weapons and give them +T to act as cheaper tarpits. The squad that gets +S will also be much better off with a power sword over an Agonizer in most situations. One squad should get +1A obviously, but then the the list gets kinda meh after that. The next best is Movement, which I like to give to the succubus. You always just yolo the last one and hope for a good repeat

>> No.55197314

no we don't?

loyalists can only take the standard configs, not the dual weapon types.

>> No.55197317

>aside from ol Sangy what makes the blood angels cool?
The flaws add a lot of flavor.
I like how the Red Thirst adds in an aspect of innate and utter barbarity to the Blood Angel's otherwise noble and self-sacrificing nature - it presents a black to the Blood Angel's white. Speaking of black, the Black Rage on the other hand adds in an element of tragic sadness to the Blood Angels. No matter how well they serve, no matter how much they try to overcome their flaws, they will eventually fall to their anger and sadness and be overcome by the rage of The Angel. This is even more tragic of an end considering that Blood Angels are otherwise the longest lived of all Space Marines, leaving them with little chance of dying a natural death (or as natural of a death as an Astartes can hope for). Falling to the Black Rage is nigh certain if you are not killed before it happens.

The Blood Angels, in my opinion, are a chapter of tragedy.
They want to self sacrifice for the good of humanity, but in the end they all-but-inevitably wind up hurting those they would care most due to the flaws that make them who they. They want to become something that they cannot be without losing who they are. Even worse, they can't seem to overcome their flaws (aside from, what, two people in a 10 thousand year history) either. The Flesh Tearers, who chose to fully embrace their genetic flaws, are slowly being eradicated by the very flaws that make them who they are. The Lamenters, who chose to abandon their heritage entirely in an attempt to leave their flaws behind, saw an almost karmic punishment dealt to them for abandoning their lineage and themselves.

Being a Blood Angels is suffering and choosing to become one is to sell your soul to the devil to serve the Lord.

>> No.55197328

Sorry xenos, only five fingered mammals like Eldar go into our club.

>> No.55197351


>> No.55197365

>marines are 15 ft tall
nice "art"

>> No.55197372

it's easy to forget that marines are huge when they fight monsters all the time

>> No.55197384


>> No.55197388

Wraithlords are objectively terrible

>> No.55197415

Hmm, that's a ton of help actually
I'll give it a go

>> No.55197446


No problem. If you can, blast pistols will help a lot, too.

>> No.55197490

Dark Angels are gay so atleast theres LGBT representation.

>> No.55197494

Where can i find list building and general tactic/strategy for improvement?

>> No.55197537

I have an Ork warband with no clan affiliation and I also have a DG successor. I thought I was being original when I made the DG successor but turns out the colourscheme is almost identical to the Pallid Hand lol.

>> No.55197575

>> No.55197582

Aren't primarines that tall though?

>> No.55197596

Original joke, friendo.

>> No.55197628

How about you go fuck off for not having a flamer

>> No.55197648

I remember some SJWs either some dykes or some trannies saying gay men were privileged and basically almost the same as white cis males, and weren't "real" LGBT.

>> No.55197664

I just gave mine a different colour scheme and all the nice guns.

>> No.55197695

>sticc eversors
assassins that aren't 5beef4me just aren't as good

>> No.55197717

fuck Rough Riders - plastic Militarum Bikers when?

>> No.55197718

>not hooking your tail on smokestacks for hairpin VTOL turns

>> No.55197727

Alright I got a draft

>> No.55197736

Lol forgot pic, you can shit/cum on it all ya want

>> No.55197779

it's shit

>> No.55197786

I love the idea but that much cast just doesn't fit on a movie poster. Something like the BL 'Dramatis Personae' format or any formatting at all would improve readability.

>> No.55197826

Daemons players, would you be willing to exchange chapter tactics of sorts for fleshed out warpstorm tables (undivided, Tzeentch, etc.)?

>> No.55197842

Por que no los dos?

>> No.55197850

> for fleshed out warpstorm tables (undivided, Tzeentch, etc.)?
Honestly I could go an edition where I dont have as many rolls before I play than during a game. That being said the randomness was sometimes fun.

>> No.55197871

This. I'm fucking sick of daemons being LOL RAAAANNNDDDDUUUUMMMB. I hope we get a warp table where we get to choose on a 2+ and on a 1, our opponent chooses.

>> No.55197880

>chaos is le random and needs more tables to roll on

stop it
get some help

>> No.55197885

I wish to know more about the colors and customs of the honorable Space Luchadors. Is there a company that makes appropriate heroic scale heads?

>> No.55197894

I direct you towards this post made by a fine anon >>55195150 explaining that mentality

>> No.55197910


Meet up with a player or two who have just a whole lot of Marines and reenact The Beheading (546.M32) like historical gamers do but with made-up space fantasy scenarios. I mean, that's basically what the Horus Heresy is; historical for 40k.

They could even run their lists as the Chapters involved in the fight.

>> No.55197930


Go for the Elysian Drop version.

>> No.55197947

oh god no, i hated that book keeping in 7th

warp storm was kinda fun and cruel at other times

>> No.55197950

Sup, /tg/
I have a couple projects on the burner right now, looking for a little inspiration.
First, I need to port my Harakoni Warhawks codex to 8th, but I'm not sure how to make the vehicles work right.
Second, I have a very small army of Grey Knights that I'm not sure how to proceed with.
Third, I have a plan for an $85 kitbash that I want input on.
Wat do?

>> No.55197954

Holy shit, Arch Warhammer is BTFO'd the shit out of that GeekDad person from the article last thread. I can't paint I'm laughing so hard.

>> No.55197967

Can't advise
no details
no details
best of luck to you

>> No.55197974

Wraithseer is garbage. Only need one Farseer.
You're gonna get rekt by hordes.

>> No.55197975

I use the old Kabalite models, because my LGS still had a bunch. I have them with old model Splinter Rifles that my LGS allows to count as Blasters until I can model enough blasters for all of them.

>> No.55197995

Hol up! Where da Eldar wimminz at?

>> No.55197997

2nd: I have a converted Librarian, an Apothecary (HOLY SHIT HE WINS GAMES SINGLEHANDEDLY), and two Paladins, along with a 5-man Strike Squad and a 3-man Interceptor squad. What else do I buy...
3rd: I'm going to be doing the Talons of Corvus, and I'm gonna make a counts-as Eversor Assassin from space marine parts to represent the Moritat Cybernetica (basically a skitarii-level enhanced Space Marine murdermachine). The bitz are all so expensive

>> No.55198012

So, my LGS is starting a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign tomorrow. Any tips? Also, should I run my Harlequins, or something else?

>> No.55198016

>no flamers on Wraithlords
>brigade detachment

>> No.55198027


>> No.55198037

For starters, GK libbies are trash. Minimum squad size for Paladins is 3 and Interceptors is 5. So go and make sure that you can actually field those units legally before doing anything else.

>> No.55198043

There are so many minor chapters that it doesn't matter, almost every color scheme has been taken. I think that every time GW introduces a new scheme, some minor chapter gets it, too. I'm sure that there's a Leviathan, Imhotek, and a Viorla chapter sitting around somewhere.

>> No.55198044


Fuck off with your stupid baby talk.

>> No.55198052

>stop shortening words for ease of posting
Go be an autistic faggot on reddit.

>> No.55198056

>No mention of tomb kings
Is this them finally admitting that Egyptians were white?

>> No.55198058

>being this pedantic on an image board for children

>> No.55198059

I mean, with the codex they're alright. RIP stormshield librarians though, we ALMOST had a 2++ in close combat. I am aware they're understrength, I've been running the loner as a Paladin Ancient, and I'm using the rules for understrength units. What's the best way to use GK this edition? Stand next to a captain and smite spam/storm bolter/psycannon gunline? Deep striking termies? What should I be building my army for...

>> No.55198089

Depends on how you like your playstyle. I've been doing massed psybolt stormbolter spam using Interceptors and Terminators and it works pretty well. Guranteed an average of 9-12 saves on MEQ if you're in rapid fire range. Also note that understrength units can only be taken in auxiliary support detachments now and I believe you are only allowed to take a maximum of 1 per list.

Librarians used to be ok because they still had the standard non-gimped Smite. For some stupid fucking reason they're now stuck with it. I guess it's good that they come with 3++ saves by default now but I feel like a Brother Captain is the better support HQ.

>> No.55198090

>32 minutes
naw fuck that
Hopefully he realized majority of players don't even play as humans.
Xenos+Chaos obviously non-human. Marines also can hardly be called humans. Literally like 90 percent of players right there

>> No.55198096

*4++ saves by default sorry. I keep thinking Libbies have Iron Halos for some reason.

>> No.55198102

How do they have 3++ by default, Iron Halo and then staff? Staff is only useful in close combat though

>> No.55198107


Only a 3 letter difference. You have a full keyboard. Autistic pet names belong on reddit.

I bet you come up with a dumbass name and backstory for every model you have.

>> No.55198114

Shoo shoo take your (You)

>> No.55198122

It is fucking worth it. If anything, just watch 1 minute from the 21:00 minute mark. I just lost so much painting focus from laughing my ass off.

>> No.55198147

If you have some guys in transports, does that count towards the 50% of dudes that are not on the board or not?

>> No.55198149

I think both units count

>> No.55198160

lib is the superior short form

>> No.55198170

>Imhotek, and a Viorla chapter

>no we swear we aren't heretics
>purge those xenos for stealing our colours!!

>> No.55198175

Both units count as on the table

>> No.55198196

>I want to have a SoB army by the end of the year, so I'm planning my stuff out.
I'd plan on kitbashing.
SoS with skitari vanguard helmets work well for SoB.

>> No.55198216

>I bet you come up with a dumbass name and backstory for every model you have.
how did you make that leap of reasoning

>> No.55198225

Any pictures of that?

>> No.55198234

Wow racist and sexist much?

>> No.55198239

How long do you think it'll take before GW slaps a higher point cost on the assassins?

>> No.55198246

>have $170 in the bank
>think that's enough to get into the miniatures
>can't even buy all the paints i'll need for that much

i just want to paint little orkz....

>> No.55198254

I really want to pick up a new army, but I can't choose between Tau and Genestealers. With Tau, I'd focus primarily on mobility and BS reduction; and with Genestealers, I'd focus on Goliaths full of Purestrains, with some Sentinels and Neophytes for good measure.

>> No.55198256

>le nigger woman face

>> No.55198262

Character spam as a whole is the most broken part of the game.
Army lists containing Culexus assassin squads as meatshields should be sounding the alarm in bongistan

>> No.55198268

Im honestly just hoping someone posts it so I can save it for future use.

>> No.55198269

They're almost certainly FAQing this shit soon.

>> No.55198272

So for deployment with matched play games.

Do transports and everything in it count as a single deployment?

>> No.55198274


>> No.55198276

Rolled 2 (1d2)

What do you actually wanna build, pick that?
Tau 1

If the result displeases or not you, you know the answer

>> No.55198279


>> No.55198285

I can't find the fucking MS paint version. Kicking myself for not having saved it earlier.

>> No.55198290

I want to build both, and I probably will eventually. I'm just unsure what to go after first. Either way, I'd be happy. Now I need to find someone to split that GSC/Deathwatch kit with.

>> No.55198294

>can't choose between the army that gets shit on the most for having a fandom of fucking weeaboo garbage suckers, or the army that has a hot girl as its mascot

>> No.55198307

I'd go GSC, but I always like playing with and against rarer forcrs like that

>> No.55198309


>> No.55198317

It shouldn't cost that much. You can save a few bucks from buying non-GW paints (I prefer Vallejo), but I can't imagine how much you're thinking you need to buy.
Black, white/grey(hair?), leadbelcher, then two colors each of green and your uniform color should be enough, with maybe another color that stands out for accents or details; then a shade to add depth and you've got a good platform to work from for less than USD$50.

>> No.55198319

she factually is, the trannys are the slaanesh players

>> No.55198324


>> No.55198334

Which may be viable given psyker spam is sorta meta now.

>> No.55198337

Funny to imagine that the latest Imperium wargear is basically a very long stick with a Culexus on it. Just remember to point it at the bad guy.

>complaining about weebs on 4chan
baka desu senpai

>> No.55198367

none sorry but you can compare the mini photos on the GW site.
The armour is pretty much the same, difference is the heads. the skitari vanguars helms are pretty similar to the SoB sallet helms, plus they're easy to find as cheap bits.

>> No.55198396

What is this Culexus on a stick?

>> No.55198406

I really like the citadel's mascots, the horned yellow demon and the blue small demon

wish i could make some cool multi-colored horned demons but khorne demons only come in red, and the other gods of khaos's demons aren't horned evils

>> No.55198436

think they're just full of shit because there's no source to be found anywhere

>> No.55198438

I am referring to the top meta lists involving Culexus screens in front of your dudes.

>> No.55198458

Source? Proof? because seems like to me you're full of shit

>> No.55198497

I looked at them, but don't really like the look of it, personally. If I were to proxy, I'd probably go with these with some greenstuff for added cloth. But I'm hoping to find a cheap lot of old sisters on Ebay eventually, to form the core of my army. I really want a lot of multimeltas as well, and I'd have to find bits for that stuff otherwise.

It is mindblowing that GW hasn't thought to do even a single box of Sisters in plastic. I'd love to put some of the upcoming Escher heads on them, just to spice up the look of everyone.

>> No.55198506

>hot girl as its mascot
What? Am I missing something here?

Same here. Between the cosmic horror vibe, the great array of customization, the sizeable room for fluff (and refluff - could be a particularly successful Patriarch preserved in a way akin to Swarmlord who prepares his cult in a similar way each time), and the possibility for expansion, the scarcity is just an added bonus.

>> No.55198551

>What? Am I missing something here?
Just some camwhore that occasionally posts and then gets banned that some /soc/ faggots here drool over.

>> No.55198576

Would anyone here actually like to see a Harakoni Warhawks fandex for 8th edition? I can provide a link to the 7th ed version upon request

>> No.55198583

Source is I talked to a person who talked to Pete personally. Stay assmad sistersfag.

>> No.55198604

oh so no reliable source, just hearsay

>> No.55198606

How does that work. You can just shoot at the guys behind the Culexus.

>> No.55198614

and a tranny

>> No.55198615

>he's this in denial that plastic sisters aren't coming
Don't shoot the messenger just because you're having a rage tantrum, faggot

>> No.55198622

The tranny is a different poster, mang.

>> No.55198624

Behind the culexus you have more assassins, which are also characters.
The assassin bomb is quite effective

>> No.55198631

All I'm saying is that hearsay isn't an actual source and it's causing you to sperg out real hard so seems like to me you're the one having a tantrum bub

>> No.55198632

If it's just nothing but assassins then it can't be that great.

>> No.55198638

PC fags kill yourself plz

>> No.55198641

thing is if you hide characters behind other characters you can only shoot the nearest character

>> No.55198642

Hey /tg/, any of you know what a good model would be to represent pic related? I only play at a GW store, so it needs to be a GW model, though I can convert a bit.

I'm planning to represent her as an IG officer, to go with my COBRA command squad.

>> No.55198644

As far as I'm concerned a guy I know personally speaking to the head designer of the game personally is closer to "an actual source" than any of the shit rumours that have ever been posted here.

You really need to tone down the nuclear autism.

>> No.55198649

Well, it won
Having 20 assassins explode into the middle of your army, especially shooty armies, with no way to stop them can be pretty devastating

>> No.55198650

Yeah, and if their entire army is characters it's probably shit. I'll just charge them with my 60 genestealers and watch their weak asses evaporate lol.

>> No.55198651

Characters hide behind the Culexus. You must shoot at the Culexus, you can only hit him on 6's making him a godly shield

>> No.55198655

>actively supporting phoneposters
/40kg/ has become just as sectarian as the SJWs they despise. I'm sure the vast majority of fa/tg/uys use a PC to browse.

>> No.55198657

>Well, it won
Won what? NOVA top armies were all conscripts and daemons.

>> No.55198660

Stop playing shitty game.
AND get a job.

>> No.55198662

Good luck fucking up all these Eversors and balanced characters

>> No.55198672

oh yeah I'm sure. Thats why all the 40k forums and news sites are talking about it since mr. Pete is just throwing it all out there
wew laddie

>> No.55198684


>> No.55198689

remove magnus

>> No.55198694

The only way you can reliably kill one of them, is with massed fire.
And since the list ran 6 of them, they were never all killed before making it up the field and dumping celestine, draigo, a librarian, and 3 eversors wherever that person wanted them.
Plus Vindicares taking out pretty much any opposing characters

>> No.55198703

this whole phoneposter thing has been going on for a while now and I just dont get it
What if someone is on a bus or at a coffee shop or a game store and wants to post, hardly think they're hauling a PC around

>> No.55198708

Oh, lame. I thought there was an actual GSC fan character or something that people were into.

>> No.55198709

the only way I see the vindicare doing anything is camping them next to Girlyman for that reroll

>> No.55198713

>grand total of 21 models
>nothing except the librarian even benefits from the aura that makes Guilliman OP
Is this a joke? My Tyranid list could roll through this with a -500 point handicap.

>> No.55198723

Girlyman lets all <Imperium> reroll hits and also I think you're giving yourself and your genestealers a bit too much credit here

>> No.55198726

>I could beat a tournament winning list with a 500pt handicap

Sure you could, champ

>> No.55198727

Yeah, but he has no reason to believe OR to believe that you're the actual anon that delivered the news in the first place.

Obviously the news is BELIEVABLE, but that doesn't mean you have proof. You getting so defensive about that is the only thing making the story less believable at all. If you had just said "Oh, no confirmable source, sorry" like someone who isn't a spaz, no one would have reason to doubt you.

>> No.55198734


>> No.55198736

Do miniatures even do glasses very often? Seems like a detail most people would hate to fiddle with. If I think of anything good, I'll post it.

>> No.55198747

Could probably convert an assassin like the callidus and then find some way to swap the head.

>> No.55198748

Pretty sure he means Politically Correct not Personal Computer

>> No.55198754

This is clearly a meta list taking advantage of the current warped meta of conscript wrapped gunlines. Anything focusing on melee will rip it a new one. An Eversor is basically two whole Ork boys that re-roll wounds, terrifying.

They re-roll hits of 1. That's it. Guilliman is good because with Ultras you flat re-roll ALL failed hits AND wounds. This list has jack shit for firepower to begin with other than a firebase of four (4) heavy bolters with AoF, which will also be shot off the field turn 1 because it's 5 toughness 3 guys and the only unit that isn't a Character.

>> No.55198756

But don't worry anon, Primaris™ Space© Marines® fix the terrible gene flaws of the Blood Angels!
For just a few thousand dollars you can have Blood Angels free of their curse by building a Primaris™ Space© Marine® army!

>> No.55198758

Converted Callidus body seems like a start, not sure what would be a good head

>> No.55198761

Most "40K needs diversity" blogs are written on PCs, therefore, it's all the same shit.

>> No.55198762

I was thinking an eversor, then swap the head for a dark eldar one...I have more than enough bits to find one.

>> No.55198778


>GSC are totally super good guys
Lets check how they are totally tearing up NOVA.
Hm, one player, and he lost round one.

>> No.55198779

Yeah, I guess that could work too. Wouldn't get the breast parts onto the model though.

>> No.55198797

I said Tyranids, not GSC, reading comprehension dumbass.

And nids are losing because Conscripts/Scion Plasma is OP. They would crush this gimmicky assassin list that's tuned to beat the Conscript lists. Power levels aren't fixed, they're relative based on different match-ups.

>> No.55198798

I would just rather not have multiple callidi representing characters. I already have one that I'm converting into Storm Shadow.

>> No.55198801

The eversor isn't the problem
It's the fact that you get no psychic powers, you hit the culexus shield on a 6+, your characters are going to be focused down, and you can't target anything but the culexus' until it's too late

Enjoy your instinctive behaviour

>> No.55198802

I'd like to see you try dumbdumb
also since assassins are on a +2 they basically just reroll all hit rolls

>> No.55198809

Would these make vets worth it?

>> No.55198813

So much for Chaos being the "true enemy". How is GW going to spin this?

>> No.55198819

after imperium wins they'll just retcon it and say "no chaos won" just like the last planet

>> No.55198827

>Thinking chaos is going to win the campaign

As if GW would ever let that happen

>> No.55198831

Wouldn't it make more sense to use the eversor as the storm shadow base and the callidus for the baroness? Tits are a prominent part of her design.

>> No.55198840

>It's the fact that you get no psychic powers
That's not how Culexus work this edition. Good luck stopping my Catalyst going off while I'm outside its bubble.

>you hit the culexus shield on a 6+
I don't give a fuck about shooting, I get in melee with all of them and rip up whatever I want.

>your characters are going to be focused down
Yes, I'm terrified of those Vindicares doing an average of less than 1 Wound a turn to my multiple 9+ wound monstrous creatures. Surely that will ruin my day.

Like I said, this is a meta list. It's not good in a vacuum. You've clearly never played against nids.

>> No.55198841

well they cant win it since imperium won the first half
GW will force a tie to make chaos seem more important than it is
if it was just up to game results Imperium would just stomp but GW is tampering with the numbers

>> No.55198846

Delusions of grandeur

>> No.55198848

yeah, but the callidus has the perfect pose for Storm Shadow, and aside from the tits, which I easily shaved off, it's an almost 100% perfect fit for him.

>> No.55198851

You aren't going to melee the Culexus well either

>> No.55198853

The official line is that whoever wins Loebos wins the campaign because of how much of a threat the plague world is.

>> No.55198861

Yeah, but how?

>> No.55198864

Maybe build on a howling banshee body or something

>> No.55198868

>doesnt know Culexus makes melee hit on a +6 as well
I mean, I knew NPCfags were retarded, but this? This is a whole new kind of fucked in the head lmao

>> No.55198871

>Characters may only be targeted if there no non-characters between them and the firing unit.

There, solved.

>> No.55198874

Quick, what's the Black Templars' stance on Primaris Marines?

>> No.55198877

Okay, it would be pretty easy
You are at -2, and it can still be denied
Low chances of success

Still hitting on 6+ in melee too

The vindicares aren't going to be killing the big creatures
Guilliman and celestine can each take out a hive tyrant or carnifex in one round of combat

>> No.55198878

define "between"

>> No.55198879

>all the assassins are unique

>> No.55198886

Make snipers other than Ratlings not suck
Can't have an army of assassins

yeah, an army of culexuses is dumb

>> No.55198887

They have them.

That's all we know.

>> No.55198889

Yep. Unique assassins makes sense.

>> No.55198890

The hips and thighs on that space marine never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, I think the Black Templars wouldn't be big fans of the Primaris, especially cause they were given to them by Robute, who they also happen to be not too happy with.

>> No.55198892

>Morty will probably have both "halve wounds" and Disgustingly Resilient

>> No.55198898

If they can fight in melee and praise the Emprah, then they're good. Templars don't care about anything else.

>> No.55198906

Yes, I have delusions of grandeur because an Exitus Rifle mathematically will do under a Wound a turn my characters and a Culexus will statistically kill one 12-point Genestealer a turn.

The fact that only one third of my army points outnumbers this entire list 3 to 1 and outfights all of them except the Primarch in CC surely means I am fucked.

You're so fucking stupid lol.

>>doesnt know Culexus makes melee hit on a +6 as well
>he doesn't know I don't have to aim melee attacks at the closest model.
>he doesn't know that Culexus hits back like wet paper
>he doesn't know that all I need to do to win is have more guys on objectives than his 21 models at deployment army
Holy fucking shit you're bad at this game.

>> No.55198907

I feel that's a bit over the top. Giving them the same rule as Space Marine Relic Vehicles from Forge World would be a bit less of a hard cap.

>> No.55198915

fluff-wise, it makes sense. The assassins are deployed alone to battlezones.

>> No.55198918

>inb4 he also gives +1T to nearby Death Guard Infantry
>Also will have a 3+ Invuln

>> No.55198923

>Another broken primarch

feels bad man, might as well just throw in the towel playing with npcs

>> No.55198932

Same way "closest model" is currently defined. So if


Then all can be shot at. If


Then the second Character can't be shot at.

>> No.55198952

>Also makes all DEATH GUARD within 6'' re-roll dice.

>> No.55198963

It's the hair dye.

>> No.55198964

haha holy shit this guy
Yeah I think you should take a breather and take a look at all the retarded shit you've been spewing here while us big boys play the actual game alright?

>> No.55198969

I bet he's the Cheeta

>> No.55198972

looks like the Iron Cucks are mobilizing the whine reserves.
And copy pasting one another.

On that note, thousand iron hands player? half machine half psyker?

>> No.55198974

its a gold fit and you'll be concerting them differently anyway so its not an issue ..

>> No.55198977

>he can't do basic probability
Go back to high school, or are you still there you dumb faggot?

>> No.55198987

Iron Hands are the only First Founding Loyalist Legion without a special character desu.

>> No.55198990

>he doesn't haul around his PC

>> No.55198991

>You will never get your own Primarch model for your flavour of Marines because they were killed off
>Tfw you will always be cucked by Commissars and auto-morale passing units
>No one will ever take you seriously, will always call you a Winglet or Edge Lord.

Being a Night Lords player is aids in every shape and form. I love my winglets but they will never stand up to other marine forces once they get their Primarchs.

>> No.55198998

Am I the only person that think the repulsor is too "busy" design wise? would have preferred it minus the turret, and little defensive guns. Would have loved a grav-rhino essentially for the primaris.

Also primaris termies when? Long shot I know but I hope they get based on saturnine beetle termies or those ones they showed with a fucking assault cannon between the shoulder pads.

Oh and calling it right now primaris are going to Herald the return of jetbikes back in to standard like 40k marine chapters.

>> No.55199004

lol a fucking winglet

>> No.55199008

>Outfights everything
Oh yeah, apart from Guilliman, Celestine, Draigo, the inquisitor, and every assassin

Guilliman, Celestine, and Draigo can all take out any tyranid creature in one turn
And the assassins are averaging 5-6 dead genestealers a turn in combat

You still haven't posted your list yet either

>> No.55199009


It'd be fucking cool if they got the prophet as a named character. Not big and stompy but he'd be cool.

>> No.55199021 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>>hot girl as its mascot
>What? Am I missing something here?

Theres a few girls into GSC for whatever reason

>> No.55199025

Almost everyone thinks the Repulsor has too many weapons anon.

>> No.55199027

Buy drying retarder

>> No.55199033

This looks like a try hard restaurant menu

>> No.55199039

>Dying off screen

>> No.55199043

I thought that beerguts were the Chad termies

>> No.55199049

>And the assassins are averaging 5-6 dead genestealers a turn in combat

>> No.55199051

they are.

>> No.55199056

Jesus christ dude I agree that the assassin list would probably win but you're making it look bad by being that shitty at math.

>> No.55199069

They aren't, they're chad centurions.

>> No.55199075

That is one fucking ugly paint job.

>> No.55199102

Paintjob wasn't bad
Colour scheme was just bad. Moral is colour schemes aren't easy

>> No.55199112

Lads, quick!

Are Gretchin still useable for Orks in 8th edition?

>> No.55199117

Nigga u be trollin. There is just thick monotone paint all over that model, no shading, no highlights, nothing. Just the thickness.

>> No.55199131

Eversor is doing 4.7 kills on genestealers a turn, because he get 1.4 with his pistol, and 3.3 with his power sword on the charge

Draigo is doing 8.3 wounds on anything less than toughness 8
Guilliman does 13.6 wounds on anything less than toughness 8
Celestine does 10.5 wounds on anything less than toughness 7 with her act of faith, not including the geminae

>> No.55199144

>implying ratlings are best snipers
outta here son

>> No.55199148

Plz guys, I've a chance to get 30 grots for just 12 europoors, I need to know.

>> No.55199157

just do it and then figure out what to do with em
make ammo runts, make a grot renel shadow war list, something

>> No.55199162

rebel not nel, fug

>> No.55199163

Very good, sir.

>> No.55199164

They can move and shoot with heavy weapons and shoot from behind cover so as to be immune to return fire.

>> No.55199176

Whats da best then champ?

Okay the paint job isn't that great either

>> No.55199177

>mfw complete noob, started 2 months ago with DG from DI box.
>mfw loads of posts saying I'm a bandwagon jumping neckbeard homo

>> No.55199183

DG are pretty low on the tiers so idk where that's coming from

>> No.55199194

still not the best
Elysian sniper teams
7 points for BS3+, 2 wound (yes 2) snipers that have deep strike

>> No.55199195

My lgs is gonna have a live Mortarion model on the 9th, also Jes Goodwin as special guest. That's pretty cool.

>> No.55199214

what happens if the rifle teleports somewhere else than the sniper?

>> No.55199222

>Blood Debt

>> No.55199230

>7 points for BS3+, 2 wound (yes 2) snipers that have deep strike
That's because they're Heavy Weapons teams anon, which would cost 6 points with the same loadout.

>> No.55199231

oh i thought he meant that the gun does 2 damage
I guess your version makes more sense with the wording

>> No.55199244

What's awesome is they get an order to ignore moving and shooting, so they still hit on 3+

>> No.55199252

Maybe Carl the Cuck should have been Pestilence after all.

>> No.55199255

and they count as 1 model for transport purposes

>> No.55199264

Why would you use that order on snipers when you can have a standard Infantry Squad use it to shoot Lasguns and throw both Frag and Krak Grenades?

>> No.55199266

Pretty sure he's a dead model though

>FW stuff
Of course

>> No.55199270

Which is an obvious RAW not RAI, given that they're the only HWT that counts as 1 model and didn't count as 1 model last edition.

>> No.55199278


>> No.55199284

because that's RAW scummery that I don't want to sink to
>also I don't run infantry squads in my current lists
>FW is OP meme
snipers are currently shit, that fact that FW made balanced snipers does not justify your autistic screeching of FW OP FW P2W
GW stuff is even worse with culexus assassin spam at the moment

>> No.55199291

>because that's RAW scummery that I don't want to sink to

Yet you us RAW to make Sniper Teams only count as 1 model.....

>> No.55199294

Last edition they were forced to infiltrate which is why it was irrelevant, regardless it's not very useful as they have deep strike and you would have to be autistic to put them in a transport and not have them be backfield objective sitters

>> No.55199296

You realise the FAQ and Forge World emails confirmed that the "throw all grenades plus shooting" is intended, right?

>> No.55199302

them counting as one model is something I explained >>55199294 as being something irrelevant, plus why would you get annoyed that I'm using the shitty RAW over the op one, usually faggots would go around doing the opposite, I just like memeing the one slot thing as it's funny as fuck, plus it's useless in game

>> No.55199312

Wait, where in the faq (which faq) was this confirmed?
Fuck if that's legal I'll probably switch my lists around instantly, elysian infantry squads become more points efficient than conscripts with that order afaik

>> No.55199317

Again, see >>55199296, it's not RAW, it's intended. Tournaments agree.

>> No.55199335

Apparently it's not in the FAQ, but people have emailed FW and according to the ITC Tournament Operators they confirmed it was RAI.

>> No.55199365

Top kek top shit
I just threw up this modified list, how is it?
infantry squads with power swords in vendettas with officer of fleets, each infantry squad deep strikes with a command squad and company commander, plas get reroll 1's, and infantry squads get all assault weapons

>> No.55199397


Make sure you play this as you use the order for the first time, anon.

>> No.55199411

>Destroyed almost twice that and routed the enemy single handedly

>> No.55199432

kek, should play ride of valkyries as well considering more than 1/2 my list if flyers, how well would I do against other meta lists btw?

>> No.55199451

Not sure, you'll probably fail when you hit the Assassin WAAC Build.

>> No.55199471

I thought deep strike and flyers were hard counters?
my local meta is eldar, tau, admech, dg and SM for waac players, anything nasty there?

>> No.55199480

>eldar, tau, admech, dg and SM
None of those factions are WAAC now. Unless the SM is guilliman and friends

>> No.55199500

Man, I have always wanted to play Elysians, but they're just too damn expensive. I love everything about them, especially their bullpup lasguns

>> No.55199524

New thread

>> No.55200263

I don't get it.

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