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So I kind of promissed to make this, hope you restocked on cute stuff and make your requests to drawfags.

Last one as it's traditional

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Ah, welcome back Lord Pennyfig!

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>*Delighted guinea pig noises*

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Need more female dwarfs.

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Jakub Rebelka is the artists name

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This ones author is Kyle Fewell

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Beep boop

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Sites like Pixiv and Pinterest tend to have collections of fantasy game art, including the cutesy stuff from Japan and S-Korea. It's great for campaigns that are less grungy/realistic.

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>reposts, reposts, non/tg/, reposts
Wholesomeness "general" was a mistake. Put it down, come back in few weeks or something.

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(I agree, and this idea I plan to put into motion)

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Awesome thread, thank you guys for these comfy feels... please, post moar.

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Cry some more baby man.

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I count only 15/40 reposts

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Making this a weekly thing would make sense.

Especially since back to back threads do tend to detoriate rather quickly.

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I'll say. I used up all my images since thread 3 and have been scraping the bottom of the barrel since.

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These threads really give me the feels I didn't ask for.

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technically /tg/ related

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>dark halo around both heads

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But the dragon's head is....oh.

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Can you link them? Or.. what do we search?

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Injecting fresh content...

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I have so much art for these threads, but it's poorly sorted.

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wish posting wasn't so slow

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I'm starting to see the same google challenges...

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Discworld is comfy

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>That last panel

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Don't think this whole thing's been posted yet.

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As much as I love these threads I agree. A bit more spacing could help keep things from getting stale.

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Weekend wholesome thread would be good.

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>the God-Emperor has reincarnated as a kitteh
O I am down with it.

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holy shit cute

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I want to read this but holy God that awful grammar.

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>Lord Pennyfig the guinea pig

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awwwwww so sad

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Can I get moar of this comfy fantasy/sci-fi?

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>>>/ck/ does not have a cute thread

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Make it so

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wholesome I have a request

I need a cute black dragon
or sexy
or fierce

going to be a sticker. post anything you got.

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I would exterminate those fucks, god damn I didn't expect to run into something triggering my arachnophobia in this thread of all places, FUCK!

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>triggering my arachnophobia
its fucking drawings on the internet, restrain your autism

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In an ironic turn of events, you seem triggered by the word "triggered".

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Thanks guys

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>Hating spiders

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Literally everything done by Luth.

Luth is love, Luth is life.

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Mate, chill.
Can't exactly choose your phobias, last I checked.

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We gotta get him some spider pussy.

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Does Death Korps Quest count as cute and wholesome?

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Nigga I'm pants shitting terrified of spiders, and triggering is just a word used to describe setting something off. You can use the word in reference to triffids a trap, or triggering secondaries. Not everything is tumblr that you don't understand. I'm just ducking terrified of spiders.

>>55205991 sorry I really wish I didn't as it causes problems with my job and as >>55206125 said (which is pretty accurate) I was born like this and it's been a crippling fear. Like I love the aliens series and the mist original movie, even "It" but every time a face hugger, spider, or that clown transforms. I actively start kicking my computer, punching my TV off and shaking in a corner. I am terrified I'm sorry.

Please God no, last thing I want to be is balls deep in a spider-girls puss, I would rather be lit on fire then have that happen.

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>Please God no

Gotcha, it's a vampire girl.

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>I'm just ducking terrified of spiders.
why? theyre harmless

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A wholesome and cute vampire girl.

Well, except for black widows which live in every nook and cranny of the Southern US, especially in portapotties and the parts of your house that you need to clean more often.

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Could be that the gold leaf just peeled off actually. I know that happened with several European paintings.

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Thanks I actually really like Vampire girls, and other spooky supernatural ones!

I'm sorry but which of your 8 appendages? And as >>55206556 said I live in rural southern US so have had to deal with all kinds of spiders, all of which when given the chance I bathe them in toxins and poisons till they are literally bathing in it.

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>And as >>55206556 (You) said I live in rural southern US
I'm from the rural South too, but I have an entire folder dedicated to cute spider girls that I posted most of on /vip/.

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You are the Anti-me.

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Thanks I kicked my computer and threw my mic on the floor trying to get away from my screen.

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get help
I'm not even trying to be insulting. There are phobia desensitization programs to get over crippling fears of things. As long as you don't live in a third world shithole where you don't get basic healthcare you should be able to get this written off

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*get the costs written off

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>There are phobia desensitization programs
Self-administered CBT can do the trick if you're persistent about it.

The other CBT, you creep.

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Does Rural America count as a third world shithole? I am with the Military as an Officer so I could try and get them to help with it, and it be nice to not have to suppress my crippling fear of spiders when out in the field, or in Motor-pool.

Wanna hear stories about me in videogames dealing with spiders I didn't know were their. Best examples were Friends dragging me through spider bitches lair in Dark Souls and not knowing there were Giant Spiders in Skyrim, as well as a child seeing face huggers in Aliens.

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>I am with the Military as an Officer so I could try and get them to help with it,
Good way to get yourself dishonorably discharged.

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I have arachnophobia too, Anon, but it's a little different for me. For you it seems like the legs are enough to get you, but I'm fine with legs. It's their faces that make me wanna jump up out of my seat, pat myself down, and make sure the small house spiders are still in their corners catching flies.
Any close up of a spider's face gets me. Hell, that chart showing mere sketches of the many kinds of demonic faces they may have makes me wanna keep away from any nook n' cranny. Jumping spiders are the one exception, being right on he border of cute and horrifying.
So spidergirls replace the demonic faces with a woman, so I would.
I ain't clickin' that shit, nigga.

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Nigga everyone including my superiors know I am afraid of spiders. Its on my sheet following me everywhere I go in life, if they were gonna do that they would have done it long ago.

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I just can't take them, everything about spiders from the hair on some, or the legs, mouths, faces, even what some people call THICCC thorax makes me terrified.

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>that face
>that hairstyle
now tell me she has checkered pattern on her armor and her wargear includes combat knife

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>Does Rural America count as a third world shithole?
Technically it's first world by definition.

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But in quality is it?

I also wish to bring you all a story filled with no spiders.

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Not my toaster!

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>But in quality is it?
I mean, Finland was technically a third world country, and so was Sweden. They turned out fine.

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A reunion?
Or a farewell?

>> No.55212069

A reunion. The fact that he's lifting the girl makes it seem more celebratory. A farewell would be more somber.

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Why not both?

>> No.55212166

It could be both.

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>Ywn have a phantom buddy to be friends with

>> No.55212364

>father is a brain in a Jar
>that smokes pipe

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So long as you're not a toddler or a bedridden geezer a bite from a black widow will only cause numbness and mild cramping for a few days. Also, most spiders besides wandering spiders are super mellow. You can nudge a widow onto your hand and so long as you don't trap it between two surfaces it's just like handling a beetle.


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> be walking on path
> good sized spider
> get a few macro pics
> try to shoo him off bike path
> don't want little guy getting crushed
> he's more stubborn than I expect
> touching his leg he just moves 2mm then stops
> bump
> bump
> bump
> he fucking leaps forward to halfway up my bare calf and just hangs out
> standing jump vertical of about 10" plus an 8"plus horizontal
> he's just there on my fucking calf instantly

So I focused my camera took another picture then walked a meter of the path and dumped him in the grass.

He was a cutie too. I'll have to post in the next wholesome thread I guess.

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>guys guys look at how unique I am

>> No.55215297

Uh, what? I mean I've caught and/or moved a lot of spiders including wolf spiders as big as my hand and migrating tarantulas. I've never had one leap so high and so far regardless of size, much less onto me instead of away. I thought it was a pretty unique situation and relevant to the current discussion.

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Every time I thought I knew where this comic was going it took a 90 degree turn.

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>turned out fine

Sure thing Ahkmed

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This. We're getting the same stuff and comfy starts losing its luster. Or I'm getting diabetes.

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