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I've started to run a SMT game with dnd 5e but the table for modern weapons in dmg lacks variety. Any recommendations?
Will allowing players store conjured beings in COMPS (with a limit of course) break the game?
Also, any game stories?

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Gonna post some pics till I get a response

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>DnD 5e
Fucking why.

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Tried to create a system, fuck up bad.
And my players are lazy fucks who don't learn any system besides 5e.

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Fucked up*

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If the players aren't willing to try anything else, I don't think you'll be able to pull a SMT styled 5e game off. They are just a little bit too far apart in mechanical concept unless you base it off of Persona.

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I know the system isn't a good choice, but the setting makes up for it.
The game is set in the city we all live in. ─░zmit Aka ancient Nikomedia, so there's a shit ton of material for the game. Since it's a post apoc version of the city all players have a basic knowledge of the locations. It's been going good for now, but I need some other opinions on how to make the system better fit the game.

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Like how it's done in the 5e Elder scrolls conversion. Renaming some spells, adding some new ones, adding some new rules to improve the summoning system, creating some new equipment and so on.

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Completely unrelated but SMT: Strange Journey is probably the single best videogame I've ever played, and that fucking isometric item finding with random encounters is the tits. The atmosphere and plot are just perfect.

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My man!
Can't wait for the remake

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Surely by now somebody has made a homebrew system for SMT
Although I can imagine COMP/summoning things are a pain in the ass to make rules for and actually to play with

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Thankfully none of my players tried to befriend or summen demons.

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Also, I've been lurking for 6-7 years now and haven't seen one yet. There's been a persona one recently but no smt.

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You know something I considered for an SMT game would be a dungeon crawl taking place in a world post Conception where the players play as special manikins. Negotioating with Demons would be a group effort, but you can just have a few "hireling demons" around instead of everyone managing 2+ demons.

Or simply have the party BE demons.

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maybe SMT is a bit niche or maybe its just not an easy or enjoyable concept to make
Although there is nothing stopping using the setting that SMT does with demon free for all with humanity at its center which for me is the more interesting part

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I have 1 or 2 dungeons ready, I like the idea of demons being hirelings (max 1 per pc of course) but pcs being demons is nice and I will give it a try.

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Definitely taking the "negotiations being a group effort" part

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I need to go to sleep now, hopefully the thread survives till the morning. If not thanks for the ideas.

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