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What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Arms of the Chosen Previews

>Dragonblooded Charm Previews:

>Other Ex3 Resources

>Resources for Older Editions

New NPCs and a Behemoth rework

Previous thread: >>55107780

Where is your circle currently?
What are they fighting for/against?
How many pastries have they consumed?

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So lonely.

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Is there an eta on the Dragonblooded book? I would like to care about Exalted again.

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Next year, at this rate.

Anyhow, is anyone willing to buy the newest Hundred Devils Parade and share the NPCs?

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Text will be done in a month. Art and layout over a year.

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What Sorcery academies are there?

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Heptagram, something in Lookshy, maybe something in Nexus?

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Great Forks too

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There's also a Necromancy school somewhere in the West.

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JC Denton this game is dead.

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Been out of the loop for a while...is Arms of the Chosen out ?

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Nope. Its been done since May but we need pretty pictures to be drawn over 3 months. Now we have to wait for them to layout the pretty pictures.

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Speaking of pretty pictures, anyone got good art of Yozi cultists and evil killer monks?

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You can always go and try if you can stomach Raksis hospitality.

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What does the death of a Raksha in Creation look like?

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They literally turn into salt.

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How much of someone's personality is determined by their soul?

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All of it?

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People in creation still get brain damage though, right? Does it just not cause personality changes ever?

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Idk, maybe?

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where can I find the full wyld mutant "viability" rules for 2e?
what about 1?

how do these differ from each other and from 3e?

(how number of mutation points affect ability to live in creation, ability to breed and inherit, essence caps, etc)

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cake lunar is best lunar and 2e has vastly better art of the scene than 3e

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unspecified, up to the st

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but the pics are gonna suck anyway. why bother :(

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2e: CoCD: The Wyld, Chapter 7
1e: Exalted: The Lunar

The Fair Folk books mostly talk about new Mutations and how Mutations affect Fair Folk specifically.

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2e char question: Since I'm off in the southern deserts, is an extra 2L/6B worth an extra -1 mobility and 1 fatigue? Making a fatigue check every hour (every half hour if doing something strenuous) is going to catch up, but that extra soak is pretty nice...

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Optimally speaking, if you are taking any damage at all, you are honestly probably already dead, and the most efficient way to not take damage is to just Perfect, so there's really no point to wearing it.

But no, really. It's the fucking desert. No amount of protection can justify how chapped your balls will be.

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Probably not all of it. People are still affected by their upbringing and experiences. Of course, you could view this as upbringing and experiences shaping the soul, but I assume the question was about how much intrinsic, unchanging traits of a specific soul affect personally. I'd say it's probably something akin to the influence of genes on personality in real life. That is, the influence is there and it's considerable, but nevertheless even identical twins usually don't end up as perfect copies of each other's personalities.

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>even identical twins usually don't end up as perfect copies of each other's personalities.
Those are the failed ones tho.

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Y u ded tho

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Why Bother: The Exalted 3E Story

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So, does anyone have the new Hundred Devils Parade? It's got elephants and the possessor demon that got cut from the corebook.

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Are the Caste books worth reading?

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>Oh jeez could you not honey?

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>sailor beefsteak loses "her" guts

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How are the Dragon Kings doing in Second Age?
Would a Zenith who supports the Dragonblooded Realm for the stability it brings be okay?

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Dead and dying, and if it tickles your fancy.

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I've made a Dawn who wants to rescue the Scarlet Empress from wherever she's disappeared to in the hopes that she'll name him a Realm Magistrate, since his backstory is that he's a peasant kid who was trained by one as a mortal apprentice by one, who then Exalted after his master was killed by Dragonblooded assassins.

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I really want these elephants.
Please Anon! I'll give you corgies!

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Caste? No.
Aspect? Yes

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Apparently there's rules for kitting them out in barding and arming their tusks with blades, according to some of the comments in the Onyx Path forum thread on it.

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But idgaf about DB
Except of course they have stuff about the Realm?

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What's the best sorcerous working to give yourself and why is it Legendary Size at will?

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Caste and Aspect books are about character concepts. Only difference is Caste books are mediocre and characters are uninteresting and plain. There are some bad concepts even in Aspect books but it is far superior in quality.

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Can Solars/Exalted in general resist the Sidereal forget aura and/or Resplendent Destiny shenanigans?

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if you're concerned about reincarnation, remember that a full half of this setting's soul is made from scratch for each specific lifetime and then dissolved back into "lifeforce" at the end.

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The soul is two parts: Hun and Po, the higher and lower soul.
The higher soul drives the more noble aspects of your being and rational thought, while the lower soul brings it in contac with your bodily needs. As another anon noted, the lower soul dissolves after death and the higher soul usually enters lethe, where ¨the spiritual strain¨ of the life is washed of a soul, lethe herself thusly renders all personality and memories down from your higher soul before you reincarnate so you don't carry your last life into your new one, but some lives cling to the soul, mostly when it was long or destiny held you in an important role or you got awakened essence by some shenanigans. eitherway, sometimes the spiritual residue of a live is strong enough that youget the past live background, though lethe is relatively efficient about that, as a mortal you will not notice much of that (iirc you can only get up to three dots in fringe cases), only exaltations can carry enough of a spiritual background that a live once lived completely subsumes the live you are living, i.e. 5 dots past life.
That said there are some ways to at least partially restore memory of a past life, though that is vague and not often talked about, after all, you live now.

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No. Only Sidereals can naturally see through RDs, Solars need Eye of the UCS. However, anyone outside fate is resistant to fate fuckery like Avoidance Kata.

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What about the forget aura?

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Only other Sidereals tend to able to remember each other. Non-Sidereals only ever recognize them as some form of acquaintance.

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and that that is more or less an entire dog soul(for example). so however much souls have influence over personality you'd have at least an entire dog's personality worth of difference between you and your past life. ,,,of course that means when ghosts go a bit nuts they'd have about that much personality drift built in...

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Why is the thread so dead?

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Nothing to talk about.

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/exg/, I have a bit of an issue.
My group broached the subject of playing Abyssals, (Using the reflavored 3e rules for Solars) and honestly, running it sounds super fun, since it gives all of us a chance to finally indulge all the chunni edgelord concepts that we've refrained from using. However, I've never actually run, or even played in an evil campaign. Does anyone have experience with running an Abyssal game, and any tips or things they wish they had thought of beforehand?
As of now, we really haven't solidified concepts past them wanting to be loyalists following the Lover.

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>running it sounds super fun, since it gives all of us a chance to finally indulge all the chunni edgelord concepts that we've refrained from using
If you're going to play an Abyssals game with that mindset, here's one piece of advice: Don't.

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My circle is in the South, and we're opposing a Deathlord called the Reclaimer who sacked Chiaroscuro at the beginning of the campaign. On a permanent basis, we're excavating and living in an old, forgotten First Age city that the Shogunate abandoned.

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I don't have any experience with Abyssal games, but I have been in some games where most characters have been more or less evil.I'd say the big question is just how edgy you want to make things. I mean, as a general rule, I'd say that it's important to keep in mind that bad guys are still people, not just blobs of evil. They have desires and personality traits aside from being assholes, they aren't necessarily evil just to be evil, and they might justify their actions to themselves one way or another rather than just not giving a shit about morality. If you want to go full edgelord, though, just playing villainous archetypes might be okay. Personally I wouldn't do that, though. I'd rather start by trying to figure out why a human being with normal human emtions would've ended up as a loyal servant of the Lover. Maybe they've fallen for her beauty and charm, maybe they're grateful to the one who Exalted them when they lay dying, maybe something's happened to them in the past that's made them willing to consider destroying the world as a reasonable course of action, maybe they're just enjoying their new power and status withotu considering the consequences of their actions.

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Just don't. You'll find things, about you and people around you, that you didn't know existed and didn't want to know.

It starts with emo brooding and mustache twirling and ends with highly detailed human sacrifices and ethnic cleansing.

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>It starts with emo brooding and mustache twirling and ends with highly detailed human sacrifices and ethnic cleansing.
There's nothing wrong with ethnic cleansing. :^)

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I would agree with that but I'm trying to save anon's innocence. I mean he is on 4chan but still.

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Has anyone the new Hundred Night Devils thingy?

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The Realm has the Heptagram, Lookshy has an academy in an old Solar manse, the Sids just go to Department 112, a Lunar runs one in Great Forks, and the Silver Pack's No Moons have an organization that teaches Sorcery and tattoos people. Deathlords can teach their Abyssals if they think they should know, and anyone can initiate themselves if they have the White Treatise, and learn five spells from the Black Treatise, which are Resources 3.

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> the Sids just go to Department 112
IIRC the Sids are also running a Sorcerous Academy in the Haslanti League that's open to mortals as well.

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>Department 112
A what now?

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Why does this trash get posted every thread?

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Why not

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not if you succeed maybe

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Because it has nothing to do with Exalted and very little to do with myth. Why the fuck is Enkidu a woman?

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>People are still affected by their upbringing
Upbringing has zero impact on personality and life outcome

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That is, both according to studies and pretty much everyone's everyday experiences, just plain false.

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>That is, both according to studies
When properly controlled for genetics, the results are pretty unambiguous. Identical twins raised apart still grow up to be as similar to each other as any other pair of twins. Unrelated people raised under the same roof turn out no more similar to each other on average than complete strangers.

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100% not Enkidu. What even is this shit?

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Just two bros ruling the world.

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Oh god, is this fate/shit?

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Just getting that now huh

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According to most studies, genetics explain around or less than half of the variability in personality traits between individuals. Sure, these results are reasonably unambiguous. They aren't unambiguous in a way that would support the view of personality as something unaffected by upbringing. Some things are more affected by genes than others, sure, but personality as a whole is known to be significantly affected by upbringing and by environment in general.

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>. Some things are more affected by genes than others, sure, but personality as a whole is known to be significantly affected by upbringing and by environment in general

It being 'known' does not make it so.
>Shared environment

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That's a nice picture. Care to link the full study?

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Not him, but:
There's the paper in full if you want to read it.

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So uh, hypothetically, if you happened to accidentally unleash a massive Hekatonkhire on the East (currently in Halta, where it'll probably wake up and go on a direction-spanning rampage relatively soon), and now you have to go on a quest all across the Scavenger Lands to recruit help in stopping it, what charms would be handy to have and where would you go first?

For reference, I'm a Presence supernal Eclipse. We've got a year-long timeskip in which the circle is going to go do their own things, and we're all able to take one major action each month of the timeskip (and mind, a year in Creation is 15 months). Calibration also has it's own space for a major action.

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What kind of Hekantonkhire are we talking here? I assume someone in your circle has war charms, and if not, is planning on getting them.

What essence are you? Is this for character creation? Shedding Infinite Radiance and its pre-reqs seem like they'd be quite useful if you can find an underling you trust enough. Having a high-powered lieutenant will let you probably perform an additional number of slightly lower powered but still relevant actions within that timeframe.
Alternatively, if you don't have it already, Hypnotic Tongue Technique lets you just shortcut the whole social system for the duration of a couple of orders, which is great for dealing with any difficult to convince individuals, but not going to win you much in terms of long-term loyalty.
Honestly for most mundane social opponents, if you have a presence+manipulation or charisma of 10, the combination of Listener-Swaying Argument and Harmonious Presence Meditation will blow away most resolve pools, even faced with opposing intimacies. Even exalts and spirits without resolve-boosting charms will struggle with it.
As for places to start, Great Forks' gods are usually pretty amiable to the solar's aims, particularly when they also go along with one of the god's explicit goals (protecting Great Forks), and have a notable military of god-blooded and other essence users, though the fact that it's your fault in the first place will complicate things.
Honestly, you may actually be able to talk the Fair Folk into lending some sort of aid, since they're a pretty major faction in the east, depending on the nature of your Hekatonkhire. If it threatens their source of dreams, and you're willing to deal with them, they may actually be one of your more powerful allies.

Why the fuck aren't most of the far-east locales, even those listed in the 3e book, not on the 3e map? I had to find Halta on the 2e one.

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>Why the fuck aren't most of the far-east locales, even those listed in the 3e book, not on the 3e map? I had to find Halta on the 2e one.

The map's an in-character map drawn by a cartographer from the Realm. The map thus doesn't include everything and has some bias towards locations a Realmie would consider important.

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>What kind of Hekantonkhire are we talking here?
We...don't quite know. To make a very long story short, mistakes were made involving sorcery, a very powerful soulsteel artifact-shard, and a party member hitting Limit Break. Speaking of which, I'm at 10 Limit myself now, so that's gonna be fun.

What we -do- know is that the Hekatonkhire is massive, and apparently very old. It's called "The Beast", because it's original name was lost a very long time ago. It apparently is going to devour everything in it's path, both living, dead, and undead.

Fortunately, no one knows I did this yet...except maybe some Sidereals, I don't know. I'm, uh, gonna keep my personal involvement a secret for the sake of diplomacy.

>I assume someone in your circle has war charms, and if not, is planning on getting them.
Nope, none of us do. I'm planning to start buying up dots in it though since, mechanically, I'm in a perfect position to do so (high Charisma and Intelligence). I also know Sorcery, so I'm thinking about summoning an army of Blood Apes to help. We're Essence 2, very close to 3 (we'll actually be hitting it over the time skip, because we get some XP over the months), so I'm planning to grab Celestial Circle Sorcery and maybe summon some 2CD help too.

Game has been happening for a while, but we're rebooting the game after a hiatus so we're able to re-adjust our sheets appropriately, since a lot of us were new when we first started.

Already have Hypnotic Tongue Technique, and also Countenance of Vast Wrath. I figure Socialize charms might be more useful for speaking to leaders though, any suggestions there?

And yeah, Great Forks was one of the first stops I have in mind. You think it'd be safe for me to show up to a meeting of the Confederation of Rivers? Getting them to commit to helping would be a huge boost, but I don't think Lookshy will be happy having a Solar there. Also, planning to try and get help from the Silver Pact, they might not like that.

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>Honestly, you may actually be able to talk the Fair Folk into lending some sort of aid, since they're a pretty major faction in the east, depending on the nature of your Hekatonkhire. If it threatens their source of dreams, and you're willing to deal with them, they may actually be one of your more powerful allies.

What Fair Folk groups are there in the East? I couldn't find anything about major Fey factions in the East when I looked.

>> No.55178177

I guess that makes sense, but it makes it a lot less useful.

> It apparently is going to devour everything in it's path, both living, dead, and undead.
Yeah, you may be able to get some Fae help here.
>I figure Socialize charms might be more useful for speaking to leaders though, any suggestions there?
Aspersions Cast Aside is fantastic in my experience, allowing you to completely sabotage anyone trying to block your proposals, and Asp Bites Its Tail kicks this even further over the top. Motive discerning technique is never bad, has a low investment and solid returns. If you're willing to put a large investment into it, Knowing the Soul's Price is great, but that requires an 8 charm investment, so it's a bit iffy unless you're already in Socialize.
>Celestial Circle Sorcery and maybe summon some 2CD help too
If you don't already have it, I would recommend Six Eternities Travail from the Miracles book before you start trying to summon 2CD's if only because cocking up the binding rolls is going put you in an even bigger mess.
Great Forks was one of the first stops I have in mind. You think it'd be safe for me to show up to a meeting of the Confederation of Rivers?
If you've interacted with them before positively, or rumors of you have reached them, they might allow it. Mastery of Small Manners may, depending on how you read it, help here.
Lookshy isn't going to like you much, no matter what, and the only way to avoid that is if they're in a clear and present danger.
>What Fair Folk groups are there in the East? I couldn't find anything about major Fey factions in the East when I looked.
I haven't actually had any games in the far east, so I can't remember what exactly book they're in from the 2e detailed material, but the 3e book talks about Halta having a pact with the Fair Folk exchanging protection for free feeding on anyone on the forest floor.

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Since I haven't seen this version of the map before, and hadn't known about the Blue Silk Raiders, where can I go to get more info on them?

>> No.55179138

The Blue Silk Raiders are described in the Fair Folk fat splat, according to google.
I've only skimmed that one, because it's really dense, and doesn't play nicely with other splats, so I can't tell you much more.

>> No.55179567

>Why the fuck is Enkidu a woman?
Because in the Nasuverse, he's a shapechanger made out of mud who modeled his civilized appearance on the priestess who originally seduced him with alcohol.

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Here is clean map of Creation

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>2e map

Its 3e time now.

>> No.55180329


3rd edition did a few improvements on the map. for example look of North and East, South-East.

Remaining problems
>too much sand in South
>too much water in West

>> No.55181391

>too much water in West
Needs way more islands.

>> No.55181937

South east? A large sea between the elemental poles of wood and fire is bizzare.

>> No.55182427

Are fuckhuge rivers in the East also bizarre? Or dry deserts in the South, which is closer to the Pole of Water than the lush forests of the East? Any element becomes more and more dominant as you get closer to its Elemental Pole, but the abundance of the element doesn't linearly decrease as you get further away from the pole. A sea in the Southeast doesn't really break any of the Creation's laws of nature or anything like that.

>> No.55182518

Bigger thing is why is the sea not linked back to the pole of water. It's completely isolated and trails off the edge of the map. It just seems odd, if it didn't go off the edge of the map or was connected to the inner sea it wouldn't be.

>> No.55182526

I always thought it was just essentially a scar left behind by the Balorian Crusade, and that's why a lot of the civilizations around and on the Dreaming Sea are...weird.

>> No.55182535

I think it straight bleeds into the Wyld.

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>> No.55183585

I prefer the one with 100 mile lines

>> No.55183922

What do you mean?

>> No.55184126
File: 2.63 MB, 5780x3740, SZWHtZE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The map that has a 100 mile grid inside the 500 mile grid.

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Storytiem pretty much never happens in these threads anymore. What fuck are you even here for? Perhaps a better question would be, what would you want out of this miscarriage of a game if you could actually get it?

>> No.55184335

I don't think I've seen that before. I guess I prefer it too, though.

>> No.55185189

Honestly? I just want to RP a battle using Exalted characters. Just to see whether the system will just be emotionless dice-rolling, or something that will recreate an epic battle where the commanders are capable of performing superhuman feats bordering upon godhood.

Basically, I want to try and see if the giant battles where armies cover the hills on both sides of the field is fun enough for me to expand upon it as its own things and to play as a wargame.

>> No.55185298


Welp, my mistake. Thanks for the clarification.

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Why play Exalted when you can play Dungeons the Dragoning?

>> No.55186885

What was the MA where you could rip out someone's heart and offer it to UCS as an instant prayer?

>> No.55186954

In 3e it's a brawl charm, not MA, in the Miracles of the Solar Exalted book.

>> No.55187057

Brawl 5/E5
Damn you E5

>> No.55187386

Just take Supernal Brawl, you're able to wrestle dinosaurs from the get-go.

>> No.55187531

But I want to make a Zenith.
Oh well.

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I can't think of any stories to run.
Give me hooks for East or South, please?

>> No.55188117

Something wide and general, or specific to a kind of circle? 'cause some shit I'm thinking of is likely not thematic to Abyssals.

>> No.55188753

Yes, both, anything.

>> No.55188954

Ifriit is doing some shit to a small-ish kingdom due to hurt vanity. Just, you know, make up a a way the kingdom has given a hlow to the ifriit's ego. The exact event isn't that important. The point is that ifreets are, first of all, reasonably powerful elementals, with considerable influence over other fire elementals, and can therefore act as meaningful antagonists for the Exalted. At least as meaningful minor antagonists, they arne't ecessarily suitable end bosses for a longer campaign or anything like that. They're also pretty cool guys, so Exalts who give a shit about morality should have incentive to try to deal with him in ways other than punching him really hard. Despite being pretty cool guys, the're also proud and vain, so it's easy to find ways to pit them against the PCs or at leats locations PCs might give a fuck about. Like, maybe a small-ish kingdom is fucking with a neighbouring small-ish kingdom. Maybe the kingdom being fucked with was kind of asking for it, having done some wrong to the kingdom doing the fucking. Maybe the grandfather of the kingdom being fucked with did a good trun to an ifreet who swore to repay the debt to him or his kin, and he's now doing his utmost to repay that debt by taking action against the kingdom doing the fucking. Give PCs some reason to give a shit about the kingdom with ifreet trouble, andyou have a few sessions worth of plot with potential fo political shenanigans, military action and moral dilemmas. Just replace the ifreet with some other appropriate entity if necessary.

>> No.55189009

It's technically the Bureau of Destiny's sorcery academy, not just the Sidereal's.

Here's an excerpt from the section on it.
>Being as there are only ever about 80 Sidereal Exalted active at a time, there are no classes. Instead of classrooms, the pagoda houses an uncounted number of hexagonal, interconnecting libraries, some with workshops or offices contained by the bookshelves. Young Sidereals are assigned to an elder for individual sorcerous tutelage. Spirits may also arrange to be tutored in both Emerald and Sapphire Circle sorcery at Department 137. Because this tends to be an expensive proposition, requiring many favors and a few bribes, some simply lower themselves to attending Creation’s Academies instead. But since Sapphire Circle sorcery, learnable only by greater gods and Anathema, is out of favor in the modern world, spirits powerful enough to master it have few other options if they haven’t already.
And overall the school teaches a style of sorcery that has a focus on numerology.

Fun Fact!: The Hebrew word קבלה (Kabbalah) has a Gematria (numerical value) of 137.

>> No.55189433

>using miles

>> No.55189466

It's also got a couple of cities added that the other map didn't, like Ember.

>> No.55189763

I know right?

>> No.55189885


- Some people don't like Sci-fi

- Combat is too lethal for some (Exalted in the tabletop game are more durable I feel, even in 2e)

- Some hate level based systems with a passion.

>> No.55190408

What did Thaumaturgy do in 2e?
How did it work?

>> No.55190737

It worked like Sorcery in 3e; proven and tested methods and stuff that you could study and analyse.
Vice versa of course is also true, Sorcery in 2e and Thaumaturgy in 3e are a bunch of random stuff you might Divine somehow from somewhere that just works

>> No.55191612 [DELETED] 
File: 1.24 MB, 612x816, 1471297075287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3E doesn't even have Terrestrials yet
>roll20 has 1 (one) Exalted game, 3E and super awkward for my schedule to boot
>chances are my tiny university town won't have any Exalted players or STs when I get back
>not even a looking for flakes thread on /tg/

How long, /exg/? How long must I wait until I can spread the truth that man becomes truly free only when all he has is scoured away?

>> No.55191647 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.24 MB, 612x816, 1504389452780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3E doesn't even have Terrestrials yet
>roll20 has 1 (one) Exalted game, 3E and super awkward for my schedule to boot
>chances are my tiny university town won't have any Exalted players or STs when I get back
>not even a looking for flakes thread on /tg/

How long, /exg/? How long must I wait until I can spread the truth that man becomes truly free only when all he has is scoured away?

>> No.55192179


That is a lie. When everything is removed you become a husk and are no longer human.

>> No.55192404

They are indeed no longer human, just as the Silent Wind is no longer the River of All Torments. Through tragedy, they have become both simpler and more profound. Having lost everything, they are now beyond loss.

Though being serious, this is reminding me that I probably enjoy the stylish as fuck charms than the edgy pseudo-philosophical RP that will most likely accompany them. I can see it being criminally easy to play the Yozi et al wrong.

>> No.55194723

There's honestly no truly right ways to play Exalted, as long as you're not obnoxious

>> No.55196580

The Charms are the major draw for me as well. Especially when they are described well.

>> No.55197851

>Look at all homebrew projects
>so many want to complete at once
>want to do them all
>spend most time trying to figure out what to actually do rather than doing shit.

Kill me.

>> No.55197923

Make a strawpoll.

>> No.55198498
File: 1.82 MB, 2385x3000, yande.re 14656 abe_yoshitoshi iwakura_lain serial_experiments_lain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do all Solars have a hateboner for the Realm?

>> No.55198545

Self preservation. It'd be worse if they were battered housewives who want to reform it or some shit because their player is a special snowflake.

>> No.55198601

Pretty much this.


>> No.55198721
File: 177 KB, 697x768, 1493931266965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found out about the history before Second Age from a Fae
>Also told me about the Curse
>Mfw I have no problems with the Realm holding everything together when the other option is a Solar on the Throne who'd probably get into war with other Solars and then the Fair Folk attack

>> No.55199101

Does Wood Dragon's Claws count as unarmed?

>> No.55199333


>> No.55199371
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1487525941457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could breaking the Great Curse be a Solar 3 working?

>> No.55199455
File: 198 KB, 1024x436, star_wreck_keisari_pirk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, Mr. Fukov.

>the Sids just go to Department 112
I think you mean 137.
112 is the Department of Petty Revenges

>> No.55199562

According to the devs they do at least count as form weapons for styles like Tiger and Black Claw.

>> No.55199595

>Students are forbidden to visit a large crater on the far side of the island, with demonic guards to enforce the ban. This site once held the Versino, the Realm’s first sorcerous academy. The Versino blew up in RY 385, under circumstances never explained. The only survivor was the Empress’s daughter Mnemon, age 16, who apparently has not aged a day since. The blast was powerful enough to shift the demesne’s geomantic center across the island, to the present site of the Heptagram. The new academy was built as carefully as the Bronze Faction could arrange—a clue to its involvement, since the Realm lacks the skills to cap a level 5 demesne without flaring off excessive Essence.

>Age 16
>Hasn't aged a day since then
Perfect waifu

>> No.55199651
File: 155 KB, 800x800, 1487597085261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is Raksi and her ape-men army of juk juk juk?
I want me some of that juk juk Sorcery

>> No.55199874

It doesn't really take a special snowflake to play a guy who's from the Blessed Isle and can't really bring himself to hate his fatherland.

>> No.55200144


>Contagion is over and Fair Folk Invasion is pushed back
>We create a base on Blessed Island and ask others to join us because we are defenders of Creation. They tell us to fuck off. They don't need our protection. Every month they send requests for help. We help them. For a price. They bitch about us not doing it for free,

>Realm uses slaves
>Threshold uses slaves
>Slaves are shipped from Threshold to Realm. Not other way around.
>Realm is a symptom, Threshold is a disease

>> No.55201321

Isn't she somewhere in the... West, I want to say, since Maharashtra is in East

>> No.55201402

Raksi's in the East. West has nothing, sadly.

>> No.55201458
File: 101 KB, 960x544, 1496670695945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCKING seriously?
Also ty autocorrect for the emphasis.
Isn't Volcano Cutter in the West? Or from the West.
But yesh nothing else from the direction?

>> No.55201525

in 2,5e when using a weapon to parry, does rate limit how often you can do so? If not then there would be no point to carrying a shield and weapon if the sword has the same pdv as the shield?

>> No.55201569

> in 2,5e when using a weapon to parry, does rate limit how often you can do so?
No, you just get an Onslaught Penalty for each attack.

>If not then there would be no point to carrying a shield and weapon if the sword has the same pdv as the shield?
Shields aren't weapons in 2e, they just give a bonus to your PDV.

>> No.55201675

they are solars and therefore megalomaniacal snowflakes

>> No.55201997

2,5 took away their cover bonus and made them weapons

>> No.55202147

There once was a maiden, usurped from her rightful place so her servants could steal the fruits of her work and abandon their posts to the comforts of a narcotic haze, allowing her creation to decay. In outrage she cried “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Make life rue the day it thought it could give Malfeas lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the empyreal chaos who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get liger to invent a combustible lemon that burns life's house down!” and so the solar lemons were studied and worked, and squeezed into a bitter juice of justice to be thrown into life's bitch face. and so begins the story of the princes of the green sun.

>> No.55202191

Agreed. Although that's a pretty easy thing to add. At one point, they had said they planned to focus on the West almost right away, add a bunch of stuff to do there, mostly underwater. I think that's on the back burner now, though, and may never see the light of day.

>> No.55202195

Are non-artifact firewands a thing?

>> No.55202301


Pages 588-590 in 3e

Page 373 in 2e corebook

Can't remember what book they're in in 1e, but I'll see if I can find out if you want.

>> No.55202311

Thanks, but I don't do 1e

>> No.55202425

>Where is your circle currently?
The eastern Hundred Kingdoms. Knocking a few over, propping some others up, warring, politicking.

>What are they fighting for/against?
They're fighting on behalf of a little kingdom in which one of the circle was a court scholar, trying to protect it, shore it up economically and politically, and generally make it and the area more splendid and prosperous.

They've conquered a few surrounding kingdoms and generally opposed the Guild (or elements thereof; it's a complex organization) in the region.

Now they're trying to rally the people of the land they now hold to oppose some great threat rising in the East that a seer told them about.

>How many pastries have they consumed?
Rather a lot. The army runs on pies and pasties and samosas and whatnot.

Side question: Does bao count as a pastry? In the folklore (and possibly canon) of the Immaculate Realm, which of the Immaculate Dragons do you think is said to have invented bao? Why? Do the teachings of the Immaculates of, for example, Lookshy agree?

>> No.55202552

Going off Wikipedia; The Exalted analogue to the Bao creation story would involve an exhausted, or otherwise impaired, army needing to cross a violent river. They ask the River's Lesser God to cross, but are told that its price is 49 men's heads. This is what the people of the region offered him to calm him down, and since they murdered/drove said people off, they must pay the same price.
And then the general of the Army gets and idea and slaughters some animals and takes the spare bread and makes a large bao in the shape of a man's head.
The bao are delivered in a large bag and thrown into the river which calms the Lesser God down.

Afterwards you can decide whether the River God likes bao more than men's heads, or that any person wearing the general's heraldry get BTFOed hard. Might make a nice surprise for some Dragon-Blooded.

>> No.55202731

Why can't infernals use Sidereal martial arts?

Solars and abyssals can.

>> No.55202761

They can't?

>> No.55202781

They can't, largely because they're so weird that they're no longer in tune with the facets of reality that SMA embodies.

>> No.55202793

Other 2E books claimed that Mnemon is in her mid to late twenties, she just ages slower because she knows the same life-extending Charms the Empress did.

>> No.55202797


Technically she is a MILF

>> No.55202848


Where is that mentioned?

Also that would make more sense if abyssals couldn't learn them.

>> No.55202875

The OOC explanation is that SMAs would combo with Shintais to be super-broken, I think. Because Shintais were form-keyworded and there was an SMA to let you assume two forms at once or something.

>> No.55203401

>group and campaign falls apart before the 3e even started
>I played 2 sessions in 3e with one of my players to test it out
>didn't really follow the news after 3e went out because there was no reason to
Did they really release only charm cards and Miracles in a year since the core release? Are the writers still pretending that everything's fine and Arms & DBs come out soon? It looks like my group is more alive than the Exalted release schedule right now.

>> No.55203424

This has to be the worst excuse Onyx Path could come up with, since apparently the Exalted of the literal creators of reality are out of tune with it.

>> No.55203499

The writer/devs are done. The art and layout is the thing really holding us back.

>> No.55203524

Devs changed and things are going better than with HolMork

>> No.55203550

So Zenith are the ones who get a message from UCS on Exaltation in 3e?
I mean previously they all got a message but Zs got a special one, buy now the others don't anymore?

>> No.55203554

Literally GAAAAAAY

>> No.55203565

So are they no longer writing for Exalted at all or did they just get booted from their top positions in the team?

>> No.55203603

>I mean previously they all got a message
In 2e some did, some didn't, but all zeniths did for sure.

>> No.55203770

Actually this is because Infernals embody their masters.
You know, primordials ARE their nature and can not even comprehend things outside their purview. No primordial, yozi or neverborn can learn martial arts, because the primordials nature as living concepts forbids them to mimic other concepts.
In that regard Infernals are fascinating: they mirror their patons to the point of such perfection, courtesy of the maimed solar exaltation in there, if you ask me, they become them.

>> No.55203788

Out of the company
No more exalted for those two

>> No.55203802

Would getting 2 shintais at once really be that broken?

Also where is that mentioned?

>> No.55203820


When did this happen?

>> No.55203840

This summer, maybe?

>> No.55203868

February. New devs were able to write up Arms in about 3 months. Dragonblooded has moved to second Draft and Realm is in Redlines.

>> No.55204017
File: 45 KB, 609x534, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to check on what are they're doing and Holden's twitter is especially funny, it seems that he's committed to fighting for inclusiveness of the gaming companies and getting mad at nazis.

>> No.55204209
File: 175 KB, 818x503, 1500669394162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the ABSOLUTE state of Holden right now

>> No.55204248
File: 384 KB, 421x437, 1495119574372.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the party is so dysfunctional that your Dawn has to play Zenith and be the spiritual guide

>> No.55204276

Holden is a ginormous cunt and the more I see of him the more I'm glad he's been booted out. All he's been doing lately is ragging on his (ex) co-workers behind their backs, vomit the usual idiotic leftist rhetoric with a side of his personal brand of self-righteous obnoxiousness, and enjoy non-stop ass-lapping from his cancerous fa(g)nbase. One can only imagine what having to work with him was like.

>> No.55204278

>Infernals can learn martial arts
>Infernals can even make new charms for their Yozi
>That their Yozi then learn
>They also explicitly can do what no Yozi can do and can learn Heretical charms with prereqs from separate Yozi

Look, all I'm saying is that you should know what you're talking about.

>> No.55204739

It's not gay if it's clay.

>> No.55204983
File: 499 KB, 270x270, 1334061701955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Christ, he just goes on and on, doesn't he? Can he really not stand people with different opinions than him? Does he really love seeing political violence like this?

>> No.55205120


That is normal state where I play. People pick roles they don't know to handle and others need to carry the weight.

>> No.55205197

What did he get fired for?

>> No.55205208

Being Holden

>> No.55205251

>Can he really not stand people with different opinions than him

Of course he can't stand people with different opinions. He is there to change the world and mean people are not allowing him to usher us into new Golden 1st Age.

>> No.55205297

Some shithead Abyssal is running around the South, poisoning every source of water he can find. Alternately, some shithead Infernal is creating a massive wasteland in the East using Holy Land Infliction, and sacrificing forest gods to spread it.

My group is running a game where the elderly king of the Lap died, and the Realm tried to kill his grandsons so they'd have even tighter control (straight from the books). They got one, but the other survived the assassination attempt and was Chosen by Luna for it. Cue massive civil war. You could use that.

>> No.55205362


there are few opinions and we don't have a full story. My take on it is that Rich (owner of OnxyPath) was a jew and is know for being a scumbag and decided to fuck over Holden and Morke over paying for some freelancing. On other hand Holden and Morke probably didn't went with business sense and went friendly with their contracts (being fans of Exalted and all) and were fucked over. Then they held game line hostage for years. First leak for Exalted 3rd edition was in 2014. Book was finally published in 2017.

In short, everyone was a scumbag but owner won in the end and replaced them.

They did good stuff for 3rd edition but with look at their tweets and stupid shit they retweet I'm in some way glad they got canned. I think if they stayed those things would seep into their future work.

>> No.55205413

The endless sand dunes of the South have recently revealed ancient manse ruins, there are rumours of the incredible treasures and artifacts still hidden there from the first age. But beware, a Guild expedition as well as some young DBs from the Realm are also racing to be the first ones there (+throw in Lunars, Abyssals, etc. as you wish)

>> No.55205551

But pretty much everyone working for OPP are also commie faggots.
Robert Vance posts the same leftist drivel, except he's smart enough not to openly support anti-fa terrorists.

Only Eric Minton is clean from any sort of politics as far as I can tell (he hasn't posted since 2015). Wish they were all like him.

>> No.55205567


How are the new devs now with all this left-wing bullshit? I know that one (Vance?) is training to be an LGBT lawyer or something, and that gay marriage is suddenly okay in the Realm.

>> No.55205572
File: 1.85 MB, 1500x1600, 1466380818742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What book are 'Essence lights' covered in? They're mentioned in a bunch of books. Are there any rules for them?

>capcha is streetlights

Capcha wants to know, too.

>> No.55205633

They're just Essence powered lights what's there to know

>> No.55205712

How do you make the damn things? Art of Enchantment?

How many motes to light one up for an hour? How long does it stay lit for one mote?

>> No.55205759


What left wing crap?

>> No.55205772

What was the sidereal charm equivlaent of these (in 2 or 2.5 edition):

All encompasing sorcerer's sight.
Eye of the unconquered sun.

>> No.55205790


>Left-Wing crap

Holden's Twitter. He just goes on and on. The new devs seem to keep it in check if they're into it.

>> No.55206000


>anti-fa terrorists

When will this meme garbage end.

>> No.55206034

Can we not make this a /pol/ thread? Like, is that an option we have? Can we like, just skip the big political shitstorm that's about to start, and resume the usual snail's pace of discussion we have here?

>> No.55206061


gay marriage is now okay in the Realm. There was damage control saying that we are in 2017 and that Realm is still using law as obstruction and are discriminate of gay marriage. Now have a Realm game where someone is called a faggot. "how dare you? Discrimination! This is 2017"

Also we will be introduced to Iconic Dragonblooded characters with variety of body shapes. There is no need to be fit person in warrior culture.

>> No.55206108


I don't know what they are complaining about. Antifa are such upstanding citizens and their protests are so peaceful

>> No.55206123

Gay marriage is new in the realm, but they've always been fine with homosexuality. Hell, it's been preferred for your extramarital affairs because it has no chance of producing a bastard. It's dumb that it's flat out allowed now considering the whole reason it was so that you could due your duty and produce dragonblooded heirs, but as long as you were willing to get into a political marraige and produce an heir every couple of years, the Realm could not care less who you stuck your dick into unless you were making bastards. So you wouldn't be called a faggot in the realm anyway.

>> No.55206153

>gay marriage is suddenly okay in the Realm.
That's not really that much of a retcon.
Homosexuality was always accepted as long as you did your duty and had dragonblooded kids.

If you are going to complain about the sexual dynamic of the Realm then complain about all the rest.
A society that's all about breeding and purity of their dragonblooded bloodlines would guard it's women's reproduction fiercely, no tolerance for premarital sex, cheating, birthcontrol, etc. and yet all of these things are common in the Realm.
Homosexuality should actually be tolerated as it doesn't harm the bloodline without some rare futanari charms or sorcery.

>> No.55206187

Presumably Dynasts still have to figure out how to produce heirs, no matter who you marry.

>> No.55206239


You're right. I really should have elaborated on the "racial purity" aspect of the Realm in the Realm, and the other things you mentioned in general.

Weren't arranged marriages the norm for the Realm in 2e

>> No.55206280

Also in 1E, and almost certainly in 3E as well.

>> No.55206309

>Homosexuality was always accepted as long as you did your duty and had dragonblooded kids.
Exactly. You marry your homo lover, you don't marry another Dynast. Since bastards are frowned upon and arranged marriages are a norm, no Dragonblooded from good family will become your concubine. At best you'll get a mortal woman from a Dynastic family, but that's still diluting your blood. And because Realm is a giant eugenics program that's been running for 7 centuries, they will not accept as social norm anything that serves to weaken the blood they carefully protect. This is a complete retcon for the sake of meta tolerance.

>> No.55206313


Right. I just thought that the "Gay marriage is okay" thing kind of went against that shit.

>> No.55206368


>gay marriage is suddenly okay in the Realm

It's 2017, shouldn't you have moved past issues like this causing you to be angry?

>> No.55206433

Something being the norm doesn't mean it's the way things always go. That's true in the real world, and it's true in the Creation. I mean, Dragon-Blooded characters putting off getting married due to career and other personal considerations has always been a thing, but it's never been the norm. The same's probably true of gay marriage in 3E. Presumably you're still supposed to marry someone of appropriate social standing and figure out how to produce children to carry on the blood of the Dragons, so it's not like gay marriage will be an easy thing to pull off.

>> No.55206466



It came out of left field and seemed to be for tolerances sake.


Seems a lot more reasonable from that perspective, thanks.

>> No.55206484


I only said that they decide to put gay marriage in the Realm. Homosexuality was there since 1st edition. What you did in your private time was your own business.

Problem is they are going for virtue signaling and then trying slight of hand "Realm is not okay with gay marriage" to avoid shitstorm from other part of fanbase. They do an experiment. Make a Exalted Realm game where Realm is out to get your character on social level. Being discriminate about him not being able to have a real man, being a carpet muncher, being a bottom in the relationship etc etc. Because Realms IS discriminatory of gay marriage. Or better yet go onto onyxpath forums and make a thread about the subject and possible discrimination characters would face. Observe how much time it takes for the thread to close and you get permabanned because this isn't socially acceptable topic.

>> No.55206680


It's 2017. Shouldn't you have moved past it for not being able to have gay marriage in the Realm?

Problem doesn't lie in that Realm has gay marriage. Even in 1st edition you had examples of homosexuality, sending your kids to "entertain" your guests and relatives during nightly hours.

Problem is they went with "look how progressive we are". 2017. We included gay marriage in a society where homosexuality is okay but you faggots don't know when to quit with your demands. Give a person a finger and he will take your entire hand. There is no point in time when they will say "okay. We are content." They are asking for more and more diversity.

Best example is what one guy said on OPP forums. He as a gay person thinks this was bad decision. He always seen realm as huge political alliance mechanism where personal feeling had no sway. You were there to do your job for the family and Dynasty. And with that in mind he seen homosexual relations are some sort of very few instances where DragonBlooded would actually have some sort of emotional connections to another human being.

>> No.55206795

>Hell, it's been preferred for your extramarital affairs because it has no chance of producing a bastard.
This only makes sense for women, for men having an affair with a mortal woman would be preferred because the resulting bastards could still turn out to be dragonblooded.

>> No.55206835

The Realm doesn't want to have a bunch of Dragon-Blooded of weak breeding and uncertain ancestry running around, though. I mean, it takes Lost Eggs in, sure, because since they exist it's better to have them serve the Realm than not. Also because they are the Chosen of the Dragons, and that stuff actually matters to most of the Dynasty, and even the more cynical ones should pretend like it matters. Existence of thin-blooded bastards isn't desirable, though.

>> No.55206852


Nope. Dynasty is all about proper lineage, bloodline and family.

Society finding out you have a bastard is a huge stain on your honor, social standing and promotions. It is also a huge stain on your family and your wife's family.

If Realm was a society that wanted to breed as much DragonBlooded as possible then it wouldn't be a scandal. But as I said they are all about pedigree.

>> No.55206904

Related to that, it's also about proper upbringing. Knowing who has a decent chance of Exalting and giving these individuals best education possible so they'll be ready when they Exalt is important.

>> No.55206931


Also don't forget that when DragonBlooded started mating with regular humans during 1st Age less and less of their children exalted because they blood was diluted. Entire system during 2nd Age was to strengthen the bloodline and Realm went a step further by going with eugenics program.

>> No.55206953

You could send them to become a monk or let him be adopted by a lesser family, but it's still a problem. What the other anon said
>huge stain on your family and your wife's family
>your wife's family
This is a big thing, the Realm might have an equality between sexes, but because of the Empress if you had a couple of equal social position the standing of woman would be slightly higher. Bringing dishonor to your wife's family might lead to a divorce and yourself being punitively send to Threshold on a campaign.

>> No.55206960

I didn't say he had to acknowledge the bastard.
Isn't it better for the Realm to have one more dragonblooded for the grinder than not.

You're probably right as this does go against the cast based ideals of the Immaculate Order.

>> No.55206987

Can you attune to Jade talents to reduce their weight to you?

>> No.55207075


>> No.55207127


Yeah. Thanks for pointing out what I forgot to mention. Dynasty is all about selective breeding so they can produce a DragonBlood child that will continue a strong bloodline or even make it more pure.

Being a dragonblooded is a honor but it is also a huge responsibility that also has huge expectations. Children raised in Dynasty are taught to stop behaving like children and are prepared from young age for huge responsibility that awaits them. They are given best tutors, best schools and best possibility to reach peak of their skill. And then it is a tragic event when a person who was prepared his entire life doesn't Exalt. What is more tragic is that their family will treat them as 2nd class worthless family member no matter what they accomplishments are or how brilliant they are. They didn't exalt. Best case scenario they will be married to some other Dynast. It isn't a rare case that a person will take his own life because he was taught his entire life he will become a Dragon and that never became a reality.

>> No.55207153

so why make them form keyword?

>> No.55207171

or why not just errata to say that sma charm OBVIOUSLY was intended to refer solely to MA forms?

>> No.55207198

can't see why not. but raw doesn't list a mote cost so no. but just ask your gm to houserule a 1m attunement cost to ingots of unworked magic material

>> No.55207312
File: 1.80 MB, 1000x1644, 1489414612881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>backpacking with a talent and carving out chunks to pay for shit

>> No.55207753


>> No.55208003

Do elementals get something from worship?

>> No.55208673

No, I don't think so?

>> No.55209165

Well they would get standard cult rules Solars get. But since in 3e they are naturally material I don't think they get quintessence or ambrosia.

>> No.55209397
File: 16 KB, 242x350, its never enough for THOSE PEOPLE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55209972


Society ruled by a woman
society where child takes a name from her mother not from her father
Society where there homosexuality is common practice and some think of it as purest form of love.
Society where there is a lot of important female characters that are movers and mayor players
Iconic gay character that is in political marriage with his childhood friend that is also gay and they connect on deep emotional level. Even though they are sexually incompatible this doesn't stop them from doing their duty for the Realm

Hey guys. It is 2017 and we know we weren't inclusive enough. So we will give you gay marriage and land-whale DragonBlooded. Look how progressive we are.

Get fucked.

>> No.55210033

You seem angry amigo.

What has you so incensed against women and the gays?

>> No.55210121


They are never content with what they are given. Previous editions were more that fair with amount of content they given them.

You could have played Sacred Band of Thebes in the Realm and it would have been deemed normal and common place.

>> No.55210216
File: 120 KB, 623x414, nerd-rage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55210246
File: 2.53 MB, 1280x720, tyrone tripcodes.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55210361


I have nothing of value to contribute or debate your argument. Here; let me use a silly image to prove that your opinions are inferior.

>> No.55210705

Yeah. My issue with it is that the previous version made sense. Gay stuff is common and liked in setting because it's great for their society setup, just remember you still need to make kids. Major physical disabilities are looked down on or removed via training because it means you're not an effective warrior (how many fat people do you see on the front lines in wars?), and this is very much a warrior culture (and not an idle one either).

But now those don't matter, progressiveness for the sake of progressiveness in a setting and world where it makes no sense. The previous form was better since it seemed like the progressive ideas that got included were a natural outgrowth of the setting, but these just seem shoehorned in to not hurt feelings.

>> No.55210725

>knowing about the Curse

>> No.55211016


Maybe they don't know about the Curse but they know Solars became extremely corrupted and insane which let for them to be killed to the last.

>> No.55211187

>You give a group of people unlimited power and put them above the law
>They become corrupted and insane
You don't need a curse for that.

>> No.55211198

>land-whale DragonBlooded
I really hope they aren't going to do this.

>> No.55211325

Do y'all have any plans to introduce more Exalts down the line with varying body shapes? The setting's surely already got enough guys with rock-hard abs and girls whose only body fat is on their chests, right? Can we see a soft belly that isn't Sesus Nagezzar's?

>Vance - Yes, representing a diverse variety of body types is something that's important to us. You'll see this starting with the new signature Dragon-Blooded characters.

I really appreciate this, by the way, thank you. It's not that I dislike Nagezzar - he's great - it's just that, frankly, we need more Exalts who lack an action-movie-protagonist physique, since otherwise people will make it their headcanon that "an Exalt only gets fat if there's something wrong with them." (Yecch! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)

>> No.55211473

I can't even fucking deal with this shit anymore.

>> No.55211474

This whole post is supposed to be a quote of something, right?

>> No.55211502




>> No.55211522


Being fat is a thing wrong with you.

>> No.55211555

Oh boy.

For future quoting, please put > before the first level and >> before the second level of quotes to make it clear the whole thing is a quote

>> No.55211574


Sure thing. Just wanted to highlight developers response.

>> No.55211753

Real life isn't your high school debate club, kiddo. Someday you'll understand the difference between arguing with someone and ridiculing them.

>> No.55211792
File: 1.50 MB, 230x172, tips fedora.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Real life isn't your high school debate club, kiddo.

>> No.55211986
File: 30 KB, 600x726, fit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes. When a condition impairs your mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, bodily functions and appearance there is something wrong with it. If there is nothing wrong with being fat people wouldn't get disability checks from that condition.

You don't need to go to extremes that bodybuilders reach but basic level of fitness does wonders for physical and emotional well-being.

You are only looking for excuses and validation because this actually needs some effort that sitting on your ass.

>> No.55212336


Aren't Dragon Blooded supposed to be some sort of elementally infused master race next to mere mortals? Why wouldn't they all look like superhero buff?

>> No.55212732

I can see some fatter DBs in 3e since they're pulling back from "Every Exalt needs to have a Motivation to shake the world." Not every DB is gonna keep up their Athletics and combat abilities because often times they just won't have to.

Some 150 year old accountant DB that can grind a bureaucracy to a halt with a few strongly worded letters doesn't need to have a six pack. If they're a combat focused person however, they're gonna need to be in shape unless they're like a sumo wrestler or something who has Strength 5 Stamina 5 and says they've got the strongfat going on.

Vance is a pretty cool guy who seems to be pretty reasonable even when he's doing SJW type things.

>> No.55212775

>the south-eastern forests form a diagonal border heading towards the corner of the map until you hit the extension and the forests suddenly stop existing
nah m8 its shit

>> No.55212783


Part of misconception arises from April 1st Exalted publishing. There was info that every female dragonblooded had 90-60-90 figure and males were all absurdly buff with ginormous dongs. Because of this crazy people think everyone on Blessed Island are either Adonis or Aphrodite and think that book is canon.

Part of DragonBlood power comes from magic, Midi-chlorian, you name it but because they are mere humans for first part of their lives their strength comes from training and conditioning.

Now they don't need to look like The Hulk or Schwarzenegger but basic body fitness is a must. Why? Because they are warrior society that was bred for war. They fight monsters and demons. And this is why not being in basic shape is frowned upon.

God forbid if you play a person who isn't fat. Immersion instantly broken.

>> No.55212980

>unless they're like a sumo wrestler or something
Honestly, if this new approach gives us a sumo-inspired Dragon-Blooded wrestler as one of the signature characters, I won't be complaining. There are a lot of cool things they could do with characters that would also happen to make people happy that want more diversity.

Obviously, if they don't put thought into the characters and just slap traits on to pander to that audience, that would be bad. But hopefully they're better writers than that. And I liked Vance and Minton's past writing at least, even if the reasons they've given for recent decisions haven't filled me with confidence.

>> No.55213108
File: 331 KB, 600x431, OhDearIncarnaeSaveUs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha nice strawmanning fuckfa-


Oh, oh.

>> No.55213111

in 2e definitely

>> No.55213235


You're right with the non-combat characters, but doesn't Essence Fever in Ex3 guarantee that Exalts try do use their powers?

>> No.55213476

Essence Fever just means you wanna use your Charms. If you're a diplomat you won't be using your Essence to punch people or squatting 3,000 pounds, you'll be using it to talk to people and make deals.

I feel it's reasonable for them to have fat or out of shape characters in situations that call for it. The real judgement I'd use is if it wouldn't make sense as a PC. Someone comes to me and says he's playing a hugely overweight merchant guy who never raises a hand to do anything but write letters, fine that makes sense. Someone comes to me and says he wants to play a bearmode, lumberjack physique viking dude or sumo wrestler, sure that's cool.

Someone wants to play a clinically obese ninja stealth character I'm going to tell them to stop being silly.

>> No.55213653

Isn't the 'portly but still strong martial artist' a common archetype in wuxia and stuff? Why does the idea of characters who aren't 'guys with rock-hard abs and girls whose only body fat is on their chests' make people so butthurt? Why are characters who don't have 'action movie-protagonist physiques' suddenly land-whales? Is there no healthy middle ground? No 'person with a bit of body fat' without being obese or unhealthy?

Some people on this thread are such fucking children, I swear.

>> No.55213958

The same reason Kitsune or Chaotic Neutral are warning signs to Pathfinder players.
Yes, you can have a perfectly reasonable scrawny or out of shape Exalt or a if it makes sense for your character, but you know god damn well exactly what kind of player they probably are when they come to the table with that character, or complain because they can't, and a lot of people don't like what they see as devs caving on that front.

>> No.55213986

>Yes, you can have a perfectly reasonable scrawny or out of shape Exalt or a Kitsune PC if that makes sense for your character,...
I can't fucking type right now.

>> No.55214242

>Now they don't need to look like The Hulk or Schwarzenegger but basic body fitness is a must. Why? Because they are warrior society that was bred for war. They fight monsters and demons. And this is why not being in basic shape is frowned upon.
THis doesn't, of course, mean that everyone will be in basic shape. People don't always do what's expected of them. Sometimes they do things others frown upon. Norms are generally followed, but sometimes they are broken. That's just how people work.

>> No.55214334


>Also we will be introduced to Iconic Dragonblooded characters with variety of body shapes. There is no need to be fit person in warrior culture.

I don't think they would be that unfit, even if they looked funny.

Despite losing the use of a leg, possibly being cursed, and being massively overweight, Sesus Nagezzar (the slug), strangely enough, still has a normal str and high stamina.

>> No.55214372

IIRC he also took up the study of the Wood Dragon Style after being crippled. He dosn't puruse it with dedication that would let him reach mastery, but he isn't completely physically inactive.

>> No.55214402

Is it possible to destroy an artefact? Can it be done with a simple Feat of Strength, or dos it require a Craft Project or a Sorcerous Working?

>> No.55214495


The high stamina part is stranger due to what being overweight does to your body.

>> No.55214511


Which edition, and what type of artifact?

>> No.55214574


Do you have reading dyslexia? They aren't asking for DB with normal physique. They are asking for fat DB.

>otherwise people will make it their headcanon that "an Exalt only gets fat if there's something wrong with them." (Yecch! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)

>> No.55214604

Do you not know what 'portly' means?

>> No.55214657

It's a synonym for overweight.

>> No.55214662


bulky, heavy

>Why are characters who don't have 'action movie-protagonist physiques' suddenly land-whales? Is there no healthy middle ground? No 'person with a bit of body fat' without being obese or unhealthy?

>>They aren't asking for DB with normal physique. They are asking for fat DB.

>> No.55214772


In 2e:

you aren't going to destroy something like a Dailklave which is made out of the magical materials, unless you use a specialized charm.

IIRC Artifacts like from wonders of the first age (which are sort of mechanical), can be destroyed though.

>> No.55214989


Ex3, any type.

>> No.55215070

>Yeah. My issue with it is that the previous version made sense. Gay stuff is common and liked in setting because it's great for their society setup, just remember you still need to make kids.
Given that joining the celibate Immaculate Order is a perfectly acceptable and indeed laudable course of action, the need for all Dynasts to have kids is not absolute.

>> No.55215085

3e, Core says fuck all. The closest thing you get is:
>Breaking a hearthstone requires several days of close
>examination by a character with a minimum of Occult •••
>and Craft (Jewelry or Gemcutting) ••• in order to find a
>flaw or seam in the stone, which may then be split with
>precise strikes with an implement of one of the five magical materials.

Which you can use if you interpret Artifacts as being "as hard as" Hearthstones.

Really though, you're going to need House Rules. I'd suggest a Repair Project that upon completion breaks down the Artifact into component Magical Materials.

>> No.55215090

I've been out of the loop for a while, I heard that 3rd edition was coming out last time I looked in on exalted, and then I get recruited for a 2e game and I'm like "cool, let's go investigate shit... what the hell... where are the old forums? Where's the old wiki? What happened to all of the old exalted info!?"

Can somebody tell me what the fuck happened? Did She Who Lives Within Her Name get pissed off at there being a new edition and nuke all non-book stuff that was located anywhere else online that had to do with the old editions?

>> No.55215147


Here's to hoping that Arms will clear some of that up.

>> No.55215315


IIRC, White wolf forums and wiki went down in 2013 or 2014

>> No.55215435

I readily believe that it will follow 2e rules >>55214772

5 Successes on a Str+MA roll to break a weapon forged from Magical Materials i.e. Artifacts, when you parry it.

Although this shit sounds likes something that should've been errated away since this is an Ess3, MA4 Charm that can shatter materials that are supposed to be top-fucking notch. And it does not appeared Mirrored in any other Exalts Charms.

Honestly I'd say just make a Sorcerous working/Thaumaturgy that breaks weapons Mag' Mat' atunements and melts them into bars. Just in case Onyx disappoints with Arms.

>> No.55215552

From the Codex:
>The base (Strength + Athletics) needed to break an artifact equals that of a normal object of its type plus its Artifact rating. First Age artifacts increase this value by another one, due to techniques now lost. Also, use the mundane equivalent’s soak and health levels, adding two to each trait per dot of the artifact’s rating.

>> No.55215635

I really want to hope that they'll stop short of completely morbid landwhale physiques, but I worry that it will be that bad.

I also worry that these characters will be defined by these traits.

>> No.55215756

The Immaculate Order has that because it serves to remove undesirable people from the breeding pool. Lost Eggs, kids who Exalted really late, that sort of thing. It routes away all the people that will bring the average Breeding down in a way that won't cause them to think that's happening to them.

If a decently high Breeding child decides they only wanna fuck and marry the same sex, especially if they're the only child that Exalted, the culture of the Realm shouldn't really let them get away with that.

The way 1e and 2e set it forth was perfectly logical. Sure, go out and have gay sex with whoever you want, just keep it some level of discrete. You could even probably bring them to a party as "friend" with everyone and their mother knowing what that means. As long as you have a husband/wife you do your marital duty with at least once every 50 years. That isn't a terrible burden to bear. You can play a gay character to whatever degree you want all you can't do is say "I'm gay married."

>> No.55216299
File: 876 KB, 2472x4096, 4b2ff70e9a6615a937e150bea61c1c95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Exaltation removes most of the disease in its host. This includes the disease called 'obesity'.

You can have tall DBs, slim DBs, beefcake DBs, thicc DBs, and even, very rarely, fucked-up-in-the-head obese DBs (Sesus), but that last category is the rarest of them all. The essence of exaltation very much fight against any physical impairment. DBs, being the weakest of all exaltations, can sometime get crippled or obese, though this is obviously seen as a disgrace.

>> No.55216419

Obesity isn't really a disease in the way Exalted would treat it. If someone was obese because of some glandular problem or some other actual health related issue that would likely clear up when they Exalt. But if they just sit around all day eating and not doing anything I don't think the Exaltation is just gonna burn the fat away.

>> No.55216462

It is a physical deformity, in the same way a lost limb or blindness is.

Celestial exaltations burns those away, and you better believe they'd burn obesity too.

Terrestrial exaltations are weaker, but would still help tremendously. You need to be pretty fucked up to be obese as a DB.

>> No.55216482


...If it makes you thin and fit, would it also give females bigger breasts and males bigger dongs?

>> No.55216529

Can confirm, p.12

Anyway, here's a stab at "recovering" Artifacts MM's using 3E Sorcerous Workings

Solar Circle
Unmaking the Cast Die
Cost: var.sm+, 1wp
Keywords: None
Duration: 1 Day

As the Sun sets the Solar attunes themselves to the Artifact they wish unmade. These motes must be kept committed through the ritual til its end or naught will come of it.

As the night progresses she takes the motes that she has brought forth and passes them through the Artifact.

* A base minimum of 10 sm per Magical Material modified by the following for each Magical Material.
** 5sm for each Artifact dot
** The attunement cost as sm

Back and forth the motes weave through the Artifact, flowing into one and the other until they become a river, calm and soft in action. Merely bathing the Artifact in the flow, tracing the flow of Essence that makes up its being. For the entire night the Sorcerer passes the sorcerous river through the item until she moves it so slightly that the only evidence of its passing is a shadow which appears out of phase of the Artifact.

As the Sun breaks over the horizon the Sorcerer turn the river of motes surging. Pulling at the Artifacts materials, teasing it away from each other material, slowly and without pause. As Sol travels across the sky the Sorcerer pulls at the materials that make up the Artifact, introducing like to like and separating unlike from unlike. As the Sun sets once more the Sorcerer can finally let go of the river she has been cradling for the past day. And look upon her work.

In place of the Artifact is any mundane materials that were used in its constructions, rendered untouched albeit lacking any of the Magical Materials used. For they lie around it in a circle, separated equally from each other. If there was only a single Magical Material involved then it lies on one of the cardinal directions.

Distortion (10): The river instead warps the Artifact into a mangled mess.

>> No.55216547

Breasts are women's essence batteries

>> No.55216998

According to the scroll of swallowed darkness. Yes, they do.

>> No.55217005

Only Alchemicals can rouse my from my apathy at this point.

>> No.55217098
File: 942 KB, 400x200, 1487642206025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Character escaped slavers and walked through the Desert the whole Calibration, finally Exalting and collapsing as the first dawn of the year broke.
Can't choose between Dawn, Zenith, or Eclipse Exaltation, halp

>> No.55217137

Ask them a question:
>How will you change the world?
Emphasis on the 'how'.

>> No.55217267

Sorcery doesn't get to play in Craft's wheelbox in this edition. Just use Object-Shattering Grasp and a stunt, instead.

>> No.55217544
File: 14 KB, 152x157, zpzpzH3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perform (Bavarian Fire Drill)

>> No.55217613

What exactly was the Hundred Gods Heresy?
The book has some stuff about it but nothing that made it clear to me

>> No.55217817

The Hundred Gods Heresy is not a distinct event, but rather the act of gods extracting worship outside of the immaculate system.

>> No.55218641

>It is a physical deformity, in the same way a lost limb or blindness is.

>Celestial exaltations burns those away

Without comment on your central point, I feel I should say that you can absolutely play a deformed Celestial Exalted. Blind (or Limited Sense) and Amputee are literally listed as Flaws you can take. They're in the Player's Guide in 1e, the Scroll of Heroes in 2e, and right in core in 3e.

It's true that Exalted assumes that all the Chosen are action ready except in extraordinary circumstances, but that doesn't mean they can't have deformities and whatnot, only that those things don't unduly affect them most of the time. If you want to play Zatoichi or One-Armed Boxer the game lets you.

>> No.55219873

I do, but you don't understand the context of what you have been saying, that is all.

>> No.55220019

Well, fuck Immaculatas anyway.

>> No.55220279

found stats for 2e Verdigris as it's own mm not just a recolor of the other 5 on the homebrew wiki
thoughts? the agg seems op off the top of my head

If a Verdigris Armor's hardness reduces an attack to zero, or soak reduces it to Essence ping, Essence ping is also rolled against the attacker as the armor lashes out at them. If a Verdigris Weapon's attack rolls more Critical Successes than the target's Permanent Essence, and deals damage, one point of that damage becomes Aggravated.

>> No.55220310

So what exactly is the logic behind assuming that a guy stating that portly but strong characters are a common trope is actually talking about people with normal physique?

>> No.55220356

>If a decently high Breeding child decides they only wanna fuck and marry the same sex, especially if they're the only child that Exalted, the culture of the Realm shouldn't really let them get away with that.
There is nothing whatsoever indicating that you'll be allowed to marry without finding away to procreate.

>> No.55220431

It's a physical deformity in a very different way than a lost limb and blindness. Of course, as >>55218641 says, Exaltation doesn't cure lost limbs or blindess either.
Or it might, if that makes for a cool backstory, but it's definitely not a given. I don't remember if thee any blind Celestials in the canon - there's at least on blind Dragon-Blooded, but she was blinded after Exaltation - but there was one deaf Solar in 1E.

>> No.55220453


Scroll through responses to see entire conversation.

>>55213653 In case you are lazy. Guy starts with starts with mentioning wuxia strong fatguys. Then he asks what is wrong with normal body shape and why everyone needs to be BeeF McBuff.

He gets a reply/quote taken from Exalted forums that specifically asks for more fat people similar to Nagezzar and that they don't like obesity and being fat being portrayed in negative light.

>> No.55220458

lunar ;)

>> No.55220490

the question is then "how out of shape can an exalt even get" where a ridiculously out of shape db is probably still only an unfit human because reasons

>Isn't the 'portly but still strong martial artist' a common archetype in wuxia and stuff?
sos wise old martial artist, but you don't really age at all until over 300 and solars won't see a grey hair before their first millennium unless it's their natural color to begin with. devs have no problem killing things like that, just look how violently against having a visibly mutant exalt they are with wog saying that if your catgirl beats the massive skew in odds against her and manages to become a solar despite racial impurity she still gets her ears burned off leaving at most a slight feline caste to her features or a whisker like scars on her face.

>Some people on this thread are such fucking children, I swear.

the problem is the sense that they are doing it to appease....people who are far far worse than even 4chan harbors. tumblrinas. shudder.

identity politics. onyx path must pander

think alfred hitchcock

>> No.55220530

>sos wise old martial artist
You can have that, though. Just make an old mortal martial artist and have him Exalt. Exaltation doesn't remove the signs of age, though it does get rid of any age-related ailments.

>> No.55220913

>Without comment on your central point, I feel I should say that you can absolutely play a deformed Celestial Exalted.

This is the exception to the rule. The books are very clear on that. The exaltation burns any scars, lost limbs, or any important physical deformity, unless you personally believe they would add something cool to your backstory, upon which the rule of cool takes over.

Same thing with obesity, which is a physical deformity like anything else after all. By default, the exaltation removes it, unless you think it is important for your character concept.

>It's a physical deformity in a very different way than a lost limb and blindness.

What? No, not really. You become physically unfit for the simplest tasks, moving becomes a pain, living becomes a pain. Morbid obesity is pretty much equivalent to losing a limb.

>> No.55220929

I really wasn't kidding when I said I was out of the loop on exalted for a while :S

>> No.55221532

>What? No, not really. You become physically unfit for the simplest tasks, moving becomes a pain, living becomes a pain. Morbid obesity is pretty much equivalent to losing a limb.
No, it isn't. It might be as bad in some ways, maybe even worse in some ways, but there in't really anything for Exaltation to heal. No wound, no scar, no missing tissue. Aside from that, the canon NPCs with physical deficiencies, whether they're blind, deaf or just ugly as fuck, are indeed canon. They represent the way things work in setting. They're very much relevant when trying to determine what, if anyhing Exaltation would do to a fat fuck's extra kilograms.

>> No.55221989


Because the Realm is fucking trying to KILL YOU. The entire Immaculate Philosophy is about KILLING YOU, personally.

More, as a Solar, you were mortal before. You probably didn't expect to Exalt. You lived your life with the Dragon-blooded lording over you. Now you're better than them in every way, and it's basically payback time.

>> No.55222044


It's worth stating that the whole LGBT is especially dumb for Dragonblooded, who are all about eugenics. Like, at least in 2E they went "If you're a faggot, at least pump out a few kids first."

Hell, even Ledaal Kes had plenty of kids.

>> No.55222080

To reiterate something said sevral times in this thread already, there's no reason to believe that Dynasts will be allowed to marry unless they marry someone of suitable standing and suitable breeding and find a way to make a few potential future DBs with that someone.

>> No.55222115


It's still insanely dumb. It's Secret Empire levels of dumb, to coin a new term. It will never not be hilarious, like the whole Lilun-rape thing in 2E or the introduction of the Plain to the Chronicles of Darkness.

>> No.55222267
File: 25 KB, 500x286, incredibles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What you are saying is all nice and makes sense but it won't have any effect in games and future game products.

They will all have a suitable standing and suitable breeding through backstory and character traits. It becomes the norm in their games. And if you somehow cross path with those people you will be told you are playing the Realm wrong because you are putting up barriers and hindrances.

>> No.55223276

>/tg/ turning on the new devs for being too liberal
>SA will turn on the new devs for writing something vaguely triggering or offensive to child molesters

This didn't take very long.

>> No.55223337


There are pdfs in the OP of the thread (if one was ok with using them).

AFAIK, onyx path is producing Exalted, but it still is the intelluctual proprety of white wolf.

However White wolfs staff changed heavily or something around that time. I think bankruptcy had something to do with it.

>> No.55223353

>SA will turn on the new devs for writing something vaguely triggering or offensive to child molesters
>offensive to child molesters

Seriously? did they actually do that?

>> No.55223424

They ban you if you dare mention that one of their mods was arrested for child molestation.

>> No.55223654

>They ban you if you dare mention that one of their mods was arrested for child molestation.

The admins are generally not happy to be reminded that they let a convicted molester run a board for how every many years.

That doesn't mean they're in love with paedophiles, though, or that the users weren't fucking pissed about the whole Aatrek debacle.

And the Exalted thread's pretty happy with the new devs thus far. Actually producing content gets you a lot of credit.

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