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All of your powers, perks, and items have to be built around one theme or schtick. What is it?

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Got to say brama this may be the one jump I have absolutely no problems with that you have madex it looks fucking awesome in every eay and I love every bit of it. Outstanding job man.

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Being really, really fast.

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My Power is Maximum.

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Reposting from last thread. Not the author, just doing it for them since they don't have access to their computer.

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What perks do I need to devour Emrakul, The Promised End ?

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Enchantment. I can do a lot with just enchanting shit.

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Punching things.

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All that blood's not gonna drink itself.

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>Yeah, I think it'll just be easier to have them all have a set of discounts and freebies.
Fair enough. That does seem easier, as a pretty simple solution.

Thank you for listing. And for a prompt updating of the pdf, hadn't expected that.

Charismatic, Enduring, and Hive Minded are still listed as discounted to Avian, Plantoid, and Insectoid(Anthropod?) respectively now.

Oh, and just a question, the note on megastructures mentions an added 20 years. Is that the same for all of them?

Because while Ringworlds take 60 years to build and Dyson Spheres take 55 years, the Science Nexus and Sentry Array only take 25 years, and the Habitats only take a measly 5 years normally. It'd make buying the Habitat plans pretty unattractive, since it quintuples the building time, and to a lesser extend near-doubling the construction period of the Nexus and Array is also relatively worse than the extension on construction for the Dyson Spheres and Ringworlds.

And have a preliminary build.

Tribesman [100]
Cultivation [Free] Kay.
Required Secondary Abilities [Free] Might be useful sometimes.
See None do None [100] Screw karma.
Healthy Eating [100] Vanity?
Survival Before all Else [Free] Stealth.
Against the Hordes [100] Nice.
A Grizzly Appearance [150] Might be good? Not sure what monsters to pick from...
Supreme Karmic Might [400] Shiny as hell, and more vanity.
Crippling Escape [300] Could be useful.
Storage Treasure [Free] GOLD!
Mountaintop School [300] Pretty nice. Guess I'll hang out here.
Diremonster Meat [Free] Food's good.
Tribal Rivals [+100]
City Clan [+100]
Dead Broke [+150]
Snowdragon Mountain’s Ire [+200]

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing here.

However, since it's xianxia and I'm here for "only" 30 years, I doubt anyone will even notice me. Right?

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A man of flawless taste, I see.

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About $7.02 and a tolerance for the taste of cardboard.

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Jump # 198 MLG Pro
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Starting Location: ? rolled an 8 when there are 7 choices. Officially Lost
Background: Drop In (0)
*Infinite Doritoes and Dew (37)
*Where you at (0)
*Gotta Go Fast (500)
*MLG Eyes (200)

WUT? No seriously what? Ummm ok I have been to some weird worlds but this stoner world is… weird. I think this was either a joke or a punishment for something. All I know is 10 years is a long joke. There was supposed to be something about some Illuminati but that would presume there was someone intelligent enough on this world to have a plan so I don’t didn’t believe they existed.

It wound up not really mattering anyways. I spent a good portion of the jump stopping Doom-chan from destroying the planet… only to wake up on board the light of Terra one day to find out Rick had Destroyed the planet. Apparently he had decided it was too dumb to live. While he didn’t mind the drug use he got tired of hearing stuff like “360 no scoping newbs” all day. I was a bit horrified but the rest of my companions just told me to let it go. It wasn’t a planet worth saving.

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Technological advancement and science.

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>Tailed-Jumper Clan
Cool. So, how free am I to design these generic footsoldiers? Do they have to look like the "Goofy Men in Rubber Suits" standard like the usual generic footsoldiers here?

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Kamen Rider. I would happily take all the Kamen Rider tech I could get my hands on and nothing else.

Alternatively, a Boy and his Annoying Dog (Undertale). Which seems like an excellent way to troll so many baddies out there.

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Optionally because it is a very viable option: Videogames

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Parallel universes.

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Reality is a construct, and I will be an administrator.

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Some comments here

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When I think about it, Morrowind style crafting exploitation isn't far off, desu.

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>One theme
You guys need a portfolio.

Ice, water, the sea, space, stars, the moon, life, unlife.

How do they all fit together? Well the water and space related themes can both be fit together with the understanding of space as a sea of stars. The life and unlife bits stick out a bit though.

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>Kamen Rider
I just can't get into the goofy aesthetic. I know people love it, and that's great, but its just too goofy looking to me.

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Well I mean I cant blame you when this is a legit thing

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I feel bad for the suit actors in Ex-Aid. The Gamer Drivers stick forward more than your typical Rider belt, I bet it jabs right into their guts whenever they have to get blasted away and take a tumble.

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Lightning Katana.
Start out with InFamous and have a katana that you can channel lightning through, then amp it up (hee hee) until you can chain-lightning entire armies to death and kill entire pantheons with your katana.

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Nothing will ever top Kamen Rider "The Chestpiece of My Base Suit is So Heavy It Nearly Kills People, So We Defaulted IMMEDIATELY to the Final Form" Kiva in regards to suit actor pains

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Are there any perks that would let you use the cultivation methods from one world to train the abilities of another world?

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I mean, sure, the costumes are goofy. But half the animes and various other properties would also look ridiculous if you think about it. I can overlook that for the themes of friendship, following your heart, and fighting for what's right. Those are what I really dig about the series overall. The silly action fights are just icing on the cake.

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They should be at least somewhat toku-esque but they can be more menacing or "realistic" if you so wish.

I thought about making it a +0cp drawback initially, I came to the conclusion to just ban it but if you insist and nobody has any problems with it I'll do it.

>Remove the ten years
Yeah, that will probably work better

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Yeah, that's true. I've heard of that, how it put Seiji Takawa in the hospital. But I mean, on a day to day basis, the Ex-Aid suits are probably still pretty unfun. Not as bad, but still nasty. Takawa's getting up in years, he's been Kamen Rider since Agito. Dude's been doing this for seventeen years. It can't be comfortable. There are rumors that he's actually retiring, that the suit actor for Build isn't him. I don't know if that's true, but I'd say he deserves it.

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Kitsune, that way I could have awesome powers, shape shifting and fluffy tails

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... and huge tracts of land, apparently. Not that I'm complaining.

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>I thought about making it a +0cp drawback initially
I mean have a actual for points drawback, since it will mean a few more opponents from time to time. None of the real world enders, but If there can be a foreign spiderman, that means Japanese Octopus Doctors also.

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The suits are a bit much, but the hair is even more bizarre.

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So I just had a realization and an oops moment.

Robin / The Avatar, in Fire Emblem: Awakening, will always have Morgan as a child. It's just gonna happen.

How many people took the +0 drawback where they became Robin and forgot to take that into account?

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Gentaro is a Friend and Stalwart Companion

>> No.55112787

You're not Robin. You're someone taking Robin's place. You'll still inevitably have a future kid, but I don't think it would necessarily be Morgan.

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What If I have all the riddles that the sphinxes ask from the Tomb Kings jump be turned into meme questions, something that almost none of my enemies would know.

>What is the drink of the MLG PRO.

>..... what the hell's an MLG.

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Gentaro is shaped like a friend.

>> No.55112806

One does not disrespect the hair of the best friend in the multiverse.

Though Frisk, Finn, and Deadpool are all close runner-ups.

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Then you will be empowering neckbeards and internet autists as they'll be the only ones to figure that out

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>You're not Robin.

The drawback and notes make that seem very much the case, plus it's stated you're taking part in the ending (y'know, the part where Robin has to die to ensure Grima's demise).

And the note:
>Avatar comes with an extremely specific one-time It’s Not Your Fault moment but you get no extra points for this.
is because of the Avatar / Robin's father.

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Spiderman and Deadpool are a great combo in some of the recent Marvel animated stuff

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True, but Spiderman is usually too attached to his home and family to go wandering the multiverse. At least Gentaro could be plied with the temptation of making friends with everyone across all realities.

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Yeah, sure. You're filling Robin's role. I'm not saying you wouldn't wind up with a future kid, I just don't think it's going to be Morgan. Enough subtle difference that you'd get an analogous person who fills the same role but isn't Morgan, just like you fill the same role but aren't Robin.

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So would Dream of the Three Realms give us talent with Space-Time? Just wondering since I was planning on getting it and Freak of Nature (Space-Time) and wanted to make sure whether there was any overlap.

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Gen-san has been a major component of my jumper's progress in his self betterment!

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>tfw all those dads who went to get cigarettes or a gallon of milk at the store
>all of them might've been jumpers who'd taken powerless drawbacks or amnesia drawbacks
>they were fully intending on coming back home

>> No.55112998

Changes made, formatting fixed, a few more grammatical and spelling errors removed.

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What are some powers that utilize the evils someone has committed, like powers that that inflict more damage the more pain someone has caused?

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Angel Capstone - Disgaea
Megalovania - Undertale
Well of Souls - Hellgate London

All I got right now. I'm pretty sure you can make a Custom Nen Technique along those lines in Hunter x Hunter.

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Ghost Rider

>> No.55113158

I wanna say "Stories," but I'm not sure which jumps have the best perks for that.

>> No.55113201

what's a good starting jump beside pokemon?

>> No.55113202

Prince of Void
Concealment, Negation, Destruction, Revelation

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Ok, are either of the Dungeon Master Jump Makers here?

One said
>Your physical body is nothing but a puppet now, needing to be occupied only when actions require a more personal touch.
and the other said
>same token if your physical body is killed they are all destroyed both of which will result in the loss of your chain sending you home
So, which is it? Aionon, are you adding noncanon nerf limitations?

I'd say either organise the perks into themed origins based on types of jumpmaker, or if there are not enough perks, give everyone 2 discounts in each tier.

Plutomancy, should that really be a perk? From the little I read trying to understand dungeon keeper, that was a innate default ability.

You need more 50 CP stuff. The pet should be one, not 100 CP.
I never played the game, and have no idea what all the DK rooms are, those need to be listed. And the common or simple rooms also would be good 50 CP candidates.

By now we have several Sentia jumps, An actual Sailor Moon, MMPR, Kaman Rider, the new Showa Super Sentai jump. It would be neat if there was a something for coming into this jump from one of those jumps.
Both of you have something Sailor themed
Dungeon Keeper Amy has Sailor Senshi Makeup!
Dungeon Keeper has Sailor fuku
I just think it fits of those were free if you actuall WERE some sort of Senshi in a prior jump.

NikaMoth, you need to add a drawback where to are sent to Dungeon Keeper or Dungeon Keeper Amy directly after Sailor Moon.

>Mindless Youma Body
>If they die while you are possessing them they will respawn at the beginning of the next jump, if they are their own person at that time however then they will wake up in your warehouse within a week and you should feel ashamed of yourself.
The special penalty for death while you are possessing them needs to be removed. Either they are an item, and should have normal respawn times, or they are a companion, and should have normal respawn times.

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Hero BBS

>> No.55113245

Sekirei. It's like Pokemon, only the Pokemon are waifus.
And you're playing on Nuzlocke, so if one goes down it's gone forever.

>> No.55113286

If you or the MC win you can get all of your fallen waifus back though.

>> No.55113290

That's a big if. Sure the MC won in the canon timeline, but you could fuck that up.

So you need to ensure you win.

>> No.55113301

Fallen Waifus come back minus their memories. They may still fall for the same person but they are like a blank slate if they lost their crest.

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>> No.55113341

That's not how the ending went.

>> No.55113345

Wow that is awesome, great work as always, thank you. I love the tails.

>> No.55113354

Pretty sure they all went back to the old ones, except for the abused ones. Some of the abused ones went back too but after using the situation to give their assholes an attitude adjustment.

>> No.55113361

Devil, Devil, Man - Dragon Ball

>> No.55113376

Off the top of my head?

Digimon World 1, Final Fantasy 1, Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, SBurb, Disney Princess, Magical Pokemon Journey, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Spyro the Dragon, Avatar the Last Airbender, Ranma 1/2, Paper Mario, Sports Jump, Generic Isekai, Neopets, CATastrophe, Ben 10, Ultimate SPiderman, King Arthur, Undertale, & Kamen Rider Neoheisei Part 2,

>> No.55113382

Jumper stereotypes.

>> No.55113387

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Generic Universal Monsters, Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Captain N.

>> No.55113393

It's an actual difference between the source material and fanfic on the Heart thing.

>> No.55113426

I am sorry if I am miss remembering this but I thought Uzume lost her memory and couldn't remember her Ashikabi even though she was overjoyed to meet her again. Which I guess means she remembered on some level but not consciously.

>> No.55113436

>King Arthur

I forget, can Half-Blood be taken more than once?

>> No.55113438

Ah. Sorry then, by bad

>> No.55113440

that's what the fanfic drawback is for

>> No.55113442

Would a tank that you can pull a dio with WRYYYYYY! be a good 400 cp item?

I warn you though, it's a nazi tank.

>> No.55113464

Depends on the jump

>> No.55113466

Having very fancy eyes.

>> No.55113467

What jump? And does the Nazi part mean that it's alive and will start disparaging 'minorities' and shouting sieg heil? Cause that's more of a bonus than anything, especially in place like Marvel.

>> No.55113481

I need perks that would allow one to rouse civilians to fight. (possibly by example)

>> No.55113486

>will start disparaging 'minorities' and shouting sieg heil
Huh. I did not know this was a thing that I needed. But I need it.

>> No.55113487

It... sounds reasonable enough? I imagine how worthwhile a several ton improvised weapon would be to the setting's average fighter could change that.

You doing Akatsuki Blitzkampf or something?

>> No.55113509

Epic battle fantasy. Sort of. Gonna make a gauntlet out of 1+2, and then a proper jump out of 3+4 and maybe 5 if it comes out anytime soon.

And no, it's just covered in Swastikas.

>> No.55113517

Have your children ever made you proud, /jc/?

>> No.55113518

If I go to VtR and become a vampire, could I go to VtM:B later and diablerize the Kindred there? What about other vampires from other settings? I had the idea that I want to kill LaCocks in Bloodlines via diablerie after I win the plot, and then go on and kill DIO for Za Warudo

>> No.55113549

If it's ebin as in people are destroying mountains at the lower end and stars at the upper end, that tank might not be worth 50 cp. Just keep that in mind.

>> No.55113550

What kind of parent would I be if I wasn't proud of my kid? It's called unconditional love.
Sure, little Tessie may be a psychopathic mass murderer, but goddamn if she doesn't try her best. And that's what matters

>> No.55113563

The tank is actually a supermove.

And no it's not that high tier.

>> No.55113616

>fanfic drawback
Is that something new added in the version that got eaten with the Upload Folder?

>> No.55113632

Anyone know of any perks that make it hard for the pure of heart to harm me, or atleast people aligned with good?

>> No.55113647

Something that can set a tone for your chain.
I like The Gamer, Hero BBS, or now Generic Isekai, so it is like you are in a game from the beginning, and all the way through.

>> No.55113656

Being good yourself would discourage most good people from attacking you.

>> No.55113662

I am a wandering bard. I travel and play music. easy.

>> No.55113677

There are some few perks that make you a ranking celestial or angel, with authority over lesser angels and the forces of good.

Agent of Heaven in Exalted - Sidereals, and some perk in Seven Deadly Sins for example.

>> No.55113679

He's using the Goku Face.

He's not good.

>> No.55113762

Anon asked for people aligned with good, not Goku.

To protect yourself from Goku, trying using cooking perks and some way to materialize food out of thin air. Conveniently, this also lets you defeat Beerus.

I also had a joke about acting like you're part of his family, so you'll never see him. I couldn't deliver it in a way I liked, however.

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>> No.55113844

>go to Super once it comes out
>join a team
>lose hard
>everyone else on the team gets erased, but that perk you forgot you had protects you

How do they react?

>> No.55113867

You and your universe's Angel will probably stare dumbfoundedly at each other for a bit before someone notices and Zen-Oh sends his bodyguards to murder you.

>> No.55113868

How could I go about editing every copy of a myth, or at least every copy of a book, to add in a warning about a particular spell or ritual?

>> No.55113887

That would just make people want to perform it.

>> No.55113914

That's why you write the warning in reverse psychology. Say "nothing can go wrong" so many times that even an idiot will get suspicious.

>> No.55113922

Okaley dokaley, finished a really rough Danganronpa jump with a couple placeholders. I don't feel like the perks are all distinct enough from each other, and having both Lucky Student and Reserve Course perklines is kind of redundant. Might replace one of them with a Mastermind perkline, for that sweet, sweet Despair.
Plus, I designed this as a Jump initially, but I'm still considering whether or not it should be a Gauntlet or not.
it's my first time, so p-please be rough

>> No.55113938

>You know, they really should put the warnings before the spell
>Dr. Strange.

>> No.55113986

Have you ever not worn clothes, just to screw with peoples heads?

not even with perks, just not putting any clothes on.

>> No.55113991

I don't wear shoes if that counts.

>> No.55113994

What is the cost mentioned in the luck capstone and what does the first luck perk actually do?

>> No.55114016

If we take Ultimate Lucky Student are we replacing Makoto?

>> No.55114036

This feels...really, really limited for a series with 5+ games by now.

>> No.55114048

So...why are there only 4 specific talents despite there being dozens in the games? Why would you pick those to be your origins instead of having them be a general perk so you could choose the talent? Why would you limit it so much with so many varied characters to get content from?

>> No.55114049

Please put pants on, I dont care if your abs are rippling or you're casting dank magic arts

Put pants on

>> No.55114059

Generally, if you gain something, you also lose something. For example, Nagito gained freedom, but everybody around him died in a plane crash he had to live through. He got to witness amazing talent like he wanted, but also is literally dying. Finally, in trial 5 in SDR2, he got the traitor to kill him just like he wanted, and if it wasn't for her letting herself be known, she would've gotten away with it like he wanted her to. The first luck perk is just this on a smaller scale. As long as there's someone else around you, luck will screw them over instead of you.

You can if you want, as noted in DR1 drawback.

Anon, I literally just made this. It isn't even close to done.

>> No.55114080

Like I said in the Notes, I just based the talents on general archetypes. "Protagonist," the smart person that does actual investigation, the optimistic Aoi clone, etc.

>> No.55114087

You could always just have illusion/hologram clothes and let nobody be the wiser.

>> No.55114095

How would one go about making regular cockroaches strong enough to take on those things from Terraformars? I'd like to keep them the same size and shape as a normal cockroach too if at all possible.

>> No.55114102

How do you fight?


>> No.55114105

I have never not not worn clothes.

I wear at least three layers of winter clothing when I take a shower.

>> No.55114107

Just wanted to know you are doing a great job so far and I support you, good luck. heh luck. Also any chance of their being A.I. perk line? Considering they did kinda play a nice role in the games.

>> No.55114109

>Generally, if you gain something, you also lose something.
This seems like an extremely dangerous double edge sword, why does a capstone we are paying CP for have such a huge inherent downside? And this downside infects other luck perks to turn them all into horrible double edged swords?

>> No.55114116

Well, I'm already disappointed by how little content there is and how you handled Talents but let's move on.

Truth Bullets needs detail on why it's useful outside of class trials if you're going to link perks to this.

Russian Roulette World Champion is awful. You need to describe what level of luck, not just say bullshit luck, but give examples. Having it meta effected by other perks is also really weird.

Sit the Fuck Down doesn't really feel worth 600.

Resolve and Ultimate Hope are really similar., with UH feeling like a much better version of Resolve.

Fuuuuture is really vague as to what it actually does.

The Only Functional Person Here is just a worse version of Ultimate Hope.

Honestly....I think you should maybe try something else for your first jump. This is a poor job of representing the series even on the most general, basic level and it's definitely missing loads and loads and loads of the stuff that could be in, including the most iconic stuff.

>> No.55114122

>I have never not not worn clothes.
>never not not
You fuckin' wat?

>> No.55114123

On average days, all I wear is a kilt.

I assume this counts for most average humans.

>> No.55114124

>Want to write chain about myself so I can jerk off to creative writing and submit to my sister who likes it
>Can't get over the mental barrier of writing myself as a girl "hurr durr u secretly a tranny?"
>Writing myself as a girl
>Need to rewrite chain since I'm dissatisfied with my first jumps
>Also removing the minor magical realm shit, will probably just write smut if I want that
>It's probably garbage and it probably won't receive recognition or critique

>> No.55114125

DB AF. There's a Villain perk for literally that.

>> No.55114133


>> No.55114134

Forgive me for being blunt, but that's rubbish. For one, you've gone about 'archetypes' in an incredibly poor way. Protagonist, Supporter, Despair and so on would be far superior than these botched attempts at basing them on Talents.

Two, it's an awful way to do it by basing it on Talents. One of the biggest stylistic features of the series is that everyone has their unique gimmick. Except apparently the Jumper, who has no choice but to pick from one of four gimmicks that are similar to existing stuff anyway.

>> No.55114145

Honestly Zen-Oh would probably find that omoshiroi enough that he'd spare you. The Grand Priest and most of the angels would be pretty butthurt though.

>> No.55114148

A mix of all the people I've sparred with/learned from so far, plus whatever styles I've bought, depending on the situation.

Boxing is my go-to, though.

>> No.55114166

>Nothing for Kumas and barely anything for the Despair side, most of what is there is worse versions of the first origin
>90% of the characters in the series, or more, has nothing for them in the series.
>No Pick Your Own Super Highschool Talent perk
>The whole thing is a botched combination of a jump and gauntlet.
...man. Really? Just...have you even seen the series you're making a jump for? Because it really feels like you made this from a wiki and watching the anime because you missed out so many cool things.

>> No.55114192

Do you have problems eating things you can turn into?

>> No.55114203

Do animals and mystic beasts also have to take the Stranded drawback for no points in Generic Isekai?

>> No.55114212

Russian Roulette World Champion really needs some actual examples of what it can do. Also, a toggle, like Ultimate Luck.

I would very much be in favor of a Mastermind/Despair perkline.

Weren't you going to make a gauntlet AND a jump?

>> No.55114236

Hold up.

Didn't you state something involving >>55114049 pic related stealing your shtick a while back.

>> No.55114250

No, for one thing that would be really awkward with any of the powers that consist of eating things to gain their powers.

>> No.55114268

Maybe bump it down to 300/400 cp undiscounted. Something like that isn't really worth 600 cp unless all the other capstones have some similar drawback. And even then, definitely remove the fact that it fucks you over for taking perks from other jumps. Otherwise you might as well put in red text telling people not to take it.

>> No.55114285

As my father always said "If it's slower than me and dumber than me, pass the salt."

Course, I have to emphasize that being in comparison to a normal human.

>> No.55114315


>> No.55114321

>tfw have a jumper who looks like that but with red eyes (when he/she's not the bishie-est kitsune)

>> No.55114322

What are some good "friend to children" perka?

How many of these perks can you take before it becomes creepy?

>> No.55114329

Import into DBZ.

>> No.55114331

I usually have pants on, but I often only wear a vest up-top

>> No.55114339

Beast Boy is a retarded twink femboy. When he turns into a cow, his cognizance isn't reduced to the level of a cow. It's still human, if noticeably below average.

Or to answer your question: no.

>> No.55114346

That pic reminds me, do we have any actual headpat perks?

>> No.55114352

Nope, I don't even mind eating humans that've died of natural causes.

>> No.55114353

If I shouldn't be able to fit my intellect in its brain but acted normally anyway, that implies I didn't transform all the way. As such, I never really /was/ that creature and have no shared point of view with it.

Maybe if I was doing some recon I might have become a prey animal and gotten chased, but being in the food chain rather than on top isn't anything special. Apex predators aren't the only type of predator, or no-one would bother with the prefix. A little scare now and again doesn't stop them, so why should it stop me?

>> No.55114360

I know we're supposedly getting a Bane jump but is an Old Republic jump in the works?

>> No.55114370


>> No.55114372


>> No.55114374

Waifu Exalted

>> No.55114375

KOTOR takes place during the Old Republic.

>> No.55114392

Specifically children? that new witches jump(was it just called Witches or something?) has a good one. As for your second question? Its only creepy if you have creepy intentions.

>> No.55114416

I think anon means the SWTOR online game.

>> No.55114418

I get that this is a draft and all but I feel like even at this stage, the basic structure you've set out is just really clashing against what people love about the series. Maybe it might be best to rethink it before you get too far in.

>> No.55114430

Learn Hokuto Shinken.

There's probably a technique for good headpats, but there's also a very real risk it will make them explode.

>> No.55114442


>> No.55114449

[PLASMA STORM INTENSIFIES]. Yin Kurama+Storm Release+Uzumaki+Fuin doing Enduring Whirlpool was a fun build. Fluffed it as the Konoha-Uzushio alliance getting stronger by splitting the nine-tails in exchange for sealing secrets, and then then I ended up teaching Naruto and co, Naruto on "how do i jinchuriki" because I couldn't find Madara in time.

>> No.55114458

A and S are right next to each other on a keyboard, and some people don't spellcheck.

>> No.55114475

Creepy to others or creepy to you?

Important distinction.

>> No.55114476

>Ultimate Coroner
>Not Ultimate Detective or some other shit.
Por que?

>> No.55114482

Are there any good Isekai animes to watch? The jump got me interested int eh genre again.

Science Fantasy so that I can use pretty much anything I want and just say it's magitech or explain everything away with technobabble.

Brutus claimed it forever ago, and you can find a wip in the archives. I don't know if he's still working on it or not.

>> No.55114516

There's no such thing as good isekai.

>> No.55114524

Konosuba is supposed to be pretty good, also heard some good things about Grimgar. Not many Isekai anime though, good or otherwise, since they are mostly in the form of Webnovels and Light Novels.

>> No.55114533

Hmm, got another headache. Here's hoping this one is coherent.

War: Fate/Prototype
+200CP Helping Heart
-300CP Companion Immigration
Enforcer (Free)
Servant (Free)
Command Seals (Free)
Status Page (Free)
Magic Circuits (Free)
-800CP Reality Marble (Weight of The World)
Combat Magus (Free)
-100CP “Useless” Magic (Discount)
Dapper Dressing (Free)


>> No.55114544

Smartphone Isekai is pretty good :^)

>> No.55114545

What would it take to make you dress up as a pretty princess, jumper?

>> No.55114559

Being in chick mode, mostly. and I have a duplicate for that most days.

>> No.55114561

Not much, If I really like the dress.

Although some might object to a nine foot tall insect man dressed as such. Others however...

>> No.55114565

>4544 ▶
>Smartphone Isekai is pretty good :^)

What are you talking about?

>> No.55114568

Actually being a princess, losing a bet, being brainwashed into thinking I'm a princess (somehow), or just feeling very much like doing so for whatever reason.

>> No.55114573


who the fuck would honestly just

>> No.55114583

There's an isekai where a dude lands in a fantasy world

and the only thing special about him is that he has his smartphone.

There are selfies galore, and it is GOD AWFUL TRASH.

>> No.55114593

Goin' to Avatar, both of 'em. Should I double-Genius Water or Air?

>> No.55114599


I know, I wanted to ask why that anon said it was good.

>> No.55114604

I wonder if it'd be possible to alter the laws of physics such that, should someone try to take a selfie, their phone/camera explodes.

>> No.55114608

Neither, take both.

>> No.55114615

Just use a false name.

>> No.55114616

>He says in /jc/.
What did he mean by this? Besides 'I'm the same kind of niggerfaggot that scared Tamerai off from Generic Isekai and nearly did the same to Softanon'?

>> No.55114620

Water, for sure.

>> No.55114631

It's not.

That's why the :^) face

he's being a son of a bitch.

>> No.55114639

>implying this is good by any objective measure

>> No.55114642

No, and I don't have problems eating humans either. Not after Tokyo Ghoul. That was one hell of a ride. I guess that makes me a kumiho rather than a kitsune now.

>> No.55114644

Take both and just train yourself up to max levels in either. Maybe invest in some ki enhancement.

>> No.55114650

When comparing most things you should always jump to the endgame. Will you train it? Yes? Pick Air. At the highest levels it's just straight destruction of anything that falls under that purview. No? Pick Water if that's simply what you prefer. At the endgame Air is unequivocally the strongest of the four classical elements.

>> No.55114653

It's trash, but ti's trash that knows what it is. Like a bad action movie, just turn your brain off and enjoy. It's really stereotypical and the hero is a real effing mary sue. But it alright if your down for trash.

>> No.55114655

Did you enjoy getting your head crushed by a tractor?

>> No.55114658

I think the luck perks need some revising.

The first perk.. seems to remove all direct benefits from being lucky? It's not great, considering most 'luck' is already going to implicitly include other people being screwed over, but only if that would actually be advantageous to you. But now not only do you yourself not get lucky, but you have to worry about accidentally ruining everything for everyone around you, friends and foe alike.

The second one is also a problem, considering you're buying a capstone that makes you just as unlucky as you are lucky (if in extremely specific ways), and scales it against how lucky you are. Pus apparently "everyone else" (i.e. copanions) "die horrible deaths".

>> No.55114661

You are a man among men. Thank you based photoshop anon.

>> No.55114677


>> No.55114704

>tfw I don't have the MACHINES OF LABOR screencap

>> No.55114781

I believe so, unfortunately.

Here's the new jump.

>> No.55114785

He turns into as many carnivores as he does plant eaters, and those plant eaters would probably prefer wild plants. If turning into animals actually effected his diet by their instincts or something, he would probably still be an omnivore.

So its entirely a choice based on the idea that eating something that he turns into is bad or somehow cannibalistic. So honestly I don't see it being a thing for me.

>> No.55114795

>Hating Konosuba

>> No.55114808

That's the plan. I'm probably pitching the current chain that I'm writing for the reasons above. It's not well written and the first jump has some magical realm stuff that's never mentioned again, plus I want to revise the builds. It's basicallynot possible for me to incorporate magical realm stuff into the chain, and I doubt that if /jc/ were to read it, they'd want to see it. Just as well, I'd be giving up most of the need, use or interest of my magical realm when I cast off the mortal coil.

>> No.55114856

As a tattoo carrying Lunar with Knacks to allow me to be a vast array of beings, including humans, I can say with certainty that hunting down and eating things isn't an issue.
This is actually more important for humans, since you don't want to leave evidence that Bob the Janitor died when you're planning on infiltrating some place he worked at as him.

>> No.55114871

What else was in the upload folder that was lost? Can we ban that Casey faggot from the new one once Brutus creates it?

>> No.55114969

Very nice. thanks Bramastra.
Are you working on the seond part now or are you going to work on Stellar Transformations?

Why must I have the weakness of sleep!!!! I'm never around when cool stuff happens!!!

>> No.55115004

Check out "How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis".
It's not great, but it's not bad.
Except the gender politics, goddamn.
Okay, so there isn't a good isekai.

>> No.55115034

So what the hell can you even do with Fuinjutsu Prodigy in Naruto? Seal bijuu?

>> No.55115052

What's the best jump to learn to punch space fleets?

>> No.55115063

Asura's Wrath.

>> No.55115137

Seal most anything, I'd imagine. People, elements, places, monsters. Good for storage, too.

>> No.55115173

Seal spells into talismans in order to cast them later?

>> No.55115183

I'm pretty sure that is an actual use of it. At least I recall something about sealed fireballs at one point, and that seals can be used to store jutsu. The concept is basically the same even if it's magic rather than ninja magic.

>> No.55115190

>seal Uzushio and push it somewhere else
>it's now a district of Konoha

>> No.55115222

>So what the hell can you even do with Fuinjutsu Prodigy in Naruto?

>Seal bijuu?
Yes and storage scrolls and explosion tags. Other than that who knows? Fanon treats sealing like fanon Harry Potter runes and wards which means they do everything.

>> No.55115226

Pretty sure Tsunade's forehead diamond is actually a type of seal, so there's potentially storing energy directly too.
Orochimaru's Seal of Heaven is, well, a seal. Given the Bijuu seal, Tsunade above and Orochimaru's SoH, grants of power via fuinjutsu should be possible.

And now I can think of some fun new methods of fulfilling temporary contracts - Fuinjutsu to seal a Demon Spawn with the chosen abilities into someone. Especially if the seal allows the minion to influence the host.

>> No.55115251

How powerful is Saint Martha compared to other servants in fate?

>> No.55115296

>Orochimaru's Seal of Heaven is, well, a seal.
Strictly speaking, it's a seal restricting and guiding the flow of natural energy that the enzymes (derived from Jugo's biology) he injects into people with his bites cause. The seal doesn't grant power directly. It's like with the Jinchuriki seals or the stored power in Tsunade's Yin Seal. The seals don't directly empower people, they just guide and shape another source of power so it works properly.

>> No.55115311


>> No.55115324

You know given that your dragon was a dragon from fate it is a phantasmal species right?

>> No.55115335

I feel like combining this with Alkestric tattoos has merit somehow.... Something to gather ambient energy to charge an internal philosophers stone?

>> No.55115336

I wasn't claiming that seals could "make" power - They seal the power, storing it and releasing it according to their designs, but the power still comes from elsewhere.

Hence why I also thought to use Demon Spawn as the source of power.

>> No.55115345


Fairly decent. Riders aren't supposed to be powerful on their own by nature, but she's got okay stats. Has decent class and personal skills to balance it out as well along with a Dragon for a Noble Phantasm, which is supposed to be upper tier stuff.

Overall? Above average, but not the greatest.

>> No.55115351

I know, I was just clarifying in case anyone else got confused. Sorry if it sounded like I was trying to correct you, that's my bad.

>> No.55115361

if you rotate the naruto map 180° it looks almost like europe sorta


>> No.55115372

Chakra storage seals on a jinchuriki, UNLIMITED POWER or "Never consume an energy field larger than your head"?

>> No.55115392

Ain't it mostly NPs that make them strong. Which by Nasu's own logic should make them op, but not really because of game logic/balance.

>> No.55115397

Build an emergence release system just in case. otherwise it seems like a good idea to me. not like they use much of their power in a day..

>> No.55115421


Exactly, that's how the Rider Class works. Just happens to be she also has good skills too, which in universe means a lot but in the game are basically 1 to 3 turn mini buffs. Interpret them how you will.

>> No.55115441

Biju Chakra isn't all smiles and sunshine anon. It's not possible to seal a Biju into just anyone, because if the person isn't compatible they could die. Even if a person is compatible there is likely a limit to how much chakra they can handle.

>> No.55115444

Fuinjutsu can be used to seal things. It can be used to seal objects or energy into smaller objects or even the symbols themselves. It can be used to seal and bind concepts, such as placing a seal upon an object to seal its destruction. Thereby making that object invincible until the seals it's bound to are removed or destroyed. It can also be used to seal things like souls or memories. Basically it's the concept of either placing something inside of something else or removing the influence of something by restricting it.

>> No.55115447

The one with the biggest Noble Phantasm doesn't always win. The thing is that the bigger the noble phantasm the bigger the prana cost. Gilgamesh is special in that his Noble Phantasm is absolutely bullshit efficiency wise

>> No.55115453

The thing is that in a normal Grail War, while Riders might have among the most powerful Noble Phantasms, usually having them as a selling point, they don't generate their own energy. Their master is their battery, and not an unlimited one, meaning they have to be conservative with how they use their giant fuck off ability or weapon.

>> No.55115455


Gilgamesh's whole appeal is that he's a broken turd covered in golden armor. He doesn't need to make sense, he runs off of cool fumes.

>> No.55115482

From a narrative perspective this is true. But in universe he basically only needs to pay the cost for Gate of Babylon once at the start of the war and can keep it open for the rest of the war with no maintenance cost; This to fire off A-Rank noble phantasms as arrows and get defense vs everything items.

>> No.55115508

I thought his appeal was being a prettyboy that slams that androgynous mud pussy every night

>> No.55115510

Spoken like someone who has yet to grasp the concept of "Jumpers are Bullshit" /jk
I was leaning towards it before but now I am certain. I am going to give up some flavor of fancy eyes in order to grab fuinjutsu specialization. Fuin has way too much utility to not go all in on.

>> No.55115512

I don't know anything about Fate other then it being shit, but a H. P. Lovecraft as a servant sounds kool.

>> No.55115528

Servants rely mostly on their skills (as in, knowledge and training) and Skills. Stats are only rarely of direct importance because most Servants aren't stupid enough to try to get into a competition of raw strength against, say Heracles. Even without knowing who the Servant is, their Class already gives you an idea of where their strengths are for Stats (and some skills and Skills.)

Their NP is more of a trump card that invalidates any attempt to conceal their identity - Which is important, since legends often have equally legendary weaknesses. Cú Chulainn has some very glaring openings to exploit, for example.

>> No.55115534


Hmm, how do I describe my headcanon?

Long story short, Hyledd came from King Arthur Jump. My thoughts on that are that even though she is a native dragon from the setting, as her original drawback states. However, she isn't a "phantasmal species" as it was merely a setting import. This also doesn't happen in Fate/Jumpchain because as the servant Kiyohime her legend (and the wiki) states that it is merely a temporary state as she turned into a dragon out of the power and hate and love. Only in the use of the Noble Phantasm does she become a "Dragon" by Fate standards, gaining the status of a Phantasmal Species and losing it afterward when it is completed.

tl;dr: I don't consider her to be one unless using the Noble Phantasm because I feel it's too OP for an early chain and I don't want my characters becoming BBEG level yet.

>> No.55115554

Jumpers are bullshit doesn't apply when just talking about things in one setting.

>> No.55115556

I can just imagine Achilles using his NP, and absolutely everyone trying to stab him in the heel afterwards.

>> No.55115566

Yeah, but if the Bijuu's already sealed into you the chakra shouldn't be too dangerous, and it gives you a fucking insane chakra reserve.

>> No.55115568

Gilgamesh doesn't strike me as the type of person who cares about gender. If I remember correctly he has a preference for virginal (wo)men (If my memory of extella is good)

>> No.55115579

I thought the idea was to use a seal similar to Tsunade's that would gather the excess for storage, which the host could then tap for a "recharge" in high-use situations (hopefully at a controlled rate.)
Best way, I think, would be to have it draw the mixed/converted host chakra rather than the pure bijuu chakra.

>> No.55115621

Why did you post the finished jump already when some anon was apparently in the process of editing it, and still found apparently almost 1000 mistakes?

>> No.55115622

And that's exactly why they try to keep their identity concealed, generally. Obviously there are exceptions, not to name any Alexanders.

>> No.55115646


When not a single Master in the Holy Grail War has considered taking a picture of an enemy servant and doing an image search

>> No.55115649

Except that it was a theme for a certain stretch of the story that Naruto kept hurting himself by using the chakra. Even B was shown to harm himself from using it to some degree and he had already mastered things by that point. Naruto's healing chakra cloak was a 180 on this concept, when previously he was wearing away at his body, and though it healed him there was still some damage that remained after using it.
That should work better, or possibly perfectly fine. Only issue at that point would be damage to the chakra network from overuse, but that can be solved with training.

>> No.55115650

Why did you wait six hours to try to start an argument? You this lazy?

>> No.55115665

>start an argument
I really don't know why you think of this as starting an argument. It was a legit question.

>> No.55115668

Ah, but remember, all these people died before the invention of photography. And all the art of them is as it would be in our world, so they'd look nothing like their anime prettyboy/waifu versions.

>> No.55115670

>implying Magi know how to use the internet.

>> No.55115672

I'm debating about introducing Tiberium to other universes like EVE Online and Star Wars.

>> No.55115675

Because as Gilgamesh, Alexander, and Artoria show.
History books got their looks wrong.

>> No.55115686

>has considered taking a picture of an enemy servant and doing an image search

Nasuverse magus bias against the modern easily explains this. And, you know, try searching for Oda Nobunaga in an image search when you're taking a photo of a girl. Likewise King Arthur.
Or anyone born before photographs were a thing (this is, obviously, most Servants.)

>> No.55115687

Oh, no, of course it was a legitimate question. You definitely didn't drag up a discussion from a past thread and mischaracterize it in order to start drama, you're just that stupid that you can't understand what was being talked about. Is this really what you want to go with? That you're not a troll, just stupid? Pathetic.

>> No.55115693

It wouldn't be as devastating to Space Capable civilizations.

>> No.55115701

>all of that salt
Alright? I'll just wait for Bramastra to come over.

>> No.55115702


Forget someone?

>> No.55115713

Yes actually, my mistake.
I forgot Nero.

>> No.55115714

Begin seeding Tiberium on enemy worlds.
Mine them for profit.

>> No.55115716

I maintain that the history books are exactly right, and the Servant summoning ritual is just inaccurate. I mean, Zelretch invented that thing. The glaring discrepancies between historical records and what the Servants are like can be chalked up to him messing with people. Maybe there's a Kaleidoscope aspect in there summoning alternate-reality versions of Servants, maybe they're just being made up entirely, either way it makes so much more sense than "every historian throughout the entirety of human existence is a complete idiot".

>> No.55115737

Speaking of semi-modern Servants...
How does the Red Baron sound for a Rider class Servant?

>> No.55115740

Well you do have to remember that in the weirdness that is Nasuverse, history literally did get rewritten, and scientists aren't actually figuring out how reality works as much as accidentally forcing their vision of it on Gaia's reality.

>> No.55115741

So you're going with the "I don't care what the story has, repeatedly, said. I'm gonna go with my head canon" explanation? I mean sure.
It's not like Grand Order had a non-servant Nero or anything.

>> No.55115753

The Wright Bros are legit Heroic Spirits, no reason why the Red Baron can't be one himself.

>> No.55115764

>Maybe there's a Kaleidoscope aspect in there summoning
There is. The Throne of Heroes isn't tied to any specific instance of a world, and the ritual explicitly pulls from the Throne.

>> No.55115765

I know but they potential political and socioeconomic changes caused by its appearance and use would be interesting. Though I know that I think about it Battletech would be an interesting choice as well. I do wonder how much it would really change things in the universe of EVE Online since they already have such impressive industrial capabilities.

>> No.55115773

I would LOVE a Red Baron Rider.
And a White Death Assassin.

>> No.55115777

Am I misremembering, or isn't the Seal of Heaven also an attempt to artificially give access to nature chakra/sage mode? _cursed_ seal of heaven because it's kinda buggy still?

>> No.55115778

No, I'm going to go with the "the story is bad because it insults the very concept of human endeavor, so it doesn't fucking matter if I rewrite it" explanation.

>> No.55115790

"I don't like X, so I'm going to rewrite it and pretend I'm going to the canon setting"

>> No.55115805

No, it's a "curse seal" because it allows the sealer to gain influence over the one branded with it. That's all that curse seals are in Naruto, any seal a person can use to control another. So the seal the Hyuuga Branch House has to wear? Counts as a curse seal, because someone who knows the trigger can cause the wearer incredible pain until they submit to their will.

As for artificial access to natural energy, kind of. It's not granting senjutsu abilities, but just having that natural energy in you does offer a powerup.

>> No.55115812

Amusingly, you could even have Richthofen in a Lily version from when he was a recon cavalryman.

>> No.55115815

Have you ever considered that your opinion on the concept of human endeavor is incorrect in a story where humans can turn into dragons through meme magic?

>> No.55115827

Huh? Oh, no, I'm not going to Nasuverse at all. That place is a shithole, and the jumps set there don't offer me anything I want enough to consider dealing with it. I'm just insulting your terrible, terrible fandom. You are garbage humans.

Nope. Humans turning into dragons doesn't matter. Humans being rational agents capable of learning about the world and accurately recording the information they've gathered does matter, though. And the basic premise of Nasuverse is "humans can never, ever do that, because God exists and she hates us for trying to". It's a disgusting place.

>> No.55115838

Red Baron Noble Phantasm: Bloody April. Whatever rank it is, it'd definitely require a + to make it more deadly to anything in the air, and probably be anti-army.

>> No.55115853

What I wanna know is if you can break seals.
Neji and the rest of the secondary branch members of Hyuga need to be free.
Slavery ain't cool, man.

Also, could a set of seals be used to make a sort of elemental gun powered by your own chakra? With a set of dials or something to control the element(s) and output.
Could you make a golem? A set of golems, that you nest within each other, so that when people defeat the current one, a bigger nastier golem pops out?
Holy shit. I'm gonna wreck some stuff if even half of this is possible.

>> No.55115862

You sound unreasonably butthurt about your headcanon being defied. I mean the Nasuverse is dumb, but your reason for being angry at it is as silly as arguing about thermodynamics in a setting where magical girls exist that isn't called Madoka.

You must absolutely despise Lovecraft.

>> No.55115864

lol ok

>> No.55115887

Ah alright, thanks. So I was 1/3-1/2 right (At least in that it is using nature chakra to empower the person it's on) if I understood you right.

I didn't realize "cursed" was simply naruto terminology for seals that can control. Thanks.

>> No.55115901

Sounds about right. Would make him an interesting match in the Gil/Lancelot fight.

>> No.55115955

/jc/, BEHOLD! A jump made over a day of hard work and sudden inspiration! Yeah, that anon asking about working on a different jump was me, surprise! No, I have not given up on Nocturne. Writer's block or not, I do plan on completing it eventually. I just had a wave of inspiration for this, so I decided to do it now. I'm feeling pretty exhausted, right now, but I'll try and stay up for as long as I can. Thoughts, comments, criticisms?

Also, to Digger and that one anon from last thread, hope this lives up to your expectations.

>> No.55116011


That sounds really, really familiar for some reason? I swear I remember it from one of the final fantasies or something.

>> No.55116025

Thanks for the Jump DeSu! Now to google it so I can figure out what the heck it is.

>> No.55116065

I think I know what you're talking about, but I can't remember the name. It's not a Final Fantasy game, though, I know that.

It's a pretty great series, though sadly it only ever got two real games. Ironically, NiGHTS has appeared in more Sonic games then in NiGHTS!

>> No.55116097

Baten Kaitos, that was what it was! Though it's spelled Wiseman. We actually have that jump on the drive too.

>> No.55116118

So Fate is Mage the Ascension but with no technocracyposting?

>> No.55116131

Just for amusement, I shall be a cute little dream Heartless Tyranid-Dragon. Everyone shall be comforted by my not-at-all terrifying form.

>> No.55116145

Except that Collective Reality comes from Gaia rather than the subconscious beliefs of the Sleepers, that's not a bad way of looking at it.

>> No.55116172

Yes and no.
Because Humans are making their own Collective Reality that is overwriting Gaia's. Contrary to what one anon claims, Humans are not discovering the "true laws of reality that Gaia hid from us", we're making our own species-wide Reality Marble, that operates on rules that 'make sense' for the human mentality.

>> No.55116186

I can see it now...

>Huh? Oh, that's just Jumper. Isn't he cute?

>> No.55116224

Would you consider Devil Survivor hard to survive? I ask because normal teenagers were able to survive, I imagine skilled individuals with some perks from 3 or so jumps could probably survive with Out of Setting knowledge

>> No.55116246

Most of the world gets carpet bombed by nukes during your stay.

>> No.55116259

Uhh sorry specifically devil survivor 2, mb

>> No.55116270

>Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Dragon Ball AF)
>SCP-2400 (SCP Foundation)
>Heavengazer Tower (Desolate Era)

So, combining these three, you would get a x51100000 accelerated time rate. Each second would equal a year on the inside of the deepest layer.

What's your excuse to not training yourself?

>> No.55116284

Ops, didn't meant to quote. Just wanted to open the quick reply.

>> No.55116287

>Jumpman the Wicked
>I can literally do the "So long as there is evil" thing
...Shit I was hoping to be a Visitor.

>> No.55116328

Spending a thousand years in a white room doing the same thing thousands of times over is boring and I don't wanna

>> No.55116330

>For the time limit on the HTC, which you can only use like 2-3 times in your entire life, that equals 140,000 years
Pretty good I suppose, but that use limit lowers all later accelerations to x140000

>> No.55116349

>Not getting a boredom immunity perk

>> No.55116372

You know, you could get the same result by going to Rick and Morty and nesting Microverse Batteries within each other. And you'd also have neat little energy and raw material source.

>> No.55116385

Just because it isn't boring doesn't mean it is fun

>> No.55116393

I think you are using other version of the HTC. The one in DBAF doesn't has any limits on its use.

>> No.55116412

The cast of both these games aren't exactly normal, anon. Most of them either have some form of military or supernatural training, are super geniuses, are reincarnations of mythical beings who either have a claim to the throne of Hell or remember hundreds of past lives, have been possessed by gods, demons, and angels or could summon them simply by believing hard enough, or are an alien that's basically the right hand man of the God Queen of the Multiverse. Plus, keep in mind they were from games with save scamming and level grinding.

As for how dangerous it is? I'd say make sure you have rapid level grinding perks so you can keep up with the rising difficulty, and get a lot of experience and skill before hand as well. Also, probably a good idea to stick by the side of the cast, since otherwise you kind end up squashed. Also, don't take on the 800cp drawbacks without being sufficiently bullshit yourself. Seriously, it's not a good idea.

Glad you like it, anon!

>> No.55116413

You could always get a 'you enjoy training/studying' perks.

Or you could just use an unlimited time stop. It's just that some people fear that since those are specifically got with CP, the subjective time might count towards the ten year limit.

I don't share that view, but it's nice to have those items.

>> No.55116419

save scumming* Shit.

>> No.55116422

I really would not like to spend 31 million years training and doing the same things in a blank void under pretty much any circumstance, and I really don't want anything that would make me totally okay with that either.

>> No.55116440

Pretty certain you should stay with the cast regardless if only to avoid being erased by the void. Also yeah you don't need to tell me to be careful about an 800 cp disadvantage.

Thanks for your reply.

>> No.55116441

>save scamming
Psst. Hey, save. Wanna buy a watch? Genuine gold Rolex!

>> No.55116448

>Wants to be immortal
>Doesn't want to do things that take millions of years

What's the point?

>> No.55116452

Wait a second was the Daichi fall under?

(Same Poster)

>> No.55116491

Perhaps NuBee wants to die after a few trillion years

Like a pleb

>> No.55116506

Yeah, that's true. Fair enough.

No problem anon, hope you enjoy!

Alright, this made me laugh. Nice one anon.

I'd say Daichi would be one of the exceptions, normally, except that guy is surprisingly competent when he steps up to the plate. In the one timeline where the MC is erased, he is one of the last survivors, alongside Yamato 'I have bullshit magical dragonstream powers plus tons of combat and magical training' Hotsuin.

>> No.55116510

Try spending a kalpa in a floating, kung fu fighting void with only a tattoo and the ghost of wushu-that-was for company.

>> No.55116518

Honestly, a lot of those special traits only ever come up once or twice and don't really help them otherwise. And the military training parts...don't really seem to put them that far above everyone else, including the normal high schoolers.

>> No.55116535

Youngster these days...

>> No.55116555

To be fair, I'm pretty sure Izuna is just incompetent in general.


>> No.55116570

I like the concepts of training and getting better and all that, but I'm just not attached to it to the point that I'd forego all other experiences for vast periods of my life. I especially don't care if there's no end goal too it other than the pursuit of strength. That ain't me.

I am absolutely pleb tier on a few things compared to most.

>> No.55116578

You are more like me, a train on the go/train on resort kind of guy I see. I approve

>> No.55116601

Yes, absolutely. Training and experimentation is in the schedule, but so is tinkering in the lab, brunch with the waifu, hanging out with companions and Jumper Kids. If there's a big bad threatening the world I'll work until I can take them or help someone else to do it. Otherwise, getting stronger is hobby level.

>> No.55116624

>Jumper kids
How many kids do you have?

>> No.55116630

Speaking of past Grail Wars, did anybody have any fun stories to share about how their versions went?

G1: Get roped into a shady Oriental mystery ritual and scammed out of some mana, end up possessed by the ghost of a Spaniard and winning when everyone else DNF'd.

G2: This is why we don't invite that weirdo possessed by a ghost anymore. They just break in, eat all our food, and peace out. Let's get the church in on this.

G3: Due to breaking into the castle of creepy albinos and stealing their loot, Einzberns used a backup catalyst of the Knights Templar battle standard, while someone else did the exact same thing. Saber de Molay rallied the good masters and the Church against Caster de Molay who proxy summoned the Four Horseman. The idea of evil still made it's way into the Grail. Blame the Nazi magus.
Game called on account of crusade.

G4: War of the Seven Kings. Also, everything is on fire, which doesn't matter to the peasantry who were at the science fair watching film reels.
Grail war victor inconclusive. Might be that guy over there with the pot on his head.

>> No.55116636

Is your waifu a six foot tall Australian woman?

>> No.55116637

Three in my current chain, though one was adopted. I think I talked about it a few times a while back.

>> No.55116651

Technically, no. Functionally, yes.

>> No.55116665

How long have they been kid that you still hang out with them so much?

>Technically, no
Is your waifu a giant spider?

>> No.55116687

>Desolate Era
>You can get a palace with a room that contains a world that is as big ass your solar system, fully populated

Damn, I love carrying populations with me. I guess this is going to be fused with my other stuff.

>> No.55116692

whats this from?

>> No.55116703

Oh, they're not kids anymore, but they will always be Jumper's kids if that makes sense. Also, technically speaking, only the adopted daughter still likes to hang out with Jumper, bonding over weapons and thinking he's cool. The biological kids usually go out and do their own thing. They don't have many shared interests, grew up around him enough to not be as impressed.

As in, technically it's not Val, it's an OC, albeit one that was later split in two with Twins Basil, Twins. Functionally, it's Val, it's absolutely Val. It's Val in every sense other than true identity.

>> No.55116704

Huh, Desolate Era >>55111284

The item's name is Manor of Immortal What’s-His-Name.

>> No.55116705

>Desolate Era

>> No.55116713

>That image
Hey, want to buy a silk shirt? It's made from genuine spider silk. I traded your hopes and dreams to the spider behind you for it.

>> No.55116720

Kishimoto wanted to do that in Naruto, but never found a good spot for it, so it went into Boruto instead. There's a device called a 'kote' that shoots a tiny scroll out and uses the technique.

Boruto uses it to cheat. Naruto kicks him out for cheating. Boruto is even more of a little shit than Naruto was, if the name didn't give it away.

>> No.55116725

Welp, I'm heading off. Goodnight all.

>> No.55116733

Goodnight senpai

>> No.55116740

Goodnight dude.

>> No.55116773

Sweet dreams DiSu.

>> No.55116794

...why the fuck didn't I think of that?

>> No.55116812

I suppose it's not really a standout concept given Gilles exists.

>> No.55116845

You realize he'd have to be a berserker, of course. Driven mad by the knowledge of things beyond.

>> No.55116902

Having read it, No, the fanfiction is not what I am talking about. It makes the Sailor Moon jump based on a fanfiction.

I'm talking about something that makes it so after your Sailor Moon jump is complete, you get summoned to the Dungeon Keeper (or Dungeon Keeper Ami) as your very next jump, the way Ami was summoned from the Sailor Moon continuity to the Dungeon Keeper one,

>> No.55116908

Water + Chi (Lego Legends of Chima) = antro-versions of middling competence.

However if we're doing this with keeping them he same size and shape as a normal cockroach we're going to have to dig deeper into our old bag of tricks.

SimAnts is for School for Ants then you'll need a way to uplift animals/insects for this I would like to point out the magnificent world of Card Captor Sakura and the Drop-In tree which can allow you to MASS PRODUCE MAGICAL GIRL ANIMAL COMPANIONS, this will come up later. Now that all of the cockroaches have the ability to be at least simi-intelligent we'll be using Actually Teaching (IOU) to make all the training/mintorship/etc perks get shoved into a single brief training montage if you're seeking workable competence, but you'll need about... a semester of college (round 12-15 Weeks) to turn out professional experts and at 2-4 hours on average you can run the cockroaches approximately six different sessions of Actually Teaching per day, remember cockroaches only need approximately 4 hours of sleep, this requires you to have some sort of endless stamina.

Now after one 12~15 week session you should be able to release the students and if you stuck to only skills that they could learn and you taught them a certain spell from the Card Captor Sakura system they'll slowly convert more and more over to this network, for maximum cheese you'll want to have The System (Generic Isekai) and a Mentor-like skill that allows you your students to learn what you do (Examples of this in real games are Final Fantasy Tactics and the Disgaea series) allowing you to slowly trickle down your skills until it opens the floodgates and you have hundreds of millions of cockroaches training their own students.

That's all I can think up off the top of my head, sorry.

The later parts can be applied to the earlier parts much easier.

>> No.55116915

...why not just wank that that's how it works by taking the jump directly after?

This is some pretty obscene level of hand holding.

>> No.55116960

I think what anon's asking for is Continuity rather than a "fanfic" option.
You could always fanwank it, of course (especially since I've never seen any continuity drawbacks that were anything other than +0 options.)

>> No.55116998

I'm fine with anyone who does this >>55116915

>> No.55117004


>> No.55117048

existential risks prevention

>> No.55117052

Cheap as hell, easy to make magic bullets? Sign me up! ....I wonder how much scroll-paper you can fit in a 40mm grenade?

>> No.55117061

So I'd got to ask, where does magic and magic circuits fit into this? Are they a part of one Reality Marble or another? What about "Sorcery" and True Magics?

>> No.55117097

Is Clover still about?

>> No.55117106

True magic is using the path to the root to tell reality to eat a dick, it is pure undiluted hax bullshit that violently rapes the common sense.

>> No.55117114

That's a bit complicated. Magic Circuits themselves didn't exist until Solomon and Goetia.

As for True Magic, given that it's based on what humans can accomplish versus what humans cannot accomplish, strikes me as a human managing to personally incorporate Gaia's reality directly into their own Human Order reality.

>> No.55117116

Loving life Loveing MATH anon is back!
1. The Atlamillia Altar from the Dark Cloud 2 Scenario is able to create a settlement in which time moves twice as fast or cut it off from time entirely. The latter is neat but the former is the real meat of the subject here. This is a simple modifier of x2.
2. Enter Hyperbolic Time Chamber (DBZ Lookout Version) making 1 day into 1 year. This is a simple multiplier of 365.25 (Using a standard earth calendar year here.) [We have a maximum of seven days]
3. Enter Warehouse which has Clock of the Ages active. Clock of Ages (Narnia) is a variable based on the number of Jumps you've had it. (Starts at half-speed slow mo or double speed, improving by 20% every Jump) We'll go with a minimum for this case. This multiplier is effectively a x2 at the time of the experiment.
4. Enter prepared SCP-2400 in which time moves 140 times.
5. Drop the property Heavengazer Tower inside via either a Cultivation Technique, there's a dude who holds a planet in the palm of his hand, or something like Plopable Properties from Cities Skylines.
6. Enter the tower and throw down a Mage the Awakening Time Bubble (Going from the canon baseline of x6)
7. Settle down and use the Ki Dojo which allows for x100 training of body and mind. Stamina Based.
Let's go one day of training shall we.

1(Day) x2 (Atlamillia Altar) = 2 x 365.25 (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) = 730.5 Days x2 (Clock of Ages) = 1461 Days x 140 (SCP-2400) = 204,540 Days x 1000 (Heavengazer Tower) = 204,540,000 x6 (Mage the Awakening Time Bubble)= 1,227,240,000 x 100 (Ki Dojo) = 122,724,000,000 days (End Result of 336,000,000 Years of Training in one Earth Standard 24 hour day)

For added benefits and Maximum Gains!
Tireless (Overlord), The Montage Perk (Magick IIRC) and Training perks.
Not sure if you can but you may be able to enter the Dragon Ball AF Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the Warehouse as well. If you're looking at 44,824,941,000,000 days (122,724,000,000 Years) per day outside

>> No.55117132

Oh god what!?

>> No.55117136

If I spent 10 days training the First Magic in there, how far would I get

>> No.55117146

Yes, why?

>> No.55117156

Better make sure to pick up a perfect memory beforehand, or you won't remember what was going on before you decided to spend billions of years training your cooking skill.

Also, you'd still lose to Fanon Emiya's cooking.

>> No.55117170

so, is the generic isekai jump finished and jumpable?
what's the latest version?

>> No.55117172

Jump-chan appears and offers you to tale her place, as you are far more powerful than her.

>> No.55117177

Yes. 1.4.

>> No.55117181

Would getting a pensieve or some sort of memory to data server be in a jumper's best interests to backup important memories?

>> No.55117184

Dunno you'd have to ask Val but that would be... 3,360,000,000 YEARS of training.

>> No.55117187

What the fuck, man. A hyperbolic time chamber is cool and all, but jesus.

>> No.55117196

perfect, thanks

>> No.55117206

I'm just a random anon that loves to do math sometimes for the fun of it.

>> No.55117209

Well, it depends. My jumper has immunity to memory tampering and perfect memory (that's also completely indexed.)

And in the world of Cultivation, you've just barely reached "minor scrub" status after all of that time.

>> No.55117210

If I reach the Expert Level, The Ranks of the Bound, is there anyway Binders would know that I had without seeing any grand physical displays on my part?

....and are you working on anything new at the moment?

>> No.55117214

Most reliable option is to ensure that your brain is digital enough that you can just copy/paste information into some external computer backup. Leave the backup outside the time dilation and you're golden.

Alternatively, what would happen if you used one of the body duplication abilities and had one double go into the time dilation and the other remain outside?

>> No.55117218

Are you RealScience Anon?

>> No.55117221

>minor scrub
Yeah, fuck that noise, that's when you use out-of-context solutions to wreck everybody's shit.

>> No.55117224

To be fair, in Desolate Era you need to train various thousands QUADRILLIONS years to start getting in the highest known tiers.

>> No.55117236

That's so ridiculous. At that point I think I'm better off attacking the universe that they occupy rather than the target themselves. Assuming I'm not killing all their allies to get slivers of their power to skip the training montage, but well, you can only get so much by killing Yamcha.

>> No.55117237

I call bullshit. The World of Cultivation hasn't even gotten past Jidan for the MC, true, but it only took him two to three years maximum to get to that point, a lot of his group actually took less time.

I do agree on that point.

The only place where that >>55117116 would be a legit thing to do IMO.

>> No.55117239

Makes you wonder what kind of Saiyan Color would you get.

Two of the scenarios require you to spend a quadrillion years.

>> No.55117242

Still, with the use of the setup described by MathAnon, you would only need to spend a million years in time dilation to have reached that point.

And that's before considering that Clock of Ages scales, and there are various other forms of time dilation not mentioned, such as Lunar Dial and Speedforce.

>> No.55117255

You'd have probably gone past rainbow and into the UV long ago, maybe you'd even be beyond what we know of the electromagnetic spectrum.

>> No.55117258

I didn't capitalize the "W" in world. I could have possibly used "genre" instead for more clarity in my exaggeration. Mind you, stories about Cultivation are full of pointlessly long times spent doing stupid shit, so I don't consider it much of an exaggeration.

>> No.55117262

>Two of the scenarios require you to spend a quadrillion years.
I've spent less than a hundred thousand years in my chain, and nearly a quarter of that was 40k. Sounds too insane for me to buy into. If I'm going to stay somewhere for a quadrillion years, I may as well stop jumping entirely.

>> No.55117280

>Either they are an item, and should have normal respawn times, or they are a companion, and should have normal respawn times.

Ok good morning!

They are an item you can use as a puppet body, if they become a companion they will follow normal companion respawn times. Its bases on tiger, poor girl goes through a lot.

In ami your body is a major weakness, not the same as the original source material. Ami is different than dungeon keeper games and that is one of the differences.

As for having it do stuff if you already were a senshi, I will think up a drawback.

>> No.55117282

Well, you will naturally look like the Mountain that Rides or Xena by that point, and disciples tend to carry themselves differently. But if you keep yourself restrained and don't win any arm wrestling competitions, they have no real reason to find you.

Uni assignments, some new dance moves,
and I've got some jumps in the wings.

>> No.55117296

>thinking about the bijuu chakra seal
>remember Uzumaki can burn chakra for regeneration
>use two sets of chakra storage, one for bijuu chakra to power the effects, one for your chakra which you burn on regenerating the damage from the bijuu chakra
>win the second war

>> No.55117300

TV Mountain or aSoIaF Mountain? Björnsson's a tall man, definitely, but not a complete freak of nature.

>> No.55117306

I will work in a drawback continuation when I get home tonight. Im about to head to work so its gonna be a while before I get done, if anyone has any other drawback or item suggestions they want me to see then shoot me a reply and I will see about maybe adding them in.

>> No.55117310

Why? Different settings, different experiences. And most of that would be meditating, so no big deal.

I mean, I don't know for what would you want immortality and the chance to travel through the omniverse if you are not going to get to something like that from time to time.

You are already old as fuck, and if you have visited Angel Notes, Dragon Maid or SMT, chances are you have the memories of beings who are billions of years old

>> No.55117326

Training with the Kaleidoscope for a couple of decades gave me more power than I know what to do with. Spending more time in a setting than my home universe has existed seems a little silly, though. But I mean, that's just me. If you want to stay in one place that long, be my guest, I just feel like I've got better things to do with my time?

>> No.55117344

in ranma 1/2, will everyone dunked into the spring of the drowned girl end up looking like Ranmas female form, since it's looks are based on the girl that drowned or will they just look like they would if they were female?
what happens if a female falls into it?

>> No.55117350

Where is the Heavensgazer Tower from?

>> No.55117351

>gave me more power than I know what to do with
How so?

>> No.55117372

For both of these questions the answers have been given in canon. Nyannīchuan turns you into a girl form of yourself and if it hits a woman all it does is change the gender of the Drowned Template if you go around mixing shit up like Pantyhose Tora did, otherwise it 'looks' ineffective.

Desolate Era bro. He must have forgotten to label it.

>> No.55117377


>> No.55117379

Once Naruto gets control and allies with the Fox and the seal is working full/properly/whatever not only does Naruto no longer seem to take damage from the Fox's Chakra, but he is able to give it to the entire ninja army towards the end of the war and they don't seem to suffer even uncomfortableness from it. It's true they only had it for a short time, but the other Jinchuriki seem to have no issue with it at all. It's possible it was a Kurama only issue, or something to do with the special seal holding him inside Naruto and how it gave access to the different type of chakra. Post War Naruto doesn't seem to have even the slightest issue using Kurama's chakra.

Point is you may not need to use the regen like that at all, which would let you devote it entirely to healing, like how Tsunade was mostly fine after being run through with a blade at least a foot wide.

>> No.55117394

Considering I can tap into different universes for raw power in any number of forms and resources, I can step between worlds as easily as I step across the street, I can split my existence across different dimensions... I LITERALLY have more power than I know what to do with. At this point quite frankly I don't need a spark aside from the matter of a few details it gives me in changing me, and the fact that it would let me step further than just inside the local multiverse.

This is why I went all-in on the Kaleidoscope instead of learning a second True Magic. If I wasn't concerned about the long term implications, I'd split my form across worlds a la Entities (if rather a bit smaller). I kind of already do but that's more a matter of my own soul being roughly planet-sized at this point from building it up and supporting a pretty serious population in there by now, not to mention merging all the properties that would otherwise follow me into the land within my soul. Including all the land I bought in MtG jumps, which means I can tap and get a dozen motes of assorted mana at the drop of a hat.

>> No.55117401

>For both of these questions the answers have been given in canon. Nyannīchuan turns you into a girl form of yourself and if it hits a woman all it does is change the gender of the Drowned Template if you go around mixing shit up like Pantyhose Tora did, otherwise it 'looks' ineffective.

hmmm... i'd really want to fuck female ranma, but male ranma isn't attractive at all (and not into it)

>> No.55117408

Let's say TV Mountain at first. When people say "I thought you'd be taller" they don't really say it to students of Cain.

>> No.55117434

More power is always better. Specially if you plan to visit places like Marvel, DC or any VN.

>> No.55117450

Lets say I really like my current jumper but that I also feel like the chain has gone on long enough. What are some good jumps to end on that give the consolation spark so I can give the story a happy ending?

>> No.55117455

Spring of Drowned Twins is locally able to separate whatever it twins, and is 'supposedly' a permanent thing. Mostly I'd suggest hitting up a Fanfiction where Ranma was a girl from the start or hitting one of the places that can make those changes happen for you. I think Sonichu, KND, and the one hotel management with the angles and devils have features for that somewhere among them.

>> No.55117479

Gurran lagan is good.

>> No.55117491

Darksiders is my favourite, I always choose the Maker origin. Then I go about constructing universes for a while

>> No.55117493

Wait for Dies Irae or F/GO to come out.

>> No.55117500

Compared to an endjumper, there's nothing too intimidating in darksiders. Or was it darkstalkers? the one with the four horsemen.

>> No.55117509

i love you

>> No.55117514

Darkstalkers is the one with the succubus sisters, Darksiders is the one with the edgelord aesthetic and four horsemen.

>> No.55117522

what's with the watchmen jump
Is it finished?

>> No.55117527

An Endjumper can be anything from a person right out of Pokemon to Battler-Anon, who litterally has every Jump not an End Jump under his belt, so you might wanna say a High-End Jumper or something like that. /minor quibble

>> No.55117535

Angel Notes requires you to massacre the Aristotles of everything, but gives you the best reward.

>> No.55117544

No problem, anon. I love you too.

>> No.55117553

So going over last thread it seems desolate era was fairly well recieved? Can I junp it now?

>> No.55117561

You mind posting it since the upload folder is still fucked?

>> No.55117568

Enjoy the root

>> No.55117571

Other than being so High Level Jumper territory that I'm not hitting it for another 700+ Jumps and it has some grammar problems... yeah it looked like it was well received.

>> No.55117631

Jump #397: 007
>Nine of Cups (Happiness), reversed: A state of joy and abundance that is shallow and fleeting.
I'm sorry, James. Even I can't stop Vesper Lynd from being a fool.
>Era: Daniel Craig
>Identity: Wet Works Support (-100)
And immediately erasing myself from everything, using magic to alter memories, and going rogue.
>Basic Training (Free, Support)
>Fieldcraft (800)
Well I'd certainly HOPE I knew what I was doing by now. These two cover the bases.
>Hitman (650, Support)
Well, shave my head and tattoo a bar code on the back, I think I've found my calling.
>Universal Exports (350)
Setting up new identities is a helpful niche to fill. Especially when I need it myself.
>License To Kill (50, Support)
There are a lot of terrible people in this world who will not stop their bad behavior, even given a clean slate and new identity. This is, sadly, needed.
>Tuxedo (0)
Well, one must look their best.

There's an awful lot of terrible things that are going to happen. And derailing it fully... precog tells me that leads to World War 3. So instead, I operate in the background. I take the long view and deal with certain issues that would otherwise crop up in the world. Working as a ghost, practically an urban legend among the intelligence community, accountable to no one, an assassin rumored to take contracts.

It certainly looked that way, with the eclectic kills attributed to me, even if there was never anything but circumstantial evidence. Some government officials from various governments on all sides, though never anyone TOO high up. Princes. Shiekhs. Mob bosses. People on the periphery of what one would consider the main storyline, but which overall has an effect of making other peoples' jobs a bit easier. Cleaning up the world's scum is just a happy benefit to that - although there is a balance to everything. What otherwise would have been a loose collection of rogues ended up being a number of people under a single banner.


>> No.55117648

In the end, I ensured that M survived the nonsense that was Skyfall, though her death was faked quite utterly and she enjoyed a retirement on a nice tropical island sipping drinks with umbrellas. Bond dealt with Spectre, but deduced rapidly that he was not the only one dealing with them. A bit of passive regeneration repaired the very slight brain damage he'd taken while being tortured, though he'd not seen me when I gifted it to him. Meanwhile, a number of people in scattered positions rapidly showed up dead globally. All found dead in a certain way.

Bond spared Blofeld, only for Blofeld to wind up dead in his cell, his death the same trademark way that every other member of Spectre had. The same way that a number of members of the Joint Intelligence Service did, in fact. It's quite distinctive, after all, when your body looks perfectly fine but an autopsy shows that your heart has gone rotten, black and shrivelled.

I don't quite think I ever actually met Bond, aside from giving him that bit of regeneration, actually. Amusing.

And frankly... I never really was happy during this jump. I thought I'd be able to make more of a difference, but everything I tried to dissuade anyone was ineffective, short of killing them. From top to bottom. Maybe the universe is a bit too black-and-white, but... even though everything was dealt with, I leave this world feeling a bit empty. Maybe the next world will be better to me.

>Jump #398: Alpha Protocol


This setting felt so goddamn bland that I'm not even fucking posting my build. Maybe it was because of trying to fix everything nicely and failing in 007, but in a fit of pique I conquered the world with a robot army because FUCK IT.

>> No.55117652

Good low chain/starting chain jumps?

>> No.55117668

Pokémon's usually my first, then I do the Gauntlets before I become too inhuman and couldn't cope with regressing

>> No.55117674

Drawbacks: Choking Up, How The Dragon Stole Christmas, Hounds of Hades, Jackle the Mantle (1600)

Rolled Stick Canyon


Aww, So Cute (Free)
Imaginaaaaation (1500)
Well Owl Be! (1300)
I Have An Ideya! (1000)
Fishing Rod (Free)
Nightopian Halo (900)
Owl Vest (700)
Dream Gate (400)
Shard of the Red Ideya of Courage (0)

Every Christmas, a mysterious sight graces the night sky of two worlds: A dragon, being chased by a giant owl with galaxies for eyes and wings made of liquid light, chased by two dogs fighting over the scooby snacks dropped by a cheerful redhead made of deadly wind who is riding the owl, chased by a cackling Nighmaren.

I make a point of chasing Gillwing into conveniently spread out interdimensional doorways that connect to other interdimensional doorways, and play loud Benny Hill music while this happens. I guess you could say it's a real hoot

I don't even like, fight them or anything. The real spirit of christmas is the sense of childlike wonder we made along the way, so I can't break kayfabe from (badly) singing life lessons about the (((real))) meaning of Christmas. It's like Adorjan says, if you run away from your problem hard enough they stop being problems.

I mean, I was just going to magic the capacity for evil out of humanity, but Elodie kept slapping the wand away. Which is why she's sharing co-tutorial duty with me. We have different approaches: She produces an inspiring television series which uses some sort of neighbourhood as a framing device to inspire children to realise their dreams, I whisper AWAKEN MY CHILD, AND EMBRACE THE GLORY THAT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT at them in Old Realm until they either get the message or start shooting ki blasts.

I never got to meet NIGHTS properly, mainly because my main Owlvatar was flying too quickly away from Nightmarens to do more than just kinda nod at each other.

I found out later NIGHTS used a holy spear-replica I dropped to kill Wizeman for good.

>> No.55117716

Luther Stroad, Digimon World, (Just) Dragon Ball.

>> No.55117746

ranma 1/2
disney princess
jackie chan adventures
kung fu panda
danny phantom (might still be dangerous though as a first jump)
chronicles of narnia
spiderman trilogy
the incredibles (not that safe as a first jump, but you can buy loads of superpowers/items that let you survive the plot)

>> No.55117754

Low power low risk:
>Most of the Generics that involve mundane Earth
>Most TV dramas: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Black Dynamite, Rome
>Red Dead Redemption
>Paradox Jumps
>Anime highschool: K-ON!, Kakegurui,

Acceptable power acceptable risk:
>My Hero Academia
>Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts
>A song of Ice and Fire
>Batman: The Animated Series
>Teen Titans

High power low risk:
>Overlord (the Series)
>Death Note

>> No.55117768

hellsing is high power low risk?

to that section i'd add Touhou

>> No.55117796

>high power low risk
>Overlord (the Series)

If memory serves that hasn't ended yet, and it's been a lot less than ten years so things could still go completely FUBAR for a young Jumper.

>> No.55117819

bartimäus is great for antimagic items/perks as well as other powerful magical items as well as the ability to summon a wide variety of demons from low life imps to reality warping gods (that last part might require atleast 3 companions)

i loved those books

>> No.55117825

>hellsing is high power low risk?
I'd say so, barring the Nazis, Alucard or the Church regenerators, very few beings are likely to kill you. If you yourself are a werewolf, regenerator or Alucard's child then you're going to be one of the most powerful individuals in the world

>> No.55117837

Players have obliterated any other threats (barring a certain dragon that seems to do nothing against Golems or undead, so he probably uses poison or instant death) in the world, and players appear each 100 years, so you are likely to not come across any aside from Ainz.

Just pick Friends with the Devil or the Supreme Being and don't do too much. Ainz and Nazarick will take care of the rest and you will come out with resistance to most magics in low to mid jumps, most forms of mundane damage and the power to destroy entire cities.

Yes, you can get a werewolf vampire (stronger than Alucard and with all his other powers) pretty cheaply.

I could also add GATE, since you can come out with a very potent magic and one of the best regenerations.

>> No.55117845

yeah, but you can pick up so much power simply by spending CP, that you are top of the top when you enter the world. As long as you don't make everyone in the setting your enemy, it'll be hard to be killed

>> No.55117900

Mushoku tensei, and generic isekai.

Both are amazing for new jumpers.

>> No.55117906

unironically twilight

it gives you a nice set of superpowers, has a perk that makes you largely immune to the mental fuckeries of other vampires and one of the most valuable perks in jump and outside:
>"our monsters are the same"
>you can use commonly held monster weaknesses against them regardless of the setting

that means you can kill every vampire in the jump and outside, alucard or dio with sunlight (you can buy a flashlight in the jump that emits sunlight), wooden stakes, fend them off with crosses, garlic and holy water. And they won't be prepared for it

>> No.55117923

Valentine/Valentine sounds very useful for my tactics

>> No.55117951

>a poorly conceived perk that heavily warps the setting of other jumps
>being wanked by an idiot to justify killing alucard with sunlight

What an amazing way to start my day.

>> No.55117954


Speaking of...

Jumpers! What did you do in Twilight?

>> No.55117976


>> No.55117986

I forced the cure from Supernatural onto Edward and the rest of the vampires,also Jacob. now it is a perfectly ordinary teen romance

>> No.55117998

Nothin' much. Had couple of barbecue parties. Bonded with the my newest adopted kids. It's a nice Vacation-Jump.

>> No.55118001

Save for the fact that some people would instantly die from the ageing they'd suddenly undergo.

Good Job banchô-Anon!

>> No.55118002

So in pokemon if Im starting kanto what does missing no count as? Rare, common, or uncommon?

>> No.55118005

Pic Related.

>> No.55118006

The light of God.

>Perfectly ordinary
Huh, I wouldn't call their relationship 'ordinary'

>> No.55118007

how is it wanking if it is as you say yourself "a poorly conceived perk that heavily warps the setting of other jumps"?
that just means taking a broken perk and actually use it

there's worse examples of that in other jumps (like ALL of the anti-fate perks in my oppinion)

since the jump starts 1 month before bella and the vampire guy meet i just made sure, that they never meet, so that the whole shitshow didn't even start.
Besides that i've gone hunting some vamps

>> No.55118012

That's not my understanding of how the cure from supernatural works, although that may be how it works in twilight

>> No.55118014

Common, you have almost a 100% chance of finding them you just need to know where to go.

>> No.55118026

>perfectly ordinary teen romance

before the cure
>i just can't control myself around you! I need to drink your blood!
>oh, you're so mysterious you poor tortured soul!

after the cure
>i just can't control myself around you! I need to take your virginity!

>> No.55118045


wh...what happens if you cathc missing no?
does it destroy reality?

>> No.55118056

Edward would take that as consent

>> No.55118070

Are there any perks that allow you to bring people up to your level (even if temporally) without you losing power?

>> No.55118076

I've used the opportunity to be in a setting where everyone is completely fine with a weird father-figure/lover relationship between a werewolf and a (fast growing) baby
Basically i "imprinted" on a lot of young girls and everyone was very supportive of it


that's not "being wanked"

>> No.55118086

Is there a jump that let me use abilities with music ?

>> No.55118092

give them your SAO mixed altform via infectious bite from van Helsing
if your altform includes some sort of cyborg with the ability to integrate new technology (futurama robot background + upgradable) you can give them also other powers you have by letting them absorb machines you created with your powers in them (through amazos backup memory from young justice)

>> No.55118097

Sounds good to me.

I am going to say nothing and play it as if she just disyorts the area around her. It is not out of the realm of possibility considering what some mon do

>> No.55118100

>tfw when I wake up to this


>> No.55118101

disney princess
scott pilgrim
being a bard in forgotten realms/DnD

there's a lot more actually, but i remember only those at the moment

>> No.55118109

Anyone knows what happened to Rose? Is Bastard!! Part 2 still coming out?

>> No.55118110

as would i

>> No.55118118

Skill Sharing from Generic Isekai.

>> No.55118122

Wiseman also was the bad guy of Kamen Rider Wizard but that might not be what youre thinking of

>> No.55118169

Cast a Contagious Contingency that turned vampires into pigs (or it might have been sheep, or maybe turtles, it was a lot of jumps ago) if they drank an unwilling human's blood, and then went on a round-the-world cruise. I shook hands with a lot of people, especially during the stopover in Italy.

>> No.55118181

I'm still here!

It's slowly coming along. I'm trying to get Little Witch done first but with my exile it's been slow going. Sorry!

>> No.55118186

Wait, did I use Rose or Rosie here? It's been a while since I posted.

>> No.55118192

>Contagious Contingency
what's that?

>> No.55118197

I think you cycled them.

>> No.55118205

won't work, vampires can hypnotize folks.

>> No.55118206

That's it! Thanks bro.

>> No.55118222

No problem Rosie.

>> No.55118224

Specific witches can. Not all vampires. Although it's true that it would have been more efficient to say that the spell activated whenever a vampire killed an innocent human. Less wiggle room.

>> No.55118226

Took the Fanmode drawback. I smoothed the plot progression and minimised the angst. I helped out the good vampires.
Gave them the power to change age at will with a batch of Time Mushrooms. Quieted down the eternal thirst with EVO powers and genetic fiddling. Gave them a more human appearance and warmth with ReShaping.
Those guys loved me.

>> No.55118236

A contagious variant of D&D's Contingency spell (in which you select a spell and a trigger condition that sets it off).

Unwilling, bancho. If you're hypnotized into doing something you wouldn't do of your own will, it's an unwilling act.

>> No.55118244

won't work, that just means they'll set up blood farms To keep From having fatalities.

Oh you're using DND willing! Sorry for the misunderstanding.

>> No.55118251

Pic related.

>> No.55118258

10 yo
Female 900
Drop in
Common starter pokemon missingno 850
Savant 550
Physical fitness 450
Technician 150
Psionics -150
Survival training -200

Bag bigger on inside free
Pokegear free
Pokedex free
5 Pokeballs free
3 potions free
Hat free
3x masterballs -300
Rebreather -350
Combat training -400

Damned -100
Silenced 0

Warehouse 150 cp
Shelving free
Workshop 140
Medbay 120
Portal 90
Pod 60
Return 40
Plumbing 30
Local net 0

Body mod 600 cp
Athlete 500
Speed 2
Dexterity 2
Flexibility 1
Sense 3 250
Shape 3 100
Strength 1 50
Endurance 1 0

>> No.55118264

You're really not familiar with how Twilight works, are you tera? Might just want to let this one drop.

>> No.55118285

Doesn't it explain so much though? He thinks it's willing if you're mind controlled into giving consent.

One wonders if he thinks the same about drugs too.

>> No.55118298

Fanon treats Harry Potter Runes like it can do anything, kinda like Naruto Seals.

>> No.55118305

I dunno, blood farms is something I think the Volturi in Twilight would do if killing humans was no longer feasible, they really don't seem to care about humanity except as a food source.

>> No.55118307


>> No.55118320

Harry Potter fanfiction was a mistake

>> No.55118340

>Local net
but why tho?

>> No.55118363

I unleashed Blacklight, then spent a few years learning the violin so I could play as the world burned.

>> No.55118371

I called Bella a skank to her face.

She didn't like me.

>> No.55118372

Some HP fanfic is enjoyable. Some of it is a Cursed Play that somehow got rubber stamped as canon. Hell, Fantastic Beasts is a better addition to canon than the Cursed Play.

>> No.55118384

>I called Bella a skank
Why? Does she actually fuck the werewolf dude while dating the vampire dude?

>> No.55118387

So I can hide if stuff goes bad and use my wifi to find out what is wrong.

>> No.55118399

Take your time then, and thank you for your efforts. Just that I hadn't seen you post in a long while.

>> No.55118413

Came in about to fucking obliterate the setting.
Ended up dating Bella forever making any future boyfriends she had underwhelming as fuck.

>> No.55118417

What Servants are you planning to get in future jumps? What Servant would you become a demiservant of?

>> No.55118420

> implying highschool girls need a reason to call another girl a skank
I found her disinterested too-cool-for-school attitude annoying, and I didn't like skeevy vampires.

I was too weak to change the plot in a significant way, so I mostly just hung out with the werewolves (who are also skeevy, but a bit less so than the vampires), made potions and practiced my alchemy, and made up nasty rumors about Bella at school.
I was "quirky".

>> No.55118428

I'm usually just here as an Anon, like this very post! Happy for the support too.

>> No.55118429

You were a bitch. Good on you?

>> No.55118436


>> No.55118468

Actually no I will trade that out for heating elec and food

>> No.55118565

My Grand Master Plan (Pun Intended) is to build a team of 7 Grand Servants using the new supplement. I kind of assume It'll cost all the points from all the Fate jumps. Including the ones that have not even been made yet.

Actual names on the list so far are Solomon, Hassan of Serenity, Jack the Adorable and Angra Mainyu. so actually getting 7 grands and being happy with their composition is going to be a challenge. And only a fool would not try to steal some of King Hassans power for himself.

Too much to do, to few points to do it with.

>> No.55118580

>Angra Mainyu
It is nice to see someone else planning on getting him too.

>> No.55118638

I get the feeling he and I are going to be the best of friends before too long. (Finding art for my notes is a pain though, he's got like 2 pieces of official art.)

>> No.55118661

>Skill Sharing
is that considered power copying or not?
It reads like: "if you want to interpret it as powercopying you can"
am i right?

>> No.55118670

I will be picking up all three Gorgon sisters (Lancer Medusa,) as well as Medea.

There are others that I'd like to pick up, but we'll have to see how my chain progresses.
I'm holding off on any Fate jumps in my current chain until after the Servant supplement update.

>> No.55118675

That pic looks almost nothing like him desu. Atleast you can give him a nice chance at living unlike what he had during his actual life.

>> No.55118783

Eh, It represents my mental picture of him when he covers up his tattoos. As for better living through jumping? I can guaranty that.
There will be Jack calling him uncle and me calling him brother (same with Solomon). One big screwing family.

>> No.55118798

i believe you're thinking of skill books
and yes that's now a blatant power copying perk
pretty much a version of sacrifical bestowment form SMT (painless, only gives baselevel power, but much higher casting rate)

>> No.55118801

*screwy lol

>> No.55118809

>Hassan of Serenity
>Jack the Adorable

Are those the Grand Assassin instead of King Hassan?

King Hassan would look like a nice companion for a Jumper.

>> No.55118821

I cannot imagine him looking like that, mainly because he keeps himself quite clean. Yay he will have a family.

>One big screwing family.
Ah...well if your into that, ok.

Yes I saw your correction but im just gonna roll with it.

>> No.55118822

>Not Merlin

>> No.55118850

Do you have any champions that fight on your name?

>> No.55118863

>has a perk that makes you largely immune to the mental fuckeries of other vampires

I feel like people underestimate this perk a lot. Twilight Vampires have psionic abilities that technically they had in life, but are either usually dormate, or very weak. Vampirism awakens these gifts and makes them stronger.

So its pretty much an anti-psionic perk. Which can be really useful.

>> No.55118871

Who is the biggest digimon anyway?

>> No.55118888

You mean in the pic? I think that is Examon, I didn't think he was that big though.

>> No.55118901

I am enamored with the idea of Jack being the Grand Assassin. That seems like the most fun to me. Serenity is The Grand Waifu.
Never knew he was a particularly tidy person I now have a mental image of him fussing after jack when ever she gets covered in blood. I did not know I needed that, thank you. (And you are welcome for the laughter at my expense too)
Solomon INVENTED MAGECRAFT. merlin invented futa-seibah. Half-Jokes aside I might quest to pull the Grand Casanova out of prison but I am still uncertain about it.

>> No.55118910

>The OG Shitposter
...are you really sure you want to have Epic Wizard Scatovore on your chain anon?

>> No.55118915

Technically examon is the biggest I think. He is so big that his entire body normally cannot exist at the same time in the digital world, but recently that changed so he could call in his entire body.

>> No.55118919

>>The OG Shitposter
I'm pretty sure that's Student

>> No.55118921

I only recognize two of those digimon, Omnimon (?) and the golden Veemon digivolution. Looks like there are at least two Greymon derivatives. Who are the others?

>> No.55118928

Two scumbags running wild through the multiverse, it could be fun.

>> No.55118930

On second thought one Greymon and one Garurumon. I think. The golden glowing one on the right.

>> No.55118939

same as in most
ate the souls of like 7 billion

>> No.55118941

Who's the guy on the left?

>> No.55118950

The guy your waifu told you not to worry about

>> No.55118952

the bad moon motorcycle club Have been my champions for millennia

>> No.55118964

I think its the ice dude from kekkai sensen.

>> No.55118965

So jumpers have you ever invented a new recreational substance?


>> No.55118975

Pic Related.

Steven A. Starphase, from Kekkai Sensen (Block Blockade Battlefront)

By the way, a new Kekkai Sensen trailer just came out: https://twitter.com/kekkaisensen/status/901837430147489800

It seems that we will be getting some new original content.

>> No.55118988

The white bull dragon thing on the right is Craniunnmon. The yellow dragon is his stand.
The pink knight on the left is Crusadermon.
They both were bad guys in Frontier.

The little red one in the background on the left is Dukemon/Gallantmon riding Grani. He's from Tamers.

The blue one on the left is ExVeedramon(? Or something). He's also an Veemon evolution.

The black one on the right of Omnimon is Alphamon. He appears on Tri.

I forgot the name of the others.

>> No.55118990

no, that's degenerate

>> No.55118997

Those are the Royal Knights. They're a group of mostly Mega level Digimon. In the continuities they appear in, they're like the personal vanguard of Yggdrasil, the computer that monitors and maintains the digital world.

I think in total you have

Examon (Biggest one in the back, extremely large)
Gallantmon (The one riding the mecha bird, final evolution of Guilmon, the protagonist's Digimon in Tamers)
Sleipnirmon (Far left one with the shield, a centaur with a big crossbow)
SirKnightmon(?) (Pink one beside Sleipnirmon, usually depicted as a rose carrying smuf antagonist)
AeroforceVeedramon(?) (Blue dragon one to Omnimon's left, one of Veemon's final forms and extremely fast)
Omnimon (You already know)
Alphamon (The one beside Omnimon, one of the leaders of the Royal Knights)
Craniamon (Purple one beside Alphamon, has a transforming weapon, really stupid)
Dynasmon (Dragon one above Craniamon, really strong, berserk rage, usually an antagonist with SirKnightmon)
The golden egg digivolution form of Veemon I can't remember the name of.
Banchomon(?) (The dude in the coat neat the end, the giant golden dragon spirit is basically his Stand)
Leopardmon(?) (Strategist of the group, can transform between a mobility form as depicted here and a knight form for fighting)

>> No.55119012


Thought I recognized Gallantmon too but second guessed myself. There sure are a lot of Digimon.

Forgive me if this has been asked this thread, but what Digimon forms have you picked up JC?

>> No.55119048

the guy in the coat is Gankoomon,there is no Banchomon,Bancho digital monsters are their own group. http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Bancho

>> No.55119061

Lucemon Holy Mode (Digimon Tamers digimon customization table)

Leomon and Dorumon. Those are the only ones I got so far.

>> No.55119071

Hi Clover!

This one has been bugging me for a while now; what's the deal with the (Special) crewmembers in Sunless Sea? Like, that and the text implies they do something different to the ship, but... y'know... it never outright explains anything.

>> No.55119096

>Guns and "5 facts about Diana" as LWA items
They're /a/ memes, for those of you who are confused.

>> No.55119119

>>55118997 sorry I replied to the wrong thing >>55119048 was for you

>> No.55119123

>skill book crafting
>power copying perk

wh..what? i thougth it was decided that it couldn't be used on powers?

>> No.55119126

So currently going pokemon > generic isekai > narnia > PMD > xianxia > mushoku tensei > one of the digimons

Any suggestions to add some science into that mix?

>> No.55119137

I dont think it can. People keep badgering soft on it to change it.

>> No.55119146

>Forgive me if this has been asked this thread, but what Digimon forms have you picked up JC?
Just picked up a Machinedramon form in Digimon World 2, evolving from a SkullGreymon.

And in Tamers, I got a custom digimon evolution line. Which resulted in basically a humanoid/Devimon-like Machinedramon at the Mega level, with (weaker of course) WarGreymon-like Rookie to Ultimate forms, that gradually go from warrior to cyborg to full machine.

Also, a second Mega from the Last Straw thing, which is a giant dragon/demon monster of metal. Basically a mix between a giant dragon, a mecha, a fighter jet, and then twisted into something demonic and burning. It really plays up it being a fuckhuge terrying robot monster, a barely contained monstrosity spewing sweltering, molten, liquid metal everywhere.

Named it Ormagödenmon, after the Brütal Legend thing.

I can't into how the generic Digimon jump works, so I just skipped that one.

>> No.55119168

My Digimon form is Digimon.

>> No.55119189

Rick and more he has best quickest science

>> No.55119210

from the jumps notes

>The nature of Skills is fundamentally something that will vary depending on what manner of world you arrive in. Are skills an additive modifier applied to you by the gods? Are they a natural occurrence in the metaphysics of this reality? Are they just the way your brain personally interprets the world you are in, with no objective presence? Most importantly, are your abilities and perks from other jumps considered Skills for the purposes of this jump? Many will default to saying yes, and that is fine. You are free to make your own decision, in accordance with the sort of isekai experience you wish to have.

basically fanwank. You can do whatever you deem appropriate

>> No.55119219

considering its prior form and that my answer to so many problems is "I'm going to wrestle it!" did you have any doubt?

>> No.55119234


but rickverse isn't really safe
for early jump i'd go KND>johnny test>futurama and rick and morty after you have some good regeneration/anti-mind control abilities

>> No.55119249


that....seems exploitable

>> No.55119267

listen as long as you don't get drunk and go looking for adventure like Rick Sanchez C-137 does your probably going to be in decent shape just stay on earth and Solve everyone's problems with science

>> No.55119282

*evil rick and morty appear out of the blue and shoot you in the head

>> No.55119289

Pretty much everyone I spend a significant amount of time around. All my Charisma and inspirational perks seem to make others want to keep me safe and be helpful.

>> No.55119299

Welcome to Jumpchain.

>> No.55119401

>that....seems exploitable
It's not like somebody else pissing in their own cornflakes changes your bowl.

>> No.55119409

Tenchi Muyo: don't fall for the Rick and Morty meme.

>> No.55119429

if it happens right next to me, it might affect my hunger

>> No.55119433

To me its just turning my skills into books to teach others stuff. Like making my xianxia cultivation into a skill book so others can learn to cultivate by using the book, it makes less hassle teaching for me.

>> No.55119436

Look, kid, I get that 4chan is really cool and adult, but you need to be at least 18 years old to post here. Please stick to lurking until then.

>> No.55119439

Soft won't comment on any of the controversial stuff in his jump, and his apologists make noise and try to frame him as some helpless damsel when people raise that issue.

Your choices are to avoid the jump or just houserule something.

>> No.55119553

Reposting because someone on the discord asked For it

>> No.55119570


I can't believe I used to respect you.

>> No.55119584

>someone on the discord
Fuck off, dogfucker

>> No.55119586

good one no one ever expected me, and it's not like I was keeping it a secret people have mentioned it constantly

>> No.55119596

Literally every part of this posts disgusts and confuses me.

>> No.55119608


Even the pic?

>> No.55119618

You could post it to discord you know.

>> No.55119624

what are you talking about?
I'm just saying that playing it safe in Rick and Morty, without having some nice regeneration perks from other jumps, might get you killed.

You know how many people (Ricks included) have died in the series by pure accident? And it's stated in the jump that you're not the Rickiest of Ricks, so no potential plot armor


>> No.55119625

But then they couldn't advertise their shitty presence

>> No.55119629

You're forgetting that I'm an idiot

>> No.55119641

But it has a button right there...

>> No.55119642


Do you have self-esteem problems or something?

>> No.55119648

No, seriously. You clearly need to spend a few years letting your frontal lobe finish developing. Please do so before participating here.

>> No.55119656

Good on you for admitting that. Now delete your posts and put the discord jump on the discord.

>> No.55119660

Think of any particular sort of brain problem. Tera has it.

>> No.55119674

and who do you think causes that sort of thing?

pretty much, it's amazing all my doctors that I'm a functional independent adult.

>> No.55119692

>and who do you think causes that sort of thing?

How should I know? I'm not your friend irl or anything.

Not like you know what are those, anyway.

>> No.55119705

I for one respect your ability to deal with your "Fanbase" every time you come here.

>> No.55119712

You might as well just preemptively stab yourself in the balls when you do posts like this you maroon.

>> No.55119714

I'm pretty sure one the jackasses on discord fucked with the GDrive.

>> No.55119725

I wouldn't be surprised

>> No.55119732

I could see that. Their insane way of getting revenge after Dirge had a tantrum and blocked off his drive?

>> No.55119746

no you're not even my friend online,I haven't had friends since I hit puberty. sure people want to spend time with me and Get lunch or something, but I'll never have real friendships again, none of us will.

the trick is to already be coping with suicidal depression, there is nothing that can be said to me online that can make My mood any worse! I am at rock bottom and have nowhere to go but up!
Keep Trying buddy.

>> No.55119748

Except Dirge is on the discord and posts his whiny passive-aggressive diatribes on there. I agree that it's likely them, but I don't think that's the reason.

>> No.55119753

That and perhaps as a way to get their SB GDrive some recognition.

>> No.55119757

We've had an infestation of autistic shitposters who take every opportunity they can get to antagonize /jc/ long before we had a discord, and we will continue to have it into the indefinite future.

I'm responding to two of them right now, after all.

>> No.55119781

Go back to SB, Dirge.

>> No.55119792

Believe in the Hope Corgi that Believes in you!

>> No.55119806

Wait, what? He blocked off his drive?

>> No.55119809


>> No.55119812

Hope Corgi isn't real and neither is anyone actually Believing in me,wanting better for me,wanting me to be okay, etc.

>> No.55119827

>none of us will.

I have friends you edgy fuck, like any normal person.

...And we can be friends online if you want

>> No.55119830

He deleted his drive after Val snapped at him for contributing to "dividing the community" because Val has tied her emotional health into the idea of jumpchain exclusively existing as one general on /tg/ and nowhere else.

>> No.55119838

>None of us will
How's it feel knowing your boogeyman Val managed to find love here while you've only found hatred?

>> No.55119840

How do I get past writers block

>> No.55119847

>> No.55119848

>muh revisionism

>> No.55119859

Well, how do you feel right now? Do you feel obligated to write or do you feel like you really want to write but don't know how to start?

>> No.55119864

Eh, the corgi might not be real but I am. I hope you get happiness. That is just how I am.

>> No.55119870

I thought Val doesn't go to the discord.

Don't bother. This isn't to be mean, it's that tera has gone out of his way to spit in the face of anyone who has ever tried to help him better himself. He doesn't want to be better. He wants to be pitied and get his way, and he wants people who indulge him. Any time someone tries, he inevitably tries to piss them off because their views don't automatically align with his.

>> No.55119879

Usually Rosie. Also get back to work.

Depends on what you've got writers' block for. Are you stuck on writing out the fluff for some perks or are you stuck on deciding what to actually put in the jump? Or is it being stuck on writefagging for a chain?

>> No.55119890

>le Val shitposting
It's hilarious how you folk jump on whatever jumpmaker is popular at the moment. Additionally, only you discord faggots support discord, so would you please kindly go fuck yourself.

>> No.55119894


Dirge got nervous that a more successful namefag called him out on his shit. In response he took his ball (GDrive) and went home (deleted it & went to Discord).

>> No.55119898

She doesn't. She hates the discord because it's a sign that the community is growing and changing in ways totally unrelated to her. The snap in question happened elsewhere.

>> No.55119906

>Well, how do you feel right now? Do you feel obligated to write or do you feel like you really want to write but don't know how to start?

I felt the same way as when I started, indifferent

>Depends on what you've got writers' block for. Are you stuck on writing out the fluff for some perks or are you stuck on deciding what to actually put in the jump? Or is it being stuck on writefagging for a chain?

Fluff mostly

>> No.55119907

Val spoke in thread about believing the Discord idea and most of it's creators to be idiots and said some nasty things. Dirge somehow took it as a personal offence directed at him and his jumps, which is pretty funny when she even spoke out about not having anything against individuals other than the creators that use Discord, and basically made up a bunch of things he said she said so he had reason to delete his drive. Shit posters try to twist what happened despite people linking to the argument.

>> No.55119909

Red where are thou? We need you back!

>> No.55119914


Go back to your roots. You need some background music.

>> No.55119915

But they're not the same as the friends you had as a kid are they?you wouldn't put yourself out for your friends as much as you would before and they wouldn't do the same for you. I don't think adults are capable of real friendship. But if you want to be an online friend sure, just don't bring up that image again I have issues with how I am only managing to attract men lately.
I wish I could believe you but other anonymous have used such things as a way to get me To drop my guard so they could do terrible things to me when I was Emotionally vulnerable\
I'm pretty much an alien thing trying to understand human values while Perceiving the world through a completely alien set of values I am bad and Broken but that is subjective just as The majority people being right about this stuff is subjective. I do want to be better, but I also want those around me to be better, and we both have different definitions of better

>> No.55119916

>discord shitposting
It's hilarious you folk focus on whatever drama is popular at the moment. Additionally only you shitposters attack the discord, so would you please kindly go fuck yourself.

>> No.55119917

>Also get back to work
Hard on your hubby and your sister.


>> No.55119934


I know that sounds trite, but that's how you get past it or any other "block" that keeps you from doing X Y or Z. If you want to get better at writing, running, lifting, or whatever else you need to do it when you don't want to do it. Not every writing session is going to be this glowing font of creativity and productivity, you're going to have to fight sometimes. So that's what you do: you fight. Even if you later scrap what you wrote, you still get the positive effects of having spent that time writing.

>> No.55119937

Well, dunno if it'll help you out as it does for me, but I usually try and break up my fluff by watching something else at the same time. If you already know the general idea of the perk, try and break it up with a tv show or something.

Like, watch ten minutes of a show then pause and try to write one perk. Then watch another ten minutes, pause, write a perk. It usually gets me on a roll with stuff.

>> No.55119939

She's soft on her wife, Alice, why else she let her get away with not making anymore Jumps?

>> No.55119945

The difference is that Val adds to the community, while the discord does not. Nice false equivalence, cunt.

>> No.55119960

>But they're not the same as the friends you had as a kid are they?you wouldn't put yourself out for your friends as much as you would before and they wouldn't do the same for you. I don't think adults are capable of real friendship.

Bullshit, I have been friends with Tony for more than 20 years, ever since our first day in school.

>But if you want to be an online friend sure, just don't bring up that image again I have issues with how I am only managing to attract men lately.

Cool, friendship wins once again.

>> No.55119961

Well if you're stuck on perk fluff and feeling indifferent, you could try to focus on referencing whatever inspired the perks you're writing about. You don't have to dedicate much to the fluff, even a sentence or two is fine, and you could just focus on the rest of the perk being crunch.

>> No.55119970

It's a fucking chatroom where the community talks about jumpchain. How does that possibly not qualify as adding to the community?

>> No.55119972

>You need some background music.

I was listening to music but now I'm out of music to play


Was doing that too, but I'll try


I'm doing that as well, I'm taking notes down so that I don't forget them and such

>Well if you're stuck on perk fluff and feeling indifferent, you could try to focus on referencing whatever inspired the perks you're writing about. You don't have to dedicate much to the fluff, even a sentence or two is fine, and you could just focus on the rest of the perk being crunch.

But I need the fluff to hold it together

>> No.55119974

Some lazy bums need it. And some just want it

>> No.55119975

Nobody cares about another dramafag.

>> No.55119984

Not him but.
Who should I look to for best fluff and then who has the worst fluff?

>> No.55119990

>I'm pretty much an alien thing trying to understand human values while Perceiving the world through a completely alien set of values I am bad and Broken but that is subjective just as The majority people being right about this stuff is subjective. I do want to be better, but I also want those around me to be better, and we both have different definitions of better
This is literally a runaround way of saying "I don't want to better myself."

>> No.55119991

You're right anon. So when are you leaving?

>> No.55119992

>the community
A dogfucker, an IRC drama whore, and two other assholes aren't "the community."

>> No.55119996

We already have a chatroom where the community talks about jumpchain. Discord takes away from the community by splitting up that chatroom.

>> No.55120004

Anyway thanks for the answers I'm just going to work on scenarios until I can think of items and the last perk tree I have to do.

Thank you all

>> No.55120005

>I'm doing that as well, I'm taking notes down so that I don't forget them and such
Then keep on slogging, anon. Months down the road you won't really remember or be able to tell the difference between the good days and the shitty days, it'll just be about the results. Best of luck, m8.

>> No.55120008

Dirge has maximum fluff, hes too far to the one side.

Val is moderately fluffy, you can get the idea of what the perk does but still interesting.

Aion is probably the least fluff, his jumps read like a legalese power shopping list.

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