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I'm feeling shitty about my home game right now. I wanna hear other stories to make myself feel less shitty. I'll start though.

>Have this one player I can't stand
>Always wants to order food, wants us all to pitch in for pizza, even though he always bitches about how broke he is
>Plays an uninteresting character that's basically him without any flaws
>He's interrupted very serious RP moments others are having with shit on his phone, speaking of which, he goes on his phone the second something doesn't involve him
>Bitches OOC about the wizard always running to the back of fights, even though the wizard has 5 less AC than him and half the amount of HP
>Ruins social, interrupts me when I explain settings, and complains about dumb shit during combat, somehow ruining all 3 pillars of the game

I could go on but you already get the picture. If it was like one or two things, I would just tell him to fix them, but I could probably list 20 things he does that I can't stand. I wish I could kick him but his friend who also plays is a great player/guy, but doesn't seem to mind his shit.

How's your group anon?

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When it comes to out of game interruption I simply, kindly remind everyone at table we are all here to play "insert game". Please keep all off game topics on hold until a break or we are finished. Any decent person who is there to play should understand this. If this doesnt work remind the one person whos interrupting again what you're all there for. Single them out, if they are intelligent and mature they will feel a little embarasses and comply. If they are selfish and arrogant they wont, then its easy to kick them from the group. They've proven they are not interested in playing the game like everyone else. Nothing wrong with taking control of your table when you're the GM. You'll thank yourself later by doing so.

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I agree with this. I don't mind when players use their phones for a little bit, they obviously won't be entertained for a whole 5 hour session, but I should probably be more strict.

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Yeah I have a guy like that
>Plays shitty punk rock on his phone when he gets bored during combat
>Starts watching lets play videos and tries to show other players who are trying to concentrate on the game outside of combat
>Doesn't quite understand the concept of turns and doesn't understand why he can't make an action during someone else's turn
>Frequently underestimates enemy hit points and gets mad when they take more than 3 hits to go down
>Gets mad when he doesn't get the finishing blow on an enemy. Literally accused rogue of kill stealing once
>Always tries to kill every enemy with le epic finishing moves which take him 20 seconds to describe

I suppose I've kept him around because 1. he's a good friend of mine, 2. he's the only one who actually tries to roleplay, even if he's not very good at it and 3. It's his first time playing a TTPRPG. I reckon all these gripes will wear off over time.

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>Be me
>Get invited to a smallish game with 2 other people
>Talk with the DM and make a Paladin who's order has basically become too arrogant and self-righteous for their own good and instead of pursuing evil is blind to the corruption of the very nobles and politicians they protect, or unwilling to speak out against it (basically, think the state of the Jedi Order from the prequel films).
>Because of this, my character is very tied into the politics and events of the world
>Second player makes a wizard who is part of a noble house, a sheltered daughter who basically suspects her own family of doing bad things and doesn't wana see them crash and burn for it. She's also tied up in all these events and has similar plothooks as my Paladinbro character.
>Third player, our That Guy, basically makes up a generic roguedude with no backstory at all except "LOL I WANT MONEY" (Despite us and the DM hinting that might be a good character for this party or campaign).
>That guy then proceeds to vehemently ignore any of our suggestions on how to integrate his character into the story, such as us suggesting he be a spy for one of the important factions, or have a grudge against one of them, or be an outcast or disowned heir, or anything really. Nope, he wants to be a street thug with no reason to care about anything.
>That guy then proceeds to bitch endless about how me and the wizard chick are the "main characters" of the campaign and how the DM basically ignores him.
>The DM literally asks him for plothooks for his character after he expresses this.
>"I dunno, just come up with something, DM?"
>Proceeds to again hate every idea we come up with and tells us "whatever, keep playing, we'll figure it out later".
>Never comes up with anything on his own, keeps shooting down our ideas, keeps bitching whenever me and wizard chick do anything plot relevant that isn't just killing things for loot and good gear.
>Don't think he even has an in-character reason to want this shit.

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*might not be a good character for this party or campaign

Fukken typos.

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>Despite us and the DM hinting that might be a good character for this party or campaign
See the mistake you all made was HINTING that his character might not be very suitable. ALWAYS be very very specific when it comes to TTRPGs or people will inevitably come to the wrong conclusions as to what you meant.

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How is it always rogues? I feel like a majority of That Guy PC's are rogues.

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Rogues come with the intrinsic fluff of "guy who steals things", which is generally disruptive/counter-productive in campaigns where the party is supposed to be good guys.

There are ways to do this well, of course, such as the spy role someone mentioned earlier, but that implies you have a player who was smart enough to pick rogue to do cool spy shit and not because they're an autismo who thought stealth archers in Skyrim were cool or stealing from people sounds like a quick way to get money and loot fast.

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Because the basic description of them sounds like any 15 year old's idea of a cool character. Since That Guys tend to be immature they're naturally drawn to rogues as a result.

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>Because the basic description of them sounds like any 15 year old's idea of a cool character.

To be fair, that's most character class descriptions in general, at least if we're talking DnD.

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Oh, I'll tell you a story where we were all those guys to a degree.

>internet friend from an internet community wants to run D&D with friends instead of strangers, a one-shot to get our feet wet
>I support him, know he's been trying to run various games before but to little avail
>4 other people agree too, 3 of them new to said community
>one poses as an experienced roleplayer, nice
>one is my friend
>third guy's young and heavily ESL
>fourth is an old member of the community

game night on Roll20, text only:
>experienced guy is an openly evil drow rogue, welp
>ESL guy is a half-orc barbarian
>friend is human wizard
>I'm human OoV paladin striving to be as non-edgy as possible

>descend into dungeon
>suggest drow rogue scouts ahead for traps and such, as rogues do
>"you expect a girl to lead a party half made of brute men? nope", then more lack of cooperation throughout the game
>miffed, go on
>we all take half an hour to go down a hallway because we're new at roleplaying
>ESL guy keeps making up arbitrary complications to the point where I bark an order to proceed at him (we're both soldiers and I'm higher-ranked)
>sirens in an underground lake
>barbarian demands answers rudely, I try to stop him, too late
>roll initiative
>plenty of basic rule confusion on the part of drow and half-orc, feeling angry for my DM friend
>in the course of battle I die mostly from a fumble on the drow's part, 22 damage ignoring armor (DM decided using fumble/crit table from 2e would be fun)

Fucking character limit

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> I hate gaming with this person but I game with them because (insert stupid reason).
Or maybe you could just spend time with people you like.

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>super pissed because the drow continues being a piece of shit in-character about this
>sirens charm to lure into water every turn, barbarian's half-drowned, my wizard friend drowned because DM mixed up his and rogue's WIS saves, didn't find out until it was too late
>I'm being passive aggressive and bitching about how I want to die and this to end quickly, but end up winning my saving throws 3 to 2
>barbarian and rogue manage to win, DM revives wizard because it's an educational one-shot
>fifth guy finally shows up, does pretty much nothing, session's about to end
>we wrap up session because DM didn't expect us to take so long, prepared a super long dungeon
>we decide to rest in the dungeon proper, because at least 3 people want this to end quick now and road back up to town will have to take some time playing
>DM doesn't pick up on it, all smug about how we're gonna get ambushed next game because resting in dungeons is dangerous

After the game I'm frustrated at others' lack of preparation, at the drow's annoying behavior and also at the fate that disabled me for most of the session (battle took that long)
>tell this openly to the players and GM
>GM enables the evil character because "if you got pissed, he's playing his character correctly", "evil characters are fun and interesting in good/neutral parties" and "he said he's experienced'
>say that D&D isn't a game for me if this is how it's played, bow out of game
>everyone suddenly wants me back for some reason
>get guilt tripped back
>argue with DM a lot about DMing
>eventually cause him to call quits before next game because "DMing might not be for me, sorry everyone"
>now we all ask him to come back, he doesn't
>feel responsible, take over DMing
>everyone enjoys it a lot
>we're 3 games in now
>feel bad about this whole affair to this day anyway

And that's how I found out I'm a passable DM but an atrocious player, evil characters are shit, and the importance of rules knowledge.

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Wowie, you kept the retarded le edgy drow player and guiltkicked dm? Noice

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Didn't even have a character creation but i'm already don't like him.
>Scheduling time for chargen, he is online but don't answer for a whole day, even when directly called on
>Finally answers 1 hour before appointed time, "i'll be there"
>Whole hour past the starting time in an he is still not in voice chat
>No explanation or apologies or anything to the group
Fucking autistic shits / unreasonable children reee. Do i have to have them pass basic courtesy test before joining next time or what ffs

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>muh phones
Disrupting others is an issue. Them not paying attention when it doesn't involve them is strictly your fault. Either you give them a reason not to be staring at their phone by being a good fucking GM, or you agree with everyone not to check their phones during play unless necessary. The sole reason people don't pay attention during games is the GM just not being that interesting. I've seen this as a player, i've seen this as a GM, and I've see this as a bystander.
Either you control the situation or you prevent it from happening in the first place, you don't get to bitch afterward because you were so much of a pussy you can't tell people to put their fucking phone down, or because you're so boring to listen to that people feel compelled to pass the time staring at a screen instead of paying attention.

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The drow was lynched by party members later in the game for being too edgy, by mutual player consent, so it's all fine.

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>DM decided using fumble/crit table from 2e would be fun
>In a game full of newbies
I'm not saying your DM's dumb, but that was a dumb move.

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I find telling people to put their phones away doesn't work they then feel personally targeted. What I do instead is simply stop talking. They're either told to put it away by another player or they notice the silence pretty quickly. As I explain to them if they're paying attention to their phone instead of the game then there's no point in me speaking as the game is clearly less interesting than their phone. It's one thing to target a specific player by telling them to put away their phone but it's quite another to make them realize they're ruining the entire group's fun by halting the game when they do it. Players very quickly get the message and I've never had to pull this more than twice for any player I've ever run for. The players then become much more interested in the game afterwards and enjoy it much more as they actually invest all their concentration into it. No player has ever complained about my no phones policy - many of them actually appreciate the knock as they otherwise would keep doing it with a less assertive DM.

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Pretty generic:

>We have a session 1 with a new DM that my roommate met in college. I actually knew him in high school, never knew he played.
>That Guy shows up, I'd never met him but he works with roommate.
>Immediately glazes over when DM starts explaining setting before character creation.
>When it comes time to make characters, he wants to make Admiral Akbar in Pathfinder.
>He can't so he settles on Tiefling fighter.
>Never misses a chance to interrupt someone to spout some meme.
>About 5 minutes into the session, pulls out his laptop and starts playing WoW.
>Does nothing but sit in the tavern and drink, even when the city gets invaded.
>Finally decides to be proactive when the DM basically forces the battle into the tavern. Takes a swing at an orc, misses, gets hit for 3 HP by said orc, decides to go back to bar and "drink it off".
>Plays WoW entire session, only contributions were meme spouting, missing an orc, then fucking a prostitute at a brothel at the end of the session.
>Didn't get invited back.

Fortunately it was pretty clear he had no real interest in playing after that 1 session so no feelings were hurt, and he was a pretty cool dude otherwise. Just not his schtick.

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And yet you keep inviting him back. What does that say about you?

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> I reckon all these gripes will wear off over time
Not if you never address them. Instead they'll just be reinforced and likely get worse.

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>street thug with no reason or understanding of the larger events surrounding him
>Player bitches that he has no reason or understanding of what's happening to the other PCs around him

Best roleplayer of the bunch desu

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I sometimes feel guilty to check my phone during the session, it's just to check the time to be sure I will not miss the bus/metro or to send a text to someone (though I don't talk to a lot of people by text now)
I don't mind if a player take a quick look at his phone during a session, as long as he is not on the internet or watching videos, if he is to distracted I'll just remind him to pay attention

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You need to talk to him about your gripes. If still be a shitty player if my gm didn't sit me down and tell me what an ass I was as a player. It's important to address early on and if he's a good friend he will listen to you.

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>It's one thing to target a specific player by telling them to put away their phone but it's quite another to make them realize they're ruining the entire group's fun by halting the game when they do it.

You're halting the game's fun for all of the players by being passive aggressive towards one of them. Be direct, it's a symptom of one player not respecting you and they'll just screw around some other way later if you don't fix it.

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Really more of a That GM, and he's honestly not too bad, but he has this one immature idiot thing he keeps doing.

>My character is an evil mage
>Has a familiar, which as opposed to DnD, is essentially a very minor demon bound into an animal that serves the caster. Most mages don't get them, and you have to go pretty far down the path of black magic to get one.
>The familiar makes a "witch mark" somewhere on the caster's body, which it needs to feed blood from on a pretty regular basis to survive outside of Hell.
>LOL, I'm gunna make the familiar put the witch mark on the tip of your penis!
>LOL, what's it like having your dick sucked by a cat!
>LOL, you don't cum, you just bleed, why is your character such a faggot anon!

I've repeatedly expressed my annoyance, and demanded that he change it, or at least just stop drawing attention to it, which makes him get this shit eating grin and say that the witch mark is permanent, and it would go against "everything he stands for" to retcon actions like that. I don't want to leave the game, as I've got some good friends with the players, but I'm strongly suspecting it's either that or punch him in his pimply face.

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Either punch him or ask him if he gets his rocks off because of this shit.

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>Not that bad, just one immature thing
>LOL, I'm gunna make the familiar put the witch mark on the tip of your penis!
>LOL, what's it like having your dick sucked by a cat!
>LOL, you don't cum, you just bleed, why is your character such a faggot anon!

Not that bad? That shit is horrible the fuck is you saying?

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I meant in the sense that he's not a classic "That GM", with railroaidng, DMPCs, shit plots, no plots, or other more common sins. He makes a pretty decent world and manages to give us operational freedom while still maintaining a sense of urgency. Maybe I didn't express that well.

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Tell the good player that he should talk to the bad player. If they're friends it should work.

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>Playing a homebrew game that our group's DM will NEVER, EVER release out of "beta"
>Games are meant to iron out kinks in his system, as well as to come up with new ideas and additions
>Players are credited in their contributions and will be "Compensated accordingly" once he gets it to a publisher
>Players switch in and out through the years, but a core few are formed
>This is enough to give That Guy a motive to turn any and all roll into a court house drama, because he wants to be a top contributor and make sure his name is credited somewhere
>Constant interruptions with "Actually.." and "Now, now, you can't do that because.."
>Is flat wrong most of the fucking time
>One of the guys in the group is an actual fucking lawyer and he grows so sick of this guy's shit he actually drafts a small code of law
>Makes an article on the proper interpretation of the game's rules. "Rules must be interpreted in a way that appears obvious from the meaning of the words themselves, as well as the contextual connection between them."
>That Guy says we need to pass this through a vote
>We now have our in-house rules on how the game's rules are to be fucking read, as well as a code of conduct

Our DM won't kick the one fedora wearing asshole who has made all of this possible, because they go "way back, man." I have been trapped in this living nightmare of a group for about two years now, with a session every Saturday. Lawfag left, but the code is still there as a mean to keep That Guy in check, even if it also means that new players find the whole thing to be too much of a fucking hassle.

>> No.55103861

Except he just said that it worked out for him and that his players are now behaving. He also mentioned that being direct didn't really have any effect.

But you do you, you.

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You are getting magical realmed to fuck, son. You need to whoop his ass.

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If I were to allow the player to continue browsing their phone then they would inevitably become set in their ways and ruin the group's fun in the long term by constantly losing track of what's going on and taking no interest in what they do. By temporarily stopping everyone's fun in the short term I safeguard their fun in the long term.

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Me and my friends have only just started D&D but I already know exactly who That Guy is going to be.

>Throughout the years we've mainly been a core of three people
>Generally speaking in the games we played I was the mage, That Guy was the rogue (naturally) with the third being some sort of warrior
>Eventually That Guy decides he fucking LOVES magicfaggotry, but almost always in some setting where it negatively effects our team comp
>Becomes such an insufferable wizard™ that I eventually grow to despise the role and abandon it entirely for the cleric/paladin archetype
>Now that we've started getting into D&D he's suddenly decided he loves paladins
>"But I want to be a grey paladin. One that doesn't follow any gods or anything."
>"Also I want a gun."

I'm sure I'm going to have ample material to bitch about here before it's all said and done.

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>Literally accused rogue of kill stealing once
What the fuck.

>> No.55107304

I had a guy playing a Jedi once complain of the same thing, so it can be worse.

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Does anyone have that story of the guy who was asked to show a guy D&D, and got called a pathetic loser when he started his game?

>> No.55107706

I DMed in a local store a years ago (and by that I mean 2009, so sorry if this sounds a bit weird but its how I more or less rememred it), and since it was Thursday night it was more of "our" RPG night as the store usually was a bit more empty. Well, the manager asked us if we could let another player in who was interested.

"Sure man, no problem."

Well, that was a mistake. The first red flag should have been the character description, he said "Oh, he is a perfect blue eyed, blonde man", and that is very well and fine, but something in the tone was just weird.

Well, when he met the group he was clearly very uncofortable. We had two girls in the group, and I'm a bit used to new guys getting a fidgety with them, but then he asked me:

"Dude, where you are from?"
"No, no, where are you REALLY from."
Look, I'm used to it. So I said:
"Oh, my father is Japanese".
For a few seconds he stared at me, and said:
"Oh, okay."
I got the feeling he accept it.

Well, as we were playing there was a moment where the group met an Orc, and the guys character was:
"We should purge this scum from existence."
At first I was, all right, a very through RPer, maybe he likes 40K or something.

And a few moments later, one of my friends show up. The guy looks at him, pick up a few things, and starts to leave. The table is clearly weird it out, so I just go with outside to talk.

"What happened? Are you feeling all right?"
He gives me a look.
"I just don't want to play with negros."

For a second, I was like, "OH NOT THIS SHIT". But then it went to-" wait, but I'm asian". And then a suspicions started dawning on me, but I decided to play it cool.

"Dude...uh, you didn't have a problem playing with me."
"Well, Japan didnt support them either, why would you."
My head went to "Yup"
"Look, man, sorry, but I guess you are not going to mesh up with the group."
"All right, see ya man."

TL;DR I met a player that I was almost sure was a nazi. (And there was a black samurai once)

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>let's have another thread where instead of confronting our problems with people like adults we whine about it on /tg/

>> No.55107817

Why can't we complain about our problems and solve them too? It's cathartic.

>> No.55108070

Because there doesn't need to be an entire thread about it on a regular basis, don't pretend like you're actually solving your problems

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>TFW the GM invites her friend to game night.

>Friend brings her boyfriend.

>boyfriend is a pretty great player

>GM's friend is absolute trash, uninterested in the game, doesn't bother to learn the rules, doesn't bother with any character background besides "I'm a magical cat wizard".

>Friend is on her phone 90% of the time, when she has to make in character decisions, she seemingly does so at random.

>whips out that fucking phone to show people pictures of animals in the middle of important parts of the game

I want to approach my GM and let them know that this behavior is unacceptable and rude to everyone at the table, but I have the dilemma of
a) This person is a close friend of the GM and there's no good way to say, "Your friend is shit at D&D as well as incredibly disrespectful, please don't invite them to game night."

b) This person's boyfriend is bro-tier and I am certain that he would respectfully abstain from playing were his gf to not be invited.

>> No.55108884

Because as appealing as starting a piss fit with one of my friends over something that in the grand scheme of things isn't terribly consequential sounds, I'd rather just vent on /tg/ and give some other anon an interesting story to laugh at.

>> No.55108913


Here's my options, and here's the best I can explain the complexity of my situation.
That Guy and his friend are in a band, and the friends of that band form a friend group. We sometimes go to shows and just have fun together. I enjoy everyone in that group except for him. Options:

Talk to him: So many things bother me, if it was one or two I could just ask him to fix those, but it's like about 10 or more. He's also the kind of guy who just doesn't take fault, but has no problem criticizing others. I also feel like if I have this conversation with him, and he changes everything about him, I still won't be happy. I've come to understand that it's not just his actions I don't like, it's his actual personality, and I don't respect him as a person or a player.

Kick him: My gf would probably be on board. Feel free to call me That Guy for this. I don't let it affect the game. I'm harsher on her than anyone, and she doesn't get any inside information, but again, I know I'll still be labeled That Guy for this. As for the others, I'm not sure how the Ranger would feel, because they seem to get along fine. The Artificer, who's his friend, would probably be upset too. Artificer knows how much I can't stand That Guy, but then that fucks HIS situation up with That Guy. Artificer then can either continue to play, and strain his relationship with That Guy, or leave and then I'll only have 2 players.

It would be easy if I didn't also hang out with the same people, and it would be easy if others seemed to not like him too. I feel wrong because I'm the only one who is so bothered, so I feel like it's my fault and I'm the problem. I feel like a That Guy. If everyone else hated him there'd be no problem.

So what does this say about me anon? That I'm weak. That I'm sad. That I feel helpless. I feel like my only option is to keep playing, and keep being miserable, because at least some people are enjoying the game. I'm sorry to disappoint anon.

>> No.55108956

>As a GM hi is a Core only, 15 point buy, humans only, death to creativity fag
>As a player he's a "give me give me give me give me" 9th party DnDwiki homebrew loose cannon etc cunt
I hate this fags, they forbid literally everything they want as players

Thank god we get rid of him, took time

>> No.55109039

Oh hey. Its you again.

>> No.55109135

Unless your GM is a fucking child and there is no standards of respect between adults at your table, you should be able to approach the GM and say pointedly that their friend isn't meshing with what is the accepted practice of everyone else at the table.
The bf is a lost cause, accept it and move on.

>> No.55109139

Or have his character whip his dick out to "feed his cat" at the worst possible moments for the DM.

>> No.55109208

>Because there doesn't need to be an entire thread about it on a regular basis
>Why are people talking about their TTRPG experiences on a board devoted to traditional games?

>> No.55109240

Anon, you can't maintain a boundary?
There are some people I'm friends with that I can't game with, it's how it is sometimes.

>> No.55109257

Feel like I'm in too deep at this point. Like I said, others don't seem to dislike him like I do. If they did, it would be easy to cut him.

>> No.55109289

>That I'm weak. That I'm sad. That I feel helpless. I feel like my only option is to keep playing, and keep being miserable, because at least some people are enjoying the game.
At least for you this is only a description of your game. Be glad that it doesn't describe your life.

>> No.55109308

Do you have to play DnD? Maybe take a break from it for awhile? No DnD is better than bad DnD is how the mantra goes.
If you have to play, do you have to play DnD with this group? You sound like an experienced DM, I sure you could find another group to play with. You can hang out with your friends in other situations where That Guy is more easily avoided.

>> No.55109310

Are you the GM?
If you are, talk to the guy directly.
If you aren't, approach your GM and tell them that the ooc nonsense is pulling the game down for you and reach a compromise.

>> No.55109366

And to add on to this; if you do quit, you don't have to say anything about That Guy. Just say you're feeling burnt out and need a break. Which it sounds like you are.

>> No.55109459

Sometimes I get patches where it does feel like that. You're right though anon, I'm thankful my life isn't always like that.

I have an online game I'm a PC in, it's a lot more enjoyable. I might finish this arc then take a break.

Yeah I'm GM. Like I said in my post, I feel like talking won't help, just because I dislike the player himself at this point and not just how he acts.

Yeah might be time for a break after the arc is over.


Thanks anons. Might not seem like it but this definitely helps. I appreciate it.

>> No.55109617

At the end of the day YOU'RE the one hosting the game and putting in work and so if you're not enjoying it then just stop hosting it. You're playing a game and the purpose of a game is to have fun. If you're not having fun then don't play it, you don't have any responsibility or obligation to continue doing something you don't want to do. The players will be fine and simply find something else to do in their downtime. I've had a very similar situation before and I just outright told the group that I wasn't enjoying DMing and they were a bit bummed out but understood.

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>> No.55110285

And yet here you are, reading it.

>> No.55110366

That's not that guy. He voiced his objection and understood it was his place to leave rather than to force his racism on the group. Still a weirdo, I guess.

>> No.55111672

Mature enough, I wager.

>> No.55111872

I'm conflicted.

A very polite but very serious/open racist. But he knew it'd be an issue for him and left.

America is weird.

>> No.55112023

>Be me
>Spend 5 years making setting
>Give busy players the better part of a year to make their characters and learn the rules
>Three "session 0's" to prep the group
>That girl makes a ninja halfling and takes flight skill thinking she can just spontaneously fly
>Gets mad when she gets told she can't fly
>Doesn't take me seriously when told to read the rules
>Session 1 is filled with her ignoring any opportunity to collect information and getting mad whenever she fails to do something
>Session 2 is filled with more of the same only now I'm getting blamed for railroading her
>Session 3 Attempts to approach a bandit camp, alone, in a forest filled with hags while dressed as a prostitute (Hags tendency to make themselves look like beautiful women is well known as is their tendency to eat people)
>Gets furious when bandits attack on sight.
>Railroading accusations abound
>Starts telling other players that I'm railroading them to whenever they don't succeed
>Lose my temper and rant about all the different ways she fucked up (including not reading the rules when I gave her the better part of a year to prep)
>Emails me later about how I suck at running a game and any real GM would know its their responsibility to accept and run with whatever a player says
>Rest of the email filled with bull shit excuses

Funny thing is even though I knew it was a risk I wanted to include her because I though she'd feel left out.

Thats the last time I include someone I have reservations about.

>> No.55112486

Not That Guy, just a very overt racist. Possibly a redneck?

America's weird, but open racists tend to be the nicest people assuming you're not their targeted lesser minority (i.e. black American -- and it's often only black Americans that bother them; the whole Latino hate thing is new and less familiar to most of them).

>> No.55113241

Sounds like a nice guy, really.

Also as an honest-to-god-racist, you were being kinda dumb anon. I hate Niggers because the things Niggers do. I mildly dislike Mexicans because of the things Mexicans do. I hate Irish because the things Irish do. I mildly dislike Chinese for just about the same reason. It's very, VERY possible to hate Niggers and not hate Japs.

I mean, you wouldn't go up to your black friend who plays basketball, and immediately assume he also listens to gangster rap and smokes weed, would you? This is the equivalent.

>> No.55113370

>I mean, you wouldn't go up to your black friend who plays basketball, and immediately assume he also listens to gangster rap and smokes weed, would you? This is the equivalent.
Why would you be friends with someone who doesn't smoke weed

>> No.55113533

Marijuana is the devil's lettuce, Anon.

>> No.55114046

I don't have it but I remember the one you're talking about, where the girl then calls the GM a pussy and storms out.

>> No.55114232

Well anon, why is your character such a faggot?

>> No.55114989

"Again"? I only posted this once before, and the thread died on my post.

>> No.55115400


Yikes. Boot him?

>> No.55115938

Hmm... This screams familiar... Do both their names start with a J perchance? The friend and her bf I mean.

>> No.55115984

Uh... If you let her sink points into Fly at all then you're at fault as well. You can't even put ranks in the skill without a means to fly.

>> No.55116209

Kick him to the curb.

>> No.55116667

Take it yourself. A person can be busy or get urgent tasks to do. You are being impatient. Distracting your DM way before the appointed time... He might be at work, he might be doing some job, and getting distracted all the time by your calls. If you have too much free time, it doesn't mean everyone has.

>> No.55116790

Well, now I see why racism is a big problem in America. Too bad every solution suggested for this problem is an even bigger problem.

>> No.55116830

A friend of mine DMs pathfinder twice a week and has two groups. One is made out of people whom mostly roleplay (my group) and the other is memes and combat. RP group has this guy who plays anti undead and anti humanoid ranger. He mummbles when he speaks and makes no effort to speak clearly. Cares only about XP and uses aligment as an excuse to fuck up our invisibility by attacking a stfong undead. He powergames (at least that he thinks he is doing) and botches about the rules of my class and how i am not lawful good if i avoid fighting undead. Was funny when I proven him his rules knowledge is shallow. Joined the other group afterwards, I would rather be a meme then to have to stand a that guy.

>> No.55116920

I was DMing Unknown Armies, the first session, introduction to the setting. I'm a friendly GM and let my players do whatever they want if it fits in the setting, their character, and common sense.
> Player 1 wants to play a communist ideologist, an ex university professor and a writer who is very dissatisfied with the government.
> Rants in character about consumerism, sells and gives for free his books, but generally is acting nice.
> Player 2 plays a young guy who escaped from an orphanage and is obsessed with finding city's secrets.
> Poor, weak, but it's OK, he's basically a hobbo hitchhiking through the country.
> Third guy wants to play a bibliomancer.
> A female bibliomancer.
> Named Nico Robin
> Shouts "For teh Books!" as her battlecry.
> And then they all together turn the introductory module of Unknown Armies into one big Kill Bill.

>> No.55117160

He could give an explanation then, or a warning he might be late because he's busy goddamnit

>> No.55117383

With the skin color he choose to be born with, he had it coming.

>> No.55117418

Give him Dark Side points for that shit.

>> No.55117437

Why are there lines all over him?

>> No.55117619

>evil characters are shit
cuck detected. I'm sorry you lack the means to screen players or the ability to handle non anime-tier friendship party dynamics

>> No.55117687


Come on anon, being a fucking adult just means you can behave like a child and then rationalise it . Even ignoring the typical behaviours of grognards and tabletop players one group in a dozen won't collapse under inter-player drama

>> No.55117917

Bad players should not be allowed to play evil characters in good/neutral parties. Also, drow, kenders, tieflings.

>> No.55117977

>I'm sorry you lack the means to screen players
Gee, it's almost like I was new to the whole traditional roleplaying thing and also human
>the ability to handle non anime-tier friendship party dynamics
What did he mean by this

>> No.55118189

The fuck year is it

>> No.55118316

Current year + 2

>> No.55118740

Obviously, he meant that good roleplaying is trusting someone who'd slit your throat for a silver to keep watch over you while you sleep.

>> No.55119026

Oh, I found the "draw your team" of this party I once made.

>> No.55119220

typical russkies

>> No.55119451

Yeah my group has a thing for ordering pizza, it's not even good pizza but I have to chip in because I can't stand other people eating food in front of me it makes me hungry. Especially because I usually don't eat enough for breakfast because I have to get to the session by 10 am due to one player who fucked up his life and has to work every day from 3 pm til midnight. Oh and sometimes when I get there, one player's gf (who also plays) decides they need to go get food and they leave for half an hour. They are pretty good players but half the time they never take initiative it feels like.

>> No.55119495

>Plays shitty punk rock on his phone when he gets bored during combat
>Starts watching lets play videos and tries to show other players who are trying to concentrate on the game outside of combat
Kill him.

>> No.55119526

I used to complain about that all the time. But it was a fighter who I kept his alignment secret, he always wanted to help the community any way he could but it was so he could indulge his weird urges to kill people. I didn't act edgy besides the occasional unsettling comment like that, saying that "I wanted to feel my blade bite his flesh and drain his life. That was for me to do, not you!" and slowly build it up until the rest of the party alienated him for being a psychopath then he sacrificed himself to defeat the BBEG because he realized what a piece of shit he was.

That was a fun character.

>> No.55119740

>Spend 5 years making setting
Thats YOUR mistake. You clearly should have spent more time workshopping shit with your players. Be insistent. Grow a spine.

>> No.55120609

>Only you and that anon know someone who uses their phone and have friends while playing pretend
Check your argument, nigga, be real

>> No.55120893

How about That GM?

>GM massively house-rules his shitty pet poverty system into being more broken and needlessly fiddly than it already was
>Invites feedback, gets upset that people don't like it and suggest improvements, but we end up playing anyway, whatever
>Privately encouraged each of us to create PCs that turn out to be totally incompatible gameplay wise including 2 total pacifists and a pure combat character, didn't want us to discuss mutual party goals as part of character creation
>Deals with it by running roughly 1 combat every 10 sessions so the pacifists aren't left out, calls it the soldier guy's own fault for being 'too specialized'
>Asked us to make characters with goals and investment in the world, so I did
>Reintroduced long-lost childhood best friend from my backstory as a freedom fighter and roped my character into the cause, so I (willingly) rewrote my character's goals and agendas accordingly and fervently joined the fight for justice
>"Anon you're making other players feel unimportant, you need to do less and be less involved with this NPC"
>Even though I explicitly set up backstory NPC as probable love-interest who my character would die for back during character creation
>Even though he then had total control over what happened to backstory NPC in their decades spent apart and proceeded to make them a highly influential and revered hero
>"Well gee Anon SORRY for running a game where events happen beyond your control"
>Complains that the party is unfocused and lacks purpose and 'just follows the plot' and players spend too long sitting around in awkward silence not knowing how to move this clusterfuck of misaligned PC goals and beliefs forward in a coherent direction

Yes I'm mad. Kinda want to quit because the game is so frustrating but I really enjoy RPing my character, regardless of how the GM keeps managing to shit on his own game. Other players seem just as frustrated and I'm not sure why they still stick around DESU.

>> No.55120948

Try forming your own group with the players or offer that guy a break from GMimg

>> No.55121186

>player repackages a single character/fursona all the time
>same personality each time
>same appearance each time
>still a good roleplayer
The creative stagnation annoys me.

>> No.55121269


What I don't understand is the "blonde blue-eyed perfect" part. White supremacist is one thing but how does someone living in America end up idolizing "aryan" features in particular?

>> No.55121624

I dunno, its pretty dumb if you ask me, it requires cognitive dissonance for the most part and the need for a simplistic world view.

but it seems to me that culture seems to be the cause for certain groups to succeed more, take Jews and Nigerians for example, they both adopted cultures of hard work and dedication and because of that, they are extremely successful groups in the U.S

>> No.55122484

>as my first time DMing I decide to try a oneshot
>5 characters
>handsome rogue as the party face
>amazonian elf fighter as the brute
>dwarf cleric as the voice of reason
>dwarf paladin is the kind heart
>and then theres the halfling summoner, who is described as being "albino, and very flamboyant"
>the party recieves word of disappearances near an abandoned tavern and go to investigate
>as they approach a will-o-wisp darts down the path and into the open front door
>describe the stagnant well in front, and the menacing statues on the roof
>halfling sends his eidolon into the well and finds a diamond ring inscribed in elven that says "love until death"
>as they are discussing the ring, the statues come alive and attack
>One gargoyle gets knocked to the ground, the other is still perched on the roof 20 feet up
>halfling moves his token to the gargoyle he can't reach and declares he's attacking it
>tell him its on the roof and he can't reach
>he gets pouty and literally just moves between the same two squares all of combat until the gargoyles are dealt with
>when they are ready, they move carefully into the main room of the tavern
>describe it as being dark, tables are overturned, large webs are hanging in the corner, everything is dusty except for a clean mug on the bar counter that has a smudge of red lipstick
>halfling tries to charge over to the bar, other players tell him to wait and he gets pouty
>rogue sneaks over to the bar and notices a trap, one that would have cut the ankles of any who tripped it
>the dwarf cleric rolls perception, tell him and the WHOLE GROUP in plain words

"You look up and see the ceiling is writhing with hundreds of tiny spiders. It looks like they have infested the seating area."

>halfling immediately goes over to the nearest web to inspect it because "there might be something there"
>everyone groans, don't really want to punish him since he's not having a good time already but I fucking DESCRIBED the spiders overhead


>> No.55123125


>originally intended there to be several spider swarms, but only use a couple to go easy on them
>one swarm attacks the halfling, naturally since he disturbed the nest
>he gets pouty again when they hit, but makes his fortitude save against the poison and runs back toward the group, leaving the fighter to deal with the swarms
>rogue is innovative, takes a bottle of booze from behind the bar and makes it a molotov and throws it at the spiders
>appreciate out of the box thinking, the spiders are repelled by the fire and skitter away, never to be seen again
>cleric creates water over the fire so the building doesn't burn with them in it
>as soon as combat is over, halfling charges over to the upstairs
>"I'm going to go inspect the bedrooms for loot!"
>rest of the party tells him to slow down and wait for the group, and not to go running off by himself
>now the halfling player is totally unresponsive, just sits back and pounds vodka shots
>everyone else elects to go downstairs to the cellar, where they disturb two rust monsters chewing on old pots and pans
>nobody gets hurt, the paladin lost his plate but there were no wounds
>they find a music box that plays a somber melody and stow it away for later
>they go upstairs, and hear giggling down the hall
>the rogue listens to each door one by one, checking for traps and locks
>in one room they find two zombies eating eachother
>in another are two skeletons locked in an embrace
>in a different room is a statue of a man on the bed, clutching a blanket to himself and his left hand outstretched
>upon further inspection, his ring finger has been broken off and shoved into his screaming mouth
>the ring on the finger is inscribed in elven "Love until Death"
>party begins putting the pieces together
>they open the music box in the hall and the giggling stops
>they listen at the source of the giggling and now hear whispers and a child sobbing

>> No.55123618


>they elect instead to go to the largest room, where they can hear a woman humming a tune and the subtle rustle of turning pages
>they unlock the door and the paladin kicks it down
>inside is a beatiful lady lounging on the bed reading a thick book, as they enter she initially looks surprised, but closes her book and greets them
>they talk briefly, but when the paladin pulls out the diamond ring her demeanor changes
>she becomes angry, demanding they return the ring where they found it
>they ask her about the statue in the other room of the man with the matching ring
>she tells them he got what he deserved and she'll speak no more of it
>Paladin detects evil and pings
>the woman gets up from the bed and her glamour falls, revealing the spade tail at her rear and the bat wings upon her shoulders
>in battle, the succubus uses her kiss to ensorcle the Paladin and commands he protect her
>the fighter stabs the succubus through the heart with a demon's bane sword and kills her
>relief is felt by all, but there is still one room to open
>outside the room they play the music box from the cellar
>the childlike sobbing within ceases and they hear "Mommy?"
>they open the door to see an attic whisperer clutching a tattered teddy bear
>he tells them his mother locked him in the room after his father disappeared and he was never allowed out again
>they give him the music box and the spirit is put to rest
>without the dark magic of the succubus and her family holding up the old tavern it begins to crumble
>the succubus' body has begun burning and the walls are aflame
>everyone escapes with minor scrapes and burns, the mystery is solved
>everyone says they enjoyed the adventure
>everyone except the halfling
>he's tightlipped until I'm alone with him, when he tells me he "wasn't allowed to do anything"
>am so baffled that I am rendered speechless

So, how do I deal with this player? He's always trying to run out in front, or split the party, or go off on his own.

>> No.55123777

>you can't be here to state your opinion

>> No.55123826

Well not every adventure is going to have every member of the party be as useful as the others so I recommend 3 possible solutions:
1. Tailor a quest for the party based on his backstory or specific abilities
2. Allow him to run off or be reckless but have him face the consequences for those actions. If he wants to run into traps then let him get fucked up, if he wants to run away from the party then let him miss out on crucial information and plot points
3. Tell him to stop being a faggot

I don't know what it is but there's something about halflings and gnomes that attracts the most lolsorandum dumbasses or spotlight whores.

>> No.55123925

>Doing organized play
>Meet people that I like and enjoy playing with
>Meet a couple of people that I don't care for
>Only real bad experience was with this lolrandum guy that fucked around the entire quest, gave a kidnapped-and-forced-addict drugs, and tried to use his bluff stat to obtain a ship manifesto, but could not even remotely think of a conceivable lie to direct the conversation to acquiring the papers. Fucking took 30 minutes, and I as the secondary was stressed as fuck
>Playing with new guy. He's big, sweaty, fat, has bad breath and I think smelled bad.
>Asks for my health when I've taken a hit
>Try not to metagame so I tell him how my character would look, not the actual numbers
>He presses again
>I tell him no, that I can't tell him that
>Says that he wants to slap the smirk off of my face
>Put into a funk for the rest of the night
>He tries to recruit me for another activity
>I decline because I don't want to be around him and I'm not interested
>Says he will wear me down

Ended up playing with him again after that
>Dreading playing with him, but accepting the risk and willing to be civil
>He mentions his activity again, and I take my stand, telling that I don't have any interest and not to even try to wear me down or convince me
>Let him use my pen
>Get distracted and then later ask for my pen
>Says that it is his pen, and accuses me of trying to steal his pen
>Hold my ground
>Says that if I want a pen, he will give me one, that he is annoyed about how I have gone about it, though
>Fuck you, I am the one who is annoyed. I am/was a writer. Pens are sacred.
>Conflict and tension draws the attention of others at the table
>What a great way to start the game.

>> No.55124209

>being a fucking adult just means you can behave like a child and then rationalise it
You have a very sad view of being an adult, anon.
I've had my group going on strong for some 8 years now, with the same people, with only a few people joining and some leaving.
We've had issues, but we ironed them out because people in my group have a goddamn spine, and will sit and talk to each other and come to a sensible solution. That is adulting, anon. What you are talking about is acting like kids when you have every opportunity to do otherwise because it's easier.

>> No.55125361

Dropping from a game mid-session for no good reason is absolutely That Guy territory.

>> No.55125437

good is subjective. He is not that guy, but you seem to be one.

>> No.55125503

Not TOO much That Guy, but he's...odd when it comes to homebrews. He also wouldn't play anything but Pathfinder, but that's only partially relevant.

Sometimes he'll make overpowered homebrews, typically weapons and armor, to give to his villains and/or NPCs. They'll tend to be pretty gamebreaking and super expensive to craft.
Sometimes these homebrews are mechanical ones that exist solely to justify certain things he did. We've never found a rhyme or reason as to what he'll just do and what he'll homebrew to justify, so we just kinda roll with it.

He also tends to not think things through very well. This campaign was one such case.

The three homebrews that are especially important.
>Race Homebrew: Robot
This fell into the first category. Robots were a homebrew race that were extremely similar to Warforged from 4e. Robots were immune to magic. And I don't mean the Golem "SR: Infinite" type of magic immunity. Magic just did not work on robots. Evocations do 0 damage no matter what, conjurations shatter like glass when they make contact with him, magic fields of any sort cease to exist when a robot enters it, divination can't see or get any info on them, their "logic-driven, analytical minds" make them ignore illusions, etc. They couldn't heal or be teleported via magic, but that was their only real downside. They only way to fight robots is to punch them to death with physical attacks. Which lets me segue into homebrew 2...

>Armor: Ring of Null-Physical
The wearer is immune to physical attacks of any sort, even from magic weapons(aside from, say, the fire damage from a Flaming Weapon). It was technically available for our party to use, but no one anywhere sold it, and it was obscenely expensive to craft. If we sold every magic item we accumulated during our game, we could have made 2 of these at most.


>> No.55125654

And the third homebrew which is a little less important

>Mechanical: You can lower stats below 8 for bonus points during character creation.
No limit on how many stats you could drop, and you could drop it all the way to 1. Stats being that low being issues is something he didn't seem to quite grasp, or care about as this mostly existed to justify something I'll get to momentarily.

After the last reply, it shouldn't come as a surprise as to what our BBEG for the game was: it was a level 20 Robot warlord of some sort with a Null Physical Ring. IE: No one could kill it by any means. So proud of how powerful his BBEG, that he had no problem just straight up handing it's stat block over when we first fought it (he likes to do that video game thing where the villain beats the party up to show off. Multiple times.)

The BBEG had some pretty good STR and DEX....and nothing else. Every stat besides those two was 1. The DM seemed confident, despite our mentions, that the BBEG had some pretty glaring flaws (albeit ones we weren't prepared to make use of yet), but the DM refused to hear an of it.
>"He's literally invincible, what could possibly kill him?"

We just fled and prepared for our next inevitable encounter with him, whereupon our Rogue took advantage of his garbage stats to just steal the ring off his finger. Then his trash CON just let us kick him in the shins until he died.

To the DM's credit, once he gears up with these stupid homebrews, he sticks with them. The Ring went to our Barbarian, who proceeded to steamroll the rest of the BBEG's robot army single-handedly since they couldn't use magic themselves.


>> No.55125723


I'm not seing the problem.

>> No.55128054

>>TFW the GM gets his friends together for game night.

>>One friend brings girlfriend.

>>Friend is a pretty great player

>>Friend's girlfriend is absolute trash, uninterested in the game, doesn't bother to learn the rules, doesn't bother with any character background besides "I'm a magical cat druid".

>>Friend's girlfriend is on her phone 90% of the time, when she has to make in character decisions, she seemingly does so at random.

>>Whips out that fucking phone to show people pictures of animals in the middle of important parts of the game

No, because it is actually really close and they recently started playing with another group

>> No.55128117

Not really any problems per se. The only real complaint is he wastes a lot of time showing his homebrews when it's either dumb and overpowered, useless to the point where no one's going to use it, or is basically for the DM's use only (see the null physical ring above, where technically it's an item we're able to buy/craft and use, but it's so obscenely expensive that we'll never be able to).

>> No.55128367

Better than staying to crash the game, honestly.

>> No.55128505

Back in high school I had a """friend""" DM who didn't know what to do if the players didn't stick to his railroaded plot, this is just one example.
>During a campaign, an NPC dwarf ends up swearing his allegiance to us after we save his life.
>Very next scene we come across a large magical device.
>DM says the dwarf is mesmerized by the device and starts walking towards it.
>All the players then try and stop the dwarf, attempting to grapple and impede his path until we can figure out what's going on.
>"Guys, he's supposed to die..."
>Everyone just goes along with it.
>Dwarf walks into the machine and gets vaporized.
>That's really it, all we learn is that the machine will vaporize you if you stand in it.

Other instances include a god intervening when two PCs are fighting each other, any character who did a stealth check would always be seen and attacked first (even if the rest of the party was in full view), and never using skill checks because every answer to a problem was either a mundane task or violence.

He was always an asshole too and became a hardcore social justice warrior (but this was back when SJW wasn't really a coined term) two semesters later, and almost an hero'ed my friend because he told a rape joke while he was driving so he swerved his car barely missing a pole saying "I should just kill you for saying that!"

Yeah, kind of a weird story now that I think about it.

>> No.55128592

You're an idiot.

I'm from the American Midwest.

The worst and most overt racists I've met were African Americans.

They are often openly racist to whites, Hispanics, and Asians, etc.. They feel entitled to judge and hate anyone they like.

The greatest racial tensions are between African Americans and East African Immigrants.

American blacks hate the African immigrants because they are muslims. The African immigrants hate the American blacks because they find them to lazy, stupid, and violent, and say that they aren't "real africans".

>> No.55128677

>The greatest racial tensions are between African Americans and East African Immigrants.
Same in Seattle, except the American blacks hate the African immigrants because they are business owners

>> No.55128852

>and almost an hero'ed my friend because he told a rape joke while he was driving so he swerved his car barely missing a pole saying "I should just kill you for saying that!"
Now THIS is a That Guy.

>> No.55128916

Blacks are doing a great job making everyone in America hate them.

Hell, the Latinos are committing genocide on the blacks in California.

>> No.55129159

>Fuck you, I am the one who is annoyed. I am/was a writer. Pens are sacred

Jesus Christ...!

>> No.55129247

Look, I think black Americans are incredibly fucking racist and they're doing themselves no favors.

I personally dislike black Americans as a group because they don't know where their interests lie and prefer identity politics over socioeconomic solutions.

With that said, white people are by far the most numerous racists in the country and that's a function of being the majority.

But I just admit I'm a racist and know it's just American blacks. I have no problem with Africans, and have spent several years of my life in Africa.

>> No.55129635

>With that said, white people are by far the most numerous racists in the country and that's a function of being the majority.
spotted the retard

>> No.55130203

Hold on what? If you're telling the truth, that's not a That Guy, that guy's just insane.

>> No.55130554

That sounds like a neato adventure, how'd you come up with it? I always have trouble making stuff up on my own.

>> No.55131724


I wanted to do a twist on the old "You all meet in a tavern" trope, so I made the tavern abandoned and haunted. After that I just put in monsters that seemed logical to the area, rust monsters in the cellar, gargoyles on the roof, stuff like that. Then I put in challenges that played to the parties strengths and weaknesses. The summoner had an eidolon that could swim, so I put in an item in the well at the bottom that would lead to something cool if they found it, but not impede the progression if they didn't. I put traps in likely places like behind the bar so the most greedy characters would trigger them and the rogue could disarm it if he was smart. Every dungeon needs a boss, so a succubus seemed like a fitting antagonist in what was supposed to be a brothel/inn. I made up some story about the two tavern owners and their romantic quarrels, put in clues as to what happened between them scattered about, and let the player's imaginations do the rest.

Just ask yourself these questions:

>Where is this place?
>Why are the players here?
>Who lives here and why?
>What can the players find?
>How can I made them care about what happens here?

>> No.55132170

That's not what an heroed means newfag, your friend sounds like an oversensitive faggot too

>> No.55132272

This has been bugging me a while now. While I respect your right to your own worldview as long as you don't hurt anybody (classic liberal) I just don't understand why you cannot be friendly with black people who have been 'proven innocent'.

An example would be me and teh gays. Most I've met are screaming queens incapable of rational thought or realising how little of a fuck people give in the west nowadays prevents them from pulling their 'victimised' bullshit.

But I don't prejudge based on this I'd never get laid if I did. Admittedly I like probably about 10% of the ones I meet at a push but they're all given a chance to prove me wrong. I feel like we need a new term for this like 'rational racism' or 'expected stereotypes'

In short, I can understand if you hate the culture that typically comes with certain people, but if you hate them solely for their skin colour, even if they do not represent, embody or embrace that culture... I just don't get it

>> No.55132470

>DM: The Countess sits before you, decadent and luxurious foods filling the banquet table.
>Countess: I thank you all for joining me in my manor on this night. I would like to discuss the pact that my people have with the nation of Illithor, and how we can-
>Player: Oh, shit, wait! I'm sorry ma'am, but I just realized I forgot to feed my cat. One moment.
>*slaps entire dick onto table*
>Player: Come now, Bartholomew! *eye contact with GM* It is time to FEEEEEED!

>> No.55132582

This is such an annoying issue. Like I don't care if a player is late a lot, or can't show up to sessions if they actually tell me ahead of time. If they don't even have some basic courtessy of sending a line of text then fuck off.

>> No.55133342

>playing with my usual group, mostly my friends
>one guy is friend of my other friends, and is a huge douche who constantly tries to play and manipulate others (and unfortunately is very good at it)
>another is a newcomer, some guy we knew from a message board, who turned out to be much younger (about 17) than the rest of us (about 27)
>now, when we play, we like to argue a lot and each of us tries to assert ourselves over others
>this kid, it's not that he tries to fit in and assert himself, it's that he immediately starts shitting on everyone else's chars
>esp. on my cleric, for having fluff, unnecessary pieces of equipment, even though my cleric's build is optimised AF
>tell him to fuck off
>from that point on, I ignore him, but he keeps trying to subtly put me in a dangerous position
>anyway, game starts, we're in some kind of a desert
>at some point I do something for some sultan and get a fist-sized firestone gem as a reward
>I'm in love with this thing, but douche argues that I should sell it and split the profit, and the kid backs him loudly
>no, fuck off, it's mine
>he argues a bit how he knows it's mine, but it'd benefit everyone the most if the whole party had better equipment, but then drops it
>a bit later on, we get to an oasis with tents
>there's whores and gambling so I go in, and toss the gem to the douche for safekeeping, since he's not interested in going in
>when I come back and ask for the gem, he laughs and refuses, saying I gave it to him
>the kid again backs him, giggling and yelling at me
>now, the douche is a douche as a person, but his char is neither douche nor evil, and my char and his have had a decent relationship, so this came a bit unexpected
>I continue patiently asking for the gem back through several session, during which they get captured and I rescue them and help them in other ways
>I'm a very temperamental person, so this is very atypical of me, but I'm trying to control myself and be nice


>> No.55133386

You sure know a lot of russkies in real life.
No, you don't.

>> No.55133443

>I start asking him OOC, saying it's not funny and I really want the gem back, but he again laughs and insists I gave it to him, and the kid keeps backing him
>I'm starting to get angry, but I keep myself in control
>at some point, while exploring some tomb, the douche and the kid get caught in the classic sand-filled room trap
>I'm outside the door, and offer to free them, if they give the gem back
>they refuse until they almost drown, then finally agree
>I pull the lever, opening the doors, and they spill out with the sand
>as soon as they're out, the douche laughs and says he's not giving the gem back
>I've had enough, so I cave his head in with my maul, he falls unconscious
>the kid gets furious and immediately backstabs me for enough damage that I'm instantly dead
>the douche is angry at me, but the kid is worse, he's yelling, screaming at me, calling me a psychopath, a retard, a fucking idiot, etc.
>I'm not even mad anymore, I turn and backhand him across the mouth so he falls from his chair
>since we've been playing in the douche's apartment (which is why the group kept tolerating his shit), I say I'm leaving the group and walk out

>the kid never came back, which was fine with everyone
>some time after that, our GM accused (correctly) the douche of cheating, and the douche kicked him out of the appartment, ending their friendship, the whole group fell apart then

>> No.55133496

>unironically handed the gem to the one who was trying to get it from the moment they saw it
>unironically getting tricked through hookers and booze
You've got no one to blame but yourself. Shifty group too though.

>> No.55133673

Okay, I can see where you're coming from, but...

I guess you're implying that he "tricked me" by pretending he's not interested in going in, but
he was the first to say he was going to go about different business, and also, he couldn't have known I'd give the gem to him. Our group was very touchy about "losing" items - theft, sunder, etc. did not sit well with us, so me tossing the gem to him was more a bit of roleplay.

The other thing, he was jealous of the gem, but he more of suggested splitting the gem than pushed it, and he dropped the argument quickly. Yeah, he may have been just going subtly about it, and he probably was OOC, but him doing that IC was breaking his character.

So, should I go meta everytime, now? Keep judging people OOC to see how I'm going to interact with their chars IC? Does me giving their char the benefit of the doubt justify them breaking their character? Cause if that's how the game is going to go, then fuck that game, and fuck those people.

>> No.55133678

>Be me, forever GM running a CoC game
>5 players, two experienced guys, two newbies and That Guy
>Game starts in 1920's London, That Guy makes a super edgy private investigator, the kind with a long dark coat and shit
>Characters eventually got shredded to tiny bits by cosmic horror
>New party tasked to find what happened to the old one
>Everyone rolls interesting characters, That Guy wants to play a "femme-fatale" that is also a lesbian that's in for teh moneyz
>Some time later one of the newbies gf wants to join the game
>She makes an egyptian girl who's gonna be the guide for the party while the explore Cairo
>First session she comes by, That Guy wants to rape her
>"Well Anons, I'm a lesbian and she is a girl. Obviously I need to rape her"

>> No.55133696

>"You seem pretty fixated on my character's dick, GM. Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

>> No.55133874

The best way to deal with that is to take the player aside and tell him that splitting off from the party is stupid, dangerous, stupidly dangerous and dangerously stupid.

Just tell him in a more diplomatic way though, like "I feel slightly annoyed, because I get the feeling that I'm not being listened to when I describe the scene. Just a moment ago I told you there were spiders overhead, but [his charater's name] ran in alone. Could you tell me what is wrong?"

Don't be confrontational too much: it will backfire and make the player form excuses and be defensive. Make sure to let him know how you feel (annoyed) and why and ask him for help to overcome the problem in question. That's what I would do, at least.

>> No.55133954

You, I like.

Make more games, you should.

>> No.55134444

>evil characters are shit
The shit evil characters are those that have nothing to make up for it. When you have no reason to keep them around but your characters are somehow forced to put up with their bullshit

>> No.55134467

First post

>> No.55134698

good job proud of you

>> No.55134735

But rape jokes aren't funny? He might have overreacted but there's nothing funny about the dehumanising and following trauma that comes of it.

>> No.55134736

I love a happy ending.

>> No.55134796

Дa этo я пpocтo шитпocтю, нe oбpaщaй внимaния

>> No.55134994

This is why I, when GMing, always have some kind of background requirement to help tie all the PCs into the plot. Non-optional. Usual one is "you have some kind of vendetta with the BBEG or one of his lieutenants. What is it?"

>> No.55136904

>LOL, what's it like having your dick sucked by a cat!






>> No.55136954


they're not funny anon

they're hilarious

>> No.55137237

...and then what happened?

>> No.55137271

Lesbians have the most abusive relationships ever.
They constantly yell and beat one another.

Rape is extremely common in lesbian relationships as well because they have the mindset that "women can't rape."

Sounds like good role-playing to me.

>> No.55137387

Fuck off back to tumblr.

>> No.55137873

Plus there's the whole "BBEG kicks the shit out of the PCs just to show how cool and powerful he is!" which is arguably fine when used once but not when used multiple times for the same bad guy.

>> No.55138018

>as my first time DMing
I'd be impressed if you were just a regular fa/tg/uy DM but holy shit anon that's awesome. Wish I had you in my in my group.

>> No.55138676

Goddamn, anon. That's great shit period, let alone as your first run DMing.

>> No.55138852


> A female bibliomancer.
> Named Nico Robin

Dude just straight up ripped off a One Piece character for name and design.

>> No.55138944

>>Who lives here and why?
Well why did the tavern owner/innkeeper lived there?

>> No.55139046

>white friend playing a barbarian
>his character is 6'5", with very dark skin, and strapped with muscle
>also a 15 inch (flaccid) cock
>his backstory is all about mugging people and then raping them afterwards
>as soon as the campaign starts, he's immediately trying to feel up other party members
>everytime we fight
>he tries to kill the enemy in the most brutal ways possible
>and then wants to rape their corpses
>gets extremely annoyed when the DM tries to explain that he's not comfortable with sexual assault

>> No.55139079

>also a 15 inch (flaccid) cock
Everyone at the table should have jumped ship the moment that magical realm faggot wrote that in his backstory.

>> No.55139130

I once remembered rejecting a character whose description mentioned a 5 foot long dick that he kept "wrapped around his waist and stuck in his ear".

The weirdest part was that it was stuck in this long, run on sentence in the middle of the character description. I kind of got the impression he was trying to sneak it in.

>> No.55139174

This guy attached a picture of interracial porn onto his sheet, where it asks for "character appearance". It wasn't as subtle as a misplaced sentence.

>> No.55139257


>> No.55139840

Was his description also featuring a square face and a rectangular body, and oily pee?

>> No.55140028

>function of being the majority
Well if we're going to talk about which races are more racist than others, we should be going by how many people within that race are racist, percent-wise.
If there were 100 green people and 1000 blue people, 80 green people were racist against blues and 100 blue people were racist against greens, then by your logic the blues are more racist than the greens, even though 80% of all greens are racist and only 10% of blues are racist.
I don't have any actual data about which races are more racist than others percent-wise, and I probably couldn't find an unbiased data source for that given how polarized the world is right now, but I'm just pointing out the flaws in your logic.

>> No.55140042

No, the rest of it was pretty normal. Middle aged human with a body that was once muscular and fit but had picked up a lot of fat because he retired from adventuring, has some minor health problems sort of thing. You could quite literally delete the monster penis part and it would be a normal character description.

>> No.55140194

With a square face, rectangular body, and oily pee, a penis that long sticked in his ear would make sense. He could at least work at a petrol station (if he found one in a fantasy world).

>> No.55140301

>Vampire Lich creature is about to open a doom portal and unleash a demon horde upon a city of thousands
>Time sensitive, he's set up in an abandoned fortress's basement, fort has been resettled and abandoned many times over centuries
>After clearing the opening guard skellies, cue Rogue LOOT LOOT LOOT
>"There MUST be a barracks! It would only make sense, right?! Somewhere the soldiers kept their things?"
>"Okay, footlockers? Lockers? Chests?"
>Describe most are gone to age, centuries of insects and decay
>"How many still stand?"
>Give her 10 of the 50 remain.
>Plan to throw a few dozen gold pieces her way, a reward for engaging and thinking
>Rogue lockpicks chests
>"You find 50 gold pieces in the first chest..."
>"50 gold??? Are you kidding me? That's retarded, what kind of DM does that? I ty to engage your setting and this is what I get, I want to open all of them then."
>Remind rogue that skill checks aren't just instant roll-n-go, they can take up to 10 minutes as per PHB, and if she's gonna catch attitude, each one can take that.
>"I. Open. All. Of. Them."
>Mysteriously, each chests contents have been lost to age, or are worthless, imagine that.
>Party is too female-whipped to tell her she's being retarded, stays
>An hour IG later, the summoning is finished, the mission is failed
>"Well maybe if the DM understood what good loot was, we wouldn't be in this stupid mess!"

She eventually was removed from session. Constantly argued over everything IG, from loot, to enemy hitpoints, to skill check DC's. This is a player who made the party loot x60 goblin axes and shoes because she thought it was like a video game where you could just walk into a shop and dump any item infinitely.

>> No.55140585

Fuck it, more stories from >>55140301

>Come to a trap involving a large jump.
>straight across a horizontal distance, with a climb after it
>The players want to cross it, okay.
>Roll Athletics
>Everyone does it easily, DC is like 5 @ Level 4 for most of them as per leaping rules
>except the rogue
>"I want to use acrobatics"
>"I want to jump in a way that highlights my dexterity, not my strength"
>"I want to do a flip, or some kind of fancy thing when I jump, make it dexterous."
>Sure, you can do that, but after you roll Athletics for the leap itself
>"Not fair! You designed this trap against me! I should be allowed to use Dex for this!"
>Explain it's a test of pure strength and jumping, really urging to just roll the check
>Point out where it literally says "Athletics is the skill of endurance and strength, used for challenges involving running, leaping, or climbing...."
>"fine. Whatever."
>"Okay, so you're all below the cliff wall now, above you lies the ledge to freedom... if nobody has any plans, roll me an athletics checks to climb up..."
>"Can I roll Acrobatics instead?"
I'm glad she's gone.

>> No.55140835

Same player still

>Enter Yuan-ti monastery, if you've played IWD 2, it's an exact rip-off of that place with additional story and quest
>Evil snake people posing as godly, peaceful monks
>Party face, rogue talks with the head priest, goes full sleuth
>Detect Magic shows he is heavily under illusion and transmutation magic
>Can't remember anybody from the town who he was lifelong friends with, clearly caught in lies, trying to act as if he knows what she's not talking about
>Insight shows he is clearly lying about everything he says
>"godly, peaceful monk" is asking her to slaughter a village of barbarians, women and children all. Urges to leave no survivors, make them suffer
>The monthly supply wagon was slaughtered and raided on their literal doorstep, they claim they don't know who or why. Investigation reveals their larders bursting with supplies, marked with the caravan seal, and fresh blood on the packaging
>Literally pronounce words with long "ssssssssssss" at the end
>Entire party is spooked, says NOTHING is right here, wants to pull out swords and demand answers
>rogue is having none of it
>Slaughters barbarians, attacked in the night by Yuan-ti when they return
>"What a fucking railroad, it's like we don't even have a chance. How could we possibly have seen that coming?"

>> No.55141338

How stupid does a GM have to be before they hit That Guy territory from pure incompetence?

This was the opening text from a campaign draw in at my LGS

>About a year ago in Tokyo, a little girl was found in an abandoned house, with no clue about her life or her. Somehow she swam to America which was long since abandoned except for the small Byzantine Empire.

>She lived on rats and dead animals (including humans !!). She wondered to the old state of Michigan, where she fell down a long twisting tunnel, to hell.

>Hell was ruled by, not the Devil, but Zxquez Zahndi Zolohahni. He was a Dragon with a thirst for blood and the most magic one could have

>You are sent down to get her away from Zxquez (whom, by the way, likes the little girl, who in turn likes him). But something is going on in the Byzantine Empire whom you work for.

>Like there's a little trick up their sleeve.....

>> No.55141463

that is an extremely stupid plot

>> No.55142372

This reminds me of the my old Wrath of the Righteous game.
>Party witch polymorphs a succubus into a cat and decides to keep it as a pet
>Wizard, who else, takes the cat one day and disappears with it for a week
>Manages to convince it to give him a profane gift, but he has to do a few things for her first.
>He returns unannounced by teleporting into her room in the middle of the night
>proceeds to wake her up by throwing it on the bed and saying "I had sex with <Cat's name>."
>Teleports out without any further explanation and proceeded act ignorant whenever approached about it.

I still don't know if he did it for stats or is a that guy.

>> No.55142609

>Somehow she swam to America which was long since abandoned except for the small Byzantine Empire.


>> No.55143060

Don't protect him from his own stupidity. Just let him run ahead and get his character killed, and maybe eventually he'll learn from it.

>> No.55144904

1. African Americans are 13% of the US population (and shrinking).
2. Whites are 72% of the US population (and shrinking).
3. Even if we're assuming (perhaps safely) all African Americans are racist and only twenty percent of whites are (this is laughably low on its face, for the record) you still have more white racists than black racists by a comfortable margin.

Get educated, you fucking snowflakes.

>> No.55145064

>Whites are 72% of the US population
Nope. They are 56% counting Hispanics among them. Stop shitposting and get out.

>> No.55145288

>he's not very good at it
Any stories? These are frequently entertaining.

>> No.55145868

How about
>Do you Catan

>> No.55145957


>> No.55146022

Making fun of tragedy and trauma is the heart of comedy. 9/11 was horrible but 9/11 jokes can be funny.

>> No.55146182

>Even if we're assuming (perhaps safely) all African Americans are racist and only twenty percent of whites are (this is laughably low on its face, for the record) you still have more white racists than black racists by a comfortable margin.
"Having more racists" is not the same as "being more racist" if there's a large population difference between what you're comparing. That was the entire point I was attempting to make.

>> No.55146440

I am not DMing but another player in my group is definitely That Guy. The fucker brought out his laptop and started playing nidhogg or whatever. It took a long time as he gave the controller to another player and they were both skilled. It was a mess as the DM was even interested.

By the time the game started, he said 'I trip Anons character down the stairs'. DM allowed it, not sure why. So I took a tumble and 1d4 damage. Of course he rolled a four. I am 100% he hates me and my character for whatever reason, the guy is a cunt like that and tries to knock me down a peg all the time, even though I don't need to be humbled by a jackwang trying to insult me.

Later on I held up our Halfling rogue to nab a magic floating orb with a burlap sack. It was heavy and I had to do a strength check to see if I am still holding the Halfling after the orb dropped its full wieght. I rolled a nat20, but That Guy said that the orb should swing down and hit my character in the stomach, causing my PC to throw up. I argued that it shouldn't happen as I rolled a 20, but my DM is too cucked to disagree with That Guy.

I had to pay extra for lodging because I smelled like shit, as did the Halfling as I had to throw up on him.

So my question is: Should I kill his character? I can definitely do so with ease, just not sure if it's worth it. He nearly died twice to goblins at first, then some hippy satyrs high on a form of meth. I had a chance to do so before, but just decided to be the better man, but still I feel like I need to make a statement or he is going to keep fucking with me.

>> No.55147298

Just leave the party, if everyone is letting this happen to you you're not their friend. Or at least the least important friend. Just quit.

If you try and kill his character, even if the numbers would let you, they would Deus Machina something so you die and would call you a dick for trying.

>> No.55147437

This is how the Crimson Court starts.

>> No.55147506

And if she'd read the damn rules, she'd know that instead of putting the points in against advisement.

>> No.55149883

If you think you can pull it off in an entertaining manner, otherwise just leave.

>> No.55150040

>I'm forever GM usually but one player wants to try out GMing
>The rest of hsi group is his gf fighter with a bow, a dude I play in a band with playing a shady cleric and the two dudes I never met before playing a dwarfen fighter and a rogue
>guy playing the rogue tells me they're playing for the first time
>help him creating a character
>warning signs pop up here
>tells me he writes stories of himself being a dragon riding warrior who fights evil
>cringe intensly but try to act nice about it
>game starts and the both of them are just kind of useless
>dwarf doesn't talk much and just wants to drink beer and polish his axe
>GMs gf doesnt know the rules eventhough this is like her 3rd campaign, constantly getting confused about whats going on
>rogue always tries to act edgy and mysterious
>leaves me playing a rogue (who's a former actor) and cleric to do most of the talking and acting
>we screw up and end up getting ropped into some personal vendetta of the chief of the city guards
>after some minor thefts he orders us to kill his boss, some lady from the city counsel who's on to him for being corrupt
>try to make it look like the local thieves guild was pulling a hit on her for one of our previous jobs
>we basically plant a bomb in her house and blow it up
>the rogue was on watch duty to call out guardsmen arriving
>instead of joining us in quietly in the safehouse he stands up flicks his ciagarett and loudly proclaims to the bystanders and guardsmen
>"I love when a plan works out"
>gets arrested and rats on us
>we all land in the dungeon

Guy confronted me later about being racist on Facebook irl (I wasn't). Left and never looked back.

>> No.55150078

Remind him that a Grey Paladin has always been able to act more freely to compinsate for the fact that they are usually WAY weaker than the standard pure LG

>> No.55150084

>I wish I could kick him but his friend who also plays is a great player

I've been in that same situation before multiple times, and hemmed and hawed about it for months or even years before doing anything, and I can tell you, there is no player good enough to justify keeping around a terrible player. It is sometimes possible to chuck one without the other. It requires a degree of skill at social manipulation and the right personalities. But even if it isn't possible for your situation, you'll still be better off in the long run getting rid of the shit player.

>> No.55151434

Ever worried that you might be that guy yourself?

>Playing Demon the Descent
>I'm a Demon who has settled down with a wife and child, working as a taxi driver
>One of my key traits is that I hate my boss with all my heart
>Other players try to buy out the taxi company I work for
>Give my boss a huge payout, enough to live out the rest of his days in luxury
>I disguise myself as driver for another PC (this NPC and I had an argument earlier that day)
>Kill boss in public, implicating the driver
>Real driver goes on the run, promising revenge on me
>He attempts to kill me in public, I claim over his hatred of Serbia (where my Mask hails from) to onlookers who are filming
>A tumblr blogger meets me at one point, she is interested in oppression of eastern European minorities
>I tell her to go fuck xerself, go on racist tirade (IC obviously)
>Become SJW enemy number one
>Character posts his story on /pol/, pass checks meaning I start an internet meme war
>End up having protests outside my house
>By this point, all PCs are ignoring the plot in favour of helping me to get rid this mob
>Driver ends up firebombing my house
>Another PC nearly dies
>I swear revenge upon all Tumblr SJW types
>Police finally turn up to help me deal with Internet hate groups
>Daughter comes back from university
>Her partner is an SJW
>I become convinced he is part of the hate mob, out to find out info/get me
>campaign descends into family drama between a demon, his daughter and a complete faggot.

I feel like I derailed the entire campaign, but everything felt like it all fit with my characters motivations of revenge and protecting his family

>> No.55151471

I don't know man. I don't want to be a dick, but your game sounds terrible and you sound like the worst part.

>> No.55151496

>he writes stories of himself being a dragon riding warrior who fights evil

>> No.55151521

The game was fun, and obviously I have cut out a lot of stuff that was plot related and more in fitting with the game's themes.
But yeah, I felt more and more guilty that my character was detracting from the main story.
Some minor things (like me jokingly posting on /pol/ IC) blew up to much bigger proportions than I imagined when I said I'd do it

>> No.55151523

It could have been good role-playing, but it was undoubtedly weird coming from a guy and the other dude's gf was totally uncomfortable with that.

I personally don't care if it is "what my character will do" if it makes the others feel uncomfortable or weirded out.

The girl's boyfriend yelled at him and That Guy stopped bothering with the rape thing. The girl never showed up again.

>> No.55151551

The main question is, ask if the other players enjoyed it.

If they were ok, then you were ok.

Sometimes, you should probably just check - saying in public to the GM that you feel like other players may be being left out due to the focus on you, and ask if anyone else wants some spotlight time.

Still, if you have enough self awareness to ask, you're probably ok.

>> No.55151609

I am pretty certain that everyone was having a good time. We're all a bunch of old school friends who know each others sense of humour well.
None of us mind a bit of wackyness mixed in with our sessions.

Just felt a bit bad for taking up a lot of the "screen time" towards the end.

Having read the rest of the thread, what with racists and weird fetishists, I see I'm not on the level with most of the That Guys others have had to put up with.

>> No.55152089

I've got one that sets the tone of the kind of games I was able to get into before i started using gamefinder. More of a that GM sort of story.

>> No.55152449

Well, here goes nothin.

>look on the forum sites and the discussion tab of Tabletop Simulator
>find a 5e game and decide it looks like it could be fun.
>Looking over the details of the setting he's giving, sounds like it'll be heavy on the eldrich shit.
>Contact the DM (who claimed to have DMed several games in the past) and join,
>Meet the other players, they're alright. Ones female, but no other red flags yet.
>Decide to make a fighter.
>Two of them make bandits, one an elf crackshot and the other a tiefling caster.
>The rest of us make two fighters (one of which is mine) and a bard.
>DM announces the system will be slightly modified 5e.
>"Oh, could be fun" I think.
>"There are no levels, instead as the game goes on you'll get class specific upgrades to your stats and abilities."
>First session comes.
>Everyone shows up, and we're started as one mercenary Troup investigating goblins for the stater town.
>We spend gold on travel supplies and a horse.
>On the road, we meet the other two players, the bandits, who try to rob us.
>OOC we work out how this goes whichever group comes out on top and then get into the fight.
>Goes off near perfectly for mercenary company.
>We press the bandits as beaten as they are into service.
>Collective sigh of relief as nothing goes wrong.

>> No.55152594

>and boy were we wrong, the first location we investigate is a field of traps around a shed.
>Nothing wrong with that on its own but it's described as a mine field.
>Tiefling destroys it all with one fucking spell. No more traps.
>DM sounds amused.
>Circle the cabin and found goblins had turned under and into it.
>Get inside and find nothing in there except for an axe.
>And when I end up nudging a wall with the blade on accident the whole wall turns into fresh milled planks.
>We sound a bit confused and one successful dex save latter leave the cabin with it.
>we look for where the goblins went.
>Low and behold our March takes us too! A sewer system by a bridge near the woods.
>This makes no sense and I can't help but feel I was conned somewhere.
>End of session one.
>It's session two and the other fighter does not show up.
>DM continues with session as we start delving the sewers.
>The first thing we find is zombies.
>Secondly is a kitchen with a mutated orc inside.
>Then Kobolds with markings denoting them as outsider worshipers.
>Finally find the goblins at an exceedingly easy water line switch puzzle.
>Meet the "king" and burn through a quick bout of half assed diplomacy.
>End up getting "conscripted" to fight the traitorous priest in the next room.
>Which has a shit load of other goblins inside.
>We get into a rather tough fight but manage to kill the priest after avoiding tentacle rape.
>Yes, we almost met out ends with the classic eldrich tendril plow.
>Session concludes with us leaving with the stolen goods of the town as we convinced the "king" we didn't kill the goblins in the other rooms.
>Session three.
>The cast is finally down to only me, the female playing the mercenary caster, and the bandit caster.
>We arrive at an inn and immediately there's a kid trying to pick mercenary caster girls pockets.
>We roll high enough but the kid just runs off before we can catch him. With the in keep going "forgive my son."

>> No.55152668

>finally some large men show up and demand a key to a side room from the innkeeper.
>An interesting development, success perceptions check happens.
>They got the same outsider sludge covering their boots as there was in the sewer. One of them has an arbitrary shovel.
>Me and the caster decide that were going to try and get in there, under the assumption it's a card game. (I failed the perception check, she rolls a 20 and only hints they they're up to something in there.
>Bribe the inn keeper for the key.
>Get in there and act like a hotshot cardshark looking to gamble, while the mage plays harlot and tries to pick a pocket.
>She fails but succeeded the bluff so they notice nothing, and we're promptly chased out for this not being a card game.
>One night later the same bastards show up, in the middle of the night, and in three rounds knock us three back to unconsciousness.
>One unnecessary torture and looting scene later we're pressed into going a town over and raiding a temple.
>Go to next town.
>First, easily solved bandit dickery as the DM attempts to steal ALL of our remaining gold.
>Then we find a magic shop straight out of J.K. Rowlings ass.
>We manage to score a dmpc demonic imp that comes off as a total bitch.
>Session ends, we finally get our upgrades, and we're talking amongst ourselves.
>We reach the conclusion we'll just power through the last session.

>> No.55152821

>next session last session.
>We enter a large mountain cave and find it's home to a literal pile of gold and bones at the entrance.
>After a quick fight between skeletons and us we end up beating the last one which appears to be a priest to half health before it's illusion fades and the fucking lizardman runs away.
>All the gold is now dirt, and we empty it out of pockets.
>Next room is a bunch of Kobolds gathered around a large throne/statue (makes no sense.)
>Our imp conveniently now has the power to shapeshift and turns into one of them.
>"Well disguise you as captives"
>DM pesters us with constant pushing for the idea while we try to figure out how to proceed.
>We come up with nothing and go along with that idea.
>Some dialog between us and the thing behind the wall occurs before we end up getting dragged into the Kobolds crusade.
>First it's an ambush by toadmen with aliens blood, all spurred on by the DMPC managing to assault one of them despite it's "owner" telling it not to.
>At this point I realize, this fucker is a shit DM.
>We beat the shit out of all of them, and then get to advance to the final area.
>Which is overpopulated with Naga.
>Trained warrior Naga with four arms.
>And regeneration.
>DM keeps "rolling low" as we get to these "power ups" and finally manage to keep them wounded and steal their weapons, which are worse than ours.
>Then it finally happens.
>The imp refuses to follow commands and summons a giant outsider and orders us to kill it.
>Everything about this campaign except for the shop, the last part of the sewers, and this boss fight, was made to drive us to this boss fight.
>There was no care for scenery blending.
>RP always got rushed.
>And the imp started making decisions for us.
>All so the dm could have his boss fight.

>> No.55152872

>then the most amazing thing happens.
>The DM starts to actually roll low and sounds frustrated as we start to just beat down on his pet project.
>Independent limbs get bursted down.
>We nuke it with DoT effects like bleeding and fire damage, as well as halving it's move speed.
>Eventually it does do some damage but it's quickly healed or negated.
>finally the DMs pet project gets bursted of it's last expose vital and the campaign comes to a rather quick summery of what happens after and ends.
>With a DM now disappointed at how poor the rolls were that let his masterpiece be killed so quickly.
>We try to get in one last bit of RP.
>Fuck you "experienced" dm.
Regrettably not the last game that went over that way.

>> No.55152905

I'd argue politics can also be "magical realm", or should be treated on the same level with real life parallels that close.

>> No.55152937

>Playing with niggers is not a good reason to leave a game

>> No.55153111

>/pol/tard retards came into rushing in defense of a retarded nazi who plays a 1d character and drops the session midway

Even if you agree with him supporting your """"""""ideology""""""""", agree that he is that guy for playing a boring character droping the session midway.

You hiveminded fucks will never criticize one of your "own"

>> No.55153728

Possible solutions include:
1. Talk to the party and the GM, tell them you are dissatisfied with that guy's behaviour and GM's attitude to him.
2. Talk to GM, tell him to stop letting that guy's bullshit.
3. Talk to that guy, tell him if he does any sort of shit in game against your character one more time, his character will die.
4. Talk to that guy in character during the game, see the prevuiys option.
5. Talk to that guy and tell him to stop. If he goes on, next time you are in a big fight, just don't assist him. When he is below 0 health, stick a knife through his heart and call it mercy.
6. Dick move #1: suggest other party members to kill that guy's character in the most humiliating way because he's annoying.
7. Dick move #2: kill that guy's character without warning anyone.
8. Dick move #3: next time he rolls, no matter how he rolls, suggest his character gets an extra difficulty in the most humiliating way you can suggest. Proceed.

>> No.55153746

> prevuiys
previous. Fixed

>> No.55153751

>I am pretty certain that everyone was having a good time. We're all a bunch of old school friends who know each others sense of humour well.
>None of us mind a bit of wackyness mixed in with our sessions.
>Just felt a bit bad for taking up a lot of the "screen time" towards the end.
>Having read the rest of the thread, what with racists and weird fetishists, I see I'm not on the level with most of the That Guys others have had to put up with.
If everyone enjoyed, then you're fine.

It's only if you made other people suffer for your fun is where that guy comes in.

You only really need the majority of the group to have a fun time to not be That Guy. Generally That Guy is the odd guy out.

>> No.55153854

My mind is full of Wat at this story. I am now thoroughly confused... The plot seems to be so convoluted that it's nonexistant.

>> No.55154811

>Have this one guy in a group of four.
>He has the habit of cutting sessions short whenever he is on the brink of failure, citing having to work the next day (this when he's in the middle of his two-months long vacation by the way) or an unreal deadline, didn't catch on it until his sister told me.
>His characters have the life expectancy of a cat on the highway
>His first character was a drow warlock with hatred of all elves and dreams of genocide by usage of demons.
>He says his character is true neutral, but he plays it like a chaotic evil one.
>The first two sessions are still contained, with only ending up wounding a guard for looking at him funny.
>On the third session, he plans with other characters a very elaborate scheme to steal an idol needed to power up a portal leading through plane from a dwarf blacksmith that also makes magical autómatas.
>When it is time to set the plan in motion, instead of following the plan, he just shoots him and tries to steal it himself.
>Since I had planned to have a fight against a fire elemental for the idol, I ask him if he really wants to do that.
>He says yes
>Other players squirm in rage.
>Gets his ass kicked by the elemental and, by trying to run away with the idol while still burning, he unleashes an army of autómatas.

>Later on they enter the temple where the portal is, one player's PC figures out the exact instructions.
>He just jumps in at random, ending up in the Plane of Positive Energy.
>He lits a candle up and throws it on the grass, setting everything on fire
>He says his character cannotstand seeing so much green and goodness.
>I restrain myself from ffacepalming visibly and let the game go on.
>After more shenigans in the Air Plane, they reach the Plane of Negative Energy and find a ball of undead.
>He insists to bargain with it, despite the fact I had told him the ball couldn't understand him. Still tries.
>The ball attacks and crushes him, absorbing his character.
>Guy has a meltdown.

>> No.55154959

>playing with my cousins
>last campaign was their first and they were great, save for one
>backstory is he's a monk who is wanted for raping a local governor because the governor was taking taxes
>just taking them, not over doing it
>rapes literally everything they come across
>though the plot a villain manages to sap the power of the gods and become one himself
>my cousin is mad
>he wanted to be a god
>the party starts capturing peasants and forcing them to either breed or farm
>players describe how they are going to do this for any twenty years
>I'm getting confused, usually they are fine players
>eventually reveal that my cousin had the idea to raise a tard army to defeat god, they went along with it
>they reach god and defeat him
>rape him and steal his essence
>my cousin steals his godly might and becomes one himself
>hour long argument commences when he claims he wants to legitimately be the god of just good

We ended that campaign and started another. I really clamped down hard on him saying that I let him get away with it, being his first game, but he has to do better.

>next campaign, he's great, doesn't rape anyone
>only kills who he needs to
>guess he got it out of his system
>different cousin shows back up after missing two sessions, made her character beforehand
>used hindrances and edges to make a fat midget that everyone finds irresistibly sexy
>begins to rape
>not again

>> No.55155047

I'm not really seeing a 'that guy' so much as an inexperienced DM. Maybe you had to be there but none of what you've described is particularly heinous. Then again you're trying to measure up against the worst of the worst on here.

>> No.55155098

>>backstory is he's a monk who is wanted for raping a local governor because the governor was taking taxes

what the fuck

>>rapes literally everything they come across

what the fuck

>>they reach god and defeat him
>>rape him and steal his essence

what the fuck

>>next campaign, he's great, doesn't rape anyone
>>begins to rape

what the fuck

>> No.55155426

It's a circle of rape. Last session they had to report to a powerful archmage, leader of a school for wizards, and give him dire news. That they unleashed an Eldritch horror. Once that was out of the way, though, they raped him and then threw him out of a tall window. And with that they killed the one guy who could help them before he actually had a chance to.

>> No.55155442

> strictly the DM's fault
You're That Guy and you will rationalize all of your shitty gaming ethics away so that you can feel justified.

>> No.55155503

Have you tried not playing softball with your players?

An archwizard sounds like he should have some serious anti - rape measures.

>> No.55155679

you wouldn't happen to live in new jersey? because you sound like a guy i know.

>> No.55155783

>be archwizard
>not enchanting your ass with disintegrate so you don't have to worry about rape or shit break
>can't use flight, feather fall or metamorphosis
he was a scam, wasn't he?

>> No.55155953

Well, he was raped and killed creatively. He was actually seduced, and in the middle of the sex he realized the other party members were stealing from him. He tried to go after them but was held down and forced to continue. He did fly when thrown out the window, and chased after the players in a flight based chase, but ended up botching one of his rolls in the chase rules and collided with a tower and fell to his death

>> No.55155971

Why do you let them do this? As the GM you have a right to say "this character isn't appropriate for this campaign".

>> No.55155995

>Well, he was raped and killed creatively. He was actually seduced
You let him be seduced. Do you even realize you can say no to these people?

>> No.55156035

The player had huge bonuses to seducing people and had a romantic history with the dude. Seducing him made sense compared to seducing a random goblin. I figured the rape and murder would not happen, as the archmage was literally the father of her character's child, though they were essentially exes.

>> No.55156053

Everyone else loves it, and I have fun other than the one character that always rapes. I live in a small town without people to play with, so to ditch my cousins means I'd have to find players online which I've never done.

>> No.55156109

>This is a player who made the party loot x60 goblin axes and shoes because she thought it was like a video game where you could just walk into a shop and dump any item infinitely.
I genuinely don't understand how people like this exist, I really don't. General incompetence is one thing, but this kind of shit is on a whole 'nother level of complete nonunderstanding.

>> No.55156406

I'm new to these games, and I always see the suggestion/desire of killing another player thrown around a lot. It just seems to me like most of the time you'd want to do it the guy in question would just throw a piss-fit OOC/it would just make the situation even worse even if it were mechanically possible to do.

Am I missing something obvious or is that exactly what the intention is?

>> No.55156441

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.55156522


Wait. Why the fuck did they even want to rape and kill him in the first place? Was it just as a response to him trying to prevent them from stealing or was that the plan all along? Why the fuck were they fucking with the friendly NPC who was there to help them period?

More importantly, what the actual fuck is wrong with your cousins? I'd lock my door when they come over if I were you.

>> No.55156608

They seduced him to distract him to steal his stuff. They end up stealing successfully, but the stealth guy literally cut his paintings from the frames. Guy finally notices, gets held down in a rape grapple to keep him temporarily busy while the others escape. Rapist then drags and throws him from window and flies out opposite facing window. They don't assume he can fly using a spell. He flies after them and a chase commences. He ends up botching and then botches again to not crash. Hits a tower so hard he falls unconscious. Falls hundreds of feet to ground and dies.

>> No.55156624

i mean, if you know a wizard with Fabricate to turn the shitaxes into steel ingots and sell them to a blacksmith at a price slightly lower than the market, (and inventory space isn't an issue) it's not that farfetched (but i doubt it's worth the hassle, might even be worth less than poaching the goblin itself)

>> No.55156762

I remember the thread this was made in. Good times

>> No.55157381

>everything is the players fault and no one else
but he's right though. I've had some pretty boring & somewhat toxic DMs that would've benefited from that advice

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